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UnsinvKU'f OrriOK,'C'Ai)io, tilt., I
December 27, 10:11 p.m., 1873. (
Barometer, 80:10 degrees.
Thermometer, 20 degrnts.
Wind northwest. Velocity 8 l!ci per
Weather cloudy
Maximum temperature for last 21 hours,
J14 degrees:
Minimum tsiaperatuie tor thu lust 21 liouri,
'21 degrees.
Prevailing wind for I tit 24 hours, north
Total number of rallce traveled by wind
luring last at hours, 201.
Observer Blirnal .Service, I). H. A
nv tiik
i no llougli ami lUody Fire Company, tn
1 ClllltftflaV fflillt' f.N.'W Vnnr. niu)
ir wi iin lipid in litnir nwn nn nt iiia
I no Committee ol Arrangements wllllcavc
uuu iiiii.ii. wi i iin in nrinn inn.n
nr.A tt ft .
Tn I'Kort.s'a rAVor.tTK
;t i it it : ii..
u wm minmr in iipr rintvprrni rnmi nn
ntni ni
concludo vtlth tho laughable farco of
riiiiri xTTinr itii i iin
I . Ii .1 it I I IV 1. VI' II . If V
' S 1AV A FTKHVOf 1 N ( i. .1
.(.Li. rn . it ti 1 nm
irtla rr. tUm
I 00
open at 7 o'clock ; Commencing a
ndomet, and ono of the best and
ost cntcrtctnlngof tho tnontbllrs.
ixrnrtTfp'o uirn'ivf
Will ho replete with tho
ho Intention of the cnndttclors of the
'Cbanlcal excellence, and with this
i aavamas win uc neglcteil wfilch
alcnt or capital can comiuand to rcn
li lsue an agreeable and luslnicthr
uium oi
ontrlbutlons now on liand. nnw
i;aj;cd, embrace an uusiially attract-
Short Stories, Xnrrntlvcs, Dc
tlous, .Skvtclios, l'apcr uu
r ITwu.iva. Ufornrv Prlt.
Iclsnis, Etc.,
with a varloty of able nnd Interest-
iu uuumou to mo huortcr articles,
)Ti.fir in
ho year.
Among tliem Is
(nnm m i ciiihj nn n i.
1 i
of "Alee Forbcu." "linlu.ri rl.
Ill bo commenced, without fall, In
uary number.
production are confidently bellcv
e manterplocci of their nuthom,
in iutriui!iiL anil iinntrip I..
'.iiaranierM nnn i ram. n kii.intinu
amount of Himcn will tin ilnni.i I
mui'ii f v rt 1 i .. . . ... . In... . . ...
.v....a viuii , ,uieii iviu nn i
r note, Incldentt of the day, and
t r ii .. .
1 proportion of llin artlilpa. o.nr..
e descrlptlvo of fruiel, will ha
i i .ib i i t i iiiii M'li r t i ir ii
lotorlal rmbelllshments of tbn
will constitute ono of its moit nt
nVr,.2ic:.J.r1,J(:r.1,1 ,Vl,,bV,n
, KHUOtl Slllil. CI i Iltl.
cd on receipt of so' conta.
I lnr
7i7Mrh.tr4...Phii;.. :...'
- h
JJXXUXV Oi iJUXiilJiljlv
kinds of jobbing work done on
o shop.
Go to Uio Houghs ball.
Overcoats Chinchilla from $7 to
19, id.
Countkv hnlt socl s four pairs for
dollar at Harlmnn's. If
Fihst-Class day board at soeond-ilnss
rates nt tho Saint Clmrlul hotel. 27. If
CUrr. IUmiilkton and .Mr. (Ico.
Lounsbury, of Hound City, woro In Clro
Ik Polica Court yesterday thcro
was only two or three cases tried, at. d
they wore of no importance
ItcviEuiicntho Hough mid Heady tiro
company's hall on Wodnosday night. It
will bo a grand affair and should bo liber
ally ps.tronir.od.
Filisl-Cl.Ass day board nt sccond-clais
rates ut tho .Saint Charles hotel. 27-lf
A M'ECUi. meeting of tho City Council
will bo held oa Friday next, .January 2,
1871, at four o'clock, for (Lo approval or
rejection of euch liquor lends ai may be
A VEur lrgs number of young gentle-
men, and many oritlemm that aro riot
very Toung, propose spondingJNew Year's
day in rnlllri?; on their friends. Tun
Uuli.kti.x oflico has bean turning out
cards by tbo bushel.
O.nlv $22 par mouth on and alter Janu
ary lit for dsy boird at tho Saint Charles'
Arab Hal',
Now Year's Evp,
School's Hall.
Tickets 1.00.
