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eaotstl Payer et the City find Comity.
lOliNH. OUKULY. Editor vul Fubllihbi
Ob Hk, ty earner t? 3S
UuTivbT carrier. Inadvanco 10 00
una t vr tarrter if not mid In
adTDe & 00
mjw1, try mill 1 00
TkMawiatfcl 3 00
Btxtnoetus ftM
(Ina vatr 10 00
w .........
On Year .- SI 00
Six Months
Throe Months 0
Invariably In advance.
(41a natter on every ihs;
Nearly 7 .'.,000,000 in Inlcrrst nndDIt i'
ldcuds 1o be 1'ald In Acrv Xork
During January.
One Hundred nnd ririccn llallromb
Xow In Deranlt-Twcnly-Iivn Now
Ones the Present Jlonlli.
tl.n How YarL Tribune. .) !
The -January Interest nnd dlvldondsr
the pymont of which was begun yester
day, will rrK" utiailjr rJWjCW.
Of tliii the goTornmont will pay $'i5,il3,.
-'79 gold interost on various bonds, $l,
938, 70S curroncy intorost on the Tactile
railway second mortgago bonds, nnd
$11,600,000 in redemption of 1S71 bonds,
though a portion of these will be exchang
ed for the new flvt.i. The tjitcrost on
stato - and city bonds ii a
large turn, nnd tho -January cou
pons on Tarioui railway bond)
represent many millions of dollnri. Flsk
Jt Hatch pay out f 1,143,600 gold on ac
count of the Uentrol-Facltlc, tho "Western
Pacific and the California and Oregon
railway!"; Morton, llliss Ai Co. pay $817.
110 on Uulon Tactile bonds; Drojccl,
Moreen & Co 438.O00: 11 K'Jessun & Co
$198,000, and "Window, Cinlor ic Co $1,
050,000 on various miscellaneous bonds.
The Reading railroad pays S'-Y-MOOO in
terest and divinends. Lake ShoroSbio,
000 interest; Hock Island 31 5,000; Atlan
tic and Great Western 316,000; Daltimore
and Ohio $249,000 ; Atlantic and Faclile
J10.000; Missouri Taclllc 105,000, andCal
lfornla raciuo 300.000. Xhcso are otu y a
imall tart of tho navmcnt) to bu m&doda
ring the present month by largo corpora
The various institutions t u'.ucli cou
pon! wore redeemed presented an ani
mated appearance yesterday. Clorki and
cashiers were kept busy from tho opening
to the close of business hour, and the
sums dJsburcd tvero very largo. Tho
number of defaulting roads was much
smaller than bad boen expected, nnd the
fact that they would default on their Jan
uary interest had been previously an
nounced, with the reasons, except in the
cue of a few unimportant ones. Uf tho
seventeen companies wbo-o coupons uro
redeemed at the Farmers' Joan and Trust
Company's ofllec, cnly two failed to pro
vido the ne:essary funds tho Fort "Wayne,
Jackson and Saginaw and Missousi i'.lvcr,
Fort Scott and Gulf. These will both
fund thoir coupons, nnd the former lias al
ready made arrangements.
The St. Louis and Southeastern rall-
tmntm-itm,vw Trm-rmirtnicu' oirtlus.
1 lils road is represented as in n prosper,
ous condition, but is lull'oriiig, like many
others, from tho temporary scarcity of
monoy. The company havo niftdo arrange
ments for paying the Novombor interest
about the xnlddlo of tho present month,
and the 'January interest soma time in
March, after which tlmo they expect to
meet their engagements as they fitll duo.
The Canada Southern and Chicago arid tho
Canada Southern roads huve made nr
rangemenu for funding tho coupons (nil
ing duo in January, 1874, July, 1871, and
January, 187i, as wan fully oxplalnod in
the company's circular, published h few
uaya ago.
Tho entlro number of railroads In do
fault is moro than one hundred and Hf.
teen, representing an indobtcdnoss on in
terest account of moro than 52T,000,000
Terrible Bcnlh nfler Six MonUi's I'oi
aonlng of the Blood.
New York World.1
. Mr. James IUymond died at his rcsi-
uence, ibi toia street, ilrooklvn, t &
o'clocK yesterday morning, of hydropho
bia. Six months ago, while stroking tho
back of a cat, tho treachorous creaturo
suddonly turned and bit him sovoroly in
the hand. Tho wound was dressed aid
Mr: Raymond expretied no soriotu incon
venleace from it until lad Tuesday
About noon of that day to
became lick at bit place of buiinoss.
ilaidin Lane and "Water streets. Ho dit
covtred an obtUuctlan in his breathing,
and bad severe pains In the head. For a
tlraa he was unwilling to believe that
anything serious ailed him but he was
compelled to quit his work and go heme,
where he arrived at i o'clock. Hn tent
for a physician who docided that tho all
was congestion of the left lung, and pre
scribed for the patient with that view.
The nit mornlnp, however, wbon tin
doctor called, Mr. Raymond was much
worie, and hit symptoms could not bo ac
counted for on the hypothesis of concep
tion cf the lungs. Inquiry elicited the
lsxt about the cat bite, hnd the doctor was
then satisfied that ho had a c;so
of hydrophobia to tret. This
conclusion received a fearful
confirmation about 12 o'clock. Mr. F.sy
mond had then a terrible paroxysm, last
ing mora than an hour, in which ho froth
td at the moutb.exprestod the groatcst hor
ror at everything liquid, and required tho
services of six strong men to prevent bis
harming himself or others, ibis parox-
3 V? , lucc';"1i(" ''J' others, none of
wuicu were to violent. At oto tiino ho
begged his attendants to release him for u
few minutes, nnd as ho was then com par
atlvoly qulot.they did to. Ho seized tbo
opportunity to rush to a clcset whero
there was a bottle of laudanum. Ho got
tbo bottlo into his bands, but It was taken
from him before ho could muke any uso
of It. Six physicians woro with hitu on
"Wednesdoy evening and night. They
kept him inhaling chloroform nnd inject
ed morphine epidemically. This treat
rntmt seemed to allovlato his sufl'erinr-.
s ml for two or three hours before life wss
xtincthe was -comparatively culm. After
mldnlcht an Episcopal minuter bantisid
hltsi and administered Iho sacrament, tbo
uying man ocing auio 10 maxo mo proper
responses. Ills last moments woro quite
Daaceful... Shortly before ho oxnired ba
said tbit-be would prefer death a thous-
find timet to the agony or another purox
vsm. tMr. llavmond had been married
about two yean, and leaves a young wife
ana cuiia. no wrs iventy-two years and
flviroontbt old.
