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asUsr, tka mr Mnrntmc lally
IMF rakllatsl I (southern IlltnnU.
lOllN II. OBEHLT, Editor nd l'ubllihor
OMWMk,br currier
Oil y air by carrier, lusulvmce 10 00
( year by carrier II not p uu in
VhU month, by mail
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lMBLY-i:0$ljSTlO.f '
A trSrillMnan In Memphis contribute!
an inwmtlfir paper to the LoJecr' on the
"gum theory" of yellow fever and make!
mki luggiitloni which we reprint for
the benefit of our own poople. An obsarv
uneeof theie precsu'.'.or.i will cost little,
either of tlmo or in oner and may prevent
much sickness, iu9ering, nnd even death :
II tho germ thoory li corrot, If tbo dl
itw li duo to paraiilcs, wo may deter
mice with lome degree of certainty in
what manner to procoed in ordur to tay
Iti progress. Instantly upon tho appear
itnce of yellow fever prompt and efficient
rnesui ihould be taken to purify every
q lire toot of the city, lo Unit the conta
fn may bave ao Iriendly influence in itt
ffavir, ill either air, water or earth. Thli
i' .. k . ' .... i . . .
tlfotiia M uone wimia iweniy:our nours
afti 'xbi Appearance of the Urit cato.
matador of the city by the fumei of car
bolic acid, cblorlno or sulphurous acid gai ;
and every householder ihould be compelled
to fumlgatnthe front and roar of hliprcm
iioi each night. At night, because it is
believed the parasite it a night flying moth,
and would not bojnuonvaalencd or de-
toyed by day fumigations. Tbo clothing
of phjiicimi and nurses ihould bo thor
oughly' fumigated' often during their at-
tendMC oil a'ca'o, and cartitinly beforo
tha.!bM communication with olhorinot
a JMandlng. Tho dead bodies of per
oM4yiaa;nf yellow fever should be wash-
- i. , ... .. . . . .....
ri WMB aliai carouuc aciu as promptly
.f.'tSir. .". ....... tht.. i,i,i'
occur at toon at pracucanid.
NO. 111.
i ,'
To the Kdltor of tbo Pittsburg Commercial :
In my last Jotter, I prwouted tho
betting! (jut tbe 'iuprcasiug population
oftlio nation "had upon the improve-
.meotof, itbe Qhio,,aud the coiopara
tWely'aruiJl ezpondituro yearly lorn
number of years required, even if thirty
millions of dollars wcro tho necessary
outlay to attain the hoped-for remit.
Let ui look a little iiito the wealth and
the increase in wealth of the territory
of the Ohio valley during tho past
twenty years only.
Iu 1850 the valuation of property,
real and personal, of the seven Mates
of tho Ohio was 82,089.002,052 ; in
lSGOitwas 85,171,001.897; iu 1S70
it is given in theconsm at glO,72G,8;J9,
'.TOl, tbo valuatiou of that of the
whole United States being only S'.!0,
068,518,607. In the eighteen sea coast
states, tbo valuation in 1850 was giveu
at 84,321,577,745 ; in 18(50 it was
stated at 88,031,119,734, and in 1870
according to tbo ccusus, it is 814,229,
392,389. From "this it would seem
that the valuation of property iu tho
seven Ohio statos bad iucrcascd, iu the
nast ten vcars. over one hundred per
eont., and in twenty over five hundred
per cent. ; while iu the Kca-coast states
it has increased only seventy-fivo per
cent, iu the past ten years, and ubout
three hundred and thirty' per tent, in
twenty years, includiui; in that period
California with her great mineral dc
velopemeutt. Under tbo sstuo ratios
of incrMM, as in the past ten years
tht ceosas valuatiou.of tho Ohio states
will be is 1890, or but a little over six
teen yean from now, over thirty-two
billioni of dollars more than ten
time our national debt. This is allow
ing tbfl increase to bo from 1800 to
1870, and from 1880 to 1800 only one
half that per cent. At tbo same period
the sea-coust states would, under the
same ratios, be given at only a little
over thirty billious. It will easily bo
seon by these statistics, how soon the
seven Ohio state will as much exceed
the eighteen coast states in wealth as
they will in population.
