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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, October 21, 1873, Image 3

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ijit..nER'a;Oi-iiCK, ('iii.,JH'
October HO, 1U:1 1 p.iu.i I
llnroumter, ',TJ:W (Icprcr.
TheimomcWr, U decree.
Wind toiitb. Velocity ( nillen P r
Weather clour.
Maximum tcmpeMttilc l..r laid 'i4 hour',
4 dearies:
.MInlinuuit.iiiperatiirclortlielt'il hour,
SI decree.
l'reallitiK ltil for l ist '. hours rlh.
Total number of mlli: traveled by wind
during last '.4 Uoitti, 1S.
i:i.wis o.tunNn,
Obsultur Slutiul .-service, U.S. A.
thti 2. lUrtnin, Ob. Thrupp
SSIt -
Ami I. and A(!Mt of Hi" I IHinW Central
ami liiirlliituii mt Missouri llallroad com
panies. North Cr. ! sills ttt ni.il Olsln l.nf
Cairo, Ili.inoii.
Ofler lor sale at low M.'Urci an. I easy terms
the followlui; real cUte :
No. 1-5 loll In tlie "Itlilge llrbel ' run.
aliiK UiroiiKh (lie block from Kil tcn.tli to
hilxtccuth trccts, he.t rt-tldcnce property
In lliu city. l.ot .'! and 4 b 45. ell), Vah
Hilton nsemif, between 'Ihlrleenth umJ
Fourteenth Mreet, wet aids ood two
lory ilnelllni; hoiie on each lot Lot 5
mil i;, ljijiiiiiK tli Iut lii'lurn named.
l.otM, li IK!, city, on Sixth trcet, couth
lie, hctrvrcn tjutiuncrcinl and sVa-hlinjton
No Lobs 7 ami H, U ii. corner ol Kour.
leenth ami l'oil:ir street, Irunl on 1'opl it
treet, wet hide, oppodtc po.t-ollleo block
No : splendid iuine imlliUDL', rci
ilenca In ocoml lory, 0 room, ball and
IrontMiil rear talrway. wateron liolb iloura,
in number om; ojimttfoii: ltuatcil on north,
neat corner ot Commercial acntl ami
'I' ulltU utrceU A xrcat bargain II old
No 4 I-ot 4, b 22. Coininurcl.il ascnuc,
between Kotirtti an I Kilth lrreti. Lot 'J I,
b !'!, on Wa'tilni-toti aseliltc, between Filth
ami Six III treei.
No 5-Mx lot In b SKI, 1st ad. High
ground, iiwcicb ou cay payment.
Noi lt 1 and '1, In b ft norlli coiner oi
Tenth and Let no lreet. Ht bii-lne loca
tion In the city term easy. I-ot. 21. i'l and
illn h 1!), tt ad., south corner oi rwenlleirj
and l'oplartlrect. AIo tlir.-c lot in court
noue blork, frontim; on J'oplar lrcct.
No 7 l.ot II and. Ill, ti H Miulh aide o'
Tsents-tlrt street" oiioit "Coineut
lllock f, kij dcurablc lor residence itu
ioD, chcaji.
No 6 Ten ot the choke't lot, In block
57, lit addition, abott- i:rdu, bciiitltul rtl
deuce location, Mill b old at it );reat bur
vain. Wu call iiartlciilar attention to thin
property at It will be Mild ery low.
Noll - That elegant reoldelice on Seventh
treel, owned by Opt. Kurd, Iroiillm: 75
leel on m. tenth ktreet, and riinuiti luck
SSUO lett lo Milh. property . well
known totbu cltlciinr (.'alroamHicinltt a.
onu ol the mot cotnplcle and convenient
re-liletice In the city. It ha all the con
venience appertaining to a tlrft-elo. home.
The ground, are hlKlily inbel'.uheii with
elect hrubber.T and Irult In abimdan'-e ;
carrUn'" tiotie, -table and outbuilding tirt.
'Urn. Owliu to the removal ot Capt. llurd
thU properly will be old nt a ieat bargain
one4-yterm. Alo twolotnn cornerThlrd
tri'et and MIlIppl lec. Tbe Levee
bulldlnL', fnrraerly occnpled by I'apt. llurd,
lnb, Uhlo leee, irlnilleld lllock," lor
.No 10 An elegant residence with four lot.
in b 07, ell) lr jle very elienp II oid
oon llii'h ground, and preml-u In a No.
I condition,
No It A No. 1 cottage on fcourth Hreet,
butwcen Wa.luni'toti avenue and WjIiiii.
treet. Al-o tv lot" runnini' Irom I-'i.urtli
to Kittli treet ety desirable property.
No li New two-tory dwel Inir In prime
order, on Locutt treet, hibei't yruund in
the city, two lot. 1'riee $1 iliX).
No I J An cli-cint ri 'Idenee wllli about
tbreoacreof ground, covered with all kind
of e!;ci Irult anl ulirublieiy. in .-nl IV
for ".lie cheap.
We bam lor ale nrlvae vacant and Im
proved propertr la -II portion ot the
ilty Alo over iVOOO acre or unliiprnv cd
land In Alc.xandcrand I'lila-kl counilc. at
extremely low lUurc. and In tract to mil
purchaser. Wo are agent lor the llllnol
t'cntril ifilroaH land in till and l'ula-kl
count.c Itilro id land not old prior to
November next will pa( IhIo other hand.
