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February 21,10:11 p.m., li. I
Haromeler,.".0:0.4 degree.
Thermometer, 41 degree.
Wind N. Velocity H miles cr hour.
Weather, light rulti.
Maximum temperature lor lat 21 bourn,
f.I degree:
Minimum temperature lor the Iat2l hour?,
44 degree.
Prevailing wind for lat !!4 hours, N.
Total number of utiles traveled by wind
d Wing last 24 lioun, I TO.
Kdwin IIootu,
Observer SikuhI .Service, U. 8. A.
MUX I ...
1. W. Ii.WKY,
EupaKkMriiloflhcliit-aU-.t WUiiAi lor
Mr. Lawrence Barrett.
.UiplilU-d bv
Wln.ii will ltr prcenti-'l Iti.lwiT'ii Ureal
play ill'
Or, the ConeDerleJ.
( ardlnal nihilicU....I.WItKi:.NOKlUltl!ICTT
l"ir full (.'a-t of Clinrnrlt ri i o IriiirTAiniin-.
Lawhkkck llAnur.iT a; the Alboneum
to-morrow night.
Dick Fitherald has fourteen regular
boarders Jail birds.
Ma. (Jjeo. Yocuu'e eiew Dillk WAgon will
mako lU tint round to-morrow morning.
(i m-ral Admlt-lim
)!.'si'rvi'i m-ati I.2i.
Silo ofn-ali romni-nc-i-s ul .Mr. Ilattliinii'ii
stun- on Wi-diir.dav, February IH,
Cum tut MMCtti 111, IS-Oa,
ori-ica or
omcauu :
A. 11. 8 AFFORD. President;
M. 8. TAYLOR, Vlco-Pretident;
11. UY8I.OP. secretary and Treasure
P. K. Uiaeui, On. 0 leaaa,
P. H.Mtocarura. Piin.0. Bcovn.
K. H. Ocmitiu, H. P. iUu.ii.1,
J. at. Paiturs.
DmmII. ol stavr Amomti Maori v4 I rtu
Tm Jesata VvwaMt
TKHK8T paid oa deposit, at tha raSa ol an
lxraant. paranauro, Miurh In .oil riaptein
r lnu lolerealnol withdrawn 1. .dJM Irama.
tl.M; to the pnnolp.! of tba d.poalU, U rtT
ginnr. innn. qumpouna lurcruai.
oaroeiT mot
to vair o on lUk eta it.
or'.. lor HAVING rjEPOHITt
V?. HTHL.OP. Trwwiiror.
Opaa avary bo.lna. day from a.m. vo J j.m
aaa naior r oy".-A i
air. front lo I o olook.
3 A KTVZ..
HAIKU, 1 1.1. 1
Cm McH.w.t: arrested a "white" man
lait night for whipping "colored"
Mit. ami Miis. E (!. I! it I. arn expect-,
ed to rA0li lidinfi to-morrow nr Tun
dsy. -Hdvornl plbatant room on thu upper
lloor ut tbd St. t!barlut cam be had at vdry
low rules. IMO-lf
Cot- S. II. Kricn, ohli f tuyirittr of the
M. (J, railroad, hai liken rooms at the St.
'-Klgbt, and ouly olbtlay boatdur. ran
bo (tcooiuinodateJ at tto St. Charlea it the
ro'luced pflc. 2-10-tf
'1 HCHK will bo turvlc. at the -MittindUt
church thli morning and uvtulug nt tho
uiual fiour.
Tin: truck Kroner about CiMeti aro
now shipping luttu:e, Apinach, etc., to
Citiro and Chicago.
Jok Smith hat purchaied tho bar cf
the rlcamer Kx porter. Four hundred dol
lar wei tho prlco pnld.
Mxs .loiix AV. Malik, wife of Cap.
Malln or the LaClodo hotel, St. Louis, Is
In the rllr visiting Msj. K. W. Hallldav'i
Dr. William list retulvcd a supply
of frreh "Laughing khs." Ofllce on (Vim-
iDurcial avenue over Klliott & Ilaytborne.
"Wo hi; on the extension of the Cairo,
Arkansas and Tvxri railroad has been
ftuipandod lor a few days on account or
the bad wealber.
For Sa lk $2,0CO In citv scrip. For
sale in qutntllioi to ruit tho purchaser,
Apply to II. T. Hjskould.
1 7.1.2-2'J.tf
Ovtn thirty persons took breakfast at
tho St. Charles yesterday morning after
11 o clock, the train frou the south being
auveral hours lata.
corner or Elgbtth mJ I.svse
itrceti, was' yesterday morning
at about throe o'clock found
dond in hit chair. An Inquoit was held
and thu jury returned a verdtct or ''death
rrom ioiso unknown caeso," Hfott was
about rotty.flve year or age.
