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bmnTM'l Of ICK, C
C'AIHO, lilt,,
.ui., ie.4. J
January 5, 10:11 p
Uuotnetar, 0:16 degrttt,
'thstmomtler, SO degrees.
Wind N. Velocity 4 tutlcti.tr luur.
vVentbtr dear.
Maalmum ts-uptratur lor iMt 'U Lour,
S degrsss:
bUalmuinteniperaturt lor the last "II hours,
4 dtgrstt.
I'rtvatltngwlnd tor lest S4 hours, N.
Total aumbtr or wilt traveled ly wind
during last S4 hourt, 281.
Ttrtal ralnfel tlitriu the lt 'Jl licurt 0-QO
EltWIX llOOlll,
Observer Signal Service, U. tf. A.
in auicv.
o. winhton do.,
14 (OONU rLOOk) OHIO t.iv
tlaJisO, UA
Mut av Bill Rial 1tat,
tj s. ?.
r S s s '
C. i hughes,
OMu Levee, ove r Matbut A
but Fint'CUn CuuijtanU
i.ur wati'osial hank hwriuko
1 fct oidttt established Agoncy lu Southtrn
Illinois, representing over
$65,000,0011 (10 !
1 Marine Capital oi
Cfatr l Ji lata .
Tbe mat discovery of the
a(0. Tun Is no palu wnicti
the Centaur Liniment wilt not
relieve, no swelling which it
will not subdue, and no lame
Bess which It will not cure
tTnlala strong langnace. but
it It true. It It no humbuc;
the recipe It printed around
aek bottle, A clreular containing certlfl.
(IM or wondenui cures oi rurumaiirni
uftiralfta, tock-Jw- pralns, twelHngt,
buns, aealdt, caked-breaata, , poisonous
bltet, freian teet, gout, taltrheum.ear.ache
Ac, and the recipe ot tbe Liniment will be
tent gratlt to anyone. It It the most won.
derful heallnc and pain relletlnir agent the
world haa aver produced. It sells as no ar
ticle ever before did tell, and It eells because
It doet just what It pretends to do. One bot
tle or the Centaur Liniment lor animals
(yellow wrapper) U yvorth a hundred dol
tun for spanned, strained orallsd liorset
and mulas, and for Krew-worm in sheep.
No family or ttock-owner cau afford to be
without Centaur LtnUuent. Price, Wceuts:
aogr bottles, 91. .1. B. Hne A Co., Vi
Itroadway, Mew York.
OAMTOI11A It more tuan a tubsUtute for
t'4erOU. It It the only hak article in
uxlttenea which It ture to regulate the bow
oU, cure wladcollc and produce 'natural
Bleep. It it pleasant to take. Childrenueed
not cry and mothers may slsep. 10-Jwly
Jlnnufai'turcrs and Dealers In
AJm AgenU for tbe
719, North Maine fitrett,
.St. i-ouls, Mo.
ii dJtwlia.
.'orner TweUU ttnit and WathUigtou Ave
(Late et St. Lout,)
lilxAMK MO OKU of evarv descrlutlon done
wlta BeatneM and diapatch. All kind of
r ullag dene at abort notice , UlUles, , Mustc
KBgaalaae aad I'eriodlcala bound neat and
at toe lowest possible rates.
,wvrk, vuru mM jivcuruii, iocaui
Fee Bookt, Illanka, etc.. made a specialty.
Jioxet, Foeketliookii, Envelops, etc.uiade
. r i . . . . . v. 1 1 ... . v . . .
lo orner. 11-34.
BEM1S, BKO., & CO.,
Aimt Bona Cokoh Mar.n
NO. BO Oslo LlfMt UAlM, W
Oait. Maii:, Militant superintendent
of the Uliilulppl Central railroad, at
th Hi. Charles botel veiterdey.
If i royal highness Grasshopper Sam,
has returned lo Cairo ; but sayi lis will
not bo caught Id any ratcallr tricks"
thli libii. Ho ! on hit good behavior.
Al.t. who ttend the Phantom patty on
Friday oniric, can procure masks for tbe
face at I'hll Saup't, Commercial avenue,
uu Ydnilay morning, at reasonable
price. 'Jt
ItKUKMMiK the auction tale of fariii-
tura at the retldmce of Mr, Fattersou, on
Seventh street this morning. A large
quantity of exctllent furniture will l
A Fiano ix xcua.u rou VACANT
loth is caiko. Any perion naving a
vacant lot or loti that they would ex
change lor aCrit-claiiplano, can be suited
by addreising Mil! Mary Dixon, merit
Cerbondale, IllinoU. BJ 1.28-M
Lost. A portfolio a week ago last
Saturday, between tbo residence of Mn,
8. ), 11 all Way and High Reboot bouie. A
auiUble reward will be paid the rlcder by
leaving tbe lama at Tin JU'U.kuk of-
11CS. 80-27-31
On a of the Fhautonu, on of tha
tongaet one, by tbe way, will have to be
quartered in order to meet bit several n-
gageiuenta win 1'hantomam for next t ri-
day evening. Ilyn force of circuiniUnce
bevond liu control be bai nn lets than
four on bit bandi.
