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20, ltt7S
ORMKVBR'a umct, r.iiiu. Ills.,
October'. 5, 10:11 ! ". 'SiX
llaroiuctcr, i'.OAt) dejrees.
Theiinomeler, 4 degrees.
Wind toutheatt Velocity il tulles jut
Weather thr-ati'lilm?.
Maximum tempcraUm; lt-r last Iioum,
Cm degrees:
Minimum temperature lor the lat'.l hours,
B tU'grcc.
I'rcYttlllni; wind fur hist 'il U'Mtr, south
( at.
Total number uf miles traulnJ by wind
during lait -4 hours, 103.
L'liWIS Oahi.amd,
Ob-crver Slj.'ii..l Service, II. .J. A.
rilin (J. llariuaii. Chat. Tlirtlpp
Ami Land Audit of the I "llrioli" Central
and Burlington ami Missouri Railroad com
panies. Narlli Vor, of Otis !. mill Ohio lft
Oflcr lor sale at low figure and cai-y term
tliu following real estate :
No. 1', lots In llitt "Ridge lilock" run
niu tliroiiKli tliu block Irum I'lltecritb to
Klilcculli etreets, bet residence property
lu tlie city. l.oU 3 and t li Jo, clt), Wash
ington utcnue, between 'I lilrteentli and
J ourteentli streets, west side -good two
tory tlnclllni; houe on each I'll. Lot 5
slid C, adjoining tlie last before named.
J.otll, b 2.S, city, nu blxth street, south
ildu, between Commercial and Washington
a emits.
No 2-LoLs. 7 aud 8, b corner oi Four
teenth and 1'oplar streets, front on I'oplar
treet, Vie-t side, opposite post-olllee block.
No a Splendid business building, rcsl
lmce In second story, 0 rooms, ball and
Irontand rear stairway, wateronbotb l!oor,
lu number one condition: situated on north
wot (.oruer ul Commercial aveuuu aud
Twelfth street. A treat bargain ir fold
.So 4 1-ot 4, b -J. Commercial a Mime,
between l oiirtli anil I'lllli streets.. Lot 21,
on Washington aTcnlie, between I'lttti
ml sixth slrrct.
.So ! nix lots In b -J, 1st ad. Illh
r.riiuul. liuOcach on easy payments.
No I-nlt 1 and 2, lu b U north corner ol
Tenth and Letee street. Ile-tbuine loca
tion In the citv tcruis eay. LoU21. 22 aud
!Mlnb 111, 1st ad,, south corner ol Twentieth
and I'oplar streets. Also thrt-o Iota in court
house block, fronting on I'oplar street.
No 7 l)li IS ana, 111, l)7il outh side ol
Twenty-tlrst street, opposite "Content
ilock ' very desirable lor residence pui
poses, cheap.
.No S Ten ol the chob est lot, in block
IT, 1st addition, aboo wrde, bcautllul resi
dence location, will be old at a great bar
gain. We call particular attention to this
property a It will be sold ttry low.
Js'o U-'t'hat elegant reslil'iun on Seventh
street, owned by Capt. Uurd, IroiitiuK ''
teet on r-ctentti street, aud runnluf back
200 feet to Sixth. This property Is well
tnouu tothecitlzeutor Cairo and tlctiilty a
ne il the iiin-t complete and contcnient
teslilcbcea lu the city. It haa all the con
veniences appertaining to a rlrst-cUtt home.
The ground' are highly embellished with
lect -Itrubberr and fruit lu abundance ;
earrlagu house, -table ami outbuildings Urst
us. Owlugto"the reiuotal ol Capt. Ilurd
this property will be sold at a great bargain,
uncu.) lenui. Alo twolotnon corner Tlilril
strret and Mi'ais-lppl letee. Tho I.eWt
bulldlug, formerly occupied by i apt. Jlurd,
in b3, Ohio letef, ""prln.tlcld llloik," lor
'"".No 10- An elegant residence with fourlots
In h s7, city lor sale very cheap it sold
soon High ground, aud premises In a .So.
1 condition.
No 11 A No. 1 cottage on Fourth street,
between Washington ateuur and Walnut
street. Also two lots running from lourtli
to Kllth streets very desirable property.
Ko li New two-s".ory dwel Ing In prime
order, on Locu-t itreet, highest ground lu
the cltv, two lots. 1'rlcctlWX).
No 13 -An cleKant residence with about
llircu acres of ground, covered with all kinds
of se!ct Irult and shrubbery, in ?anta I e
for salo cheap.
a n.sK ciiANce run i.nvkhtmk.nt.
Wo have lor sale orlcao tucant and Im
proved property In all portion ol the
city. Also oter Ui.OuO acres of unimproved
lauds In Alexander iind l'lilaskl coumlcs, at
extremely low tlRiires, and In tracta to suit
purchasers. We are agents lor tho Illinois
Central lailroad lands In tills anil I'ulaslil
countleit. Uailroad lands not sold prior to
Noreaber next will pasi Into other hands.
Now Is the time to purchase.
tltiailANTS to tiik or.r.tT WKJT.
