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rr Pabtlahed la otilhra Illinois,
ill stair Moraine- null
JOHN U. OUKUliY, Kdltor and I'ubllihcr
On wk, by carrlr I 2S
On yaarby carrier, In adrance 10 00
. i i i
vat 7&r pj earner u uvi 4i uu in
adraace 2 00
Ves raostk, by mill 1 00
far BOBtBt 3 00
1 BOBtB. t!t
On yar 10 00
John II. Oberljr ha educed the subsclip
tton price of the Wiwtr Cairo Hdllitin
to On Uollar per annum, making It lb
chsapes t pspsr published Id Southern llllnol
fwdlag mailer on rrrrj pug.
Uhlt, 'IJUAI. AMI) I1A N'(l.
Although The JIulltstin bits nlroady
contained an account of tho arroit, trial
and conviction of William (J. Campbell,
who was hanged yesterday for tho mur
der of Thoma Doyle, wo bollevo it ii
not improper at this time undor tho clr
cumitance to again go over tho wholo
ground, and give our roaderi a full and
correct history of tho murder ol Doylo,
the arrest, trial, conviction and elocution
of the murderer.
Ai near ai can bo ascertained, Camp,
ball hired ai deck-hand on tho Grand
Tower, of which boat tho murdorod man
Uoyla wa mate, lometimo about tho first
o April last.
The Grand Towor belongs to the Mom-
pois ana it. Louis packnt company line,
) "B at me wbarr In this city
wbn Campbell souybt and obtained em
ploymont on hor, for tho round trip to St
She mado tho trip from Cairo to Mom
phis, and when on hor way back to St.
Louis, when iho rcachod Cairo, Campbell
and his partner, and another negro dock
hand known as ''Stove," wont to Doylo
and demanded pay for tho timo they had
been laboring on tho boat.
Doylo it ictmi told tbcm that ho would
pay off no moro mon until the boat had
mado the round trip, (from St. Louii to
jueropuu and roturn to Si. Louii,) and
that if they left the boat boforo roachlng
at. laouit tney would forfoit their nay
Although they wore much disappointed
ai not reemving tbelr pay hore, they con
cluded to go on to St. Louii,
Shortly aftor tho a hot u took place, a
bargo Jadon with coal for tho Grand
Tower came alongside, and Ibo deck-hands
were ordorod to put the coal in tho bout.
Campbell went to tho rear of tho boat ar.
ter a ihovel, procuring which ho started
to go out to thu bargo to
go to work. Hut on his way
he was met by the captain ol tho watch
who atked him if "he had had any trouble
with the 'old man,' " (meaning Doyle)
and at tho lame time added that he (Doyle)
had Just drlvon "Steve" (Campbell's part
ner) from the boat. Campbell said he had
cot had any trouble with Doyle, and
tarted for tho barge. Hut he had gone
but a few stops when hu was met by
Doyle, who wanted to know "where ho
was going with that shovol." Cnmpboll
replied that he was going to holp put the
coal on tho bout. Doyle then ordered
him to give up tho shovel, and go "back
on the boat." Campbell, fearing that if
he gave up the shovol to Doyle that he
would strike him with It, rotuiiied his hold
on tho handle. Doylo also look hold of
the handle, and succoeded In getting it
away from him. Campbell then startod
to run, but before he could get out of
Doyle's reach, was struck on the back
with the blade of the shovel.
And did not not return. Shortly after
this occurred, the Grand Tower, having
transacted all her business at this place,
1U for St. Louis. Campbell remained in
the city and worked at odd Jobs until tho
Grand Tower again came to Cairo.
When he went to tho Captain and ro
celved pay for the work he bad done on
her, and left the boat apparently satlitlod,
as he told lome of the men lhat bo "had
got his pay and It was all right now."'
the Grand Towor strain on W .
Memphis landed at tho wharf in this city,
and "made fast" at the Cairo City wharf
boat, owned by Mown. Halliday Uros. It
was between 8 and 0 o'clock in tho even
Ing, and the work of transferring freight
was being done by gas light.
Campbell, with a heavy club, won
aboard the Grand Tower and inquired o
one of the stokers where Doylo was, stat
ing that "he had a bill to soltle with him :'
"that ho had wantod to settle It for a long
i in e, out una never had a good ibance "
but that be Intended to "seitle it to-night!"
Camplell then lell the Grand Tower and
went out onto the wharfboat and took up
a position at the tide ol the gang.way next
to the leveo. Geo. Young, another of the
atokers of the Grand Tower, law Campbell
landing here and bad some conversation
with him.