We riie to atk what ba bcome of th
printing tommittee of the " Knojoquei
'We have not been interviewed by tnein
for nearly ill hour and teel lost. Said
Interviews had becomoa regular diet with
ui, and Ilka liver, it will do very well
for fifty or sixty nl, but alter that It in
'no Jokt. '
K. A. Moiwi, W 11 Kraier and Henry
llobn, .St. Louis j W II Wood, New
York : J F Fate, W A J.soch and S J
Hays, Chicago; K Vogler, Cincinnati;
C 1 Walker, Fatoka, Illitoi. ; F 11 Sbef.
tield, Louden, Tennesien; and J Delatour,
Aurora, were rvgUtdrM at tbe St Charles
hotel yesterday.
Mh. C. HAyY, corner of Kijhth
street and Commercial avenue, has made
arrangements by which be can furnish all
who mav wish tbeui, costumes for tbe
"phantom" party, on Friday eve. Step
In and leave your measure. It is expected
that everybody will appear In costume,
YcjTir.KAT niorning while tbe steatcer
City of Vicksburg waa lying at llalllday
Urot' whmrfboat a passenger, aaid lo have
been a resident of Chester, liandolpb
county, fell over board and was drowned
It is taid the unfortunate man had eight
hundred dollars on deposit with tbe clerk
of the boat tor safe keeping. We cjuld
not ascertain bN name. The body was
not recovered.
Willi c Lo.vr.au as met with another
accident yesterday by which his arm was
rn-brokru. Five or tlx weeks ago illitj
foil off some sacks of grain in hi father's
feed store, breaking bis right arm above the
elbow. Yesterday, while climbing about
some cars, he fell off of one of them, and
broke tbg same arm an loch or more be
low the old fracture. Willie Lai a hard
time of it.
Wk regret to learu that Mayor Wood
met with ah accident yeiterday that may
compel hlui to keep within doors for toiue
lime. In crossing the railroitd track op
polite Twentieth street, be stepped on
something that turned bis foot, spraining
his ankle badly. He was conveyed homo
nd it is said will not be able lo perform
bit duty either at mayor of tbe city, or in
connection with the firm for soeio time.
Flint-. Haudt will treat bit scholars
to a Grand Masquerade llall at tbe St
Charlet hotel, on ;Mardi Oral, February
17th. He envitei all his former pupils to
participate in tbe feitivitivi. Good
ordttr will be preserved, and a l'ikhI time
is expected. Furious wishing to take part
in the procession in tba forenoon, can ap
ply to Mr. liaruy alius office, No. 119
Commercial avenue. ('. Hauny.
TfJ J7-tf.
Ik another place in this issuu of Tilt:
Bci.lktim will be found the card of th
New Arlington house, located on Com
mercial avenue, uetwuen Sixth and Sev
enth streets. Tbe Arlington house is lo
cated In the very heart of the business
portion of the city, and as for being ron
vtnient to the steamboat landings sod
railroad depots, hat great advaatage over
any other houie in thu city. The botel is
largo and roomy, capable of accommodat
ing any number of guests', and tbe ism-
pie rooms for tbe convenience of com
mercial agents are not surpassed in the
city. Mr. T. li. Kills, the proprietor, in
vito a share of tbe patronage oi the trav
eling public.
A THK day for the i'hantom ptrty ap.
pro aches tbo greatest interest Is displayed
by those who purpose attending. Matt
rial ior costumes is in demand, and ii we
may judge from the extoniive prepara
tion! now being made it will be the moil
elegant asd select aflWIr ever witnessed in
Cairo. Numerous invitations have been
tent abroad,and the occasion will be graced
with many of the reigning belles and
beaux of our neighboring cities, which
with Cairo' beauty aud refinement, will
preient a display of splendor unequalled
in tbe annat of Southern Illinois,
The club with to impress on tbe mind
of our cltizont that no one will bo admit
ted unleii properly authorized by tbe in
vitation commlttoe, who have excluded
from their list all whoso preiaoco would
in the slightest degree prove objectiona
ble to their guests. At the witching hour
Vti.uldalgBt, tba Fhautom will doff tbeir
f btitly countenance, and partake of tht
itirts'nijier.ti which will be laid uudsr lbs
dlri(.ttoh of Major Wilcox, after which
On with the danrr! Let Jo) l,r UiiCoU
lined. ' s 1 1 1 1 the wee mm' hnlir ut luoiti herald
till! kppioai ll dl ilujv'
" 'I n K W'AI.f.Art Sistiri. ' These re
owned artiiti, supported by a grand me
tropolitan combination of twenty-five art-
isti, full nrchetra and brass band, will
ppoar at th Alliufium on MoBd.iy and
Tuefday evenings, Tebruary 2d and 3d.
