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RstiU Infrl Stic City nncl Coimly.
3lN II. OUKItLY, KJItor and l'tibllsnoj
E week, by carrlor 8 2
J yew ty carrier, In advance. ...... in iw
.,. .rrtAP If tint tiitil In
jb month, by mall '
. tiiumv .
roo months J w
C.mctta r' 's
10 00
i . . , ,,,..
'so Year .." . tl P
:r Months .,. ,. J
i!onth M
Jrirarliiblyin advance.
BnullDK iimller mi f'ry Mice.
Tub Little Dirty Dog i Storey' I'tt
'tine for tho eililor of tbo ChIo.go Trl-
'PEnnET, tho wlfu murdorcr, leaped
"ourapeouilT from tbo scafTdd to tho
n .
Itroot of tho Now Jerusalem last l'riday.
fc'Tho iffnir." wo nro InformoJ by a news-
IjMper correspondent, "passed oil" pleas-
A rivi'rvTln of llio Democrats tf
Kentucky, will lo hsld at Frankfort on tbo
I8th of February next. A candidate for
f clork of tbo court of appeals will bo nom-
Plnaled, and t'ao resolutions of 'US ro-rc-
s solved.
Tin: Commerce, (Mo.,) 'Uipauh' iij .
"Skiff In thil plsro'nre in groat demand
on Sunday. 'A number nro usod for ploas
uro trip! to Santa Fo, whilo n solitary ono
with a lolita-y osrsman may bo scsn
vonding its way to ono of tbo Kx-t'api-toll
of Alexander county Thebei.
The diicunloti in congress on tbo
salary grab hai bean peculiar. Ablo Dam
osrati and ablo Republicans havo unitod
in iti endorsement. Tbo probiblo reiult
will bt that no man who did not vote for
tbo grab will be ontltlal hureaflr to
popular favor. Great aro tho grabbers.
Thk St. I.ouis 'Democrat' is in u pis
tlon witb tho St. Loui 1 Globe,' without
any sufficient provocation. Tbo ' Globe
has dono nothing but tnlio a few dis
patches it did not pay for I To becmu
angry about to small ivn affair is bnmo
fol. Tho conicquonco of thq Democrat's
rage ii that vro havo a bid opinion of that
"Tbo Farmers
platform adopted
Decatur, In tho main is sound doctriuo."
S isyi tho Old Democratic Whool Horeo,
lion. W. A. ltichardion. Will ho eland
by the pirty tbnt has preclulp'od this
iound doctrine, or is bo wedded lo tho flash
pots of tbo Uourbonic dingers to tho putrid
flcih pots of.tbo FcrnandoWoodi grabblnc
Democracy T
Tub last litorr.ry work of tbo luto l'rof.
Agaisiz, was an essay publiihed in thu
January number of thu Atlantic maga
zino, in which bo gars ri synopsl ol hi
reasons for not bclioving tho Darwinian
doctrine of evolution. This essay rni
intended as nn introduction to a moro de
tailed disouiiioa of this suhjoot in future
number of tlwjnr.gi7.in0.
The Charjoston, (Mo.,) 'Courier' is
about to enter its eighteenth volume.
The 'Courier is tenacious of life. Accord
ing to all nrwpper experience it should
havo diod long ego, but it hss moro life
in it to-day than over before. That Mis
sissippi county has so long sustained n pa
per it a fact to be sot down to tho credit of
tho'pcoplo of that part of MIsfouri.
Tux Mount Ctrmol 'J'.egliter,' horc
toforo a ltadlcal paper, hat formally with
dra.cn from tbo Ilopublican party, and
pronounced in favor of tbo Firmor' or
ganization. "Anti-monopoly" will hcro
ftor bo tbo watchword and tbb cry of tho
'Beglster', a paper upon the bead of which
wo lay our paternal hacd nnd sy:
"Bless you my child." Tun IIulletin is
also pulior in tbo Anti-monopoly traros.
'Mb.' J, FcRiiy Jon.Nuow, of Jtaiidr'ph
county, Is presumed to bo in luck. IIu it
now t.Kow Yorfe for tbo purpose of fl . tig
tho claji:v.of his family to n sharo o! tl.o
celeb'rtd Chaio estate, of linglaiid, val
uod r$20O,O00,O00. Itistaid then, are
terrthontand heirs to tbi property, and
that the ibaro of each will bo somo $if,,
030." . January 1J, 1874, ii tho d ato fur ail
clalmj lobo filed j iindnfttr that time nono
will bo allowed to como lo.
Tin Odd-Fellows of DuOiioln will nub
Hdy 'Install thu now olilcers of llopo
i4 ugo, j,o. -izi, ol tUat place, on the even
iDRof tbeSthof January next. Tfjci in
Haliation will tuko placo in thu Methodlsl
, cnur.cu, w -jo IplloWed by a ball at tbo City
-Usdl And suppor 6t t10 V, Nicholas hotel.
ilany promlntnt lnembors of tho ordtr
io.Southorn lllinuU viii i.
Mist tho DuQuoin Oil-Fellows in the
proposou coremonlos,
"Oath'' pj-onouncej Mr. I.yman Tre
rniiatolm tho most norfot looVlm. o
Kroiswtn in tbo bouse; -but It U not po
ilbla ho bad seen Mr. Issae Clements o
luu ujstrict wben bo cxprussed that np:n
ion. "Ve do not boait tnucli of our main
bet's intellecl, althousb that is as iii.
bid under a bushel meaicrn r,r nmiu...
olse, but wo will permit no man to attempt
tofo before him in personal comeliness.