In tbo meantime Doylo was oyonoelng
tha men under bis control, directing tbtm
where to deposit freight as it was taken
from the wharfboat. llo was standing
PMi the end of the itago plank that
formed the passage way between the
Grand Tower and the wharfboat and Just
insldo tho wharfboat. Campbell left
hit position at tho
noil to the lovoo and crossod over to the
opposito lido or tho wharfboat, and stood
within a few stool of where D.ivl ii warn
standing. A few minutes afterwards
Doyle was heard to utter a loud crv. and
when those who hoard It trot to him ihnv
found him lying on the floor of tho wharf
boat in an insobsible condition. At tho
tamo time Camnboll was icon to droit Mi
club and run oil" tho wharfboat and up
over liio lovce at the top of his speed.
foylo was taken un and carried tu lid
quarter! In tbo texas. Dr. II. Wardner
was sent for and cxamlnod and d
tho wounds, but, as tho skin was not broken,
itated that it would rcqulro tho lapse of u
few hours to determine the extent of
Doylo's Injurloi. Tbo "f Iran, I T.iufA.1'
having transacted all of her businoss at
this place, departed for Mmnhl.t. t.,,t ..
foro reaching tbut city Doylo died. Three
day aftor she relumed to this city, when
a post mortom examination
hoad wm mado. It was found that thn
skull was fractured from noar tbo crown
of tho hoad to tho bum nf tlm lf
that about an Inch above the oar a small
piece oi none not larger than n grain of
barloy had been broken off and fni,1 int..
tho itmn,
AiirtEsr or CAMniKi.1,.
On the night that Dovlo
captiln of tho Grand Towor, sent for
Sheriff Irvln and Chief of 1'ollco Mo
Halo, to whom he gave a description of
Campboll, and requested them to lonvo no
etono unturned to cfloet his arrest.
Doylo was struck on Thnrcl.t- ...
ing, April 21, and on Friday ovoning, tho
uwi, onoriii irvin and Chlof Mcllalo
got track of Campboll. and suconndo,! in
capturing him. When arrested, Camp,
bell askod what ho was arrostcd for, and
what they would do with him. Mcllalo
told hi in forstriklng thematoof tho Grand
Tower, and (not knowlm- ti,
Doylo was dumli al,i i... ...... ii
probably be sent to the calaboose for a Tew
days. At first Campbell deniod striking
Doyle, but finding thu it would do him
no goou to deny It, said, "Woll, 1 did
striku Tom Doyle, rind 1 wish I had killed
tho s n of a b b."
Campbell was taken to tie county jail
and lockod up, whero ho remained until
tbo July spocial term of the Alexaudor
circuit court, when the fraud Jury ro
turned a truo bill" charging him
with the willful murdor of Doyle.
was sut for Monday, August 4, 1873, and
on that day Campboll was brought Into
court. IU was inked by Judge Ilakcr
whether ho had counsel or tho moans to
procuro attorneys to conduct his dofonsc.
Ho replied that ho had nnithr ,r.i...i
tho court to assign him counsol.
ludgo llakor nnnointn.l .i,,,!,,. .ii, ir
Mulkoy and Hon. D. T. Uno..-,- '
sol to dofend Campbell, and that they did
their full duty as such counsol is known to
everyone who knows anything about tho
m ici too much cannnt l, ..l.i
in their praise for tho mannor In whirh
wioj cunauciea tins case.
Hon. Win. J. Alton, Hon. II. U'atson
U obb and County Altorner I. U. Pnnn
appeared for tho pooplo.
As abovo stated Campboll' trial b. pan
on Monday morning and it was about
noon xuetuay before a lurv was oh.
were mado by Hon. U. Watson Wbi for
tho prosecution, aud Hon. D. T. Linegar
for the defento.
Kor tho prosecution only feur witneum
were introduced. Mitchell Alexander.
and Georgo Youmr. colored mun. and
stokers on tho Grand Towor j and Chlof
of l'olico Mcllalo, and Dr. U. Wardner
of this city.
Mitchell Alexander testitlud to Camp
bell's having camo aboard the Grand
Towor and making enquiries aftor Doylo,
Hating that ho (Campboll) had a " bill to'
settle with him, that he had wanted to
sottlo it for a long timo but he had never
had a good chance;" but that "ho In
tended to sottlo it that night."
Goorgo Young saw Campbell on tho
Grand Tower currying a heavy club ; he
saw Campboll standing at tho aatiirwav
of the wharfboat ; ho also saw him run oil
he boat aftor striking Doylo.
Chlof McUale aworo to Imvlne arrested
Campboll and to what ho (Campbell) said
on that occasion.
Dr. Wardnor testitlud to having seen
Doyle both boforo and after his death, and
to havo mado post mortem examination
oi mo uouy.
This wus all Iho oviduneo for lho nr..
Ihero was introduced u number of en'.
ored men. old river "rou.i.l,nnt 11
who according to their own teslmonv.
each had at sonio time in his llf h.nn a
deck hand on tho Grand Towor. Thoy
all knew Doyle, and wero unanimous in
tbo assertion that ho was a bud and dan.
gemus man. Ho was m tho habit of carry.
log concealod weapon, and did not hesi-
laieioknock a colored man on the head
at tie least provocation. In fact, accord
ini? to this calculation of non-dosjripts,
Doylo was tho meanest man that lived In
his day.
consumed tho greator part of two days.
Hon. II, W. Webb mudo tho llrst speech
for tho prosecution. Ho was followed by
uuuge Jiuuoy, wbo inude an ablo rgu
muont of over an hour's duration.
Lounty Attorney 1'. II. l'0po followed
Judge Mulkey, Hon. D. T. Linegar and
Judge Allen making the closing speeches,
which wore not concluded until lale on
Thursday morning.