Keservtvl toils nro on sain at Uartiiian's
Store. Tht frut tf tbo charming trio,
Jennie, Minnio and Maud, is t'Xi well
known to call for oilendrwl remark. Suf
fice It to lay they are one of tba kidlog
combinations of America, and ai such will
literally pack tbe Athenaum to Its uimoit
nxtent. The company Include! three famed
comedians: tieo. K. Forteicua, from tie
(hand Opera Houie, Ualtlmore; O. W.
Ulake and Iwiiii Spencer, of tbe Theatre
Cornlqtie, New York, beiidei other artiiti
of celebrity. Tbe orchestra Is laid to be
very fine, comprising ton first clai musl-
clsni. On thn opening night tbe great
burlet'i'ie of " Aladdin, or the Wonderful
Scamp' will ba produced, along with all
the unrivalled ipecieltlei of the troupo;
also the elegant comedy of the " Village
Maid." Hciervo your seats early Is our
rtdvicr, and so avoid tbe rush. Seats were
iu active demand yestirday.
ALL KAIL VS. ItlVl.'K A.M U.llL.
The fulluwlng U fioiu.tlio i!t, Louis Hem-
orrat' of .(HiiiiHry T,li :
low is fhliinliiL' Hour to New Orleans on
through bilK ot lading by rail. Fitteen cars
nave aril veu, ami more comini;. ine ioi
lowtng U clipped from the New Orleans
Ficayune' in regard to It:
'weuiidpriitand.thlKltbtit the furerunuer
of regular through shipment troirrihat dl
lani i)ini. leu more can, aimuariy toau
ed, wilt reaclr here In two or three da),
and thenceforward wo may expect such ar
rival eu-ry day trom thl Interior ol Iowa,
and presently even Irom the Interior of Min
The table of diatante traveled by tbe
train, which U to make Its apearsnce to-day
In New Orleans for the tint time, is as fol
lows: Waterloo to Dubuiiue. m miles;
Dubuque to Cairo; i.m mllei: Cairo to
.ew Orleans w, miles, ioibi, i.uoomnes."
We take It lor "runted that the owner of
that llour desires to make tbe moit money
on it he can, ;ud we are therefore surprised
tnai ue ruouiu uni nave snipped uiroin uu
buque to st. LoiiU by rail and hence to New
orleuns by harge. nr. wouia nnvc esvca at
least 80 ce'nts per barrel, or on tllleen
carload. Another thing ptuzles ti : The
New Orleans papem announce the arrival
of tnl consignment of 1,MK barrels ot llour
hy rail, with a inot extraordinary rloiirlh of
head liues , and tu'ceot in a mutt npturoii
vein, that pernapH mis fcort oi tnins win ne
coine iiermancnt! .Illt as ttioilL'ti it ws
more bles.edto receive Cour liv rati than by
mer. A lK)At from at. l.oiil, or a tow oi
...Ill Puili.nl . st 1 Irilil t r.M ll III -
Oiij batrel' of fiour,out upon tbelwharvesol
New Or eausand nev-r create a rcportorial
rlnnle. Thcu why all this poppiucof Hohe-
nilso campalne over the arrival of ,IM
Dirrctsornour irom lowa uy r.tur
We believe that every seuaible man will
lako it fur granted that the owner of the
shipment above referred to, icoi'W not
loose 30 cents per barrul if he could avoid
it; and further, that a business man be
fore making to large a ihlpment would
thoroughly advise himself si to which
was the chtapett route. No man would
make the ahipment for the glory of tbe
thing, especially wliou in lien of tne
glury, he could lave f 450 by shipping by
another route, Henco we are tatiiSoi that
he shipped by the cheapest route, and
in troif of tbe ajsertiou we would refer
tbo editor of the 'Democrat' to tbe dies of
his own papor. On the datu that this
shipment was made through Cairo, In the
'Democrat' the rates of fright on Hour
shipped from St. Louii to New Orloani
by rivor were quoted at 76 cents per bar
rel. This being truo we would liko to
have tbe 'Democrat' demonstrate wherein
the laving of 30 cents could have been
mado; for it ccili but little, if anything,
more to trautnort nour bv rail from Du.
buqua to Cairo, than trom Dubuquo to St.
Louii ; hence the 30 conit diifurenco in
favor of the St. ljouii route must be made
between St Loais hnd New Orleant,
and Cairo aud New Orleact,
which it not possible at 75
centt a barrel from St. Louii ; while
Cairo hat been ihipplng all winter at 25
sfnd 39 centt per barrel. Tbo 'Democrat'
:ould with at much propriety recom
mend that Dubuque thipptri load tbeir
flour on barges at their own wharf. That
would save rebandling at St. IjOuIs.
Of course it serves th interest of St.
Louis to subvert tbe facts regarding every
enltrprut that lendt to detract from htr
business. Uence the hostility of the
'Democrat' to this new route penetrating
the great wheat growing sections of
Iowa and Minnesota. As re
gardes tbe "tlourisbes" of the New Or
leans papors, we heartily concur with
them ; and for the benflt of tho ' Demo
crat' will say that most likely tbeir true
cauie for rapture is that by rail they have
a turv thing on haying uninterupted ship
ments the year round ; which they never
did or can have by menus of St. Louis
boati aud barget.
