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(Formerly Mn. Swanders,)
hncf that she hat Just opened a I area
tineni oi me
ii-rv Good, to bo found tit the market.
Kill keep on hand
BoNNKTH, Flowers, Riiniosr-,
kessTkim.iino. or All kinds,
Furnhhiimi Good. Notions.
,'nl.t.AII, UnIiKUi-LKKVKX, RtlFTi",
ill iroods loutnl In tnllllncry Mores, an
ikh will bo disposed ol at tlio lowest
price". Mr. Jackvm rcspci'lfully
continuation of tint palaomitfe which
en to liberally bcMsowcd upon her by
die ol Cairo and the vlclnitv.
J. Harman. Chu. Thrtipp
.1 Land Agoiit of tlio I'llnoU Central
uriiugtoii anilJiltsouri Jialiroad cow-
In Cur, iiluili HI. mill Ohio Ii rt
Cairo, Illinois.
r lor tale at low figures and cany term
lowing real esiuto :
16 luu lu tlio "Ridge Block" run
IiroUKli tliu block Hum Klltcci.th to
nth street, best residence propert)
city. LoU 'J uud i b 4fi, til), Wvli
' avenue, between I blrteciitb mid
leiitb streets, went Me irooil two-
dwelllug house on each lot. Lots b
adjoining tbe ul before named,
b 23, city, on hUlli street, south
ctrieen Commercial ami VV.ittiiiigluii
Lou 7 and 8, b DS, corner ol Four
and l'oplar streets, (runt on 1'opl.ir
west Mile, opposite po-t-ollice block.
splendid business building, rest
in second tory, U roomi, hall and
id rear stairway, watcron both lloors,
iber on i! condition: situated on north-
h alreet. A great bargain II old
(I Lot 4, 1) 'it. Commercial avenue,
n Fourth un l Filth -.trcel. Iit 31,
i Wuobliiglon Menus, between Flllb
UU street.
(-six lot. In b !, 1st ad. High
I. tJOOeach on cany payments.
Lou 1 atnl 1, In bo north corner ol
and Levee street. Heat bu-luc. loca
the city term. eay. LoL'.!l, '-- and
11), 1-t ad., south corner ol Twentieth
filar streets. Also three lots in court
jlock, fronting on Poplar street.
Lots 13 HUH IK, b "y soulll olilo Ol
v-Urst street, opposite "Com em
'very desirable for residence pin-i-cheap.
H-Tenol tlio choicest lot, in block
Itddillon, above trade, beautllul rc.
ocatlon, will bo told at a great bar.
We call particular attention to till.
IV an It will be told very low.
That eleuaut residence on rk-ven:h
owned by Capt. llunl, lion tl riu ''.
Seventh street, and running buck
t to Sixth. Thli property it wen
to tbe citizens ot Cairo ami vicinity us
the most complete and convenient
cv in the city. It low all the con
:e appertaining to a Urst-cWss home,
on ml, aro highly tmbolii-bcd with
shrubbery and Irtilt in abundance ;
e lion.f, table and outbuildings llr-t-UwliiKf
the removal ol Capt. llurd
jpcrty will lie sold at a K'tul buritnlii
jternn. AIo twolonou corner'I'tilril
and llii-t!"lppl levee. 'J'hu Levee
jr, formerly occupied by Capt. Hum,
hlo levee, "Sprluttleld Hlock," lor
An decant residence with fourlot.i
?, city lor alc very cheap 11 old
(illlKh ground, and prcmisea lu a No.
, A No. 1 cottage on Fourth treet,
mi Wmhlnnton avenue ami Walnut
AUotwolou running from 1'i.urth
treet very desirable property.
New two-iory dwtl ing lu prime
Locu-t htrect, hlghet ground lu
, two ioi. rntoeiaw.
An elegant residence wills about
Ten of griilind.covcrod with till kind"
t Irult aud shrubbery, in Santa Fe
jve tor Mile orlca.c vacant and im
properly In till poillom of the
yiM over i000 acre of unimproved
f Aluxun Itrand 1'uUnki coiin.lc, Kt
;ly low figures, and In tracts !o full
lers. We arc agent (or iho lllluoN
j railroad landi In lliU and l'ula.ki
h 1UI ro.nl lands not Mild prior to
tier next will nam Into other luuds.