Mk, .Iacoii llitAbr, who Htm In Al
exander near tho Union cobnty line, went
to attend religious torvlce at
Mount I'isgah, noar Wetaue, a Tew
days egn. While Mr. Itradloy was In tho
church, sotno other roan mounted his horse
and departed. Mr. II. now ofl'erj $i0 to
auy olio whi will artost tho ehurch.going
I'buuimknt among the arrivals at the
Ht. Cua'le yesterday were O K Denny
and F. M. Zuck, St. Unlr; C fl Ubollar,
Philadelphia; L 11 1'aynn, Akron. Ohio;
Kobt Harlem, Cincinnati; .lohu Uuntor,
Honor.; II T Harris, Loulsvillo; W I)
Farrall and family, ICankakuv; U T
Holme and family, St. l.ouii; S S Ed.
war.ls, rhiladolphin; .1 A Ashley and
family, Hloouilngtou.
Use titifht In the early part of last
week the store building occuplod by Mr.
John Srown at Mount Pleasant, Union
county, was entirely destroyed by Hie-
Hit retldenco adjoining with all Its con.
tent was destroyed at the lauto time. Mr
Ilrown't lots by the tiro is three thousand
flvo hundred dollars. He has no Insurance.
11 n Is a young man and had uit got fairly
started in life.
Tuk 'Sun' the levee luminary that
"shines for all," has got Its religious back
up, and takes us to task because we aro a
sinner, and occaMonly uie cuts words.
The bit or cussing at which our neighbor
takes offense was intended loloty for
river men, and we nover droamt that it
would be teen by tho gonl old parson of
the 'Sun.' liut we have committed
great tin, and now proposo to write t0
Mr. Hammond to pray for us.
Oun readrs will remember that sorno
tlmo ago the store of Mr. It. Johnion at'
Anna was robbed or omo $1,000 worth or
clothing, and that it was suppoiod thore
wero tlx men engaged in tho burglary;
also thai Sheriff Irvin and Chief McIIale
succeeded In arresting flvo of the thiovet
iu thle city. Tho last of the gang was
arrested In Chicago a few days ago, was
brought back to Joncsboro, and la bow in
jail thore. Mr. Johnson offered a reward
of $U0 for this latt thief. He bat got
htm. .
Faukhakkh & Son aro in the ranks
again. See tbetr mammoth advertisement
is Hnother column, They aro selllnc
olothlng cheaper than ever.
Dklinhuent Tax E. Distraint for
Inxoi will positively bomide March Int.
Alf.x. H.,IuviJf, Collector.
What has become tf tbo Independent
Greys'' Has their organization gono up
tho long spout, or are they waiting
forplaa.taut waalbar lo itr thomce) IV!1
Thkei: elegant family room.-, fronting
on tho Ohio, at tbo St. Cbarie hotel, can
now bo obttlncd with board at reasonable
ratei. R.VJ.15 tf
Therk will be service at thu Kpircop&l
church to-day at 10$ a.m. and 7 p.m.
Tho subject of tbo rcrmon at the evening
torvlce will bo 'The Epistlo to the Church
in Ephesus."
Kii'onirt from up thu country are to tho
nil Vet that the prospects for an abundant
fruit crop were never better.
It is to jh hoped the "prospuctt ' will not
go back on tun crop.
Tub ownei of h stuiiil tuck meinornn
dum book containing u tutu of money,
found yesterday morning, can h&vo the
fti.io bycul!lug on me at Ihk Uullktim
OtHca rtnd paying for thh advertisement
E. A. IltflSKISTT.
Wl V. UALLlDAr, PrldBti
WALTER HTBLOP, Alito 0iii!.r
flaiBt L. lUuanat. W. P. nAiuoav,
0i. D. Wutua-toir, Braraaa Ulau
A. 11. Birroau.
BKCSiBaare, Vottt and UtltHl HMtia
Honda Bassctat stnd BAld.
DKPOJITS iMtlTod, ami a naral beeklns
bn.ln.. uona.
Mk. David Hhow.v, who woj born iu
Union county sixty-two year ago, died
at his heme five miles cast of Anna on
last Tuesday. Mr. Urown had boon
member of tho llaptisl church for twonty-
four year.
Died in this city on Friday night, the
0th iutt., Josephine, daut-hter or Patrick
nd Cathorlno O'Callithan, aged live
months. Tho funeral will tako pl&co from
the resldonco of the pnrcnti at one o'clock
this afternoon.
H If II A I W.
It. W. MILLBH, lVeElJent.
j, m. 1'bi LiPH. Vlco-Prorildent.
UHAa. CtmsiNaiuM, Cashier.
