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Or-brvbr'b Orrmi, caiho, Ills., 1
December C, UhU p.ui., 1873, J
Hsrorotter, 30)17 degrees.
Thermometer, 30 degrees).
Wind eat. Velocity 6 ml' Pr
jour. .
Wcatlior clotlily
Mi Imutn teuiporatmre lor Hit 24 liour,
Hi degrees!
Minimum temperature lor 0lut 24 hours,
is) degrees.
Prevailing wind for last 34 houn, north.
Total number or wiles traveled by wind
during Isst 14 boun, 161.
Obntmr Signal Service. II. H. A.
C. N. Il-UOHtiS,
OKFICE: Ohio Levee, over Matliun &
MFXtne tut Firth Clan Cumpani
Tt assist kVevt.
lit oldest established Agency In Southern
luiaoii, representing over
$C5,000,0(W 00 t
t Ibe best Insurance Capital si tbe
lulled HUte.
TL iMuilll lUIWI
Dick Fowls, Captain
-eavee Cairo DAILY, (Sunday oxcepted) at
I.m For freight or passage apply on boat
r to Jab. Mallohy, At' I.
KeeUnor and Wholesale Dealer la
(Successor to H. Thleleeke,)
j Bessie r 1st All locta
rvn-aw tbkth awd uvmtk trxts
iuvla; ptmasod the grocery establish
bnftit. Thlrtecko. I shall always ktep
giand a fulluud fresh supply of all too i..t
ttds in aty Una, to be found ia the market
Jstrlct aUcstlM to business, and lair deal.
I I tinna mltiumir to retain all tb custom
Huaee BAacautyau .u luu put, vuv auu
the Hat taao aw patroni. Asking a
hare or public patronage,
eapaotrttUr. Ubbjian KcHMiTzaTonrr.
to tr
Cor. Ith St and Commercial Ave.
....,H flhaat mads to ordor.anfl In
bUtmni BOK rawimnm mtmi.
j JACOB LlillfUNO,
Car. 4th Ht,
tit I
Sll mm i
ie largest Una of elotli and rder.o goods
AiA UnAMt nualltv. ami vrftatHttt viirietv
1 brought to tbla market. Theie good
tr bougui at pncea mat cnauie mo to
them at ten per cent, lower lixurei than
Jbouie In Cairo.
javiHi'M atattaf aitlnn In ayafv ranf .
e Ho keep a full ind complete itock of
tt uriTUD Luiuiruu
M aa.
aj -
0t,Hy, etc.,
vaan WuhllAOB avaauaaa Walant itiul
-us waiaiartaii araaaa, wra.
I'rodatk Court will convene ncr
day, tlio 1Mb Innt.
Thk cllyjiiouncll met iu rcKular aotclon
lvt nlf.lit. '1 ho proccedlnK will be pub-IttitioiVla-inorrow.
A "ri.AIN liltU.MK" Wii the gum tolnl of
the bti'lnem dUpoted of In JtuVo llrou'
Kllvo court yehtcrday.
HustNKs men fencrally cannot too well
Kiiurd their prciiiluva at tliU tune. Tim city
It lull of thieved, and it ffUitve every one
to lie on their K'lunl against thetn.
Two womon, vthn, fur Hie lat week, lmvo
btin prowling about tho utrcctN at nil hours
of the night, wtro lait night arretted by of.
Ilrern Martin and Helm, and locked up In
tho city Jill.
Tub pcrfonalUx Hit puhllihed In thin If
uo of Tub IIuu.etix doc4 not Includo tho
city ol Cairo, but all that part of tho coun
try outidde ol tho city. Tho city Hit "ill
appvar In to-morrow' lime.
Somktimk In the early prut of lait night
a drunken man fell from tho eldewalk at th
corner of Fourteenth alreet and WatbliiK
ton avenue. At a lata hour this mornlni;k
wai ttlll there, and to all appearance
"doIriK well."
Tlir. Dlllz murder ciku called In the John
aon county circuit court on Monday rourn
Inf , and on motion ;df Kx-Unr. Dougherty,
tbo prlioner'i counncl, tho catc w con
tluucd to tbo next term of tho court.
Tho trial of Dalzy llrcezo will be called
to-morrow morning. Judge Allen "III avail't
in the prnoecullon of lirceze, and Judgo W
II. Oreenand S. J. Wheeler, Km?, ol tbla
city, will conduct tho definite.
