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1HJ3 UAUtU DAILY JJULb&'fliN, 0XE3UAy, DECEMBER. 16, ltt'a
jg. . . .
onsiu'.veR's ojcb,'Caiho, HI-, I
Detsuubcr Vi, W. p.m., Is.J. J
llarornoter, iliBO degrees.
Thttmoruotir, 43 degree.
Wind northweit. Velocity IS uilles per
jour. f '
Weather eloudy. -.
Maximum temperature lor last '21 hour,
ftj degrees: ' '
Mtnuntuuteuipuiaturelol lbeUt2t lionri,
43 degrees. - . ...
Prevailing win J for Ut 'A nurif iiAilli'
Total number of milei traveled by wind
Juring tail 21 hours, -tj.
..KUYtLf UlHMW),
Observer Hfcil Service. U. S. A.
C. K.-JLU G Ilii s,
J j s
OFFICE; Ohio Ltvte, over MatLuis Jt
H37".Vn l'irtt-f.'fou Cvntpauit
T N S U It A N C E i
73 Ohio I,f!e,
llie oldest establlthed Airency In Southern
lUtiou, rtpretentlng ottr
$C5,00()"(K)u 00 !
f tbe beat Insurance Capital ol the
United Slat.
OTjOlS. fise,
Dick Fowlkh, Captain
Leaves Cairo DAILY, (Sunday excepted) at
' p.n For freUht or paMAgt apply on boat
if to .!. MitXOKT, Ag't.
Itn purler,
Reetllltr and Wbtfleaai Dalr lu
tf.s giro, ILLINOIS
(8uecnor to U. Tsdaltekt.)
Healer lu All Klada
arrvrxiK tikis abb ii.ivinte stbist
navlng nurehaitd tbe grocery citabllih
ttimt of II. Thleleoke, I ahall always keep
on hand a full and fret supply of all the beat
goods In my line, to be round In the market
By atrlct alteutloo to builnetft, and lair deal'
tmr, I hope not only to retain all the cup torn
the place faai enjoyed In the past, but to add
to the lilt many new patron. Ailing a
ialr thare of public patronage,
Eeipeeuuuy, ubkmax bcunBT7.JTon.FV.
7-10 tf
Cor. Slh 9t. And Commercial Axe.
ltMiuaarf fflioaa mads to ordtr.and.tn
he rate tt and most fatblnnabl stvtes.
) s
Dr. B. T. Fltlda laforai bo pabllo (bat he ha
eptnta a
i Ibtiorlhwttt aid cf Ttath street aa aaa
ia BUbleawtll be fnrnlabeJ with saae bat in
d tho pnbllomay bs accommodated at a!-
ura oi uie uaj auu uigui mia aaie iobuu
v ! M lila aalra A ati apa ft f rinlill rt ntrftnkcr
A will Andeavor to mnrlt It hv flr itnarfnr
d rtrlRt attention to huMnrn.
(Lata of St. Loula,)
u u i ru 1 1 iiu in in aruu wiiiii
LAXK BOOKS of CTcry dcictiptlon done
h noatnen and dlipatoh. Ail kinds of
ag done at abort notice. Diblei, Munlo.
railnei and l'erlodlcali bound neat ami
tte lowest poulble ratea.
ouuty work, eucb at llcnrd, Docket!
Hook", Illauki, etc., nude a ipcolaUty
rdcr. ' i'i.'4.
BKMI8, BRO., & CO.,
AaiNXfl Home Cotton Mrlb
NO. 80 OkJo Levee, Uairo, lll.
-T-r.; -
iln. Wk, Lokkkoax acd 0. M. Alden
& Co., Iiryo rented frfm 11 r Canning
bam tho Hurd property.
NlNENDtl nebalf rnl for lard at
Wtlcoi i. $3 SO per baud f ot applci at
Wilcox', il lor jood liupeiial tea at
.Stvciul. MoiupM. aupra ttUrday
apjili'd tuJuJn Itroit fjr ndmlttanco to
tl bo'pltil. or tbo hi mm tu t;o further
nurtL. Of couriu, they wore refund I otb.
Jufic AttLSiY i-a troucrit hotas
yoiterilay. lie t tiAeti form tbe can
to til mlJvnce on Ninth ttrcetcn sect,
Uli Itijuric are . (etiout, fully tt Lai at
heretofore tUted.
I'oucc Maoikhatk JIikl, returnnd
lrom Dutrolt on Saturday lmt. He re
purti "lard Uuai abroad In Michigan,"
abd wye thatthure li nut ojar the t-Jti'.r-lr
bure that there U lu that ttatc.
Wi Jiavo ncol vtil ii lumber if the
'Arnatvur Journal,' by Wi lit Allijn ntid
Wad a IltmpUjo, the fori.- r a ton of Mr.
William J. Allxn, of thli city. It li little
but iplcy, and promlict to grew. We
with the bora luccfii let of It.
Tut: lotlnblo of the 11. K. church Will
Le held thlt cvetiinj; at the retldeno of
Mr. and ilri. WoolbriJge.onSeTenti.-orith
itrc-r.t, be'.noen Cjcimsrcial ktcuu and
I'oplar ilret. A cordial Intitatlon ii
extended to all to attend.