It was nearly 0 o'clock when Judgo
linker concluded reading tbo instruction
to the Jury, after which tho caso was given
to them for their decision, A few minutes
past C o'clock they wore conducted to the
Jury room, after which court adjourned.
On Friday morning at 10 o'clock tho
Jury announced their readiness to return
a verdict. All the attorney In tho case
being present, Judge Jlaker orJered that
thejury be brought Into court. Tho door
of the Jury room opened, and as tho mem
ber entered tbo court-room, thoy each
presented a determination of countenance
which of itself was almost sutliclent proof
that thoy had determined to return a ver
dict or guilty, and tlx tbo punishment of
me prisoner at deatli.
Thov took their teats in tlm In
nd their namos beim; called, and thu full
twolvo mon answering to thnlr namr.
Judgo llakor Inquired "Gentlemen, bavo
you agreed upon a verdict." Answor
was made In the atllrmallvo. Thu for
man of tho Jury then stepped forward and
banded to Circuit Clerk Yocum their
written vordlct, which found tho prisoner
'Vu'.lty of murdor as charged In tho in
dictment." and In tho words of the vnr
diet itself, "we do further Ur.d that he
liall sutler death by hanging. ' Thu road
ing of the verdict produced a tousation
of awo, and an oxproislon of Justice,
throughout tbo court-rocm.
The attorneys for tho prisoner askod
that tho Jury bo callod, and a4 tho names
of the Juror woro called, and the question
wuother thoy woro satislled with Ibu vor
diet propounded, each distinctly answered
A MOTIO.V mil A NEW Till AT.
was then made, and Monday August 11.
set as tho day for arguoing tbo motion.
Aiiuay .Monday, and tho greater part of
i uoiiHjr i( wrn nnciijll in mratiitt
ilia question. Hut tho motion was over
ruled, and then .Mr. Linegar entored a
motion for an arrest of judgement which
motion was also overruled.
Tho motions for a now trial, and tho ar
rest of Judgomont having Lcen diposcd
of, it became tho duty of thu ccurt to pro
nounco sontenca upon tho prisoner.
The prisonor was requested to stand up,
when Judgo linker called upon him to
state if lio know nny reason why tonlcnco
of death should not bo pronounced upon
him. Campbell made no reply to lho
question, possibly not understanding what
the judgo said, as there was considerable
concision In tho court-room just at that
moment, everyono trying to gut as near
as posslblo'to tho judgo'i iland.
Ordor being restored and thn by-stand-crs
callod upon to maintain nilonco, Judgo
Jiakor, In the most impruisivo manner,
reviewed to the prisonor tho onormlty of
the crlmo of which ho was chargod and
found guilty j the reasons lor overruling
tho motion for a now trial o nturtd by his
counsel, and eulogizing them for tho effi
cient mannor in which thoy had conducted
his casn, and remarking that tho "court
had appoluted tho best legal talont at tbo
bar for his defense, and bad thoy boon
largoly feed they could not have dono
moro for him." As for a new trial to hn
granted .by tho supremo court on account
of any error committed by the court, such
a thing was possible, though not probable,
for bad this court orred at all, it was on
the side of the prisonor, who had from
first to last tho sympathy of tho court.
It now bocamo tho painful dutv of tho
IUUk0 10 nronnunfm tl,o C..I.I ,.,!. ,1,
woro to consign Campboll to another
world; and ho counsoled tho prisoner to
no comma to nirnseir ttmi a nun
trial would bo granted him, or that oxoc
utlvo clomency intorfore. hut to nronaro
to "meet his God, for in a few davi ho
would ho n dead man I" Tho sentenco of
tho court wis then pronouncod, which was
hat tho prisoner bo hanirod on Friday.
tho S9 th day of August, 1873, between
tho hours of 12 in, and 1 o'clock p.m.
At tho conclusion of thosonianco Judiro
Uakor ordorcd tho prisonor to bo returned
to his cell, thoro to remain until tho day
of execution.
Since iho cinrlmion of his trial wo havo
had almo.t daily interviews with him.
Generally he wus in good spirits aud will
ing to givo any information desired. Hut
for the past week, and especially slnco
Tuesday last, with tho exception of a sin
glti day, Wednesday, ho lias not boon so
I'ummuiiicative and on ono or two occa
sions lias gave us to understand that hu
did not wish to talk to us or anyono elso
Although within distinct liuurtnir of ovorv
stroke of tho hammer as thoy woro applied
by thu carpontors in putting up tho en
cloiiiro iu which ho was to bo hanged, and
knowing what it all mount, itdid not seem
to worry him in the least.
In which Campbell was nunc is situated
In tho southoast corner of thu iull.vard
and fronts fifty feet on Washington avo-
nue, ny twenty-iivo feet on Twentieth
street. It is built of boards, sixteen feet
liigh,and was without roof or covering of
nny kind,
From u beam running across tho entiro
width of the oncloiuro and roitlnt: on
and stayed by a itronu Joist, was sus
pended two iron pullies ono at tho end
of tho beam and tho other in tho centre.