Tub tlilc-l who, ivftbortlluie ilncu. entered
Dr. Dunning'' new houo at the corner of
Nlulu and Walnut Ktroetn, and ttole there,
from a new atovo, will oblige tbo doctor by
coining luck end taking the pipe aHe. Tbo
pipe la ol Utile uc without the novo, and
the thief will probably find It Inconvenient
touMthetoo without the pipe. Or Dr
Dunning will draw ctlU with tbo poueuor
of tho fclovc, tho lucVy man to tako both
tovc and pipe. Anything to oblige the
('ITV Jailbk McOAnTitr was out renter
day with a 'bob-tall fluth" (throe white men
and one negro) cleaning tho street cronlng!.
Thlt matter of keeping the utreet crosf-lnyi
clean, bat. not been looked after too cloiely
ol late. 'or sometime pa-t the city Jn
ha- been lull at men, and the cry of "no ouo
to do the work" won't do. As it it Street
Hupenltor O'alllgan'n duty t j tee that tho
street erodings aro lipt clean, wo suggest to
the mayor that he (tho mayor) put a good
sized flea In tbc tupervifnr's oar regarding
the matter.
Attk.ntio.V Is called to tbo advertiiement
of J, llurger, the dry good merchant, to
be found In thi luuc of Tub Uullxti.v.
Mr. llurger hat removed to his new and
ennmodiouj 'juarters nttbu corner of Ninth
street and Commercial aenue, wncro he
will Iw able to how good-i to better advan
tage than aver before. Ill utock 1 very
lru, ud couiprl.ru excrjlLlnK lUal ibould
be kept In a itnt-cla-s dry good storer He
will not be underbid by any other estabhtb
ment In tbo city, and all Iv tinki Is to bare
purchasers call t his store to convince
themiclvcs of tlili (act.
Kliiku J. II. Hushil, pastor In chargo or
Montlllo church, 3Iontgomcry county, MI.
slrelppl, hit been in the city flnco lat Thurs
day, collecting In aid of bis church, ol the
Missionary Daptiat denomination, and has
Miccccdcd in obtain Illg the following turns:
llev. H. II. Thayer, 1, and twenty-four
bibles, which the Kldcr has expressed to his
congregation ; llov. Mr, Ullbett, ii ; Father
Zibcl, $1; Elder Shores' congregation, ?l,
and entertainment lor one week ; He v.
Deurichner, $1 ; John I. O amble, tt; and
II. II. Caodec, W cents, l'be Klder returns
thanks fur these donations, and leaves for
Vlncenncs to-day.
ALUXuriNilixnT. late of thoKlrtt Ward,
having removed to Chicago, occaMocs a va
cancy in the board of aldermen. Tho char
ter provides that wbcucver a vacancy oc
curs in the board, either by roason of death,
resignation or removal, nit election shall bo
held, to elect; a momlior to till such .va
cancy. Alderman lllxby was chosen to servo
for two years, and tits terra ot offlco will uut
expire until in April, 1875. This being tho
case, is.lt not necessary that an election be
held to till the vacancy In tho board acea.
nloiied by his removal. Wo throw out the
suggestion, hoping the mayor and city coun
cil will take Immrdlatu action in tho prem
ises, and see that the rirtt Ward is duly
represented In tho affairs of tho city gov
A Card. The undersigned committee,
on behalf el tho Ucrman-Knglish school,
tender their heartfelt thanks to the public
in general lor their liberal patronage on the
occasion of tho ball on tbo evening of Mon
day last, December 8th; but more especially
to tho ladles who so untiringly told tickets ;
to Mr. I. Cuhl, who presonted tho society
with a barrel of his ronpwnod flower (head
of navigation); to Messrs. Mathus Uhl for
a similar contribution; to Mr. W.U.Thomas
for a barrel of extra good meal; Taber
llros. for-oco line gold, ring ;JJurclay llres.
for a box of perfumery; Mr. Itluck lor a
pair ol lady's";galters ; to Mesnrs. Meyer, I,
Korsmeyer, retor Neff, A. Marx, Louis
Herbert, 1'hll Saurenz, Schmidt and Rrluck
motor, 1'enchter, and Schwanltz, It. Ilaber
saekcx, llosenwater, A Uoldstlne, Uudcr
llros.; and last though not least to Mrs.
Appel, tor articles too numerous to mention.
