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en.1.1 Pnprriit IlicClly stistl County.
IOUS IL OUKULY. Kdlior and lMbllthw
One week, by owrlor 9
Onrirtr currier, in advance m w
One year by carrier i not piU i
Duo month, by tnMl 1 lv
ITiree month. j? J
olx month
On year
Tnv(i or vrr.cKf.r hvllkti.v
One Year
!Mr Mootbi
Threst .Monthi
Invariably In advMicc.
.1 00
ItrmlliiR nsnltor on rvrj ms:.
Tun question mod to bo: "Are yon
truly loyal?" Tbo question nowii: "Are
you truly rural V
Farm sen in iplrit club are being "r
ganlied In different parU of llio country.
The tucmberi aro lawyori nnd other poli
tician. Truly rural farmer are ex
cluded. Tbk Virginlui diffleulty is not yet tat
tled. It Is now raid that Hpsin has de
manded the Virginlui of the United
Stato, having furnlihed conolutlvo evl
donco that the vtcel was not entitled to
tho protection of the American flue;. The
rumor will require cotiflrinatlon. It Is
probably the crot.tl-.rn of the brain of a
news gatherer.
Is Xovouiber the public debt was In
created over $9,000,000 and this month tho
deficiency will bo between $10,0C0,000 nnd
$12,000,030. Not long ago, tho Kepubllcan
papers wero in tho habit of publishing tho
ntnount taken from tho public dobt each,
month, and aitorting that this was dono by
Republican economy. "Will thy admit
that the monthly lncr.tt6o Is tho rt
eull of Republican cxtravaganco ?
GK. TV. II. Andcrion, who hi been
until recently a Domocrat ot tha strictest
sect, is now one of tho leaders of tbo new
party tnovoment In this tWle. 11 o a
wemberof the Decatur anti-monopoly cot."
Teritlon, and In Its heAring declared that
In bis opinion tho Democratic as well as
the Republican party had forfeited the
confidence of patriotic citizens and bonen
men. The general it a power on the
tump, and ho will make Egypt ring with
his anti-monopoly eloquenco next ftl'.
The Radical papers of the tlato nro not
happy over the result of tbo Firmer' Do
catur convention. Tho Spricgflold 'Jour
nal1, spoaklng of tho retolutioni, sayi,tbat
lomo of tho resolutions bear tho osr-matl.t
of unscrupulous demagogues who would
use tho Farmers' movement to further
their own political ends. Tbli Is viry in
definite "Will the 'Journal' indicate more
particularly tho objectionable re!olution. ?
Firing at them an editorial shot-gun U not
the proper way to proceed to their annihi
lation. Tnr notorious Merlcan, Cortina, was a
,Bji,tl -. . H.-;U ui -uciauiurnp, in ex
position to Canalef. Un the 21(1 (cat. the
votes wcro to bo polled nt the city hall
Cortina and Canalej, backed by thoir part
isans, auombled In front of tho bull at nn
oarly hour. The acting mayor .tlompted
to leave the hall without announcing the
result, when a bloody light was commenc
ed. The mayor and Mx policemen wcro
wounded, and eight of C'ortlna's men wore
carriod off tbo field In a datnugod condi
tion. Col. 0caTuiiser has been "called"
to becomo a candidate for congress in the
Kentucky district opposito this portion of
God's country in Illinois. Tho Cclonel
has a wcskncii that invariably Induces
him to yield to calls of this kind, nnd he
will doubtless respond afSrmatlvely if
blusblngly t tho solicitation of tboie of
bis sdtnlrers who wish to place him In the
congressional seat of Mr. Crmaland, the
honest grabbor of back pay. Mr. Turner
is an able contletntn, n good stump orator
and a decidedly accomplished electioneer.
Mound City is not pleased with the
way the United States government is run
alng tho navy yard at that place, nnd the
council of tho town hai whcruaied and re
solved. Whereas, (lays tho council), the
city loasod to tho UnlUd StUei tho R&w
ling's reservation to be uo.l for orUinanco
purposes, said rciervatlon to revert upon
failuro of the government to uto It for such
purposes; nnd whereas, thoro hat been a
failure to so use it, resolved, that Hon
Iiaae Clements lo instructed to rcquoit
the Unltod States to return to Mound City
tho reservation. Tbo point Is well taken.
The government should bo compelled to
live up to tho contract or diigorge.
IVi aro lc theory a herd money man,
but It has become such Imid work to gel
money of any kind, wo would endure an
Inflation of the currency with philosophy.
Greenbacks and national bank currency
are not monov not by any means. All
the political economlits say ro, and they
ought to know. All experience has proven
this assertion to bo true, and txporlonce
Is an excellent witness. Ilul, nevertheless
it appears to ut to bo n truth, that our pre
ens currency n mucu ueuer man no
money at all, and that it is very scarce,
1 r . . - .ut
w e are mureioro wining lo onouro our
share of tho national ruin that raav follow
In the wake of a llule Inflation.
