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rvimury i, 10:11 p.m., s,, (
l!frtnieli!r,'Jtl:Wii degrees.
Theiuiuiiiotcr, 01 il-ui ti".
Wind S, Veloellt 'id miles per hur
Weather, light rain
Maximum Uiupcnluie lor last'.!! Uuiir
VI deKfeest. ' . i
MlnlMUtutosuii'ratiiielortbelsrt'it hours
tJ degree. .
' Prevailing wind fur l.tt lt,boui;.HA
Total timubti- of inllci Uavalvd by wind
Juilcg WsHI bour,'-"il.
OHMTTcr SiKiial Service, I). S. A
MILLS W I'lltlsKK, JVoprlHor.
'I iiilli sir.tl, between Walnut and Wh
lias ingpiirbhaked the entire stock, Stille,
iiurtui, i rriages, riug'-ies, eic,, ui nr
Meld, mil added several rietv ."tin unlit.'
Mr. Parser now Imltcs all his Irlmdi. old
.tnu uew, in Winini oanoie inrx", irounie
or Single Cirrb'ei, or atiythlug elso In lit
Mm-, in kic nun nr.iiu iti i.: nil
I'. Kf;N'lAI.I. . Jii .ini M
'lTCIlOAY February Illi, K
Tin- M'ln ui-kinmlcilgei rival of
J ii liL ruinous rh.iiilomltni', entitled
Hiimpty Dumpty
Ah Played Tor 3 Year in X. V. City.
7'.l l,A XTi:i ' P :.' FO KM IMS.
fiii'linling iyimiallr. the Yiiiiigel dini
lii'l I'l.iM-r In Ihe world, Until I oinlc.ilit l--.
iaiK' llalli'ln?, .oniM and Jjiw., Imlln
llou. of 1 SI i I and Aniinnl'. tllt l'rtiriu:m
c. solo-l (iinlc ng andOrli'lilal.lilK(;UT.
I if 1 1 1: s i: i! v K 1 1 .S K.ixs l r .Half1 t
J'. Il:irimau, Corner Mxlli and Comim-r-jullvenuc,
Opt-u'al T:ir,' riVlix-k i -iiiiiu(-tic at s.
.M. :. rill.i:.MAV. Aur.M.
( II V.. II. Dt'PltlV.,. ...... Manajr.r.
MONDAY, KVF.., February 10.
i Gigantic Foment h MinistrelB,
lturWuc Opera Troupe ami llra Hand,
of tweMwtun jears' exicrieiiic.
OldeM, nmt iow-fliil, reliable, Troupe
Ut ri'iilird :i Hie miimtioin of .Min-lrel.y.
iiinpoil onlyof lii-ilncnl-li.-.t .rti-l-.
lnlrodr.iiliij: vnii'fil ir.Mi-ritnnd llrilllain'V.
A.liiii..iii :) c-nl. M'l-uri'il fat
mils cilra, Tul- aali- at D in llattiiiun.'.
TI'rDAY KVK., KKI!., IT, 1871
Tl'BSUAY KVK, KKH, ;7, 1371
JI'KSDAY KVK., KKIt, 17,1874
Mtiisquvd Ball
To bo given ly llm
Cairo Turner
S O (! I E T y,
SohccPs Hallji
TL'KHDAY KVK., FVM., 17, 187-1.
The Ciiiro Tumor Society,
determined to eclipse any and
every ball ihnt has been given
' Una season, will give a Grand
Masquerade ball at the time
and place above mentioned.
Tl is tho determination of the
gentlemen who have the mat
ter in charge to make it the
Uigeat thing" of tho kind
that ever took place in tliis
oily. Neither time nor ex
pense will be spared to accom
plish this end, and every one
who attends may contidcntlv
expect to see such a ball as
was nevor boforo given in this
section of country.
Tho following committees
hiivo been appointed :
F. M. Ktocktlelli, clmirinaii, I'M. Bu
dor. It. V. llolziiur, Win. AIk.i tind I'.
t ! . Huliuli.
Fi.oou Ma.N'AOKiis. R. Tfiibsackcr,
JUrry talker ami W. F. Kuohcii
Itr.cr.HTioM Com.mittei:. Hieplion
.Sehwanitz, Wni. Rudor, and Cliarlcs
1.00 IC OUT I LOOK OUT 1 1
0. W. RUNNING, M. 1).
UKSlDKNt.'K-corner MntU and Walnut
HlrntU. Ollicd corner Sixth vtreet and
Ohio levee. Olllce limtr Homo :i. m., to
l'j iu.t ana ti p. in,
t wvs wifuih) TIN.
(i, K. At kvk ii, of Alimod t'lty, wai in
towD ymtetiUv.
; Tut 'arrlvftft aiiui '.-UMJImrlei lintel
ytiunuy tre tinoin uui.
Am. c6lor of UtlJIo lltui, iUcliiiiu
Milk cLoap at llnrltnsn ,V Cu t. b', 1 Ji) tf
- Ten, and only toiyliy burdur uan be
acrimitniidatiiJ at lliu l!t. f 'lint lot a'. Ilia
raJiiced priof. i.io-tf
-.A ii'd piintur ran llnil tofcJy om
ployineiit tn ( i to t'tiarliton, Miiiourl.
Apply nl Tub IJi i i.iiiu ulli.'o.
