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Bcstcu anil all poiuu st.
Iliwnkl, JsotSTille, M4ls-ti,
J.aCtows, Bt, Paul an! 'l points ooitf.
Hit, i!oU.u oi.It dilfil rmtf l.
jtor, liloomlD(rton, Nptin,"l'l,
S'forU, ilulncr, fconkuic,
lurlmirUio, Rwi Island, ,Aailf.
I.EJot., Kiton, Kr-port.
I.AJana, Duboquo, Hioui Oil),
Omttii and all point northwest.
5Je(?RUt Drawing Koom Sleeping Out
On All Night Train.
Btgjre ChMkrJ ioall Important jiolnlo.
For tlcaats ud iRformatwD, apply to I. C, H.K
sltpstal lro; on boaM the transit stwunar bo.
tweati Oolnmlu and Cairo, an.i l tne prlooip
rallroa I ticket oOces throughout the south.
W. r. JOU.N'sUN, Om'l I'Mf. Att't, Chlcaio.
A. MucmLl, Gcn'l.tfup't. Chicago.
J. JOHNSON Ag't, Cairo.
Passcmrer trains on the Illinois central
change time to-day. from and alter i!: JO
p. ia. to-day trains will run as follows :
Expren, dally 4:0T j.iii.
.Mall, except Sunday ....ISM a. 1U.
Express, .. 2:10 p.m.,
Mail, daily except Hund.iy ,.U& p.m.
On and alter Monday, Aug. 11, 1S7.1, trains
will run dally, except Sunday, between
Greenfield's landing and Kiddles Missouri.
us follow :
Leave Greenfield's tit
Arrive at Dexter at
Arrive at Ulddle.- at .
. n:n5 p.m.
10:40 a.m.
.11:20 u.ui.
uoisn r.AsT.
leave Itlddlei at 1:20 p:m.
Arrive at Dexter at 1:12 p.m.
Arrive at Grccntlold'ttnt b:l) a.ni.
.Leave Orecnlleld's at 'J:t0 a.m.
.Arrive at Charleston at. ... 10:30 a.m.
.Leave Clmleslon at H-.'M a.m.
Arrive at Grccutleld'i-at U.-20 a.m.
Indianapolis, Toledo,
Cleveland, .N'lajera Kails,
Pittsburg, Washington,
tiotton and an Eastern Points,
On and alter Tuesday, July 1, lh73, trains
will run a; follows :
Ooinz north leavei Cairo nt 1.00 a.m.
. l , . I . ... i. . rni.n - -i . . n ...
w.fc, .iimmciuiiI) irn lurk.
MMiU BUUVU UlilYCB Uk V1IU dl. .. . I.Ui
T. chics Cairo at ...115 a.m. and tl:00 p.m.
Uoln'- South.
Arrhvs at Cairo at. ,S:00 a.m. and 1:20 p.m.
The cxprosA train north arrives at Vln
ennc at VXvM p.m., makiiisr direct connec
tion at 12:3j p.m., with the XndUnapolis and
'Vincenuen railroad lor Indianapolis, the
sreat railroad centre, from which polut
(ruins are dep-irtln at all bouri, fur all
volnts in the Uultd -itates and Canada. At
U-lii p.m. with thu Kvausvlllu and Craw
i idvUlle railroad, for Terra Haute, Iudls
uapon, Chicago, Danville aud all point
tiurth, via the Terra Haute, Lvansville aud
Jhlco;;o railroad, and ciu h the Vandulia
line, aud Indianapolis and St. Louis railroad.
At 1:M p m. wftu the Ohio and lllstlssippl
railroad, for Cincinnati, Loulillo, and ull
points east, via Cincinnati.
I'ascnger goinj; by this routo am placed
in Indlainpolli, Cincinnati, Louisville, .New
"York, Host n, Philadelphia, llaltiinote,
"Washington, and all eastern points, twelve
hours la advance of any other route.
Express train makes connection at Lido
i ado with St. Louis and Southeastern rail
v,ay, or St. Louis, Jit. Vernon (lllluoU),
lihawneetown, and all poluls between Kldo
rado and bt. Louis,
At Norrls C ty mates cIomj connection
for Sprlngaeld, Hock Jluud, and all points
un Sprlutieldand Illluols Southeaittrn rail
ray and connections.
At Canal with St. Loun, Kvanllie, Hen
iieron and NaUvdlo railway lluo, lor Mt.