Sow I tl e time to purrh.
MUORANIS totiik ur.r.T nl(T.
We are the a,'fnti of the 1 1 u r 1 1 1 i t o 1 1 and
MIourl li.iilrnad company, who oiler lor
ale In Iowa and N'ebra-ka million of acre
ol the bet land on the continent, on ten
year credit. per cent. Intcrct. .Map,
pamphlet, circular and all neecaty Inliir
uutlOD relative to tho lamU and how te
reach ttictn liirnlihed uiu apiilieatlou.
Call at once and examine for vourlve. Ap
ply to .IOIIN (J. HAUMAN .t CO.,
Cor. Sixth and Loee its., Cairo, UK
.lu-e 7. 187S. .
UYl.AN'l) & SAUKU,
Corner 10th street and Commercial arena
uuxtdoor to the Hyland aalooti.
11-16 tf. 0AIHO. ILLS.
Kiouth Htubkt, Hktwkbn Washing"
ANiiCouuiaciAL Avbnukh,
fcdJoliitnK Ut'lenhonNe nml tlnlliiy'd
Heep His liet or Betd, Pork, Mutton Veal,
l.mnb, Shuohh, etc, nd are prepared to verve
eltiaena In the ranit aoeeptahle mnner.
(Succosnor to James Kynaton,)
Fui.su Mkats.
Buyi and almighteri only the Voat allle,
boir and heep, arid U prepared to till any
IuuhdiI for freiih meat, from one pound to
If n thouwnd nnunda.
year cor. 'l'tviMitlrth NlrKl nml Cum.
uert'ln'. Avruue,
liny aud ilmgliteM only tho boat CutUc,
Wo arn Hiilliorlr.ed to nonouneo Ilia'.
.Iacoii 0. J.YNt'tl a'II bo n enndiilaln for
CViunty Clerk.
Kmtok IlL'l.l.rTlNl'leile Htifioutco
tnv iitttrn hp k cauJldAto If the otllco of
county Her!.
John 0, CnowLKf.
S'o are nutborlztd to iiniioiince Joiti'it
f. UavhoM nt t candlitnte lor the otlice
of county clerk, at tho oniulnu Noveiritor
tlaotloii. nubjuct to thu declttlon of tbo
votf ol' Alexander county.
WuHrnaiithorizud to announeo JoilX II.
I! '.ism an ii candidate fur tint ollleo "I" J
Roiititv treanurer.
KbiToii or Tint IIui.i.kti.n-You will
please unriouncn my nm u the, peoplo'i
candidate lor county treaiurer, at the it.
ulnK NoTomber election. Intendlnu; and
detlring to tervo the paople, I hopo lo be
olected by tbe peoplo.
8.20td William Makti.n.
COUNTltY "alTl'KnfN'rfc.N dbnt
Wk are authorized to announce Mr. .S.
K. Ilrown, of Ttmbe proeinot, ut a umxli
date lor mipcrlntatiderit of ichool.
1'l.KAfK annouticn rn n cirididuto for
Siiprintondent of I'ublic Irn'.rii lion of
Alexander county.
Mp. 1'. A. Tat LOU.
Y. are au'.bori.ed to annourion Uir.AM
fc". l'fTSAM, of llnzlewiMHl, ut a catidi
date for county ruperlnterident of public
KrdloK IlfLLKTt!.-: l'leae announce
tne at candidate for the olHce of County
Commluloiior. Tiiomai Ma in in.
Kunor. Ilfl.LBTIN :
I .nto arinotirifo that I .m i eandidate
for county cornrnl.torer.
Til of. WlLmN.
Caiko, III. Oetober !, IkU.
Wk are authorx.d to anr.ounro .Mr..
(iciiKOi: m acand'.date (or Coun
ty Coinmiiotier, it tltj enniiris Novum
bor eli etion
Wu are authorl.! to anm unco JiviK
L. .S.vNDKr.x.of Clear crock, nj candidate
f.ir county comuiiioner.
Wr: aro authorixid to anuounca Ai.ei
ANtixr; 0. IIoDok of Unity, h a can
didal for County Cotnminlorier.
IIavi.nvj Ixon tolicitod by iitimcroin
voters of Alexander county to bevomo a
candidate for tbe ofileo of county ;com
mir'ionor, 1 hereby announce that 1 will
be acatidiiato for that olficc, at tho cnu
inf Novamber election.
Xr.rr.nr. H ahciiii.do.v.
antki two oxporienctd ho cutcb-
on who thoroughly undcrtatid tbo bui-
ine. Apply lo Cblcf-of-l'olico Mcllale,
at the city clerk' oU'uo. St
T.'.K UxJv of it dead mail Sut votordny
fouiid in thu Ohio river fomewhero n-
twi'e.ri Citiro and M"tind City. Coroner
(ii mnn wa infornud. and an iiin,iiet
wu or w ill be held.
.cHLir.i: W. A. . 'i . ii-urit, o4 Santa
l'e, wu ir. tovn yttlerday. Wo under
(tand thu irjuiro ha' hi eye upun tho
county ju Jo chair, and propofe to n
abnut how well it would tit him.
Thk mayor bus ordered tho chief of pc
lieu lo report to him any aloon in which
thieves or vagaliondi aro harbored, or
which is thu retort of iuch character, in
that thu llcentet may bo ruvoked.