1;U ll-lt
Muvural pluaaalit rooms on tlio upper
tloor at tliu St. CtiarUf rati I Lhd at vory
Inwrut. 'J-lO-tf
WblikUKK aru now utim'nl In pnttini;
In It 0 fuutidaliuu for .Mr. ti. Waltur now
brink liuiooji lioutc, tn bu gructelon
Cowiiiarcial nvemiw, near Tutith itrout.
Ukah tin city ordinance adupt! at tbu
lait tnoutiiig of tho city council, and whtrli
bare rocuU oil Mayor Wood'i approval.
Tlioy aro publtibrd Iri aootlior roluuin of
tbn tnornloff' Hit.T.Tiw.
Lost tn .Monday, a lar((i ilxod blarlt
imirrono nientiiranduni book containing
ft large number of city executions and
otbor paperi wbli'h can ba of value to no
oqu but lb) owner. A liberal reward will
b given to tbe fluder by returning tho
lamotoTiiK livLI.KTlN ollie.) tf.
Tiik parlor concert to be lield tbit even
ing at.tho rosidonoeof .Mr. (lallgbor prnrn
Iiet to be ono of tbe tuoit eiitertninln);
of tbe iorloi yet given till tonion. Tbe
programni) will befoundlnanotber ;livce.
A cordial invitation Ii extended to all
who may doitre to attend.
LoiiT On February H, 1871, betweon
Cairo and Mound City, a pnrlor
duitor and . plt-ce ot blue clotb,
together with other inikll articlei en
closed, both bundle! wcao mstked "I'bel-
brick." Tbe finder will bo iiiltaldy re
wardod by leaving tlietn at the stnru o
1). ilarlman. l.H-'J-'-.2t.
A'nKKTLKUAN bailing from Chicago
and a dealer In Indigo, wat yeilerday ar
retted by ono of the city police on a
charge cf peddling. Ho vrai t-kon be
fore JuJge Uroo, who atcosiod a n'no of
ton dallar and coats agalnit bim. lie
claimed that he did not know that bo was
violating buy law, and wilt probably pe
tition tbe city council to remit the tlnu.
W. WjaLACi:7!ainivllle7 S M Olau-
ford, .lohnion Co, 111.; Tbo l'ete, Jt 0
railroad: Lewij 1)wj, Little lloct; I' M
Clark, St. I.ouit; .l.H. Ooodwln, CbarltS-
tn, Mo,; L Uadolet, Central!; .1 Hilton,
0 A A' T It It; A I! Alotan dr and .1 S
Weaver, C ic V It It; .lohn Leddio, St.
Loula; II H Lawrence; Uuviu Island, re
rejl.UrcJ at the St. 'icbulai butnl yetor-
nt'fite A: Uknciiii't'.s celebrated
roupo ot burnt cork artisU will appear
at the Atboneiim on nntt Monday even-
ng. Tbit troupe Ii univeriaily arknuwl
edged to bo cum of the l-l of Ibn kind
now before lio publio, Whrevr thy
have appeared they are ipukou of In tbu
iiict flattering to run. Tbuy rnikln in
!iro but one nigbt. Hao their adtertiio.
nr.t in bnotbur column.
I v another column in thit morning'
Ulii.itin will be found a coininuica-
lion annouccing a coune of free lecturus.
Thin W a move in tloi right dire:tiun and
will surely meet the (avor of the public.
Uiglit herii in Cairo tberu U hj good lec
turing mntorinl a could bo deMred, aud
all Hint ii required is ty set. the bill roll
ing anJ it cult easily bo kept moving. It
is proposed to have two luoturoi each
month, or ono overy two wne'. ihe
firt lecture will bo delivered by ti. V.
Whoolor, K(j , on next .Monday evening
in tho High school room. The subject of
Mr. Wheoler's lecture will bo "I.sngiiago,
Artificial and'Natural." Hon. John M,
l.aneden will deliver the second lecture on
Monday evening, March lid, and Judge
W. 11. (Ireou, tho third on Monday ovon-
ng, Mnrcu 14. That lbeo lectures will
bo well-attended cnunot bu doubted.
Tue fallowing Is tho programmo of ui-
orclu'i for the p.trlor concert to bo hold at
tho recidenco of Mr. Chan. Galligher this
evening :
1. Instrumental Mi S.s vih:r.
(iii"lla)ii) IliiMllilg nl inn I uri'-l
Wall.n'i' .Mlli. I.anmu .N.
41111 Ill-Ill'
lti:.OINfi -.Mits. II. II. I ivn'i t.
I. 1 iit-( 1 know a Hani, ulicro mi Hie wild
I lium- Mow-.. Mils. II(.K.N ami .Miss
I i i en Kit.
2. solo -li.u-c 1 Tell" Wlini)iir1i'.lt
Mil'. I.VSSIiKN.
I'rlm-i' Tnui l.ovc. Kb-ur iIp l.ii,.Vimbli'Wil,
( luili iella. I In' I l.i ron i nini.it. iinuii
Hn-ary. Tho Jlai-niieso Tiiiublc Down
lli'i-iii-,Alln-itii Itoiri-rlgn lliibi-rtit diraldo
lirluii. I.nilv flolllil.t Mnliila (;ri'-r.;i.
I.m.Iv Anuolfua St-liua Kalina.
rAIUIJis ;
(Jo-cleaf, .li"aniluc, Itliicbcll. V lolct , ( ,ir.
iiaiion, iai' .
To i-oiii luili- with a j.'1-ainl tabb-aus.
