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OMetitl rprff UieClly nts.l ComUy.
.UHNILOliEULY, Kdltor and Publish.)
On vrcek, by carrier 9 2
One year by carrier, In adY.tnco 10 00
One year by carrier U not ptfd In
advance. CO
Dne month, by saiM 1 00
Itiree months 3 00
Mix months. 6 W
One year". 10 00
Tens or wrKKtr bullktis.
One Tear SI 00
Six Months , ''
Three Monti K
Invariably In advauco.
Kr-vllng; mntlrr on crt-rj pnRC
Tns surrondor oS tbo Vlrr;inius is cx
psctod to taVo pUco to-day.
Oot. Biteeidok has appointed Hon.
James Steele, of Paris, UJjr county,
llallro&d find "vYarhiuso Commissioner
to fill tho racancy cautod by the dcatb of
Col. II. 1). Ooolt. Mr. Stoolo is n lawyer,
tnl was formerly circuit court juJgg.
Tub "WlnJom traniportallon committee
-will viiit New Orleans tnd other points
In tboioutb, and willlcavo Washington ui
oon as tbo holiday recefs begins. Tho
expenses of tho commlttco for its last sum
mer's journeying amounted to four thou-
i and, four hundred nnd flfly-nlno dollars.
StriJf hundred carponlors, oco tbous
an bricklayers, flvo hundred itono cut
tcr, flvo bundrcd plasterers, eight bun
drol palntors, one bundrod itonc luaicnf,
one. hundred italr buildcrj fifty carpen
ter! and Jilnors, four bundrod coopors,
tbreo hundred iron-moulder-, and about
our thousand laborers of all ether trades,
re now out cf omploymont in New York
death: of iir.3, chants fatiieti.
Tho death or Col. Dsn., tho futhor of
Mr J. Grant, took place in Washington
City, at tba ciccutlvo mansion, on Mon
ly, tho fifteenth icst. Ho quito
ged, having exceeded tho allotted thrco
tcoro and ton years ot man by a full do
cadi. On account ot hit great ogo and
foobleaoss, caused by sickness, bit death
ha! been anticipated for icmo months.
Mr. Dent was a native of ilarylacd.
"Eli father at ono timo was ono of tho
largest land owner of tho State, being
'possessed or all tho land from Port To
bacco to tho Eastern Branch of tho Ioto
mac, upon which n portion of tho
City cf Washington is built. Theso
landi wero crjwn grants, for which patents
wero iuuei long beforo tho rovolulion
ary war. Through indorsing for a filend,
tho father of Mr. Dent lost much of his
valuable land. Ills ton emigrated to Pitts
burg, from thence to Louisville, wbero, for
awhile, be engaged in business us u com
minion merchant. His wife, tbo mother
of Mrs. Grant, was Miss Rensball of Pitts
burg, and after his marriago to her, bo re
moved to ft. Louis, where bomftdo n largo
( A commll'.eo appointed by the Young
Men's Christian Association of Illinois
In tho intcroits of prison reform, mat in
bpringfl-ild on TussJay. In tba address
preparod by the committto, among whoso
names at the bottom appear lueso of n I
commissioner and tho chaplain cf the .Il
linois t'.ato punitontiary, wo find tho fol
lowing dciigoatod as theorils to lo re
formed :
Tho imposition- cf inadequate or excessive-
sentence! j the iuulllciency, ux
pcnio mid evil influenco of confinement in
idleness without seclusion in tho county
jails; tbo want of propo- classification of
prisoners; tbo iwjrjpar nnd unjust con
llnouient of witnosius; the lack uf safe
Kuard accompanying tho pardoning pow
cr; tho universal and Indiscriminate dis
trust of discharged prisoners; tho errors,
inco&sistonci-s and nbsurdllios of tho
. criminal law, and the needless and expen
sive doUvs in tho administration of
All this Is excellent and tho reforms to
bo effectod will bo subscribed to ly every
one. But from lato occurroncoa In tho
penitentiary at Joliet, it would loom that
tho philanthropist! might, in the caso of
Illinois, consistently cxpond M tbelr re
formatory efforts upon tho managers of
tbo state prison. 'Tho punishments of
refractory prlsonors at Joliet are various ;
they are often placod in tho "solitary"
tad chained to a ring in tho wall, or hand
cuffed to one in the floor; nregaggoi with
un iron gag, fastoncd with a strap at tho
hick of tho head ; or a wooden box filled
with sand is fastened to tho convicts bad:
eight ; these are a few rf tho methods u:cd
to induce obedionco on tbo part of prison
ors. Last week, ono of tho prisoners, a
man named Williams, who bad lagged n
little In his workj and had been pun
Ished for It, g&vo as a reason for
ft repetition of tbo efr.nsc, that his
hands wero sore. llo wis then
placed In a cold bath, and for being
rather slow in putting on his clothes,
was put in tbo tub the second time, and
his head held under water by tno men,
for ten minutes. 'When ho was tsks.n out,
co was unable to stand, nnd immodlatelv
fell over dead. According to Dr. Mason,
the prison physician, "Williams died of n
rupture cf the walls of the heart : but ac
cording to common senso, often at issuo
with physicians, tbo prisoner died of bru
IaI IPAiltmittf W . . rHli.,l...J .1 ...
tie plain English of tho matter.
A joint committee of mornbers of th
:ouncil and citizens has been appointed
;o advettise Cairo and publish its advaot
iges as a manufacturing and business
joint. The purpose for which this com
nlltee was raised is commendable; and
Mayor "Wood, who suggested it, Is cnll.
led to pittite for thus urging tba city to
ako a step forward.
