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onmtnvitn'n Wvicr., Caiiso, Ills., I
Uceembcr ill, lutll li.m., 187U.
Haromotor, 20:11 degree.
Thermometer, 4'i degrees.'
Wind south. Velocity b mllei, per hiur,
Wcalhor cloudy , .
Maximum temperature, for ImI 'U hours
VI decrees;
Ml til mum temperature for flic last til hours.
'Hi decrees.
Prevailing wind for last 21 houri, south
Total mniibar of uillrn traveled by win
during UstUi hours, ICS.
Edwin Oakland,
Observer Signal .Service, U. H. A
Manager I). llAKtuK-rr,
Will bo presented Ilia thrilling drama
I.ic ketia BuriHA...M(ssiFannytJ. Prlco
DUKE Or iAr.lt All A ZIT. V. llariChUll
The KtciiIiiL'.i Entertainment to conclude
wiiii niu iMigiianio mice or ine
Farquelte 75 Cts
Family Circlo GO Ctt
Uciorvod Boll In Family circle. .."3 Cts,
llozei II 00
Reserved Ssats run bo procured at D.
itartman'i, without extra Ciiai'.iie,
Doors open at 7 o'clock ; Commencing i
Dry Goods!
- The Cheapest
The City.
The largo stock of elegant
lry goods with which Piiirgcr
filled his new store-room a
few weeks ago, have been
nearly all sold, the people
having been unable to resist
buying at the unpreeedont
etlly low prices for which
they were offered. Burger
is now filling their places
with a still finer and more
beautiful assortment of goods
absolutely the cheapest and
best stock in the citv. The
finest cashmeres, satins, em
press cloths, alapacas, mo
hairs, etc., etc., are offered
at the very lowest prices.
Burger's shawls eclipse any
now sold in Cairo, both for
beauty and cheapness : and
" his furs, nubias, scarfs etc.,
are also cheaper than the
cheapest, lie has a full line
of kid gloves in all colors,
' kid gauntlets, and children's
woolen gloves in every style.
A largo lot of merino under
wear for ladies and children
is being sold at fabulously
low prices, and a large lot
of table linen, napkins, tow
els, sheeting, muslins, etc.,
etc. In short, if anybody
wants anything, at any price,
in the line of dry goods, or
notions of any sort, ho or
she will bo ccrtcin to lind it
at Burger's and just as cor-
vlain to bo suited in price as
well as kind or quality.
HO. 110
, (Ohio Lv iuh.i, III
74 (bhuonu yioou) orno lkvmii,
OAino, iixu,,
Hot and Sxll Hkal Kbtati,
4 otrHUfBTTni-
Publlo icbooli open to-morrow.
Mr.Oberly hat gono to Springfield
Iluilness In tlio poll'; oourl very
Tbo Oblo find Mississippi rivers are
The SI. Ubarle! hotol if doing a good
Regular meeting f l''o c'ty couuci
on Tuaaday ovenlng.
Tbo Fanny Price Combination :on
tlliuo to draw good houses.
Religious service! at nearly all tbo
cburcbes In tbo city to-dayi
Tbo lovoograyol roal n In u fair con
ilitlon. It might bo much worse.
Tbo etrooU of tlio city prosont a aurn
mur-liho nppanranco or did last nlgbt.
Service! at tlio M. H. church at tbo
usual houn to-Jay. Rov. Waller will co
cupy tbo pulpit.
Circuit Court will convene to-morrow
morning. The criminal docket will bo
tbo lint thing In order.
Wo nr plen-v.1 to learn that Judge
Mulkoy ii Improving rapidly, and ex
pod! loau lo by out again.
Howie ii Co., pork packets, cf tbii
city, hayo cut up upward! of 1,000 hogs.
iO far, during the aeaion.
"J.ucrella Horgla" will be tho play
at the Atheneum to-morrow (Monday
tlbt. Thero will be a full bouia.
Tho German Lutheran .School, on
Thtrtueth lrcct, will reopen to-morrow.
Thero arn now two tachor engaged.
Ins Cairo and Yincennei rnilroad
tool: out thirty-two loaded freight cart on
Fvi'lay. Good enon jjh for ocu day work
County jailor Kitegerald ha recently
given the court houso yard a thorough
icouring, and It Ii niw a cleau a a new
Tbo county Jail Ii crowded wltlicrlrri
Inali awating trial. It will comunio iov-
eral weeki timo to cloar tho criminal
-The Liifinni traniacllunf of tbii city
for tbo iaion, tu far, have been larger In
companion than rnoit any other city in
tb feoutuwett.
A meeting of tho director! of tho Catro
aud St. Louis railroad company will bo
held at the itation houio on tho company1!
ground" lu F.ait St. Loul, on Tuesday
louring tho month of Decomber the
oirnlngi of tho Mobile and Ohio railroad
wai over JiOO.OOO, an eic5 of 75,C00
orer the earning! for the iamo month lit
Service! at tho Church of tho I'.o-
deemor at half-pt ten u.m. and half-pait
seven p.m. to-morrow. Tao ini.j vi n.
rrnon Jn the evoning will be "Promise
Merchant;, grocort, a!oon keeporc,
etc., aru rtuowing ttieir llcvattt fur tbo
yorlS74. Ovr thirty laloon liccnies
wro approved at tho meeting of tho Conn
cil held on Friday afternoon.
