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E.X. ' .... ,
r lMIiMt In Honlhfrn lllinnl.
U1N II. OHKULY. Editor and riltuisnur
U wk, by carrier 25
wywby carrior, In advance to w
year by carrier 11 noi pirn in
advance l2
month, by mall '
k month J w
months n 26
o year lu w
John II. Oberly han reiluccil the subscript
ti price ol tho wkkklt uaihu nvuiun
One Dollar per annum, making It the
tpoit pipjr pu'iHndlnouthorn Ullnol
Vpr f
tha onlr
Hid City Mnil
Morning nnlly
Brsidlnsr rnMlrr on evrry iingc.
frus Modoci have entorcd upon their
t week. Next Friday they bang.
DeKalr, Lakb anu Hook counties,
ee ol tLo livo to which Congressman
rnsworlh proented his back pay, havo,
roto of tbelr supervisors, returned
sir slmre of tho money, nnd ''what will
do with Wb-cnrnesayaln s troublesome
'estlon to Mr. Farniwortli.
LA fellow by tho name of Burton, who
hrcn aa unreconstructed robe) some
lere down louth makes It public that ho
yi surrenders and returns to full nnd
pipleto allcclance to tho United Slates
oil, well, wo livo In stirring times.
Mr. Donaldson, who vs Dnmol
Hibington aftor tho great father
bit country, is still liono-
I and enthuslaitlc in tho balloon
eject, and gives out that bo will take
e over-water routo for fcurope in about
roe weeks. Mr. Donaldson will use tho
lloon rcjoctod by "Wise, and It ho sue-
eds in bis undertHlting will pocket all
o monov and wear nil tho clory with
ual prido and pleasure
Tiik Uon. A. D. Shopbord, roccntly np
inted governor of tho district of Colum
a, by Troildont Grant, is a fuir oxamplo
the rapid approach to fortune ol iut
f-ahead American. Shepherd is not yot
rty years of age, and not moro than
reive years ago worked as a plumber in
fashlogton, where with rollod up sleeves
i repaired the water pipes in the lino res
ooces of Washington city aristocrats
lepberd Is now an aristocrat blmiclf.and
building rows upon rows of lino looking
uses for other well to-do pooplo to livo
I, and if his skies continue propitious will
ace himself among tho rich mon of tho
evon tholr wondorful nnd unheard of suc
cesses do not abato. A description of
fomlnino character is not wanting to tho
completeness of tho romance Tho porton--tlous
croatlon of Milady has boon tho ori
gin of a whole school of wicked heroines.
Sho Is tho first of tho falr-halred, bluo
oyod, loft'Cpokcn demons with whom wo
have becomo so familiar. We cannot sny
that any ol tho women who figure in tho
story do any credit to Pumas, but it's to
his crcd t to say that he brings them in
only ivbon ho cannot help it, and shows
himself to havo no production for scene
of passion or any intrigues except those
which aro political.
Through two scnuola lo his llrst book
DuuiAS follow; his horocs in ndven
turei, separations, and re-unions nnd to tho
death of throo of them, leaving Aramls
allvo to wear thu robo of n
bishop nnd of whom tho dying D'Artng
nan took loavo in those words, "lAot,
Vorthns, au revoirAramis, adieu pour jit'
mats.'' With regret wo closo the pago
which nro novor dull, in which thu inter
est never llg, an 1 tho stream of incident
never fails. Wo leave them with n sigh,
to return to our dull life, in which tho in
cidcnls come so seldom and wlicro noithor
superior vnlor, nor even such unfailing
wealth of rosourco us is possessed by
D'Artiiuniin cti preservo us from tbo
most ordinary evils.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.
Tiik Tiehborne claimant is at last to bo
luffed out and extinguished so far as his
Itistenco as a "claimant" is concerned.
ief Justice Co:kburn last week declared
lat if ho did not cease his appeal to tho
abllc for sympathy during thu progress
f his trial, he must bo Imprisoned. It
as-a scandal, he said, that this man should
,) about tho country representing himself
be a martyr when his oso should Lo
ft to the unnro udicod decision of the
mrti. It Is woll known that tne claim
it has been making spooehes calculated
excite popular feeling against thoso
horn ho represents as his oppressors, the
dljes and tho juries. Ah tbo effect ol
is course, tho judges and tho jurymen
tnnected with tho case bavo received
(reatoning notices warning them to stand
L defense of their lives if a verdict shall
) given against the defendant.