The report of a personal roncountor
yostorday between .Mr. C. it. "Woodward
and Mr. "Wilfred Katues created consider
able talk, and In tsa than an hour
aftor tbn occurrenco a half
a dozon (lillereut stories as to tho cause
of it wero in circulation. Tho truth of
tho story is about this : Mr. Karnes called
at Mr. Woodward's store, and presented
to Mr. Woodward a bill agauut nn cm
ployo of tho hub factory. Tho employe
in quo'tion bolng indobted to Mr. Wood
ward, ho (Mr. W.) told Kameaso, and do
cllnod ,to pay tho bill. At this Mr. K,
madoaomu insulting remarks, Mr. W
ordored Katnes nut of the store,
but ho iofucd to go. Mr.
Woodward thou took him by the arm and
started toward the front door. Heforo
reaching tho door Mr. Katnes turned on
Mr. Woodward and attempted to strike
him, but the Utter warded oil' tho blow,
rlghiViiiaiilor lo.Me, cailghlK'ttiiW nfi tbu
bugln, and lent hloi tn grasi' or In
other word knocked hliu down, b.a head
trlking on i u hoavy Iron iplket. One
more round in which K. Wa worsted,
etiJoil tlio rontmt, The itnry that Mr
119 .... . .....
iwMwiM iiruck "Jir. l.aniei with a
llle," "threw ii ( tjlt.il at bi;ii, uto, etc.,
I utterly falio, a will bi atleiteJ by
every purjoti who witnOiJed the aHalr.
Mr, Kainet' held wal badly cut liy com
ing in contact with the tpikoi whitu bo
f MM 1
Kuitok IIim.lktin: -It ii propoierl by
m ..."
tbe board of oducatiou to ell'ur the publi
a course of frrto lecture to uommence lm-
mcllntoly nnJ to oitond through the
Tliutu lu'turej will be dellverod in tlm
high school, once in two weeks, by our own
.Several of our proferioiiul gootlonion
have been invited to favor us and have
very readily responded.
'ioada variety and additional lnlnret
to these occasions mimic will be furnished
In part by the pupili of tho high school,
and in pact by u iiuartottu under tho guid
ance ot Mr. Morris.
Tho first lecture will bo delivorud by S.
I. Wheeler, Kmi,, Monday night, Tebrua
ry ICtb, thosflcoad byMr. I.amdau March
2nd, the third by Judgo Oreen, March
ICth, ami others will follow In due course.
It Is hoped that the gentlemen who kind
ly consent to locturo may be compliment
ed by a full houie.
Subject of M r. Wheeler's locturo: "Lan
guage, Artificial and Natural." The ox
orciics will commence promptly nl half
past seven o'clock. Lot all be. present.
TiiUBxriAY Kto., Peb. l'J, 1874.
uKMKnat, r.KiiikKH.
The weather for tbe lat two or throe
days has been much warmer, and is a lit
tle unfavorable for droimd poultry and
eggs. Tho present winter has been n re."
niarkable ono even in this climate. It has
been somewhat changeable, 'tis truo, but
the changos have not been great. During
the whole winter the thermometer Las
not marked below 30 dog roes more than
six or eight days, and very little and vory j
transient Ice hat forintd. Most of the
winter tho mercury has ranged from 30 !
to CO wo might say the past winter for we
cannot expect any more cold weather.
Some fears are entortained that the pres
ent warm woalhor, if it extends far up in
to tbe SUto, may push forward tbu fruit
ooljr to U caught by thuHvore. ; f roiti of
March and'ruin .tbo'jnext aauon's :rop
but those tore"bod!ngt are chronic- aud are
always indulged in at this teatou.
There Is a good feeling in tbu market,
and with :ho exception of Hour and hay
the prices is looking up. Our remarits
ou tho dillerunt branches of the market will
be found under their appropriate heading,
Sti) Correspondent should buar In
mind that our quotation represent pricoe
tor round lots from lirst hands, unleai
olberwt-iu stated, and thut in tilling small
orders, higher prices must bo puid.-uia
PI.OI'K Heavy and dull, thoro is
very little movement and stocks are largo.
No round lot transactions are being made
Our lugbott quotations alu outside tig
Icons timo Sales on orders; i 00 wo think
woubl be top price for best grades. Our
reports contprUe 'JOO barrels varioiu, top
gradoi, '() 0,); .lit) libM in small lots
CQj'J OU; 1(10 bblJ on ntders f 7o'J 50;
luou Mils various, low to best grade.4,
round loti, JCQH "oO; llm bbU various
grades t'..$8 7o;(R'.'0u bbls on orders In
email lots, U 6ufvH 7.1, 0 7o being a ro
tail figure.
HAY Tho market U unchanged, re
ceipts bavo been on tlio light order but
there is advlco of plenty on tbo road,
Thoro is no demand for anything but
atrictly choice, and there is very little of
this in mathut. Sales were :i cars mixed
r.'lldclj 2carB prairie del, 10 00; 1
car mixed dol I- 00; 2 cars cbolcu timo-
thy I t 500)16 00 del; 1 car strlrtly choice
In small lots from store 17 18; .1 cars
fair mixed llgilJ 00.
OUUN Tho market is stuady at 70c in
car load lots to-day. All gr&dos aro quot
ed thu same. In order lota a cent or two
moro Is chargod to cover cast of handling,
wasto otc Tho demand is small nnd re
cotpts light. Salos woro one car mixed,
sacked and dellvored 08c; 0 cars white
sacked and dol 00c; U00 aks mixod del,70c;
- :ars choice whlto in lots 71c; -1 cars
mixed and white in small lots 710712c; -I
cars bulk mixed on track RO.; - cars bulk
whlto ou track ti Jo.
