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URniRYBR'a Orncr, Cairo, 111., I
December 0, IQ;11 p.m., 173. J
Barometer, SOd? degrees.
Tbrmomtr, 30 degrees.
Wind cait VyrcHi 0 ml,c' Pr
jour. ft..
Weather eloue0&f
Maximum tesapeiwtsket for lut 21 hour
8i deKreee: 71' ' !
Minimum tempera! ills' lor the lut 21 boon,
CO ilcmci.
FreTSilinr wind for laat 24 houri, norlli
ToUl Rumber'of taUes traveled by wlnd
during hut 24 hours, J.61.
Obsftrver SUrnal Service, II. 8. -A
0. N. 'HUGHES,
. OFriCKs Ohio Levee, over Matuuis A
Jure. v
titf '.Virtt-Clatt CompanU
The oldeet established Agency In Southern
iuiuoi ,- rvproasnung over
ic5,ooo,o()d' (jo.i
t-tb. bant. -Inauraaca
United States.
Capital, ol the
ft plal4 ateuiiir
DlCK Vow LIB, Captain
Leave Cairo DAILY, (Sunday excepted) at
i p. an For freight or pasmgc apply on boat
or to Ja. MaUjoht, Agt.
Rectifier and WholosaJe Dealer In
raktKiuK axu DoiEa :ir
(Successor to lLThlelecke.) '
, BtaUr la All fttsada
i , BTtaoBreBaM4tk fT'ff establish
saiatoflf. Tfclaleckf, 1 Kiiall .always keep
an band a full and freak supply of all tbo bent
good in say Mn, to'be found In the market
By itrlut attention to buaincta, and fairdcaL,
In. I hop nt only to retain all the cil.toaa
the place haa enjoyed In the pant, but to add
to the list many ew patron. Asking a
fair share of public patronage,
Keroectfully. UXRMAN HCMMKTZSTOlirT.
7-10 tf .
' ,t F. W.. STJRAUTZ,
Cor,'lth St and, Commercial Are;
Hoota and Bhoei mads U ordtr.ahdlln
halite t and moat faahlonahia Ntylae. '
I i
,Cr. .
Tna larg eat Una of cloth' and piece goo da
ftkaflneit quality, and irreateat variety
Wflifl tiAiiiht at nriftea that nKhlM via in'
xar orougut to uu marKei. Yoeae gooua.
eHara at ten per cent, lower flgurei than
aiyaasH in vairo.
fend entire tatlaf action In every reinect.
wliye.alfo,keep a full and complete itock of
', K, .61 - .
WJm VT AAlllil Q AMnAXim
IfitmrjjjQMXTa iob TAIRBAltK'S BOA LIS
f OMo Imtm', 0AO. ILLINOIH.
La f mw w a A . k, aa
I niUDHOf-n. II TtUHMBta atnai. a
WEliWia fcand thVuiftHiiietil Hit of
personal property for tho year 187(1 an rt-
,iurna ry,ine countyaMoMor, and intend
od to publish! Id thte liiuool llio Tn
BULt.ETlN,btlt Owing to iti lot mnutQ length
and tha time necessary to put it In type,
we are.coinpolM to go to press with led
than our usual amount of reeding (nut
Ten poundi of iuear for $1 at Wlicox's;
a pounu or butter for SI at Wilcox's;
25conl Hjr peck lor potatoes at Wilcot's
pn HALK-na BurKlar and Firo
Proofflafe, largo ilze, nltb .t.u.tivu
lock, at No. Ill Commercial rnnim
3t lxvia II Mxveat,
i ii gnntleman vrbo lail wcok round (t
pair of "gold eyo-gldiiM" will pl'te
loave them at )r. KleM'a Llvory etalle
and r.oceive a luitabla reward.
U. P. Fiilm.
Vf awi-led to )i-Mrn that Judro II ul-
Icey't injuria, eiutnl and while otidcavor
jng to board a movi.ig train, are not to c
rlouaai at Out reported. Ho will be able
to be about again In a few dayi.
SiiEktrv InviN and Cblofof Tolico Mc-
Hal yeitorday arreited four of tbo bur
glari, who, utavr nighli Itico, broko into
at.d robbed Juhnron'a tlorn, at Anna, of
over a thouiand dollnr'1 north of cloth
ing, . At the time tbe arreit wai made,
all four of tho burglari woro dreiteJ in
full oulCU of the stolen gcodi. Tboynro
now In the county jail.
Tiik Ocrnian ichool ball at Hcbeol.' ball
lait night wa attoodod by upward! of
eighty couplee and waa tucceat In owry
aente of tho word. Everything was con
ducted in flrt-olan order and to the rat-
iafaction and pleaauro of thoi prent.
During tho evening a number of article!
woro 'oil at auction, und brought good
price. Tha .upper waa excellent, in fact,
Ono of School.' best, and waa partaken of
Ith a roliib. Tbo German ichool aisoci-
ation bare rcaion to congratulate them.
olvei on thii oceaaion.
