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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, December 23, 1873, Image 3

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Mir. tiWKM JJAllji liuiiijjiiTin, TUEiSlJAY, DKOEMHKK. 23, mn
D 1U
December, I'l, 10:11 p.m., lfiJ. i
(Urometer," 30:23 degrees.
Thermometer,-:;!! dvfjtci n.
Wind noitlifMl. -Vuloclty I "I'" I'r
Weather cloudy
Maximum tempcraturo lor lal 24 hour',
Minimum temperature lor the lint 21 hours,
li'J degrees.
I'rcvalllng wlud for lust 'il hour", nortti-
Total number of miles traveled by wind
Juvlriglaitt'il hours, 111.
EliWIN UAIil.ANli,
Ob"crvcr Slcn.il Sen lee. I). 3. A.
SPEOIAL soticbs.
All citizens tiro licroby iiotlllcd Hint on ac
count ol the ircnlec ol small pox In Cld
eago ami Other neighboring cities, the htntd
or health deem It noceirsry lu divide tac
elty Into three districts anil Imo nit'lntfl
Ilia following physician fnrtho purpose ol
vaccinating nil pcriomt who In thtir opinion
reqttlrc vaccination, Dr, . II. I'.vans will
atttniltotho dlf-trlet lying Muth ol Ninth
street. Dr. II. Wanlnor to tho dtsirlctli Ing
between Mtith anil Seventeenth lrei!t. Dr.
J. ( SulllVau to ill Unit part of tho city ly.
tag north of Suvuiitccnth street. The phy
(IcIaiJD hereby pointed buvu liiatruellnna
to report tho names, of all persons rclusltig
to ho vaeuinntcd. The pliyrdclam shall alto
collect from all persons v.ir.clnaled, who arc
mIjIo to pay therefore, the sum or iwciity
live cents nnd shall note the -arne In their
Teport to the hoard.
Ity order of the tioaid of health.
JOHN Wood, chairman.
CAlnn. III.. December ttth. IKT'l tnxt
lr you want (reh
Rt ti-J. D.anoue. at tlm Dexter Exchange,
Hn. I.tt, Ohio Itvee. 12-Mui-
The above mills, all In good running order,
will b old very cheap on ca'y terms. Ap
ply on the premises. Jl. D.liUMHlt.
i !.':! in
A number one residence, to lent. Eight
rooms and good wood houe. .Situated on
.Eleventh atrert. Lately ocuiiplod hy Mr?.
Ilagoy. Apply to
12 2vv ii. V. McKlIAii.
An election, will, ho held at the City Na
llonal Hank on Friday, January 13th, 171
lo elect sevtu directors of said hank.
liv A. It. SAPftm. cashier.
NOTICE On nnd alter Monday, .Novem
ber .1, and through the winter, a warm lunch
will he spread nt the Thalia saloon, oppoitc
Till: l!t'U.KTlN olllce, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
everyday. All the delicacies of the season.
11-llm A. Jakckki., I'roprlctoi.
FOll SALE A tlrt-c'aif hotel In a good
locality In central part of tho city with a
good run of business, llcasans lor .selling
aro satisfactory and will bo explained on ap
plication. Tho sato mutt he completed on
or before tho Mib lint. Apply to tt'm
Urown, llrouii's hotel, corner Seventh street
and Wellington avenue. til
All baggage held lor charge- at tho St.
'Ohatlcs hotel, ind unclaimed previous to
that date, Will lie told at public auction un
Tiidaythc SGth day of December, at 10
A'VloeVnCm.tt; llartmuii's auction room.
ll-UOSM F. D. I'.K.vroiii', l'ioprictor.
Caiko. lilt., Dec. laT;i.
"lo-vthom It may tonccrn,
TW l to certify that wo the joint heir ol
the ctAtkoTllenuI'ilahouy, have tin-, day
rcc:lyel trpm Win. Ktlchcubcckcr. aseu
t the fcntonla 1.1 fc luiuianco company,
it toourttid dollar in lull for poll;) on
&U Det.nl;JIUony. Accept our thanks
for tLd prompt puyuient of tho aboe pol
Makv Cociiiu.v,
i'atiiick ma1iony,
I'hillipi and llnj.V,
Corner Tenth and Commercial.
11-20 lm
KOTICK. I tal;c thl mclhcd or Inlorm
lug the public that 1 have returned to tbo
it'dlyVanl ""i now prepared to till crdore for
photographs at my Gallery, corner ol
.r.igblh atroct and Commercial :n emit!.
.1.. I. THOMAS,
Tho partner-hip heretofore cxIitliiK be
'tween the undersigned under tho namp and
ktyla ot Ayeti &CoU thin day dNfolvcil by
niutiial content of the puitlci. rrrponn in
dtliteil to thu lato firm will inuko paj incut
'tofe. D. Aycr, who alone l( aulliorizi'd to
receipt for name Tho biif inem will bo car
ried on by S. D. Aycnuindcrtho fetyle of thu
(late firm. S. D. Avkii,',
i: J. A VKHrt.
'OAlltii, lllf., Deecinber I, ls":l. d-lw-wlm
l'OU .SAI.K.
