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eflelstl Papor of th) City sirl
Vaaaty. th ! Mornlstir Dally
rar PablUhedU Moulhern Illinois,
JOHN II. OUBKLY. Kdltor and l'ublliher
UM wMk, by carrier I 2ft
Oayearby carrlor, la advance 10 00
Una year by carrier tl not pild In
advance 2 00
pot month, by mail 100
Tare months 3 00
8I month. f
Una year 10 00
John II. Oberly ban reduced tbe ttibscrin
tlon price of the Wrckly Oiiho Huixbtin
to One Dollar per annum, making It the
etieapestpapor published In Southern tlllnol
eaillaa; matter on every finite.
Another letter from J. U. K. T. will
be found In Knottier column. .1. U. K. T.
flourlihei a racy pen, and lilt letters aro
read with ploaturo by our thousands of
InoraoboJy from Cairo don't tit up
vlth tbe board of cqtmll.ation, our as
sestment roll will bo added In ititlnait ot
reduced, nnd tlien thorn will bo a gonerol
curilog all around.
Thk Misinurl 'Kopiibttcan'raya It would
bs difficult to tell wliutliur tlio prutont
low citato of tho Democracy it owing to
Democrat! leaving tho party, nr to tho
party leaving tlioui.
Ouh suggestion tlmt Mr. Wilson bosent
to Springfield to roprotont Alexander
county, and sue that tbe stnto board of
equalization totes fair with tig, has mot
with very general approbation in tlio city j
but no perfon bai made any movemont to
act upon tho tuggoitlon.
Notick li boreby given that I will pay
no bllli for good told to any of the em
ploye of Til Caiho Uuli.ktin, either
or thomsolvea or lor tho uie of the office
unloto tho tame are furnished on an order
llgned by Mr. Hurnott or myiolf.
LMiO-ly Joun II. Oukbly.
Tu Kew York 'Trlbuno' character
Izei Senator Matt Carpenter at a"teuiual
' tot ot brilliant intellect, but vile aitocla
' lions and depraved habiti," and charget
that, when vuillng Long Uranch and
New York, he "lot bimtelf ami paramour
'Ickening and boattlv."
The board of examiners for the county
of Aloxandor, will meet at tho Fourth
ward ichool-home In tbe city of Cairo, on
Friday aod Saturday, the lib and Ctb dart
oi oepiember next, at 'J o'clock a in., and
at 7 o'clock p.m., each day, for the exam
Inatlon ot teacher. Joun C. White.
County Superintendent of School!.
C-Alao, Augusts, 1S73. fc.23-dS.w2
A gentleman named Hon. G. L Fort
believes that the dav is at hand u'lmn ft,-
farmer of the West will demand of the
general government the conduction of a
national railway from Omaha to deep
tido water in Kew York harbor, to
belaid with double track, on oaiy grades,
and to bo operated to that upon it the
burden of commerce may be transported
at ilmplo coit.
What may be, or rathor what may not
bo, it i) Impossible to foretell ; but thoro
1 reaon to believe tho prediction of Mr.
Fort may bo realized. The movement
now being made In the Weit I
a revolutionary movement, tho prob
abllltle of which promise many
good retults, but the contemplation of tho
probability of which may well cati.o
throughtful poople much alarm.
There bai been no raillcnl revolution in
the history of the world, against which
tbe people or clauses who pmlited by the
wrong demanding reformation did not
strenuously light. All violent revolu
tion have started from an uttumpt lit re
formation. Most of them ,ght have
been provonted had tho cla-sc profiting
hylbeabutei eompUlnod of noted with
policy and yielded to the general domain!
little If not all. Tim. the radical rem
dy of tearing the wrong ,, b) tlu root,
like a penitential weed mit havo been
eicaped. Jiut th Bod. tlrst maka mni
whom they would destroy, and most
wrong-doer in government and society
have persisted in their wrong doing until
the lempc.t of public indignation
na iwopt tbeu. frun, uxi.tuL-o taking
v-Uh it de.olutlon and misery. At
7' taM5nt'y. railroad
companies and other great monopolies,
not taking heed of Vbu 0ulum of tU 0
prosiod people for Ju.tlco at their hands,
are .tubbornly prii.tlnB l lliulr wro '
doing. In Illinois thoy llU Ul0 ,
andin allothor states il,.,fi. ..i. ... ..
j ..... ,,i.ahtlltjreSl-
lenneisof tbe manes. For the time being
w,j .u wasters 01 iuo tltumion. Thuv
can purcbaie legUlator and our JudKe,
but In the end thoy will wish thoy had ta
ken countel of discretion. "When this do
manj for Justice hua become ii violent
struggle for Jtntlce, the monopolies, with
all their legislature and court, will
be tram tiled under tl, r,.t r n. ........i
indignation. If necessary, to crush thorn
rtiuA a stU - . lfl ia .
j I -"r. rort pelc of will bo
built ly the government, ur.d all talk
about the danger of uch centralizing
chemeswIUbo booted at; If necessary,
tho road will be confiscated, and all talk
bout the injustice of uch a policy wl
be laujcbed at j If necessary, Judge, who
decide the law in the Interest of concen
lrtd wealth will be push,.,! rrom ,
baiichj and if necowary, tho sword will
plead tba cause of the poople und punish
their ensmlcs even If it should tfterwards
deour the classos who Invoked it aid in
opposition to tbe abuses which monopoly
KcgularV pHinu upon the country. History
Harry Walker by examples.