To live, we must eat, and lo bo healthy
' nd strong, the food. must be of u subitnti-
1 character. Hut It is evory one s ex
;ricnce,ttn,t after a hearty mod of solid
(ire, it Is delightful to "turn to iho dessert
,r cream, j ally, blanc mange,
tc., etc. The light and ele
ant compound is a charming conclusion
the wbolu meal and is disposed of with
pUtiurablehlUrlly impossible In the dis
union of tho more Import'int purl of the
inner And so with literature Aftur phll
lopby and hiitory and biography and the
atsiisot political intriguu,und tho dry and
npalaublo mluutia of the fluaucial crl-
jl (i, a deitort in the shape of a novol, a
!l -ind onu. is rmllv dellL'hllul to thu litem-
f taste. nouri(sir have been indulg
g in the t-njoyment uf Aleaiilur Du
(as, and so spenk by tho card.
In coinpitiy with the "Thruo Muska-
era" we have ruvelod in thu delight of u
ll.orary destert which may be followed by
Itspisclon of rircl but which is nouuthe
ts touthsume lor that. It is tuo most
kontuneou an'd dazzling, most joyous, of
rtle.i and endless of romanc.'t, tays a
rller iu a late number of
lackwood's Magtzlne, with whom
e most heartily agree. What
iy vitality overflows in it, what buttling
ones open around its heroes, scenes which
ilong not to one historical period or an
her, but so real, so .crowded, so full of
pideot that wo never drontn of inquir
jg into their historical accuracy, nor ol
inging them to that dull standard which
Nkw YoriK, September 27. The bank
statement will bo ready for publication to
day. Tho clearing liouso cnminlltno has
resolved to Issue loan corlUlcates loan un
limited amount.
to the governing coii.rnittco for opening
ol the stock cxclmngo, also asks that the
committer order tho suspension of tho
rule applying to tho closing ol contracts
lor a period of threo days, and ordering
all parties who havo outstanding contracts
with members of tho hoard, to margin
said stock on Monday to tho market ptlco
on that dav, oitbof by money or satisfac
tory securities deported with tho party to
whom the difference shall bo due
Tho Gold Kxchnnnc bank is all straight
and every statemont tppmvoJ.
Three of tbo four persons seriously in
lured in tho collision on tho Midland rail
road yostorday, aro dead, and tho fourth
i not oxnected to recover. All of thorn
woro railroad employes.
are smaller than yesterday and prices
woro pushod down further by irrosponsi
bio crowds on Broad street, and tho fol
lowinir duntatlons'aro ropurtod, but vory
little dependence can ho placed on them
New York Contral 803b; Krio 4518
LakoSboroCJ03; i'.Kk Island 81031
I'acitlc 2S310; O. and M. '2o16; W. U
oia'il; Wabash 40(341; U. 1. 18jl0
Gold market activo with frequent lluetua-
tion. Tho opening salos woro made
at 111 and sales as night as 116, followed
Ly a reaction to Ulj. Tho advance
was partly due to tho covering of shorts,
and many boars being frightened by tho
high borrowing rates for gold. Somo of
tho bankers assisted in making a circle, In
ordor to run tho prico up and soli at an
ndvance tho freo ealos for their accounts
and carried tho prico from 1 15 j to 114,
tho opening prico of tho day. At ono'
linio it was reported that tho government
hid sold five millions secretly, but this re
port could not be authenticated. At
evontng borrowers pala a per cont. for
tho uto of gold, but rates soon fell to 11 at,
and still later advanced to J again.
Tho clearing houso committee has con
cluded not to maku known liorfaftcr tho
nmount of luan certificates.
Thu recent propositions submitted by
tho c.ommitteo of tho Stock Exehango to
tho clearing house association, havu been
neglected. It Is said tbo Exehango will
open on next Tuesday.