Tit! Fourteenth Annual ball of the
Hibernian Fire Company No. 4, will be
given on Tuesday evoning, February 10tb,
1874, at School's ball.
The undersigned commlttoe of arauge
menti are making every effort to make
the ball a grand success, and will asiuro
all who may attend a pleasant time and a
warm reception.
The publio are invited. Tickets $1.
Wm. McIIalk,) Coin.
I'm L. Howard, V of
'JT-td A. Susauka, j Arrng'ti.
I will lull at the residence of Mr. Pat
terson, on Seventh tlreet bolween Wash
ington avenue and Walnut street, on
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock a.m.,
household and kitchen furniture, consist
ing of ono fluo parlor salt, carpets, centre
tablet, chain, beating and cooking stove,
lafs, dlibei, anil many other articles mud
in keeping home.
7V-27.31 Louis 11. Mviks.
For Sale, tame pattern and make as
that now in uie at the city national bank;
it entirely new, having been in use only
one week ani bad only three tires made
In it. It may be teen at C. W. Heuder
son's itovo iter. Reason for tell
ing it a deilre to burn wood Instead of
coal, (if i-i4..';t K. A. Ucknktt.
1U Villi MCVt.H.
ind irWres tor the 24 houu CLJin it fl
u, in. last etenlnic :
Kteamer F F Oracoy, Colunibui
" .Urn Fiik, Faducah
" Yaeger.St Iouli
" City Chester, St Louis
" Kilgour, New Orlaua
I itelle Mempbil, Memphii
" City Vlckiburg, Memphis
" 11 S Turner, New Origan i
" City Helena, St l.ouli
Stiaiuer FF Oracoy, Coluiubui
" Jai. Fiik, Taducab
" City Holena, Vicksbuig
" Mary Alice, New Orlrarn
" Ysegor, New Orleans
II Arkansas Bello, Kvarnvllle
" Chester, Mompbit
" Kilgour, Cincinnati
" belle Memphis, St 1.0'ii-
" City Vickiburi?, St Louis
" H S Turner, Cincinnnll.
Tbe Ohio river rose !0 inchet in the
twenty-four hours ending at six o'clock
last evoning. Tbe Mississippi i rejiorled
to bo on a itand at St. Louii, but owing to
late heavy ralni a rise is expected.
Ruiiueti was only moderately active.
The voalher was wnrm and ipring-like
throughout Ui? day.
The City of Vicksburg and Hell Mom.
phis came up with light trips,
The .lohn Kilgour had a good trip of
sugar, ric, molanef, etc, for thn Ohio
Th'i 11. S Turner was alo well lidcn.
Hot-led windows, with or without
glass. Enquire corner Thirteenth and
Walnut Mreetf. 43.13-'.'w
White t Co., have for Mile ono new
Gamble Wagon and ono Ilray. For
torms inquire at their store, corner Wash-
ington avenue and Twentieth street,
Two iiatteriei of two Rollers, each 'Jl
feet long, i inch Oram, 'J 14 inch Flues
with tire fronts. Mud and Steam drumi
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Britcbin, all complete and in lirst-class
order'; been u.ud only three months. For
price, etc, inquire ot J. T. Kxnmk,
O-M-tf. Vulcan Iron Worki.
tobacco" salr.
Tbe opening sale ot the Strougbii A:
llinfcle's Tobacco Warehouse in CMro
will tako place next Friday at eleven
o'clock. It is expected that a number of
buyers from other polntt will be here on
that day, and tbe tale will be lively and
interesting. Of course all our Cairo mer
chants will be present at the sale, ai all
are more or less interested in tbe enter
prise. 84 l-'is-3t
On Seventh ttrect, Cairo, Illinois, one
of the moit beautiful homesteads in tbe
city, consisting of two lot haudsomrly
enclosed, let with dowers, evergreens
shrubbery, Ac., Ac; a well built aud neatly
funbhd cottage containing seven rooms,
cellar, ostorn, wood bout, wash house,
bath houeand coal house, with gars and
every convenience. Apply to
John Q. Uakuo.y Co.,
Real Estate Agents.
January, 1874. e-0-lui
Fruit Farm for Sale or trade for Cairo
proporty or a irood stock of Goodi. This
I H throe mllei
Kilt of Wetuug sta-
j ''n tljo Illinois Cutra!
I twenty-teven milej from C
railroad, and
Cairo. A Rood
frame house, liable and other out build
ings. 1'oiiOiiioii enn be had at once. For
further information in regard to the
amount of iruit ou tbe placd, inquire of
T. Gravis, corner r,t Tenth aud Walnut
itreeti, Cairo, ill.. Jn. i!C, lf74.
74 1-27-Ct.
The underiignel having returned tbe
management of the above bote), truit by
itrict attention to business, to the wants
and comforts of their guests, to merit the
renewed favor of tbeir old patrons and the
traveling public in general.