We are the agents of tliu llurliiiRton and
Missouri Itallroid company, who otler for
ale In Iowa and Nehra-ka millions or acres
bl tlio best land on tliu continent, ou ten
j cars credit. 6 per cent. Interest. Maps,
pamphlets, circulars aud all nccetsary Infor
mation relative to thoso lauds and how to
reach them furnished upon application.
Call at once aud examine for yoursltes. Ap
ply to JOHN . I1AKMAN A CO.,
Cor. Sixth and Levee fits., Cairo, Ills.
.lue 7, 1873.
cornor 10th street and Commercial avenu
next door to the Ilyland saloon.
11-10 tf. UA1UU, IliLS.
Biourn Stukkt, Utwkn Wabhihoior
andOouwiboial Avbnoxi,
a.dolnlaaT Ul'ienhouae unci Hitnny
Keep the beat or Beet, Fork, Mutton Veal.
Lamb, Sausage, etc., sail are prepared lo aervo
sltnena In the most acceptable manner.
(Hucccssor to Jatuei Kynaston,)
KBK3U Mbatb.
Cousin NnorrKtfTH and I'of lar Hti.,
Uuy anl ulaughtern only the Weit oatlle,
bona and aneep, and U prepared to fill any
Jemtad for fjoahmoaU from one pound to
ten thousand poundi.
n'l'li'l' .
ii, it. II i iiotli'.n U herehvulven bvtho board
ol trimoex of schools, of township seven
teen, south rauifeone.wrbt, county of Alex
aiuler and state ol Illinois : That on Ssvtur
aiv. the rtlteoiith day of November, A. I).,
..,-! oi ii i imnr of i o'clock p.m.. of said
Jav atthe-doorol the court-lnuse in the city
of Cairo, county ot Alexouder and stHte ol
11 1111018. WO will unci iwi l'ira
Ion for cash In hand, the folio rig de
. Ihed lot, p ece ot parcel of land, Ituato
ft M Md WiBKln tfio llrst ...Idltlou to the
J.111 7 flv..,nli,Af Alnviinilnriinil ht'ifn
ii Illinois, mid known and designated on
? . recoriied map or plat of said city a. lot
We aro authorised to antioutice tlml
K. ttKiiirt will lu a carididatn for tho ottlue
of County .ludgoof Aluxatider county.
We are authorized lit announce that W.
il. MeTltKTKtes will b a candliUta for
tliu olllc of County . I ud go of Alexander
We aru authorized to aunounco tha.
.1 Atoli O. I.vj(Uli will bo a candidate for
County tllerk.
Editor Hullkiin I'loaio announce
my iihiii j in KtandtdHto for the ollice of
county clurk. .loit.v C. Orowlky.
Wn am authorized to announce Joasnt
T. DaYIsioK as a candldato for tho otllco
jf county clerk, at tho eniultic November
oloctloti, subject to the docisilon of tho
voters of Alexander county.
Wo aro authorized to announce JoliN II.
UoHMklAk' a candidate for the otllce of
county treasurer.
Editor or Tub Uui.letim You will
pluaso announce tny name ai the peoplo'i
candidate lor county treasurer, at the en
luing November election. Intending and
deilrinj lo serve tlie people, 1 hopj to bo
elected by tho people.
8-20td William Martin.
CO 1' N T R Y S I ' 1' K R I N T E N I) K N T
"Wt aro authorized to announce .Mrs. 8.
K. lirown, of Thebes precinct, a cntidi
jato lor superintendent of schools.
I'I.kapk nunouiici run as a cnhdidntH for
Superintendent of l'ublic Instruction of
Alexander county.
Mni. 1. A. Taylor.
We are authorized lu anuounc 11 IK a it
V. I'utsam, of llaslawood, a candi
date for county superintendent of public
I hereby announce myscH a catid.
datn fur the olUce of county commissioner,
at Hits approaching election.
.J a. E. Mi CnlTE.
Kdiior Ili'LLiciiK : Pleaio nnnjuncn
inu as a candidate lor the otllce of County
Commissioner. Tuovui .Marii.i.
KliITon ISui.I.eti.v .
1'ivate aunounco that 1 am a candidate
for county comrnisiiouer.
Tho. Wilson.
CAtr.O, Illr, October IS, 187:'.
We are authorized to finneunci Me.
(sKiikiiE KiiiiEK ai a candidate lor Coun
ty Commissioner, at tho oniulng Novein
br election.
We are authnriiod lo announcu Jauh
Li. S.i.DLr.s,uf Clear creek, at a eandtdate
for county commissioner.
We are authorized to announca Alex
inder C. HoDUf. of Unity, ai a oan
Jidate for Countv Commlisloncr.
Hatino been solicited by numerous '
voters of Awxauder county to become a
candidate for the otScit of county com
missioner, I hereby announeq that 1 will
be a candidate for that oflli'4, at tbo ensu
ing November ileclion.
Sevkhk Marciiiliio.v.