Tus Katinle li. I'rke Tbtatrlcal troupe
will viiit this city during the holidayi,
bAflnj; already enRtgcd tho Athcneum
for the time. That Mil l'rice will ri
ceiTa a hearty wclcotue on the occaiion of
her return to tbii city, in Liyond doutt.
J. J). 1'uiLt.t & Hs,. yctorday pur
chaied eighteen balot of cotton, tUpp!
to thtoc'ty by partlei llting in Ali'iouri
on tho lino of tho Cairo, Arkantx and
Texai railroad, paying 13014c per poind
fjr it. Tbo partlea who brou(bt tbe
cotton hero tpunt moit of the tnonry
they received for It in purchaiea of Oour,
grocenei, etc. With & little elTort on tbe
part of our merchant and coinrniulun
mon, a nA trado can bo built up with
Southevt Miiiouri. Hut to n-cure thin
trade effort mult be mado now, far tit.
Louii if doing all ibe can to lecuro it, and
or.e Mturtd It will I hard to draw it
away from her.
I'OLitt Covtr. In Police Court yci
tcrday, Henry Dvi, a colored roan wko
live iu the lewer part of the city, wai
befciro Judge Ilruii on a charge of tr
patting upon the premise of a neighbor,
in thlt that he (Davit) had.gone on to hit
neighbor' porch and laid down. The
evident iboued,lhat Davit vrai tick, at the
time and meant no harm. He wai iccerd.
ingly ditcharged. Dick. Finley, for dia
turblng tho pcac wai fined five dollar
ani at to tbo calabooio for tit dajrt.
Ham. Jlrovn for anaulting and ttrllinf
Saul. Kuegur, wat flned firo and the usual
fair, and lent to t'lo city jail far five dayt.
Abratiam Lator, for abusive language, wat
taxod Cv and the costs and went to Jul
to work it mit.
PaonATa Court. Probate Court,
Judge I'. Ilroiipretiding ; P. U. Popo,
county attorney; Alox. H. Irvln, ibvriff,
and J. O. Lynch, clerk, convened yctttr
day morning, whon the criminal docket
wat taken up and tho following
caiet diipoied of Jacob UraJley. rt-coe.
nU'inroto keep tho paaco; continued by
agreemtnt to tbo next torm of th court.
The people vt. Cbu. Seed; charge, at
lault to do bodily injury; defendant plead
guilty, and wat lined f 26 and cotti of pro
ceeding!. Pino and coin paid, bime v.
Michael Uurni. Larceny; defendant
having no money wherewith to pay the
fine aliened tgainst him, and having
eervrd out hi term of impriiunmeni, wai
discharged. Michael Purcell, a boy tlx
tcn ynar of age, and John Brown, also
lixtann year old, vre beforu the court
for ttealing. They both plead gnllty and
were sentenced to two ye:tri each at the
reform ichool.
Om tho 2'J1 int'., tho Cairo Amateur
Dramatic Anoclatiou will give a perform
asceattho Athcnoum for the benefit of
tht Delta City Tire Corapaiy. Th
Delta company having, in the purchn ol
their engine, new ball, etc., incurred an
indebtednen of tomn hundreds of dollan,
It I propoiid that the precttdi of thi
(atertalnment iball, at far at poulble, go
to paying off theiedtbti. ' Th following
eorratpondence bai taken place btlwoen
ilr. Cbu. Hardy of the Dramatic A;io
elation, and Capt. Goo. D, Poor, prtiidunt
of tho Dolta City Piro Company:
Caibo, Uli., December 11!, 167a.
Capt. Geo. II. Poor, President and tiittn
ber of the Delta City firs Company.
Gebtlbubx You have ipritd ads
liru that our Thcatri! Company give a
benctlt for the "Delta'" at a early a date
at poulblo. Ihavoipokon to tho mem
ber and they haarlily content tn thesug
gcstlon, and we would nam tbe evtning
of Dtcember If'Jtid a the time, aud the
Athantum a the plaeo for the bonefit if
agreeable to tou.
We bar (elected two (2) grand plccti,
Itobert McCaire and The Old Guard. In
the latter piece Mr. W. II. Morrli hai
contented tu anume tbo great character
of Havenack. We have engaged a full
orcheitra far tho occaiion, and truit the
afl'alr will be a lucceit, financially to your
good company. Very trnly,
O. llAiinr.
Caiiio, Ills., Dacombor 15, 1673.
Mn. Oha. Habdv, DbauSir: Vour
noto of tho I'.'th Intt., tendering In the
nnm of tho Amateur Dramatic Alloca
tion of Cairo, n complimentary benotlt to
the Delta City Fire Company, on Monday
evening, tbo hat been rtcelved and
duly coniidorcd.
Thanking you, and the astoclatlon for
whom ycti (peak, for your kind and run.
crou offer, we dira in thi manner to
tlgnlfy our neceptance of it, and our en
tire approval of the programmo you bavo
loltled upon.
Hoping and believing that tho public,
a well ai tho Delta City Pire Company,
will appreciate your llboralltv. all ow mn
in the nnmo of the1 company, to mbicribe
Your t ruly, G eo. Ii. Pooa.