To-morrow, Monday, January 5th,
tbo City National Ilank payi lu itock
holders a 5 per ont. dhidind out of iti
earning! for tho putt fix monthi. This ii
buiinoii in every lonso of tbo word.
Somoporion having a comfortable cot-
tago containing live or six roomi,conTni
ently located for Lusiriusi, if dciirouf of
tolling may find a caih purcbaicr by ad'
drcesing post olllce drawer tiQC, Cairo, 111
1C 1-4-31
Tho track of tho Cairo and Vin-
ccnnoircad,aboTtiTwont!otu itreel,if lolng
raiied,and leveloi and balaited with slono.
Kvery day new Improvement! are being
mndoon tbii road, und it will loon be ono
of tbo best in Southern Illinois.
Sam Johmon, a burly African, ulap-
Jano Williams, an obony femalen the
nose, on Fourth street, lait nlgbt, and
caused bloodshed from tho nasal organ.
Jane went in toarch of tho polico, but
furthor this deponant kuowoth not.
Mr. John Itockot, has lold out the
'lanter's JIouso to ilt. lUll'nor of St.
I.ouii. .Mr. II. is said to bo a urst-clasi
hotel man," and will keep a good houso.
As to Mr. (Jockol's futuro movement! wo
re unabl at this time to tay anything.
It It to bo hoped that bo doei not Intend
to Iciivo the city.
A Mtated conclnvo of Cairo Com-
nnndry No. 1!1 K. T. , will bo held at tho
Atylum, on Monday evening, Jauuary 5,
A. !., 1871-A. O., "CO, Sir Knicliti will
pjioar in fatiguo dress. Viiillng Sir
lCiilghtt courteously invited to attend.
Jrwett Wilcox, Hacordor.
After n brief sermon in tho I'resbyto-
rlan Church thli morning, on "Tho I'roof
of God's Lovo," tho facramsnti of Bap-
tia in and the Lord s bupper will bo ad
ministered. In tho evening, Mr. Thayar
will deliver tho opening sermon lor tho
Work of l'rayor." Subject "Tho Greut
Question, us God Asks It."
I'roiniuont a tn in i j the arrivals at tho
St. Charles hotel yesterday wore tho fol
lowing: Col. J. U. Gllmoro aud son, Fort
Lonvonwortb; H. C. McNeill and wife,
Chicago; J. U. Caldwoll and family,
Tonnessoo! J. L. Watkins nnd lady,
Misiissippij A, Thornbury, Now York;
Win. Houston, Cincinnati.
Tho Columbus 'Dispatch' says : "The
run Mountain Uitilroad Company, with
its usual entorprUe, is now running a pai.
conger coach from thli piano via Crarlcs.
ton to Cairo ovary day. Tho car leaves
thU tide of tho rivor at eix o'clock In tho
morning, landing pniiongora In Cairo by
about nino o'clock. Huturulng, tbo car ar
rive! horo on tho regular pnssongor ichod-
ulo, at 0 p.m."
Yuitcrday, in looking over tho regis
ter at tho St. Charles hotel, wo found tho
following: "John Smith, wlfo and SO
children," Our curiosity waa around, and
we lingerod about tho hots! until tho
small riny of Htiiith'i canto down to
dinner. Vo undertook to count them,
but finding It an all-day Job, gave up In
diigiiit. Mr. Smith and Mn. Smith and
their 20 llttlo Smttht were on their way
to loxas, where tboy iotond to fettle,
"Llttlo Barofoot" waa played at tho
Athenian last night tort very fair audi
once, Mils l'rico assuming tho charactor
of "Llttlo Barefoot," In which tho won
tbo approbation of all who witnetsnd tho
play. In fact oach and every member of
tbo company fully sustained tholr parti
On Monday evening will bo presented
"Lucrotia Borgia," with Mill l'rico in tho
folding role. (Tho Metnpbli Appeal,' In
rororring to her porsonation of thii char
actor lays :
"Last ovenlng Miai l'rico nppearcd as
Lucrotia Borgia, in tho trngady of that
name, nuu in una cimracter ner iplcndid
tragic power were brought Into full nlav.
and aim enacted tho character to perfec
tion, ner unesi scenes wars those In
which ho defied tho IJuko when ho con
demned Oenerra to death, and alio In her
last Interview with Generra, whon sho
irnpiurcu mm to tave nor lire, in a man
ner that wa porfoctly hoartrondlng.
Misa l'rico holds high rank ai an actress,
nnd at the present llmo has no superior on
thn American stage."
Tho ovenlng'! performance will wind
up with the amusing and laughnblo farce
entitled "The 1'crsecuted Dutchman," In
which Mr. Frank Iloiworta will appear
as tho ''Original John Schmidt." The
bill Is a itrong ono and will certainly
draw a good house.
