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MinMiNMio.ii jni:u:iiANirt.
NKW vokic axu.tK,
ibirrirr of MlMtr4tntli Htrit nutl t'im
Uirrulut Alfiuul
HRO. i
(jtfuoral (JoMiuiiMiun Morohmu
(.SiifictMorx to U. Hut A A Son.)
Commission -M ovohants,
No HI thi I.mvi, CAIRO. I M.S.
(!1uoo..(.H lo Jfctn II. Hilllu.)
Flour, IMual, liran, &c.,
Uou. Tihtii tiTiiicm- xtiv Ohio l.Y.vxr.
It. A.'ltiotDa UU.Tbom
Hurcototrn tu U. .V.llulen,
lniln and I'hi.iij :ncrrlrt,
J8t C'ouiinerclil Aenun.
OrIr, Hay, etc.,
Ohio Uvuo. CAIRO. 1J.MN0IH.
Ami JJeiilcr In
No. 71! Ohio l,eeo, CAIRO, ILLS
tSrSpootnl nttpution Riven to rotniKn
cu iitB and llllln onleis. t tl
. Jitrtttton.
Asconts American Powder Company
No. f7 Ohloll.ovi'o,
".J. W. f HlLLil'ti,
li'orvmrcling and Ojuiuiiwaion
iiionnreil In torwardnll ktmU ot trotfilit
to nil points.
lIllflnoHi iilKmilml lo tironiiillv
Ami dealer In
Li UK, Urmrht, I'lastkh, Uaiii, Ktc.
No Ohio l.ovee,
5t3"l will bell lu cur loin) lots at lunnula
luret' nice, adiilns Irvlsht, i-'i-U
TH K BU LLKTr.K.'onHMKXtCAlNcrnzriX.s
j Now Vorl. Herald Trluxrani, .ln.J:i I
Thu President was visited ibis morn
ing liy Uov. MeEnoty nnJ tJen. V. L.
, MeMillen, tho .Senator duct from
Louisiana. They had been reliably in- j
formed tlmt only n few days ago i
I'reiidciit favortid a now election nnd
dosiied to leant from him directly his
proM'iit position on that question, and
uhn-to disabuse his iniud ns to certain
repi osculations Hindu in him that no
considerable number of the people o
that Mute der'ued it new olocliou. 'J'lioya
wero moit courlooiisly received ond ae
eordcdfa long interview. During tlia
couvnriation Altoruoy.Ot'uoral Wil-
lifiril4 U'114 lirfm'lilft. mill Ifif.L- t.fivf ill it
Tlio 1'rOStfJviit mlnutled th.tr tin- peo
ple of I.ousiuiia were oppressed by dih-ird'-r
anil h.id uvorntiiuiit, wliith ho
ci.'iimud hsd bouii the rule hi nee tliu
uar, uU(i that the returns ( I lie 1,m(
ideetiou, which he chuructorid a. on
organized fraud, had nut ben counted I
by nny returning board recognized, liy
the eourta, and thai tlio Luoh board
had been obliged to muketlieir roturn '
1 from (.flier than lev.al or offiei:.! Mmr
, re. He juctilied hi aulion i'i the crio I
I by Ktying tlmt ho hud minply l.)llytd
I the deeihioii of tl.u courtc. He nho
' (!MirehM:d the ojiiniuu llist Coujfic-s
' had no more power to interfero Aflth
the state (jovorntnont in iiouisinna than
! with that in New York. He thought
I that the first thing lor CotignvH to do
was to iinpeaeh the judge, who, it
I h claimed, noted without jumdiclioii
, in iivorthrowin the utate overmuoiit
of Lotimiuia and Butting upnnothr in
I iti tead, and, if the judpo were found
i mult v, then Congrow might have
! power to apply a proper remedy. Ho
' wan :i.l;ed it it he true, ai charxed,
. tlmt the general ffoverntncr.t, through
lit judiciary, had ii!irroicrly iotorfcred
! T ,3 " I
the people ef the state and to theeauo
i of free government, and whether the
; Tiolitic.il dcnartinent of thu I'ovcrnnicnt
; ,.oulJ ,10t cor,,nt tll(! ,.v:i ,i0110 witl10Ut
waiting to punish the jierson guilty of
the outrage, lie repeated hi.H opinion
that the judge bhotild be tried lirft,
from which it would appear that the
President is of tho ojiinion that stolen
jiropcrty ought not to be restored until
tho thief is caught ami pt;ni.hod. The
attorney-general adm.-icd h it cotiarev
had power to dctenniuo whether or not
a republican form of govcrmr.ont ox
j intud ia.uuy.parliQularjitate, .andif, it
, found that tione muh did o.!-t then it
.would he thu cnuMitutiiiii.ii duty of
i eongres to provide the i tate . it!i mie.