Vti o time to pur. ha'e.
u IliP liciui oi inu iiuriiiigion nnii
I lt.iilto.it company, who oiler fo
inu'n bin! S'l.lifvi Li tnlllltinft of ni'rih
Jici-t hind mi the continent, on ten
"eilit. 0 ner cent. iuteret. .Maps.
11", tllLUI.I. umi nil innrrwij ...-
f-elallve to tho-o lands ami how te
ncm furulKbed upon application,
ini'u and xainlne for vonr-lves. Ap-
r. Sixth and Levee tn., Cairo, llln.
rwolfth ttroot and Washington Av
'1 n it it iTi r o
J. JLL U O ,
hi (Late of St. Louts,)
si iuni'itTKTnn
!lK HOOKS of every description done
KintlH oi
neat and
',AKS, maniii, oic mini n ipeciaiuy
i, tmur.it.
4 WALTUUH, VrojirUlor,
Clt 11U1I
biunniT IiTth ttH r.
Parnlebadon narteilnotios.
Kloventh itroota
A J. IIOK. M. D..
vcr Tbomt & Bro.'a grocery itore,
IVUIIllUCIblMl stTVKUV) v"MV utbutu
UAul.liirina fArtlAf WAltltlt anil
itKalilvnca corner
talne8s anu uispaien, aii
lif n. pnuil uvuiv, limn
.bei anu ruriouicam uounu
'Iwent posBihle rates.
oy work, such as Kocnrdn,
.tint itreitt.
SitKRirr InvtK li kept busy theso dayi
hunting upthloves and burglars.
Joe CoKtitCK bat gone cn a visit to
Columbus City, Iowa, whoro ho proposes
to tarry soveral wneks.
Major Lie, latu suporlntcndont of tho
Cairo and Incetinee rnllrond, arrircl In
tho city yesterday afternoon.
The Cairo Uulletin says: Within
tho pait two or threo Weeks no luis than
fifty or sixty of the best cows in tbi city
havo died, ntid tho diseai nmong them
docs riot atom to bo abating.
Ofcourso no good cow would llvo In
Cairo. Difpatch, Colurnbus, Ky.
That's tho reason tho dltor nf tlio
'Diipatch,' left Cairo.
In giving thu particulars of tho arrost
of Morrison and Drumtnond, or Thurt
day evening, wo stated that their boat
was labeled th "LUtlu Tramp," which
wasnrnlstako. Tho "I.lttlo Tramp ' bo
longs to a party of Cincinnati gentietntti
on a hunting expodltlon, and Is now, or
was yesterday, ancnorod on tho Ken
tucky sldo of tho rivor oppotito this
Tub Columbus 'Dispatch,' referring to
our old tlmo frtond, Kd. 1 Sliiion, says ,
"Kd. I'. SIsou, who has boon traveling as
Southern passenger agent of thn Iron
Mountain railroad, has returned to oc
cupy his former portion, as local pal-
nger agent fur tho same road at this
plncti. Ed's ever pleasant and genial
humor and stirring onorgy makes him a
ftvorltu wheruver ho Is known, and he Is
an especial favurlto hero, at his homo
where hu is kown so well. Ills icons of
friends givo him a hearty welcome back.
-Ma j- his ultra-auburn locks rmvir grow
The party given by ilr. Charles llowe
st tho bt. Charles hotel IhiI night, was
agroed upon by everyono who enjoyed tho
pleasure of being present, hn being one of
thi most delightful, if not altogether the
most delightful given in Cairo for years .
thccompuny wcro select and congenial and
nurnberod about ulghty of our best peo
ple. Tho toilets of ibu ladies were tlo
gnt, some of them superb; tho supper,
one of It Oxford's best; the music, tnado by
l'enburg't band, most inspiring; and the
dancing, which continued until a late, or
rather early hour, was enterid into with
zit by nearly all present. Tho lateness
of the hour forbids our giving tho details
of toilet', etc. Mr. Ilowo may congratu
lain himself on havlug been tho host of n
must successful and thoroughly delight
I u I tinlheriiig.
A KTKK supper inst evening a colored
m-n witlkid Into Tut Uullktik office
mid Uid on our table tho following note:
Caiko, JN'or., 7 1873.