In returning our thanks we can assure our
kind (riends that therllherallty will never bo
forgotten by our school society.
r. o. sciiuh,
Dc. , 1873; Committee.
liimviXN two and three o'clock yester
day inornlnj an attempt was wade by bur
glars to robjtho jowelry itoro ol I.'. A W.
Budor, at the corner of Klghth street and
Washington avonue. At the tlmo tneu
tioned, tho young man who i-leops iu tho
store, was awukenod by a noise at the back
door,and after 111 toning a moment arrived at
the conclusion Hint burglars' were about,
lie saw a man looking Into tho storn through
the transom over tbo front door, acl "m
thus convinced that Micro wero two, and
probably three ol tho thlovoi. Although
ho was armed with a. largo navy rorolrer,
and could have shot tho man through
tho transom over the back door, ho muJe
no attempt to do so, but took a stHk and
pounded against tbo celling, hoping to at
tract tbo attention or Mr. William Uudcr,
who resides In the' upper part ot the build
ing, Hearing tho noise occasioned by tho
pounding, the burglars took flight, aud at
ItMt two of. thou leaped the fence Into the
yard In the rear of ymlth & llrlnkmeyer'i
tailor ahop, nnd KOlof to the next lot canto
out on Washington avenue, between the
building occupied by Mr, Carricoaud Illx-
'l-r'rt old aUmt. lffl-r Hhoolmn. Mnrlln
anl Mi'hncr woro soon an the ground, but
tho burglars had uado good their ticupc.
rails I.lsti
and departures for tbo 24 hours ending at 0
'. lu. last evening! '
Illinois, Columbus
Jim Klik Paducab
Arkansas Hello ,,.Kvaiisvlll
T Klkcrt Abuka
John Kyle ......New Orleans
Tbo Mhlllick New Orleans
Jolm A Scudder . Vlckburg
Laura Davis ,,..b't. Louis
KlonO SmIUi Madison
Coal Illutr l'lltsburg
diss Drown 1'lttsbiirg
Arlington , Cincinnati
Carrlo V Kotmtz. (it. Louis
Julia St. liult
Illlnol ....Colambns
Jim Klk l'aducab
Arkansas Hello Evntwlllc
John KTolle New Orleans
John A ticudder St. liuls
Laura Davis Momphls
Thos Bhlrlock Cincinnati
John Kyle St. I.ouls
Klon O Smith .St. Louis
Tin: ItlVXXS-Tho Ohio rose about 20
Inehei during the past 25 hours, and Is still
on a rampage. A heavy fog and
showers of rain were the
prominent features ol night before last, and
navigation was next to impossible. Since
daylight yesterday the wind has been from
tho north, and the weather clearing and
growing colder, liutlnes in river circles la
exceedingly dull.
Heavy drift passed tho city yesterday, and
among it was noticed portions ol the cabin
of a steamboat, thought to be that of the
Henry l'obaseo. which lias resitted the
waves so long on the rocks ot the Grand
During night before last -ten or twelve
empty coal flats and barges, belonging to
Win. If. Urown, moored In the bend above
the city, were broken Isoie by drift,
and floated olf down the rtver. Tbo Cbttrlta
I'rown and one, of the tugs were out after
them yesterday.
Walker ANoUi-built a small skiff for Sir
Ueorge Gore and party to navigate tho
'-- back of New Madrid, Missouri, on
tneir hunting expedition, nnd was to for
ward it by the packet )at evening.
Tbo T. F. Kckcrt brought a great deal ot
the Alaska's cargo to this city to be sold.
Tbo Elon 1, Smith is a small sldewhecl
steamboat, built at Madison, Indiana, for
h.ibijr use at St. Louli, in tho removal of
obstruction, etc. She does not look as
though she would be of much force as au
ice-breaker, and is probably not intended
for that purpose.
The Carrie V. Kountz Is reihlpplng on the
Oreat Itcpubllc.
Capt. Oeo. W. Ncarc, agent of the tin.
derwrltcri interested in the Alaka, Isjor
wanting the cargo brought here by tbo T,
T. Kckcrt, onto ib tt.rg of IU Warner.
The pcrisbajle artUlos such as apples and
pat.itoo aro to bo sold here. Tho furniture,
rigging and all rnovablo articles wero rt
moved from the Alaska, and It Is feared the
drift will totally deitroy iier upper works,
as tho current ct in towards her. There
is still a large lot of freight in tho hold ot
the Alaiki which tho diver could not
Diver Al, nurnws left for Cincinnati by
rail lust evening.