It is assumed in all governments
tnit statesmanship is tho crowning tal
ent of its rulers, and that the carrying
Out of measures which, while meeting
tho wants of the people iu the pro-cut,
prepares at tho same time tor tho
greater needs of the future, cannot fail to
be the most condutive tn the continu
ed prosperity of a nation, aud the ex
penditures, there-fore, the least bur
denidmc to tho masses. The improve
ment of tho Ohio is not merely u mies.
tion of the transportation wants of tho
thirteen million people inhabiting now
tbo' seven Ohio states, with property
value i at ten millions of dollars, linpor
tant as the question is under micJi lig
ures : but it is a question inside of six
teen years, of over twenty-five millions
. V .1 ... . 1 .1. . . I m
ot sectional population auu tiurty on
lions of property.
What shall bo said for tbo states of
tho Mississippi valley, who feel to-day,
as well as those of the Ohio, tho i Ul
cerative necessity of addition to tho
traaMorUtion faeililies'of the nation
of suoh a crand water highway as thir
tr milliona.of money will render the
Ohio ? 'Id 1850 tho value of tho real
aneVMrsonal property of the eight Mis.
iaairini states was returned at only
1705,803,950. In 1800 it was slated
t i in 1870 u 'B S'vc
at '$,8U,606'29,i notwithstanding tho
aat loaaato four of, the eight states iu
Jjj 1 liv thn annL'edtiences
might well
is as important to llieoight Mi
slalcs as to' those of the Ohio.
teen years from now, then, theic will
be not only the vat population m me
latter states, and their vaster wealth,
but that of the other river sl.ttcs, need
hig in the same increased ratios owr
present necessities, such cheap trans
portation facilities as the Ohio can be
matlo to furnish.
Considering that il is at all times as
sumed that from eight to ten years will
bo needed to complete any system of
improvement of the Ohio productive of
' . .! ... r.!l!i!. .1
navigation inviimca iiuiiiiiiiuuu een
now, it would seem from tho few statis
tics presented that no time is to be lost
in setting about the work if tho neces
sities of tho pcoplo aro to bo mot.
"To-day, fifty per cent, of the popu
lation of" tbo I'nitcd Slates, forty per
cent, of all tho stales and territories, and
forty percent, of the census return of
the real and personal property valua
tiou of the nation, needs, nod ask,
that the Ohio bo sufficiently improved
to meet not only tho wants of to-day,
but those that the statistics of the na
tion show will be of such immense
magnitude in the years now so near ut
band. In view ot tin ,a very iteciileil
and earnest interrogation eome3 sharp
ly into being. Why should so nearly
a preponderance of political and com
mercial power of the nation rcstconteut
with the expenditure of a few thousands
annually on this great highway, and
their representative vote quietly awuy
millions for defenses and improvements
of tho sea coast yearly? Tho axiom
"iu peace prepare for war." may be a
very trood one. Is there not, however,
as much wisdom in expending equal
millions (o meet the wants ot the peo
ple, from whom the sinews of war
must coma in time of need, iu develop
ing the country and preparing to win
the geuial victories of peace, which en-
.:. .-..-.l -p -. ...:. a.
la it not time that one-halt ot tuc
peoplo instructed their representatives
in conurcsa that it tuo Atlantic Mates
want, millions for harbor improvements,
they of the interior of the great Ohio
valley must have as much for tho im-
tiroYomout of their waters? Were that
tho issue, would not the trouble about
tho improvement lor the Ohio, being
bciruii, on a scale sufficient to accom
plish desired results disappear, even if
thirty or forty millions siiouiii io need
ed iu tho course of eight or ten years?