Gentleman doslrious of rooming to
gether can be accomodated with rooms on
tho uppor floor of tho St. Charles ut low
QlTUrei.To thni whn will fnrntth llif.tr ..wr.
room,tt 11,11 furUir eduction wiube
mado. vl.tf,
A la roe and completo stocl: of dry
goods, clothing, boots arid shoes and crock.
ory at panic prices. Alio tbo largest as-
sortmoutof holllday toys and fancy goods.
Call and ste beforo purchasing elsewhere,
at Harlinan'r. 11-29 tf
un.il, C. Jvf.nt, of Ohio, a man of
more than twenty yews' experience in the
practico of medicine, can bo consulted nt
tho Ddlmonlco for flfluon or twenty dajs.
Tboio ifilicted with any chronic discsso
whatever will do well to call on blm
whilo ho remains in the city and obtain
roliof. Foj bill. st
IloAtiUiso amd L'juoi.no. Mrs. Van-
devontor, on Tenth street, between Wash
ington avenue and Walnut street, conven
ient to the buiir.ei portion of the city,
can accoinmxlato a few boarders with
munli and itnfplng, A Dumber of day
boarders will alio be received. Terms
reasonable. lw
1'iiOMlKENT r.moii- the arrivals at tho
St. Charles yesterday were: Chas. F.
Krod, Now York; W.J.Hughes, iirownt-
villo, Missouri; Ii. II. Miller, Cincinnati ;
II E. Metz?r, Chicago; W. A. Hoy, Wi
nona, Mississippi : F. a. Fledge, Grant
Junction; Mrs. W. A. Ilurno'.t, Now Or
leant. 0.s cdnfcfday tvetilng, De:ember 31ft,
the Arab Firo Corapauy will giro a ball
and supper ut Svhecl's Hall; Thero is no
ci.'t-anlr.ition in the city that desorves hot
ter of our pooplo than thu Arabs. They
have, on overy occasion r.hon their sorvi
cm wero required, dono thoir duty faith
fully ami willingly. The price of tickets
to tho hull is one dollar. Let overy ono
who can, buy ono.
1'Ar.TiM having monthly magar.lnos and
other periodicals to bind would do well to
lond thorn-to J. O. Ilules.at tho Hulleti.n
uinuory, wno is now doing such work at
great bargains. Our merchants wanting
blank books for tho now yoar would do
well tu call and osamluo bis prlco list
which tbey will find at low as tho lowest'
Good work or no charge. 30-l!w
Mound Citv Items. Tho last inuo of
thti Mound City 'Journal' contains tho
following items:
Tho tableaux and supnor at Mr. Choi-
lor ror mo bonea: ol thu rrosbvtorian
church lust Tuesday nicht raised off both
delightfully nnd successfully, nnd was
groatly aided, nnd rccalved qulto nn acces
sion from Cairo friends.
Christmas vo tho Mound Cltv buse bull
club was turned into a fair-ball club at
Stokes Hull nnd thus greatly onlnrcoJ.
chased tho hours with joy and Dying feet,
till rosy morn. Nick Smith's cuisinu and
W ill i lays' strini; bund added much to th
enjoyment of tbo occasion,
'iiio Tomplars will give nn ontortain-
mont in thu M. E. church ou New Year's
night, January 1st, 1874. Tho play sc-
lectea is "tho gret moral drama" of "Ten
JNicUts in a Ur Itoom. ' It will nrovi
nttrnctlvo, and should be patronized. For
full particulars seo advortisoment.
Christmas day. lonir looked for bv tbn
lima uddb. uimn ni ibhi. ma iniv. n rn.it
,0(,Linr tbn m,rlitm.. ' in" n,n
fhnrrC. ,m.7i . ." '..'.
Firo crnckors abounded ns usual. Not an
accident to mar tho day. And but few sue
ceeded In putting enomy enough in their
mouth to steal nwuy their britln.
Mn. Mak.v ltoi.i.En, tho woll-known
plano-tunor, will on tho first of next
month, estnbllsh, for tho bonofit f his
patronn, who pay him ton dollars n year in
advMico for kcoplngthler piano In tuu
e, a
musloal library which will contain noth-
lillt ihft f1m.PAt mnatrt fnw n a
no"' P"P nd accomplUhod
jVMjvtE. tuu uiutiu win uu icnv wooKiy
nt-AKS T'l, nIn mIII 1. . A 1.1 .
