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Invariably In advance.
lnf- Matter vsry pit-
In yetterdtvy' IIullitih we published
- i - a - r i it AntiKi nnnnn v inrii
f tbil UU. It ti a declaration of tounl
riociplM, and the iuccoii of the party at
. 1 1 1 . I . I 1 1. .. II ...... Y.l U'
artlly endone tbe platform in all it
lanki, with tbe exception of that tela
in ika nnin'M 01 ids country. in
. . . -ii.
re not prepared to tay that we are In
.1 V . . 1. . .. .1 lWIM,l tnl..
htngeabl double-barrelled remody fur
ur floanelal Ills. It mar be tbe best
tmedy that can be devised, and
.1 . .1 J 1 .. . U .1 1. t.
BVetllffkllon suouia cuuviueo ui iu it
V Mtl WW vmw v- - - - - . -
But a awhole the platform is adraira-
. '1-1 t. It.. I . I f a n.
iv, mii nf ihn futuri. Tlin ant'. mono.
. j
-ll.i. . 1 n In Hit. n , t nf !hli
late where Radicalism noid one portion
f the people in ill gratp, and devotion to
M it.. 1 . L..t I Ik. ka. tiAitli.
rn and cintral portioci of the iUt It
. tt t it
Whoeter. being an boneit nun And
. . ..- 1 - . III
- & - . - V a V .. a la. .-.1
niniiiiiHip rnam ni i in sa ii n
. .a f
Rathitt, the Chicago murderer, will
. ii. 1
Hahuokd, Iho noted reYlrMiit preach-
t a. tmi t r I -J 1
? 1 .11 ..I L!. . ?"
Tni funeral of Amz. took plico In
. i id a ... a a
ri an n iiiiin. iu. ii iiiuuru. Eiiiiui.
Tna chancei for tbe conflrmatloo by the
a t . i, i I .
A a . V - I.J T .
dioh proauoem iwvor ui uruKua, tun-
aining a proteit agaimt the confirmation
Via. Lincoln emphatically denies
Am. I- l:. i..i -i L3 : m I .i : i. :
rith Mr. Lincoln touching bit early nil-
Lincoln ,if the lecturer! weuld drop tbo
latl SLalinn of Vi I vallnlnm wiaiaa anil t m H
Tnx marriage of Tbilo BeToridge. ion
mm Mill Alii 4Ut0a, UlDCb Ol VUI XI, I ,
nrtrain. 'I h a aiarlrl nn wt.InK tAAb nl...
mil xi : ins nuakira irom inn nnin untrinra
in carriacM w&icd conveyed the nartv to
ri wwiamv iirBianii warn nitmarn ta an n
Hevavawa mw ua vi laii lUbuiiDU sua
v ' .
Hon. J. II. OberlT. the editor of Tni-
flTTT T ITTV la n,nm li.nl u . .
ivQueni iDaaier. wno wouia miin n
The farmers think ther know of a man
1 . Ill 1 L .
loeomotiTe, John II. Oberly. The race
will K. ia ..IiaaIw innl..li..l .1... . it. i
mm w.i. gLwm mvwmw " u iun I iriDW riUVH
win om iorca to aeon ois poimsal stand
Inr. lie ii not a lUDubllcan. nd t,i.
Democracy Is doubtful. We are certain
ne never need a mil or taters, and can
not be a farmer. Murpbysboro Inde
The 'Independent' agriculturally does
m j.u Micmuui oj cut
VAIllh W1M lalfll Vlllla mwA L. 11T .
j .......... ... uuvl. ii u lire
a farmer of undoubted .r..i
M we bare frequently declared, the first
farmer who ware drlrsn by monopolies
I A al.ti hta f.wm 1 1 .J .1... I . I
Maw wikui WW Luiii t .iwi. i ii ania
wa made It produce double, and were en.
bled to get a decent living notwitbstand.
log the extortions of the railroads. Tbe
plow for tba 'Independent,' should not aw
.MM M VI.. ... 1. .. L I.I . .
utile. Call us Radical, denounce us as
o uamoerai, cut don't say we bete, no
j aaaa u our fceir.
we care reeeivea rrom trie tecretarv
IWnolf Prau AaaaelaUon & Nmuu i.
ard aim the sua. ol one dollar, coupled
Mw proulM Uat tbe tut. wilt be added
to other donation, nnd used in an effort to
secure tnc onactinciii ny ino icginauiru u
a law calculated to promote the Inlcri-fU ol
ptlI)M'licr anu nioieciino nm vi
and orphans. We havo no dollar to expend
In that direction. If the dclrcd law oilj-lit
to be paiccd, let the trcs of the slate ilc-
each Indlvldaal member refpon.lblo In tho
event of neglect or refusal. If It ouUt not
to be passed, wo ha.e no wliH to pay a
money pnee ioriiias"o. ivu ui.......
