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OnjiKVKh'n UrriCK.'CAiRO. 111., 1
Dsettnber 17, 10:11 p.m., U7B. J
Haiomcter, 20.83 degree.
Thermometer, 43 dogma.
Wind northwest. Velocity IS talks rtr
Weather cloudy
Maximum temperature lor last 24 hours,
tS degrees:
Mlnltntua temperature lor tbe lait 24 hours,
4J degrees.
Prevailing wind fur UH 24 Uouri, south'
Total number of mllet traveled by wind
luring Uit 24 hours, SCO.
Observer SUrnal Service, U. a. A
run TWa iuut ojixy.
l'lldjr anil Saturday, Dec l'J & 20lli
Lath Secretary ov Tim Royal Poly.
technic. Mndoti, Intcntoroi tbe Disolving
Statu ud al'wallaek'a and other theatre:
Hit- n-lctintp 1 Illusion, i-alIi?il"TtiuNnlilnT
"Proteus." "Decapitated Head," tlio won
derfitl "Frankenstein Mystery," the "Speak,
luir Picture." and otber Ulurlons and dra
matic effect. To stive till entirely new und
curious entertainment, entitled, scientihc
Magic: or, illusions orscirnco una ueiu
alom of Seme. For further particular, see
nroiramnics. Scale ot price: Ailtiiln.loii,
r.. .... . ...M., ...... in txt ,'.
vts . reserved scats, 7i el., to ho obtained
ut 1). Ilartnun's note. Docri open at 7
o'clock ; pcrioruianii'! commences ai
oVkvk. - J. WoODKUrr SHHADER
St lJUslness Manager,
U IV.. II U 1L IS ,
i -a.TVi tt - a -vTirs a Twrm
OFFICE! Ohio Lewe, our Matsuss A
"fiSTA'cnr 4if FirtUClan Campanit
78 Uhl I.
AAA JWt( JS J 7 r '
oldett established Agency la Southern
minou, representing oter
-$05,000,000 001
r, a ribti intti rtni I 'Tiiii fir ma
Tt eelandld itMff
Dick Powle, Captain
Cairo DAILY. (8unday excepted) at
For freight or paiage apply on boat
iiwr irn iv nniissinsei iipiini in
Draler la All Klaci
UIItUllTitlir iTfTMTTf
purenaiiea too grocery eionn-
full and fresh supply of all the beat
noi oniT to rcinia nu iuo cuiwui
many new patront. Aiklnt; a
St. and Commercial Ave,
Shoei made to oriler.and in
it innit faahinntttllA ktvla.
t TTronv am a tt
4k i.u oAjtaa,
evvhti a
M iido of Taath elrcei aa ara
be furaliheJ with non but tn
uay aaa mgui wiw iai uanii
vor to morlt it by fair doaUnz
I1LII1I1 Ul I1I1B TlPaa.
rr ATirl rnmrniaainn
tii A rn uiitnnrvmMi
aru an Kinua
of freight
to all point.
A nuxiser of prominent railroad of
ficials of the Illinois Central and tho Mis
eiislppl Central aro in ILo city.
'iui Ohio river li riilng rapidly. Tho
rise In the Mliststlppl U about "played
out." ho latest. Jouii papers tay.
But your flour, meal, bean?, potatoes,
turnips and cabbage, of 3. Patterson, oor-
ner Mnta aud Valnut itroiti.
KsutunxK Prof. Tobin will bo at tho
Athenaum tu-murrow and Saturday
nlghti. llii "illuiiom" are worth twiog.
liuisEKA.JJuy your btof, porK, rati-
Hge, lard, corned-beef ond plcleltd pof If,
of S. l'attenon, corner ??loth and Wal
nut itretU. J8-:w
Mi bsm. Cock i: Qro'.vk, of Clcarcwk
Landing, yeUrday fiitd thoir bond at,d
obtained llconio toiell liquort at tho above
named place.