! '1'he l'rc'.idcnt and the aitnrneT-gcue
ral weii' reminded of tho fuel that the
i legal kt.ito government of Jjoui-ian i had
j been overthrown by the unhiwful iuter
i I'ercnce of a Federal judge, backed by
. thu United Stales army, and th" ae
, tion by ('ougreM now could tetiicely
( be considered u-i intcrlorunce uth a
i state government cboson by the peo
ple ol tin Mate, and regularly csiab
lisho 1 under its eou.-titntiou and luws.
Proof wa aLo tendered to show that n
large majority of the properly owners
id' that sUto, as well as a 'le-poctable
number of tho host sllepublicins, de
Mted, a now election arf tho beat solu
tion of tho political inutile, of tho
e i
i IMS A'. 11. AN 0 T1IK Alt'ilfNTINM
(. 0 N I r. I ) r. K A f I O N .
(From ih (A'fMtito Kcnin l'e-t nml XdS.
Chicago's new iepioentntive nt tho
capital of the Argentine Republican,
(on. Thomas (.). Osborne, h likely to
lime iictivo employment in protecting
American intereMs in the threatened
war between Ilrazil and the govern
ment to which ho will ho orcdited as
l uited Stiite-i miniMerT The (wi-" na
tions arc approaching a ho-tile atii
tude. The cauno oiiginato.- in the
seizure by the Argentine? of the lita
zilian slenmer Cuyabn, running lm
tweeu Montevideo and Assumption,
becaii'-o tdio khad on board, upon her
arrival at liucuo.t Ayeis, a pai--eugtr
named Rivasola, a lieutcnaut and colo
nel, who, as a friend of Lopez lurdon,
was charged with treasonable acts
against tho Confodoratiun. Hii fur
ronder was demanded and refu-ed.
Tho l'raziliun captain of a Mrazilian
ve.i?el, ."ailing under tin! Brazilian flag,
was not in tho Mirrendering business.
Thereupon tho Argentines put noldierj
on board tho steamer ami u man-ef.
war nloug.-ido, and tho matter wa dis
cussed for two days and nights, and
was released just bcfoie threo J'rnztt
ian nien-of-wav appeared in sight.
Rrazil in reported to bo dissatisfied
with tho aapcets of tho question ; for
thu Confederation Mill claims that tho
right to poize suspected nersons wher-
ovor thoy may bo, greatly to the detri
ment of linizil'fl tico of tho river Pinto
aud in violation ol the treaty between
tho two countries.
This and the depute as lotho own
ership of tho island of .Martin Uaroia,
which commands 'tho passage of tho
river Pluto, has eieated belligerent
feeling between tho two poweii. Kach
is acfuiiiug a vnM amount of war mate
lialforuo clear purpose, if this ilitll
oulty is not considered, and u spaik
umy kindlo tho fires of war. Such n
condition of afTairs would develop tho
diplomatic ability of tho new miuistor
from tho United States and Chicago,
As ho has often contemplated war's
horrid front, n Houth American nop
ping miiehino would not frighten him,
whilo it would give him an opportun
ity to show qualitie5 of clear-headed-ness
in tho protection of American oit
izcit1 and their iotorcst-i.
01' 8TKA.I.INU.
'tiRBASKHrt." I10V TI1RY
Ua.n'o.v C'iTV,(;oi-,,Jari. 1?, 1ST I.
Hontlorcd all through portioim of
Southern California, mid New Mexico,
and oxtonding evon into Arizona and
Utah, are member of u tucir ni)'iKiunn
TIiom; follows act upon the theory that
all mortal fiinn, no matter how hideoui",
can bo uloncil by phb'ical suffering;
and accordingly, at cortatn ofton of
tho yuar, generally in the full, thoy cat
tigate tiicinnelvCH into a condition of
godlin("a, and then comtnenee tho bat
tle of lilu auew. Jn Colorado and New
Moxieo, the order number 10,0011 kohIi",
who are all under the control of, and
yiold implicit obftdieuce to, tho High
I'rioat, llomero Miguel, who reside! at
Tain. Tradition avcM that the Miguel
idoresaid i-i a direct docendant of Mon
te:mn:i; and cuch h the faith impod
in him, and uo i trong tho conviction of
hi Divine origin, that any one of his
10,000 ignor.iut mibjpcts would gladly
immolate theaicolvos upon the alter if
fjld that Miguel dsa:rcd it. He livca in
great state at Too ; i stirrouodcd by
a numerou1? rotinuo of ran'HOls and
humblopeoiiH, and religiously
llXAITS tNE-Tl 1 J It II
of whatever is produced by his sub
jectx, no matter whether it be grain.