Ho is as good looking as a picture, tud wo
uouui ma: " uatu " will venturo to ray
rnuch even of Mr. Trernaln.
"1 expect to meet mv vlf in imiMn
said l'erteet who bad cut her Jugular and
..WMftbom to bang for tbo crime, "and
walk wltli bor tbo golden strocts or the
Ndw Jerusalem its wo uiod to walk tbo
treoU of Chicago." This aisortion bus in
Itomtitbini; Jocular, but at tbo samo limo
tliorriblo. It Is 11 atartllng aisertlon that
ibis-UiXttaUcullor Ulleved ho would meet
bis victim In tho o'.hor world ami b by
her forgiven lor bis crime; but brlng'to
lQHMtt in contrast Chicago and tho !f w
' " ' J -1 r ,1- .., ..
To thin fnrmarr nrpinlrlloti. tlioro-
foro, tliqcBtfritr?intlw.k;A tliy adnnr-r
guard o"f thu bollcreenlflm'i't of tlio'ppc(
pi. in inisriirgMium'jn, i.tunu-iajp'-nT
potllivo griovAnoe', foil by tlin oplo of
all tho stales a'ikn, theri is nu opportu
nity for such 11 union of tbo people Hgnlli'l
party rti(hr.;'ii ri will nccompliili tho
overthrow of 1 .lh Iho old parlies, nnd
place tho jounlry onco inorflin tho pUh cf
progress and rofcrnt. 2'rxtyflar this new
parly will try conclusions with ils antago
nists in Illinois In n sHln oloction Chi
cago 'Tribuno'. i J
"OoK an km; hai ineroncd tho prico of
gold and deranged businev.'t'oxclaimed
Senator Chandler scolding Ihn pimttf.
In this cxcl.imnlion is n fail Ihn press
should nut allow to be unheeded. He
pabllcins nnd DnmocrAts in congress nro
pulling together In tho wrong dlroellon
Brothers In plunder, tli4y aro nlo brethren
In political iirror, Thoro Is on neither
side of tho ch'imbars at Wnjhlngton'cithur
tho ability or honesty demanded by thu
axigoncii" of thq hour, illunderore and
rascals eonitituto Ihi cotitrollng mjority
of congress
- - . - . -
TucnK arc broAkers alpad of lh nfilo
rious Julga Durrull, of Loul'iatm. A
comrnltlnM hn Ix-cn rnicd on thu tnotioti
of Mr. It. F. Uullr to iuvciltgntn certhfn
charges against him. They comprehend'
miilleasanco nnd miif kanco in otll.'f-, mid
othors, any of which, if pruv.on, would bo
sutllcient to impeach him. lluissail to
havo mdo 11 large amount of money out
of bankrupt cases, of which soma l,PO0
havo been boforohmi. Onoof theoharges
Is that tbo JuJiro was so drunk when ho
algnod thu ortlor to prohibit thu'cunrcnitic
of the MeKnery legiclaluroth.it bohajlTo
00 held up In His scat and 'Lis Iinnd stead
ied lo cnnblo him to write.
- o -
Kxt'Ci'Tl.vo tbo absurd notion about
sbinplaElcr banking in tbo ninth resolu
tion, nnd fomu ilbdigcsttrd idtr. in rela
tion to running rullronds by statutory en
actment, tho platform is unexceptionable;
thoroughly nnd sensibly reformatory; nnd
(ur.li us every honest citizen who holds
that robbers can hr.vo no higher rights
than tho victims they rob, can tnko li s
stand (upon. By striking baldly At tho
protection and subsldy-giring (jstoTd of
plunder, tho convention went to tbo very
root of all existing political evil.', and
took n fair Mart 011 the only roud that lead)
to turo relief from tho monopoly oppros-
sion. Chicn;o 'Tlmoi' on the new pir
ty'a platform.
" Lansinu, tho Capital of Michigtn," ii
the titloof a voll-printed pamphlet of -10
pa;;os which rochel us through thu mill
with this little nolo pntoJ upon it: ' To
tin liTifor: Wo stid you Ibis p&ninhlet
with the compliments of Lansing. "Will
youdom thu favor to zy through your
paper thnt'any of your ilt'uanj can pro
euro a copy by sending their Address to
thu Iimstng lm-.iruvftraijnt Assocattion.'
Tho pamphlet contains a history of Lans
ing, nud chapters on Natuta AWnriiM;at
llillroHds, L-injlng o n Tmdo Contcr
limfnoi) Kntorprlso, I'maiee-i, Fahlic
Institution!, Ckurcbpf, Newspapers, Min
eral and .Magnotlc 'Well, end 1.1 illustrated
by u railroad map and piclurns of public
buildings. The Lansing pcoplo aro wide
awake, and dusirva tho prosperliy thoy
havo fecured.
ALEX AN l)Kl' AN D l'L L ASK 1.
" Tbtra I. 11 gro-vlng feeling in favor of
the consolidation of Alexander and Vol
oski counties," f y tho Cairo Clizotte.'