Lams, ii you wiiU to know whit to
gat for your buibandi holiday prcient,
buy a pclr of thoio handiomo clippers at
Elliott & liaytborn'i. 18 lw
Tut formal opening of tbo SoutLtrn
Illlr.o'u Inwns asylum, at Anna, oc.urroJ
yciter day. A larce number of prominent
offlcinli of tbo Stato were preicnt.
Tuz pay matte- of tho Illlcoli Central
railroad arrived yeiterday afternoon, end
at ooco proceeded to pay off tbo employe!
and laborers of the company in this city.
Couxir Clurk Lynch yesterday pre
entedtotbo county oourt tb Ur book
for the year 1S73. which was emmlneJ.
ipprovcd, and the county clerk loitructcd
to turn it over to tho county collector.
The Installation ot tho newly cloctsd
offlcer of Cairo Cotr.mandery Ko. 13, will
take place on next Friday evening, at tbe
Asylum. A grand banquet will bo spread
and a pleaianl time is expected.
Tiie proprietor of a levto lunch heme
was yesterday fined fr asiaultinc tnd
beating ono of bis palroci. Tbo Uno and
costs amounted to sctaething'orer eleven
dollars. An appeal .was taken to the
county court
The society soclablo of tba PrcibvUr-
ian church will bo held thii evening at
tbe residence of J. B. Hoed, on Twentiotb
slrt't. Good music, good company and
choice refreshminls. An invitation ii ex
tended to ail.
A LAiiaE and complete stock of lrv
good, elotbinp, boots and shots and crock
ery at panic prices. Alio tbo Urgwt as
sortment of holllday toys and fancy goods.
Law and see boforo purchasing cttowbere.
at liartman'i. 11-10 tf
TnEMothodist sociable at tbo residence
of ilr. Walbridge, on TucsJay oveniog, is
aia to have been one of tbe plcaianlcst
occasions of tbe season. A very large
company was present, and nil enjoyed
The woman Kitolla Aloore. to whom wo
referred in yesterday morning's IicLJ.ii.
tix as having made an efiort to to how
ell she would fit a six by two foot bole in
tbo ground, was still alivo last evening,
with good proipects of getting woll.
Ms. Itonxai.1 informs us that tbo sale
of his oil paintings will take piscooti next
Saturday evening, liOtb Inst., at tho auc
tion rooms of Mr. Louii U. Myers, 111
Commercial Avenue. The i!o will com.
menco at seven and a half o'clock. Thoio
interested will plcaie take notlne.
Aran election for directors of tho Cairo
and Vincennus railroad held in this city
on Tuesday, ICth Inst., we nnderstand
thsft the old board of directors wuro re
jected without opposition. Gon, A. K,
Burnside, president of the road, lias been
la tte city for several days.
I)t the falling of a smoko stack at tho
car bolstiag machine of the Illinois Cen
tral raliread yesterday, a gonlleman, wa
believe tbe inventor of tbo hoisting ma.
china, was struck on the head and some
what cut and brulmJ. Ilia Injuries aro
Gc. Heim, the barber, continues to do
business at tbo old stand on Sixth stroot,
near Ohio levee. It is an acknowledged
fact that his shop is ono of tho neatest In
tho city, and his help aro all first. clsss at
their business. For a real smooth, clean
shave Holm's is tba placo to get It.
Mb. Marx Kollih, tbo well-known
piano-tuner, will on the first of next
month, establish, for tbe bonefit of bis
patrons, who pay bim tea dollar a year in
advance for koopingthier piano In tune, a
muiical library which will contain noth
ing but tho choicest music for new begin
ners, advanced pupils and accomplished
players- The music will be sent weekly
frcoof charge to his oustomcrs, until Mr.
Roller has obtainod what hi, is Mtor, and
that is a nica store. Yesterday ho ro
ceivod a largo numbor of now plccos of
the choicest music, which will bo distrib
uted umeng his patrons. 12-14-tf
Tm County Court yesterday awarjed
tho following contracts for tho onsulng
year: Furnishing cofllus and burying
paupers, J. It. Cunningham, at $11 each.
