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rtf etaa our cearaif
IUII U. OMWLT. attltot ead Pobltihu
nmm or tki dajl duixbtim
ge -feet h eeeer, la advaae 10 00
OwMlfjaf nMr aot pua
13 00
1 00
10 00
mm every BMMre.
Mt aavlag i iomt way ob-
i or Til Btlt.t.XTtX'S
of LImcm ft I.eesdsn to be
'HmM Hide, ud.coB'Klout that that that
BtsmltBsBB wonld Infallibly k.-U an lr
MMMttMiM m Ue Btrt of the
bUNwaWiBlt, meanly forestalled pop
ulew itsBllmBBl bjr hastily nominating- an
OktotovprMd all the probebilltle are
wMa Nnw hud will cffofrm ni
oiifati Way dl4 ta Preatdent net Walte?
juv yt 'J&U, ha laag will a
wax ibm -im or
Bl UWrfaTMOO With their Wibe7
Vui the aVItieh Parliament tn 1119
'----- ilia Bank of Ko eland to-resuuio
! la IMA the praiMlMi ef
.'i5fIU.r.,.r' lhlM
l wouia sot iicHniiaH
m c cola, Wat-, at
I -BflBB BWrsjage Of the Mt IH
BBOBt tBMB BBT Mat. Tber ffdiUUA tllO
ubbb4b4 preepeolty for the pMl B
reeaM af Immediate rmumaiioa; But
has were the rc( coaiequencei?
ZmfBttfBOBt Ub whole rea-goof commndi-
UM ftlBW fell BB average Jortfiet ptr
tM: eae-half of the iebtor clan of Kng-
1bb4 waa hewilBMlyruiaod, BBd nil tb In-
cbbwmi 91 ibb country wr ror many
yiBrt MfBlyBBi. In 1815 bpptnd
wjHfvMBSBla ,BI. OBB of th ro-
MiUBf rBBBIBtWn tMt ftrful
BBVBBBBt BtBtBt' IcBOWn by tb
UHNh U T Fftntc. But ob-
VBBM,tBBt (BB doWBfkll of NpoiOB
i it Jaas 1816; with bii down-
Uu Bl , Ur FfBBoh MrolatioMry
Bt. TbB aBBlMBl 4bt of JCagiBBd.
waaafaliy BMBtt4lB(d la 1B1C wi 816,
tll,Bt0 aoadi lUrliag, tquftl, rmlucBd to
AaiirliiB 4ol(ari (ratinf th pound at
-Atb djoUati), to Four TbobmoJ and Klgh
tFMUUBaa(4,06t,SI0,700). In 1117
ttotBMtaiatiWBd 10 796,200,191,-
ttHiMn' 4na'lTlt to on bandrid
BbWUm of dollaril In 1818 it
waataaaaadto 776,742,408, iulTatia
4 aaoikar. huadrod mlllloni ! In 1P19
f6m4ft lBaafM all aoraland poliu
aid toV prompt raiuit wm
UuJibW' dlbt wai laertuid in
laiOSOaad '31 to MI,5MI0, an in-
BiBiiBiBBl of on buadrJ and twenty-
Billion q(,diUti,, Tb aational
dabtof QraafBrttatn at tb clnu of 1871
wa 'miTr0im (In dollar., .1,97G,8J0,-
awwiHi a vrdactl9n ..n. a 1SU of
Mp!jor ibtdBbt t tU it of
471,' alwiTar, about two Lundrod nd
BwmiBTB lllbni of dollar. wr
tBrsiaabU aaaultlai.
It U aaiy aboBgh to parcalva from t Li
UiayaMlaattaTikat tbi raault of 1mm..
.41aaaiMBW6tt la Ub Unltad Statai
aaaa tadMtrUl paraljaU, bankruptcy
( B BjBaXor cUwat, aad a piruanaat at-
of tba aational dtbt. Tba
awty of tba country U to i-at
tm mwiliTi and to gat oat of prlr
Bta bb alw ai rapidly ai poaal bit.
irTBTliBliBi4ld aad lilrarars In tba
wbHb of aa BBiIaaat damocrat"Tne la
gal Ua4ar of Qod aad. tba dtuiocra
ey,H aai'HiaBiiB ougbt to ba brought
SwWi taa laaat dalay conilitant
tfMiaaaraat of gorarnmaot and 'peo
iftVOMaali mar k barmt la in foil
biaw;1t'- t
TW raaviBitiai liar tbay will net no
I far taatr dyka tat yaar.
woraa aaar uaarray bava
BWMBf a MBiaviiia nnn,
will bb Tlgeroaaly opar.
aiadkeoB aalooot and
Veflatajl.j - v
Tho Wtmm OaalieJ,. raHrii d own su
000 HI" laa4 to Jieliiia county.
iatereet of the farm.
county will ion be
The aeaaty clerk el Morgan county
iwnoelurie'aBarilage' lloeniet daring th
r'aeiaj aaaoed Salllvao. 11. in
aa tjptT)li wa thrown from a bone
aa.-wawfey laet aad ee teverely Injured
Mat H la paaraa aae eaaaet aurrive.
Meeellagrabam of SUrliag. injured
oa aausa a aone-Bower wooautuog
at two week! tine, and on
r of teat week died of lock-jaw.
SOTorlde-e haa aparoved tbe LIU
a et Uleg far a ehaagelB the time of
aWMkig oMit la tbe Itteeatb judicial cir
eaat, oaeaeeed ef tha eoantUt of Vermll
tJMgar, Doaglaa, Clark and Coles.
Mail JUile Ageat C. Cowlat of the
Beah fclaad ft Faelio road, wa arret Ud
oa Wadneediy kit for robbing the malls.
