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IUHM n. OBKULY, JCdltor nd I'ubltsner
Um week, tiy oarrler t 25
Oieyttf by ossrrler, la advance 10 00
Ob yessr.bf carrier If, noi pia in
atfrsae i2 00
inestfc, by snail 100
rkm avEibs a oo
slxtofcftit. , 25
On ywf 10 00
One Year. .....tl (V)
Mr Month! 73
TXrt Jfontbs t 00
lnTMiabtr in dTDC.
smmUssc snMter Try ;.
Tnr. woman' temperance moveihent
his retched Omaha, Nebraska.
TsiKdtfoated Philadelphia reform can
didal will contest the validity of the
1st election In tbo court.
Mr. "Wtwox drow the shall term on
the board of county rcetiwars yes
terdey. Ho was s:nf..-sstv If this
were not revival tisw w wrald lay a
rtasonablo wager tVti Slwa si vits
came or honest Mt-ir wteV4 trrtaiV
beat Messrs. Ssxr ,i KsW izlot ;'
the long term, fcst 2w (nut Ittect KxMs, I view, will introduce it into tho Iloueo i
Wo aro ur e swift -we irrut Vw 1 lt aeither yerrell nor Oborly bolioves it
much aieul W8tHrri 'ftftlntr, Ind Ta txz. i pot through tho Assembly during
doe. tbf: rismii The Eepublicnns of
' , " lUr. Jsnn.ht.ni WjiJle sr we of the South
mrls ttoHlen.TWxatoD.- " niURti,lSut:Lil,ClM xlKt isd be d-d to
sort tHr-VTE Mtf IsUtoaynftivMpnanhisaiii , ,XLlfil Tai x,.ux b lU 4r w() ar
13 IlilntiWiCOeresonHilUirUivy.tflioatttL .un-u
nrtU,toTitMsnsi6JtoaT '''tnjwsMpirrtsaturijI .. - . .
mil UmprrtremanM m ttho 31llirjii jBOSDE TO WHOM HONOR 13 DUE
liivn." Wis Idavw TnD tit iriim"Hr, j In a Ktrei-t smratcj, it St. lxiis, Kev.
SjioiikaftD'tho'liUt-voTi, kntl'ttibf1nR- j llr. Ti.T-r, cf this city, lnfortr.o-1 Jr.s
urf lU'aojMiix;iT)iciJ:'.ii( uripbt pimS rpiWich. J ijisrsrs tbat bstsd to deal in Cairo with
It its Sin tjjK)i inr mpspy to isiprore tt
navigalio cf U.B iZin'mppi river, and
cnntslas facts aad sjnres c'nS 1,1 prove
that the tmmey should bs promptly ap
proprlatod. Our msmbsr is on the right
road, and .if he can work as wall a) he
t-tn write, hb buy accomplish a very noo
esary work for his dUt'rlot.
Ki'BEKiTon WiorAi.i. of Toxas, is
dead. He wat ono of the most unroison
abln or Southern aoecstlonis'.s. A bully
and blacVgusfdV'h'a i'nslilfod'iibrthcrn men
whenever opportunity offered, and pro
claimed them 'a nation of cowards. When
he, with his follow flr'o-eatirs,'had precip
itated the country into war, ho booamo a
soldier, but did not ra' as much dis
tinction with the sword as with his pon.
Ills tongue was brave, his sword1 not In
discreet In its gallantry. Avan orator ho
had merit. Hough but brilliant, ho had
power over the masses, and c f tho suom.
slonlsts,was probably, next tn Yaociy, tho
most honest and enthusiastic.
Tan JWoodhull is, pursuing tho work of
a reformer under dlflljultlos. Owners of
reputable public halls wilt not permit ber
to use saem, aiicraae (a consetjtioatly put
the refusals always advortiso her, and at
last return to har a rich harvest. IT she
wero permitted lo tilk in her own way,
she would toon drop from publlu notice
Her oratory Is not of tho gonulne stuO'.aod
her doctrines can nuvor bacoraa popular,
Indoed, sho'is'an Inoarisijtant woman, and
it is not too much to say that sho has no
uounito ideas on the social nuoV.imi, Sho
Is a soolding tormagont and sooks to make
money by using tho lanjuao of abuto
and rilllflcaUbn.
