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UuKNk,trturl" 2J
Oa ytr by carrier, In clvsuce 10 00
Oat j$u by irter U cot pita In
kJr&ot 00
imMntb,b7iaU 100
rVrta months 8 w
lxaopths. 635
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Six Months "
Three Months M
lnvuttbly la stlvnce.
fUMliK matter uu ery page.
SiCBtTiKT llELisir wi tnrrlel yes
Urdey to Mrs. A. T. Iiowor, la HtrroiSs
larg, Kentucky.
Pihtiit, who kruUlly killed his wifo
a yesr or to go, will bo bBgeil In Will
county on Friday.
The St. Vxvh Dwpatch tells an ap
arently plain umr&rni'hod t&lo of Secrc
tarr Delano's mlsmanngcmont of tbo nf
inirs of tbo interior depsrtniont. It would
seem that an Investigation is In ordur.
Speculators In real estate In Wash
ington city reallzo largoly. A Wash
ington letter writer says that l'reMent
Grant bat announced hi intention of pur
chasing properly and taking up n perma
nent residence In the capitol.
St. Louis 'U-Iubo 1:
receiving subscriptions to a
fund for thorelief ofsj tho wlfo and
even children of tho deceived Captain
Frycl tbo Virglniui. "The contributions
run from twenty cents upward nnd
promise to roach a handsome num.
Vlc lKiilrxT Wilso iufl"r from
an txecu f blood in tho head, caused by
the bunting of a bio 3d vessel. Tho di
sease frill only yield to time. The vico
prMldent will seek relief In tie genial
clime of Florida, (pending part of the
winter at tho tho Lorn j of Mr:. Harriet
ISeecber Stowu.
Kouk convicted bank burglari In Wil
mington, Delaware, will pay the penalty
of their crime by standing in the pillory
one hour, relieving forty lashes apiece
and being Imprisoned for ton years. Dlt.
vara clingi to the pillory and the whip
piag poll with a dovot ion altogether too
- -
Tuc report cf tbo sanitary suporiu
Undent of Chicago, for the week ending
Dacember C, avo the number of deaths
freai small-pox nt fourteen, with on in
crease of nine cases over tUoioof Hid pre
ceding weak. He recommendt cotnpul-
aary vaccinnation ef tho city by the boatd
r neaitu a? ttio only certain pmventinn
of a small-pox epidemic.
THK lecturers are nut ret dono with tho
rellgiotif belief of Abraham i.ici-olu
Mr. Win. II. Herndon, former law part
ner of tho deceased president whilo n rcii
dent of Springfield, will lecturo on tlio
mooted aubject in that city to-night, hi
remarks lelng a reply to the luoturo of
Rar. Jamas A. Kcad, delivorod by tho rev
erend gentleman at various pUrn t
Tut crew of tho Loch Karu, iho vessel
which ran Into and sunk the Ville de Ha
vre, arrived at London lait week. Thoy
give an uncomplimentary account of tho
behavior of the officers and man of the
loit ateamer, charging that they rendered
no atiiitancein taring any of the patten
gera. Tbii has elicited a contradiction by
the ehief director of tho Trani-Atlantio
iteamihip company, who telcgrphs that
theofScera and men nobly diicbarged tboir
duty and that the Loch Kirn only w in
The Illinois State Orange it now bedd
ing, at Dloomlugton, its third nunual
meeting. The convention met or Tues
day, and was composed, at thti outset, of
between flvo and tlx hiindrud men, with
an expected increato of two hundred, tho
delegate! being the mailers or lie
Oranges of tho state, now numbering
about eight hundred. Tho business of the
convention was opened by an address by
the Grand Master, in which ho staled that
the Btato Grange was org&nir.ed Murch
3lb, 1871, with tweuty Grangers - at its
lacond meeting seventy sub Granges
were reported, nnd at iu present,
eight hundrel. Tho Grand Master
deprecates any reUllou oa U part of tho
Grange or Patrons of Husbandry, with
the state Farming Assooiation, or any
organlxatlon commlttad to any political
caus"; he recommends sinco certain
pltw manufacturers refuie to deal with
Grangora, a consolidation of thuir patron
age, l oth in purchase and salar.and strong
ly urge the opening cf u,H
mouth of tho Mississippi nrer, for
ist entrance or tea-going ve'sclt in
the carrying tradp, to be done at tbeux-
pent of the general govern-
mint, at one of tho means by
which cheap transportation tor
tbej products of the Mississippi Valley
and the West may botecurod. Tt.epro
ctwdlngs of tho convention h&vo Uttod
through the wek will clobi to-day or to
morrow. The Grangers evidently aro in
earnest and from their rapid growth in
the atate, It is ovident the reign of
monopollo In Illinois is drawing
to a cloee. Tbeconaolldatlon of tho many
against the few, can havo but one ending.
So mote It bo.