Special Springfield Dispatch to tlio Mlt
v souri Jlcpubllcar,
rta v..ii. 1.111 f.Tll,0MtJ,11sbmflD
ofjin Inebriate' asylum Is ol Impoitanco
carauguout tho etaw una ii virtually a
totuplement to tho 'liquor isw., mo in
tlllutlon Is to bo established arid main
tained by rwepoclnl tax of ten dollars to
be levied on all liquor sellers In tho state,
tho pjymont of which shall bo a nec
essary preliminary to trantactlng any
liquor-tolling business.
Tho institution is to bo controlled by
three trustees, appointed by tho governor
and confirmed bv tlio toniilo, none of
whom shall hold o'flico In tho Institution or
enter into contract with it. Tho trustees
shall lix thn amount to bo paid by any
person applying1 to onjoy tho bo.iollts of
the institution, which nro intended to bo
tho euro of Inebrioly. Habitual drunkon
ness Is declared by tho bill to bo n misde
meanor, and county judgos aro authori
zed, on nflldavlt or two responsibly wit
ncifes, or two relotlvos of any inobrialo
to cause his arrest and trial by jury for
such misdemeanor, nnd on conviction, ho
shall be font to tbo asylum for a period of
not more than ono year, the cost of his
maintenance and treatment ta be assessed
against his estate. In cafo ho has no
property In his possession and is unabln
to pay, the expense must bo borno by tbo
county in which ho llvos, to bo collected
by general lax.
Some I'lnln
Itiiinnrks on
a IMInfiil
f W Sfcllwl' l1ai-pw'' tltii nw
i on; 151111. J
Much comment 'h'ai been provoked
among tlio bettor portion of tlio commun
ity by tlio prosenco of Sirs. Grunt and.hnr
daughter at tho reception on Mov Year's
dav. It is recarded as n most indecorous
exhibition, and in that riupccl quite in
koeping Willi the disregard ot nil the
time-honored proprieties which thie
wholo family liavo imbilunlly shown upon
occasions when common decouey de
manded their obcorvuncr.
Onlun littlo more than a fortnii'ht nzo
Mr. Hent. tho nccl father of -Mrs. (Jrant,
died in tho White House, and tlio oppor-
tun tv wus si7.:d by tho ailministrntfon
orgaus to extol lier llllul devotion and du-
tllul alleclion. .now, 110 is uaruiy ltnu in
the cravo before she appears at a curcmo-
'ulsl of which she does not form a neces
my part, fashionably sttirod In mouriilog,
as it to rendnr tlio spectacle moro ghastly.
At bor sldo stoi d an only daughter, taught
by this example that tho most sncrod tie)
are to bo ignorod for tho pomp and prido
of place, and re.pect for tho recontlydead
to Ihv put asido for saltish grutilluntion.
Cul. Fred Grant, in his frcsn unifurm,
paradod through the city In tbo stato car
riage, making visits as if ho never had a
grandfather whose memury was
worth tho tributo ! a day se
clusion. Even tbo prCfidcnt might havo
boon excusod, under the i'ircotmtflnei-6,
from the usUAlreeeptiou. Hut if tbo oilieo
laid sliiim upon him." it certainiv did not !
extend to any other membors of hi? house-
hold, who hold an ofiisial position.
This extraordinnrv conauct H undo 1
moro striking by the contrast which Mr
l'iorco presented wiion domestic sniicuon
touched her heart keenly, on the very
threshold of tho "Whito bouse. Sbo needed
no counsel to' instruct her in. a mother's
duly, and no "friends" ventured to inrade
her seclusions to urge a violation 01 evory
command or dtcoriim. (Ion. Grant has
shown villi hoartles indifTcr-
anco to the obligation which
appeal to our better humanity
that ho has almost patsoi from comment.
r?- .. . v..' -. !,- . txt. D..
ulVi uii oiimiaj' uanquoiea Willi a
largo company as the guest of Gen. Har
ney. X.9t summer I10 fnllei to be pres
ent at tho death of his own father,
though notified Trom Washington a week
before oi his critical condition. And
when ho returned to Long Branch from
the funeral, ten days woro not allowol to
pass away before ho acceptod a social in
vitation fit n diitnnee, and appearod in
tho midst of a gay throng, forgotful of
everything but present pleamro. Tho
president occupies tho highest official'
place in luo land. Ho and his fam v are
expected to set an examplo of propriety,
u i 1 vug v no. 10 -wouim an inoso cher
ished feelings which do honor to buman
Reported Exprcss(yfor the Bulletin.
. From lViir-IiIiigtim.
W.VSIIINUTO.S. Januarv t Ir, nr....ii.
Inir petitions relatin-' to thn llunbrntitn,.
luw, Mr. Conkling said ho hud received
with the petitions uL'alnst th
clrculur which it saamod had been ront
ovr tbo country i.aklcg thoto to whom tho
blank pctltloiis had been tent to circulate
them to procure fignatures, and also callod
for coiitnbutlu!. to send person-to Wash
ington to worl..