Tltr Aillfnr nf I'lfi. Itn f , vy,w Jim. nnl
.. .....
want croait lor moro than li nil duo. lie
particularly don't roliih tho toft impeach
ment that ho li tho author of tbo ratbor
fiivoloui communication which got into
tboao columni on Sunday and woi ligned
'Jano Ann," Tbe author of that medley
U a young lady, and wo prelum iho uicd
ratber indallcate langugo to mil load tho
public. Wo haro ratbor dellrato narvca.
and her rudeneei ihocki u, but wo alio
admlra thoraclnoi! of her writing. "We
hare therefore accepted hur protTered tor-
vicci for anothlr letter next Sunday.
Police Count. Dafore Judgo llrcn
ycaterday, Jamei Mitchell, John Uriitol,
Sam Jonea and Jim Kitty were fined two
lollara each and coata for baiDir drunk.
John Downing for indecentconducted waa
tent to the calabooie for Ave daya. John
Donnlion, lianry KIlno'K!!. nughea ana
Kenaldo White were before hii honor for
diiturbing tbe peace, and were lent up for
lermi ranging from tbroo to ten dayi, A
follow who gave bu narao ai Tbotuai Mc-
Halo, arrcatcd by Chief of Police Mciialo
on a charge or vagrancy, wai uncd ono
hundred dollar and aentenoed to fifty-two
dayi in the lock up. Thii follow'i name
wai not UcIIaio, but was rive at inch to
get evun Vith tho Chief for arresting Jilni.
Frank TTilHami wai fined fifteen dollar8
for carrying concealed weaponi. Jamca
Dennin and Oliver Jordvn, for lighting,
were sent to the city JMi Car tlx ay etoa.
Paupekism. Scene, Jrdge Bross' ot-
,ilcr, Door opeai,and A blg.strang healthy
looaiDg man anion:
Strmagt!r(ilandlng tho judgo a printed
kogglng book)lam aiclcand unablo to taka
care of myioll. I want transportation to
Hempbli. ( j
Judge lam not maatr of tranirtorU-
tion, and can't send you to Memphii.
Stranger Than, air, you mini send ma
to the hospital.
Judge Wo bavo enough to do to take
care of our own paupori ; and cant un
dertake to provide for tboio that do cot
reside In tha county, I can't lend you to
the hoipital.
,, 'Stranger What In hn h 11 do you do
with the poor that come hero then ? do
you let thom Ho down and die in tbe
itreeti ?
Judgo Mo, sir; we burry thom alive.
Stranger V n you ; I will aeo tho
mayor of tbe town, and he will compel
you to take caro of rue.
Judgo All right I See tbo mayor.
Exit Stranger, denouncing tbo Judge as
a "bloody cold-boated scoundrel."
Monday Etniko( Decomber 8.
Dear Bulletin: Whon .1 read my
my letter in your columns Sunday morn
Jog, X waa really pleated. It suited me ox
cellently" well, and I am now aura, that I
bare (to use language peculiar to'horso
nea.like my family physician, Dr. Dun
ning, and tho great lamlly honeman, Mr.
.Johnson) itruck my gait The people
fttTfSMVb, my eputle. It wai dif
fares t from the everyday content of your
local column, and X presume tnat wai
tha reuon it waa read.
I dverheard fetoral conversations
about it, which Y will rovei t you la
the strictest confident. You mustn't
tell your wife, becauio the will tell her
milliner, nnd then it will travol faster
than cbalnod lightning greased with tbe
best lubricating oil In 'Woedward's nov
elty iron itore. Mr. . , tbo mlnli
tor, (I bellove be li one of your porsonal
frlendi) waa talking to Col. and
M. on Sunday,, after preach
tag, apd sayi bo : "'Jano' Aqn it raoy ; I
would' like to have a little moN of her."
'Anytblng racy, In Tp Htllitin would
not be (etyecUonable" replied yr,
"h . col laughed a littlo, and
li id: "l admire Jane Ann, too, ana
would not object to Mother elice of her."
Thai expression angered me. It wai oan-
alba'.iitlc, anil,! wa tempted to put n and
ay: "Indeed! and would you pro far
dark or white moat; iir3.". .
, Another eonversatlon I acpidently
hoard wi between "Mr; Phil Howard, n
gontleman who aolls 'beef jo 'itoambokt
peop'ln, and' Mr. 'Sun Silver, aiteamboft
agent. Mr. Howard a aid f. was "old ligh'.
nlng'randMr..Sllve replied i "Yim lot I"
Mr. ilnhnioa uialirnatiiil m aa a nav
old gal, and Mr. Safibrd remal:ol in
nocently that 1 .reminded him of a littlo
The )at time Col Winston' cajd
club p)ayd at our house I pickod up a
Utile uicrul Information, at you vwill per
wive when I .nmnrk that tbe rematksj I
have btafiTbout mvself have lwl mo Into
tbe belief that I have played the proper
card as a lead and an sure tho trumps I
bavo yet In my hand are eood for four
points. I therefore offer ray service, to
write another utter for Tun II u li.lt im
for next Sundav. I will charon iu s.r
column, and tako an order on some dry
goods bouse. An order will -orv mo tti
fame a caih, which I presumo you bvo
not got. it you .employ me ploase sug
gest any subject you would like to hnvo
racily dished up, and consider this'
letter "private." Truly youn,
Jakr Ann.
l'.S. I'm am art. 1 Vnnw. 1ml 1 can't hn
everywhere or ice and bear ov'cryihing.,
Obligo luothorcforo (if you employ inn
bv reoueslinir all tteraona who inav lo.