OATS Tho market is tlrm with an up
ward tendency. Thorn is some demand
to ship to New Orleans, and tho order
trade with thu interior of tho South con.
Unties strong and active. Holders woro
asking CAi to-day, but buyors hosltatod to
go abovo Ms. Sales wore 7 cars mixed
sucked and del 63c; i! cart do do 1 c-;
10 cars mixed and white do do Dii(7j55u;
1 car black mixed do do fi5c; 1 car fancv
black sood oats dodo 02c; 1 car black do
do S7U-; 1 car whlto do do 55c; 1 car black
do do COc; 1 car do 1'. T.; 1 car white and
whlto mixod C3Jc; 7 cars mixed In built
on track 474.8c; 3 cars mixod in nicks
del 51c.
CORN MKAL-Stoady and Ann at 3 30.
Tbe demand Is active aud rocolpts and
supply light. Sales wero 'JOO bbls S I) dol
3 30; 300 bbls IC D dol 3 30; 500 bblt city
meal aud 1200 libit "St. Charles" bity moat
told on V. T.
lilt AN Thoro Is a steady demand with
nono in tho market oxcopt at tho mills.
Salos woro 300 eacl.t at Hi OA and 1 car
tacked and dol on orders 17 00,
11UTTKK Thero is an active inquiry
for cholco butter, both roll and packed,
Tho market is very scantily supplied and
prices aro tlrm. Hales wore 300 His choiru
northorn roll 30035 ; 500 Ibi Soiithoru
Illinois roll choice !i8;!2 j 1000 lbs choice
northorn packed 3d37o ; 1200 ItJ, com
inon Southern Illinois 25c.
KOOS Thore It a large supply on the
, n'-KBom-.v a.' -fin
anli'., ti Zi.iti i. Cr.
p',13o in.
aro hard tiwrfrk off -quoted 12(1
day aud dull. Sales 500 do?.,,,, j
u 07.Hn lr.o, i
I'OUl.TltV Tho poultry markotcon.
tiniiet fair. Droned poultry will not hold
up if tecolptt increase and tho weather
grows warmer. Choice drcs.o.t chickoot
aru selling at 'J 50(S)3 00; luo old bent
'3 00n)l oo and dreused tuiUvi aru quoted
at 10c V lb
AI'PLKS- IJuchaliguJ. Tho supply of
cholro apples Is limited. Choice northern
aroqiiotPd at 4 6n1 50, MoutherR Ill.
nolt;i 0(4 W.-ff t V
I'KOVISIfTNjJ Flna'andjunchangcd,
quotations tame as last liiuo. The sup
ply is rather small for tho demand, We
noto tales at follows: 1! caskt O H tides
JJ.SSJc; 10 caskt lS mcats-thouldert
CJo; clear tldet 8 jo packot and deliver!.
Tho following are the qotallont furto-day,
in bulk ; packed lots aro J(.r)c hlgliof;
OS clear tides 8fJi;8J ; do O it sides 3(7
Jc; do sboutdort CJfliOJc; mtj pork
15 ooplu 7oj country lard 8Jc.
COTTON flin market is unchanged
good ordinary 13Jc; ordinary Ho;
low ordinary inQlOis; inferior Sj.
CHkKSK Croaiu 14c ; Now York fao
tory lC(jJilC'c.
bIMK-l 'J51 CO Vbbl.
OKM KNT 2 OOffJl BO V bb).
COAL OIL lKiJa gat.
f)('NNlKS-l!e-5owed '-'l buihuli 18b .
3 bushels 20c.
HVaUKS-Ohoicft C0f$l por galloa;
Now Orleans "Rjir-lOc.
l'LASTKUINil II A I It '.tbe per
mjKLAl'.S-Jt bushels corn, t cx
lftlc; do 10 07. 16c: 4 bushelw Oils -Jun ! 5
bushel 31c; C bunheis 22r
UKKSWAX ji lb 30c.
S'M "' Shaeller's (lorman inriltlnd. 71a
Chr.npalTa soap, 71c.
C'ALL'O A' V n"i55 Jc.
OUOAK Crushed 12tc : A. llfr'tHe:
extra 0. 10j(?llc.
COKKKK Java 404'; prlmo 33.
34q cholco 34 (u 35.
LMlutfUlni .
rnaiuiu union, comprossea to
New York. 8Sc! to Hoston. $1. Unoom.
protsed, to New York. St 14: to Hoston
To Now Orloans and Vicksburg:.
Potatoes, apples, etc, 30c ; pound
freight l.'c cwt; hay $3 per Inn; Vork
4.'ioV Ubl: tobacco $t: cotton SI. To Mem.
phi), (lour, etc., 125c per bbl; pou-d frolght
"rewi; nay per ton.
IMrt I.lali
and departures lortlie 24 hours ending at!
Ii. lu. lat Ounliii!
Steamer flracey, Columbus.