WjMyiB tha Democratic party
aehlevaa a victory .some Democrat strnlght
way proceada to rnakoa fool of hlmielf,
and then at the next lucceadlng election,
the Democratic party don't achieve a vie
tar. If tha Tlctory baa been a great
Aaa, thaat mora DamooraU than one mako
fools of tbatnielrai, and.agaln tha flag of
the tough oil or;r.Uitlon It trailed In
the dutt,
In IPCS, tho lid of popular favor be
gan to run lfl tbo direction of the lhmoc-
racy, and tho party forthwith proccoded,
apparently became it didn't want to mc
cecd, to nominate Frank Ulalr for tho
rlce-prceidoncy, ho having declared that
rcoonttructlon ihould bo overthrown by
tho bayonet. Dofcnt remind.
Later, tho Democratic party won a fa
mom rlcUry In Connecticut, carrying the
atato by a majority of 6,000 to'.ci, tbo flnt
time In yean; up wunt all tlio Democra
tic rooiters, nd they crowed with hearty
rejoicing. Then Mr. Jefl' D&vit went up
to Atlanta and male a speech, lie
thanked tho LorJthftt thoLoit Cause wn
not alioireihur lost, that licbt wa brcr.k-
ing In tho T.ut. Then also, aroio Mr.
Itobert T.-imbi, and rjoiced
that the toop'.e vt tho
North wre waVoning to in apprtKitlloii
of the fact that the Southern people wo o
superior to them, and he boAttod that he
might yot call the roll of hit slaves at tho
fjot of Hunker Hill munument. Vesiri.
Davis and Toombs had tho ro'itlt cf tho
Connecticut flection in slow when thoy
thus discoursed. The result wsf.ho Dem
ocratic parly di I not tacceod 5t tho next
At tha lat.i elootion tbo Demooratif
party wo.i victories In Sort Vork and
Uhio. Thor wrn bocauw tha paoplo con
demncd Credit .Mobilb.-rism and Sslury
grablsm In tbo Kvlicul. All DoniocrHli
rejoiced. Hut straightway .Mr. Hunter,
of Virginia declared that the yoJural
gorerninont u eti t tj pay thi S.mlh Jor
tha liberated slave; unit tocruwn thn mis
chief, tho Djmojrntic caucus ixi Vtr-h-ingtourf'efasod
to adopt a rmioltitlou ccn-
demniiig Mobilierlibi mid Grublun !
And more, tho J)oiuocrtiu oonprofinien
actually voted for Korn.ando Wool lor
To condemn fully h.o thi, inuy I,,', in
thecttlmatUn of Democratic Union, dis
loyalty to tho party: but wo do condemn
It. If tho Detnocatlc purty will longer
toleratu such men as represent it in tho
present Congress, It ought to and will ciak
so deep Into tbo ocean of public diifaror
that plummet will nover roach III
IN' ST. 1.0 r IS.
OI'.OOM. 11 Eli llUOTUEi; THE PEI'.PiTltA
from the St. Lotili Tinie-.J
Tho tenth murder ot the reitr vmi com
mltted ycalurday afternoon, undur pecu
liarly dUirettingcircuraitaticei. ltivhard
lioaltschor was vno vlcum,and hi u.in,
llenjamin Frnklin Croncnbold, is now
incarcerated in Iho I'lrU Dirtrict Police
To thoroughly understand tho cnuici
that led to tho tragic affair, It is nc:sary
to give a few chapters from thu private
hlltorr of u woll known nnd respected
.On June 20, 1672 Jtidgo F. W. Cronon
bold died, leaving a widow, n daughtor,
son. and an ettato valued at $MO,OuO.
For a number of years tho Judgo kopt a
Inrgo hardware store, Nos, 1S111 aad 1M6
Carondelet avonue. Sinco his death his
widow, Mrs. August Croncnbold, has con
ducted tho business, with her ton, Ji. F,
Croncnbold, and the book-keepur, Fred-
oriel; William Weber, as nartnura;
Mrs. Crononbold needed h hostler nnd J
carnage urivcr insi Alarcn, and tier sou
engageii liicnaru lijeUrtlmr ht llio German
reliei ullice.
A fow weeks after Iloclt.cher camo to
live iu tho houni, Mrs. Cronenbold sent
hor son to Europe On his return, about
ten weeks ago, he found that tlio hlrod
man had won tho ntrectloli! of tlio fitter;
and that tbo mother had agreed to n mar-
r!a;o bulween incm. lie sworn that tho
weddinir would not tnkn place, and in this
ho was encouraged by Wobor, who was a
rullor for Cora Croncnbold'a hand.
llotb young men kept tho family In con
stant turmoil, aud frlghtenod Iloetticher
away from tho houio, but Cora nnd her
moihor kopt up secret communication
with him, nnd finally arranged that tho
wodding should tt.ke placo on Friday iho
Ctli Inst.