. n
cal Home during tho wook, such as babies,
flights, murJerc, proposo'l marriaios, an
ticipated dentin, etc,, to inform me by let
ter addressed to "Jano Ann, caro of
Bulletin Office." Smalt favors of this
kind will bo thankfully recoived' J. A.
Cairo, Docombor f, 1873.
Mn. Ennou Bulletin : I bavo boon
reading Jane Ann's locals In yester
day's Bulletin, and the part which In
terested mo tho moil was Jane's call on
tho Cairo ladici to set tho ball of charity
rolling, in behalf of our poor, or theso
who may be thrown out ol employment
this winter and tho comming spring. It
has already been suggested by tbe 'Sun'
to have a course of home lectures, but can.
not the ladies do something 7 Cannot the'
ltdies of tbodifferent churches band to-'
gethor (ortbose of evory church separ
ately) and organize a society or locicttci
to afford roltof to any who are In need and
deserving. Mow Mr. Editor I havo beon
thinking of this mattor deoply. It has
been said and I know it ii a fact, that
wbon we gUo anything, or do a good act,
and make a sacrifice to do it, wo aro that
much more blcsaod. I thoreforo tneroly
suggest one plan whereby wo might do
good, and if it does not raeot with tbo
views of tho lhdies, I bono something else
will bo set it motion in regard to this
matter. Our different churches havo very
pleasant and entertaining sociables for all
who may wish to participate in them,
but one feature wo could
dlsponse with in favor of
the poor, and that u the suppers.
All who attend those sociable are bls
with enough to supply them with three
gvod meals day and do not really need the
fourth. But thore are many, very many,
(and tboro will bo more before spring)
who do not have moro than one meal a
day on an average. Why not call in
tboio hungry one to that fourth meal, or
take the money these suppers would cost
and uie it as a fund to givo employment
or relief to those who are too delicate to
aik for alms? Cbriot has commanded ui
that when we make a feast or a supper,
not to call in our rich friendi and neigh
bors lost they recompense by asking In re
turn. But when thou makest a feast, call
tho poor, tho maimed, the lame, the blind.
critical a.nb bakcastic.
Tc tbo Editor of Tub Bulletin :
- The articlo by "Jano Ann" this morn
ing) created a ripple of oxcltoment in this
In tbo first place, Mr. Editor, you
wero uncomplimentary in your bead
line. Instead of "A Jumble Of Idle
Talk on Many Subjects," you should have
aid "Friendly gossip by one of the
A "Jane Ann" hai flown into print,
be i a legitimate object of criticism, and
I thought I would let fly my little arrow
to 'relieve my mind without delay.
"Jano Ann" was too prolix. She has
talked about everybody end everything
At once. Showai "long-winded." Wby
ia "Jano Ann" like Cairo? Because ibo
bai ipread herself all 'round.
I mutt object, humbly, to her choice of
language. Such expressions aa "difficult
to start and h 1 to slop" 'not on your
eggi properly when you attempted to
hatch out that conclusion," aro not pleas
ant to tho ear. O, it offends me to tho
oul to bear them coming from a .young
lady. It is bad enough from a man, but
from one of the fair sox, 'tis too much for
people's delicacy of feoling. t
"Jane Ann" should lend to (Japt.
Jai. Johnson a lilt of the routo eho
wlshoi to travol, and if ha don't get all
tbe passes the needs ho ought to be sent
to fight the Spaniards.
"Jano Ann" I think ii capablo of pun
gent, pithy article on many lubjocti
literary pudding with many plum in
them. I would gently suggest the follow
ing: "lion, John II. Oborly, our noit
congressman." A Mr. Oberly is pretty
sure of that office, I would advise "Jane
Ann" to tako time by tbe forelock, so ai
tobe'iureof some of tho" present, and
privilege showered upon the publio
by gentleme'u holding that mjghty
office. For instance their ipeeebe in tbe
House, Patent Office reports, the) dis
tinguished honor of acquaintance with an
M. O, etc. "Jane Ann" ii no doubt' fully
posted on tbe subject, as the ii on all oth
ers, and I am confident that the publio
wish to bear from her about tbo tamo.
tilt aay ttkebAo'bluijphn, to 'pub.
llsh parts of tho above, but thco must do
tt. For if thee does .pot, I (ball sond a
copyoMhU maattecrlptto that "sextos
belPg" 'The IvehlngSun' whQ lvlll no
doubt publiih lC , v'&j ,
"With sentiments of the blghekconsld
eraUPtvfor ,MJee Aon;t Lam
'Si n Wouldn't you,Hke to know ?