" Jim Fisk, l'adttcah
' Colorado, Vlcktburg
" City Helena, St. Louis
' Mary Alice, Now Orleans
" C. II. Church, New Orloans
-" Laiirst Dviijat."L.u!'s
Ktoamor Oracey, Colutolun
Fisk, Paducah
" Colorado, Sit Louis
" City J Iolecu, Vickubury
" C U Church, Cincinnati
" Laura Davis, Nashville
" Crescout City, New Orleans.
tUU Klrmm,
Tho Ohio rlror fell d I tee a Inches in the
twenty-four hours eudinir at six o'clock
laatoveuiug. Tbu MiisUsippi continues
fallini; with? fix and a-half let to St.
IjouIs, There was but little tmlni
trmnact.Hl on the luveo yutlerday. The
weather, though plousant, was quite blus
tering during tho day, aud at dark a dri.
.".ling rain began to fall.
HIIM'L-l.t.iNKol 5.
Tbo City of lloinua was detained by
dark nights. Shu made tome adJItlojs
Tho Mary Alico pasted to St. Louis
with a tow of empty barge.
Tho C. II. Church has 30 hhds. sugar,
188 bbls. inolatics, 375 bbls. rasltts, 178
bbls. rij-0, 23J packages sundriu fur St.
The .Mm Fik day-befora yesterday
brought 7 now empty bacon casks from
Metropolis for roshipuiutit to St. Louis.
The owner was with them and on arrival
hero took out tho heads aud removed 0
empty Keg from each of them. Tho
kegs were for this city,so the story goes at
Tho Laura Davis has a fu'l load of staves
for Nashville.
Tho Crescent city brought it bargos
from St. Louis and allied 3 that were
loaded boro and In the bond) below, giv
ing her C barges of freight and her fuol
barge in tow for Now Orleans.
Thu Arkansas liulle did a good way
business, but brought only a -moderate
trip to thhTport. " -
Wo have rocolved a consignment of
Louisiana Sugars, which will bo told to
tho trade. 12 if. Halmdav Ukos.
lots in CAiuo. Any person having u
vacant lot or lots that thoy would ex
cliaugo tor allrst-classplano, can be suited
by addrosalng Miss Mary Dixon, agont
Carbondalo, Illinois. 81! 1.28-lit
Paiilou Covckkt. Tho noit of the
sorlos of parlor concerts by,tho members of
tho Kplecopal Church, will bo given at the
rosldonco of Mr. Charles Qalilghor, on
Friday oveulng, February 13. Admls.
ion2ou. ill.'2-iiOt.
NOTioie Is hereby given that I will pay
no bills for goods told to any of tbo em
ployee of Tbk OAiHOIluirLRriK,' either
or thonitelvos or for.thu ute of the ytheo
unlese the tmmo aro furnlsn?a on an order
iguod by Mr. Uurnott or myself.
tU.My .Toil) H. CliiKBLY.
1'AitTNKii Wantkh. a gentleman
without capital, but with roveral years
oxporienco and thoroughly acquainted
with tho business, is duslrous of forming
a partnership .In tbe Hide, Fur and
Leather bushier in Coiro, with some ono
who can furnish n capital of say $r,,000.
Address, draworl2'i7. -13-I-lK-lf
Fou Went. Thu brick house situated
roruor Third ttreot and Commercial avo
nue. Tho hnuso hut boon put in good re
pair throughout and Is well arranged for
a hotel or boarding house; also room to
ronton Third street. Inquire of "Win.
Mnllalo, No. 5, Winter' block.
105 a.s.tr
. nVlitjlAls LOCAL iliiTlCKS.
Ovri'.ciuts worth fIC for if. at Hart-
man ot (V. . s 871-30 tf
. -t-iTJL . JL . . ,
AM. brands of shooting and shitting at
the lowest price M Hartinan Ac Co's.
' 87-1-30 tf
Tu, Jiuropoau hotel, (liar.-. Walker
proptietor, 1 opon ai all t hours of the
nlgbt. ' ' It 7-1 m
For a rood. suuara . meal , to Harry
"Waller's reta'urant, Comtnerdul avenue
t . - n t "fj -t4, .1 . .r. . ...
ouiweeu ;iueuiu anu r.igniu sireei. ini
Am. kinds of lino lacet and Iringns at
ono half the usual prlco at Hattman A
Uo's. ' 87.l'!0tf
Pott Ola and steam attiug go to lien
niu't Vulcan Iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth street 9-tO-tf
At.t, kinds of clothing and dent's fur
nishing Koodt at ono half the uitial price
at Hertman A- Co's., comer of Sixth street.
87-1-30 tr
JllsT reeoivod and opened, tbo largntt
aud Utie.it aiKirttnont, latest stylo and pat
terns of tho best brands of calhin at Hart'
man vV: Co's., corner Sixth ttruot.
h7-1.30 tf
Att. kinds of game constantly on hand
at Harry Walkur't, Commercial avonuo
between Snventh and Kighth streets.
Tme bet quality or Alexandria kid
gloves at llartman Jc Co's. for seventy
llvo cents, worth $1 125. 87-1-30 tf
A I'ULI, assortment of J. P. Coats' and
Clark is Co's. cotton, at live contt per
spool at llartman A- Co's, corner Sixth
ttroet. 87-1-30 tr
Foit It kxt. On Commercial avenue
ono largo room furnlshod or unfurnished
suitable for tloeplng room for gentleman
and wife or two goutlemon. Apply at
Uulmtik ollicn. 30 t-13-lm
Notkis. The Cairo Turner Socloly
have procured a list of n full auortmant
of Masquoradocnstuixet, from which per
sons wishing to attend tho ball may select
characters, bofore Friaay next at
13'2.'2-10-4t K!xnoi.i V. Hglxkb,
NoTirn Is hereby given that all claitni
duo to it. A. Cunnningham, that aro not
paid on or boforo the Seventoonth day of
february will bo colloctod by duo process
of law,
I). Matuuss, Assignee.
