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No. C; South sldo of Scvonlh Htrrat,
no31-tr. OAino, i lli nois.
. 1 facial rapes' of IheClly utiil Cottuty.
JOHN H.OBKMiY, Editor md l'nblltheJ
One wrek, ty oarrlor 8 3s
j)nTMffbT carrier, ladvnco 10 00
J UjM'yeir by carrier 11 not p-tld lu
- arsce, ......
t)ne month, by mail
1'bree month
Six moBthi
otf jut
i2 00
1 00
.1 00
6 33
10 00
On Year $1 00
Six Months i - ""'
Throe llonth to
Invariably In advance
MMMllac snntlcr on every imgr.
The nolftjpiinual . mooting of tlio 111
Inoi Prcrt Attoelatlon will bo hold in
Chicago, commencing May twonty-eixth,
Tns now sonator from Texas, who vlll
take tbo placo ot riannagiwi .from that
8tU?lt4 Ballyo cf Kentucky, nnd'eerved
In Im Mexican war.
Hi; u ' ' . .
lit ceiimtttoe on rroorccn.'e. bureau
tOikH, OTganiiaii'iB 18C5, has boon found
to be a uselest ono, and will probably bo
abollthod at an early day. , , .
A reduction of two millions of dollars
hat boon made In tho naval appropriations
bill. Tho domand"" of the pcoplo for a
more oconomtoal administration of tho
Unmeet hM not been 'without effect.
Danville, Illinois, bad a wedding in
r high. Ufo the other day. Tbo groom is
Just fifty years oldor than tbo brtdu. The
ordinary' sequel to tho affair may bo
looked for any limo within tho next six
An appoal has been mado to tho Prcsi
t dent in behalf of tho Grant Parish
(Louisiana) prisoners, who havo been un
der arrest fined last .fall. Senator
Gordon of Georgia, asks that thoy ho
permitted an early trial, or elso ho ro
leased on ball until tho courts aro ready
to procood with thoir cases,
Tub trial of Ambrose- Coo for tho mur
der of Miss Abblo Summers two years agOi
hat jutt beon concluded at Talmyra, llli"
nolt, andhas rosullod in a verdict of mur
Vsler.ia the first degree. Tho prisoner
fainted in hit teat at tho announcement of
the verdict, and tho sontonco was delayed
in eoniequonco of his condition.
Because "V. Tincknoy AVhyto, U.S.
Senator-clod from Maryland, prefers a y
in hla surname to an t, and parts his hair
In.taftjBiddle, the newspapers aro talking
abouVklufc iinil this Is tlio land of tho
freo?Awn?an" can't even toaku a fool of
himself in a quiot way without having tho
fact advertised for nothing In half tho
newspapers in tho country.
iTSOOtns that the curiosity of tho scion
tlflo world and of tho world in gonoral as
to the nature of tho llgamont which bound
togethertheJSltlaefO twins in life and
ms'SnejUoath, Is deetlnc.1 to
U btjflee idh8 tnyst'ory remain a myt
tory.? PhijboVllot of tho twins were tem
porarily buried in tho collar of l-'ng's
bouse toon after death, No proper cllort
wii mado to'prcservo tho rotnains and
they are now decomposing nnd unless soon
sabjeetdipsm 'examination, will bo in
f IS$Miit51!ft tho.rosult of onn, orn
if allowod, could not bo othurwino than
fruitless and unsatisfactory.
As we are not. tho fighting odltor of
Tnx Bulletin, and lovn penco moro
than war any how, we can do no less than
cry quits to tho remarks
of the 'Sua' of f'rldav cvon
lng. tBaforo we'drop-the suhjoct, how
ever, wo will here say that everything
-which harippearod In The Bl-lletik
during Mr. Oberly's absoneu in Spring
Uold, In referenco to himself, hR8 bton in
terted without bis knowledge, and that
In publishing such articles, wo have boen
influenced entirely by our own judgmont
and inclination. Wo aro aware that tho
good taste of ro-producing such articloa
in The Bulletik has been qucitionod.
jBat because Mr. Oberly is proprietor of
this paper and its odltor when at' home,
has not seemed to us suQiclcnt reason why
tbo course bo has pursued in the legisla
ture and tho improsslons ho has main up
on tboso bavo teen and heard him thoro,
should net bo mado known to his contin
uants through its columns.
i ...
The ipoccb of SenatorCarpoutor on
Boultlana'aiTatrs might have coioo from
the lips i otAtho most prououneed conicrTh
tlvo In the land. He denouncod tho Lou
jtiana monstrosity in tbo severest terms,
reviewing its history from tbo beginning
and placing the responsibility of It whero
it.beloDgs, upon the chouldora of tho re
publican party, with tho warning that If
It' attempted to make tho next prosldoutial
campaign v'lhwt. getting rid of it, cer
tain defeat would be tho result. Tbo po
l1J8palof;"'Parpenter has taken on
this Louisiana mattor will bo approved
throojjbout tho country, oxcopt by tho ox
tieiiv adherents ol tho radical rarty:
but hit advico, ovon if taken, comej toj
lato to tavo tho organization of which ho
It a member, from destruction. No back
ward itep'i taken for tho plain purposo of
ra-lBttating iUolf In public favor, or as
tirdy Justice to any portion of
t,p9jsl, wiU erer placotho rtpuhlicau
It ty wVere 'it vat six or two years ago.
odjcal .pcor, pay niako an ofl'ort to
iavelt, iutdiiioJutlou will bo merely n
eiuettion of time. Its day ( noarly over
tl face It noarly run.