VeraoD (indlaua), EvatHvllln, llenderoun
IKcntuckyJ, Nashvlllle (Tennessee i, ami all
Voint on st. L., L, 11. and N. railway and
Baiye checked to all Important iininU.
3"r'ur tickets and information apply at
the ticket olllcc, comer Seventh etreel and
;oujoerclil avenue, Cairo, Illinois.
Jso. Lee, Sup't. Ciias. O. Wooii,
Gen. l'ass'r and Ticket Ai"t
ti K. IIUUSSIDK, Agent, Cairo.
Caiko, Aiii'iict Hi, IsTJij 10:11 p.m. J
Barometer 2'J:M.
Tbenaometer 72 degrees.
Wind, southwest, volocitj 2 mllo per
Weather, ciuudy.
MaxiuiuiQ iciuiierature last lit bom, "
Minimum temperaturo, last 24 hotirn, 71
Prevailing wind last 21 hour, north.
Total number of miles traveled dtirln luH
24 bourt. 155.
Kuwin Oaiilami. Observer.
Host Scotch ale, stout porter, and itight
year old bourbon wblskevtobo found mil v
at the Crystal saloon, corner of Sixth street
aim v;ommurciai avenue.
Htkaoala Si Lank,
6-2&ltn Proprietors
Hicks (or the Cairo, ArLansan and Toxa
railroad, starting from White it Greer
store, corner of
Sixth drcctaiid Ohio lete
run as follows;
Leave at..,,,,..
Arrive In city at
k a.ni
4 p. in
10 a. in
, " " f.p.m
tJ-Stf John Mkykhs. Airent.
iltgular boardera at the European hotel,
Harry Walker proprietor, receh t board at
the rate of jV) per mouth. MO-tf
Fue white; tingle and double A" amber
Uiglt and double X Camry, best quality of
inonilla, blue letter, etc., vu. MjOO jor
ale, prlnttd at ii W to 0 M w thou..nid
utthe Uur-iETiw Orricr. '
- jr01t SALE OH RENT.
Harbor ihop In compUu running ci,jtr(
oo4 tand and a good run of cuawu
Inquire at Tuc Bcllziih Orrics
The msgnlflcatit steamer Great He
public wat t the wbtrf In tiilf city os.
r.emeniber the grand free lunch at
the Kxcelsior saloon to-morrow, morning
at ten o'clock.
John Knuth has sold out lis outlra
interest In Unity, and iy ho l cotnlng
to Cairo to lire.
Mill Minnie Hills of Cincinnati, Is
spending hor vacation In this city with
her sister, Mrs. Vfm. Winter.
John V. Gelsler, who about threo
years ago removed from this city to St.
Louis, died In that city on Friday last.
Cairo has finally beaten Mound City
at base-ball. A club of colored Cutroltes
beat the Mound City darkey club noorly
two to on. '
-Mrs. McOe, the popular Kljjhtta
street milliner, hat just received lart;e
Hock of fall bats, which .-he is dlositif
of like hot cakes.
-On Friday last tho Cairo and St.
Louis Hailroad company paid 2 J,000 duty
on the Iron now being taken ut of the
river near the St. ChnrlcJ hotel
Hev. 11. 11. Thayer, v.io totutnoJ to
Cairo on Friday morning, will conduct
services at tho Presbyterian ohurob at the i
usual hours this morning and ovonln.
Thotnni Doran and John Golf each I
lined llvo dollars and tho "inscparablf s,"
by Judge Uron, yesterday, for fighting.
Noithcr of them bad any money, and nat
urally onough wont to tho calaboose.
Tho Mound City 'Journal' says the
Cairo j!l contains threo murderer. All
a mistake. Campbell and J)azy flretze
are tho only raurdorors now behind the
bars in our jail. Don't give us credit for
uioro than we are. cntitlod to.
"We nre happy. Potter of the
Mound City 'Journal,' and Tub Ui llk.
Ttv havo shaken hands ovor tho bloody
chasm. Potior gets Tue Bci.i.eti.v and
wo get tho 'Journal,' regularlv, and why
shouldn't wo all be hatinv'f Kcho an-
swers, why?