Especially, as during tho period of Us
appropriation, tno unw aim .missis
sippi valley states would be yearly
augmenting their political as well as
commercial power? JHrcctly or in
directly that expenditures conies trom
tho people; by them it is in some
shape paid, aud if our representatives
vote three or four millions lor sea coast
harbor improvements unci take one or
two hundred thousands lor the Uliio,it
scorns as if such legislation
bo classed as taxation without
Hut let us devote tho btlaucc of this
letter to examining the further impor
tance of these set en Ohio states. ' The
bituminous coal area of the United
States is given ntj:!!l,132 equaro miles,
iu the geological surveys so far pub
lished, while Ureal Hritaiu, France aud
ffcltrium contain but IM.U'Jb squaro
miles, or a Utile over ono-tenth. Of
this 133,132 square miles of bituminous
coal deposit, tho Ohio Mates contain
oue hundred thousand. Tho relation
of fuel to manufactures is too well un
derstood to need comment to show
where tho niunufaturing population of
tho United States will be. The value
of minerals and manufactures to the
wealth of a nation has been too clearly
ilcmoustratcd in the national hie ol
Ureat Britain to rcquiro argument to
show what one hundred thousand
sauaro miles of coal will be to tbo
seven Ohio states, if only eleven thou
sand has been of such incalculable
value to Ureat Uritain. What food,
what tranportatian, then, will not this
nation s workshop uecd lor its work
How fast this maxiict of fuel is con
centrating in the Ohio statcs,thc manu
facturing interests of the nation, the
comparative statistics oftlio number of
manufacturing establishments and
their product, in tbo eighteen tea coast
states and the seven Uluo states, in
185U and iu 1S70, indicates. In 1850
thcro wore, acordiiij: to the census, iu
tho eighteen sea coast states, 05,273
manufacturing establishments, produc
ini; 81139,771.103. In 1800 there were
liG 959, producing 8,121.308.395. In
tho seven Ohio states iu 1850 there
30,277 factories, yielding 82S 1,455,
(iilG in products. In 1850 thero wcro
49,099 factories, yielding S.'XiS.l 15,.
117. In 1870 tno consus gives 101,
5S0 manufactures in tho sea coast
states yielding S2,237,23li,li05 pro
ducts,aud iu tho seven Ohio states 97,
508 factories, yielding products to tho
value of 81,408,910,550. From these
census statistics it appears that the in
crease in tho eighteen tea coast states
has iu twenty years been !iu,!J0 lac
tones, and 81,59H,405 138 in products
while in tho seven Ohio states tho in
create was 03,291 factories, and 81,
121,483,851 in product. It is obvious
that the factories of the Ohio stales be
ing of more recent existence, were
less magnitude thun tbo older ones of
the hastern coast, including the mam
moth manufacturing corporations
New England, aud of course of lo.-i
productive capacity, It will be ob.erv
ed that the ratio of increase iu the
Ohio states is about one bundled and
soventy-fivo per cent., and only about
fifty-six per cent, in the eighteen sea
coast states, or as three to oue ; while
the increaso iu products i only twenty
five per cent, less than iu tho older
manufacturing sections. Under tho
ratio of increase of tho nast ten years,
only, thero will bo iu thu seven Ohio
states iu twenty years from 1870, over
two hundred and fifty thousand facto
ries. Their production, taking ollly
the average indicated by tho census of
1870, will bo three billions six hun
dred millions of dollars, or fifty per
cent, more than thu whole imports and
exports of Ureat ltritain, to and from
all countries.
eight or ten years, sink iu comparison
with this prospect. And yet-they arc
results that the entire statistical ratios
of the past hear out and justify cred
ence iu. It is for the transportation
wants of this wonderful cmpito iu only
one section of I'nclc Ham's territories
that tho improvement of the Ohio river
is demanded. The expenditure, tak
ing 830,000,000 ns the amount, would
only be ono hundred and twenty dol
lares for each of the two hundred and
.fifty thousaiMl manufacturing establish
ments which, according to tho census
ratio's forecast will occupy the Ohio
states in sixteen years from now. It is
only about three hundred dollars for
each one now existing iu those states.