The etlafee wa traced to Cowle by the
iliilal aeat of the department, who, on
BeAagarieHil, ooafeetad,hi guilt. Cowle
ia aimhllleaged maaweft off, and a
haothar-ta-Uw of Scbnyler Colfax.
Ow FrUay akht laet four robben en-
ItMBoaaeof joha musky, a farmer
t laar aaHes acatUt'. ol Beardatown,
rkejeeklag ttuoky down bound
Bjfaet. The eoaundreli then
i all tha valuaVlet iacludloi:
I aaaaau auK of moneythev
.4Bteh. Oa pf them
MBBwMTUle aae eae college aaj one
I aaaesu. oae couege
I fcr female etudeoU. a
,aixyihlie: ahnolt,a high
BE aiairiTTii Bfiraie ra-
aaaaB aae aha imiaata. aha) awaM laeaae not-
fyv. adueatlon
SamteWawA, ImlLTlt" toeWiloa fer
1 00
IMT Mill! I '
ZM MeMhs U
ft HMldHV U MNMt,
li'jpi1'!1 '! ' , '
ThV ultpi Otitral Kill Head .'
Thr Soldier' Monaural t Moub4
A FrlBlInr I.f"
(Special Dlipatrb to tb it. I.ohU (Uol.a.l
aitc or BAiLBOin i.iwds.
HrnisartKLV. ut.. JanuarrllO" Tc
day tbe Attorncy-Uanaral. in ooasptiaBca
witb a law paim iy tueigniaiure tati
wktar. prmafd a twtltloa totheSn-
praaaa OobH, aaklag for a nandamuito
oomnal tba Illlnola Oantral Railroad Com
pany to bob ply with tbe requirement of
tnair cnartar, ana oner ai puouo aaia an
the landa iranted to tba company wbte
raualnad uoiqld 10 yaar attar thai eompla-
tlon of the read. Too tiraa iweinea nai
lone- ainra eiotrad. but the company ba
failed to comply with the requlrtmenti of
toe oaartar. . i nereiore me jegtiiaiure
Baaaad an act iut wlataf-freaulrlne the
Aitornay-uenerai 10 mimuie proceeuiugi
againit tba company.
a aoLbtia'n uonumcht!
Tbe Uorernor bat appointed Jonathan
Willi. l Uatrnnnlll. Wm. A. I.U.
Bay, of Vienna, and Win. 11. a.iib!etcn,
of Hound City, coatmUiioner to erect i
aoldien' Bonument at tbe national came'
tery at ilound City, for which the Aegf-
Miure ai winur appropriated n,uu.
coxtiurT or TiiuaTBM.
lfTb)J6te ajpeoial confiiktaa to inquire
Deaf tnd'Dumb aaylutd"at JaoktooTille,
In making contract in excel oi tne ap
propriation, will continue their work on
R." ' .Alh..
nronoeeu aDnBopraniom i'
uclion af naw fbullaMoBA tt
iutloni mat with & rahiff It lB H
lv. 'i na mil ao nDiaaai haw i
BMKructing :ana; lumiaweng v.1""""
Wg of the Soutltornllaaaae aayluruiwaa
taNMky a rery decUlra rote. It ap
pear that all appropriation of thl kind
that are'not absolutely nooetiary will re
ceive tne tame treament.
. apodal to the Bcpubllcau.
- A raiKTIMS tBAK.
SraiKoniLD, January 19. Mr. June
introduced oulle a aeniation In the liouie
thli morning In tha. ihape of a reiolution
whicn, alter itating tue eziiienca oi re
tiorU aa to extrayasance in public print'
log, initructi tbe committee on printing ta
make a tnorougn inrenigaiion ai to tue
sott of printing the report af each de
partment, anu ta ezpree an opinion at to
tha uiefuinet of 'tbete report.
Mr. Oberly aupportad tbe ratolutlon,
and offored an ameadtnent calling for an
iaTOttigation of cott of binding and pa-
part He ttated that he baa made tome
private inTafttleatlon. aad i conrinced
thai a great leak asUt in tbi depart
ment. Tne ten mouiana copie oi report
of itate board ot agriculture con bii,buo,
of which $5,800 i cbareed for binding and
3,000 ror paper, xne cnarge tor pre
work on tbo ama ho regard aa being ex
canlre. lie further ttated that the cott
of the printing done for the railway and
warekouM commltilon tbut far i over
98,000, and the report of the itate depart
ment! la general are prmtea at an eicett
iTeana aimoit eztortiuuato cuit.
The ttatement at to the coat of the
nrlntlnrr at that much-abuad railroad
- A-uu.t ' ' 1 . fiaatn ot
tbe board, a furaiihod br tba board to
tba bouia a few day ago, only ibowed an
aggregate of illgbtly above $0,000, and
now to hear oven a hint that tbe pilntini;
item alone exceed thltkamount wai suffi
cient to dumbfound tuany. '
Mr. UMriy amondment. .wai accepted,
a wai one offered by Mr. Gray, author
izing the committee to tend for person
aati paper.
Aa Advance Sheet of Alexis'
of Ula Travele.
The Bt. Petenburg correspondent to the
Baltic (Jaittte hai teen advance theeti of
tbe flrtt volume of the Grand Duke Alex
la' account of bit voyage around the
world. Thli volume It exclusively devo
ted to a description or tuo urand tiuke'H
adventure in the United State. Tbo
above-mentioned corritpondent writes at
followt about it :
'Thli ii certainly a very curioui work.
To judge from what I have read ol it
whether bit imperial IligbneM wrote it
himself, or whether an abler pen did it for
him tbe book ii intonieiy interesting.