Mr. Loean emd he bad recolvf.J ul,ll-r
circulars, signed by various persons in
Jow lorlr, i.nd others Interested in tho
maintainancoof thu bankrupt law. Tho
circulars spoke -of powerful lobbing being
at work In Wntbincton to iir?n thn r.ni..i
of tho bill V. In.'h WAI unlnin Th',n
blf.okintiling 1 ir ulars should bo under-
tUMXt. 1
Tuitions w. rj presented praying the
appointment ,,f n couimltsion to Inquire
Into the sale and manufacture of alcoholic
llquorj, und unking Congrats ontiet h noc
ctfary law to prevent tho trallle in Ital
ian children, and for tho establishment of
a. uniform sysloin of quarantliio undor'
tho national mpervislon and asking a ro
peal an 1 mvlir r til9 binkrupt lew.
The House resumed consntorntion or
tho bills to ciKblish an educHtipnul fund
aud to npply procoed. of the sale, uf Pllb.
- - - " ,mu ui .no people.
1 1 urn iiiiiiitaiipoiis.
lMiit.SAi-oLW. Januarv H Th.,
guto lots by tho burning of tbo Scudiler
very stable li-st night will reach twelvo
.UUU.UUU Honors, insured in tho Frank
lln mid the German American for four
.1 H':,11'1"1 M'ijl wlo hid ihnrco of
ho bill oponol thu ducus.loiij ho stated
n what ltrt .lar the expondttuics bad
been cut down, the amount appropriated
in the bill wa, only about a half a milium
morn than wm appronriaimi (,..i. "
InlBW and nil reductions were inr.do with
tho assunt of the seerolair .,t 1 .
who , had'UrVbXf ffiw.Mtei
of tbo committee in that direction.
-Mr. neck declared It to be his belief
thtt tho elllclency of tho navy could 111
be kept up fr tho amount aiitironrluii.,1
in the bill, lie had sevn low appmpria-
viuii. uviurv,
re, lut they had always been
bv deflclenev b I Is tVA Z i
yn.?ttS .b'! i' !
followed I
cedlnu tho flftt election of fJmi wii.' I
The amount ll" t CenZ.. h 1' o in, '
uloh uiina, piiiieuiar V 1 ll-n vear nm
ii, .,... r ... , - -, r'j ,
to 5oV: 'The same th ed
In connection with the. .urn,,,! Simi 1
Gen. Grttnt. '
D... rcr Ve' IS -U that .h, ,90l. I
000 deficiency catuo over from ;Vre'idont
Johnson's nimlnistratiou, ' -
Uook", leaving that subject, .went on to
criticise tho Socretnrv.ol tho Treasury fr
inllatiug the currency in violation ... the
18 Archer declared the bill to bo a delu-ion,
oud said that tho amount ol 5IO,000,OUU
appropriated by tho bill mut itecossnrily
csuio a dollcioncy bill for at least 6,100,
000. Ha charged tho committee on ap
propriations with having shown no ap
preciation or tho dliUciilties of the foreign
relation of tho country. Tho -difficulties
with Spain had not passod nwny, and
there had been a probability lliatrolatbns
with Hnnm inizht remain tioacofiil. whllo
Oaslqlr.VttS nt tho bend of tho Spaniah,
rfovornmcnt. for Cfstclar was'known to bo
n-friend of the American Eopubtlc, but
that very friendship bad earned his dispo
sition. Anil in hh plnco now is the bloody
Sorrano, who had nothing but hatred and
dlsllkoto the Unllod Stales, and tho pro
position of tho navy should ttaml, not in
tho usual plan basis, but one-fourth bolow
it. Mo greater mistake could bo
mado tlinii in cutting down
navy onltho cry of tconomy. Trtio cpon
omy was to keep up a strong navy,
thus avoid war.
I'lom Keokuk.
ItlWCSTATlVE. Keokuk, .lahnafy'f.. Koturns lhu far
received of the special election lielil,1u
this county to-dy. for n roprusontntiviijtoj
fill tho 'Vacancy, Indicatrt thosuctw "of
Conrad Schurer, tho nntl-monpoly can
didate. This gives tho aiit'-monoiuillsls a
majority ofone in tlio Homo.
A collusion occurred on tti'i opposite
sldo of tlie river this ovanlng, bet ween n
freight train of tboT., 1. and W. railroad
and ono of tho Toledo, Wabifh and WsJt
ern, tho llrst namtid b.ickiog Into the oth
er, whilo going i.t tho rnte of iiftoeii miles
per hour. Two mon were Mlghtly injured
and several eirj wore badly smiuhnd
Tbo Keokuk and )m Moines Jltilrosd
Company hnvo filed IS articloi of incor
poration. Tlio company was organized
for the purpejo ff running and'opirnting
that jiortimi nl the !).! Moines Valley
railroad botweon tills cltv nnd l)o Moines.
Tho capital stock is .?3,f -'1,000, nnd Keo
I; uk is to tho principal placo of business.
Tho in licatluns uro tliat that portion of tlio
road from D.'S M ilnrs to Fort Dodgo will
ba operated as .111 independent line, as no1
consolidation of tho twn intereiU have
been tiT clod
From .l&nil'liN
M j.Mi-iiia, Januurt- 8. Tho report of
tho grand jury Jof tl'u criminal court to
JuJgn Flippln, madii to'day, has created
considerable excitement. Tiioy found tho
poor hcu;e to be a I1wpil.1l, with Insane
blacks acd wh.tii nil mixed together in-di-.nmili:ttoly,
and ic roum inttnnces pi
tients with isathsome dliu.ucs in tlu sama
rooms with hoaithv onos. Tbo food clvcn
Is noithvr kooJ r.ur sufficient, wliilo u total
oisrpgBru 10 tuu r.jooi;ion 01 ino sexes
?"' An miotic icnixlo who has Ucon an
inmate for llvo years, was found in b stato
' 1 'bu"v ."u nuui 10
gsrd to sex, are kicked, outl'ed, and whip
nd with, a knotted bull whip nod beaten
like oxen by Dr. G. O. Hounn and his as
sistant.JHcury Oradby. In conclusion,
they stato that tho manner in which the
poor house is govtrned is a dugrsco to tbu
Tho vetcraus of the Moxican war num
bo:2ng,Cu, nuomblpd At tho chamber of.
co'.nDiefce'thisovet.Ini;. Gen. Gid Tillbv,
chairman, Col,' Lyon Trousdale secretary,
and Gon. W. J. .Smith, corresponding -fec-
statod tho object of the mooting t j bo to
ppoint dolrgAtes to tbo convention to be
hold at "Washington on the 15th inst.