On this day young Croncnbold went
down lown oo business for Ins mother,
but suspecting it was trick to prevent
him from inltirfering with tho wedding,
ho nnd Wolmr hastily left their v.'oric,
wont out to tho Croncnbold mnnilon, on
Grand avenue, near Chlppown street, ami
found tho parlors illumiuatcd, n number
of guests alrealy thoro and nctivo tiropi.-
rations for tho marrlago In progress, Tho
two young men lay in wait lor lloutticher
wiio tiad not tnen arrived, vhon young
C.-onenbold seized tho hor.es and thoutej
thot some one would have to dio beforo
thu vuhiclo could leavo. Tho bridegroom
remonstrated, wboeeupon AYehur tired a
shot that went through tbo cilf of his
loit leg, wounding him so badly at to pr-
minister were dUmittod.
Tbo son and his (riend wero arrested
upon the cbarue of assautl with Intent to
kllj,and their uinmtriatlon Is to takn placo
some time mis wcck, in win court ot crim
Inal correction.
YoHorday young Crumonb.iU wont t
his room for a nop alter dinnor, ami on
awaking found himself locked In. Ho
listened for awhile, heard fomo com
motion In the room bulow, and, from tho
worua used In conv. nation between liU
mother and sister, judged that thoy were
going out to rnuet llo:ttseh"r and have
tho marriage perlonned, This nupiclsn
aroused his auger, which was heightened
on hearing a cToed carriage stop in lront
of tho house, and seeing l!oeltolir alight
and go into tho hallway. llreal;Ing tho
room-door opcti, ho euized his rovol
ver, rushel don stairs and kvelnl
his weapon at llocttscher's head.
Tha threatened man hur
riedly left the houso, followed by Cronen
bold. While Hoetttcher was "cllrnbinij
over a lanci, Crononbold flrod threo shots
at blm, then Jumped over tho feiico him
self an i continued the pursuit for about a
hundred feet, when two mora shots were
flrod, and Jicettscher fell ded In the flold
on tho west side of Grand avenuo at the
nehdor Chippewa stroet. This occurred
uboutfive minutes to four o'clock.
Cronenbold went down to hit tloro Im-
mediitely aftfr the rbootlu'; Mountod
Policeman Ilicbardton happened itlong on
Grand avenue, and learned of the mur-
ner. l'uttlng spurs to his hone, hn was
in a few minutes altnrwards at the First
district atation. With Officer Oeorgo
Miller be stationed aereral policernou
arounq io oiork wncre mo rioro is ia
ted, niado n descent tipoti tha jilacc, nr-
retted ana locked botti Oronenbold ana
Wnber nr. Tho first named rrisonor
confutsed t Cxpt. Hercules that ho did
Ihoahootlng, and stated that the ttbr
man bad nutblng to do with this lt nf
lair. oner thorerore reieateo.
Young Croncnbold Is twonty-lwo years
of Ago, Hro foet two Inches ia height,
thick set, and rather gentlemanly in hit
demeanor, with an intelligent, handsomo
race. hen fctn in lilt cell by a mtu
reported, he wr.s perfectly cool and tnlftod
freely about l.lt troubles. From n ecu-
vertatton tho reporter bad wlla lum, unit
a noto which he gave a German reporter, i
hit notions abjut tho causes whieh
led to tho tragedy te-rns to be about kj '
follows : t
After Boctttcher Ir.d bin In the em; j
pljy of the moihor a few weV, his pleat
lug'adJres" mado him k frequenter of tho
(amtly circle, and be ctiui umiiar nna
sociable to a degree that .yo-irg Croaeu
bold did not think proper. Ho therefore
found fault With tit wotbr er.d sulfr
for pajing the ttran;r ia much at
tentiou. ornu neighbbrhoo-l g. Slip led
huu t lolieve that the hostler wis plan
. ifhnmn m uin l,;i .iitpr LW ii!.n !
was sixteen eart oi l on the lvth cf Ut I
October, nnd Um pat cmtrjl .f ,
herportim ol tho "Stale. He sr'ke '.
his mind freely upon this tn hie lister
ftrrlmother Tboy ridiculed the idea, nnd j
said ho was eithor craxy about the porper.
ty o; jctlous ot his titter. He troublod
h'is mother to much that she. forced him to
co tj Eurotv). and hu beliovet that the
t.i- mnis,
and hurried him off. Whl!n In Europe ho J
received loiters from his mother and Core.
hm.v. whleh rnntalnod rttrtrn!li il,. '
o sav. which contained paracraphs d-v '
riptfve of- tho kindnes Lr.d fltbfj!i.8 !
f he n rvant. and Im tLoUt:hi ib.. .
iu..l b lu I. ve with htm. A
jw days beforo lenvlOR :uropi, '
of tho
...- .1..... fc....... IdnL-iM.. b il.nn..
ho received iollers trom tmo friends t " "i """!'.'''-
gavo him to understand that the hoMler ; , -r. fturnner culled up hu Mil Intro
and his titter and mother wore too inti- i"v- 1 ,l'-v Mm uriny of theses
mato fur tboir good moral reputation. Ho ! sIun' ,lf,n "''U'-'"jl to tho one on com
ttartal ntnnco for borne, an.t on arriving 1 I'oui.d interoit for bval tender notes, ftc.,
learned that his mother hal given w aad addreisod tl.o Senato in favor thereof,
con.et.t to his altterV marring with ! 1,8 nid ,ho M fur paymoi.t at tho
Uoettscher. 'Phil was followed ly MU. , earliest day, and would support any meal
plcions that Eoettscher had been crimin- ,lr? UM t,,ftt, e'dv , ,
nlly intimato with his, Cronenbold' I , lMou wm death to lutlnetsi r,m
. ....i...t tractloQ wa tbi proper romeiv. Thn hi 1
(tronL'thencd bv their anxiety to huvo tho .
wedding iiomo off. Tbeso ldeis grew In .
