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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, September 25, 1873, Image 2

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4imctM I'nprr f llic -' n,",
mmly. she "l' .Moriilnir liallj
I nptr I'llbllsiiciJ la Soiillirrn llllii'il.
JoliNlI.OIIKltl.Y. Kdllor and lMblisher
J ne weak, by carrier .. S
S)ae feu by c&rrier, Id advauco 10 la)
Oat year by carrier li not pifd In
Advance i2 00
In month, by null 1
Three months 00
10 00
John II. Oberly has reduced the mbmlp
lion price of the Wkkkly t a mo Hi'LLkti.n
It) One Dollar per atintim, nuking It tho
.ofioapcst pipar published In Southern llllnol
at mil tag Bnatier mi i vrrj- rmsre. 5.
it' lr. ntlctli
anal it&to fair.
The ctato fair nt l'eorin vi a '.nant ial
'icccii. Tho receipli from all ourrc,
fx)t up a total of f 2 ',2.18, Thi arnoiint i
$7,000 moro than wai realircl latt yopr'
Bad ovor $1,000 more than wa evr taken
in before at any rtato fair fver hol l. The
ipcnies, including; premiumi pid and to
ipaid, will amount In roundjOtimberi to
22,000, loajin'g a lufplmof ITjiS, atery
fcindiomo profit on the inretrnnt:
A. vronn ran thk r.M'or.rr-
Tho fall of .lay Cool:o & Co. li&i rfem
aitrateJ the prononesi of humanity to
kick thoto who aro dotrn. AVitli few oi
t wpti9n ,tho newipapcrs baTo liecn tin
fjaring In their dennnciitiom of .lay
Cooko and tho firm which Iisj itnoU i"U(j
t'Sifully for yean, which came to tho rrwuo
tha goTornmcnt in in darken Uayt,
i.nd which has had tun unlimited can
fidenco ot tho pooplo for or a deendo, i
U now denounced a "inujhroom concern."
But a few days ago,thonhino of Jy Cooke
as hold in that roipoct which the ownur
ofa great fortuno niwnjtinrpiret. To-day
iioprecationa upon him ma be heard upon
fOl lidet.'and ton indeed are found to do
liim. rBVorenrc. "With no fympalliy for
Uio Credit ilolillier ytem of railway or.
Ur'priies, which has oxpdri nol n blow
c -which will probably it forever, we
oiinnotioln in the the ttorm of imnreca
tion which layi tho wholo wtigbt of th
oitMtropho upon a few men, the center
BTid'prlncipal of whom ii .lay Cooke. S'
think it only just to romembor "that cor.-
;re:j is partially rcponsib!o for tho pros
nt condition of thinj,',for,.to..a groat ox
Mont, thoo worthloti railroadi ware pro
'J icted, ragrcly to t cl.:o upcn the pnbliq do
laain, with tho consent of tho national leg
Milature,and Tlctlmi7 the pooplo intobuj1
'inn bonoa of corupimi J. which hnvo plenty
nf land, but no money." The ruin which
li.uoTcrtnl.on tho falo syitom of railway
building has engulfed along with count
Un lasicr Victtm,'.liiy Cooke aUo. Tho
rrnor of a tplondid private fortuno. wo
huve reason to bcliovo that ho will yieM
It op to tho juit demandu of tho rre-liton
oTJay Cooko and Co.. and hi far as 1v
in bii powor, both at a member ol hia firm
nd ai ft privato debtor, do what ho can to
ciakegoodto many innocent poople their
livoitmortts in Jiorthorn I'nciOo railiray
Jondi. In thii connection wo quoto froni
I ho 'Philadelphia I'ro,' which oipreiffs
irie opinion that Jay Cooke nnd Co. will
t norgo from tho tirejr ordenl unscathed-,
lliat the capita IiU ahouid and ill '. tn
Twnrd to tho rolief:
The nation owes moro t" .lay Cooke
Uian It can evor rojiay. JJ la Titanic
achievements in placing iu loam, nfter tbe
rpeted failures of even such men as .Mr
Chane; when it rosduriei were lvell-nigb
eihauitea and lu bonds wore bolag hawk
ol about tho markets of tuo World tit n ru
inons dlicount; when lu sol licrs in the
fljld and in thofacoof an n.i'ting onomv
vero unpaid and unfod won fr him the
doaarved thanks of thn rntinti. An a clti'
7. in he has been publicspiriti 1 nnd gonor-o-ar
to a fHult. His rountii.-.room hat
bion an almonry, and bis benefaction
mve llcisod thousands. Shall such a man
fl.ll for tho want of a helping band '
Tni: Galaiv for (Mobor"conlatn arti
cJi by Richard Grant White, Col De For
t, AlUrt lihodoi, Taul II. llaynes, Hen.
Oidoon AVollos, Mn. hm Chandler
IToalton, ilin Xora Terry, tbe l.ady
iJ'ancha Jturphy, and othor n.rt. d wriurs.
Tho distinguished autur.r ,.f "'tVords
Wid their Uses devotes an i.traorditiary
7iumbr of wordf, no loss tbau nlnotoen
T56' "T them, to "l'onliliing a l'undit."
"Fmnch Words and I'hrase. ' i llirht
flolicau, linguistic study, flavored withau.'
tvaote uca epigram and aibiih of iMinor
wi tho manner which has made Mr
Hftodw so popular. Tho ar:i:l of "L it
cdn and fvsward" has a particular blstor.
uai Tftineln view of tho ft that it
Horn trie pen of tho Hon. C.i.ieoa AWiles.
Tho pwitical department of.tu number,
Mblcb is uncommonly good, .,n!cnoit tuo'-
n polized by bouthorn writr. Jlr. I'nul
B. Uayne, Mrs. .Margarot .1. J'rotUm and
Mrs. M. 11. Dodgo are poetK of whom th
S.utb is justly proud.