Pret'l Dolta City Pire Company.
Attcit-rM. J. M0avisv, Sic'y.
. 1:4 ocr. ittitfl of Hundhy last, wa ttated
tbnt Mr. G. M, Uruih had been murdered
by f. Vr McDonald, proprietor of tl.o
Planter's Ilouio at Carbondalo. Tho.par
tictilnra of the caie, leave tbe bloody deed
In an aspect uf awfulnesi that can
icarculy be rMllriJ. Mr. Hrutb, who Ii a
naphew cf Col. Daq. Ilrush, tho city at
torney of CnrbonJale, had gorio with a
frlehd td the hct-1 that vt kept
hy McDotiab, In ucordiDg the
naniti and ruldcne? of hit friend on the
register for guwt, Mr. J!ruh had ocom
tlun to wrlto acapltil "3 ; but In mak
ing it, hit pon'.tttick in tho papif, aud per
llou of tLo tck vr& rpattarid on the took.
'Mr. llrdih Apologised tu tue oleik for the
ml. hip, r.tid the clerk proceeded to Imt
out tl leaf n l cail McDormld. Wton
Mc. came in, he did net lay a vrord, only
tppc'd ild) Into a room for a moment.
When he returned, however, he caught
Iiruth by tho shoulders and
pistt-l o: ibovei hltn through
tho doorway, lirusb tcsmid
to to surprised, and merely laid, "Why,
Mac, thtru'i nothing between us. Why
treat mo thus" Upon this McDonald
diow a ptilol and shot him through the
bowc'.i. Tho ball tovered a main artory
and bibko lliu vcrtf-hal column. Mr.
lirash died In a fnw rnluutct. McDonnM
wat than arrested and bandcuffod, but the
olerk made an etcape. The excitement
was at a high pitch, and a guard of armed
men, placed on duty by the ofllceri who
have chrg: of tbo prUonr, barely )r.pt
blm from being dealt with by lynch-law,
Weaver it the name of tl.o man who
clerkol for McDonald.
Col. iiruth, the uncle of the murdered
man, at llm city attorney, hat aimed to
enforco and exocut the ordinance! by a
faithful dltcbargo nt his public duty.
McDonald hat boon twice trrosted and
brought to trial for lolling ardent iplrlti
without llccnio, and Col. Uruih has been
officially required to proiocute tbe caie.
Tfalt tecurel for him the enmity of Mc
Donald, who hit been regardod i a very
desperate and dangerous character; and
Col. Iiruth wa stricken down by a tud
dea blow In tbe dark, which
it is believed that McDonald gave; aod
efforti wars raido to burn and destroy hi
rutldence alto, although theru wa no de
tection of '.bo guilty ptrion. McDonald
wai a ealoon-keoper ia Murphyiboro tome
four yoari einct; had previously been in
tho mines; and for the last twu or three
year hai lived In Carbondal. Nobody
outcrlalni a good opinion of him, and he
hat alwayi borne the odium of hit neigh
bors at a reck kit and criminal man. It it
believed that ha murdered Mr.
G. W. Iiruth out of rcvongo and
iplte toward Col. Uruih. At twelve o'clock
yesterday, the tlorlff and the poite of
armed men woro fearful that McDonald
would fall into tho hand of the mot.
They are with the pritonor, and yet the
houte outtlde ii turrounded by people who
intend to lynch McDjnald if they can get
at him. .Such 11 tbo report from there.
Mr. Brush wat nat a quarltomo man.
He wat o( good habit and rospectable
connections a genial companion and an
honoral.la jun. It u -well known
In Carlondlade, where hit murdor occur
red, having been almott raited there. In
1501 to 18C3 he wat tho military telegraph
operator at Mound City. In the tail of
'C3, wai captured by tho rebeli at Union
C'ty, aftor receiving a wound In the arm
II ti wat taken to Andenonvillo, and In
that, and at Libby prison, wai conllned
for nearly thrne yean. On
hit releaic, he ruturnui homo
in broktn health and went
Westward to live, Por about
tlx yean ho ha beau rnercbandii
ing In Mitsouri, Kansas and In
dian territory. It ii but a littlo while
ilnco ho returned to Carbondale on a viiit.
He leaves two brotheri, ono liittr, and
a largo number of iriendi to mourn the
calamity of hit murder, and invoko von.
geanco on tbe guilty band that elew him-
The undortlgnni having resumed the
management of the above hotel, trust by
itrict attention to business, le th want
and comforts of their gnesti, to merit th
renewed favor of their old patroni aud the
traveling public in general.
1 he Saint Cbarlci will atonco undergo
a thorough renovation, and be much im
proved in all ill appointments.
Good sample rooms and tpeeial riitcs fcr
commercial travelers,
All baggage for guesti conveyed to and
from the hotel free of charge.
JkwttWii.cox& Co., Proprlctori.
Mn. M.uix I'.oLL.it, the well-known
piano-tunor, will on tho tirst of next
month, establish, for tho benefit of his
patroni, who pay him ton dollart a year In
advanco for keeping thier piano in tune, a
musical librury which will contain noth
ing but the choicott music fur new begin
ners, advanced pupil and accomplished
players. Tho music will bo sent weekly
frcoof charge to his customori, until Mr.
