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UALKO HAl-M iLLA: t n All, JKlJAi , &h.J?iEMlJi ti, UliU
MhM ruiMT nt .ho City nml
OMaljr. Iks oty .MomliiK lnlljr
rblUk4 In Moutltcrn Illluol,
JuHM U. OUKULY, IMItor and l'ubliiher
O yrtK, oy corner I V
OM 7w by cirrler, In adr!.ro 10 00
Oat, ftr by curler It no; p it J In
dTMce i2 CO
ItMaMtk, byuv.ll 1 00
rtoMBODtU 3 00
tUtoonU t, 2fi
On year 10 00
Joko H. Obrlv has reduced the subscrip
tion prlos. of Hi H'Ki.Y Oaiuo IIiii.wtin
t Ono Dollar pr annum, making It the
otiepjstpai.rpubllfieillndouttiorn llllnol
Monillnic mailer oil fiT.r mnt.
Avrswho hat boon h United Stales
senator from Mississippi Tor four years,
nil wants to lio governor of thn state, has
never lived tlicru with lilt family, 1ml nti
nouncej his intcnlttin of moving tliuro
if liu should lio nlectod. Till is kind In
Tut clly government if Washington
li known to bo torrltiy corrupt. Tlt.jo.oVt
of llio city approximate twenty-llvo
millions of dollars, and tho ring which It
rriponsiblo Tor this financial ruin It now
ondoavorlng to buy up tlio dlatilct socuri
ties at sixty to eighty cents on tlio dollar,
with the purpoto of gottlng congress to
astunia tlio whole (Jolt. Tlio scheme will
carrely provo tlio inonoy-tnaking Invost
tnent It Is intundud to be, as It It thought
congress will suporcedo tho existing gov
ernment by a bonrd of commissioners.
".M ODKHN" SIM 11 ITU A Mi; .M.
.Spiritualism has received another un
happy tet back in Indianapolis. A beauti
ful youuglady rocontly appoared,who was
supposed to bo an extraordinary medium,
who gave "seances" in which tho dim
setiibUnco of doad friends, whether inalo
or female, young or old, appeared to the
trembling view of their living rotations,
with alluring words of their happy
stato in tlio world beyond.
Tho young lady was fair, with large, dark
and loul piercing eyes and was altogether
tho very Idoal of nn intcrutting young
mediuiii. Sho gave n particularly success
ful sannce ono night, delighting the souls
of ber auditors, almott converting ioihq
" to the faith and knowledge of epiritual
iitn." Uut alus, the next morning, an en
terprising Htid somewhat I m j u 1 a i t i v c, not
to tay meddling young person of tho fu
male sex, while engaged in surreptitiously
examining tho "things" of thu medium,
found among them a small red bag con
taining falm whiskers, mustncliliu, nn old
lady's cap, spectacles, uto. Tho med
dling young porsuu immudiately let
tho cut, tint is tho jiiustnoliios,
etc., out of tlio bug, and tho
interesting medium was brought to giiuf
and tier wamlutful '.eum-its ' to a sudden
close. Sim disappeared trttin tlio seeno of
her drut successes, lcuving behind lier u
letter in wuien sue pinmrj imw iiu en
gaged huriulf to a "manai'iir' L
"amusement" business 'jiiit lor tlio pleas
ure utul novelty of the tfiing;' how
she was Itrat InugU tricks with
ropes, but as "mutoriuliz-itiuu" wait
morv in demand slio was Uup' ' to prac
tice with tho m'ustiicliios, ;r , I with
which she became to adept that the could
persjna'.u a man's dead friend, or dear
brother or lamented grandmother with
out the credulous living party being
aware that he war all tlio timo being vic
timized by a pretty, clever, tciisciencolesa
young woman of less than twenty years
of age. Spiritualism is somewhalat a di
couut just at present in Indianapolis, and
it It not hsruarding too much to say
that future modlums will bo mure care
ful of their small red bags.
NEW&l'Al'KK Ol'l N IONS.
A 'We.teru jiaper insinuates that it !
the royul "jmrp and not the rojal purple
tLatlien. (irant Is seeking after.
The St. Louis 'Time.' i liglnin this:
There It no iiuestlon u, to tho iutulli
ctency of the liny at iireniiit r.i.iHtviul !.
the conductors and driver, of thu street,
railway cuiupaities. No class or men con
sidering the responsibilities of their post,
lion .nd tho number of hours that thev
are employed, receive so small a rulntlv..
remuneration. Hither let their hours of
service bo reduced, or their per diem be
"Janiiiiriy.ii.ri'opiir cent
.the Chicago 'Tribune' tms of thu re
cent alleged Ku-klux outrugo u Ken
tucky :
It It believed Uut tho government will
iKt) some action Willi reieriueu to the
legeu ivu-Klux outragts in lBiitucky, und
tho rumor is repented in tho dlsp .tches
that troops will bo sent thcro to repress
the disturbances. Tho Icirulalion Of CllM.