Tnx "Sweet tije and Jye" ot tho lovoe
lakes iuue with our. pliloiophlcal deduc
tion that the prevailing rovival is a cun
sequenco of the mental shock producodby
the late financial crisis. Wo were conll
dent our conclusion would bo juslifiod by
the .facts, but In truth wo don't know
now that wo can continue to hold on to
the conclusion Indicated. Wo are at eea
on tho jiuostion. At flrst wo
thoogbt the revival wns tho re
sult of the crash, utid wero bo
romlng well-grounded tn this belief, when
Mr. Thayer claimed that it was tho result
of his replies to Prof. Denton, und a cor
respondent of the 'Uexette' attrluated it
to the labors of Hov. Mr. Waller. Our
neighbor has, had some experience In such
tnatters,and we call upon hlru for an ox-
placation. If ho should toll us thut to
Uearen must all the prnlio bo given, wo
would reply that tho explanation is stale.
We must have a reply based upon tho bed
rock of philosophical doduction what
ever that may bo-or tbeansvror will bo
In aulicipxtioojof a.descont nf pruying
women upon his place of business one
saloon keeper or this city has closed his
doors. Anotbor is nervously preparing
to follow tho example Wonderful Is the
powor of prayer. Even anticipate,! pell.
tloai to the throne ol goodness nnd of I
power accomplish great results May wo
be permitted to ask our good friend of the
"Kvenlng Bye and Bye ' what hu thinks
about this matter ' li it not bis
opinion, as it is ours, that the good work
should go on, and will he not leal a band
of prayerful women upon a minion of
reform? ,Ilow soul-lnsplrlng would bo
the epectacloT It would All Tub Bulle
tik, staid and sober as It U, with admira
tion I If there is a gentleman who coull
with effect, with enthusiasm,
wiinout danger to any oxo.
Innocently and oven beautifully,
captala a Und of praying women, that
man is llev. Mr. Davis, the unsophist
icated editor of the charming and Inno
cent "Jtveolcg Byo and Hye," Ho has the
bearing of an apostle or reform, and on
the bead of a whiskey barrel in a saloon
eurrounded by devout womon praying to
heaven to sstake moo sober, be would fill
. i ' . r . . -
iue sseuHTv oi our ituu nuui ot an
earthly lalat loo good for earth and yet
too uaa&il to hamsuilty to be allowed to
wing ais.wiy so sue iioine oi toe blest
" away over ypBder on the other shore,"
Ti 'Gazette' has read a cctntnunics.
tion from W. J. Yost, Esq., addressed to
ttio Metropolis 'Times, and adorse that
gentleman position on tho inbjcet of tho
education of tho LUcks. Mr. Vost be
JloVes that tho colored cblldron should bo
oducdloj at tho expenko of ttio whole
state. "Homo wooks ngo," stys Jfr. Yost,
"IiUfrgostod an amondment of tho school
law, providing tbnt tho colored schools bo
maintained out of tho two-mill; taxi
and I sunt n prepared nmendmont
to a Koptibllcan rJenntor, lion. U. -M.
Ferrell, nod to a Democratic represents
live, lion. John II. Ubojly, but so far havo
not heard from either of them on tho sub
ject." Moans. Forrell and Oberty bad
several conferences on tho sublect of
Yost's proposed ameudmont, and conclu
ded that his "idoa" was good; but, ns
there Is no two-mill tnx, Jloaars. F. and
O. after much con il Juration wero lnd Into
the bollof that no portion of thitt tax
could bo takon to luiUIn tho colored
school?. They aro both sorry thoro is no
auch tax, and regret thnt Mr. Yost's pro
posed amendment Is not just tho thing.
After tevornl conferences, the leglsl&tlvo
statesmen, ndraneing to a conclu
sion with becoming slowness, ar
rived at the determination to
make their friend Jacobs ''idea" n bill
for a new law. and after chanclnc tho
proposed amendment to tlx the situation,
it was introduced by Senator .Kcrroll into
ths Senate. Kopresoat stive Obtrlv. after
moitfying tho
bill to suit his jisculitr
a slrocg element of Boston infidelity, and
had during thrfti months defended Chris
tlanitr and tho liible from tho attacks of
a noted unbelioving lecturor, ''A revival
of religion," addvl Mr. Thayer, "has boon
the result of the 'controversy." Several
correspondents of Tne Bulletin, and of
tho 'Gazette,' have attacked Mr. Thayor
for using this hinguaga. A correspond
ent of tho 'Gazette' assorts that ho is not
entitled tony cr?dit for tho rovival, and
that Ituv. Mr. Waller, of tho Methodist
church, is ontitled to all of It. In our
opinion the Lord htmsolf is ontitled to
tho credit of tho prevailing revival, and
has shown in It His irresistible powor by
awakening to an appreciation of thoir
true condition somo of the most confirmoj
siunors In tho world, und by making anx
ious Inquirers of num who It wua popu
larly 'believed had become confirmed In
clnlutnets and were wodded for tiino and
eternity to tho service of tho wickod one;
nut, wniia turn ricngni.ing too iMtd as
th! real author of tho rovival, we cannot
rolaln frum lUw Mr Thnvor an acknowl
olomont of tbo fact that he has boon an
inctruuiont in the Lord's hand used to
onlargo Ills kingdom in this part ot tho
BWU. iVirVrpolirnYs.ior ft X
Tbayer who dofundod tho faith mid ro
pollod tho inlldol's attacks. lie was
arinod with devotion, and used tbo lan
guish of eloquence with good effect In
tho ssrvicoof his lloavonly Master, and
in our opinion crested tho ecnlirnont in
this community which has bloooiod into
the prosent rovival. Hov. Mr. Waller
has also been an industrious laborer in tho
goud cnuso, but Jot us not kct back from
ii m roiiow-worlcoian tho crodt duo to lifm.
