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niiMiiun'B fltirtrv. I'AHtn. I1U,. I
1 Kfbruarv 2... 10:11 n.m.. INK. I
llroinetcr,Wi:C07 degree-.
Thermomoter, 29 degrees.
WinlN.i:. Velocity 8 tnllv per hour.
Weather, cloady.
Maximum temperature lor last 'it hour,
12 degrees:
Minimum temperature lor the last'.! hour,
21 degrees.
Prevailing wind for last 24 hour, N.W.
Total number of mllr-s traveled by wind
during last 24 hourt, MS.
Edwin Booth,
Observer Signal .Service, U. H. A.
"-'- -
4'liM tut MateU al, is-ae,
orriUK or
ovrtcxiui :
A. . 8A1T011D. lreldeiit!
U. S. TAYLOR. Vice-President;
SI. UYHt.OF, Boorcttry and Treasurer
. M, tUseiuf . 0t: UiUkUis,
9 It. Mroetrutiii fatrL U. Ueacn,
M U. OtaKistaia, U. P. lUuisAt,
J. M. PmtLiM.
I)ioa1 si Amount Keeelvtidfrt-B-,
Ttu :( Upward.
?TKBKBT pud CD depoclta at lb rata cl III
L par east. praaaum, Mars'i Wtaod fl-iputu-er
1st. iBtaraatBot wH&dra-ra la sKcd Uiai.
4iaUly to trio pnnolpal or Ibodepoitti, ttertT
ItIbk thutn eotnpouaj Inttr-nt.
u tair J oaa iui cia it,
Opaa attry bos:- ly from .n. to a p.ra.,
'Ud Hatordar T-X tor HiVI.NO UKPOSm
TV al;, rrom t to a o elooV..
(, auW W. HTBI.OP. TTfr.
a a tr k:.
0AIMII, II ttaillH
CAPITAL, . 1100,000
IIKHKr L. lUM-lDAY, Vies-fictUlsa'
W 11.1 Kit HTrJLOP, AwUUoO.uril-.r-
rHAATt Tmii, ftoraar H. OcaaiaaaAB,
Haasr L. llAUrs-r, W. P. lluuiil,
ilai. 1). Wiujiatoi, Grams hiu
A. B. Batroaa.
MKeknaB, Vom Mil Unite asaMM
rtciBda Boncht naMl Mt,
DSPO'tlTH raeairad, aad a ftacral buuktor.
Instants dnna.
a r Htlait.
II. W. Millbh, President,
J. it. I'm uph, Vice-President.
Urue. Cunningham, Canhlar.
EXCniNHK, acta, lank ootM aad UaltW
BUtMsoosrlt'ciboutbtaaS aoU.
t soolAllewea tm wymu
OfUueover Klrit National baut.
t)IDo over Klrtt National banV. S-lA'to
t)Un It. Mulkey. Wlllaxn C. Mulkey
' Ofllcoj Klsbtli ireet, botwoaa Cotomet
ilaj ami Waouuiyton ariuiui-r.
William U.Oroon. 1 ..,,. llt,N,l(n
William OUbarl, OAlKO, IIJ.1W01H,
HWua r. Ollkori, i
Mni tintion uiba to Adpilialtr aad
r, - "JTU"- "
Citruer Twolfth fctreet and Washington Ave
(Late of fif. Loul.)
with neatneM and d spa eh. AlK ktatto ol
ruunir uoue amuujb iwnww. ..m.-, -.w
MaKUKluea and Periodicals bound neut am
County work, wich as Hocorda, Docket
l"eo llooki, Wuiiks, oto.. inado a peclulty.
Uoxus,l'ocketllooli,Luvolops, etc.jiuulo
to order. .
iiifoniifijrK-Nii'il. ThlrtuentU street
tietwetn Waihlnirton aTeiiup and Walnut
eUeetV Offlcc m coramerolal avenuo, u
The MuthoJIiU of Mound City hold
revival mooting lait vveoV, and toveral
potion a were add oil to tho chutcli,
-Sovornl pleaiaut rooini on tbe ujiper
lloor at tho St. Chariot can bo had at vory
low rate. a-10-lf
DitD Sunday morning, February 22d,
Corinno M., infant daufjhti-r of W. W.
and M. M.Thornton.