Kesolulion! wore adopted njkiug the sur
vivors to mcmoritlize congress to erect
monuments at AVashington to their com
rads, who had fallen during tho war, and
to grant pensloni to tho survivors. Gen
Tillow and "W. J. Smith wero ch'en del
cgate. i'roin CJucIiiimtl. ,
liAtLKOAn coi.LrEio.v.
Ci.vcix.vati, January 8. ,v collision
occurred between two freight trains on
the Fittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Loui
railroad, last night, near Union Citv,
Ohio, A locomotive Mid several cars
wero demoliihod, eeven emploviis'iiijurad,
two of whom have since dttd."
The weather has boon clear nil day and
moderately warm, but it is not thawing
The wires of tho "Western Union Tele
graph company east of Columbuf, wero
not ,i:t working .order at tori o'clock te
night. .
A Mr. Kerr was robbod bv liluhwnv.
mon at Loveland, last night of ninu hun
dred dollar in cash, n;n, valuiblo pi.
pert, otc.
An Kvantvillo spociul to thj '(ianotte'
reports tho burning last night at Lea von.
worm, jnaiana, 01 ttio i,yon v wheeler
corner, comprising tho e.tablihmenls"of
Tucker ii llyerly, dry goods ; Stall V JVr
klns, boots arid shoes ; Mrs. Gilbert, Mil
linery, and tho 'Independent' ;uintmg of.
lien. Loss not estimated.
Tho Hoard of Trado to-day appointed
A. T. Gorbnin and Win. llosor Uolegates
to tho Kationnl IJourd of Trade. vlenTlin
O. Smith and Gazzeam Gano, resigned.
The board also parsed a resolution iavor
ing a bankrupt law somewhat 'iko section
13 of the old law, permitting a majority of
tho creditors to force tho debtor into
bankruptcy and settle bis affairs throm-h
tr'utces without rosort to tho courts.
Froiii Coltinilins, Ohio
Coi.umwus, January 6. Tho board of
trustees of the agricultural college to-day
elected V. J!. Ilorton president; Joseph
Sullivan secretary and II. J. Habbot treas
urv; J. C. Junes, .1. 1!. Iluchlet and M..U.
Mansou woiy . iiliovit at tb' Kociitivo
committee. ' ' '
This slternoou tlio ngrii ilturKl oxeroi
sea of tho college wero hold in tho Sonnto
chamber, and Kdwnrl Orton, president of
the Iiicultj', delivered thu inaugural ad
dress. The trustees formally delivered
the kuys of the collego to tlio faculty.
Gov. Moycs iiuidn a fuw remarks spoftkinc
jinoouraglngly of the projpocti uf tho col
lego and commonding it to the peoulo of
I Tlio General Aseinblv spent tho dav in
Joint convention, canvassing voles for
tnU otlleors, the remit was found to bo
substantially tbo num. as borotoforo an
nounced. A motion to refer tho official
returns to tho select cdmmllteo, to see if
they wero ooriect, wa declared out of or
itr, arusr ithirji Jhe joint roventloii ad
joiirncd. Tho rereoLii.n i- n.i.. n,-ni.,.. 1.,.
V?.Y' N-Ve,'t' tho governor elect, "Wm.
"nun, was a lino oiuir
.... . . 1. ntti;ii;L
SI till M11B ultftmlml
""muu" 01 top uenorat Assembly, su-
,nre;,."':,run;."lUlM0 mC" nnJ
From Cliitii'n'o.
CiittAiio, January B.-To-dny, David
AtGRo, ex.oity treasurer, who was yes
crday indictod by tlio Brtnd Jury for em-
V ciou uv mo t!mnd Jury for em
tojixletiscnt and lorpcry, personally ap
P?l 1''" Jud! KoVeri of tho crln l
!'.' co"" R'"' "Tn lb' n,l"Ird bonds to
l,h. W ,jf m' 'J "I.pcar.nce
lur u mi wucnovur SUinmolifll. 'fun linti.l.
UWtW?rMU W7' '
. ,A l.'.H Ilcf0i Mlchluan. on Tunsdav
r" "?u' Umt M'ManlRal was
Pcorlii, UN.
MAirkwitu. ROllMKti Till! L'MITKU
i n n
TLrtrfii, TiSfep, January r -Win ll"s-
Ktf r&Vwt I "
I rtl
woci. ngo irr rou
oxnress safe, on
tho Teoria-and Hook Island railway, of
six thousand dollar.", lo-dsy confossod tho
robbery, nnd took tho oliiuois to a ttnblu,
on tho ciirrmr nf Adntiis and Clny streets,
wliero all the tiior.ev exct'Pt tlireo hun
dred dollars was liid in h hnj-tiiow. Tb
$400 bo hud burned 011 tho wijlit of lot ar
rest for fjar ol detection Defectives
Hest, of IlufUIo, Now York, and Matlison,
of Toorin. spent n week in . klng uptlio
cue ntid Iriduelnr I'l'SMiut t dlacljso tlio
hldln;; place. '
t'l'ha lr.w llrnffcf Ingersoli, Tuturbiugh
Ufos. itMcCuuo ho disjoin Judgo Tu
terbaugh going to Cliicap" t enter prn
Fnuii lu'tv York.