Thk chamber of coiiiiimrcu hold it flrt
fall meotiuc; yesterday morning. How
ever no buini was trnntactcd. The
inember came together, and without
trannieting any regular Lii'incc ill
puricd. ltKV .l.. WaI.LKK preached Ida tlrt
ierinon in tbii city in the Mciliodi-t
church on Sunday niornin); la?t. Tboic
who littetiod to him speak In thu hlyheit
term, of his ability as a preacher ; and
tho member of hi cLurch aro well plcaFcd
with him.
TllK invyor called a special meeting of
the city council to incut at tho council
chamber at SI o'clock yesterday afternoon,
but hi only five members Aldormen Kit
tenhousp, Meyers, McGauloy, llixby and
Robinson put in an appearance, no ipiarum
was hud and tho meeting was adjourned,
r. Thk Annual Convocation of Cairo
af H. A. Chapter. No. "0, will bo
V held at Manotiio Hall this tTuos
day) ovenitiR, October Sllst, 1S73. Tho
election of olllccrs will tiiku place. All
mt'iiibvrn nro requested to attond, nml vis
iting companions aro cordially invited,
l' KoiiiMKr kr, Secretary.
Dknton locturod last night on tho
races of mankind, nnd to-night will
shoot oil' his mouth about minerals nnd
metals, Tho lecture to-night will tiroba
bly be worth Untuning to. AVlion Ponton
lectures on Mich n subject as minerals and
inutbU ho is interesting hh well as instruct
ive. Ho is not an original thinker on any
subject, but he ie u good compiler of tho
thoughts of othor mon.
Oait. A. A. AhkiokvIiowiis absent at
Illooiulncton, Illinoip, on bmlness In con
nection with onoof tho Cobb, lllaisdell 4
Co. vs. tho Illinois Cunlral railroad com
pany i uses, which was bolng tried at tho
above named city, died at tho Atliley
house at about htilf.past eight o'clock Sat-
urday night, of heart disease. The an
nouncement of his death was rccoived
with surprise and regret by everyone, as
when l;o loft homo onu wook ago ho wci
in good health nnd spirits. Ills remains
wnrg oxpectod to nrrivoin this city by the
UiflO train this morning. In this terrible
adlictlon tho family of the deceased have
of tbe funeral. Capt. Arrir k ai a mem
ber of Pelta Lodge A. F. and A. M
which held a mooting last night to rnako
arrangements for tho funoral.
On laht.Satukdav afternoon, or oven
ing, a dilllculty occured nt Oooso Island
between .Mr. (Irccn II. l'arkcr nnd damn
Cuvondcr, In which tho form-r received
Injuries from which It I said to bo very
doubtful If ho w'.ll recover. We were tin
ablu to learn definite particulars of tho
allVny, but tho story as wrt got It Is a fol
lows On Saturday evenlru; Cavondnr
went to Mr Parkers houte, and calling
I'urLer out, accuod hiui of having said
something not very complimentary ibout a
certain woman. Mr. I'arkor denied hav
ing usui tho language Imputed to him,
when Cavander called hltu a liar. A lit
tle niece of Mr. I'arkor's seeing that there
was likely to bo a quarrel, wer.t
out and inked him to cotne uway
and riot get into any dill!.
cully. Mr. l'arkcr turned to leave, and
u hu did so, Cavomlor picked up u club
and struck bim on tho head with It, knock
ing him down, and continued lo beit hltn
until ho was insonilble. Cavi ndcr then
lied, aud Las not inco been scon or heard
of. This is tbe version we have received
of the difficulty but whether it is tho true
one rema'nt to bo ascertained.
K. Ilro, .ludgo presiding; Jacob ft.
Lynch, Clerk; Alex. II. Irvin, Sherifr
Thu (Jr.tober term of the Alexander
county court convened yesterday morn
int.', when thi
cniMt.NAL docket
was taken up and the following busine!
transacted :
Tho peoplo v. Fred. Ilatidcarnpi
reconii'.atirq to !eep tlm teace. The
prosecuting witnet (ailing to appear, the
case wa dlrnlel at dofenanl's costs, and
judgment rendered for same.
Same v. Phillip Itrown ; indictment
from circuit court. Caso continued to
next term.
Samu vs. Thomas ISurn; larceny. De
fendant in court and entered plea of not
guilty. Case et for trial to-day 'Ttutday,
October S!l nt 0 o'clock.
Samo vs. Joseph Hortcn ; larceny. Pc
fendent appeared and entered ple-i .f not
guilty. Jury wivid, and evidenco heard
by tbo court. Pafendent ndjudgod not
guilty, and ordered discharged.
Whereupon court adjourned to meet
thl morning at 0 o'clock.
1'OllCK roUUT.
.L.I. llirJ. P. M proldlns.I
Th'inaf and Mtry Sullivan and .l. R.
Cunningham had eomo high words, and
Thomas and Mary used language to J. R.
for which ho concluded bo would make
them pay. Ho obtained it warrant for
their arret and they wero taken before
hi honor to answer tho chargo therein
set forth. After h aring tbo evidonce, a
rlno of 11 vii dollars and tho u.unl coils umi
assessed against oich of them. I'ald.
Mr. Sullivan and his wife believing it
their turn, had Mr. Cunningham arrcteJ
on a similar charge. His caio was hcard
and ho too was lined 11 vo dollars and tho
triming, which was also paid. Chief
Mcllale malu all tho above arrests.