C. It. Oauunkh and lady, of Chicago,
wuro roglderod at the St, Charlos hotel on
Sunday, Mr. Gardner is proprietor ol
tho Chicago Academy of Music.
Might, and only clgbt,day boardorsvan
be accommodated at the St. Charles at the
roduccd price. 2-10-tf
Dr. 'Wili.Iamh hss rectlvod a supply
of fresh "Laughing gas." Olllce on Com
mercial avtnuo over Klliott it Haythorne.
Tne only telegraphic market report ro
culvod over the wires last night wm the
New Orleans market. The whys and
wherefore! wn a unable to explain.
Fruit farms for sale at Villa Ilidge in
five to twenty acres lots, set with the
choicest of fruit. IciuIror at Wilcox's
grocery. l"8-2-24-lI!t
Koit Kai.k f'.',0C0 In city icrlp. For
alo in quanllllpi to nult the purchaser'
Apply to II. T. Op.rovlii.
Dnlinukkt Taxkl iJiitrahit for
tnxet will positively botucdn March ifU
Alkx. II. iHVi.'f, Collector.
Jaioii Your, Etj , of Mt-trnpolii; John
Wood, of Tlibot, and Mr. O. Hughe,
proprietor of tho Ontralia llonie, ware
all In town yeitnrday.
TllfiBK olt'ijiMjt family rooiu, froutini
on tho Ubio, at the .St. ('barlon hotel, can
now la ultaluitd with board at reaionablo
ratet. 1SS.2-15 tf
S. P. Wlicet.xit, Vni, madti till debut
in tho lacturu lUld al Cairn lait Monday
night, and 14 tlio recipient of many enco
mium! on nil firit ellort. lilt subject was
' LiingoaRtt, Artificial and Natural."
Mound Uity Journal.
Tin: ownei of a small tuck inutnoran
lum book containing a sum of money
found yeiterday morning, can havo tbo
same by calling on tne at Tiik Hl'LLETI.h
Ofllce and payiue for thU aJrortltemant,
K. A. Huiintt.
Mr. Ihaac J. Hum ik, an old and
highly Pituemed cltl.on of Pulaski county,'
died at his homo near Caledonia a short
time ago. Mr. Harbor was at one time an
Assoclato Justico of tho Pulaikl county
Promimknt among the arrivals at the
Bt. Charles hotel yesterday were, Man-
ini; Mavtleld, SL Jyoulu ; Wni immondr,
Clniiniiati j K Oordeo, K "V Kldridge, A
J Wright and daughlor, Chicago; .1 S
ilorgkti and W Dedrlclr, VicVsburg, and
Isaac Cdln, Uollsboro, Ohio,
Wantkii. Tbe owner of a small mem
orandum book found on Washington ave-
nun between Sixth and Eighth street,
asl Saturday morning, and which con
tained between five and tun dollars In
currency, to call, provo property, pay for
advertising and tako It away.'
K. A. IlURNarr.
Iiiwiiksce JIarkett und vifo, Goo.
Morton and wlfn, Josophino Craige,
Isabella Prettoo, Win. Saymore and son,
John P Sutton, Johu A Lang, Francis O
Hose, Harry Mnrrldotb, and T W Davey,
Manager, all of the Lawrenco Ilarrott
combination, woro reglstorod at tho St.
Charlos yestorday,
The board of county commissioner
mot yetterday morning, and effected an
urganlr.ition. Lots wro drawn to doter-
mtue the term of service for inch, and ro-
mlted lu Mr. Satindors being choien to
serve for thsoeyonri; Mr. Fisher for two
voirs, and Mr. Wilson ono year. Ho
othor butlnp's wkj transacted by the
"The funeral of tho Uto Win. 1
Stokes," sayr thoJMound Cllv 'Journal,'
"took place in Louisville on Thursday
f2th Inst. Tbe expression of sorrow
were general throughout the city, whoro
the deceased was looked upon as as ono cf
tbe innstit-nterprlsing and public spirited
of citizen. Ha had bean eminently sue
ceiilul in buslnoiJ there, and was largely
interfiled in varlotii corporations. lie
was ono of tbe director?, and for a long
time preslJont of the Louisville Mutual
Insurance company, a tributo ot respect
from the board of directors of which will
bo found in this paper. In this city, Mr,
Stokoa was yoars president of tho Empori
um Ileal Kitate and Manufacturing Co.,
and at the lime of his denth was president
of tho Mouod City Matino Ways com
pany, also of tho Mound City Hub, Spoko
and Felloe Manufacturing company.