An Inch hemp ropo was passed through
lueso pullies, and at the end of tho ropu
next'to the side of lho cnulosuro was at.
tacliod two iron woights weighing in the
aggregalo in tho neighborhood of four
hundred pounds, lly moans of a small
ropo also passed through tho pullies, theso
weight wero drawn up to a bight ol ton
feet, whoro, tne small rono loin-- nnuln
fast to a stako driven doep In tho ground,
tnoy woro securoly held.
At an early hour yesterday morning.
On tho sidewalks aud in thu streotsaround
tho county Jail. Hy olght o'clock, no less
than five hundred mon, women and chi.
dron had come together, and tho crowd
wus gaining new accesiions every minute,
However no ono was admitted to tho jail
yard but tboso who could produce ticket
signed by Sheriff Irvin.
At about nlno o'clock Mrs. Campboll,
mother of the doomed man, mado
bor appoaranco at tho gato of tho Jail
yard, in company with Mr. Thomas Jen.
kini and Anthony Kamsoy, She was ad.
mitted to tho yard and conducted to the
corridor on tho ground floor nf tho Jail
whero iho and bor filends were teatud.
Scarcely had they sat down when
In which tbo remains of the doomed man
were to bo carrlod to their last resting
placo, was drlvon up beforo the Jail yard.
Tho colllii was brought Into the yard, and,
10 cot it on t ie tuiilo nf dm
ure, it was necessary to pass within full
view of Mrs. Campbell. When tho poor
woman saw tho collin she hurst Into tear,
and gavo vont to her feeling in such a
mannor as to bo heard In almost any part
of tho jail.
All this timo lho crowd in tho ilroots
was Increasing, and it is safe
" - uuVIUI
to lay that bv ten oVInr-ir u,.
was fully fifteen Lundrod pooplo on tho
ground. Hut while tho crowd was large
and constantly Incroailntr lb rn Wat iriinr
and iood behavior on all tides,
At a low minutes beforo ten o'clock, a
rumor was circulated about tho po.im.
houso and jail that Mr. Oberly of The
IIui.i.ktin, had received a telegram from
,i. J. liiru, swing that ho had lucceeded
in gutting Gov. Ilovorldiio tourattCamn.
bell a respite for :t0 days. Thu report put
everyono on tlp-tooto ascertain tho truth
In regard to tho matter, and it wa not un.
til Sheriff Irvln announced that ho had
not boon notified of any such action n
tho part of the governor, that tho hubbub
croated by tho roport subsided.
At ton o'clock Shorllf Irvln
id-Allowing tologram from Gov. Ilvr.
Sl'RINailKI.II, Iu.t.voi.i.
August .';i-8:''0 a.m. C
To A. H Irvln, Sheriff:
1 decline to Intorfore in thn ram
llliam Campbell.
John L. Hkveiudoe, Governor.
This sottled the mattor, and that thu da v
of doom for Campbell was at hand was
settled beyond a doubt.
Sovoral times during tho morninir The
Hum.eti.v roportor tried to net to see thn
prisoner, but was always met oy tho samo
remark, "Campbell don't want to see an v.
ono but his relatives, personal friend. r.n,l
spiritual advlsurs this morning." Falling
to tea Campbell himself, wo sought Jailor
r itzgerald, whom wo felt sure could toll
us as much about t
! wa l a k Ii U
prisonor himself could. From Mr. Fitz
gerald wo learned that
iireak kas r.
that ho was in good spirits and health.
and had had a good night' rest. Ho was
communicative with those wllh whom ho
was woll acquainted, but did not want to
bo bothered by newspaper roportors or
those who camo to sou him "just bocaus0
ho wai to bo hung."
It was now nuarlv ilftimn nilnnt.i
ton o'clock and thu crowd outside was still
growing largor, and it was becoming ap-
parent that a littlo excitomont prevailed.
At a fuw minutes past ton o'clock a
posse of thirty armod men undor com
mand of cx-Mayor Thomas Wilson, woro
marched into tho jail yard, whero they
were divided Inty rollofs of tun men and
""'h- J-li ott U. .uUi.li, L. tll
Chief of police Mcllalo with tho entire
polico rorco also arrivou ni about the samo
time, and at onco forced tho crowd to re
tire to tho opposito side of tho strout, and
by ordor of Mayor Wood, closed several
saloons in tho vicinity of tho court-houso,
whoro it was foared too much linuor was
boing sold.
Shortly aftor ton o'clock, Hov. Jackson of
tbo African M. E. church of this city ar
rivod, and in company with Mrs. Camp
boll, .Mr. Jenkins and ono or two others,
proceeded to Campbell's cell, and thov
engaged in prayer with him. This berv-
Ico whs continued lor upward of and hour,
when tho mother of tho prisonur badu
him a last faruwull, and took hor depart
ure. Tho separation of thu moth ur an,)
ion on this occasion was truly atl'ectliiir.
tho mother woaplng bitterly, and thu son,
whoso life was so soon to bo furuvur blot-
ted out, spunking words of comfort and
chour to bur. Mrs. Campbell was then
taken away from tho cell, aud taken to
tbo homo of a frlund in the lowur part of
tho city,
Itev. Jackson and tho rot of tho party
shortly after also retired uud thu prisonur
was left alono.