Holler hat obtainod whnt he ! aftor, and
that is a nice store. Yesterday he re
ceived a large numbor of new pieces of
tho choicest muilc, which will bn dittrlb
uted among hi patrons. 12-14. tf
CiiniaTMAs will toon bo at hand, and
people are commencing to think whut
preients they want for thair wivei, pit
rent, children, friends, etc. it any one
can't make up hit mind, wo would adviso
our friendi to call at . & W. Jiuder't
Jewelry ttoro, corner of Eighth tlreot and
Washington avono, and they will be turo
to And lomothlng to suit, for Uioy'are
receiving now goods daily especially
ndaptod for the holiday trade. Prom tho
finest watches and tats of jewelry to tho
smallest children' oar-rings. The tame
in rings. Tbe finest tea sets, pitcher,
castors, butterdishes, &c, to the smulleit
teaspoon. Ornamental and plain clocks,
gold, sliver and ivory headed canoi, and
many other articles too numerous to men
tion. lii-ltd
P. Fitzgerald at his rooms, corner
Fourteenth street an I Commercial ave
nuo, offers for ealo Guinness' Porter &
linns' ales and pure Hennetty brandy,
and tbe genuine Angosturo bitter, all
flrit-clais cholera cures. Try them
7-17 tf
and departure for tho 21houri tudlng atO
p. in. List cvenlnj:
Ulvaniur Illinois, Columbui
" Jlrn Flsk, Paducah
" OH Churuh, New Orluans
" Paulino Carroll, New Orleum
Quickstep, Evawvllle
" City of Chester, St. Louis
City or Qulncy, Su Louis
Andy II aura, Cincinnati
Jne Kinney, St Louts
St. Joseph, St. Lauli
" ldlcwIM, Kvanivlllo
" Hello Moinpbit, St.
" Arlington, Memphis
" Grand Tower, Memphis
' Nlok Iongwortb, fnw Uiietsi
11 Mary IloaHon, Lo'iltvllle.
DEl'ARH.1). ""
Steamer, Illinois, Columbus,
" Kate Kfntie), O.
" Aihland, Arlanihs Kiver.
1 1U11.) Mtmphls, Mem)hli.
C. I). Church, Cincinnati.
" Gret Kepubllc, X. O.
' Paulina Carroll, St. Loulf.
" I'tah. tt. Leult.
" Quickstep, Kvantvillo.
" City of Chester, St. Louit.
" City of fi'iincy, N. O.
Andy llaum, Memphis.
" .loo. Kinney, Vfcktburij.
" St. Joieph, Momphis.
" IdlewIM, Kvanvillo.
" Bello Shrovoport, Itcd Kiver.
" Arlington, Cincinnati,
" Grand Tower, St. Lotus.
" Mary Houston N. O.
Nick. 1cng worth, Cincinnati.
tub ntvrr..
The Ohio river has risen IS inches dur
ing the pait 24 hours, and was 30 feet 0
inches on the guage yo.trduy. .
The Miiiiuippi ii still rising.
UUil.lEfS AVD wKiTnr.n.
Ituslncityotterday was quite dull.
The weathor continues clear with mild
days and stinging cold nights, but rain
may be looked for again shortly.
The C. 11. Church had for this port and
a to to t'Yj bbls of molassct ; 02 hhds su
gar; 70 balct cf cotton 218 pkgi tundrlet;
H00 ski of salt, and John Kobiuson'i cir
cus and menagerie.
Tho City of Chester had 415 blt of
cotton for St. Louis.
Tho Pauline Carroll brought 232 bbla
of rice; 1C7 bbls molasses; 33 hhds su
gar; SI bbls pecans ; 40 casks of wino for
tho Illinois Central road ; 173bbls of rice;
11 bbls molauei; lis hhds sugar for the
C. & V. railroad and 75 bbls pecans ; t3
bbls molasses ; 113 hbds, 42C boxes tugar
for St. Louis.
Tho City of Qulncy had a very goo!
trip, and expected to Uli out below.
Tbe Quickstep brought 1,235 tacks of
corn and 23 bbla whisky.
Andy IJautn brought 'JO ton for this
city, and added, probably, & nuuh
Tbo Holla of Sbreveport bu 401 torn
for tbo Mfiiiiflppf, and 500 torn tor Hod
rivor, and hat 25 passengers.
The St. .loioph aud Joe Kinney wero
well laden.
The ldlewild brought U tugar kettles;
161 pkgi iron ; '20 pkgi snndrie for Cairo;
CO barrels flour; HI csk meat; 01 la'ct
hay ; 427 tacki corn for tho loulh.
The Kick Longworth hat C27 barro's
molauei; E9 hogshead sugar; C9 barrels
oranges; 11 barrels pecans; 53 barrols
of rice for Cincinnati ; 237 barrels of mo
lusts; llhogthoad sugar for Pittsburg
and 247 batrelt ofmolastos; 12 hogshead
sugar; 11 crates earthenware for Louis
ville and 150 tons for way points.
lno. A. Punch, General Freight and
Passenger Agent cf tho Mobile it Ohio
lUilniid will to In this city to-morrow,
Wednesday, to moot any partios who may
detiro to bid for the tran'for of Passengers
between this point and Columbus. In
other words ho it looking for a boat
to take tbo place soon to bo mi Jo vacant
by the retirement of tho Illinois.