This is without any statistical account
of tho present prospective mining in
dustries of this mineral region, which
must he in proportionate ratios, sur
passing iu extent that of Uicat Britain,
Belgium and France, the three great
manufacturing fields of Europe, as
sevcu to one. Is it necessary, in the
knowledo of what their manufacturing
industries have been to those nations,
to a:k what would be the action of
their statesmen did similar facts exist
within their governments? Are not
the facts in relation to tho industries of
those nations equally of force for our
instruction as if existing here? The
whole series of figures in this letter
give such plain inferences that nil re
ileetiiicr minds will decide that not an
other session should pass, without the
work being begun on a scale to meet
amply the evident necessities.
UKOitoi: li. l III HSTO.V.
PiTTsin mm, September 3.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.
nrnnerfv bv the contcfiue
i.v. Mdfinn. For nearly all tho 1 Into what littlones, docs the expendi-
ui vuw ... ." ,r, ;.'1l ni.u ' I..... ,.r !io nun nnn c
T)UrpOeS Ot national prugrcnr mu t v.v, , a ryavv ui
Nkv Vouk, Soptorabor ttu BuMnoss
is decidedly improving ul thu produce ex
change, mid it much mora hopeful feeling
it expressed. In fact, bu-lneit U sitltl to
bo gutting back Into tli'j old chnnnels, and
the gloomy apprehuiiiioiii in to thu lor
i) it; n uichiitigo uppe.irs lo bo yielding to
brighter pro.'puets. - muuting of the
clearing houo association was huld at t!ii
Merchants bunk this afternoon, to tnlco ae
tlon on the proposition submitted by the
committee from the produce oschango to
the coinmlttoo of tho bunk presidents thi
forenoon, with thu objeut of ffldeiiing the
foreign vxcliarign. -Mr. und Mr
Humphrey represented the produea ex
change, and apjliu in behalf of lliuir plan.
Tnuy detircd tho clearing homo associa
tion to appoint u eutiiiiiiiteoof live, repre
senting as many dilteruut b.tnki, lo buy
commercial blllt with bill of litdinc; at
the exchange, and make reiptislUon on tho
loan commiltoo fur tlyi iMue of clearing
houto certificate for the beiietlt of ship,
perj. The proposition was referred to the
Joan committeu to report at a fullor meet
ing, wbioli will protnbly bo held to-mor
Voluy, the receiver of tho Union
Truit company, this forenoon denied tho
report ll.ul Oommoduiu Vuudorbilt had
Mturuod to tho company tnulr loan to thu
IViku Shore road.
Tho eominltteo of j.he clearing house
met this forenoon tu con tin uo thu Untie ut
loan uerlltleiilet. Mutineer Camp said
that everything looked favorable for thu
b.'lnki and thu public, aud he could ecu no
roason for further dlsabtur.
f LSl'KMlK).
Tho tiletiham Manufacturing company,
a flourishing corporation for mure than f.0
years, anting extonaivo woolen mills at
Utctibaven, N. V., und lis otllccj ul 'Ml
Hroadway, suspondtd this foronoon. The
president, Dart, said it wus due to the do
pniicion of businusi, sod resulted directly
from tho financial panic, which hud pre
vented tho morchnnts from going on m
they otl.urv. iio could. Previous to the dis
turbance in Wall ttrcol tho outlook for
businoas was good, lie was not prepare J
to muke oven an approximate ettimutu of
the uaau'ls or liabilities, ami could not toll
whether tho suspension would ha llual or
only temporary, befoio learning tho dis
position of tho croditors. ilu whs also
nimble to any whether thu creditors wore
chietly individual or corporation, as it is
impossible ut presunt to tell whuru thu
paper of thu ;ompany it placed.