KiM which bus aulgned this duty to thu
.a., lauwer, is most iisgrnutly uncon
aflliitW.hU. 1... If i.. .... . '
.v.a.vUi . uui ii ut utmost rigors are
executed upon the rulllanly outlaws who
disturb the peace of that slate, vhoy will
ueservo no syinpainy.
llioew iork 'Herald' objects to thu
tympatby for Capt. .luck and his band :
Wo obsortetbat the ph.bintliropijts aro
woTlBg for some aineln.raujn of thy l.uri
uhmeut ol Capt. Jack ami his band ot
.Modoc murderers. To further tlio cause
of humanity theswiftet punishment that
the laws invoke should bo vhitod (,p0,
seek people. The delay in such ca.ct, at
w Und it lu cases now pending befortt
our own courti, is a source of evil which
culminates in a reckless disregard of lUu
consequences of capital ollcriccs. Lot tiio
wlft execution of tho law In notorious in
stances Is too security of eocict v. l..,t tho
broadbrims allow Capt. Jack and hi.
crow of deliberate liuirdi)jr to tako thu
consequence of their willful acts,
Bbji tho New Orleaus 'Times'
Tbe'l-hlcago 'Triouno' credits Senator
Morton ith having ruidercla signal
aervioe to t country in covering back
due him under 1140 illcrtlisu of Mht.. J
Tbe act regsrdasd, M Uin,,,.
went by the most uhuw pulitlcion in tho
dominant party hat .'H, w,wt0VBr
till position orlnlluencii ukv 1,.. ..... . r
u iu tun nc..n,viiiu nmoiuit of back imy
,1iim liim llmliir II, f. i i- .' J
ford to dofy publio entiinent n this counl
try " hot ut trust that tl.U!,. !.
t i '"t.,tt correct
interiiretatlon, In a sound, enm
commanding publio opinion is ih'i ,'
Siania ft Iim ., aitnf i.I n air... ,.f at. .... I . .
hope of the malntulnante of iiopular gov
ernmeni ana eonnilulionul liberty In tltf
United States. Olvo ui that, and no pr
tonal or party Inlluenco ran fetter the puo.
plodowu with the devices of uy form ot
Reported Expressly Tor tho Bulletin,
Nsiv Yc l , September 0. X majority
of tho board of directors of tlio Ht Joseph
und Denvor City rnllroad have roslgnod,
and Jamca V. Naarro,(Jeorgo J.l'orrost,
Lawronco V.'alls, Thos. N. Smith, Augus
tus r. .Mlllor, ltdward W. McMy ntid
Henry H. Ihitlor Imvo been elected to fill
tho vacancies. A coinmittoo has been ap
pointed to inako n thorough investigation
Into tho nll'airs of tho company and tocoi.
for with bond holders. The ofllcoM of the
company bnvo tendered their resignation",
to lako ouVU on tho olectlon of thoir sue
ccttors. Inforniutlon bat boon rocoKod that tho
mall stcani'hlp plying botween llonglCotig
and Yoltohoma hai been beached ut
Swatow, and will provo u total loss. Tho
mall and pasicngeri aro saved.
Frank Huisell and Prank Andorton of
thu brig Alalor.a fell from aloft this morn
ing and were killed.
'l'tio Kxprcss learns uy rt itvku lutur
from Washiugtun, that tho president has
accepted tlio resignation of do v. Oookiuif
District of Columbia, and tendered tuo
ofllco to a gentleman of high character
and undoubted qualitlcations.
The sottlomont of tho Geneva award by
Ureal Ilrltain, and llnal payment ol
l-'ranc-j to Oonnnny on account of tho war
indemnity, occurred to-day. Payment on
account of tho Geneva award was J 1,000, -000,
of which $'J.'I9,1I0 was paid In college
bonds and tho balatico in gold. Theto
two important ovents attracted much at
tention In financial circles.
Tho Commorcinl says "Wall itroot is
wild with rumors relating to the Inability
of leading bulls in gold to tnaku good
their ongagemonU. I tut cod it it circu
lated on tho street that nearly every houso
that has boon closely connected with
traders in tho bulls' market will
go by tlio board and, uruloubteuly,
bo helplessly ruined. The leading bankers
who liavo decerted them aro now trying to
secure Ihomsolvc.'. Such aro the rumors
on thu street.
tho bull clique in gold is tho bearcliipio in
stocks, and led by the tamo man. Jay
Could is on thu short side of almost every
thing on tho aetivo list ol stocks and par
ticularly in tho Western Union Telegraph,
which lie has sold speculatively to an
enormous extent. II u would Imvo been
cornered on this stock long ago had It not
been for his connection with tho late
Horace 1'. Clark, and during bis life
availed of that gentleman connection
with Hip company to borrow reserved
slocks belonging to tlio co utiany and
thereby make good bid deliuiulncy.
i. iicj (cwiiurru t tills bor
rowed stock must bo returned to tho com
pany. In order to meet his contract,CouM
has been borrowing stock from various
purties, and is now seeking to inako up
thu balanco, by covering some of his
hurts, but before doing so hosocku to rake
the market, and bunco his raids of yester-
lav and to-duy in raiding on stock.
A Herald special says : Tho mail
steamer Madras from Hone Ivong tor
Yokohama struck oil' threocliimnoy heads
to-day and leaked so badly the had to bo
beached here. Her cargo is slightly dam-
ged. .Mails and passengers to bo trans
Hai.U'a.v, Nova Scotia, Sepleiiilur 6.
A letter from Sydney says : Tho suttlo
liivnt of West Hay or Grand Lake has
been almost demolished by a gale.
Twenty houses woro blown down. At
l'ort Caledonia about thirty-live Amer
ican echoonors were more or less damaged
and lift eon of tho crow of tho steamer
Saltwell arrived at Halifax and llfteeii
moro of the crow aro miftltig. Tho min
ing portion of the crow ia supposed to bo
drowned. Tho captain's boat is the only
ono known to have reached shore.
I'auik, September tt. Tho American
cill .:!! in l'rlt vosterdav orotiotod to
display the 1,'nltod States Hag iu honor ol
the proclamation of a republic In Kram-e
but the prefect strongly obja.-ctirig, the j
idea was abaiiduuaJ.
The minister of the interior has Ututyi
an order prohibiting tin, publication of
a ltadical Itiptiblicari journal, Lut.e ol
tho appearance In its columns ot nrtielix
inciting to diilurhaiicos and cajiitemjit iwr
the government.
annual iiivnkk.