Hot to tsppolnt a committto for a tnecl-
e purpose It not enough, If tho object
eslred is ver to be obtained tbo commit
se must pel; ted, before tbo comultteo
U Uki nctlos, it moat Lo organliMl,
Thecoamitteo to which wo have referred
abovo was nppolntod several vctks ago,
but no official notlco of nppolnlment has
been given totcithtr of tho members; it
has hnd no meeting;,! person teems nu
thorixed to tako tlio" steps, cccestkry to sc
curs Hi ortjanlzaticn. This is notn'pjcm
Islng indtoation c.ho usefulness 6f'this
commlttco !s not an eutirancVthat It it'
composed of tho proper material; but let
us bopo hr tho best.
As wo havo saiJ, tha labars of a com
miitco of tho Itijs J tu-c.itad Ly
Mayor "Wood orgntiizpJ cut of tho
cntrgy of tbo ci:y, could, wo
havo no doubt, tecuro to Cairo nddttionM
projperily. Such a commiteo,4nlgbtand
tbouli publish to tho worlthofidwin
lagcs of the illy, showing under this head,
climnto nnd lumllh'fulr.css; looali n with
reference to timber, crtnl r.nd other tiu-lft
building stoui', grain, IruHt, cotton, tolmc
co, cite.; railroad connections; and loca
tion ns a trade nnd manufacturing cuitor,
etc. i
Thcto may be ttoio nmong tur citizent
who do not approve of tho proposed move
ment, but such citir.ans aro either not anx
ious to in'ducothu prisoner of enterprising
people or else aro of tho fossil Mud, nnx
iuus to huvo tho city remain ns.lt is and
securu no additional advantage- To tho
carping of this class tho committee (if it'
should oven bo urganlzad) ought not to
pay any attention. Orttro's Intorc'ts lc
macd that tho trumpet of hor prutso
should bo sounded. '1 by lienlthlcst city in
tho country, common rumor has uiido
Cairo, n pest-holo In whi.h opidoin'cj aro
always present; tht; best located city In
tho Mississippi vnliey fur tbo transaction
of lusincsf, it !ms been called, uncontra
dicted, tho homo if bii'iocss "sharks"
posterfcd neither cf credit ybr
honor; boasting n , population dis
tinguished for its ltw-iblJlng dispu
position, tcmpernnco and 'morulity, it
has been called un every band and'with-
out question's den cf murderers, drunk
nrds nnd thieves. Abusu nnd opprubri
um harct bcn hosped upon Cairo, nnd tho
people of thu city Imvo not ovon protestid
against tho outrage. Tlipy huvo taken
tho burden upon their bicka without com
plaint and carried it with rucoknesf. This
fci ehowt uj what va lsck. It is energy
enterprise. alould got up nml
yawn ouco or twice, if necessary, to get
wide awake, then, nil lrgcthor,.Ugin to
work for Cairo, and to sound loudly tho
tho trumpet of her praise.
Upan tho joint comtnittoo tho duty of
making nn ifiort In behalf our city has
boon devolved , ntid wo earnestly roquost
tho mayor to go around and "wako up'1 its
members. "Who is its chairman, and
where docs ho sleep? Js sow the question
Staling The But-urnx.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletiiii
ruuTiiER l'AUTfcriiiiis or the
From "Wftslilnstou.
VTAEUixfiTOH, Docember 17. Tho Sen-
Hto Committuo on Kaval AQ'airs t.ia
morning niireod to report without Amend
ment thu bill rtcontly pMiol by thu lIout
io incicuso tnu cniuiud furco or tbo i.rtrv
to 10,000 men.
ajss. uowAna.
Gon. Howard appeared boforo tho Huuso
Committeo on Military AU'.nrs to-doy
Hon, and waived any alvantago that
might accruiitolum by ktntua of limitation
or otliorwire, in ordvr tlut he might bo
tried ly court-martial. U.i thought ho
would bo fully auto tii provo that ho wn
not Qciully or morally ictponiiblii fur
any shorti-niuingit by rcrsjn of hisndmin
titration of the atfiiirs cf tho Kreud men's
Bureau. Can. inccnt was nlto present,
but hs tho charcoa against (Jen. Howard
cro not yot printed, his examination was
posipoucu until to-morrow.
Tho nrcsldcnl has nominated Iletirv
JCoJiler fur postmastor nt Cincinnull ; bUo
A. 0. 'Ye.t at M.lwnukto an I II. W.
Hutlcck at 'ukhvlllo.
IS tl.i: XB K or THE YIRfllMl'1.
Tho department has received informa
tion that.tho Virginius was rolenscd yn.'.er
diy morning and sailed frem Kubia Ilonda
In thu afternoon.
i nui a k ArrAins.
Gen. Sheridan informs Gen. Sherman
that Lieut. Hudson, of thu 1th cavalry,
was recently lent from Fort Clarkotvhh
f'irty men, to tnurccpt n pttty of Bank
Indians raidiuir n thu lowr Kftirl. nr.
tho tenth lnst.,hu atruck th Bank ludiaru
and killed 0, and wounded u guod rouny
men and captured 1 1 1 animals. Of his own
casualties thuro wos ono man wounded
and threo horses killed. This occurrud on
tho "West f.ri: of tho Ti'oucis.
Mr. Sumner introduced a retclution in
structing the Committee urr Finance to
Inqulro Into the expediency or abolishing
tto officrj of cerainluloner of Internal
revenue, und the other ollteos under him,
and that the Intornal taxu'lnn bo collected
by stamps; unstamped articles being li
able to seizure and confiscation by any
United States court, th law to bo en
forced under tbo direction of tho h'ocrc
tarv of tho Treasury.