Tho departraonts of I.ituraturo, & iance
liJ MjfqoUany are well sustained, but the
sliparttooat 'of Humor I mlHln; In this
number, possibly for tho reaaon that
humor prevads tho body of tb roaga.
zlib and overflows with lb puWiibrt
iuppleiufcnt, wheroit Is JudirJoy,.!!- princ
Jl as a sugar-coating to tuo unpaltabl
svi vcrtlsomauts,
Vn. Jli.AfVEi.T'i articlan on "ilodurn
Slepticifm. Jn Svuinsr.
ur.ia oiuwi more uisousston than any
sir lie 1 oa which llHVM n
linn Tim llitrd ..,! it
- - -t'i'n a n luui;
QiUUbU "juouorn hkepticiimWhat our
'biytrian muit do about it," hpj.our. itt tbo
Otobor number. Tho
ib) concluding pages of ir. Hollsnds
"Artuur jionnicasiie, onuoi Jirtil Ilarto'a
S'l.nlaoiie of Fiddlostown.'' LuIh i:,.v
.11 - I -,... I. .. r. I ... . - .. ....
; Ml trriago." doorge . Cable gives u a
Tory bright and chaructoristlr Mew Or.
lecnt story, and Alltrt Ilhoilc dusTibes
it n. (n tha Kmnch Assomlilr ' Tlmr,.
u n. nlaiukBt uaoor on "1'aylri.r UcMs &
' .. .-!.!-. nf UUr I.'rAnrll t.lnl....
CttrtcuJcolJoctron of "Turkish 'roeili
ah In tore ting HluitntUd article on "The
fieysers of California.' nfc BenlsnAia I1
new TTorlr. nanlml rr " n
VGtk CfTtfal Wrt."- i
Hob, $fth pfeU:ri V fh
Old Van
With the Nnvonihor Qurnbnr a
volume ill ommAoco. Willi it will
eg In
two Arni fi.'uri serials, "Katharine Kartc, '
bv Mils Adeline Traflon ....tbof nf "Tl,
Auerien (!irl Abroad ' and "Kartben
l,IUbPM.- LT.Mra.aWcaIl.iJlnIrI.vi.
Mlti Trafto'n'i Borci la th crod wial'
9f tba yaar. nod iiaaid to to a fitrikinx
ntiil l-caiitiful itory. Mr. T'rr.ti.lc
wMl alfr l'j;!n in N'ovcmrl)t.
Thk Ei . rir for (Vlohcr an .
lent number. Tbo frontianiecc ' a line
portrait of the- Krelh prwident, Manual
Jia!Uahou, Allien the ditot frowpnii.es
t.'Ith a ketch of liisllfe : and tb opontng
i,Voptrt are given vr a nw nycl by I ran
TurgonirlT, entitle 1 "Pstrifig I'loodn."
Turgoalfil! stnnds now at lh had of Kit.
ropean novelUU, and the present story
tins boon translated from th" Itussinn
pfllr.lly for tbe 'Klectio.' '
. Tho moit miking of tlie piiior wtklM
nro' irg Knglish 1'oeU; AlvaBdir
Duma: !an and Apw, by St. !iv.rge
Mivart: Montroe, by Peter Hnyne . In
tlio Yincyardi-of Tearnisso; "WorJiwortin
by Sir .lohn OWerid(.; News from the
'Moon; On IlenrCfial lUltrlctlorn to Lib-1
orty of Marriage; nnd Home r.d it Ad-
.. o. .....
vewarim. Thoeilitorial departments are
of the customary intctwt and variety.
Published hv K. It, Vzw. mS Fulton
II, Pzwrtv. 1 OS Fulton
strcet, Si York,
Terms, $5 a roar, tw.
copip, '.t. Mingle number, I,", cnls.
Tl.o fktuler number of Di.
Mo.vtui.t Maoa.i.vk is fully eual to its
usual xcplleneo. mrludlnr nte:tiiinlug
storioi, fashions and household ami othor
matters. The extraordinary offer femr
et is making to his ubcribor, of the
larglft; Wv nl moat popular of oil chro- (
in es, ' The Old Oaken lluoket,'.' "Capvlto
Child," "Homo, Sweot Home, ' all three
by '.leroine Thompson, and "After the
Storm," by De IIbm, as a premium to each
yeurly subscriber, nlf oach, is truly won
derful Hf.o tho Oi iober number frw full j'nrtio
ulnri in regaql tdthte iplekdld prl.-es, or
address "V. Jknxivcb Dimorei-t, bin
Itroidwny, Xow York.
Ufmokbht's Yorsa Amebk X, with all
its useful, -interesting and piquancy of ma
terial for-the young folii, in now roady
for Oclobcr. Yoijto AvcmcA for l73i
to bo furnHhud nt SI, fUh n VBliiablo
preaium to each nbiorlbr. This will bo
good newi to the juvnnlU'. Address Y.
Dkmobbst, - S3H, Rroadway,
tiw lork.
iikkot.sk von wilkik col. i
I! lii -tcr, N'. ., I'l.ii.n, , i . II.,
Tuo iii-wapapera have neralud thu ni
rest ol Mid Minuiu Jlenton, an inijioriant
witnoin iu ttio tokos' n.urdor co. Ju
ono particular, says tho Indiunapolis 'Sen
tinol,' tho statoinent U incorrect. Jlor
nauio I." not "Minnio," but "Mildred"'
Jlouton, and boforo mnrriago, was
"White," and thereby hatix-j a wle. A
tho.wlix mit tflJow of thu Indinna aol-
filer. n. U'm ! m.i.i.i
Since Gen. Itenton i untimely death, to
early in t io war as IN..', Mrs. Mildred i
had disannearrd from the siclit of tho In
dinna people, but not their memory, for
hor arrest in New York last week has sot
knowing tongues to wagglnir airnln. nnrf
horsnylngs and doings hnvo hoeu retailed
und repeated, though thoy might nl any
lime bavti formed tho the mo ot village
gofslp, and doubtless hnvo often been re
hearsed a a proof that nil the r.,ninrio of
liio it nut cni-lOrr-d between tho i "v r of
a novel. For hor history is a curiou ono,
and tho rtartllng incidents and situations
of her life, r.i alio hm gone up itnd down
tho ennh, and walked to and fro in it.
make a career that has fev. pKralli'ls. In
tne consequential town of .M8Viile, !vv.
that has ttiu OMo rivoron ono idoand an !