CtXOniNOK, ooln, bank ujtce and Unla
H. AnrrtiMi bouahl anJ eola.
ilomer Twolfth street and Washington Avo
(Late of St. Loul',)
in . a w if ni tMKS of overv deterivttou done
With neatncnH and Uispateh. All kinds of
ruling done at short notlco, Ulblcs, ;Muslc.
MacKilncs and Verlodlcals bound noat and
t riinlnwiMt nnnsltilo rates.
Pountv work. Mich as Kocordu, Docket
.Keo Book", Itlanks, etn inndo a epocialty.
n, etc., mauo
lloxce, l'ocketUookK,Knvclopn,
to ordor,
i)VQirKi'.f!K-No. v;i. Tlilrteentn at roe t
l,etweiu AVnshlncton avenue imd W.tlnut
street. OiUcc 120 commercial avenue, up
To-uoi:r.ow night Mr. Lawrenco liar
ret, the eminent tragedian, will play
"Richelieu" at tho Atlicneum in this :Ity
Tbo New York Evening Post' tpcalslng
of Mr. ilarrett's "Richelieu," says :
Mr. llirrctt can be truely rankod as one
of thu greatest actors of the American
stage. Ills personation or tho shrewd old
Cardinal ittcbellcu was a llnlsbed pieco o
acting. His success and merit was at
on co established, for such a Richelieu
has not appeared on our stage for years
Tho chief attractions ot Mr. Ilnrrott'a act
Ing are the force, energy and fire which
ue iniutes into an nil perouauoni.
A wcll-ksowk old batchlor ol thl.
ity proposes to put bis neck into tho
matrimonial halter about tho middle of
March. Tho nfornsiild old batchlor may
be seen winding his way to and from tho
court-houto three or four times daily;
Rrv. II. 11. Tiiayjsk ttill deliver a dis-
courso this morning In tho Presbyterian
church upon tbo following: " Tho Oroat
Stir," In the evoning his subject will be
'Threo days and nights iu Mr. Ham
mond's meetings at St. Louis."
CoNsirir.KiNo the weather tberu was n
.very flr attendance at the Athenoum to
sco tho Chapman Sudors' troupogivo their
last performance In this city. Tho por-
fommnco was excellent, mid vr.s well ro-
ctdved by the audicuco.
Dir.n On tho 10th !ntt.,of pnnumoni,
James Hogan, of Charleston, Missouri
Mr. Hogiin was an old and highly cs
teemed citizen of Mississippi county,
His death is much regretted by tho peo
ple of tbo city and county in which ho
Wr. understand the rocent heavy rains
cnusod eovoral big land slides nt tbo
bluffs on the line of tho Mississippi Cen
tral railroad. In ono placo tho track was
covered witn earth to tbo depth of six
feot. However, hut littlo delay wits causod
to trains.
Mr. Jab. Qrranet will open bit now
saloon at tho corner of Nineteenth street
and Commercial avenue to-morrow morn
ing. Mr, tiroaney Is well known in this
city, having been with tba house of R.
Smyth & Co. for thn past eight years. Ho
solicits n llboral sharoof publlo patronago.
A Man named Peter Scott, employed
as bar-tender In Mike Gazsala't saloon
"Well, from what you hear what do
you think of tho women's temperance
movement7 do you beliove the womon of
Cairo will organize and endeavor to pray
thn taloont out of existence," are questions
that are sung in our oars on an avorage
fifty times a day. To all tboto who con
template putting such questions to us to
morrow (to-day Is Sunday, and wo shall
attoud strictly to our roligiou duties, and
nothing else), vro will say that tve havo
bad our answer printed on a large placard,
which wo intend strapping on the back of
our otllco boy, and havo him parade the
ttrecU throughout the day. The card
contains this answer: "We don't know
what the women inlond to do; the best
way to find out is to ask tbe women."
Wr. have something new in tho'way of
half-eheot posters, which wo think aro
just the thing for tho epri.ig trado. They
consist of tlx different designs, litho
graphed, with mortises and margins for
printing. Two of tbo cuts aro suitable
lor noy business ; the other four for boots
and shoes, photographers, druggists and
dry goods. Wo havo but one liundrel of
each cut, und will furnish thorn printed at
Cincinnati prices. Wo havo also sorno
fancy cards. Tho "language of Bowers,"
ton designs; "Roquet," twelvo docigns;
''Opora," four designs and "Comic" cards
twonty-four designs which we furnish
printed at 10 to $12 per M, Cincinnati
prices. Who Vfante them? Don't all
speak at once. lC3.2.lO-3t
A VKttY lerious accidont occurred to tbe
north bound train on the Mltsisslppi Cen
tral railroad on Friday evening. The
causo of tho accident as neur as wa rould
ascertain appevrs to bo this: On Friday
ovoning, owing to tbo large numbor of
people returning from tho carnival, it was
found necessary to divide the train Into
two sections, llolh sections left New Or
leans on time, and the first train passed
Canton, a placo a short distanco this side
of Now Orleans, all right, but the
switchman there did not nolico that the
train had a lUg out, indicating
that a second train was coming, and
opened the switch to let out a freight train,
which had boon placed on a side track
In a fow minutes after, and boforo
tho freight train bad got under way, tho
second section of tho patsengor train
camo alone, and running at thn rate of
about cightoon miles an hour,ran onto tho
sidetrack and collided with tbe frolgbt
train. The result of the collision was the
killing or a neero boy,who was in the bag.