.. ..l.u w .i..i,n,in.,i t 1,.. . .
geancc or" die In tho attempt. Ho Imme- i
diatelv took hit bosom friend, Weber, J
into the spcict, and planned to frustrate i
tho wedding. Tho neighbors WarnoJ his
moinur that no wouiu uo tomeiuing uui-
pcrato, as he, thoy said, was going insane
un tho inbjec'.. At long as tho man wn.
iu his way he could cot enjoy llfo, homo j
or,propuriy, hinl, m a last resort, had
madn up his mind to dispusu of him. He
sks ho regrets the killing of IloeUielior,
but Iik consclenco justtnos him if tho
law doos not.'' He tear? that his moihor
and sister will dc!i-rt him and that their
frlonds will uso their inliuonco to get him
hanged. Ho says his mother Is about
fifty-two years old, and ho nevor hnd any
trouble with hor until Euoltacbor camo
Win. Mitchel, tho driver of tho ear
riago, Informod a' 'Times' reporter that ho
did not know wheru ho wa9 to go from tho
homo. Uootlschor wat dressed r.s though
he was going to a party, and was very
pleasant. After Croncnbold had chaitcd
lloottschor for hort;diitance, tho two ran
around n house, near tho cornor of tho
treet, where Hoetlfchor knocked for ad
mission, and was reiustd by somnmnn who
seemed much frightened. Hoottscher
throw off hit coat beforo r"chlng tbo
fenco of tho Hold, whero ho was ihot,
Mitchel had to run and catch tho horses
which had started to' runaway, having
beon frighteni'd by iho scream of the
ladles, Mrs. nnd JI iss Con on bold, nnd thn
noho ft tho hot. Ho reprimanded
young Cronenbold for tho shootlntr, but
did not then know that Hnesrher hab Loan
killed. '
lloetttcher was about 37 yars of age.
Ho was born noar llarlin, Prusssa, and
camo to America eighteen months ago.
Ho had a rathor aristocratic air. and somo
of hit acquaintances suspected that bo
was tho " prodigal son " of somo nobol
family. Ho was roticont about lils his
tory, hut his habits wero theso of a man
of education and refined associations.
Tt is hardly nocet'ary to say that young
Crononbold'" suspicions as lo the improper
rotations botween hisidMer and Itoett"her
wprn utterly unfounded. No two ladies
In St Louis stood higher In tbo ostirna
tion of tboo who know them than Mrs.
Crononbold and hor datifrlitor.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.
Pki, Decemlior 11. Capt. Surmont
publithi's a curd, indignantly donylng tho
cbarCn tbat himielf and olhnr oilloori of
thn Villo de llavro showod covardieo at
the time of thi disaster.
nASL or CNnuNti,
Lumi'in, Docombor 1 1, Ilauk cf En
gland rut': reduced to four and n half per
.MAimiii. December 1!. l.opcz Dumi
niquo haa acccjited thu command of tho
government forio before Cirtuge:a nnd
vh ror.r rt.AiiiKP,
Tha Carllst .lunla announce another
victory over the government troop. Ono
ropubllcau gonoral reported wounded, and
a iiumbcr ot oilicen killed, including sev
cri.1 volbnoli.
- a . -
From Ditnill.
1 l .'. UiI. or JllbllOr AitMlT AG):.
iJTKoir, December, II. Tho funeral
of the lato llnhop Armltago tutiit jiluco at
Ht. John s Church to-dny. Tho ceremon
ies coiitisted of iho usual interment ser
vices of thu Protestant Kpitwwal Church,
nnd commenced at J 1 and lastod about an
hour. Thu torvlcet woro conductml bv
lllthop llcClosltey, of .Michigan, hitu-
h(.uso nr Illinois, and lilsiel nf Vermont
imistod by Dr. Dekoven of Wisconsin.
Ovor olid hundred clorgymon woro praiont
from .Michigan and oliiur statos, and also
n largo delegation of laymen trom all
portion! of Wisconsin, ond n number of
of prominent citUns of .Milwaukee. No
uddrcssas wutn made, but tho church was
filled to its utmost capacity. Thorn whs
much feeling manifested by all
in attendanco and thu services woro very
Impression, Tho remains wc.ro iutorrod
In Klin wood cenietary to which placi'
they wore followod by a vuit ooncnurso of
peoplo. Tiio pull bonror comprised throo
Dftroalt Inyinmi nnd six Wisconsin cler
gymen. Tho rniiiHlu i arrived hero yes
terday at ten o'clock run , and lay In state
In thti vCstlbule of thorhur-h, until tho
hour of Iho f jnoral and woro vlowed by
a very largo number of people. Tim
fsalurua except a llttlo emaciated, woro n
,uUt and peaceful loo n If In slnop,
house Yr.sn-:iu.vv.