rrooor cliarK ,0 llU oustomors, until Mr,
Holler has obtalnod what hn Is nftor, nnd
'""k "; bioiw. losieraay no ro-
coivod a large number of new piocos of
tho choicest music, which will bo distrib
uted nmoug his nAirnns. 12-H-tf
Hkmimiiek the Hough and Heady Firo
Company's ball on net Wednesday cvon
Atkssicvm Wo don't llko Gamlllo,
That's flat. 1 1 Is ono of Ihoso plays whloh
should bo put upon tho sholf and there I o
parmlttt-'l to romnin until Qibrioi'a horn
eummotjs ui all to take prt in tlii cloning
seems of thu rMhcr shabby drama of 11 si
man Life. Tho lesion of Camilla may be
ix wfcolb'ome one, but It Is told in language
that casts n brightDeM upon vice, makes n
licrolnoof a b.wd, and cialts dobauchcry
nlo tl-o ntniospliero of sympathy.
llut the play was well rondurod by
iliss J'rice. A few years ago this actrors
appoarol upon our boards, and grow into
public favur ; but alio was tbun very young
and ratbor crude. ears not many, for
sho 1 1 still young and cxperlonco,
havo muJo liar u (;ood iictress really n
lino one. Hur interpretation of Camlllo
was unoljectlonable, her acting vxcollent.
Thero was In tho rondition littlo rant.
She did not lour tho passion to lattors,
but really held the mirror up to natttro.
The applauso she won was merited.
.Mr. Moldrntn, as Arrnand, was, as he
always if, good. Wo can say of this ac
tor that hi h fir above tho average. If
tho good things of tha tablo had not given
to him a littlo too mu.'h wpljhl, it would
havo bon bolter for blm, but in splto of
his avoirdupois, ho acts tho lover finely,
and in overy chnractor proves htrnielf to
be a first-rate actor.
The other monitor of tho company sus
tained their characters well.
Hy tho way, this is the best company
that has been in Cairo slnco tho war. It
averages much hotter. Miss l'rico Is
charming, and Is horeelf an at
traction to all lovers of tho stage.
Cairo pecplc should liberally patronito
this troupe. If they do not they should
be turned over to tho tender mercies of
neero minstrels and circus performora.
The pyflo-nlght Is Lucretla IJornla, in
which Miss Price will, wo aro sure, win
now laurels. Our word for It, an hour
cannot be moro pleasantly passed than In
the Atbtneum this evening.
1'ricb Cuniix.tT Urnci,
Monday Evo., Dec. 'i't, Wi,
Tho markot in nearly all Its branches
is dull and quiet, but not more so than Is
expected M ibis time thi close of the
year, (usually callol "Hollldy week")
when bmineis rain fael more anxiety to
close tho accounts of tho old and start
squaro with the new year, than to transact
any more than the naturo of their business
actually require.
Although the demand has fallen olT, and
stocks in storo aro increasing In volumo
fatter than Is agroeablo, prices aro
still well suatalnoJ, holders being
firm and unwilling to mako concessions,
Tho leading produco markets nro slow
and grain may bo quotod caiier, with a
downward tendency. Flour Is looking up
orders are Increasing and stocks on tho
market are becoming vorj much reduced,
indications now point to an active market
in all grndos with a probablo advanco in
prices, and unless thero is a matorlal in
crease in rscolpt, dealers will exporionce
some difficulty In obtaining supplies to
meet tho demand.
Meal is firm at $3 00 for choico
but tho domind is i in ill end
there is plenty in tho markot.
Hutter is quiet and easy with Slcquottd
as an oulslJo llguro.
Thero Is n glut of poultry and e
with only n small local dornand.
The weather is cold and fvornble for
game but there is not much doing in thii
branch of trade.
Tbo lonp tnlkod of, and lone exnscted
junction of the Illinois nnd .Mifil:inpi
Centrals has at last been p fl'octed in tho
completion of tho Mississippi Central ex
tension from .Itckson, Tennessee to Cairo,
and trains will soon bo running from the
lakes to the gulf nud from tbo gulf to the
lakos without change. So much for In-
clined pianos, transfer bpals and pluck
iy-CorrcipondentJ should bear in mtnd
that our quotations reproient prices for
round lots from first hands, unloss other
wiso stated, and that in filling small or
dors higher prlcos must bo ps.Id.Tj3a
tL,UUll l'his branch of thu market is
i i . . . . ,. .
uouuuiiug moro animaiou' wruers are
increasing, nnd thoro is a good prospoct
tor nn actlva trado noxt month. Tho sup
ply on the markot Is too small and ro
celpts too light to meet tha prospective
domand. Trices nro firm as quoted. Sales
embrnco 1,000 barrols, as follows: 200
barrels XXX 0 35; 300 do various grades
0 25 to 8 00; 100 do low supers -1 0C; COO
do various grads 5 75 to ft CO; 400 do do
1 25 to 9 00.
COHN MKAIi Tho domnnd Is small
nnd tho market is quiet, but prices are
very firm at 3 00 for choico brands.
Stocks are fair and sales slow. Wo note
salos of 300 barrola ''Songers'1 $3; S00
barrols steam dried delivered $3.