Tills is a SprlnDelJ Job. Soma of tbo
croat leal talent of that city havo con
ceived a bill for tho benefit of news p.npor
publlshors.and proceod to havo thorn In
dvance for the bantllnff a roijular
SpingCeld trick. Tho laws in regard to
legal advertising in Michigan, Wisconsin,
or Iowa, are good enough ; and If Hamp
ton, in the Senate, Uy. Thornton and
Oborly in tho Houio, can't duplicate thorn
for oumtatutos they can't go to Congress
by our vote. The aforesaid lecrotary has
also sent us a bitltt dour to tbo same pur
port, and this is our rciponio. Joins
boro Gazette.
A word of explanation In roforenco to this
matter teems to be necessary. At Iho
commencement of tho session of tho Gen
eral As-embly hold hst winter, n
meeting of newspaper publishers con
vened at Springfield and transacted cer
tain buitnecB. Hsiides other action taken
tboso publishers retolvcd that a bill
should be prepared providing for tho pub
lication of lognl notices, etc. It was sug
gested in tho meeting that tho preparation
of such a bill would rtqutro much time
nnd labor, and that no member of tho
moetint; could, without recompense, gie
tho time, noceisary to the work. A com
mitto of tbroo was thyi rniiod, nnd in
structed to employ competent counsel in
the preparation of. tLo bill. A resolution
ti assess nowipnper publishes
to pay tho expenses was
adopted. Tho committee nmplojed
Mr. Orots. II o wont over nil Ihn ilatutcs
of tbo state, got Into soveral tactions of a
bill all the sections of all tbo laws in
which legal publications are ordorcd;
wrote out tho suggestions of the commit
too, and in this way proparod n bill which,
if enacted into a law, will give to IllinoU
a much bettor printing law than any
other state in the Union hns. Mr. Groia
charged SS0 foi bis labor, and it t to pay
that amount tho request referred to by
the two 'Uazettos' has boon made. If that
is jobbing or an attompt to bribo wo havo
dull eyes, and can't sao it. Of course
neither Ilampton, Thornton nor Oberly
bad the Impudence to prepare a bill when
a meeting of publishers bad ordered one
to bo proparod as above recited ; as wo
prosume neither ol those gentlemen, ail
being publishers, would llko to introduce
such a bill and urgo its pussago.
Vlcksburg Times.
About a year ago tho stato of Illinois
was thrown into a stato of intcnio oxcite
ment by an attempted murder of a lady
and gentloman at Hoblnion, Crawford
county, the circumstances of which appear
to nave I een as ioiiows :
A man named Thomas It. Klinn, a sort
of ne'er-do-well, bad beon paying his ad
dresses to a young lady connocted with
one el tbe boat famlltos in tna county, but
she finally bocamo disgustod with his way
ward disposition, and becamo engaged to
a lawyer named Parkor. This so inceused
Flinn, that, one day meeting tho couple
while out buggy riding, ho discharged his
shotgun fairly A them, wounding l'atker
so that he was in a precarious state for
some time, and tbe young lady in such a
mannor that sbo becamo hopelessly para
lyzod in tbo loer limbs.
The would-bo assassin, howover. escap
ed, and has since eludad the vigilance of
the police, though a reward of ono thou
sand dollars was offered for his arrest
by tho friends of tbe iojurod couple, and
soven hundred dollars by tho county. Ilia
photograph was sent to all tho large cities
In the country, and one of thorn has figur
ed in the roguos' gallery of Ltt Hall,
chief of police of this city.
A few months ago he was seen in Vlcks
burg, and it was ascertained that hu was
engaged in trapping and hunting on tho
various rivors of this statu, but no eiVort
was made to apprehend him until a fow
days ago, when Mr. Tom Arrlson re
ceived somo communications from a
friond in Illinois respecting tbo mattor,
and upon that information bo dotorminod
to mako an effort to capture the ruffian.
11 o accordingly wont to Justice Hunt, who
deputized him as a coustable for tho pur
pose, and with this authority he, on last
Monday, started up tho Yazzo river to
hunt for his prizo.