"A colored mat, in this city by thu name
of , ho pretends to be i. ChrlitUn
and mtmber of a cburch, permitted his
wife to sutler and his now borno babe
to die of neglect. When it wni doad he
wrnppd it In u cloth and put it in the
irnufil. Such n nmri is not worthy of the
name of a man or christian."
On questioning tho man wh ) brought
the nolo, ho said that tho colored man re
ferred to had allowed his witoubiloiu
child birth to be ulono; when tho child
was borne he neglected to givo It atten
tion aod in a bbort timo it died, when he
wrapped it In n cloth and burrled it. The
name of this wnrso than wretch can be
hud on application to the "local" of Tue
Tub men, Morrison and Drumruond,
whoso arrest night boforo last croated so
much excitement in the city, hid a hear
ing In for o Judge Urots yesterday morn
ing, and wcro discharged. Miss WatMni,
tho woman who wroto tho letter present
ed to Judge Bross by tho young man
Kuhl, acknowledged Its contents to be in
tho main (also; and stated that it was
written for tho purpose of deceiving her
friends In Evans ville, and to make them
betlevo she had beon kidnapped
and taken away from homo
ugaliut her will. Tho story told
by Kuhl that ho had boen kept on the
bout aud watched to closely that ho could
not ut cap, was, according to his own evi
dunce, fnlso. At Louisville ho was sunt
out to buy provisions lor tho boat, and
spent nearly thu whole day in the city, and
iiad ovury opportunity U havo thu guilty
parties bruught to justice, but made no
attempt to do to. At the conclusion of the
evidence, Morrison aud Drummund wuro
discharged, when they and Miss
Watkins left tho court togethor, and
soon after tho wholu party, except Kuhl,
woro on their way down tho river.
Not ono purson lu ton in this city or
county has anything llku a correct idoa of
tho number of destitute persons that ap
ply to Judgo Brois and our city author!
ios fur Bid. Yestorday afternoon we
spent fifteen or twonty minutes in Judge
llross' office and during that time three
I'ortiiiu applied to tho Judge for assist
ance. Tho flrt was an old lady who do
sired n pass for herself and family to go
to brft.ll, Indiana. Of courso tho Judgo
could not comply with her rcquost, unless
hi paid tho money out of bis own pocket
Tho second was a young man tick with
tho chills, who wanted a hospital ticket
llocamo to Cairo from Kvunsvillo bocause
"there was a bettor chance to gat into tho
hospital boro'" IIo said ho wai a river
man, and was soot to Mr, Fishor, whoso
duty It is to look after that class ol persons.
Tho third was an old man who doslred to
'go north." Tho Judgo told us that ho
had had no loss than ten of this class nf
visitors during tho day, and not ono of
th it in w; u ro.ldont of this county or city.
'To providn for all tho paupers who seek
aeWiniicu frvm the authorities hore, would
rtquiro moro money than all tho taxos
annually collected in the county.
The following dispatch, rccolvod along
with our rogular last night's telegraphic
report, indicates tho aharactor of tho girl
Watklns, and Is a sufllciont explanation
of tho story of her abduction:
EvansVilli:, November 7. The char-
actor of the girl Watklns alleged to have
been abducted from hero last Saturday.
gives tho impression that eho was a w!1N
ing captive. She Is from Fortftnoutb,
Ohio, and hai lived her occasionally for
a year, most of the time with people of
doubtful character.
Dealirr will no longor be compelled
tosond away for their supplies of sausage
and bologna, an establishment having
bocn recontly started In this city for the
purpoto of manufacturing the article for
tho wholesale trade. Mr. Fred. Koebler
A Oru , with the view of enriching them
selves and supplying a want long felt by
dealors In bologna and sausage in this
vicinity, have just completed the erection
of a new building, and placed In It all th
latoitand most approved machinery ne
cessary to carry on the manufacturing bus
Ineis on a large scale. They havo ono ol
tho colobrated Liopuld Stelcher engines
and choppers: and aro now prepared to
Oil orders for cither sausago or bologna In
any quantity from ton to Ave thousand
pounds. They have alto completed
ono of tho largest and most com
plete tmoko houses ever built in thlt
lection of country, in which every pound
ol bologna manufactured by thorn will be
carefully smoked and prepared for the
market. Tbcy can at present manufac
ture live thousand pounds por day, and
should tholr already lucrative businett
continue to Increase, they will supply
themselves with another chopper of equal
capacity. They solicit a trial of their
tausage and bologna, believing it to bo su
perior to anymanuf2tured in the south
west. Thoy will duplicate St. Louis, Cin
cinnati and Chicago prices. Orders for
the city trale can be left at Phil Howard's
on Ohio levee; James Kynaston's, Com
mercial avonue, near Tenth stroet, or at
the Central meat market. Goods will be
delivered freo ot charge
Tho returns from nil tho precincts in
tho county having boen rec-iivei. Ju.tteo
L Jorguoscn and J. J. Hint and County
Clerk Lynch met yestorday afternoon for
the purpose ol opening and canva'sini;
the result. Tho following Is the official
voto as returned by the canvaiilng board
orriciAL vote.