The Allegheny Hello hns two barges
nearly laden for New Orloans, aud may fill
out hero or bolow.
Tho 11. A. Iiabbaga left 1 cr throe barges
here and roturncd to Grand Towor to
bring out two monitor barges of coal
which tho will add to her tow for New
The Mary Houston was loaded tlat.
.Mrs, M. J. Canon wishes to call atten
tion that she has jist received a neat as
sortment of toys, notion and fancy good
on Commercial avenue between Nineth
and Tuiith streets. 13-2w.
My connection with tho St. Chariot ho
tel at proprietor will ceaso on thu 15th
intt. Parties holding bill or accouuts
against me or the St. Charles are raqueit
cd to present them for tuttlemont boforo
that date.
3t P. D. Ittironu.
Any one wiihlng something made iu tbe
jewelry line fur tho holidays will pleaso
send in their orders a oon as poitible to
E. A W. Huder, manfacturing jewelers
corner of Klgnth meet and Washington
avonue. ll!-4td
Tho only place whoro such inilrument
aro kopt in stock In Soutborn Ilinols, is at
K. & W. Hudcr'e, cornor Eighth street
and Washington avcuiis. They keep the
celebrated Wm. Knute piano, used by
tho moet prominent muticlnns. Tho
Hauor piano and organ, also the celebra
ted .Yogel and Hughes organs. Any
ono wishing to surprise bis family with
such an instrument would do woll by call
ing at Huder', a they will make rates
ttnd term more liberal than dealer of tbe
kind In largo cities. 12-4 til
Gl's, JIkim, thf barber, continues to do
business at thu old stand on Sixth street,
near Ohio levoe. It is an acknowledged
fact that hi ihop is ono of the neatest In
tho city, and his holp aro all first-class at
their business. For a real smooth, clean
sbav Helm's Ii the place to get it.
Pntcc CtrnrtKNT OfriCK, 1
Monday Eve.,'Deo. 16, 1873,
Wo have few changes to noto cither in
prices or condition of the genertl tnarVtt.
The demand for all
klndt i'f grain ii'l
teady and rather in excett of the supply.
Corn has advanced to C3c for both mixed
and white, buyer tnakloi; tid deference In
the price of the ttvci. Holders were ask
ing Me; but we heard of r.o sals? at; that .
pr!ce,a"ndtLcreforo we quote tho markt j
atti3c loy; thli li tnr corn ackel and (
delivered. ,
J Freights arTj more plenty abd rates firm.
, ButKr tcJ e.jt are Iti Krgo upp' and
tdtrCorroiponilbnts bould bear in mind j
tbat our quotations are for rourd lftt I
(ram tint Lands. For broken ana aunti.
lott, and In- filling ofders, un ndvntice
Is charged over the-e ptice'.jjnj
FLOUH Tba market It" Arm and
steady at last quotations. Wu note sulci
of 1,400 bbls arioun grftde at SKH; 100
bbls do on orJors A S0S 7J; CW blls
XXX H eo(77i ZOO bbls tuper J4 26
(3)6 00,
COKN Tho mpply is unequal to llie
dtmand and prtcc iavo un upward ten
dency. Salts comprise 8 cars mixed, in
sacks del eOo; 4 cars do on ordorsC7fi)58c;
3 cart white do Gir; 3 ciri dj ia bulk ii
55c; 1 cur do In etcki del CSr, 2 cars
mixed in bulk 30c.
n AY -Choice Is in good demand nt
quotations. Wo report sales of 7 cart,
choice ?I7fi17 CO; 2 cars primo $1CIG ;
3 cars do mixed $1S16.
OATS Hocelpti are light and inade
quate to tho demand ; prices aro firm at
quoted. Salos wero 4 cars, in tacks, del,,
4649c ; 4 cars mixtd, do 00c ; 2 car do
in lacks, 4f'c; 18 cars, mixed, 4?(7,19c';
2 cars white, COo ; 1 car on p. t.
HRAN Inactive. Demand Is limited.
Htlei wero 600 lacks, $15.00.
CO UN MEAL Tho demand It eool,
prices steadily advancing with th quota
tient In Corn ; 72 bbls. groan sold fer $2.30
and 1 ear do., for S2.75; 600 bbls., St.
Charles brought 3 23 and 200 bbli. kiln
dried, S3 00,
WHEAT :jc"irs spring sold for 1.03
1.25; except for mllliu purposes, the
domind is very light.
UUTTEU Tht tupply it about equal
to tho demand, and pricei range as form
erly quoted. Wo note siiles of 11 pkgs
2025e; 10 pkgs Northern Koll 20i7i,.2Cij
C pkgs common roll 20c.
EGGS Ur.chsngeil and plerily in tho
APPLES Tho demand far choice is
good. Wo noto salet of 30 bbls common
at J34 50; 100 bbls mixed 2 60(2,1 i
CO bhU ebole tl 50; 20 bblt do fancy
?4 50.