Notice. Wo dcslro tho member! of
tho Concordia to bo prosont at Judge
Ilrosi' ollice, Sunday ovenlng, January
Ith, at half-pait fovon o'clock, to attond
tho general meeting. K. V. Bki.znei:,
13 It Secrotary.
.Souktiii.s-h New. 1 navo Improved
nnd perfected a now process by w!iicb tbo
tcrrotypo is brought out equal to the best
Photographs, and more durable. Coplca
from paintings nnd engravings tnado fully
equal to tho original in appearance, tho
light! and shades brought out with re
markable annearance. no that nothing
surpasses tho beauty and natural expres
sion of tlio picture. And In fact any old
pictures aro copied by this process so as to
look ai woll or hotter than tho original
plcturo, Thoio having old pictures or
ehoice painting! or ongraving.1 for proa-
cnts, cannot do bolter than avail them
iolvc of this remarkable improvement.
J. J. Thomas, Photographer,
Corner of Eighth strebt and Commercial
avenuo. U.'Jl-tf
WAr.iHot'sE to Kent. The most con
vonient warehouse In tho City of Cairo
can bo leased for ono yoar or a term of
years, or with tho privilcgo of purchaso,
by applying to O. 1'. Lyon'i Insurance
Olllce, between Sixth nod Sevonth itreeti-
Commercial avenue, Cairo, lllinoif. This
building ii 127 feet front by CO and 70
feet deep and CO loet or rnoro. Two sto
ries high, convenient to all tho boat land
ings nnd conveniont for recoivinc and
shipping from nTl the railroads coming
into Cairo. Handing permanont and of
capacity for bovy freights or merchan
dise, and good offlco rooms. 28-1 w
At Cot. Having taken otclusivo poa
session of my atoro, tn closo it out, I of
fer rny enllro stock at wholesale prices
at wholoiale or retail; consisting in part
of a largo variety of canned fruits, ipicei
baking oowdnra, aardinns. lobsters, teai
and ovory articlo usually kopt in a first
claia family grocory. Also wooden and
willow waro; a large assortment of lad
dies and harnesi, bit;, bridles, maps.
brushoj, whips, etc., oto. Terms itrictly
caih. All persons indobted to mo aro re
quested to call and utile (heir accounts.
4w D. Akteh.
Dr. J. W. JIkiohan treats all diseases
that proval! In thla climate, but ho will
givo special attention to disoafes of tho
'bronchial tubos, luuga nnd thoir tis
sues. JJroncliItis, broncbial nnd tubercu
lar consumption nnd pulmonnry apoplexy
treated by inhalation of nobullzod fluids
modicated alr, gasc, vapors and powdora.
Consumptives, although .your disease
itunds at tho head of nil diseasos, both in
jirovalcnco nnd fatality, thoro is hopo for
you yot. Cheer up. Offlco houra from 10
a. in. until 2 p. rn.
J. W. Biiioma.v, M. P.
Ollico and mldenco, Twolfth street
between Walnut and Colar, Cairo, III
V.O. box8'JC. 21-dJcwit '
Save Money ir you want fresh and
list in
Now York Buckwheat Flour.
Mhhlgan Cider:
Frosh Cranberries.
Now Orleans Sugar.
New Orloani Syrup.
Coffee bought boforo tho ndvanco.
Forty pounds A lugar lor i' 00.
Toy Candy of nil klnda
ltaiaim and fresh Currents.
Prcih Oyiturs U5 conta u can, received
fresh dally.
Wo will for tho noxt 10 dava sell goodi
lower than over, out of one of tho best
assorted goneral stouka in Cairo, at
wholesalo or retail. Como and 100 ui
Now York itoro, 100 Comraerolal nvenue.
The barber ihop ii on tbo cornor of
Eighth stroot and Commercial nvnnuo
where J. Gcorgo Stienbouso with his gen-
tlomanly assistants can bo found at any
hour of tho day, or night, readv to soothe
your fueling! with a smooth ehnvo, or cool
your tompor and head with a good fcham
poo. It is a Crat-class shop, and you aro
sure of receiving iirtt-claaa treatment.
Ladios' and chlldron'a hair cut or curled
aftor tho most approved stylos. 8-lD-tf
1'aktika having monthly magazines and
othor periodicals to bind would do well to
tend thorn to J. 0. IIulee,at the Bulletin
Bindery, who ii now doing such work at.
great bargain!. Our merchants wanting
blank hooka for tho now year would do
woll to call and cxamino his prlco listi
which thoy will find at low m tho lowest.
Good work or no rhargo. 30-'Jw
It. Joked, fashlonablo boot and shoo
maker. Cork toloi, Scotch bottoms, and
tho latest improvements In tho lino of his
business, Unly tho best ana most com
etont workmeu otrployed, and all work
warranted to ho flutcjaia In ovory respect,
Shop ou Commercial avenue, near corner
of Tenth (treat. 10-7
' if"' rarTlUb
and departure! for tbe 21 hour's ec Jlui- at 0
.. ... 1 -B. .k.l . w
Ut mi. n, wvuiuje ;
Steamer F 1 Gracey, Columbui
' Jim Fiik, l'aducah
" Arkansas Belle, Evanivlllo
" Bismarck, St. Louli
" City of Oheiter, Mewphli
Towloals John Means, l'owen Island
" John W Garrett, New Orleani
" John A Woodi, Now Orloaos.
Steainor V V Gracoy, Columbui
" Jim Fiik, Paducah
" Arkansas Belle, Evanivlllo.