IlUie vfvll-kuown bt)lnct ftaml ot Cui'.ead
A I'rovo, at tho mouth of CIcarcrotk, Alex
nhdor counly, Illinois, hltuatcd In ouo of
tho Uueat agricultural illstrlctt of tho West,
and with a weil-establldicd trade. 'Ihliwill
-'be'iound a rare opportunity for an energetic
"buipcn man.
""riio.premlses con-lut of a storu 20X40 lent
a'dwelllnr. of eight room, well l'urnUlicd
and conveniently arranged, good cisterns
' ii nil all necciiary out-hulldlug, nnd ono
acre or laud. Tunnn libera!. Apply or
nddrms, AVu, pusiKAH,
n'-O-lfn-tlAw:-' Cleeircreo I.indht, Kilt.
T t 'IlAdt and flhoo maker. Twcn
IiFtrcot, he
: lwcuu sv luuinuio i aveuuu
and 1'oiilar
street, Is prepared to make hooU aim Miocu
: In' tU' latest and most lunhionahlu etylu.
' 3i f .J.iyJ w.mu cubioiucre, out oi mo uqii anu
tfrouicst Htoclf, of which ho nhvay.i 'has a
aiRbodiupplyonband from which to niuko
.i.tl.f.tlnt)d. All tlttlmr nr limit. miiiI Jia..
f. rwima.uo ny sir. i.iucis nt tiona in iiih own slum
no foreign fitting being used by him.
"UJyflWm a etui, and he willglvo ypu satik
" iietjon. ,
' 'Hli roat care, by a process entirely Ids
own. itr'. I'rlcu I enabled to t'xtract from
; oasJioIthe truo select IriilU and uroniatic,
rall of It characteristic flavor, and placo In
.the market a tkUui of 1' mvorings of rnro cx
i.eenw.iKvjry llavor at represented, of
- treat tTcnjtthund perfect purity
For, nyl.ivpr that niuy bo wanted for
uavoring ico cream, jemcs, cuiiuriu, panry,
avAP.JfUMJWQ recoiuniqnii Dr. i'rlce'ii Spoolul
. ''-nVlf.rl nmrr.'nl Ulirn II. nt llln l,lj..l
. ,w , w. j,, .v. uiiiu .ut... itnu ilia V.VI-
rrajj br.ff. Vt?W: Baking 1'owtlcr, will vivo
. nn.r.At aitlLf.intlnti 'I'Kiifn Ij tin hnnnalilA..
llSKft I'tlisw..".'.'.""'"! w my iiujiuotuuu
n tysit.WLioics. iiAwiw.
Tho Cairo nnd Vinconnai Railroad
Company will tun it special aceonnni.de
tioti triln betwRon CaIto and .Mound City
this (TucsJny) ovunlng, Deccirbcr "J3
tiitvs Cilro. - - 0:30 p. in.
" Mound City. 1O.30 p. m.
I,. W. l'Ai.Mr.u.fhn'lHiip't.
E. 1'. Wilson, (ion'l Ticket Ag't
A nvSAWAY liutso dashing down Wash
ington iivcnuu on SundAy afternoon crca
tod much excltemnnt. Nobody whs h trt,
but tho buggy was terribly wrrcl:d.
llAimtaoK .Smiiii, n colotwl umn, was
ycsUrdsy lined f5 and tho cols lor light
ing. IIo vnt sent to thu ckbooso for livo
dsys. Chief Mcita'o madi) the arrcft.
J.Atilr.S, il you wish to know what to
gnt for your htlfbards holidny proent,
buy n puir of tliiiso Imndfoino sllppots at
Klllott A llaythorti's. 18-lw
KKMK.vtndt linvorly's ininstro't will bo
at tio Atlii H' urn to-moirow and '1 hurl
day iilghlt; uiilnlio reinotnbor thV. thii
Is on of tho best companies of burnt
cork artist In tin country.
On HutjiUy afternoon lluv. diss. CiiJtl
wall, pastor of tho Fourteenth slret (col
ored) Ilaptist church, iinnioricd eight con
verts. Tho 'ducking" took place in tho
Ohio rivr oppotitotha foot of Fourteenth
A la car. and completu stock of dry
good, fl dhing, boots and shoe; and crock
ery at pmlo pricm. Also tho lar(;ut ni
sortmotitnf hollldny tnysnnd fnncy goods.
Cll and iw b'Mr4 purchasing olswherc',
at Hatlmins. 1 1-20 tf
Diniisii the imxt ton days not lust than
soron oouplos will ho mirrliji In this city.
On n!Al Thursdsy ChrisimM morning
thcro will bo three marriages, and during
tho wo!t following four others. Anil it
'Uln't a gool yoir for marriages either.''
Titpit mombrs of tho ordr of Odd
Fellows who contemplato going to Mound
City this evening, aro rnquestod to sisom"
h!o r.t tho lodgo room promptly nt C
o'clixk, as tho train will certainly dopart
at the time ndvertld 8:30 o'clock.
Da Y-ufU'r-to-morrow Thursday thu
Fanny Frio dramatic troupo will rsliirn
to Cairo, and on Friday overling thoy will
giro their first rcrformance. During
their stay thoy will put eeveral now plsjs
on the boards, among tbem ono or two if
Shakcipearo trsgidlcf.
. Tub burning out of tho chimney r.t
Mrs. Karnoy's boarding house, on buedty
evening, crcatod considerablo commotion.
Tho firo bolls wi'ro rang and all tl.o flro
companies in thu city responded to the call.