Tbe Orand Duke teyi that hit reception
in Mew York elmoit itupitlid him. Up
to tbe latt moment be had no thought
that to brilliant an ovation would be ten
dered In Republican America to tbe ton of
a monarch. Ue wa very weak when, be
landed in Mew York, and during bit pro-
?;reit up Broadway frequently felt llko
tinting. Hut everybody wa to kind to
him that be triod to look pleated a he
wai in bit heart of boarti. Broadway,
be ibvi, in hit opinion, ii the finest
thoroughfare in tho world, became every
thing there, houiat, ahopa, and the people,
look not monotenoui, but gay, lively, and
bright. What amused blm perhaps more
than anything else was that' the bandi,
upon catobing eight of him, ttruck up,
not the Ituaitan aathem. but the so-
called "Dirge of St. Catherine." which
waa played ia Hustle ,only at tba funerals
of member' of tha imperial family I Tbe
cheers of the people were more deafening
than any be heard ia Europe, from which
he playfully conclude tbat lung disease
cannot be very prevalent in the new
world. As to thetoldlery, the varttty of
uniform! ttruck him ai extremely odd.
Ue layi be law, peacefully, ilde by, helm
eted Pruiiiani and '-kepled" Frenchmen,
red -coated Kngllshmon and Irish troops
bearing the banner of the Green Isle.
'Tne Grand Duke cannot praise too
highly tbe American hotels. American
fare, be thinks, however, It too riob.
There ii at tbeir table, be sxclalras,
na irely.' alway too much ofa good, thing.
x asktu tor tne peculiar ana oi America,
and at tha hotel they could not give me
any. Their cook ware Italian and
French. Tbe landlord shrugged bis
tboulderi whtn I aaked blm about it. Out
West, however, my desire waa at once
gratified. 1 dined one day on baked pork
and beans, a vary, palatable dish, which
would certainly bear traniplantlng to
"American manner, tbe Grand Duke
thinks, are a little awkward and angular.'-
.but decidedly pleasant on account of ev-
eryooaj t irariknets. me tens a numuer
of curioui anecdotal on his experiences
with the aborigine. In Waibington he
wai told that tbe Irish aervant girls at tbe
ret Id t ace of 31. Catacar.y were dying to
tee him. He put on a cap and
an old traveling coat, and wnt unher
alded down into the kitchen among them.
Ua wa not recognized by tba Blddiet,and
chatted with tbem for half an hour. Ue
found out that not one of them had an
idea of whtre Russia was situated, and
one of tbe girls even asked him if tbe
(Czar alway wore a crown on bit bead,
adding tbat ibe knew the Queen of Xng-
jae twwajt ui. quatiy emuimg it ma
hwuii ui tue iKtpuun at uinaon, ne
braika, when a member of tbi legislature
congratulatid blm on rtb tuccati hii
rathar i n im war wuu trance i nwnu y
lagUlator of that Male wanted to knew If
It wbb'bI wafi cold to Kuiala. ,
"Theae fMny epatodei ef the Waaibow
ever, were amply made upfor by tba ex
tremo' klndnea aad contldaration with
which the army omceri were treateu uy
tbe grand duke. For Oen. Cutter and hit
tubordinatet tho grand duke bat word of
tba warrant gratitude. Oen. Cutter' pho
tograph ii published In tbe volume, whioh
It mott lumptuoutly printed and pro
finely llluitrated. Oniyja few buhdred
copies of the book will oa ittueu
i'ha Naw York Herald of October lit.
itatet that the) object of ;(Jo1, Steiaberger'i
vliit to Bainoa wa to learn whether the
chlett of that group deitred the United
State! government to attume a protecto
rate ovor mem. ut lounu tnat notoniy
were the chief near v unanlmout for thli
political change but alio the foreigner! of
nationalities ratldint tbero. The'lleraldV
tetter layi : "The icbooner Fanny, undir
charter bv the United Statet rovernment,
arrived at Apia on tbe 17th of Augutt.
with Col. Steinberrer ai puieneer. Thli
officer vltiti the itlandi In cor.iequence of
a petition imt by the whites and natlvei
of the group to the United State gov
nrnmant. aiklnr for American protection
A tocond petition, ilmilar to the formir
ono. wai In c.ourte of- tie-nature, and bad
.lM.Aii raoaiaA 70 Baaaaa: whllh ' other
tiMrea were expecteof.l A : meating of
naMve'chief wa ealled by the .United
SUte'commluioner,'frtrthe pnrpoie of
hoaria? their view in tbe matter. Three
fount of thoiepreeeit wera'.In favor of
annexation, and tha remainder required
time to deliberate. It wa fully exported
that tba group would ba taken under the
American protection."
An average Atlantic tteamer contumet
llflytontof coal in twenty-four houn.
Therefore, if Ave toni of coal are lufllcient
to feed an ordinary grato In our dwellings
during ht entire year ; ma coal consumed
on board a tteamer in one day will latt a
small family, burning one lira, .ten yean.'
it a load or coal he leu out uoort, expoteu
to tbe weather.untll It is burned up in one
irato say a month It looses one-third of
its heating quality, ir a ton or coai is
placed on the ground, and left thore, and
another ton ia placed under a ibed, the
latter lot about twenty-ttve per cent of
it haatlne Dower, tha former about forty-
even per cent Hence It i a great laving
of coal to hare It in a dry place, covered
over, and on all tidet. Tne toner tne coai
the mora it loie. .became tbe mott vola
tile and valuable conitltuenli undereo a
slow combustion.
Suoab ) AOU Sawdust. An exchange
eavi that It ii reported in JCngland that a
French firm bat dticovered a method of
making artificial lugar from material o
cheap that it can be told at a terming i
pound. Concerning which the 'Menu
facturer and Builder' iayt: "Whan we
consider that tawdutt it cheap and rich in
lltrnite. which by chemical treatment with
mineral acidi may be changed into grape
tugar, we ikouid not at all be surprised
tbat the above report turns out to ba true,
and the sawdust, ii the, material from
which thli cheap lurar ii obtained.