Wo lir.vu bad this subject under consid
eration for somo time, and hnvo como to
tho conclusion that tho two counties
namod ought to ho united and inula one
co'inty. Tho best Intoree U of tbo pcoplo of
both tin counties demand this. Indeed,
in nt other way can Aloxandcr nnd I'ul-
aski countios bu rrpcued from impendii g
bmkruptcy. ,
Tho county politicians and inauy other
citizens tvili no doubt vehomentlv don-
ounco this nuggostion tbo politician bo
cauto tho conholldatlon may take from
their mouths tho teat of public patronage,
the (Hti.on6 because tboy havo 11 county
prldu they cannot oxpluln and tho exist
ence of which no sonsiblu pron can 09m-
pruhend ; but all Ihoughful citizen of both
tbooounlies cannot escape tho concludon
that consolidation would bo a blessing.
Wo do not propjfe, to cntur upon n dl?-
cuisK'n of the quostion of coiuolidatloii nt
tills timo, and will only mention in a gon
oral way some of tho most salient consid
erations that have induced 111 to dosiro
that Alexandor and l'ulaslu should
mlnglo Into one.
1. AVo lay this down as an incontro
vertible proposition ; Tho limit of taxation
upon tho aiiiflsicd value ol proporty in
Alexander and l'ulakl will not return
sutllclont money to tho troasury of either
county to pay tho nbs-jlutoly nocexary ex
penses of thu county. Tho limit is wo bn.
liovo 7o cents on the $100, unking H.'O
In both counties.
If thn counties wero uidtud, 70
cents taxation on tlio S100 valuation
would return to the tie&'suiy more than
sufficient to pay nil running oxrwnses of
tho united counlifs, r.nd thus save to tlo
taxpayers a'largo nmoiint of monoy and
always hetp mo oroeri upon tho treaMiry
ut par.
.1. Ther Is 110 necessity for two coun
ties within tho territory a Alexander
aud I'ulaskl. On tho oontrarv, tbo sparse
population of tho couiillfii, tbo nboiiri, of
wealth from their bordors, nnd their iden
tlty of inturests requir that they thould
be unitod under 0110 government.
4. Ssparnted, both will be for yours to
como "running In dobt;" both will havu
bid roads; both Mill bu badly governed.
United, taxation half as heavy as is now
oviod Would pay all curraiit expense and
lecur goqd roads and good tfovernment.
Ono circuit court would taka thn pUcu of
two; uio ut of county ollloer would tako
the place ol two; ona oourthomu nnd ono
Jail vould lake tho place vt two, and in y
ory poi.lblo way expni'U4 would lo rc
duc J, wl T- J r'leow m'd t ia linlrilsten d
In tbo f -irU Willi lets delay tl,ai ntiiret-
j fit ard tho i" j.lvi.uMb n vt 1 I- a Inr
film VmuXUjr Ui.t;t'JXJ.r(, 'J'UEaimi,
,orol'nfn"T I? ft.! i'C h vffM hostllonttack orwlmt Is or
Reported Expressly for tho Bulletin.
ATronxr.v 3;KX:n.u, wiluik
c.!i: ni:co3iiMJ ih:si'i:iiati:.
ui:i.u:f that his .muiin.vtion
ii,ii in: wn'Hiw.nv.v.
Fi:i;rox u
H. HHMX.'i:.
ornci u. opinion ix tim: yiikiix-
lL'S AFFAtlt,
thi: ATToKXi:v-ni:xi:itAh i:cidi:s
. AMl:iM('AX I h.VI!.
From Washington.
Wasiii.Mitok. Doccmber 22. Tho fol
lowing im tbo opinion of Attorney Ocnorul
Williams In thu VlrginiUs esse t
DKl'AlllilKNT oT JUaTICB, 1
WAsuisnroN, Dcuiiibor 17, lsTO,
Hon. Hamilton Fiii, Secretary of
Stitta lhtr Sir ;-I linv.i thu honor to
acknuwudjc tho receipt of y. ur letter of
thu 11 th inst, tubmilling lo mu ft Img.i
number of documents nnd dccriplioii
and asi ing for my opinion ula-lhur or
lot thn Villain", nt tbo time of bar cap
ture by tbo Spatiioh iin-i-of w-ir Tornado,
was entitled to carry tho llig of the
United States and whuthtror rioi sho wiu
carrying it Improperly and with Mil right.
