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IOHX K OHEKLYi Wllor and PabliiBM
nm or thi daily unu.rriN :
OMM.toMrtW I
Oh vMf by rrir. advance 10 00
f la r carrier If not Mid In
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. 6
Ontw . 1000
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G Month W
Tkrtss Montat M
Invariably la advance.
Umtimg Matter every .
The town of Crl(nTlllo is itlll suffer
log from until pox, with no diminution of
Lssotht as the l'resldent's motige
was, it conUlned no refcronco to the tal
ary grab.
"liULX Ikb" our reprotentativo In
mmM hat been announced ai ono of
the committee on patent!.
Tbb restoration of the franking privi
lego hat been proposed in the lower homo
of congreu by one lieacti, or a ortn uro
"Work on the Texas and 1'aciflc rail
road ii In promising progress, and the con
nection with the Cairo and Fulton road
at Toxareana will loon bo made.
A modbx county official of Shelby
eonnty, Tennessee, hu absconded, after
tpttulatlag on fifty thousand ddllari of
redeemed but uncancelled county -war-rant!,
leaving hit bondsmen to for about
Ifteea thnuiind dollar.
Tbb inauguration of Oorenor Allen is
to be mad tho occasion of a grand ball
at Uolnmbui, Ohio, vrberoat it U said
Democrat! of all agot from twonty-one to
hundred yean will trip tho licht fantat
tic to in celebration of tho Ohio Demo
cratic victory.
So far, not leai than fifty bill to repeal
th ealary grab havo beef Introduced in
Congreu. Th member ihow an anxfout
daiir to be rid of the matter and a reso
lution providing for a committee of
eeven; to which all bill on tho tubjeet aro
t be referred, was adopted on Thuriday.
Accordiko: to the New York 'IloraldV
epeclal Washington correspondence, a
quMtion of veracity hat ariten between
th preeident and Senator Conkliug. Tbo
president affirm that the itatement in th
paper that Conkling had refuted tho chief
juiticcibip wai not true, at he had not
been offered it, and consequently had no
opportunity to refuto (it. On the other
hand, Conkling lay he wi offered tho
chief justiceship and tbat.be did refute it.
And to the matter ttandt.
Kuimotri a the bill introduced in
Uengreu for the repeal of tho lalarr bill
have been, they all, w believe, provido
for a only a partial repeal of that meas
ure. Thoee Introduced by Republican
member mak no mention of the reduc
tion of the Fretldent' salary to It for
mer figure , H being understood that tho
administration violontly oppose uch a
cbang a a reflection on the Fretldent.
Th truth is, nothing lei than the uncon
ditional repeal of the bill will satisfy tho
people. To propot half-way moasures
and tinker at the bill will increase instead
of appeasing their indignation.
Tbb opposition to President Orant't
nomine for th chief Justiceship grows
Litter. It is not confined tothe)preidenl's
oppoaents but i shared by his political
and personal trlends. Among tho admin
istration senators who are adverto to tbo
confirmation of Williams are Morton of
Indiana, and Edmunds of Vermont,
the latter chairman of tbo
judiciary committee. True or
falsa, scandalous stories enough to damn
even a radical aspirant for office are circn-
lating against tho chief justice elect. Wi-
consln Bepublicam are said to be oipocltfty
bitter against Williams : Gov. "Washburn
denounces the appointment as an outrage,
it being charged in that ttato that IVil
nam received ten thousand dollars for
his opinion In favor of the "Witcontin
Central railroad land claim. In addition
to thes material charges, derogatory
stories relating to Will it mi' domestic af
fair are alto resuscitated. In spite of
notin opposition, however, it is more
than llkoly that Williams will bo con
firmed by the senate.
Th story of th rise of a department
clerk in "Washington from a sixteen bun
dred dollar clerkship in the pott office de
partment of the United BtaUs to tbe posi
tion of Special Commltiloner of tbe Em
peror of Japan to negotiate postal treaties
with tbe United Stat, Ureal IWltaln,
franc and Germany, is worth condens
ingforthe benefit of our readers.