3UT. ( Altl'KM'EU I'ltr.Sinn.NTI'KU
, s:N AIL.
i vl.ra.MEl! CLlt TCP
WasiiisotoS, December 11 Tuo Sen
ate met at noun. Yico President Wilon
beini; nlient, Anthony moved that
Mstuew Carjwnler b tleoted president
pro tm cf tins fconr.te. Mevenson nom
mated Allen ( 1. Tharman. Anthony and
Swni.i.i were nptK.inted teller. The
J'oK ' -I irpntvr Thurman la, 2
-f'e-wr was .K-cted and Iburinan
fwo bim to the chair. On taking it
1,0 s?" ! "Dators pleasa accept my
ratted to notify tho president of the
nouso of ltoprejcntathit cf tho election
of Carpenter.
Jir. wctt euutnitt
Mr. West submitted n concurrent, rcso-
)cin tlst ,ln J-otigrwa adjourned m
5.f,Jl,' ll1 U,lh lt. V" tu.",e,'t "Ssin on
1 iwlay, Jnnuiiry ub. Thn motion w
"''JecteU to by .Mr. Morton t.li . laid, there
"'Qhf?eT.U J', .
Mr. Anthony moved that when , the
"di ,1utn',' ll,-j!,.v. ' u' ll" Mori
iitexiay, January Mil. l un motion was
t ' ?lTet . ucfourageiiiont
rrom I111 nl nuanciow r.nd hminost
men . it bad been approved by tbo llostou
"'td of 1'r"'?e nn'1 "wtPaporiof tho
Kttl , VlJ 1 ha. fuA'il,,,,t" P";
l""" u-y wl" niro,o'
""acue.., oui w iuoui lar.ing u iioiiur
i from tho people The prcsont dltnrdcred
condition of kffalrsowcd its origin to Con
gress. I ha exigency of war had ceased,
and Congress should endeavor to improve
tho financial condition of tbo country.
Tbo bill wos rtfurrud to the financo i'im.
roMIUMl. MjllIMTtKi
A bill removing tho political dlsahllllioi
of Thos. K. Eocock of Virginia, John 11.
Heagitu ot Tox.it and others passed .
Petitions, asking for tho appoint
ment of a enmmisiionor lo regulate tho
I rnlTtr. In lilellnh nllr llftMnre mnr.. ..... .n t
" .V." a. .v.a 1b. '.V?9...Vt.
. and referrod.
Gondon introduced a bill to repeal sec
tion Ud of the bill of .March ",, IS7;i, for
bidding tho frco transportation of period
ical, niaga.'.ines and nowspitpcrs through
tho Onited Klates malls, nnd restoring
that prilegc. lUforrod.
Mr. Wright said that during his tempo
rary fthsensu from tho senate yesterday,
two rc.olittlons were reported from tho
;ommlttoe on llnancc. While ho did not
concur in either, hn contented to tho ono
reported by is majority for tho purpoto of
getting tho question beforo tho senate. Ho
aid nut ecu tlm necessity of hasty lt-gl.-da-lion
on tho mbject, but w in favor of ad
ditional circulation as thu increased
population unit thu business interests of
thn country demanded.
Mr. Wiudom offered i loiolutiun that
tho select committee on transportation
miles to tho seaboard fhail have authority
to ho il sessions during holliduys recess at
such places as thoy may scotlt; and that
they hivo powor tosoml for persons tind
pap'crJ. Patseil.
Mr. liamscy introduced tho bill extend
ing tlmo for completion offal. Paul ic l'ci
tlo rail road. Jioferrcd.
Mr. Davis submittod tbo lollowing ns
olullon :
Itcsolved, That the secretary of tho sen
ntu hudirectcdlto furnish the senate all in
formation In his olilcs rulatlng lo thy :U
ing of tlio salaries of licprcscntativcs in
Congross from tho.forma'.ion of th) goyoru
mont; in what cases provisions for salary
aro mado rotractlvo; how long n timo in
each caso was covered by tho retractive
provisions; thu names ot senators who
drew thoir pay under auch provisions; thu
amount drawn by thcru respectively, y.'ith
dates of paymunt; tho n&mus of senators
who covered into tho treasury .Amounts
due them under such rotractlvo provisions,
and the date of euch action : and also a
comparative statement of tho total com
pensation and allowance of any of tho Fon
Htors under tho act of July 28th, 1SGG, and
March 3d, 1670, respectively.