U rata ol $'10 per
on tiib wim.
-' Uornict Houhk,
Uimcinnati, August 'ii, 1873.
Your correspondent I gottlng very er
ratic in hit movement. Wo aro now sov
oral hundred rnllct noaror Cairo than wo
havo been tho past two month, and wo
are leveral hundred in lies nearer than wo
will bo again for soveral weeks to come
If wo had delayed writing this lettor twenty-four
hours longer it would havo been
Hast of horn, hs wo go back to Clovolalid
to-morrow, whorowo proposo to spend tho
Sabbath. Whon wo left tho queen city of
tho lakes n fow days since, wo went
through tho garden pol of Ohio tho
groat Wolorii Uesorvo a land flowing
At Hudson wo took on n largo lot of tho
"creamery butter" which is mado hero
for all tlio lending holols In the country.
Wo notlrod a number of llrklns marked
for tho Southern hotel in St. IniI, and
wore told n ronsldornblo portion pastos
through Cnlro In earn of llnlllday llrot.,
for points south. It is n good thing for
landlords to know that thuro I one place
In Uio country whoro rplettdhi hulter can
always bo had by paying it value, At
Flfly-elght miles from Olevuland, wo
changed cars for Canton, twenty miles dls
tant on tho 1',, Ft, W. and C. railroad.
Wo reached there at neon and wondod
our way to tlm hotel for d'nnor. Tho
city for Canton is a city ; wo saw tho
mayor's officii bonsls of two hotels, tho
Amoricnn and St. Cloud. At tho latter
tho best wo got a very iinlill'oreiit din
ner. CA NTO.V
In in tho mid it of a splendid country, but
tho city has u generally dilapidated npear
ancp. Thoro aro a fow flno business
blocks, it very nent court-hutuo built of
brick and faced with lino cut granite. At
tho aidu in tho center of tho grits plat la a
largo and very hnndaomo fountain, sur
mounted with a etutuotto of
Holding a trident in his right hand, from
tho top of which a shower of lino spray
constantly plays over tho nude ilguro of
tbe old sea god, and keeps him cooled
down. Our visit to Canton was to "seo a
man." On culling at his reildcnco and en
tering tho room wo woro thundor-strucK
at loarning that to had died only forty
eight hours previous of
Only having been tick a few hour. The
funeral had taken placo tho day previous
In tho room In which wo wore seated.
Tho announcement gavo us such a tbock
that wo foil a pain in our abdominal ro
gion at onco Wo had no further business
there, and atccrtaialng that the train was
due, hurried to tho depot; shook tbe dust
of Canton off our shoes, and in ten min
utes wo were under way; and we drew a
long breath of relief as the train rolled
away from the depot. AVe reached
At dark and wen t-oon tt home at the
Manongahela home, whith is Urf'.-cltFS in
Try rwftMl lrur rvftJcfl Iuum m Lu
have ever traveled. We noticed a mos
quito Lar over our bed, tbe first one we
have seen this Fcasoo, and which we were
glad to put to a practical use before morn
ing. We found the city, as of yore, black
and sooty. Tho iky was dirty; houses.
ditto; streets and gullies aful dirty. Af
ter coming from tho broad, cleanly swept
streets of Cleveland, the change was more
marked. Wo should think the citv of
Pittsburg hal formed Itself into a
To invito King Cholera and his ttalf to
pay loom a visit. Wo walked through
tho fruit market about ten o'clock at
night und saw great Hacks of watermel
on, surmounted by blazing torches, und
ovor a dozon bipeds putting under their
veats great section of melons as though it
waa fun. WotwitliHtandlng the dirt and
tilth tho streets were crowded and bunl
ness good In all part of tlm city. One
thing wo noticed that niiiht to Ln reme
diedthe nbsuncu of atrcut dlgiis on the
lamp posts. The few wooden signs at-
Inched to tho building", tlmt have not
rotted uwuy, look ns if thuy huj )(H.n
put up about
A nil are so discolored wi'li dirt and ncu
that It Is hard tt) make any kind til a
name nut of them. We loll l'itttburg the
next afternoon on an itccninmodatioti train
for .Stotihc nvlllo, and may tho mint for.
give us this time, wn will never do to any
more. Steubenvillu U Vl miles from Tilts.
burg, und thero were just 27 stations, at
each of which wo had to conm to a lull
halt. At last, to our groat lo, the be.
grluiined fiicti of tlm br'keman appeared
at tho door for tho twenty.siivonth timii in
ho crlod nut
This train goo no further." Wo wero
very glad to learn tho fact, at wo had gone
mil lar enough. Wo took n walk about
the city, for like Cnuloii It tins lis mayor's
otllco. Wo woro not imnrimsod fnvornMv
iiiiougli with tho placo to buy it in. Wo
saw no Uood Templar's processions in the
me uroets, but wu aw muny good tumb
lers who scorned very weak in the knees.
"We Judge if whisky was
A good many Stoubonvillluiis would hold
"full bunds." Tlio city I, located undor
thu lilittl' MM... t , .