, a,llUlU,Deoiex7, 1873.
" V' 'Mcridiy XeV Deo: &y 1S7I,
Tbe' weitbef fij softKrn and wet,
and about as disagreeable and unpleasant
as Jfrcbuld be possible1 foroat-of-door btis
iness. Ibo streets aro, and if there is no
depressing effect on prlcei.'It hie certain
ly fallonon tbe spirit of both buyers and
sellori, judging from the meager transac
tion of Hid last two (Iy a shown by
our reports.' ' t
We huvs littlo' change to. note. T.be
cOra market is unaettled, prices have ad
vanced, and .holder aro firm with buyers
a iitlld inclined' to be oil'. 'Oats have not
changed J' tho Dour trade ii still very
.mall but Ibo prospect U good. Corn
meal ha mlvanen.I and recetpte are
readily dUposod of. Usy is plenty and on
tho dull order. Prime tailed tocbolce tim
othy I quoted at $IS!8. but thll Is an
outside ttgurw, even for "giltedgo."
There Is snnjo imnrovemont In live hen!-
try, with plenty ofrorod, Dressed poultry
will bo held at a diacount until the weather
sottTes down to a regular winter, " snnp
that will last through tbo Holiday
,Eggjr,aro firm, scarce and wanted at
2Ciuc, shipper count. There is some
inquiry. for choice potatoo .with none of
ferlnr.' ' .
BsiTCorroepondenti should bear in mind
that quotations aro for rourd 1U
from first bandi. For broken ana iiuiu
lota, and In filling orders, an advanco
is charged over theso pricecajf
FLOUK Tho market continues un
changed. Orders come in slowly at prei
ent, but a heavy winter and spring trado
Is anticipated. Our report of salos in
elude COO bbls. various grades nt "8 CO;
1 car cholco fnmily $7; 1 car XX 76,
109 bbls. various grades H"j 20O bbls'
do M3 50; 200 bbls. do $SS 7sJ
SCO bill, do $C C0(J3 75.
HAY Plenty and very quiot no in-
quiry for anything bolov a cholco mixed
We nolo salos of a cars " gilt udgo ' Tim
othy del $18; 4 cars common to choice del
$1C517; 1 car cboico rtlmolhydol 517; C
car r mixed and timothy S1017v del.
L'OSN Tbo'raarket Is a littlo uaftttlcd
to-day .Price are kept up, -and' holders
firm at tho advance. Ravers aru holding
otf. The market closed at COc for wbito
and mlxod, sacked and do), and S031c
in bulk. Sales made on orders, It will bo
soen, are at figures a cent or two over the
wholesale prices, which is very noccssary
in order to covor cost of handling, waste,
risk, etc Our report of transactions em
brace C cars whito, tackod and del at COc;
1,000 sack mixod, sold oarly, del, 67c; G
car mixod, sacked and do', !eG0c; ' cars
whito iu bulk, miller's track, 4Sc; 3 cars
mixed, in sacks, sold to-day at COc del,
and 3 can whito, sacked and do), sold; on
ordors at C3c.
OATS Kocoipts aro all taken, and
prices aro firm at quotations. Tbe same
remarks on order tales of corn apply to
oats. 4 car told In bulk on track at 40
41c; C can, sacked and del, 454Cc; 3 car
choice northern, saekod and del, sold to
day at 4 7c; 3 car do sold on orders at
43c; C cart, tacked and do), 4Gc.
CORN MEAL Activo and firm, with
an advance of 1015c on the bbl. Hold
er were asking 'l 90 to-day, but buyor
are unwilling to give more than $2 SC.,
sale embrace 1 oar "songers," del, f 3 00;
650 bbl s. d., old early, $2 7S; 200 bbls,
del, E2 80. S3, and COO bbls "St Charles"
city meal sold on private torms.
BUTTER Plenty and quiet, 25o Is, tho
ruling prlco for choicest and select grades.
10 boios roll 2025c; 2ft pkgi choice roll
30c ; 2,001 lbs cholco roll 23Jio.
EGOS Activo and icnrco, not enough
come in to meet tho demand, and there is
a probability that prices w ill go highor
2Uo aro to-days quotations. Wo report
sale of 6 boxes at 250'JOo; 309 doz ai 2C;
COO dozeu at 2 5 2 7c and bbls pickled egg
sold at Slo.
CaiCKKNS-Thoro is a bettor fooling
In live poultry to-day. Dressed -.1 not
wanted until the weather changes. 30
dozen young chickens told at2 and 'J"
dozen mixed sold at $2 253. .
TURKEYS Drossed should-bo worth
10(2)120 ; Hvo 9011o per dozou. Wo
aota salos of 3 coops at 9llc.
PORK 50 bbls. mess sold at 13 CO.
BEEF 800 bbls. sold In tho market at
$3 2C3 por hundred.
CHEESE 30 boxes crown chooio sold
at 14c.
LARD 100 lbs. dark country sold at
7c; 30 kegs country lenderod sold at 8Jc;
10 kegs cboico Oo.