'Josy Manstleld," a colored Iady,was up
una chargo of stealing a watch from a
whito man a Swede Tho had bcti in
.Ioie company several hours on Sunday
nighl. Hut it being proven that before, go
ing to bed tho white man had taken out bis
Watch and hid it away himsolf, and then
forgot what ho had dono with it, and tho
property being afturwatds fuund just
where hound laid it. .losy wasdlscliarged,
and tbo cists in tho caso charged up
to the uccuunt of the prosecuting witness.
.'arah Richardson, a whlto girl aged
about sixteen, was arrested by otUccr
Martin for prowling about tho tlreets of
tho city at unreasonable hours of tho
night, etc. She was tlnod live dollars, but
having neither money nor frlondJ, was un
it bio to pay tho lino. Oa promising to
leave the city, sho was giveu a stay of ex
ocution. ,las. T. Allen, for assaulting and
striking Kiln Stevens, which is tho rinmo
of " his woman,' was lined livo nnd the
usual fair. Ho gave security and ivas re
leased. (Jcorgo Ponnis, lor Indulging in a
plain straight drunk, was taxed ono dol
lar. Dennis went to the calaboose for
threo day ..
Wo aro receiving on consignment, a
largo lot of prime Iowa onions, which
wo odor to thu trado cheap, either by tbo
bushel or Imrrol.
10.9-lOt Hallipav IIkos.
Tho Cairo Casino will give a social ball
In Washington hall on Monday evoning,
November 3, to which all their friend aro
invited. Tickets $1, at the door.
P. Hum.
10-15 tit
0. WlCllKK.
Oil BAP F U K L.
Four thousand bushels of coko for salo
by thu Cairo City das company. Twenty,
flvo bushals of coko delivered at any huuso
in thu city for SSi 00. It burns frcoly, and
makes a hotter and cleaner II ru than coal.
Try it. H. T. Ukuoui.h.
1 will soil at tho residence of Mrs.
Ooodycar, corner of Eighth street and
Wahlngton nvutiuo, on Thursday, Oclo
hcr23J, nt OJ o'clock, a. m., a full lino of
housohold and kltchou furnituro, consist
ing of bedstoads, mnttrcsses, parlor chairs,
saffs, carpels, sofa, innrblo-top contor
tables, onu vory lluo llrusscls curpot,
wardrobo, bureau, oil -cloth, ox tables,
mirrors, two cooking stoves, three heatiri)i
stovoi. In fact everything in tho way of
household and kitchen furniture. Sale
positive, without rnsorvn.
Paniki. Haiitwa.v, Auctioneer.
Ilomombor, sales of all kinds of goods
t'sroom, 106 Commercial avomie,
I will soil nn
alio i) clock, n.tn, nt tbo re!denco ol
on Washington avenue, near Kighin
trcct, his nntiro
consisting of ono parlor sett, onu lino
mirror, one flno rocvood piano, nearly
new, marble lop ccntro table, sofa chairs,
cane bottom chairs, lliuels carpets, tbrco
pile carpels, bureau, wash stands, mirror.,
rocking chairs, bedsteads and bedding,
coniting of j 1 1 1 o vv i . mattreies, blankets,
comfort, sheets, bedsprings, washbowls,
pitcbor, and ore extension table, ono
largo dining-room table, dining-room
chairs, a large assortment of dishes, glass
ware, knives and forks, ipoom, castors,
table cloth, nnjililns, tinware ami kitchen
furniture, ono cooking itovo and cooking
utensil, besting Mover, window shado,
anil many other articles used in keeping
boiiM, loo numerous to mention. Alio,
Sale without reserve.
10-21 :it LoLif II. Mvi.ki, Auctioneer
Piiick CfrtitK.NT Omen, )
Monday, Jive , (Jet L'O, 18M.
Oi:.M'.llAl. K.MA11K.
Thu market to-day presents a gleomy
and disheartening aspect. There is nothing
doing in any of Its branches. Largo cor.
slgnmenu of grain and lluiir Las been re
cieVid, on which consignors are asking ad
vance that oonrignees decline lo mako
Stocks of ull kind are accumulating and
buyers my bo said to bo all out of the
market. Sellers aro willing in many caes
to milio concisions to ell'ect ca.h salts
and do not feel anxious to make sale for
anything but tho cash.
Finances stand as they havo since
tho coiinnetic-m;nl of thu panic. Time
are as hard and rates as high at New Or
lesns as they havo btnn at any lime, with
no indentions of any Improvement soon.
Prices there rulo high with a Heady
market but no money, and speculators do
notcaroto take thu risk of making ship
ment. Our merchants lontinue to receive
order., but declino to (111 them in nearly
all cases exept for cah on delivery.
Correpcindents are a.!vied to hold
shipment of all kinds for tho present.
A few car loads of cholco whito com
might bo sold to-day but it would tako
very littlu to over-sto;l: the market.
thk m.u;ki:t.
SlTCorrcsporidenis should bear in mind
that tbe prices hero given aro for round
lots, l'or broken and small lots nnd in
tilling order higher prices must be paid.
FLOUR Receipts havo been large and
there is no movement except in a small
jobbing and rotatl way. Oool sale ot
flour, as well at of corn and oat, aro now
almost entirely discontinued. Store
houses aro all full waiting for a fuvorablo
chsngo in finances and tbo ro'umption of
active busints. Vt'o noto J.iles of 100
bid, cash, on orders at f., 50f 50.