For kooping paupers at tho poor farms,
Thot. A. Drown, at 18.50 per month for
all persons under twelve years of age, and
$10.50 for all porsons over twelve years
old, For medical attendance and modi
cinos for poor nt the poor farm for ono
year, Honry C. llarkhonian wns award
ed tbe contract for 290, For publishing
tbo County Court proceedings, abatement
list, yearly financial statement, and tbe
personal tax list, the last to bo copied
from the books at tho publisher's cost,
Tbe Cairo Uullktix was awarded the
contract for ono year. AVo bavo boen
publishing tbo County Court proceeding!
for several yoara for almost nothing, and
contlnuo to do so.
Tau St.
Charles hotel
has changed
tho landlord. TVhilo Mr. ttoxford's num
erous frionJi in ;tbis cily v.lil regtot Lis
withdrawal from the betol, and oonsa
quent departure from tbe city, tbey l;now
that bis shoes In tbe St. Clmrleicauld cot
be mile J by n belter or ruoro popular gtn.
tleruau thau Mr. Vlloox. Wo under-
stand the St. Charles Is sbcrllv to un
dergo it thorough course of rouovatlont
that many improvements will bo mKd
and tho houto goccrslly overhauled and
refitted, repainted, etc. Mr. "Wilcox was
evidently cut out fori lnudlord, and that
tho St. Charles under bis manpgement
win contlnuo to be tin first-class hotel oi
tbo city for many years to fcomo it net
doubted. As l'.,p Vn Winkle would put
ii may vnoy both Jive long and pros
per." Christmas will con bj t hand, and
peoplo aro commencing to think what
presents thoy wnnt for tbnir wives, pa
rents, children, frisnJt, etc. If any one
can't make up his mind, wo would hdvise
our friends lo call at U. & W. Buder's
Jewelry itoro, corner of Klghth street and
Washington avene, r.sd they will bo suro
to find something to luit, for they aro
receiving nov goods dully especially
adapted fr tho holiday trade. From tho
finest watches and sets of jewelry to tho
smallest children' ihr-iinirs. The same
in rings. Tho finest tea sots, pitchers,
castors, bu'.tor dishes, to the cmallcit
Ufc'pi'vn. Ornamental and plain clock,
gld, silver and ivory headed canes, and
many ctber articles tco numerous to men
tion. . li!.4:d
Tus bridge over Cscha river on tbe
Mound City road, is in dangerous condi
tion and liable to fall down tt any time
Tbo water has washed ti.o r.round from
der the abutments leaving lh bridte
iu such a cjntlillon as to simply mako it u
question of tim tt io iiw isng it may
stand, l'aruts traveling Utwctn Cairo
and Mound City, should by all means
avoil psii'Ing it. In this connection we
rnay rsmark, that tbo Alexander county
court Is roady and nilous to boar its
psrt of the cojt of constructing a new
bridge over this stream, and whenever the
county court of Vulaski county shall say
the word tbo briJee will bo built. A
bridge over Cachi river between Mound
City and Cairo Ii u necessity that cannot
bo dispensed witb, and tbe sooner it is
built the betlsr It will bo for all parties
concerned. What says the county court
of I'ulaiki county.
The greatest wonder of tba ago in the
w,y or a chair is to le found in Dr. Wil
liam's dental establishment, ever Elliott
& Uaythorne's boot and shoe store. It is
constructed ulrcost entirely of iron, and
by a simple "twist cf tbe rist," may be so
oularged as so to nccommodnte the largest
person, or vfea terra, may bo made small
enough for the least child. To under
stand its workings it should be seen, and
tho Doctor, who by tho way is as pround
of it as he can be, will take pleasure in
showing it totboso wbocr.U at his office.
Dr. Williams his completely refitted and
furnished bis ofilce, and is now ready for
business in his line, and will over try to
give satisfaction. lit, aska u share of pub
lic patronage. 12-14 tf.
1'noiiiTE Couht. Tho peoplo vs. Dr.