Tbo day closed with a decided bottor
fueling in all directions, l'oreighn ex
ehango closed with an improvol tone, and
last quotable rntts wuro lf!)4J. There
were no regular rates for mon oy loans
uaving ranged Iroin por day to 7 per
cent, per annum. This is a romarkable
instnnco of the restoration of confidence
now going on. It is mentioned that money
which has been oxtrouiply scarcu at to
percent, por day, was accossllilo at i por
ccul. on approved collatternU. In this
connection it may be stated that Ilia re
sumption of arrangements of Cluws V
Co. hat received generul endorsement, and
most of their customers havo acquiesce"!
in tranifcrrlng their accounts to the new
special accounts on their l ooks, and nil
inerous accounts havo also been opened
Messrs. lloweb & Macy mako almost a
similar report, which goes to show that
the lately suspended firms retain ennti
by Jay Cooko ic Co, $14,050, promlum on
tho satno $1, 718; duo from Jay Cooko &
Co. coin 506,730 85; currency S8,UG0,GCO;
total duo from Jay Cooko & Co. $760,-
153 15. $2,097,341 70 liabilities; capital
stock $500,000; circulation $850,000; lndl-
vidual deposit. ;.3,U81; United States
doposlls secured partially by bonds, as
stated nbovc. Under tbo caption of re
iourscs,f!287,782 duo to banks and bankers
Sl.OflVOS.lotaUa.ClZ.m The bonds nnd
advances included in tho forgoing state
mont, various porsnns upon securities,
cortiUcatct, statements, and other vouch
urs under the list of the Columbia govorn
mont, Including tho board of public.
works to nmount to $3G,097,and securities
certificates and vouchers, upon which
they are niado to represent an aggregate,
a fair valuo of 11,030. Tho Indebtedness
of tlin board to tho district government
is 7,0'Ja. Among tho loans and discounts nro
threo notes of tho Northern Pacific rail
road company, aggregating ono
hundrod thousutid, maturing Octobor 8th
1873. It hns been stated to mo that thlt
indebtedness will bo paid at maturity
havo notified tho treasurer of the com-
piny that tho payment at maturity is re
quired of this indebtedness. Ho wholly
omitted from valuo tho loJes and dis
counts. If thu value of said imlohtcdn jm
bo separately estimated, then ono hundred
thousand dollars, whluh Is tho nmount of
the surplus entered on tho books of thu
bank as having been invcMol in the bus
Inots of tho bank, it is ostimatod will cov
er the losses that may bo sustninrd In re
alizing tho rati of tho loans and discounts.
It appeuri from thu foregoing statemont
thnt woro tho indebtedness of Messrs. Jay
Cooko & Co. to tho bank to he oald In full
tho creditors cf tbo "bank could bo paid
in full, nnd Its capital stock would bo un
impaired. Tho proportion In which tho
dobta of tho bank can notunlly bo paid
must largely depend upon tho extent t
which tho Indebtedness to It of Messrs.
Jay Cooko Sc Co. shall bo discharged
This It Is not in my powor lo ostimate; tho
detailed exhibits of tho aggng.tlod items
prosontcd in tho foregoing stntolnunt
havo been proparol, and na soon
as copioa can bo mado they will bo for-
ivardod to you, nnd mcanwhilo I will in
person submit to you tho iniormmton
thoreiu contained. I havo called upon
Iho various banks indobtcd to tho First
National bank to roinit rums duo
from them, and also upon tho
depositors wlio'o accounts havo been over-
lrawn.to mako good tho dotlcioncy, "soon
as tho curroncy and coin in tho bank could
bo counted, I deposited it, to tho aggro
gntu amount of $'J5,G12, in the treasury
of tbo United States subject to ycur or
ders, In trust f.r creditors of tho bank.
Thoso reeoipts sinco received by mo.rojult-
ing from remittances by other banks for
their indebtedness, from payment of loans
and from collections of other indebtedness
to the bunk, havo also been in tho samo
way deposited in tho treasury of the
United States for tho benefit of tho bank's
creditors. Mutilated currency bolonging
to tho bank might also in my
judgment bo forwarded to tho treasury,
rnised a 'Uf
suAtimY or ctmnnsrv.
Piitt.AUKM'iiiA, September 27
tors aro quiot on Third slreot, tho scarcity
of curroncy being tho onn
Many largo manufactuririu;
have, with grcnt exertion
llciont amount of rumm
amount of wages lo oo.pi.
while others havo boon ah.' I'M1' 1
fifty por cent, of It.
Samuol Josephs, applicant ( r prov cod
ings In bankruptcy against Jay Cooko &
Co., has withdrawn his suit, In conic
quonco of tho statement mude cf the ns
sets and liabilities or tbo firm.