I.o.nii'in, .September S. Th iionual
ilinneriif maittr butlers of Hbi-llitfld took
plio in that city yeiterday. Jdgbt Hon
It. l.owe, who was hub of llin guuits, in
re.on,e tu u t,m,t defended llio'policy of
Glad. tone's goverinnent and expreisod
coiirldenceiu tint fiituro of tlio Liberals .
The iiiilallatioii of Kig,t Hon. Itunj.
Disralei at rector of tli University ot
Glaigow, which was postponed in conse
.juencool the death of his wilo, will take
place on the loth or November.
Andrew Carnagio, a wealthy residunt
of New York, formerly of r.u.burg, bus
given ij'JS.OOO lor tint erection or public
baths in Diinformliiio, .Scotland, tlio plmv
of his birth.
A special dispatch Irom llaonno to lint
J.ondoii 'Hour,' says tlio Mpaiilth govern
tnent forces In Jlllbna liavo sulliclent pro.
visions on hand to Inst thorn throughout
tho winter. All commercial trutlio be
tween that city and tlio port lias been pro
hibiled in older to allow the guiiB of Span
hh warchlpt to have full play.
SUimiu, SepUunber 6. Intartjent
Junto li. Cartagnla is sending emissaries
who aro plentifully provided with money
to organiro a uiovement In favor of a ep.
"rate government for Calutoiila.
1'r.oviDKNCK, Klioda Island, Hiptomb'ir
Tho uxpUuloii of n boiler at Harris
now mill, in Woonsoeket, this afternoon,
also seriously injured two others atid do
molishod tho boiler bouse ntid did u good
deal ofdamugo to tho mill.
Ciikaoo, !5eptomber 6.---Tho grand
jury in tlio criminal court luno found
bills for manslaughter against l'uuonbcr
gor, ongitioor, and Conductor lloulie ol tho
froight train whioli caused the recent col
lision at Lament, on tlio Chfcago and Al
ton railroad. Iloth arn out of Jll on
lit K.lll TO UKATII.
.Mkmimiih, September ft. Ono night
last week ft cabin on tho plantation of .Mr.
Murphy, In Kayetto county, burned.
Thruo negro children woro burned to
death, Tliu parents had gone to church
leaving them alone, and did not return
until tho next dm', whuii thv f.""' -
heap of allies and charred remains.
Ka.nm.vs Cav, September B, The suc
cess of tho exposition hero is assured be
yond all expectation and entries are com
ing in from all parts of tho Union. The
exhibition ol cattlo and other livestock
will surpass any previous one evor bold
In this section of tho country. 1 lie asso
ciation has been compelled to erect ono
hundred more stalls to accommodate tl
unexpected entries.
- . -
Liiti.k Hock, September !i. Regular
passenger trniiis aro now running on the
Cairo and Fulton road between this city
und Fulton.
l'artioa from Shroveport report n number
of cases of yellow lover at that place and
a largo iiumlHir of people liavo lull the
tui: n.M'OMiTidn.
Cincin.vai I, Septum li'ir .1 f hero v.ns a
largo attendance at the oxpoMtinu to-day.
Hotels in tho city have a largely increased
number of visitors. A brilliant display
is manifested in textile fabrics mid furni
ture department and in Central hall,
Tlio work of preparation is not ipiito com
plete in any except tho machinery depart
ment. There is no doubt about uvery-
IiKMNoton", Kuiitucky, Sojiteuiber 6.
A number of persons liavo arrived hero
to bo in attendonco at tlio races which
commence on the Kentucky association's
course on Moudav next. Tills city never
lias boen freer from all kinds of sickness
than at the present time. There has not
been a single case of cholera here, nor
any nymptoms of it. Tlio weather in cool
and pleasant, and evidences of a large at
tendance and Hue races are very Ituttor
('lit .lIlKD TO IIKA1 II.
Dm no it, September fi. A horrilibi ac
cident occurred at the mill of tho Koch
ester Salt and I.umber company opposite
Saginaw city, about ten o'clock this muru
ing. John Iliitleriiu employee of the mill,
in stepping over the main belt win caught
and carried to thu top ol thu drum, and
the space between the lloor and drum not
ueing ulliclent lor tlio body to pass
through he was cruihed to death. Thu
body was wedged in so tightly that ill
urdur to recover it they were obliged to
tut the lloor from above, llutler was
alxiul w yer 01 age, ami liail a large
family dependent on him fur support.
I'iiilaukli'IIIa, Septrmbur 6. Mary
l'.owluud and Surah J. Iltptiite were con
vicUid to-lay of aiiaiilt and buttery 011
Julia I'orter. This was a grent cruelty
case wbkh eicitet much attention iu this
AK!;rm. on cun'icio.v.
A man iiaiiio1 I'urpit win arruUnd heio
t '-niijht on a charge of having tired the
l'Kkbiiui stud stabbi at Trenton, .Now ,lnr-
iy. I'urpit was uiscliargud Irom Doblu's
tinpliiyoii Tuesday while iutoiicatod.
On Wudncsday tin was heard to makii a
threat that the stiihht would not '.Und
another week. He will bu taken to Tren
San Fiuni iiiiii. Siipiumhor 5. -Ho-turns
from tlio pre incts coiuu in slowly.
..No wards complcti), hiiiI tomo tlouht tlio
olHctlou .if Iturtlet, tho railroad candidate
for tho senate. .McDonald, Democratic
candidate for limy or, lias a good majority
lUrawloy, fur chief of police, Tax-payer's
c andldato, has b..iit 'j.rto umjority. Uo.