The snrlntr trade will soon open and
our merchants aro casting about for thoir
urine coods- Among the rest, Mr. J.
Merger, who is Acknowledged by all to bo
ono of tho most ontorprlsing merchants
In this oud of the state, loft by tbe Hun
day afternoon train ior New York, where
be will purchase his stock. No merchant
in tho city is bettor acquainted with the
wants of the people of Cairo and vieinity
than Mr. llurgor, and wo feel warranted
In saying that when his goods arrivo ho
will bo able to cflor his customers, andjthe
publlo at large, as good goods at a low
prices as can be purchased at any itoro in
the city.
Sales of tobawo at the rjantor's ware
house, Cairo, Illinois, Messrs. Straughn &
Illnklproprlotorsuring last woek were:
Seven hhds lugs, $3, $3 60, $S 65, fa 70,
51, f 1 30. Fivo hhds low leaf, 55 60.
bix hhds common to medium loaf, fO,
ffl 10, tO 26, $8 60, 7, 7 10. After the
sale an informal moot lug of the Grangers
from Kentuoky and Illinois was held in
the warehouse, and a coiumittoe appointed
to wlt on Mciire. Htrnughn Ar Ulnkle,
the Cairo daily
requesting thorn to appoint a farmer in
spector and weigher for thorn, which ro.
quo't was cheerfully acceded to by
Mesirs. Straughn A ttinkle.and Mr. Win.
II, Ponn, of IJaltard county, Kentucky,
appointed as suoh Inspector and
weigher for ih year t874. Mr.
Penn is woll-knowa through the Ken
tucky purchase as an upright and honest
man, That ho will faithfully and hon
estly discharge his duty no ono that
knows him will for a moment doubt.
It. H. HiiKillAM, M. I)., llomiupathlit
13Q, Commercial avenue, Cairo, Illinois
wishes to Inform tho public that he has
purchased an apparatus for generating
o.anized oxygen, and Is now prepared to
admlnlstor this ngonl, which is now being
vory tuccessfully utod in diseases ef tho
respiratory organs, such as Asthma, Acuto
and Chronic Uronchitls, Consumption in
tbo lirst and second stages, also In Spinal
airectlons, Kbcumatlsm, Malarial fevers
Cholera, &c Many eminent physicians'
names could bo given that advocate the
u.'o 3l ozonized air by Inhalation as ono
of the mo."t tll'octive curative agents of
modern times. 109 2-Vlm
Tiik nr. was a vory largo and fashion
able audience in attendance at tho Atho
ncum last night to sco Mr. Lawrence Kar
rott'a Illchelieii, ai.d wffbeltevo there was
not one porson in tbe house who would
not this evening spend another dollar and
a quarter to-seo the play repeated. J!e
foro the audience, not Lawrence Ilarrott,
but Cardinal Ilichelleu himself, appeared.
'Thro' plota and counter-plots thro'
gain and lois thro' glory and disgraces,''
the lovpof Franco is tbo breath that gives
tbe old man life. Linked in his heart
with his love lor Julie, France reigns tu
promo. To seo'the old man and know it
Is Lawrence iltrrett, a young man, ono
can but know ho has caught tbo full inspi
ration of tbe thought that "In the lexicon
of youth, which fate reserve tor a bright
manhood, there Is no such word as fail,"
and Lawrence Iiarrutt Is a master in hit
profession. Tho support of the leading
character was good throughout.
"Wk have something new in the way of
half-sheet posters, which wo think ato
Juet the thing for tho tprl.ig trado. They
consist of six different designs, litho
graphed, with mortises and margins for
printing. Two ol thu cuts are suitable
lor any business ; tbe other four for boats
and shoes, photographers, druggists und
dry good. "Wo bavo but one hundred of
each cut, and will furnish them printed at
Cincinnati prices. We havo also some
fancy cards. Tbo "language of flowers,"
tan designs; "Uoquet," twelve designs;
'Opera," four designs and "Comic" cards
twenty-four designs which wo furnish
printed at $10 to $1'2 per M, Cincinnati
prices. Who wants them 7 Don't all
speak at once. lC3-2-lt'-t
to in:. :. c. uiil. iivmrs. wood uirir.K
not'si:. What wedding pr,'ent dial! 1 give to thee,
Who art ro rich lu llf";' nmt prt'iiou.