Go and see H. Meyers and ho will show
you tho finest lot of Moerscliaumt ever
brought to Cairo. 3t
Wanted Ono first-clais dinitig room
girl at tho European hotel. Good wages,
M. per month. 10-23 3t
Died. Saturday night, October 23,
187a, of ccrcbro-splnal-mcningitis, af
tor;n illness of l'J houn, Laurn Isabella,
infant daughter of Jacob nnd Amorilla
Martin, aged '13 mouths.
A large lot of lino
11. Meyers.
The funeral of Georgo Hurry, ion of
Mr. Henry Klchliotl, will take pluco to-day
at 1 o'clock p.m , by special train from
tho foot of Tenth street. Friends and ac
quaintances of the family urn Invited to
On next Tuesday morning at 10 o'clonk,
at thu Chamber of Commerce, Mr. '. D.
MiitUuss will toll at auction to tho highest
bidder a barrel of the belt family Hour,
tho proceeds to be forwarded to Memphis
for the bonellt of the sulferers.
For. Sale. Two desirable lota No. 7
and H, block 70, city; cornor of Tenth and
Walnut ttroolt. Will ho told with or
without tho houso on lot 8. For particu
lars, itc, apply to
10-ll-2w Mathuib & Uhl.
We are strung In the opinion thatCulro
is tlio hculthiust pluco in the world au
strong In that belief ai Sainton was when
tho young lion roared against him at tho
vineyards of Timnath mid ho rent him as
ho would havo rent a young kid.
A meeting of the directors of the Cairo
aud St. Louis railroad company will be
bold on Thursday, October 30th, at tho sta
Hon houto on tho depot grounds of the
company in the city of East St. Louis
Notice will bo found under tho heal of
olllcial notices.
The city council meets regularly and
with startling ability does nothing; but
that is as much as can b done under the
circumstances. Nothing to do, is a healthy
complaint in a publio body ; and were our
councilmon as full of the spirit of wisdom
as Jothttu tho ton of What could t hoy
do V
Mr. U, Corbktt Uodkn proposos, as
soon at bo :an make the necenary ar
rangements, to open a dancing academy
in this city. Mr. Rodeii is a skillful
teacher of tho terpslchorcan art, and will
uio every oudeavor to make perfect icbol
art of thoao who may place thorn. elrei un.
der his tutorship,
R. Jones, fashionable boot and shoe
maker. Cork soles, Scotch bottoms, and
the latest Improvements in tho line of bis
business. Only tho best ana most com
petent workmen employod, and all work
In tho ilayi of Motel tin ro were drink
oUoflnijs. 'J'hli much wo know, tut what
klud of liquor It Was history docs not In
form ill. I'robably It was a light wine,
not c'jual In uxcellotir) to good clinm
pnlgne, or evon brandy or whiskey,
Which lends ill to rotuark that Harry
AValkcr's saloon Is A No. 1, ami in it aro
dispensed tho moat excellent ol all kinds
of liijuors,
J auk- A. Rick, llarritburg; decree
W Spencer, Cincinnati; J S Kitctiel),
Cincinnati; Iloury llelplo, UuSotu ; Wm
Simpjun, Caledonia; .Mljhnol Kaliro, Now
York; Uoi Wellington, llallnrn Co Ky;
Henry Hytho, VIncennei;N Y Hondor
ion, Anna ; Geo Spade, .Metropolis; Hen
ry Nowton, l'aducnh j Samnol Hunter,
Maryluud ; (i W Monro", Jonutboro,
were at tho European llotol yesterday.
We need not remark that tho oyster li
a good thing to have In the homo; overy
bixly know that j but It may be necessary
lo say that the bell oyitort in tho city
nmy to found at thu oyster talocn of
Amandui .laeckol. Hu has fitted up
rooms In tino stylo, and has in ado in run go
tnents by which be will be able to obtain
dally supplies of fresh oysters, which ho
is prepared to dish up to customers in any
manner, ('all upon Jacckul and try his
bivalves. I in
When wilt city scrip 1 as good
as greenbacks ? Is a rpicstlon at of
ten hiked at there aro hairs on our head.
Our head it reputed to b.i a little bald, but
the hairt upon It are numerous more
numerous than tboto on Runnio's head or
health in Memphis, Although so often
asked, tho queiitiun hat not been an
swered. Tho time when wo shall take a
city orji.r lo the city tresturor and ro
colvo for it legal lender it rcmoto -it ns
deep a myttery ai tho placo where Mosol
wat burled ; and it it t .id, at all our read
ert know, thai no man knowcth of tbo old
l.tw-givcr's topulcliro unto tbii day.