ago car, and slightly wounding two or
throe other porsons. This report conies
from a reliable source,
Dkar Ruli.ei.in: You told me to and
lake you at your word. "Here were af
gain," as tho funny clown atwaje says in
tho circus when ho throws a summersault
nd himself at the same Into the riop,
only I leave out tbe summorssult. It
wouldn t be lady like, as you are sup
posed to be b man.
I don't want to get any ono Into
trouble ; I don't want to get you into to
troublo, I don't oven want to get into
trouble tnysoir unless it may bo Into that
toriny, blustering, squally state of matri
mony and me troubles incident tnoreio
and I am not more anxious than are all
the roil or th.e girls to try that. I alwais
was honest end I havn't got any
broad.thouldered brother to fight Oir me;
haven't got any one but cousin Tom, and
bo don't liku to llht (ho belongs to the
"Independent Orays'1) and 1 am not
strong inlndod, tf 1 have got a will of my
own, but I would llko to see one of those
young gontloinen tnat have collared jou,
get LU cholar up and 'ake msj by ths)
cellar. Wouldn't caro If ht ret:hed clear
round and took hold on tho other side,
so Lo did not uisiuri) mo set ni my
"Cllzabethlan." I think I could tuako it
interesting for him. I wish you would
let me tay we. Ain't I on your staff? I'd
like to be. It would be so much nicer
and so much moro to tho point to say we
would mako It Interesting, ut:.
I haven't confined rnysolf to tho church
entirely went to tbo "Chapman Sitters,"
and took in "Humpty Dumpty"last Satur
day; and that, reminds me, that night I
hoard tomo ono Hay "Peggy," "Peggy." I
thought they meant mo and I don't like
familiarity on a short acquaintance As
Aunt J erusha says, "I ri: right up" and
was going to say something, but found It
was only an insurance man with a tweet
name talking to himself. I don't think
ho Is well balancod. Woundcr If
bo is insured against accidents,
Let me seel I was speaking
ot tbe Chapman Sitters when that
insurance man lest me attray, I took
It all In last night, (tbU it Saturday) in
spito of tbe rain. Two of us (be and I
went in a crowd. The tcting was good
and tho singing was tpleodid ; but, but,
why can't they put on moro clothes?
There dresses all cotnmenco too late at
the top and stop too soon at tbe bottom.
Modesty Is my falling. I wantod to peep
through ray fingers all tho time. Speaking
of modesty, If thore is anything I dote on
yoa Lord, if there is any one thing in this
world I like better than another it is mod
ity not bashfulness in a man. Good
Lord, deliver tne from a bashful man
(Tom says liko Mr. Rennlo for initance)
I got uneasy as soon ai a bashful man
comes iuto tbo room; my chair gcts full
of neadles and pint as It wore, and cold
chills play h'do and go seek among ray ruf
fles; am always expecting something des-
perato and it comes. Ho is ,suro
to step on your flower r, rip out the
CHthers, utiiet balr and mako
himself ridiculous Rut I digrcts.
Speaking of asiurancc, 1 wlh Doc
tor well, no matter ; 1 don't call
name. I am sorry ho Is bo
backward. 1 am suro we girls have
done all we can to help him out iind
that brings me to Winter's Gallery.
was never disappointed. I was led to
thecse reflections by a scene 1 once wit
nessed in Mr. Harraan's ofllce, In moving
time. Hut Mr. Harinsn don't swear (in tbo
prostnen of ladies) he did not know 1 was
in'tho next room.
1 wonder if Mr. Palmer would not give
me a pass for the pull' 1 gavo him in my
first. I am not proud and will accept
passes to anything and ever anything. I
want to go to Mound (My. They are
Ihely up thero. They fight, and I llko
fights. Like a valiant home guard, I al
ways retire behind my breast works and
holp look on. Saw two men fight when I
was thoro last; ono of them got tired and
laid down, the other sat down on him, to
help him rest I suppo:o. A lady with
mo remarked that "ho did not whip him,"
art, especially painting, (I
Cost will bo added on personal taxes af-
tor Maroh 1st. Amx. II. Irvin,
2-22-dtd Sheriff.