Tho bnnks havo generally paid out cur
rency when needed to pay wages, nnd aro
discounting freely, which gives an easier
feeling In banklug circles.
The board of bankets to-day adopted
tho following :
Whoreas, Tho embarrassed state of
tlnaiises ol Iho country, growing out of
Hie scarcity of currency, thu too rupld de
velopment of r.illrond Interests, and the
systum of over-trading, havo given riio to
a panic, in which tho idea of Intrinsic val
ue? aro entirely forgotten , therefore,
lie it resolved, That wo heartily an
dursu the action ol the secretary of the
trcasurv in his ellorts to stay tho tide uf
ruin, by offering temporary relief, and hi
wise discrimination in tuo titu ol tno re
iiiiiol'S at his command.
Koiolvid, That we urge upon him tho
iiecuttltv ct brinlni! beforo conuress a
plan of n generat banking law, through
which the benefits of our present syttam
may be generally extendnd, and serve
moro fully tho growiui' Interests of our
Kese'lved, That as tho groat sourco of
won. tli, our crops and general pioductiotis
nro more promising than over, anil that
thoroforo tho enterprises of tho country
navu n greater clianco for profit and suc
cess than the sudden and wild (Incline in
valu.'s Is tho result of pinlc, and without
anv reasonable cnuto.
Unsolved. That we deem it our duty to
arrest In every way tno tuuiecriminaio
sacrifice of eeccurlties, and express our
hearty condemnation of thoio who for
Hormonal profit attumpt to iiL'gravatu tbo
evil, nnd cauio still greater decrcalu of
A committeo was appointed to onnfor
with bank ollicors on tho llnancial situa
Toiionto, September '21. Josoph Arch,
presldont of tho Agricultural nml Labor
Union of England, accompanied by Mr.
Clayton, nro hero, guests of the Ontario
FROM : ITTLK rock.
Lini.K Kock. Sontclnbor '27. Tho
money panic continues lo-daj. Never In
ili j historv of this eltv hns money boon
so stringent. Ills impossible to get any
with rv.iv sort of collaterals.
1873 AUTUMN 1873.
Aro now allowing ono of tlio most attrnt'tivo slock of Now
Fall J)ry Goods over shown in this oily, which they offer at
rin: kxi'omiio.v.
ClllfAdo, September 27 Tho oxposb
Hon is now fairlv under hendway. 'Iho
additions to the vnrious'departmciits dur
ing tho past two days having been nuiif
oroiis and valuable.
Our new dress 'foods comprise all the elegant now
and novel shndinir which are now so much in favor.
We arc warranted in sayint? that nowhere in the city will
be a better selection, and our prices will be as hcrctore the very
lowest in this city. ' 9-29-2w.
Tim bunk nrmldonts of this city havo
decided to make only small curroncy pay-
motits and to iisuo ll,000,000 loan cortiU-
lien to romance. They belong to that
guo period 'ouce upon a time" familiar denco with their customers and sympathy
all primltlva audiences. of business men generally.
fin our day it Is indispensable that a cor- hdvln L. Stanton, receiver of the Vim
Su flavor of history should give an air of
'itb to the narrative, and Dumas through
t his romances adheres to an amusing
)tion to Illustrate tho history of France,
e Introduces us at the opening of his
;rv. In-tho timo of Louis XIII and tbo
oat Cardinal Jlichilieu, to three gen
imen-toldiers of fortuuo and tbelr cbo
n companion, a penniless gentleman uf
ascony, brave as a Hon and moro pugna
ut,whoJhas come from hit ruined cha
u to serve the king and make hit for
ce. Athos Porthos.and Aramit, with ti e
Iditioo of D'Artagnan aro a quartette
hose history as related by Dumas, it as
clous, various and prodigal as it is
.issotilble in trulb; but tholr combination
knight-errantry with the careless hab-
is of modern soldiers or fortune, tncir uei
&U honor and indifferent morals, their
tr . . o. .i...t,.. .