Haukkll's 'Gazette' ;is of the opinion
that the complaints of our people con
cerning tho levy of school tax for the
present year have grown out of tho fact
that the sum hiked for Is large; but, is
the Gazette' says, the public have no
means f knowing whether tho sum teked
for is excesslvo or not. And this is ns it
bould not bo. Tbo boards of education
in our stato handle the pooplo's money
and expend It as they please, and the peo
ple cannot without great trouble ascertain
for what it bai been disbursed. Hundreds
of thousands of dollars aro spent by
boards of oducatlou, who hold star cham
ber meetings, tbo proceedings of which
nroncvgr published; mU fMl.tho
extravagance of our ilflliool offlcwHilllt
banttrlbttUd. '
' . .
Tub fall or David A. Gngo tt M1 com-
mont upon tbti timee In whlob we live,
Defalcation linvo been frquirit occiirren.
coj In every prt of th wintry, but of
one tbtilg the peoplf orCMiago wero
mire, and that tho honesty of Dt.vo
Oiige. Others might fall, but Diva
would remain Inflexibly li-wt Ho wm
called llonsnt D.tvo (; everybody
liked hints everybody sworn by li'm t-v-
orylwdy but llestng. HMlnj; thought
Darn was Urn hone'., nlid honldo; mid
to It ha turned out. Dftvo Is f hort about
J3S0.OO0. And now n piwl many pnopbt
arc mrry fir Dive, .toil m t wo. Wo
rpgrot that lit M) into tho gstttor of cor-
ruptin, bit b) did: nndlf Tweed d-
tervot t!in puriitetitiery for n finvltir of-
frnse, why th-.isH not H-siiat !)v.i lii;e
ll-iVl) C' ll ftl Jcllpf
Till: Oliristlnsi s-ng Hint follows has
about It thu flavor of "colored'' poetry:
I saw three hhlps come nllinu' In
On ChrMmin day, on Cbri-ttim day ;
I tliroe Hilp como -iillinit It
On Chrlctiiri" day in Hie morning.
Oh. they failed Into Uetlilehem
On Uirl'tm:! il.iy In tlio morning.
Oh. they alled lntn Hethlelicm
O i Christmas clay la the morning.
And all the bells nn earth hall ling
On Clultlii ilav, on Chtl'liimi clay :
Anil nil tho hells oti enrlli fhall rlnjr
On Chrlitmas day In the liiornlnir.
Ami nil f he ansel In heivcli 'iall MtifT
On Christina day In tho jinrnlint.
And all the angels In he ien rlmll Miitf
On Clirl'tmas iUy In the morning.
A ePKci.vi. telernm to tho Chiesgo
'Times' from l.a Hallo, in tUI tftt, says:
"A movoimot I on foot In this city and
Peru, looking to tho formation of an a-o-
ciatlou to oiicourago the establishment of
manufacturing Interests In our raidit.
Ther8 losms to be a general awakening
throughout the country on tho lubjest of
manufacture'. Will Cairo, ns usual, to
left in the roar of her rivals ?
Tho Council of the city of Cairo reeontly
appointed tho following as a committee to
lny before tho country the mlvnnUitos of
Cairo Ir. Manufacturing point' C. 1.
Woodward. John Q. Hitman, 1'. V. Ilur-
etay, H. II Caadee, Thomas linen. P.
, ilunn, John U. Oberly and r. II. ropu
It will bo i en that tho City Council of
Cairo, apprucuto ing't fully the ndvar.t
acts ut manufaclurln-'. Its efforts in this
direction heretofore have been uccesiftil
and, now proposes to renew lt ellbtts.
Cannot our City Council bo Induced to fol
low the cxamplo ol Cairo. The question
Is.biVo we meu who aro propped to net fiir
tha public good, for the adrn'ittgo of
Shawneetown Shawnectuwa hss wore
wvalth than Clro. It It surrounded by r
more proJiie.tive roll, better timbor and its
fp.cilitn.-j fur transportation aro equal. The
Cairo people twui to appreciate more fully
the wants of tho place find co-operate in
an enterprise of n putliu nature. There
is no jealousy. Its business men sein
anxious and willing to co-operate.
Shawneotown Oazotto.
Tho ' Gaztto' give' to tho people of
Cairo moro credit than th y dcu-rio.
There is among the majority of our poople
a plontiful lack of enterprise, and a dif poll-
ti"n to suppress any porson who wlihes to
awaken them Into activity. Norr is tho
time for tbo blow to bo clven by Cairo s
the Iron Is hot; but wo will Ins r-.itoclihed
If 11 U linin).-. ..sr,
somebody will help ut,'' is a porular long
with ou; clover but indolent peuplo.
l'AIGN. (i.'V. Huvurldge, who mnkos m t ex
cellent speeches, hn been lecturing tho
b'lard of suporvhoiii of Champaign county,
because it hns soon proper to do'.ormino
that the lilleroit upon $ 100,000 of bonds
lijtu d by that county to endow the Indus
trial University, shall not bo paid. Th'i
governor declares tbo supcrviior to bo re
pudialon,' r.nd asierts that it would Lo ns
liihonoraLlo in Chimpalgn county to u
fuia to pay tho interest
and principal of thoso
bonds it wai in tho state of Missis
sippi lo repudlats her bonds us it would
be in tho United .States government to
r udlnte its bonds.