1 ANA-KIN A NCI A l.-o m n u w ;
Special Coricipoiideiiic of the Bulletin.
WisinsoTOJf, January i:., i?i i.
Tho folks of this burg know s woll
when to visit Congress thoy do M $o to
tho thealro to se somo star who Mi neon
thoroughly advertised. H was wulsporod
that Sonator McCrfcry of Kentucky,
would speak yostonlny on tho LonWtana
question and tho cotuequotico was u mil
house. Among tkoto on tlio uoor woro
nearly all tho negro members cf tho
House, Gov. Wannoutli and tho rival
claimants for Senatorial honors-Messrs.
McMlllln and l'inchbvc'.c. ,Mr. . Mc
Crcory'e speech was, as expected, most
humorous anl satirical ns well as rortiblo
and convincing; ho having proven con
cltislvoly. that Kellogg was a usurper and
a fraud. His tallies of wit and humor
wcro so pointed and tunny that It was
with tho greatest difllculty that order
uould bo maintained, tho provocation to
laughter was to great. Mr. McOriory
added very greatly to his reputation as an
an orator nnd wit by his speech of ycsicr
day and at tho samo time, as ho intended,
drovo a lnrco sniko Into tho Phichbaok
coffln which is now being prepared to ru
cotvo tho political remalca of "Pinch, '
whoso demise Is expected shortly a indi
cated by Sonator Morton's "going back
on him1' by having bis caso rocoramtucu
to tho tomtnittao on privileges ntid elec
tions for examination into tho mannor or
his election. '-I'lnch" is determined ho is
'gono up'' and llko all tripped up ecotiu-
drels threatens to poach upon his old con-
fodoratos Kollogij & Co., in rao no l
defeated In his aspirings.
O. O. HOWAI'.D'h 1'AhTon.
l'robably it is not gcnorally known that
Gon. O. O. Howard, of rrecdman's
bureau fnmo who Is now about being ox
amlncd by a court of Inquiry, asked for
by the sctrotary of war, on oc
count of his loosnes.i in money
matterc is hlnh iircsldinc deacon
in tho Congregational Ul.urch horn, com'
posed of tho purest Plymouth Book l'url
tans, and great is tho tribulation among
them at tho position in whjoh thoir saint
is placed not howovor, on account of hi:
rascalltlop, which thry pretend not to bo
liovo, but for fear of tho dWgraceful ox-
nosuro that is suro to como. This church
was built by funds cf tho Freed man'i
bureau, and porvertod from Its proper
use by a legislative trick to this purpose,
ltov. J. K Ilanklns, tho pastor of thi
church, wheruln Howard eni files rant, on
Sunday last In prayer hoped that th
Lord would confound General Howard'
onemics. It would havo been better to
havo prayod that his innoconco might b
mado apparent; but Mr. Banhin knows.
(that Is, if ho roads tho pnpora of olthor
party, and boliove? tho Secretary of AVar,
tionural Belknap, to bo an hono't man),
that O. O. Howard Is a guilty man, and
in tlio work of confJunding!iomombori
of tho court of inquiry will savo tho cant
ing hypocrite from his falo. Notwith
standing tho earnest prayer of Howard'?
pastor, it Is not beliovod that tho Lord
will go into olthor tho confounding or tho
whltowashing business in thia case,
r.r.iiurivii thk army.
Lleutonant-Gonoral Shoridan wa3 ho
foro tho Homo Committeo on military af
fairs yesterday, and in hU own pc uliar,
conclso and decided manner, gave his
views regarding n reduction of tho army.
Ovor Uio vast extent of country embracod
In bis command, tho Division of tho Mis
souri, which contained noarly all tbo bos
tlio Indians, thcro was but 10,000 mem ;
enough whon worked hard, but to roduco
tlio number would bo to luiporll the safety
of tho frontior settlomonts. Ho don't bo
liovo in CoDgress legislating too much for
tbo army, as It is domoralb.tag to both
men and otUcers. Ho bcliovcs in
tha reservation system, though ho
socs in it a gradual decrease
of tho red mon and Ilnr.l mixing of tbo
romnant with tho whites, as in tho caso of
tho Chorokccs. Ho was vory severe on
tho idea of moral suasion on tho Indians,
aod thinks that tho War Dapartmont
would moro 6fllciontly, cheaply and peace
fully administer Indian afl'uirs. Shoridan
is a hard hittor, nr. a had considerable cx
jiericnco of this kind, and 1 beliovo ho is
about right. Tho tbioves of tho Intorior
Department, tho Indian King, and tho
moral Kiiaslonlsts tho broadbrims are
not tho proper parties to deal with tho
Indian; ho is moro likoiy to gst uvsn and
exact justico from tbo soldior than irom
Indian agents or tract distributors. Now
thatthero Is no further ueo for foidleri to
ovorr.wo oloctiuus In tho South, do not let
our hardy mid bravo settlors on tho front
ior suflor from a niggardly policy, but
givo them all tho iitcoisary protection
from thoso who can no moro be tamod by
tenuous, tracts and prayors, us laid down
In tho poaco polloy, than could Zack
Chandler ba converted by tho orisons of
tho Sonata chaplain.
Tbo bill introducod by Mr. Orlh of In
dinna, yestordwy, jiermits tha holder ol a
I'nilod Statos bond to tako it to tho Treas
ury and exchange it for currency nnd
.(. fTa, changing baok and forth at
ploasure. The Gecretiry to prepare two
thousand million dollars of greenbacks,
to hold in rctorvo, in read t.cts to mako
tho exchango, or rice versa, as called for.