M I I i . i 1 1
119. uacun
1 ass';ass-it:
JOri -till
- asisjjRcj
I " I- V ;
...... HjpatS
t O - C 14 C
justices of the teace and c0untt
The following it a correct list of the
Ju'ticcs of tho l'eaco and County Cons
tables elected in thu several presincts of
tho county:
.South Cairo Precinct Justices of
thu Peace A. Comings and T. M
Lovctt. Cpunty Constables Andrew
Ciin and John McNulty.
North Cairo Precinct Justices of
tho Peace Kichnrd Fitrgarald, John II,
Koblmon and John N. Smallenborg.
County Constables John Hogan and
John Olodnoy (colo-ed).
Doo Tooth Precinct. Justices of tho
Peace John 8. Kyal and John Tussy.
County Constables Geo. W.Ryal and D
II. Horry.
Goose Island Precinct, Justices of
tho Peace Thos. Martin and Jesse Jack
son. County Constablos Chas. D,
Wicker and John U. Fostor.
Santa Fk Precinct. Justices of tho
l'eaco J. C. McPhotersand John Danls.
ton. County Constables Joel Perry and
Charlos Mason.
Thedlh Precinct. Justices of the
reuco Ooorgn "W. Simmons and John M
I) irtoii, County Constables Charles
Watoiman and William Drown.
CLHArxitEKK Precinct. J usticos f
the Peace J. 0. Morgan und AVm B,
Kondall. County Conttablot J. DaWitt
and A. M. Atkinson.
Uazlewood Precinct. Justlco of tho
Peace James E. McCrlto and Jamet lirl
ley. County Conttablcs R. V. McCrito
tnd Alex. Thompson.
Unity Precinct. JuMicot of tho
Peace J. P. B. Ilarglt and A. 0. Hodges.
County Constables Win. Uolden and E
A clergyman, whilo residing in South
Amorlca as a missionary, discovered a
sale and slmplo remedy for tbo euro of
nervous weakness, early decay, diseases of
the urinary and somlnal organs, and tbo
wholu train of disorders brought on by
banoful and vicious habits. Great num
bers have boon cured by this coble romedy.
Promptod by a dosire to benotit the at
Dieted and unfortunate I will send tho
receipt tor preparing and utli.g this med
icine In a sealed envelope to anyone who
needt it, free of charge, Addrets
Joseph T, In man,
Station D, Blblo House, New York,
August V6, 1 yr
Forma y, IHi., November 0, 1873.
Editor Bulletin;
Lear Sir Below I send you the re
lult of ono of the most exciting and
hotost contested local elections over polled
in Johnson county, All interest seemed,
howevor, to bo cenlored in the judges elsi
tioo. The defeatod i varties, wo learned
last evening, propose to contest tholr
being, they state, forty lllrgal and fraud
ulenl votes polled for Kuykendall. O. A.
llarkor, Esq, who has run tho major so
tight a raco Is a young attorney, and has
only rcsldod In tho county a few years.
Yours reipoctfully, C. B.
orriciAL vote or johnion countt.
countt judo e.
A. J. Kuykendall, "fit;
O. A. Uarker, 760.
cocntv clerk.
O. W. Boyl, 002;
David Ragalns, ZGO;
F. W. Jones, VlfiC;
Martin, 121.