Chaneinir old linen rasa into lurar ii a
well-known chemical experiment. Such
rasi are almost pure lignite, while saw
dust also coniiiti of lignite, however, with
some other ingredients, easily removed
From rags to sawdust is but one step."
. Ci.kbk Hi ax. The Boston 'Coairser-
.lW-a Jb.et.one of A.T. Stewart'i fS.OOfl
noma mil year, a m by a New Tor
bouie with a $20,000 lalary for a cloak
buyer ia a Boston house couldn't touoh
him. An old Boston dry goodi employe
hai Just gone abroad ai buyer for a Mew
xork bouse at 330.009 a year and 0
peeies. A Mew York Arm if, to-day,
tryinr to tempt a Botton cotton goodi
taleiman into it employ at a lalary of
110.000. A wonted goodi clerk in riew
York at $7,000 it anxlout to get back to
tbe fold and hit employer! in notion, for
3,200 a year.
n n ti. Am b T . UT t '
VAintMOTOjf, January 30. The poit"
tnaiter general has replied to a resolution
In regard to tbe franking privilege, etc.
Ue says tbe set sales of official stamps
for the next Uical year, to cover the trana
mission of matter formerly sent through
taa mans uoaer irenki oi iae needi or tba
departmenti, are estimated at 3,2S0,000
In his last report he recommenied tbe re-,
ductlon ot the postage on books to one
cent for every two ounces; it lht sugges
tion! should be adopted postage should
not be paid upon Congressional document!
as well ai upon department matter by the
appropriation In the treaiury.
Waiiuhoton, January ao Petitions
ware presented from tbe Matlonal Board
of trade for a revision of tbe Internal
UvsiiliWi,(aorBgtbejitioB oflhe
Ww.S XetK- Cfamher of Qeeumerce tor
tha ireWeaUon af oellliieni at sea: pro
testing against any decrease of volume of
currency, and asking that the Matlonal
banking act be amended, and tbat tbe
volume of fractional currency be reduced.
ft Mr. Ogletbv presented ttopetltlon of
toe ravaiaai soararoi Traae, in rogard
to cheap transportion, and he made a
speech in favor of tbe Immediate atten
tion of Congress to the subject, stating
that In bis opinion tbe question was of
more importance than of licence.
Mr. Bogy spoke In favor of nation
al legislation to opan national water
routes from the west to the sea. Refer
red to the committee on transportation
routes to the inboard.
Mr. Morton asked tbat the reiolution
for the admliilon of Plnebback alienator
from Louisiana be taken up, as he desired
to bave tbe subject recommitted to tbe
committal to investigate It, ai to tbo per
tonal conduct of I'lncbback In connection
TilirlTn HFH
1 I1JUI1U11111 IHUl
Heoerted txnresslv for th Bu let n.
1 1 j
with the election of McCfearr. Urald
be desired to laaah on thaiubiect on Mon
tttblectpn tn-
day, m being
mt. iiorK
mako a mot!
ice thai , he Wild
ipMcbiof aFftn-
eral consider
he Cmbce raatlu-
Tba Finance Committee tbit
agreed to report favorably upon Mr, Fen-
ton i Din providing uat in cue oi iraua-
meat undervaluation of imports, taa cue
flicatlon penalty should apply only to
particular item or Items undervalued ,and
not to tbe Wbow invoice. .
The Committee on .Fottofucei and x ott-
roadi will toon report a bill restoring tbs
franking privilege to a limited extent.
Tha tame committee decided tbat.the ben-
At of the Ireo letter delivery by carrion
hould'be extended to-'cltlet' having leu
than 25,000 inhabitants.
Mr. Brownlow thought Immedlalo re
turn to specie payment would bo destruct
ive to the business of the country. Cur
pratent financial syitom wai verygood,but
capabloof amendments; ono of the prin
cipal defection! being being the unequal
dittribution of currency. The loutb
and weal wanted more and meaturoi
should ba tiken to reliove theie section.
Mr. Gorton opposed a ipeody return to
tpeole paymenlt but did not del! re to be
understood a oppoilng it when consistent
with the interest of the producing cleat
and country. To give the country more
currency .waa to bis .mind tne . tnorveti,
eurett aad eaileit methoi of, 'reWel,l If I
Coat rest woo Id aaooahee that It Inteoded I
ie give more money, "me
aaenle. aad
ire '11 flexibly, thai very hour would
rlne relief to the country and bring out
millions of ereonbacks now hoarded up.
He inoke of tho wanU of his section and
said Le believed there wai more prosper
ity than when It look sixty dollars in
Confederate money to buy one in gold in
tbe days of the war. Cheap money was
wnat he wanted ana ne uopea tne atDt
that burdened the soulb, the west would
heed the cry; the South is poorer to-day
than the wai tho day she lurrendered; he
hoped the day would come when we
would Its ue money,' not founded on gold,
but on the' faith In tbe government, and
receivable for all duties alike.
Mr. Chandler argued like the other
gentleman, tbat there ihould be more mon
ey, but he wanted better money.
Ue thougbt mat tne oniy pien
wai for tne government to say it would
reiume ipecie payment on tbe lit of Jan
uary 1876, and to authorize the secretary
of tbe treasury to borrow $100,000,000; In
.1 1 . . . . ... . e
gold at tbat time; Hop the tale or gold
now and by the lint of January we would
bave $200,000,000 in gold to begin the re
demption of our. jlegal tenders. He op
posed any iucroaso in the valutne of cur
rencyeven tbe issue of $44,000,000 of
reserve, too resolution waa laiu aiio in
formally and the poit route bill taken up.