HA Plenty, lower nnd lifuless,
Thero is no demand for any hind and no
lot up" In recolpts. The warehouses
and wbarfboali are full to overflowing
and still it comes. We note sales of 3 cars
prairie dolivered $ll12; 5 cars choico
timothy dellvorod $10 ; 2 cars choice mixed
dolivered $15.
COHN Tho markot is woak and un-
stody dull nnd drooping. There is no
shipping'domand and only a small order
trade. Hocelpts ere storod nnd aro mod
erately heavy of the now crop. Vory lit
tlo old comos in. Salos were 1 car bulk
white on track olio; 3 cars hulk mixod on
trokfiSc; 5 cars mixed In sacks doliver
ed t!2c.
OATS Tho supply is fully equal to the
demand. Hocelpts are not large, but th0
domnnd corresponds. This Is partly ow
ing lo tho "holllday wook," but moro to
the fact that prlcos aro held too high hero
to leavo any margin for shlppors to South-
ern markols. Tho prices as quoted in
sales noted holow represent tho markot at
tho closo of tho dnys business. We noto
salos of 1 car In second hand sacks 4Co
dellvorod; 3 cars in now sacks dolivored
48c; 7 cors in bulk on track ll)2c.
lUAN-Vory littlo doing. I'ricrs nro
nominally 14015 00 por ton la carload
BUTTElt Very plenty and vorv
quiet. Prices aro (haol n UUU, nnd 21o
is me ruling figure for choice roll. A few
small packagos sold at higher figures last
wook, but they wore something extra,
Wo note sales of 1,000 lbi choice rolljit
21c; 8 pkgs do 2c24cj 10 pkgs choice at
25c; 8 boxes rhotco rolt at 23?; C firkin
extra ft no solid packed sold at 28c,
EGOS-Flatnnd llfoloss. Tbo market
is overstocked, nnd vory fowsabjs can be
mado. Dealers nro asking 25c, without
buyers, and prices will have to com
down, fttles made weri 400 dozen pickled
at 22c; 300 dozan fresh at 2Sc; 300 dcun
. CUICKENS-There were no fresh re
celpts to-day, but the'markot Is stilt over
stocked nnd the demand small. Sales
wore tO do.on choico droned at 22 CO;
I8drx-n do 1 7G2 00; 4 coops live 2
2 26.
TUHliEYS-l'lenty and dull. Th
mnrkut it largely overstocked, and th
demand very light. Salos 400 lbidrosao:
101 lc; 250 do at B(T(0c; 2 coops livo 9 00,
6 coops choico livo 1011 00.
OBESK Not wuntid. 1'lunty and no
demand; 2 donn livo sold at 5 00, and 25
dozen dressed, according to quality, at
5 00 to 7 00.
APPLES Choice Michigan apples are
scarce and In lair demand at 4 0 per
barrel. Common aro plenty and quoted
at 32 60 par barrel.
OKANGKS We note sale of 15 bar
roll choice at 13 CO,
POTATOES -The weather has becomo
too cold for handling them ; consequently
there are no receipts and only a limited
supply on tbo market; quotod at 2 60
2 1 5 per bairol.
GAME Thk weather is favorable, but
tho demand is small and weak. Tho mar
ket keeps fully supplied. 40 dozen quail
sold at 7CcM ! CO dozen rabbits at f 1
COTTON The market is quoted dull
at present and charged to tho holidays,
v o aro glad to say our cotton trade is in
crossing and w bolleve that at no distant
day cotton will rank as one of the leading
brunches of Cairo commerce. Planters
already And our market one of the best
within their reach and moro easy of ec
cess, whilo their supplies can be purchased
at better Cguros than olsowhero, and
tbey aro rady and willing to take advan
tage of It. Uur roport of sales for Satur
day and to-day aro 101 bales, ordinary nt
lije and good ordinary at 13Je.
SUGAH-Coffeo A, ISc j crushed, pow
dcrcd and granulated U14jc.
iiAb imperial aad Gunpowder 75c
$1 25; Oolong 75cHj Young Hyson
CUKESE-Cream 14c; Now York fac
tory 1C1Cc.
SlUUl'S-Choice C0c$l por gallon;
LIME 1 25 1 GO Vhbl.
CEMENT 3 002 60 V bbl.
COAL OIL 22o V gal.
GUNNIES He-sewed 2 bushels 18c ;
llltll f -I.C Kl . .
Hunufii-o ousnois corn, uj cz
lf.Jo; do 10 or. loc; 4 bushels oats 20c ; 5
uuiiihis ic; o ousoois z.'c,
HEE3WAX "f lb 30c.
SOAP Sheoffor's German mottled, 7io.
iii iiiaiu cusp, jjc,
TALLOW V Jb55jc.