Thu barber thop li on th corner ol
Eighth street and Commercial avenue
whore J.. George Stlenhouto with bit gen
tlemenly assistants can bo found at any
hour of the day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth (hate, or cool
your lempor and head with a good sham
poo. It It a ftrit-claii shop, and you are
sure of receiving rirtt-olast treatment,
I.adlcs and children's hair cut or curled
afUr the most approved stylet. S-lo-tf
Mr. Fred. Winteriiebo liai just re
turned from St. Louis, whoro ho purrlia-ed
at fine a stock of the various grades of
tine leather as was over brought lo this
city, axid proposes to work It Into boots
and shoes lor hu customer. He makes
flne boots a specialty, and Is confident of
hit ability to cope with any boot-maker in
thit citv in this line of work. Ho em
ploys nono but the best workmen, and as
a consequence turns out only Qrtt-class
work. Wlillo in St. Louis ho visited all
the principal shops and secured ptterns of
all thu latest stylet and improvements,
and will give h.'s customers the ben?flt of
them. Vork done promptly and ou short
notico All work warranted, 10-2!.m.
I challenge the Chritliau world to point
out in the llible a single prophecy that
will bear the application of thu following
reaeonitblo rules :
1st. It must be proved that tho proph
ecy wrs uttered before the events came to
pass which it proposes to dotcribe.
2d The prophecy tnut not bo of such
a character tlrat it might bo guessed or
rendered probable In consequence of pre
existing circumstances.
3d Thu prophecy must not havo ful
filled ittolli that ii, some ono mutt not
have dono what was prophesied of In or
der to fulfill it.
4th Tho cntlro prophecy must have
been fulfilled. It l. iiuita oaty lu u lorg
prophecy to pick out fragments that ap
pear to have been fulftllod, whon tho en
tire prophecy would not bear a moment's
Cth The prophocy must be clear and
its fulfillment evident. A prophecy that
may havo its fulfillment In a dozen and en
tirely dlfl'ercnt ovents can of courso bo of
no value.
Aro not thoeo rules roasonnblo'? Will
tho lliblo defenders find one prophocy tint
will bear tho application of thorn ?
William Dkntok.
A special session of tho Aloxnnder
County Court convened on Wednesday
afternoou. Howover, but little business
was transacted at the session held on that
day, nnd tho court adjourned over to yes
terday morning.
At the cession yesterday tho bond of
Calvin C. lirown, for llconso to keep a gro
cery at tho town of Toledo, In lla.lowood
precinct, being Informal, was not approved ,
A carefully prepared And somewhat
longthy report of the financial condition
of the county, prepared by County Clerk
Lynch, was prosonted and approved, and
th Clerk directed to procure 200 extra
copies of the Bulletin containing said
A numbor of blllt wore allowed, after
which the members ot tho court signed
the docket, and court adjourned.
1'robaU court, Judgo IJrost presiding,
assembled at tho usual hour, nino o'clock,
and the following matters were disposed
Estate of Dennis Maliony. Appraise
raent bill and inventory proaontcd, ap
proved and ordered rocordod.
Same estate. Ou application of the ad
ministrator an order for thn sale of per
sonal properly wai made,
Same ostato. Application of the ad
ministrator for a citation agalnit Patrick
and Mary Corcoran to answer In regard
to the disposition of certain porsonal
property, filed. Citation issued nnd re
turned served. Parties In court, evidence
heard and defendants discharged,
Court adjourned until court in course,
iDXt.iKiis; Brackets, Pendants,
mi. A. 11. SAFlfOHl).
Kdllor HUI.LKTI.Vi
lUAUrtiK I hand you statement of funds
uonaicti lor .icuii'uis nuiieit'i ij inu iuuc- i
or thu I. U. O. i' . Hi this state, nnu tent to
ine, a ieitlctcd by circular from Vast
Ur.md Mater, Hon. K. Ilross. This amount
dots not Include Hinds tent by the grand
lodge, and contributions sent thtough 1'asl
(I rand Masters Kllli and Sherman of I'M"
Name of
No cf Wlitre
Lxlg. located,
ill CSru
n I'coria
Ml ...,Ualslur2
., '. (.Union .
109 Peoria
2 IS KankaVce
..I.'i Urbaiu
An, 'I
.. J
. . 10 no
.... 10 ll
i'l tf)
111 00
.... as oo
24 no
sa ij
M o.v
.... 1(1 'SJ
10 Oil
lu 00
..... SM IS)
. . M Orj
.. . It 00
. a W
10 00
, an on
!' 7.'.
. .. 10 '!
. . 1 00
.. . Ih 00
I'toria Camp.
Fort Clark....
clunt.iry cont.s
II alio. L ,
Mound Cily...
lkaicn Llebt..,.
169 Utbana
,117 hhelliyWlle....
il, arisw
. .2VO.,
... Peoria
.. Mound City
.Shaneeion .
.Urand Tower.
Calunift..ss... .
... 31 Iinon
... i l'eotia
....r.17 Ncoi;a
...Jli thipai.-n ,
...'l Ottawa
.... VI .... Julnr
I hatniMln
F UllUll
SI Iwl-ton....
A 10
Dallas e6 i:Hin(ham 10 00
HO I'awturo..
r. 00
(imji Total
R. I r.btree
II. S. Kexford....
I'allner ImIr?
m OnargA
an.. .. Camp I'o nt.
477 (,'lileaeo
7" Wlr.cheter....