Wo bnve great respect for tbo opinion
of tho governor, but wo do not too tl.ti
rnMtt-r ni ho does. If tho government ol
the United Stf.tee should repudiate, there
Is no powur that could compel it l pay,
oven if fio claims ngtinst It woro just;
and to of a stato goTorninent; but n
county stauda in altogether n different re
lation to its creditors. If tboy imvo Just
claims agaliiht tho county, tho courts will
compel tho county to pay to tho last cent;
if tho claims uru not just, the county
ought not to pay one cent.
, wo undi.ritAiid tho 'nailer, the hoard
of supervisors of Champaign county deny
thit tho county Is legally bound to pay
cither tho principal or tho interest of tho
bonds issued to endow tho Industrial L di
versity. Tho hoard is thcroforo properly
anxious to havo th: courts decide tbo ques
tion. Tho governor has no doubt that tho
county ran bo compelled by nctlon of tbo
courts to tako enru of tho bonds ; but, bo
says, the county Is morally hound to tako
care of them oven If tho lav; should not be
upi-n tho riln of tho university.
Wo are of iho opinion that tho county Ii
neither legally nor morally under any
obligation te pay thoio bonds. They were
obtained from the county ns the bonds of
Carbondalo and of Anna nnd of olhor
places, wuro procured by persuading thu
county to brlbo tho legislature
ilul tho governor threatens. '-If you
do not pay tho mtorcst on these bonds, tho
stute will ho compelled to endow tho uni
versity, Bnd it it not likely it will ho loca
ted in your county," says bit excellency.
The threat will not frighten Champaign,
and if it has any pluck at all it will
press right on ns It ii now going, and pay
itiu interest on the bonds if it mutt.
incro Is a growing feeling in favor of
wio consolidation of Alexander r.nd I'ulatkl
cuntles. 't lie causes which induced tho
separation no longur oxitt. The urgumcnts
In favor of thu rouoion aro many, and, In
our estimation, conclusive. Wo" shall, at
eorutj iiuure tirn, urgo n low of them upon
the attention of cur rendurs.morely atkirc
ii.ennwljlle thut Iniorosted parties deter-
mine for themselves Ir tho coniolldatlon
would effect a reduction of nearly 10 per
CiDt. in our county taxo, lead to tho
construction pf bolter roads nnd bridges,
and genorally,-to n ihotoj lllclont nnd at
isfuclory Mortal Bovernrhnnt In vceilnto
the mailer 'calfuly-'-iirilploy lluin that
won't Ho and, if yoti havo no fpIiIiI. alms
to bo dofentod, you will, In nil prnbublllty,
fling out 'oil your outer wa 1 tlm bantier
of tho eounty ooMolidHil i.i-H. Cairo
.rJ r CVbb wfio hm jutt roturrifcl from
n viMl to Misliljipl( mpreniiti ftorlloii
of that hliiie in n'm-.st -iteplornbla condi
tion. In ih o ont) f M'-nroe thero nro
not enough iin.v n.ons t- fe5l thi iopiila
tl.m six w M'kf, ii'.d tueli h g mifn.iy the
cvn thrniighout tho pralrl'i rel n 'J'lm
croi of cotton win n failure a well ns
that ol hrvHUtot1. It is u deplurnblci
itnto of ntrtri I'.tduenh l onliifklan.
ANotHKnlititnluig nro our -gr'i ultitiiil
college.''- Mc .iti-1 City .K-'irr.ul.
Reported Expressly for. the Uullotin.
ruRTiiKi: adol't tiik vii.u: ni;
(jariik; Tin: RK.iris or
i.OI.ORRD 31 KS. '
n.Rii proji ni.vxci:.
ltKI')Rri:i) DKATII 01' IIR.MM
From Washington.
WlfclUNUTON, Oc-cenibor 'J3. General
Ilelknap, tSeorotary of Wnr, Is dliposcd
lo cut tho uMiinat'f of the Wit Depart
ment down to the lowett potlblc limit
Thoto for tbo military serviea proper re
ceived his porsonul attention, nnd were
calculated ns closoly ut possible but ho
proposes to icadjiiit tbum and ro:uco
ihum at far ns tho ii:-tual requirement! of
the svrvico'nill permit. Thu ctlimutus of
approprintior.g for fortillcatiori, arma
ment of forl, and for rivers nnd harbors,
amounting jn tbo aggregate lo about twen
ty million?, can be very rnttonally re
duced, Congress can decidj as lo
locations where appropriation aro
needed. It appears alrnoit all
departments are burdened with additional
clerical work, but the operation of th act
rtquiring sepernto recounts to be ren
dered under each head of appropriation,
and for each fim-al year, as well at by
uumorout calii from Congress for n report
of tbo Investigation, as to the character of
tho Virginlui will bs conducted in Now
York. Tho g ivurnment is powlerlets to
procoed egMnst Patterson whose regis
ter for the vessel was Issued on account
of the italuto of limitation.