David llultt. Violation city Ordinance
No. 4, Station 20. Abuslvo and olTiinslvo
language, calculated to provoke a breach of
tho peace. Appeal from Justice Bird. Tho
doctor made a speech to tho court and
said ho regrotted that he had permitted
the cio in the tint plica to be tried be
fore a negro ; and if tho court would for.
give him this ctl'i,!e. bo would r.cvcr bo
caught in such a dilllculty again. ,luJg-
ment of tbe court below sustained.
Kstuto of John Davis, diccasrd vs. O.W,
Short, cJiniuiitrator. Import, together
witb proof of no'.icoto tbe belrsof said es
tate of his intended final settlement, at
this term, submitted, report approved
and ordered recorJeJ; and it was further
ordered that sai l administrator pay to thu
heirs or their guardians, their proportion
ate abaro of monoys still remaining in bis
band', i.nd upon filing receipts to that
effect, tho said administrator shall he dis
charged from all furthor liabilities
Tho treaiurerof school township IS, It,
W.2, tj. estatn cf Toploy White, de-
coated. Assumpsit. Dsnugo J37 C, Judg
ment rnndorod for amount, to bo of fourth
class claim.
Alfred D. Chtldcrs vs, s.imo estate.
Debt. Damage $S3 33. Judgment for
amount, to bo of seventh class claim.
Guardianship of Jobn Jordan, minor
heir of Anna L.Jordan, deeoaicd. Guar
dian's report fllj, approved and ordcroJ
Gutadianship of Goo. Dunn, minor
heir of William Dunn, decaasvd. David
Bishop, guardian. Bond filed, approved
and ordered that letters of guirdiadship
SGuardianshlp of Bridget UvMahen
minor over tho age uf fourteen years.
Baid minor cited to appear and select a
Guardianship of Julia F.. Denton, minor
heir of Isaac D;nton, deceased, lleport
approved and ordered recordod.
Guardianship of Ann M. Morran, mi
nor heir of Patrick ilurruu. Uernard
Stnytb, guardian. Iteport filed and ap
proved. Said guardian agrees in tbo fu
ture to lako tho services of saij minor for
her board, and to charge only for her
schooling and necessary clothing.
Tim undcrsigneJ having resumed tho
mamigomout of the abovo bote), trust by
strict attention to business, to tho wants
and comforts of their guests, to merit the
ronawed favor of their Old patrons and tbo
traveling public In- general.
The Saint Cbarles will atonco undergo
a thorough ronovation, and bo mueli im
proved In all its appointments,
i , . .
uoou aampio rooms anu special rates lor
commercial travolers
All baggago for guest conveyed to and
from the hotol free of charge
JkwkttWi!.cox& Co., Proprietors.
Tub European hotol, Harry Walkor
proprietor, Is opon nt all hours of the
s'ort Llati
can uepaitures for tfco 21 hours eliding at 0
1. Ul. Il?l etcmnje:
tltcarner Illinois, Columbus.
" Quickstep, Evansvllle
" Jim Fisk, l'aducali.
" Thompson Dean, New Orleans,
" Belle of Mrr.pMs, Memphis.
City of Vlcksburg, lit. Louis.
" Arkansas Bslle, Evansvlllo.
. Olencoe, St. Louis.
Stoamer Illinois, Coluuibiu.
" Jim Fisk, l'aducab.
" Arkansas Bello, Evansvllle.
" Quickstep, Evansvllle.
" Thompson Dean, Cincinnati.
' Bello of Memphis, .St. Louis.
" City of Vlcksburg, Vicksburg.
The Ohio river rose 13 kches yestcrdaj
and heavy drift floated by.
The weather continues clear, and waa
quite warm yesterday
Uj-ine't dead.
Tho Arkansas Belle, night before last,
brought 437 sacks earn, 32 bbls whisky,
42 sundries, and 32D empty barrels.
The Quickstep, yestordar, brought 1,000
sacks corn, 100 bbls whisky, and CO tons
Tbe Falls Pilot sunk two barges of coal
abovo Henderson night before last.