eltbor Ilev. Thayor nor Kov. Waller
ii untitled to, and Me prcsumo noithor
claluis, rs muoh credit for this outpourinr
of graco us tho Lord is ontitled to, but
to both let in glvo all the crudlt that Is
duu to them.
If whlskoy-sollingcsn bo supprcisod by
prayer ovory man, woman and
child should begin at onco to Implore God
to inakn his goodness manifest by prohlb.
ttlng the tralllc In strong drinks.' It mav
b said th.it He, knowing everything,
knows liquors should nolbe disponsoi und
thit thin knowlodyn on his part would be
equivalent to inhlMtlouj but wo do not,
and wo aro conddout no other really
Christian person does, look at this matter
from such a standpoint. It cannot be
duiibtod that God permits evil to exist In
tbo world. He has tolaratod wickedness
in every ago, and will, no doubt, until the
dawn of tho millenium j but prayer has,
in many instuncos, If the logends of tho
saints aro worthy of belief, Induced Him
to put forth His arm to tho correction of
earthly wlckodnoss. Whllo He has tolor
atod crime, In answer to prayor Ho has
made holy moil of criminals, has washed
sin from sin-doUled souls, hut sunt rain to
bloss the parched earth, has made the sick
well and tho dishonest honest, has given
ollice-bolders power to resist temptation,
nt In tunny imtanees It Is truu, but far
0!"or thi tho world believe. In many
ways Uo has demonstrated His wlllin
ness to answer prayer, and why should
Ho rofuso tn reply nlllrmatlvoly to tho
women's prayors to; the oonvorslon to the
tomporanco causo of the saloon-koepors?
ocanttuii wny au should refuse, and
we don't boliovo Ho would. Women know
howlo pray. Many of thorn have had
much experience, and go at tho work like
practiced laborers. Consequently their
prtyors havo groat ollect. Aglaucoat tho
work they aro doing in Ohio bv appeals
to heaven will iatsry the reader'that what
we have said is not an exaggeration or
the praying power or Roman.
Jt has been said that tho v.val or tbo
Ohio siluts in petticoats 1ms at lust lured
od thefewslo mlud in Cairo, aud thnt an
organization of Christian ladies
is being consolidated preparatory to
a raid upon tbo saloons. A preliminary
meeting was, wo aro told, hold last Sun
day night. Tur. Bulletik Is not only a
religious but also a temperance Journal.
It isdovoutand does not drink whiskey,
unless it Is sick, and then it takes nothing
but brandy In small dosos at long Inter
vals, There is no cuto It would like to
oogtge in more than in tho cause of nntt
drinking, but The Bum.etix hopes Its
ludy friends of Cairo, In whose wolfare,
earthly and heavenly, It takot much In
terest, will not bo ld by zeal to whiskey-
saloon raiding. They rail address tho
Lord at homo la' tho Interest of temper-
anc, nnd u may bo It Is snoro
than posslblo that He will answer
their prayers and close tho saloons,
and thus rondor unnccoasiry the visit of
tho ladies to tho placos whero enliven
ing bavorcgos aro dispensod. If, after re
peated closet prayers have boon made,
Heavon should not respond and close tho
saloons, then tho raid may be noceasary.