GAME Some game came in to-day
and was closed nut wlth.Ai 'littlo delay a
posslblo, rabbits, quail and iqulrrels at
$1 per dozen all round. '
Any one wishing aomothlng mado in tbo
jewolry lino for tbe holidays will plcaso
send. in thoir orders as soon a poniblo to
E. & W. Budor, manfHcturing Jowulora
corner of Eignlh street and Washington
avenue. . lii-Jltd
Two Batteries of two Boilers, each 24
feet long, 2 inch Dram, 1! 14 inch Fluos
with lira fronts. Mud and Hleam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Britchin, all complete and in first-class
order); beon used osly throe months." For
price, etc., inquire ot J. T. Renitik,
0-28-tf. Vulcan Iron Works
Tho only place where suou lnstrumonts
aro kopt in itock in Southern Illnols, is at
K.tfs.'VY. Budor',( corner Eighth lr6et
and Washington avennV. They keep the
a a . I f
coiooratou vvm. .udaob "panp, usou uy
the most prominent musicians. I Tbo
Bayer piano and organ, also tbe celebra
ted VogeV and ltughes organs, i Any
orio wishing to surpfise his family witb
such an Inttrument'Would.do'woll by call
ing at Bu'der's, as tbey will make ratos
and tormi snore )iberal than dealer pf tho
kind in large vcltle. l'.Mtd
The largost stock of sllvor and plated
war;1 ill vet 'and- plated spoons, knivss
Ac, ever brought tu Cairo, can, be found
at E. WvJiudr( corner VJghth street
and Washlngtoa avsnue. 12-4td
Port Mai,
and departures fr the 24 hours ending nt 0
" '.i ' iu. lit cvtHslut: r , i
' IWliVALS '"S
Illinois...,'.;.... l..i......t .".Oolumbrs
Ja O Parker... i. .v..... . ., ;Cin,,innntl
Katle'P Kountz ....;...,..'.....Ht lAAi
Mollie Mooro. '. ..tU Iuis
Belle Memphis.. St Louis
Billy Collins Cincinnati
J W Mill.... . i Ohio rivor
Mono No 2 ,f Ht Louis
Mary Houston...,...'.. .....7 ...Now Orleans
ralll'rPi(ett.r.'....f.l ...S.Mornphls
Indiana Nhw Orleans
J N Kellogg .'. . St Louis
St Joseph Memphis
Louisvilln Cincinnati
John F Tolle... St Louis
Idlewild, a. Evanevillo
Mary Ann .1 Pittsburg
lion l'"ranklin... Cincinnati
l'eytona and barge Now Orleans
dim Fisk.t -.Paducah
Capitol City .VIcksburg
John A Scudder St Louis
llelfast Vick.burg
Little Condor l'omeroy
Belle Alcmplilt..; ....y....Momphij
las. D. l'arker Memphis
Billy Collin Now Orbuna
J. W. Mills..., Ohio Itivor
Mary ( Alice St., Louis
Mary Hoiliton. ..iCIn'cinnnti
Indiana , Cincinnati
Bon Franklin Cincinnati
Falls Pilot. Shotwsll's
Atlantic St. IiOiils
.Ino. W. Uarrett Now Orleans
idtowild .....Kvansvitlo
St. Joieph St. Louis
Laura South
Louisville Now Orleans
Katie P. Kountz St. Louis
Mollio Moore St. Louis
Mary Ann .Now Orleans
1'oytona and bnrges Cincinnati
Jim Fisk Paducah
Capitol City '. St. Louis
'Jdhn A. Scudder Vloksburg
The rivor is, still rising.'
Dullness was just moderately actlvr.
Thu weather wa puilblo, though
awfully muddy. -
Tho Katie P. Kountz brought COG tons
forthe barges of tbo Warrior And ' re
turned light. to St. Louis.
Tbo Mollio M'ooro brought 07G tons for
tho John F.'Tollo nnd returned light)
Tbo Jos. Dl Farfcor Added abou 100
ton for, Memphis.
The rise In tho Mississippi abovois call
Ing tho Anchor Xiincs sidowhoolors out of
thoir winter quarter. Capt. Lennox and
crow arrived from St. Louis by rail yes
terday taornlog and took tho Grand
Tower to St. Louis, to corao out again on
her regular day. Capt. Toms, of tbo
Mary Alico returned from St. Lout bv
rail, whether ho had gone to bring out
barge for tho Alice with, tho towbonrt
Joe. Fleming and took the Alio to St.
Louis Sunday evening,
The Billy Collins has a cargo of applol,
etc, for tho Soulborn markot.
Tho J. Vf. Mills brought down a small
tow of coal, and.roturned Sunday. ,
Tho Lioness took two ' barges, of roil to
St. Louis.
Tho Mary Houston has llflhhdi sugar
and JG bbls molasses for l.ojlsvllle i Hi
bbl molasses and 30 bales cotton for Cin
cinnati. ' -
Tho, Indiana brought 117 bbls molassos,
100 bbl rice, C3 bdla tacks, 157 bbls or
anges for Chicago per C. & V. rail'oad,
and bat 20 Caskt wlno, 279 bbls molasses,
140 bbl rico, C3 cases merchandise, 450
beer kogs for Cincinnati, and ICQ tons' for
Louisvil le.