TheJimFi'k brought 84 bales cotton
and somo oth- r frulght yesterday.
The Thompson Dean has Coo tons for
tbo Ohio river and tho East.
Oa ber trip from tbo Arkanias
river to New Orleans, tbo steamer K. W.
Djgaa carried 1800 bales of cotton at en
average of four dollars per bale. Sho
goes up the Arkansas hoping to repeat
ner goou lortune. uspt. Jt. w. Dugaa
Capt. Jack Grammar of the Evansvllle
packet line was in the city yesterday.
Tbo Belle Memphis brought 11C bale
cotton for the Cairo & Vioceotiea llall-
Jno. A. Punch, general freight and pas
senger agent of tbe Mobile & Ohio road,
is in tbe city looking for a boat to take the
place of the Illinois when she retires. -
Tbe lied Cloud, a new boat just built at
Jeffersonvllle, Indiana, by the Howards
for the Evacsville and Tennessee river
Packet Company, is a storn-wbeslcr, yet
exceedingly unique In appcaraace,of light
draft, easy model, and ample power for
tbe trade. The dimensions of tbe hull arc
as follows: Length on deoV 178j fcet(
with 34 foct beam, and 5 depth of bold
The cabin has fourteen rooms on a side, or
berths and accommodations for CO passen
gers, exclusive of tbo texes, in which are
12 rooms. Tbo mahciocry consists of
cylinders 1C iuches in diameter, with 6 J
feet stroke, propelled by tho steam of 3
boilers, each 23 feet In length and 33 In
ches In diameter. Tho boiler are extra
made from Ulllmxc's best blooms, the1
holes in tbe plates are drilled and
double riveted. She has an auxilliary
doctor boiler ti run the donkey engine,
tbo freight hoistcr and tbe steam capstan
Corrugated galvanized iron wss used for
stern bulkheads instead of wood, as here
tofore. Ainsio, Cochran A Co., of Louis
ville, made tho engines, and Jos. Mitchell,
tbo boilers. The Red Cloud goo out In
charge of Capt. Allen I. Duncan, one of
the pioneers of tbo Tennossce river trade,
wit'i Al. Maynard, late of "the Florence
Lee, in tho clerk's oflke. The build and
fit of tho boat completo has boon under
tho constant supervision of Capt. W. O.
Brown, the socrotsry of tho company,
who has very liberally providol a first
rule boat. Sho descends tbe falls Monday,
wind and wotther permitting.
Tho John T. Mocro was sold yesterday
nt New Orleans by the United States
Memphis reports a scarcity of Arkan
sas pilots; from to 2C0 per month
s paid.
Tho St. Louis 'Times' of jeslorday
says: T-io warm weather of yestordar
will probably terminate in mora lain.
Buiincii Improves steadily, notwithstand
ing a leas number of steamers leaves now
than thero did before tbe rice. Tho fact
Is, that una boat takes as much cargo now
as three did when tbo water was low.
The river camo to a stand yesterday, and
was falling at dark. During the winter
of 1 S 13 boats ran uninterruptedly to ICeo
kuk, and of courso to nil points south.
From pressnt appearance they will do as
much this winter.
Mrs. M. J. Carson wishes to call atten
tion that she has just rccolved a neat as
sortment of toys, notions and fancy goods
on Commercial avenuo between Nineth
and Tenth streets. 13-2w.
Any one wishing something made in tbe
jewelry line for tbe holiday will please
send In their order as soon as possiblo to
E. & W. Buder, manfaeturlng Jewelers
corner of Eignth street and Washington
avenue. i.itd
My conuectiuo with tbe St. Chtrlc ho
tel as proprietor will cuaso on tho ISth
inst. Parties holding- bills or accounts
against mo or the St. Chariot aro request
ed to preseut tbetn for sottlomout before
tb at date.
3t F. D. ItEX) QllD.