Ho will soon speak in advocacy of this
tneaturo. Tho Hanking and Currency
Committeo yestorday, by a voto of ten to
one, ogrr"d to report adversely upon 'Ti
Iron" Kulloy's 3.C5 convertible bond
echeme. and havo it laid upon tho tnhlo.
Thus ata single blow aro " l'ig Iron's"
fond hopos of being olovatcd to tbo post
tion of a (Inanclnl doctor and panic crush
or, smaihsd and ilnahoJ. Not being of a
dis-Kiiltion to gho up easily he will, hov
ovtr, make a dospora'.o push to havo tho
bill brought up fur dlssuisiun in
committeo of tho wholo on tho f tato of
tho Union; alas, poor "l'ig Iron,
ii jimsi ion the toiniKorsr iin.
Tlie committee of tho Houso on appro
pr'athrs Is n ('iwn r'';ht mrri'st , tl o
question of retrenchment anil tho t r
enj coiitingout'funds am li4l"fi over haul
. . ..
ed. .Imlgo Allison;; rogHttar ( iio,
treasury, wnsBofnri- lho Ciiininltteo jcf
laniay to oxpiain now inn monuj nunv ...
his liircai, Goti. (larfioM, th" cliairman
of tho comioitloo, has hud a provision in
serted iti tho legislaluro appropriations
bill compelling tlm il.talh ami csllmntcs
for all oxpendlturiM Warranted by la.
"Ood enough," as thco ootitingunt funds
aro thn oaui of a ilal of corruption and
wa-tlul fixtrav.igaiico. Tho doorkeeper
or tho Houso ha beon notinod to roduro
hi forcj' in thfol.lln' ro6iuT,:ijpor ;c:cbt.
after 'i'obrtiary" 1st. "This fmuch'1 goad
from tho franking privilege; a saving f
$3."i00 a ear in lists ono item.
The latosl conundrum forsolving by ti e
state dopartmot is-"iVhy was Gen. Thomas
li, Van Huron appointed uonsul to Kana
gawa, .lapan, when only las', aummar ho
was removed Irom tho cominisionerihlp
to tho ienna exposition at tho instigation
of Mr. l'isb, who was so dreadfully sht k
d at his unbecoming behtiviur ' Yil!
Mr. Fish answer ' If Van Huron wss
badly troatcl last-jimimer,-' than' .Minister
Jay should bo hluk-d over th j coals; If
guilty, as generally boiioved, be is not o
fit person to represent our government
abroad. Is this appointmont n snlvo for
injuries received or a hriba to shut up his
mouth .' Let's havo the why and whore,
loro beforo his confirmation.
Tills brilliant idea of Pottiuaster Gen.
orhl Crotwell is in a bad way. Tho bank
ing nnd currency committee decided
gainst It yesterday and tho postomco
committeo will do llkowlso. The remark
able brilliancy of this pillar of the ad
ministration is not porcoivod even by tho
IWUcals or they would not so oontinu
ally throw water on bis oit roeutring rf
forts to blc.e.
K'orresiKmdcncc ol the Chicago Times.
In tho nrnntimo. tho seats In thecal
leries lmvu been taking In relays of ton
stantlv nrrivinir enoctatow. until mo tra
ditional omnibus capacity is pacsed and
thoro is no longor room for ono moro
Something in thu air has promised good
entertainment, and tlio erowu moans to
bo In at tho feast. .
II.U K OK HIE r.All,IN(i,
on tho lower fbor. lountre, irritablo an
privileged, 1'iuchhaek and Vi'armouth
Thoy aro allowed to hover on thu ' vory
borders ol the promised lauu nicy ma;
not cater, and lldget with surroundin
Irleiuls in oppucita eornure of thu apart
mont. Woman's tuonuo will van coin.
parallvoly, and rovornl occupants .f tho
laulos gallery roraaric mat I'lncnuacu i
of fairer shin than J.ogat).
"Mr. IVtsidcnt," I rim to a point c
Thu vcleo is from tlm outer rim
scan, and tlm owner of it is Thomas C.
McCroorv of Kentucky. Turn an exagor
atod pear, tho big end downward, and set
it upon u roliablo pair of legs of tho l'ick-
w c ; moid, anu vou navo mo ncuro oi
McCrearv. "A head is nccossarr. This i
made of an overgrown egg, tho largo end
umlernoath. Color it a inclined wimoan
nurnlo: lino tho semhlaiicu of a thi
mouth, thinner eves, aud a noo devoiJ.!
Uailirji5(,fjfteirp,att;,hot'Ii6ir,"nn.l oli It
upon tho phouUior., novnr thinking nny
thing about a nock. I uila McCrnery J
is this tho material of which senator" nro
built'' Call you this tho pic'.uro of i.n
orator' "Walt uwhilo.
Tho point of ordor submitted is that by
unanimous consent ho has tho lloor at ono
o'clock to-duy to addrofs hia eouforos
upon tho Louisiana question. But be
tween Carpenter anil Morton ho is fill!
hustorod temporarily out of bi "claim.
Kceont events havo shown tho Indiana
dolegatu that ho must unload tho sicken
ing bunion under which ho has been stag
gering so long in fiiat torriblo Louisiana
mattor. Tho president hn crawfished, and
so, too, mint Morton. Ho is wild to Uko
tho edgu oil tho humiliation, and Carpen
ter gives him a cbanco. Ho tangles him
solf abjectly for ton minutes, then notirmg
tho plain stieor which has crept ovor every
Senatorial countenance, ho dives Into di
gression, slashes dosporatoly at nothings,
and suddenly shuts up entirely.
Carpontor announces that ho shall col
lar tho thorno himrolf in a day or two.