Mr. Samuel Bryan, tbe now fortunato
Special Commissioner of His Imperial Ma
jesty, after reading on day an account of
tbe reception at Ian Francisco of tbo Ja
panes Embassy, was beset with the idea
that the p6pl which would attempt to ap
ply th workings of our Internal revenue
and agricultural bureau tytUms to tbo
management of Ilka affairs In their own
country, could easily be made to see tho
beaefiU of, and establish a postal depart
asMst. Witt) thit thought in hit mind, he
Ulrodaaad hlastelf to certain mom.
ban of OftBgreu, to the Japaneto
MlnUUf Mori from whom, howsver, he
receive bo encouragement and when the
' Japaaas Xmbatty arrived In "Wishing
ta, to MiaitUr DaLoBg aad to the chief
tM of U Xmbatsy, Thai wero. .
llgbU4 wri his scheme and urged him to
prMMtt M OBSto Japan and lay hit pltnt
brfafl Ika ItBparlal government. This
kaHstMbljiO 4 for want of money,
tattiwqpstfc go4 oOom of MUttter
DeLong, ho was appointed purtor on tho
Drancn OI tne raCIBC jiaiiMcau.iuifii.oiii-
pany, plying between San;ljranciicb aril)
xoxoaama,' ana on t g .-
ter piece be, bad Just twenty-five coni ta
Ifrer In hit pocket, and a letter of in?
troduction to the chief officer of customs in
Japan; Hryan borrowed of him twenty
fire dollars with which to replenish hi
empty ptirtw, and on flvo hundred dollar
borrowed from tho agont of tbo I'acillc
Mail company ho eupportod liiinsolf and
accomplilhed hi object. Ilia plans were
laid before the court, and after considera
ble delay caused by the opposition of the
British, French, German and American
consult, who act a postmaster., n Impe
rial edict was inued "establishing a post
oftfeo department, with n nativo Jtpsnoso
at postmttlor-genoral, and Hrvan Special
Commlisionor of tho emperor of
Japan to negotiate a tostal
treaty with tho United States, Oreal'Urit
aln, French and Oermnny, at n salary
of six thousand dollars n year, with an al
lowance of thruo hundred dollars n month
for traveling oxp'ensos; ha lias nn assist
ant at live thousaud dollars a your and
two clerks at twenty-ave hundred dollar
each to travel with ,hlm. Mr. Itryan has
already completed tho treaty with our
government, tho rates of poitngo to be fif
teen cents an ounce for the first year, and
twelve cents thereafter, llo is now or his
way to Paris and cxpcts to accomplish
fait minion with tho heads of tho French,
German and ilrltiih governments in time
to return to tho United States next .July, J
when ho will have tho dies for tho Ja
panese ittmps engraved and purchase all
tho material needed for tho mall serilce.
Mr. Itrran is a married man, and, in the
beginning of tho warf wat a drummer
boy in nn Ohio regiment. r i
(?lecll Correspondence ofRns: Huixktix.
Cauuosiuli:, 7IU., December 0, 13.
Emtoh DuLLtTi.v : Doubtloit bofofo
lb! your retdurs havo heard of tho break
ing open of two enfos at Marion, ono be
longing to IUrtwell Hendrickson, Esq.,
and the other to Mr. Win. Mitchell, post
master. Trom tho formor nothing was
taken. Fom tho latter, tome one hun
dred and twenty in crcen backs and ono
hundred and thirty-five dollars in gold
and silver was stolon. Tho robbery was
porformed on last Wednesday night.
Vigilant sesreb wss mado for tho perpe
trator! by a larKQ number of citizens
both of Marion and this placo, and their
labor wat well rowardod, as will appoar.
On Wedoetday a man got off tho Marion-bound
train at Itfiinbridge, fgurmilci
west of Marlon, lho attention of tho
conductor and baggageman wat attracted
to lho man by his peculiar actions. Wben
tho robbery wat mado known, theso gen
tlemen at once suipicioned th passenger
who had stopped at Iiainbridgo. Tbcy
communicated their suspicions to Mr. W.
O. Dowel), attlttant station agent hero,
who remembored the man ss having ex-
pretted a valise to DuQuoin. Mr. 1). at
onco communicatod with tho oxprcss agent
at DuQuoin, asking that the valifie should
bo watched. On Thursday tho agont
at DuO.'ioln informed Mr. Dowell
that tho man had called for hit valito
and bad left a package a
cigar box valued at one hundred and
thirty dollars, to bo sent to St. Louis by
oxpress. Mr. Dowell telegraphed to hold
tho package, and in for mod Mr.Mitcholl of
the slate of aflViri . Mr. M. went to Du
Quoin and gavo if description of the gold
and til vor coin taken fromh'lssafe. Th box
was opond and tho money found therln as
described. Thi talttlk-d Mr. Dowell that
hu had spotted the right man, and ho con
tinued hit vigilant watching of passing
trains. Last nlMit,- (Friday), Mr. D.
boarded,tho north-bound freight train,
arriving liuto about nino o'clock.