Thomas FitzMmtnons was bufuro
T...I - I. ...
uuugu nross yestoruay murnlug on u
chargo ofdrunkeucss, Thomas, bolng out
of cash, and apparently a hard working
man, was given a stay of execution so that
ho could return to bis employment on tho
Mississippi Central,
At tbo excursion on Friday thero as
only ono man on board tho boat upon
whom tbo effects of liquor woro percepti
ble. It i supposed he bad a bottlo in his
pocket. It's a pity that tnon will go to
places and get drunk. If got drunk they
must, why not go whore there are no
ladies at least. It Is supposed tho indi
vidual referred to carried bis bottlo in his
Prof. Apple has been engaged as
princlplo of the German school In this
city. Prof. Applo is well-known in South
ern Illinois as an ablo educator. He was
once boforo principal of our Oorman
I acboot knit kv ereat salUfaPtinn. Tl,
1 knowtedRe of his return to bis old nasi.
tion in tho Gorman school in this city will
bo hailed with delight by all who ara in
trusted in that institution.
An unknown white man was drowned
from a log canoo in tho river opposite
Mound City on Friday last. Ho was seen
bailing vigorously, but finally raised up '
anu called tor nelp. Air. Thompson, a
fisherman, saw him and started for a skill'
to go to bis relief, but before reaching the
skiff tho canoe tank. The man threw blin-
s&lf away from it and mado a desperate
effort to swim ashoro, but before bo mado
many itakea, he strangle! and went
-A number of the membors uf the
shooting club of this city indulged in n
few rounds ut pidgoons yesterday after
noon. As only a fow Urdu could bo ob.
tainod thoy were limited to threo birds
each. The shootlnt: resulted as fnltnu,..
Cbnrlio Trupp, P.obt. Smytho and Pat.'
Fitzgerald, three birds f.irh, all down-
Jas. Clonan aud Cpt. Pulls, threo birds
each, ono down and two lost ; Jim Gar
land, throe birds, two down, and ono lol j
uonry Latlner, threo birds, nil lot The
birds were shot from a "T tran.
On fabbalh, July 29, Itov. II. ii.
Tbayor of this city, occupied the desk iu
the First Presbyterian church, of Corn
ing, New York. From two of tho Jour
nali of that city we copy the following :
Tho congregation or the Prosbytorlan
church woro favored last Sabbath by two
religious discourse from tbo Hev. H. II,
Thayer ot Cairo, Illinois. "Vo cstoem tbo
peopio ot uairo especially fortunato In m.
curing the services of so efficient arid ear
nest a minister, and tboy.mmt look well to
tho "sinew of war," or thoy may find bis
place? aeant. Corning Democrat.
llev. 11. H. Thayer of Cairo, Illinois,
biting in town ovor last .Sunday, with his
larauy, un a visit to uis relatlvo. (U. 0
Uowoll,) consoutud to proach in the Pros-!
bytorian church, morning and evunini'
The sermons gave evidenco of unusual
ability, and woro llstonol to with marked
interest. air. '1 haver ranks hieh as a
writer and speaker. Corning Journal.
Tho row "kicked up" by a numbor of
onr citizens who did not got to attend tho
sale of lots at Dux tor, Missouri, on tho
13th Inst., bocaiuo tho ferry-boat failed to
roturn to this iid'j and convoy thorn acrots
tho riror, has given Mr. Greonllold, pro
prletcr of tho ferry-boat, consldorable un.
oasinesi, and he csrao to town yesterdav
to oxplalD why bis boat did not return to
carry the "loft ouo" over tbo river. Ho
saya that (ho boat could not havo mado
the trip In time for them to havo got
aboard tho train, the distance between tho
ferry landing and tho railroad station b.
Ing considerably ovor half a mile. Mr.
Greenfield says bo would nut do
anything that could in any way work an
!!... . i. . . t - i n .t ' .
injury iu iuu ciiisum ui umro. ijairo
prosperity is bis prosperity, and If be were
to work against hor interest ho would bo
working against his own, That i the
way Mr. Green fluid talks,
Parties wishing goods sold at auction,
will please bring tbo lame to taj auction
room, No. 101 Commercial avenue, on or
btfore Thursday evening of each week,
as 1 shall sell on Friday of each week in
stead of Saturday as heretofore,
Daniel Hahiaun,
The only llcesiul auctioneer in tbt city,
6-12 tl
Tb Egyptian baso ball Club had n
rather stormy meeting on Friday night.
It appears that the secretary has been for
sometime past, disposed to Indltl'erent
action In the discharge of his duties, and
having recolved overal warnings from Ibo
mombors, that unless he nmuireited a
more determined eflort in his olliclnl poll
Hon, his neglect would tormlnulu in un
poaehment. Friday night brought things
to a crisis.