' nu river is very narrow at
this point, ar.d on the opposlto ,ldo in also
a range oi nign lilulli, which makes tho
iiimoapnoro very oppressive. The hotel
HUi UI-1..1..H i '
tjv. .iiuiioios, is situutea like tho Kt,
Charles on tho luvuo lacing the river
with tbo railroad track in front and tin!
depot on tho loft hand cornor, Hut tho
Is notllko tho inHgnlllcont one seen from
mo at. ciiurloa whero tho waters of tho
Ohio and tho Mississippi meet and mlnglo
in uieir resistless courto to tho sea.
Koltuer it tho hotel like tho onu abov
mentioned. And hero let us say, tlmt we
fear tho good poople of Cairo never have
nd never will fully approclato tho fact
that they have u finor, larger and hotter
appointed hotel evey -way than is to bo
found In any city of it tUe, or even dou.
ble or troblo its population. If thoy had
mado tho prosont trip with in, wo think
thoy would in future, point with pride to
Thla Is plain talk, hut It's fuel which can
not bo disproved or contradicted. lJutto
return to our subject. Stoubunvlllo it cel
ebrated fur It high bridge and toby ci
gars. Wo admiro tho former end detest
tho latter. Tho bridge is a magnllbont
stone structure, which spaot tbe Ohio nt
this point, and from its top tho train looks
suspended in mld-alr as you look out ol
tho car windows.
The munulacturo of
Is oxtontivoly carrlod on. They aro mado
In sizes and lengths to suit, and sold by
tho cord. Tho retail price is u "penny u
grab," and by tho wholesale II vo dollars a
barrel or hogshead, wo forget which.
Alter a broken sleep on it terrible hard
bed, wu Wero culled at tho untimely hour
in order to take tlio express for Cincinnati,
about 270 miles distant. Wu reached bore
ut 2 p. in , after one of tho mint fatiguing
day's rides wo over experienced, Tlio sun
was Inteiindy hot. WulmJ to hnvo eve
ry window ana door open to breathe,
Tho dust ciiiiio in in
C 1.0 U U4,
permeating our eyes, nose, ears, mouth mid
lung. In nil our travels, wo miver, no
never had such n tearful ride. A bath, a
good supper ami clean linen, liavo cuuoed
us to feel llko a now being, and by morn
ing wo shall bo ready to bo "on tho wing"
Wo headed our loiter " Cincinnati" and
will close with ii repetition of it, want ol
spare compelling us to leave to the imag
ination of your readers what we would
Imvo said under other ciicumitunt'es.
J. U. K. T.
Steamer Quickstep from Kvnnsvillo, nr
rived hero last night, Sho reports the sink
ing of tho Hello Vernon yesterday morning
about 4 o'clock, caused by striking the
wreck of the atoamor .lonnlo Howell. Shu
was broken badly and sunk to the hur
ricane roof before tlio Quickstep could
reach her, although in sight and arriving
in 20 minutes. Sho will bo a
total loss. Several passengers in-
hiding tlvo or six ladies were taken
from tho hurricane deck by the Quickstep,
they having nothing on but their night,
clothes. Onoof tie engineers and a negro
are missing, names unknown. Tho Hollo
Vernon had a full load of freight, most
of which will be lost.
mm mis.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin,
Milwaukee, August 27. There was a
strike among tbo heaters at tbo rolling
mill this uflernoon, on account of tho re
duction of wagfct. Tho workt aro closed
for the preterit.
San Fkancim'o, August 27. (!ov.
Ilooth offers 51,000 roward for tho itppro-
licnaion of Valexpuez and his bund at Sari
I nun . Lnit night the sheriff of .Monte
rey arid Vurra Cru. organ i.'id u poeso und
puftMiod tho utsutslns.
Mkmi'iiis, Auguit 27. A sovuro ttorui
cainu up about 7 o'clock this evening from
the nortliwcil, ncompnuied by thunder
and wonderful uluctiical display. -So
damage reported.
John (irudy, u compositor in tho Ap
peal officii, was gurrotod while going homo
this morning, and robbed of jCO. Ho a'u
badly beaten about tho tend.
New Oiu.eanx, August 27. W. W.
Howe, ox. associate justice of tho supremo
court, Louisiana, brought suit against tho
'Time ' Tor 5100,000 damuges for an arti
cle publi.hwl August 17th, charging
llowu and other with absorbing from tlm
stato treasury 3d, 1 1 1,100, amount received
for tho sale of state's stock tit Jackson
- .
NEW YOIIK, Alllilist 27 Tlllilnum w
tho recent Hood In Uelawnrearu estimated
at $G70,000, of which $500,000 may pon.
slbly full'on tho Dukwuro und Chesapeake
Canal company ; ? 100,000 by vessel and
barges being stranded on Meadows, and
50,000 by tbo Delaware railroad.
lion, .losepn -Mudill of Chicago, accom
paniod by his wlfo mid lUuvhinri. ..n...i
- O ' -s hisiiuii
to-day for Kuropo in steamship Algeria.
ix numuer oi wou-Kuown citizens accom
panied him and family as far ai Sandy
Hook, '
.Inhn T Hlrd.mombur of congress from
Now Jorioy, to-day returned hisback.pay
to tho United States treasury, lncludlnK
Interest on vortlon of amount accrued.