Mr. "Wright Introduced a resclutlon'In
structlng the comuilltoo on peuiiuns to
i Inquire into tbo expediency of amending
tho pension law t? ai to allow, tome pen- j
sion for tho less of art arm abovo tho el
bow or for tho lott o! o'Urfjbovs tho
kjcoi. Passed. , ' jt
Mr, Edinundt moved ttmt-tlo House
bill for.lliu repeal cf ban'.ruptcy tbi rod
and refurred .'
Meifrs. ConkllDr;nod T1iuman objMct
od tcVTlts rorcrencc. avlcitthe in'ittor
-should bo .disposed uf beforo holiday re-
Tho nornlng hour having expired, Fen
iC.r.ticouucd to addr I ho teutu on tho
resolution reported by tho Oummittco on
Ftnnnco last week. Ho said flutcuatlons uf
currency servo totonDnn tliH belief tl;V.
resumption is iinpc-'isihlw with tho prot
cnl tudunda;it vulumu of papor. llo ar
gued lojhjw.'tliat'lii returnliig to n.round
financial condll'bn ovory interest of tho
government and pcoph was in tho
polioy .of mnderata Jaxcfl-iuSliild or sin
expeiidiliiro bjr 1Kb, govornmorit of OTor
t'werity-sevcri millfo'ns iMtb It'r tiro past
fUcal ynar than for tint previous onn.
Wu must havu a do:roi.o of twice that
Tho amount is rmw excessive, and there
must be reduction of piipr,thui paieruml
specie hall bnar reccgniz:d relnlion to
oach other His desiro was to adopt a
plan which wuiild prevet tho rpoccur
run co of n financial disaster, in n word to
timpllly tho financial imu'hincryi riirtilll
oxpenditurus und steadily alvnti- ot iwnrd
n apecio conditlin.
Crosier said ho desired to sulmit tvtae
remarks on tha pendirg rccdution but
was not prepared to do to to-lay. ll'i
nked that It ha luld iitldu for tl.o t-retunt
,und,lhu Sor ate proceed to'tli'e'rr nilderia-
iion oi tno uiu lor inn rcngiiri aoisiera on
Ihn )jfl7.,i,1ri,II"h 1nm!. BsT 1 SV.
Mr.M6trill.Tof Milho, ritd'h did n6f
desiro to intcrfcro with tho Senator from
Kansas, niid m soon hs bis bi t was div
posod of, ho wnild ntk t.i Imvo the rpecial
i.nvnl apprnprinlion bill taken up.
Mr. Windom gavo notlcu that ho would
aO; owo to Inko up tbo IIouo resolution i
to adjourn Friday next "I
Tho disc jieiou on tho repeal tbo' j
being continued in tho llJio to-day, Mr.
Cljiucr said if ho bad ln' own way ho
wutiid rcpcil tho wholo luw of March Ud,
1B7J, us inr u the coustitutloii will permit,
lio would make tho pending bill nppllciflu
in tho prusunt oxeoutive, und would ro
il m-o his aub.ry to tho unginal figures. Ho
favored tho provision niaintaingihutalary
uf tho judges cf tho auprumo cjurt, but
bua his Uuubls Htoul ino (alary ot ttiu
meiubera of tho C.r.lnct r.nd cmployct of
Congress. Ill had heard much us to the
pupular clainur. Ho had head it de
nounced, scouted and defied. He would
toll tho lluuso what thu public clamor
was: tho Ural evidencu ol tho cominc
storm of publiu wr.th which wnt rising nil
around and about Congress. AYIio ovor
attempted to withstand or overcomo it
would bo overwhelmed anu unaono by it.
Ycstorday tho grand old commonwealth
of Pennsylvania had rendered impossible
forovcr hereafter these frauds and corrup
tions in legislation, which had heretofore
curacd her nnd outraged her; that win
what public opinion had dono for her and
that wnt what it would do for others wh?n
they bowed to it. When they submitted
to it justly, fairly nnd honestly, ns they
uso to, they would rejjico in it "und thank
thoto who hnd headeJ it. -
Mr. Tromaln mcvol to amend Halo's
amendment bv excluding from theoficct
of tho bill the Yice President, Secretary of
State, Secrotary of Treasury, So:rotary of'
War, Secretary of tho Navy, Secretary of
tho Interior, Attorney General, PosDnat
tcr General and Speaker of tho Uousoof
Representatives. , ,
Lowe was In favor of ruicstatemcnt of
tho old 1mv.' . S; i 1 - ? -
Mr Dawes inHl' 1 feci at liberty to
sny that nothing could bo to unfortunate
us for the United States, in tint condition
of alTairs, lo insist upon putting these of
ficers iu position of clutching at an in
ireavj cf salary with ono hand and gath
crini; in now taxes with tiio other. 1 tako
tho liberty to say in behalf of all these
men that thov nrn in heart nnd in spirit
co-operoting with tho United Statos In k
desire to cut down every unnecessary and
e.-.traoruinary cxpenuiturc. wuothor it bo
In falsries or anything clo.
Mr. Tromain to Mr. Dawes Havo you
tho authority of any momber of the Cabi-
n -.'..for 4aying.Uial.ho is orlpotud to tho in
crcuso as to tiio present mid future.