Mr. McCnary, chairman of the on
Railway! and Canali. lubmitted to the
Houte of Representatives the report on
tbe House bill to regulate commerce by
rail roads among the states. The report
says that the 'ommittee have had tho
same under consideration and reported
the accompanying amendment thereto, in
tbe nature of a lubttitute, and recom
mended itt pttsage. In the judgment of
the committee thu measure of legislation
now proposed, is so important at to make
E roper statement of tbe report to the
ioute of tome of the principal
grounds which it is believed not only
to Justify, but to demand its adoption
without repealing in details provisions of
the bill; til II enough for the present pur
pose to tar that iti 'aJierU'we right aad
WarifrerJvoagreii to regulate inter-state
mwuiwi m one ot me rvKUUont there
of; that the charges of persons engaged in
such commerce for carrying freight and
passengers, shall in all case be Tair and
reasonable; of detail of tbo bill we don't
speak of here,' because these can
well enough be discusied elsewhere.
Suflice it to lay tbat their pur
pose is, and we think tbem well adapt
ed to it, to adopt and enforce, under suit
able penalties at one of tbe rulet and res-
lationi concerning tbe commerce carried
on by railroada 'among tho itatei the
taking of-no more ' than' fair, reasonable
ton or compensation, nerore any discus
sion ot details, it is neceasarv to consider
and determine whether tbe end thus soushl
can tie obtained by a constitutional act of
congress end wbalber it 11 expedient.
mt. jaaynara iron me uommittee on
llule reported a new rule providing tbat
all motions to luipend tbe rules axcept to
go into committee ot tbe whole iball. be
fore being lubmitted to the Houie, be lec-
Baa .. m a
onoou dv a majority as in cue or tne pre
vious question. The proposition glvei
riie to coniiderable discussion, theiiew
rule beta advocated by soma; a aimeans
or prevenuag toe xioute irons Doing .forc
ed to vote by yeat aad nayi or buncombe
resolutions, and being opposed by others
a an Infringement on tbe constitutional
rights of the minority, which would be
thus cut oQ' from power to bave a
vote taken on propositions emanating from
it. After hours ofdlicutiion Mr. May
nard moved the previout quettlon, but tbe
House refuted to tecond it and the discus
sion wai returned.
Messrs. Dawe and Butler, of Massa
chusetts, were occupying most Of tbe time
in a personal ueuaio.
Mr. Ward, ol JUInoii. moved to lav tho
proposed rule on tbe table. Negatived.
xeat no. xsayi 127.
Thea after a variety of yeat and nays,
tha votes on tba rule wa adopted bv a
vole of 174 to 101.
Tbe Houte tbea adjourned.
Cimjinnati. January 20. Tbe Bar as
sociation of Hamilton county to-nlirht
unanimously adopted the following reso
lution! :
lleiolved. Tbat tbe appointment of
Hon. M. R. Walte. to the creel offico of
Chief Justice of, the Supreme Court of
the United States, Ii oae worthy to be
Resolved, That his charater as a man.
of ability and experience aad ia a lawyer
amply qualify blm for the high position,
and we are proud tbat mil great honor
baa been conferred upon a member of the
uuio par, anu we know nis elevation will
prove an equal honor the bar of the
From Mcnpbli.
$1,000 DAMAUl.
MmruiB, January 20. In a suit of
R. A. Pattnn vi. B. C. & U. M. Lowen
ttlae, for aearchlag hli; houte for itolen
goodi, frightening bia wife and forcibly
carrying oil' tome of her apparel, tha
Jury returned a verdict ror tlx thoiitaod
dollars damagei.
The Avalanolie't Jackton, Mississippi,
special iayt tba legulature assembled at
noon to-day. J, D. Sbadd, colored, of
Warren, was elected speaker of the House,
H. W. Warren was elected clerk and
Geo. K. Reese sergeant-at-arms.
The Senate olocted W. C. While secre
tary and then adjourned.
i -
. From Toledo,
uesr. u. a. waiti,
Toi.kik), January 20. A large and en
thusiastic meeting of citizens was held In
tbe post otlice square thli afternoon in
honor of tbe nomination of Uen. M. U.
Walte to the chief jutticoiblp. A parade
of military and firemen took place; a
salute of one hundred gum wm tired and
appropriate addreisis delivered.
affcn -ofl
. lilt
JCmouo.' JatawfT 3t-Betwiin .1 and
o'clock thli mnti&k Ire broke out in
Uaton ceaiwlXdeMa. wuimmg, occu-
'i ue MleMgaftTijenirai, niinoii
Land Chlca'aTorllngton dc Uuin-
cy aPJlIroadiat the foot of Lake itreet,
and in a thert time made tuch progrttt at
to defy tbe Are department, and wai en
tirely cottumed. Tbe baggage in the Chi
cago, Burllagtoa' ft Qulaoy baggage roota
wai nearly all lost, only a few pieces be
ing laved . aad taken to the freight depot
acroiii thaj atreet; the baggage in
tbe other room, In the south
end Of tba depot assayed, the fire
beifeg put .out before it reached that far.
Some of it wai, however, romoved to a
place of lafety. Nothing wai saved from
any of the ofllcet in connection with the
depot, all having been awallowod up in
common dettructlon. The tracks ware
filled with cars and most of tbem
were saved, but the men wtre unable to
remove a number of lino pa'tenger cart.