COTTON Eighteen bales sold for 13
14c. ORANGES Ttn bblHsold at $10(5111.
CUEKSE-Twenty boxes cream brought
lie per lb.
TUUlCKYrt Urmtcd .hould be worth
10l2c ; livo $0lc per dozen. Wo
note Falei of a coops at 9I 1.
CHEESE Now" York factorv nr lb.
SYHb'PS The demand is fair for
choice at 0cr7j)H por gal, and Now Or-
leans at 7.V?,ij0c,
PLASTERING HA1K-35C por buthel.
LIME In lott $1 15to;i 25 por bbl.
CEMENT At wholesale f2(,J2 CO per
HURL A PS 2 it bushels com, 01 07.
16Jc;dol0oz lti.-j -I buhe!s oats 20c; 5
bushels 21c.
SOAP Shaotler's Gorman motted 7J
Champaign soap, 7Ac.
TA L LOW Per lb C7c.
FREIGHT Cotton, compressed to
Now York, 65c! to Boston, $1. Uncom
rrosted, to New York, it 14; to Boston
RATES To Now Orloann mi Vicki
burg: Totatoes, apples, etc, 60c; pound
freights 25e cwt; hay $7 per ton; whitkoy
SI 40 per bbl. ' '
TO MEMPHIS-Plour, etc., 30o por
bbl; pound freight 15s cwt; hny $Z por
ton whisky 8O0 per bbl. .
Heavy Under Shirts and Drawers at SO
cents each nt IHttmnn's.
tuits from $t to J12 at llart-
Ovorcoal C.inchilln from $7 to i'., nt
Con.vTnr knit socks, all wool, 35 cunts
per pair, at Hartman's. 1 1-23 tf .
For oas and steam tilting go to Ren
cle's Vulcan iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street V-10-tf
All kind of gaiiio constantly on hand
at Harry Walker's, Commercial avenue
between Seventh and Eighth streets.
New lino of collorettes, tics, gloves
and hotlery this week at Stuart & GhoN
Tnu European hotel, Ham Walker
proprietor, it opo'n at all hours of the
night. . 11-7-lm .
Fon it good tquaro menl go tn Harry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenue
between Savonth and Eighth street. 1m
Tkk pound! of sugar for $1 at Wilcox';
3J pounds of butter for ft nt "Wilcox's;
25 cent por peck tor potatoes at Wilcox's.
Tiik largest stock of tllver and plated
ware; illver nud plated spoons, i;nives
Jcc, ever brought to Cairo, rau bo found
nt E. & W. lludor's, corner Eighth street
and Washington avonuo, 12-ltd
A l.AiniH and comploto stock of'dry
good's, clothing, boots and shoes and crock
ery nt panic prices. Also the largost as
lortmontof holllday toysnml fancy goods.
Call and seo befote purchasliig eUowlmre,
at llartumnjs. - 11-29 tf
Nonou ia hereby given that i will pay
no bills for good sold to any of tho em
ploye of Tux Cairo Bulluxin, either
or themselves or for tbo use of tho oL'lco
uiiluio tho eamo aro faruished on aa order
(Igned by Mr. Ilurnotl or myself.
12-20-ly TTouji II. Oukisly,
ir you wdnt fresh
go to J. D.Z'inoilc, ht the Dexter Eschange,
No. ISO, Ohio levce. n-Mm-
A numher Olio relilene( in rnf. ri.,lii
rooms and good wood house. Slluateil on
Kletcnth Mievt, lately oceilpleil 1y iirs.
Hagey. Apply to
'"'-- (. W. Mrltr.AC.
The above utlli, uli In good running order,
will bo told very cheap on cay tcniii. Ap
ply on the premises. M. D. OCMTCt:.
An clctlon;wlli;,bc;hcld at the City Na
tional Hauk 011 Friday, January 13th, l.71
to elect seven directors of said bank.
lw A. It. Savi-oi'.I', ciiMcr.
NOTICE Ou and alter Monday, o em
ber 3, and through the winter, if warm lunch
will bo spread at the Thalia saloou, opposite
Tiik Hi'M.r.TiK olilec, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
ever) day. All the delicacies of the season.
ll-tliu A.Jakcku., Proprlctot.
FOR SALE A llrst-cla'-s hotel in a good
locality lu rentt.il putt of the city with a
good run of lmIne. Reasons lor telling
are satlelactort' utid will be cvpUltied on ati
plication. The ale mut be completed on
or bcloro the I5tu Inst. Apply to Win -
Hrow 11, Uro wu't bote), corner Su cutli iti eet
and-Wnslilngton avenue. td
All baegtgo held lor elinrgop- at tlio tt.
Charles hotel, tud unclaimed proWous tn
that date, will be told at public auction on
Friday tho UiJth day uf December, at 1
o'LiOck a.m., nt llartiuin'a auction room.
ll-ii 3-J.I 1". I. llKXi-oitl), Proprietor.
.Kl'llMls CHEAP
l'hilllp and Drigzs',
Corner Tenth and Commercial.
11-20 liu
NOTICE. I take this uicthcd of Inform,
ing the public that 1 have returned to the
city, au.l am now prepared to till orders tor
photographs nt tay .Gallery, cornor ol
Eighth itrcct and Commercial avenue.