tiik situation is iMmtovt.vn
and bank otll.'urs statu that so fi.r as this
city is concerned, tho present dungur
is passed. Money remains unquottblo
Loans in gold were made at Hat to per
cent. The gold market was inlluonced by
order of to-day to prepay tho November
interest, und further remittances of coin
from Loudon to Now York. Tho price
declined from HI to 113; recovered to
12, and closed la J. The prepayment of
thu November interest at the treasury to
dy, only amounted to $.V)0. Foreign
oxeliaiigo generally ipiiet, and fo'r uulive
business quoted at 4jfii)."i. Uimunrciiil
bills sold all the way from 1 to :i.J. The
assistant treasurer paid out to-day f 60,000
In uurly street dealings in stock a weak
feeling predominated, but a tlrmer tone
soon set in and continued throughout the
day. Dividend paying shares were in
good demand, aud in small supply ut im
proving prices at thoc'oso.
what jay oouLii bays.
Nmv Yoiik, September 2D. .lay (iould
being asked for ids views concerning tho
llnanclal situation guvo them as follows.
'I think tho panic is over. 1 Imvo ovory
faith now in an advance in pilces and be
lieve the market will bo more buoyant
than for a long time. Wull street has been
cloareil out of tho greator part of worth
less stock and so-called securities by the
purging process panto, and there aro
comparatively fuw stocks now quoted ex
cept thojoof real value, In all prices aro
too low ; in that of great dividend paying
slocks, very large advance aro necessary to
brini: them up to their actual worth. Tho
reasons for an advance are that thu money
market will become easy as koou as
Hook" exchanges iro op:nod lo the very
largo quantities of greenbacks which
have been disbursed by tbo government
In Its late bond purchase's then m,
immonso amount of cspltal has been put
l.ito circulation by action of Ilia banks by
Issuing clearing ,houo cortlllc.itcs tvblcli
displace corresponding quantity of curron-'
c j that lingland In sending over mlllioni
of gold which will como into active uo
Immediately on arrival, utid that specie,
which has had ruch a long sleep, will be
all the more lively wlmn it witltc Up
Nuw OilI.KANS, September i!0. l'icay
uno specials from. Hrcnhom and llryan,
Toxas, report panics from apprehension
of tho fuVer, which has brokon out in
divert, l'nyslcluin pronounco It yellow
fever. Trader from Calvert and adjucont
points say that Ualvert Is quarantined on
all sides.
SniiKVKr.'UT, September 2!. Within
the laU I days several of tho most promi
nent and useful citl.itu of Sbrovoport
havo fallon victims to the epidemic. Tho
population h is boon tearfully thinned out
by sickness and deitli. u no longer
have funoruN. Thu hoarsos, followed by
ono or two carriage, dush through the
rlroots bko a see.io'i of aril lory in u bat
tlo looking a position, a few more are
drummed up, thu uwlllns shoved in tht
hearsound driver, rapiliy to tha cemntery.
This is thu cat J even with tho most prom
inent clti.ens. The Howard's have iqiwi-
oJ an orphan uivlum, nnd are fov-ding
about two-thirds of thu resident popul. -tlon.
Thuro arefuwer deaths nnd now
oasei because thera uro fewer people. The
physicians appointed n committee lust
weok to invoitigato tt.o origin of the opi-
domic, and the uvldouco has been traced,
ihowing boyoud question that thu fever
was implanltil hero from Cuba. Drs
O lappin, Ilrown and 1) jvi lson, who are
h ru from New Orleans, are saUtllol
on this point. Tho Shroveport "Times'1
of to-morrow and will contain thu follow
ing appeal which thu Howard aioelu-
lion earnestly request tbo presses of tho
country to publish :
To our fellow citizens
The yellow fuvor epiJumic tb.it has al
ready swept away more than 1 (JO of this
community, is still raging with una
bated fury in our midst. Wo h.tve now
at loast TuO sick of all ages, colors and
nationalities, nil ot whom Trom thu pe
culiar character of this disouso. require
constant and skillful nursing ; in addition
to this thero aro hundreds of pooplo letl
without a cent und wlthoi't employment;
among these there uro many little chil
dien, all of thorn must for thoprc&nt l"
provided for and feu by the lluw
ml a-soelation, for thero Is no
work to do, und no money to bu had. The
destitution in our midst i's us heart-rending
ns thu disease. Tbo drain upon the
funds of the association nro enormous, and
tho liberal aid sent by our sister cities is
nearly exhausted. Undor thtsu painful
circumstnucoi wo ore forced to make this
uffncral appeal to the country for addi
tional aid. We havu people among us
sulfering fronrwant, and dying, from all
sections of the L'nitol States, and from all
nation, ar.d wo fool the great public will
ropond to this appeal, extended by tho
most dire necessity. Our own resources
aro noarly oxbnuilHi. iho wo'l are
bookon, tho poor aro threatened
with artual starvation, nnd the
sick and dying about to bo divetted of the
commonest comfort" humanity tan ctl'er
them. Wo appeal not to our fellnw coun
try men, but to our fellow men for aid
I. It. Sim nons, l'resldont,
l. D. Morton, V'no Trot.,
Howard Association.