Youth, health and lot a new found bawl
lit'. And nil the blcln?9 which a lure hfart
l.riiiif- ?
Had 1 u Itoth'child'o wealth ; did money fall
For nif. in H'ry liower like funimiT
What Mi'ould 1 buvtoadd to Joy like thine!'
What tmiMire give that would not utrem In
vain J
IlevatiM: idreailv, pricclo gifts do bluer
Around tlin'. like a L'low of golden llyht.
Dlamondil' Not to; their Iihtro would be
J!y nearneM to thoie eyei o truo and
Wlio-o8g!anci'i lilt thy foul with Joy each
Pcails or bright mbli s Kav; in thy fund
Her teeth will rival cVli the tlne't pearl-,
Her lip- tho ruby red thou couldM not
Tbe coUlc't gems were not thy loved oue
And with her near, all other lovely genu
From u-rv c n vv would grow pale and dim,
With clinine" thu roiv blil.h upon their
Some iuaint dciec in gold? omc untlquc
Strung Wth sweet legeudi of a by-gone
Ah me 1 l.ovo wrought si golden chain tor
Of old design, yet new In cery clluio
To tho-c who wear It. What then i-ball I
A ai! a fllviT loiintain that shall throw
Its sparkling wutcrs upward, and nhall kootlie
Then with its murmur iiiu-ic coft and
No fountain in the world could soothe thee
The dalntv rippling of her IIverv voice.
Pklurcsr Thou hat unu framed within thy
Of all lair pictures In the world thy choice.
Of such as these, my procnt shall not !.
Far hotter yet: no silver, gums ur cold
Could buy my bridal gitt. My heartfelt
That ns tlin years go by, each may unfold
Xhw happlnc", new lovo for thee and thine;
That thu lair dawn may usher In a morn
IUno-tlngod and dear as (.liver; that tho un
Of love may lies cr,ct, und leavo lhcohorn
Of life's best bli"jiug; that when dark
iktv come.
As conio they must in every checkered
Sho whom thou lovest, for thy cake shall
The shadows tilt away a brave, true
Who-io (wcetest task shall be to make thy
A heaven on earth, n place where every
Shall vanish 'neiithher smiles; thatdod may
On both his richest blessings everywhere.
You are hereby notiflod to attend an ad
journed regular meeting of tho company
thin (Tuesday) evening, 2 lih inst.
J. 11. IUtteniiouzi:,
177-2-24.lt Secretary.
lloraember the sheriff's sale of groceries,
llqours, cultry and crockery at Carlco's
store, Washington avenue, botweon
Eighth and Ninoth streeU, this morning
atOoclock. 2-24-tt.
Wo moan tho tplondid stock of spring
goods now bolngoponed at John Antrim's
clothing store, No 73 Ohio levee, consist,
log of tbo best of imported lipping
"Worstod coatings; Cuba fibre Imported
coatings; ; Scotch diagonal casslmores,
Avondala hairllno cassimeres, and a full
stook of other favorite brands of goods
entirely "too numerous to mention." A
reduction of twenty per ceut. has been
Mad In prices. Sit. Antrim solicits an
examination of his goods. ISO 2-2 L2t
bulletin, Tuesday, February 24, 184.
1'Rlcm OORIXMT 0nr:E,1
Monday Lre., February 23, 1874.
Vory llttlo business was transacted on
tho last days of last wook, owing to the
havy and contlnod rain which inado it im
possible to handle grain or flour. Tho rain
continued until last night when tho clouds
broko away, tho woathor changed and the
day has bcon clear and cold and night set
tlos down with every Indication of a
sharp, heavy frost.
The Ohio rlvor has rlion with almost
unpracedentod rapidity and is fast ap
proaching high water mark. The rise
during tho 24 hours ending last night was
reported to bo at the rate of two inches
per hour.
There I no chango of any importance
to note in tbe general market. Money is
plenty and (Inanco aro In an easy condi
tion. Slocks of all kinds of produce, ex
copt butter and corn meal, are fully up to
the wants of tbe trade.