Dawes I havo the authority cf thu
character of nil those men for saying that
they will not stand up beforo tho country,
and insist upon it, that wo will go to in
I'ron'ing thu burdens of tho pcoplo In' or
der to moot this increase of their own saU
arios, whllo we cut down our own and all
Mr. AYool "Will tho gontltman from
Massachusetts permit tno to ask whether
thu l'rosidont h.i dravu his iuxroascd sal-,
ary f T j .. "" vv- i
Mrriwes Ob,,! leuow nothing about
such' thiRgsT ""arcaitic laughter on tho
Dvimocrittic blue.
Mr. Storm dofendo 1 tho incrcaso of tal
ar.t net as just, right anil fair.
'"Mr. Tromaino, nt tho rcquot nt Mr.
Blaine, modified his amendment in ai lo
omit tho Speaker from tho scopy of it.J
tne ainonniiien;.wus llic-n rejaclia yeas,
U7 ; nays, 1UJ.
Mr. ' Butler of Maiehutetts, on his
naiae being called, said that under tho
instructions uf hit etatu ho Voted against.
Tho question then recurred on IIle'p
amandmcni in refuruncj tu tho iresiduuts
nalnry and it was frjicledj yeas "0, unya
1 EG.
Mr. Poland offo.-cd an amondmont re
quiring members cf tho prosont Cjiitrrons,
W ho recoived baek juty us members of tho
last Congress, to refund by monthly
reductions and directing tho Treasurer to
.comniunlcato tho pussagn of this bill to
ex innmbcrs) of tho last Congress, "atidto
cover intoi'lho .-Trisnsnry tho ill OBcy" that
should hu returned.
Heck askud l'oland whether Congress
hnd any powiv to tako from ex-mombers
inuiioy drawn by them ns back pay.
Poland replied that his amendment did
not prorose to do to.
Heck then ntked if thfy bad nof at much
right to rctilnitas tho President has to
retain bir, why undertake to icfult "them
behind their barks and not dare to put tho
came proposuinn to uiu 1 rcriucnt.
it- ' i
Trout Oinalia.
DECisrcir or TftE hWKKMs cocr.T.
Omaha, December 1". Tho recent de
cision of tho supremo court regarding tho
rights of counties to tax tho Union Pa
clUo railroad, gives genoral satisfaction.
It wilt cnablo tho counties to collect a
largo iimuuut of money duo on taxes.
Last tjiajiMa pT.itch' ougtno running' in
tho yard, rani Joto two ban j-cars.ntid'in-stuntly
kiljedotnen jf J J t ?
VAtynxoTo.v, December 1". For lUv
Euglaud thenco westward over northern
portion or tho Middio State andLowcr
Lnko region prcsiuro will diminish 'with
a slight ritu iu temperuturn and possiblo
light rains.
For Southern Statos clearor and fair
wethcr,cxc''pt posaibly on tho coast whoro
tho cloudineu will increased The prevail
ing winds iu theso distrlcta will continue
from tho south and west.
For Upper Lako rpgln nnd Northwest
clear or partly cloudy-weather, with light
to frtsh northwesterly to southeasterly
winds, without decided chango of tttn
peraluro or pressure
Front .San Frnnclsco.
Sax FnAtiiisco, Decembtr 17. By tbo
explosion cf n boiler In tho Independent
Coal Mine, in Contra Costra couoty, last
night,, John Hayes and James VaUty
wero instantly Wiled, and David Yli:utnt
it supposed to bo fatally irjured.
u From Cincinnati
Ciscinvati, Dccomlor 17. Hon. Stan
ly .Matthews of Ohio, will deliver the ora
tion nnd Kov. E. Cranstonnllo tho poem,
beforo thu annual National Convention of
tho llotathela Female Collcgo fraternity,
Whteh will nsiemblo In this city on tho
SOtli liiht.
Prota H.-itann.
j. Havana, Deccmbqr 17. Tho slavery
quiftion is now foricusly discussed among
tlt. slhvo oxrncrs. According to tele
grams and letters from Spain tho govern
tiwnt is determined to bring the question
beforo thu Cortes fcr its action, but de
sires this slovo owners to proposu some
plan for making the abolition slavery n
certainty without injurlrg seriously tho
agricultural prospotity of tho Is, and.
- - -,
From iliidlson, I ml
Yuhr Mauiso.x. I a., Docemlfr 17.
Fire bruko out at 2 34 this morning In lh
grocery ftoroof B. J'.ohpohl, and fpread
ing to II, Etzfnin ic Co. s liirne.'.s shop,
destroying buth buildings and thdrentlro
content. Loss not yet ascertained but
b.'lioved to bo fully Covered by Insurnncu
In thoEtno ef Hartford, low Orisnt
Astoctklion, Continental oi New "i'ork,
and lown Sla lb of Keokuk. 1'ho firo is
supposed to ho tho worlc d' incondinrits.
Tins Silsby fire engine, purchased by the
city recently, saved tbo test of tho build
ings In tho blutk.
From New York.
New Yohi:, Decembsr 17. A Jey
West dispatch aays that llit Fortune and
Ossippeo sailed early yesterday morning;
the latter baring In'tnw r schoontr laden
with coal, probajily intended fcr the Vir
ginius. nomuiiLC lH'ioVLKv.
Soon aftor tho night workers weru re
lieved by tho day miu in Hie Brooklyn
navy yard yesffirduy, discovery was made
of two largo l.rgt oi powder secreted in
tho bold ot thu Minnesota, tho finest und
nearest completed war snip iu tho repair
er's hand-t. It is tho generally accepted
belief in thu yard that the kgt were filled
gradually, aruUbcing old, escaped particu
lar notice. The Minnesota's neighbor is
tho Spanish frigato Arnpllcs.