There will bo an adjourned regular
meoting of tho company on to-morrow,
I Mondavi ovoninc. All inembors are
respectfully requested to attend.
17a 222-lt T. J. KuaTii, Secretary.
Ovkkooats worth ?10 for S8 at lUrt
mtm&Co's. 7-1-30 tr
I lovo
learned to paKt and powder, when I
wa younger) and there is no better placo
to go than to Winter's Gallery to study
it, never was thero but once don t
know which I admired most, his pictures
or his wlfo. I can tlio abovo potty things
and admiro a woman as much as a man
almost. Cousin Tom says Mr. Wlntor
"has just Unlabel n perfectly boautlful
colorod photograph of a splendid woman,
and a mlgnlficont (he deals in superla
tives) oil painting of .Mr. E. F. Davis, so
natural that you could pull bis note sir."
Now' nevor thought Mr. Davis had a
tern largo nose but Tom .itou-s.
Don't know what connection thoro is
betwoen them but speaking of notes to-
minds mo of Mr. James Johnson. Cousin
Tom says ho is the most promising man
in the settlement, will promise anything
and then forget all about it.
Note. -11a must belong to that species
of moth that Mr. Cox tells of in his speocb
that "lies quietly all summer," and all
winter too for that matter. Mr. Safl'ord,
or Dr. Dunning, or Captain Hamilton,
will elthor of thoui endorto tnla note.
What o funny nmn Oapt. Hamilton is;
saw him in Mound City last weok. Ue
was built for "ond man" in a minstrel
troupe, and has run off tho track. That
face and that twist of tho mouth
nevor havo boon mado in vain
Talkinirof funny thlngs-I saw a dog
yesterday on Commercial avenue; yollow,
long, lank and lazy, liko an editors dog;
but ha wasn't lazy when I saw him; ho
was carrying a email tin bucket; It was
tied to Vis tr.ll, and he was taking it home
with him; ho seemod to bo in a hurry.
think ho mutt have forgot something and
was colnc back after it
Why are does such soclablo animals I
I have a black-and-tan, that is on intimate
terms with all the dogs in tbe town where
I llvn, and has a speaking acquaintance
with two-tblrds of tho dogs that como
from tbo countrv on builnost. Just
Ukn bntol clerks and that reminds
me that Cousin Tom ssys Capt. Doan b
gono to Grand Tower to spend hit "Mardl
Oraa" and Mr. Rexrord is soon going to
Jollm bv wav of St. Louis. 1 thought
they did not allow people to t liooeo thei
routo to Joliet.
1 wonder ir Mr. Wilcox has got his
man yet, one "that can 'milk cows." I
want a man too but not to milk cows, 1
want him "ror better or worio" genorally
worso. What makes a man swear worse
than wheu ho puts titi a stovo pipe .'
could stand all day and sea stovepipes put
up and not say a Blngle cuss word. Two
things will always bappon, nothing moro
cortlan than doath a;,d tho tax colloctor, a
man will swear when ho puts up a etove
and a woman will scream when ahe sees a
inouso. If you see a nun getting ready
in solomu silence to put up a stove, "about
this tlmo look out for storms" as the al
niauao says. I always bract) myself for
a season of deep, heartfelt profanity and
ho just overwhelmed him." I'f anv
"TllVKR NKVi7.
l-ort l.lnli
And dfptrturrs tor the 24 hours ending at ii
p. iu. iatociiiui::
Steamer Minneola, Cincinnati
" Exporter, Cincinnati
" Oracey, Columbus.
" Joe Kinney, St. Louis
" Shannon, Cincinnati
" J a Howard, St. Lou!.
" Jim Fisk, Padurah
" Belfast, St. Louis
" West Wind, Memphis
" Kobt Mitchell, Now Orlosus
" Liura Davis, St. Louis
Steamer Minneola, Memphis
" Exporter, New Orleans
" Oracey, Columbus
" J oo Kinney, Vicksburg j
" Shannon, New Orleans
' Jat Howard, Now Orleans
" Jat. Fitk, Pnducah
" Bolfast, Pittsburg
" Wett Wind, Memphis
" Robt Mitchell, Cincinnati
. " Laura Davit, Nathvlllo
Tbo Ohio river is rising very rapidly)
and it is believed by sorno that wo aro to
have a "big rivor." Tho rise yosterday
was nearly two feet, Tho Mississippi
river is declining, but owing to tho late
boavy rains it will probably be swelling
by this morning.