It was now 1 1:"0 o'clock, and all tbo
for tho last act of the ton iblo the elo
cution of tho prisoner. Sherill Irvln, as
cool and dollberuto ns wo havo evor seen
him, evinced a determination which was
truly commendable that of leaving notli
Ing undone that would tend to shorten tho
sufferings of tho doomed man.
and tho timo of William Campboll upon
earth Is now loss than thirty minutes.
bogan to move to and fro, and all oyes were
turned In tho direction of tho ontrance.
At proclsoly four minutes past 12 o'clock
amurmor ran through lho crowd in front
of tho ball leading into tho jail, of tho ap.
proucb of tho prisonor from his coll. At
llvo minutos past 12 Campbell, surrounded
by a
load by Sheriff Irvln entored Iho open
placo betwuon the court-houso and tho on
closure. As Campbell stopped down off
of tho porcli ho caught sight of tho largo
crowd on Twentieth street, the greater
part of which was negroos. A hosawthem
ho took off his hat and criod at tho top of
his volco:
"ooon-UYK, 1I0V8,
farewell, farowell all ; I am going to leave
you furovor, farowoll. I am going to reit,
Thank God, I am going to rost."
Stopping inildu tho enclosuru ho contin
ued :
"Thank God, I am going to rost from
this troublosomo world. Tho Lord list
freed my soul, thank God I am going to
rest. I havo mado my peace with God,
and I am willing to go. I am hung un.
Justly, but I am willing to go. Mr. Ir
vln, I am willing to go; I am willing to
Hu tbon sat down in a chair, Sheriff
Irvin (landing behind him with a band
resting on each shoulder.
Kev. Mr. Jackson, assisted by Mr. Tbos
Jenkins then sang the hymn entitled
" A II , I iiin.l I lirtn lililiriuelit biollllht."
At thn conclusion of the third stanza,
CalHIlbnll iuI.I ill I hunk " and than stOUUed.
Campbell assisted in thu singing, and his
voice could be heard abovo all tbe rest.
At tho conclusion of the singing of the
njmn, Key, Jackson read a chapter from
tbe Ulble. after which he made a sboit
During all this timo Campbell was very
quiet and never moved a muscle.
When Mr. Jackson bad finished his
prayer, Sheriff Irvln knell down and pin
ionod Camobell' fait, and rising took an
other short itrap and pinioned bit hands
i...i.i. i i . .
uuuiiiu un bMCk, Tin done be asked
Campbell if thoro was anything ho wished
to say.
Campbell replied. "Thank God. I am
going homo; thank God, my trouble are
over." As Ida tO.Sharltr Irvln hn ia d !
watit you to see my mother back home."
Shorilf Irvin said he need ulve himself
no trouble about that. Hu would see that
his mother got home safe.
Campbell then said, "Thank God, tbe
Lord ha forgiven me."
Jonkln s held on tu Campbell's arm as
if to support him. He did not seem to
llko this, and said, "take that away, tbaro,
will you; I can stand."
.Sheriff Irvin then asked Campbell If ho
bad anything further to say.
Campboll replied that he had not.
The ropu was then adjusted about his
nock. Just before tho whilo cap was
drawn over his faco, Sheriff Irvln stepped
up to aud placing his arm about Camp
boll's body kissed him on the cheek.
Tho shorlfflhon said: "Aro you ready,
William "'
Campbell : "1 am ready."
Sheriff Irvln then stepped back, caught
up a hatchet, and at precisely 31 minute
after VI o clock cut tho small ropo by which
tho weight wore iuspendod. Tbe heavy
woigbts came down with a crash, and
Campbell's body was thrown up at least
eight foet, tho rebound being fully two
feet, and which broke hi neck instantly.
At tho expiration of six minute tbe
body hung motionless, and to all appear
ances llfo was extinct. He died almost
without a struggle
Drs. W. R. Smith, C. W. Dunning, and
H. Wardnor were in attendanco, and at the
oxpiratlon of 12 minutes and 20 seconds
announced life extinct.
From the report of the doctors In at
tendance, the action of Campbell's heart
ceased, 12th minute, 'JOtb second; and the
pulse ceased beating at the 7th minute and
20th second.
At thu expiration of twenty-six minutes
tho body was lowered into tho coffin and
turned ovor to Kev. Jackson and Mr.Thoi.
Jenkins. It was taken to the (even mile
burying ground for intermont.
When Campbell was carried Into the
air yesterday, tho weights Tailing on tbe
other side made aloul noise. At this
moment the crowd on the outside became
convulsed, and ono huge wench ran for
ward urylng out "come on you niir.ir.eri
and lets bust tbe white trash I " The
stability of tbe male, more or les occa
sioned oy iiiu ifti.t
of warfaro perfectly disgusted the wench
and her lip fell away down on ber breast.
Sho was a bravo a Zenobia and
braver thin Cleopatra and yet couldn't
raise a ritlle or enthusiasm. T'was too
bail I She hai our sympathy and may the
Lord preserve ber from tbo gallows.