Fon IU.vt. Tho brick building on the
corner of Fiftconth street and Commer
cial avenuo; It rooms and a dry cellar.
ThU 'property it in a aplondid condition
and eligibly located for a laloon and
boarding house. Apply to
1 2i.'-J-tt-0t J. Q. Haiima .v & Co.
For Sale
Pittsburg Coal at
TO 00 por ton ;
Orand Towur Coal at
V on per ton.
O. W. WuEii.ra,
Oflk-e on Tuutli street, between Coin,
ucruial and Washington avenues.
Tiik barber sliop Is' on tbn comer ol
Kigbtb street and Commercial aveouu
wtiuro J. tieorgo Htiuuhouae with bU gt-n.
tlnmauly assistant can bo found at any
hour of tbe day or night, ruadv to sootuo
your luoliogs with u smooth shave, ur ioul
your tamper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a llrtt'i-lass shop, and ) on aru
sum of receiving Urst-ola tieatment
Ladies' and children's hair cut or curled
alter thn most approved styles, i lr. tf
1'itor. IlAimr will treat his Bi-bolars
to a Orand Maiquerado liall at thu St.
Charles hotel, on M aril I Oras, February
1 7th. II n envitus ail Lis former pupils to
participate in tbe festivities. Hood
order will bo preserved, and n good time
Is oxpeetod. Persons wishing to tako part
in tbo procession in tbn forenoon, can n
ply to Mr. Hardy at his ntllco, No. UH
Commercial avenue. (. Hauhv.
7j 27-tr.
It. S. Diiiuuaii, ii. I)., Uoiniepatbiit
130, Oomtnorcial nvonue, Cairo, Illinois
wishes to inform tbo public that he has
purchased an apparatus for generating
ozonized oxygen, and is now prepared to
administer this agent, which Is now tcing
vory successfully used in diseases of tho
respiratory organs, euch-aa Asthma, Aculo
and Chronic Bronchitis, Consumption in
tho llrtt and tocond stages, also in Spinal
all'ectiont, Ilbeumatiem, Malarial fevers
Cholora, A'c. Many eminent physicians'
mimes could bo given that advocato tho
use nf u7.onlr.od air by inhalation as iin'o
of the most ed'ectivo curative agents of
mo-lorn timos. 109- 2-5.1 m
I will sell my ontlro stock of tho beat
of Beef, Pork, Veal, JIutton, "Poultry,
Iluttor, Kggs, Lard, Irish I'otatoot, Swoot
Potatoes, Applet, Flour, Meal, Hpitod
Uoof, and tho best of Corned Hoof. Tbu
sale will coinmonco at 5 o'clock in tho
morning and continue until nine at night
each day for nlno months, Sundays ex
cepted. I bavo alio 180 acres of the boit
ol cotton land to tell or exchange for Cairo
property. I alio want several good agents
to sell fruit troos. All of tho abovo will
be oxplaiood by calling on S, Patterson,
earner of Ninth and Walnut itrecti, as
thoro is tho placo tho sale of tbo meat and
vegetables will bo uiade. V2 1-31-lm.
Caiiio, Ills., Jan. 30, 1871.
The uudorsignel having resumed the
ineuagoment of the aliovo hotel, trust by
strict attention to busluess, to the wants
and comforts of thoir Kiiosti, to morittho
renewod favor of thoir old patrons and the
traveling public in general.
ThoBalnl Charlei wiU"ft'oncaunuorgta
a thorough renovation, and bo much tin
provod in all its appointments.
Uood sample rooms and special rates for
commercial travelers.
All baggage for guests convoyod to and
from tho hotel froo of cbarsro.
Jkwjctt Wilcox k Co., Proprietors.
Tho carnival procession, under tho di
rection of Professor Hardy, will inovo
from tho front of ltlier'e hall, Commer
clal avenue, at 2:30 o'clock p.m., on the
17111. 137-'-.lt-Ct
Lots numbered 34 and 35. block 2l.Ur
addition, will bo told at a bargain. p0r
' torul,"otc.,appfy''lo. Z. D."Matuusk,
Vii 'J.lO.Ct No. 04 Ohio Luveo.
rtN'p'rttihds' oi brown tugar Tor $1; 8
pounds best coti'eo sugar at ft; 3 pound!
of choice butter at $1; 10 centi for lard;
Imperial tea at il; potatoes 30 rents pur
pock; apples 40 cents, at Wilcox's Block,
All kinds ot sbado '.roes furnished and
let out at ono dollar each. Also shade
trees trimmed and fruit troee prunod. Or
ders may bo left at Parker & AxlovV cor.
tier of Klgbt slreot and Washington avo
nuo, or at .1. 11. Metcalt's, opposite tho
court homo. Hi'irei A- Li mmhus.
140-12 12:5i
Mn. Kllr.abolh Willlatui, Waihlngtlon
avenuo, betweon Tenth and Klevonth
streets, Is proparod to perform the dtitioa
nfmldwifo whenovor called upon. Sho has
had much experience, ami feols confident
that tho can givo porfectiattsfarllnn.