Tho refusal will be a lokon that Heaven
is anxious, that our religious temperance
ladies should go out armed with the bow
nnd arrows of tbo gospol, aod the toma
hawk of prayer, end on tho war path
saok tho sculps of those who pass tho rosy
across tho counter, and, whllo glasses
musically clink, drop the pnUals gently
into tho moiioy drawer. In truth, this
nil I bo r token of the refusal; and then
willTiir. Bulletin lift Its voice in en-
couragoincnt of tho Aranzons of tbo Lord,
nnd buckling on Its armor of assault ud
vanco under thoV-inncr of tho petticoat
lo victory over the ''cups."
New Orleans Time.
Tbo majority ot our cltv readers will
remember that for two seasons tit the
Varieties Theater Miss lono Burke, tho
ticttus, was a decided favorite with our
theater goors, young und old, and hor de
ptrturo bctico nt tho close of Mr. Law
rence Barrult'a season, was gonerally rc
gtutlod. Wo hoar ol hor now through
tbo late Chicago pspcrs, in k now role,
mat must nave uoen exceedingly cisa
greoable, to say the least. Sho and her
husband, Hurry Horlock, as members of
tbo "Stoddurt Combination," with Bing
iroll and Kockwoll as manaccrs. wore
acting at MoYiuker's Theator. l'he Chi
cago 'Times' auys: '
"In tne play or tne 'Long blrikc,' Mr,
Stoddart is obliged to throw a shawl over
'Miss' Burke's bead, and In so doing ho
somolimes strikes her. On several occa
sions, sho claims, tho blows were deliver
ed with more torco II. un vu noccfsary,
and she suffered much pain. Friday
nlgnt Mr. Stoddart struck her in tbo face
and knocked her vlg off, whoroat tho
audience laughod, and 'Miss' ilurke fell
chagrined and aoHoyod On loavlng tho
stage, ts hor husband (inserts, sho re
quested Mr. Stoddart to bo kind enough
In the future to try and net stlko so hard.
His answer is snl.l to havo been: 'You
are no hctrui,' or no.i tn tint effect,
and you hf.d beit-ir get out or my light
ns I shall throw tne shawl and nit you
whenever I cnoose.' somo nt the car
penters heard theto remarks, nod nskod
hor If thoro was no ono in the thealro
who would protect ber from Insult.
" Subsequently, whllo Miss Iturko was
In tho green room, Stoddart catnu In and
began a conversation with Mr. Blnggold,
one of the managers, and among tllu lit-
torancos of tho latter, in reply to Mi.n
ilurke 'n reiriarLs that nn insult had been
odorod her, was this: 'Your husband is
too much of a puppy to resent an insult
otforcd you.' Mr. Herlocl: was in his
dressing room at tho time, and when in
formed of this by Ids win), he went to
hunt up Mr. Itinggold and found him on
waY-too mMoi-a ptffoTO WMlVU
insult?'" 'Ye.',' replied Binggold.
Wheroupon Uerlock proceeded to show
Itiuggold that, though j-ouhk. bo had
ront'th and more than tho courage of a
iiuii. jiinircoiu was non-comuat vo. nnd.
nuor oeing strucK twlco during tho scutlie
ho cried for assistance. Two of tho car-
pontors seized Horlock nnd held Lint fsst.
Now it Was Binircold's turn ! so ho nicked
up a woodon braco about seven feet long,
and attemptod to strlko the dofenscless ac
tor. Ho failed, however, but knocked
over several rceno-Miltters in lbnRttmni.''
Thii sensation ended in Mr. Horlock and
hu preuy who iwing dismissed Irnm tho
conmanv. Thnv rufnaoil tn iw.ni ,)!,,!.
sal until paid what had boon duo tbom for
somo time. This was ilnally paid and tho
Hurlock-Bnrko combination Informed tho
managors that they declined tn remain
who mem any lougov.
it was (ji:Li:im.vTK.
Tinii:i: iiumikkii pkusoxs afloat
ji.u Maui: offi:us to fkjht tom
Kv.iNs vii.i.k, February 23 SnsJcti,
Hankin & Co.a' boot storo burnod this
Ilarrislmrg, Fa.
llAiiiilHiiuno, February i!3. Dimmlck.
the only meinlier of tho legislature im
plicatod in the black mailing bank swindle
uas rosignod, nnd too olection of a now
man will bo ordored.