, l'J S4
16 00
.ii' l
isj 1
, K isl
I il I
. U 00
. Ill 00
:m w
.3 lo I
. lo I'l
. 10 l
1C 0)
V l
. in oo
. A on
,. JO oo
.. 5 no
.. to Oo
.. 20 (0
ill Oo
. 'ii 00
. l (0
. in no
.. 3 oo
lo oo
. V OO
10 f)
10 10
. II -5
9 00
.1 00
. :fl w
. .'.I on
. 6 ll
40 10
i Oil
. 10 W
. 25 CO
. l'J CI
VI lerseyville....
..MO Palmer
. IK Salem
.Mount umc
Greenwood 131..
Champaign 33 Champaign
Chester 67 ...... Chester
Mar 73 ....Morris
'lonaluk.. ' I'rlnccton
Irvlngton... ..SSI Irvinjton... ...
IHaile 101 LaSall-
t'ltltfield- 1'ittsdeld
Kne 3d (;ailyl
Ktckspoo vo Charleston
Inpltn 4U Kffirih.ni
Western VV.....PeorU
Iliswather M ?il Anna
Catbondale 2tl t'arlwnlale
I'ecitonica ....173 Pedtonlca
0'fall..n-... 411 O't'.IIon
Clalon 31. ."parl.nd
Covenant 4. ...l'ekln
l-lark 3 Ureeoville
(termania 2i....HAlton
Colconda Uolconda ....
OjmI M Orayville
UinneUajo .11 Itockford
riteenview Greenview M
New Chicago JUn Chlrago
Adams M,. y6.... Qulncy
Chicago l! l.hicaKO
.Ml. I'ulailo .IM Sit. l'u'.aiki......
Wyoming .11 Wyomln;
Carrolltun ....311 Carrollton
Syria ISl Chlcazo
fyria 451 Chlcaso
Dahlgreen 10 Dahlnreen
(Irphan's .13 XenU
Huston 3a I.hlcajo
outh Western I4 Chicago
Ml. Pleasant 12i......Mt. l'leaiant
Pioneer 7" Winchester
southern M .41. ..Jonesboro
. 10 W
:!t I
15 i5
, IV)
10 ("J
Itidsley.... - -W... Warren
Diligence ,
I.- I'rinteville .. .
411 Alexander
IS. . ...Ilalelih
. -. &8 Chicago
. .21" Itochester
f. '.''
10 ll
, 10 w
, cm
. 0 Cn
. 11 40
. 4 iJ
. K.".
. H 30
'.I I OH
. S'i On
. 10 00
. a 31
. 1 00
Koben Ilium. .
4 hirity
Cieore Gilmore
...Casey vU'.Ch
ill. .
..pr(nc CarJen
...He f-olo
...Tow ii Hill ,
S1.4M 31
Oct. I, sent ltellef Com , .MenijihU, ? 10S 20
" !, 17li SO
" i:i, " " " 2tM 0
10, ' .47 10
222 70
2X 00
42 yo
Cmuou baud receded to-day,
Total. il.lOl 35
The abot e amounts were forwarded by C.
I'lnk, Ksi., agent -outhcr!i Express Com
pany, lrcr of charge. A. It. S.utoiiii.
uiu'.cn or -rnr. itEiiEKMr.i:,
Fourteenth street, between Washington
avenue and Walnut street. Services to
day at 10 o'clock. Sabbath school at 0
o'clock, a.m.
cornor Eighth and Walnut street. Tho
pastor, Rev. J. L. Waller, will preach
to-day at 11 o'clock, instead of 10J o'clock
as horutofore, and in tho ovonlng at 7A
o'clock. Sunday school this afternoon at
3 o'clock. Tho public generally, and
strangers especially, aro Invited to lo
present at thoso sorvlccs. Seats free.
St. Patrick's ehurcb, cornor Ninth street
and Washington avenue. Services nt tho
usual hours to-day. Rov. Father O'llal
luran, presiding. .
Walnut, botweon Twentieth anil Division
streets. Fathor Hoffman, pator. Ser
vices at thu regular hours.
Thirteenth stroet, betwoon Washington
avenue and Walnut stroot. Huv. 0.
Oousohuur will preach at tho usual hours
CIlltliillAN CHURCH.
Sorvicos morning and evening, by Hov,
Mason. Public invited to altond.
At the Advent Christian Mission Roum,
Sunday night, 'JCth inst.
Rov. II, H. Thayer will deliver a di.
course this morning in tho ProsbytorlHii
church on tho following subject: "This
Day's Choice."
It will be romemborod that Mr, Thnyor
announced in Tur. Bulletin a serlot of
Sabbath oyenlng discourses. Tho first In
the strles will bo doliverod this evening,
Subject: "Who was Jesus Historically"'
Tho theme discussed will bo ou tho
prophecies of the llible, in which Mn
Thayer will prove that prophecies of tho
Old Testament have boon literally fulflllod
and that they wero written prior to the
timo of their alleged fulfillment,
Having boon appolntod asiignoo of the
.took ot millinery gools of Mrs. Anna
Lang, lor tho bcnollt of hor creditors, 1
will sell tho same at public auction on
Thursday, November sixth, 1R7S, at tho
old stand on Eighth street. Salo to com
mence at II o'clock and continue from day
u day until all tho good aro sold.