At Iho timu thtfu ipioftionn arose fttdor
thu pro'ocil of tho 'JJili ult., between the
Spanish minislur r.nd tho secretary of
late, in which among other 'bing,"il Is
ngn;ed cn llio "Oth ini'., Spain rbnll sal
ute til o d ig of tho l'n i tod State', but it
is further provided that if Spain should
provu lo thu satisfaction of tbo I'nlttd
Stito, that tho Virginiu' was not entitled
to carry thn Hag oMbo United Stales and
was carrying' it at tho timo of cipturo
without right and improperly, tho ia
laulo will bo spontaneously dispensed with
as in sueh'enso not bing uecpMArily re
quired, . but tins United StittoH
will expec in Mioh n caso
a disclaimer ol intent o. Indignity to its
dig Wi tl o a, t wbieli was committed. Sue
tu n of an Act December 31, IJ'JJ, pro
vides "that ships or vossols registorod
pursuant to euch act nnd no other oxcopt
such an shall bu duly qualified according
to law for crrylns or uoattins trade and
denominated and djcmed ships or vossels
of tho rnfted Stnleii, shall bo entitled lo
bjndlts and privileges apportulu;rjg.tosucli
ship". ' Kti'lion 4, of Minn act, provides
lor nn o'Uti uy which among otbur things
to obtain registry of n vessel, Iho owner
is required' to swear that thnro is not n
subject or citioen of any foroign power
or tat, dirertly or Indirec'ly, by way of
trust, I'oiiuueneo or omorwuo, intereittu
in such tliin or veisoi, or in urollts or 1j-
sues theroof," obviously tiieroforo no vessel
in wiucn a lorernur ijiilroctly flr indirect
ly interested, 1. entitled to a Unitod States
registry, and If oni is obtained by fatso
oath ns to that point and thu fact is that
1! tbo vessel is owno.1 or partly ownnd by
foreigner sho cannot bu doomed a vo'sul
of tho United Ntnto, or entitled
to botiefil or privileges nppoi Mining to
Mich vessels. Tbo Virginiu was rogisliired
in New York on tbe'.'Cth of Sopiembjr,
IS70, In tho nnmo of l'attorson, who nudo
onth asrcqulrol by law, but depositions
submitted abundantly show that in fact
I'attetson win not owner of hrr at that
timo, but that tho vessol was tliu property
of certain Cubn citizens in Now York,
who furnished tbo necniary fundi forbor
purchaio. J. V, Shepherd, who com-
mandeii uio vcisel, when tbo Ion.
Now Y'orl; with cerlifieato of her register
In tlo r.ama cf IV.terson, tcstifiul
that ho etitnred into an nMcement
to command etid vcisel. At an interview
betwocn Uueiadrt Morn, Fntterioti and
othors, it was distinctly tho understand
ing that tho Irginius bolongod to tjuo'ada
Mora ami otnor uunaiis: iinil that .Morn
oxhlbitol lo him rccoints for purchase
money and for repairs and supplies upon
said steamer, and explained to h!m how
said fund wero raised among llio Cubans
in ow otV. Adolph DoVaronn, who
wn secretary of tho Cuban mission in
New York nt tho timo thu Vlreiniiis was
purehnsod, and nftsrwarda sailed in bor
ns (uiadn s chief of stall, testifies that be
was ncquuinlcd with nil llio details of tin
transactions, nnd knows that tho Virgin
ins was purchased with the funds of thu
Cubans, and with thn understanding and
nrrapgcmor.t that Fatertou should ilppour
a a nominal owner, because. foro;gnrs
could not obtain an United States register
for tlio vesel. 1'rancn Ilrlvon, Charles
Smith, Kdwnrd Oroenwood, Jacob Mc
Cnrm, Mathow Murjihey, Amorasa Paw
ling, Thomas Ciillaghur, .lobn Furlong,
Thomas Anderson and (ieo W. Klllor
wcro umployid upon tbo Vlrginlus inTtr
ious capadtlr, aftor sho wai registorod in
tho nam-) of Fattenon, testify clearly to
the i ifort ; that they wero intormed and
understood whilo thoy ureiipnn th ver
so 1, tbnt sho belong! d to tjucsado and
Cutinn, represonted by hi n, ami that ho
nnvigateJ, controllu 1," and treated such
visscl in nil respoct ns lliough it ws his
proporty. Nolblng appm's to weaken
thn loren of this tmtiniony, though tho
witnesses woro tubjorlud to cross uxatn
Ination, but on tho contrary ail tho cir
otimstaru of thu cau tends to
its corniboration with tlio oath for
reglsteiing. Tbo statu! roqulros a bond
to bo given, slgnol ty thn owner, oiptnln,
and ono or ntoro securltins ; but thero
woro no securities upon tho bind givon by
l'lillurson and rihophord. I'ains havo boon
taken to iiieortain if lliero was any insur
nncoupon llio vessol, but nothing of tho
kind has been Iound. IJuuialn, Darona
and other cubuti a)o took pusugo upon
tho Virglnlus, but iiutenl of going on
beard nt tbo wharf in tho usual way, wont
aboard oil' tilt tun after thu vessel had loft
tho harbor of Now York. 1 cannot do
otherwise than to hold upon this uvidonco
that Falters m oath was fnlio, and that
iho neuter ooiauimi in nis tiamo was
a fraud upon tho nalgtion hw of thu
In assuming the qumti jii to lie what ap
pear! to confor into tlio Intent of the pro.
toiol, whether rr not the Vlrginlus at tho
time of hor I'tntura bad Uio right as
against thu Unitod Status, to carry the
Auifiriem Hag, 1. am of tho opinion that
sho liall n'o sueh rljlit,- lcaush ho hal not
been registered according to law ; but I
nn nlso of , opinion that sho was as
much orompt from intorftrenco on tho
high fis by another power, on that
ground, as though alio had been lawfully
reKWtrd, SpAln.-r.o tlnuht, lit a right to
capture ti vessel with an American regis
tor Mid carrjingtho A.mbtrcan'flag, found
in hit own waters, assisting or endenvor
. ire; t") esslst Iho InJurreetlon in C'ubu, but
sho bat no tl(jhl Ui captuto uch n yesiel
i t thn blitli seas upon apnrelmrisiun. Thai
j in violation of tbo neulra'itv or niiv'"atkn
I law of Iho United States, she vraj on her
way to E-:ist stini rebellion,
npp.'nw to bo Arnorlcnn vcsnl, but sho
question in fo whftlicr or not, If such vei-
ins no itirifuii'iioii ivnninvor over inn
sei is on tlio nigii ((mi, or violntlon of nny
law of tbo United State. Spain cannot
rightfully r'1jro'thal qncstlon ns to tht
Virginiu, but thu United States may, nnd
as I understni'd tho prntocal, they Jmvo
ngioed to do It, nnd bolng governed by
that ngrecmont, wllhout ndmltllng tbnt
Spln would olherwisn havo any Interest
in question, 1 derido that tho Virglnlus nt
tho lime of her eaplurn was without right
nnd improperly carrying tho American
fit?. Very rcspo'lfully,
(SignoJ) (iKO. II, VILLUM.-,
Attorney (len'l.