I urns from thu interior imperfect, but
8 how a groat victory for tin, l'oupbi'a In
ajlopondont ticket. Sacramuntt,, ,sn Juque,
ilanta Clara, l.os Angeloi, Aluinlda
lontra Costa, Yolu and Calusa declatu a
1 letory for tho 1'eoplu'a Indopeudeiit
ticket., -.Tho Democrats claim a small
g aln in thu legislature. Closo tigurlug re
q ulred to decide the senatorial contest.
Waiimmitu.v, Septomhnr . Collector
I'lnkney llolllns of tho Seventh district
of North Carolina, informs tho revenue
bureau that Special Deputy It. Patterson
and soldiora under Ueut. Most, destroyed
two Illicit distilleries in Haywood county,
and tnudo twelve f.rrcsts. Destroyed four
dislillories und n.u lo N atretts In McDon
ell county und then proceeded to South
Mountain In which they destroyed 8 dis
tilleries and nic'Jo 1? nrroetr Tkis ? dis
tilleries Wore In close proximity to each
other, and tliotcwiu reliable information
of 20 or '.'.' being in operation in South
Mountain, but further progres4 was stop
ped by tholnterfcrcncoof thotttnto author
ities. Uotit. Mast and Deputy Marshal
T. Dover having been arrested upen tt
bench warrnt from Judge Clnih for li
troylng property.
Ulll.N'IN AT Olll,.
Loum n.i.K.Septcniberri. At 2 ocloek
u.ln., to-duy n body of hursemen olitered
CharletOwn. Indiana, and postoil thu fol
lowing ludiee all over tovn :
''To Andrew lteynolds nnd family,
Thoinaa Itevnolds and wife, Samuel I.onir,
Andy Stono,
I'.t. ....... I W.. 1.1,.,-r, .,.,1
.......k r.ituiv: i nil nruhurii iv nut n. i
l..-..tlm .inlnnf Ifulliilm u,.l,i IK 1
. . mi i '
i-i iij - ...rii. ui.au ... ii.iii.u a..u a I'liii'ijuuil-
ces. A few moro nsiociates of tlio abovo
parties will take warning hereby as
threats liavo been made against property
of ourciti.jns. Ono, two, three, f.dlow me."
September li, IS:!.
T. lteynolds is tlio partly threatenoj in
jai lby the vigilant cominittru sumo days
since. Constderatdo oxeilement has pre
vailed ull day in Charlctown.
ST. hoi I, Septembir 0. K. A. AVbit
camp, formerly Unto agent of the St.
Iiouls Life Insuraucu Co., lor Indiana,
who lias llgured hero in two applications
before the United States court for injunc-,
lion agaiiiht tho .Mutual I. If" Insurance
Co., was arroated tills evening on n roqui-
silion from the governor of Indian and
charged with being
in thu sum oT O.OOO. Ho rr'ts in tliu
calaboo'o to-night and will, jirobably, 1 0
taken to Indianapolis to-morrow by of
ficer Forbes and IM.Iy, who came fur
bi 111. It not known hero ut whoso ii -stance
the arrest whs made.
Salt I.am-:, Suptembur fi. F. Mavan
and J. F.. Catdbiirii, artiste ol tho l'uwiill
exploring expedition, arrived fruin tliu
(Jolorado river tills morning. Mnj. l'ow
oil is now devoting liiuelt to tlio all'airs
INM.taf lllllllll tmSSmmtm
and has just goiio to Muddy valley with
lngails, thu ludiau aguut, tu nrrunge for
tho reception uf tho I'eutcs 011 tlio reierv
utions. MriciiiKli.
.1. V. Mot.el, n former resident of St.
I.ouis, commttted sulcldo by taking poi
son, Inst night. Financial trouble is the
supposed cause.
Sriil.M,rii:ii, t-ieptember tt. X tornado
swept through Granby, Htimslilru county,
yesterday, entirely dsnuolisliing tlio bouo
una liariiot I'M ward .Slater, and unrooting
other buildingi, tearing up trues, destroy
ing crops, etc. Northampton had a sim
ilar visitation in tho evening. A iiaru of
.Mr. A. Starkweather was blown down;
Williams' baiket factory partly destroyed,
and Clnpp's foundry unroofed. The path
of thu gale extended over the town from
usst to wert, and was only ten rods wide.
a- -
WAflllMiioN, September I. 1'robabili
lies For New Knglalid ami M iddlo state
and lower lako region baromutur will rise
with wind veering lo frusli nnd bri?l,
northwesterly and north, decidedly lower
lemperaturu and cleur or partly cloudy
weather. l'or upper luko region and the
Northwest generally, cli .ir weather with
winds veering tu the north and eaat. Fur
Ohio Valley and Tnmicaseu; northwest
to Northeast winds, lower tempor.'turu
and clear or partly cloudy weather.
I'll'lniiiKo, Suptembur .1. Tlio Art
company ol tho Army of thu Cumberland
reunion lut n set urod the A rt inundation
rooms in library hall for tho dihplay ol'
models, paintiliLS, t'le , tvllicli u,ay bo sent
here for the 17th nml 1 Bill. Arrange-
. ... .. . 11 ,
iiiiaii li have been madit lor thu lull iliMir
unco of such article, during thoir ttay in
tills city, mid it is thought many valuable
works of itrt appropriate to tho oiThdon
will bo forwarded for exhibition.
Till'. 1. tjl'lllt LAW.
.Mll.WAUIvKK, Snptelilber .1. Tliu Hl
pruino courl having decided Ih'i Grnliaiii
liipior lnw constitutional, the mayor of this
city issued a pioclamatloii unifying sa
loon keepers that oil and after Wadnes
tlay, September 10, they must give l.nn.li
and produce llcenm Iu nccordaiicn with
thu law.
li:i!LlNEH HASH 1UI.L.