The II tnies in th) chimney vvcro extin
guished without damuge to the bui'ding.
MAtoMU Notiok.. ,V ipucial convoca
tion ii Cr.iro lt yal Ar.h Chiptor, So. 7,
will lr, hub! this Tu.uJji.- Kvgnlr.f, nt
Masonic Hall, at 7 o'clock, sharp, for work
Ii tho Matter's Degree. All member
are urgently rcqusslcd to ba proiont.
CiiKitTiAN Hanny, S cy.
It. JuNKf, fashtonnblo boot and fh c
mikcr. Cork solos, fc'cotch bottom-, and
tbo latest irnproyemonts in tho lino uf hit
business. Only the bist unu most com
t ent workmen employed, and all woik
v arratitud to bo flritclass in every resrect.
.Shop on Commercial avenue, near corntr
of Tenth strcot. 10-7
O.-r Sunday ovcnlng last Mr. JacoD
Kleo and .Miis Henrietta Alba, sister of
Mr. William Alba, were united in mar
riage. Tho marriage took plane ut tho
rsidciic3 of tho blide'a brother, and was
solemnised by Juitice Coining!. Tho
newly wedded couple havo tho kindest
wishes r.f all who know tbem.
Foil the benefit of thoto who do nr.d
those who do not dciiro to rccclvo callers
on NBwJYear's day, wo publish the follow.
ing rules, nhlch if followed will servo as
a guidi) to callers: Young ladic3 who de
sire to receive callers will tio t blue rib
bon on their door knob; thoso who do not
wish to ipcoIvo callers will please hung
out a basket for tho reception of cards.
Wk may expect an influx of thieves
nnd gftmblcrs tothii city soon, as the cities
hbovo us on tlm Ohio ni.d MUsUlippi
rivers havo been driving them out. At
Louisville, Ki.ntucky, and .IcIlVreon vlllc,
lndiann, thoy havo been hnrrnsfcd so
much by tho police lately, that according
to lato reports they aro "scattering out
for tho cities b'jlow." Cairo will bo protty
I'jro to got hnr full ipiutn.
Tins evening, at tho residonco f Mr
Chcstor in .Mound City, a parlor concert
will bohuld for tho banelK of tho Trophy
tcrain Church of tbut placo. Good mu
sic, beautiful tableaux nnd a dollclousup
per will be thu loading fitures of the af
fir. Thoio ol our I'ruibytorian friends
In tbU city wlio deslro to enntributo to
this parlor concert, should boar in mind
that a special train on tho Cairo and Vln
connesroad wlllloavo tho foot of Soventh
street at C;30 this ovening and return ut
Tin: nudienco at tho Athonnum last
night was large, almost ovory seat being
takon, Tho play rohdorod was "llomro
and Jullot," In which all the actors
performed creditably. Miss D'Kste
as ,lull"t was excellent. Hor conception
of tho character Is lino, nnd hor rodltlnn
of it obtained frequent applause. .Mr.
Stilt!?, h a good Tlomeo, Tho character
h n dlfllcult one, and requires
great historic ability to mako It nc
ciptftblo', to an audience, That Mr
SlutU is a great Ilcmeo wo do not assort,
but ho mado as much of tho character as
most actors do. To-nlgbt Hamlet
will bo pro'sentud, nnd we bespeak for tho
company nnothor crowded houto. This U
positively tho last night of tho troupe.
Christmas will soon bo at hand, nnd
pooplo aro commencing to think wbut
I prosonti they want for llmlr wives, pa-
tints, uhildron, friends, etc. If tiny ono
tui't tnako up hU mind, we would advie
our friends to call at F A; W. Iluder's
jewelry store, corner of Kighlh stroct and
Washington nveno, ind thoy will bo turo
to llnd something to suit, for., thoy aro
receiving now goods dally especially
adapted for the holiday trade. From tho
finest wat'.hos mid sots of Jowolry to tho
smallest i.bildron's oar-rings. Tho sarno
in rings. Tho finest tea sot, pitchers,
castors, buttor dishes, &c, to tho smallest
teispoOn. Oriiniiiontal nnd plain clocks,
gold, silver nnd ivory headed canes, and
many other articles too numerous to mon
tlon. l'.Mtd
I'ltonvTi: Cot'KT. I'robito Court us
scmblud nt tho aisuitl hour yesterday
morning, when Mr. F. Kortmeyer, nd
iriinis trator of thu est'tto of tho lato Fred.
Illar.kcnberg, tiled tho proof of tbo wid
ow' selection nnd rolinquiihincnt, which
wm approved and recorded. Abo filed a
putillon praying for tho privilege to sell
cortaln of tbo porional property of the
descssol s cttato, which privilege wss
graiitcl. Tin criminal "locket was then
tiken up and Martin McKlnnoy, charged
with larceny was tried. The ovIJencu in
thu cao Wis limr I, wlnn the court as
sestexl a lino of J2 and cost o! the pro
ceeding against McKinniy, and ordered
him to be ontino 1 In the lounty J-iil for
thirty diy. Tliuro bulng no further bus
iness to trsnsjet, court adjourned until
court in court.