" City of Chester, St. Liuli -
Towboati John Moans, Powers Island
" John W. Garrett, Cincinnati
" John A Wosdi, Tittsbirg.
Thorivir has fallen 13 Inchti during
tho past 24 houra. The weather was only
partially cloudy yoatorday and Tory
warm, but a south wind almost a ralo
blew all day, which caused iteimboati
generally to tako to tho hank.
wai dull enough yesterday to tuit tho
lazlcit man in the United Statei.
Tbo Biimarok camo out from St. Louis.
drawing 6 feot, without trouble, and ii
adding largely here.
Tho Jno. Meani took a lighter to tho
Lady L at Foron' Iiland, and it wai
thought that alio would soon get ou tho
bar, but sho had not got out at dark.
rossiwy it waj tho lound and not tho
bar that detalnod her.
Tho Arkamai Bolle brought COO sacks
corn and a lot of hogs and stock for tho
TheJImFisk lay all day a few miles
above horo, wind bound, and the crow en-
Joyed a grand nap. Sho brought a illm
trip of freight.
Diver Canlday, of tho Echsrt, returnnd
from his visit to Memphis yeiterday.
ibo City of Chtstor has "i bales cotton
for St. Louie.
The John W. Garrett brought up the
bargo W. Y. Halliday, bcloucinir to tbo
Jno. Meani.
The St. Louli 'Globe' of January 3,
lays :
Tbo river is fallini: slowlv. Weatlmr
warm and damp, with strani? Indiotlnm
of rain. Business fair. Frtighti for louth
ern port!, a usual when tho river li very
low, took a heavy tumble, and rales yes
terday wer 25c per 100 nounrla nd ROo.
per barrol flour. Flvo feet leant to Cairo.
The creat freicht and nainnpor itaamer
Commonwealth wai sold yeiterday by the
United Statos Marshal for $18,800 to Mr.
John E. Oxloy, of this city, tho well-
known itcamboal tailor, and ho hat got a
bargain, too ; but tbe ond of tho game la
not yet. Captain Jake Sodam hai atiad
Captain Diniol G. Taylor, admlnlitrator
of the eitato of Kocers. and manacar of
th Seolional Docks at tbo tlma the Com
monwealth was repaired, for the value of
mo uoat, wnicn he places nt 50,000. Fat
fes for lawvera and plenty
WM ..... .f..
Tho JlomphU 'Avalancho' of tho 2d'
hai the following :
The Andy Baum unloaded her ;argo thii
trip at thu lovoo and for sotno unknown
reason did not patronlzo the old wharf
boat. Ed. Shaw, colored, who wai yeiterday
elected wharfmaster for the next two
years, over It. W. LIghtburno, Itte Incum
bent, and John F. Waihlngtcn, W. b
Kogen and J. E. Stnither, wa born a
freeman, and beforo the late civil war ran
ai iteward on tho river, having lorved on
tho big John Simondi, also on the Die
Vornon and other boati, five or ill yoars
ago. For tho past year he hai beon a
councilman. Ho Is concoded to lea man
efconsldorablo ability, and is qu, to popu
lar with bit raco.
Tho Louisville marine hospital admit
ted 80 patients lait month, dii:barglng
82 nnd had 110 remaining at the close of
the year. Non died during December.
The wholo number treated In the same in
stitution during the yoar wai 1230, of
whom 18 diod. Dr. Thoi. J. Grlffltb, lur
geon in chargo makes thii report.
Tex poundi of brown lugar fot $1 ; 8
pound! but corToe sugar at $1 ; 8 ioundi
of cholco buttor at $1 ; OJ centi fot Urd;
imporial tea nt SI ; Potatoes 30 cotti per
peck; applea 10 cents, nt Wilcox'i block.
Ono large whlto low, no marki. Any
poraon returning hor to tho Egyptian
Mllli will 1 o suitably rewarded, 1'2-2-it
Threo hundrod dollar! city icrlp at
nlnoty centi. Apply at Bulletin of
flcti. E. A. Burnett.
is lioreby olveu that from and after this
date, I will puy no debts contracted on my
account, by any other person,
.fun. 'J, lb74. Isaac L. IIaiirkll.
I It
Tho lecond and lait term for cent! will
tako place on Tueiday, January 81b, at 8
p.m. Second and lait term for children
on Saturday, January tMtb, nt 'J p.m.
o-i-it C. lUitDr, Teacher.
Two Battorio of two Bollen. each 21
feet long, 2 iuch Dram, 'J U Inch Fluei
with flro fronts. Mud and Steam drumi
Sufuty and Mud valvos, Chimney and
Britchln, all completo nnd in uriit-clais
order;; beon used only threo monthi. For
price, oto., Inquire of J. T. Kinnie,
u-js-u. Vulnnn Iron Worki,
OrnuRor Oaiuo & St. Louis )
Bailuoad Company, OAino,
Ills., Doc. Ulit, 1873. j
A mooting of tbo directors of this com
pany will bo hold on Tuesday, the Cth day
of January noxt, A. D., 1874, ut 11 o'clock
a.m., nt the station liouio on the depot'
grounda of said company, lu tho city of
Eait St. Louis, Illinois.
S.Staaxs Tayloii,
1-td l'rosldont.