London, February 23. Charles Shirley
.,..Hlq uuitinv nuu
dramatlo author, is dead.
lha war omce has resolved noluforma-
tlon that HPRCO has 1am nnnlmlml wild
tho Ashantees,
Ciiicaoo, February 2,1, Washington's
Illrthday was obtcrved here bv the closlnir
ot the Hoard of Trade aud the partial sus-
pennon or buslnoss. Flags woro displayed
on public buildings, newspaper otllees,
etc. Hanks aro mum im it, ,n.i ,wti,,..
and custom house observed the (lav bv
Wilminuton, February 23. Stove
Lowery, the last survivor of tho band of
Kobberion county outlaws, was Instantly
killed in the upper part ol Itotberson
county by tbroo citizen. Ho was tuning
bis banjo preparatory to playing for soma
wagoiiers, when three nhots were fired at
blui, taking effect In his head, killing blm
instantly. "
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.
, A4en,
Aiik.v, Kobruary U3, Mr. Dillon, a
number of tboLlvlngstonotsparch exped!.
tlon has committed suicide. Dr. Living,
stones remjlns were oxpocta l to reach
.an Ibar on the 120th Inst.
I'd H.ADCi.niiA, rebruary 23. The
cotton nnd woolen mill employes now on
a strlko at Kensington nut to-day and re
solved to remain Idle until the ownors
consent to glvo Hftooa per cent, advanco
on tho prosont rats a. It was stated that a
woover can only earn from M to $', per
San Francisco,
iiowoi:kd onaEnvANCK.
Sam FstAtrriMCO, February JX Wash
Ington'd birthday was gonorally observod
here nnd at nil tho principal cities on tbo
coast. Howover, thero was no pnrado ex
cept ono company of the National Ouards.
Courts aljournod, banks, schools and
most places of buslnoss were closed. The
weather Is plossanl and very favorablo
for farming operations, which are being
pusbod ftrward rapidly.
Ditkoit, February 23. The hoavoy
wind to-day has driven the lco from tho
mouth of Saginaw rlvor into tho bay. It
Is reported that about 800 flshciraen aro
on tho floating ice, And at last accounts
wuro tlvu miles from Und, Great fear is
eatertaincd that tbo Ice will hreik up be
fore tho men can bo rescued, and that a
fearful disaster will bo tho result.
Chcjflilio, Wj.
(lE.SER.lL 1I1KKK.
CiiKTEtf.vs, February 03. fien. Di-kcr,
thu noted lodlsu lighter, arrived here
yestorday, r.ud left for the front to-day.
(Jenorals Shoridaii ami Ord reached Fort
Laramie In safety thlj morning. Nino
companies cf infantry and sevon oT cav
alry lelt here to-day for tho vicinity of
tho Bod Cloud ngenuy.
Weather colli. Coii'Idarablo snow has
tVMUM.rON, rcbruarv 23. Kor
Tuesday in Middlo and Eastern States
rising barometer, fresh and brisk north
west wind', cold and clear or partly clear
weather. The storm center will move
northeastward over the Oulf of St. Law
rence, attends bv brink- wind.
For Southern States, wet to southwfit
wiods, somewhat lower temperature, mil
ptrily cloudy and clear weather.
For Ohio Valley, Upper Lake and tbo
Northwest, northwesterly winds, clear,
dry and cold W3r.lhor.
For the Lower Ohio and middlo portion
of tba Mississippi Uivcr, northvscstcrlv
winds and slowly rising barometor.
I'lTTfiitTKn, February 23. A Urge
meeting of laiius ravomblo to tho movo
mout against saloon keepers, was bold
this arternooa in the rooms of tho Temper
anco Alliance. Kav. Dernmitt presiding,
he called their attention to the fact that
the whisky men of l'ittcburg and Allc
gheny City wero mating vig.-jroui eft'Jrts
to break down this movement. Ho nor
ted them to imitate thoir ,slstero in Ohio,
and advised them to ask tbo Lord tor
anu raim sis mo ultimate iuccoss of their
mission. Auurcssci wero dolivercd by
v. ii , uuuiiiuijii nuu aiis ssinuman .
After tho appointment of committees the
mooting ndjourned uutil Thursday next.
Indus Arrxnw, tTc.
WJMUHaTo.v, Fobrunry 2a. The sub
committee of tho Hitit-o commiltnfl on
Indian affairs, to whom tho subject was
rererred recontly, havo ugroed to recora
mend tbat all claims for Indian rlenrwla
tions be turned over for adjudication and
settlement by united Statos Courts for"
the district"! wherein such dotiredatlnna
havo been committed.
Outstanding legal tonders $331,330,827.
To-diV in i.ouity OOlirt. Judcn WvWn
uecided tbo case of Mrs. Gaines airalnst
Uftietl (JllltllllL'. COUtlnillni' tlin n unrlUn
in lorco anu uireoiing tne tttlo papers to
reuiaui in iiiu iaau onico for the pres
ent. Sow ovu.