Air. Gordon submitted 'tho following
resolution, which ho said ho would call
tip to-morrow :
Whoroui, Tho abolition of tho franking
prlvllego was intended to economlr.3 the
expenditures of the government, and
Whereas, lie abolition prevents tho
genors.1 distribution to thu peoplo of m
proved flold and gnrdon seeds, thu! defeat
ing In a meaturo tho benefits which other
wiso would hccrtio to tho agricultural of
country from tho establishment of an
ngonts bureau; and also discojirago tho
distribution of prblio documents, which
afford important information and are ed
ucators of tlio pnoplu; and
Whereas, Tocotripontato tho peoplo for
for Ihfso lossei thoro should bu
an important reduction of expenses in
thn poital S3rrlco ol tho government;
Hosolved, that tho post master gonernl
b'j requested to report lor tho information
of tho eonato
Firat, AVbat amount of expcnic, if any,
haa boon saved for tho government by tho
abolition of tho (ranting privilege,
Second, how many omploycs in tho mail
service, ii any, have beon dicharcal. nnd
how much leas, If anything, Ii charged by
i railroad and other carriers for mall ecr-
I ..(.... t .L- . i i.t . .1.. r .
vicu uj ino bioiiiiou ui mo irauKing priv
ilege. Third, how much 1uh appropriations
will bo required for tho postal service by
rraon of tho abolition of said prlvllego.
Air. llngg Introduced a bill outhori.lng
from nnd aftor April 1st, ISO I, tlm py.
merit of customs and duties, one-half lu
gal tenders and one-hslf gold. , 4 .
Howo Introduced a'blll fur Hie appoint
mentJjy tho prosidont with tho consent of
tho senate, flvo commissioners to iuv.iti
gate tho alchoholic liquer trufllc in its
criminal, moral nnd rcicnllrlo atpect In
connection with crlmo, naiijiorUm, vico,
publlo hoaltli and gonoral welfaro if tho
Wsiii.vriTON, Dec. 11. Mr. Orth ol
forcd a totolutlon providing for survey
to ascertain tho practicability of a f.hip
ctmal connecting lako Michigan with tho
Wabash river. Adopted.
Mr. Parker offered a resolution instruct
ing tlio committee on elections to examine
and report tho ml nnd most practlcablo
method of electing tho president, nnd pro
viding for a tribunal to adjujt and dnclda
all contested questions connected there
with. Adoptod.
Mr. Beck otreVed a resolution directing
tho postmaiter general to report how
manoy oruployos of. nil grade; It will re
quire to carry on the potr.l saving Institu
tions at ;e:ommondcu by him, nnd that bo
furnish like information as to tho postal
tolcgraph lyslom, and also rocoinmi ndo.l
rrhon tho tame bo In full operation.
Mr. Uijnr reported n bill to estabiisli
an educational (urn), and to apply tho
proceeds of tho talo of public lands, which
shall bu forovor consecrutod and .t npart
fir the education of the poiplo; provided
tho act shall not repeal, impair orcup-'nd
any law authorizing pre-emption cr Immo
stead oniric, tior abridgo tha jiowur of
Congrcts over publlo domain, nor Inter
fero with granting bounty laudt to tol
dlerj and sailors of tho la'lo war. AVith
out dltcuteion tM bill wont over till Tues
day next, andttiH Houtn roiumcd consid
eration of ihj bill Iu rclu'.lou to 'alatit.
Tho salary imestlon was Ihon bruught
up, and Air. Poland spoko Inavor of tho
noiondtaent ho offered somo dayi since.
He smd thst Sj,000 n year v.m's a nplo
compensation for his serin . lt fitrrs
Ihed him iith ampto mosrs t'i live in
tho manner which hochoiu to live. Ho
had tiken tho Incroated pay and still re
tained it, pteferring Tr tho'prusent to b
calltd a tbier and robber by the press for
obtaining it, than to ho stigmatized a cow
ard and hypocrito for reiurnlni it. Ho
would however, endeavor to havo the
thing co regulnted so that lis might bu ul
lowul to return tho r.vmry ti the treas
ury. Mr. Stephens cT Oeorgin. .-i" the next
speaker. Ho got on hu '.ul with twite
difficulty und notvlthodk is.;tn'3. h .1
then ho supported liluie'.f with r crutch
ringing v,
Lretslvo, i
tinder tbo left aim. II) cnoko with
ringing volco which wa distinctly aintai-'u
portion tl j chamber. 11 u
wt nervous nd his matiner dl-
many f'f his sontcnct being bjft
ncompletod. Ho vrat listened to wiih
closest intoroit of attention. After speak
ing of common'.! of tho pro3t, ho said :
Thogontleman from Now York Tromalnj
had spoken yesterday of doiiiflgoi.'ism.
He .Stephen maintained that thcru
could be no elatesmanthip without It.
Tbero never had bocn h statc'tiiaii wb'KaJ
rot a demagouo,
AininiEf.EH TO HEIIL'.VG.VT .101.1 KT
All It-
N'l'W vnifi; t i i v
" luuttuu-
110,001) .men orr or EMPLiuitvr.
150,000 WO.ME.V E.VU.VIXC
iill M PEE WEEK.
From 'civ Vork.
vorki.no mes's iii:triM-.