Immeasurably l"rgi Lill on tho otlnsr, sho I
was iKirn ami raUwl, nnd at the breaking
out ei inu rcoeiiion mere wore lew Of iu ;
levoral thousand InhabitanU who did n t 1
know Mildred White. A villuge beautv '
u always n noted personage, and to this 1
ijunlily which she possoiseil in a wondrous '
degree, is doubtlets to bo trnoed the secret !
oi llHrp'Wur; mi OB WSl B SlirOWU Bl.
f i . ... . . .
beautiful, clear, coo). beaded and deter.
mii.ed- 1'lace thcuo elements in n anr.
rounding of poverty, nd add Ip then a,
large amount of the o'.d slave holding
irldo, nnd thero is n combination that wHI
work n way for lflf. Caleb White,
Mildred's father, had met nlth revenue
in bvino.i, nod had gradually Mink lower
and lower in thu scalo of prosperity till
even 1'otcr. the o'.d family servant, had
boen Mild. The oldor momhon of tbe fam
ily bad gone their different wayi in pur
suit of their lortuties MUdrui, thu uo.
est, alone, wot at home. . toe fftmlfy had
uovlsiblo means uf sucmort oth.. ,k-
?ueb spmodic help ai came from ono of
Mildreds brtthe-i, who hod gone south
so she had an early opporttiuitr of learn
ing to lire by her wit, and she iraprovel
it IU this time Mildred was about ci.b
teen j. ais of ago,
(.Miuioris ant surrr.,
with a dash of the oriental In her taste
and temperament, ai well as appearance.
A triDu above the average height, her
forto v,m rather larger Uwb the itaridard
of beauty migbt ,),, but so perfoctlv pr
portion ibat a change wuuld i ,
defect; sp.rkllrg bl.ok eyei, dark Lx
urmnt tiair, rog.,., r.rt,., .V? 4"
bMdly ended, b, temjw.mtc
eccenlricitiw and much of 1 .. "
"""'""' lanuara. Mie ttk dill
II 1 I " we. see, IMIVU1 UU
onlM geniu.. For one one . r her Sccen-
" 'i rfwiotuu wai a lebei. nt N) timos
and undei all circurantanei she talked
robol and net-id rebel, sad would nt be
kept down. Did ai she ph eied, in short
Her geniui inanifeited lUolf in pirnoiiai
adorn luent. In ipite of poverty her
wardr.bu wai elegant and cmtly, and she
wore it with good tat. Her genu.s in
this direction manifeilod itdf In the way
of orocuring thu.gi and not paying f0r
them. Wbothor or not it wm a
fundamental principle nlth bar never
to pay for anything the g.,t, u
was a vwdl oitubluhod fact will" evirv
one who knew her. that iho never
did. an Inudent thu pMl.,j j,lt0
a byword., which the brought
about will nerve to ll'uslrato. She wont to
market ono -lay nnd n.ade u !R.g,. a v
rlodiidection of the r , t. in.., ,;fr,.t'0
tho stock of tt e rural hu. ! -t. r, t,r. n,.
all IiupHit.allym tho matter, mio j..H.ir
her basket down, hi, 1 then I r tl.o n- if
tbirg that follows iu n opurat ' - r rar,
t "id a leger lemain 1 Unly ih", t
i. ..j . . v.. .711
njd strangle a little, flipped her hattd to thoy am JioM.r.p out an I will dnuhthwi
mwtfiHM thra -IimimI ib, lp ' ; Weih,.r throi.gh th .lav. Frwdmatis
ISr'SsaBia! vjrTat'M. rr .u.a,
rod Imlf iloim long poised " nl 1 ltl other prlWln inilltiitioni. A gflhn)
Iflfcr J?-! ? in M.jvil!e. .Prom meeting of thOmntlrDri or the ChaMrfir
$ !ffi.M.'',cU, lfflMl lnjf (!ommrfjnrn Ittchange, TofiSco
.UIIMfBd a "'m.ifcr up. ua marvelous- a .uu.ur .i 1 , tn
It untruthful; hut 11 W..-I nodrawlmek. , A"' ' ,""lh,,"l' 7"
Ifer maaneri were superb hr converse- i " loJny, l" consider tl.o nto of
ticnal iTnwer remark Mo; eramful in 1 aflislrs, bihI adopt mi'aur,i. t., sticngtbefl
2? .Vi TF?" !V'"T V ' " "
' muu pruni turre mm IIIUIIB. WOlhBoiV
; (wriBBtinrt imt her n atlranivo t tho '
I nnpo.iKi fox. AVhul -.,nUr. thai., that
i ,Be J'',or. ).v th croro ' .S;i in.
' ? V wnn" 01 'l0r r,'K'l,"""U9,
, tMet ddrcMl br hi lifil tiamp,
I "Caleb," linuad of calling him Mr.