So!Ji:i him) New. I h'avu Improved
and perfected a new process by which tho
Fcrrotypo Is brought out equal l thu bttt
Fhotographs, and more durnblti. Copies
from paintings and engravings mado fully
equal to the original in appearance, the
lights end sbadrt brought out with re
markable appearance, s that nothing
surprises tho beauty and natural cxpres
Ion of the jdcture. And in fact any old
pictures aro copied hy this process so as to
look as well or hettsr than tbo original
picture. These having old pictures or
choice paintings or ongravings for pres
ents, cannot do b-ltlor than avail them
selves of this remarkable improvement.
.1. J.Tiiomap., l'hot"graphor,
Corner of Eighth street and Commercial
avenue. lJ.'.'l-'.f
Hknut llunriAY, a white man, was ar
rested yesteriisy by t-'argcatit Cain, for tl o
theft of a lot of shirts, several pairs of
pants, (wo or three pairs of boots, and
sundry other article, the property of Mr.
Daniel Sullivan ind Jchn Miller. Mur
ray was taken before Judge Hros for trial,
but though it was pretty clear that he wrs
guilty of the then, ll.a goods tould
not bo found, nnd the rciJtncr against him
was not such as to warrant tbo Judge in
holding him to ball, and bo was discharg
ed. A few hours after John M. Hognn
caught .Murray in the act of stealing a
skiff, and arrested him, when In tbo skill
vtai found r. sack containing tho creator
portion of the goods stolen from Sullivan
and Miller. Hu wat again taken before
Judgo Urois, who lent him to the county
jail under bonds of. $100 to await the ac
tio of the uratid Jury.
1'r.or. Tom.v who was in Cairo last
Friday docs not profes t n medium
yet ho presents illusions that surpass the
most wonderful spiritual manifestations of
which wo have uny record. Cairo ua-
Tho fact that llarroll saw Tobln in
Cairo ou Friday or any other day proves
Tobin to bean illusionist of tho mo3t won
derful kind ; but wo dU not neod llarrcll
to convince us of tho magician's wonders.
I!y the twist of his agent's wrist a gon-
tlo-looking agent, by the name ol Davis
aims t'chrodor, hto of tho Fanny It
Vrlea troupo Tobin "got us" for fifteen
dollars, appeared to Harreii In Cairo, per
formed hie wonderful tricks, kept our
eyes cloied while ho was horo (indeed by
his magical Requirements convinced us
that ho had not teen in Cairo) and got
away without paying uj. If Tobln is not
an illu'icnist hn o'ight to be, and if ho is
not n dead boat bis agon. Is ; and, In
oithor oront, printers, who do not wish to
loso money, should requiro him to pay in
advai.cu for tfork bo orders. If wo had
donn so, wo might havo had Jin more
than wo will havo on Chtlstmas day, and
$IC would fluy n biirrol of egg nog.
Dn. J. "W. llRiriM an treaH all diseases
that prevail in this climate, but ho Kill
givo special atlontluu to diseases of tho
"bronchial Jtubcs, lungs and thoir tie
sues." Uronchitis, bronchial mid tubo'cu
lar contumption and pulmonary apoplexy
treated by inhalation of nobullzcd fluids,
medicated air, gases, vapors and powders'
Coneutnptivos, although your discaso
stands at tho bold of all disease., both in
piovalenco and fatality, thoro is hope for
you yet. unccr up. uuico uours trom to
a. in. until S p. m.
.1. W. llntuMA.v, M. D.
OlUco ami residence Thirtoonth street
between Walnut anjl Co lar, Cairo, lib
P. O. box 6W. 21-JkS;w4t
Mit. Maux KoLLiiit, tho woll-known
plano-tunor, will on tho first of next
month, establish, for tho benefit of bis
patrons, who pay him ten dollars a year in
ndyanco for kcoplngthler piano In tune, a
musical library which will contain noth
ing but tho choicest music for now begin
ners, advanced pupils and accomplished
players. Tho music will bo tont weekly
freoof charge, to lib customers, until Mr.
Kollor has obtainod what, hn is after, and
that is n nice store. Yesterday ho re-
celvod a largo number of now pieces of
the choicest music, .which wjll bo distrib
uted among hls.mtrnns. l'J-1 l lf
Tho only placo where such instruments
aro kopt In stock In Houthorn Illnois, U at
K. & W, Under', corner Kighth street
and Washington avenus. They keop tho
colobra'.ed Win. "Rnbo pltan,-used by
thu most WomUiunt I musicians. Tho
Ilauer piano and organ, nWo thu celcbra
tod Vogol . and Hughes organs. Any
ono wlfliing tq .furprho Jils family with
such an Instrument would do well by cull
ng at Uitdoi's, as they will uiakos rates
and tormsmoro liberal than dealer of tho
kind in largo ultlwt. l'J-4td
r t -
OvorcoUCJilpchilliiromfTti) 19, At
and dcpatttirc.i for tho 21 hours ending at 0
p. in, last evening!