aural oralsoana nonets auumuun, raw-
kd with the perfect frankness of the
National bank, has made a report to tho
comptroller of tho currency, and say
whllo a prcclso comparison cannot yet be
mado, a cnrefdl examination causos mo lo
believo the following statement: Ku
sources and liabilities of tbo bank, quali
fled by the remarks which succeed it
correct at far as can now bo mado on
loans and discounts, tho actual value ostl
mated at, (see the remarks following thi
Uor M to tbelr faults, give u reality to
pintrtial flguret which no chronoiog
tMtcy CBD d,)trct from ftDU wuIcu
United States bonds to secure clrculn
tton t-000,000; premium on tho mtno it
000; U.S. bonds to secure U. S. deposit
ed ? 1 00,000 j premium on same. 515,000
United States bonds on band f 0,760 pre
mium on the same VYjQ; district bonds es
timated at l'J,337; duo from banks and
bankers 133,n7C; real pttato furnituro
and fixtures etimated at 1117,000; cur
rency 190,818; coin and coupons. $4, 703;
mutilated bank notes XlZll; duo from
banks on account of burnt notes $1-1'.','j0o;
notet of this bank $0,140; real estate
loans and litigation $CS,001; bonds held
Wahiunotov, Septombor 27. The
Washington City Savings bank is now in
thu hands of a receiver. Thero are about
two thousand depositors, whoso joint do
posits will reach upward of $700,000. Tho
assets aro supposed to bo sufficient to oover
tho entiro responsibility of tho banks,
Tho locrotary of tho treasury it no
longer troublod with tolegrams of inquiry
from financial sources. No oxcitemont
whatever exists in that department, nnd
tho executive department is equally freo
from it since tho official announcement
that the president and tho secretary could
lo nothing moro to relievo tho pecuniary
embarrassments. No suggestions havo
l.nin rnn.l frrtrn nnv nilnrlp.r. Thn
treasury is discharging all it businoss as
usual, with no intorruption in any branch.
and all the officials aro as calm as if thero
had been no financial storm.
An arrangement has been made by
which tho London house of Jay Cooko,
McCullotigh A" Co. will l.onor nil govern
ment drafts on tho London homo of Clow's,
Ilabecht Co, beyond this thero has
been no change in tho agency.
Tho receiver of the First National bank
of Washington, reports tho liabilities at
700,000, and the assets at $-1,000,003
I'ho deficiency wni a loan to .lay Cooko &
Co. Secretary llichardsnn says that the
statement of .lay Cooko & Co. is much
hotter than was oxpocted, and that advices
received at the treitfury hniv a dcrldi'd
improved condition of attaint throughout
tho country.
Lol'Isvim.k, September 'J7 Tho fol
lowing banks suspended payment tempo.
rarllv to-day : Masonic Saving bank
Western (letman Insurance bunk-, Louis
villo llanltlni: company, Western (lerman
Savings bank and Central Savings bank,
A run hat been steadily Increasing on
thoso btuks for tho past .1 days. Tho
presidents met last night and knowing
Saturday being an ordinarily hoavy day
for cliocks,and the ptuio nmo.ig depositors
Increasing, thoy agreed lo clow) their re
spectivu Lankb in the morning. All of
them havo abundant, nsjjrees, many
bolng ablo to pay two dollwis for every
ono on deposit out of tho assets. .Other
banks in tho city woro heavily drawn on,
but aro all right, and will not bo iill'ectcd.
Thosusponded banks aruall savings banks,
conducted nnd owned chielly by Germans,
with largo linos of small (lerman depos
itors. It I bollovod there will bo no more
trouble, as contldonco seems" to provail,
Tho officers of the suspended banks mot
this evening to deviso moasuros of relief.
Nothing of Importanco was donoeavo the
appointment of n coinmlttou to devi.io and
roport a plan to facilitato exehango
among banks, with a view of early re-sumption.
Cincinnati, SoptombM '2. Tho fol
lowing resolutions woro to-day ttnatii
mously adopted by tho Cincinnati Cham
ber of Commerco at a full meeting of tho
Unsolved, That the action of tho banks
nnd bankers of this city, fn refusing to
pay out largo turns in curroncy, was time
ly," wlu and n -cosnry, ami meets tho ap
proval ol tins ciiamuer.