After a difficult and dangerous reconnoi
tcr of throe days bo succeeded in finding
the object of bis solicltudo near Ilnynea'
IilulT, in a thick canobracke,' almost im
penetrable to tho animals nf tbo wo.ids,
wbero ho bad established his camp. Arri
son and a man whom ho had taken with
him at onco saw that tboy had a dosperuto
charactor to deal with, armed with two re
volvers and bowlo knlvos and a shotgun,
which ho never for a tnomont left out of
his band. They introduced themselves as
huntors, and remained with him that
night, after which they loft to procure re
inforcements. Having dono tb'is, a negro,
who was one of the now aids uugagvd, wns
sent to the camp to get him to take him
across tho river in his dugout, the plan
being to catch him at the water unsuspi
cious and probably unarmed.
The plan succeeded so far as getting
him to tbe water was concerned, but he
had boen privately informed of tho orrnnd
of Arrlson, and when he presented himself
at tbe batik, warrant In band. Klinn imme
diately leveled bis gun at him and 11 red,
but Arrlson dropped and whs not' hit.
Flinn then turned round on the negro to
shoot, but tho darky wai too quick for
him, aud emptied tho contents of bis gun
at Flinn'a head, carrying away nearly tho
whole of the lower law, when Arrlson
Jumped on him and captured him,
Flinn, who It now in tho Jail In this
city, says Arriion tired at him Urat, but
tbis is denied He also says that hit reasons
for shooting tho couplu in Illinois was not
because ot his being jilted by the girl, but
because Parker had foully aspersed his
mothers name. Some letters were found
on him which somewhat tnodlfv th lia-.i
character glvan him, and it is possible
may not be at bad a man at is represented
though he was coniidcred on tbo river i!
mcst desperate character. When tbo ne
cessary papers arrivo from Illlnoli. and as
soon as bo is sufficiently recovered, be will
betaken to Illinois, and tho trial will
prove how far ho has beon guilty and how
much bo has boon sinned agalntt.
In Its organized form Swedenborglan
"m seems to havo gained no great success
n tblt country, according to a wriur in
the New Church Mngazlr.0. It nearly
ninety years sinco tbe doctrines of Swu
denborg were first openly proolairnid In
America, und now tbo a.owed believers in
them do not not number over 4900 or 6000
The first tociety was organized eighty
years ago, in Jieltirnore, and the regular
attendants are less than 160. Tho society
In Philadelphia Is fifty years old, and hat
200 altendantt-tO less than 46 years ago.
The New York society is 67 years old, and
all tbo attendance in Nw York and
llrccklyn ti lets tlmn COO. Tho present
number of tnombors it 3,ib3s Mr. Hitch
co:k concludes that it It Impcsilblo
to liulld up a great acclusiastlctil organ
ization on tho bnsle'of .Swcdonborg's
toachlngs. Only n limited cloei, toon ex
hausted, can bo brought liiio such an or
ganization. Still ho tblnkr, ns do tbo
Unitkrians, whon comforting tbomsclvet
over their similar feebleness ni on ccolcsl
nttlcal body, that If other church'), rojuct
their namo they nro yet accepting tho tub
stanco of their teaching. Certainly tho
contrast Is striking with tho ccclotUelical
succors of tho Mcthodlits, who In
vaded the country nbuottho sume lime.
Mu. P. K. Aliikiuiit It engaged in ovory
criminal case in tbo present term ol court.
W'uaro happy to ico Mr. Alhrighl'e tnl
onts nckndwioJS(l'ahl"'apprcclated. The
timet not; Car dlnliiniwbeii lilt abilities
will bo rcrtgrfrnfod' it "second to nnno In
this circuit. Murphsboro Independent,
Tiik pipors nf hit district nro diicusilng
"John It. Oborly for Congress," The
people down there might ''go further and
faro (a grent dcalJIworse." Itnrrlsburg
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin,
l'roui Washington. v
lNTliltSAt. llV.VKNUK IlficKIITt.
WAaiH.NOTO.v, Oecumbnr 1!0. Tho In
ternal rovnnun receipts for the month nro
$5,3C0,07C j and for the llscil voar
110,607. Uutitntidlng legal tonlloM :i70,
00 1, '-18.
Tho pottniaiter general announces that
ho will arrange n system by which tho
Kuropnan malls ahull ho dispatched from
Now York four times u week on steamer
sailing on any given Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday or Saturday.
From New York.