Htcnmnr Iillnoh, Columbus
" Jim Fisk, l'liducnh
1 (i'lickstep, Kvansvillo
' ldlowlhl, "
Colorado, Vlekaburg
" 11. S. Turner, New Orleans
' Husio Silver, ; "
J. D. l'arker, Cincinnati
J' .Indiana. "
" Julia, "
" St. Joseph, "
" John A StudJor, "
" IIhii I'ra'iklin, Memphis
" (Jrand Tuuor "
Kilty Hlgler, Ark. Hlvcr
" Capitol City, Vlckaburg
Steamer II. C. Yuoger, St. I.ouls
Tow Hoat hiotusf, No. 'J, Urand 'J'owcr
Stcamor llfinoid, Columbus
11 Jim Fisk, l'rtducab
(J'llckslep, Kvausvllle
ldlewlld, Kvansvillo
. " Colorado, St. I.ouls
" Susio Silvor, St. Louis
" O rand Tower, St. Louis
" II. H. Turner, Cincinnati
" lien Franklin, Cincinnati '
" .las. D. l'nrker, Memphis
" St. Ji-'vpli, New Orleans
" II. C. Yaeger Now Orleans
" Indiana, Now Orleans
' John A.Scuddor, New Orleans
" Julia, Vlcksburg
Kitty Hlgler, Cincinnati
" Capitol City, St. Louis
Mommy Kvdni.vu, December".'.
Tho d clino In tho Ohio river for the
twenty-four hours ending nt six o'clock
this evening was thrca inches. During
the afternoon in-tnenso quantities of drift
wood camo out, which, considering the
fact that tiio river is falling, Is an unac
countable circumstanco. It may he, how.
ever, that romt' ol thu smaller streams
above aro rising, causing a heavy flow of
Tho Mississippi is falling rap'dly, the
fall at St. Louis in the last 21 hours being
about llfteen inches.
There was no change In the condition of
business. Howcvor, .Monday is always a
' blua day " for business In river circles.
Tho weather w.u nny and everything
by turns. During Sunday night snow fell
to tho depth of several inches; but at dark
this ovcnlng tbo ground was almost boar,
it nearly all having melted during tho
day Tho streets and sidowalks aro in a
sloppy and dissgrociblo condition, and to
got from tho top of tbo lavco to the wharf
boats is next to impossible.
Tho Ada Heilnian is running between
Nashvlllo end l'aducah. On FriJny
night sho took 300 hogs, a largo lot of cat
tlo and so mo iron to l'aducal
Tho Jim Fisk brought lit bales of cot
ton and (oiiio iroti and sundries on Satur
Tho (lulckstep brought l.ili tacks of
corn and CS barraLi.oC park for tho South;
132 (neks of wheat and 100 lard tierces
for St. Louis ; and 70 barrels of salt fur
Tho Idlewild brought 100 sacks ef
corn; 10U btrrels potatoes; SO barrels
whiskey; 75 doun coops poultry nnd a fair
trip of people. Owing to the high water
sho could not got in to her favorito corn
pilo for tho overhanging boughs of the
trees, ulso she would havo been tnoro
plentifully supplied with corn.
The II. S. Turner brought U0 barrels
pecans, IS barrels oranges and I'J packages
mohssos for reshlpmont from this port by
railroad, nnd has 700 packrgosof molasses,
101 hogshead sugar, ."!C barrels oranges, 2'J
bvrrels pecans, CO sacks salt, -II tacks cof
fee, for tho Ohio river.
The Susie Silver has 850 boxn, 471
hogshoad sugar, 01 barrels molasses, CS
barrels .rice, 130 barrels pecans, 13G'br
rels oranges, IS casks w'ir.e, and 150 bajes
mots for St. Louis.
ThoJ.D. I'arker had but a moderato
trip and made light additions hero.
Iho Indiana was deeply laden on arri
val and made no uddltlons.
The II. C Yager slid along without ad-
ding anything here; excepting to get
somo corn in tho bends and cotton 'at
Memphis to till out with
Tho lien Franklin bus I'JS bales of cot
ton for Cincinnati and 76 do for Pitts
Tho Urand Tower has a lot of stove',
cotton and sundrios for St. Louis.
Tho geod ship Alaska Is no tnoro. Her
cabin lias floated away and her. wreck
scarcely makes a break on the water.
Hyol JJynl
Tho Kitty Higlcr has 319 bilc3 of cot-
ton, 700 boxos of cigars and 24 barrols of
tallow for Cincinnati, l'ilot Chariot Seeds
goes to Cincinnati on the Higlcr.
Tho Capitol Oily has 00 bales of hides
mid II bales of cotton for St. Louis.
The Jim Fisk brought 7.1 bales of cot
ton and 0 tons of sundries fjr rcshipmeiit.
Save Monky lr you want fresh and
just in
New York lluckwhoat Flour.
Mhhlgan Cidor:
Freh Cranberries.
Now Orleans Sugar.
Now Orleans Syrup.
Cofl'oo bought buforo tho advance.
Forty pounds A sugar for 00. '
Toy Candy of nil kinds ;
ltuisins and fresh Currents,
Fresh Oysturs 35 cents .a can, received
fresh dally,
Wu will for tho next 10 days soil goods
lower than over.; out of ono of tho best
assorted general stocks in Cairo, J at
wlioletalo or retail. Com) and seo ,us
Nuw York store, 100 Commercial avenue.
21-1 Iff.