Wood, gold or diver. A neglect or i
J! tb. offender to excommunication
I nt least, and, in aggravated catcs, to
death. lien the latter line ol policy
is adopted, secrecy ls ob'eried, aud,
honhl inquiry be made, the Priot
gives his interrogator . to understand
that the obnoxious party has emigrated
to another country. It is ecrttuu, how
over, that'tho victim never comes back;
and, it tho rohttvos aro ot an luijuiriii'j
frame of mind and disposed to make a
search, they can generally find their
kinsman buried under a pilo of rocks
in the immediato vicinity of Taos,
Miguel of couno profiwcn ignorance
but his mbjocts deduce a healthy moral
therefrom, and tho cnnoin tit tbo i'ries
are filled with commendable prninpt-
no . l)ne or tw.i huiopl-"- of 1 1 i kind
ultt..)' have thu de-sired olFect, while it
I'lioius the l'enit('iite. a prai'tieal illns
ti;i'.to:i o! tho tact that their l'riust i
iniiii who ni it ct not be in.po-.ud upon or
tntled with.
Tho Pouitantfs, though doubtlesi
Fpriiing from the Jesuit missionaries
have no prayer, or hardly any of the
familiar lormn ol worship. 1 heir creed
if thoyesn be said to have any, is horno
upon their hacks, and eon-istsot
Mt Allsi A.MI w Kl.r-s.
Whiidi thev have iuilietod niion them
ko1vc in atououient lor sins committed
No matter what tho sin may be, who
ther a thoft or a murder, if the Pcni
toutrt cattigates himself enough ho can
go clear atitl enter intotti.it heaven pre
pared fr the onjojinent of blessed
Punitentos. I u-:o devotional exerei.-c
are confined to no particular day
season, but, ai before leiuarked, they
ncnerallv take plaeo in tho fall. Tiio
haul; of a liver or sumllor stream h to
looted, aud, nt a eiwm signal tho l.n
tenles iopair to tho spot, with their
whes ami ehil Ircu, and proceed to bus
innss. the male nicmuerd nt tho Hoc
strip tlmiiHclveo Mark naked, and then
juining hand-;, move round in a eirelo
humming a low, monotonous chant
while tho women and children lotato
out to one side and put in the applnuso
liy degrees tho circles spins around Ikf
ter, whilo tho chant swells louder, Thu
Mm it has commenced to work. hen
tiie proper deureo of enthusiasm lu
b?ou reached, a siraugo Hnd oftimes re
liulMVJ) s.eenc tatcs place- haeli one
of those devotees in Mipplied with
whip, elub, bunch of caetus.'an iuMiu
mont uf tortuie of Mime kind, and thev
proceed to
ruiM', IIV'.AT ash lanatATi: i..vi-
A rivalry springs up as to which
olio eau euduro tho groatost amount of
torture. JJlood Hows down their buck
in stream; thorns aro pressed into
tho nuivering ilo&h ; whilo others, still
more enthusiastic, sit down nml liter
ally roast thcinsolve before a slow iii
1 f one of thorn faints through physic
exhaustion, ho is drought to lile again
by throwing over him a bucket of livo
coals,- utnors hoar nnuioiuo erodes
about thu country, until they sink dow
beneath thu burden ; and t'unio sine:
tnenucivcs wiui moiasaes ami .remain
for hours exposed to tho Jlies, in thu
broad rays of tho sun. All thu, and
much more, t.he Punilcntes perform in
tho name of their religion. Tho orgies
continue about u wcuk. A Penitoulo
who cannot lash himself into a statu of
obedionco during that ttmo is consul
cred incorrigible, and
KICICKll Ol'T Of Till; (illlllllt ;
Whilo all hia wordly goods iind M.ib
Manee, should ho bo so fortuiiato an to
havo tiny, two forfeited to the Chi
Priest. It nl'leu happons, too, that
unite u number of tho deluded fellow
punish themselves po severely lhat ro
eovory is iinposMiblo and death ends
tho K'ono. Whou a Pouitcnto dies
from self iullicted Htripes, but liltlo turn
or ceremony is made over it, and ho is
hiHtlcd unilcr groiimlas quick m po-
(.1.1.. I.ij .nlnltt.f'u nml ri-tnmlrf
oiimiIo theiiiFolvoii with tho belief that
tlic britisod departed has been gathered
home ti thoboxom l Montezuma.
'fhe Penitente belonir to the Mexi
can raee. and, in harinony with their
religion riles,' p"tic the lowest and
most brutal pawion..' When not eu-
gagod in whipping thomaelve or cur
r .i 1 i .t
ingiucir WOUIKIB, iiiuy mjiniiie iiieirni-
toiitfoni nctly to
hTKALlJfll j
and the many exploits in this line of
ten excilo tho admiration id thoir
frienih and allien, tlm Arapahoe In
diaus. Homo of llio-lnttor oven went so
far as to opculy embraee the IVniUitilcs
laligton; hut ono fcOjoursjini' was sum-
;unt, and ihe,v upotaijoil. ImSy are
'ontitonto'r Um tiusthod hv the
avenciug fmnil of justicn, he always
atrikes out- for an Arapahoe camp.