New York, December 20. London
papers of the 8ih inet., recoived to-day,
contains official reports of Captain Robert
son of tbe Loch Karri, which sunk tho
stvamcr Villo do Havre. It is ns follows, in
so far as it relates to the collision :
November 2'Jd, - a.m., latitude -10, 51
north, longitude 33, Cdeg. ; west winds
south ioutliwe.it; true abip braced upon
port tack, heading by standard compass
northwest by n, or west half h true. A
steamers rnnit head was seen from cno to
two points on port bow. Our side lights
were out and burning brightly. Shortly
after wo eaw that the steamer had three
lights ; sbo wns coining straight for us j al
most immediately ihosbowoJ only her port
and mast head light and was sti'uring ap
parently to pass under our t lorn. After u
short time we rung our lull and ported
our helm as wo thought she was coming
too closo. When cl se to the bow the
steamers helm was starboarded, she was
across our bew and a collision was Inevit
able. Tbo ordor was given to bs.ck our
nftor yards, but beforo the braces
could he lot go tlio two Tenuis cune in
collitiios with the Loch Karn, striking'
tho steamer amid ships. The ships im
mediately toporatod, and wo withdrew our
after yards aback, and tho crow then
shortened tall, and commenced to clear
uway tho port life-boat. The carpenter
being at tho pump?, replied that the ship
was making no water, and then went for
ward and found tho bowiprit guxo and
the bow mas had fcomplotoly in,., but
the collision bulk head was
appearantly uninjured. A boat from the
Mile du llavro, then came alorm the ildu
containing ofltccr and four men. I ask
od if tho steamer was much injurod, he
sani no wns rnjureu, out uiu not say slie
wanted assistance, as no tlgnuls ( dis
trois werorrmdoby tho steamer, I thought
at ono timo tho boat was aont to rendor us
assistance, but while, talking to an officer I
saw tbe steamer apparently scttlo down
and lowered tho port life-bout at once in
charge 6f tho second officor and four men
who made towards tho sinking ship. Our
cuttor and starboard life-boat wera then
cleared away nnd In a few mluutot de
parted to the scone of tho cUustrop.ie,
their only guide boing tho cries of the
drowning pooplo. Although the tteauier
had disappeared wo kept our boats out till
day lluht until everyone floating around
tho wreck was picked up. Wo succeeded in
saving eighty-four persons out of throe
hundrod and six, a large portion having
gono down with tho steamor. Tho Villo
do Havre only floated about flftcon min
utes after boing struck. Capt. Jtobertson
thm proceeds to give nn account of bis
falling in with tbo Tri-Mountain, and tho
transferring of his pastcngers and crew to
her with the exception of tho nurso?, tho
cook and tho wife of ono of tho ttoamor's
flromcn, who was injurod. Ho then gives
an account of li Is xtrugglo to save bis
The- following incidontof tho disaster is
told by tho captain of the Loch Karn :
A lady swum along side with a child in
her arms, a rope was thrown to her which
she seized, but in attempting to bo pulled
up, holding on with one arm and with the
othoritround her child, bor strength fullod
hor and the child was lost, but the poor
raotbor was hauled on board.
An Imposiug requiin mass was solomlzod
at llavro on the 8th lust.,
in honor tho vlctlnu. The
cathedral was draped in black from roof
to iloor, and wns thronged by n congrega
tion of llvo thousand persons. The cata
falque was surrounded by tho sailors of
tho republican navy, and all tho civic,
naval and military dignltarlcsof thoplaco
were present. The Cure's tertnon wai in
terrupted by bursts of grief from worship
pers. All the ships In the harbor dressed
their Hags half matt high, nnd
business was nt a stand still.
Tbo public subscriptions amount
to forty thouiMid francos excluding con
tribution of tho company, tbo singers of
tho l'orls opera are to glvo a performsncti
of Lafavorita nt llavro, for the benefit of
tbo families of tho victim.
From Lotiisilllc,
LotllbVILLi, December 20. A lurgo
number of gamblers who were forced to
discontinue faro in this city, t y police reg
ulations, took tholr tools to J'ollnnon, In
diana, whore they havo had full swlnj; for
months until within the pasiod few days,
havo been driven from the town by the
pressure brought to bear on tbum by Jef
fersonvillo. The Courlur-Journal reports
that three large aud well patronized banks
havo boon broken up without the aid of
police by popular indignation, resulting
from exposures in gambling looiHtics.
It is supposed that the gamblers will now
generally leavo tho cltici nhout the fall.