All kinds of gamo constantly on hand
at Hurry Walkor't, Commercial avenuo
botwoou Sevonth and Eighth ttreett.
JANUARY 4, 1874.
AdamijMra Clara G Andonon, Mm N
Adams. Mill A Barton. Mra Mar
Brown, Mn Taryer Bandy, Min Harriott
urown, nancy d uiarke, Mtt T
Clodfetter.Miii Ella Camblll, Jano
Grant, Mill Nellie Howall, Susan
McCartv, Florence Llttoll, Ifachol
Manahab. Hannah ltettell, Mn Laura E
name, ni ary wmitn, Joieptilno jf
cpoucv, mim aiiz2io isiepnoni, jiary Ann
Snow, Mra M Turner, Mm Jthoda
iravis, xti tiaura weiou, Mn Katie
Warren, Mill S
Burni, Henry Burl, Henry
Baitlor. Jim
liarns, Josliuit
Cochran, G W
Connor, J O
Dunham, Goo
Davis, Dr L U 2
Daloy, Wm
Forbes, Asnbol
Foley, W II
Boombs. Cbas
Corn, E S
Cavcndor, Joo
Dowd, John
Dugan, Patrick
Davis, Win P
Froy, E S
Garnor, G W
Grady. Isaac
Goor, J II
Green, Bov Albert--'.'
Uroeny, James
Greono, Win D
Hull, (1 8-2
Hagan, II F
Hlgglns, Michael
Jackson, Gho F
Littleton, Wm
MclCenney, Jerry
MoNulty, John
Mdran, Wm
Parker, D
Pope, V O
Scott, B J
Smith, Gio P.
Street, U A
Stllei, Potur
Voita. J II
Hall, Anthony
Hudson, Geo Y
llayden, Joseph
Johnson, vVm
Jackson, Willie II
.Maclr, Edward
McIIadly, John
O'Callaghan, Tim
Peck, LO
itacasco, Utepbcn
Stevens, Cato
Slater, Frank
Sheaghen, John
Selgler, W ni
WWMirn, Htarnca u
Geo. W. McKeaio, r. u.
Ororcoati Chinchilla from $7 to l"), nt
Countky knit socks, four pairs for one
dollar at Hartman's. if
Heavy Under ShlrU aud Drawers at 60
cents each at Uartman'f.
Latest stylo gents' hats iroui $1 to
$1 CO, at HartraanV 11-29 tf
suits from $4 to $12 nt Hart-
Lahub all-wool ilx-pound blanket! r.t
$4 lil per pair, at Hnrtman'i. 11-20 tf
For oab nnd steam fitting go to Ben
nle'i Vulcan Iron worka, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth itreot 9-10-tf
Foil Sale. Saw mill on I. C. K. P..
Terms oasy. Addrcis
12-13-Ct T. B. Fai-.iien, Ulllan, 111.
For Sale, ono small llorring infd
choap. Enquire of N. Linton,
2-2-Ct. OlOhioLeveo.
Fon a good square moal go to Harry
Walkor'i restaurant, Commorclal avenue
between Sovonth and Eighth street. Ira
Tue Europoan hotel, Uar.-y Walker
proprlcto"r, Is opon nt all hours of the
night. 11-7-lm
A LAitnr. and completo stock of dry
goodf, clothing, boots and shocaun.l crock'
ery nt panic prices. Also the largest es
soittnentof hollldav tnyund fancv floods.
Call and seo boforo purchailng olsowhore,
Notice is huroby given that I will pay
no bills for goods lold to nny of tho om
ployoi of Tiik Oaiiio Bulletin, uithor
or themselvos or for tho ufo of tho offlco
uuleso tho samu aro furnished on an ordor
ligncd by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly JnriN H. OiiEni.v.
r. Fitzgerald at his roomr, corner
fourteenth streot mi l Commercial nvo
nuo, offeri for aalo Guinness' Porter &
Bass' ales and puro Honncjsy brandy,
and tho genuino Angoturo bittora, all
first-class cholera ciircs. Try thorn
7 17 tf
Wanteu Imsieuiatkly. Throe good
agent! to canvass for tho nlo of fruit trcea
on commission. A raro chance. Nono
need apply but thoso who can givo tho beat
of roferonce.i. Apply to
S. Patterson,
Cornor N intli nud Walnut stroctw, Cairo.
Illinois. .it-it
Hotel to Let. Tho Courthouso Ho
tel, locatod on Twonticth Ptrcet, botwocn
Washington nvouuo and Poplar stroot, in
good ropair, and in ovory way doslrablo as
a hotol stand and bosrdlnc-houso. con
taining ulnoteon rooms, wood-shod, all
othor necossary outhouses, fine cellar, A'o.
Will bo let upon application to Jacob
Klein, at his brick yard, near tho Missis
sippi levee. im 8t
All-wool country knit ock nt 20 conls
ajpair. Also, a flno bod room sett, includ
ing fa flno spring mattress, nnl many
other articles, nt panic pricos. Bomeinler
auction anlo of furniture every Saturduy
morning nt 10 o'clock, nud dry goods,
boots, shoos, etc., ovory Saturday ovonlng
at 7 o'clock. LOUIS H. MYEBS.