Tho president and company returned
Ibis morning from St. Louts.
Tho president stated emphatically to
day that tho nomination of Attorney
General Williams for chief justice would
not bo withcltawn and that tio hut nrr
tontomplated such n thing.
A colored dole-'ition ci)rnrl"'
. T-i Uii : iVjDL'las anil others
had nn interview to-c'ny, by appointment,
with ReprcentiitWo A. II. Elevens of
Georgia. Stevens freely admitted that
tho colored men a citizens wero entitled
to full protection in their elll rights with
out nny invidious proscription, but that
it was thn duty of the respective ttutcs
and not that of tho lederal government
tosocura them.
WAMtisnrox, Decombor 23. Repre
sentatives Wlhr.ti 'find Rid ridge of tho
Judiciary Committee, will leave hero Sat
urday fi-r N'iw Orleans. It is their inten
tion whilo avoiding stito politics arid com
plications to investigate all Iho sets of tho
fdral court with which It is charged to
tnir.t Judge Durrcl s oClcial conduct.
From Now York.
New York, December 23. Tho Tri
bune to-morrow will publish n second let
ter from Rudolph A. Withour, Jr., who
was n paisanger on thu ill falud Vllle du
Havre, to hit fathor, of this city. He
writes a follows: In my last I gavo you
sketch of my exiiortunco in connection
witu the einking of thu Vlllo de Hnvro,
I will now givo you my opinion concern
ing thocauau of tho cccidcut, Am., from all
can gatlmr ir.m outecrs and mo, I
conoliido that tho blnitio rests ontirolv
with tho ofllser ou watch ou iho stearuer7
wnoe duly it was lo gel out ol too J. oca
Ram's way, nnd it nppnnn that instead of
duing this he did thi very opposite, nl-
tcnag llio course of tho stenmer so as to
run right across tho bowt of tho Loch Ram,
at least tu says tho otlkur who was on
watch on tho lattor boat at tho tinio of iho
collision. In any cato it Is mi Acknowl
edged rule of seamen that n steamer Is
bound lo iret out oi tne way ol n sailini:
cralt, ami as fho night was megiiiaccnlly
clar and calm tha accident could only
n&vo occurred itirougn tomo inexc-usablo
blunder of thute in charge f tho steamer.
Aftortho accident, if It can bo so-called,
had occurred and whilo tho ship wat sink
ing, tho ottiuott and urew ncnaveil in a
rnott cowardly manner; tho latter I know
and the former I Micro, Icoklrig i-ut for
theaisolvos Mid lenving women and chil
dren to loukout fur luomeelve". The only
exceplicin b iug that of Dr. Oudisl, who 1
saw thruoor four minutes beloru tbo ship
went uown iroini: oeiow, a to:i mm ne
would not havo timo lo get up again, to
which ho answered that he must look after
thoto who woro crushed In their slato-
rooms. Ho never came up again. A elc
nincani laci, nnu ono neejing n
comtnont Is, that not u tinglo
passenger was taxen irom mo Unlang
snip oy me uoais, an oeui' picked up in
tuo water, wrilio nt icatl 2U or ttiu olllcers
and crow reuched thn Loch Rani without
wetting as much nt tho soles of their
shoes. Of dipt. Surmont's conduct I
know nothing. Thoto who taw him spjko
well of htm, and I don't think huwatto
blaino for tho collision, although ho it to
blame for not having his crew under bettur
discipline und for not having his boats in
a condition to bo promptly lowered. In
great contrast with tuo domornllzid con
dition of llio crow was tho coolness of llio
pastcngors, ovon women nnd children.
Thero was no rerunning or running about
without nn oljcct. The wotocn wcro In
knots pra)lng, while iho mon weru look
ing around for llfo-liioys or pieces of
wood, or weru making ullorts to got ono of
tho boats, whloh Iho crow hud
abandoned, clear of the r-l.lp
thut it might iioat whon thu veitol
sunk. Langungo fails mo In oxprosting
mv ..itmlrAllftn nl iin.1 ..pllln.lt 1 4lw.
ntUntrv- mi l innmnn jit' nl' II,.. ,.lll...,.
and crow of tbo Loeh Ram, nnd of tho
Trlmountnln. Tho former saved tho
groator pi riion of us frjm the water, ond
both gavo us clothing and did all In thoir
powor to make iij i a comfortnblo ns poitl-
llo under ibn circumstances. Tho French
crow on tho colilrarv worn n moli of
brutes and cowiirdf.
a iu h nvArn o i Xr v t ns .