Nmv Yoiik, January -.Tbo slom
continues and Inn carried liml sliJ-J on
tlio sl'uughkocpsio, and Knstern, and
Dutcii'.H ntul Coiumbiu railroad', and
washed iiway lltidirn river rallronJ
bridges south of Crnluti, delaying tlto
early morning trains from N'ow Yorlc.
Tbo propoiud lab?r iloiiioiutrntion r.t
Union Squaro this mornlni: proved a fail
ure, ilfot moro than llired hundred men
appeared about Iho square, And they were
.gathered in littjS gtoups 'No ono ap
pearedlto organixu the nu'otln,;iitnl ss a
rain whs prevailing at tin time, the men
I'roin .Hlhviuil.ci'.
il ii.nAi.i; hn. Jnnuary U Tlio 11 w
statu ollieiiri v.ere nviifii in at tl.e capital
I'roin .Mud rill.
Maiusiii, January r. -Another povider
magirlnn in UariiginHt io.iIim:i1 etter
l'nim London.
1.0Ntii.v,Jnnury 8. The Hunk of Kog
hni's ratos to-Jy was lixed at i per cent.
ntnr unit niii i iiir tsi t i:hs
l'or'JI houi'ii andlti "p.ni., .I.111. 5,1974
Above (.'huugCK.
Jtl-u. Frill.
r 1 ?'rTF
Itrowni-vlllu .. .
Davenport.. . .
Hilbuiiiio ...
Kvali-vllle... .
Fort llenton .
Ilermami ...
.len"er;ori City
Kan-a t iti . .,
Ifookuk. . .
LiCroire. . .
I.CXlllL-trjIl. . ,
Littlo Jtock..
Morgantowu. .
New Orlcant
l'adilcnh ...
Tlttjbur'. . . .
St. Joseph...
.-t. I.oul, .. . .
t. l'aul . .
lckburg .
Var3W . . . .
-irM. . of water below iieuen mark-.
KlM.N (!a!!I.AM,
Oboervcr slf. .ifor. I'. ;
TiTuit:u, January 8.-
nvor lulling with 2 Jet.
Cixciv.vatj, January S. Hiver thirty
lour feet nnd ton Inchon rod riin rapid
ly. The weather ii fair.
Sr. Lofiu, January 8 Arrived Nolo,
Deported Alien, Momphis. i'.ivor fall
ing, v. earner clear und warm.
-Cjni.-ik.vati, January 8. Kiver rising
Arrived Andes, Wheeling. Dapartd
Andy Haura, Memphis; Louisville, Kew
Orleans; Juniata, Fittiliurg. "Woathor
Nzw Or.LnA.v.-, Januarv 8 Arrived
liragon, Ohio river, Jo"hn Howard, Ar
kaneas river. Departod O U Church,
Cincinnati. " The weaihwr -i clear nnd
Evanm-ILLE, Januarv 8. AVeather
clear; mercury 30 to 40.' Tho river bos
risen -10 inches. Fort lut Up Indiana,
Jloberti, -Mary Amentond Arkansas Hollo.
uowii rnveiie. iiorn n" Star. 11 Tr.
car.and Mlnncola. iiusincss good.
Abiivii.LK, Jtnunry 8. llivor still
rising with L'O foot on thn shiMls. Ar
rivedAda lieilman, l'mlucsb; A. F.
Green, uppor Cumberland. Uopirtod
Ada Uoilman, Faduci.li, r.nd Oreen for
Uppor Cumberland.
Mkmchis, January 3. -Weather clear
end pleasant; Illvor fulling Hendily. Ar
rived Arlington, Cinoiinati; Colorado,
Si Louis. Departed Muudo, IllmiarcV,
Now Orleans; Jiobert .Mitchell, Louis
ville; Crescent City, St l.mut: Furker,
Ci!(ci.v.vaii, January 8. Cotton UJ.
Flour in i;ood ilomand. Wheat lliiu at
1 -101 &3. Corn stoadyatCCgOl. O.Us
in cood demand at l lrS-0. Ryo uud liar
ley quiet, Groceries' hrm. Lugs steady.
Iiutter and chucso Arm, Fork quiet at
Hi SO, Lard quiet; Bteam b'8j; kettle
Hulk mtiits easier ; sli'iulders 01
clear rib 7Ki March ; clear 77. Itu
con flrin; shoulilers "t7J; clear rib 82(7?)
by clear eSi. Hot; dull and lower;
extreme ratif'u 0 105 .15; receipts 7,218;
shljimontsOJO Oreon moats eaulcr; shoul
ders U cli-ar rib"(J,Gji clear 7'; hams,
sales r.t tjf.. !i f.,r HU to 17ib iivcraK,,j.
Whisky ri.. h
Caiiaoo, January C Flour quiet.
"Wheat fair demiiiid and advanced, No 1
spring 1 TJ; Ha i! 1 $; No n, 1 1C1 17
Corn fair demixnii mid advnncod to fiOe
cash; 67c February. Uts stoady ut 893e
cash; I'obrunry -Klc. ltyo llrm, No U
781!'". Jlarloy llrm, No'-' fall 1 -la
1 la. Provisions fair demand and lower.
Fork 11 50 Pool; II 3 Fobrur.rvj 15 !!0
March, Lard, declined slightly early In
the day, but cloied stoadlor at bo spot, He
bid February. Hulk meats, shoulders fijo
juhiuu mum n u neiu yipi u 7jc
Whisky 05c. 3 ' '
h'sw Oni.L'AKf. January 8. Corn linn.
i5o. liiy, prime oasier 'Jl 00. Fork 1
scarce and firmer lfi 73. Molasses dull, I
conlrlfugal CfS'Jc; fair 60c; prime 00e;
strictly piliiiii C5c AVhiskyvtlrmor; no I
Cincinnati here; Louisiana i'lig; others !
rjT. Louis, January 8. F16ur Inactlvo
Corn Innc
No 2 1 l!lf,ji -ji. S0ft i til; fall dull and
........ V i , , . .. : . . ...... . .. , .
n. 11111:111,111:111. iv near, snrinc nwr
. . - . 1 r-
I 1 431-1 4J; No 2 1 OajiU 01.