COFFEE Jnva 3032 ; Laguayra
i(auj, jwu Jirillio lo CHOICO J1(n)JOC.
rur.uiui lyolton, compressod to
-ow lort, e5c! to Boston, 51. Uncora
pre.sed, to :sow lork. II 14; to Boston
lo .uw Orleans and Vicksburc:
Potatoos, applor, etc, 60c; pound
freights 25c cwt; hay 7 pr ton; whlnkov
l 4U ! Pol ; to .Mfinphls, flur, etc., 30c lb
ooi; poiinu ireignt lio ct; hay 5 por
.uu nitiBhr ouu yvr OOI.
WAKtnousKTo Hk.st. The most con
venient warihouso in the City of Cairo
can do leased for ono yoar or a torm of
year?, or with tho privilege of purcbnsr,
by applying to O. P. Lyon's Insurancb.
Oflico, between Sixth and Seventh streets-
Commercial avonue, Cairo, Illinois. This
building is 12. feet front by CO and 70
foot deep and 50 lest or more. Two sto
ries high, convenient to all the boat land
ings and convenient for receiving and
shipping from all the railroads coming
into Cairo. Building permanent and of
capacity for hoavy freights or merchan
dise, and good ofllce rooms. 28-lw
Only 522 per month on and aftor Janu
ary 1st for day board at tho Saint Charles.
27-1 1
The barber shop is on tho cornor, of
Eighth street and Commercial avtnuo
whero J. Goorgo Stienhouso with his gen.
tlemanly assistants enn bo found at any
hour of tho day or night, ready to sootho
your feollng with a smooth sbnvo, or cool
your toraper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a Crst-class shop, nnd you aro
euro of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladies' and childron's hair cut or curled
aftor tho most approved stylos. 8-15-tf
H. Joses, fashionable boot and shoo.
makor. Cork solas, Scotch bottoms, and
tho latest improvements in the lino of his
business. Only the best ana most com-
potent workmen employod, and all work
warranted to bo firstolass in evory respect.
Shop ou Commercial avonuo, near corner
of Tenth street. irj.7
All-wool country knit socks at 20 conls
Jpair. Also, n flno bod room lott, indue".
Ing a flno spring msttross, mid many
othor articles, at panic prlcos. Homombor
auction salo of furniture evory Saturday
morning at 10 o'clok, and dry coods.
boots, shoes, etc., overy Saturday evening
at 7 o'clock. LOUIS II. MYEHS.
I will sell my homo and lot on Commer
cial avonuo abovo Fourth ureal lnt i
block 1C) at a bargain. Tho house con
tains ninn largo rooms, Including a large
bar-room. To any ono Iwlshlni; to eur.
chaso I will tell on good terms and oasy
payments. Wu, McCoutiici:.
30 d&vr lm
-P. Fitzgerald nt his rooms, eornor
Fourteenth stroot nn l Commercial uvo-
nue, offers for enlo Guinness' Portor A
Buss' alos and puro Henni'ssv brnndv.
nd tho genuine Angostura bitters, all
nrst-ciass cholsira cine. Try thnm
7-17 tf
.UECEM ISEIi 30, 1873.
ltlVElt NEWS.
1'iirt l.Uti
and departures for the 21 hours en 41ng at C
p. iu. lasteenlrc:
Stcamor F. P. Gracey, Columbus
" Jim Fisk, Paducah
" Idlowlld, Evansvlllo
" Honry Ames, New Orleans
" O. II. Church, Cincinnati
11 Hobcjt Mitchell, Louisville
" Laura Davis, Cincinnati
" Andy liaum, Cincinnati
" St. Joseph, St. Louis,
" Joo Kinnoy, St. Louis
" City of Qulney, Now Orleans
Tow boat Geo. Llslo, Now Orleans
Jim Hcese, Grand Towor
Steamer Grand Townr, Moupbls
Tow boat Mary Alica, Now Orleans
Stoatner Arlington, Memphis
" City of Helena, Vlcksburg
" Paulino Carroll, St. Louis
Steamer F P Gracey, Columbus
" Jim Fisk, Paducah
Idlowlld, Evansvilbi
" On Churdh, New Orleans
Towboat Geo Lysh, Ohio rlvrr
" Jim Hun, Ohio rlvor
Steamer II Amos, St. Louis
" Hobt Mitchell, Now Orlcsni
Laura Dsvii, St Louis
11 Andy llaum, Memphis
" St Joseph, Memphis
" Jno Kinney, Vlcksburg
" City of Qulney, St Louis
" Grand Tower, St Louis
" Arlington, Cincinnati
" City of Helens, St Luls
Tho Ohio rlvor fell thirty inchos at this
point from Saturday evnning at tlx o'clock
up to the samo hour last evening. Tho
Mississippi still decllnos at tho rate of
threo inches per day. Thero was consid
erable thin Ico running on Sunday even
ing, and with the vory cold weather that
has prevailed sinco that time it is moro
than probablo that the river will bo frozon
ovor, If not already, within tho next
twenty-fotir hours.