From HcsMoIiipe.
ot-ncuui hoi.u oirr u is stock,
DesMoi.nos, Docembor 20, The con
tract for Iron work for tho nov rapllol
was awarded yesterday to tho Union
Foundry company of Chicago, over tov
cral bids from Kaitern compnulus,
The slate auditor's report show s that the
feet paid by insurance, companies nro
larger than tbo salaries of all the state offi
cer. U, V. Allen, tho wealthy Iowa banker,
and president ot the Cook County National
Iiadk of Chicago, has sold out all his rail
road ttockt and grain iulcrctts,
From Utile Itocl.
Litti.k Knj:i;,,,AnK., Docombar '().,
George W. Itlchardwn was tho.ndmoof tho
man whoio family vat-recently murdered
nonr bore. Thoy ttartod for 11611a from
Toxns in tho osrly part of Novrmbsr, and
tho murder appears to liavo boon com
mitted November 1M. Illchnrdson was
killed by a ball, nnd tho wife nnd child had
their skulls brokon with repeated blowt.
Jividenco it accumulating ngnlnst the
prisoner Madlock ns boing tho perpetrator
of the crime.
fild Wallace wns taken from tbo
Penitentiary yesterday by tho ShcrliT ur
John'on county nnd posio, for romovnl to
Clarksvillo lor execution next week. They
left hero yestorday morning.
Yosterdny .Tudgo Seal, of "tho Supremo
Court, granjod n ttay oT proceedings
umlil tho court decided upon tho qitittion
of a now trial.
Washington, December 'JO. For New
England, Middle .States and Lower Lako
legion tho pratiure .will increnio with do
cldedly lower tnrnpciuttiro nnd possibly
vreas of light nnown, followed by loss
cloudlncst nud clearing wcalliir during
tbn day.
For tlm Southern Mitos generally clear
and cold weather with ncrtheasterly
wlnds, except In tbe Lower .Mississippi
valley, whore thu wind will veer to east
erly with increasing cloudiness. ,
Ifor the Ohio Valley nnd n'orthwiird over
thu Upper T.ako regioo, clear or oloarlng
.wctth.eritli. northerly to westerly windt
and lower tMnporaturo.
For tho Northwest continued cold and
generally clear woathcr with winds grad
ually hiftlng to easterly nnd southerly.
Decidedly cold nnd clear weather will
prevail in the cmal re.-ion of New York
and Pennsylvania,
Tho Ohio rivor will eontlrjuo to fall nt
stnliona bolow Cincinnati mid tho Mlsls
siphl river will fill nt stations below
Cairo, except New Crloans,
From Cincinnati.
Ci.vri.VNAri, Decemher'.'O. Thooflicers
of tho llaltitnoro and Ohio railroad hero
nro advised that on ami f.fter next Mon
day, passenger rates from IJaltimoro to
Cincinnati anil other vo?terri cities vfill
be reduced 20 to Ti per cent, below tbo
preent rates,
Tho stock-holders of the Chcsnpeako and
Ohio railroad re-elected tho old board of
directors to-day, alul tho board reorgnized
sumo ns Inst year.
From Clilllkotlip, Ohio.
Kit. I. I'D.
ClliLUCOTHK, Dacnmbor 20. This
morning as train No. lion the .Marietta
and Cincinnati railroad was coming
around Kenich' scurvo, nbout n mile -ast of
this city, the sleoping-concli was thrown
from the trnck nnd down a steep embank
ment. The passongors nil escaped with
but few bruies, except a indy who wns
badly bruised about tho hip and n gentle
man who had his head badly hurt. A
broken rail is said to have caused tho ac
cident. From Flttslii'.rg.
FiTTsnuRo, December 20. A number
of coal works havo resumed operations at
four ccriti", ami it U probable that nenrly
all will bo running by tbn ilrtt of next
wcok at that prico. So onds' the lone
struggle botweon, tho operators and the
Tho new Constitution has 10,000 major
ity in AllPebeny rnuntj-
From .Madrid.
Madrid, Docombor SO. It it reported
that tbo Spanish Cabinet lint decided to
mako a demand upon tho United Slates
for the return of tho steamer Vlrginius,
prisoners und crew recently surrendered.
It is nlto said that in accordance with this
decision President Cnstolur has written to
Minister Sickles.
From Albany. 1
Albany', Decomber 20. Despatches
received by Auditor Dayton to-day, show
that If tho woather is favorable r. number
of boats that left Schccctndy yesterday,
will net to tido water.