Wm. Pearce, 1017;
O. O. Peterson, 474.
O. W. Wesh, JGI;
Thos. Farrli, Jr., 917;
James Jones, 319.
and departures for the 24 hours ending atC
p. m. lift cveniug:
Illinois Columbus
James Fisk, Jr Paduuab
City of Uuincy Now Orleans
Sjsih Mlver St Louis
II C laeger New Orleans
Hover and barges Pittsburg
Illinois Columbus
Junes Fi.k, Jr Paducnh
riil-b- Snver New Orleans
II C W uer - St Louis
City ol Q'lincy St Louis
The Hivkkb. Tho river Is about sla-
tionory here, and will bo docllning by this
evwning. The weather turned cloudy at
dirk last night with straogo prospects of
ruin or snow. Business unchanged.
Miscellaneous. Tho city of Quincy
brought CO bbls of pickles, 70 bbls of or
antes, 28 bbls molatici, for Chicago; "o
batkett of wine for Cincinnati; and has
1000 Idls cotton tiot, 60 bales cotton, 85
bales moss, 305 bbls rice, 1500 tacks
of salt and 34 bbls of molasses for St. Louit
The U. C. Yagor has SS bales
moss, C3 casks and SO casks soda and -1,000
sacks of salt for St. Louis Tho Fisk
brought ajalr trip yestorday Tho
obstruction that tho S. II. Lang removed
at the depot of the C. & V. Railroad the
other day rnado it impossible to land
their wbaif-boat at tho foot of tho Incline
Stcamboatmen will bo glad to know that
it has beon removed and that tho landing
by the wbarf-berA hat toon made safe.
The river business nf the road will be
transacted over their whartboat hereaftor.
A hunting party of Cincinnati
young men in a little bout have anchored
opposite the city, and aro slaying ducks
and other gatno about tho lakes In Ken
tucky. It is said tbcy had tho good for
tune to kill a deer ovor thoro the other
day. It is their boat, and not that which
belonged to tho alleged kidnappors, that
Is named the "Littlo Tramp."
The Future City added tho barge of
freight that was loaded hero for tho Crcs-
entCity The Eckert found the barge
Maudo Lowery buried in tho sand Hnd so
badly broken on both tides that it would
be useless to try to tavo her. She would
havo to bidug out ot tho sand which it
about three feet ueep along tho starboard
aido, and to do this the river would have
to be three feet lower than it Is
Several flat-boats pasted by yesterday
The Rover brought !Q torn for re
shipment on Thomas bhlrlock and has a
good cargo on ber barget for St. Louit,
Thlt tho will tend over the Iron Moun
tain Road from Belmont fir tome roason.
Tbcro will bo offered at auction, at
Hortman's auction rooms, on Commercial
avenue, on Friday, November 7, at 10
o'clock a. si., a largo lot of goods saved
from the wreck ol tho STEAMER MARY
E. l'OE, consisting of several hundred
barrels and sacks of Hour, a largo quantity
ME AXj,' BITTERS, ETC., which will
bo sold to tho highest bidder, for cash, on
account of whom It may concern.
Daniel Uartman,
2) Auctioneer,
Dr. B. C. Tabor returned to tho city
yestorday and for tho pretent, at least,
will be found at No. R!8 Commercial uv
enui', over Taber't jewelry storo. Tbo
doctor makos tbo treatment of chronic
diseases of nil kinds a speciality and has
been vory mccotsful in the ute of elrc
trinity hs an agent for tho cure of Rheu
inatUm, Neuralgia and nervout disorders
of all kindt. Tbo use of tho magnetic
battery andoctorlc machino is hit most
powerful ally and tbo ono to which bo re
sorts almost exclusively In tho euro of
chroulo diseases. ll.fi.6d
I will soil in front of. my Saleroom
on Friday, Novomber 7th, at OJ o'clock
a.m., ten (10) head of lino work and
buggy horter; alto, a lot of boutohold
aud kitchen furniture, tucb as bedstead!
watbttandt, carpets, boating stoves and
Ashing tackle, consisting of threo largo
set nets. Tho above horsos and goods
will be sold to tho highest bidder. I will
also sell at tbo same timo one very fine
buggy, nearly now.
Daniel Uartman, Auctioneer.
I tako this opportunity to inform tbo
citltens of Cairo and surrounding country,
that I will resume my practice In tho city
of Cairo on or about Iho lit of Docombor.
9-SJO-tf. P. L. William, Dentist.