At a rg,, ,llul)tlllB , Prwc
held to-night for the purpose of present
IngM. lhurs lau president of Franco,
with a testimonial. U w ri),0iVuJ lu
ehase for tho turn of i0o0l ft co or
Wathlngton Irving', lif f W'ashliigton
and frame suitably. Addresses will be pro'
sentod ut future meotlngs, and uui0a 0f
forwarding tbo tettlmonlal bo decided
rniLADEU'iiiA, August !I7. Alderman
Nichols has boon tontoncod to 9 months
imprisonment, after trial for oxtortlng
exorbitant fees.
NaMIVH.lk, August 27. About three
o'chek this morning a lire broke out in
tho residence of Thos. Minor, in Edge
Held, and Is rapidly communicating to und
destroying tlio residences of F O. Koclie,
Jno. S. Wilkes, Fountain Spillcr and
Geo. Hy, and house occtipleil by Ed
ward Lnwrouco belonging to Mrs. Vir
ginia O. Hooves, of Macon, Georgia. The
vitluo of tho proporty Is estimated nl
1,10,000. Inturanco $8,000.
Wamii.noion, Atigust27. Indian Com
missioner Smith returned from an ex
tended tour among Indians in Minnesota
und other points in tlm West. lie
hold counsels with tliirlylivu or fort)
thousand Indians, and reports that gener
ally he found thmn peaceable and inclined
to resi"''' "IU wishes of the government
At Siislton, a place lu Dakota, whero he
was Joined by .See. Delano, a very satis
factory statu ol utlnirs Was found to exist
All tho Indlatii, somo one thousand in
number, aro engaged in farming, have
schools, wear civilized costumes und live
In house llko tho whites.
Wamiunoion, Auguit 20 l'robabilitci
For thu Northwest and Upper Lake re
gion, partly cloudy or clear weather, light
northeast to snuthwost winds, and slight
ly rising temperature will prevails, ex.
cept In the northern portion. For Lower
Lake region und Middlo States, continued
cloudy weather, low temperature during
nli:lit, and possible areas of light ruin, fol
lowtd by clearing weather. For South
Atlantic and Gulf States, light variable
winds, with increasing cloudiness und
threatening weather on coast. For Now
F.nglntid, light to fresh northeast to south
east winds, clear weather to-night, und
cloudy weather Thuday. ForOhioA ul
Icy ami Tennessee, less cloudiness und
higher temperature Thursday.
Cincinnati, August Tlio corner
ttouo of tho new Cincinnati observatory
it to be laid to-morrow morning, at Mt.
l'leasant, with appropriate ceremonies.
At a doputy at the Hamilton Jail was
taking out the chain-gang of prisoners,
one of tnem pushed bim aside, and, before
ue couia tuui me ooor,
The courage und promptness ol a servant
prevented general delivery of prisoners
and, after along chase, were recaptured.
The Cincinnati annualcoufrenco of the
M. K. church commented this morninc
About one hundred and twenty members
answered to their names, liishop Ames
and Meyers present.
Sahatooa, August 27. Tho national
timpernncii convention this morning laid
on tho table tho resolution! of S. W. Den
Ison, opposing thu position of HritUh alli
ance Unit drinkers of llrjuors may udvo
cate prohibition.
A grand national meeting was ordored
to bo held In I'hlludelphla in connection
with thu centennial celobration.
In the dieciiMiuri of claims of tint na
tional publication society, It was mado
known that 10,000 wore tiormury topav
the indebtedness, und SI1,000 woro raised
i.. i ... .. ...
uy MiiHcripiion. iiesoiutlou were
adopted In subitum e congratulating Out
friends of lomperuiir'o mi tho progress
madu oiiicu tho meeting in 1KC3, and do
daring that total abstinence Irom all In
toxicating driiil,!", browed or distilled, is
lint trim basis of I um peru not reform.
Thu convention took recess till .1 p. in.
St. Louih, August 27. An immense
mooting tif veterans of tint Mexican war
and of grangers was held to.iluy at Sweet
Spring, near lirowtiiville, .Missouri
Near I,fi00 people of thu surrounding
country, many coming u great distance,
wero said to have been prosont. A good
many prominent men, including mem
ber ol the legislature nnd pros, wero
also lu itttendiitico. Thomas H. Allen
master of the statu gruugci, opened
thu grange part ol the meet
ing with a speech in which
ho ridiculed the lack of interest on tho
farmer's movement, though it Inn now
become n great power. Ho belovled tho
farmers were tho noblest clan of people
in oxistenco and it win time they had
something to say about public allalrs.
Tho Granger uru growing. Heforo
January thero will lm 21 state prominent
in thu movement, llo warned monopo
lies not to crowd tlioui or they might go
too fur.
MaJ. Jalsou, then addrostod tho veter
ans, after which a committee Witt ap
pointed to prepare an address to congress
on pension!.
Tho national convention of tho vurl
our Italian societies In this country com
menced its annual session to-day, but
only preliminary business was transacted.
A, 1. Ohoo, of St. Loul was elected torn
porary president, and F. Do l'bllllpo of
Nuw York, ec rotary. Dolcgato aro
present from Now York, l'hiladolphia
Cincinnati, Chicago, Louisville, Haltimoro
and lllchmond and othor.oxpected to arrive.