I). 1'. Fonnor, X. D.
1 hos. .1. Allen, M. I).
.l.S Cutlitr, M. D
McK. Dalzul, I). I).
(iei. A. l'ike.
r MKMl'llIS.
Mkmi'IUs, Septombor 29. Twenty job
low fr.Ter interments to-daj-
ivt.tcr. coUMlJstoNKiis.
Cincinnati. September i!!). The po
liro comlnlssioners to-day liassiil a ro-
lutlon lntruoting all patiolmen to nrrejt
Iho Inmatos of gambling houses on their
beats without fiirthor orders, and making
statfon house, olllcnrs responsible for sup
pressing gambling in their districts, nlso
directing tho superintendent 7i!p"oHco to
suppress all lotteries and gameifif cham o
in tho city.
im outiiao,k.
A Fort Wayno dospatch to iho ' Ga
zette," says two Junknown men violated
the person of Miss Long, Saturday, whom
they found nlono nl tho farm housu of her
father, a fuw miles north of Huntcrstown.
Thoy escaped, leaving tho girl nearly
dead with Injury nnd fright. Tho neigh
bors for miles around nro aroused, and ni 1
lynch tho men if thoy catch them.
I'erry, thu leader of n noted gang ol
bono thiovoj, was arrested nl Kurt Wayno
last night.
1873 ATTrUMlT1873.
p.'Vl'otvlncr'ono of o most uttraclho slock of New
1".m i.orttls over showiiu this city, wliicli llioy oiler at
t'lTMiUiui, September 2'.!.-- i'ho fi lan
clal outlook in Pittsburg is brighter than
it was ut anj' tlmo during thu recent pan
ic. C'oi.ll lenco seems fully restored, and
business is being transacted as usu . At
a mooting of tbo clearinghouse asoeUllou
held this farenoon to consult on tho pro -
nt monetary titualion, it wa's resolved
that in view of tho brightoning prospe
no change was required in the manner u
coiiduu ing thu business of tho bunks nnd
elcuriug house.
Tho Lawrotico Savings bunk e,imiuenc4d
paying Its chocks to-daj".
Oiiiow dross goods c'oiiiirisc till Uic ulciranL new fabrics
tnu iiol ahadiiig tyliid, arouow so linusli in favor.
tl U.ii.l..- SIimS- i,rtt-1, Ill ..l 1111
Uo :i f.ur sulccf ifin mii.i -..... . ..: :n i... .. . i.',. ....