HAY The supply on tho market is
large, with little or no movement. Slocks
aro accumulating. "Wo note sals of J!
cars sacked and do! $17.
CORN Dragging. Tln.ro was but lit
tle inquiry f.ir choice white to-day with
nonu olloring. A few cars would over
stock tbo market. Tbo upply of m xed
is largo'y in excois of demand. Price
are quoted nominally at oO57c for white
and filQoic 1'jr mixed. Transactions nro
confined to 0 cars mixed, sacked and de
livered olfSiVie, and 2 carj white In bulk,
fold to ai rivo, at 48c.
OATS Drooping. Nono soiling, and
prices aro nominal. (J ioto 4')(-12o sacked
and delivered.
CORN MKAL Stocks are increasing
and transactions aro limited. Quotations
to-day aro a ibado lower, in sympathy
with other branches of thu market. "We
note ale of 200 bbls steam dried, deliv
ered, Ss! 03, nnd S!Q0 bbls do i2 70.
UUTT1CP. ory quiet. No sales, ex
cept in small jobbing way. Only tbo
very choicest can hi sold at 30c. Sales
wero 40 pkgs choice at "oQlOc.
KOUS Aru in moderato supply and
light domand, entirly for tbo local trado.
Salis weru 1,000 duzun shippers count ISc;
300 dozen do 18020c.
CHICK ENS Tho market is glutted
and nono wanted. Choice aiixed old and
young aro hard to soil at S! CO. Wo noto
sale of C coops mixed J'J 2.rp(J)2 50, and
40 dozen do fl fiO'J 50.
APPLIES Good demand. Strictly
cholco Hoples would lliid a fair market at
f3 50(mI. Wo noto sales W bbls good to
choice $i 503 00.
CAI1I1AOK -Plenty and slow sale.
Prices rango according to sizo of heads,
7 to 10c.
CHKtCSK liood demand; New York
factory, V lb, 10J(2)17e.
SYKUPS Tim domand is fair for
choice at C0ctl i gal, and New Orleans
at 75B0o.
l'LASTKRINO HAIR-3Gc per bushel.
LIMK-Illlou l Si5to$l 60-rlbbl.
OKMKNT. At wholesals 00 ft
BURLAPS-'.' bushels corn, OJ oz
15Jo; iIdIIoz IUo; 4 b.iahuls cuts 20c
5 bushels 21c.
RISKS WAX f) rt30c.
SOAP SliaeU'er'a Oerinan mottled 7Jc;
Champaign oap, 7Jc.
TALLOW "iV lb To.
COFFKK Scarce cud firm, .lava sell.
Ing at Hufajoiicj Lug u ay r a nolle ; Rlc
prlmo to choico 20(jj.'l0o.
SUOARCoilV'o A, 12jl3o.
1IKKSWAN 2?o per lb
FKATHKRS-S. O. per lb C5c.
1IACON None.
TKAS Imperial, 70cH 25j (iun-
powder, T&i'fw&l -&i Oolong black, 75c
t... . - fi ii:.M ifi
1 oung too, viyy. i.
HROOMS. Dull; common housu sol)
at fl 00 to SJ 50; choice and oxtra choice
$3(;A3 70; ato'ttuboat 4 006 00.
FREIOHT Cotton, cori'oresiul U
Now Y'ork, 85c; to llorton $L Un
compiriBSod, to Now York$l 14; to Ror.
ton tl.
RATKS To Now Orlosns nnd Vicka.
burg; l'otatous, apple, otc, 50
pound froli-bH 25o owl; hay 7 per
ton; whlskny $1 d0 per bbl.
TO MK.M'PHIS-Flour.ctc.aOupur bbl;
pound froights l5o uwt; hay $1 por ton
whisky 80o per bbl.
Oan and Steamlltting on eliort notice,
I take this opportunity to Inform tbo
citltcn of Calroand surrounding country,
that I will rosumo my practice In tho city
of Cairo on or about tho 1st of December,
t-3o ir. P. L. William 4, Dentist.
F01'."SA LK.
Two llatterles of two Hollers, each S.M
feet long, J2 Inch Dram, S! 14 Inch Flues
with flro front. Mud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud valvH, Chlmnuy ami
Ilrilchln, all complete and in tint-class
order"; been usod only three months, l'or
price, etc., Inquire ot J. T. P.ENNtr,
'j-IZ-lt ulenn Iron Works
lit the Cairo Turngeiiieir.de for tbe
beneilt of the Men phis sutl'erers, Tuesday
evening, October SM, at PMIlii' ball. Ad-
ml'ilon so cents.
W. F. KfeiiUNur.i KM:,
F. Ouurtio,
I'll ah. Hither.
Committee of Arrangements.
Having been appointed asiignce of tho
stocx tl nilllinnry gooJs of -Mrs. Anna
Lang, lor thu bom 111 of her creditor., I
will sell thu tarn at public auction en
Thursday, November eighth, 1873, at tho
old stand on Kightb street. Salo to com
m en co at !) o'clock and continue from day
to day until all tho goods aru rold,
John H. Oi.t-JUAN, Aslgnco.
Cairo, October IB, 167.4.