Kcw Vortic, February 23. The stato
mont published horo yesterday that tho
Astor house would be closed on .May 1, is
Doloctivo J.eady, who shot Ulehnf.l
Mcarnara last night, cave 2.600 ball to
appear lor examination.
Judgo Lawronco declines to dUeharr.a
Carbougb, tho alleged ilelgian murderer,
irorn errti on cuarge ui theit.
writes from Lngland to say that ho will
accept tne cnuiiengo or Tom Allon to
light, from ten thousand dallars tn llfty
thousand dollars, IT Allen will put up a
....r.r. . .. -i i i 1
Firo broke out this morniuc at No. 11
ijtght street, and tho names spreading rnr
Idly to No. U and i, caused damage
amounting m tju,vuu; mostly insused.
Hay City Midi.
lUx Crrr, February 23. IJsy Intel-
igenco woro received hero this noon that
at .i o'clock this forenoon a large cako of
Ice, several mllos in extent. broVn ml' from
the shoro of Saginaw bay at a point oast of
mu iiih uuuio, at mo mouth of tho rlvor,
extondlng down the east shore. Upon
this lloatmg field of ice woro not less than
throo hundred fishermen and sevoral
teams and sleighs. The men nro woll
supplod with sliautio,, fuel and provisions.
Whon last soen, thoy had drifted sevoral
miles northeast, and a strong norlhwost
wind, shifting westward, was drilling tho
lco toward the oust shore of tho bay.
A report from Slbswalng this ovoning
says that tidy men have mado a landing
there. Otbor reports from tho samu point
say that about two hundred men havo
osoapod. Two men named II. J. Smith
and John Fourvier aro known to havo
drowned. Tho i00 is solid and ranged
from 12 to 20 Inches In thickness and not
easily brokon up.
Cliicliinntl. 0.
Cincinnati, February 213. No spoclal
celebration of Washington's birthday was
bold hero to-dsy but the public buildings
and river stoamers Hosted flags.
Tho constitutional convention ad
journed out or rospe:t to the momory or
Dr. John O'Connor of Senaoa, who (Hod
on Saturday nlght,and a commlltoo of six
was appointed to escort the remains to
his homo at TllDn.
Cjncinnati, Februarv 23, Consldor.
hie uneasiness Is manifested because of
tho danger of a destructive flood lu tho
Ohio river. Hostmen coming down the
river report all tho tributaries running
In heavily. The Gazetto special f.-om
McConnellsvllle roports the Muskingum
river higher than It has linen known for
forly years.
Dispatches from all parts of Ohio where
tho lompcranco movement has been re
port Immense tomporanco mass mooting
and general activity. In Hlllsborn tho
saloon koepors threaten to rosutno selling
in strict ncoordanco with tho law.
Omnha, Neb.
February 23. Gonerals Slier
Ord, with nn escort loft
yesterday morning for Fort
Tho troops lrt Cheyenne to-
man and
The woather at Choyonno is vory cold
with tbreo Inches of snow
Information received from Fort Lara
mio says that it is reported tbat tho
Oheyennes arb debating whether to stay
on thoir reservation or go south
and kcop out of trouble Jt
is thought they will nutcoalcsco with the
bostllo tribes. Many Indians continue
to go north for tho purpose of joining tho
war parliea.
rruzv uoitsu's 1UNI
Has declared for war, Tho cmploios nt
tho agencies at Bel Cloud and Whito
Stone aro npprohnnsivo of trouble It Is
considered doubtfull whothor tho Ogalla
lies' young men will stand by thu Hgonclos.
Thoir hostllo ectloi towards those
who havo declared tor po&co is
not considered favorable Howevor, no
trouble is at all probable with tho Indians
south of Fort Luramlo. If they commit
any depredation it will UO.ln jlaKota,
Northern Wyoming and Montana.
A severe storm of wind and snow com
icencod hro Saturday night and lasted
until this morning. 'The thermometor
la below zaro. Very little snow west of
this point. Thoro" is r.o detention of
travel, although the trains from tho can
are six hours Into to-day.
sjllieeof Observation, Signal Service F. S.
iirmy. lully report ot the stage ol water,
v. Itii the (iiunjc.H tor tho '21 hours ending
D o'clock p. m., February 23, ltiTH,
.AbovcT Cllange"
1 low I
STATIONS. watcr.'l Bisc.. Fall.
M. Loula
Vlckhburir ...