After tho formal opening of tho meet'
ing the roportof thu secretary was called
for, according to Instructions at previous
meoting. Tho' secretary add rested the
Mr.. l'itKsti)r..VT I regret to say that
tho dutlos which my position has imposed
upon mo havo become loo onerous for a
man of my standing In tho community.
I m not insonsiblo, Mr. I'fosldent, of the
many anil beneficial remits of our con
nection at nu organisation; 1 urn not un
conscious of tho fact thHt tho hour Is ap-
proaohing when swift and decisivn victory
wiH placo tho laurols upon our devoted
hoadi ; neithor do I fall to apprcclato, i.s 1
must now anticipate, tho glorj that a gen
erous posterity will woavo around our
short but grand and unblemished record."
Ctptain. ''I move the gentleman tikes
a bath-."
Secretary oxcitodj: "Mr. President, a
pause language falls mo. 1 'm nitoniihod
at bucb a breaeh of pirllAtner.larv ruls.
Powoll: "Givo us a rent.
President. "Come to order, or sutl'nr tho
penalty on nou-cotnplianeo .'
Captain again: "Mr. President, as thu
cbargoa preferred against our secretary
aro sustained by vlrtuo of his confession,
I movo ho bo expelled from tho meeting,
his head shaved and driven lorth at the
point of the bit, with a cnv-Ml dangling
round nls nock
Excitement secretary jumps up
Howies makes a counter inovumunt thoy
eyo each other for a momunt and thon fall
in deadly cembat great excitement
all como to tho rescue and order is restored
secretary is apparently subdued from
los of wind by makes anotlif r do'pernte
etfort and proceeds t" 'Vbaw' tbn ntmoj.
plicre thicij
"Mr. Pre4idcnt,pauso 11 I p.mie
His haggard appearauco now strikes tbo
club with peculiar force, sympathy it re
laxed and ho resumes: "I hv) botn
wronged to-night, ovorwbolmed by injus
tice and, for a moment, suppressed. 1
again ressurect my.df and proclaim lib
orty of speech' In attempting to .-nr.
prise mo, gentlemen, know you not that
you striko a blow at tho very rent of tbo
constitution? Sonsatlon among tho mem
bers. Know you not, sir, oyoing the
captain that this, our croat and glorious
i.nuOjJtB, upon which this powerful fed-
oration stands 7 Out upon your dastardly
atiacKSi Vile offspring of a mornen'J.
Gentlemen, I dofy your power ' My con
nection with you, to-night, is fornver and
Captain- ! guoes n U if we know
Powell "it, you bell I will
you out If you don't get, and quick-
I'rcsldont: "Order I
Secretary: "You can t whip ono side
of rae, friend; I'd lash"
President; "Gentlemen 1 am nocesii
tated from force of cir:urntance to ri?o
superior to my surroundings and pru
uounco this an adjournad meeting.
Dispersion amid loud talk, threats and
coufuslon, in which tho sacrotary takea
a precipitate flight down stairs, and stops
for a moment nt thu bottom to rogain his
foot ho makes a desporalo oll'ort for the
door and with horizontal coHt-tnll. "goes
out on tho fly."
Editor llullctlu :
That Jlttlu anonymou commuim atlou
iu your Icsuo of "Wednesday has not os
caped our notice. At tbo invitation ol
the gontlo contributor wo vonturato throw
out a few words, 'Twa on suicide if we
remiiinber rightly a good ido to bo on, but
like every other vilonlent oilort it has its
disadvantages. Thero are two tides to
overy question. Ohm side being already
vsumed we 11 take tho other Pardon us
for the presumption : Ho theorizes on
self-destruction; It way be amuslug to
ome people but when it comes to tho
practical prt wud rathor bo eicused.
The truth is we aro not so i toiely
wedded to icientillc rosoarch that wo ! lay
ourrolvca down as an eiporimuntal hulo-
eauit, oh, no , 'twould be a poor lay-uut
I,owever. wbn llfo resolves itself into an
lurupuortabln acuuinulation ol terrestrial
evils, thenwti aru justified irt auoking our
quietus with a "beare bodkin." That s his
view; a nico, easy view it is, and easily
advanced. Now lot us sue. Ho further lays
he has read the lliblo and cm see nothing
In it that prohibits man from becoming
tho instrument of his own destruction.