IIiihtciN', September 5.--.Mr. Goecb de
clined to preside over tliu Itepublicau 1 011
vtmtion at Worcester on Wednesday
Ham ball: liostotil J5, Wiuhlngtoiis S,
ItlN mid roll ol tlio Illcr4
Kortil houta ending II p.m., Sift. (, Is'
, . Aovc,' ChtTngea.
I low "
stations. wnler.i Itle. I'all.
l PM?1 F'r-I P
l'ort lleiitoil...
.lelle!on City .
Kunm Cil .
K"okuk ,
I.eaM'iiwortli .
I.exliigtou,. ,,
l.lttle Itock....
New (lilean-i
Oil City
2 a.
I 7,
i io:
J Jo ;
' I'.ulllcali ....
1 I'latlMiioiitli..,
, Shieeuil t ...
I St. Jo-eph
i Kl, Louis ,
M. Tali!
Vicksblll'K ...
anl.lnn .. .,
KkVVI.V (1 MIl.t.Ml,
oli-etH'l !, Hr. I. 3. -V
o , ... .
i-ineins-vn, .;oini'ur o. i.ivh o niei
" . U0 hl.'l alllllg. ll.pnrlWI, a I HI 01,
"lnoliiij. (wthor fam ami p Ion t mi I.
Naniivim.!:, .Hptomlier 5. Itlrnr rising
slowly, '.'7 inches on shonls. Wnatlior
idoar und pleasant.
ffJl'lTI-CKlilui, September ft. Itivof fall
ing very slowly with '1 font tl iuelifs in
tlio chaliiifd. onther clear and pleat
V ickmil no, Septcmbor 5. I lawn, K at v
Up, John II. .Maude. Wuathor clear and
warm. Itlver I'alliug.
Ni:w ()ii:.i:a.n.v Suptembur ft, Arrivitl
.Miller, tincinnuli. Oopnrtt-d, lloalinuuii
St. I.oul. Wealhur clar und warm.
K avvilli:, September "t. .Mcrcurv
70 to 4 degree. Tho river has risen it
inches. Weather clear and pleasant
t'p: tjiiickstep, Geo. Itobert', Storm Nn,
1 ami tuirges. Down: ivniiawliu No.
and brgtii, Charmer, Mnrv Anient, Tnr
ascon, ull with good trips, business active
St. Lout-, September ". Arrived
Clinton and llemlerion, Ko,,kuk: Kspvr
an .a and barge, .Misoiiri rivur: Klliott
.Memiihis; ( apltnl ( itv, leksMug; lea
ger, New Orleans. Deimtted: Clinton
and lloiidersou. KiHikuk; ISulln ol Mom
phis, Mitmyhis. Kivor lalliiur. Weather
clear und coolor.
.MKMt'lllh, rieplumoer i lo.iuy, mer-
cury rH. Kivor declining Tho cIihuiioI
above hero is becoming troubleromi', is
pcciully at Oiceobi bur, whuro I hero Is
only teat largo reported. Tliu J. 1
l'arker and Colorado from almvo aro
both over due. Ilepartfd- Iti-lta't, .M
l.ouis; St. l.uka, ltcd river.
l.ouvtl.LK, Septumher t,. - Fulling
slowly, 0 tent I iodic In the canal; .1 feet
I inches iu chut". Wnnlmr clear and
..in. r.wm illschargitl Ml ti.nx pig iron
til .liilUrnotivllin und MlO toiiH at New At
baiiY. Tliu Colo-sal from I'lilsburg aildcil
1,1011 bids cement to her fruigh't. Tliu
Kittle llegler tilled out with cement for
.Memphis. Arrived; lieu Franklin, Cin
cinnati; Grey Fugle, Henderson; Sandy,
Troy; (.'olo-ml and barges. lMlslmr'.';
Shannon, Cincinnati; llegler, Cincinnati,
Ada 1 1 i:i I in ii n, Cairo. .1'lua and hnrgi'S,
Iroiiton. Oepiirted: Franklin, ('men
nali, (lri' Kaglo, lltindnrson; Study,
Troy; Colo'sal, St. Loui-; Siiaiitioii, Iron
ton; Kittle llegler, .Memphis; .IHna and
harges, Kvansvillo.
Sr. I.oui", September Flour tlrm,
some holders asking advance, hut uouoh
taiuetl. Whoat linn, No. a red fall $1 .12; No
'J Jil TJt, tainplo lots easier.
Corn higher, No. 2 mixed 17c rash: -lie
Seiteinlior; Irlu Oclobor.
0. tts, No. '1 miiod :!2o cash; tiljtl
I'.yo higlier at Cl'.Q'Oe.
Itttrly higher, spring SI 1 ju.
Whiskey lower nt '.He.
Fork (juiet at 5 Id 7o.
Uncoil tlrmer, smoll luti 'J)0i,'.ic; M(u
lutc clear rili, and clear hoiil lor Septt'in
Iter loie.
1. uru tpiict, rellned H ,o.
Hogs stonily ilfiot fid.
CMtbtipilet, Texas i t fil4 "o; fitir to
gooil beuvos 1 S(i,
Nkw Oui.kinh, Septuiiilier rt. Flour
illlll; AAA li 70; litlnlly .r.lir..iy 75.
Corn; supplt light nod ilnmniid good
miiod orifTtiiic; whito 117c; yellow 70o.
)its; supply fair and deiiiitud gianl 1:1
(L'J Hie.
Ilrali ipiiel H'ite.
Hay; supply good; cholco i!0.
Fork dull tI7 r.o.