Business was dull yestorday, nnd tho
lovoo woro a decidedly Sunday-like ap
pearance throughout the day. Townrds
evening tho weather turned extremal?
cold, and a stiff north wind began to
Tho Henry Ames brought 3j0 hogs
heads sugar, 200 barrels uiolaitos and 250
sundries for St. Louis.
The Idlewild brought 75 tons freight,
11 horsos nud 22 passengers, Sunday.
The ltott. Mitchel was deeply laden
and fills qut with 100 bales cotton nt Mem
phis. Whon near Cairo, a colored rousta
bout named Androw Jackson Dillon foil
into an opon hatch with ,n sack of corn
on bis shoulder, mashing blmsolf
pretty generally. Ho was sent to tho hes
pitai in this city.
The Grand Tower was under ordors to
lay up at Grand Tower If tho Ice became
too heavy. Sho has 203 bales of cotton
and 210 bales of cotton ties for St. Louis.
Tho Mary Alice and hargM brought 615
bbls molasses, 2S bbls rice, 15 casks wine,
57 hbds sugar and 10 bbls pecans for the
Cairo Sj Vin:ennci road ; 1,229 bbls rlco
277 do molasses and 87 hbds sugar for the
Illinois Contra).
Tho Arlington bill 019 bales of cotton
for Cincinnati.
Tho undorsignej having resumed the
management of the nbovo hotel, trust by
strict attention to business, to tho wants
and comforts of their guests, to merit tho
renowed favor of thoir old patrons and the
traveling public in goneral.
TheSaint Charles will nt onco undergo
a thorough ronovation, and bo much Im
proved in all its appointments.
Good samplo rooms and spocial rules for
commercial travelers.
All baggngo for guosts conveyed to and
from tho hotel frco of charge.
J ewett Wn.cox & Co., Proprietors,
Any ono wishing something mado in tho
ewelry lino for the bolides will please
send In their ordors as soon as poisiblo to
E. & W. Iiudor, manfiicturing jewelers
corner of Eignth street and Washington
avenue. 12-4td
Mr Samuol Back will shortly occupy
tha housa recently vacatod by MrJ. Hur
gorasadry goods store. Ho will leave
for Now York in a day or two, and pro
poses to lay in ono of tho largest and most
fashionable stocks of dry croods nvr
brought to Cairo. Ho will tako advan-
tago of tho panic to buy his goods, nnd ox
poets to be ablo to sell as low, if not lowor
than any other house in tho city. Ho will
open his store about tho first of January.
ro..li.s. J
Tho only placo where such instruments
are kept In stock In Southern Illnols, Is at
k W. Budors. cornor Eighth stroot
and Washington nvenus. Tbey keop tho
colobrated Wm. Knabe piano, used by
tho most promlnont muslelnns. Thn
Bauer piano nnd organ, also tho colebra-
tod Vogol and Hughes orguns. Any
ono wishing to stirpriso his family with
such an Instruraont would do well by cull-
ni at uudor's. as thev w ill innhm mio.
nnd terms mora llbcrnl than dealers of tho
kind in largo cities. 12-lid
Savi Monkv ir you want frosh and
just in
Now York Buckwheat Flour.
-Michigan Cider:
Fresh Cranberries.
Now Orleans Sugar.
New Orleans Syrup.
Coffee bought beforo the iiilvniice.
Forty pounds A sugKr lor $5 00.
Toy Candy of nil klnda
Haislnsand fresh Curronti.
Fresh Oysters 35 cents u can, recelvod
fresh dally.
Wo will tor tho next 10 dnys sell goods
lowor than over, out of ono of tho best
assorted goneral stocks In Cairo, nt
wholesalo or rotall. Coma and sco us.
Now York store, 100 Commutclal avonuo.
Heavy Under Shirts and Drawers nt 59
cents each nt Hart'.nnn's,
Latest stylo pouts hats from $1 to
$1 60, ot Hartman's. 1 1.0 tf
suits from $1 to 12 ut Hart-
Lakoi; nll-wool six-pound bhuikots at
S 25 per pair, at Hartman's. 1 1-29 tf
The Eunpoan hotel, Har.-y Walker
proprietor, Is o,ion nt all hours nf tho
"lg"- 11.7-lm
BfY your gilt odgo butter, fresh eggs,
Ac, of S. Patterson, corner Ninth and
Walnut streets. 18-2w
Foil UAS and stoitn fitting go lo Ken
nio's Vulcan Iron works, CVtmiiorcWl
avonuo, foot of Ninth street i-10-lf
Buv your npplcf, cranberries and
onions, of S. Patterson, corner Ninth ar.d
Waluut streets. lS-2w
Foil & good squaro meal go to Horry
Walker's rostaurnnt, Commercial nvenuo
bolwcon Seventh and Eighth ttrout. 1m
All kinds of gamo constantly on hand
at Harry Wftlkor's, Coramorclal nvenuo
botwooli Hov&iith nnd Eighth streets.