Bum Is not always ppocifio and his cold
still hangs to him. But thero is another
schooner duo from Jamaica this evening
and ho will then thaw out that hurktacs
or hurst.
tiiiai. th;: xkuo.:! n vi'mewi'i,,
and McCrcery turns half n turahlor of wa
tor into his Flit cf a mouth, settles his
hands in his pouk'its, and in livo rnliiutoa
ha3 tho wondering attontion of every
member preront. Ho was returned to tho
ecnato from Kentucky last March after
an ahjonco of two years, but bad carnod
littlo rosnect during his previous member
ship, and has had novor a word to say tho
present sitting. To wallow around tho
back sofa, crun lung hi apples and gin
ger snaps, and obtaining tho hearty con
tempt of evorybody is his record to-day.
1'his evening thoro will bo many a sena
tor slylv laying in a stock of tlm orisp'
ginger t akes f.rld ruddy pippin. T!irti
cI&m of provender has led a g"mua tuid
will bo in etaplo demand horoufter.
Talking straight on, with nover a lino
of manusi rlpt.he iweuiiios tho phonomcnul
phase tit tnu start. A nieinlor ot tho inn
ate who doo.1 not road p speech, utter
having patiently written it out, lsa mm
dot'cnpt, and tho sgacious ones oyo him
curiously to sea him shortly break" dowo..
Jin has io tried Hie opening p irltun iDey
think, but will no to nieces by and by
whon interrupted by iMortoti. lotiio
sticks together romarkahly, and Morton
scorns to havo no desire to break in with
hectoring questions. Soon itcommencoa to
draw upon his listeners thut if Morton or
anyono olso attempts to penter him they
will catch the ear-ache. J hern is tho drol-
lery of a'l'roetor Knoll'and tho venom of a
Calhonn in his sentences, anil ail are be
ginning to soo that ho i an oxeollutit man
to ho lot alone.
Hiitextis tho Kellogg election, and
his Bible tho mammoth report of tho cm.
greeioiialliivOtlsfctlng onmrnittco. Tho
testimony therein presented Is authority
oiiough for him, and ho does not pull in
any uuttldo statonionti1, although thero
would bo rooBon and justice in his doing
so If he wished. Uno of tho merritit frag
ments of senat'irl'il wit! which -will over
bo embalmed In tbo capltol library Is his
sketch of l'a:kardB oratorical raid on tho
Mlftiltsippi. Tho 1 btuio of tho deserted
craft drifting down tho stream nlono,
while tho baod of dovotil statesmen sud
denly rndiato throughout Louisiana to
counteract the frauds of MoHnory'n myr
uildom, fends a snlckor of latlsfsrtlon
tripping through tho outlro sonato. AVitli
rich humor ho jmlnts tho poor down trod
den negro following a 40-mile bond In
tho Hod river to vote, while tho lawless
white man fits across lots In timo to do
poilt his ballot and gt bvk to dinner,
Herlpithe flimsy uvidoncs upon which
Morton's commlttoo based Us syoophantlo
report to tllndors, and tho Hoosicr snatch
n h's cr-itrhn in sllont nuony Thero can
ba no relort, for Grant has determined to
hik-WHtcr.wpubliq.Jt'pinlon Jias lashed,
Itallcallsm Itito'ncknc.vUlglnK tho'tKel.
logg-Diifell iSiipntions .n hldrrusjo'nt
rages, nnd alibis nuts and ralslna "for
MeCreary,. ','.
wrtn nevch i vm a
In tlio loztcal order of his slatomenli.
and rtornlnt! onlv t't tota down
frfqunnt guljis ,of water, ho pile
tho scouriro ol' ridietilo and cogent
rcument until thennatti entliti nn up
roar of Jollity, nnd CirponlT savapely
warns ' tho crowd that ordor Is the t!en'
atos tlrst law. Tho admonition Is but
partially hooded, for sides will shako nnd
lares twist into approving grins ns me
poaker holds viciously to his rouno.
A sroicsquo description oi uiirreus in-
mens attempt to mako a midnight Crom
well of himsolf in wrllinir. and n vivid
peroration tlolitioating tho atrocious des
potlim regnant In Louisiana cntlt liia ad
dress, and McCre.ery rolls into his soat,
tho hero of by lar tho but cITort of this
Motton'n face creep; from tlio groenKh
ray Unco back to its accustomed lint;
Sherman prepare to beslrido tho financial
liouhy; thn gallarlos unpaci; tiiemioives,
and the talk "of tho town, late into tho
night, Is loaded with tmnplimotils for
Ti')inaa JMeCicory.
' (Slem'phlaAval.incho.) "
Tho recent decision ot the Hupromo
Court tbo United States' in tho cases of
Urugere vs. Widen, and Hci.lu vs. blldell,
has linally settled a vexed question con
cernlnc the nature and oxtont of thu pow
u.s of tho government in conllicatlng tho
estates of tboce who were in rebellion.