hero he ii sum to moct with a uordinl
AiA a t;
tho Moxieans are ignorant and Ibkv,
treacherous aud MipcrMitinu'. The in
vontivc genioui of thu ago, which has
mauitestoU it cull in printing press,
iiI-iomIk, and ttdegraph lines, miido
but a verv faiit imprei-aion in either
Old or Now Mexico. .Manufacturics
aud ull the arts languish, whilo agri
culture and all the most simple and
caiily improved system of labor stand
sadly where they did 1UU hundred
yeard ago. I ho .dcxican lurinev to-day
plows his fields with a crooked stick,
and has no idea of anything that would
:rvo his purpose better. lie has uo
faith in roveruibio or aub-foil plows
made of ttool; in fact, never heawi of
thcnr.nud the ootiro plow-IUotury of pro
line, 111., would Dot tempt mm to part
with his wooden stick. (I win i
thre-hnd by driving cattle upon it, and
Tinnowed out hv the winds ol hea
ven. J 1 is hahitation eou'isisoi a mis
erable hovel, made of some dry brick
or, us thoy are termed, adobes "Chile
eouiposcs'tho bill of faro; whilo the
most ol tho freighting is pcrioruied
upon the nacKs ot tne patient
lttle mulos, who, itfco tlio sage-Drusii
and cactus, are indigenous to this coun
try. Rut-lhdiich living in tilth, wiua-
or. and wretchedness, the Moxicau is
very clannish, and has the highest re-
gard lor hi own language and lnslitu-'
?: 'i'i i 1
IIUUS, l UUllUll UlllUUlfl'ISSUU llll UU'I I
hand by the lapidly rniug liilo ol im
migration, and thrown in daily contact
with the irrepressible Yaiikeo ulemont,
yet he adhcroilo his old homo, and con
tinues to speak bin Old ti.ntim 'I'lif
vowels, and consonants ol tho Anglo-
Saxon are too hurrh for hia sensitive
car, nnd tho average Mexican, whilo he
may understand tho American language
UKHlsiK '10 .Sl'KAIC A Uljllll UF IT
utiles compelled to do mi. Ho luia no
love for I new .'miu at tho host, and
his loyalty, tlmugh paraded on every
possible oveiuiuu, ii only skin deop.
lle'woulU not uo to deiiemt upon m an
omergeney, and would make a very re-
bcllous eitizeu it given hall a chance.
Tha muniiori, hutuU, did social lifo of
the Mexican w iimilo.r, whtlo the roalu
or virtue ar.'l mcruhty i? exi:9UiiiKly low,
aoiI too Ios-h r.ni-1 noon tun uijnet, jior-
hps, tlio hutter Tito wouien, l.oWevor,
with all Uioir rnuil, lira sapei iur 10 my
men. Thoy are kiiW-hearted and bo-pi-tiihl'
nnd their friendlbip onei g.ilomt Is
rnrelv hroUim. Truo to thu oslurnl io-
liiictii of Mm sx, Micy ate fund of dispUj,
r.nd tska loiii'ini'ly to irey '.bitwU Mid
namini: lolor. rlt thay ro pr liciua
kcors, nod it i Jtfn to prumu that tlm
JiiUKlitara el )lonUxum'i will ni'vor ihko
tbu plarn of Rridjot in the kit' ben.
MAhllVlMO AMI' (11V1'I IN M.vatUAOK
amoiu; tho Moxicani a fomowluvt clitt'oro.'il
frutrt tho nld-Uiiblonoii arni appraruu yi
tmbftlruod by lh-i poet, and noruliti.
Whoa the iltisienu nlluiit bo-.-ointu tired
ot'rt Ufu of fcliisle-lilesftdnef i ho tii!n. up
thulni ut I ia fiCouftititH!ik'4 a-ooDii the
duft7 imiiden. ur.d tuluct r.n arfloity
umin wLifh to pour vijo wealth of hii
h.iatth. 1I UiHt pre. Jld to Avrito a hi'
ter to tho otjvel 1 1 bi Ml'iotioni1, nnd dif
iirttclic ltn by his father or by hi nou
uenriiit rotation. Tur'fo du i.ro allowed
tba dam.ut to reply, and, jmpdlag her an
tiwer, tho lover rttireii to aomo soehulod
emit, and implore lb Vinjin to InioreMe
f.T him nml win his uit. S'lmn tbo throu
days hnvo pr.isad, tin) lover coir.n out to
lon'rii UU fati. Kliould tho cimwnr lo lu
vorftble, hit pacha up ft trunk foil of cloth
ing forthwith, f.ad scuds it to tlm domi
cile of his li.dy-lovo ; but ehould iho un
iwer bu in tho nuaiUve-, hii lovo nt oncn
ehangei to ruge, and ho institutes r.gcrtis
nvo mifutuioa. First, ho kinks over rind
iniitllati'i lliooupy of tlm Virgin botore
which hu Unult and implored ttlu lady's
tuvor, mid then lio proiawU to givo tbo
old man and all tbo ijirfi big brother
eound drubhiug 01 courao bo no-.7 nnd
thui gets tbrashod lnniioU ; but this mokes
r.o ditl'orcnci), his only obji'Ct is to show
tbo contempt with which ho rcgurds tho
wholo tribo. llii venjjonnco fiittiite.l, ho
ensu bis oyc nbout lor nomo ono ntie.