Corn Inactlvo,
No 2 mixed offered at tl ,
regular: fits bid. OnU r,lni,l ,i,,n
quiet and riic'ion- 1 Fyo inactive, So .
11 0
0 0 0
tn 11 11 a
; ft c :i
to n. ;:
R ;t 0 2
Inn I
n 0
I) I),
S ft-, 11 U
'.'.'.'.'..' j 3 8 7
i O ",
...ill 0' 0
j 0 10
0 0
j 7 n 0
; 11 0
, 0 11 0
: O O,
u .1
0 I' " 0
fi 0
0 Oi o
83c. Fork Qrm, standard IS '.',. (I icon
meat moro active, tbo produo) of 'JQQ lings
sold; sliouldors 6e; clear rib "jo; clear
7Jc; hams 8jc. Dry salt meal linn and
nctivo, for future, looso tliouldcrs Ccj clear
rib 717c; clear "J(i7je: shoulders, sol
lor March Cjo cloyr rib March 8e. l!a
con Urm, shoulders 7je; cloar rib 8'jc; clear
0c; harm II Jo. l.anl stiff, primo stoam
8J0. Whisky In small supply but linn,
OUc. Hogi weak and lower "ti 185 4",
Dry Goods!
The Olieapest
Tlic City.
The largo stock of elegant
dry goods with which Ditrgei'
filled his new .store-room a
few weeks ago, have been
nearly all sold, tho people
having been unable to resist
buying at the uiireccdent
edly low prices for which
they were offered,
is now tilling their
with a still liner and
beautiful assortment of goods
absolutely the cheapest and
best stock in tho city. The
liue.st cashmeres, satins, eni-
cloilis, alapaeas, mo
etc., etc., aro olfered
very lowest, prices.
at the
Bu riser's
shawls eclipse
sold in Cairo, both for
beauty and cheapness ; and
his furs, nubias, scarfs
He has
than the
1 full line
4 cheapest.
of kill doves in all colors,
kid gauntlets, and children's
woolen gloves in every style.
A large lot of merino under
wear for ladies and children
is being sold at fabulouslv
low prices, ami a large lot
of table linen, napkins, tow
els, sheeting, muslins, etc.,
wants anything, at any price,
in the line of drv troods. or
notions of
she will bo
at Uurger'a
any sort, ho or
certein to find it
. 1
ami ins'- as
tain to
well as
bo suited in 'price
kind or quality.
f1. n rt rsi.f t ft, :s rv
A. It. SAKFOIID. FroWdenl;
7.' Su'iA,Y,hVU' Vlco-FroiildW.;
II. HlsLOJ', Soe.reta'y and Tn
l'll.H-1 iKS .
r.is. Hixcu.-,
It. 12. UnxNiauiun.
I'acl O. Bmira.
11. I'. Ham.ii. At .
lCo;ilU.;; iuy.Sjii.u;ttuiia,.(urou
,.. Orai) VivnnrttH.
r.l 1 Kt.ESr (laid on dolti m thu rain of tu
J par cent, por sanum, :.troh 1st and Moptsm-
Si.lSl7.l0,hB l"n"'Pl of IhodopOrtlti.tfcereliy
ni'lnittheffi compound iLteront.
asi-oair Korrxr
IB1T 1.0 (l Slll: CAN llilAl" IT.
tl on .ry bmlnes dy from a.m. ui S ri.m..
ojI;-, from lo i o oloek.
. "'' w.i(rmiOi',TTtiir,r.
13 a xr k:.
A.I tl.
1 1. 1, t m o tn
n wa
W; f. II.LL1IIAY, 1'iuI.Udi,
IIKIVHY I,. HALMbAY, Vl.i.i.l'r..UM,i
vAiriiit uraLop, asiu ai.i;,..
lllUSCTOlkfl I
HrsSis'l'stiiiR, KonT It, tUsHinm,
Iti.svIi.IUiiiii, W. P. Ilium r, '
(iro. Ij, WuusKsiis, UrspiiiN llmi,
A. H. (Hiiiii.ii.
Ksmiiiiyr, Diifn uuU IJiilftul s,,,,
Moulin nonirhn nsiit HoIH.
hiHinoj stun ft.
KSHb.-ll liilUlltcu I
or Ji.iu.
It, W. JdiLLKii, FrcHldent,
.1. M. Fill Lii-H, Vlee-Froslilont.
OllAU. CUNMNlllfAM, L'nshlcr.
TrjtirOfUNOB, cela,
tuterrst AMuneU i,., 711111 n
4th Gkan!i Gift ('oncfht
r'or (he hciiellt of the
Success Assured !
i oruer to incei tlic uoiiernl wlh ami
expectation or tlio public 1111 , ticket hold
tr lor the lull payinent ,( Hie. mugnllicTiit
l-III", iiiiiiouueed lor Hie I oiirtH (irand (Jilt
. 1 'iiieerioi mo i-ui. no l.llii-.uv ol Kentucky,
tin- 111n1age1ue11thav01leterml111.il) i.oi
1 pone Hie concert ami Drawlnjr tiuiu
TUESDAY, tho al.t of .Maroh 1871
' 'iliey Iiiinc alreiiilj rcaliud
Ami have a fleet maiiv aeiitn jet to ln-.ir
.Nn doubt ii ciitertutiied ( f the milv ol
every ticket be Pure Hie iIimwhij. but
wheilier all arc miIiI or not tlio drawing will
prirttiiely mid iiiiequho all) take place on
lin; day now lived, and II anv reiuulii tin
cold they will be cam-filed mid thu prUeii
will bn lciluceil In piiiorlloli t the liu-iill
Only W,0(,i tli k'-l li'in' Ii. . 11 i-ii d, hi I
12,000 CASH GX.T&.