Tho deci'lon ii, in short, to tho effect that
tho itidiremcnt of coniiscatiou did
not extend b.,yond tbo Ufo
estato ot tho offender against
whom it wm rendered. 1'ortivs in I.oulsi
ana hal bought in Slidell's properly tit a
marshal t Mile, umicrconiiicatton proeoou-
lngi, and now tt at ho Is dtid, his heirs
have sucreiidod ia justing the purchasers
This deci'lon, tho public need not bu ro
minded, it one ot tho most important nn
iiouuced iuce tho war. I'nder it tho
Arlington estate cf thn lato Goa. Leo ro
verts to his heirs i though, as tho land wa.
long ago converted Into a natiunr.l ceniO'
torv. restoration in thi3 caso can mean
or.ly jiayment by tho goverr.mct ot tbo
marr.nt price or the property. J I may be
loniembercd by many that a low years
ago Mr. Mc-Oeery, of Kentucky, msdo a
,1, . 1 . I. l .1... f
vory looiiBi), iii-iemporou iprncii in mu v.
t' 6 ... .1 .:.... t...
tho dead soldiers biuiediat Arlington bo
removed, Borhaps tho severest criticisms
of his utterances vcro mauo oy person
who. uuliko tho Senator, had for fou
years worn tho Confederate gray. I
was evident then, that juslico in this criio
cculd not vory lor ha poctponini, nnil
fortunately the Louisiana decision ha.?
suggested r. practical means of enforcing
it without v. ngresJionai intervention
Imported Fpressly for the Bulletin
-llli: BOJ.M.'ST JM)l!l!i:i:V ON
SHKBMAN on tin:
ci,oi:i and si'orn'.n taw.
i'imm'AUiNg nut a jcaiis.
Ti:i:iMI5L!: Al'Flt.VY KEAIt LlTTLi:
Hid :.iai:kktand kivki:
WAsm.vriTON, January 81. Gun. Sher
man was again beforo the Houeo military
committeo to-tlay and spoko ol tho army
in conucctlon.with Indian all'alrs. Ho
pointed out on tbo map a region of coun
try in Toxin, 200 inile3 long by 100 troad,
comprising half adoz.jn organized coun
t!o, which, when ho passed through, two
years ego, was entirely depopulated, tho
inhabitants having r.bandonod their homas
on account of tho incursion of tbo Indi
an. Ho said ha had boon led to bollvc
these Indians waro CornanchoJ,
but it was pro'.ty wall undor.
stood now that thoy wore Kiowas,
(.''ii.-yonnes and Arrapul.oo!, who raidod
from tho Fort Sill reservation 00 milos
off, ponotratlng through military posta
and holping tbeniFelves to tho lioroos and
ttok ol their Toxan friends ; which they
preferred doing rather than bo at tho
trouble of raUiog tb'-m t (nn elves. Ho
gavo n graphic account of his Interview
with Santtuta at Fort Bill, when ho
hud Satunta aud Big Tree arrcstod, doublo
Ironed nnd sent baak to Texas to be tried
for attaiks upon wagon trains and luur
der of f eventeon leamsteri, four of whom
woro bound to wagon wheels and burned.
Santauli was killed in an attempt to oscnpo,
but tho other two worn tried and convic
ted and tontenced to he hanged, hut
through.tbu influence of tbo humanitarians,
who rogarded murdor on tho prut of
tho Indium :.. u mcro oxhihilion or moral
Insanity, Induced Governor Divis of
Tvi.es, who ought to havo known bettor,
to (.-omiiiuti) tbo sentence ol rsan
tan'.a and Big Tree, and tho samo inllu
ences at 'Wujbingion had finally restored
them to freedom, and thoy woro now on
thoir recurvation, ready to start out on
rnoro murdorous raids. If thoy should
soalp Governor Davis nxt time,
(Jnneral riherman Intimated that ho
wouldn't shod many tears. Ho favored
tho transfer of thy Indians from tho con
trol of tbo Interior Dopiirtmont to that of
the "War Iopartuiont, and cxprossed hit
convictions that the army wni inoro kindly
dlfpesod to tho Indians than citizens gon
orallv wore, and that if tho country dc
maimed oxtremo cbarltahlo treat menl of
tho Indians, it could bo accomplished by
and through tho ugoncy of tho army better
than by and through tho ngenny of thoso
porsons who profemod moro charity than
SDlJior.', but who did not practice it so
A'ctv Orleans.
New Okleanh, January 31. A tiro
originating in lxerl'n grocery store, cor
nor of Josephlno nnd Dryudos stroots.dej
troyed eight hulldlngs. Loss II fly thous.
aud dollars, mostly Insured In local com
panys 3 ur.i.i.ouo
states that the report telegraphed to the
House by rpetlal correipouduiit to tho uf
feet that ho, Kellogg, had made a requisi
tion on tho authorities of thu District ol
Columbia for Kx-Guv Wannoutli, Is on
tlroly untrue,
i.iii'onlii, .V. II
Laiiinia, .Ir.ntiarv 31. Dav.I I!.
Illudiictt killed bis wlfn to-dtiv ut tho
bouse of lliolr daugliter, on her refusal to
roturn with him to thoir lioiint in llnlti
more, yrinonL Tlio woman was nurs-.
nrr thoir infaot at thu tlmn. HloJeotl
Was arrested.
-VtMV ori;.
Nt:w Yoiik, January til. John N.
Ontwatcs, u well known expert has ron
eluded his examluutloii of thn aerntin's
f Uumlttoti, abscottdlUK treasurer of
Icriey Cily.and ftates that the total ilefal.
fatioit isfiH5,8li5.
MUluliigroii, X. (.'.
Vn.Mit:oioS', N, O , January 11. Tho
rhilndelphin pliyicins who purpose
malting an autopsy of the Hlmcf.j twins,
reached ureonsimrg vtMcnmy. J ncy
tale that they will conduct tho autopsy
in secret, and not mako thu result known
until thoy roturn to rhllr.delphlti.
Wlieellu, W. Vu.
WiiEKLlsn, January 3l, Tho boiler
connected with tho coal shaft of Schaeffer
and Co.. at "Weae!. nino miles bolow this
city oxplodid this morning. Tho boilur
was an o a worn out auair. iim onKirio
houjo was totally destroyed, nd tho hollet
was thrown over threo hundred leet. 1 111
manngor,Snilth, and Kolly, a miner, wj;ro
badly Injured, but no Uvea lost.