His ii;bs of 1"V0 r,r responded to at but,
and ho piek Id' brtdii homo triumphant
ly on a imrrow-f,iifii;it mule, ami icUIk
dov.-n to hmiiiokeopliig.
Whero uiituro M pcrmlllod to run its
eoursu, tbo Moxkarm i'-'aernlly Jhoto u
green oi l aei but till tiro ob'.ied to
uhtitlla otV thU inortDl coil ct lmt, md
then coiiiW the enromony and expnum of
TUB KlJiHttA!..
A funeral must at ways bo conducted by a
jirlcst, nnd hi cbiire;i's are only governed
hv tho lmiglh of tho mourners' purso.
Vim lowest feols ?10j but a dull Mexicuil,
who counts hU lioop and iiphhii' hy tbo
Ihoimund. cuunot ficuro tho nor vices of a
prlost to liyht him tlifouch tho dm It val
ley for o;k tlmn ?00n, Thoo fees aro at
wtiya riwpilrcit in tolvnncn, unci ijo directly
to t,hn primt, who never fs.ll to appropri
tito tliotfinni to hia purgotml uso.
In Paria thcroaro twcnty-llneo fash
ion journals nml tuven Rumnii Cutho
Jio roligious ones. There aro twenty
iwo hulioa" papers, (icrmaoy has only
five fashion papers.
i Tho clepsydra, or water-clock a
; tiine-tnonsitror iuveiitod by tho an
' einntu, and eontintie;l in uu through -;
out tho middle ages is ntbject to
j many defect. It must bo suppliod at
legular intervals ; tho water ibiint (low
with thu aamo facility ; attention to the
faot that the orifioo inii't become larger
by uo . and s,ome of the wnterjs wat- I
ed by evaporation, lleneo tbo search I
for souio other auout instoad of water, I
ami the di-rovory uf tbu fnct.that dry
sand is well suited for tho purpoo.
Sand, when very lino and dry, flown
through an orifice, with regular
speed, whether the quantity bo largo
or amall. In tirniioity it is unlike wa
ter, which doaoends more swiftly the
giestcr tho wuiglit. ot it there is above
tho orifice .'nprKi,iu7 unh sand filled,
.. m. im.. jii..iij t'.uh ii amall or) tier
at tho bottom ; aupposing thuro were
umloriioath this tall Ims cylinder an
other cylinder, graduated at equal in
terval of an inch or a half an iach ;
thon the sand would accumulate in ihia
graduated cylinder, nftor olitering it
through tho uiillee in equal quantities
in equal tune, and the latter cylinder
would become a true measurer or muter
of hour or half hour portions of limo.
Nay ! more than this : Not only it thu
How of - )d uniform, whatever bo the
quantity which is above tho orifice, but
it can uot bo madn moru rapid by auy
amount of preiwuro. We may iifo a
iiislon, plug or plunger, and pro.-s it
down forcibly on tho sand in tho tube :
and yot tl.u annd will llowoutas befoto
neither more nor less quinkly. The
presmiro in not obliterated ; it docs
omo work; hut that work is exerted
iignimt both nidos ot tho tube, unless
it ho mado of strong material.
This singular property of aand be
come. of liigh value in mining and
quarrying. When a hole ii bored in a
hard reck, partly filled with gunjMjw
der, and exploded by mentis of a fu-c
or an electric wire, tlio products
are blown out of the hole, ntul scarcely
any useful effect is produced in blast
ing the rook. When a plug of wood is
driven in after the powder, this also is
blown out, and the blast h nearly as in
effective as before. Hut when tho
charge is plugged with Kind, this re
fines to be driven out ; the fotco of tho
explosion expends itself laterally, and
the rock is riven into fiaginents.
A time-glass may ho mado of a ver
tical cylindrical tube, m far as tho
prinoip.il action is concerned ; but thu
woll-kuown form has tunny convenien
ce. Two conical ve.els, or two pear
(shaped vessels, joined together ut their
ljoiuted ends, and tin orifice piorciiu.'
tho pi.ico cir Junction this sufficiently
denotes the usual form. In making tho
hour, miiiuti: or threo minuto glares,
sold in shop, the rand is placed in one
bulb before tho other is jmued to ll.
Common sand i Hcd for cheap yla-ses ;
but tho best is t. Into sihcr-.-and, thor
oughly dried and bil'tod. The two
bulbs aie fixod togother by the heat of
a blowpipe, with duo attention to the
maintenance' of tho bora of tho orifice.