The Michlgaa Contral road lost throe
fiasienger coacbot and two l'ullman ilaep
ng cart. Tbe Chicago, Burlington and
Quincy road lost three can, Including one
Pullman tleepir. The Illlnola Central
railroad loose four coacht, partially
burned. The Cincinnati Aar line, one
coach. Loot Ii estimated to bo bttwten
three and four hundred thousand dollars,
lnturance not known. The depot wa of
name, put up aiior tue great tiro, ror tern-
norarv uto
While this Are waa In progress, tbe lire
department bell tounded again and tbe
announcement was made tbat
the large stone lront block on
State ttreet between" Vanburen
and narrlson streets was alto on fire: It
was uearly 20 minutes before an engine
reached the ground and the flames made
such broeros tbat five buildings from' No
298 to 302 inclusive were consumed. The
Are was tint seen in the Armstrong Faint
and Oil store 290 and 598 State street.
From this building the flame spread on
either side to tbe adjoining buildings.
The sufferers are Wits & Colby, furniture,
Morwln Church, hardware; Wool
Wove Mattreta cjrapeay; W. T. Slick
ney, ladiea undarware ; M. IT. and T. Lei
ter, furnacei. Lou estimated at about
$200,000. Armitrong on itock aii.oou
and balldlng about 00,000; Morwln
Church, Mo's.300 and "02 about the tame.
Colby about $18,000. Then building!
were'new, having been erected ilnce the
great fire.
Chicago, January 20. Tbe total ion
by the burning of tbo Union Depot thli
morning was about $02,500, not including
about 300 plecei of baggage of the lllinoii
Central Company, and wblebii appraised
at $10,000. Ia addition to this baggage
tbe Illinois Central estimates in lott at
$20,000. Tbe Burlington ft Quincy road'i
oitlmated lost is $15,000, tbe l'ullman Pal
ace Car Company $3,500, and tbe Michigan
Central, $12,000. The movement or traini
on tbii road are not Interftred with by the
fire, all naitencer traini leavine to day
and to-night at utual from the site of tbe
burned depot. W. E. Tunla of Detroit
owned tba stationery stead where tbe Are
originated; total loss, $2,000. Tbe lettei
by tire on State itroet foot up $120,400.
Lata last nleht a man named Fersuson,
in the employ of Booth &, Co., and whose
familv maide in Baltimore, waa knocked
down by three roughs and is injured tbat
he died to-day. Tbe murderers, who wore
known, were arrested and are now in jail
From Omaha.
Oiiaua. Keb.. January.- 20 An un
known man, lupp'sedao be insane jumped
from this evening s train on tbe bt. Jo
backed up and tbe man waa found in
sensible, and his bead crushed, lie had
a ticket for San Francisco and'$t5 in mon
ey, but no papers on his par too,
Offico of Observation, Signal Service IJ. S
:irmy. Ually report ot the stage ol water,
with the chungca for the 2i hourn enillug
u u ciock p. in., iianuary so, JOit,
Davenport..,,. ...
Dubuque ,
Fort Benton
Hermann ,
Jefferson City
Kansas City
Little Itock
Morgan town......
NewGeneva ,
Mew Orleans ....
Oil City
Omaha., j
Pittsburg., i
St. Joteph
!0 3
l. 0,:
su AOUIS...
St. l'aul...
o o!
'Below high water mark.
Kuwin Oakland.
Obsorvcr Slg. Her. U. 8. A
Pmtmuao, 'January 20. Tho river ii
0 feet and G inches, and riling ilowly,
Vickibttbo, Januapy 20. Down
Natchez. UpCity of.Uulncr. Weather
cool. River rltinr.
Lima Rock, January 20. Cloudy and
rainy; tbe river declined two feot. Ar
rived: Hattie, from Fine Hlutli.
Mash villi, January 20. The river is
still declining, 13 feet. Weather ii warm
and cloudy. Mo arrivals nor departuros
Ukw Orlbanb, January 20 Mo arri
vals; Departed II S Turner, Cincinnati;
FuturoCity and barges, St Louis, The
weather ii cloudy and warm.
MxurHia, January 20. River bai risen
ilowly. ArrUod Parker, Cincinnati.
Departed Kogert, jiouniann, uinntuaati;
Bannock City, White river.
EVANByiLLit, January 20. Weather is
cloudy and damp, with a heavy fog all
day. To-night tbe morcury Is 30 to 40
degrees. The river has fallen 4) feet in
24 hours, now by metal mark up. Busi
ness active.
Cincinnati, January 20. River rising
with 24 feet. Arrived Charmer, Kvans
vllle; the Andy Baum Is expected. De
parted Mlnnoopolls, Tom Sberbck, New
Orleans; it W Skillongor, Pittsburg. A
light rain fell all day.
St. Louis, January 20. Arrivedi Bel
fast, from Vlcksburg; Alice, from Mem
phis, with but four feet of water at Horse
tall, ami there is very little Ice running.
Underwriters bave not yet removed their
embargo on navigation. Woather ii rery
cloudy, with mild mitt and wet.
Louibville, January 20 Tbo river
bat rlien 10 Inchei in tho 24 houn ending
at G o'clock p.m., at tbat hour the marki
thowed lOfoet 7 lncbet In canal ends feet
in tbe past; Tbe weather ii mild with a
drizzling rain all day. Arrived Mary
Houiton, Mew Orleans; Andy Baum,
Memphlf. Deported Andy Baum, Cin
cinnatl; Houston, come up over the falli
lev January M-A flarge
in ware dUckehaed free the
navy. leal
obarged bj
"Trawi FortlaeMl.
1'nnTtivii- it. rdanuerv 70. The
laitern railroad bnJge at Biddeford, was
deitroyetl ry tire Uis afternoon, ljoti
From AMBapolli, Md. i
A.V!fAi-ot.is. January 20. Gov. Wm.