Tha corn markot drugi n little and
prices rule a shado lower. Prices vary
from ooo to two cents according to
grade, condition and kind of sacki. Thu
supply is considered a little in emu
of the demand.
Flour continues heavy and dull. Oil
are active and firm. Prices aro un
changed and steady.
y Correspondents should boar in
mind that our quotations represent pricoa
for round lot) from first hands, unlcsi
otherwise stated, and that in filling small
orders, higher prices rnuit bo pald.VJa
FI.OUK-IIeavy and dull. Stocks are fair
and transactions limited. Thore is ncarce
ly any demand except for the order trade.
Sales embrace 100 hbli. low super 4 60;
100 bbU varlout grades 0 607 00; COO
bbls do 4 25(2,8 00; 100 bbls 0 008 75;
200 bbls do 5 OWiS CO; 100 bbls good
XXX 7 00; 200 bbfs XXX 0 CO; 200 bbls
sping XXX C 50; 200 bbls various grades
lu lots C C03 00.
HAY Dall and unchanged. Tho de
mand is small and Is ennfinixf to choice
grades for filling orders. Kacolpt" aro
light. Salos were 1 cars choice timothy
del 14 00; 2 cars choice timothy del 16 (10;
50 bsloa damaged 1 59(5,2 00 per tyde; 1
car prairie 12 00; 2 cars common 10 00
CO UN Tho nurkot It very quiet and
prices rulu lower. Tbo order demand hss
fallen oil', and speculators are unwilling
to take hold oxcept nt very low .figures.
Tho demand would Ikj good if hollers
would make concessions. Sales wore R
cars mixed in bulk on track 58c; U cars
old white in bulk on track C2c; 1 car now
white in burlaps del C7r; 2 cars white in
heavy sacks 03c; 6 cars mixed 67C8c in
sacks, del; .1 cars yellow, sacked and del
OATS Roeoipta are light and prices
firm and unehangod at 63c for white and
mixed, sacked and del, and 17o in
bulk on track. There ii no ship
ping demand, but tho ordor trade is good
and all that arrives is readily disposed of.
Sales were 17 cars choice mixed, sacked
aod del, 53c: 4 cars white, sacked and del,
63c; G can white and mixed, sacked and
del, 53s; 1000 sacks mixed del C3c; 1 car
black, sacked and dol 57c ; C cars cholco
black, sacked and dol, C0i; 2 cars white in
second hand sacks del 52o; Scars mixod
and whlto, in bulh on track, 47c,
COllN MEAL Tbore was very little
speculative demand to-day, the New
Orleans market having quieted down, but
the order trade is still sufficient to carry
off all receipts. Salts woro, COO bbli s d
del 3 20; 400 bbls s d dol 3 35; 200 bbls
s d del 3 32 ; 106 bbU not guaranteed dol
3 30.
IJRAN Scarce and firm selling real
ity in round lots at 10 00, and in small
order lots 17 00 per ton. Wo noto sales
of 3 car loads dol at 10 00,
BUTTER Scarce and in active de
raand, at SO to SCo according to quality.
Should tho weather continue cold, it
may go a shade higher. Not onough
comes in to supply the market. "Wo noto
sales of 100 lbs choi:o southern Illinois
roll 3033; 18 tubs shoico northorn
dairy packed 3Cc 300 lbs medium 2G to
30c; 800 lbs choice northern roll 34c.
EGOS Tho old stock is noarly nil
worked off at 14c. Freih receipts wore
selling to-day at 16c, and there is evi
dence of improvement in tho market.
Sal03 reported woro 1200 dozen 14; 500
dozen fresh receipts ISc, shippers count.
CIIIOKENS-guM; receipts are light
and demand limited. Sales woro 30 dozen
choico live 3 003 CO ; 15 dozen drcjsod
3 00; 10 dozon common dreisad 2 79.
TURKEYS Not many in the market;
selling at lOu per pound dressad,
POTATOES Thero is a lair demand
for choiue seed varlotios. Wo noto sales
of 60 bbls Early Kose A 00.
APPLES Obolco aro scarce and in
good demand. Common aro plenty and
slow. Sales CO bbls common S 00 t 60
CO bbls choico 4 506 60.
COTTON Nothing doing at all here
nor oliowhero, no buyers and wo can give
110 quotations.