Steamship Arrhnls.
Nw Yonu, Docombor t!0. Tho steam
ship lthein arrived from Dromon to-day.
London, Docembor 20. Tho steam
ships Algeria and Ugypt arrived out.
Hint mill lull or Urn KIYi'.UN
For'Jl bourn ending a p.m., Dec. 10,1873
: Above 1 1
I low l
bTAHONS. 'water.!
ltlii. Full.
"-) 0
n o o
:m :: o n
: l r. i
2 11 3
0 0 0
0 0. 0
0 (I
0 0,
O 0
i! 6 0 3
: r, j
0 (i
0 0 I 8
is .(; I 10
I) , - 0
23 ,lj U.
11 "i o a
o o
12 e! 0
o oj
0 0 0
U 0, 0 (!
ia 7
13 n i i
32 ' 1 0
I o
o o; o
Fort llo'iton
IcIIltpoii City
Iwinim ulty
Little liock
LdlllaNille,,., ,
Memphis! .,
New Orleans ... .
Oil City
Omaha ,
1 'ad uea h
Shri'veport ., ,
St. .lo.eph........;
M. Louis
.St. Paul
'Surfaco of water below tieneii mark-.
i:nwi.v iiAnxii,
Obscner Mg. fcer. U. S. A
PiTTsnur.o, December 20. Hlvor it
about stationary with 7 ieet 2 indie, in
Njvmivili.k, Decomber '.'O.Illver fall
ing 12 fentd inches on thouls. Weather
cleur, cold, ( ,
Litti.k Hock, Docenihe.O Weather
clear and plcatnnt. Itlver falling here
and above, Ton feel by gunge, Tho
Shannon depnrtod for New Orleans.
St. Louis, DecomcorEO Arrived, only
local packott, Departed; (at Josoph, .Mem
phis; Yaegnr nnd .Ssudder, Now Orleam;
Johnton, tj tinny; Jull, Vickthurg. Jttvcr
falling. Cloudy and cool.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Decomber HO
Hlver falling 40 feet, Thompson Dear,
arrrived from Now Orleans; Daparted
11. W. Skllllnger, for Pittsburg, Arlinirtgn
for .Memphis, Thomas Sherlock for Now
F.VANSviLLn, December 20. Cloarnnd
cold; moroury 37 to 32; tho river hut
rlsori 0 inches. Port Hit up: Hobort
Mitoholl, Goo Itoberls, Churmcr, Idle
wild, Mary Amout, Kddvvillo, Down
Poytona and barges, J D Purkor, Grey
Kagle, Indiana nnJ Silvcrlhorn, with fair
t j good trips; hiitinua ncttvo,
Mr.Mi'ius, Jlecomter oO, Weather
clear atul pleiiinnt. lllver ritlni: itcadilv.
Arrived Sam Or'r und barges, Ohio
river, asoparieu lion l'ranklln and Jilt
tlo Higler, Cincinnati; Mary llnyd, Llltlo
Itock; Grand Tower,' St. Louis; GI.mc.io,
Now Orleans'; Logal Tendor, Whlto
Louisvillk, Decomber 20 Ulver fall
ing with 17 feet In canal. 15 fuet in pats
down Indian chute. Woalbor clear arid
cold. Arrived Gon. Lytlo, Cincinnati;
Dovo. Madison; JJIyo Wing, Kentucky
river; lornlni; Star, Homlorsnn. Do
partod Gon. Ljtln, Cincinnati; Dove,
Mndifon; llluu Wing, Kentucky tlvcr;
Morning Star, Henderson.
m arkS'SPort.
Nbw Oulkans. Docembor 20. liny
prime llrmor, 20 0J. Hicon firm, CJ8J
4bjiJ. Coll'oo notlvn nnd firmer, llnrloy,
2lJ023c; fair IMWaiJc: ycod l!6d(,'.'Cc;
prime 20J(ayi7c. All others unchatignl.
Mcin-iiiK, Tknn., Docoiiilmr 20. Flour
good, domuttd Rf?iJ. Corn light, deniimd
holder Urm, VlilS. OnU stcudy, f. Ifi 55.
Hay, 17'JJ, llrnn firm, t7J llulktmats
quiet nnd wcnU, Lnrd (jood, doninnd 0 10.