I will sell my house and lot on Commer
cial avenuo abovo Fourth street t lot 3
block 15) nt n bargain. Tlio houso con
tains nino largo rooms, Including n largo
bar-room. To nny ono wishing to pur
chase 1 will sell on good tortus and easy
paymonts. Wit. McCohmick.
30 d&'w I m 11
On Sevonth stroot, Cairo, Illinois, ono
of tho most bcautllul homostcadi in tho
city, consisting of two lots handsomely
enclosod, sot with flowers, overgrnons
shrubbery, tlcc, fco ; a well bullt nnd neatly
funlsheJ cottage containing aovon rooms,
collar, clstorn, wood houio, wash houso,
bath houso'nnd coal houso, with gaps nud
ovory convenience. Apply to
John Q. Hakmon & Co,
Roal Estato Agents.
January, 1874. 8-3-1 tn
Con8TII'atio.v. uno pocutiar virtuos of
Dr. Prlco's Crciini Baking Powder Ii
sboTn In casoa whoro thoro is a tendency
to Constipation, food In which It is used is
inoro easily digested nnd acta ns n natural
aperient to tho bowels, overcoming ncidity
ot tho atomach and flatulency. Lot those
who are dyapeptio oat food mado with Dr.
Price's Cream Baking l'owdor nnd see
how easily it la dlgcstod, We know of
thU powder and also of Dr. I'rico'a special
flavorings, lemon, &o., and do not hujltnto
to iuderst tbam. l'J-31-d&w lw
Tho undoralgnoJ having resumed the
managomcnt of tho abovo hotel, truit by
itrict nltontion to business, to tho wants
nnd comforta of their guosti,to morittho
ronovod favor of thoir old patrons and tho
trnvoling public In goneral.
ThoSalnt Charloa will alonco undergo
a thorough ranovatlon, and bo muoh lm
provod In nil its appointment.
Good anmplo rooma and special rates for
commercial travelor;.
All bsggngo for guosts convcyod to and
fromthi hotol frco of charge
JkwettAV'ilcoe & Co., I'roprioton.
K you want fresh
go to J. D.Zanonc, nt tlio Dexter Exehingc,
in. iu, unm icvcc. Ii-.i-lni-1
SOTICEOn and allor Monday. Novem
ber 8, and through tho winter, a warm lunch
will bo aproad nt tho Thalia Mloon. opposite
Tiik Bullktin olllce, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
everyday. All the delicacies of tho season.
11-i lm A. .Iakckel, 1'roprlctoi.
I!o? hat on hand, and lor aaie a larco
quantity of oak and hickory wood, cut nnd
iplit, and ready for tho etovc. Al.'o all
kind of coal which will be delivered In any
pnrtoftlic city on thort notice. J.cave or-
dor at coal yard, on Commercial avonuc,
oppoun l.iovpiith urcct. J)e'. C-lin
I'he nnnual meeting of tho ttoekholdcrx
of tho First National ISank of Cairo for tho
election ol directors, will bo held at the of
flco of (.aid bank lu Cairo, on Tumlay, Jan
Jary 13, 1871, between tbo bouw ol 10
o'clock .1,111 and 4. o'clock p.m.
Cira. Ci'N.viNHUAjr, Cashier.
Ciino, UK, Docember 10. 187.1. td
t'bo partnership hcrctoforo oslsting ho-
iwccn tlio uiulcrslgncd muter tlio unim- nnd
tylo of AycM Ss Co., in tblw day di;olvcd by
mutual consent of the parties. I'crrons in
debted to tho lato lirm will make payment
,o S. 1). Aycrs, who nlono U authorized to
receipt for fame. Tho business will be car
ried on by S. D. Ayers under the style of tho
ate firm. S. D. Ay tuts.
E. J. Ayeuh.
Oaiho, UN., December 1, 187.1. d-lw-wlra
The well-known bu-lnc? 9 Htnnd of Custoad
& l'rovo, nt tbo mouth. of t'learcrock, Aler
andcrcquuty, Illinois, tltuatcd In ono of
tho llnost agricultural dlntrict of the Vct,
and with a well-otablUlicil trade. ThUwIll
ho found a rare opportunity for an energetic
biifIuc m,in.
Tho premises consist of it store 20X-IO feet
a dwelling of eight rocnn, well furnished
aud uonvcnlvntly orr.injrud. L-ood cUtorna
and nil nceesMry out-buUdIni, mid ono
aero of land. Terms liberal. Apply or
address, "'M. CUtkai,
12-!)-lm- d.tw. Clccircreo Land ing. Ills.
has hU mamniotli Instrument shooting out
Imperial pholflRraphi .,r01irls(muprosentil
nt tlio rate of onu n minute, I'ersom derl
roils of having n handnomcly painted picture
nnd purely artistic lu llnlsh, should
UnIrorderiJn f'Cuou. l'hotograplis cm be
raado on cloudy days equal to tliOMi on sun
shliilmr ones nt
owing to the glgautlo sKy-llsht, which c
not bo biirpassod fn
A No ou haud a lino assortment of gold nud
walnut tramps. All are Invited to call and
examine. Portraits In oil up to life slzo and
aquarelles of tho hfghest lluMi, for which
medals havo been awardci'
Gallery ou Sixth street, between Com
mcrcl.il and VCiU-hlngton avenue, Cairo,
IlllnoN. 12.10 tf
Boot ami Mioo m.ikcr, Twen hBtrcot, be
tween Vashington avenuo and Poplar
street, Is prcp.irod to mako boots mm Mioch
In tho latent and most fashionable styles.