PinckneytWblto to-day resolved a major
ity in botu tout -oi me legislature ror
Vnlted Htatea Senator.
From PhUadelBalr
1'iift.ADKtrBiA, January 20. The case
of Jay Cooke A Co, wai heard before
Judge Celd welder on, application for fur
ther time to complete' the election for a
committee. Alter adjournment the
Judge held the caie under advisement,
Maduiii. January 20. The iron clad
Mumanclo. arrived at Ctrthagene. Ad
ralralropetl, minister to M or lea, baa
gone to Ceriuagena with full power to
investigate the circumstances or tne in
tra.egenloi inturnotion.
From BetmlngtiB) VI.
Bkmmivoton. January 20. Tbe Bnit
tlng mill of U. K. Bradford burned thli
aflertioonba Are being cautid by tbelilk
go of a ga'ioline pipe.' Tbe gee ignited
from tbe boiler Bre and expioding, de
stroyed tbo adjoining aewing room. Mil e
woman at work tbero were Instantly
killed or burned to death in tbe Are Which
followed; many btheri were injured.
The Ion Is about $100,000; partially In-
a urea.
Wasuinotom, Jan. 20. Prebabltllies
For Mew Kneland states continued high
hut sraduallv fallinc barometer. North
waiter IV and nortneasteriy wiaat win
prevail with cloudiness, and probably
light snow by Wednesday,
For the' Middle states and Uke re
glon, and thence southward to Teaneisee,
a generally ciouuy weataer ana .mi.ii
and soatherly winds with arias of rem,
possibly snow ia tbe lake regloa,
For the Northwest ariee of rain or
mow, .ith a iligbt rise of temperature
and easterly and southerly wiaos,
For the South Atlantic and Gulf sUtes,
pretty cloudy weather, aad, southeasterly
to toBthwetterlr winds and continued
hleh temperature. c J
Llcht snow Is probable for the lower
Mississippi valley, ,
Mew Orlxahs. January 20. Hay good
supply and fair demasd, prime $3 00;
choice 24 00. Molaeses dull, inferior 3
Gifie: common' 'dSAIItc; fair1 M&Mk
nrlma to atrictlv. tarlma l(,5c. WhUkey
supply light but price lowir, Louliiana
1 00: no ClnclBnatl'on band. All others
Mkmhuib, January 20; Flour qaiel
Cora meal fall demand and higher, J 40.
Corn scarce and firm 78c asked. Oat
scarce and Arm, a oae ia flnll aads. Hay
quiet 10 00(222 00. Bran firmer II 00.
ia no. Lardauiet and uachanted- Fork
1G 00 bnlk; meals firm; shoulders f-lCJc:
sides 8(5)8 Jc-
Cinciitati, January 20. r'lour vary
i it ..-v..- .ai. io .o. riami ault
and drooping oi(a)tis. uau rye and bar
ley unchanged. Oils unchanged. But
ter and choose firm. Fork firm at 10 CO.
16 75. Lard steady, steam 91; kettle
J&. Bulk maaUgrm at fllQit. Ba
oaa firm, stock light. Shoulders 7; C B
o;(aioj; ciear ',WJ. ureen moats nomi
nal. Hogs firm; shippers grades 6 20
o iu; pacaeri o ou3 tie. VYblsky a1
live at 94.
ot. Aiouis, January 20. Hour very
slow and unchanged. Wheat dull and
weak; sample lot of Mo 2 spring sold at
1 joa)i zi; no . red tan l 41(a)! 4 a; ao
2 offered at, 1 6 easb; 1 02 Ud. Corn
week and unsettled; No 3 mixed &QSt
vain; 113, jiarcn. uau uuu and closing
lower to all; Mo 2 mixed 444. Bar
ley steady and firm. Rye dull; No 2 15
80. Pork steady IS 00. Dry aalt meal
steady and firm; loose clear rib 7; clear
(. Bacon unchanged shoulders 7i; clear
rib 83; clear 0. Lard, dealers apart: round
lots prime steam held 8 spot. Whisky
lower ji, j legs tower 40(ott zti.
Cuicauo, January 20. Flour, quiet and
unchanged. Wheat, fair demand aad
lower; Mo. 2 spring 1 21 j cash, 1 23
Feb'y, 1 21 March ; Fo.3, 1 16, fair de
niand and hleher: No. 1 mixed &7 cath
57J Feb., 59 March; new No. 2 mixtd 60 j
uat rair demand and btgner; No. a, 41
cath, 42 February, 43 March. Kye unlet
No. 3, 7778. Barley quiet, No. 2 fall
1 4S, No. 3, 1 2S1 28. Whiiky quiet,
90. Pork dull but tteady, 14 25 caib
14 35 February, 14 U0 March. Urd
tteady, t 00 cash, 9 0S9 10 February,
93 mareu. aiuik meats in good demand;
aoouidors oj, tbort rib 74, short deer 7
ipote green ihould en 6J, short rib
hams 18 lb, average.
Nkw York, January 20: Flour heavy
and lower; superfine S 80(36 -0: common
to good 0 00G 90; good to choice 6 96
1 nv; wnue wnoat -v 7 jum? oo. VYbiiky
a tbade firmer 98(31 00. Wheat dull
and lower; Mo 2 Chicago spring 1 (IA
1 00; Mo 2 Milwaukee 1 00 1 CI; Iowa
iprlng 1 S4m1 61; good to prime North'
wett l C0&1 Gl; white western I 741
Kye quiet, western and state 98(1 00
Barley scarce. Corn in fair demand and
higher, new western mixed afloat 8(390;
old in store 92Q9I; afloat 94; new white
87. uats mixed and white western 60a
61. Coffee firm and buoyant. Sugar dull
anu weaK. rr urur; new mess iu jo;
extra prime 14 00. Cut meats unchaared
middles held higher; long and short clear
1,5. .1 . -I l.l-V- ... Ol T 1
c, muvth L'l.ar xouiuarjr 03. Ajaru aria,
prime steam January 9); February 97-1C;
juarcn April iu,
'is dead.