OiiKESE Cream 14c ; Now York fac
tory loyjiujc.
LIME 1 251 CO VbW;
CEMENT 2 002 60 bbl.
WAb IUL lWfllWti V gal
OUNNIES-lte-sewod 2J b
3 bushels 20c.
H bushels 16c
tSYKUPS-Oboico C0cfl per gallon;
Now Orleans 76(&80c.
HUHLAPS-3J bushels corn, tf oz
16 Jo; do 10 oz 16u 4 bushels outs 2oo; 5
bushols 21o; ki bushels 22c
BKKBWAX it, 30c.
SOAP Sbaoffer'a Gorman mottled, 7 jo
Chcmr.ain soap, 71c.
TALLOW tP lb55Jc.
ttUUAK Crushed 124c; A. 1 )l I Jc ;
extra 0. 10Ilio.
COFFEE Java 404'-V ; prlmo 33
31c; choice 84135. '
FREIGHT Cotton, compressed to
Now York, 85c! to Hoston, SI. IJnoom
grossed, to New York, 91 11; to Hoston
To Now Orleaus aud Vieksburg:
Potatoes, apples, cto, 3O0; ' pound
freights lSo uwt; hay )5 per ton; Pork
15o por bbl; tobacco 14; cotton $1. To
Memphh. Hour, etc 26u por bbl; pound
frolgh 12 Jo cwt; bay $4 per ton,
Tub European hotel, Uar.-y Walker
proprietor, is Oon at all hours of the
night. 11-Mtn
' Port Mati
and dKfiarturet for tbo 21 hours eudlm? at 0
i. m. last evening:
Steamer F. P. Graoy, Columbus
" FIsk, l'aducah
" City Choitor, Memphis
' Katy P Kountz, Now Orleans
" Kate Dickson, New Orleans
" H Amos, New Orleans
" Andy Uaum, Cincinnati
T W Moans, St Louis
" Capitol City, St Louis
." Arkansas Belle, Kvansvlllo
" Sutlo Silver, St Louis
" Thos Sherlock, Cincinnati
" Grand Tower, Memphis
" . Mary Houston, Now Orluaus.
" .Ino Kllgour, Now Orleans
" Groat ltopublic, New Oolonns
" Arlington, Momphis
5loamr Frank P Oracy, Columbus
" Jim FIsk, l'aducah
" City of Chostor, St. Louis
" K P KountE, St. Louis
" Holla of Momphis, Memphis
" James Howard, N O
" Kato Dicksrson, I.onlsvlll
" 11 Amos, St. Louis
" Andy lUum, Cincinnati
" Thcs W Means, O.nclnnatI
" Capital City, Vicksburg.
" Arknnsas Hello, Evansville
Kitslo Silver, N O
" Thos Sherlock, N O
" Grand Tower, St. Louis
11 John iieanr, St. Louts
' M Houston, Louisville
" Arlington, Cincinnati
11 John Kllgour, Cincinnati
" Great Republic, St. Louis.
Tbe rive has rii;n 2 fcot 3 inches during
the past 21 hours. Tho Wabash rlvor is
out of its banks and flooding every
thing, and all tho tributaries of the
Ohio aro up and still coming. The
Mississippi is reported on a stand at St.
Louts, with 0 foot out to this city. Duti
nets was dull as usual on Monday. Tho
weather turned cold yesterday, and last
night was ono of the coldest nights expo
riisncsd In this locality this winter.
Tbo Andy Haum had only a moderate
trip for Memphis.
The Thos. W. Means baa 000 tons cf pig
Iron for Ironton.
Tho Arkansas Hallo brought CO barrels
whisky for the south and 39 bales cotton
for the east on Sunday.
The Suslo Silver was deeply ladon and
passed by without landing.
The Thomas Sherlock niado some addi
tions hero and was to Hear somo time lait
night with about 1700 tons all told.
Tho Grand Tower has 313 bales cotton,
4CS bbls potatoes, 721 beer kegs, 50 bales
hides, '.') cords staves for St. Louis.
The Mary Houston has a slim trip of
freight, but sho is full of people.