Divine law it silent on the question, and
we are at liberty to doubt tho utlicacy of a
common law application aftor tho transit
to tho shade. Just so. Now becomes
In his might and fairly squelches opposl-
tion with an analogical demonstration. If,
ho says, our borso breaks his leg wo im
mediately rush for a shot gun and blow
out his brains j and ull because ho (tho leg
or tho bono') becomes incurable. Now
why has not a man the right to do the
same when slllictlon strikes him ? If this
man hasn't studied logic we havo never
read Shkspure' soliloquy on death ' Ho
made one slight mistake. If ho only mudo
the hof.1 kill himself, and thcroby give
tbo tramactlon mioldal aspect', thon
we'd have it all m nutshell. xow R
thought suggests itself Wby cannot that
horse become tho Instrument of his own
destruction ? We ask thu because of thu
comparison ; and wo ask it furthermore
bflcauso we do not Intend to
enter upon tho opposition proper untu
Erst know this gent's conceptions of ttJ
anima bellulna aud the human sou) Ad
mitting that there it In the brute an aui.
ma belluina, wo would ask, dots It posiu
an btelllgent principle, or can It act pr
te7 Again, we poneii omothlng In com
mon with tho brute; If that something be
organic it must depend on matter, and con
sequently devoid of any Intelligent princi
ple? If there bo an intelligent principle
j in man lint acts por so and Independent
' of matter, that principle is superior to
man himself, and has its source In a high,
or causo. Lastly, what do you Infer irom
the "quid dctorminatiim ad unuin," as seen
In tbo organic functions of tho brute''
Tho consideration of these questions
will, wo think, oxplodo your comparison
and tho theory founded thcroon. It will
givo a bettor opportunity to handle the
point ot iue. and cobift right down to ab
stract views. Aoiiai.ative.
C.viiio, August 1 , 1873.
KmioH II IT.I.ETIN Still going north,
tho first objoot of interest observed nftor
wo ps.no.1 out from under tho shadows of
the mills and olovalors was the now ooal
chute. 1 am unablo to Inform you bow
it operate. H it wsm'l shooting. The
shootist was loading the machino willi a
car of coal, but the car I wa on wont oil
flrt and .shot mo quickly nway to somo
whoro !"' Wnsoon arrived at Mounds '
After taking as eten'ivo a view of the
surrounding country as tho ear window
would toloratu, I was led to exclaim
.ounds 1 Wboro are the mounds ' Kcho
answered whore. Thero was a horsp-mulo-car
waiting to rary victims to Mound
City, a Colehralod naval elation riltiaUl
on tho Ohio river nt the mouth of tho
tortuous and turbid Cache. Mound City
has a manufactory, os tontibly of axc,haiu
mer, and mop handles, but practically of
roady-mulo llro-wood ot Very uncertain
dimensions which is taken to CMro und
disposed of by our enterprising citizen
Mr. F. M. Ward. Hut it is time wo wore
gottlng away from Mounds, if we Intend
passing the dowu train at Pulaski. "Wo
rattlo along to Villa liidge, the place
wboro all good Cairoits expect to go when
they die. I tnnan thoso who are goM for
their funeral expens-cs. Ills very l'ortu
nato that CMro s .-uch a hetlthy placo.
People in irolerAtu circuuntanre cau'l
afford to die Very often, and piy tb- ex
penses of a funeral cortoge to Villi HiJge.
At Pulaski wo pvs tho down train.
A look at tbo dusty inmates gives us n
horrible forotastoof what wc aro toondurn.
Pulaski was narm-d aftor a celebrated In.