Tho Arlington brougt quite n number ot
small lots of groceries, etc., lor Cairo and
IDI.KWILD i7LLS-lK()UsTLircYu:Ai''.
The abovo mllU.all In good ruunlngorder,
will ho sold very choap on easy terms. Alt
ply on the premises. M. D. Guntkii.
ZKl'UYltS C11EA1'
rhilllps and liriggs',
Corner Tenth and Commercial.
11-20 lm
NOT1CK. 1 tako this method or intortu'
lng tbo public that 1 have returned to tbo
city, au J am now prepared to till orders for
photographs at my Gallery, corner ol
L'ighth street aud Commercial avenue,
NOTICK On and alter Monday, Novem
ber .1. and through tho winter, a warm lunch
will be spread at the Thalia faloon, opposite
Thk liUl.l.XTIX olllco, at IU o'clock a.m.,
everyday. All the dellcucles of the season.
ll.'ilm A. Jarckei., rrojirictoi.
All baggago held lor charges at the St.
Charles hotel, and unclaimed previous to
that date, will be sold at public auction on
Friday the 2Ctb day of December, at 10
o'clock a.m., a; Ilartman's aiiutiou room.
11-25 30d V. D. IIkxvoud, l'roprlotor.
Iloss has on hand, and lor sale a largo
quantity of oak and hickory wood, cut aud
split, and ready for the atove. Also all
kinds of coal which will be delivered In any
part of the city on short notice. Leayo or
ders at coal yard, on Commercial avenuo,
opposite Eleventh stroet. Dec. C-3m
FOIt SALE A Urst-clatss hotel In a good
locality In central part of tho city with a
good run of 'business, Iteasous lor selling
aro satisfactory and will be explained on up
plication. Tho sale must bo compacted on
or before the 15th Inst. Apply to Win-
Urown, Ilrown'stotcl, corner Seventh street.
and Washington avenuo. td
WANTED Fivo tons ot dry corn husks
lubulos or sacks, formattresa maklDg, deliv
ered at Q. W. Hick's factory, opposite
Greeiulold's forry, on tho Mississippi levee
iSTlliuk beds filled at tho shop. Tho best
and cheapest mattre ssoand pillows ever
offered In this market, for salu at (1. W.
Whltlock's, corner Tenth streot and Wash
ington avenuo. 11-18 lm
A Kand ball will be glvon at Scnaela
ball December 15th, by Cooper Union No. 9
of Illinois, Admission one dollar. Every
body respoctfully Invited,
Committee of arrangements,
8. (. Nbat.y,
XI. II. Mimnocx,
Auixkt Shannon,
flour and a
nice anil awoet, just rocetved al 5ft Ohle
LeveebyE.C.rACsACo, 11MI'
3 w
annual meeting of tho stockholders
of the Kirsl National Hank of Cairo for the
election ol directors, will be held at the of
lice of said bank iu Cairo, on Tuesday,
nary 13, 1874, between the hours ol 10
o'clock a in and 4. o'clock p.m.
Ci!A. CUN.Nimiif am, Cashier.
Cairo, Ills., December 10. 1871. . td
Would rcspecttutly announce to the peo
ple or Cairo that I bavo resumed the prac
tico of dentistry In my old rooms, No. 140
Commcrdul avenue, and hnpo by strict at
tention to buslacss and ever striving for the
highest excellency In the profes-Jou, to be
ubh; to give entire satisfaction in all easts,
and to ineilt u liberal portion of your pat
ronage. 1'. I,. Wll.MAtM, Deullst.
WIlil.lAM Wl.NTKlT
haa hlsmamnioth ln?triimtnt shooting out
luiperlalphotegrapha forChrtttmat presents,
at the rate of una a mliillt. 1'er'Oiil de.-l
rnus of having a haiid'omcly painted picture
ami purely artl-tlo In finish, should give
their orders In season. I'hotograpb can be
mado on cloudy days equal to those on sun.
shining ones at
owing to tho gigantic sky-light, which can
not be surpassed In
Also on hand a fine assortment ol gold and
walnut frames. All arc IivlUd to call and
oxamlnc. Portrait lu oil up to llfo size and
acquirable ot tbo highest llnl-h, for which
medals have been awarded.