a Mii.ir.vr.Y qutsrto.v.
WAiniNOTt.v, Dcombor VI. An tin
expected legal question lias beon raised In
llio Conimitloo un Military Affair of tlio
Senate, acting on tho uamiiiution ol dun.
CooV, ol tho IVpaotmont ol Arizona, to
thn rank of IJrigndnir (lanural. Tho mat
ter lias roiled quietly so long became tho
nomination has uuen so eminently proper
nnd popular that no ono imagined thero
would bu tho least objection raised to his
confirmation. Ills great services rendered
in thnsolutkn of Ifm Indian difficulties in
dlll'arent parts of tho countrv, and moro
oipoclatiy bis successful work in reducing
tho depredations and murders by tho
Apaches, havo been consideroJ.
without oxplatintlon, for his olovalion.
Thiidelay, however, caused somo Inquiries
to bo rnado in tlio rolls of ttio Sanato com
mlttBii oh .Military Affairs, to whom tho
nomination was referred. It seems thu
legality of t!n nomination Ii clled In
qnnftbn, and tbo result it not easily pro-1
dbted. An exHinination of facts bearing
on th: point sliows that tho question is
not without foundation
nn: t;HiKVh!sTCKiiir.
Sonij.pf thu best informod amoni: Con-
gremen aro cf the opinion th il Attor cv
ll'iieral William.' nomination for Chief
.lusliCH will bn withdrawn. It is said to
night that b.'foro tho President lelt for
tho Vesl ho statu l to n friend that If tho
Senate took n recess without confirming
thu nomination bu would withdraw Iiik
name Several Senators corulnlv advise!
tho president to tht coursu 1 1 'is a sin
gular fct th-it Mr. "Williams' mint bitter
opponents aro men from llio I'nclllc slopo,
and especially from Oregon.
Tho internal rovenuo rccointu aro fast
approaching the old average, and with thu
icri win s-.ociis navu been
i.aiioely iiEtivccn
by recent stoppsge, f work ,! importa
tion, thero semns overy icason to expect n
largo shipping trade. CommiMioner
Dtugla' estimate ot rovenuo receipts for
the llscal year wn ono hundred millions,
and that nmoiint will bo certainly reached.
It becomn dally moro apparent tint
customs reeoipU will also ineres.se, ns tho
shipping tradn will compel larger impor
tations. Tho treasury will got along with
a rolmpjsition of thn
and tlio delloit feared will disappear.
Anothor vncouraging fact is found in tho
paynisnt of tho quarterly pensions duo
thi month, and thn only lare cull for
curroncy that waits is that on tho I'aclflc
bonds, which will tako about two
From Xi'tv York.
New Yonn, December 2'A Shoriff
Ilronnaii offers a reward of $.', 000 for tho
reopturuof lUrvy (Jcnet, who escaped
from bis deputy last night.
harkoy tho cscapod muritorer Is ald to
bo conconlod in a garret In this city, and
llvo detectivo", well armed aru reported to
havo left boadquorters this Afternoon, do
tormined to take him. Tho polico giro no
Tbo trial of ox-Mnyor Hall commoneed
to-day, nnd thu work of procuring tho
Jury i progressing.
It appears that on Saturday last tho as
sistant district attorney wrote to flhoriff
Drcnnan, assuring him that Genet would
attempt to cccapu.
aENttr to un coni'inkd in thi: touih.
Nkw Yokk, Docomber 2'i. An order
wns given by tbo court on Saturday for
tho confinement of Gcnot in tlio Toombs
until tentenco bo pronounced. i'hu or-
dor was entirely ignored by tho sheriff.
Tho latest rumor in regard to thoesenpo is
inn, eeenoi omuarheu in ni own ynctil
which had been loadod with tirovisiuns
aud filled up Willi friuuds iu readiness for
From Memphis.
MKJirillc, Decambar 'Jti. The rrlfu of
Meddlock, tbo negro murdorcr of tho
Kichardson fnmily, near Fulton, Arkan
sas, lias beon arrested, nud has made a
statement that Meddlock brought Jlich
son'htoam, four mules, a wagon, and all
their goods, home on tho night of the
murder ; also that ho burned a number of
articles and many papers that nlcht,
Tbo shirts worn by Hichardson's hov wero
found on Meddlock' two little boys,
altered to fit thorn, and piece ot
a drers were found that corro-
f ponded with tho dress worn by
Mm. llichnrdson whan her body was
intcrrod. This was ascertained by dieirine
up tho body. Nearly nil of Kichardeon's
goods worn found, and tho boxos contain
idi; them, with blood-marks on their
covers, wcro also found, iicddlcek mur
dered the throo whilo thoy woro asleep.
and threw tho bodies into tlio crock upon
wuiou iney wero encampoj. xua oxclto
in cut is so croat at Little Book that It is
feared Meddlock will bo taken from thu
Jail end lynched.
but Wnllseo, who wns to iiavo been
hangid nt Clnrksville, Ark., ha been
grnnted a flay of proceedings by Judo
Searle, of tho Suprcmo'Oourt of Arkan&ai.