In tbo cabnota ho found
the man ho had been looking for
and at once arrested hltn. In tho mean
time Mr. Mitchell htd returned fiom Du
Quoin, bringing with him the gold and
silver. Ho described, as far as possible,
the greenbacks taken from the safe,
among which was a ono dollar note split
in a peculiar maimer. Tho captured man
was icarched. Among his finances,
amounting to eighty. Dvo dollars, the
idontical note was found. This mado
another link in tbochain of circumstance.
An exprcs rccoipt for the package abovo
spoken of was also found on hit person,
which uddod still another link.
Mr. Dowell asked tho pritonor the
wheraboutt of hit valise. Thu man tald
that It wat in the hands of u private
party in DuQuoin; that he had nothing
with him when arrested. However, a
dispatch had been sent to DuQuoin to
tend down by the twelvo (midnight)
train any uoclalinbd baggago that might
bo found in tho caboose from whluh tbo
thiol bad been taken. A valiso and
shawl wero returned. Mr. Dowoll at
oaco recoKnlxed tho shawl a the one
worn by tho man who had expressed the
valito on WednctJay, alto, the valise at
the ouo tent. The valiio wss opened,
when a tot of burglar's tools if a huge
"monkey-wrench," drills, etc., aro bur
glar's tools were found therein. Hero
was ovidenco onowgh to .send the,
scoundrel to Juliet for twenty
years, provided the good peoplo of Mar
lon do not hung him bofore thu next term
of circuit court.
Th prlsonor gives his namo as N. Mil
lor, and :lalmt that ho it a resident of
Evantvllle, Indiana; where hu has a wife
and three children, Uo it, apparently,
about rorty year old, a ratber gooJ-look
ing, stout man. R.
(Philadelphia Press.)
Mr. Williams is tbe eighth chief Juttlco
oi in unuea oiaiet. watuingtoii ap
pointed John Jay, of New York. Snt
zo, l7b'J. He resigned in 17 05, and July
1, same vear. John Rutlodcre. of South
Carolina, was appointed his succeasor, but
was rrjecieo. oy in senate, jjec. 15, 17U5,
,m m iuuit luauiyieiuua service,
Ham Cuthine
notttimtiad'by Prett-
dent WathInKtdrp I
birr law. and imme
diately confirmed. Thisjafner Its which
na-'r.watir.-esiiod,, to . mat men cmco
is thus lticrik4 bt JUnry Flan-
dert, Bi, it? thli fcrty, In hit
anlendod Work" Live d Timet of tho
Chief Justice." "jOn- lh day thla"
tho nomination "occurred, there was a
largo dinner party at tho president', and
Cutbing wa ono of the guests. On en
tering the dining, Washington, from the
hoad of tho table, dlm'tini; hi look to
him, said In anemphatio toti, Tlin chief
jiittlce will please take Jim seaitin(uiy
ribt.' Ho wa much'afTected by the Mi
nouncemet, at ho had heard uotbing of It.
Hut he declined tho high honor on thn
ground of ilMiealth. On the lth of
Marcli,.M7?C, Oliver Klltwortls, of Con -necllcui,y
' writ tjiominatod a t chief
justice,' and romeined on the
bench lilt thn end of the year 1800, and
on tho 31st of January 1801, John Mar
shall of Virginia, at tho ago of 4 wn
nppeinted by Freedom John Admin
cblof justice of tho United .States, and
immndiniy c,mGrmo,l. II o hetil tho pnt
until Mondey, Him 0th day of July, 18.1.1,
wlion ho died, full of honuri. PrAtldent
Jackson immediately nominated linger O,
Taney, of Mitrylanil, to th'at lofty posi
tion, but he wn not confirmed by thn sen
ntoutitil March 1830. Ho died in Wash
ington city, Oct 186 1. and was followed
by Salmon P. Chain of Ohio, nominated
by President Lincoln and confirmed by
tho senator Docombei; ViMhe t friejuai
After nearly. nino yar o'f'dtltitikinihoi
torvlcahedled Mayi7. 18; 1
(From tlieNctv Orlcain Times )
Geu. Q'tesnda tins been to kind as to
permit ILu writer to muLu n transcript of
tbo luttur written by the gallant Fry to
his wile. The pfiget of tlu vriginat bore
the iuipmis of ihu tears shed by lho ho
roic,wriler. It wat thu Iait cOmmunica
tl6n uvur mado to the world by the true
American, and the blended uxprettiuns of.
auuction, oi ruliglou bope, uf dignified
resignation with which it iemt, willcauie
its words to bo rumemborcd it long at
vlrtuo and courago are honored
among umn. It may 1m well to atale
that too letter neceiarily omits all reflec
tion! on tho rjpaniih government, but be
fore hit death, Fry gavo utlttrance very
forcibly to hit opinions on that subject,
his tilonce only comi og by death. Tbo al
lusions to family matters are, of course,
not reproduced liereln below.