t ,,, ) " em iinri 'n in ut; as nui utui u i uu sji
lowest (his city. ' 9-29-2w. '
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Poreii and Domestic Dry Goods
Casts, Mattings, Oil Cloths
Uphold (jooils, Window .Shinies, Damask, Cornishes
any In'thT 'lr ",,'' Xt KU a. exten-lve a,
loe " . (ZliA, li, ir.,, 1 . l.l'r"'1'.'''"1 '" "' article at prl.-es lower than Ihe
aid cot. ''"IJ 4I"1 ux1"1'"' K""ls mi.l pnci4. lib will s-alUly Jon boh to .pi Illy
Washington-, Septembor 23. The
refusal of tho national nki
in Philadelphia to py draits
upon them in currency having threatened
to deprive tho postal inonuy order olllce
In that city of its resources on which it
laruuly donends for remittances from
country olllcos, tho postmaster was to
day authorixod to draw fpr a limitod
amoiinton department of resorvcposltod
in tho sub-truasury in Now York. Sim-
iltr embarrussm uiti were foreshadowed
by numerous tolegraini fro'n western post
masters Saturday, but thoy generally re
port that banks bavo resumed curronoy
payment. The patent ollieu to-day ro
fused to receive paymont of foes in certl-
lied cheeks except upon banks w'lllng to
casii them.
Uol. Uo.t, pension agont for District of
Culumhife) has recent'y paid loo pensions
to Amurlcan citi.eui residing in Knglitud,
Scotland, Ireland, AV'alcs, Franco and
i'ru'iin, and in many instancei to pen
siuners residing on islands of tho l'acillc
and Atlantic oceans.
tuk. riu:s)K.T insui.tkii.
Two rotiglis, who, while initially drunk
called out to l'rosident (Irant In arildo and
bolstorous maiinur as he was riding to
church yesterday morning with his fauv
ily, were arrested and taken to the Con
tral guard house. This morning thoy
wcro lined by tho police court IS, on
charge of loud and boisterous conduct on
tun street.
ai.'i liAitK, Soptomber 211. The llmin
clal situation Is greatly improved the fee'.
I ig of tl.o panic itppurontly completely
subtlded, and low cortlticntes from mining
companies and some ac.ounts presented
aid paid by banks nnd banking houses.
Hankers aro conlldont of mooting every
liability. 'I'ho First National bank which
suspended on Saturday,! strengthening I i
rjscmrcos and will undoubtedly rosumo
business iu a few day. National Hank
Kxnuilner N. I'. Longford, for l'acillc
coatt, is born examining the attain of tho
bunks. Llgbtness of tho money uihrkot
will llkoly cripple business in bullion,
and for a few weeks compol the suspension
of siuolters. 11. Wadsworlh becauio
agent of 'Wells, Fargo
IIUI.I.IuK i.-ilMIM).
L'l.vno.v, Septembor 1'J. Two hundred
and twenty-live thousand pound? in bull-.
iuti were shipped from l'iy mouth for New
Vork Saturday, and thu steamship which
sailed from Southampton, tho same day.
for Now York, took out sixteen thousand.
Kngsgemonts havo been made for fifty
thousand by tho steamship fr.im South
ampton to-morrow. It is sa'urilve bun-
lred thousand are looked for chlpmunt this
Cincinnati, SVidembor 2u Kiver
feet t inches and falling. Cloudy acd
Kasiivillk. September 'J9 Klvcr f.ill-
Intr, with two fuet on the shoals. Weath
er clear and pleasant.
rilTSUURO, September 20 -Uivcr un
changed. Some rain this nlloraoon, withi
Indications this evening fjvorable for
more rain. i
EvANftviLi.K, Septombor 2L. Cloudy
and cold. lUincd nil night. Kiver fallen
ono inch. Up: Kuyotto, Geo. Kuborts,
Hromsfurn, liurkesviiiu. J.lttle business.
fw OltLKANs, Septomber 'JD. "o ar
rivals. Deimrlod: il. C. Yaoger, St
Louis. Tho Maude did not uet ulf Satur
day, but loaves to-morrow. Clear. Thor-
momotor Sj
.M km ril is Septumbur 2U. Arrived
Hello .Memphis, from St. Louis at tho
docks. Departed: Kid rado, Vickshurg;
Deo and barges, New Orleans; lary and
barge, Now Orleans. Kivur falline
slowly. There wero heavy rains Ia,
night, but it Is now clearing up and roM
mercury bl.