TheSaint Charles will at once undergo
a thorough renovation, and be much im
proved in all its appointment..
Good sample rooms and special rates for
commercial travelers.
AH baggage'for guutti conveyed to and
from the hotel free of charge.
Ji:wi.TT Wilcox A Co., proprietor.
Tut barber iliop i ou tbo corner ot
Eighth street and Commercial avtnuo
where J. George Stienbouio with bis gen.
llemauly assistants, can be found at any
hour or tho day or night, ready to soothe
your ieelingt with a smooth (have, or cool
your temper aud head with a good sham
poo. Itiia Crit-clue shop, and you are
ure of receiving urst-clas treatment.
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
after the most approved styles. 8-15-tf
Mrs. E.R. Workman often her ierv
icei to the ladies of Cairo and vicinity ti
a teachor in the art of making Wax
Flowers. For tonui and specimens, the
releri to llarclay't prescription drug store.
corner Kightb street und Wuihington av
enue, where orderi for Flowers may also
be left. L&dios wishing lossons will pleats
leave their address at the store or give
notice through post otllee drawer No.
253, Cairo, III. 'Jl l.fl-lm
Pakt.neu Wantf.ii. A gentleman
without capital, but with several year
experience aud thoroughly acquainted
with thu business, is dtilrous of luriuing
a partnership lu the Hide, Fur aud
Leather business in Coiro, with iouio one
who can furnish a capital of say $5,000.
Address, drawer 2J7. 4'J-l-18.tf
Notiob is hereby given that I will pay
no bills for goods sold to auy of the em
ployes of Tim Caibo Bulletin, either
or themselves or for the uie of the oilice
unlet tbe taiue are furnlihed on an order
Ugned by Mr. Bnrnett or myself.
RUIO-ly Job H. ObkVi.y.
For OAs &oi stoata fitting go to Ren
nit's Vulcan iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street MO-tf
Tub t'uropeeu bote), llar.-y Walker
proprietor, It o,nin at all hours of the
night. 11 -7.1m
Fok a good tquare meal go to Harry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenue
between Seventh and Kigbth street, lm
a:,im-Fnti.tr with l.'ico ina
Manufacturing bu.'ine, Staple as Flour.
Fayi 100 per cent. Address,
0. S. Yals City.
Au. kinds of gatub constantly on hand
at Harry Walkor's, Commercial avonue
etween Swvuntb and Kightb streets.
For Sai.k. A tine Fsrlor Organ,
cheap. Address Max. Koi.i.ik,
Care of Faul G. Schuh'i drug store.
Fok Rent. On Commercial avenue
one large room furnished or unfurnished
suitable for sleeping room for gentleman
and wife or two gentlemen. Apply at
llri.t.KTix otllre. uti-l-l,l-lm
Tk pounds of brown sugar for $1 ; V
pounds best coll'ee sugar at l ; 4 pounds
of choice butUx at $1 ; 10 centt fur lard;
imperial tea at Jl ; Fotatoei .10 cents per
pwck; applet I ) cent!, at Wilooi s block
I will sell my home nd lot on Commer
cial avenue above Fourth street (lot 3
block loj at a bargain. The house con
tains nliii Urge rooms, including a large
bar-room. To .ny ono .wishing to pur
cbaie I will sell on good terms and easy
payments. Wit. MrC...Kvt,K.
10 dAw lm
All th articlai manufsctiired by Stuul
A Frico Manufacturing Company, Chica
go and St. l.ouU, are compoood of the
purest materials. Tbo company take
especial pride In having tbuir goodi of the
very best quality. Their Dr.Frice's Cream
Uaklng Fowder has maintained itt reputa
tion for purity and goodnti for tbe last
even years, whilo their Dr. Frlce'i
Special Flavoriugs, Vanilla, Lemon, etc.,
arc said to l-o unequalled by anything of
the kind in the markut. d.iw-lw.
Takes pleasure iu announcine to the nub
lie that she bas taken possession of this,
popular and convenient hot1! on tbe Ohid
Levee, Knd tlmt (ho has Rt:i'CkMMii-i
and Rbnovatkii it in many respects, and
il now prepared to accommodate tbe pub
lic with good far-, good rooms, good beds.
and everything nece'iary to, and usually
found in a flrst-clais cititblithtnent.
Thankful lor pat patronago, sho hopps to
merit its continuance.
Ct- Day boardon recived at reason'
rates. M-l-t'O-lm
Hum fiu on baud, noil tor sale a large
quantity of oak aud hiuUory wood, nit and
split, and ready for tbe ttov.i. Al-o ul
kind ot coal which will be delivered In any
puitof Hit elty onhott notice. Leave or
den at coal ard, on Commercial avenue,
opposite Eleventh treyt. Dec. ft-Sm
Root and uboe maker, Twcti h street, be
tween Washington amine unit 1'opUr
street, ( prepared tomateboou auu shoes
III the latect and luoal lashiouable styltt,
Ue will make them to order, old or new
style to suit customers, out ot thu Us-, aud
trehct stock, of which he always , 'ha i
good hupply un hand from which to make
selections. All fitting .of hoots unJ Uoes
made by Mr. Killers is done iu hi own thop
no foreign fitting being used by him.