Dry salt shoiildns srarco !)c, bacoti dull
and lower ttj6j)lllll(ii)llo; hams lower ICo.
I.nrd, tlerco se.arco !c; keg dull lOJc.
Sugar slock small, only jobbing Kales
fair l()c; nrimo 1 lc.
Whiskey dull- Louiiiaiia t'!'c; C'lnclii-
nnii m ui.
lolliin stror.g; prlino 22 jfiiJUlp; fair
Corn meal dull, till.
Sight i pritmiiim. (i.ild ;,
Cotton, fair Iciiinnd nnd liriner; faloa.
r.OO bales or ordinary l:ic; utriclor-
uinary H(ij.i mc; .'o,i Ifijlflc.
.Mkmimiih, hiiptiiiiibur 5. Cattlo firm
good to orderly ir.Jo: miililling D I I
1 niiiti ll'.M SI, in,, ...... , 1111- 0.....1. .. 1
1 c ptl In!. Milpiiiunu i.'07. Stock :t.l50.
I' lour ipnnt.
Horn Cii((j,ti:,o. ,
Oats, se.'ircn and tlrm 1I(i,I5o.
Hay ipiiet and uncluuigiad.
Itrau scitrco and tlrm.
llacoii, good demand.
Shoulders 101c; sides 1 ''(. 10 Jt,
liard and pork dull mid unuhaiignit,
li. V. I'AOH .t OU
I' O ll IV A ll Is I N II
-A .V l-
Homo Advortisomonts.
0ittirl t iron St.
A. H. SAKKOUD, I'resldenl;
8. H. 'l'A Vl.dK, VIct-lTofldoliI i
II. HYdltOl, Hoeretary
iiiai.iiTi'Us t
ti. !UlM)a.,
and Tioifiiti"
Hf'SS. (Illli Hilt,
1'AllL II. Ha. 1. 1 U,
P. II. btilCSII Itll,
II. (teaiaiijaiiiai.
J. 31. 1 111 tLir h . I
lt iosll itl tiltft AiiiuiiiiI llifcll nl Irom I
IM'KKRHT paid on deioitH at the ralnl six '
litatoent. L-ernnaiiin, Slaieh 11 nnd r-i.pleni-
t.cr IkI, luti tent a.il Hlttalraxn In wilel mini.
Ill(-lv totlH tiriiicinal or IUt ilri arlla. inereof
ii,llti thi-m ciiiiiiininJ liiti-reit.
MAItlllCll WOMSN All!) Ullll.lJhKN 2I.VY
1.1 TU ST Ml it UI I'll HHSM IT,
Open Bfery Lusitu-'a. ,u iriita V .ui. to .1 p.Te.,
inl tittliinUr i't.iik lor HtVltall I'KI'DHII-
iinl( rrom 0 in o cleeh.
Alluil T. lliniilir , irfaju,na
OX I II l,
W. I'. IUI.I.IIV, l'ridt-l;
HltMiV I.. IIA1.1.I1IAY, VlK-1'ra.aliltnl
. H.hAr Kllltl', lia.liir;
W 11.1 Kit IIYMWII, Aaiuit.i tlaili.ff
MTAAT 'I'ATItlta. ItnttUT II. (H'lMuHal,
llllKI 1.. llAUIUlT, W. I'. UlLllliAl,
IIS.. II. Will llllfilta, Htlflliaj lllklt
A. II. Hirroiu.
Itaelintixi'a 'oln uuU tliilli-l hi line
lloiiilu llua ittxl Noltl.
liKl'lHI IU rwt,i,, rbJ Keneral lianWIrii
hlllilllliflal ilOPO.
n v ox i no.
It. W. Mii.li:h, Fr ialdeiit.
.1. 31. I'lllU.II'n. Vlio-I're.lit. lit.
I'llAd. I'll.NMMllUM, I'jshla-r. I
0:)Mil'.7nONS 1'KtlMlTI.Y M.tDK
luirh at 'ia nrt.l rrolan.
Jtj liUtnn nt-lilirlllt-ai I t,ltfhl uni I
tlla.ra-al 4llta-a-il i.al 1 1 1.11 I t IIHI 1 1 .
Soothing Remedy !
WHTf CO RIB'S ( uui''"lu'uuriri"lt"t
SYRUP I lli prticett cl Tcs tL.rs
FntJoM rnnTulIori an 1 otst- I
r o I . - a ,n dna In lj0t 1; f
1 tjLiitta nail Children
Corns IilArrhoa-s, I'ji.nts-
itti'l ItQinruftr CoiupUiLt,
SYRUP. i VVcx:
XrlisiM Iln w,ltnf"icrsi- -,f
l.snilicnln latorSDiiiiDutst.Rlt-V , 5e-S
lii loue nuJ J jvair t'j tLo iiilini J 0 23 27 7 3.
II It ths Irifjinti' ami rtilMrea's llrsst Pajotl.lne
ItMnoiia, lu nil liisuril, Lruuijiit ca ly tMlbliiK ur
a.UV Otliwr tAUIS.
ll. psrticutsr In tilling fr MRS. tVHITCOMIl'i
tYltUI'. till lain lia otL.f
l'rp.r,.ltj IL (ll'.AUOV MKblClM. CO . ft
1ui. Mil Pul'l !! lUUKjlits 1.11,1 IWsia lu
21iallfll.l aaTsrywhorwi'
i I., Pl.lMs.ii rf all m
Ilydoamliir; tit Mtaud uinl arotiilng tha llTr nl
ucreli oritim lo a li'jllliy actli n, Ur llrnr)
Hunt Kiel I'Unl I'lllttttra ianjrCDniiil.Miitilil. Ii ll
miM not la sii..fa,J ll.ry couM i.ilt. surlt
I....., ...la... Stilll III Silt Nltlta. Nifllil,-
iicm if tliu llniiiUniiil IVcl. Iliilliit't,
4'lillliH'iN, Itlteiiiiiulliaio. .NetiriilKlii, ,
I.iihh orAlipclKc, llllluiw ir.Ni ltlcr.v,
IWllllt'y alllCCllOllt. 4'WIINllllltlllll, C-
lillllr. IVvcr f all Jtlllils, l,eit
lit, JiiiiiiiIIcc, tent oiltsr klttilraa.l c- ' .u'
i.rislii' Iroia a luw slule of ll.o baJjr, ur cutriailn u
i ! III Lin-tliiiis. .