, Whit. And lhe)l. inhatitatitaof Maaoft
ftonnty will rcmomliT an action of Mil
dred' mother. The story goos that when
Mrs. Whit was youtii; woman
fill ItKCAMK l:K0R(IKI
trea Oliver Mason. (They nflnrwanl
oalloil him All ()Tf Mason.) Thry wore
tit lie married in the priwonO nf it largo
NiPiituinge, ana .ir. wiite stipulate
; that her lace should Im kly tilled Jur
ing IDo oeromooy. It so l.aptied that
Mr. Whitliad b sitir wiio was oldr and
not so pretty as he, and tot very bright.
i neti inocersmony una tion pettormpd
to salute the bridw, nor Ml-Orer .Mssnn
raisod hU band, in horror and shriek-l,
G.wd (Jo.1 1 can t kin that ugly fice "
It wa he eldrr 'tr' H.i (ell in line,
bf?.e,vf' PJt"c''1 late B4 .boat he
aud Al!-Uver .Mauin took lortronc driuk
and died. An Incident in Mildred' on-
fTr w" MV" " ',nn "!f- :'nie
time in lf'JO, a gentlerran who is now n
tM.An, 0t ,hu ciiv. wont tn Maville.
and while vol somotiiirig of a utrnngcr in
twn. beiatne HCitmiuKnl wJtn Mil-
area V hit. Sliortly nftcr tnero was a
linll at tbo !.? lIoua, to which the ladies
wero to invite the gertb-men. .Mildred
invited thin i'mii tlnn. I, lit bnforn tlio Lull
ot ID placa lookou uV)ii .lildrisl na bur
way n rulhcr uocoiutnendable, and that
it wouldn't lie tho best introduction hi
could gnt to MsyiTlllM ocicty by going a
hr iourU tjo be wroto to Mildred, do-
.t!l .1.- E . -, f .... ...
cnniug lue iinniii"n. imi ijjjj went Wltn
anotber escort V. illiam Costo - who
lr.!n n.l ......... .f, I I
by being urrMUjd and Mint to Kurt Lufny
ette ai un effldous rebfl. Tbe cominanll-
lug officer who caused the arrest wa Col
onul Metcalf. After CosUi's liboralion he
met Colonel Metcalf nnd fought a duel
wif'u him for tho uppoied wrong dono
him nnd fell nt tbe llrst firo-the Colonel's
first ihot killing him. It was with Wil
liam Cos to that .Mildrd went to the ball,
und whoa the two look their pla in tbo
set to dance the other thro couples wont
hack gon all rub s in uch ca made
nnd provided, and look their rata, I a .'ing
Mildred and her cavalier to go it alone.
In lxil Mildred, with b-r paront. left for
Iew Orleans, mil for seral years the
people of Mayaville heard nothing of them
till about b year and n half ago, when a
Mayiville merchant, who was In New
York, mot Mildred on tho street, and from
her received an invitation to call on her
nt hrr house. Ifo did so, and (Inscribed
I tho place as palatial almohlin lUnbgnnce
oi.i :.n... ...I .......... . - , I I
Old tirn and scenen worn revived, mid in
course of conversation Mildred oxprosil
horwlf very freely irt rognrd to Stakes, de
olaring nnd desiring tbe merchant to pro
claim it to her old-tlmo 8cquaintancni that
sho was determined to have Stoke' acquit
tod. While in tho South, Mildred married
Gnn. "William K. itnatnii, ono of Indiana's
well known toliiicri, who had unlisted at
tho opening Of tho war, and' when ho ,iw
Mildred was in command of tho Federal
force, nt Ilaton Houiro. After their rnsr
ringo they t amo to Itichmond, In this state,
wiiure Gen. Uer.ton had lived previous to
iuo war, nna wnero no nnu mnrrieii anu
Imrleil lilt flrfl irlfn. tt'hlln In liiohrnnml
Tililr.) liiWAinn troll Lnnvti (fcnn,.li that
..... . ' - ,
smvoti inero lint n mniiiM nr lwn. "hnv
w.on Iwvuinn isaciiilla.l tvliti il,n ..i.,o
" , "
Tr;. lientT
in tbe lame j oar lie ha I mnrrll -1K.VJ
Miidrod then came Hack to niehmoiid.aiid
flnlmod ihonmountof hor hushnnd'i life I
first ivife, or their representative, could
get it. Then stormy pconca fdllowod She
threatened cult, but consultation allowing
Ui fit it would be tisMcsi, ho nbandouixl
her intention and loft Richmond, to be
lienrd of ngain In cotinectlon with tiic
Htokes oftse.
" r--z.- z -
n . ,r , . ,. ,, ,.
"Vl'UilcU LXpresSiy I0f IIIC UUIieiin,
nasjts n k iiamkp,
kw VoitK, 8pternl.er 21. Tho sub
treasurer purchwod one million and n
half of ootids up to this, 13:30 p.m.
Aa eiTort ii making by tboinb-treMurr
to dlsiributo tho groenbocUi ha much g'
poeiihle, and no more is being lupplied to
tbeiaviogi tanks than their needs re
ijuire. An exchange ha opened ut lit Broad
way, for the tale of itoclu and bonds, lor
cosli. Uargorowti in attendance.
wu.t. TAP IIT KAi p-OTIJUl.
The members of the clearing home at
their meeting to-day, In addition to list),
ing Another to million of loaocortlncBlei,
and suspending payments ol currency in
largo amounts, resolved also to (tand bv
each other with all their interests and to
expel any bank falling to to do. Each
member of the loan committee was made
a committee of one to Hod out wliuro
$lO,tXH),Q(D of government bonds, or nny
part of that amount can bo purchased'.
The president and lecrotary of tha treat
ury have boen asked to anticipate tbe pny
tiiti.l of tho bonded Indolitedoess of the
r""" ' 1 " u" " " "Biur..
The following are thu latent cash pricn
on the direct (or tooki: Kew York Cen
tral, U to 91 ; Harlem, lo:itol03j Krie,
60 to 53; Lake Shore, i to ; "Wabash,
3tiH!i; Worthwertorn, 40 to 4"; Mil
waukee A- Nt. Paul, i to o3 ; Ohio fic
UUiiuippI, 21 to !(iu and I'nJon la.jiOc
20 to 21.