Gallery on Sixth street, between Com
mcrelal and Washington avenues. Cairo.
Illinois. 12-10 tr
Try Dr. l'rico's Flavorings, Vonllla,
Lemon, Nectarine, Almond, Hose, Clove
and all extracts Hied lor flavoring Icecream,
jellies, cake, etc., and you will observe
that they are perfect in purity, superior
strength, and bottles contain more than oth
ers sold for same quantity. We asturo you
that they arc equal to his Cream Ilaklng
Powder, which no family that once bavo In
use will ever be without.
Ono Sln;lc tilal will prove what we say to
be true. 12-2-d&w-lw
Hoot and shoe maker, Twtn U street, tx.
tween Washington avenuo and Poplar
street, Is prepared to make boot ami shoes
In the hocftt and most lashlonablc styles.
He will mako them to order, old or new
style to suit customers, out or the best and
Archest stock, of which lie always has
good supply on hand from which to tnnko
selections. All fitting -of booU and shoes
made by Mr. Killers is dono in bis own shop
no foreign fitting being used by him.
Give him a call, aud he will give you satis
faction. FOH SALE.
The well-known business stand ol Custead
t Provo. at the mouth of Clcarcreek, Alex
under county, Illinois, situated in one of
the finest agricultural dt.trlcU of the West,
and with a wcll-cstablUbcd trado. This will
bo lound a rare opportunity for an energetic
business man.
Tho premises consist of a store KXVi feet!
a dwelling of eight rooms, well furnished
and conveniently arranged, food cisterns
and all necessary out-bnlldlngt, and ono
acre or lanu. terms unoraJ. 'Apply er
address, Wm. CchteaT),
K'-y-L'in- d.tw. Cleosrcreek tandlnff, Jlla.
Tho partnership heretofore existing be
tween the underalgncd under the name and
style ot Aycrs &Co.,I this day dissolved by
mutual consent of tho pintle. I'trsons in
debted to the late Arm will mako payment
to S. D. Aycrs, who nlono is authorized to
receipt for same. Tho business will be car
ried on by S. 1). Aycrs under the style of tho
late Urm. S. D. Avxuh,
E. J. Aybus.
Cairo, Ills., December 1, 187S.d-lw-wlm.
Oairo Tranakku Elkyatom,
0.tio, Illinois,
lire now ready for busluose,
Soun.I grain, ljc per bushel lor first ton
days or part thereof, and Jo each additional
days tenor part thereof". Unsound
grain, So per InifJitJ lor Urst
tivo day or part thereol, and
ie each additional flvo days or part there
of. nagging i. ram una Tying Bags, io per
Hagglng Groin and Sewing Bigi, lo per
bushel. la-y-eod-lt.
Cairo, UN., Deo. 8, 1673.
Cairo, lilt., Dec. B, la::).
To whom It may concern.
This Is to certify that wc the Joint heirs ol
the estate of Dennis Mahouy, have this day
recelved (rom Wm, Kuctitnbeckcr. ngen
ol tho Tcntonla Llfo Insuranco company
one thousand dollars in lull far policy on
said Dennis Mabony, Accept our thanks
for the prompt payment or the above pol
icy. Maiiy Cociirsx.
Patrick Mauony,
Timothy Mauony.
ir you want fresh
go to J, D.aiiono, at the Doxter Exchange,
No. ISO, Ohio levee. 12-5-lm-
Any ono wishing something mado In tbo
jewelry, lino for the holidays will pleatu'
sond in their ordors as soon as possible to
E. & W. Hudur, manfucturlng jowoler
corner of Kigntb street and Washington
avonue. IU-4td
FOH MALE. ' ' i
Two Itatteries of two Hollers, each "1
feet long, 'l inch Dram, '2 14 inch Flues
with Are fronts. Hud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Uritcbln, all completo and in first-class
order1; beon uiod only throe months. For
price, etc., inquiro ol J. T. Krxnix,
0-33-tf. Vulcan Iron Works
Tho only place whore such inttrm.iont
are kopt In itook In tiouthern lllnols, Is at
K.& W, Uudor't, corner Eighth street
and Washington avsnus. They koep the
eelobrated Wm. Knabo piano, used by
tba most prominent musicians. -The
Bauer piano and organ, alio tba colobra
ted Voge and Ilughea organs. Any
one wishing to surprise bit family with
such an Instrument would do well by call
ing at Hudor's, at they will makes ralee
and terms more liberal than doalors of tbo
kind in large eltlos. 12-4td
tutu from ft to flJ . a 13rt
Having a larger stock of Youths', Hoy
and Children' Clothing on hand than I lice
ossary for tho Cairn market and an Idea ol
making ths our last season n children
clothln, we will soil our stock, (ouo of the
finest In the state), at Nkv YounConTfortho
next thirty days. Parent wishing sonio line
clothing at low figure lor Holiday present,
can ilnd them lor salointbo ahovulot. This
is no advertising dodge, but wo Intend to do
just What WO say. SXM. tho I l.NRIT STOCK
of You rns', Hoys' und CuitiiitRN'si Ci.otii
INC ever brought to the slate outside ol
Chicago al Nkw York cost.