Iltinit rre from Msrrnrjr and etlisr poisons il.jr
rait l- Uicnat all lliai'sauJ tiuJur all clrniuuUii
ti'i.ttltliuiit r ur.l todll,liUtltics ur plcasura,
Tliu sill., ' tli weaLsniil sml tint w.-ti- I
lartslnto tirallLy u. IK.n, ultluit Ilium strm,;lli t,i
iliiktirilsu tLmussltes aiel III raw nil Hie nl,.lriHlioM
t ltd It r tha flr.t raum uf illiei'e, wllliout
ltroiliiclnir rlllieiiiiiiiai'iirrrliliii;.
All he ivy iinl tlrimiy toiiuitioits, wlilclt r Ilia
I'untlv llialroU"i,4o.araBiiCtully ard.l
ill liy i fnwtloif of llmiai scsrihliiK Pilli.
f .i 4if. Uoo irounil mi lit m. mtuilai-, ti.rb.ia, rrtwa
ii'-,.i,lS. ITIM ! alms
IV narMlrltiO.ir u ll '11 I'liCii.. M I f Ji
ti. a la WlffillUlbiUtAlvr.a.. Wll-!., lafJ.tJ.
,J..lr a
. "'a-
r- ?.va'j
a.. a-a- . I II I - r tal O t" a
wtsi ivitniutn,ui. . i
II A I ll
Tetitli nnd roiiilceiilli hlicBt", lielccii
Wasliiiixtuii ami Oiiiimciclal ateiiue.
Dealer iu
All lvi-Nna ik Woon anu Coal.
SIomi Wood saued tu orilel,
Ulileit recuiveil for I'lllsltillg conl tu bo
tb'llveietl III Sepleiiilter nt ;i! Ml lrr Ion.
Lent it orccnt al i .uii c on Tenlli struct,
next tloor lo tobacco ii .ii clirtilso.
Tel imt I '.-ith on iL lnery.
M.'JiHm U. V. WiikkI.kii, I'rop'r.
LsTHpt cial'iittoiilioii paid toordult tioiu
tteuiiiboats, nliflit ol day.
Foreign AdvorUaomcnts.
iiinntnia. IHiSDlfrr. Clilfr .tioiiint, um.
iur t'omplalBl. l lui, Cblldrrn; sria.
Ins, uni the Orra l'rreult el
Or!. Yi.a.i..i icS uiii.r. t in sm. '; r.
IVaiBM tas clbrtt lAi.lQ bl.tl-itir?
10 s?tr f tl.
.a. if b.itlr ivirr
:-, iK?rv4cy;iu'.'c"L,i.;.i-... '-r;'."1
n Sari wt.a.ro to te.B tliUs k"ttliialj.t
. f iM l-r.li, frieiDt ll aitKtslt lu. I' H1iiiO" lit ttt lis.
. . i ttir USIa K...i o-a u'. ars.t Oornt
ll.hJ til ln. J c " -V 'i'Ji'Vs'ir.V.I:.
I "HI. .ir-SI.W1ill'l t'.ir'ii'ilmr .
wri In da mIwIli Bl . H- MlK.SIM af'Ht.
.a... HI ti4 1 S.Imi M . SflT I II f.ll If aUlUlllI ISl
1- ll- II 'I Kf a- f jatb'
.1. . i'. IA(. Villi: Koln I'ruprleton
M rnrre nr iii moi m . ii'id Its., at, Louli,
Mo t'rlce, ".1 a anl i-r Itollle.
TuiTiiiEDrcAii mmm
....a Va.i...baai 1.. 1,1 iT.i.wn.u.iai.-n " -
ll- If Vll ill"v
' l
x isrAi.Ltiit.i: stvs.'"!rir ft j i if m tlt.r
V ,i ia. i kin- i r.. m-1 ft- a -,iaiit it ii.
f anal- J. ' i-1 ' ' T a'bialt ! UL.i I14r1t 111 J.
I II! HUM Wll.Ii THtlaL.
' 1 l.l, III m i t.. aeli aai-l Iblt all .tfaill 1-lK III IHil
I flilial ml ti' ualll."i fr lb all lia lia; if.aal., trls
l ... lit! llt-a'tt.. V-IIIB'ai t 1L. VC-ltmill bl. i
I Ui.tolra . t anluni.ii i. i, tb rrtit.li l-UHSir illll.
la. let. I, .nil, in lb la! lorf Si 1111 Ib4 lliu.1 .