For a good squap meat go to Harry
Walker's rWurant, Commercial avenue.
belWMO Seventh aud Eighth ttreot lm
Oo to Halley't for tho liurnott ttoam
baking vessel. U-G-lra
JjQ To Halley't for good bargains in
ceoking and heating stovot. ll-6tm
Wanted-AI the St. Charles Hotel A
girl to clean silver. 2t
Oo to Si. V. Blake's (or everything In
tho Steam and Qasfittlng line. 9-'2Blf.
TfJE European hotel, Harry Walker
proprietor, is opon at all hours of tho
night. 11.7-lm
For oas and steam fitting go to Ron
nie's Vulcan Iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth ttroot. 9-10-tf
Gab and Stoamlltting on abort notice
Brow" Block. 9-2811.
IIallkt koops the celebrated "Fash-
Ion,' tbo "Monitor," the "Lady Oay," tho
"Alaskl," and numorous other good cook
stoves; and all stylet of healing (tove,
which ho offeri low for cash.
K. Jonxb, fashionablo boot and shoe-
makor. Cork solos, Scotch bottoms, and
tho latest Improvements in tho lino of bis
business. Only tbo best ana most com
petent wcrkmen omployod, and all work
wnrranted to bo flrstclass In ovory respect.
Shop on Commercial avonuo, near cornor
of Tenth strcot. 10-7-tf
By Hartman, a fine
At a great bargain.
Call at Hartman's salesroom, 103 Com
morcial avenuo.
All kinds of gamu constantly on band
at Harry Walker's, Commercial avenue,
bolwcen .Seventh and Eighth streets.
P. Fitrgerald at bis rooms, cornor
Fourteenth ttroot and Commorcia! avo
nue, offers for sulo Guinness' Porter &
Bass' ales and puro Ucunessy brandy,
and tho genuine Ar.gotturo bltturt, all
first-class cholora cures. Try tlrem
7-17 tf
Dr. Lavarty, homooopatbist physi
cian, tato of Shawnootown, has located In
this city and intends making it his homo
The doctor comc3 to Cairo well rocom
mendod, and icfors to the ofllcura of tbo
First National bank of Shawneetown, to
whom he Is well known, having prnctlcod
his profession among them for yoars. IIo
solicits a fair sharo of tho patronage of
ourcitizens. OQco 140 Commorcia! ave
nuo. 7-V.O-tf
Tho barber shop is on tbo cornor Jol
Eighth street and Commercial nvcnuo
whore J..Gcorgo Stionhouso with his gen
tlomonly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tho day or night, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with a good sham
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you arc
sure of receiving first-claea troatmont.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
after tho most approved stylet. 8-lG-tf
Fresu Baltimore oyttors received flatly
by Harry Walker, at hit restaurant, Com
mercial avenuo, botweon Suventh und
Eighth streets. 11-7-lin
A New Enterprise. Dr. B. F. Field
will run a lino of hacks botweon Cairo
and tho terminus of tho Cairo, Arkansas
& Fox as railroad, making two trips each
day, leaving Cairo at 8 o'clock a. m., and
and 2o'clock, p. m., making closo con
nection with tho trains on that road.
Orders for passongcrs or baggai;o should
bo left at Fiold's stablo, on 10:h street.
tept23 tf
Mr. Fred. Wintkrheho hat just re
turned from St. Louis, where ho purchased
as fino a stock of tho various grades of
lino leather at was ever brought to this
city, and proposes to work It into boots
and tboes lor bis customers, lie makes
fine boots a specialty, und is confident of
his ability to copo with any boot-maker in
this city in this lino of work. Ho cm-
ploys nono but the host workmen, nnd as
a contcquenco turns out only Qrst-cluis
work. Whilo in St. Louis ho visitod all
the principal shops and sccurod patornsof
all tho latest styles and improvements,
and will give his customers tho bonofit of
thorn. Work done promptly and on short
notice. All work warranted. 10-29-lm.
Two Battorios of two Boilers, each 24
foot long, -2 inch Dram, 1! 14 inch Fluos
with flro frontt. Mud nnd Steam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney und
Britchin, all completo nnd in llrst-class
order"; been used only throo months. For
price, etc., Inquire oi J. T. Rennie,
9-23-tf. Vulcan Iron Works
Ross has on hand, and for salo a largo
quunttty of oak and hickory wood, cut
and spilt, and ready lorthottovo. Alto
all kinds of coal which will bo delivorrd
n nny part of tho city on short notice
Leavo ordors at coal yard, on Commer
cial avonuo, opposlto Elovouth street.