CiiiOAOj, January 31. Tho total num
ber of hogs packed hero tho present rea
son is 1,377,077 against 1,085,0b same
period last season.
v.oiLr.n Exri.osioK.
At rooria. Illinois, this afternoon a
toller in John Shields' boiler worf,
which Shiolds was testing, oxplodod with
torrilrla force, blowlnc him n dlstauco of
one hundred and fifty fe?t, ayainst a pno
ot lumber, crutnitig his ijouy iniii an tin
rei'ognii'.V'le mass. ?io one else was sen
omly injured.
Oiunhii, Neb.
Omaha, January 31. Groat apprchtn"
lions aro expressed by ownors of largo
herds of i-attlu whoso range Is between
the North and South l'Jatte, and by tho
settlers who llvo north ot thu ijniouJ'a
cHl'J railroad, and in tbo lepubllc, of a
ceueral raid from Bed Cloud and Spotted
Tail's hands of tho Sioux nail from the
ChvcuniM. Pr.cotabs. Aranahoet and
othure combined.
Tho supply of beef furnished theie In
dians being nearly or qultu exhausted ond
tharo boini; no money wuu woicn to our
chiiso more, they mutt depredate on tho
settlements or starve. Ihwo hands num
ber thirty thousand and they would
laugh at tho handful of cavalry at 1'ott
relterman and l-'ort Lxramlo.
MUle Hock.
iiloopt Munur.u.
Little Hoi u, .Nnuary 81. On Wed
nesday night just aftor dark, thr.io men
ontorcd thoresidencu of an old man named
McAllister at Dover, in Tpa county snJ
cninmonced llring, killing McAllister and
shooting his wife in tho arm, which wus
afterwards amputativd. Gnu or tbo party
atteniptod to cut McAllister's throat aftor
ho wni ihot, but was beaten off by two
voiinir sons, airod 1!! and li respectively.
About this time another son obtained a
lict llrcd Into tl.n ir.triiuori',
..,M.uii!w(; nllo r tocm, thiol they all loft.
Ono was aftot vards arretlvt and tho olU
com aro in pursuit of the others. The af
fair has crown out of an old grudgu be
tween McAllisters aud tbo attacking
- v-
AVASUisaToa, January ".1. l-'or New
Kugland Statos, cotitinuod cold and partly
cloudy weather, and northeustorly to
iiorthwoalorly winils will provail, with
rising barometer, and possibly light snow
near the coast.
I-'or Lower Lako I'.ei'lon, northeasterly
to ncrthwcitcrly winds, and areas of light
snow, toiloweu l.y clearing cud cold
weather for uortliitrn portion.
For Upper Luke BL'iori and thence
westward to tho Upper Missouri Valley,
falling barometer aud rising temperature-.
und clear or lair weulhor during greater
portion ol ftuniiay.
'For Toimeaeeo'and Ohio Valloy, und
thence wortward to Kunsa3 and north
west to I.ako Michigan, rising temporn
turo and falling barometer, with generally
cloudy wcathor, and areas of rain and
i'nr Gulf States, light rain3 with riling
J'or Middlo and South Atlantic Statas,
ps.rtly cloudy wcathor, favorable winds,
and no decided change of tompuraturu.
London, I'utjlor.il,
A MEETIKU ok i.iubkai.s.
I.onuo.v, January 151. A mooting oi
Liberals who support Thomas Hughes,
vas hold in Mary Labono latt night.
Hughes dclivored a long addrei?, In the
course of which ho declared himself In
favor of tho co-operativo association of
workingmen. Prof. Goodwin Smith also
addressed tho mooting, giving his cordial
support to the vlows of Hughes. Thu
diilcrcr.ccs between Uughos und Daniel
Grant, who was iiomltiatod by tbo other
branch of tho Liberals "Wednesday night,
continues, making tho roturn of tbo con
servative candidate probable.
Acton Ayerton addressed a large
and disorderly assembly in Townr Ham
letilast evening. Ayorton was compollcd
to stop speaking owing to the lighting of
the conservatives.
Tho meetings in Greenwich last even
Imj vere attacked and tho can
dlditcs wero compolkd to ceaso
speaking. Thoro vas also a very d'sordur
ly meeting m tho department of Ford
last evening. Thoro aro apprehensions of
disturbances in Greenwich this afternoon.
When Gladstono speaks It is said tho
thoroughfare will bo clased ono hour bo
foro Gladstono commences.aud that troopa
will be coiiflnod to the barraclB. Tim
premier is announcod to speak at How
Cms next Monday.
St. Loulii, .'!o.
a Movr iAKt:.-o iioiiuKttv.