Ills otUce and dltpentary at
Bet. Commercial and 'Watihlnirtou avenues
It is true, the doctor U ono of the oldest
nhvslclans of the Place, ana. his diploma.
that hangs in hit office, show' that he has
been 32 yean In the profession, lie is doing
a larger office praetlce than any other phy
sician, treating an muus 01 curoaic uiBcatea
ot the human sy item, such as old alee w, and
all dlseasos or me xin, uumors anu bioou
potions; alto diseases or tbe throat; also
all dlteaaAR ot tbe eye of years standing:
also ertltleial eyes Inserted ; fistula cured
without tho use ot a unite; cancers cured
bvtho application of medicines ; pimples ou
the face removed: all urinary diseases
cured ; all forms or venereal and private
diseases cured in the shortest tiibe; teula
weakness and self-abuse cured) a sbor
'''it'll BoW-evldent that a physician treatiug
cases for twenty-two year acquire! great
All consultation! confldentlc&l, li person
or by lettea.
medlclnei furnished at offlc in all
19-23 tf.l Dh. David flctn,
ilieftt Sraiir, iaiwaaiWiaBiiraToa'
aeeamej BUlteaAeaae aat aaaaar'a
. Maap Ue Uat at Baaf, Per, HaMee Veal.
liaatB, Baaeage, ete.t tad ere hs e eerv
iineee la the stoat aesealaBl meaaer.
, .
. kaVslparlet atUnHoa paid to ordin freai
teamrKiata. alebtur day.
(Hutaeitor te Jamss Kyaaston,)
Vaata Mxatb.
Buy aad aUagtatera eatf tha heat eatfle,
beeje ami aheew, aad la prepared to ID aar
lemead ter areeh miatf tfeea smeireaadto
tea thouaaad pottads.
AK Ml 1 1 BBI Bt
Coraer 10th street aad Oteamiiilil aveaa
aextdoor a aae ylaasl eetaat.
11-16 If. OAXBO, U.L&
ear far. Twealtetls, tBireel atsel tTavja
sweaelal AVeeBtto,
Buys aad altugBlr oaiy Ua beetCatUt,
ktogs sad Hheep. aad U ftUfttA Meat el
Jenifer !Yasa Meat arem om te teafUteu
dpennda. h 7.BBU
oirr oei
4th Grand Gift Concert
For the benelt of the
Success -Assured !
IN order to mitt the staeral wiah and
expectation or Ue public aad ticket hold
er for the full payment of the saagBlacaat
gift, aanoaaced tor the fourth GaeadG lit
Concert of tbe Fubaa LUirary of Kaatucky.
tbe maaegemeat have deUrxeiaed to posi
pone the Concert aad Draw las; tuitii
TUKSDAY. the 31st of Mareb 1874.
Uliey bave already reaHaed
And have a great many agenu yet to hear
No doubt ia entertained, af the sale ot
every ticket before the drawing, but
whether aU are sold or not the drawing will
positively end unequivocally take place ou
the day now Jixed, and U aay rrmala un
sold they will be caaoelud.aad the prize
will ba reduced lu proportion to tbe unsold ,
Only 00,000 ticket bave hseaUsusd. aad
12,000 CASK CUFTS.
will be dlitrlbuted
era. '
among tue ticket hold.
The ticket are priated ia coupoao or
tenths, aad all fractional parts will he reprr
seated In the drawing Just a whole tickets
list or aiirs.
One Grand Cash Gift ,....,,..260 000
One Grand Cash Gift ,
ISO 000
oae urand Cath Girt
Ono Grand Cash Gift
One Grand Cash Gift
10 Cash Glfte 10,000 each
so 000
17 bOO
100 000
60 000
40 000
.40 000
r4S 0OU
32 MX)
690 000
ou jmta 11 11 ii o.uuu eacn
M Cash Gifts
l.ooo each.
80 Cash Gift
100 Cash Gifts
160 Cash Gifts
'.'GO Cash Gifts
32,' Cau Gifts
11,000 Cash Gifts
two each.. ..
400 each.. ..
300 each
aw each.. ..
100 each.,..
6. eat . , ..
Total, 12,000 OlfisaU Cash, amount
ing to.... boo ooii
'Ihe chances for a Girt ara afoas to live
raica or tickktb.
Whole tkkct . .
Ualvas .....
Tenths, or raeb:coupen
It Whole ticket for . .
234 Tickets for . . .
113 Whole ticked fur
25 00
600 05
1,000 00
0.000 08
227 Whole tlckati for .
10,000 00
The Fourth Gift concert will be coadoctsdr V
in all respect, like tbe three that have ai. .
ready been riven, aud full particular may
be learned Irom circulars which will be aunt
free from this OIHce tn all whn annlv fur
them. f"
Orders for tickets and applications for
agencies will bo attended to in tbe order
they are received, aad it Is hoped they will
be sent In promptly, that there may 60 do
dlsapointraeut or delay in Blllng all. Lib
crui terms are given to those who buy to sell
BRiin. All asants ara nramnturUlli. .
milra4 .atir. im II.. I. ...f.iil -J "
turn all unsold tickets by the 90th May of
MwcIJ v.. , SMOSsr5' AMU0TTK,
Agent Public Library, Ky., and Maniger'ol
LouliHI Kr mr
ItecUdiir tud Wboleiale Dialer In
fOHKleai AND B0HBS) Ml
a". 62 OHIO Ciria,

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