dian chief who emigrated from Poland
durltii: tho icV'jutiontir War. li w
rogularl killol, ncvorjlng to hi'tory, and
aftorwardj . mo ju tbi- country to find n
lodgo in -ome vt wilderness some
boundless contiguity of chade, t. hero
rumors of oppression and deceit might
never ruacli him mon-. Ho romalnud in
tho quiet sc lu;ion of tho unbroken forest j
until tins Illinois Central railroad came
along one day and run directly through
ono comor of his wigwam Ho tok ono
look nt tbo iron horso who Mood snorting
and screaming at hi very door. Sound
ing hu last war whoop "in vain attempt to
drown tho screech of tho hideous monster
wboe hot breath scorched bis vitals, and
finding it was uroloia to contend against
fate when it got after him in such a quei
nouHbte snape, he retired to the portion
of his cabin spocially devotod to repose,
requested tho by-stander to put him in
his little bed, wrapped tho drapery of his
couch about him, and gathering Ma re
maining strength, with one mighty effort
be put forth his left leg ond Uicfcod tho
rjucKti. i inn isjtho mott "poplar ' town
in Egypt, and Jn Boll has made money
encugu more by running a saw mill, to
build himself the finest houso In South
orn Illinois. I don t isnow as I blame
him. AYb&t Wctauu i? doine where it is
or wh&i it is ihore for is more than
kuo, anu i uom intonu to raako any
i-taloinont. but such as may bo ru-lied upon
ij nii.v luiu ui iiinriion. iioro tno man
fruin tho rural districts with his
wib and threo children g.it aboard
After gazing vacantly nbout for tho
spam of four and a-half minutes thoy
squat in tho sett whom the sun pour in
ins iniousosi rays, jr tuey never wero
muro th&u half hiked thin- will bo done
brown before they reaoh their destination
Tho vendor of prize envelope with quick
percoptiuri marks thorn fur his prey, and
soon appears with nn armful of tbo infer
nal contrivances. Tho husband and father
who had boon ftolldly squirting tnbacco
juico about while his family wero simmer
ing, handles tho fatal package, listens o
thu seductive fraud who is permitted to
practice his nefarious calling in our public
conveyances, nnd shortly Invests fifty
chiiU, for which ho obtains a steel peu and
holder, a mnall lot of worthless paper aud
envelope", and a string of yellow glass
bcmlx or a brass breast-pin. As tuou as
Mr. Oborlv s term expires, 1 intend be
coming a candidate for legislative honors.
If oloctod, shall devote my brilliant tab
ent and legal acumen chiefly to two oh
jo.Hs. Firstly, to voting myself an in
creased salary and back pav ; aud second'
ly, to framing and securing tho pasagof
an act ontitlod, An act for the impprcMicn
of prlzo pickager, and utter annihilation
of all persons, engaged in their manufac.
. I .1... , ....
luru linn tin i! ; mo njr nil) rcvOKBI 01 lliii
chartors uf all railroad companiu which
. 1 - .
aimw uimu on meir trains, itore wo are
at Dongols, of which I may have sornn
thing to a in my noxt. Yours,
Pkoi. Smawi.tah k.
F. II S. OF A.
X convention of tho Freu Benevolent
Sons of Amorlca (colored) of Cairo, Illi
nois, was held at Mound City on tho uv
oning of Augut-t Id.
Mr. A. King wai select") chairman.
Mr. King stated tho object of tho meet
ing to bo to fix upon a day to be celebrat
ed as, tho anniversary of the order.
Messrs. John Gladnoy, II. V, WiM
and A. King weroseioctod a committee un
On motion of W Wolms it was agreed
that & grand lodgo of the order bo estab
lished at Cairo.
John Gladnoy was cnlled upon and ruado
a speech In favor of tho society.
Mr. H. W. Wllit was alio called on and
addressed tho meeting. At tho conclu
sun of Mr. AS'lllt'ss remarks ho moved
lLat the 3d day of August be set apart as
the day of the annlvorsary of tho order-
On motion the convention adjourned
subject to tbt tall of the president,
3. Moody, Ss y.
iadil; list.
Allen, Lizzie
Btown, Fannie
Batta, Mary
Cook, Fannio
Craten, Matilda
Carr, Mary
Fisher, Miss 11
Gala.vay, Mary A
GriL'ith, Pbillis
Carney Airs
Myers, Emma
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Jano
Tvrnor, Emma
Wilson, .Matilda
Audersou, Melville
Berry, Caroline
Cherry, Melissa
Clane, .Nannie
Clark, Catherine
Davis, Anniu
Gaock, L'sMer
Gorman, Ntnny
Holt, Juno
Litton, Mrs
Priio Miss h I.
Smith, Mary
Soffron, JeiLie
'I urnor, Sarah
Wallace, Fann
(1KNTI.EMENB l.tsf.
Arnett, Jno Palmer, Win
J rail ley, W
Halloy, Thomas
Brooks. AV II
Carrie, "W 11
Cassldy, .1 II
Dolanoy, II F
Drowery, Aim
Fisher, Isaac
KACkney, Jamei
Fisher it Co
Huntor, K.I
Hyumu, Max
1 1 lion. Henrv
Hook, A
Jackion, Mun-ci
Johnson, Colinm.