Wii.kkmhahrk, Pennsylvania, August
27. Tho Dompcratlc statu convention
mot In tho court room and was called to
ordor by Snniuol J. Kandull, chairman of
tho itnlo central committee. Andrew No
blngor was olectcd tompnrury eualrman,
and 1 Gray Meek, of Centre, O. ('.
Ilrockway.of Columbia, Ohio A. I Ictcher,
of l'hiladolphia, woro appointed sncretn-
Dr. Noblngor in a short address coun
selled harmony on tho (ilpstlon of adopt
ing thu order of business an presented ly
Col. Wright and nmonded by C. W. Com-
gn. A debute of over all hour took
placo, tho point In dlsputo being tho con
tested seats. Ho claimed they ehould bo
allowed to aulllc) such matters eniong
themselves. The uuesttmi was llnnlly
settled by appointing it committee of one
from each senatorial district on contested
seals. Committee on resolutions, plat
form ami permanent organization wero
appointed in this manner and thu conven
tion then adjourned till 2:ft0 p m.
Tho convention ro-nasomhtod nt
Tho romiiiltteo on contested seats re
ported Samuel Joseph entitled to roprn-
sunt the Third legislative district, Dough
erty tho Fifth, and Win, Kendall tho Nm
olid, und admitted both delegations from
Allegheny, titeli delegation to have live
votes, ll.itli III ii delegations then named
threo of their number to represent them
on the committee on permanent orguniza
tion, and pen ling notion tho convention
took another ruccst till XU'l.
At 4 the comtniltno beliitf ready to re
port, tho convention was called to onlur
and tho chairman of thu co'iimlttee, Col
Kobt. 1). Kckurt, read tho namo of Hon
It. Milton Spenr ns permanent chairman
At this point 11. II. Stutz interrupted
and movod the non-conciirreiico of the
convention In tho loport of tho ommll
tou so far, giving as reason that hpenr
hud, ns a member of congress, taken his
back pay. Tho motion wnstoeclvcd with
great cheers by thu convention.
Spoar roplied defending his action us n
public man, pleading his service nnd foul
ty to tho Democratic party, und asking
tho convention not to givo wuy to the per'
tonal clamor of tbo hour, llo stated lie
had not sought tho honor of presiding
over the convention, but now that the
committee had presented his namo ho
hoped ho would not be slabbed in the
houso of tils friend'.
it. r. .nonatmn ana Y . I). .Mooro sup
ported tho motion of Stutz, und deuouncid
the salary grab in severe terms.
.1. W. Carrig&n nnd J. Lnwronco Golz
spoko in defense of Spoar. Tho latter
gentleman upheld buck pay, nnd was
hissed from the floor.
Tho senso of tho convention was nl
most unanimously against Sjar being
chairman. He was wito enough to see
this and in a short speech withdrow hit
namo and movod that Dr. Andrew No
bingcr bo substituted. This was carried,
nnd the committee reported a list of vice
presidents and a number of secretaries.
Tho conventluu proceeded lu nominate
candidate for supreme judge. Die names
of L. Ludlow of Philadelphia, J. Gra
ham of Cumberland, Wrn. Klweli of
Cambria, II. P. Hots of Hucks. G. Jlarn.
ett of Clearfield, were pominuted. Lul
low was nominated, but before tho re
mit waa announced delegates began to
chango their votes to Ludlow and his
nomination was mado unanimous.
F. M. Hutchinson received the nomin
ation unanimously for ttute trcrsurer.
Tho convention took it recess from li-.iO to
8 p.m.
Memphis, August 27. Cotton quiet.
Flour dull; holders not willing to make
concessions, i0f.it" &0.
Corn meal dull and drooping 2 infui
2 r,.
('orn dull nnd unchungei),
Oats dull and lower, IliQIIc.
liny, good scnrcn and firm.
Ilran lower, $10.
Ilacnn dull; sugar cured hums X,(mh
Lard firm, 010c.
l'urk dull and nominal.
Sr. Louis, Augmt 27. Flour, bnltur
demand, super S.'i fi0l 2J; . $1 r,0,'.i).
r 26: xx in fiufijc 2.1, xxx ji; mki.
family J7f)7 DO; luncy il "t(H 60.
Whout stonily. No. 2 spring il 0((.i
1 05 elevator; No. 1 red full SI IfirVl 17,
No. 2 1 .'!('; No. 2, kulcahlu tl oh
vutor. Corn llrm. No. 2, mixed 12c put; 4IJ-
llo Soplembor; 'lie Oetolmr.
Oats steady and llrm. No. 2 ''M Qyp
spot; 28J2!lc bid .Soplembor.
liarloy inactive. No 2 spring SI K'fi5
1 10.
Ityo, lower, primn filfJOJc-
Pork, quiet at lti()17c.
1). S. Muuls dull, nominal loose.
Shoulders, winter fclc; clour rib 0c;
clcnr yjc.
llucou quiet.
Slioulder !)c; C. P.. lOJc; O. S. lOJei)
Hnms l H(,ili;c.
Lard firm, summer steam 7Jc; rullnml
Culloy 2!2IJcj lllo, steady nnd arm,
Whiskey higher ut UHo.