Euiiuka. Iluy your beef, pt!-k, sau
sage, lard, corncJ-bcef and picketed pork,
of S. Patterson, corner Ninth end AVal
nutstreots. 18-2w
Tux pounds or sugar forfl at Wilcox's;
3 pounds cf buttor for 51 st Wilcox's;
25 cents por psck lor potatoes at Wilcox's.
Bur your flour, meal, beans, potntoos
turnips nnd cabbage, of S. Patterson, cor
ner Ninth and Walnut atroots. 18-2w
A choice lot of turkles, gceso, chickens,
ducks, and all kinds of wild moat, for hol
iday s, nt Patterson's, corner Nfuth and
Walnut streets. 18-2W
Thk lnrg.st stock ot sllvur and plated
ware; sllvur nnd plated spoons, knives
&c, ovor brought to Cairo, can be found
at E. fc V?'. Buder's, corner Eighth street
and Washington avenue, !2-4td
Notiuk is hereby glvon that I will pay
no bills for goods sold to Miy of tho em
ployes of Tits Caiho Bulletin, either
or thcmsclvos or (or tho use of tho oflico
unleso tho iimo are furnished on an order
llnod by Mr. Burnett or myrelf.
12-20-ly Joim II. Oiikhlt.
Hotel to Let. Tho Courtluino Ho
tel, locatod ou Twentieth stract, botweon
Washington avenua nnd Poplar street, in
good rcpiir, and in ovory way deslrablons
a hotel stand nnd boirdlng-hourp, con
taining nineticn rooms, wood-shod, nil
othor nocosnry outhouses, lino oolUr, &a.
will bo lot upon application to Jacob
Klein, at his bricl: yard, near tho Missis
sippi lovei-. VI St
At Cost. Having taken exclusive pos
session of my storo, to close it out, I of
for my entire stock at wholesalo prices
at wholeinlo or rttr.ll; consisting in part
of a large varloty ot canned fruits, spices,
baklnc uowdnrs. mrdinnj. lobstors, tens
and ovory ni ticlo usuilly l.opt in n first
class family grocery. Also wooden and
willow waro; n luro assortment of rnd
dies and harness, bit, bridles, snaps
brushe., whips, cl., oto. Terms strictly
catu. All person indebted to r..o aro ro'
questod to call and dcllle t.rir aeeomili.
iw p. Auter.
I. on 1ms on bund, and lor s.ilo a lurfic
luantity or oak mid hickory wood, cut and
plit, nnd ready for tho utovc. Abo all
kinds of coal which will bo ilcliiercd in nnv
part of fho city on short notice. Leavo or-
depi at co:I yuril, on CoiiuncrcI.il nvenuo,
orpoite hioventli Hreet. Drp, (Wm
Tho annual iiiocllmr of tho stockholders
of the First Nutlomil Bank of Cairo for flic
election of directors, will bo held at thu of-
iloo of said b.mk In Cairo, on Tuesday, .Ian-
.lary 1ST I, between tbo hours of 10
o'clock u in and 1. o'clock p.m.
Ciuh. CUNNiNdiiAM, Cashier.
Caiuo, Ills., December 10. 1S7 1. td
Having a larger block of Youths', Hoys
and Clillilraib' Clothing on hand than I lit o
ebsary for the Cairo market uud nnjdcu ol
making th's our l.iht ten,son it ch lldirn
clothiiis, wo will boll our block, t.ono of the
finest In tho stato),at Nr.w YoitKCovrfurthe
next thirty il.iyn. l'arcntu wishing somo line
clothing ut low llijures for Holiday prosontt,
can llnd them for talouithu abovo lot. Thi
Is no advortl'Ing dodge, but wo Intend to do
jutwli.it wo ray: Skli, the i ini:st stock
nt Youths', llovs and Chiliiue.ns' cloth
i no. overbrousht to tho btatu outsldo ol
Chicago at New Yohk cost.
No. fil, Ohio l.uuc, 2d t!onr aboio 1'Irs.t
Natlouai Bank.