Ni.w Tor.u, December 11. A nuts
muuting of working men, under tho auspi
ces of tho internationalists, wo held this
evening at Cooper Institute. Tuu'jJiro
H. llauki, u painter presided. Tulcgrnnis
fron CiuVelainl nd Chicago wero rcitd.
wishing success to tho moRiiug. Ar. und
tho platform wero numerous niuttot., .iir.h
aa "wo demand n itupmuioti of rent for
three month..' Tim general tbat com
mand! this army, 1. gunernl dutruts.
"When working mcu begin to think,
monopoly bj:ns to tremble,' nnd otners
of tquiill) significant character.
Hand bills were circulated depricating
thu high er.lf.nni paid officials, and do
manding, "No moro silaries over $5,000
10,000 IIuUKLUS.1 ME.V AXIi Wollt.V.
Tho number of homolo.s men and wo
men in tho city is given at lo.OOU. Thoro
is in tho station lioittn 7,600 per week ;
ou; oi oicvcn irauo. union" svmm im n
aro idle, und only u'JO omplovud. It is '
a'so statratsthht there nro 10,UOO skilled
workmen idle In this statu, and 110,000 ol
all clasies in tbo city, and 280,0'J'J women
onrning only, an avcrago of j:i II por
From Cincliiiiati.
Ci.vci.v.vm, Docombor II. A Ilro i.t
Springfield, Ohio, last night dc'troycd E
li. Hollongollo's plalng mill, host
000, Insuranco $10,000, In sums of about
$2,000 in the Farmers nnd Ohio ol Day
ton, Farrnar's and .Mechanic's of Hamil
ton, Franklin of Whooliug, Old Domin
ion of P.lchmond, Virginia, and in two or
threo other companies,
Air. W. 11. Edsall's warehouse, Port
Wayne, Indiana, was destroyed by flru
this morning with a largo amount of flour
and lard. Loss SlC.OOO. It is u caso of
supposed Incendiarism.
Prom dili ago.
Ciucno, Doromber II. Tho 'Trib
une a' Juliet sporinl says tho preparations
for tho execution to-morrow of A. J. Por
tut, tho colored man who murdorcd his
wifii over two years ago in this city, nro
computed. Furtot Is evidently greatly
shaken by tbo cortuinty of his fato, thu
governor having llnarty deolinud to inter
fore. -Prom
Dr.NVKit, Dacember 11. Tl.o sensation
of tho past two days has been lectures on
l'oligmny by Airs. Amelor.a Voung, nine
teenth wllu of Hrighom. Hor lectures
havo been largely attended anil the Den
ver 'Pross' has madu hor subject tho lead
ing topic, alio leaves iicro r-'bttir-dav.
l'niin Evnnstlllc.
Evaxsvh.Li:, December 11 John Uirel
shot audmoittlly wounded John Jarvit
of this city, on tho Kentucky shoro near
liroon river to-day. Tho shooting was
unprovoked as htate'd by witno. Illrd,
who Is a "lurd egg," Is etlll n'. large.
From Erlo, l'n,
Ekik, 'a., Doc. 11, At Corry in this
County nbuut '1 o'clock this tt. in., somo
body imatchura woro discovered dropping
corpso into thu olllco of a promoncnt phy
sician, il proved to bo that of Jo former
wiill known resident ot that city. Tho
atl'air creating intonso j icltomont.'.
PnrsuiKO, Decembur II. Elver rising
with ten fuut threo inches in channel.
Nashvilmc, December ft. Elver fall
ing slowly,"! feet on shoals. Wuather
cliiar nnd wurm.
.Nitty Oiit.r;Aw, December II. No. ar
rivals. Departed Thoiiipton Demi, Cin
cinnati, Weathsr clear nnd pleasant.
.Sr. Louie, Doc. 11. Arrived Colos
sal, Keokuk; Hello Memphis Departed
St. John's, Pnoriit; Kato Klnny, Now
Orlcant; Capitol City, Vlcksburgj (Jen.
Andorsoo, Cairo; Itcn. Alcord, Tcca.
Hlver iliou two feut. V
'at "r. ij
MlMPIIts. U-femlier II -(!!... ' niw.r
rising stoadllv. Arrived- Arlington 'i.
clntiutl, Liiur.i1),ivis, St Loult, City of
unuui, M i'l io river, .uepanou ust tilgbt
Girrott and barges, Now Orleans, Parknr.
Cnclniintl. To-day, City of Alton, Oil
Uiur.'h, St Louis, Julia, Yicksburg and
John .Maude, Now Orleans,
Louisville, Docombor II. I'.ivur iis.
lng slowly with Vl fcot In canal, "J feet In
pass down Indlin chute; e feet on tho
ro;ks. Th. woather is very warm with
showers. Tho datnago to tho Mary Hous
ton will not exceed tlvu hundred dollars,
and a good dial of tho whiskey loit over
board will ho rccovored. Arrival;:
United Sthtet, Cincinnati; Thot Sherlock,
New Orlenn!. Departed United States,
Cincinnati; Dovi, Mndlton; Tarascon,
Henderson; Chnrmnr.Evimsvill. Aihland,
Arkatitr.s P.iver.
UrCLttij, Djcember J ) 'Flour ijulet.