New Vow.-, Djcembor 2i5.A dispatch
tfitbo Trlhuno from Kny. West contnitie
tho following; Tho Vlrglnlu'r juisoiiers
atlrrondori-d at Santiago say thut whon
tho oflloors liom tho Tornado boarded tho
Yircitihif, ono of them, In hauling down
tho lligiflho Unltod SMQt,
nnd trampled It, nstcrling with mi oath
" Ibis is what I havo wanted." Thu silun
licn'In rjantingodo Cuba Is fsportod very
terloiui Only n wcok ngo twoiity-Gvn ctt
Izens woro (Trusted and nftnr a mock. Irinl
without ovidetico biing udducoil ngaintt
thorn, they wero told to go homo. On
th'lr way they wero cruelly waylaid nnd
killed, only one O'.-aptrig nnd ho was rid
dled with bullet. Tho Americana tiro
continually in ler for their lives, nnd
bitterly complain tint iiolliing has boen
dona to rlr(ts their wrongs, It is not
snfo for nn Atnerii-nn tll.-or to go ashore
at Santiago. All idong tho rivor lino tho
Spaniards aro orectlng now bnttorioi.
Nkw York. Dec -ruber 23 --llcnch Wiir
rant have b?n lucd for l!:e errsst tf
Coiiian, Norton, Miller and Wnlsh, tho
IndictHi C-iiirt!iouu Coiii'niMionors. Nor
ton nnd Jllllor havo famished their coun
sel, .ludgo A. D!ltanbnirr, with written
nulhorlty to ntipear for tliem in their mis
demeanors. Tho c.uo Is set down for trial
next .Monday.
From LonlsUm, .Mnliii'.
Lrwhton, Decombor 1!3. Tho presi
dent of thu Firt National hank of this
city, publishes n card. saying that irregu
Inrlties havo been discovered in connection
with somo transicti.in of tho l.to cnh'er,
but tho bank lo-aus nothing.
From San Fimiu-Nco,
Pau FitANcisco. I). c. Chis. V.
Simmons, n well known telegrapher of
Iow i urk, una for mniiy yeirte Minecic-d
vc lib tho flro alarm telegraph of lids cltv,
diod last night of heart disease.
Tbo jslnt convention nt Siernmento
will probably ballot ag-siT to-day for Sen
ator, thort term.
From Flilhulolpliln.
Fliir.AiiKLi'MiA, Deccmhor 2J. About
20o ttrikers marched nloui' thu docks to
day endeavoring to induce men working
to join them, homo men working yester
day at reduced rntr havo not resumed
to day, being Intimidated by vMonco of
fired Ihclr companions last night.
From LltTlcTTtoik-.
Little I'.cck, Auk, Dec. 23. Tho re
port publishrd in .Mempbli and other pa
per! of Monday that Ohn. Gincchico, of
this city, had boen knockoJ In the hovl
and ktlhd by his lur teodor, Joseph
Ioore, Is a hoax Thero i not the slight
est foundation for tho Matomant.
From Fori .MndNon, Iowa.
Fof.t- Madison, Ia., December -3.
The anti-Monopolist convention at Frank
lin, to-day, rssultcd In tho nomination of
Conrad Kchwcer, the present Incumlxjnt,
v.-ho is n prominent granger, to fill the
plncfl in tho legltlaturn caused by the
death of Hon. K. A. Layton.
From (.'oliimI)ii., Ohio.
Wm. Kill?, aged 70 yoari, who hss lived
hero for several yean, working as a wood
sawyer, committed suicljn last ii Ight un
der an (dd warehouse, by culling his
throat with a pen knife. Kills is suppos
eJ to havg friends in New JersM-.
From London.
rALti: HL'MOil.
I osiio" 'w-'i "'"i no truin
inihn report that n JlritUh war ship in
tho Wost Indies bad boon ordered to Cu
ban wntorf.
From Iiohlou
Hostojc. D.-cmbor 23. Tho wifo of
Alex Agateiz, son of tbo Into professor,
died last night ol pnoumonla, superin
duced by fatiguo. In nttondinco upon her
From London.
London, December 1!3. The Bowles
Rros & Co , bankruptcy case has been ad
journed altio die. Creditors favor tbo
funding project.
i i. .
1'ahIi), December '-'J. Kumor is cut
rent that Marshal I!a.ino lias fled tho
country. It Is also reported tint Rocho
foil died nt Nov Caledonia.
I'il.is, Dec. 23. Chsvalicr Negra, th
Italian Minister, had nn interview with
President MoMehon to-day, and pro
noted tho resumption of cordial rclsllons
between Franco and Itnly.
Thero ii a ftrong opposition to tho pro
posed grant of inonoy to tho Rinprtss
HI, mill rail ill llio invites
For 21 hours ending 3 p.m., Dee. '.!.,J,JS73
lAbote-i C'hangos.
1 water. 1
IIIkc., Fall.
llroinihilllo . . .
Foil llontou...
.letlerfon City ,
lfaiiia.i City...
I.eili'iiton.. ,,
l.ittlo Hock. ..
NowOeiieva. .