Caiho III Aug 26 1873,
Dear frlnd I am very sorry to toll you
that I am sentenced to Hn hunt?. I r.nlu
havo two moro day on this earth. 1 never
thought that I would Be bung Hut 1 Am
Hound tO iro. I trilHIl I nnvnr will Han vnn
any moro on this earth but I hope that 1
will meiit vou in a llnttnr world. T am
trying to get Keady to go. I will try to
louyou now this trouble occured. I got
on a Hoat to go down tbe Kiver and the
mate fell out with me Because I asked
him for my money and ho kicked ma and
cufod mo about so 1 -ame Back to Cairo
and the mate Camo Hack to Cairo and I
went down to the warf Boat and thought
1 would do him as be had me so when I
went aboad of the Boat hn drew a Revol
ver on me and I struck him wllh a Club
and killed him. I dident ame to kirn so I
hopo that you will meet me in heaven.
1 will Close. William Cammil
To Henry Carrel Jefson. City. Mo.
Tenth anil Fourteenth street, between
Wellington ami Commercial avenues.
Deuler In
All Kinds ok Wood amp Coal.
Stovo wood naweil to order.
Orders received for 1'ittnburg coal to he
delivered In September at til W) per ton.
Leave oreera ut ofllce on Tenth street,
next door to tobacco warehouse.
Termi : Caah on delivery.
S-20 4m C. W. WiiEBi.Kit, l'rop'r.
l'libllo notlco I hereby given that the
county court of Aloxander county, has ren
dered Judgment lor a pojlala.nossiiieut up
on propotty bencllted by the following Ibi
pioveinent: Tho reconstructed sldowalk on the ou'h
Milu of Twentieth street, from Commercial
venue to Washington avenue.
lho rucoimtiueted sidewalk on the north
iue of Mlnoteunlli street, from Commercial
avenue to Poplar Uroet.
'rill) rnt-nnktriii.tnil ul.l.....,IL' Ik. i.
Mo ot Twentieth street, Irom Ohio levee
to Commercial avenue.
flic reconstructed tldewalk on the west
"Ide nf j'opiar street, from Division street
to Twenty-tlfth atrcet.
The rtirnriutriii'tuft uMau.-nlw nn ii.a nA.n.
Hide of Twentieth street, from uhlo levee to
Cnmmeri1fil nvimtia
The rei.nn4frili.lvil lilnwallr nn lia n. .v.
Ide of Twentieth tnct, from Comnier.
cial avenue to Walnut meet.
As will more fully appear from certified
copy of tho Judgment on file In tho offlco of
the clerk of the city of Cairo, that warrant
for the collectlnn nf umi, ..n.un.... i.
: 7 . - " Bt.v.i navvDOIUCU, IB ill
tho hands ot the undei-Higned.
All ponon Interested are hereby notllled
to call and pay the amounts acscmed, at tbe
ml nctnr'a nttlii li ru.l.. i . '"... V"
- " w wuiu IQVt'B, WIII1IU
thirty days frm date hereof .
H-Jll Jt It, A. C'tt.N.NiNuiiaM, Collector.
sso.ooo oo
To he distributed In
Tj . ID. BIN 3'8
162nd KsKiilsr UoutLly
Two Prlr.es $1,000
Two Prlts 1100 a
Five Price $100 i
Ouu Kamlly Carriage and Matched Horse
:" uiiiii-uiuuuicu Harness, wortn
Ow Horse and Huirry, wllh Sllrer M6unted
llarnn.M wrt.l. a.tuk
Otll! tltlH.fnni.il llniiiurnnilllLhn m,.l 11m
ri.." i. " ,," o ""Vinviui awu.
nc -auoij oewiog .iiacnines, wortn 100
i.iO Hold and Silver I.ever Hutting
"i"'i iu an,; wonn irom f'i to 9300
Gold 'Jhaln. ailver-ware. Jeweirr. etc..
Whole number (lifts 6,000. Tickets llmlUd
to DO.OUO.
To Whom Liberal Pramlumi will h nal.l
Single Tickets $1: Sis TlckeU $A; Twelve
iivhm iiu: i WBuKT-nve i lr.aaLa rut
L .i ."uMiu,., luiniaivi pnm, a aw.
. , ' " " hi qrawiBg. ua oiaor
i.iriuci ig tot WIPinDUIIOB. Will
b sont to aajrono ordarlaj thaw. All lotton
uiuai ow igunilMin u. V. rliriE, IV)t ,
, , Otoolaaasl, o.
jiaui MiDre. mi w, ruin ni.
Household Remedy!
As as lavumrasa. Y.twv f in
nd Bio BnoTator U rejwrler W all tt
nnwri, atuxstm. ratimaM IM Tilt a
liarlltaa la ai. hum anayi.a , nm muutm
j.lm that ;trj orga aa rsattlra la Ik W4y la
bruofht udar tUssldlaratlaslalBtaes. II gfim
toam susct nrasa-tB M CM SUjraattva mm-
finnium. auupaia iM(rw)t aa daauitr.
nvlcoratea tha Lita. .ia .a.-
Kldaajra stssd Bawala, nmom tu aaVri ml
ewer eranaiauoa or any ala aa (Itm vl
Inlltjr and riea.aM to tmm bla4l.