C.rn in-nl unchanged JllCtTiJ'ilS, Grain
no stock. Hay good demand nt 2 llran
nctivo at 17 JO in Hulk iiioats fair dc
mind nnd lower, shoulders 0, tides g7
Lard Slrm at Jfif lurk soaroa nna firm
Cimcisxati, Doromber II- -Cotton feir
demand at lo, Flour fair demand aud ad
an''tJ at.7(Ti;7 U.'i AVheat steady, sim
ple. oH 1 IO(.iM 4.1 Corn firm, ohl ear 6S
fu''3 shelled ol, niw i VI P.yu stoady
Oats steidy at litH Hurley tlrm
hihi cLoeo llrm. Porkquset unl sluady
at IfiiTitSi spot and J)ecomber. J.ard
.tij..ly,"Lott'n f3'9 Jo steam. J'ales l.OOu
tiorcci at He; bull; meats quiet and ttutdy;
boulder! iiJC-ji; (! P. cj.- clear 7i; ba
uun quiet and ttHady; shoulders 0c; (' It
"It; clear 8.;. Hogs fev and lulling at
4 u06s'j 70. UucolpU PJ,o:8. Green
mca'f nominal. Whiskey llrm kt Wj.
Wether unfavorable.
Cuicico, December 11. Flour quiet,
only lecal demand. Whu.it activo de
miiiid nnd advr.ncod, No 1 spring 1 18, No
8 1 0'J. t'orti activo and advoucud, Not!
mhud 6'jic cash or Decenibcr, fl'llc Janu-
J Bt3'. Oil! quiet nnd weik, No '2 ;iyc cash
' U'.ijij Januajy. live icarci', for No 2 80V
I lUrloy dull mid declined, No 'l fall 1 45,
No A 1 Otf.i.iOu. Frovisinu in fair de
mand and nJ vnu-i.-l but irriyolar. I'ork
I nominal, 14 W-AfyU J'J rash. LarJ steady
Id "OUi iu rash, 8 50 February. Uulk
meat! itcadv. Shoulders, looso partly
euro 1 4Jc, tJ K Cjc, long clear Cjc, pack-d
held hlgucr, green shotlldors 4fi;ljc,
hams "(Ti.'jjc Wh'nkev in fair demand
. and a lvnuctd Ol(7i,91Jc.
.-t Lolis, Daa. 11. Flour irood dc-
tnnnd for gtalcs under 000, higher brandt
i quiet ; wheat, spring llrm, higher, No. 1,
, ir.'('i-u I, fall tlrm Lut unactivo, ilualurs
j P't 130 'roely bid for 3 red. No. 2, ICO ;
' corn scarco, active, higher, C'J btd for i
i miiod 12042; barley" llrm, unchanged;
; rye in demand firm, No. '', 8IK!; pork
i tjuict, unchanged, and J green meats quiet
shoulders 4j, clear no U.cloar li hams
IS nnd 1C 'pound hams, 8 dry salt dull,
buyers not disposed to pay the high prices,
order lots shouldors Ojfli'lJ, clear rib 7,
clear 7j, baron nothing doing, lard quiet,
prime siearn 7$ j whisky higher, 'JO; bous
oler for buyers, 4 40,4SS bulk salts 470
(jj.l,S0; leatt.er quiet demand guol for bet
ter qualities only light supply, good to
prime native rlcoM 3.COfu;l.&0, wintered
Toians 2 25f?,3C2. through 1.7.'jfa,2.oO.
The Place To Buy
I Goods
At his IS'EW STOJU5 on
Coinmercial avenuo, 1'uvgcr is
now receiving daily tho lar
gest, best selected, and cheap
est stock of dry goods ever
before brought to Cairo. A
lino of dress goods which have
never been surpassed in this
market, either for beauty or
variety. A full stock of boots
and shoes; domestics of nil
kinds ; a beautiful stock of
furs, muffs and boas, muffs
and collars, and children's furs
at a mere song; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, etc.,
almost given away ; a hnnd
some assortment of gloves and
a charming selection of ladies'
neckties, ruffs, etc., etc. Gen
tlemen's furnishing goods,
overcoats, suits, undonvear,
hats, caps, gloves ; counter
panes, comforts and quilts,
table linens, red and white;
water proof cloth in all the
new shades and a full and
complelo stock of notions.
All these goods wero bought
at panic pricos, and will be
sold at astonishingly low fig
tirc3, as J'urgor is determined
not to bo undorsold. Call and
examine his goods beforo pur
chasing olsowhcre. His store
room contains overy article in
the dry goods lino that any
buy or can possibly want, and
the prices are so low that no
ono will havo tho conscianco
lo aslc a reduction on anything.
Phil ur,
The Toy King, having lately
received one of the largest and
most varied
ever brought to this city, rrilll
sell them at frreatlv
Reduced Prices
In fact, sell them at
Thsua. LAST
lie also has a
Large Stocl
French and American
which will be sold at tho loi
est possible price.
3P jL jEL 33 1ST T
will do well to call and inspd
ins atock of
102 Commercial
8T06KS of TOYS
Holiday Fresen

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