Will be di-tlliitlled iiliinli,- II,. tu k I l obl
CI'.. The tleketi aro printed In coupon i.f
tenths, ami all liuellon.il lull will be tepre
rented in tin draw lug JuM ni wlinlc tlcicei
i:im" or uts re.
Oiii- liratid Cnli tart
One Orand Cash l.lll
One GmikI Cah (lift
one Grand C-li (lift
One Grand Cash Gilt
K, O1M1 Glltn 9lll,(.0f) eaeh .
:;) C'ali Oltlh r,cK) eiieli, .
M CVIi Olit 1 noil each .
Hn i.'asli ( ilftt .'ifHieueh.
Uk) Oaili Gifts imculi.
I.Vi Cu-h Gift'. 3. Hunch.
Oanh (aits '."00 each .
c.i-ii out. ir-n each .
lt.OoO i-lGllti WJuavh.
...U.Vl 00
... In! IHiO
... t.'lMO
.. 1: ; ()
. . l."l (MO
. M (HI
. 4is (th)
I'l (KJ
. . ." IO0
. ,Vf Olid
. . ::i .'ion
. . .ViO IMJSJ
Totul, 1'.' n: 0 Gift, all Ca Ii, alimuiit-
but to ?i wx) run
1 lie riinnee' lor a i.illt are a; nun In the.
rnicr. vr tm ki t.
hole ti. ket- - . . - Ui m
Jlilvi-h m M)
Tenth", or noh coupon - A trj
1 U holu tiekut Tor - - - Mm li'i
SIJ I lokeU for .... ,iii) oi)
111! Whole llcket lor - ."..H is.
-Si V Hole tleVcti fur - - Ukkjimm
-No di-eilllit un than f.Vs) worlli ol
ticket. .
'I he IVnirth Gilt concert will In-i-oii. lusted
imill icpectn, like tlic tlirec Hint lmu al
ready bi-cii shen. and lull nai-tlculais mar
bn Ir.trneit lium rlrculars wniidi will be i)tit
free from this otriee to all Mho npplj fur
tin 'in.
Onleu for tickets nnd applications for
a.'i'tleies will bo attcuilrd to iutliu order
they arc rccclu'd, and It Is hoped they will
no rem 111 promptly, mat mere may nc no
ilUatiointiiient or delay in c 111 nu' nil Lib-
era1 terms arc given tothorc wliolmy lo sell
a'-ilii. All auentn arc tircmntoilall 11-
liilred o mottle up their aceouuti und if-
nun an unsold lieltet. uj ir.e-jnni nav of
.iiureii. I1IOS. 1;. HRA.M I.I. I I I
Ak'cnt Public- Library, by., and .Maiiacor of
ill Concert, rublic l.ihrary liuliilii'K,
.oiilsMlli-. Ky.
1 lUttWW
l?V EflH aM E A T,
Hmisitu tucl-t, llKTWHrH Wamuqto.i
.Nil COWUkKCIAT. AvejsrjK",
dt.,tnt3;s Mt'riiMoui.i nuil llnllll,'.
t',S'&!'m' '.'T B"',' l'vt'' Mb',"' Vial
IVjwb. ne, sic. cii,u preinrml iDrn
la Urn mi-il w.nitfcM- minni-r.
t3Tp clal uuentior, paid t order, troru
riiribnat.. nlchtor iNy
irjujtsiir t .Ir.uses Kyrt-f.on.i
ISUlCIiKIt 4K1J DftALKH IK Af.t. lifN'l.H 01
Fhksu Miutt.
COHNKH XtttZtXimX AND i'OVI.t!l Hlf .
tiuya and ulauybtcrB only tlie bust caitig,
tiagH and rtcep, and In prepared to fill anv
lematjd for fresh meats from one iniund to'
t'H thousfinil pnuniU.
JiYLANJ) A- fciAUKlt,""
ANI dhalkk i.v
Ooruer loth sticet and (Jammerelal anu
r.oxt door i tho Hylund suluou.
- 1M6tr- CAlItO, ILLS.
"7! TT m s -r-r- -i-n -r ,
Neat- cm-. I w. nlU ili Mirtct mi.l ;.,,
Iiierctiit Avrmif,
ItlIVs and si uiphti-m nnlv I hit i..ii'.hi.
llll. mill V.linnn i.t.,1 1. ..-.... ...ti. . '
Jorrifor hrosh .Moats from one
n , ...... J II.V1I.I
and Is prepared to till or-
to ten thou-7-Wtf
I'll llllllllllH.
IS KM IS, B0., ti CO.,
AiiKNT.-i IIojik Corro.v Mn,r.H
HO. M Oklo I.oveo, Ualro, Ills,
()A.XHIt. IlLUoil,
- AM) -
'.'or. ( oinmer 'M v, ami 111 tit f-t.
I am) vrs cn3
1 Ii linn of til sawlul iINoum am foiiml In
i i ri iielgliboilmod, In hIiihi-I rci y liouv.
For tliciti and fur llielr Itlendn, wo bain
tldliiKK (i r go hi I cheer and hope the an
nouncement nt Mot Iniportanl illi:oeiy,
llriulv bii'ed upon iniiimoti sene and ic'u
fun, by which tho terrlbln malady N pnl
tlvelv colitiolleil. and iU 1-tlun are iieiin.i-
! m filly rerturcil to health,
Is not a .eeret ol emplrieal lioctrum, It Is
happy (oniblnation ot two remedies known
to plivnitians everywhere as the bent mentis
ol combating tnnsumpt on. This eomblua
ll. n Is .Mr. Wllbou'a dlcf cry und is
louuded lljioiilbu loHiittiiig
Ooiiputiiptlmi I.s ilccay. Soothing, c-pc t.
oruut ri'inedios 111 e ouly u-elill as palllittUi s,
Ihoy ilouiti4eachthecuUir.theyiloiiotptoi
the deeiiy. Tonlo incdlcllics strengthen Inu 11
III 1 tfrcii, and prolong tint battle, but the
dci jy goon Kteadil; on, and fouticr or later
the vli llm lnunylalil. (.'Ilmatbicliangcsaif
nometimcs good, but they celdom wholly
1 uie. in lioit, the llrrt thing to be doiiu I
to "hjI Tin. DKi av ; tiieiliipplytlierctoitt
tlvf, tonli- mid Iroiiplli jjlvlng tri'tttiiieiit.
llinili a inuiiieiit. 'J'li - lungs are li' i n.Mii,
luliiirelen, iileeratlonii, cavltli ninl depo.