St. Louis, Sjptomber i!0. Arrived
Dolphin, luwur Mississippi; Iiendarso
and Northwestern, Keokuk; City
Vicksburg, VicUsburg. Departed : Cn
cent City, Now Orleans, Northwestei,
Kookuk; greyhound, Cairo; Chestr,
Memphis. Jtlver fulling slowly. Weater
clear and cool. Huiiness dull.
cor y"
BO LA?E Q' li M K ,
P K H aMA ;0 a N A T K O F Y O T AS H,
coiiNi:rASiif4vG"nx aYKNuk and kigutii stiiket,
Nbw Yoiik, Septembor 2I. Four
heavy and lowei; common to e:ood ? 10
(TIC HO, good to choice $6 3o7.
"Whiskey firmer JS(?ij09c.
AVheat hoavr; No. H spring $1 Hlgl 30
Iowa spring 1 371 II; red W'tern
H 18$i)l GO.
live and barluv unchanged.
Corn scarce nnd hlghor; stcametmlxcd;
Cuicaoo, September l!t. The uarket Is
generally tlrmer, and prices adeaiceu.
Flour ouiet.
Wiieat is iu fair demand ami idvaneed
No 2 sprint: SI 02 cash and Octibcr : No
:i j:'.c.
Corn is in fair lUmaml and alvanccd
No '2 mixed H'cciisIij :iT.Je in O;tobor re
Oats is in active demand and idvaneed
No 2 2!lje cash; rejectod 37J.
Kve dull and lower; No 2 fi.(i2c.
lUrloy No t! fall $1 '20.
Provisions quiet and tinchaiged.
Fork 1-Hc cash.
Lard 7575o.
Whisky dull and nomlnalat 110c.
Memi'HIh, Septombor 2). Flour dull
and drooping ?5 Cfl0 60.
Hay nominal. ,
Corn Cilc. (
Oats dull nnd drooping -17c.
Ilrun ouiet S10.
Hacyn dull; hhouldon 8Jo; sides llj
Lard dull 910c,
New Oklkanh, Septembor liO Flour
only a local tradu; XXX $8 25 ; family
f-8 ti0C7,U 70.
Corn in light supply and dull at "2373c
Oats dull at 62(-e,G;Jo.
Hran (lull at uric.
Ilay.cholco hold at S2 7 00.
I'orK Uiot ni 114c.
Dry salt meat only a retail demand,
Shoulders at Dc. .
liacon dull ; clear rib 1'Jc.
Lard dull ; tlerco 8Jc.
Sucar nothing doing.
Coll'eo 22jG)Mjc
Sr Louis, Septombor 51). Flour sellers
llrm but market dull nnd unchanged.
Wheat tlrmer and hlu'hor prices esked,
but littln win done; No 3 red held $1 i!7;
id S;lb!d; No 21 f.'-'i SI 15 bid.
Corn, No 2 mixed, otlurcd at lie cash;
llfilUo Ootobor.
Oats'ln bettor demand and tlrmor, No 2
mixed 32J.13c cash; 31 o October.
Harlovstrongor, No 2 spring SI 3
1 10. "
Itvn In heller demand, No 2 closing at
Fork dull, moss on ordors SHI.
Ilacnn dull and lowor. bhouldcri S'e;
clear rib !l(aJ0r-,
Lard ipilot and nominal.
Whiskey stoidy PUo.
T'lMlcrsigneil will continue
maiiiof Stock of
the re-
. 1 a. k. t 1 ,.ir -..A
il UMLuruiiiii't -v u'v uul lv npstannf itnDTm.a. . .
yro AVOID Al.JUlskKs nKHiuin-KIlllSTOCK
vllll WlllhllllMVf
ill 1
vcop open 'lay nml V rca(iv to servo meals
t all hours, and "'4'ivato entrance for
ladies and gently without be
ing ilisturbGnnybodyt
ami is proparcd tnrnoci,t0 the
travelling public. J iittod up 8 -new
oom8 ovov tlio book story jg vctuiy 0 j(COp
Twenty-Five or TamiHei.
.gGivoliim a call at nny day or nighU

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