Ho will malsn tbem to onlcr, old or new
tylt'g to suit customers, out of tho hi' and
(rc'hctt stock, of which ho nlwuye :n.ia'a
good supply on hand ftom which to niako
seloctloim. All fitting of boots und shoes
undo by Mr. Elders Is dono In his own shop
no foreign llttlng being used by Mm.
Qlvo film n call, and ho will givo you satis
faction. IWnilXTS ATTUSTIO.M
Having a larger stock of Youths', Hoys
and (,'hlldi'cns' Clnlhlni.- on hand than U tiro
CKsary for tho Cairo market und nn Idea' ot
niuking th'i our List seiion n eh Ildri nii
clothing, wo will soli our stock, (one of the
fluent In the idatohat Nr.w YoiucConTfortbo
noxt thirty days-, l'lircnti wishing somu lino
clothing at low ilguroi for Holiday prescnti,
can llnd them for b.ilo in the above lot. Tlil
1s no iiuorttslngiladgo, but wo intend to uu
just what wo says Sell the riNUii' siock
of YotniLV, lIOYs'aud CiULimiCN.V CLOTH-
Ml ever broujjlit to tho st.itu otitslilo of
Chicago at Nkw Yoiiic ooit.
Nn. CI, Ohio l.ouie, 'Jd door above Firt
National Ilank.
Happy relief lur young inun trom tho of
feels id orrorH ami aiuistia In early life, .Man
hood restored. Impediments to marriage
removed. Now method of treatment. New
and roinarkabla remedies, liooka and elr
iiilaivseut free, lu scaled onvelopos. Ad
dress, Howard As-oelatlon, No, 'i South
Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. an Institu
tion having a high reputation for honorable
conduct and professional skill, 10-'.) d.twiltn
To bo given by, thu .
im:lta citv
at Washington hall,
liaeli ticket entitles tlio hol-i-r lo-n
rlmnpc In tho ratllo for 930
W 1i'ihuVf0riill,,f0 MlS" chiil.V, It, X
. Htfler n, M..1. MoOniitey' aud .1. Bur-
TV.u. LAbwiu,
V.. l'AAU.
GM, lli PEI:,
l 1-1 w (.oiu. of Arrangement'
llily )iii bo'b to quBt
About 11 hands high, fmir years old, wc 't
broUo to saddle und Ii.iuicm, at puullr no
tlon to tho hlabrst liUt.lcr. tnr nJi it., .. .
iter of tlio ctitcf ot llur. au of YurdH'nii:.;
I'ocJiS, 11.11. Tint P.l.lr t
Mound city, J.m , f.5;4. fi
Wiixkeas Mathow D. (Junlurliv iiitum
iuurt.ige dated Utlober, 7. Ih72. nud i.
corded in volume ol snlo ina(j-.ii,v. r,,
page 111, in tho Kivord(r'a omcuc AI. -itiulorcoiiiii.v,
Illinois coiivoj i d to tho ti.i
ilvriSgned llio followliu,', to-tlt:.A lenc
Mold I'llatc for thu toiiu ot vn rsi vmn. ...
and to lots six seven (71 and eight d), m
block three i ii in tho Urn. n.lillti,,n ti. tl.
city of Cairo, LIiuoIk, c inmoncinjrMurrh U,
18,1, under und liv uriun of a
ticarit-i; date, Jfureh 0. 1S71, executed by Si
Stasis Taylor and Edwin l'ur?oii,'tnitfv
of tbo Cairo City l'mpvrtv to 1'i'Ut Ai't'd-
mini, nun uy satii I'ci. r A. Umant. Willi 'bo
written vouaont of said Taylor and Parson,
assigned tu f aid .Mutlu w I). Gtiutrroii tho
ilUt of .M iy, lsTJ, togcllixrwitft all the mi
provcniims thcrcou, Uknging to tbe soiul
Hunter oft try kind and nature soovor, lu-
flttiHii" mill IK-Ii.r.. I...M i
and oth- rllxturea appoit-ilnlng nnd Indors
ing to the nttll building thereon ltn.it ; to
sei iire the payment ol u certain promlisory
nolo In s.dd uiortgago ipeelUed : Now tin
ier me provi-iont ol una salo mortgago, at
liiult h.niiiL' been made in tbo pavniiMit r
too nolo therein mcutluiicd, tliuliiulersirairil
will offer said property lor salu utaucttou,
to tlio highest lilddcr, fur cash,
nt tho court houso donr, (.'aim, Illinois', ntt!
o'clock tun. on SATURDAY Till: tiiTH
DAY UF JANUARY, A, I). 1871.
.Ue:;iiy L. .ILilliiiay. . .