SPECIAL. N(?'i"0E8.
Oas atid Steamflttlng on hfctt hotice
IJrost' lllouk. Halt.
J For u As and steam fitting go to .ttfl"
j nle's Vulcan Iron works, Commorcln.1
I avenue, foot of Ninth street. 9-10-tf
I For Sale 'C heap. -Uno span good,
young mules, also a double wagon. Will
tell them togothor or tepnrntoly. Kniulre
of II i'fK, Loom is ifc Co.,
tf No. 01 Ohio Levoo.
1', Fitzgerald at his rooms, corner
Fourlooulh street aud Commercial avu
nuo, o tiers for talo Guinness' l'orter A
Dhii' ales and puro Hcnncssy brandy,
and tho genuine Ar.gotturo bitters, all
tlrst-ditst cholora cures. Try them
7-17 tf
Dr. W. II Smith hat removed his of
fice to the second ttory of Louis Hurbort's
new brick building on Klghlb street, be
tween Washington and Commercial ave
nues, whero hu bat mora comfortable and
commodious quarters.
lly Hartmon, a fine
At n great bargalc.
Call at Hartman's salesroom, 103 Com
mcrclal avenue
Mn. Wm. I.iii.k.us Is anxious to inform
his friends nnd acquaintances, and custom,
ers gonorally, that he docs lis own fitting
in gaiters, tine boots and shoes. In fact
all his work li dono in his own tbop.
A Nkw E.sTEitrRtsr.. Dr. 15. V. Field
will run a line of backs bolwoen Cairo
and tho terminus of tho Cairo, Arkansas
& Texas railroad, muking two trips ouch
day, leaving Cairo at S o'clock a. m., and
and -J o'clock, p. m., making close con
nection with tho trains on that road.
Orders for paisongers or baggago should
be lelt at Field's stable, on lO'.li street.
stipt-3 If
Dr. Ltvnrty, homouopathlst pbysl
clan, late of Shawncotown, has located In
this city and Intonds making it his homo
Tho doctor comes to Cairo well recom-
mendod, ana tefors to the officers of tho
First National bank of Shawncetown, to
whom hu Is well known, having practiced
his profession among them fur yean. He
solicits a fair tlis.ro of tho pntronngo of
our citizens. Otflco 110 Commercial ave
nue, 7-'.'0-tf
I taku thit opportunity to inform tho
clti.ens of Cairo and surrounding country,
that 1 will resumo my practice in tho city
of Cairo on or ubout tho lit of l)ecemKr.
fl.ilo.tr. P. L. Williams, Dentitt.
Tfto lUtteries of two ltoilurt, t-aeli 'IK
feet long, 1 Inch Dram, 'I H inch l'luea
with fire frouts. Mud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud vnlvu", Chlmnsy and
Uritcliin, all complete nnd in Cr-l-clnis
order"; been used only thn o months. For
price, etc., inquire ol J. T. JIk.v.vie,
9-28-tf. Vulciin Iron Works
It was tho National Llfo Insurant's
Company of Now York, otllco til 2 llroad-
I way Now York, that passed into the hands
of a receiver as announced in tho dis
patches a few days since, nnd nut tho
National Life Insurance Company of
tho L'nitetl States J America, which still
growi, not only In thu voluniu of its- busi
ness and assets, but gniuing favor from
1 those who havu examined into its plans
' and finaRciiil condition sit.co the panic.
1 Oamt.ii Yor, Agent.
A clergyman, whllo residing in South
Amorica as a miisionary, dlicovoroi a
talo and simple remedy for tho euro of
nervous weakness, early docny, diseases of
tho urinary and seminal organ, and tho
wholo train of disorders brought on by
bnnoful and v'clous habits. Great num
bers hnvo been curod by title noblo remedy.
Promptod by n desiro to benufit tho til
tlictod aud unfortunate, I will send tho
receipt tor preparing and using this mod
iclne in a coaled onvolopo to anyone viho
needs it,- of charyc. Address
JoSKl'U T. l.VMA.V,
Station D, lliblo House, Now York.
August 1 yr
Brown, Ella Bakor, .Martha
Human, Mrs Sophia Halts, Mrs Phillis
Collins, Mrs Jennie Commonion, Mrs L
Conly, Miss Anna Downs, Mrs Jnnu
Dinon, Mrs Ellen Dixon, Mrs Mary
Fowley, Miss Katy Goodrich, IJz.lo'
Glass, Mrs Vlrtorlu Huston, .Miss Annie
King, Mrs Juno lCnndall, Mollio
McGregson, K Moynshau, Hannah
Malory, Miss J Mahonv, Cathnrlnu
Neal, MarthaJ. Robinson, Mrs .1 C
Stacks, Mrs Jennie Shopard, .Miss Cullio
Smith, .Miss Hannah Stowart, Betsy
Solmyno, .Mrs Smdors, Milllo
Tollis, Mrs Nancy Wluuilor, Colia
Wood, Mollio Williams, Mary
Wood, Mary A Weft, Ihnnah
Welcome, Nancy.