Tho French have an ingenious modo of
making and tilling sand pla"i'-. by
blowing four bulb on one lube nt'gj.-u
two to form tho time-measuring part
of tho apparatus, one to ho opened and
mado to s.crvo as a hopper, thiough
which tho sand is poured in, and the.
other to ho opened nnd made to servo
as a slaiid. I'Igg-shell, hiked and
finely pounded, is found lo be a good
siib-titulc lor Mini.
No ono know- at what tiinuthtiso
titnc-mcasuies vero iu'.induecd. Ju
basso-relievo, al ihe tMattsi Palace, rep
resenting tho marriage of Thetu and
Peleiis, Morphcoiis appotirs, holding an
hour-glnm in h'us hand. Thu. shuws, at
any rate, that sueii implements wero
known in tho mythological days of
(.trwee. Tbo Athciioians, wo aro lohl.
carried hour-glasses with them some
what as wo do our noeket-vtateher.
An interosling feature oonneetud
with the subject is tho hour-da- to
regulate tho length of sermons. ThU
wn.i especially the cast- after the rcfoiiu
ution, when long sermons camo into
fashion. The mcilio'vnl and piv.-ro-
fiirmatiou diviuen contented themselves
with n homily varying from ten to lit'
toun minutes in length; but tho Hu
guenots, WahleiiPe-, Puritan:, Cove
nantois, Independents, and iilher iiro
testing bodies, conceiving it their duty
to assert and maintain theories rulatiug
to doetiino aud discipline, mado their
s:unnons argumentative, and sometimes
spun u'.' iha argument to an inordin
ate Icng.1.. The hour-glass literally
curiospuiided with tho.namo for it
ran for one hour bel'oiu tho sand hud
all parsed through ; and the prr.aoher
claimed his lull sixty minutes, ftomo
times ho wa provided with a half hour
gins:, which he used when ti shortor
sermon was to bo proaobed. It was
about tho middle of tho Koveiitcunth
century when Puritan ecriuons occa
sionally loached the enormous length
of two' hours, lhat tho hourglas.i limit
was applied. Many pulpits wcio fur
nished with iron tjtiiuds lor lho recep
tion of tho hour glass, some of which
Mill exist in Kiigland.
Many old Morioa relating to pulpit
hour-gla'sos havo a dash of humor
about thiiiu which ViOuld seem a little
out of plaeo in our days. Hugh Peter;
Katirized in "lludibras," after preach
ing an hour, turned h'u hour-gluss and
Haiti ; "I know you uiu gond fellows!
Wo let's have another glass." Daniel
Hu rge.su, an eloquent nou-conformist
diviuo in tho early part of thu last ecu
tury, let his glass run out whilo talking
veilomonlly against tho sin of druuk
onnoss. Ho reversed it and exclaimed :
"I havo Koinowhnt moro to say ou the
iinturo and (lonsoqueuecs of drunken
ness. So let'a havo another glass, and
then" whielwai a regular toper's
phnno. A rector of Ribury used to
preach two hours, with two turns of the
glass. After giving out the toxt, tho
squiro of the pariih withdrew, smoked
Ins pipe, .mil returned to tho blessing.
J'rctty aud graceful lilies havo often
boon xuggoMod by those tituc-meani-icrs.
lu the excellent t,ong .
"Kivo tlnioi by tho taper lii;bt
Tba hoiir-glati we bmu turned to-night,"
we aio left to guess na wo like at tho
actual hour in tho evening to which
tho watchers had arrived probably
five hours after Minot or dusk. One
poet find a moral exemplar in the
hour glas .
'Stcvly as truth on oitber end
It hourly tusk portormlog well.'
Hidnoy fpoke of "Next morning
l--- - I-- -...ii!.. 1. il.
liottrlnsg than hy the day's clearness."
I'uiler an hour-glass in a irrotto near
the water lhc!c lines ftro written :
"Tbis lisbliliiu: Ftrcam not uoinstructlvo
Nor idly loiten lo its ibiltlned m- in ;
Keh flower it faislii thtt .-hi It margin
Now libh thee bluih v;hon ifiys aro
pnt in rain.
'Nor void o; n.o.-l, thoueh unluvdcd
Timo'ii current stealing on with silent
Fur lo! each falllog antl Ills folly cbldcg
Vi'lio lots odo precious momont run to
nloiimhcld s linci, " tlm Widow to
tho II our-1! hies,'' typify tho tricklin-:
of the sand very clearly :
"l'vo ofton widehtid thy streamy sand
jna Fi'on viio growini; mountains rtio;
And often found life't hopes to stmid
On props m -Wokk in wisdom's eyes ;
Its coiilj crown
.Still iliJlngdown,
Again heaped up, then do.vn nt;aiQ,
Tho sand ahovn morn hollow grow
Llko days and years still tlltorlng
And mlnnling joy and pain."