PiTTtnuiioiiDeccmber 17. River fall
ing steadily, with clevon feet tlx inclujt
in the channel.
New Or.LEANf, December 17. Noar
rlvahi. Louisvillo departed tor Cincin
nati; Bismarck tor St. Louis. Wcatbf r
clear and pleasant.
Louisville, Decembar 17. Rivor ris
ing with 17 feet inches in canal, 15 feet
1 inches in pass down Indian chutu. Clear
and pleasant weather. Thu C. B Church
with a portion of John Rjblnsons circus
loft for Cincinnati.
ViCKAuur.o, December 17. No boats
down. H S Turner anil Ivntij went up.
Vllathor clear and cool. Rivor roso 10
inchus last tM hours.
Cixcik.vati, ; December 17. River 43
0 inches and rising. Arrived James D
Parkoc, Memphis. Departed Channor,
Evaruville; Indiana, New Orleans.
"W'oiithor-ia.clear und pleasant.
Nashville, Decombor I". River still
falling; VI feet on tho shoals. Arrived
Laura L. Davis, Cairo. Departed Laura
L. Davis and Eddyvllir, Cairo. AYc-.ther
clear and pleasant.
MEJiruis, Docember 17. Clour and
warm. River risen 1 foot. Departed
Belle Shrcvepurf,lted rivor; Kobsrt .Mitch
ell, Julin nnd St, Luke, St. Louis; John
JCllgour, New Orleans; Minneols. Cincin
nati; NmsIivI1Ii, Littln Rock; Kanawha
and birgcs, Ohio river,
Sr. Louif, Do:cmbor 17. Arrived
Imperial and bargest.Dubuquo; LaBirgo
nnd Belfast, Vick burg; Colossal, Keokuk;
Pinsiy Peorlri. Departed Future City,
New Orleans; Alex Swift, Cincinnati;
Colossal, Keokuk; Grand Towor,- Mem
phis. Rivor falling. AVcather clear and
EvAXSviLLf, December 17 Weather
clear and mild. Mercury -10 to o0.
River fallen ono inch. "Down Rod
Cloud, Grey Eagle, Mary Amcnt und
juinwiiu. lip uoorgo iioborts, Charles
ri, .i.nnn.. nt.... .ii 1...1 i
.. uwiiiiiM ijrji mi nan jirunv foua
trips. Business fair.
Jlcitrilij, December 17. Cotton de
pressed; good ordinrry, 1-lc; low nfiddlitig
1C15J ; nilddliug, 1C; receipts, a,710;
shipments, d.insi; utogk, 57,JS&. l'lour
qutot. Corn meal quiet nt U '!'. Com
scatoj mid firm, "Ic. Oats scnrcn nnd
linn; O-JCo. II ay quiet at 1UOC024GO.
Bran quiet, 17018. Bulk mcau dull
drooping; ihouldora, CJOU; sides, 7fj)71c.
Lard firm at 8j(,9o.
New Yor.N', Decombor 17 Flour less
actlvii and scarcely t-o firm; tu per
il mi fi 752," -tO; common to good C
25; good to choice 7 8C)7 80; white
wheat, extra, 7 t'08 J5. Whisky dull
and lower at 09o. 'Whuat heavy nr.d
lower, No 2 cholco spring 1 GC(f;l 58,
later prlcu for vory clioics; No 2 North
west 1 LB , Iowu spring I Gu(ujl 67; No 2
winter red western. L Co. , Rye and Jiarloy
unchanged. .Corn firm', western mixed. in
store tfje', s.flDat"!I;i,80Jc while, afloat 78
(5SOC. Hats dull, mixed western afloat 6S
(u;0c; whitu blQctitic. Cuffed strong and
buoyant. Sjgar ateidy, Ulutses very
Cuicaoo, Djcembor 17, Flour dull,
unchanged. "Wheat, closing steadier; No
I spring, I lCJt 17; No i, 1 133 cash,
I M- January; No 3, I 01 09. Corn
dull, uusoltled and lower; No 2 mixed,
61 Jo caah and Dccomlor t 6l551Jo Janu
ury. Oats in fair demand ami lower; No
U7c. Rye In fair demand nnd lower;
No 2, 7CfJi!77c. Burlev dull, declined, X"o
1 fall, 1 1 35; No 3, 1 01. Pork un
settled; closing steady nt 1-1 CO cash, and
H 00 l ebriury. J.ard steady at SJocasb,
and Pjo February. Bulk wants itcady;
shoulders, looio, UU days in salt, 6c; short
rib, bose, 15 dh.va In salt, Ojr3.Se; oluar, EO
days in salt, lijj. Greon meats quiet;
shoulders nominal ; 4 3c: short rib. C!ci
hams, 7J(t)c ur 18 to,10 lbs verag sr
St. Looiji, December 17. 1'iour Hlnty
id firni'in ull gra'dei .'below 6. IQQC 00
id scarce. "AVheat aririnir. active. No 2
spring 1 20l 21; fall unchanged; No2
red In demand I 05; No 3 wanted at 1 45;
No 4 20, Corn lower; closed dull and
weak, No 2 6C(i;50e, cash la elevators.
OAta dull and-lower, little done; No 2
trixed 41c. Barley unohanged; No 2
spring 1 351 45. Rye stoadv and
higher. No 2 87b8e. Pork dull at
14 0067)11 60. Dry salt meats dull; lootn
ihouldon 6J5jc; clear rib 7Jc; cloar "r;
green shoulders Ce; elenr rib iljc; hams
cfeiBJc. Lard .quiet; prima sttfaw 8c;
Nhlskcystoadyanl firm 05o. Hogs dull.