Business during tho pait weok was con
siderably bettor than for several weeks
piovlous ; but it was by no means satis
factory to rivor men. Tunnago is largely
in excess of freight. Tho weather con
tinues wet and disagreeable.
Joe Smith of this city purchased tho
bar of tbe Kxportor tor four hundred dol
lra last night.
The Robert Mltcholl has a fair up' trip
of freieht and is full ot poeplo from
Mardl Gras.
The Laura Davis has a very good load
of grain, ic,from St. Lou'u for Vlcki
Tho Weit Wind is hero picking up
cargo of gruln, etc., for Jlemphls. Her
owners are purchasing tho freight that she
will tako.
ThoMinnoola arrived with a very slim
trip, but mado sumo addition horn for
Tlu) James Howard made light addi
tions here, having sufficient :ottob and
grain engaged below to till her out.
Tho Bolfa.t was deeply laden frr Cin
Mark Twain savs. in onn of his works.
that to judge the standard of a rornmuni-
ly, you must witness its runersli, and
vimt It grave-yard. And that Is Indsod
lfun,lftho comoteryof a city is In flno
condition, and tho graves of tbe departed
decorated with handsome tombstones and
monuments, it shows the presonco of taste
and culturo, and the man of the world will
acknowledge It thus. Caro Girardeau
can boast of tho most material portion of
mi., anu mai is mo mnnuiacture, or the
most beautiful tombstones and monu
ments. Messrs. Roehl &i Kliomol whose
Marble Yard Istliuatod on the south-west
corner of Spanish and Independence
streot, and whoso reputation at skilled
artists is known far and wide have now
on exhibition in their yard, previous to
tholr erection, tome or the Until specimen
of sculpturing that havo ever bcon pro
duced in this city. A monument, to or
nament the grave ot Mrs. Ada Williams
of Commerco.M., can bo seen there. It is
of tho finest Italian Maarble, resting: on a
largo square base of our celebrated black
rsarblo, It rcar upward Ironi mi urnamen-
tal cctigan shaped fundament sorno 10
feet, whore upon a crowned cornice staodt
a figure of an angel, with spreading
wingt. leaning upon a crots cut out or
a solid block. It is a beautiful piece or
worumansi.ip, and costs nearly ioo.xi,
Other stones and monuments or lets value
but equally as good workmanship can be
round there, nod anyono unfortunate
enough to be In need of such material.
will find it profitable and advantageous to
clvo them a call. Remember Roehl &
Klmmel, south-west corner ot Spanish and
indepeDdonco street, Lapo uirardeau,
Missouri. Cape Girardean Westoro
Allen, Emtat BatU, Clara
Jiurt, jnary
Dickson, Caroline
Fuller, Diana
Uandrew, ME
MeCloud, Maggie
Stevenson, Mrs
amltb, JHra
For a good square moal go to Harry
Walker's restaurant, Commercial avenue
Brows, SatM
Klleoewortb, Lacy
Mitchell, Mary A
Stoat, Rmb4
slhugara, Saras)
Toney, Lou
Rarthalness, C
it row n .1
Criles, L
Cheney, D
Craig, J M
uiark, t u
Jieaa, u k
Early, W II
Gamble, B
Glenn, Wni
Hall, A
Helm I) W
Harper, II
Harrington, F G
llllen, 1
Johnson, Thomas
Lovly, Whardard
Morphia, John U
Mason, J W A
Phillls, R
Reed, Aleck 2
Swaody, John
Smith, Peter
Weatle. Chas
Warner, H T
Baals, J 11
BlaUdal, L N
BUmkwsW M M
ColwcIL 6
Cobs, Wm V
UraM, Mr
Garrison, W A
Hafmao, A
Hart OB
Hbota, X
Hopps. K
Harring toa, II '
JohaaM, Xaibaw
JobnaoB, "Willi
Molly, Cornelius
Myers. J F
McCompbell, Wtu
Pearson, Lores tw
Kasb, A
Stewart, David P i
Scott, Kobt
Smith, vyatt3
Wooley. u-
Wright, John
w unburn, j u
Gbo, W. MoKkaio, P. If.
Partner Wamtku. a gsnllasaaft
without capital, but with soveral yaara
experience and thoroughly aoqoaiated
with the business, is desirous of formlag
a partnership In the Hide, Fur and
Leather business in Coiro, with sons on
botwoen Seventh and Eighth street, lm i Address, drawer 217. 49-1-1 84f .
ALL kind or line laces and fringes at
one half the usual price at Hartman &
Co'.. 87-1-30 tf
All brands oraboetlng and shirting at
tho lowest price at Hartman & Co's.