Happy rcifof tor young men from tfio rf
feels ot errors ami uiiusi s in early Itfo. Man
hood rcxtori'd, liniicdluu'iits to marriage
removed. New method of treatment. Nuw
and rcmarkiblo ruiiicdh's. Hooks nnd clr
iulars scut free, In snnltul t'livclojios. Ad
drcnH, Howard Assorlatlnn, No. 2 South
Ninth stroi't, Philadelphia, Fa. an institu
tion having a lildi reputation for honorable
ronduct ami pnit'vsrlonsl mill. 10-2'J dAwOui
' 1 - -
If you want frculi
go to J. D.Zanone, at the Dexter Exchange,
No. Ohio levco. I2-5-lnv"
The nbovo mills, all In good running order,
will lio said very cheap on easy terms. Ap
ply on the prcmlsts. M. D. Gunteii.
NOTICE Ou and alter Monday, Novem.
bera, and through tho winter, n warm lunch
will be spread nt tho Thalln saloon, opposite
Tiik Hi-llktim ofllec, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
ocrydiy. All the delicacies of tho scasou.
1M 1 rn A.. Iakckkl, Proprietor.
rbr tM.rtucrdilp heretofore oxlstlug be
tween tho undersigned under tho name nnd
style of Aycri .t Co., Is this day dlsf olved by
mutual consent of the panic. Persons In
debted to tho Into firm will miko payment
toS. I). Aycrs, who olono Is authorized tu
receipt for panic. Tho business will bo car
ried on by S. D. Ayers under tho stylo of tho
ate firm. 8. D. Avxns,
E. J. AYuns.
Caiuo, lib., December 1, 1S73. d-lw-wtm
l'Olt SALE.
Tho woll-knowu business stand of Custcad
k Provo, at tho mouth of Clearcroek, Alex
andcr county, Illinois, situated In one of
the finest agricultural districts of tho West,
nd wltUo'well-cslabllshcd trade. This will
ho found a rnrc opportunity for an energetic
business man, 1
The premises consist of a storo 20X40 f cct
a dwelling of eight rooms, well furnished
md conveniently arranged, good cisterns
and all Decenary out-billtdlugs, and ono
aero cf land, 'forms liberal. Apply or
address, Wm. Custead,
12-9-lm- d.tw. Clecircrco Lund lng, Ills.
Hoot und shoo tinker, Twcn ji street, be
tween Washington avenuo and Poplar
street, Is prepared to make boots nnu shoes
In tho latest and mist lathlonablo ftyles.
Ho will make them to ordor, old or new
stylet to suit customer), out of tho best and
fro'hest stock, of which ho always has u
good supply on hand from which to luako
,ufctluL.. All flttlng of boots and sbocs
mado by Mr. Miters Is done In his own shop
no foreign fitting beinsluscd by hint,
(livo HI m n call, and ho will give you satu
has his mammoth instrument thooting out
Imperial photographs for Christmas presents,
at the rato of ono a minute. Persons desi
rous of having a hand.somcly painted plcturo
ami purely nrtletlc In finish, should five
their orders In season. Photographs cau bo
mado on cloudy days -,iml to thoo on sun
shining ones at
owing to tho gigantic sky-light, which can
not be surpacd In
Also on haud n lino assortment ol gold and
walnut frames. All arc liultcd to call and
examine. Portraits In oil up to life Mzo and
aquarelles ot tho highest finish, for which
medals havo been awarded.
Gallery on Sixth struct, between Com
nierclal ami WuHiIngton ascuues, Cairo,
Illinois. 12-10 tf
Two Batteries of two Boilers, each 24
foot long, Z inch Dram, 2 14 inch Flues
lth firo fronts. Mud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Uritchin, all comploto and in flrst-class
jrdor,'; boen used only threo months. For
price, otc, inquire of J. T. P.knnik,
0-23-tf. Vulcan Iron Works.
J. W. Hr.iuMA.N treats nil dlscmos
that prevail In this cllmito, but ho will
glvo spocial nltontion to diseases of tho
"broncblsl tubes, lungs and thoir tis
sues." Bronchitis, bronchial and tuborcu
lar consumption nnd pulmonary npoploxy
treated by inluiliulon of nobullzed fluids
medicated niri, g'iso, vapors Hnd rowders'
Consumptives, nlthough your disceso
itands ut tho hold of nil dlsuasos, both in
provalciiPO nud fatality, thoro is Iiopj for
you yot. Choor up. Oflico hours from 10
in. until 3 p. in.
J. W. Br.iriMAW, M. I).
Olllco nnd residence, Twelfth street,
between Walnut nnd Co lar, Cairo, III.
I'. O. bar sno. 21-dJtw4t
Ohio I.uveo, over MuthiiM
rint-Claai Cvmpani
KSTAiaililll!) IMS
7.1 rifilo I,evoea
l'l;c oldest established Agency In Southern
Illinois representing oi cr
cjOo.000,000 00 !
l tho lift Insurance Capital ot the
Hulled Stattw.
d nisi sss
Ho. U
Ohio Lu hkh

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