(live him a call, and he will give you satis
faction. FOtt SALK.
The well-known billnei itandoi Cuitead
A Provo, at the mouth. of Clearereek, Alex
tuder county, lllinol, situated In ou oi
the flntft agricultural district of the Wert,
and with a well-f lab!ibe! trade, 'f hi- will
be lound a rare opportunity for an energetic
bu'lnes. man.
The premises consist ot a store -JuXiti teet
a dwelling of eight room, well furnished
and conveniently arranged, good cistern
and all necesary out-hulldlug, and one
aero of Und. Terms liberal. Au!y r
addres, Wm. Cuktkaii,
l'J-Mm- tIAw. Cleearrree Landing, lIU,
Happy Tenet lor young men trom the el
fectsot errora unit abuses In earl) life, Man
hood restored. Impedimenta to marriage
removed. New method of treatment. New
aud remarkable remedies. Hooka and cir
culars tent free, iu dealed envelopes. Ad
dress, Howard Association. Ho. '1 South
Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. an Inrtlttt
Hon having a bleu reputation for honorable
oonduct aud professional "kill. bVl'l d.tw.tin
1 will attend at the followim; times ami
places in tbe set cral precincts in this county
in conformity with law, for the purpoio
ot receiving the state and county t.it tor
tho year 18i3, at follow, to-wit:
In Unity precinct, ut the Iioum; ot William
Holden, Monday Jmiuary 1'.', Ia74,
in llazlowood precinct, at Dr. Jones' store,
Toledo, Tueeday, January "0, 1H74.
In Clear Creek precinct, at .Marchlhlou A:
Cnlley't store, mouth of creek, tVednes.
day, January 21, 1371,
III 'ihebea precinct, at J. G, Rollninx's
store, Thebes, Thursday, Jamniryti'J, 1871,
In Santa Fu precinct, ut V7. II. Anderson's
store, Santa Fe, Fliday Januatv 1H74.
In uoosc Isl.unl precinct, nt O. Grcviilry'n
store, Goose Isund, naturday, .nnuory
III Dog' Tooth precluet. at the liousn of N.
Hllosaeker, Tuesday, January '.'7. 1H71.
Iu South Cairo pieclnct, at tne oftlce ol J,
(. ilarinan, Cairo, Wednesday, Jumury
SS, 1.174.
In North Cairo precinct, ut the court house,
Cairo, Thunder, January St, 1S7L
Section No. ltit of the amended revimue
law of this stato requires that levy by tho
collector unou the personal props ny ot the
tux paver lie wade for the uou-iasmeiit et
personal taxes on or bclore the loth duy of
iiarcu neii.
Section No. 177, provides that all taxes
upon real estate reuiulnlui; unpaid on the
10th day ot Jlurch next, shall be deemed
Tax payer will bear in mind tbeso
changes, as the law will be lforouly en
forced, He euro to bring your title papers or
last yeiirii tax receipts with you, (bit no er
ror Ui paying tuxes may occur,
aiii, u, snvsn, VOiieoior.
Csimi, Ills. Dec, Bl, 18711.
The lliilliant Dashing Artist
SI 00 ani 7 icaii..
Reserved -e.it at llarlinau'x. without ex.
tra charge.
l'rHoMiiani S cnuimeiiec.1 at S o'clock ;
carriages may ordered at 10:4u o'clock.
Fiiank it. Dohsvi.n,
hT.'.'i.U Mote ManaKor.
A F FA lit
A K FA lit
Masquerade Ball
To li- ,'lten by the
Cairo Turner
F 0 0 1 K T y,
ScheeFs Hall
WEDNESDAY F. E., FEB., 17, 1S74
The Cairo Turner Society,
detormined to eclipse any and
everv ball that has been Riven
this season, will irive a Grand
Masqiterado ball at the time
and place above mentioned.
It is the determination of the
gentlemen who have the mat
ter in charge to make it the
'bigest thing" of tho kind
that ever took place in this
citv. Neither time nor ex
pense will be spared to accom
plish thin end, and everyone
who attends may confidently
expect to see such a ball as
was never before given in this
section of countrv.
The following committees
have been appointed, :
I. ;M. btookfieth, chairman ; Kd. Uu
iter, it. V. IJoUuer, Win. Alba nnd V.
G. Schuli.
Floor Manaokhn K. llebsacker,
Harry U'alkcr and W. F. Kucben
R:cKiTio.s CoMMirn'i; .Stephen
Scliwanitz, Wm. Under, Htid (.'hades
I'.etwi'i'ii lxth and Seventh street, Cjiw,
T. U ELLIS, 1'iopilrtiir.
'I'he New Arlington House ir uow open
ior me reception oi guests, ine house is
lousited In the heart ol the business portlou
ot the city, and couveulcnt to steamboat
laudlU).. ami railroad depots, ttood sample
rooms lor commercial agents. Watch kept
nay auu nigui ior ooai auu n am.