Aoent'h Office, I. C. R. R. Co., 1
Cairo, November !, 1873.
To porsona wising to attend tho
Chicago Exposition, wo will cell excursion
tickets round trip at $14 40. Salo of
tickott to commtneo to day and will bu
discontinued on Novombor 7tli. Tickets
good to return until November Oth, inclu
sive Jan. JoiinboN, Agent.
Sun please copy. 11-B-Ut
Having beon appointed asilgneo of tho
stock ot millinery gooJs of Mrs. Anna
Lang, tor tho boneflt of her creditors, I
will soil the samo at public auction on
Thursday, Novembor sixth, 1B73, at tho
old stand on Eighth stroet. Sale to com
mence at 0 o'clock and continue from day
to day until all tbo goods are sold,
John II. G sbman, Aeslgnoo.
Cairo, October 18, 1873.
Straws show which way tho wind
blows. St. Louis has consumed, ot Dr.
McCabo's Medicated Brandy, muri thn
any other city in tbo United States ; and,
as acontoq,uonct),St. Louis shows a smalUr
death rate than any city in tho United
mates, uommem is unnecessary.
THOMAS' Photograph Gallery will be
opon for business on nnd nftcr November 1'.',
1873. Persons wanting pictures will do well
to wait a fow days lorgcr. 11-8 tf
(yesterday.) Tho owner can have tho tame
by appl)lng at The Bulletin office nnd
paying lor this advertisement.
WAN'TtD A partner In the commission
and order business. An active business
man with small capital can make a good nr
roiigcmcnt. Addicsi for 10 days, caro L
C. Pace & Co., T. II. W.
NOTICE On and alter Monday, Novcm
ber 3. and through tho winter, a warm lunch
will be spread at tho Thalia saloon, opposite
The Bulletin oillcc, ot 10 o'clock a.m.,
ever) day. All the delicacies of tho scaoii.
IMliu A. Jaeckel, Pioprlclot.
BOAItDtNG-Mrs. John McKcc, having
taken tho house formerly occupied by Mrs.
Goodyear, corner of Washington avenuo
aui! Eighth street, will from this date he pre
pared to accommodate boarders by the day
or week.
NOTICE ll.lng determined to close my
business houtc, I thall iroru and alter this
date, sidl for :ash only. All persons In
debtedtomo aro respectfully icqnesttd to
close their accounts Immediately. CharUs
D. Artcr is hereby rmpowcrcd to collect,
receive, und receipt all claims duo me.
D. Ariei:,
FKED. STITCHEIt hai purchased the
barber shop of Geo. Reining, who retire"
for the benefit of his health. The Miop I
located on Commercial avenue, between
Seventeenth and Eighteenth street, audita
new proprietor Is detci mined to muk It
tlrst-clan In every particular. Ho unites
public patronage. 10-20 1m
SOCIAL PARTY Mr. M. Burns desires
to Inform tho public that he will open hi
new hoii'c, on the corner ot Fourth stri ct
and Coinmcrcl.il avenue, on next Mondu
ovcnli.g, November 10, with a grand social
party, to which ho respectfully invites hit
nuuierott Meudi. Ho akiurcs all who will
patronize him a cordial reception, nnd g-od
cheer. A gooil siriiiKlmmt will 1m in attend
ance, anil win ill'cotirno nwcet music. It
Oolilstlno .t Uoicnwater wl?hcs to inform
tho public that they have reduced all best
prlntu to 10 ccnla per yard, and nil other
good In proportion.
Prol. O. C. ltodcn will open hn Djticlnj
Academy at v Hillock's ball, corner ol Tenth
ttrect and Wa'hlngtou avenue. Gentle-
men' ohm on Tuesday Nov. litis, at 8
o'clock pm. Juvenile clit', Saturday Nov.
1Mb, at 'J o'clock p.m. 11-7-St
MIm Adelaltlo Phllllp and Mris L. T. llrlcsa
on Commercial avenue, between Ninth and
Tenth strectD, would respectfully announce
to th" ladles ol Cairo anil vicinity, that they
are receiving a lull lino of fu-hionablo mill-
nery good, and arc prepared to lurnUh
their patrons with halt and bonnets trom
tho cheapest to tho most expensive.
10-27 lm
uiiA.-vur. tun UAiuu I'uurr.iiri.