Sr. Lol ls, January 31. A most during
and suocetfful robbery wai committed
this evening on thu Irom Mountain rail
road. As thu train which loft hero at
9 15 a. in , came In sljht of Oodsholl sta
tion, one hundred and twenty miles ho-.
low hoie, at l 30 p, in., it was signaled to
stop, tho switch was turned nnd the train
run onto thu side track. As tho train
stopped Conductor Alford atupped oil' to
ascertain what tho mattor was,
when ho was confronted by a man
In music, who placed a pl-tol to
his head and marched lilui off. under
guard. Tho engineer, llreman, mail agent
and other train men wero then soized by
llvo masked hoavlly tinned men ami wore
alio placed under guard. Tho robbers
thon wont through the onliru train, and
took from the pnsiongors about two thou.
sand dollars and a largo amount of jew
elry, and from tho Adami Beprosa mos
longer ono thousand dollars besides rilling
tho mall. Thu robbers then left in n
southerly direction, and aftor Hut rulcaso
of tho train-men tho train started South
ward. Tl.o robbers loft a nolu on tho train,
of whk-h the following Is n copy, tho orig
inal of which Is nov In possesion of Con
ductor Alfordi
"nn: most P.iriiN'ii nonriKiiv on hkcoiiu'
Tho sniilh bound train on tho Iron
.Mountain railroad win robbed hern this
evening by llvo heavily armed men, 'and
robbed id' r -- -. Tho robbers arilvod
at lUo sUtioti a fuw minutes lKjforo thu
arrival of the train, and arrested thu
agent and put him under a gn.nl.
l hev thon throw the train on the switch
The robbon woro all largo men, none of
them under six loot tan. J nny worn all
tniitked and started In a southerly direc
tion aftor they had robbed tho train, all
mounted on lino blooded horses. Themis
lirll of an (.teilemntit in this part of
country- Sljned. In.v A. .dK.iiui.1.
Tbo rclibers ouerou no vioionro to any
01,0 on tho train and did no harm to train
in vm "m:vs.
Ollleool ()lr:tllon. Slunnl .crlcr V.
army. I Lilly report ol ine'iage oi wnier,
lth the elungo" for Ibe Ut hours ending
HoVlockp. in., .Iiinutrv ."I,
Abioc . "inoiiigi.K.
dl AHO.Xrl. water.-r Klsc. Full
oi 0
ftl 0
r. i)
'i( 0
10 ; 0
II 0
II) 0
It (I
It, II
I)uhtiiite ,
JiitlsXton City .
lv:uis ;uy...
l.oxlngtoti.. ..
Little itock....
Marie tit
Jlorgsutown. . .
NtiwOeneva.. .
Now Orloans
Oil City
l'jdiuull ....
l'l.itt-mouth ..
Shrovepoit ...
St. Joseph
.St. Louis
St. Paul
Viekhbtirg ...
Yankton .. ..
r it
.1 0
. 'J
t t
0 0
o! ii
i, o
0 s
MIHOW high water mat k.
Ubieiter slg. tser. C. S. A
Pimiiuiiu, .iiinuary 31. Bivcr falling
slowly with J feet.
' 2.' amivim.e, January 01. Btver foiling
with i;l feet on shoals. Woathor lair and
pleasant. Departed Hransford, Uppor
Cumberland; B II Cook, Paducah.
V u KUKtiKi. January 31. Down .Mary
Alice. Katie. Tt: Susie Silver, Fnnie
I.tiwl", Jno. Howard, l'arngond, James
Howard. Weather oFcur mid cold. Bivor
LiTTi.t: Born, January Iliv.ir du
clininn fast with DA foot by i:iimec. Ar
rived : llattlo from Pino Hlull, I'tah,
Now Orleans. Departod ; Cherokee,
Now Orleatui, Mary Boyd, Memphis.
St. f.cfi.-, January 31. Arrived nono
Dopurted Johnson, Keokuk; Henry
Ames.Now Orleans; Colorado, Vlch thu rg
ltiver falling. Weather cloudy and rold
dnri,,fl thn day, hut milder t',.ntlit, snnw
falling briskly.
Ciwisvati, January SI. Biter fAlling
vitu leet. Arrived J-.tchiinge, j'ltii
burg; II H Turner, New Orleans. De
parted Arlington, Memphis; Charles
llodmanii, Now Orleans. Weather cloudy,
growing cower.
BvyNhViLLE, January 31. Westhnr
cloudy and cod. Mercury 30 to :M. Bivor
has fallen 8 inches. Port lit Up Idlo-
wild, Kobort .Mltchel, Fayette, Charmer,
Charley llrown J und barges, Mary
A ment, Minneola, Down J D 1'arKnr,
drey fcagli?. JJusInoss good.
M Kin-ins, January 31. Wet and
changeable. Bivcr rising slowly. Ar
rivedPat Ilogors, Cincinnati. Departed
B W Dugan. Arkansat rivur; Kllaand
Legal Tendar, White rivnr; Kato Kinney,
Grand Tower, St. Louis; Ban Franklin."
I.oriRVii.LE, January 31. Bivor fall
ing with II fot Cinches in thocannalnud
9 feet C inches in the Indian pass. Ar
rived Shippers Own, Nashville. De
partedIronsides and barges, New Or
leans. Weather colder with good prospects
lor snow.
New Oiu.hanh, January 31. Arrlvod
Thomas Sherlock, Cincinnati. Depar
tedIndiana, Cimclauati, John Muans
, and barges, Pittsburg ; John Kyle, John
A Scuddcr, St. Louis ; Fannie Tatum,
Aekansas Bivr. "Woathor clear ami
MA K Kill' Bi:i'0HT.
MKiirniH, January 31. Flour quiet.
Corn meal quiot at 3 -10. Corn activo 71
Oats dull CltglCO. Hay dull at 1 liu.
Bran quiet at 18. Bulk moats quiet and
unchanged. Hulk shoulaors ofe01; sides
by.&i. Lard quiot and unchutigod.
Cincinnati, January 31. Cotton quiet.
Flour pilet; family 7 107 -10. AVhoat
quiet 1 -IGfTT-.l b'-. Corn quint G9(o,il.