Any one wishing something mado in f ho
jowedry lino fur thu holidays will plilaso
send In their orders at soon as possible to
COrnor of Elgnth etrwt and Washington
l'J sua
Heavy Undor Shirts and Drawers at f,0
cunt each ut Hartsnab'i. '
,. v
" Full nulla from ft to $12 nt Hart;
Latxst stylo gents' halt from 51 to,
$1 CO, at llartman's. 11-20 If
Lauuk all-wool six-pound blankets at
$4 lib per pair, at J I art man's, , 11-29 tf
Country Knit ock all wool, 35 conts
per pair, at IIarlmah':j jlf-2'J tf
''The Kuropeau hotel, IW.'y AValkcr
proprietor, is ,ion at all hours of tho
night. ll-7-lm
Hl Y your gilt edge butter, fresh eggs,
fio., of S. l'atlorson, corner Ninth and
Walnut streets. 18-3w
Fitx qas and s'.oain fitting go to Ken
tile's Vulcan Iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street 9-10-tf
IIity yoiir apples, cranberries and
onions, of S. Patterson, corner Ninth and
Walnut stretts'. 13-2w
Alt. kinds of game constantly cri l.nnd
at Harry Walker's, Commercial nvonuo
butweun SvvRnth and Kighth atreats,
1 1-7-lm
Kl'hkka. lluy your, beef, pork, sail
tago, lard, corned-beef and pickolcd pork,
of S. Patterson, corner Ninth ar.d Wal
nut streets. . 13-2W
New line of collcrelt-.-r, lias, glove
and holier this week at Stuatt & OboU
Fou a good squiro meal go to Harry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenue
between Seventh and Eighth street, lm
Tun pounds of sugar lor$l at WFcox ;
3J pounds of butter fur $1 nt Wilcox's;
25 cents per peck tor potatoes at Wilcox's.
, ,d2-wl
Bur your Hour, meal, beans, potatoes
turnips and cabbage, of S. Patterson, cor
ner Ninth and Walnut Stro'ts. lK-'Jw
Wantkd store or a part of ono
on tho lc.vti, January 1st, -address, with
leoAtion and tcrm,' " Y.vKf all Ditut..,
It St.'LouiJ.
A choice lot of.turltief, ge!",1 chickens,
ducks, and nil liimbs of wild meat, for bp'
Idaja, at Patterson's, corner Ninth and
Walnut streets. 1 18-2W
Tlir largest stock ot silver and 'plated
ware; silvur utid plated spoons, lyiWes
&c, ever brought to Cairo, can bo found
at E. & W. Hudor's, corner Rigbth strtct
anil Washington avenue. . . l-tld
P. Fitigurald at bit moms, corner
Fourteenth street an 1 Commercial hto
nue, offers for h!o Uulccesa' .Porter A
Hats' ales and puro Ilonnessy brandy,
and tho genuinu., Asgosture bitters, i.ll
Qnt'Clats cholera cures. Try th'ni
S ' 7-17'tf I
Not icr is hereby given that I will piy
no bills for goods sold to any of tbi em
ployes of Tun Caiho ntn.LKfix, -eUhor
or themselves nr; for tho usotof lli (ilco
anleeo.tbo i&npj anurnished on an nrdur
ilgncd by Mr. Burnett or myself.
'IVt-'ifMy ' -4ow H..Onr.ai.Y,
Gu. IIUIM, fAc barber, conWnuva i du
busmen at tlo old stand on Sixth street,
near Ohio Uveo,. jLLuu .ucknow ieilged
fact that his shop is ono. of tho neatest in
tho city, and his help are, all flM-class at
thoir business. . For a real emevnh,- -.dean
shavo Holm's is tbo placo to got it.
I2:i4-2w. ' ' '' ''-'
Tim barber shop Is on tbo corner of
Eighth street and Commercial avenue
whero J. Georgu Stlcnhouso with his gin-
tlomanly asslttanta can be found nt nny
hour of tbo day or night, ready to sootho
your feelings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with n good sham
poo, it is a flrst-elars shop, nnd you aro
sure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladies' and children's liaincutor curled
after tho most approved styles. H-lj-tf,
AT (Ji)ir. Hiving ta'en oxclusivo pos
session of my store, to closo It out, 1 of-
for my entlro stock at wholesale prices
at ivbolnalo or retail ;' consisting lit urt
of a la'rge varioty of ca'nneil fruits, spice?,
baking powders, sardines, bibttert, toaa
and ovory article usually kept in a flrit
class family grocery. Alto wooden and
willow ware; n largo assortment of sad
dies and barneis, bits, bridles, snaps,
brushes, whips, etc., ito. Terms strictly
cash. All portons indebted to mo nro re
quested tf) call nd nftUr tl'tir bct'tAmh'. i.
Iw D. Autkk. ''
Mrs. M. J i-Carson willies to call atten
tion that sho has Jwsl received a r.cat as
sortment of toys, notions and fancy gnmls
on Commercial avenue between Ninitb
and Tenth streets. r- f -l!l2wl, -t
My connection with tho St. Charles ho
tel as proprietor .will ceato un tho 13th
net. Parties holding bills cr accounts
ngaintt mo or tho St. Charles is re rcipituf
cd to present tbtni for settlement before
that date.
3t F. I) Kkatohu.
A NF.W i)HYTlOt)DSST()KI'.. ' t
Mr Samuel Hack will shortly occupy
tiio homo rocently vacated by Mr.. I. Iljir
gor at a dry goodr store. Ho will leijvo
for Now York in a day or two, mid pro
poses to lay In onu f lha lurgoit and iiiii(
fatuiotialilt) stock jj ,tf d,rr. goods ufcr'
brought to Ualro. Ho will taka ndv4n
tago of thu panic to buy hit goods, and ex
pects to bo a Id n to sell at low, if not lower
thaii Vny othr liuiuo In Ihu city, lie vf ill"
open his store about tlm tfrTT'of' IsntiaJ'y.'