ur.NT's LIST,
Aiuelmont, Stophon Burton, Edward
Boll, James
ViViuumii, tf .1
Campbell, W II
Dennis, Amiii
Davis, Enory
Davis, Henry
'..I....... I vp
Cassidny, J 11
Copp, Sam
Davis, Davis
Davis, Goorgo
Davis, .1 11
Dawson, Porry
Kmmerion. Aloiinu Epstein, Fred
Edmonton, Jell' Estii, Wilton H
Edmonson, T J
Fox, Georgo
Gibson, D C
Gray, Honry
Green, J W
Hall, A P
Herbert, Gen
Hoke, John V
Johnson, Henry 0
Luto, Qoorgy
Little, James
Mulholland, D
Mooro, .1 51
Mooro, Jones
Gray, Isaac
Groen, Hugh
Gray, John
Hubbard, G
Hammond Henry
llowett, Miko
Jan e, Syrenut
Lawrence, J P
McNeif, II
Meigs, 11 L
Moran, J K
McHride, J K, 'i
Ockersliftus'ti.HonryPfister, Frank
raitonon, ,ias jtccu. unut
lecu, vuus
Shoniclio, Brace .M
Hteol, Georgy
Shehan, Jnu
Stratton, Wm P
Rood, James V
liores, Cornelius
Smith, John
Santford, Jerry
Hhoeior, wm
Pummon, . T
Thompson, Albert ',1 Taylor, Chas Q
Turnor, .1 M Thompion, Robert
AValior, Churlio Waldo, Gllos D-4
Walker, Ueorgo Wintering, Frank
Arrivals and ilepatturc- lor the 21 hours
ciulllij RIU p.m. mil cveiiiiii.
Illinois Columhtis.
Jim Fisk l'aducah.
Drown at-
St. Louis.
-udder Vicksburg.
lohn A. to.
St. Loul.s.
St. Louis.
Jim Fitk "
John A.Scuddor
-ontlnues to
The Ki Eif, The Ohio
Ippl coo.'
rito. Tho decline In tho Missis.
tlnucs, nnd tho condition of that
bucomos worm anil worso every day.
HtstNr.js ami We S.THKR. Dullness
romains about ns at Inst report.
Tho weather yesterday was warm aud
Misckllankols. The new steamer
John A, Scuddor of tho Memphis and St,
Louts packet company's line, returned
from Vlcktburg yesterday, with not a
vory largo trip for St. Louts.
Tho crow of tho towboat Haven, arrived
hero yesterday. Captain Woodward will
bo here to-day, when sbo will leave for
Middlo l'art with a tow of iron ore.
Tho Charlie lirown arrived yestorday
from St. Louis with an empty, tow. When
the rlio in the Ohio reaches this point tho
will "thovo out ' for tho uppor Ohio.
Captain Littoroll of thu Urny hound,
telegraphs that ho will bo horo to day,
and to have her ready to leave for Louis
Thu Julia took about 103 tons horu for
V Ickiburg.
Tho Ilolfatt and Ilodmann will be out
to-day for Now Orleans.
The Utile lug Darwin " has taken tho
placo of tho Glasgow in tho Cairo and
Hickman trade.
Go to U. F. lllako's for everything fn
tho Steam and Outfitting lino. !l-'J8lf.
J CtT received at Ehlor's, Twentieth
street, betwoon Washington avenue and
I'oplar street, tho finest French calf, pat
ent loathor and Moroccos for gentlemen's
wear. A perfect fit and satisfaction as
sured. Any persons in need of boots and
shoes should call on Khlor's, examine hit
ttock of leathers nnd loavo their orders,
Centra. House On Sixth street be
tween Commercial am! Washington
This hou'o lias recently undergone thor
ough repairs, nnd li now In llrtt-clais con
dition for tho accommodation of tho trav
eling public. Hoarders accommodated on
reasonablu terms. A shara of patronage
is solicited. Mrs. T. N. (saffxi.t,
j ilO-lm. l'rnprlotrcss.
ruli.x.U.i: OU HUNT A line business
itaiid on tliu comer of Commercial avenue
and Seienth "tiTi-t. Knipilrc on premises.
I0-2il 11
W.l.VTI.'D A whllo Klrltoilolniu.e-work
ilia malllamily. Euriiilrc at unite cottatfe
on Tenth street, between Washington ami
Commeri'lalaenue. or of E. A. Hurnctt at
Till! HULI.El IN office. 10-20 3t
PROF. HARDY will open Ills dancing
school on Tuesday owmlng, October'JS, at
8 p.m., at Ttiiuer.' hall (late Phlllls'j, for
gentlemen, and on tfsttird.iy, Noeiubcrl,
- p.m., for children, Thoso wishing to at
tend are requested to be on hand promptly.