No. CI. Ohio I.CV00. 2d door above First
National Hank.
, t a;
- '
Heavy Undor Hhlrts and Drawer at 60
cents each at Harttnan's.
Latist style, gents' hats from' 91 to
?1 10, at Hart man's. ll-2tftf
Ovorcoalt Chinuhtlla from 7 10 W, at
Couxtuv knit lockr, all wool, 35 cents
por pair, at Hartman's. 11-23 tf
Tns European hotel, llar.-y Walker
proprietor, it opon at all hours of the
night. tl-T-lm
All kinds of amo constantly on band
nt Harry Walker's, Commercial avenuo
betwoon Hevonlh and Eighth streets.
Larqh all-wool six-pound
ft 1!5 per pair, at Hartman's.
blankets at
11-29 tf
Fob oas and steam fitting go t Itcn
nle'a Vulcan Iron works, Commercial
avenue, fool of Ninth street -0-tt
Nctr IIoo of
and hosiery this
collerettet, ties, gloves
woek at Stuart V (Jhol-
For a good square meal go to Ilarry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenuo
between Sovenlh and Eighth street, lm
Tx.- pounds of sugar lor 11 at Wilcox's;
3 pounds of butter fur $1 at Wilcox's;
25conls per peck tor potatoes at Wilcox',
Foh Salk Ono Durg'nr and Firo
Proof Safe, large size, with combination
lock, at No. Ill Commercial avonuo.
St Lout U .Ueyxks.
A laror nnd completo stock of dry
goods, clothing, boots and shoes and crock
ery at panic prices. Alto tho largest as
sortment of liolltday toys and fancy goods.
Call and soo before purchasing oltewhorp,
at Hartman's. 11-20 tf
Tub largest, finest and niott completo
stock ever brought to Cairo, of the ilnett
China and Uohemlan Glass woro, China
Ornament nnd Toilet seltt,at prices which
wo defy competition, at Harlman't.
I'. FilEgcrald nt bis roomt, cornor
Fourteenth streot and Commercial avo
nuo, offers for talo Oulnnets' Porter Jt
Uatt' ales and pure Uuancsiy brandy,
and the genuine Acgotturo litters, all
flrtt-clatt cholera cures. Try them
1-17 tf
K. Joveh, fashionable boot and shoo
maker. Cork soles, Scotch bottoms, and
tho latest Improvements In tho lino uf his
business. Only tho belt ana most com
petent workmen employed, and all work
warranted to be firttclass In ovory respect.
Shop on Commercial avonuo, near cornor
of Tenth street- 10-7
Noticx Is hereby given that I will pay
no bills for goods told to any of the em
ployes of Tui Cairo Huli.ktj, oltbor
or thomsolvos or for tho uso of tho ofllce
uriloso the tamo are furnished on an order
(igned by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly Joub U. Oiibrly,
Tun barber shop is on .tbo corner of
Eighth ettoet and Commercial avenuo
whore J. Ucorgo'titionhouse with bis gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tbo day or night, ready to soolho
your feelings with a smooth shavo, or wo
your tomper and bead with rt good shsm
poo. It is a first-class shop, aud you aro
sure of receiving nrtt-oiass treatment.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
after the most approved stylos. 8-15-tf
CiiRMTMAa will soon be at band, and
people aro commencing to think what
presentalliey want for thalr wives, pa
rents, children, frioudt, etc. -.If any ono
can't make up his mind, we would udriso
our frlunds to call at E. & W. Uuder's
Jowolry itore, corner of Eighth street and
Washington aveuo, pod they will bo sure
to find tomothlng to suit, .-4r they are
receiving now goods dally ospeolally
adapted for the holiday trado. From the
nnoat wetchoe and sets of jewelry to tbe
smallest oblldren'a car-rlngs. The lame
In rings. Tbo Unett toa sols, pltchors,
castors, butterdishes, io., to the smallest
tpatpoori. Ornamental and plain clocks,
gold, lilver and ivory beaded canes, and
aaAoy olhor artlcloi too numiroui'to men
tion. ' lUli
- Tit it lafsfjtt Hock of silver, and plated
ware; silver and plated spoons, knlvss
dec, ever brought to Cairo, can Le found
at K. W Htider's, corner Eighth street
Aid Waihlngtoii avenue. 12-4td
nappy reiier ror young men irnm inn ri
led nt errors and abuse in early life. Man.