An excellent fruit farm ol 33t acres ono
raU..lu..t ol Vtlls. Ul.lK. macro. Just
cleared and set out In Irult and vlcevnrd
Twiiitv-thrco acres cleared: the rc-t heavv
wood-land. A now two htory houo and
other out biiildlnuM. Tho Uud Is ranldlv cn
haiiclu In value. Good tormi to a prompt
ziistomcr. Aiiurem M. A. n iimn-.iv
ollkc. One horio of all work will ul-o bo
bold at u bargain. 1 1-7-3 1
After January 1st we expect to ileal ex
cltislvely In gentlemen' clothing and gout's
(uriii.-hliiv gooils,iind having on hand a large
and well assorted stock of lull and wlntcrdry
juoiIj, notion", etc , etc., which we ileslro to
close out entirely, wo tako this metliid to
Inform tho public that wo shall, altir Nov
ember lot, sell all goods in our storo In the
dry good line, at tlrst cost. All ourttootls
were bought at thu lowest market price. uud
aro fresh anil suitable for this se.voti. 'I hose
Klnhliig to obtain good bargains should
call on us buloro purchailng elsuwhcre.
Blum & ansom,
No. 142 Commercial avenue, between J
Burger and Elliott & Maythorn. 11-Mm.
J. R. CUNNINGHAM'S carriages arc tho
best In tho city. Ho has tlio only closo car
riage In iho city on hire. Ho will iraiisle:
families to aud from steamboats or railroad
depot, night and day, orders being lelt at
S.i commercial avenuo. Cunningham would
call attuntliiii ol candidates deslrlLg to llt
mo country precincts and call upou tho
niters, to tho f-ict that his sprint: wagons urn
precisely adapted to this purpose, 'ihey
wcro apparently made for tho business.
Either ol thum will carry n candidate anil
all ihu working friends necessary to capture
every voto outside of Cairo, lu Alexander
county. 10-31 Urn.
Dr. Miller's Mionktui IUt m la n
certain curu lor all disuasus of thu stomach
und bowels. It relieves nausea, vomiuug
colic, cramps and pain of all kinds, like
inMi.netlarn. Onlv rnfltJ .ri rents tn hut.
O ' "'rf . . HHJ
it. Sen advertisement in this paper.
How to Break up a iiad Cold.
Batho you feot in hot water lust buloro
going to bed ; tako ono or two teaspoon
lul of Dr. Itanium's Hivo yrup and
Tolu, or llouoy Syrup, und tlrink u bowl
ot ginger tea. Jump Into bod aud wrap
up wnrui, und you will bo nil right in tho
morning. uuvwu
Still Victorious. Somo seven years
havo paod slnco Dr. Price's Croam
Halting rowuor was Ural olio red to Iho
lubliu lor their trial and approval accord
ui: to its tnsrits. nnd lis riircrioritv over
all Baking Powders nnd otlinr means for
making wholesome light sweet brrad and
biscuits has been established by their
verdict. Still victorious, stnndlnt: to-day
in tho estimation of thoiteiimU a tho onl'v
safn nnd rollublo powder to Ufo. Thon
who nave not should, lost it, ns also Ills
Special Flavorings. Nectarine. Vanilla.
etc., which aro not only equal but superior
to anytning over tited fur flavoring canes,
pins, otc, .Nov. 0, HAw-lw.
Dealers in Window Shades,
Wall Paver, Pure White
Lead, Lindeeu Oil
SpiuiTB Turpentine, Glue
Shellac, Alcouol, Etc., Etc.
ISO Commercial avenut.,
Cairo, ... Ilunoi
.- , An
' ! '
. , .
'if. -
Very Low Prices
FineCUiuchilli O.coats,$10
Fine Cliincliilli Pea Jackets, (for
men) S7 50
Fine Cliincliilli Pea Jacket?, (for
bovs) C 00
A 820 Chinchilla Overcoat, Caj
fiuiirc lining, for 15 00
Fino Beaver Suit 15 00
Good Overcoat 7 00
All Wool Winter Jacket 1 25
tho best Wool Winter
Jackets in the city, guaran
teed 5 00
Heavy Winter UndorshirtJ and
Drawers 50
Country Kuit Wool Soeki 40
POR 230""5rtS !
FOR 34.
FROM $5 TO 825.
900 Fanio Sat
We aro still selling

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