XhB ltichmotd Dollar navlngi bank
'"! mil
oloa Ihii futonooit,
ftftfttl .1. It! VI1I a .1 I
Winiaw'i banking houie ha. luinended'
on account of the acarolty of SiJ? .
tholi asaeti belos double th.lr .i.i.iif.i: '
in both concerns.
w . "nu..i,im
1 Itf. HONK i U I I KUH
, ii tl ; in rn nt t
' tr, 1 1 n i ,'b-e nr ,
ll'O n
H f
ho tir b.
There a n
ankr i
"a .u c i .ntr i ,n
1 f f a va'ici i 'inks
in '-r-:it - - f.
' crtnn ,enro-
At t. i' tr.T.
I t w "avil.g'
throucrlimit tbf city, ami tlir mm to l e
inioii( of (mymoot, ui .lni
1 Uon appwir inorroris1dnt.
TlllrtW!. A.Vfi WATo!,
) gold brokera, barn nnpendeil. Yery lit-
I lie PToltoment in thi m pension It wai
"aufd by tlm refusal of th. asitant
tnnturor to buy Itoinle from individui.l
and givo rim to tho report that he lmd
toppil buying bonds Hp to two n clock
ho bad purrlmaed JS,U0,OOrt. Tho bank
iirosidenta htvo had anothor mooting to
day, at half-past thrco o clock. Tlio
bunks bavo miJe their clearing? in good
shape, nnd the diderencci sotll"d. Tho
' pressure on the Iwnkj from out of town
. . . , , '
! "" ' nrlmlled in many cbis
y tho fresh tlcpotiU. There
' emi to bo no unusual run
' upon anv bank', and they are meet-
lug thn demand .promptly in grssankacki,
hn it Is ooHiiln tkat o ruo will bo at
tempted, for trie mot part they are certi
fying clio'k good through their clearing
ho !.
wai early in the itroct., nnl multitudet of
yrnpatlilrlnn frtend were aeger to thake
hands with bun, ami it waa tho getierHl
mproion that the ft jht mado bv th
houu during tho )iul few day, wax in
deed n bravo lrugglo aguint the disaster
of suponion which camo n. Ian. There
is no ruth of anxious depositor to thn
o 'u u of llown A Mwh. or f the bstik-
i i- ilm., ,.r ... v-,. .
' " .b..w"..,
Co. H Kms to bo nn accepted plea of
!ponion, that a sjapention by a
solvent hou'c, induced by the gcnoral
oompleiion nnd iinavidablo necenaity of
the present panic and matter of precau
tion, other than tbo evidence ot a perma
nent disaster. Shortly nfter 12 o'olock
thern wa,3 a slight run commenced upon
a hanking liouso of the Vlrnmlyoa Co.,
hut the jmrtuoni tlHte that the homo was
preperwl to meet all dHHinml, nnd thai
they were In no fear of tho ooaejuence
of t. -ct rumors or demand on them for
Foreign cvhango uolation mliuoul
nOAT Back.
lirown won tho boat ra 8t llullifax
hy ioveral lnnglb.
Tho alight run on om of the iiiving;
lunki i.o',el from day to day, since tho he
ginning of tho flnjinoinl crisis, ' ha
proved; onliroly principally below
Fourteenth street were vialtod this fpro
noon, but most of them wore derted, ex
cept by occasional depositors. At the
IJowery Savings bank thero woro omo
persons drawing small turns, but it wai
nothing in comparison to a day or tv.o
! ""''O Oil
the inmu hniik. l'crom who
draft, rt.,, 41...I. . .t.. . .
- .un iiioiii-v uuriiiir i u oar v
,1.,., ,.fiu...i. .1 .... .
J !'"-. uei'Ofiiou nmounii
f P'-i Hock hou.es nro
rl-'c'Vig thoir itock, of which they have
, boen univ illinc to do sinco tho closintf of
ttie slock oxchnngo. Ilroken nro begin-
Money U about one per cunt, nor diem.
Thero aro no moro tallurpi to report to
dy, nnd tho fooling, nlthough mit olmer
ful, is not as dishoarten ing as at the close,
Tha following aro the closing prices
for stocks on tho truut near a could bo
Western Union r,S bid, di askod ; New
York Central, bid, 9 asked; ltcii'US
Mall, '..H bid, 2'J h-kud ; Cnlon Tnclllc, 18
bid, 19 hiked; I,nko Miore, T5 bid, "oj
aikwl; North weitnrn, I0 bid, I'J nsl.wl;
I'.oek Island, HOj bid, 87 asked j "Vabali,
lObtd.daikfld; Ohio and Miislislppl, 21i
b'd, 2'J asked.
Gold oloed at 11 J. Tlio ub trcaiury
lomjht U,fil 1,750 bonds to-day.
The annual illoceMian slata convention
of ilia Proloilant Kpiicopnl ohurch, bo-
ttoi to-day In Ht. .lame Chapel. After
the morning prayer nnd communiDn cr.
riesw, Illshoji Keifoot, of 1'Ittiburg, m.
iitlng, tbo oinvention ndjournod until
Nw York, Soptember 21 Monoy
panic bai blocked bunine:. Khijipera can
not soil thoir oxebsnge. There U hardly
enough doing on produce exchange to oi
tabliih price i. Cash Imyeri ran obtain
libortvl concoisioDii.
The leellng In mooiury olrcleK this
nurning wai slightly hotter than last
OTenlog.hut nfter tho luipemlonof Honry
Clowe & Co., was announced, 'i'ho clos.
ing of this eminent home, deitroyeil to
somo extent, tbo fooling of oonfldenco ob.
ervAblu yesterday morning, and wiion llm
Ronounoement oi tim mipetiiion of
Howes A Maoey wai inndo tlio uneasy
feeling wai intanallleil. Mr. Macey said
that the Arm ru.pendod bocauso of th0
heavy drfti inado upon It within tha last
few days, btitdeolinod to state thn amount
which had been withdrawn, but that tho
aec.iritioi held by tho home were ample,
lie believed, to protect nil depositor, hut
ho declined io lay anything in legard to
their character. Ho also declined to m'nko
tiny statement iu rog.uJ to tho aisols and
liabilities. When iiiu Hound us to thu
probability of thoir roitimptluu, bu Miid
U T U?,ftWo f "f f Um "l
tilSMnL Mr lou-a' km nlmiMt rum. ..