10-'.5 lilt
FRED. STITCHER has purchased the
barber shop of Geo. Reining, who retires
for tho bciu lit of his health. The shop Is
located on Commercial avenue, between
.Seventeenth and Eighteenth utrects, and its
new proprietor la deteimlncd to make it
llrt-i'las In every particular. He invites
public patronage. 10-20 lin
Cairo, His., October 10, IbTi,
The Him ol Kyle .t Winter has this day
uiscoivcit by mutual consent. 0. IS. Kyle
assuming till liabilities and tollccts ull bills
of (-aid firm. C. H. ICylo will still contlnuo
uio iiuslness. Tiioma Wintkr.
io-'25 at
Ciias. . Kvi.h
oi i'irn Cairo a.m St I.ouh II. II, )
Caiuo, Ills., October'.!!, is;a. f
A meeting ol tho directors of this com
pany will bu held ou Thtimd.y, tho ilOth
Inst., at l'J o'clock m,, at the s.tatlon.houe
on thu depot grounds of nald conipuiiy lu
the city oi Ea-t St. l.ouin, Illinois.
10-21 id 8. tii AATa Taylor, President.
I will, on Thuftihiy, OctoboriiO, lS7a, at
10 o'clock a.m., sell at publio auction to the
highest bidder for cash, that desirable brick
residence situated on Washington avenue,
between Eighth nnd .Ninth streets, andlatc-
ly ucciiplud by Jno. II, Kelly, Eii. Tho
liouso contains 10 rooms with otit-houst'.',
etc., and is one ol tliu most desirable resi
dences In the city, Tlielotls;;i feet fiuni
by 100 feet deep, being lot 25 and li foci oil'
lot 20, in block 2i), city of Cairo.
10-25 til C. Wl.NMOX, AjTOIlt.
MILLIllBst 1.
On KiKtithsitrni't,l)tisei'nOommrclalanil Wttb
tiiou Avenues, la dallr reealTtnt
or rua
llesidet a lull linss u(
ITruuuiP't n.l untnuime i,J
of.ll kinds, Lacvs, etc, te,
airs. Medea hu also lara srfsgrtmtBt c
Fiiaor Anloks. BUi'ti as
tail ll oilier arliolei Utuallj lousit lis a
Mrs. McUee, lu addltlois to her stock of
Fancy and Millinery Hoods, has a tine and
Complete asMirlmtat of Cincinnati Custom
mailo Ladles' and Mis-en' Shoes and C'hll-
lire us' lloata, llla.k and lu Color. Thest
are aeknowlcded to be the noest and best
. jaLwAVs
Always judge a mcrchaut's al lity
to sul goods at rcasonablo figures by
tlie advantaged lie proteases.
Iiuowint? this, I. Farnlakcr & Son,
the clothiers, aak. tliu readers of The
UU M,.st:.v to judge their ability to sell
goods lo 'cr mU an' 10ll3C ln 'a'roi
by the advnm. they possess for buy-
Louse in Cairo.
ing lower than anj
If their advantages i yr "''"g sur
pass all others, as a na.Hiral Conso-
(iienee thier ability for FcJlitf must
surpas all other?. TJicy ask for noth
ing unless you think th'Cj dccrve it.
Oive your patronage to tfliose whosf
ailvnntnges for belling siirpasn all
They give their advantages. Judge
for youselveif.
1st Having two large stores in this
vicinity to buy for, thereby buying iu
larger ipuantitii's than any house iu
Ud Having a resident partner and
buyer in New York, a gentleman full
of years and experience, both in New
York and Cairo markets, whose whole
attention is to look out for "bargains,"
not once, twice or three times yearly ;
but always, lluvit) been u resident
of the metropolis some ten years, ho is
fully jioted iu the ccrct of New
York business. That give us a con
stant supply of new and stylish good-
always in our shot re. It is utterly
impossible for a merchant to go to
New York twice or three times nnnu
ally aud buy floods cheap, fur when
bo's theiv, there arc ethers, yes, thous
ands on tho hame mission, and in eon
sequence, goods with rueh a demand,
must be hih.
Tho merchants know full well who
pays the biggest prices for goods. It
is the merchant who comes to New
York twice or three times, green as a
gourd in tho knowledge of prices, and
has only ouo method to judgo of the
prices of goods, i. e., by the last prices
ho paid, which aro always high. The
New York merchants know from whom
tho "milk aud honey How." These
"country merchants," by which namo
thoso who go to New York semi-occa-
Monally are known, when they are in
New York arc always in a hurry, and
must necessarily buy nt price asked,
for they are needed at home. I.e.
member, "goods well bought are half
We have given you our advantage!
for buying. Cut it out. Aik other
merchants to give you their's ; and if
you thiuk their advantages for buying
surpass our's, givo thorn your patron
ago j if. our advantages mitpasi; their's,
givo un your patronage.
What proposition cnu we make won
fail' ? I. Farmiakku & Son,
The People's Favorite C'lothiert,
01 Ohio Levee,
2nd door above First National Bank,
(Viro, Ills.
1 1 i llroadway, Padtu-ah.. Kentucky.
1 1 Walker street, New York.
. i :ifirjA
in inn

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