115- t22w
Ft) It sTvLK. "
Two IJattcrioiof two Boilers, each l!l
feet long, -2 Inch Dram, 1! 14 inch Fluct
with lire fronts. Mud and Stoam drums
Safely and Mud valvos, Chimney nd
Britchln, all complelo and In Ilrst-clast
order?; been used only throe months. For
price, etc., inquire ot ,1 t. uxnnik,
-j.i;t-it. vuiran iron Works.
Bids for hauling from 30,000 to J0,000
nusbelsof Pittsburg coal from tho river to
tho (lai Works, will bo received at tho of
fice of tho Cairo City Oas company,
(Bross' Block,) until Thursday ovening,
February 12th. H. T. Okiioui.d,
133 12.11. 2t Superintendent.
"FA UN B A IC lilt. '
Farnbakor,tho l'eoplo's Favorito Cloth
lor, has just received from tho resident
New. -York partner, . .
Fivrv ioj:n ,
Panic .lanes Pants, sevoral colon and
llnod through and through, to bo and nro
at tbo low price of
He has mado a roduction o( 15 percent.
on all woolon goods. 110 2-7-Ct
It 083.
ltos has on hand, and tor tale a largo
quantity of oak mid hickory wood, cut and
split, mid ready for tho etovu. Alto al
kinds ot coal which will bo dellverod In any
part of the city on abort notice. Leave or
ders at coal yard, on Commercial avenue,
nppoatto Klevcutli Htreet. Dee. C-3m
Boot and ahoe maker, '1' wen httroet, be
tweeu Waahlngtou avenue and Poplar;
street, Is prepared to make boots anil ahoee
In 'the lulaal ami most lasblonablu styles,
lie will uiako tbeui to order, obi or new
-ty les to suit customers, out of tho b.tt.and,
tru'lie-t stock, of which ha alwaya liaH(a
good supply ou hand from whtdi to make"
selections. All titling ot boott n n it hUessa
made by Mr. Killers la done tn hit own sbop
no foreign tlttiug being umd i,y bin.
(llvo Mm a call, and lie will elve you satis
llajipy relief for young men from tlie ol
IVrlHol erroisi nnd abum-K in varly life. Man
hood lestoii-il, Impeiliiiu'iits In marriage
removed. Ni-wmcthodnrtrnatiiieiit, New
soil romarkahlw remedieH. Hooks and i-lr-hilars
rent Iree, In caleil envelopes. Ad
dress, Howard Assoilallou, Ho. 'i Houtti
Ninth street, Phllsilolphla, t'a. an 'Institu
tion having a high reputation lor honorable
omliii'.t and lir.itonslnnal Nkill. I If) S il.VwIlm
74 (stiooNU rLoou) ouio lbvib,
liar and Hill Kkal Kstatm,
tl-49 prrf
U. INV R U(rHE S r
OKFICKi Ohio Levee, over Mathnsi
tlhl'i. . '
toTA'otK! lull Fint-Clam ttnianie
ru tkfuM." .
tCNIAllL.laUat! 1H-VS.
73 outo leiw,
I'he nldet established Agency .to, Sotltbera
' fliluoit, ropretoutlttjf, over "' 1 '
$05,000,01)0 m
1 f the best luturauae Capital ol the
imueu fjiaiu..
Approved Fobruary 12, im,
John Woou. Uator
Attest, .M..J. Howi.r, OljctlS! '
An or.llnaiire to ametHl SecUoaWol r
d''V, u No l "Kara to Uneoset:
cltlol Ctlm.' y lte UltrCo",l' -e
See. 1, That said section 30 of ordinance
No , be amended by adding at too end of
t be seclloii, tho following, viz: "Provided
that merchants who have routed a store or
iiilld njriiponsiomoorthe Iota or block of
thi? rlty forlx month at least, and la uood
faith berorao responsible to' the owner tor
the rent for that length of time at a rale of
rent corresponding with other rente In the
Iinlullhorhnnil. nr haa ft. nnn.1 kll.
chased a storo or building scarry altuaiea ,
and has phced therein a atoek t -Mm;
n un a view 01 eumarKlBji pen
tho buslneu nl a inAnlinL aha
11FM1I1 tlin anm. fiAUni. r .
anu loan ua reqnircu to pay- but BJBBBBItat
lor yearly uccnsn ' -Approved
February 12, 1874.
Joitir Wood, Mayor.
At-ont, it. .1. IIowLir, City Clerk.
ordinam-c to govern ami Ux the
amount to be charged 0y vehlelee carry Inj
passenger in the city.
He 11 ordained tiy the City CotiBetl ol tbe
elly of Cairo-.
bcc. 1. 'I'll c owner of any omnlbua, hack,
cab, carriage, wigon or other vehicle for
conveying passengers wllaln theliraiUol the
city of Cairo, shall not charec forconvevlekr
one pasocngcr from any point within tin
limits ol the city of Cairo to any other point
within tbo limit of U10 city ol Cairo a turn
exceeding fifty cents, unleae a previous ar
rangement shall have been made with a pas
senger lor a different tun, And any owaer
or such omnUiut.hack, cab, carriage or rth
cr vehioln who shall violate or whose driver
or employo shall violate the provision of
this section shall forlslt and pay to the cltv
lor each and every offense a sum not lea's
than ten dollars nor moro than thirty dol
Sec. 2. Kvery driver or conductor when
so iit-tmg of any omnibus, hack, cab, car
riago or other vehlclo used for the purpose
set forth in section 1 of thlaordlnaBM shall
havo and wear upon the front of hi hat or
cap a badge with tho word "omnibus,"
be and tho number of the samo correspond
In with tho number, on hie vehicle. The
baue shall boot the size and style of those
worn br hotel ranners. described In ordi
nance No iVi.