Two Batteries of two Boilers, each 24
foot long, 2 Inch Draia, S 14 inch Flues
with fire fronts. Mud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Britchln, all completo Hint In 'first-class
ordorf; beonusodonly three months. For
price, etc., inquire oi J. T. Uekkie,
9-23-tf. Vulean Iron Work.
Tub barber shop is on tbe corner of
Eighth street and' Commercial avenue
whero J. George Stlcnbouso with bis gen.
tlomanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tbo day or night, ready to soothe
your fooling witb a smooth shavo, or cooj
your temper and bead with a good sham
poo. It Is a first-class shop, and you are
suro of receiving first-das treatment.
Ladles' and chlldrcu' hair cut or curled
Heavy Under tJMrt end Draper ai
cents each ut Hartuian's.
suit from $4 to $U at Hart-
OvsrcoMs Chinchilla from ?7 to
H, at
Latest style gent' hat from SI to
SI SO, at Uartman's. ll.2fttf
Laros all-wool six-pound
?4 25 per pair, at llartmao's.
blankoU nt
ll-2 tf
COCX7RY Knit socks, all wool, 35 ceatt
per pair, at Uartman's. 1 1-29 tf
Ui'Y your gilt edge butter, fresh eggs,
&c., of S. Patterson, corner Math aad
Walnut strceU. 18-2w
Foil oas and steam fitting go to Ken
nie'i Vulcan iron ivotV, Commercial
avonu, foot of Ninth street 9-10-lf
Bex your apples, cranberries and
onions, of S. Patterson, coruor Ninth and
Walnut street. 18-2w
All kinds of game constantly on hand
at Harry Walker's, Commercial avenuo
between Seventh and Eighth streets.
1 1-7-1 rn
New line of collerelUs, tic, gloves
and hosiery this week at Stuart Jc Ghol
son's. For a good square meal go to Harry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenue
between Seventh and Eighth street, lm
Te pounds of sugar fortl at Wilcox's;
8 pounds of butter for $1 at Wilcox's;
25 cents per peck lor potatoes at Wilcox's.
A choice lot of turkles, geese, chickens,
ducks, and all kind cf wild meat, for hol
iday t, at Patterson's, coracr Ninth and
Walnut streets. lJ-2Vf
The largest stock of silver and plated
ware; silver and plated spoons, knives
kc, ever brought to Cairo, can be found
at E. A W. Buder's, corner Eighth street
and Washington avenue. l'-'-4td
P. Fitxgorald at hi rooms, corner
Fourteenth street an 1 Commercial ave
nue, offers for salo Guinnesi' Porter &
Bass' ales and pure Henneisy brandy,
and tho genuine Asgosturo bitters, all
urst-ciais cholera curoi. Try tnoui
7-17 tf
Notice Is hereby given that I will pay
no bills fcr goods sold to bay cf tbe em
ployes of The Cairo Bcllktik, cither
or tbomselves or for the use of tbo olDce
unlese tho samo are furnished on an order
ligoed by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly Joust U. Odxrly.
R. J ox ti", fashionablo boot and sboo-
maker. Cork soles, Scotch bottoms, and
the latest improvements in tho line uf his
business. Only tbo best ana most com
petent workmen employed, and all work
warranted to bo flrstcjass in every respect.
Shop on Commercial avonue, near corner
of Tenth street. 10.7
The only place where such instruments
are kept In stock in'Sjutbern Ilinois, is at
E. & W. itudor's, corner Eighth street
and Washington avonus. They keep the
colobrated Wm. Knabo piano, usod by
tho most prominent musicians. The
Bauer piano and organ, also tbo celebra
ted Vogel and Hughes organs. Any
ono wishing to aurpriso his family witb
such an instrument would do woll by call
ing nt Buder's, as tbry will makes rate
and terms rcoro liberal than dealers of tho
kind in larun rltles. 12-4UI
All cltlcns arc hereby nollQedthaton ae-
couut ot tbe prevalence of small pox in Ckl
cago and other neighboring cities, tho beard
ofhcaltli deem It necessary to divide the
city Into three district aud kave appointed
the following physicians for tbe purpose ol
vaccinating alt porsons who in their opinion
require vaccination. Dr. C, 11. Evans will
uttend to the district lying south of Ninth
strort. Dr. H. Wardncr to the districting
between Mntlt and .Seventeenth streets. Dr.