On llOAltD the SrANi.u MAM-or-War
La Toiicalo, St. Jauo Dk Cuiia,
November C, 183. Djcak, Dkai; JJita':
hen 1 left you I bad no idea that wu'
should never meet again lb thit world, but
it teem mange to me that I abould to
night, and on Anuio't birthday, be calmly
seated, on a beautiful moonlight night, in
a most beautiful bay in Cuba, to Uio my
last leuvo of you, my own, dear, tweet
wife, and witli the thought of your bitter
anguish my only regret of leaving.
1 have been tried to-day and tbo presi
dent of the court-martial asked the lavor
of embracing mo at partiLg, and clasped
mo to bis heart'. . 1 have shaken bunds
with each of my judges ; and tbo secre
tary of the court and interpreter havo
promised mo as a special favor to attond
my execution which will, I am told, be in
a very few hour aftor my sentence it pro
nounced. I am told that my death will
b painlets ; in short I bave.had a very
cboerful and pTeaiant ehat about my fun
.era! to which ! shall co ia,a very few
hours from now. How soon 1 cannot yet
say. ii i curious to see now i mako
friends. Poor ilamlotta pronounced mo
a gentleman, and he was tho brightest and
bravest criature I ever saw.
The priest who gavo mo communion on
board this morning put a doublo scapular
about my neck and a madnl which he in
tends t wear himself. A young Spanish
officer brought me a bright now silk badgx
with tho Illumed Virgin Mampod upon it
to wear to my execution for him, and n
handsomo cross in tomo fair lady't handi
work. Theso are to be kept at relics of
mo. lie Cjpbracod mo atlectionately in
my room -with toara in his eyo. -'
IJuar sweetbeart, you will bo nolo to
bear it for rny sake, for I will bo with you
if God permits ft. Although I know my
hours nre short and few, I u:n not tad. 1
feel I shall alwayt bo w'.th you right toon,
dear Dita, and you will not bo afraid of
Pray for uo and I will pray for you,
Tlioro it to bo a fearful incriflco
of life from tho Virginius,und, at I think,
a neediest ono, at thu poor people are un
conscious of crimo. and oven of their fate
up to now, I bopo God- will forgive if I
am toblamo for it, -
If you write to President Grant'lie will
probably order my pay duo, whon I re
ignrd, paid to you after my death.
People will bo kinder to you now, dear
Dita, at loait I hopo so. Do not dread
death whej it comes to you; it will bo as
God' angel of rett romember this.
I hopo my children will forget their'
father's hanhneti, arid romember hit iov
and anxiety for them. May thoy
practico regularly tholr rollgion, and
pray for him always.
Toll that the last act of my Ufa will be
a publio confettion of my faith and hopo
in Him of whom we need not be ashamed,
and It it not honott to withhold that pub
lio acknowedgment from any falto mod
osly or timidity. May God bless and
Sweet, dear, dear Dita, we will soon
meet Again. Till then, adieu, for the last
time, lour devoted husband,
Josiru U.J'nT.
Wabiukotok, Docemhor 0. For Now
Englsnd clear or partly cloudy weather
will prevail during greater portion of
day, with low tompuraluru and ligh varia
bio winds, but cloudiness will increase
durinr Sunday niirbt.
.'For Middle Status and Lower Lnkot In-
woalng pressure with partly cloudy
oathor, follownd by dimlnlshinir Dress.
sure and slightly rising temperature and
pbssiblo light ruins in tbo western portion
of tbeto districts.. .
Kortho UpperiLaTiaJreglon and ,honce
southwardito Tennessee and westward to
Mittourl Valley: let presur. Tltlnir
lomporature, light to brltk variable winds
and aroas oi rain and snow.
For the South Atlantiu and Gulf States
tlicbtly rising temperature and northeast
erly to southwostorly wlada and possibly
From ScluiylkLl Haven, Pn.
SciiuTLKii.i. IIavbh, December 0,
mine nve uoyt woro skaiing at west
wood Junction, the lc broke and thre
of them woro drowned.
Front Washington.
Wasuinotok, Decomber 0. A copy of
a trust mortgage or tbe ripragtia Alanu
futurinr Company, ef Rhode Island, has
beon filed with th recorder pf doedt Ja
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin,
ll-pkueiv '; i
I'ltF.ranA fft!t MR KH MEB-
Mrtr mr xk
XI . ' fry
.5" jV, J.
TfdRK AT THE SEW YORri XStt )ihk
sitiiirh lotTor tiie &
' 71 HV.r, AKltAPET.L
GRAMS. to lie nr.iMtHiui.