Front Cincinnati.
CiNi innatt, Docomber 112. A procos
bion of from 800 to 1,000 laboring men,
mostly Gurmans, mado a demonstration
to-day by marching through the streets.
They assembled in Foun nin Squuru and
sunt for Gon. Sam, D, Carey, who nd
drossed them counseling moderation, nnd
remind. rig them that capitalists aud em
ployers, as well ns thoy, wero sulfuring
from Iho hnrd times, Thu procession
thou wont to tho mayor' olllco and woro
met by tho chief of police, who mot them
nt a representative, of tint mayor. Thero
woro no speccbo nude, only nn oxobango
of complimt.nts. A representative of the
procession, thanked tho mayor, and do
nouncod othor members of tho boards of
Improvement for lowering their dally
From Sediilia.
Skdalia, Mo., Doconlbur 'J'.'. At Mar
tin Station, livo miles eiast of Sedalia, a
number of boy wuro playing Indian to
day, when .mo of them, .lames Levering
was nci lontly shot, Thoy wuro shooting
wads mini a of luaves, which wuro supposed
lo be purfectly hnrmloj, us thoy bot from
a dinaneu. A young fellow named James
Sandford, alvnncud too near Levorini'
and tbo wa I mitorod tho heart uf the lit',
fr II- died Itulmitly
j;i;WAljJj'Jli - i'a, ioa
I From T.IIHo Itock.
LiiTt.K Hock, Am:, Deccmbor
Tho Cairo and Fillto'ti Jinllroiid brldgu
across thu Arkansas rlyer nt Ihis-rfoint
was completed last evening, and l.-day
suvornl trains passod ovor it, Tills gives
unbroken rnilruad connections boiwsen
St. Louis nnd Fulton. Tho brldgejacross
lied river nt latter phieu, is rspidly np
proschlng completion. Tim ooinplellun
of Iho brf.igo licro lo thu occasion of
great rejoicing. Two inchci of sm.w fell
last niglit. Wnrni and cloudy nil day,
Snow nearly ail disappeared.
Front Klngslon, J.uttulca.
KtMiroN, Dociimlor Id. Fresident
Sa.ot of ltayti, will not Vacate his office
unless .General Demimjun in declared his
successor. A portion of llio Ilouso of
Kupreeeitallvej says ho shall not bo l'rec
Ident. Troublo in coneqitenco is emi
nent A company U forming in London for
tbo extension of railway throughout .In
Yullow fiivor has broken out among Ibo
Furoiicnns nt Fort Koyal, nnd tho dlsmsn
has nlso mndu Its appearnnco sinemg tho
whlto troop.
From I'lillmlelplilii.
on a arniKW.
l'uiLAiiKl.vtit, Do umborL'J.- Tho dock
laborurn struck to-day resisting thn redui
tlon tf wages from thirty to twenty cents
no hour. Ono steamship company is pay
ing thirty cent to rucuro tbo unloading
of their vessels which arrived Saturday,
but another company has obtained all tho
laboror thuy nood at twenty cents. Thu
strikors threaten to forte thu lultcr to stop
From Iliiulilyii.
vthsr lurnsT chuisch ijt nuiNii.
HuooKI.YN, Defomlor J2. Tlio First
Baptist church, on. Nassau nnd Liberty
streets, !n this city, was discoverrd to bo
on Urn lo night, and bforu th lUmo
could bo extinguished i; was a boap of
mouldering ruins. Tim loss U estimated
at fSO.noO; insurod for $16.00(t.
From llnvnim.
Havana, Dcem'.,r 2'J. Nuwi has
brun ru:uived from San Domingo Unit
Gun. Ignnciu (loniualo) his been elected
prctldott of lliu republiu.
1UVE11 iNEWrt.
Jtlxe lillJ rnll ol I he ItlVIlHN
For 2-1 liour-i ending.". p.m., He;. '21, 1M3
Atiiivo "ClinnRes.-
wator.'l KIkc. Fall.
flrouii.-vlllu ..
DruiHWlck ...
tivan Hit-
Fort lleiitou. ..
.leirer-on City .
Kan-ai City...
Leavenworth ..
Lexington. . ..
Little took.,..
Jlorg.intown.. .
XuwGrncta. . .
Now Orleans ,
Oil City
I'ailucali ....
.Shreveport . . .
St. .lOicph
St. Lotus
St. l'atil
Vicksburg ...
'surface of v
I j
0 !
i 1
i 0 0,1
atcr below hencii mark".
KllW'I.S- ( ALAND,
Observer slg. fccr. V. 6. A
FlTliiiunti, December 2'J. The river
is fnlling steadily witb 7 feet 0 inches in
Cincinnati, Decombor 2'-!. ltlvsr iO
font and falling. Arrived It It Hudson,
Whooling; "Wheoling, 1'itUburg. The
Mir.ncoln is oxpuctod from .Momphis.