hoo.i rcstoreo. InuicilinienL to iiiarrinire
rcmovca. New method or treatment. Nciv
sun rciii.uh.i.i, reuiedlr.s. HooKs nnd clr.
Hilars sent frep, in suahxl envelope. Ad-ilr-sj,
Howard As.oclatlon. No. tt South
Ninth street, Philadelphia. I'. an Instllll-
ttnn havln;: a high reputation for honorable
tiiiiiiliict profiilond skill. IO-2tlil.tw.1in
The Place To Buy
Dry Goods
At his NEW STORE on
Commercial .nvcmic, Burger is
now receiving daily the lar
gest, best selected and cheap
est stotfk of dry toods ever
beforo brought to Cairo. A
line of dress Roods which have
never been surpassed in this
mavUct, cither for beauty or
variety. A full stock of boots
and shoes: domestics of nil
kinds : hcrtutiful stock of
furs, miifl's and boas, muffs
and collars, and children's furs
at a mere song; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, etc.,
almost civen awav : a hand
some assortment of gloves and
a charming selection of ladies'
neckties, ruffs, etc., etc. Gen
tlemen's furnishing goods,
overcoats, suits, underwear,
hata, capu, gloves ; counter
panes, comforts and quilts,
table linens, red and whito;
water proof cloth in nil the
new shades nnd a full and
completo stock of notions.
All these goods wero bought
at panic pricos, nnd will bo
sold at astonishingly low fig
ures, as Burger is determined
not to be undersold. Call and
cxiiniitm hi3 goods boforo pur
chasing elsewhere. Hie storo
room contains every nrticle in
the dry goods lino that any
buyer can possibly want, aud
the prices are low that no
one will havo tho conscience
to ask n reduction on any-
N'otlcci Is hereby given lo all persons Inter
ested, thut the vlty cimtull of the city ot
Cairo having ordered that the Improvement
of tho Ohio leyro on Leveo struct, froinlhu
southerly side of Fourth, to tho northerly
side or Fourtbtecnth struct, (!y graveling
and grading the sumo) Imvo appl ed to the
county court ol Alexander county for an
assessment of the cost nt said improve
ment, according to benefit , und an bbsc.is
mcnt thereol having been made and re
turned to said court, tho Una!
beariog thereon will be had at
tho January term or said court
commencing on tho PJth day of Jiiunaiy. A,
D 1874,
All portion j desiring may than andlheic
aimear and make their delense.
Caiko, ll.MNoln, December 4, 107.1.
John P. Hkly.
John u Gobsman,
Gku. W. IIkniiickk,
noon iiiMiinu.
Jorncr Twelfth stroet and Washington Ave
(Late of Ht. Louis,)
ULANK UOOK8 of every doscrll.tloiuioue
with niti"--nd dispatch. All kinds ot
ruling done nt short notice, lllbleu, Music.
Magazines and Periodicals bound uut and
at the lowest posllilo rates;.
Forwatding and Comoiiasion
prepared U forward all ktnda of freights
r to ailpelaU.
--' iTTp.fU.,. ,
Ill IW
i. iu iiur h
Thc Toy King, Laving lately
recoived one of the largest and
most varied
ever brought to this city, will
sell them at greatly
Reduced Prices
In fact, noil them at
TTc also has a
Large Stock
French and American
which will bo aohl at tho
est possible price.
3E- uSL 3Ft .TBS 1ST T S
will do well to call and inspect
his atock of
Holiday Presents
102 Commercial Av.
-- aw
a in

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