Hoc. 3 . '1 ho owner of any tuch vehicle 10
used shall havo posted up In a conspicuous
placo In the same j copy of this ordinance
on a cantor tin In largo letters to tbe tame
can bo distinctly read, and tbe same shall be
kept there at ail times, and when the same
shall become so worn a to be indistinct aud
unlutcllfgihta It shall bo replaced by'anew
copv, and for any violation of the condition
or this section, such owner shall forfeit and
pay to the oity for each day It i violated, a
Mini not less ttihn' one' nor moro than llvo
Approved February; 12, Wi.t
John Wood, Mayor.
Attest, ,M. J. IIowlkv, City Clerk.
An ordinance ti'tiravfdo far' the care and
management of St. Mary' Park.
no 11 nruaincu uy me "Jity councu, or lue
city or Cairo:
bee. 1. Thaf tho City Marshal ahall have
tbe care and charge or St. Mary' Park, and
It .hall be the duty oil said City Marshal
to adopt tuch measures as will exclude from
saldpark, all cows, oxen, bulls, abeep, goat,
pig and hogs, anil alto horse, mulea asui
asses, without rider or drivers, and to see
anu lawo care ui.it.uie jaacecarounu saia
park are VPt In rood repair, and that the
gatia or .aid park arc iept cloud, except
(iitrlug tbo' Ingress and egress of horse,
mules or asaos, with rider or drivers, and
See. 'J. It shall not be lawful for any
cow.ox, bull, sheep, Koat, kox or pig or any
horse, mule or ass, without rider or driver.
,to be In or upon saldStl Mary's tut, or
any portion Uu;reer,.sml If any cow ox, bull,
sheep, goat, box or4g,ir aujr . ttfuai, suule
or ass, shall; lelouud within said park, aalit
hon-e, mule or ass being without) a rider or
not driven tn harness and attached V some
vehlclc.'theowner or person, tavtng control
ol said anlolulSWi.il forfeit and pay to said
i-llyor Cairo, a sum not less tbau three dol
lars nor mure thaiiten dollars lort ch and
every olfehce.'" ... ,
- Sk-X, Fortlio piirppso of.cnibllng the
city Marshall to' cvinpixCwltJi the require
incuts of this ordtoaueof Useidty s-Asaittrol-ler
I hereby Instructed ami authorized
upon the requisition ot the committee on
streets to purcjfase for i(e at ;Ud Park,
such hlngci,'Iatchcs,lofk, sprlngt.' chains,
and material for repainug the gate and
fences, or other use a said city marshal
may think necessary, and said city comp
troller may also contnut lor white washing
tbn smtll trees in said park. Provided the
whole expenditure for said purpose Khali
not exceed lifty dollars, and provided also,
said expenditure shall, bo tixuule underlie
direction ol the commltto on' streets, aud
that all improvements, alteratioas or work
of liny description In or about - said .park
shall hcroafter bo done anu made undr di
rection and with tbu express approbation of
said committee su streets.
Sec. 4. No person shall ride or drive, or
eauso to be rodo or driven within said park
any horse or animal at .1 lastcrgate than six
miles an hour and .every person offending
against tho provisions of this soetloa shall
forfeit and pay to said :lty ol Cairo, a sum
not less than Ave, dollars nor mare than
twenty dollars lor each and every offence.
Provided, tnat horses or other animals uiav
be rodo or drivon en'and pvor tbe general
Iv traveled aveuue or road Within ald
park at. a faster gait than six miles an hour
on Wednoiday and Saturday or each and
every week, between the hours of two and
six o'clock in tho afternoon.
Hec. r. No person shall break, Injure, de.
tach or carry away any toctc, Utah, blne.
npi In; or chain, or .any "other 'material or
thing connected with 'too fence around eaUl
link or any potion of said fence, or injure
or out down any tree Jo said par K "without
pemllssloii oil ' tho' "committee on street,
anil tiny person offending agalnit Ihe provi
sions or this scctlon.'shall forfeit and pay to
said city a aunt not leu than ten dollars nor
more than thirty dollars for each and every
offence.. V ? M r I ' ' "
Sic. 0. It shall be the duty of every
porson opening nny gate of said
nark for., . . tliu. "purpose of
ontonng into or coming out ot said park,
or of permitting other persons to paw
tnrougll It, to p oso saiu gam wuuuui un
lay, and every person violating the pro.
visions of this section shall forfeit and
nv la ald oltr ef .Cairo, a sura not lees
than five dollars nor 'more than twenty
dollar for each and ever offense. And
for tho mimosa of enabling riders and
drivers to complv,witl tho, requirements
oV this section, it' 'shall " be tbe
duty of the city marshal, under
the direction ?f :tliq-ppumlltt4lWffceeti,
10 uava a lUtUUiejUisCinns poei.tuaweu la
a convenient location on the outside and
Inside ot oach gato otj said park nrot.Bn
wnicn vouicies uiuauj uw..
Approvod February 12, 18i4.
JoiiK Wood, Mayor.
, Attcf tpl, J( Hqw;. 1 y Cfity Ohir.
The spltaila tUassu
m sT.9..
: " UfOK.PWHB, CMiU'
U.V.. Cairo UAlMf. JJJSgft f '
tl -tNO

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