Ivillgore, John
Moore, Jamil
.Mann, Hugh
Nash, John
Ogborn, John
Odill, George I.
Pitt, Jonas
Fendola, G
Itogoleka, M
Smith, Thomas
Shanaban, Corneous
Tyson, K F.
Taylor, Emann.d
Wattors, J F
Wahl, 11
Wilson, Frank
Beamnud, Jno
Brown, Edward
Calllo, Jt 0
Cl'k B'd of Health
Davis, CJoo
Kdil, G W
l'tllkorson, Thus
Flnlny. E U
Gishotfer, Chas
Hcssion, Timothy
Hays, Jacob
llouser, C
lgo, Wm
JacKion, Edmund
Ivaru-. .Martin
Loo, J A
Mosey, Honry
.Mono, Chas II
Glivor, Fred
1'orUni, Jerry
Pun-ell, James
Jted, John
Kousfiln, Frank
Scott, ilo-eph
Taylor, M
l aylor, Douglur'
tvaters, Wm
Woods, John
Washington, Geo
To-morrow morning at ton o'clock a
rand fr' lunch will bo spread at the
Excelsior saloon, corner Fourtuenth stroxl
and Washington avunue. Evorybudy U
invited to como and cat tbolr fill.
8-lfp.lt Geo. Latin kii.
On and alter Augu.t 1, 1 Inteud tu do a
strictly cash business, except with thom of
my cu.toinuis whosettbi promptly on tho
first of every month. All old account.
and notos In my hamla wbirh an. not
settled very ', I hhll advirtW and dl
at nubile vendue. l. A II frit
i .si no, juiy vi, ifi-.
27-1 m
A packago f lettori on Washington
avenue. botweii Kighth and Ninth streets.
The Under will pleae ruturn thorn to C
Unnny's s.inr and icceivn a liberal re
ward. tf-'3t
1 hereby forbid all persons from selling
anything to my wife on my crodlt. 1
will pft' n "cb lbt6. 1 will furnish hor
wth all neco'sarles mysell.
8.111.31. WM. IVKMl-ll.l'.
Foil KENT.
Tho Delta Social club room, suitable
for offices, llrst floor, south side of Tub
Bulletin building, Enquire at ints o.
.1! 1
iti:.Mi:iiBi:it. on ki:mi:miilh:
ti. t. at I' M ;. II.
.NVxt TiiucsmM) . I., s.. (J. It.
Tho barber shop is on the corner of
Eighth stretjt and Commercial avenue
where J. Gcorgi Stienkoute with bii gsn
.f i ... . . . D
kieueuiy a:iiiiants can be lound at any
! bour of the day or night, ready to soothe
. ... . ,
, ' O" w, v W,
' your temper and bead with a good sham
j poo. It is a first-class shop, and you are
sure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladi' and children's hair cut or curled
after the most approved -.tjloi. &-l&.tf
Dr. I.avarty, hotuoeopathiit physi
cian, late of Shawneetown, has located in
! this city and intends making it bis homo
, The doctor comes to Cairo well recom
mended, ana retort to the uffirrs of tho
First National bank of Shawneetown, to
j whom ho is well kuown, having practif-d
hu profession among tham for years. H
solicits a fair tbaro of tlm patronage of
our citizen?. 7 'Jo.tf
P. Fitzgerald at his ruuun, corner
Fourteenth street and Commercial ave
nue, otl'urs for sale Guinness' Porter A
liasi' hie and pure Hennessy brandy,
( and tho genuine A;.goturo bitters, all
tirst-cla-s cholera mre. Try them
7-17 tf
- Dr. W. 1! Smith has rumoved his of
fice to the second story of Louis Herbort's
new brick building on Eighth street, be-
I twx-n Washington and Commercial live
j luic-e, where ho has niuro comfortabln and
j commodious quarters. MO-tf
! All persons am hereby nutifiod not
to harbor or trust my wife, Catharine ,1.
Fisher, on my account, as I will pav no
, bills or debts of her contracting.
tMlKI. 1 IM1KK.