Tbe John Kllgour his 37 bbls kraut, 20
hhdo sugar, 3C bbls molassoe, COO pkg
sundries for woy points; COO bundles sun
dries, 106 bales rags, 174 bbls molasses,
13J hhd iBr, 100 bbls ponns, 30 boxes
chocso, 90 cabin and CO deck passengers
for Cincinnati.
The Great Republic hat 500 bbls pota
toes, 012 boxes sugar, COO bale moss, 300
bbls molasses for St. Louts, and brought
103 hhds sugar and 160 bundles suudrlcs
for this post.
The Kate Dickson has a lot of tlatbonts
and the Judge llaker and tho tug Cotno
and Soe Me in tow.
Tho Henry Ames brought 1,207 bundles
hides for the oast.
Tho John Means goes to St. Louis ex
pecting a ttip to tho Illinois rlvor, but If
she falls In that sho will try to get a load
for tho Ohio rlvor.
Cost will be Added on personal taxes lif
ter March 1st. Auvx. II. Irvin,
2-22-dtd Shorifl'.
Wo havo recolvod n consignment of
Louisiana Sugars, which will bo sold to
the trade. I2tf. IlAt.i.tiAV llno.,
Tboro will t3 an adjourned regular
mooting of tho company on to-morrow,
(Monday), evening. All monitors aro
respectfully requosted to Attend.
17 222-lt T. J. Kkrtii, Secretary.
Tksi pounds of brown sugar for $1; 8
pounds best coffeo sugar at f 1; 3 pounds
of choico butter At $1; lOconU for lnrd;
Imperial tea at $1; potatoes 30 cents por
peck; apples 40 cents, at Wilcox s lilock.
Two Hatterles of two Boilers, each 24
foot long, 4 2 inch Dram, 2 14 inch Finos
with Qro fronts. Mud and Steam drums
Safety and Mud valves, Chimney and
Urltchln, all complete and lu first-class
order; boon used only throo months. Fo:
price, otc, inqutro ol J. T. Rxnkik,
9-23-lf. Vulcan Iron Works.
Mrs. Elizabeth Williams, Washington
avonuo, between Tenth and Eleventh
streets, Is prepared to por form tho dutioj
of midwife whe-uovur called upon, bho has
bad much experience, and foels confident
that sho can give porfect satisfaction.
115--13 2w
I will sell my entire stock of the hint
of Bcof, Pork, Veal, Mutton, Poultry,
Bulter, Eggs, Lard, Irish 1'otatocr, Sweet
Potatoes, Apple?, Flour, Meal, Spiced
Hoof, and tho host of Corned Uouf. Tbo
salo will commenco at 6 o'clock in tho
morning and continue until nine at night
oacb day for nloo months, Sundays ex
cepted, I havo also 180 acres of the lost
ot cotton land to sell 01 ozebango for Cairo
property. I also want several good agents
to soil fruit trees. All uf the abovo will
bo oxplainod by calling on ft. Patterson,
corner of Niuth and Walnut stroots, as
thero is tho place tho salo of thu meat and
vegetables will bo made. U2 1.31-lui.
Cairo, Ills., Jan. SO, 1874.
Overcoat worth flu far f 8 at Hart
man & Co', 87-1-30 tf
For a good siuaro meal io to Ifnrrr
Walkor's rottaurant, Commercial Avenue
bolwfren Sovonth and Eighth street. 1m
Am. kinds of fine lacos and frlngos at
e half the usual price at Hart-nan .fc
Co't. R7.l.mtf
Al.t. brands ofsheetlntr and shirtfnvat
tho lowest prlco at Hartmnn & Co't.
87-I-.10 tf
For qas and steam fitting go to Ren
nio's Vulcan Iron works, Commercial
avenue, foot of Ninth strcot 8.in.if
Just received and opened, the largest
ml finest assorlmnnUalost stvlo and nat-
torns of tho best brands of calicos at Hart-
man iV Lo s., cornor Sixth street.
87-1-30 tf
AM. kinds of game constantly on hand
at Harry Walkor's, Commercial avonue
between Sevonth and Eighth streets.
Tub best quality of Alexandria kid
gloves at Hart-nan & Co'a. for seventy.
uvu conn, worm $1 no. 07-1.30 tf
A m. kinds of clothing and Gent's fur-
nishlni; boo J a at nnn hulCtha liltlftl rkti.n
at Harttnan A CVs., cornor of Sixth street.