- -
Toleiio, August 27. Judgo Win. M.
IJockham, of Henry cotinty.and Hon, John
T. Nowton, of Lucn.s, wero nominated for
state sonuto by thu Itepublicuii conven
tion which mot lioro to-lay.
Happy relief for younir men from tho ef
fect of crrnrn and iibubcn In curly lllo,
Manhood restored. Impedimenta to miir
riuge removed. New nietlioda ol treatment.
New and remarkable remedies Hooka und
circulars nent lreo, in bouIoiI unvelope.
AUtireHH, ijowttrii ,w.ociatiim, no. a nouiii
Wl.ttlt utr.,.,1 III. II... 1. 1. .1.1. lu litwtlllf-
tion having a high reputation for honorable
conduct and prolesslonaj skill.
f-M ii.xw am.
Ulna nilJ mil r th,. Illvrra
For 21 hours ending:! p.m., August i!7, H7:i
Allot o
lll'c. Kill.
Fort llentoii..,,
Hermann ... . . .
lelleixin City ..
K:ili.i Cllv ...
.en veil woi th ,
.exlugloii,. .,
.Itlle i.'oek
.oiiIhiIIIii... .
Nalillle. . . .
NuWUelietti ..
.Sew l)ile:ui .
Oil City
Padilcali .... ,
I'l.lttHIIOIItll ..
Sliievepiirt .,,
.St. Joseph
M. I.oiii,. . . .
M. I'aiil
Vlt kliuig ...
HliWI (I lllt.lNH,
bcrorh'lau.il Senl.T. U.S. A.
Namivii.u:, August 27. K vr risen 2
inclic.-, 27 Inches' on shonls. Clear und
Nkw Oiii,K..S!,AiigiMt, 27.- Arrivnl
James lliiward, Si. Louis yest. rdiiv. )j-
partiMl : Koun'.it, to-day, Si. L .uis,
vVoather cloudy.
Cincinnati, A:iut 27. Illver in f,ot 1
10 inches and fulling. Arrived Shannon,
Now Orleans. Fair hihI wnrm.
ClN( l.v.s-Ari,Augut27. 'Mphwi r ll.illi, '
Vernon wis Insured for i7ii") in C n-j
ciniiatl coiiipiiiiins, she win va'.tn d ut f 12,- '
000, her freight II, t H Insured f r ,, iOt .
Kvanvili.k. Augiit 27. -Clear mid
hot; mercury 711 to 0J. Iliver r -in H
inches. Co: Ailn lleilman. .1 S ltr,.r .. '
ford, Coo, ltobertt. Down: drey Kaglp,
Chits. Ilrown, .Mury Amont, Silvortlu rn
and Idlowlld, alt with good trip.
St. Louii,August27. Arrivcl: North
western and Johnson, Keokuk; Julia
Vicksburg; I'aunle Lewis, Missouri river.
Departed : John P. Tolle, Ntw Urleuns.
Dolphin, L'ppor Miss'ssippi; (Irnnd
Tower, .Memphis; Noikliwestorn, Mem
phis, ltiver fulling slowly. Clear ur.d
warm wculher.
SiniKVKPtKT, Augutt 27. Wtnther
very hot. Hiver fell 3 Inches. No nr
rlvuls. Departed: O. II. Durfvo, Now
Orleans; tlvamor Kuby witli 182 head of
cattle for New Orleans sw..mped cattle
und boat total loss, larboard rnllir.g was
cut nnd cultlo jumped und leaving nil
thu weight on the other side, no insurance
on tho bout. Hint nrrlved by Capl
lirinther itud lien Ficd.
Louisvili-K, Augutt 27,-Littl.) chango
in the river for the lust twunty.four hours,
and murks show- 2 feet C in. initio canal
and .1 ft. 7 inches in tho puss (,own In
dian chute. Weather very warm but a
good broeso blowing all day. Cloud, tl o
boutrnan, arrived nt 5 .10 lust evening, I e
Ing forty-twodays out from Philadeli bin.
llo leaves to. morrow for New Orleans.
Arrived, Cen. Lytlu. C'lnrinnati.
Household Remedy!
At an Invlirorntor, I.lvrr 4'orrrrlor
nml lilooil Itrnor.'tfor Is tajierlor to all th
::i!erK, riUlrtt, CordlnN nntl Narni.
' itrlllnti In ii". It Is ta aU;tnl ta the whols
tern Hut firsry organ nnd function In tho boJjr Is
onmuht unili-r lis nliiUrallnB Influsnce. II glros
lotto itnil alrcnctli to tlio iltcestlt iii
l::rnttn, tllsiicl-ilnnsnorniitl tleMllty,
tif. Iornttn tin, Liver, rfi;ttlii(- lljti
ltlltlli'j H nml Ilntt fin, remotes ttio !Toct of
ii p)or ororlaintlon of any kln.l nj 1.