Its cumi?powraJuraj4coplUl7rorga
In tb actlr Baas of flsJdai and TB thm soUoa e(
ihm burntQ sjium, thtnlj prtTtatlaf aad cartas
'1-CD ua ,OBaaBBBtlV r'SBB.
tom. Fever and inu. ! uB ....
M, Fevcra of all kladus, Warroaa Bh.
antciians or tta (saack aa
ato woia, ate. Asa mlia aai dallhtful Ur10.
nut 'or dUc4tfouU.lltaiiuinMrior.
Uj lu us saw llfo and tIjw Is fUtu to tola b-4j
" ", Moatsf a (tow or vilalll tbrosfb ntrj
part, which U parasusaat aad laiflu.
It Is tha saost off.ctaal romodj fgr tbo isUofal
huuiaa lullsrlcf mr dlscoTirod, aad u ploaaaal to
iLt urn aa old rj or Boa win.
To product a moro dollcloti modicuu t tak, join
yoUul for Iho trtnullon and euro of dlMwos as
3:. amri vuu's xxs sices nunu
frlc at, ur Bottlaa lor tS.
1'rt parad Ij tha Oraftoa Uadlclno Co., ST. IQVH,
i.u. B.m kj vnifiuu aid daalors lb
A N' IVPAfJ lltf V Cfirr-IPfn r-,ri ymoi-.c-va
r.i.i, ana great corrtcilve of all Ijmilt dcrann-
tn art I a T ..f . i . t .
' vwni no -icnouc spinu ana II the
licnllemen I he tmdcr.inea having known you for
PllflV Vifl i anil. VI. - -.. J a .f
mu, ami OD.ervinB Hit ttTectivc action of your
..... (u, .ii.,,,,, irtoninicnuca, witn to Mar
voluntary evidence tu Ihc (fficicy of your latl. and
CUNDUKANOO HlllCKS." It Ii all th.t
.11 , ' ' a a-.ii7. II n an inai vou
1 3 i " n ,,"Hei putstlvr, iltpurator
funil this the moM (.l..m and .(Teclive mcdlclno
I luve ever ued,,
Ull L'L' CVI ,P p.. .
TII()S RlCllf SCIN. V ll l ln w"
I r Collier Lead & Oil ..f l.aflin k Kan'd Powder
' ff ,SU,k CVIim'n Uem.Cen.Com
IIRI- "!! ll",.;?u.M "ji'-i" of Mo. Dem
11K1I IAIN A, Hll. I.. IIPgtiVT Miiim
NORMANJ.CO .MAN I'rc. lint. & IJrov. Bink.
M S I iiiTit. .,.Mai ' ' ' SH.NWOOU,
l! l.ruWh ' Pres. Y. M. C. X.
I IIOS. Af.SH f Shryock A Co,
Arch led W T i:iv
ol ftarnum'a llm.l
And nunyoiheri too numerniu to menilun.
J. tV e. macuiiii.
Sole Prcprietort, St. Louis, Mo
Foreign Advertisement..
afa BAMat. aam. . . - . m. . . - .
m HiiJSTSL7Tr.r." "fi?. aaietoi
thfllr bOOatai iti tint aialsiia. ill. I . TTT
t.tha)ff mnl tiawl allal fTf
anruis VfwUli
Putiaeat, a
VmMtm I
i la the
loan. I
- mmvW IIKU
oata. Mitowj Attack. ftUMuuiaVi
ta ueart, laflasuaauoa oTum Lq
rttrloa of tte KldaM tad a kia4rTUir mu
iuu w um loam, rau la hr
aad a aiMrTaatAor mioVl i
-w. w. m aaaaa fjBM- SJoaw Vaaaa
Far Fosaala Cataalatata, la To
roamed or statu, at i
Hjaiaaa, w yeaaaor old,
l la awa ad won
ids turn or ma.
aw iwaie amors
For Iaviaaiatai-r aaal Ckraaie Kkaa.
aruaVraoor. 'iSSLSffBSSR
un sad Biaddir, taas kliurskara so toau'.
sacaum ar caiwod br ruutad aiood. "
. imT w. rownuTi mm wait
J"' PoastOf tae marit of actlac as a
ftXZOPJW11. isQpweuB oTLaaia
SS '"tr OrfSM, aad I.
atla Pisoasos, Eraptieta. TrtUr. ut.
Erraipela. JlTharTicolorUoa of tbo 5tS
Humors aad Dmm of to Mln or wkaurtr aaar
or aatore, are liurallr dot ap aad carmdoai
of tn aa la a short Urn bj lb as of tkoa
tSMaVt ! aflaaaaaaBaaaoaai aasb-lalam waa . - aa
tss too awn woadfrrtu lancraat toat erst
M. ISaaaWlfALa Cm.
OLD Irln, DKDOOlm Blt apj
toothing Remtdy !
ladL Mas
TBJUra v. "
ol Tostalaa.