Wasui.vuton, Doiiomber 0 'lho Iron,
clad Hero is to bu towod to Now York for
Over a hundred member of Congress
OAlled ou tho socrolury of tbo navy to
day. The reception continueing from
half-past tun tofoiir. Xfioconyeriatlon
"wahisfly ou thoiubjocl of supplying
tho deficiency in expenditures, and ' plac
ing tho navy in a condition for all posei
bio contiugvneic. Hills will be intro
duced for this purposo next wenk, and
also looking to tbo
IttbKl'liKIllCNCK or cum.
Several gentlemen having already
speeches prepared on tho latter subject.
Tho members generally aro In record with
thoaecrutitry of the uivy.
No official information has been re
ceived from Cnba confirming tbo reported
resignation of lho captain-general,
IN uy.vxrwn io c'UHiM at-Aias
There it tho highebt authority for stat
ing that tho Catlullar government hat not
askod for a modification of the protocol to
that the Virgmius may bo placed in cut
tody of a third party to await adjudica
tion. The suggestion camo lrom Cuban
authorities to Admiral Palo and Was un
officially communicatHd to Secretary Fish.
As stated yeaturday, it does not meet the
tbo view or tho adsnlqistrailon.
Nr.w York, Ducorr.ber 0 Workinon
are Cow so busv la the dillaront dooart-
'nients of tho -taavy yard and on vessel
that none, it is said, can be t pa red to assist
In raising tho unkeu barge and engine
of tho Florida and Roanoke, which will
be .tried to-morrow. Tho Minnesota,
Dictator and Swatard are being rapidly
put in order. Recruiting i going on con
tinuously. TUB ARnil'XI.LH.
The Spanish war steamor Arripel!ea,de
layedln th dry docks in the navy yard
owing to tbe Mood gates being out of order,
promises now to nullor further dotcnten
tion, ThU morniag a bargo ladei. with
200 tone of coal, sunk immediately in
front of tho flood gates, and will have to
be raised and removed before tbe gate
can bo used.
will la move! from th yard 'to-night
3ho will reeelv her tore to-morrow and
tail Monday. Liouor bavin been tmuv.
gtcd to the crew of tho Colored v, only
thote employed in tho navy yard are ad
mlttod to-day.
IlosroN, December 0. Ordera' were ro-
ceived at the navy yard to day to havo a
now torpedo boat ready for tea in twunty
dayt. The Franklin it being rapidly
mado ready for sea, and will go into tho
commicson in another week.
From Hoittou.
AtiarsTBt., . '
JovroX, December 0. Antonio Carri-
gban has beon arrostod on the chargo of
swindling' his Italian countrymen by col
lecting two dollars and a half from oach
of thorn and promising work and eood
wages to all on rallroaJs,both of which he
faiitnl to supply. He it thought to havo
been at the same work in other citie.
Ilridcet Lonnurean. a dnmeilliv wu
found brutally murdered this forenoon, in
a vacant lot in Dorchester. An atteiont
had been'mtdo to outrage tba woman'. "So
arrest. ( J , . ' i J( i -.
Charles II. Hhales has been hold In SIS.-
00u hall on tbo charge of manslaughter
in uaving procured an abortion which
rosultod in tho death of hit victim.
From Phlludclpliltt.
PitlLADKt.i-iiu, December C The
monitors Aiax and Tnrror will be riadv
to sail next week. The flrigate Canun
doignais also being rapidly titled lor
Tho building at Iluttonwood
Twelfth ttroot burned this morning.
From Albauy,
Aliiamt, December ,6, Th Cincinnati
express train to-day . .was - acoidonlly
twitched oa an adjoinlnc track at. West
Aiuany, aim cam in collision wltn a
freight train, damagini; tho enirino of tbe
oxprosa train and overturning the freight
engine, anu uomollsuing tlx freight cars.
ilios. Jlcuurmott, engineer or tbe express
train, and Patrick Cunningham,, fireman,
wore siigoiiy tig u red; no otnert nun.
From Aneerled) Pa.
Autiuaun, Docembor 0. While fifteen
minors wuro descending the slope of
Honny brook, of tho coal company's mine
this morning, the staple ring of the car
broke and the car fell 170 yards. Two of
the men worn killed and two seriously
Injured, one probably fatal. The others
wero slightly injurled.
From LouUtIIIc
Louievii.1.1, December 0. The Louis-
vlllo. Nashville and'Greatwestarn railroad
commenoe runnlasr'i to-morrow iMino
. ' . ', , i
oi i-imraan paiaca orawiDg.rgorn,tiom)ina;
and'daycars, botVeenHhiscIty tad Littfo
hoc k, running lurougn wuuoui cnange
From Memphis.