. , "niil-
" "i"1 '' 0i,uftt0' ,'is,,t'"11
W,M ,nRl;o no f,lrlll0r Prohaioi to-morrow
of Jl- jii bonds iiulll ho reculvea further in.
"'ructions, from Washington, having nl
r al jmi li ,l tho $ l2,00rt,00C, v author.
' T'.io trustoos of tho Viimn 'J'turl
c l.a ii t j t furnished thoir statement
lr mi " fxaii. inatlon instituted it now
appear tiiittho dofalcntlona of I arleton,
1 er 100,000, Tho Cvr-snany,
jirofM" tbi'if ahillty'to p(l
lar. . a
i ........ jZ.. j-A
nltoCKISU l li IM'.
Cltifioi, SplamlK-r H - -hocking
JWielda occurred at Oik I'irl: stnlion, a
lew fnllo west of thi city, on the North
Western railroa I la-t cvenim;. (I (I.
Uym, preiident of th Adams, llln k.
more dt I,yon publishing company of lhi
city, who resides M (Mk park, went to tbo
dHt and taking a stniid by tho bio of
tho track, wnltod until a locomotive camo
nlong, when he niddoiilv throw himself
mi the track In front of it and wai -truck
nnd literally turn to piece. Mr. l,yon
was CO yours old, ami ha fr tbo last two
orthreo yuan-tillered trom pevere mental
doprcIun, caused by ill hoalth, but has
litterally been in better health. Ho wni
tho nrlginatcr of the national irin of tb
Uiiiida cbofd lesion, and aiuhor and ed
iter of many Sunday ichool publica
tion'. Although the day hn been very quiet
on exchnngn, and prices of all grain havo
declined, thero fan been a marked alwenci
ofexcitonmnt, and a continued feeling of
conUdcnce on tbo part of nearly all the
members of tho imard of trvle. hut
overling thero wa some ngilntiou of a
proportion to thn cloo of thu board for i.
(lay or two, hut thi inovemotit amounted
to nothing. Tbo board of director to-dsy
recommended to the members that btisi
noli b conduetel on a conservative n
basil ai povible, and that elloru be made
tondjusl outtaiidIngtrl( maturing. The
present month on nu equitable ba.i that
t'raninctsona be liuiitwl to the settlement
o' outstanding contract, nnd to sales of
property for cash, and that in nil transit:
Hon libcri.l anil reasonable oonfldenco be
extended, whore tho same would under
ordinary circumstance be proper. The
recommendations were tocoived with gen
oral expression! of ftvor, and have ben
followed with great unanimity by the
members of Hie hoard, so that thorn will
bo by to-morrow night very few outstand
ing trndei to settle. There hr indeed
fewer outstanding trnle than at any
other liuil since the lire. Holder of
cah gralti are indisposed to tell at proaent
prii c, and this, together with the inabili
ty to negotiate uxchunge, prevonU tho till
ing of the largo orders for grain. There
is u lienor! feeling or rcli.if that the day
has passed by in Now York o sati.fin'to.
rily, and renewed eolijence in the ttfr
ability of tha batik and merchant, ot
Chicago to pull through all right. There
hevo liocn no failure of merchants r
grain dealon. The bankc all went through
tha clearing homo to-day in good sha; n
and thoro Ij nlrnoUK universal fooling lint
tbe storm h passed."
- - .
IIkown)Mm.k, To.a, September 21.
A series of robberies nnd murder havo
recontly been committed on cltiaoni re
siding and travoling on tho Muxloan bor.
der, which seem to vindicate that tho
hnndltr select Atnorioari n thoir victims.
Tbeio crime arc either as a retaliation for
Gen. MclCcnzin raid into tho Kickapoo
camp and Mexico, or becatue thu authori
ties, are io unfriendly to Americans that
such crimes can bo perpetatud without
ler.r oi ptmiFiiment. A short time
ago Mr. .Montgomery wa
nttackod, robbed and Lft for dead
in Ilia bouse at -Montorey. .uq Havczic
was beaten in hi? store in Carmago, and
left for dead. His rnjiillanls being dis
covered in tlmo to prevent rubbery. The
1'erdi family were robbod on tho high,
way near Han Fernando, and tho mon,
women and children tiod, and left to
starve in an unfrequented ipot. .Mr.
Honderinn and his two companion wero
robbovl, and one of them killed, iu Chora.
Two Americans were attacked and one
wounded, in tho road near Marcena, us-
caping only nftor a deipernly fight, in
which one of their assailants wa morlallv
won nil oil. ,
Dr. Haggdfty was killed in his homo at
Aguioalgdc, nnd the premixei ruhld.
The perprelrRtori of tboso crimes were
arrested, and thoir guilt clearly establish,
od, oxcept in the l'erdi case, yet not ono
of them woro ptinlihed. Tho authorities
being cither indillorent or powerles
Tile fact; have been proven boforo tl.r
United Status comnl, and cnt to Wash
Inglon, in hopc3 rodrou will bodumandud
Cincinnati, Suptember LM. Thoro i
no I'haage horo in the condltluti ol llnan
rial ailalr. Tbo banks aro discounting
sparingly, and nro itlll ptirsuitig a policy
that will fortify tiiHin. Iti.mori were
oatly circulated on Uhango that tho Ual.
timoro banks had nnpandod, which pro
duccd a deprening offuct. Thi sup.
ploiuontcd by anothor report that tho Now
Vol It banks had generally Diupundcd,
which served to inoroaio .tho dullness in
goneral husincu. Dispatche wero re
ceived, howovor, at a lnlor period, deny,
ing both of these report?. Thcto woro
reoelvod with jirolotiged iipplaue, ami
sorvod to ruliovn tho dir-quift. During
this afternoon thoro wnt an improved fool
ing mi Third street, win, uo cvideii. ..r
oxcitemiiiit in any qunrtor.