New Orleans
Oil City
l'.idilcah ....
Hhruwpnrt ...
St. Joseph
.St. I.OtllH
SU Paul
Vlekahurg ...
Ymiktoii.,, . ,,
Surface of water below tiencti marif.
Observer rilg. .'-ier. U. b. A
FiTTeiiuito, Fa., Dec. 23, Rivor 7 fuot
and inning slcaauy.
Fm-Miuno, Docoinber 2.1, Tho Mo,
noiigahala hss 7 foot 1 inch nnd falling,
i lie lowooat Siam l'ajker arrived from
Hilton Rouge.
ViCKFHimu, Diicernbor 23, Down:
Hello Loo, Faragond, Natchoz. Up
Ilunry Ames, City of Vlcksburg. Tho
weatlier Is cloudy and cool. Rlvor rltlng
Cincinnati, December 23. River ris
ing rapidly. Arrived l'mason, from
I llltbllll!;
i.nr.rmor, trom Rvuntville;
,,. ,, ,' i"" tK ! Denarlod
- l U.,l D"'. "' r LcellnBi Mlnnola,
fyr Mcmphli.
1 New Oiiu;a.i.', Dcq, 'JJ. Arrived
Knlla F. Kouut. mid Glencoe, fur Ht.
Louis.' The It. R Leo arrived lint oven-
ing from Vlcksburg with r.,7-11 balo.1 of
cotton, tho largett load jlnco tho. wnj. j
Departed Kntu Kenney, for Hi Lf)uK '
with charcoal. I
t Sr. Louts, December Arrive :
Grand Tower, Momphl. Dopnrlodi Col-
ostal, Keokuk; J.ienehf, (iniroj CoIoreO , '
Icksburg. ltlvsy falling with nl-oiil a
foot of wat-u to C'liro. Tho woalher is
cloudy nnd tuild with h demo fog tu-
AIemiiiik. December 23. Wenlher
cloudy c,od. nnd damp. Iliver ris.ig
altiwly. ArrlvW: Hello of T-ti, Littl-i
Rock; l'arker. Clneinnatl; Falls Kilo',
Cincinnati. Imparted: Fannin Lnv..,
.loo Klniioy, .Inn itUioerok, Mi. I,juls. l't
Reborn, Cinciiitintl; Ycagr nnd Seud.lur,
Now Ofhians: Itnnnoek City, White,
Kvanhviu.k, Dceomher '-'3 Know last
ntht but clear nnd mini lo-ilay : tnori.urv
30 lo 4 I. Tho rlvor lint falhin 2 rt, 3J
feet by mot.il mirk, F..rt list, down
Mnry Avent. F l (iraey, Knyett, Torot
cui, Rd.Iyvillo, liulekste)), Florenoo Loo
Up Idlfwild, II S Tumor, lien Franklin,
Rol.rt, Marv Avent, Fralrlt City, aer
omlly with good uip.. Ilusincss netivn.
LOLfiavir.l.K. Vac 25. Tho river hns
fullen 1-1 inehea in the lat t;l hours, end
ing pi o p in. to day. At that hour
marks show 10 feet 10 Indict in tho oanal
and 0 feet 10 inches In tho puss. If the
rivor continues to decline nt the inmn rts
there will not bo enough watsr In tho
falls this nvening for ncendlng lnmti.
Utisinoss on tho lovoo is dull. Weather
clear nnd c-edd. Arrived Andy Ksum,
.Memphis; Charley lloweri itli Imrctt,
Fonieroy nnd Fngln with biirgo', I'ltts
burgh; Kittlo Huglor, Arknritas I'.lvor;
Alex .Swift with three bnrgot iron ore,
St. Lou!;. Departed Andv IIpuiii, C'in
cinnatl; Robert Mitchell, Now Orleans;
O. Rowon, l'Dmoroy, I'itUhurg.
m a iTci:7ijlKp5Trr.
ilrsirnie, Dfcembor "U- Flour tteidy
5 fitVg'J GO. Corn meal dull i.t 3 26
Corn dull CQ(o,70c. Oats dull uimI droop
ing nt 63'ajMc. llav M 00 bid. Rran
lower 17(.7t7k. Hull: moat dull nnd
drooping, shoulders Ojc; CR"c; tdcar7je.
j. aru quiet t.nu uucnaiigud.
New Ohlkans, December 23 Com
lcwcr; white 773o, yellow 7c. Oats
quiet nt 42c. Urn duli nt OSc. Hay dull,
primo 10, choice t!3. Fork dull and held
nt IS 60, no buyers. Dry salt meat quiet
nt e, PjHjc. Ilaeori senno and higher,
. 8Jt f,tyjc. Others un. haugoi.