' Mxurma,t December'- f, The county
attorney bu enloinod the Rank of Com-
merco from using some $8,000 worth of
county warrants, hypothecated by Wood
ward tho absconding trutteo.
From Cluvlnnatl. '
Tbatolal number of hogt tlaughtered
hero for thu week It 77,000. Slue No
vember 1st to dat 288,000. For the
tame time latt year 208,000.
From Providence.
PnovioiKcc, December 6. Tbe Crans
ton Htvingt Rank bat been declared in
tolvanLanda rebilTtr.appoitud. i .', 1
Nkw. Ti'mr.Secember l.-Wm. &
Woodwartl.'a Weill ttreet tptculator, who
about twean'afho maninulated a nool
Jin Rook IaUotl ttock, whon tbo market
'.wu ooveraaa.iiDu wuo iiua imiivu, to-anj
notified 'bit credttori that a warrant h.t
bean litued against hit estate, and ad
judged bankrupt, on his own petition. A
meeting of creditors has been appointed
lor" Docerober IG, In llrooklyn. Wood
ward' liabilities are ostimstod t (3,000,
Loans increased, 94,091,800: speol.i In
crease, fl, 361,000; legal tender increase',
$2,332,700; deposits increase $7,075,900;'
circulation decrease, $52,400.
i' ' HI
Front Omaha.
Omni, December C.A freight train
was thrown from tho track on the O H. &
Q. road, near Presldn. Iowa, this morning
by one end of a cattle car bursting out
and lotting a steer fall on the track, wreck
ing sovon car loads,
since yesterday forenoon. Thero is Uvu
inches on a level.
The gas works at Lincoln woro des
troyed by firo to-day. A. G. Hastings
was Injured by a falling wall and two em
ployes wore severely bruised. Loss $70
VANA. . - -
SPA I TO CL VIH $100,000 00(s FROM
Havana, December 5, via Kicr Wk,t.
Tbe city eoutinttv quiet, and fio fool
ing on. , tbo quoallAtV ,ofr the de
livery of-'the' Virgtnius ha'u expe
rienced contidarabU cbanica tince ybstor-
day. Many Spaniards are now In favor of
lb immediate and quiet delivery oi ino
vessel to the United State authorities,
fooling that a contrary course would place
tbsm in opon rebellion against tho gov
ernment of Spain.
Tho leading officer of tho volunteor
bold a meeting this morning in tho roil
donco of tienor Seul vetn and lho residence
of Casdno Espanol. Soulveta subsa
nuently informed an American centlc-
man that tbo Virginias would bo deliv
ered quietly. It is reported thatfc'anor
Seulveta bat recuived a telegram from
Senor Calvo, representative at Madrid, of
Cassino Espanl, counselling the delivery
of tbo Vlrginius; and saying Spain will
from tho United States. The propotal
to tend the Yirglnius to Spain and there
turn her over to an American man-of-war,
Is recolvod with favor by tbo Spin
A battalion of volunteers are form
The United States naval officort at San
tiago de Cuba, roport officially that the
number of men captured on tho Virglnlus
wat on bundre-land ntty-t)vo. Of these
liriy.throe wero executed; ot th one
hundred and two now living, fourteen are
nativo or naturalized American!. Tho
remainder are of various nationalllioi.
Citt or Mkxico. via Havana. Decem
ber 6. Reliulou, ditlurbaiicot havo oc
curred In Letocoatlan. The Catholics
mad an attack on tho Protestants with
shouts of "Hurrah lor our Rellgioi" and
"Death to Protestants." Troop havo
been sent to arrest the rioters and pre
vent further trouble. The Kevitl news
paper says tbe rioten burned 'alive Al
calde of Augouquo. Tbe revolution in
Yucatan continues, but tbe government
hat ttnt troops into the disturbed district.
it Is thouubt the riot will soon bo sur
Vbuailbs. December C, In tha Ha-
zal no court martial to-day, Povocet closed
his argument for tbo prosecution. Jio
demanded, first, thu degradation of Ha
zaine, and second, hit oxocution.
Ula atsail rail or Ua ItlVKUN
For 24 hours ending 3p.m., Dec. 0, 1H73
Rise.; Fall.
Hrowusvllle 14 &l
Urunswlck 0 0 0
Cairo 20 r, o C
Cincinnati fi5 C 0 b
Duvcnuort 11
Oonlluenc 0 0 0
Kvanavillc 0 O 0
Hermann 0 (
Jeffcrnon City 0 0
if.,. I'ltw ' 'In A
Kookuk, ...iV.'.V.V.'.".; o o!