A clergyman, while residing tn South
America as a missionary, discoverot a
salo and simple remrdy for tho euro of
nervous weakness, early decay, discasis of
the urinary nnd seminal organs, and tbe
whole train of disorder brought on by
baneful and vicious habits. Croat num
bers havo bean cured by this noblo remedy.
Prompted bv n desiro to benefit tho af
flicted and unfortunate, I will send tho
roc.elj t lor preparing and using this med
icine in a. sealed onvulopo to anyono'wlio
needs 11,rer of chary!. Addrcs
Jcski-u T. In max,
Station D, Rihlo House, New York.
Augul '2 1 yr
OCT. 17, I?, 19, S!0, 21, 2St, 23, S2I, 25, Si-V-'T
Adulsslon: Cent and lady to one Ice
turo, 50 cjtits ; gent and lady to tho full
course, H. !UorvoJ seats for full course,
51 extra, or 25 cents n night.
ruiiJECia :
Antiquity of man illustrated by paint
ings, ptc.
Woman's po-ition in tho liiblu.
What was Jesus? Did hu rise from tbe
dead '
Races of mankind and their destiny il
lustrated. Mineral! and Metal.
Prophecies of the ltlble.
l'rayer in tho light of Modern Stenc.
Truo Revelation.
Noah's Ark scientifically considered.
Tho Coming Day. tmt-11-lt
Co to 15. F. make's for c-erything in
tho Steam and Onifittir.g line. '.i-23if.
Foil oas and ateam fitting go to Ron
nio's Vulcan iron wok, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street. 0-10.tf
Clt.NliEHKH,,1 Rrackets, Pendants,
Globe, etc. for salo at prices that cannot
be beat, by 15. F. lllaho, Rrojs' Rlock.
For SAI.i: Uihac Ono span good,
young mules, also a doublo wngoli. Will
sell them together or separately. Knquiru
of Husk, Loom is & Co.,
tf No. 01 Ohio Lovee.
Fop. Su.k. Two desirable lots No. 7
and 8, block 70, city; corner of Tenth and
Walnut stroels. ill lie sold witn or
without tho houso on lot 8. For partlcu
Jars, etc , npply to
10-11-2W Matiiims &. Ubl.
P. Fitzgerald nt ln rooms, cornor
Fourteenth streot and Commercial ayo
nuo, oilers for salo Guinness' I'orter &
IJass' ales and pure Honncssy brandy,
and tho genuine Asgosturo hitters, all
first-class cholora cures. Try thorn
7-17 tf
Dr. W. R. Smith haa removed his of
fice to tho second story of Louis Herbert's
now brick building on Kightli streot, be
twoon Washington and Commercial nvo
nues, where ho has moro comfortable and
commodious quarter. S-10-tf
Mi;. Wm. Kiii.kiih is anxious to inform
his friends and acquaintances, and custom
ers generally, that ht rVs las own lilting
In gaitnrs, llnu boots nnd shoes. In fact
all his work is donu in his own shop.
SI-10. if.
JtJr received at Killer's, Twentieth
streot, between Washington avenue and
Poplar street, the finest French calf, pat
ent loathor and Moroccos for gentlemen'
wear. A perfect fit and satisfaction as
sured. Any persona in need of boots and
shoes should call on Killer's, oxamlno his
stock of loatbora aud k'.vu their orders,
R. Jo.Ni, fashiouablo boot and shoe
maker. Cork soles, Scotch bottoms, and
the latest improvements in tho linn of hit
business. Only the best ana most com
potont wcikmsn employed, and all work
warranted to hu firstchus in every respect.
Shop on Commercial avenue, near corner
of Tenth street. 10-7-tf
A Nkw KNTKwritiaK. Dr. II. F. Field
will run a lluo of backs botwevn Cairo
and thu terminus of tho Cairo, Arkanses
&. Vexas railroad, making two trips each
day, leaving Cairo at 8 o'clock a. in., and
and 2jo'clnck, p. in., making close con
nection with the trains ou that road.
Orders for passengers or baggige should
bo lelt at Fluid's stable, on 10th street.
sopt'ja tf
Dr. Lavarty, hoinooopathlst phjsl
clan, late of Shawnoetown, lias located in
this city and intends making It tils homo
Tho doctor comes to Cairo well recom
mended, and refer to the otllcert of tho
First N&Donal bank of Sbawnotttown, to
whom ho Is veil known, having praetltcd
solicits a fair ibars of tbe patronage of
our citizens. OfCae 140 Commreial aVc-
line. " l!0tf
We need not remark that tho oyster Is
a good thing to hnve In tho heme ; every
body knows that ; but It may bo neccsiary
to say that the best oysters In tho city
may bo found at tho oystor saloon of
Arnandu Jaqckcl. Ho has filled U
rooms In fine style, and has made arrange
mcnts by which ho will bo able to obtain
dally supplies of fresh oycten, which ho
Is prepared to dish up to customers In any
manner Call upon Jae' kel and try bis
bivalves. im
Central Hocrs-Ori Sixth street be
tweeti Comnicrclal and Washington
This house bat re. ently un.lergone thor
ough repairs, and ti now In first-class con
dition for tho accommodation of tbo trav
eling public. Hoarders accommodated on
reasonable term. A thara of patronage
Is solicited. M rs T. N. O a rrxKV,
O-80-ltn. Proprietress.