CllUAOU, III, December i!0. Flour
quiet and unchanged. Whcnt dull nud un
settled, and lower until the i hue, when
thu market beoame more active and
firmer. No. 2 112 cult; 11.1J Decernlcr;
lllj .lunimrj; No. 1 told 1 ISfW) 1; No. S,
105. Corn opened dull, closed active and
firm. No. iJ mixed 62J spot; 3 January;
new spot 4r2)50. 0ti linn; No. 2 37J
cnbj 375 January. Itvn quiet; No. 2
7C70. Ilarley atcady; ' No. 'I fall 13.;
No 3 1C110I. Pork cash nnd atrndy;
14 options; Irregular nnd unsettled; fifty
sold 14 30; clotcd Hj; .March 14. Lard
fair demand nnd lowet; HJ cash; 8 ,10
January. Iliilkmentt steady. .Shoulders
partly cured CfMSJ; green do 'Sb' later;
for 1 1 pounds nvrac; green short rib
c;5j. Harm 73G?jSj for 18 and 10
pound nvcrago. Whisky quiet, 10,
Nbw York, December 20. Flonrdtill,
fllownr superflop 5 ,6(,J 16; common to
good ti 6' n,C 05; cood cboico 7 OC(7i,7 60;
white wheat xtra7 fi(l(JS 0), Wbitkey
heavy and lower 03jfj!l7o. Whcnt heavy
lower, No 2 Chlcgi, 1 C2(Ti)l 61; north
western 1 61. Ilyo, ipjiot 1 dyl 03
Harlny rnoro active, western lower. Corn
active, excited and higher with a brisk de
mand, western mixed in store and afloat
8p(7?S'-lc. 0gtJ ,jrin m,lUrn mjS(.j n tlont.
6f,(ij0q white western ntloat 6SQ,i;V.
Coll'oo quiet and firmer. Sugar dull. Mo.
lasses firm. PrivLions quiet nnd weak;
new mes pork 18 00(1S 25; extra prime
12 W; prime mo's 13 75. Dccf tinchauged.
Cut mcatJ.llmitod request; middles steady;
long cleKr 1 short clar 7J. Lard weak
wostorn steam fe December ; Ja- uarv
8je; Foburary 8 15-lC(2,Jc; .March !)J
St. Loiri., Ducombor JO. Hemp duil
nnd unchanged. Flour steady, firm and
unchangej, U'hat Irregular nnd lower ;
No. 2 spring 1 18(Ti)l 10; 1 70Vidf'rNn.
2 rial, seller tho year, No. 3 1 -l(.
Corn closed dull and lower, new mixeil 63
(7,54c, old 60j. Outs Innctlvo and lower,
No. 2 inixod 33c. Ilarley steady ntd firm,
llyo dull and droopliii.', No. 2 8l(j)8C.
Pork firm nnd unchangej. Dry salt meat
In good demand but dealer npnrt; loose
shoulder 6Jc, clear rib 7je, clear J.j. Pa
con Hoady and firm; shoulders GJ'S'Cj;,
clear rib3jc, clear 8Jo. Hams unchuiii;ed,
lOJQllc. Lard, dealers opart; pr;me
steam held bold at 8J8jo. 7jo bid.
Whisky steady nnd firm at !)5c. Hogs
firm nt 4 705 'M, bulk salo3 -I 805Q5.
Cattle, prime to extra imtivo stef-ra 4
76, butchers 2 253 25, wintered Texan
2 253 05. Hogs packod to date 202,276
.Money Market.
Nnv YoliK, Dccambor 20' .Money
closed at ACM, after tendlnt: ns hltrh ns 7.
Gold foroign exchange dull nt 8 Jf3i8 j to-
ony; ngni. worn eioioii nt lo-yio,
after selling nt j(); market weuk will
very lew nonlors.
Cor. Slh St. aud Commercial Atc
lioott and Shoes mala to order,and.ln
biilatekt and mnkt faililonable -tvle.
Dr. II, I', KIM inrnrmi tna public tl.-t hf La
opi.Dod a
L I V E R 1' S V A B I, K
in tb northwot n l of Tooth ftrM un cm
Ill tirsMd will be (uinlthe l vitli cobf but in
td tho public may be uccommodatcd at nl
turn of tho day und night with safe teams
on the lo'vot terra.
Dr. Fields asks a sharo of public patronage
and will endeavor to merit It by talr dealing
jeiI 'trier Hltenllnn to biik'ncs.