II k vi. rn oi Tin: HIT.
Nkm OniKASri, Suptonihor 2 1 -Not.
Withstnndiiif; tbo exaggerated report, of
yllow fovor in Now Orleans, thu gonoral
hoalth of tho city was noyor hotter at this
season, llr, C. 11. White, president of tbo
board of health, In an clllcial stalcmont
to-day, inoniloni the fact tbnt 70 days
bavo ulnpsod flnca thu lir.it cue occurrod,
and that to date thu number of deaths
frum tho disease Inn not n ontged ono and
a haif per dnv. Ho nlnostatrs that thoru
am now only 20 casus under treatment
anj nu t of tne.'o convalescon' Thu'
cuic lira all rctnnto fr 11, the Iniiiifis
H'lit s
however. oirTt'lu refo
B 4-at ).
ptaiiitRf.nlS ftf
lal7?.Uttflil,a, I
t ml
.Mjtdfid,i.,iM thlfttiio m
gent-vTlsnra havTmt there, ji .-y .1,,,..
are jet in the harbor, hnd will c,.iioei.,
i"ruiimiii oi inei iiy lo-inorrc-iv
l1"'! HI n SI l'Kki,N,
IliniM-cr, Sej.teml,r 2 1.- llr.m n,
Lancaster, .V Co, well-known bankets
and broker of this city, and agents of the
Ch(apeke nrnl Ohio railroad, anil having
brahebo in New York nnd Richmond
suspended tin afternoon. Tho firm state
that the suspension was earned by an on
ot peeled and unprecedented tun, It I
h!iI that a Jtatemont. will ! inndo to
morrow. KJIO-M IJTir'A. X. V.
I.'tica, September si. Tim KmimiMI. an
statu convention wis ciliwlto order by
Alotizo II. Cornell, chairman of thu statu
ooflVentlpn, at 12 o'clock to-day ; Davit!
.1. .Mitchell wai made temporary chair
man. (Jmmllti on credential; nnd
platform were appointed ; and to the lat
ter committee wn referred without de
bate under the rule,a resolution disapprov
ing the increase of inUrioa by the ltoyn.
gru.. Tho reading of this roMution
elin ifo ! great npplauso,
Alii wai kkk, September 2J. There
was a large ottendanco upon tho resem
bling of the chamber of conimeroo this
forenoon. A oon t the pre-ident calleil
tho meeting to ordr, the following reo
lition wa adopted, almot unsriimotisly:
F.e.iolvfHl, That thn bourd landi nd
joumml until Monday next, the ti'ith Inst.,
uuitnr thu resolulion'of Monday last, uti
les i-ooner called together by order nf the
president nnd board of director.-; pro
vided, that nothing In this netlon shall be
construed n interfering with tho settle
ment belwn-u irtie. of eiiiting run
tract, arol the cnlling and putting up
tiHrgihs. And thii bovd recommonJ
that nil outside tialing le di ontinni-d
Or. w i, Septowbor 21 Fred Martin
wai examined before a royal cnminLiion
to-day. He said bo Wa n si-eond ceum
ufaGeo. Mc.Mullln, and knew that Mc.Mul
lin and other Americans wrru entering
to negotiations with Sir Hugh Allen to
ecure the IVitic railrond cot, tract. Mc
.Mullln lbowe.1 tho wittiM a Utter from
Sir Hugh, and read part of It, remarking
'Sir Hugh i- a tricky chap, but we have
gut him so last with this corrc'pondencc
thai be can't go back on in." AlcMulIin
did not mention tho goernmotit or any
member of it In eonnwtion with tho rail,
road. Mr. White of tho Montreal Ga
zette, will ho called up to-morrow,
. . -
Xr.w Uki.ba.vk, Scptumber 2t. No ar
rivals or departures. Clour. Themome
ter 83.
Yifi:snt nJ, Hcptt.-iiib.ir Uwn : H.
C. Yaeger and .lohn II. Maudo. Ifp :
Mary K. Poo and Capital Cllv. Clear
and warm.
Nash vtLI.F, September "I. Kivnr ril
ing with a. Inches on the ihnnli. Weather
cloudy and cool,
(iroeti, Cairo.
Arrived A Mi T.
Cincinnati, Senlcmbf r at Charmer
arnviil from I'.votMSillo and returned
Vi'cather cloudy and growing warmer.
ISivcr 4 foet 0 inthim and stationary.
KtAKuvn I k, September "11 Cloud v
and mining lightly. .Mercury r,o to oi'.
Jtivor filling slowly. t'p ,l,n s,
llrnmsford. flracey, I'.obortl and Favetti;
Down- Kiln liugi.o . iiiifiiiiiii ' Ver
fiOUInVILLK, September - Ilivcrfai:
ing, with 2'J liicho in thu caual, an.l W.i
than four feet on Portland bar Weaile r '
cool and cloudy. Arrival .1. D. IV
kor, Cincinnati; i'nt linger. Cmoinna'i 1
Depirturoi: .1. D, Parker, Cincinnati
Fat ItoH'ers, Cincinnati
St. Loii, September L'4. Arnve.l '
(Irand Tower, Memihl; b'uturo City
Ames and Kyle, Now Orleans Northwen!
crn, KeoKiiK; uoiorauo. Yick bun-. Ha.
parted: I.ako .Superior, h'eokuk; "draml
J'owor, Momphii. Falling nlowlv. Heavy
rain sot in early this mornliiL' and
md hi IntorvaN nil ilay.