1 60iCO; bulk sales -t 764 83. Cattle
In Rood demand and scarce; good totxtra
native steers 45 75; wintered Texau
2 25(53 Co.
New Orleik, December 17. Flour
rcareu and in good doinand ; XX C 90;
XXX C 'J57 S6; family 7 tC0 60. Corn
In demand, slack prices, and lower mixed
76; whlto77c. Ots dull and lower 6'2
f.fe. Bran dull ntl 03. Hay dull, prinm
'.'0 00; choice 25 00. Pork dull at 1A 00
15 P.!. Dry salt meats, nnno in first
hands. Bacon only Jobbing demand 7J
8Jc; choice hams scarce, old lC10Jc; new
lBjl4c. Lord dull, tierces KSic;
keg OjIOc. Sugar very dull; Mock
urcuraulatlmr, inferior -l5e; prima to
choice 7J(5;Pe. Molasses in fair demand
at lotr prices; supplies of fermenting
common -lOfSjOOc; fair SOfylWc; primo tj
caoleu tCOUi:. AVhiskey Is scarco in
demand; Louisiana 1 00; Cincinnati ' 05;
wcsiern ruetifled 0CCwCofieo in good de
mand and firmer; fair to prime" 23''.'CJc.
Com meal dull at 2 33.
enrr cosiiT.n'c.
4th Grand Gii-t Coxoeut
For the benefit of tho
Success Assured !
IS order to meet the ccncral wMi and
expectation of thu public and tlctet hold-
r, for the lull payment or tin magnltlccnt
fills, announced lor the Fourth tlrand (lilt
vouecrt or tiie l'linnc J.inrary or Kentucky,
inu manaKemcni nave ueiermiiicu to, post
ponu the Concert and Drawing until
TUESDAY, tbo 31st of March 1874
They have alieadyrealUed
Andhaen great many amenta )et to hear
No doubt ii entertained of the tile of
CVcrV ticket before the drawlm?. hut
whether all aro mid or nut the drawing will
positively anu miequitotaiiy tauc place on
the day now llxcd. und II any remain un-
i-old they will ho cancelled and tlic prize
win do reuuecu iu proportion tu tue unioui
only 0,030 tickets havo beeu issued, and
12,000 CASH O-IITTS.
will he distributed among t'.e ticket hold-
Tlie tickets aro printed In coupons of
teniui, auu an iractiunai Darn will be renre
.nentcd iu thu drawing just as whole tickets
list or OIVTS.
Ono Grand Cash Clft ?2f.O 00
(Jno Grand Ca'i dltt JOJ 000
Oho Grand Cn'h Gilt 611 0H
Ono Grand Cinh Gift V5 000
One Grand Cash Gift 17 600
10 Cash Gliti f 10.C0J each .. . . U'O OoO
30 Cah Gllti 6,000 each Km) OOO
60 Cash GltU 1 000 each M (WO
SO Cash OIIH iOOcach 40 000
100 Cash Jlrts too each 40 000
loO L'ahli Ulfte V 0 each 15 000
250 Carli Gills 200 each 60 000
air Cah GIUh loo each 2 f00
11,000 (.VbGIIK 60 each 510 000
Total, 12.0C0 Gift3 all Cab. amount-
log to f I 600 OOO
The chances for a Gilt aro as one to live,
mice or tickets.
Wholo tickets
Dalrei ...
Tcnih, or each cotipsn
II Wholo ticket for .
231 Tickets Tor
Whole ticket fur
227 Wholu tickets for
- 5 50 CO
2"i 00
5 00
600 0.'i
- 1,000 00
6,001. 00
- 10,000 O'J
No dhciunt on less than ?500 worth of
Till. f-Viltl-tli llf .nn..H will l.r. nr.i.ttinl..l
u. . w...... V III SVllk.l.lltll IIU kUUIUI.IVl
in all rei-pccts, llko the threu that havo al
ready neen trivcn. anu lull particulars may
lie learned from circulars wnlch will be jisiu
free trom thli oillce to ull who apply tor
Orders for tickets iiEd annllcationa for
agencies will bo uttelided to in thu order
they arc recehed, and it is hoped they will
be sent in promptly, that there may bo no
l!apointracnt or delay in tiling ull Lib
era' terms are given tothue who buy to hell
ii',-jiii. ah ai;cuis lire preuipiorlally re
quired io hcttlo up their account and ic
turn alt unsold ticket., by ltie20lli day ot
March thus. HitA.Mi.irrri:.
Aijcnt Public Library. Ky., and Manager of
uiu i.onceri, l-uuiio i.iurary unuutBK,
Loulsuile, Ky. '
fEucctasor to .Jaaics Kynwton,)
Pumii Meats.
C'OKNKlt MNETZXnt and 1'orLAit 8th
duya and hlaughtera only tho r,ot: cattle,
aopi and sheep, and In prepared to fill any
leiuaEd for fresh meats from one pound to
.en thousand pounds.
ao sxAucnsi in
Comer 10th street and Commercial avecu
nest door to the Hyland ealoon.
11-10 tf. CAIRO, ILLS.
EinuTU Stuext, IJrwxiH WAeniHOTon
Attn CouMxnciAi. Avihuxa,
.'.llolutne IIIttnlsoan nnd Hanisr'a
Kesp thu lKet or I)w!, Pork, ilntlon Veat
l.amli, Smmase, sto., fad aro LreprJ to aart e
ltinii In llin mot i-fwptnt.li ininnor.
, ESTSpeclal attention paid to order from
t.mmhoat-1, night or day.