I hfrchy given that default baviuff 1cen
made for more than sixty days lu the pay.
incut of a portion of thu amount scclirod to
be paid by a certain mortgage executed hy
James Sullivan to Samuel Staatn Ta lor and
Edwin I'arsons, Trustees ol the Cxfro City
Froperty, dated July 18th, A. 11., lbC5, and
recorded lu tb !tecordcr' oltlce, In ami for
Alexander county, lu the Statu of lllinol, In
book r of ilrrdt.pagoiai. Wo, the under
slcued, aald Tnislees, will on Saturday, the
7iTi day of February next, A. D., 1S7I, at 10
o'clock lu the loieuoon ot tint day, under
and by virtue nt tho power of sale coiitslued
la and iuortgsi;f,cll, at publio unction, to
tlic highest bidder, lor c.i-h,at the ortlce
building of ssld Tiiutoei', corner of Wash,
inictiiu avenue and ISth street. In said citv
of t.'alro, lu Alexander county ami State of
IllinoU, ail tbe 1 1 .lit, title iiuil Interest ttl t.tld
Jauica Sulll an, lila hclrr or Ida ai-iigiih, in
and to lot numbered I (one) In bliu-k num.
tiered iri (twonty-iivo) in thu drat addition to
.aid city ot Cairo, according to the recorded
plat thereof, with the appurtenances, to aat
inly tbe p'li-poMi ami condition of aula tuort-
listed, Csino, Illinois!, January 'Jo, 187 1.
n. STAvra tayuir,
EnwiM l'snaoNt),
Trustees or the Cairo City Troperty,
78 27-lOt
OtUce over Thorns Bro't. raerv tton.
No, ISA CoBmereial avenue, corner Eighth
itriet, Ratldtno eoraer Wavhlnztoa art
imt am) VoitrtttnUt mraet
m i mm
ested, that the city rouneUeSj city ef
cf i -V.1"? oril-l that the usprovsmeat
of the Ohio Jevse on Uvee ttreet, tomthe
?tilherly side of Fouitb, te thenertlisrix
M.le of rourteenth atrest, (by graveu".
and grading the same) have applied U lks
county court of Alexander county for au
assessment of the cost of said Improve
ment, according to benelitt, and an aaeese
mentthereor having been made and rs
turned to said court, the flnal heariast
thereon will be bad at the February tsri
or taid courtcornaieaclBgoktbelOlkUeref
February, A. I)., 1874, V 7
All pfrsont desiring nay then aad there
appear and make their detente.
Caiiio, Illinois, December 4, 1H7.
Joiw i. Hkly, t
Joinv II. nosswAjr, i Coratniuloaert
OXO. W. liB.ltlC(S, j
o 17-31 ss
l'roipectos for 1874 SETOTH 1EAK
Au IlluiUated Monthly Journal, univrraaUy
uwitwu iu um u nsuusoBtasst penea
leal In the World. A representative
and champion of Aioeriean tanaj
5or vottffAf.x in Aoox on ifxwt Sreii,
The Aldlue, while issued with all tht reg
ularity, ban none of tbe temporary or thaw,
ly interest characteristic of ordinary peri
odicals. It la an elegant saiacelUny of pure
Light and graoetul literature ; mil cellsw.
tlonol pictures, tho rarest spaclaatn sf ar
tistic skill, in black and white. Although
each succeeding number asTonit a freak
pleasure to its friends, the real value and
beauty of The Aldine villi be most aonrecl-
uted after it has been bound up at Ue close
nf the year. While other publlcatloas aiav
claim superior cheapness, at compared wlUs
rivals or a similar class, the Aldine la aa wa-
iiiie and original conception aloae aad us-
approached absolutely without conception
The Illustrations of the Aldtne have wot
a world-wide reputation, and in the art cen
tres nt Europe It It an- admitted fact that
Its wood cuts are example of the highest
perlectton ever attained. The common
nrejudlee in favor ot "steel plates," It rap
idly yielding to a more educated aad dis
criminating taste which recegnlxes the ad
vanttgea the advantages or superior arttsUc
ipiallty with greater facility of produstloa.
The quarterly tinted plat et for 1874 will be
by Tho. Uoran and J. 1). Woodward.
The Christmas issue tor 1874 will contain
special designs appropriate to the teaaaa,
by our best artists, and will surpass la at
tractions any ot tti predecessors.
1'KEMIUMS FOtt 1174.
Every subscriber to the Aldus lor tb
ye ar 1H74 will receive a pair of ehraaws
The original pictures were painted la oil lo
the publishers of the Aldine. by Thome
Moran, whose great olorado pictures aad
purchased by congress for ten thmaad
dollar?. The subjects were chosen te rep
resent tra tboutand dollars. The SHbiecte
were chosen to represent 'rberKast" and
"The West." One Is a view inUsa-TTWte
Mountains, New Hampshire; the ether
qhrs thu CJIfli of Green rivrr, WjeatJag
territory. The ehromoa are each worked
Irom thirty distinct plates, and are in else
(12x10) and appearance exact tac-ttBUet et
the original.