The J. N. Kellogg brought out lov'ornl;
barge and Jaysuphere, and the Atlantic
will go back in her placo.
Tbo Idlewild brought GO bbls whiskoy
and lOp bbl flour for reihlpment south. ''
Wo noticed with pleasure itho prosenco
of tho Paducah nackot Jim Fisk. as our
wharf yesterdays. -During her lay un the
has rocoived a coat or two of paint
ana rosumes nor piaco ' in
tho Cairo' and Paducah trad'o4 looking
bright as a new bandana handkorchief or
a iky blue silk umberolla, a'nd I a ppry
and friskyias "Jano Ann" must bavo beon
40 year ago.
CuRMTMAa will loon bo at hand, nnd
pcoplo aro commencing to think what
presont thoy want for thalr wives; pa
rent, children, friend's, etc. If any. ono
can't make upltis mind, wo would ndviao
our friends to call' at K& W. Under'
jewolry store, corner of Eighth street and
Washington aveno, and thoy will be'suro
to find somothlng to suit, for thoy aro
reeolvlng ' now goods dally especially
adapted for tho holiday trade. From tho
finest watebbs 'and sets of jowelry to tbe
smallest children's oar-rlngs. The same
in rings. The finest tea soli, pitchers,
castors, butter dishes, &c, to tho smallest
teaspoon. Ornamental and plain clocks,
gold, silver and ivory ho&dod canon, and
many other articles too numerous to men
tion. l'.Mtd
Tin: barber shop i on tbo corner of
Eighth street and Commercial' a venuo
where J. Georgo Stionbouso with hisgeri
tlomanly assistants can bo found a any
hour of thu day or night, ready to spot'no
your feelings with a smooth ohnvo, of .coo
your tempor and head witli ft good sham
poo. 'It is a tlrlt-claes shop; arid you are
sure of recoiving llrat-clusa treatment.
Ladios' nnd children' hair cut or curled
after tbo most approved styles. H-15-tf
Notice 1 boreby glyon that I will pay
no bills for good sold to nny of the em
ployes of Tub Cairo Bulletin, either
or thonisolves or for thu use of tho office
unlweo tho tamo ere furnished on en order
(igned by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly Joiim II. Obbbly,
" K. Jowae, fashionable boot -and shoemaker.-
Cork soles, Scotch bottoms, and
the latest improvements In tho linn of bis
business. Only tho belt ana most, com
petent workmen employed, and all work
warranted to bo llntolass in every roipect.
Shop on Commercial avenue, noar corner
of Tenth ttroet. 10-7
P. Fitzgerald at bis rooms, cornor
Fourteonth "stroet and CoinraercUl ave
nue, offers for tale Ouinnesa' Porter, &
Bass'" ales and pure Uennessy brandy,
and the genuine Ar.gosturo blttori, all
flrst-clais "cholera cures. Try theid
Fall iuiu from $4 to 1 12 at Hart-man's.
mi.uwrr.n Mrr.t.s--Koit samjciikaiv
'I'lientiovo mills, nil In good riiniiliigonlcr,;
Will b6 Mil Very choap on oa'y ti-rnis. Ap
ply nu the premUes, Jt, l. (Hl.NTK.lt.
. 1 . '. ' .lM-lin
" 'KPUYitfriKAP; (
I'lillllpa anil ItrijrjfH, .
Cornr-rTf nth anH'Comrnorclal
11-20 lin
MOTIOK. I take (hi metlicd of Inform
Ing tho public-that4! hnto reluuiod in (lie
ell-, .in i nin noiv prepared to fill ardor for
photographs at iny OMIcry, eorucr 1 ol
Eighth street nnd Coinmcrcl.il avenue, j
.1. J. THOM AH.
NOTICH-Ou and alter Monday, Noij'm
bcr 3, and througli the winter, a warm lilorli
will bo .pieaa nt tho Thalia saloon, oppojllo
TllU ItULLETlN olllcc, at 10 o'clock a.ln.,
everyday. All the delicacies of tho scut'on.
U! 1 in A. Jakckkl, I'roprlctoi.
A regular convocation of Cairo Lodge
X-No. 'ill A. K. mid A. M. will bo hM
Not Masonic Hall (to-morrow) Monday
evening at 71 o'clock. Vliltlng brotbrcn
cordially Iiivll" d to utirml.
. Hefretary.
All tiaggogo held for charge at the St.
Charles hotel, and unclaimed previous to
Hint date, will be Wld nt public auction on
Friday tho Willi day ot December, nt! 10
o'clock a.m., a: Hnrlmiti's auction room.
11-23 20(1 K, I). ItRXFOItn, Proprietor.