Marl Russell has published the fol
lowing letter :
I'KMiiiioio: L'nni;, Richmond Fine,
January 10, IS7I. j
I)i:ab.Siu .Joh.v 3lLnitAV I have
already informed you of tho cause
which will prevent me from presiding
at the meeting of tho i27th of January.
Let us now consider what is the object
of the meeting. Archbishop Maiming
btatos his doctrine very clearly and
verv boldly thus . "Tho church in
separate and supreme. Let its, then,
ascertain somewhnl further what i3 the
meaning of supreme. Any pwwer
which is liuiKpeuiJcnt and can alone hx
the limit of its own jurisdiction, and
can thereby fix the limits of all other
uirisdiciions. is i'iko hirlo. sutiroine.
I Hut the Church of Jesus Christ, with -
in the sphere ol revelation ot lailli and
i n .i - . -ii
motal, is all tit w, or is nothing, or
wor-o than niithiug, au imposture and
ti usurpation thai is. it is Christ or
Antichrist.'' Archbishop Manning
goes on to say, "if it bu Antichrist,
every Cn.'sar, from Nero tc thin day,
is justified. ' So we may .say, on thu
other side, if the Church of Ji'oinu bo
Christ, every Pope, from llodrigo 15or
gia to this day, is justified, and must
be accounted Chiist. For my own
part, many years of my careor in Par
liament wcio devoted to the promotion
of religious liberty. From to
1 '".! I constantly voted fur the admis
sion of Roman Cathulies to Parliament
aud to ollirc. In IbJS I. took tho fore
most part in relieving Protestant dis
seitors from tho disabilities of thu cor
pnraliou and test acts. For many
yeais afterwards I laboied for the lib
eration of (ho .lows;. Hut neither for
Roman Catholic, for I'rotestant dissen
tins nor for .lews did I ask tor mora
than equal prhclegos and equal laws.
Archbishop Maiming says of tho
Church, -If it bo Chiist. it is tho su
pionio puwor among men; that is to
say :-r-1 , it holds its commission nnd
authority from tied ; it holds in cus
tody tlio faith and the law of Jesus
Chiist ; .'J, it is thu solo intcipreUtiou
of lhat faith and the solo expositor of
that law; it has within tho sphere of
that com mission a power to legislato
with authoiity to bind thu conscien
ces of all men born again in the bap
tism of Jesus Christ." This ia not lib
erty, civil or religious, it is to bow
the." knee to a despotic and lalliable
priesthood. Tho very sumo principles
which bound me to u?k for equal free
dom for tbu Roman Catholic, tho Prot
ectant dissoutcr and tho Juw bind mo
to protest against a conspiracy winch
aims at conlininj; tho CJonuan Kuipiro
in chains, uoer, it is hoped, lo be
shaken oil', I hasten to declare, with
all friendrt of freedom, nnd, trust,
with tho great majority of tlio English
nation, that 1 could no longer call my
self a lover of civil and icligious liberty
wero I not to proclaim my sympathy
with tho emperor of Coiniany in tho
noblo strugglo in which ho is engaged,
Wo have nothing to do with tho details,
of tho German laws; they may bo just,
they may bu haroh; wo can only leave
It to tho German pcoplo to due'tdo for
thomsolvca, a. wo havo decided for our
telvcs. At all "events, wo aro able to
see that tho cause of tho Herman em
peror is the cause of liborty, aud tho
canto of tho Popo is tho causo of shi
very, f remain, dear Sir John Mur
ray, yours very truly, Rut-SKM..
The St. Loufa Christian 'Advocate
has no ear fur nitisio, aud complaiuB
that a church choir is sacrilegious
when tho line, "Wo. iiro going home to
dto no mow" is rendered "We're golog
h'oiue to Dinah Morc, to Dinah More,
to Dinah More,"
The prince of Ottaiwo.'.of th otca
great family of tho Medieij Lui'dicd
lately at Naples in hia iMTetj-irst
year. He was a 8e'natpr .;6f 'tJujfaw
dom of Iuly,.wan jiotsitthwiiTiBs
art matters, and had bwri dwt4ied by
many Kurowian Bovcreigiag-'"
One of tho mont distiBgaWlMi otS-i
ccrs ut the French natT N. lLQu
nier, haa been arsassmaUd. .Wtbes
Chinese rebels Xii Tonqtiin. no wart
acaompauiod by liicutBMi RAlmy,
who appears to havo met th atawftte.
M. Oarnier was, in November Imi, en
gaged in aii crpedition .iaToiiinr
his object Icing to enforce tke .tiwitet
liy expelling from the enaAtjt .
I' rcnchmaii who had. supplied im io
tho pcoplo of Yundan., Mr,Gniier
had captured town . and JbhAV prlapn-
f.o ra now ou thotC ,WJ tO
France. - - j,
Tho late M. llcauvallct, whoso death
wo have already announced, will ke.re
membercfl by somo of our 'jeaderf a
hiiviiig visited this country as mtm
ber of Rachel's dramatio conpaby.