Isbdsos CoaTaWoas aad arsr-
, all -' - - - I ...A.. .a
lasuu aad ChUdroa
SYRU I CaUAroa of all scs.
Xolloro pal a, waakasas or is-1 - -
k...ii..i. ,i..nHi...u i a a ww
kautloa la 1 or 10 alaataa, ir- f
-a ..tw.r iw7Mwa.
, II Is tk taMt,ss Ckndm'i Oroal tootaiaf
tuaod. la all diaardara kraukl aa b saataJaw
aav staor caaoo.
. fUsartltwlar toaaRtaf tat Mil WaTICOatrt
IT Act, aad lako aa at bar,
. ftwaaraskytbo asurro atnicTjri CO., SH.
tflala. sta. (wu a - uO aa
Modlilsa omiaaaia.
a-aT wtwwwawowa awawnrTawH waW IITBr Ut.
MtrUa araaao ta a baallS? aslioa, Pr. Haorr t
Hoot aad Plaat Fills care sua; coaaaaliu wkUk It
1.W lWaAtl- aJkw. Uabat ata. J - - a,.. i a,
asa, Jaaadtisa, aad athor klsdrod tomlXSu
5Ti7 raV.7u: "
! fratfroatatartary and otksr polaoas tbar
tan bo ukf a at all slats and vador all olrcaawtaa
iaj,wltboal rstard ta dloS, kwlaaw or Llaaawra.
Tbor stlnulau tbo waaJunad aad dlttaataarad
tartolaU baallhs actlaa, i1rti tboa sinafla to
disbardoa tboatsIa sod Ikiow o I ha oUlntUoas
wblcb ar lb drtt caas of dlsosao, wlUkaat
rdaclavfj ,MUMr asasoa a, nipSi"
. i . hbmwh, waica an aae
fjr.raou.ri ofdlnfal dlssasas sack as Aaoalur.
'lr"a-raka. As. ara oaoctaaufaratl
. " awareaiof mis.
.2 "-- au auk Ui, la SMSta. a Man TiwiS
. ''.'. rnSCiMM. - wwraaa, STaaai
SUitf DiHfU aa4bayai.ui Mwidi i wara .ra.
The )niinan lnronisitiwa .lanni.a v.-
- o , iuuuiu u. viir
f il It v eiii-lnibAirpil. nfli .!.. i n. M. ' -
- j ifj- - r wt a 'aw a iii a UU UU
the track ot lift at any momsnt. To kp
it delicate internal ruachintry In perftct
hiiiii, ui w i-ui ih iu kuuu working cOBulUOtt
when out ol order. Is the nenihar
' "v
TArrAAt's EffrrTraceat ScIUer AprleBt
The tlinrniiLrVinABai A.lii a,i.i..i. u .1
I- n.-. " nuivu It KICIUKIi
wltbout IrritatlDK the bowel, tbe toot and
nimu h iiu.iaria to toe stomacu; us
.liiiiun cuccia; ua coounz, rSirsSBIBK
ODeratinn In favar fha r.ll.i. iT.
headache ; Iu antl-blllous properties, and
I lla BllnaHnr m-rita aa . ....mi ... I
I, . 1 . v...-wi. aa acuiiai -UIIUHTI,
Juttity the assertion thatIt I, byond all
u,ii,iniu, mi mun TBiuauie laiuiir meal
cine of the age. Ho d by all drunitu.
Till a tip.nlaltk la a..ln.aa1oal..l n l.aa
i' v ' -nun o avauwniwuifu a-V WW
llinirlnr tn all trnnutn miisliila. .a aitaa
nd ceruin cure for HypbUit In all it forme.
Hn m fetter lirwar arlnrwKlsa tUm nnnrllllnn it
the patient. It is entirely vegetable. It can
ie nicu iu mi cuuuiuuui ui iuv bjuvwiu, mu
with ualety, eUo. in connection with other
tnadtlmln If Ida nallatil aaitMB TKa a..
--auiviuv f tUO tlRMVUi UVIIIVBi AM
cipe, from which this preparation was made,
saw. a. nt,ln.,l . t,r l. U..,1.
" uuttiu.u iiuui mu uiu uvivmi iu ovum
Vliva, IU aoa, UJ av , ajaawaaiawu, WHV
uied ft with unnaralUled luectsa In tne
itment of syphilis, not only exciting fh
ULUIIBIIUU BUU oiwu.'uh.ku. j. ivauiui vim
zens, but of tbe medical .faculty, and hu
aveu toe uvea ui waau uiiuwu nuon KiTeii
up as past bop by skillful and eminent phy
sicians. ...
One bottle will satisfy ths imsUit sktptlo
a to it superiority ovr all other prpara-
HVUI UQ1I laaaa-a'a
Price, tb ner bottl. 8ent to any Dart ot
the United SUM by zpren. l'rt pared and
sold only by ..., .
Tke Great Special.it,
No. & Chrtity At., St. Louii, Mo.
nMrniMOB-MraerMUth aad Walaal ,
Kowai iBr UU. straal aad Okl Ut
dmkoaiitT9mt ass, to ti m., aad t a!i

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