Itctolvcd. That tbo merchants nnd busi
r.css men of this city have full faitli and
contldonco in tho solvency of tho banking
institutions ol this city, and tho mtcgroty
and charactor of thoso who munago ttiem
Hcsolvcd. Thut banks and bankers bo
and that thov are horoby requested to ux
tend all possible accommodation to thu
merchants and manufacturers of tho
Cincinnati, September J7. Tho flnan
cial situation hero to-day nppenrt to bo
improved. At cloiu of business an itn
proved foelinc was plainly marked and
tho adoption of the resolution of Hon. O
t. Davis by tho chamber . -..omtaorcp.
commending tho action of tlio - jcinnati
banks, and expressing cinfl ' the.
tnanagoment und asking '.in
nil posslblu accommod
morco and manufacture
peartd in ltsolf to improv
tho members voting upon t. 1
N ew Uiu.kans. Stfntombor 27 No ar
rivals. Departed: .lulm 11 .Maude, .Mem
Nasiivii.lk, September 27. lliver fal!
InL with -0 Inches o'l the shoals
. a
Weather olear nnu pieasani.
ViCKMiunn. SaptemLor '27. No boats
down to-dav. up: l arconu. vioiuy
and cool. Htvcr falling.
Cincinnati. Scntinbur 27 - Hivcr 3
foot ton liiclic n I lulling, llirnm Cumr
boll left for Cairo. Weather quiet warm
KvAiiaviM.i:, September 1!7. Weather
chieflv clear and hot. .Mercury 7 1 to 80
degrees. Kiver has failed 2 inches, 2'J in
ches on French Island nnd 30 inches on
Shawnuctowu bars. Up: Geo. ltoperls
and Fayette, F V Gracov. . Down: T. N.
Jliilur, ot winu. iisnoraiiy win.
Ubt trips, business dull.
St. Lor S-ptembor 127 Arrived
Bertram, Keokuk; JUuSmet, Misouri river;
tfiurch and -Mary Alice, ow Urleaus
DoiJarted1 iloonitonc, Illinois rlvnr;
liertraiu, Kfikuk; hxporti-r, Now Or
loans; Lallarje, Missuuri river. lliver
stationary with SJ fuot water to Cairo.
Uloudy, very warm all duy nnd cosvy rain
Loiisvili.K, Soptomher 27. Hirer
about stationary wlthinchosof water in
innal and 3 feet on 1'ortland bar nnd 21
inches on Fronch island. There is a new
boat to bo built hero for the Kvnnsvillo
nnd TonnoMeo river I'ackot company.
Arrivals: lluoll and 1'ukur, Cincinnati;
Dovo No 2, Madison. I)epar:uroi: Cuell
and I'nr'cer, Cincinnati; Dovo No
Kentucky rivar.
- - . -
St. Louis, Septcmlior 29. Flour dull
and nominal.
"Wheat, fnfl quiet littlo telling, No 2 red
held firm, SI 37J1 -10 for car los; No 3
steady. 1 20; spring dull, No 2 ;1 00.
Corn, No 2 mixed, offered at 30s cash;
lOH" October.
Uts in better demand and firmer, No 2
mixed 308131jc October.
Barlv inactive fcolliit: and frtroncer No
3 spring $t 1001 10; No 2 $1 75:t.
live firmer and higher No 2 03.
Foric nothing doing lOjigjlC charged on
orders lor men. Uacon qulot,uuyerj con
ilnod to lllllng small orders.
I a d quiet and unchanged.
"Whiskoy dull 03c.
Jlogs J !IOf.i)I ID,
132 132
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
and ' Domestic Dry Goods
Carpets? Mattings, Oil Cloths
Upholstery Goods, Window Similes, Damask, Cornishes
tin Titil.M.- in )in Inrnrini-il thnt hn h.i on hand a Mock of cood a extcn;Iu as
anv In the AniiUicii-t, and that ho U detcrmliifd to null uwry aitkle at prlcei lower than the
lowest, (.'all on him and examine goods an I in ice-. He will i-atMy jolt ho h to qinllty
and cot.
discussion of the question. II i. K. T.
Keck, who was tho author of thu List ref-
oiutlon, epoko specially of tho necessity
at thin timo of all business men as woll
as bankers exercising towards ono another
tho largoit possible accommodation until
thu pinch was over, The expression of
this sentiment wns roceived with warm
applausa. Thero wns no genera! change
in tho markets nml thero It no hope of
much of anything doing till thero aro
better facilities of cllectlng exchanges.
Still thoru is no panic In prices and noth
ing is nctually pressing on tho market.