Litti.k Kock, December "2. Tho river
continaes to fall, 8 by gaugo. Arrived
Exporter Foat Gibtoafrom above. De
parted Chorokeo, New Orleans.
Nashville, Deccmbor 22. Hiver still
fnlling with 9 not on sboM. Arrived
and departed Ada Hoilman. l'aducah;
J S Hrnmford Uppor Cumberland. It
has been 6nowing and raining all day.
M sturm.", December 1'2. Kivo Indies
af now full this morning; drizzoling rntn
all day; tho rlvor is rising etcsdily and is
now within tight foet of hli;hwntr mark.
Departed Jos. Howard, lleliu Memphis,
Mountain Ilvllu.
St. Louis. DecemLor 22. Arrived
Lionet nnd Hee, Cairo; Colorado, Vicks
burgh; Suslo Silver; New Orleans; Chus
ter, Memphis. Hivor falling, somo ico
running. Weather cloudy. ' Snow full
nearly all day. Mild to-night.
New Om.KANS. Dccembor2l'.-Arrivcd
John Ktlgour, Louisville; Katn Kinnoy
St. Louis; Grunt Kepublic, Cairo. De
parted City of (Juincy, St. Louis; Katie,
Chicot City. Tho Mary Houston de
parted to-day for Louisville. Woathor
iloat nnd cool yestordny.
Kvansvillk, Decombor 2J. Woatbnr
cloudy and cool. Light snow. Mercury
30 to a. Itlvor fallen 1 foot. Up
Andy Jtaum, Quickstep, George Huberts,
Star, Florence Lne, Howling Greon.
Down Arlington, Thomas Sherlock, Fay
ette, Arkansas Ilolln. Business dull.
M r.viritiH, Deccmbor 21! Cotton un
favorable, the woathor chocks tho out
door trade, ruicipts 0,005 balot; aliiprnnrits
fi.loO bales. b'lour quiet, C fiO.'l 50.
Com meal at 3 25. Corn qulut. Oat
quiet, liny quint nnd unchanged. Ilran
quiet 7f'i 7jo. liulk meats qtilet, eboul
dors Co; cloar ribs Oje; clear 7c. Lurd
quiet , tierces tie, keg lOu.
St. Loi ib, Dijcombor 2'J. FJour quiet
nud uiichungod. YVboat, pprlng lower
and irregular; No 1! 1 1S1 Hi; fall dull
and lower; No 3 red nominal I -ll(o)l -13;
No 2 hold 1 70 and higher, but nnt"salea
bio over 1 OS. Corn Inaetivo and weak
No 2 mixed 5'J(5.1c. Oats dull nnd 110111
IiikI, Not! mixed 57S08o Harleystnndy
nnd unchanged. Ryu easier No 1! o3($8 lo,
Fork firm but quiet U 50, Dry ialt meat
firm; looso shoulders dc; cloar rib and
cloar 15 daj oldold at 77Jc; Loneially
hold (i'Jo hlgor. Ilaeon steady and (Irm
clear xlb Jc; clear HJc no shoulder: out
of imoko; hams lnj(iiill!c. Lard.qulot,
prime stoam 80. Vhlsky steady 05,'i
Ni:y Vouk, Dccenbor , 22. Flour In
much demand n'nd lower; superllnn 5 00
(2)0 00; common to good C HQ,') Sf;
uood lo ehoicu 0 II07 b): whito wliest
X 7 -108 00. Whlslny firmer ftt.DHi'
1 00; Wheat In fair demand nnd higher;
No ! Chicago spring 1 5tl 53;, No It
Northwostl 6S; lown sprlntr 1 MfjTjl 08;
rod wontorn 1 CO; white 1 7i; llyo and
barley unchanged. Corn rporiod higlior,
closed quiet nod ndvaneo lost; western
mixed i338le; yellow wotorn nftoot Mot
whlto wostern t)5c; now wostern mixed
afloat 810830. Oats higher, weteVn
mixed o'Jraoojc; Coffuo ' buoyant nnd
higher. Sugar tlrm. Molasses quiet,
lork quiot and stendy! now mof. spot
10 00 .March Hi 05. Ie0f and cut meals
tineliaiigcil. Middle steady; lone clear
.7J11, a lort clear 7Jo.
ClXCINNAir. I)..m,.,1.n. 'It to,...
, steady and llrm, 7725. AVheat quiet.
1 4(ii)l CO. Corn flrmur, 54rTi)o8c. live
.lllliil. fl-l ft.... .f,-r..L ...
! Ti 4, . '. .,"Vi',uu- einnuy linn;
IhII 1 tOfal r,r,, Orocorlosllrm. Oils nr..
changed. Kgg iinohsnged. Iluttor nnd
tlueso flr-n. Fork quiet, 1G10 -.'S
Lard llrm; steam 8Je; kuttlo held
Hulk meats qulut and tirmj shouldon f.lrj
cloar rib 04; cloor 77tc llacon
firm; no si ouldors here; clear rib nnd
clear tk: Hogs dull, closed active; rango
from -I i0 to f. 00. Grocn meats firm;
ahi.uldeiH 0JJcj clear ill. fijc; dar
Oft 0 i.