Oats quiet '18053. Ityo llrm 05. Barley
flcarcu and Urm. Groceries steady. But
ter in fair domand ami higher; choice 'JO
(7,37; choice firm. Pork nominally un
changed V 2101i 00, Lard quiet and
steady; steam OJ; kottlo OJ. Bulk meats
quiet and unsteady; shoulders CIt)J; 0
118; clear fljfn 8J. Bacon quiet; sboufdors
70)71; C HtS:,0i; clear tJ. Hogs quiet
and hrm. Whisky quiet aud llrm !iS.
New Oiii.ean.s, January 31, Corn
firmer; white mixed 73; whito 7100.
Bran dull, Jowor I 00. Pork batter and
demand firmer 10 do. Molasses receipts
small nnd of poor quality, the demand be
ing only for good. Sales prime ferment
ing CO; robollod cistern bottom C. Corn
inealflrmor at 3 3P(Ji)3 40. Price-current
clros tho following stocks on hand to-day:
Pork 75 29. Lard 30 B2 in kogs ; 12 fiO in
tlorccs. Bacon GDI In casks- Hams
sugar cured 7 t!r in tcs ; plain 8'J; dry
salt moats 0 50 In casks. Flour 70,036.
Cornmoal 6,716 bbls.
CitR'AOo, January 31. Flour dull and
nominal. Wheat stonily; No 1 spring
1 21; No '2 I iilicashor Fobruary; 1 a 6 J
March. Corn steady; No 2 mlxod Art
cttt'n or Fobruary; COJ March; now No
2 mixed M J53. Oats steady ; No 2 -12
cash; -13 "March. Bye steady; No 2
fresh 810.S2. Barley oxcltcd and hlghor ;
No a falicar lots 1 0.'!U05; No 3 1 M
1 "0 closing at outside price!". Pork fair
demand, advancod to M -10 cash or Fob
ruary ; H 86 March. -Lard tlrmor at 0 30
cash and t 05 March. Bulk meats steady.
Shoulders fi 00; B It 7- ; S OH; old loose
ppot March shoulders U, Whliky Urm
at 07.
New Yoiik. Junuary 111- Flour dull
and buyers favor superflno 6 C60 t!0;
common to good 0 fJfitjOO 70; good to choice
0 71(jo7 10; white wheat oxtra 7 107 20.
Whisky llrm at 1 00. "Wheat opened a
shado lower hut closed dull; No ti choice
snrlni 1 64Cel fiC; No U Milwankco 1 60
(?1 UC; ISO .i spring t oieji oij. jtyo
luir-L llnrtev tomllni' upward. Corn,
talr Inquiry and light supply and higher,
now Western afloat 8lJi:jJ; yellow west
ern 8384j white western 8. Oats Urm
anu more activo tlemanu, mixed western
COtS'VJ; while ft2Qifi:. Coll'eo unchanged.
Sugar usottlcil. i'orkqtlet; now mess U"
fJOluj; Fobruary li!; March If. lu. Buof
Sr. Louis, January 31, Hemp dull
and lltichangod. Flour dull with n mod
urate buities. Wheat, spring, dull aud
lower; No -', 1 2sl tin; lall, vory llrm;
No .trod fall, I -iS'iill w, no 7, l r.w.i.T,
Corn InaeliVit and closed weak; No 1
mixed iil(Ty!2e. Oats llrm, No 'J miiod,
iXi,tr,e. nnriey imyanx ana uiguur, iin
3 spring, 1 70. V.yo llrm, No 2,H58r.J.
Pork 11 nn at 1 CO; dry salt meat llrm;
clear sides sailor February up country,
Co; shoulders and clear rib seller March,
IJuitircy, f'i(Ti 3c; gtucn shoulders tije; clear
rib 7e; clear, 7Jc; hami.Sje; Bacon stiff.
Shoulders, 7r; clear rib, f'Je; rlosr,
!)Je; hams, P2(TrJ t Jo, jobbing and order
bds, l.ard uiichangod; priuio steam 8;c.
Whisky steady at dGc.
Joroer of Jllos-tsvulli HtrnsiS mmsS
lll.irullU A VI, vi no.
D. AYKlltl.
c. .ii a yens
AYKI'tS .t CO.,
Hit 7H I.KVIK.OlllotUlHil, ll.l.K.
(inieral (JniiiDii"inu Mereliau
(Siieccfiors to D. lltinl .t Hun )
Coininiasion Ieroliants,
n.ei u.uiiAi.a asu mat.
No 03 Ohio I.veo, OAIHO.ILLS.
j"0UN B. l'ULLia Jt SO.
( (Bueon.rn to Jc.au ll. HMIht,)
Flour, Meal, Brau, &c.,
Tenth HrnBET avis
Ohio Lxvkic
II. A. 'lliums J 1). Thorns
HuceccoUTi to 11. M.IItllf n.
Ktitfilrt stent FaDtijr lrurirf t-,
Foreign and Domettlo
134 Commercial Avonuo,
61ILLKH k 1'AltKKK,
Oata, Hay, etc.,
Ohio l.eveo. CAIUO, tl.l.lNOlH.
And Doaler In
No. 7! Ohio I.eyiM-,
CA1KO, 1I-I.S.
CSfSpccbil attention given to t-outilgii-
I- OUHlgll
II- 2 ft
tiieuiN nun iiiiiiu oiiluid.
W. Ntrallon.
STltATTON & TillW,
Agenls American Powder ICompanv
No. .7 Ohio. Levee,
A. J. HOJ'J, M.I.
Ollico ovor Tlionu & llro's, grocery itore,
No. lilt Commercial avenue, corner Eighth
Etreef. I(puIiIaui, nnrti.ir w.iBtiftiirtnt.
nne and Fouvlcvntli Mreet
, Hfu,r,,uu .ID

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