J. C. Sullivan to all that p-irt of tho city ly
ing north of Seventeenth street. Tho phy
sicians hereby appointed have Instruction
to report tho names ot all persona refusing
to bo vaccinated, Tho physicians shall also
collect from all persons vaccinated, who are
able to pay therefore, tho sum of twenty
live cents and ahall noto the same in thoir
report to the board.
By urdcr of the board of health.
John Wood, chairman.
Cwnn. lit.. December 11th. 1R73. - lO-fit
If you want fresh
go to J. D.Zanonerat the Dexter Ex'change,
No. 1.10. Ohio levee. 12-5-lm-
A uumbcr one residence to rent. Eight
rooms aud good wood house Situated on
Eleventh street. Lately occupied by Mrs.
Uagcy. Apply to
12-2w G. W. McKkao.
All election ,wlli;.be, held at the City Na
tional Bank on Friday, January 13th, 1S74
to elect even director of said bank.
lw A. II. Sapkoru, cashier.
NOTICE Ou and alter Monday, Novem
ber ,1, and through tho wlntor, a warm lunch
will be spread at the Thalia saloon, opposite
Tub Bulletin office, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
everyday. All the delicacies of tho season.
1M 1 nt A. Jabckkl. Proprietor.
FOIt SALE A tltt-clai hotel iu a good
locality In cential part of the city with a
good run of buslnc, Reason lor telling
are satisfactory and will be explained on ap
plication. The salo mutt be completed on
or betoro tho Kith inst. Apply to Wm-
Brown, Brown's hotel, corner Seventh street
ami Washlncton avenue.
Xll baggago held lor charge at tho fit.
Charles hotel, and unclaimed previous to
that date, will bo sold at public auction on
Friday the 20th day ol December, at 10
o'clock a.m., at Uartman's auction roomL
U-25 30d F. D, IlaxroKD, Proprietor.
Phillip and Briggs',
Corner Tenth and Commercial.
11-50 lm
NOTICE. -I tako this metlicd of inform
ing tbe public that 1 havo returned to the
city, an J am now prepared to fill orders for
photographs at my Gallery, corner ol
Eighth street and Commercial avenue.
The above mills, all In good ruanlngorder,
will be sold vory cheap ou caiy terms. Ap
ply en tbe premises. 11. 1). Gu.ntxh.
Tbo partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned under the name and
style of Aycr JkCo., Is this day dissolved by
mutual consent of the patties. Persons in
debted to the late firm will make pajmont
to 3. U. Ayers, who alone la authorized to
receipt for aame. Tho business will be car
ried on by S. D. Ayew under the atyle of tho
ktc tiro. s. 1). AYM9,
E. J. Avsns.
Canto, Ills., Dcatmber 1, 1373. d-lw-wlm
The well-known business stand ot Custead
Jfe Provo, at the mouth of CIcarcretk, Alex
andcr county, Illinois, sltuetod in one of
the finest agricultural districts of tho West,
and with a well-establiihed trade. This will
be lound a rare opportunity for an energetic
The premise consist of a store 20X40 lect
adwellluj of eight roctns, well furnished
and conveniently arranged, good cisterns
ana all necessary out-building, and oi.e
vie ui ,auu. icnus iiocrai. Apply or
address, V'M. CL'&tkad,
12.9.iiu. d&w. Clecsrcree handing, Ills.
Uoot and shoe maker, Twca h street, be
tween Washington avenue and Poplar
street, ta prepared to wake boots anu shoes
in tbo latest and most lashlonablo style...
He will make them to order, old or new
styles to suit customer, out of the best and
fre-hest stock, of which he always has a
good supply on hand from which to make
fclectlone. All flttinir of boota an.l hn.
made by Mr. Lhlers 1 done in his own shop
no rorcign utting heln used by him.