New Orlean.
Llttlo ltock...,
hatisvllle ,
4 2
1)1 0
2 ' 0
i (I
! I 0
,l 0
r., o
'llelow high wator mark-.
JCliWIN ItooTll,
Observer Jlg. ser. t;. S. A
FiTTnrwi, February 23. lliver li
Little Kock, February 23. Weather
cloudy and cold wjth indications ot snow;
raiu ceased last night. Jllver IS feet by
gallop and rising rapidly.
ViCKfeiiirf.o, February 23. Up Bis
marck, Crescent City aud bargA3, and II.
S. Turner. Down Fanny Lewis, Mary
Alice and barges. Weather cloudy and
coil. F.lver falling.
Nbw- Oklbans, February 23. Arrived
Louisville aud Thompson Dean, Cincin
nati; John F To lie and Oloncoe, Ht Louis.
Dopartc-d lCatlo, Chicot City. Weather
'dnydv MprMi.r M
Cincinnati, Fobruary 2'J. Tho rlvor
Is 41 feet C inches and still rising. The
rain ceased at two a.m. It ii clear, windy
and growing colder. Arrived li W
hkilllucor, Fittsburj; It 11 Hudson,
beoling; Charles Hodman, Kow Or
leans. XAMlviLLtr, February 2S. Hirer rls
Ing; 7 feet on shoals Weather clear
andcold. Arrived Ada Hellrnun, Irom
l'aducab, Ella Hughes from the Upper
Cumberland: Arch.F Gretn. ITnr.nr r.,tm.
land. Departed Silvertborn, for Kvans-
tiiic; .rcn i-. ureon, up tho river,
EviNsviLLK, February 23.
tin midnight; clearing up with
lion Franklin, Hecler.ldiowiiH. i,f.
A..1I. ...I.u i ..i... .. . 1
w.nj wnu jjuuu irijif, JiUSIDCSS lair.
Msmi-iiik, February 23, Woater clear
and com. itivcr rising rapidly. Arrived
Mlnneola, Cincinnati; Hollo of Texas,
Clarksville,Arkans&s rivor;Logal Tender,
Whlto rlvor. Departed Joe Klnnr.
Vlcksburg; Shannon, Now Orleans; Hello
oi Jiempms, Xiouis,
St. Louih, February 23. Arrived
Henry Ames. Now Osleanc: Grand
Tower, Morophls; Kato Klnny, Missouri
river. Departed Tho rlvor has risen ten
Inches, woather clear and cold, Mer
cury below the freezing point since lant
nigm. i no mtia steamer Addle .lohnson
plying between here aud Keokuk was
blown against Plaza' Island at one o'clock
this morning, struck a enag and sunk.
blio can bo easily rauod.
M A U K ET E F 01 IT.
Nkw Oklkan?, February 21' Flour in
lair demahd at 0 50fa6 !)o; family ut
a nn n.n. .rTi.I7 vm-. ...in
6art7;85. Oat Urrnor at 00ffii03. Hran
dull and lower at 97. Hay dull nt 20 00
lor pnmo. rortc null at lu no i)rv
sail meats uuu anu ouoring at 'ii'iB'M,
Uacon in good supply and dull; held at
73J01; bams 1212A. Lard dull;
tierce 'JjflOJ; keg 10. Sugar in fair de
mand; common 0; fair to lully fair 7(37.,
Molasses unchangod. Whiskey 11 nn
Louisiana OO- Cincinnati 1 03, CnlI'eoun
changed. Corn meal dull and lower at
3 CO.
nun,? a n r i f p i-r m: it "V nrvi i.t.
Takos ploasure in announcing to tho pub
lic that sho has tnxen possession ot this,
popular nnd convenient hotel on thu Obld
Luvce, and that sho has KKKUiiisin:ii
and UitNoYATKn It In many respects, and
is now prepared to accommodate tbo pub
llo with good fare, good rooms, good beds,
and ovorythlng necessary to, and usually
found In a first-class establishment.
Thankful lor past patronage, sho hopes to
mont us continuance
EST" Day boarderB rocoivod at reasona
ble rales. C2-l-2i)-lm
Street, between Washington and
Commercial avenue.
Ittrxe btipiily or l'lttsburir nnd Hicr
Muilily cosl constAntly on bund. Stovo
urnml KUWOll to Order. Ordnm fnr iu.nl
wood ehouhl bo loft at the oibeo on Tenth
tercet. Tonus, ch on delivery,
a brltlt
wina irora tho wet by north; mercury 20
to 32. ltivcr risen 3 feet. Up Ilelrast.
llulckstep l'eytonia, Dickinson, Farker
Fayette, F.obcrtj.Mornini- Stxr. tv,u,.