I ,r R.'.lll( I Ima'tha t,ulitUt -,f lb, I ll3l(tltS
i..iurllwu ilti 'ifi.ul I, iatit, In I 1,10.11 ftir ltt'-
rxutlf I ,lait.uit r, ,i,-t IS"li JrUfl till Ml
I 111 Ik. H I'i'M'UiMIH 1,11,1 AMI MOOU fclTTIM
lal illlaj. alil.Mllll'll U- .,-rnHi.lllnJl,.,l4al
TSIill ! .n.hltl- a a.-al u t. .1 BHln, r,i la tvl
M.."aWh , -Ufa Ii ia.r,tlaS. Tti.l U lu' I tt-Vb'f 11 1
I i.r-d a-tbl. .i.t-Ui,.lit f r I iIhtii-i ll ar.. .U U.J
1ia4rtalLilll-r' .t, Ll. hatil-iavtc la-.u ., ,t 1 1 U let Ul
I .,iort,i-.-l Cfifla. ui-aa. . f th I t.'f KllL-J.. Hlaal 111
a Hi. - fi It laai.i.llii i-i,ice a-ia-naia
f .. - ..l- ..... a- I-.,.. I. Hi lul.i I
ll at, i ill. I
...... ii,,.,., iitLrt'.i. ti. irtaf oiiiii.ia.,1
i Jl .1 ', ' III a' '- l.klirc halt Ibl IcflUbillk a,f ILI
I .., ll. II -1. I- will u Hurt It - el.urlal Illa I
!-- .1. I-. ., t irbub tgi, I!., ou a-rii,
' ?. iiii'i..r'-'ircuUr lo J. f. MAiil'IMi:, N W
inr til Ollrr tnd Drrctntl sl ,n l.oul n,
Only SO Ccnls per Bolllc.
It luiiiiiuli, llt IIIIOH'TII, I'UICNKII.
VICS lit- COI.OK, Bttil liirrmsi-s Hie
VlK'tr nnil IIKAl' T Vttf llir IIAIII.
Ovrn Tnrnrr Vrsns sr.o I.tok's KTrutso: roa
Tt HiuwanrtlpUcr.lliitliiU.sitit lijr I'rofonor
I TIioicai Ltuu, a ,Ta!ak' uf lnaict'JU C'titla-'.
'Ilitj tisnita is dfrlvnl Itunt ILn tlnk ' Lnur,
,i.bllTiaT to tttanif. itiTt, r'jurMU,t,r rut .
Tlir lator ItLts rcirrlrc.J. arid tho -, tils.-ity It liu
t tluna-d. U unprrciUnltil and lit. it'LU. Jt u,
n iuaS ItlS (iHOaCTU Uld UliLlTkl ILc HllH. tt 1
a urhtf d tln-talLt; It tr-akiti il.t -It .11. ll
i ui ti; llur ftora li.ri.ir.r; lltra-at
i. 1' I, an.1dTrtliOliiiiraiati, sctft, rtosy&.
1 i. Itlti.otawcjiiivciuiTi..tycAMj.'
ls it ut' -Tt r tjcAii ra nf at ( r.iicm iu, i.d .
4 Ljr aU UrnKr isttsi.il I i jctif MortsHonl)-.-iO
( iii pr llullUa
Woman's Glory is Her .Hair.
i'haijj:ni;i:s thu woim.u
This prcparallnn l aeknotiledtd to lie
mpcrior to all known medicine as a mire
and curtain cure for syphilis In ull Its forms,
no matter hoiv ileplor.thlo the condition ot
the patient. It I-eiitlrcly cxi!t.itili!. It can
be taken iu all conditions ol the si Mem, and
I with Hitlety, aln, in (oniiei llon with other
metlleliie, ll tho lutlelit ileilrcs. The re
ripi . from wliicli this prepaiittion wat nude,
as obtaiueil fiom an old liy-i iuiiln souib
Amerl-:i. In IWJ, by l)r, r-ltcrm.-ii, "r , who
I bat ucil it v ith iiiiparulleli'd sllccoa In the
iri'itiment ol HVphlliH. not only ex'clllui; tliu
admiration anil :i'toiil-hliient of leading clti
i n-, but of tlm medical ftiriilty, und bus
' snvetl tbe Iles ol many ntlllcled tvhen glou
ui' pa'l liopo by skillful Sltid clillnelit phy
Iclallt. I din liotlle will ml .ry tho greitctt skeptic
I at to it siiperiorit iiierall oilier prepura-
I tillllt niiw lu line.
t I'm e. iTi tier 1. utile. Sent In nuv nart ol
i 1 1 ti' t tilled Match)' exprc
rieparcii uuu
I tuilv In
The llrt ill Ktic ulltit,
iChrl I Al., st I'Ollii, .Mo.
j Tim, u and iiiIIck at, 1)', in another
! iiciiii.plicr. , sparklex the tcltcr Spring. I u
1 oiuiv tlnu toie In Anieiiea Mill may obtain
Itn e'tiil.ilciit, put It In vour poel.el and
ciri) it tilth joii to tliu worldV end, ll'jou
! clioosc.
1 Tarriitil's Illl'crvi'ici'iil .Scllzci'.Vpcrlriit
is,liitili the lltlug fountain or health, lu
I the form td a powder capable ol being con-
i I'd i inlti a Inn blllig, li.tuhllig facsiiuilo ol
I hi' nt t pid.liict itrnatuin in ono minute.
Alllictl with this aillldole.illl clllii.ilc." and
even iilnioa.plierlo I'liangu f - b" lacetl
without fear. As a rciiieili in jiialarloui
It-M i -, stoniach complaints. Incgtllatltles of
IhcbowcW, nertoiit ilWordelH, iiicnbil lilc
1,1'e.sii.li. Iiia.iittii.ini. an omiiIIovv of bile.
diopslcnl ailmeiils, naiist'.i and coiinllp.illou,
il li.it no eipial. Sold b all drllgglsls.
epleliilicr -coibVw'-UW.
ii. j. clTnimfk,
(i UN U A Ii I' IU) I) I C' K
;o. 17 l.ifiinit Sr.,
p a i,i a I
r it o v i h i o h
Caiko, Iu.
Mo, 110
nrivi-rTi'j ixu-'rT.TVii

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