LcaYeu worth.. ,,,, 4 0
Lexington '0 0
l.iltlo Rock 0 0 8
Louisville It 7 0
JUariettn 0 0
Mcmphl.i 13 3 U
iNanuvlUe 0 Oi
New Geneva 0 Oi
New Orleans 12 8 0
Oil City , , I
Omaha : :: 0 0
Paducah ....10 0 0
PltUburg , 8 71 4
rlattsmouth ,,
fihreveport , .... 0
fit, Jotenh
8L Lout 7 4 . 0
Ht. Paul 0
Vtckshuric 13 ill 01 6
IVaraaw . t 1
Yankton 0 Oil I 2
Hurfuco ot water below benen mart;.
Kdwik (Ialank.
Observer 8lg. tier, V. H. A
Cincinnati, December-C Rivor J
foet and -falling. Arrived Mcssenjcer,
St. Louis. . Departed Arlington, Mom
phis; Sam J. Hale, Now Orleant.
St. Louu, December 0. Arrived
Keyttone, Cairo; City of Chester, Mem
phi. Departed Laura Davis, Memphis;
Julia; Vlcksburg. River abo. t stationary
Stedy rala all afternoon.
MEuriua, Docembor 0. Watber cool,
been raining all day. River riling stead
ily. Arrlved-Jamet Howard, Cairo.
Departed Robert Mitchell, New Orleans;
H. C. Xeeger, St, Louis; Logal Tender,
White river, Ravea and Ben. Franklin,
Cincinnati; Emilia LaBarga, Vicktburg,
EvAWtvLti, December 6. 'Wetthtr
cloudy im aold, Mweur SO to 8.
rain line Booi". . Rlvrlion 3
DownMars1 Atlfc." TjiUvliu
ftrs-ar'.r.,,"nd iAtnaSii Up-
IdhjwIM; Fatle, CharmtwSattt'Parkor
"t "a ADuy sum,nusinots
' liuimrfcViDocemberjr. Rivor fall-
ing witli u rt in canal, 0 feet pan down
Indian chute. Weather cooler with rain.
The tow boat Robin tank a flttboat at tho
bridge plort U-duy. Arrival Gen. Lyt
tin, Cincinnati; Morning Star, Render
eon; Dove, Medleon, Blue Wing, Ken
lucky river; Alleghany Rll and barge.
Now Orloaua, Doparted-Gun. Lyttlo,
(Jinclnniili: Morning atar, Iltidcrsunj
Dovo, Madison; Itluo AVing Kentucky
rivor, Alcghany,0ell and bargoi, Cin
Mkui-iU!), December C Flour nomi
nal. Corn moat quiet at ;l 10. Corn fni r
demand aod advancud; CGc. Oat noun
hero. Hay dull nt 18 uo(Tfj23 00. Ilran
dull and nominal. Laid, bulk rnuaU and
pork unchanged and quiet.
CikcimmAii, Doceinbir6 Flour 7 10-
3 or,. Wheat easiur 1 41 Corn nuiot
i.uiajoiu. van eioauy jijhoc. llarley
firm. Groceriet firm. Hutl.ir and Chetio
llrm and unchanged Lard eteady Hj(a
8jc. lltcon quiet. Shauldurs 7j;5i7lc.
Clear rib 7J1e. Clear 7J8. Hogs
4 2Xgs 00. Green meats linn. Utrus
8181c Whiskey 88c.
Niw Oai.EANi, Docember C.-IIay
ossior; choice '-'I 00. Dry salt meats
oasir; ehbiildort C.0J:; clear rib 7Jc; clesr
7 jc. Hugardull, stock largo and accumu
lating: Inferior 4c; common &Jc; fair to
fully fair C7J; prime to cholco 7Jm
Molasses active; fair i7T0r; prime
52c; strictly primo to choice Cl&7c.
Co II oo llrmor; jobbing fair 'lliCiyiZa; good
23J21c; primo 24(525. Corn meal Urm
or; 3 30. OlheraJinchengetl,
Ciikugo, December 0. Flour quiet and
Qrm, Wheat excltd and higher; No 1
pring 1 111 11): No J 1 lo cath; 1 10
December. Com fair demand and ad
vanced; No 1! mixed 4'JJo cash; 40q Do
comber. Oats fair demand and advanced;
No 2 31 o cath ir Jniiuary. Ryn d
mand active and advanced; No '' 7o(t)
7Cc. llarley dull ami unchanged; No '1
fal f 1 4S; No 1 1 olj. Pork incited nod
higher at opening; but subsequently be
came quUt and part of advance lost; me'S
14 00 cash; 14 25 January; closing Heady.
Lard fair demand and advancod; 7J(mi8o
cath; 8c February.