Jlortsawe ami Tuintre,
Green & Gilbert, Attorney. '
11 l-j-tsd
Wlir.Itr.AS. MulllOW I). Gllllter. tiarhnlnr.
by lil n.ilo mot gage, dated Jtareh LtiH.lMt;
nuu tucoruvu 011 pngo Ui 01 boo I; .of deecN
m tno iiccorucr'D oinco or Alecinudcr
county, Illinois: And. whernas Matluiw
I), tiuutcr and wlte by their sale inurt
gago dated July 7,131, uiut V . rorded ou
puio"l ol book . it deed In the RcijIMi'm
ollico of Aloxande- county, UUnr.t , to.i
veyod to the undcrali.1"''. tlm leUuwtr w -
prop c rlaBiaM
ty-iilno (St) In block tldrljTTTu7!!u7jt
twentv-ono iJIi In block 1 : -'iir-m,, .11
.In tlio Ilrst .iiidition to thu city of ( afro 1'
aijo a leascuom esiaie lor l.io Icrni ol Ii 11
tlO) year.', lu and lo lo'j i.ton lo ami
siivuiitiicii (17), In bloek .I.tcen lu. in 11,
llrst addition to tho city ol Cairo, L,inot.
comiiienelns December f, lsfo, under and
by irtiio of a certain lras bin ln0- duo
lccomberi"), 1S70, executed by tv'. V. nnd
If. C. Johns, trUstcCH lor tfm. .Alnrfm
to tbo f.ild MathowD. (luntur. tor. li.rrvvii),
all and vtngulnr tho btilldlnga and Jmiirovti
iiienti of every kind or nature sritn-pi-
tlliiutuou Mid sixteen (Ui) and n-en--teen
117) li ' I.. 01; to said G timer, tn.itu
ono il . ';.i house, ono ftoio and dwelling
house, . ue mill billldiiiL' with mill ll'turs.
limine, li . '. bliiw nud other tl vinr.w
pertaining .i . . migliig thereto, to secure
the pavmuilt 01 eertaiii nrom!nrv
said two mortgages spvcideil : .0w, under
tho pro Isious ot linlli 01 tnlil sale mortiige
default Ii:i1iil-beon mado In tbo Il.iYlTll.l!,
of Iho noten lu them mentioned, tho uudcr
kilned will niter raid iiruneriv lur s..in i
auctlun, to tho highest bidder, lor cash, at
tlio court houio door. Cairo. Illinois at a
o'eloek 11.111. ou SA'ITROA Y. THE SITJI
DAY OF JAM ARY, A. D. 1671.
Ue.vuy L. Hai.uiuv,
Mortgasroo r.nd I'rtMco
(ireou A (iilbcit, AHoiikmk.
1 will attend at tho following tunes nud
places in thu several ireeluetn In this county
tu confoimlty with law, for the puriioMi
of retching tho statu nud county taxes for
t'io year IHVJ, ni lollowii, to-witi
lu Unity pruclnct, at tlio hou.-o of Yy'liliam
llolden, Monday Jiuiunry lu, ibil.
lu lli'zluwood procinct, nt Dr. Jones' store,
Toledo, Tuesday, Jaiuitiry 20, Ib7L
In Clear Crock procinct, nt Marchlldon .t
(.'iilleyV store, moutU of.cceelf, Wednes
day, January '.M, 1874.
In 'ihebes precinct, nt J. O. Rnlltvirur'a
storo.Thebes, Thursday, .fumiary 2-J, Ui,4.
lu Htuvta I'o precinct, at W. Jt. Anderson's
store, hiutii Fc, Friday. January si, JS74.
In noose Island preciuut, ut O. liroenley'M
store. Guosa Island, batuiday, Januan
In Dog Tooth procinct. at Lha house 6f N.
Hunsacker, Tuosdity, Janiinry 27. 1871.
In South Cairo precinct, nt tno oraco of J.
(). Ilariunn, Cairo, Wcdncnlay, Jauuary
W. 1.7I.
In North Cairo precinct, at tho coiirtiirstr
Cairo, Thursday, January Sty lHfTj
Section No, 151 of t lie amended n-eino
l.iwof this stato reu.lr04 that lovy by the
collector upon tbo per-ininl pniprnv o( die
tnv payer be in ul.i 1 r tlio mui-payi.iL it o
puisonal taxes ou or boforo tlio luih (i.fv
Jlairh noxt.
Section No. 177, provides that all tavef
upon real estate remaining . unpaid ou tlj.0
.mil day ot March next, shall be deemed
Tux pnicrs xilll honp 11 mnil 'tlicso
eliungu , as the Uw will bo vigorously en
forced, ' . r.' :f
Ilo suro to 'bring your titlepap'or.n or
last years tax receipts with you, that no er
rors lu paying tuxes may ouelir,
Ai.k.v. 11. Iiivin, Colfeetor.
O.tmo. Ills.. Den.. 1)1. 1S7.1. diw-td
' "UJl i"' Mdi larsss too publie that h h
pP ' oient a
no iih nerthwwt sidn of Tath'itrMIaasa
Ills f)U'itN will be furalatis-l nitti aaa bi. n
itt the public may bo aceorrniadated'al nl'
ours of the day nod night Uh safe 4
on tho lowest, teiws- ....
Dr. Melds uslts a rhare prubUejtron.4'-s
and will endeavor to merit It Dy.fiirlij
and strict atcuUon to busJ noss.

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