The barber shop is on tbo nornor of
Kightli street and Commercial avenue
whero J.leorgo Stionhouio with his gen
tlemetily assistants can bo bund at any
hour of tbe day or night, ready to sootho
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your tempor and head with a good sham
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you arc
suro of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladles' and childron's hair cut or curled
after tho most approved styles. 8-10-tf
Admittkh I!kst. Dr. Price's Cruam
Raking 1'owder i universally admitted
to bo tho best In use, and having used I
for a number of years wu havo no hesita
tion In nddlng our testimony as to It mer
its. There is nothing deloterioit in its
composition, n important consideration
in viow of tho numerous preparations put
up and palmed oil', without considerations
as to their clfect upon tho health of tho
consumers. Dr. Prlco a Special Flavor
ings, extracted from tho fruit, nro really
tho mort desirable flavors wo over used,
oct-1 1 d&w-l w
llrNliKltso.v, lis., Oi tobcrS. IS7H.
To whom It may concern :
TbN t to certify tint Capt. Ilir.ttn Hill, of
the wrccMntrboat C'barllo Hill, ha removed
front the liver tn front of the city wharf the
wreck of the . It. Collier, Mink in March
lat. The reck was a dilllcult one to man
age, owing to the pueition on the bottom, to
ay nothing of tbo large amount of editneut
accumulated tluce the sinking. Still dipt
Hill removed it all. under contract with tho
elty, ina "hurt time, anil to the r-atUfactioti
ot the common council anil myself, and ha
this day been paid In full for hi labor, with
out one word of complaint. With pleasure
I recommend the captalu anil hi boat to
all tho'c needing hi ecrvlccs.
I!epectfull.v, K. S. St AiiLixu, .In.,
Mayor City of Henderson.
Pai l.I. Mans, Whart-Mastcr.
To thc.Miiyor and City Council of the Clt
of llcmleron, Kentucky:
(IKXTLK.MF.N It give me pleatiri; to
tniidor to you. and through
sou to lboe cltlcn with
svhom I hate become acquainted since I
hau been lu your employ, my hoartfell
thank for the uniform courtesy and kind
treatment I havo received : and Jttn here
permit me to say I hac less annoyance Irom
the utithorllir of your city, haeboen tnoiv
promptly paid In lull of my contract than
eer belot c during my wrecking experience.
I can ever refer U my stay in jour city
with the kindest rcnicmberauce, ami trust
you may never be ailltctcd with another
Miul.cn river cralt.
Rcrpcctfully, II if. am Hill,
Muster of Wrecking Uo.U Chatlie Hill.
llK.MiKIlSO.v, Ky., Octobers, lH7iS.
i;am sr.rr,nt;MN.
lt)ll'lV-Tllilil tenor: of the condition of the
P First C.itioiul Hank of C-lro, Illinois, M the cKe
of business -ent l'i. IhT.'l.
Ixana and discount! t?H.' 17
()erdrafi 1,4.17 A
tr. S. lloiulstosccuicclrculation lfiiiHjo W
V. S, lionds and securities ou
hand .I.'JOO 03
Other stocks, bonds and mort
HKget 111,100 00
Due front redeeming and re
serve asents .'1S.S16 14
Due from other national bank... AJ'rJ 42
Due from banks and bankers.... r,i.l'i 4 .
Ileal otate 41,95 .11
Fumitmc and fixtuies J.stri l
'I'asc. paid -I s
Current extene I.esS 6i
Cash items, including rceuue
t.sif.p 27 Pt j
Premiums paid 'J,0 M ,
Cash on hand in Currency 1-i,Vi1 'Jl
" coin OS".' I" Hi 171 SI i
WW 14
Cap'tal itock- jtii,rM (mi
I'.xihanKc, lnlrresl, prolil and lo. II I
Clrmlatiun outlauilini; ui,khi w
Individual dells 1'."',II7 T
M,'l- 11
Slate of Illinois, Alexander coimly, e.
1, Charles Cunnninhaio, cashier of the Fast Na
tienal Itauk ot Cairo, do stUemnly svtcar that the ab.ive
sialrment is true to uic lci oi my knowieac una ue
llef. CI1AS. CUNNINGHAM. Cashier.
hubcrileil and sworn to before me this ITth
day ul October, IP7.1.
II. II. CANDEE, Notary I'ublic.
Correct Attest
ItOIiT. W. MII.I.FIl,-)
1'.. W. IIAI.LIDA, Y IHrectors.
tlllll) I,l. ! V
Iletwceii Fourth and Sixth Sticct.
JOHN GOCKEL, - I'lioi-iiir.roit.
'I'hl lioie having recent!; undergone
thoioiigh ren.ilt H, and addition ot moro than
twenty good nlzed and well luriiishcd room
ha Ing been ailded to it, ik nosv prepared
to accommodate comfortably at lea.t one
bundled guests. Tho tablu is always Mip
plied Willi tho best Hut market tillord,
erved up In the nut approved atyle.
Terms teaonablc. A hate ot patromige
Kollclted. U-llltt
(Buoot'iora to John II, Phllhs,)
Flour, Meal, Bran, &o.,
Cob. Tsctn Strict and Onio I.cyki:
TPORT et ' fotubilaa it Cur Natlatjt
J tl"? of tilro, at Cairo, In lh sute f IlliaaU M
ClO! Of DUSItMl jjpt. 13, 1873.