CoLUMItus, September 27. Kjbert
Diiulap, who shot and killed young James
Carpenter of this city about a year ago,
was captute'd at ltlchmond, irginia to
day by V. T. Knox, cliiof dotcctivo in
that place. Carpenter was suspected by
Ditnlap of having criminal intimacy with
.Mrs. Durilup. Dunlap also assaulted his
wifo nnd loft her for dead, but olio re
covered. From that day until quite re
cently Uunlnp was not heard Irom, A
roward of l,(j00 was to bo paid for his ar
rest, llu retused to surrender and was
shot and wounded by tho detective. Muvor
Hall applied to the governor for n requisi
tion this afternoon and will Bond an of
ficer to Richmond for him.
HiiAtitNO, September 27. Tho nxton
.I..a 1... l.,,,. ( lt,,.l,.,,. . II..,.
carrying over two million dollars on do
posit, is sustaining a heavy drain to-day
Depositors from the country having fifty
dollars in the bank, woro paid this amount
and no moro. City merchants aro recoiv
int: cortillod chocks on this linn. Tlioro
It evory confidence in thu solvency of the
SliHKVKfOitT, Soptombor 27. Julos Or-
inatid, Lewis Walz, Frod Cowls, J. F.. Fi
sher, . I. S. Taylor, m. Kolly, Han wall,
(coloreil), McKollor, -M. Kolly, King
Callo, tcolprod), Susan Kef, (colored),
AV .McCall, S. O. Loavltt, 1. M. Wright
Mollle Work, Chat. Wrofl", .MUs Hester
Kogers, Wm. Castello, K. T. Parson, Her,
(Inlant), Kov Father Holler, ilnj. J. S.
Ashlon, woro buried to-day,
ltlll -
for Flavoring loo Cream, Cakes &, Pastry,
"Willi front r.irc, by a new process,
ixtract from tho true, select Fruits nnd
Aiomntlcs, each characteristic llavor, and
ptixluco Flatortnrja of rare excellence.
Of nreat ttrcnath and perfect purity,
Art noUonous oils. Eccrn llavor as rev-
retcntcd. No deceit each bottle full
meanure. holding one-half inoTe than
others purporting to hold same quantity
Use them once, tcill vsc no other. The
most delicate, delicious flavors ever made.
So Hupcrior to tho cheap extracts. Ask
for Dr. l'rtce'a Special i lavcrings. Jlan
ufacturi'U only by
Depots, CHICAGO aad 8T. LOUIS
Manufacturers of Dr. Price's Croam
Jinking Powder.
P E R M A K Cf A N A T E O F P O T AS 31,
AT .
BA.GXjA-TT brothers,
uoknkil washington avknuk and kigiitii stkkkt,
The iiudoivsigncd vill continue
iiiiiiiKloi 1 iiis Lariro Stock of
the re-
A? 1 am deti'Miilnod to oloso out my present business as soon as possible
i:co.u ami iiuvi: stiii:i:ts,
ST. L0DI9,
VKjvi.y frm:r and iii:run.ism:i)
1 throughout, stock ti-li-pra.i In ilia lioiuc;
trnt viilranru Utihtiil at n-jtht by i-ilclum UkIui
iiiisull mwlrrn Iniprotriiirnts LOiiductnl on Hie
Ami-rli-iiii iiikI KiirM-uii iil.ui i:iiroiu-aii plan,
f'i",'!"2.,',1,.,"'r '.li,yi t0lJ '"eh. Aimrletu
miltlt.TllATCIli;it A CO., Proprietors.
A constant supply ol puro Nitrous Oxide
Ga. for the tiulnless extraction nf iopiI, ut
the Dental Uooms of Dr. Dougln, uuccossor
to Dr.A.M. Austin, Klghth street. 6-lt
11 AS HKOl'KNi:!) IIIS
mi ii ii yn i! hum m
Will keep open day and night, ready to servo moals
at all liour.s. and lias a private ontrnnco tor
ladies and gentlomon, without be
ing disturbed by anybody,
nml is nrnnnrixl tn nficommodato tllO
travelling imblie. Io has fitted up 8 now
us over the book storo, and is ready to keep
.... ..r.lwr
Twontv-Five or Thirty ramilie;
ttr-Grivo him a eall at any hour, day or nightSN ,
, tff.MH I ,.auU, uw l-iir. rl nllut lh rltv ! ml- .l.l.t

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