Tho up,dcriiguo.l liavlng ruugiiij (lm
Uiasaeiciiiiejnt yf tlm nbpvo bolul, trust by
Itrlct ivttpntlijn to bmlnoi, (o Jliojvniitj
and comforts ef their guest, to merit (he
renewed fuvprot tbuir.Qld put runt and (Lu
travoling public in genrrul.
ThoalnttJljarlBS lILatpuco imdei
a thorough ronovatlnn, and bo much im.
proved in all itsappblntmonts, I
Gbod in'thpltft:obrorid'srtdalVifte'Sfor
cotnmorclai travelers.
All baggage1 forguos'tt 'convoyed to
from tho hotel free of charge.
Ttcn Itn'tnriVli t.t Iuja -Itnttt.tt .Ati 'Ji
Lfoet Ioi'.tj, i'2 Inch Dram, !i 14 Inch Flues
with flf o f rori If. .Mud nnd Steam drums
Safety nnd Mud, valve?, Chlmny and
Ilritchln, all complete, and In ilrst-cla'S
order'; bean used only threo months. , For
price, eilc, inquire ol J. T. IUnnik,
!M:t-lf. Vuli an Iron Winks.
l!o'i hai on hand, and lor sale a lare
quantity of oak and blckoty wood, cut anil
split, 'and ready for tho Move. Abo nil
kinds ol coal whluh will bo delUcred In any
V.irtgf the city on hort nottne. Leave cr
dm at coal yard, on (.'ummctclal uvoiiiio,
upixiilto eleventh UM:t. Di e. ('.-.".in
The annittl maeting or the stoiUioblcrs
ot the Flret National lt.inU of Cairo fur the
election ol illteclOH, Will bo held ut the of
fice of eat,l bank In Cuiio, on Tuesday, Jim
jary 13. lbTI, between the hours nt lu
Vehicle u in ii lid 4. o'clock p.m.
Cirs.it. ft NNiN(.itAM,Cahlcr.
CAIIio, IiN., Dcei inbrr 10. 197. Id
has hUiuammutli Instrutimnt hhootliu out
liupcrtat photcgrsphs for C'hilstnias prcse nl
nt tin; rati; of one n mtnilto. IVrons tlctl
runs of hiving a handoniely painted picture
ami purely nrtl'tle In ilnl.h, should gie
thrirordcH In scaan. PJiotogrophs can be
niadc oncloudy,diys e iunl t.u thoie on Mill
shining ones nt
owing lo the gixititic skydixlit, Which can
not be -tirpavKil fn
W'tf on h'inil a tine aortuirnt of gnld and
walnut frame. All arc IntlUil to call and
oxatnlno. Portraits lu oil up In life size and
uuarelies of the hUhcst ihilidi, for which
mcil.ili.lmc buglinwarih d.
(Jallcry on Mxtli stroil, bctv.'t'cn C t lit
merclaL anil WaHilnirtoii a'ciiue. Cairo.
Illlr.nl-. 12-IM tf
J. A i:. l!l't'ICI.OIlA.M,
Caiko Tn.wai'KH Elkvatc?.',
.. 'mWo, Illinois,
' arc nov ready for Inninc's,
stuuiil yrjlui J leper bu-liel for firt ten
days or part thereof, and Jo each ndilitloiial
ten ds) 4 or part thereof. Duoiiiid
grain, '.V per biisln,! for lirit
live, days ur part thereof, mid
Jccach niidlllopal live days or part there
of' flagging tiraln.and 1'yirig ilags, o pel
btisliel. ... i- . - . ,'
' fttigglmf drain nnd Hewing I lag, le per
bTRhW 12.0-eiTtl.Jt,
,l'liio. LI..iD;.S.: IhT".
A !it. if
, . I'AitUXTr. A'l'TKXTlOX !
Having a largei.' tocV ttt Ymbs". Hny
und.OIUdiTni,' ClotHug on hand than 1 nee
eimry lur the iaiio iturkt and un Idea ol
niitklm; tfi's our laI 'eitnn li clilliliilis
i)!o'JiUii'. wo will tell otirjifock. (n)iu of the
llnest f n the Mate', at Ni'.tv YoliK Cost for tiio
next thlity days. I'sirentJwI'hlng .some line
clothing ut low lllirci lor Ilollil.iy presents,
can llnd them for Kilo, ill the abovo lot. This
b. no advcrtlsin; iludgi!, but wu intend to do
JtiM what, wo say; Ski I. the I'lNiT STOeie
of YouniV, l!OY';'ui.l (.'iianui'.xs' Ci.errii-
IMi cvur hrouielit to thu state ouUido ol
Chicago ut Nr.vv Ydiik w.r.
No. Ut. ('lilo I.uvec, '2i door uboti First
National Ilai.k.
Coiv iilli St. and CuuiliKicltl A.t,
iloetn and Shoes' mtd? lo o:Oer,amllln
helatortand ioib lasliin'itiip nivUia.
lif II. K. Slcl.li laforaa ta imdlia IhMar It"
r opund a
. (.J Yfi It' i',.".JS $j B L'E
in thi. ne'rlhnit siilg ef Tenth strf si as a
H'bl. he tiifelshad with r.a h o
sti the public may bu aiHommodatod at al
"uUNOfthu tUy and night with wfo tcumt
ou lliei lovest u nuk.