I.oaai and iliseeunts , itsg i;7 ;j
t. S. bontlt to secure cireula. '
..lion 100,000 00
I'. S. bond on han't J),1W eg
IJth-r stocks, bonili tud rnott-
, l scs 4,3 7
Premium en bonili J,tl4 on
Uvf from tedeemlng and re
me a?-mi 't,l 4
lie from other national bjnkt ,il JV
me rioni stale banks and
. b.snVer . l.',,4C it U.tH 1
llanklnj house 21,000 V)
Other real estate fl,tx OO It.OOV v
Current etpentei 4,M tl
Taxes raid 1.304 7 t,tn U
Hill of national haols 1,304 W
Lgal tender note Ji.WO DO
Fractional currency, cinclndit; j
alekelsl ; J.'.W
Steele 3.112 J
Checks and other cash items . Hi i
Mutilated cuuency, llh
I reas C J i.OeO W 44.M0 II
Jl,4t ti
Cifital ttoctt pi.d In 100,000 CW
Surplus lunJ 23.0UO a
Eschanje 3.(11 M
Irtereit O.Jfl 4
Profit and loss .. 1 J,: W 43,77 17
Circulation outttindlnf e.OOO Bv
Dividends unpaid SO ou
Die to state banks and banker. 3941 1!
Deposits aJ,"W S
141 ,4M tl
.Staf of Illinois, county of Alexander, si.
I, A. U. rsAFFUKIl, cashier of thaCitf Na
tional Kink ol Cairo, do solemnly swear that the
jtovr statement Is true U the best of ay knowledge
and belief.
A. U.S AFFORD, Cashier.
S'lWriLnl and sworn lo btfgre roe this 17th day of
October, I. a. CANDEE, Notary TuUIc.
Ccrrect Attest i
U It. CU.NlNlillAM,l
i; 11. WILLIAMSON, .Directors.
II. I.. I1AI.I.1DAY. j
of valuable ferry prlvellge with good frry.
li.i.it nt 1'nilMi.Ali If AtiHlnbtr
Uii Saturday, November 15, at the hour of
12 m., nt the terry landing in Paducab, Ko-
tttcL-t' wi. wilt .oil 111 rnrrr tirlvllecra fhav.
lug about 17 years to run) belonging to tb
lillU . 'IU1CII. A lie llllliuin nuu umuv..i-
nru railroad cros-ing, at this point, make
thi raluahlo property. The boat I nearly
new. and hafiuct lindcrirone thorough re-
:ilr. Run ten mile an hour against the
Ulilo current, ami large cnougn xouo aii id
bulne. On eaine day will sell othorprop
ertv too numoroua to mention. Terms, I,
0 and ! months, with good security with In
tcrast from date.
Adm'rol V.Oarcn' estate.
1'AtiUCAH, Ky., October 15, 1873. 10-1 td
a A IST "rC.
CAPITAL, 1100,000
W. P. 1ULL1UAT, PtMldanti
UENRT I.. HALL1DAT, Vio.-FreslJaat
A. P. H AFFORD, Cashier I
WAI.TiiR UTdLOP, Asstsita Casller
Hilars Taitoa, Koaaar B. OcaatMiist,
linar I.. Uamo.T, W. P. HautsaT,
Ho. D. WiLUamoK, Braraasi Bta
A. B. Barroao.
Kxrtianar, Colas, staa VsaltMt (
UoBda Bvasjlat sta KoM.
DSPOHITH racelved, aad a -aaeral baaktaf
aaatcess qona.
It. TV. JIillkr, President.
.1. M. PiuiMi-a, Vice-President.
Cna. CCNMNOIIAM, Cashier.
.iXCnANOE, coin, bank Botes and Uaita'
Hi Stat eocartt'.ne bonxbt and aotd.
uterMi Allows sin lliisc INipsMtta.
lliiirtervd M-rcli m, lie.
oirici or
oriucKxs :
A. B. S AFFORD, lroldent;
S. S. TAYLOR, Vlce-Preddent;
11. HYSLOP, SecroUry and Treasurer
P. M. Uiact.iT, Onu. Oiuuaaa,
K. 11. Htocatiita, PivlO. Boaca,
11. II. Coaatasnia, 11, P. Hillidii,
J. 11. Pamirs.
ISepoalUot suit AnaosinS KeolTslf rasas
Tea Gttata Upward.
1 24TKKEBT paid on dapoalla at lb rat ol all
JL percent. pr annum, March 1st and Boptam
bnr 1st. Intoreatnot withdrawn I added Inma
dlately to the prtneipal of the deiposlu, tberabf
ulslnn tbem compound Inuraat.
so thit wo oaa sus can oaiw it.
Open irery busing. day from a.D. to I p.m.,
and Maturday ey-.nK lor HAVISO DXPOfllTt
cnl from to o cloek.
aii'itl W. HTBLOP, Traaaurar.
iMicccssor to II, T. Oerould,)
And Dealer la
(Ias avu Steam I'ipb Fittims.
I.KAD l'll'K AXDl'UMl'i.
Kari'ri wells put down in njr prt of
the city or surrounding couutrv.
And dt&ltr l
LimcCiMiMT, PuJTiB,HAU, Km.
N eislo Low,
wri will ll in cr lod Ion at '--
...T-T-i n.t... ..I.tlnj. rrelirht. 4-r
hbo, ma.

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