Nkw Oki.kanh, Septcmbor IM. Flour
dull, on account of tho quarantine, but
oniu lUmaad for Cuba nnd (ircnt lliiuin
rmilv r..i,o rr. '
" .'v
Corn light supply and quiet; whlto
at 7 4c.
Oat'-supply fair, and dommid inmlor
ato nt tS.V.'e.
liny itqiply and dmimnd modorato ;
prime ?'-!2 (10021 tiu. '
Fork dull nt 17c.
Sugar no movement. ' '-
Molns'i'i-'sninonow received and lold nt
M 05M 1 21.
WhUky dull; Lotiisnna 'JSc.
fc'T. I.ori. Rentembor 21 Flour .loll
nnd oiitlerly urifettlod at j;2,fi 75.
Corn lower nnd unsettled; No !i mixed
at UHo cath ; 1 1 Ac tj seller in fictnbor.
oatidtill; No 'J ml tod :2ih in tlm
llarloy lower and utiicttlod j No ::
spring fl lft ; No 2 J 1 .'il'l
Ityo dull und lower; No 2 liff.TOc.
Fork dull nt 13 li Ifio : drv unit 1 .in I a
du 1 and nominal ; bacon dull.
ClIKAflo, Septoiuboi t!l Munliiusa on
oxohungois very light, tradini' iu irrnln In
copiinod to ortttluiiiutito nf outs tunding
CQiitracts and light purehiirci.
Flour dull'
Wheat dull and lower. No. 1 spring
'.i.'o7;U0c cash; fd October; No. :t SOc!
Corn dull nnd lower. No. 2 tulxod 31c
cash 3fl.Jo October.
Oats dull nnd a Fhado lower. No. 'J 20c
cash; l!7o October.
Ityo, No. 2 Clijc cash.
Hurley dull and low. i. noihing doing,
1'iilcrs holding oil'.
IVovIslons, nothilii; d inc. denleri hob'.
ing oil.
lohn 11. MulUey.
WllUtu C. Jlull.cy
.: .SON,
. . oiiiiii i n ;ii
fllllce Klhth street, lietwcon Cniiimer
i. il and Va Huston avcnue
fell Id ....,,..., mm', no riiri.
.Ml I, I, Kit Si PARKER,
uknichaii rn Mai i aaioN
KOItWAItl)l;(l MK.IK.'IIANTl),
!lKAI.KHS IN K 1.0 Mil, ( OKN
I !.. II f
A ( I K M 'ti rim FA I I'.ll A UK' A M'A l,L'
(lllhi l.ov.o.. CttllM. II.I.I.Mll.M
II. A.Thiuiio J.. I) I Ko.,.
StifD ni to II. M, I lil" i ii.
A Nil liK.Sl.KIIK.I.V
'M,i.le Mini I'ltilf y Uim i'i lf,
I'lltCill Jlnl lllllll) ill,
V I i 1 1 I M'SJ -A.2M' IJ J I XT 'ju
I'll 'iimurcil A wiiiiu.
(Lite Walker A I tarry.
run iii.i: nr
('iXTr, Wra-TKHS a.hi Nohtukkv
No. IS and 17 North Water 'tr.' '
aKpisVrhl ' iilfeiitbin given to . ,,n. .
Mil lie. --Ill II
0. UliOSH,
Ami dealer In
I.IMh, CtMHMT, I'tApTKK, lUlK Kl"
An lllilo l.erc.
JS7I will tell In car load lou U
tuioM priee. adding Height.
ni imiIoi
I lllioi l-r.
I.V.tllier kin I Wlioloule Pt.ir
I'oiiiiiii.v m i int :, 11
iiiio 1 i.v r.
(r. t.'nnimcri'ial At. and IHli t
A te, -f., c.t .lMtlj uo t.MiJ rn l ii :
I'lslf. r too k uf '
'I'll'll AKD IMtall WUIrKIXf
- I .N S,-
Fort, Madnria, Sherry and Catawba W,i
it. Smith .t Co. arc al-o age Mi lor . Sue n
err. Melfaj ACo.'. l'ltt-hur at., o'sihli b
Luce itook kept coiiitantly 011 bt'id at
tlu lrwIiiiliKile More.
.roi'i.i.x .CwiTiii..
0 O.M M I S 3 I r,- , k k C IIANTd
liKtf.K.'Oi IN
I lour, l r 11 1 , llncnii i:r.
Nfl Ii llliWAIili'.- I.'hw
Jvcjiiipi-ris. TEKir
ITLiheril advaii.-c- on oiitfhniiwiii
1 artlc wi-liiii' to keep po-teil with oti
market w ill plr i-e send aililio-
lir.i-l llt.M K jut, :in,l
01 Memjiln-. 'I'cncri..ce
nt' in i
For Sale :tt Wliulenalc or llctml
OOllf.KH :i2)-HTltr.KT A Nil nlllfi 1 K. Kt
Cairn, IlliuoiH.
.1. f. UAXlltl.K
li. I 'ARK VAX.
"ilcci-or to Parkri' A I'.l.il.e
iii-iiIsImn, llrealirs,
WALL I'Al'Klt,
And the CrlsUittitj illuuilntllu
IUUI.iM' l.UII.IIlN", 0011 11th ht. a com
Uai no . . Il.Llisoia.
llt'l, CoiiiineiTi.il aiiiMVa-hlnatoii nteimci
Miik. T. I'. (Iai-I'NKV, FroprietrMU,
ThS Iioii.o h.is recently iiiidcrgnnu ibor
ouuli uqiairs, and Imiiiw lu llrrt-iilui run
dlllou for the iii;cniiiiiio,iitloii of the tiavol.
Ing public. Itn.ii'ileis accoiuiundaled ou t ea
sou.iblc tci'liix, A thttiv o patrnnge Is folic
lf.l. . ., .. . . UJ"WI. vmtj
I' .... .1.. .1.- II..- n,.l..n -.1.1."

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