; .T. J, TllOM.t.-,
The partnership heretofore cxhitiw bo
twecn the undersigned under the name aud
style of Aycre tCo.,U lbl day dirolvcdby
mutual content of tho patties. Persons In
debted to the late llrm will m tko payment
to S. 1). Ayeri. who alone ir authorized to
receipt for same, Tho bu-lnen will be car
ried on by '. 1). Aycriuuilcrthc"ityle orthe
late tirm. s. I). Avkii.s
E. J. AYKllK
iAHio, Jib., December 1. 1S73.
W ith great caie, .by :i pioce- entirely his
own, Dr. Pi lie 1 enabled to extract from
each of the true tolect fruits and aromatic,
all ol its characteristic llavor, and pl.ico In
the matket n cl.t'i of Flavoring of rare ex
ci'llentc. Ecry llaor at reprofoitled, ol
great itrensth and perfect purity.
For ony flavor that miy bo wanted for
ilaorlng ice cream, Jellle-, cutards, pmtry,
etc., wc recommend Dr. Priced Special
Flavoring, and feel sure that liko his Cel
ebrated Cream Baking l'owdcr, will hu
perfect satisfaction. There U no Imposition
lu thcic articles. d&wlw.
Caiiio, Ills., Pec, 1S73.
To whom ttmay concern.
TUlo i tu ci-rtlfy that wo the Joint heirs ot
tbe cM:ite of DennU Mahuny, have thU day
received from Wm. Kiichenbccker, agen1
ol tho Tcutonla Life Jnsiiratico company,
ono thousand dollars lu lull for polity 011
said Dennis Jlahony. Accept our thank
for the prompt pajment of the abote pol
Makv CncintAN',
Patkici; Mauo.nv,
12-n-dlw TimoiiivMahony.
Rut hai on hand, utid lor tale a largo
quantity of oak and hickory wood, cut and
ipht, and ready for tho stove. Also all
kinds ot coal which will bo delivered In any
part of tho city on thort notice. Leave or
ilciN at coal yard, on Commercial avenue,
oppoltu Eleventh street. Dec. (Wm
A grand ball will be given at Schce.'s
hall December 1Mb, by Cooper Union No, U
of Illinois Ailmlsdon one dollar. Every
body rcspectfiflly Invited.
Committee of nrrangenients,
S. !. NK.U.Y,
C, 11. MrmnocK,
The annual meeting uf tho stockholders
of the Klrt National Hank of Cairo for the
election ot iliicctnrn, will be hold nt thu of
fice of raid bank ill Cairo, on Tucxday, Jan-
jary 13, 1871, between tho hour" of 10
a'clock a, m nud 1. o'clock p.m.
CiiAd. Ci .VNi.vtiiiAM, Cashier.
C.mho, UN., December 10, 1S7 1. td
1 would respectfully announce to tbe peo
ple of Cairo that 1 have resumed the prac
tice of dentistry In my old rooms, No. 110
Commercial avenue, and hope by strict at
tention to bul'Jt'fcs aud u cr -driving for tho
highest excellency lu tho profession, to be
able to give entire satisfaction in all cue,
anil lu merit a liberal portion of your pat
lon.igu. J'. L. Williamm, Dentist.
Tho well-known business stand of Cutcad j
A Proro, nt tbo mouth of Clcarcrcek, Alei:
under county, Illinois, situated lu one Ofl
tho lined agricultural illstrlcts of the West,
and with a woll-establl'hed tr.ulo, This will
bo found a rare opportunity for un cucrgello I
btitiuisi man. I
Tho preml-es consist of a store 0X10 feet
a dwellln ; of cl'ht ro'.m, woll furulthctl
aud couveulciitly arranged, guud cisterns
sud all nccessaiy otit-ljulhlliigs nnd ono
aero rf laim. Terms liberal. Apply or
addles, Wju. CCsTIUK,
12-9-lm- d.t. Cleiiarereo l.iucli-, III.
All citizens aro hereby itotlUcil Hint 011 ac
count ol thu provalencu ol small pox lu Chi
cago and other neighboring cities, tho beard
of health ilci'in it Hcecaary toillvldutho
city Into three district and Uavo appointed
tho following puytlctaus for tho purpose ot
vaccinating all persons who In thtlr opinion
require vaccination. Dr. cVil. Evans will
attend to the district lying south of Ninth
Btroet. Dr. II. Warilner to the districting
Item con Ninth aud SovciitcenihstrceK. Dr.
.1. O. Sullivan to all that puit of the city ly
ing north of Seventeenth street. Tho phy
hlclans hereby tppolnlctl bavo instruction
to report tbo names ol all pereous refusing
to bo vaccinated. The physicians shall aSo
collect from alipei-ous vaccinated, wiio aro
able to nay therefore, the sum of twenty-
lit e cents and thill noto tho tamo in their'
report to the. board.
By order of tho board of health.