Caiiio, ills., August il, lbJii. H-li-U
Water hogsheads fur hauling water,
holding two an I a half barrnli, ready
mado and for nalo at the coopar shop on
Fourth street near tbo Mississippi levco
L). ArtT has thu lurgest and most
complete stock of harnoes, cuddle, briJlos
and strap goods in the city which ho lays
he will sell at Wlom prices for cash and
cash only. 8-10-1 m
Phil. If. Saup rcooltos ripe, luscious
grapoe every morning, frn-h from tho
tlnoyard. Ho uilora them for talo at
wholesale or rothll, 102 Commercial
avenue. 1 l-Stf '
Ilalley lias a lol of wood pumr" and I
tubing which hn offer, eura low: call ond
sen them, Ii'.S Washington avenuo.
Ilalley will uiier oitra loducemonts
for tho next SO days, so as to malm room
lor his large order of liutin si ves.
Ilalley'. stoil; of fruit cans I-thu
largest in He mark, t, and hu has loads of
cm wax. 7-2!i-lm.
Go to Mallei ' for t!OOd stoves and
giod bargain", Jin Wathlngton avenuo !
Groon wood fifty fonts a load at tho
box factory 7-oO-3w
Two fresh milch cows for sale, In
quire at tbt court bouse. S-10-H
. ii
AoTi.OrriCE 0. V, P. K,
Caiko. Ills, Julv 26, 1873. f
For the accommodation r.f the cllizeni
of Cairo, thn Mmiml C?itv arrnmmrvlatlnc
train will on and after Monday, July 28
" ,f0llowS , A' Four'eD'l lrl
.Twentieth street, Twenty-flftb itrett
iiiiut-iujiiu sutct, auu i to crossing ci
. V- n Mi;..r!. n . . . -1 . t - i v-
ticket Faro between Sventh street st
Hon and Illinois Central railroad crossing
.ft.! ,r,nlu11a). ,
lutvtniruiniv i'uiiiv0, ova uquii
Tickets good for twenty fares cau be pur
dialed l.t tllM tiibnt eitTnu ,rn., nf nr
fn til street, for one dollar. Passtoger
iClll tl.it 1... ...:,!...! in ha ...C A.. rt 11,
train at auy points other than tho abov
I'll Am. iJ. WOOD,
Gen 1. Pasiongor and Ticket Aet
N E W ' A it IET V STO It E
A.M.Cundill A- Oltlll have opened
general family grocory, provisions, no
tlons and dry goods store on Walblngtoi
avenue batweun Ninth andTonth streett
anu nro irepareu in -leu ici luuir irienu
....t ii... ......i i.i .... .i.i....
) biiu let, oi iiiauaio'i, Bllllli UK irom
hogsbeard of sugar to a box ol papor col
lars. Boot', shoos, hats, caps, furs, roUV
toa. sucar. muslin, calico, thread. noeJlt,-
etc, etc. Go arid eo for yourself
aUt'iiuurv u oh av t;n . m .aw urman
II .11 11 . a. rt . f is ,
hut'u H,ino In thla j.tl I .1... .,! 1. ., ..
.... . , ' v SM II 'J J f MOT
fitted up a first class harbor-shop on Com
tnorclal avenue In the room next to Han
non's book store, lately occupied by Stu
art A- Gholson as a dry goods itore, Th
workmen aru all first-class and are pro
pared to cut hair, slmvo, sbampoo, etc, It
the very latest style.s. All they ask Is i
trial. 'Ihey rnspectfiilly solicit a share
pontic jiaironauo, .veiir.Niiv hoe Jt Ui
a rare ensure is ollorisl to some mai
with tiKinm- tn ttivnjt tti riAH navln,
nrotmrtv in thu mmt rlnsIrHliln nasi nf Ih
i i - - j . - - - I -
I'lty. Two lots, 50 feot front oa the ave
1. ,. . , . M . ,
iiue, iioil"Ci .1 storios. 1 wo largo tioru
can bo fitted up oh tho first lloor, thu tip
per stories are well arranged for offices o
. . 111 I . I-.. .11.... .....Iln,,l...
uwwillll., r o r ii I iliac ihii.i,i.h v.,
jiilni ot John ti. IIahmav x co,
ii-l-tf Ileal Estato Agoiits, Cairo. Ill
.MH.sMAX itJj7LKH,
Has located in tho city. Contracts mad
for tuning pianos liy the year or othei
wiso, to suit tho owner. Orders left at th
lawelrv itore of E. A W lludor will r
colve prompt attention. 7-29.ini
A good span of mules, wagon and bar
nei. Also ten nercs of corn. Enquirer o
Geo, Lattmib,
Corter Fourteenth street and Waiblugtoi
avenue, at cianaenburg't saloon.

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