87-1-30 tf
Foil oas and stoam fitting go to Ren
nie's Vulcan iron worke, Commercial
avenuo, foot of Ninth street 0-10-tf
Just recolved and opened, the largrst
and finest astortmont,latest ttylo and pat
terns of tho bel brands of calicos at Hart
man & Co's., cornet Sixth street.
i-i-;',u u
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Washington
avonuo, between Tenta ana Aisvetua
streets, is prepared to por form the duties
f midwife whenever called upon. She ho
had much experience, and reels oonfdeat
that ahe can give perfeot satisfaction.
115 12-lW
ALL kinds of gamo constantly on hand
at Harry Walker's, Commercial avenuo
botwoen Sevonth and Eighth streets.
Tnu host quality of Aloxandria kid
cloves at Hartman A Co's. for seventy
five cents, worth $1 26. 87-1-30 tf
All kinds of clothing and Gent's fur
nishing eooda at ono half thn uiual price
at Hartman x we., corner of Sixth stroet
Hi-l-JU it
A vull assortment of J. P. Coat' and
Clark & Co's. cotton, at live cents per
spool at Hartman & Co'., corner Sixth
street, 87-1-3U tf
Wo have received a consignment of
Louisiana Sugars, which will be seld to
the trade. I2tf. Halliday Rao.
Ten pounds or brown sugar for $1; 8
pounds best coffee sugar at $1; 3 pouads
of choice butter at fl; 10 oonts for Urd;
Imperial tea at $1; potatoes 30 cents Mr
pock; apples 40 cents, at Wilcox's Block.
107 2-4-1 m
Just received and to arrive, tho follow
ing goods which wo oiler to tho trade et
low prices :
New York Early Rose,
" Early Goodrich,
" " Shaker Russltts, and
Ohio river Pink Eyo potetoos.
Onidti Buttons, and u guneral
ment of D. M. Ferry & Co.
Also Choice Clovor seoi Timothy seed,
Extra Clean Bluo Grass, Millet, Hunga
rian, Rod Top, Orchard Grass, and White
Clover for yards and Lawns.
Also New Orleans and Now York Hu-
gar.Syrup and Coffee bought uftor tholato
declino in prices.
Also a fow bbls ot tlno Swoet Cider,
108 2-21-tf Stuatton & ilmn.
A Piano in exchaniii. i-or vacak
lots in caiiio. Any person having
vacant lot or lots that they would ex
chaneo lor nfirst-claiBtilnno, can be sultod
by addreiHlns 3li Mary Dixon, a;ent
Carboudale, Illinois. 80 l-2d-Ut
Notiuk 1 nereby given that I will pay
no bills for goods sold to any of tho em
ployes of Tnit Caip.o Bullbtin, either
or thoiusolvi's or lor the uso of tho office
unloio tho kimo ar furnished on an ordor
inod by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly Jnnw H. Ohkrlt,
For Rent. Tho brick house situated
corner Third street and Commercial ave
nue. Tho botuo has been put in good re
pair throughout and is well arranged for
n hotol or boarding houso, also rooms to
runt on Third street. Inquire of Wm.
Molliile. No. 5, Winter's block.
10J 2.3-tf
R. S. BuituiAM, M. D., Hoimopathist
130, Commercial avenuo, Cairo, Illinois
wishes to Inform the publlo that bo has
purchasod an apparatus for generating
ozanlzcd oxygen, and Is now prepared to
administer this agent, which is now boin
vory successfully usnd in diseases of tiio
respiratory organs, such as Asthma, Acuto
and Chronic Bronchitis, Consumption in
tho first and socond stagos, alto in Spinal
afl'octions, Rhoutnatism, Malarial fevers
Cholera, &c. Many eminent physicians'
namos could be given that advocate the
use ot ozonized air by Inhalation us ono
or tho most cflectivu curative agents or
modern tlmos loD-2-O-lm
The harbor aUop is " .hu corner ot
Eighth utroet and Commercial avenue
whero J. George Stienhouso with his gen.
tlomanly audstant can be round at any
hour or thu day or nlsht, readv tu soothe
your reeling with a smooth shavo, or cool
your toraper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a first-class shop, and you aro
sure or recoiving flrit-clHis treatmont.
Ladles' and children's hair cut or curled
aRiir the moul approved stylus. 8-16-tf
Milk Wauon. 1 will cominonco run
ning a milk wagon on Monday morning
February 23. 1 will continue it all suui
rner, and respectfully solicit your patron
age. Milk will bo delivered to my ono
In thn city, dally morning evening.
Orders may bo t'lvon to I bo .driver of tho
wagon or loft at my ico stand, No 81 Ohio
lveo. GroKor. Yocum.