New Yoiik, December 1!J. Flour
quiet and unchanged. Whiskey slutdy
nt OSc. Wheat mc-derntu demand ami
higher, Si) a Milwaukee I CO I Ci, Iota
spring I 6c(n,l C'j; No - Chicago 1 fif
1 CO. Jtye nnd barley unchange.1. Corn
tinchnngej. Oatt heavy and lower, west
ern mixed 571310c. Sugar. cfTon nnd
molai!ei quiet end iincbrncel. Fork
llrm, neiT mess 10 OC; Mar.h 10 2Jj
Ileof in gocvl'rcquott and stt-nJ. Cut
meitt In fair requcnt, shoulders, J'aliuiry,
Oc; middles firmer, long clear 7ie; hurt
clear "Jc jong nJ snort 7?; Incumber
and January 7 ; Maieh SJe; short cl'-ir
tjiot 7Js. Lard weak, prime itonm 8j";
choice S jc; primo January fije.
C 11 10 a 01. Dcomhnr 113. Flour quiet
Wheat in fair dtmand but lower, closing
quiet; No. 1 spring 1 Ujl l.V, No. 2
1 13 J cr.th, 1 MJ.LinuarT; No. il 1 0Cj(Jt
1 07. Corn dull nn I drooping; No -mixed
f,3c cath, Clje February; ntw No
2 mixed filrj:c. Osts du.l nnd declined;
No t! OSa on spot, 3e January. Rye
llrm ; No 2 76ru)77e. Harley quiot ; No 2
fr.U I AO; No 3 1 CClaa 0i. fork du'l
and declined ; 14 on spot. I t !0 I-'ebriury.
Lird, easier; fijc, !Jo February. Hulk
meats I1n; shoulders &c; parked Ac ;
:norl rIVJ?.5 wiaifnwaSi fiiHwiaihrrr
shoulders fi.' ; hamt 8J(3?c, IS to 10 lbs
avcrago. AVhiiky sto.idy at 05n.
CixciitMATi, December 21 Cstton
quiet and unchanged. Fl ur llrm an-i
uncbanged. Wheat Heady, l 4.W)l tv
Corn steady 5I(jjS. Ryo end O.its qcltt
and urchanKcd. Darloy quiet. Otbers
unchanged. - Fork tincunncod Lard
quiot, steam SJc; kettle c'rajS-!. liuls
mcnta dull witu small saier, rnoiiiuert 1 -
fo)7c; clear 7Jfn72e; baoon sight salet;
snoumers .c; clear rit .joi.e: clear 0 .7,-
t'le. Greon morti iiuiet. thonldora Gf i-
54c; clear rib C5(oiC3c; clear CI($7o. llnms
otlerings light e(j)8ja. Uogsalow, buyjrs
holding oil, small tales, .Mrorno range
4 70S 30; receiptt l,VJJ hogt; thlp
muntt C85 hogs. Whiikoy firmer 02c.
Ht. Louij. Mo., Dac. 23. Hemp dull
and unchanged, Flour Fall C, under
fcarco and active; higher grades in lim
ited demand and firm. Wheat Spiing
hlchor. No 2 1 FJPU 20: fall. dull, heavy,
lower Mid Irregular; famplo lott, No 3 red
toed 1 aofU ii'J; 2iv 2 1 liiKl 70. Corn
firmer; No 2 mixol duQ'u. Oats active;
No2 higher; No 2 mixed aOtOc. liar
lev llrm lor belt dualities, but dealers
apirt and lltlln done. Ryo inactive; No
l'aric llrm out milot nt MjQl-ija.
Dry tall meat Crm; tales lootu country
berk linuio shoulders clear rib "c;
clear 7c; paciccd lots jo higher: green
thoulders S'c; clear rib Ce; clear 7c; bams
8Jo, Bscon-doinrind eiceedt mpplv; no
shoulders out of emoko; rmall tales of
clear rib at SJc; clear 8je. Lard quiet
nnu unennngeu; primostearn be. w tinny
lower and olTore.1 nt 02o with no buyort
lloin aotlvo r.nd higher nt ItTii'i 20; re-
roipts 7, 9 CO. Cattle in good demand and
firm; good to prime nativo4Q; medium
to mir i 25. -
OlHce over First National bank. 3-lKlra
OOlce over Klnt National bank. 3-lS-3m
John 11. Mulkey. Y.'lllam c. Mulkoy
Oltlen: Klulith ntreot, between Commcr
31.M mm waililiik'teii uvoimcj.
IKSglnub"!,- . OUI'-O, lLMKO'H,
MlluuF.Ollicrt, J
srrlpecial ictUation Rfta lo A.lmtialtr taJ
(IHtnbusI iiuriluefn.
orioB ouioi.V2B,uoo!ia 7 amd Bovira
I'll Wm! m w
Tho Placo To Buy
w.atsm U M
At hiH KFAY STOiU: on
Coiuincroial avonuc, 3"u rger is
now receiving daily tlio lar
gest, best atilootcfl ami clicaji
osl at nek of dry goods evor
before brought (o Cairo. A
lino of dress goods which have
never been surpassed in this
market, cither for liouutv or
variety. A full stock of boots
and .shoes; domestics of all
kinds ; a beautiful stock of
furs, mulls and boas, muiVs
ami collars, and eliildren'u furs
at a inorc s-mg; knit woollen
goods, children's sacks, etc,
almost given away ; a hand
some assortment of gloves and
a eharmiui' selection of ladies'
neckties, rulVs, etc., etc. Gen
tlemen's furnishing goods,
overcoats, .suitH, underwear,
hats, caps, gloves ; counter
panes, comforts and quilts,
tablo linens, i"d ami white;
water proof cloth in all the
new shades and a full and
complete stock of notions.