To tho American pcoplo ha ia princi
pally known through his book, ridjtvl
ing this couutry, tho infomatioa of
which he picked up while Iwelllig i
America in 1851. RcauvalliV waa an
admirable actor, a cultivated and fin
ished scholar, a perfect gcntlenanTit,
like most Frenchmen, lio thoagnt
there was no country equal to'"l belle
France." For more than a doian
years ho had received a yearly penilon
of 7,f00 francs from the Theatre
rrancaiH. nn amount whteh lYonfy Ac
corded acton of the highest elaBt; -
At ono o'clock yostcrday rac-nuag,
Captain William?, of the Eighth pre
cinct, accompanied by three officera,
mado a descent on tho premises at Wo.
1(!8 Blccckcr street, in the cellar of
which he found, stored away, 'under t
..:t. e ...ui.:.,i.
ilic ui luuuinn, ,t limuilljr VI UBaU
grenades. The building is oeeipitd
by Desiro Dobuohy, a Freabai' floriet,
who was arrested, and, together wttk
the baud grenadoB, remotea to t&e'ste
tion house. The destntotiTsj;BiafiUa.
aro thirty-six in nambor, aavd mr
carefully packed in an old aJBaniinoa
box. Thoy were not ehaiKtd. TlUir
construction is said to he peculiar. It
cousistd of a sphere within a apaera
mado of one-sixteenth inch cut iron,
and capable of containing ana and a
half ounces of powder. The ooveriag
consists of two hemispheres of om
eighth of au inch cast iron, joined by
means of a powerful screw. Capped
nnd primed thoy could be easily car
ried without danger to the party hand
ling them, and would, doubtlew, prote
a decidedly destructive weapon. r
During. the torenoon .Debuoay.. wan
1 taken hct'oro Superintendent" Mataell,
I who remanded him to the station House.
. it. -i; -" i:
Ho claims that the
a were a
sample lot made in this city by a party
uaincd .Murphy, tlio order for their coa
ttruotinn having been given by Cbsnfre
Deinocrtttiqu, who designed sendiag
them to the committee of Safety at
Paris during the late Franco-Prussian
war. Order was restored in Paris' 'be
fore tho weapons were' completed so
they were never shipped, lint- 'were
stored whero tho police found ' tkeko.
The prisoner will have a.'hearing at the
Jcflorsou Market police ' eeurt tbu
morning. New York. Herald, Feb. 8.'
m m c
(.icuoial .Sherman has a notion that U
i'm very "bad medicine" to feedand
coddle the Indians who niake", desert
places of already settled districts iatke
Western couutry, aud the ooat'atea
sense of tho uation is with biro. We
suppose, however, there ia nol the
slightest hope that tho Indiana will
ever get the scalp of Gov. Davia of
Tcxa?, and if they should' we eau
scarcely hopu that this fact would' put
an end to a policy that depends upon
official folly. The.ro will bo nieft-ef
very mudorato cupaoity left! even when
D.ivis is gone, so that the system of
musing the Indians and feeding 'Iheni
ou swcutincatR and philanthropy Is net
likely to perish for want of. fools 'to
Lent) it nn. Meanwhile i the Dolicr ac
cited hy ucjicrai aucrman or. giTinf
. . -i .... , -
io Jniimiis aiiogeincr 10 tne war-ie-
paitmciit, is tho true solution." All our
l. i- .. i 1. 1.. - rA. --W-.r
lliuinii iruuuics cuuiu iruw vuwua
the savaqu, and the amy js the "only;
means wc have of dealing' with them
honestly. N. X. Herald.
fSjirlttrtXa KpU;a.J' r '
When d'oii. Leo was sauntering
around in Pennsylvania, ten years ego
last sunimcr, Pittsburg get eaa'r't"'
and throw up somo oMthwofka'aad
other fortifications to stop bint , if be'
should fry to get into the aaaoky'eety.s
'Uhe robels never got, within aooehaa
drcds oi miles, but the thrifty Hisetae.
havo had the uheck to aik.the goyera
mcut to pay for fhe fortifications they
orecteto keop'tbem off, and; their, elaint,
rejected over', .and overlagaihia jaat.
been presented to Congretw. agajii, , .If
this sort of thing U to swee&hi
eago thiuks il will bo in. order, fotJej
to tile a little bill for the;cot au -pressing
the Camp Dpuglei boasjalmi
nf lSC t.ns her fricrht wasbetUrfeuatf.
ed, ami tho edvernnient since H V
tablished the prison waiyteaioUIf re
aponsihlo ibrtho conspftffi. j " q
More tronble is antioipated it."
Eas. A United B tales dUtrict atto
lias latoly been' reaaoved, and
threatens to tell some dieajr
tbiugs about Hcuator lagaUev f

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