I). AvKiia,
AYKItS .1: CO.,
No. 76 Onto Lkvkx, Cairo, Illk.
in: is mii,i, mvimi .sxit is t'.mto
Ills ofllco and dlncnary at
XO. 22 K 10 1 ITU STItKHT,
Hot. Coj.'inierelal and Wufhlngton nveimot
. It U tine, tbo doctor N one of the nldent
piiyslelutH of tlio place, uinl his diploma,
that hung In hit office, nhows thut he lius
been ii years In the profci-Ieii, Ho l doing
i larger office practice than any other phy
sician, treating ull kinds of chronic illneuset
oi the hunriiiii) btcni, niich old tilcerc, and
all dl'caen of no xkin, liumors nnd bleed
poisons; alao dleaMi of the throat; ul.-o
ill itlseasch ol Ihe cyea nf aoars htaudilig:
alio nrtilicial ccn inu'rtcd; lUlnl.i cured
without tbo like ol' u linlle; cancers cured
by the application of medicines; pimples on
the f.ice removed; nil tuliury UUeaxes
cured ; nil form of venereal unit private
,!lM'uccuted In tbe Mior lest Kmc ; rcrnln
weakness nud bt-lf-abuto cured in a ther
Jt li clf-ov!(lent that a physician Ircallmr
can for twcnly-two yearn acquires great
All consultations confldciitical, In person
or by letlt'ii.
All uodlelnes furnished at nfllce In all
cates. u-iytf.l Du. David Uult.
llll lllil I!
ii j
Tho Place To Buy
At his KEYS' STORE on
Coiinncrcial avonuo, JJurgcr is
now rcoei vim; daily tlio lar
gest, best sclented and olieap
est stock of dry goods ever
before brought to Cairo. A
lino of dress goods which have
never been surpassed in this
market, either for beauty or
variety. A full slock of boots
and shoes; domestics of all
kinds ; a beautiful stock of
furs, mulls and boas, mulls
and collar?, and children's furs
at a mere song ; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, etc.,
almost given away ; a hand
some assortment of gloves and
a charming selection of ladies'
neckties, ruffs, etc, etc. (Jen
tlcinen's furnishing goods,
overcoats, suits, underwear,
hats, caps, gloves ; counter
panes, comforts and quilts,
tablo linens, red and whito;
water proof cloth in all the
new shades and a full and
completo stock of notioriH.
All these goods were bought
at panic prices, ami will be
sold at astonishingly low fig
ures, as Burger is determined
not to be undersold. Call and
c.xtuninc his goods before pur
chasing elsewhere. Jlis store
rooiju contains every article in
tho dry goods line that any
buyer can possibly want, and
the prices are so low that no
one will have tho conscience
to ask a reduction on any
thing. iiturjit 4rr:.
C. JST. 'lib CM I, lllii,
OKKICE : Ohio Lover, over Matbitks &
ESrXonc but FinUClau Cvinpatiic
llcjTe$aitfa. tl
r..t TA ilLlKIf EI IMS.
73 Ohio r.KVCX,
I he oldest established Agency In Southern
luinois, representing over
$05,000,000 00 I
of tbo liot Iiihurniico Capital ol the
ijiiucu .ttuies.
Tbe splendid steatnsr
Dioic VowLi'.it, Captain
Loaves Cairo DAILY. (Sunday cvcentcdl at
s p.m rcr ireiKiu or parage apply on noai
jrlO .IA4. .11AI.I.HUV, Ag't,
llccllilcr snd Wholeitalo Dealer In
I'OltllMJ.V AMI 1M).1II:.S 10
If 0-5
(Successor to 11. Thlolocke.)
Drill, r In All KlotO
Having purchased tho grocery establlfli
sieutot' II. rnieleckc, I pjiall ulwnv l.cip
)iinanii a itiiiaua irrsnaiippiy oi hiiw nest
roods in my line, to be found In tho market
Uv strict attention to btulnr.. and fair deal
ing, 1 liopo not only to retain nil tho cin-teiu
Hio place has enjoyed In tbe past, but to add
to the Hit mail) new patrons, Asklug a
ialr share of public patronuge,
kc peciuuir, iii-itMin sciiMUTZf'roni'K
The Toy King, having lately
received ono of the largest and
most varied
ever brought to this city, will
sell them at greatly
Beduced Prices
In fact, sell them at
Til an LAST YE H
He also has a
Large Stock
and American
which will bo sold at tho low
est possible prico.
IE21 3F3 33 1ST 3
will do well tc call and inspoc
his stock of
oiaj Presents
102 Coraraorcial Av,

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