. illation tarries this poUoiialtovcrthi' bmU,
Waitlfig. los n appetite,' 1 111 nation, nl.-.ut
nwcul", and nil tlio terrible rymptoiut up
pear; is It worth while to doctor tint i-iin,.
torn., which are merely tlio rendu, wlnii
tlio decay, which Is the came, li eating ui.
the life spring"?
'I'iiesc two things arc wril known by tin
bust pliyili , 11M :
I. pubo .0 acid positively arrests dceuv.
It is the most powerful antbcptlc in tli
Imown world. Fvcn dead bodlcn aicpn
en ed by it. Lntcring into the circulation
It at mi. 0 grapple with corruption, end
decay erato. it purines tlic folircvs nl ii,
-. t'od I.lier Oil Is naturc'K be.t aM.taiif
In rosl-tifiif consumption. It Is it nnee a
food, a tonic, n purltler, a healer. It br.n er
up and ruppllrsthe vital lorres, rt-ds tlic
wasted jslem, and enables nature to rcKilii
her lootholtl. I'or these purpo-cs noiliiiitf
can i.ompire with Cod l.her oil. Tliisttm
theorj o
AHileoribed fully In the luuntor'n rlr-uisr,
which will ba mailed, upon applluatlou, tu
any addntssi.
We cannot alTord space to tell the wlmlf
story here, or to give thu numerous cer'iir
tatcs lioiu eminent tibvslclans und weil
known elllzeiiHtcliryiiiL' to the absolutels
iviiii.itriiu renins uowin irom nils tfreat
ilisvuvcry. Mutllce it to say.il Is curtiii; thou
sands who supposed themselves to be it
death's door.
Wli-on's CarboLtcd Oil Is clentiti au,
picf.arcd with tho purcxt carbolic acid, m
I'omblucd as to be entirely harmless, with
From Iho celebrated tirhcrlcs at Aalcsti T
(Norway), pronounced by physician, tin.
iii&t delicate, elllelcnt to J liver oil In ttj
It is eadly taken, tolerated by the wcakt t
"lomache, dle.ts readily, never become
rnneld, nnd is almost entirely Iron from Kir
usual ill-ayreea lie characteristic of I
liver oil.
For every u-col cod liver oil Mr.Wlh-ou
discovery fs of the k'realest value.
Fur the safe Internal udmi istratl iu of
earnoiic acid .Mr. v ui-on's me'lod or com
biulnt;it with cod liver oil is abaolutely w
csnar) .
Is a spetdSc and radical cure for
'UJ.N to U jvi. iJTIO 3ST
Hcini.mbcr the mine, "Willion's Carbo
itod Cod l.ivcr Oil." It comes In Urm
.vedse-sliipcd bottles, bearing the InvcYi
"r'- slKuature, and is sold by tho best drug"
Frcpared by J. II. WilLson.f.l.Iobn St , N Y
Kicn Ai;inOK it Co., St. Louis, "Wholesale
HL'KLiiiiTtN: KiifALtChirsjco. I Acents,
8-1 il.Vvv ly
6 a,-
The only reliable Gift Distribution in the
$75000 00
To bo distributed in
iu-.i: f.KOb'LAR MONTHLY
WIMT IfijN'J'ESrltlSE.
To bo drawn Monday,' Fobruary 23d, 1S7I
S5ooo sokl:
Two Frizes $1,000 each in Greenbacks
Hvo Frizes COO each in Greenbacks '
lenlrlaes 100 ouch in Groenbiicks '
1ha,;.r!li,.With S"'"tf-
mllrum!,ui't'i.Uok.,'',vo'V! I,,ano ?"
faew," J,,,hliicn, woith tU
rcVacli''U V'aWUo chains, wot tli f!
F,t?j25 "!iciil'Ul'"Cal' lmnt," '"lt'l'i, world
".'nil JvU,iC'(i.ni'i,i '""'""K worth 9100 each '
JtJOO Goli tuid SI verLover lluntlnK wyclie.
In al ,) w-orili iwin ?2dto $:X) cae.
(old chains, Slivcr-ware. Jewelry. t... . 1.1...
NuMliltli ok Gins 7,.'i00.r TlCKKld I IM
kti:i to 7.000.
AaiJ.NTS wa.ti:o to sklltickki-s,
whom liberal premiums will bo imid.
HlSfiLB TlCLKTfl.S)lj Six TlCKaTi ri
Twi:i.vn Tickbth '13101 Twkot"i-.vV
TlCKICTrt (f20.
.. :;"".':? a uannni,' a run list of urine...-
St r d' ?,
ifii...ii;,H . .. 1 1 ,u '"ioiioiico 10 11 in h i.
be, i aii"11.'10 se,lt t0 ""X 0,10 oril. ilnr
,. AIL ?ttcr3 " n.ldressed ll.
-si ur r,LK, Ij. II HINK Hav
loiw. Fifth. st. u-"ci&1. O.
N. II. Thlstlovvood. r. J. 'nnste wrod
0 0 M M I a 3 I O.V M u u OUAWTB
! -iir-i nl nsr '
f Y'n-v.AjMtB?jB?jB?jBVtSBtt-1Kaf
11-2 tf

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