Ami ,Mniiuractnrcr of
102 Commercial Avo.
T&SsOnlevs ,!'oin Abroad Promptly Attended to.
11 Dili All IN 1111: 1LII.
Large Bankrupt Sale
A $500,000 STEW "TOREC
Farnbaker on hand as Usual
Mr. J. Farnbiikor, our4rcsiauiit -Sow York partner and
buyer, lias itttonded a very largo bankrupt Sale of Fint?
Broadway Custom Clothing and purchased over $10,000 worth
for distribution among his several Ftorcs. These goods, for
fit, make and finish, are not to be excelled by any tailor in
Our pari, of the stock has arrrived, consisting in part of Vine
Custom-made Suits, cost 45, wo ofibr them for 2-3 ; Fine
English Diagonal Coats and Vets, originally cost selling
price with us $25 ; other Fine Diagonal Coat.s and vests $10,
original Now York cost $20 : Fine Cassinicrc rants worth
$12, our price $(5.50 ; Fine French Black Cloth Coat for $10,
worth $23. 1
These goods are tho fine?!; lot of lleady-Mado Clothing
ever brought to Cairo, being mado for New York retail trade
AVe guarantee nualitv, make, finish and fit, to equal anv
tailor in the citv. HE MEMBER, TO BE SOLD, AT ONE
we ask" Is an examination, and if any goes away dissatisfied
we shall nover'again call upon the public.
Tito Peoples' Favorite Clothiers,
I. KAItMIAKI'.ll, New Vuit ft Til
.oi..r.utNiiAKi;!i,csJ,iit. Cairo ; Xliinois.
Our Mammoth "Western Jlouscs,Cairo, Jll.,andPaducali,Ky
Hr.A!iUAhTJii!s 11
:ao.A.a? STOKonia
o no o a buss
raoviBioMU to.
No. 1 1 0
Ohio Lkuk Caiiio, Ii.li.xoi
Duawm isr rt'Dtio lit Bt. Louis,
Grnd Binglo dumber Sohonio.
50,000 itoiiDifts
Oi.r,s Ii, to iig iJKAWN Fobruary 28,1871
6,660 I'rizes, Atnountlntrto S300X0U.
1 Prl of.
fco Priifif of. wo j
Of 1.V4M
OI w,w
Of. 7,803
r.f.. S.COO
lit !l,600
uf. 1,0()0
of WO
e-K) i
or m. no
Tickets $10 j Half TloVets, $S- tjuarter
uor loiwnMitn oMileied b7 tb Bute, tjt
uUaj Urwn st tho tlma nm(l, uni Ml orw.
Urn r nr.Jr tbs auperXmon of t.worn com
'l'l.i. nfHulftl ,lv. in.. in H. in...-, ,- . L
" "'""ii win wo iiuii... prii lu inq
M.I.ouUpsp.u anil copy of drawing unnt to '
jiirchari of tlc.kcli. 1
.Wo will ilrw niltr iiel)m tie lt Jt (it ,
evrry month UarlDK tho ynitr 1871, '
KciKlieteurrluk Iit roslnflco roont.y order, '
tee itl.rr-1 lAttar. rlMnnrn.M.,, kl..,l .... ...
cuW. AiUrm, MUKRA V. MILLEH A 01).. I
V. O. Urn 2ISS. Ht. I.oul, Mo.
H. SMYTH fe CO.,
x-to. eo ohio XjoavnuB)
Cor, Commerolal AVi ml 10th ht
nml lti'diil
'Walker Struct, S. Y.
C. 1ST. II u a H E 3 ,
OVVICK: Ohio I.eTeo, over MathtlM A
Jey-iYon? but Firtt-Clats Cvmpame
KM'Atil.lftMCD IMt.
71 SStslo t.cvr.
rue olie-.t establinUecl Agenoy tn Southern jt
Illinois, rojireBUDtlDx over
$05,000,000 110 !
tl tbo hen Insumnc sjapit-il l tiiesr
llHtlHll Hil. ,
UVSI VKSSsiiw stsvM "i
7 (hkoohu ri.oou) ohio i.ssvita.
HllY AND rlxi.f hlAI, ISH'MTB,
IluJera JJlock (upstairs) corner 8lh Htreat
and "WAshlnijton Avenue.
-"6-31.tr, OAIRO, ILLINOIS,

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