Cllle'AO). D.-ccrnbsr 2'-'.-Flour quiet;
t pring aud oxtras t, Vo 75, Wboit dt
maml nctlvo and advutieed, No. 1
spring 1 I.-.; iiorthweiturn 1 10; No. 2
1 HJ easli, or December 1 15); .laniury
No. :J 1 07J. Cuoti in ralr demand and nil.
anccd; No. 2 mixed &:)'. poi; 6;)jc.
Jsnilnry. O.it denimd a' tivo ard jttt
vnieeiij N'o. ' Mc. ciubj 4o January.
Hy quiet; No.'J 7.(;ii70. ISirleyTalr dl
nmnd No 'J fall hold 1 tn; 2,'0 3 ,lClV0
1 07l 0. Whiskey Mr demand at lower
rates 05'. Provisions fiir demand and
ndvatiCMl, but hrogulsr doling 10 to'JO ct.
below best pMr-es. Fork 1 1 25 erasl ; H 80
February. Lard llrm 8J0 spot; 8j Fcb'y.
I'ulk Meats good denwnd ami lower;
shoulders partly eured 5(i;J5e; loom clear
rlr 7rj laigo sales loose soort rib February
"Je; short clear miiio oitlon 7w73",
green shoutdem and ham BfftHJi, tor 10
lo 18 lbs. nvornge.
Nk- Oklkans, December 'J.'. Flour
fair nnd cood local demand; X I 7&(1T,6
It!, XXX U S07 7f., family 8 C0g,'J 7fi.
Corn, fair supply and In demand at 7r
73c. Oats dull nnd lowor, O''.lc. Ilran
dull and easier at 07". llav, dull; choleo
til. Fork scarce and firm at 11 Dry
salt meats quiot .shoulders Sj ; clenr riti
flj ! fler 8e. Hacon firmer nt S, s;
(("fie New bams scarce and in demand nt
LiJoTMIe. Lard, llcht tupplrBt.il llrm;
licrco h,; keg JCtJi". ug'a dull ; it
furior r.?ljc, common Cn7,j-. fair to fully
fmr Cf)i7c. nrlroii tnelmiin ?Ii,filn xin.
Iisies in (,'iwid demand; lair fermnnlitii;
inii.c, lair 10 goon inir tosasli", prime to
strictly prime oofa-IDr. Whisky lowor,
JC(107c fir Louisiana: no rhnfco Cincin
nati In tbo markt.t. Coll o nrm afjljfn)
'J7o. Corn meal scarce, 3 .10 Freights tiy
steam and sail to Liverpool ; bv stnm
to New Vnrk -e.
Tho Place To Buy
ry Goods
At his XFAV STOKE on
Coitiincrcinl tivomtc, Burgcf is
now reiXMVinjj dnily tlio lar
gest, best selected and cheap
est stock of dry goods ovor
before brought to Cairo. A
lino of dross floods which havo
never been surpassed in this
market, cither for beauty or
variety. A full stock of boots
and shoes; domestics of all
kinds ; a beautiful stock of
furs, mud's and boas, muiTa
and collars, and children's furs
at a mere song; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, olc,
almost given away ; a hand
some assortment of gloves and
a charming selection of ladies'
neckties, ruffs, etc., etc. Gen
tlemcn'ri furnishing goods,
overcoats, suits, underwear,
hats, caps, gloves; counter
panes, comforts and quilts',
tablo linens, red and whito;
water proof cloth' in all the
new shades and a full and
complete stock of notions.
All these goods wore bought
at panic prices, and will bo
sold at astonishingly low fig
ures, as Uurgcr is determined
not to bo undorsold. Call and
examine) his goods boforo pur
chasing elsewhere. 4 Us store
room contains everv articlo in
tho dry goods line that any
buyer caii possibly want, and
tho prices aro so low that no
ono will havo the conscience
to ask a reduction on any
thing. Obstacles to ma km age
Happy relltil lor young iiieulrom tliu el
fuclot error and aUunes lueariy life, .Man
hood restored. Impediment lo nmrrluge
removed. Nertmctnodol'treiitmoiit. New'
suit ruinurkalilo remedies, liooks and rlr-niliir-t
bent free, In tcalcil envelopes. -Ail-ilroc,
Howard Afcroulallon, No. 'i South
Ninth utrcct,, Philadelphia, 1'a. an institu
tion haUng it high reputation for honorable
conduct and professional skill. 10-21 d.Vufm
cOftNmt uif .
TeutHlalreol nnti ,U'atblnon Avesits.
, t3Tr All, lud of Jobbing wprk done pu'
ihiittnollco, and iugooditia Lcuve or-
llillO Ul 1I1D tllUll,
The Toy King, Laving lately
received one of the largest and
most varied
ever brought to this city, will
sell them at grjitlv
Reduced Prices
In fact, ncll them nt
Th.tx.VL XiAST YB B'
lie also has a
Large Stoclf
which will bo sold at tho lc
est possible prico.
JSl. "FL 3E3 3NT T
will do well tc call aud msjff"1
... -
nis fitock of
II 111 r W
I I I' J II 0
nunuajf rro8Bi
102 Oommorciil F
French and American
l. I
mr. i
kI ie SU
ES fd bj
is a-
fl3 ' i drw
Isead an,
iln tol
m. ifrtsu
iS3v','i bof

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