Ioi bason hand, uml lor e.ilo n l.irgo
qunntity of oak and hickory wood, cut nnd
split, and ready for tho stove. A1i) all
kinds ol coal which wilt lie delivered In nny
part of tho city on short notice. Lenta or
ders at coal yard, on Commercial avenuo,
ii poilu Kleu'iith ttrcct. Dec. (!-'!Jii
Hhvlng a larger stock' of Youths, Itoya
and Children.' Clottiluiron hand than Is ncc
csiiry for il. o Cairo maiket and nn idea ol
making th's our hut season in children-.'
clothing, wu will sell our fctock, (ono of the
finest In tho statc),at Nrw Yoiik Cost for tho
next thirty days, l'arcnt wlrblug noma lino
viuUiIng at low figures lor Holiday pre-tnlH,
can find them for sale in tho above tot. Tills
is no advertising dodge, but wo Intend iodo
just what wo say: Sell the finest stock
of Youiiib', Hoys' ana CiiiLimr ss' Clotii-
IS(1 over brought to tho stato outfldc ol
Cblcugo ut Nkw YllUK cost. I
'No. Gf, Ohf6"Ixvoor2cl door ahovo First
Natlbrinl ' liat,V.
fr f-r .a .... t . i
,ttj, a Tt. ,i 41 u'.
'J -li''"!'. . oi'ilw ,04 i K J .
. ia : ..w3ijj-tta ;
a. u . i' -ttt asli .taws" j . i
t 4vf fTvt SSW .It'-'-. CM ,:.. ..
4. ;n ; . vf f - ,-
k ...,e ,.c, .i
Kim BALK A tlr-l-cbs,s liotol 111 u cood
louAtii) tu central part of Iho city With a
eood run of biulics. Benson for selling
uro satislactory nml tvJll.be oxpluinod on np
nlleatlou. Tha sulo must bo conmletcil on
or bqloro the lDth lnt. Apply to 'tV'm
Brown, Ilrown'M hotel, coriior Seventh street
and Washington avcuue. td
WANTED Five tons of dry corn husks
In ti-lr... m . aV. fnvmftttrAM tnakln,-. ilnliv.
crod at G. HIcU'i factory, opposite
Greenfield's furrr.on tho Mlssitulnnl lsveo
BSTHuik beds filled nt tho shop. The boat
and cheapest mattrese ami pillow .over
otl'erod In this market, for' tnlo at O. Ar.
Whltlock's, corner Tenth street and Wash
ington avenue. ll-is'lm
A grand ball will bo given at Scheele'
hill December lfitti, hs Cooper'Unlon No, I)
of Illinois. Admission ono dollar.. F.ycry
body'rcspectfully tnved.
Cummllteu of arrangements ,
S. O. Neai.Y,
Try Dr. l'rlcu'a Fluvorlngy, Yulillla,
Lemon, Nociarlne, Almond, Hose, Clove
ami all uxtract iiscd lor flavoring ico croain,
J cllleii, caknf, etc., and you will olwervo
that they uro porloct In purity, superior
it,riigth, und bottles contain moro than otb-
that they aiu equal to his ' C,rearn Diking
Powder, which no lamlly that once hsvo iu
uso will ever bo without.
Ono Single trial will proyo what wc say to
ho truo. lS-S-d&w-lw
Boot and sho),uiakcr,Twcn li street, bo-
twflon Washington avenue ami roptar
Htrcot,! propureu to make boots ami naoct
lu the latest and most lishionablo style'.
He will juuko 'thom to order, old ot; new
styles to suit customers, out I'f the belt and
freshest stock, ofwhlch ho always iias (a
good supply on hand from which to ;nako
selections. At! tlttlnff of boots and shoos
nnUe ny Mr. Kblers is dono In lii own shop
no rorolgn fitting being mod by iiloi.
Oive bim a ell, and ho will give you satis
faction. .
Happy rener rur young mentrum the cl
feels ol errors und ulmxes lu uarly.Ufe. Man
hood restored. ImiiedlinonU to marriage
removeu. New method of treatment.. Now
'and remarkable remedies. Books and clr
julsrn sent free, In sealed, envelopes; Ad
dress, Howard Association, Ho. 'i South
Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. an lastltu
,U0B Having a mgu (uyuwuuu iuc. onprame
conduct and professlCu skill 0-20 Uwaul
, i , flour nn.l
nlco and sweet, Just rccelvod at, fw Olile
Lnvco by K. C. PACT3 & Co. 12 0 ,tt
- ' ' Ir.ou want fre"h
ffo to'.L I),'.inonc, nt thADexferRvMiango,
No. ISC, Ohio levcc. IS-ft-lm-
CAiiiri, ills,, Dec. 8, ls;.
To whom It may concern,
Thfi la to cHlfy (hat wo the joint heirs of
tbo estate of Dennis Mnhonv. liar, tdi. .1 .t-
received ..from Win, Kurhenbceker, sgen
ol tlm 'TcntnliLt'l.lfe Lisufanco company1
ono thoiii.itiil dollar in full fer policy on
said Dennis Mabnn'y. Ac'cep't out" thanks
for tho prompt payment, of tho nboyu pel.
ij' -
Mary Cochran,
,, 1'ATiiicitMAnonr,
12-u-dIw Timothy Maiio.vy.