St. Louis, Docomber 6. Flour lowor;
fall -t 0'J 'J5, in demand and firm
higher gradet quiet and firm. Wheat
tpring unchanged, No. '1 1 0801 00; fall
boldort Arm but tho market slow No. 3
red 1 31:. No, '.' 1 !01 &7. Corn active
and higher; mixed 4bu40. Oat, loller
firm and buyer holding oil"; No. 2 mixed
73l73jo. Rye in demand and Arm; No.
2 7t)c; bold higher. Pork Qrm at l:J Jc;
dry salt meats stiff and higher prices
atxeu; sales or shoulders at 0(c packed;
olear rib Ojc locse; order lols J highr.
Ilacon quiet; shouldrs Ojc; clear rib 7J(o
'jc; clear 7(o)Sc. Lard in demtnd and
higher; prim steam 77c. Whisky
dull and easier at 831c.
New Yoiik, December 7 Flour shad
firmer moreactiye, but unobanged. "Whis
ky low at Ojjc. Wheat moderote Inquiry
and higber; No '.' Chicago spring 1 4s;(u)
1 48; Iowa spring 1 4,'1 60; white
western 1 76; northwest spring 1 41, win
ter red westera. 1 ? J. Ryo quiet, west
ern 1 05l 11. Rarloy mora active and
arm. Corn fairly nctivo anp higher;
mixed western in store 76c; afloat 70. ., 76,
Oats steady; western mixed afloat CO:;
white western &('u7c. Cofl'eo and rnolas
set quiot and Urnmr and sugar good re
qiuM. Fork firmer, new mess en spot
1C 'ii; March ll 00. Reef and eut
marts unchanged. Middles steady; long
and short cloar December and January
707J thort rib 7j. Lard llrmor; weal
orn ststm 0, Decomber & ?-ie8; Janu
ary 8jc
M2 WlBlsn ATt,
Tht mat Btrunnud SptdalUt of tin Ajt, in th
trtatmtnt tf PRIVATE, C1IR0X1C and VBl
Th malt f t1r lailAcmlost r UWr ckm, rudvl&4
KSKVOtsxKss.rnirLxa ox tut jack, atissiok to
MtDICAL LITtKiTlT.r. Mliiitreleil wllk clue ncntll(
tUlolag vbonar "7,vhj bl, vb, Vb lpMllmau
I sui-tUf. Jtbtit aut( cim aa4 r. SO mu,
nlloapttlamUtiaTakf. LaSUa rIMi tariktl 14,
Mlul tlusdtM r 4lM IU Mllir miimt Uv Ixur.
Itnim fr,Mf vita prtrtu rriBl, Utti, fttuad
, Jm. Cuna Ounaiil. ButrcgdjafcAft4.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Dealcn In
ICeep constintly on bind
Floouino and SfiiiNo, Ai.no Lath.
'Orslera Hullcllcd.
it is iroa? o?it-e
Hid office and dispensary at
Hot. Commercial and Waxlilngton avenues
It is true, the Doctor la one of the oldest
physloiaiuof the place, and hit diploma,
that bam: in bis olllce. hIiows that he has
been 32 ycari In the profeHalon. He is doing
,e larger omee pracuve limn any inner pny-
niciau, ireaiiug uu biuu oi curoniu uiaeaso
ot the human system, such as old ulcers, and
all dteaiCH of tne skin, humors and blood
potions; also dlfcusc of tho throat; alxo
ull diseaHKN ol the eyes of yoare stuudlng:
alno artificial eyes inserted; fbttula cured
without tho use of a unite; cancers cured
by the application of medicines; pimples on
the f.u'u removed ; all urinary diseases
cured ; nil forms of venereal and private
diseases cured in lho shortest time ; semla
weakness uud sell-abuse cured in a thor
It 1m self-evident that a physician .treating
cases for twenty-two ycurn acquires great
All consultations confidential, In perton
or by lettoa.
All medicines furnished at office In all
. IH-'i'i tf.l On. David Hiii.tx.
- lilll I
o bo aiaim , . , .
F K if V I HI O N H KTU,
. !UI.
A. J.ilOK, M. 1).
Ofllre over Thorns ft Rro's. grocery store,
No. 131 Commercial avenue, corner Eighth
ttreet. Residence corner WathlagtOB av
nue and Fourtttnta tlrttt.
The Toy King, having lately
received one of the largest and
most varied
ever brought to this city, will
sell them, at greatly
Reduced Prices
In fact, sell them at
ITc also has a
Large Stocl
French and American
which will bo sold at the
est possible price.
will do well to call and inspd
his stock of
Holiday Piwni
102 Commercial

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