Xenr mr, Twf ntlelU (Street iisad Com.
ntercinl Avesiur,
lluys and slaughters only the best Cattle,
Hons nnd Hliccp. and Is preparod to Ull or
.tern for Krush Moats from one to ten thou
id rnnnil". 7.VWtt
A. J. ROE, M. D.
Office over Thorns & liro'. grocery store,
No. 131 Commercial avenne. comer Eighth
(treet. Itcsldenee eortter 'Washington hvo
cue and Foiiruenth street.
Victims of this awful illaoac are found In
Iu every neighborhood, In almost every
Kur them and for their friends, wo have
tidings ol good cheer and hopo tho an
nouncement of a most important discovery,
llrmly bated upon common aenso and rea
snti. bv Which the torrlblo maladr is noil-
tlvelr controlled, and Its victims arepcruia
neiuiy rratorcu to uoauu.
Is not a secret ol empirical nostrum, It U sr
nappy rorumnaii'in ui two rcmouica known
to phyalclaus uterywhers as the best moans
ot combating connumpt on. Thl combina
tion l Mr. WIIIon's disccery and Is
founded upon the following
Consumption Is decay. KooIMiil'. expect
orant remedies are only usellll us palliatives,
iney uo noircaciiiuo cause tncy 110 not r-top
the decay. Tonic medicines strengthen tue
Ills lorcea and prolong tho battle, but the
decay goes cloudily on, and sooner or later
the victim must yield. Clirnaticchangciiare
SometluiM good, but they seldom whnUy
euro. In short, the tirst thing to bo done is
to sTOt-THK likcay ; then apply the re-tora-live,
tonic and rtreln;tli giving trcatineut
Think a mumeut. 'Iheluut arc decnviiiL'
tubercle, ulceration, cavities and depot-
ciiiaiiou carries ima poiron uuovertuubiuy.
Waiting, lost of appetite, enervation, nlslil
sweat', and all tho terrible a)inploin ap
pear; is it worth whilo to doctor tho mnp
toins, which are merely the result", while
the decay, which is thu cause, la valtug up
tue me r-pringsr
Tut'to two ihh.gt are well known by the
beat phyMclnna :
1. Carbolic acid positively arrots decay.
ltn the mo't powetlul M.ll-eptlc iu the
known world. .vcn dead boitlcs ate pre-
acrveu oy iu t.ntcruig into tno circtllauon
It nt ouco grappleii with corruption, and
decay ceaees. It purlliet the aources uf dls
2. Cod Liver Gil la nature's beat atnl'tant
In resisting consumption. It ia at once a
food, a tonic, a plirlucr, a healer. It braces
up and eupplleatbe vital forces, fcida the
wasted system, and enable' nature to retrain
her toulhold. Kor these purposes nothing
can compare wiin iuu i.ivcr oil. tulauie
theory oi
As described lull)- in the Inventor's circular,
which will ho taalled, upon application, to
any address.
Wc cannot afford space to tell the whole
story here, or to give the numerous certifi
cates from eminent phyt-lclaus and well
known citizens ttfcllfuiik' to the absolutely
wonderful results flowing from thl irreat
dlicovery. Suffice It to ssy.it Is curing thou
sands who aupposcd themselves to he at
dealh'a door.
Wilton'- Carbolsted Oil is scientifically
prepared with tho purest carbolic acid, mi
combined as to bo entirely harmless, with
Ijwxet NontvxaiAM Cou Livkr Oil
Krom tho celebrated fisheries at Aalctund
(Norway), pronounced by physicians the
most dellcalf, efficient coj liver oil in the
It is eaily taken, toloratedby the weakest
domacha, digests readily, never becomes
rancid, aud is almost entirely Irer from the
usual disagreeable characteristics of cod
liver oil.
Kor every use of eod livrr oil Mr.Wlllton's
dicrovery Is ot the greatest value,
Kor the safe Internal adrni'ittratlon of
carbolic acid Jlr. WilNon'n tficfiod of com
bining It with cod liver oil is abolutly nec
essary, WILLSOIT'S
la a specific and radical cure for
Remember tho name, "WllUon'a Carbo
lated Cod Liver Oil." It comes in large
wedge-shaped bottlna, bearinij tho lnvon
tor's signature, and la sold by tho best drug
trlMs. "
Prepared by .1.11. Wlilson.e-UohnSt., N. Y
eoi.n uy all DitunaisTf.
Kiciiakusok fi Co., tit. Louis, ) Wholesale
HunLiiUTiS: Kn8ALL,Chicago. Agents.
8-1 ilAw ly
( tiirtr-t Zintxb 31. tans.
optica 07
omenta :
uai' sv Kjiti'i a. t uii'l mill
H. H. TAYLOR, Vlcc-Fre-ldecf,
H. HYe'LOF, SoercUry and Tr
A. It. 8 AFFORD. I'rotldent:
If. M. llaart.iv, Onaa. Oituuta,
K. U.HrocasiaTii, I'ltL O. Kcatii,
rt. Ii. UomiiU, H. 1. Hiiiirit,
J.!i, I'mitira.
It-swtfMttsnt any AtuonnalteeKlvrxllrura
Tma nt Cpwurda.
X:rrKRK3T paid 00 ileposlta at tbe rat of au
, prctit. per annum, March 1st and Bptotn
ter 1m. lDtreat not withdrawn la added Imor.
rliM-ly to tho principnl of lb il-poalti, tfcerabf
fllrini; thntn eompnuud IntcrcaU.
i lutt no oxi im cm sxiw sr.