C.iir.o TnA?rsrjsn Epevxtot.s,
Cairo, iiiir.olt,
aro now ready for, bitjlpc!.
1 1 ATESOF ,'STOl t AO E
Sound grain, ljcrcr bnsbel, lor first ten
days'or'part thereof, and )c each additional
day or part thereof. Unbound grain, 2c per
bushel for first nvd ilsys or pak thereof, and
io each additional five days or part tbcro
Bapglng Oratn and Tying tt.w, Jc per
Bagglng.Giatn and Sewing Bigs, 2o t r
bushel, 12-9-cod-3t.
Cairo, 111., J)tc,1873.
Tho partncMhlp heretofore exintlug be
tween Iho iiiidcrslgncd under tho name ami
M) lo ol Aycru A Co., is this day CUsolvcd by
mutual consent of tlio pi tie, l'cuous in
debted to thu late firm will malto payment
to S.'d. Ayer, who, alone Is authorized to
receipt for faiua. Tho husln.css will be car
ried on by S. D. Aycrs under the style of the
lata firm. ' S, D. Avniis,
Cairo, ll.occmbcr 1, 1373. d-lw-wlra
, KpltSAt.C.
The well-known hnsiiics stand ot Custcad
It Frovo, at tho mouih or Cloa'rcrctk, Alex
ander county Illinois, Itaated In ono of
me unci, agricultural districts pr me wcs.
and with a well-cstabllshetf trade. Tbtsw lj
uo louna a raro opportunity ror'au cncrgc'l
business man.
Tho Dremlses ronsl.t nf s. ulara nxtn tntf
a dwelling of eight rooms, well furnished
and conveniently arranged, eood cistern.
und all necessary out-building;, and one
ncro oi jaiiu, 'j ermi jiDcrai. Apply ur
address, Wm. CU3TrAl.
J2-i.Sm. ihtw. Clco'ircrceV Landing, 111
Heavy Under Shirts and Drawer", nt 30
cents nach ut llartlnan'i.
Latest stylo gent' hats from $1 to
$1 00, ut llattmaa's. 11-20 if
Overcoats Chinchilla from S7 to 0, at
Country knit socks, all wool, 85 cents
per pair, nt Hartman's. 1 1-29 tf
TnB Europoan hotol, Uary AValker
proprietor, Is opon at all hours of tlm
night. t ll-7-Ini
ALL kinds ot game constantly on hand
at Harry Willcor's, Commevcial avonuo
botweon Sovontb anil Eighth streets.
liAROK All-wool six-pound blankets at
5t 25 por pair, At Hartman's. 11-29 tt
For oas and (team fitting go to Bee
nie's Yu'cma lroa works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street 9-10-tf
New lino of collorettos, tloi, gloves
and hosiery tbl wook nt Stuart & Ghol
son's. FoRiA good square, meal go to Harry
Walker' rosthurknt, Gommorcla) avenuo
bolwoen fa'ovonlh end Eighth ftroet. 1m 1
: .
bTUAttT a uuolson Aro showing this
wook an elegant lino of fancy goods and
notions bought expressly for the holiday
trado. Wo oiler tho Inrtjeit liuon linnd-
koroGIofa over shown in this city, At spe
cial prices for bolklay presents.
A Laroe and comploto stook of drv
goods, clothing, boots and shoos and crock
ery at panic prices. Also tho largos t as
sortment ot bolllday toys and fancy good.'.
Call and see bofore purchasing olsowherr,
nt Hartman's. . 11-29 tf
Tub largest, finost and moat complete
Stock ever brought to Cairo, of the finest
Chlnnand Bohemian Glass ware, China
Ornament nnd Toilet eotts,t prices which
wo dofy .coinpotltion, at Hartman's.
Nuticu Is horobv irlvcn to a'l ucrsona inter.
ostcd, that the idly eour.ell of the City ol
Cairo having ordered tost tho Improvement
of tho Ohioleveoon Levee street, from the
southerly sillo oM''ourtli, to tho tortberly
nue oi r ourunoomu siroei, iuy gravi'iios
and grading thu ouiic) havo ut'l'l td to the
county court ot Alexander county tor an
ussesiiuent of tho COM ot said lmpiovr
mont, uecordlng to benent, an' an 'e
uient lUori'bt havlug licen mailo and re
turned to said court, the Cm
hearing thereon will bo bad f
tho .limtarv term of ssid cou
couinionclug on tho lUth day of Jnnnarr, A.
. .. ..
All persona desiring may men mm iuch
appear ami make thoU" ilefunso
,Oai9, ItLiNoln. Drceiubcr 4, 1073.
J01INi.HIl.li I
John II- Oossman, t Coru'rs.
Oko. V. Hcnkicks, J
j. m. jmiLLipa,
Forwarding end CorouiiBsiou
prepared to forward all kind of frebjhti
Business nttendcil in premotlv.
BKMIJ, BKO., ft CO.,
no. io osb hrm, qm 'm
H 1
i J ol 41 .rt
LI ay i

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