I. tlily ami richness to tho lilooil.
lis cunitlToj.oers niter and comrlMnlr rforsan
lia tl.n entlro mail of fluids anl sten tlio ulhi ,,f
Hid liairan sjrstsni, thomliy frorsntlnir anilcurlni?
lvv;.(.:i(c ,! CoiinimiplUo Nyinp.
l-nns, ICvcrniiil Alftio, milium Illsenn.
t'H, I'i'Hts of nil Itliidu.Xervotiv IK-lilI-
II. V, Airectlonis of tlio Hloiniii'li nntl
Slot. els, ftr. AsaralManl dsllghtful Inlo.
mat fur drllcato fetnalts. It lias na superior,
lly Its no now life ami ilgor Ii pitt a to botli lvy
nml mind, tending a kI'w of vitality tlirntieti every
1'itrt, wblcU Is pei-iiianoiit nntl litHtltt,
It la the mot eff.ctual remedy for Ilia rllef of
human sulterlug cvir discovered, and a (.feaiant to
tlio U.lu as old rye or Una wine.
x the j; S x
Ti reduca a mora delicious medicine to ta';i, jetsa
VuiMit fur Ilia i reteutlnu and cure of di.fn.ivi u
5:. uzitirs vTcswa Tcitu iira 8i::s r jeihes.
lrlft 81, or U llutllew for 8fS.
1'reeured l.y tlio (Irafteu Medicine ru.,l'T. LOUIH,
Mil fald by Uru.'giils aid dealers lu tuedljaei
lohii II. Jlulkcy.
Wlllam C. Mulhcy
,t SON,
Olllee, rear rooms over lluiuioiiN book
lletwceii .Seventh und Kighth btrcets,
Mi XT.
Foroigit AdverUsomciits.
Sn I'lrmiii run Inttr llirsc lllllrrs accord,
l.ntloillrirtiona, ami remain long unwell, ratclei
lie ir IxiIum nio net dotrojed tjr mlticral polwii or
other iiieiinr nnd tltal vt'am naslcil leoud tliv
point of repiir.
I)jpepln or liullfrsllor., llcadicho, P.ili,
III III" MiouMir. t'ouulii, 1 iKlitneaH ut lln; Clu -I
IilMlneM, Ciiur Kructatliiiis of the Htomnch, lin'
lastoln tin Moath, llllloui Attark. I'alnltall-u
tlio Heart, liiDainmntlou nftlic l.nnirs, I'aln In i
rr-itlon of tin1 Kidneys, and a hundred oilier p.un I
sjinploiiK, nre the orr-sprlwrs or Hjspi piia. in ,
wittie trill prove n Ix-ttcr vnarantee of Itn uieni t
Hon n I'TisUiy ndvcrtlrmciit.
for I YimhIi- S'liitiplnlnta, In jonnir or oi l,
rnsMod or stnale, nt ttie Oatrn of nuinanliiKi I,
the im of life, tliMe Tonic Miters dl'iilar i
l'-M' l nn Innueuco that Improiemcnl it s i
i'or liillnuiinnlnr)- nml t'lirolilr II lien ,
initllsni and liotit, luiimis, Iteinlttrnt and In' r
euuent IV rr, Ilheaeaof the Mood, l.lver, KM
ni j't und fiLuMrr, tliese Mllors liave no dii.il
Sii' h uisrasei urn catned by Vttlaleil Moo.1.
l'nr rr it goi'lr l'nrt;nlli ns writ n
n Tonlt. rH,i"ni! Hie merit of arttnir at n
rfwirfut asentin Mietinir tncei.iln or Inniiin
inatlon of Hi jtrr aud Vh'cril Oruam, aud In
MII1IM lllPX1t l.
Tor Mills IKtrnsrs, Ilniptlom, Tetter, Salt
Illienra, lllulrhrs, .ihju, I'luiples, Pustule, Poll,
t'arliiinrles, ltini?-w.rm. Scald Head, here
i:ryslH-ui, Hcti. Sctirlt l)nilorailins of the !tiii
Humors nnd lilea"Solttiirililner whiteter runif
or nature, are literally Jinf up and carr.sd out
of the sjstciii In a short tl:ue bjr the use uf tlie-o
Illttt r-s.
Oratrriil ThniisnniW prnctalm VisitatR Hit
Triu the mom wundfrfnl Iiirlgorimt that em
sustained the sloVIni; ststsm.
It. II. 11cI)()Al.l) A. CO.
I)nnrirlW and lien. Aitls., fM KrnnrlHco, Cat., &
cor. of Washington ami Charlton bis., S. V.
2133 OEEAT
Soothing Remedy I
, UilllTPflMD'C 3 Carft Colle snl flrl r.? In
gYRfjp, tu proctti 01 iniL.ng
Fol Jum CciiTiilnlon nrwl otr
r mm all d. IncJtot ta ,
InUbti febi tmltlren
W I f C 0 M B'S nltA VnmmCmiAmiuu
5YRUP v. luuuJ-fm til mil (.
HM1ti fain, wfkti'ort-
).auttnin 1 or SumibniM, civ
... 1 piwob
UK .t.ulerwif.j.lmi C 32 27 TO,
It ! tt InfaMi'vn-lCliiUrcn' (ft H-.tlib(c
r.j"ly, In fcll diiurtir Uuatt cu hj tottiug tt
ktir ottrrauo,
l!ii.rtlctilarlnraltln(-fvr URS. WIIITCOMirS
SVJILP, and taV no ottiar.