Open eTry baaln- dx frotn .rj. lo 3 p.m.,
ami batiirday nri'.ii(t lor HaVI.Nl! DKtoeilV
oal, from C lo i o ebx-V.
'it'll W. I!Tni.ni. Tnanrr.
13 A, tf r K .
CAPITAL, . 8100,000
Wi e. JI.1U.IDAT, PrMldcal,
JIEMIT h. KALLID1T, Vieo-rtMlJiai
A. li.aspfoiiD, Uuhlcr;
tAI.TCr. PTHI.OH, A.f!illnCn.l,lr
Sra'm TATtoa, Roaiar H, OoasnaiiRAu,
Ilaaar I.. Uau-U at, W. P. IUlub.i, .
Qso. D. Wiuutuoi, Hianicii Uiu
A. B.Qsjroae,
Eselustisrf), Cola nod SVnttivt nttr
HoatdM IlttUEbt tuiU Hold,
HKPOSITri reesiToil, and a general banklea
hnalnioia non.
lf O.UUO,
R. W. .MiLi.cit, I'residont.
.). 11. I'm Lira, Vlco-I'rusldctit.
Cius. Cunmnoiiam, Cashier.
ZOIlJts'dR, ooin, tBk netva and Unltod
main neonru'c Donani ana ooia.
sastorr-at Allorrou aa 'Itmri Drpodti
niJMIP, URO., Si CO.,
Aokntu JIoux Cotton Mills
NO. BO Oblo l.evoo, Cairo, Ills.
Tho Place To Buy
Dry Goods
At hi IS'EW STORE ou
Commercial avenue, Burger .3
now receiving daily tho lar
gest, best selected and cheap
cut bt6ck of dry goods ever
before brought to Cairo. A
line of dress goods which haro
never been surpassed iu this
market, either for beauty or
variety. A full stock of boots
and sli0C3; domestics of all
kinds ; ji beautiful stock of
furs, mulls and bona, inufls
and collars, and children's furs
at a mere song ; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, site,
almost given away ; a hand
some assortment of gloves and
a charming selection of ladies'
neckties, ruil's, etc., etc. Gen
tlemen's furnishing goods,
overcoats, suits, underwoar,
hats, caps, gloves ; counter
panpa, comforts and quilts,
table linens, red and white;
water proof cloth in all the
new shades and a full and
completo stock of notions.
All these goods wero bought
at panic prices, and will be
sold at astonishingly low fig
ures, as Burger is determined
not to be undersold. Call and
examine his goods beforo pur
chasing elsewhere. His store
room contains every articlo in
the dry goods lino that any
buyer can possibly want, and
the prices are so low that no
one will have tho conscienco
fo ask a reduction on any-
Cciiiaur Liniment.
The great dl-covcry of tha
at;e. Thcro lsno pairs which
the Centaur Llidmcnt will not
relieve, no swelling which It
wtllnot subdue, and no lame
neas which It will nut cure
Thlsli strong Isngnaee. but
III. Im. f la mm hmnhiir..
pfW?! tho recipe Is prlnt"i aroumi
each LuUlc, A circular containing ccrtili
cntca of wondcrlul curca of rheumatism
neuralgia, lock-jaw, apralnx, awelllnx',
hums, scalds, caUod-hreaata, puUonoui
httcs, frozen leet, gout, saltrhcuni, ear-ache
Ac. and the n-clpu ot tho Liniment will be
tent gratis to anyone. It Is tho most won
derful healing und pain relict inc agent tho
world ban over produced. HtolUaiuo ar
ticlo ever before did i-cll,and It aelUhecausa
It docajust what it prcten.l to do. One hot
tie of tbo Centaur Liniment for animals
(yellow wrappor) In worth a hundred dol
hnsfor apavineil. strained or galled horaea
ami mules, and for scrow-worm in sheep.
No family or i-tock-otvner can afford to be
without Centaur Liniment. J'rlce, 60ecntsj
arge bottle. 11. J. 11. Koso & Co., Vi
Uroudwar, IS'aw York.
OASTOKIA la more than a suhstltilte lor
Ca-torOH. It Is the only siPic article In
cxlstcnco which la sure to rcgulato Uu bow
els, euro wlndcolic and produce natural
aloep. Itlitpleamnttotake. Childrenneed
not cry and mothers may sioep. 10-7 wly
Ills office and tll'pcnsary at
llet. Commercial ana Washington avenues
It la true, the doctor Is ono of the oldest
pl))Blclans of tho place, and his diploma,
that hangs In his o!Uce, ahowa that he has
been 3i years iu the profession, He It doing
larger oilico practlco than any other phy
sician, treating all kinds of chronic disouoi
at the human system, such as old ulcera, and
all dl'cufccn of the skin, humora and blood
polsousi also diix-asea or the throat; aho
ill illseamis ot the eyes of years staudluK;
also nrtlUclal eyes inserted; fistula cured
without thu lire of : knlle; caucera cured
by the appllcutlonof inedlclnes; plmpiosou
tlm faco removed; all urinary disease
cured ; all forms of venereal and privat
dlacases cured In tho shortest timo ; acinus
weakness and self-abuse cured In a shor
It is self-evident that a physician treating
cases for twenty-two years acquires great
All consultations confldenticsl, In re r sol
or by Uttea.
All medicines funilshod at ofllae in all
i-asna. fQ.',a tf.1 Pit. David Upltsi.
0. WINSTON fc CO.,
74 (brookxs tloou) onto lvi,
oaibo, ills,,
Doy aicd Sill Rial Estati,
q1 PIsrsgtMSTSBD-t i Kit sl
- 4';'if
tit V,

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