NWAItk", N. ,J Sept. 'iJ. 1175.
Mes.ru. .lames ffuttou co. .
Ckmtlkmkn I am tlellirbtad with the
proofs in color ot your chremos. They are
wonaeriiiuy succetsiui repreientatlona by
mechanical preoeastof the origiaalpalasiags.
cry reupccimuy, iwoe. MomAX.
Tbe as chromot are la every teaas Assert
can. They are by an orlnal Araerlcaa pro
cess, with material ot American ataanfat
ture, from deetgas at American sotaswy by
an American painter, and presented to MkV.
icribers to the first successful I mill tan
Art Journal. Ir no better' because at ail
this, they will certainly ps seats aa interest
no foreign production can inspire, aad nei
ther are they any the worse if by reasea at
peculiar facilities of production they cast
the publishers only a trifle, while esjual la
overy reepeet to other ehroaios that are sold
singly for double Ue smbeetiptlM prtoe et
tie Aldine.
If sny tubieriber should lndleaU a pre
ference for a figure tubjaet, the pah Ulnar
will tend "Thoughts ot Home" a new and
beatitul chromo, 14x0 Inches, repreeenUag
a little Italian exile whose speaking eyes
betray the loni;luga ot bit heart.
$! per annum, in advance, with Oil C bra
in os free.
For $i0 t'KKva xxtra, the obreut,
mounted, varnished, and prtpaid.by mail.
'..- a i. ii ...in i.-..i. .i.t.j , i
i ui , 1 1 1 1 it c mt. hiicwki, u. vuwiJiu,n
only by subscription. There will no be r-
iiueeuor emu rate; casu ior kutwenpuou
must be sent to ttie publishers direct, sw
handed to tbe local canvainer, without re
sponnlblllty to the publishers, except, lu
eases where the certificate U given, bearing
the Uclmile signature of James Sutton A Ce.
Any person wishing to act pemianintl
as a local canvasser will receive luU and
prompt inlonnatlon by applying te
JajIxs tiUTTox (X, Publishers.
sW AtaisUa Jam New York
Dr. Cox's Hive (Croup) Syrup hat beev
kuown and used by the medical piei'e sdon
over 100 years, aud a a remedy far Cold
aud Coughs baa an older and better reputa
tion thau any other Cough rutdlclne ever
offered to the public. It is known as tbe
Oiiiouud)nipot Suullls, aad a formula
may be tennri iu nvery medical eAMasatory.
Dr. ltantom'n lllve Syrup andTolu, In ad
dltiou to the ingredients for Cox's Uivr
.-syrup, contains Italsam ot Vutu, decoction
ot Skunk Cabbiga Hoot and Lobelia, a com.
blnatiou that mint commend it to every nor
as a superior remedy lor CroupWhooplnr
Cough. Asthui.i, liniucblUs, Coughs and
Colds, Indeed tor all tttcetions of the Thrust
and l.iingn when a cough medicine Is
This syrup I carefully prepared under
the personal direction ot a regular i'hytl
ciauototer twenty tai' practice. Whose
tignaiure iauacnci in
the bottle.
the itirtCileBA au
Its taste I
like It.
ery pleasant ami vbJIdreu
Kery tmully should keep It at a ready
renifily tor Croups aud Colds, eta., suieng
the clnldree.
1. IIa.miom, .Vox X CO., rroiir1!, Buffalo,
X. V. i.
This medicine mar with prosrisiy be
called an "Universal lleiuedy,
luperaedinjc ull otliera.se a-
," as it. is aut
niedii'lne. It euros, aa tf by Mi
INFLUENCE. Nettralitla and allnaan.andU
tberclore very property Wrtned "Migattlc
Halm," It Is purely aA'egetableinpasAtlM.
lthiu.ro euual as a remedy far CboUra,
Cholera Morbus. DUrrb(ca,lyaeaUry,Colle
and all ltowel Cemplatntt. '
Its timely use wilt -mr t'atds, Croiip,
niphtheiia, Quinsy, aud all Throat affec
tion. u . .
When properly tisviT, Fever aud Ague, aud
other complaint Incident te sxir western
and southern clUasaes,a(t eaatty brake sv
Nervous rain, Siek-Ileadaebe, and Bbau
matlsm are cured hy thit laesMsrlae when aU
others have failed. Toothache, Earabs).
Iliirns, Chilblain, aad Hritbt are relieved
at once by IU nee.
The genuine has D. sVattta A Co.'s asi
vate Itevenne Stamp on the ensldhssd Dr.
J. IL Miller' Msgnetto Vatw bloem talk
bottle i
Kxsmine closely
'aad buy isoae hut tbe
ganvitc. n
Kohl by all Druggists,
1'rkeil cealaaer
noma. , ,
IK VtiytoM, POX sVOa., rrfft'JMtis,
h.M. .Taa,JHisfl.

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