I'riri4 ty tU OIUJ-TOV MKttlflNR CO , Ft
Iiuli, Mo, FoM iy liruggltU and IaUr lu
MnliflitH ?Try wbrr.
V,j cl-tr..lns '.lie t lrd and aronf c; tho llt-r n 1
.tcretiir rf-D In a liraltlijr n, 3, Dr. Iln.r; 1
ItMt :i.l I'Uut Pills cute tiMjc m..i t h. Ii It
w 11! J not l siiroed llity cuu1l t.scL. sikIi
lleiMliirlie, I'nltt In tlio Side. .Niiinli.
11 mi of Clio IlitniUiiiitl 1'i el, DulllieN,
4lilllue, Ithelllimt loin, JSeilrnlclii,
I.iii. r AppeMto, MIIIohm tr Hiutery,
UI1I1107 Allectliir:, S'oimllniitlou, lie
lillltr, I'oviti of nil Jtlucli, ItyNpep.
via. .Inuiiillce, K'jl otlir L ! 1 c : ..i.i,h
luting from a luw tute cf ih U.-J, or cUlruituu
if Its film tlonn.
lining frmfrom Jlsrcnry nnl olhsr r-?rn lhjr
no I utrn at nil limes and tinJer all c r uui-tau
cM.mlle'tjt i vr.l to dUt, liu larnt cr '1eaur
Ilia stint'. M tlm weak' it Hint il lfmrrl
tHrtnliito htitltuy a tion, niT.ns llism slrengtlj to
iii iirilcu tliKtuttlvn ami tliruw II thoulntrte I ut
mU stn tLo f!rt caa of i11a.i, Mltliutis,
jiroitnelii nlllii't tirttix'ii or irrlilni;.
Alllimry uiel ilrersy siii-hIi u, wlilcb ra tba
f rAmntirM of iltrrfnl ileea iin.li a A poplix y.
I'ltr.tlyf tc SI roIit'N.A' arw rfTeclt:t y wards 1
if I'jr 11 il'f( tli" 'nr t. a I't.u
)' t ei-i' ts I 1 .3 S.i.A.j, OiribkB, yr&ca
r h ,1, fn ' il 3'
1 1 iNiitu c n 1 '1 111.
I 'rti Uft(.4lWc.3ji.iltlv.i..rjLr.
The hum lie locoutnihn stnmlil he e.ire
lully eii!;lne( red. nlherwi.p It may 11111 ml
the Intel, ol life at mi 111 uncut. To kei i
Iti ill Ih ill' luleriril iii'iehiie ry lu prifi'it
trim, or tu put il in oi itklii" eonilltinii
when out ol urilt 1, 1- Ha u ciilur hitiiieu
Tiirraiil'N r.n'1'nc-.cciit Sdlzr r.tici lenl
The Ihoriiuulilie'i wl:li whieh It eh"int"'.
Hilliollt Iniliillie- Hie bowel", the tune and
tl 'OMihleh it luiparln In the stomal h It'
ai.i-lliliL' illei'th; IN eoiillii", lelu-liii-iiieratloli
In leier; tile rellel It allnnli lu
heailaehe; IN aiitl-lillloils iniiei llfn, ami
IN Ml)iilliil' luerllH :m n (iciieral eiilieellte.
j 1 1 -1 1 1 the lls-ellinll lllll it I". Iieyoiiil nil
emiiiail.iiu, the lini-l alllalile lalnlK until
elne of Hie sr-n. .--ii il by all il rtf-iri fl
iMiAi.u;Nfii:.s Tin: woimj
d"R,. s:ei:e fl tsc a jrjs
Thl" iirei'ti-:ition Is acknowledged to bo
"iipeiior to nil known iiieiliulue as a sine
and eeitalii euro for syphilis in all Its fninis.
no milter how ileplm-.ililc the eiiiinn of
Jhe pallenl. It Iselitlielj teiet tide Iteait
he taken III nil eomllllon. o the. js(.m, and
with Mlely, iiIm), In toiineelhiii with other
liieillelnii, II tho patient deslii ". The re.
elpe, Irmn vthleli Uil-pieiiaiaiiun wan maile,
was obiuinei liiiui aii ohriiliynianin.souili
Ameileit, 11 IHW, by Dr. , Mi.uiimii, Sr., who
has iniiiI It with iiniiaralleleil hu-i ix In iho
liealmeiitol i-ypllllls, notonl e.vi lllin; tho
nilmiralloii nml lu-lmilshiiieiit u leaiilni; citizen-,
lint nl the medical f.iculiy, ami hits
saM'd tlm IhoK ol many nlllUleil when j;lieu
up 111 past hopti by Klfll ill ami eiiilueni phy-
nn Hlliri
One bolllo will n.itUfy the greateht hkeptlc
:t tolls Miperlority titer nil other prepara
tion!, now in iim.
I'rlte, if.'i per bolllo. Sent to any pin t ol
the Culled. Mitten by express. I'reparoil and
sold only by
Tlie (treat Spoclallst,
No. fi ClirWy Av., st. Louis, lo.
J. W. DUNN1NO, 51. 1).
f KHtl)KNOKnrni.fJlntl. .tn.l W.I nut nldJ
utnoit iiouri troui o u.ia, to la m.t tjxd v p.m

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