RKMovsn. Dr. O.G. and D. H. Par.
kor havo removed thalr ollleo rrom tho
corner or Sixth street and Commi.rcll
avonuo to the rooms In front ( Winter's
i.rierv over K. F. DaviV commission
store, Sixth street between Commer
cial and Washington avenues. Drs. Par
knr will be found at tbeir ollleo at any
time night or day when not proiession
ally absent. , .(.
Thm European hotel, Harry Walker
proprietor, is opon at all hours of the
nlghl. ' 11-Mh
For bale
Pittsburg Coal at
SG 00 per ton ;
Grand Tower Coal at
$5 00 per ton.
O. W. WnsKLKit,
Ofllco on Tenth street, botwoen Com
nerclal and Washington avenuos,
Lot No. 2 In block 17, first addltlcn,
with a two-story frame houso fronting on
Commercial avonuo, and threo lots (88
30 and 40), panto block, fronting on Sev
enteenth stroet, aro c tlu rod for salo at a
bargain. Apply on tho premises, corner
Sovnntoenth and Commercial avtmuo.
. w . ...... m n . w. . . n . . . w
ll.l.irtUin U,Al.AAi nft.lL.UVAU.
Mall at 2:30 a.m., Dally.
Kinnuit SOO n.ui
hreigniai iau a.m.,... except auauaj
Frewnt at ivm a.m.,..
Freight at 4Mp.B "
i-reign. at iu.io p.m......
KkS-J-lT-tf. James Johnson, Agent.
lto ha on band, and tor sole a
ouantltv of oak and hickory wood, cut
split, and ready for the stove. Alto
lien ai coavi v&ru. on fainaierciu bvtvh
oDiioslte Eleventh street. Dec. 6-8a
Two Batteries of two Boilers, each 24
feet long, 2 Inch Dram, 2 14 inch Flues
with flro fronts. Mud and Stoam drums
Safety and Mud valvos, Chimney and
Britchia, all complete and in first-class
order?; been used ouly three montb. tor
prico, o.c, inquiru
Vulrnn Iron Works,
Thu undorslgnol having resumed the
managomout of tho abovo hotel, trust by
strict attention to buslnoss, to tho wants
and comforts of their guosts, to ntorlt tho
renewed favor or their old patrous eud tbe
traveling publlo in general.
Tho Saint Charles will at once undergo
a thorough renovation, and bo much Im
proved In all its appointments.
Good sample room anu special rums iur
commercial travelers.
All bagsage for guosts convoyed to nnd
from the hotel ireo oi ciinino.
Jkwistt Wilcox & Co., Proprietors,
I will soil my entiru stock of tho beet
of lieof, Pork, Veal, Mutton, Poultry,
lluttor, Eggs, Lard, Irish Potatoes, Swoot
Potatoes, Apples, Flour, Moal, Spleed
Beof, and tho best of Corned Beef. Tbo
sale will commenco at 6 o'elook in the
morning and continue until nino at night
each day for nine months, Sundays ux
copted. 1 havo also 180 acres or tbe best
of cotton land to soil or exchango ror Cairo
property. I also want several good agent
to soil fruit trees. All or tho above will
be explained by calling on S. Patterson,
ornor or Ninth and Walnut streets, a
thore Is tbe place the salo of the moat and
vegetables will be made, t'2 1-31-lm.
Cairo, Ills,, Jan. 3U, 1874,
Knot and ahoa maker. Twen b street.
iv .a vn .ill. .iiiinm.n. 1 1 1 r ri i , i nv
i.r.iii , .1 I'm i v ii.i . . h n . i irnin wnin . . . I B m
aeiAriinna. ah nmn. oi uoolb uu mu
made by Mr. Khlen Is done in bis own
-no foreign fitting bslnj? used by
nappy rewf for young men rrom u
ilv.u di arnira un iduki iuiuit mis
gVUAUWU AI V.I tUUVU vat vhimitm
linn rinvinir am Man rnmiuuAU iot amm
a i I . . 1. l l' A ..a..a Wnokltl ivt as
Couuucrclal Avenue,
Offlce over ytrst NaUonal bank.
John U. Muikey.
k BON,
AT liA
Offlee: Klchth street, between I
elal and Wasilttton aveniue.
M4 tf.
Ua11la.M ttT IWaa ft
aaat.ll.- . 1 lll 1 STIATBII ll.lalESJU
Muasr.iKl aart, J
anu.y aaiaavUaa alvaa la Aaaatsaltv
afMBBoai bum !.
. aanna T.t U. BOOIM T AM S)
eivvairinai- "
A. J. now M.D.
i tffl.a ovr Tboms DOT. arreaafy
ain iu rvtmuiurclal avenue, earner
street. Has I'lenue eornar waifiinsYMni
uue ana r our.vva.n nt.

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