Dr. IMelitt n-ltuwlmre ofimltlfopatronigo
nd vMll'etide-AVor to lacrit 1t by fair deallni;
t'lil'tilrl Mtii.nl.lnn M leu'iii't.i.
, tbnjecof ta U, 'J'hitdcukc.)
llntlrr tit AM till trf
. , I .
1 1ls"li'vi!i.ieKr TifVTii t vr.rvKWf u hTiivlvrtt
Halmeiuri'baKiiil .'thouroccry establlsli-
iiHlitof II. Tiiloleckc, I khalt alwa)skecp
iiHlitoi ii. TiuoiecKC, i muiii
)iihajiij n full and kewh supply :
otfJilu liif llnetobo Jiiilnd lu
BySrnPt attention tcf business, i
ipiy oi mi mo ne
nd lulho market
anil lair deal-
;u'. I Iioiio uoi only id rerun all tne cii.unii
Sho placo bun enjnjcd'ln tho patt, but to add
llespectl'ully, Hkuman runia.SToii'n'
' ' ' F -a J JL V JL Jksw JLJ AIM. 11 J.
last .M'pnAin:xci:
Of the Great Classic Actios',
Supported hy the Great Tragedian,
(20) Twenty (20)
Ladies ami Gentlemen
The SHAKKFi'HAKIAN Trflce.lv
Pi'l'l'LAIl AllMlfSlON,
Parrpiolte 75 Cts
General Adtn'stlon 60 Cli
Itesorved Seals tan bo procured at D
I1..I.,..,. V.. (..... .1........ U .1
commenelnit rUtnrday morning.
lyJ .11111113 .11 .W ,II.I1191.UA
.'I .L
TIlLIt.VltlT llt'i'
LAIittF.ll 1 Nl MIIKH ;
STIIOMiKlt IN .M Kill I ,
Tlmii Any .Similar Orguniration,
Introducing tho following Uculater :
America's Fnvoiile Sing and Dance
riio AVoiulorful 13H11XAR130
h. MORrtlS.-Thc Grout-
In Dii'c'i Spcctnltlcs.
n -J tf 1 f L.LI-
superior v osii wr
I'ltor. KCKIUliT. llAUItV Mouf.au, Hhnkv
.Mu.t.i:it, 11. a. 1'iIi.njiki:, John IIhh.kk.
r,Ko. liiiocti, lUituv Law it unci'.. Ouo,
tTi.ti'- i i imrnia t trim
Itit-'iived Inl HekeM six tlavn in ad
Vance at Dan. Ilaitman's store.
X53C232id: BEE 3X 1873
l'ho llnngh and Heady KIro Company, In
kcuplng wttliaioug established custom will,
on Wednesday uMuliig, (New Years eve)
givo their annual ball and supper. The
nllalr will be hold ill their uwu hall ut tho
enclno Iiouso.
i lm Uoimnittconl Arrangements vylltleavu
noinnig iiniiono to uriko una one oi tiu
mot euj'-ij able ot'caslons of the eason.
elood muslu will be In atteudauco.
Uiu otQcc aud dispensary at
Hi t. Ctivimerrial anil WHrlilngtnn aeuues
It U true, tho eioetnr la un" of tiio olileht
Ulij sleians or luo lilaee, ami Ills illi loms.
itiat liargs In his olllce. ahnwa that he has
been 'M years In the profei-lon. He Is doing
slarcerolllen nractleo tlian anv other nhv-
slcia't, treat iitjr-all Winds ol chronliitll-asrs
31 the human system, such as old ulcers, and
all diseases of vie skin, humor" and blood
nelsons; alo dbease of the throat; li
til dlSuacs ot te Ces of ye trs ktanillng ;
also artltielal eyes inserted; tistuln cureil
ivithoutthc use ol a wnlle; cancers cured
ny the applbutlnit of uiedtcliies, pliuplea on
the face removed; all urtuaiy illKMe
cured : all forms of venereal and prU.it
1 .... m ..'ii'... I t,i llii. tltr.t llt 1 n,n .rnili.
wi itos and sel.-.tbie ivc1 In a tlior
time .
It i -i If-' vi ' n! that a physician treating
csc for iwr y-two jcar .tivptirts great
All consultations eonr.dontloAl, In persoa
orbs lettea.
All moillclnrs furnlfhed it ofllt-e In alt
n.ts. (H-'lir.l Dt. Dtvirt llriTt!.
M All. U0ATt
Th spleadtd (Uastttl
Utatc Fowuib, Capt&la
Leaves Cairo DAILY, (Sunday oxceptetl) al
k p.m For freight or passao apply on boat
5T tO J". USU.UHT, A(I,
Ituctlller fiut Wholesale Dealer In
rio,uoa AND WINES
.vo. 62 otiio Lr.vKc,
a. j.kok:m.J).
Oillrsovcr Tliuins Si Hro'a. grocery' tore,
So, iil Commuiclul avenue, corner fclgbti
street. Itenldcnca corner Wut4jlsrto asa
nue ai ii rouitenmn ailMl.
Haverly s Minstrels

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