Give Mm a call, anil ho will give you satlf
Having a larger stock of Youths', Uo) a
and Children' Clothing on hand than is nee
essary for tho Cairo market and au idea ol
making tli's our last season u cLlldrcus
clothing, we will tell our stock, (ono cf tho
finest in tho.etatc),al New Yoke Cost for tbe
next thirty Ay. Parents wishing some lino
clothing at low figure for Holiday presents,
can find them for talc in the above lot. This
Is no advertising dodge, but wo intend to do
Just what we tay: Sell the tinkst stock
of Youths', Boys' and children's' Cloth
i.no ever brought to tho stato outside oi
Chicago at New Yor.K COST.
No. Gl, Ohio Levee, 2d door above First
National Banl
Cairo. Ills., Dec. K, 1873.
To whom it may concern,
This Is to certify that we the Jolut heirs ot
tbe eslatc of Dennis Mahony, havo thii day
received rroui Wm. ivuchcubccker, rgen
at the Tcutonla Life Insurance company
3ne thousand dollar in lull for policy on
said Dcnuls Mahony. AcccDt our thanks
for tbe prompt payment nf the above pol
12-9-dlw TimoihyMaiio.ny.
Koss has on hand, and lor sale a larco
quantity of oak and hickory wood, cut and
split, and ready for tho stove. Also all
kinds of coal which will bo delhcicd lu any
partof the city on short notice. Lcavo or
der at coal yard, on Commercial avenue,
ofPO'lte Eleventh street. Dee. C-lm
Tho annual meeting or tho stockholder
of the First National Hank of Csiro for the
election ol directors, will ho held at the of.
dee of salJ bank in Cairo, on Tuesday, Jan
Jary 13, 1874, betwocn tho hours ot 10
a'clock a.m and 4. o'clock p.m.
Cum. Cunningham, Cashier.
Cairo, His., Deccmbor 10, 167-1. td
1 wouM"respectfully announco to the peo
ple of Cairo that I havo resumed tho prac
tice of dentistry in my old roomj, No. 110
Commercial avenuo, and hope, by strict at
tention to buhheBS and over striving for the
highest excellency In the profculon, to be
able to glvo entire satisfaction In all cases,
and to merit a liberal portion of your pat
ronage, P. L. Williams, Dentist.
ha his mammoth instrument shooting out
imperial photograph! for Christmas presents,
at the rate of one a minute. Persons desi
rous of having a handsomely painted picture
and purely artlttio in finish, should gio
their orders In season. Photographs can be
made on cloudy day equal to those on tun
shining one at
owing to the gigantic sky-light, which can
not bo surpassed In
Also on hand a f.no assortment of gold ami
walnut f ramus. All are imltcil to call aud
examine Portrait In oil up to life site and
aquarelle ol tho highest finish, for which
medal have been awarded.
Gallery on Sixth street, between Com
raerclal and Washington avenues, Cairo,
Illinois. l'J. 10 tf
With great care, by a process entirely hit
own, Dr. Price la enabled to extract from
eash ofthe true select fruits and aromatic,
all ol Its cliaraetcristla flavor, and place iu
tbe markot a class of Flavorings of rare ex
cellence. Every flavor as represented, ol
great strength and perfect purity.
"For any flavor that may bo wanted for
flavoring ico cream, Jellies, custard, rastry,
etc., we recommend Dr. Price's fpeclal
Flavorings, and feel sure that like his Cel
ebrated Cream Baking Powder, will give
perfeot eatlsf action. There I no Iron
ill. II, IP,
The Toy King, having lately
received ono of tho largest aud
most varied
ever brought to this city, will
sen tnem at groatiy
Reduced Prices
In fact, sell thorn, at
lie also has a
Large Stock
French and American
which will ho sold at tho low
est possible price.
will do well tc call and inspec
ins stock ot
Holiday Presents
102 Commercial. Av,
Mr, Jewett
after tbe most approved

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