Jo u.N Wood, chairman,
c.vino, lib, December llUi, ls7. WH
114 nLSmammfith nifmmnnf f.AAil.rt
ItrthnHnl iiVriAAiaHt. . r..i..i .a
.Uii'v,ts-siuwivsi'iii lururinmcn prcKnl
atLherntoof oim nTntnula. 1ran a..
m wt,wu UCI
reus of bavlnira lmmlnnl
' ihfrr order In cison. Phologr.tpds can I
1 made on cloudy dayt equal to thoje on sui
I turning one at
uii; wino gicniic Ky-iyiil, W.U1C& ca
cot uu surpassed In
Alto on nanu anna astonment nt ei.i n.
aiuunranies. ju are invited to call au
examine, l'ottralt in oil up to life slxo an
J aquarelles of the hlghctt flulth, for whlcl
' nioiiau hive been awarded.
tiiuisrj- on ?ixui sireot, between Com
merqial and "Washington avenues, Cairo
Illinois. 12.10 tf
Hoot and thoa maker .Twen htiret.l.r.
street, 11 prepared to make boots ami shoes
In tbo latent nnd mot fashionable stvlei.
Ha will roako Ihcin to order, old or new
styles to suit customers, out of the lJett sea
j fro'hett tock, of which he always his t
1 good upply on hand from which to taiV
telllfitlntl 1 All fltllir ftf 1 k..n,. .n.l
tuaite liv Mr. t-:lilnr U ilnnA (,i 1,1a nw. .t...
no foreign fitting belnit used by him.
uiva ium a nsu. nnn fie u- i-ivn vnu f ...
fact IOU.
Having a larger stock of Toutht', Uoys
aud Children!,' Clothing on.liand than Is ulc
csiiry for the Cairo market and an ldoa ot
maklug thlt our Ust tvatou 11 chllilrem
clothing, we will tell our stock, (one of the
ilncttlnthetAte),at New Yons Cost for tho
next thirty days. l';ircnn wishing tome finu
clothing at low figures lor Holiday presents,
ran lind them for talc in tho above lot. This
j is no adcrtislng dodge, but wo Intend to do
ln.t what wo pav : Mem. tlin finkit htocu
of Youi its', HovV and ChimjiienV Cloth
I Nil ever brought to the tatu outtido ot
Chicago at Nnw Yomc cost.
No. til, Ohio l.evcc, 2d door above First
National Hank.
1 T.
. I
C.uno TnA.vjrisit Elevatoas,
Cairo, Illinois,
are now ready for business.
Sound grain, J Jo per bushel for tirst ten
days or part Ihciooi, and Jo each addltloual
leu day, or part thereor. Unsound
grain, 2c per buthel lor Hrt
ve da; or part thereof, und
ic each udilitlonal five days or part there
of. Hugging Grain and Tyiug Bags, Je per
Bagging Oram and Sewing Hags, lc per
buthel. 12-0-ood-4t.
Cairo, Ills., Dec. S, LS7.1.
liiiply relict lor young ineulrom tUo el
fectii ol error and abuses iu early life. Man
hood rcKtored. Impudiment to marriage
removed. New method of treatment. New
and remarkable remedies. Hook and cir
culars sent free, In Kealed envelopes. Ad
lire, Howard AroelatIon. .No. 2 South
Ninth street, Philadelphia, l'a. an Institu
tion having a high reputation for honorable
conduct and professional skill." lO-'-U d.twSm
Tue groatt wonder of the age In tbo
way of a chair Is to bo found In Dr. Wil
liam's dontal establishment, over Elliott
& Haylhorna's boot and ihoo ttoro. It it
constructed almost ontlrolyof iron, and
by a simple " twin of tho rist," may bo so
enlarged as so to accommodate tho largeit
ponon,or t-i.-u rep-", may bo mado small
enough for Tho loast child. To under
stand iti workingi it should be seen, and
tho Doctor, who by tho way Is nt pround
of it as ho enn be, will take pleasure in
showing it to those who call at hit olHco.
Dr. Wiinitii, t"i mplotoly roflttod and
furnishol hit olh I it now ready for
business iu bis , und will ever try to
givo .u'.U'ncUon. lie asks n sharoof pub
lio patronn!. 12-14 tf,
Tue haruer hop is on tbo cornor of
Eighth street and Commercial avenuo
whero .1. Georgo Stlenbouso with his geu-
j tlemauly asslstantt can bu found at any
hour of Ihu day or-nlgbt, ready to soothe
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper und head with a good sham
poo. It Is it first-class shop, and you aro
lure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
aftor tho most ttpproved stylos, R-15-tf
It. Jonks, fttbionabld boot and shoe
maker. Cork tolos, Scotch bottoms, and
thu latest improvement! in tho lino of his
businon. Only tho best ana roost com
petent wutkmon employed, and all work
warranted to bo flrttclats in every respoct.
Shop on Commercial avenue, near corner
of Tenth street. 10-7
Lakok all-wool six-pound blanket at
ft 25 per pair, at Hartman't. 11-29 tf
On Sattuday afternoon, 13Jh intt., a little
glrl'o dark green waterproof cloak, lined
witU.green lUnnol. The finder will to
suitably rewarded by roturnlng it to the
BULUTIN Olllcu. 4
Latbt itylo gentV hU from $1 to
50. at Hartiaan's. ll-SOtf

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