All these goods were bought
at panic prices, and will be
sold at astonishingly low fig
urea, as TJurger is determined
not to be undorsold. Call and
examine his goods before pur
obasiii'' elsewhere. His store
room contains every article in
the dry goods line that any
buyer can po!ibly want, and
tho prices arc so low that no
one will have the conscience
tu asrc .i reduction on any
hut iNi)r.iiT.
4th Grand Gut Concert
l'or the benctlt of the
Success Assured !
IN order to uitet the general wlih and
expectation jf the public nn I ticket hold,
cn lor the lull payment nf thu minlticcnt
gllti, aniiouncoit lor tho I'ourtl. (irun.l (lift
Concert of tho I'nhllv Library of l.i iiinoUy,
tho managemen' havo cletrmlneil to i.ost
pono the Concert unit Drawing until
TUESDAY, tho 31tt of .March
Thoy have already rcall.eil
And have a great nnny ojentt yet to hm
No doubt ii entertained of the j1 ol
every ticl.el hclcre tho drawing, hni
ivhethe r all aro sold or nni the ilruwlng will
positively unil uiic-iUivii(ahy tal.o jihice on
iho day now llxed, un! II atij icmaln un
tol l l)ii-y lil bo cuneelled und the pn.r
will ho reduced In proportion to the untold
Only fio.OOO tlcketa have been Istuod, and
12,000 CASH Q-ZirrVS.
will ho dihtrlbtitcd among the llekot hold
cm. Tlie ticket), aro printed In coupons of
luiitlu, and all Iraclional paitH will ho ri-pre-tented
in the drawing jusl at whole tlckctx
l.IT 07 Ulh'TB.
nnu annul 0h (Jill !0 00
one (Irani! C'aHi (.lit 1 00 COO
Ono (iriind ( avii uut
one (ir.inil iMi (lift
One Oiund Cash Ollt
10 Ciifh Olltt J10,('M each
f0 000
"Jl ooo
17 MX)
110 000
1W) 000
SO 000
40 GOO
40 000
4S 000
r-o oco
:i2 mki
rr.o ooo
30 Ca.h (lll
!,) Cuth (Hits
bO dull 1111
100 Cah OlfH
KK) Cali (HUB
JM) CaOl (illtl
a::, cn-ti oitte
11,000 Crt'll (ittl-
fi.OOO each. .
1 000 each . .
fiOO eni'h . .
(00 each . .
tit 0 each . .
i!00 each . .
100 ouch . ,
r0 ckcIi . ,
Total, 12,0f 0 Gift ull C.vh, amount-
Ipgto ?.i r.oo 00;
Tho chanccx for n Gilt aro as one to flic.
1'f.lCE or TICKE1H.
Whole tickets
Halves - .
Tenths or ach coupon
11 Wholo ticket far
Ml Tlekett for
1U Wholo tickets, for
0 &0 00
r o j
r.oo oi
1,000 00
ft, oo- oo
10 000 O'J
'lil Wholo tlcteis lor
.Nn dUuMinl on leg than Kkj worth ol
" The l-'ourth (Hit concorl will ho conducted
In all respecta, hko the three that have al
ready licen civ ii, and lull pnrlicnlarj may
be lvarnod Irom c-lrculafK which Mill In- ,int
freo Irom thh ollice to ull who apply tor
Orders for tickets tied application lor
u;enclcs will bo iilteiidcU lo in tho outer
i lliey aro icceivcu, ami u is nopoii nicy ill
! bo tent In viomiitly, tbattlii-ro may lie m
I ilUapointniuut or delay infilling nil 1..
, era' terms nro given tithn-o who buy lo i '
a'.'tln. All imc'iit tiro premptoriaili . -,
1 milled to hCttln lit) their HOiuiiiit. nnd 1 .
. turn all untold tlc-lcthy lo'Jillh day ui
March TIIOS. K. IIKA.MI i:iTi:,
Agont I'llblio l.lbiary. Ky., and Manager of
1 OUt concert, 1'iihlio Library hnildig,
' l.oulb tic, ky
ou i
. p
The Toy King, baving I
received one of the lrtrges
mosL variou
ME of Tf
ever brought to this citya
sell tliem at grutb
Reduced Pric(
In fact, sell thorn aU
Til an LAST "ST J
Ho also has a IJ
French and American!
which will bo sold at th-j
est possible price
-Si. JEL 2E3 3ST 1
will do well it. call and il
his Btock of
Holiday Presi
102 Comxnorcial
" Ail

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