87-1-30 u
A rtii.i, assortment of J. P. Coats' and
Clark A Co's. cotton, At five cents per
spool at Harttnan A Co's., corner Sixth
strcot, 87-1-30 tf
A Piano in j:a-ciiane roit vacaht
lots IN Cairo, Any pcrion having a
vacant lot or lots that they would ex-
cbacgo ior a first-class piano, can be suited
ny auureising Jin .Mary Dixon, eg'-nt
vni uvuuiu'i Alumna. ou &-3-iJt
Notice Is norcby given that I will pay
no bills for goods sold to any of tho em
ployes of Tus Cairo Bclmstin, either
or themselves or ior tho use of tho office
unloco tho eamo arsi furnished on an'ordor
Igaed by Mr. Burnett or myself.
12-20-ly Jon H. Obrrlt.
For Rhnt. The brick bouse situated
corner Third street and Commercial nve
nue. Tho houso has bcon put in good re
pair throughout and Is well arranged for
a hotol or boarding house, also rooms to
rent on Third strcot. Inquire of Wm.
.Mamie, --so. o, winters block.
103 'J.3.tr
Part?; En Wanted. a gcntioinan
without capital, but with several years
expenenco and thoroughly acquainted
with the buslneu, is desirous of forming
a partnership in tho Hide, Fur and
Leather business in Coiro, with somo one
wno can furnish a capital 01 say $0,000.
Address, drawor 227. 49-1-18-tf
Removed. Dr. G. O. and D. II. Par
kor havo removed their office from tho
cornor of Sixth street And Commercial
avonuo to the room In front of Wlntor's
gallory over E. P. Davis commission
store, Sixth street botween Commer
cial and Washington avonues. Drs. Pur-
kor will bo found at thoir ofilco at any
time night or day whon not profession
ally HOSOnt. 7-2-I7Ut
For balu
Pittsburg Coal at
r-0 00 per ton;
Grand Tower Coat at
i.'i 00 par ton.
Olllce on Tonth street, botwonn Com
mercial and Washington avenues,
!)5-1 -3 1 -1 in
Milk Waoon. I will commenco run-
nlog a milk wagon on Monday morning
February 23. 1 will continue it all sum
mer, and respectfully solicit your patron
age. Milk will bo delivered to any ono
in tbo city, daily morning and evening.
Ordors may bo givou to tho ;drivor of tbo
wogen or left at my ico stand, No 81 Ohio
luvee. Gi'ouur. Yocum.
Tiik barber shop is on bo corner ot
Eighth etroet and Commercial avonuo
where J. Goorgo Stionhousu with his gon
tlcmanly assistants can be found ut any
hour of tho day or night, ready to sootho
your fooling with a smooth shave, or cool
your tomper and head, with a good sham
poo. It is a first-class shop, and -you are
suro of rucelving flret-claa treatment.
Ladles' and cblldron'e hair cut or curled
after tho most approved styles. 8-16-tf
Tbo undersigned having resumed the
niaungiimiiiit of tho abovo hotel, trust by
strict attention to business, to tbo wants
and comforts of their guosts, to merit the
renowed favor of their old patrons and the
traveling public in guneral.
Tho Saint Charlos will atonco undergo
a thorough renovation, and ho much Ira
proved in all its appointments.
Good satuplo rooms aud special rates for
commercial travelers.
All baggage for guosts couvuyed to and
irom tne Hotel rreo 01 cnargc.
Jkwett Wii-for A Co., proprietors,
c. c. c c.
l prepared to supply ciistomrr-i with the
bet quality of
ORDERS left at lliillldav Bros. nrUcc. 011
Ohio Levee, or iittho Coal Yard below tho
St, Charles Hotel, will receive prompt atton-
11011. 'i no rim "aiostauk" win uring com
longdlilo to KtimmerH at any hour.
MILLS W PARK Kit, Proprietor.
Tenth Street, between Walnut anil Wash
ington. Having purchased the entire stock, Stable,
Uortos, Carrluges, liuggles, etc., ot Dr.
Field, and added several w "turnouU,"
Mr. Parkor uow invites all his frleuds, old
and new, in wantot Saddle Horses. Double
or Blnglo Carriages, or anythtag alee la lats
line, to ,ive Mm a call. Hl-13-la
Mall at 2:30 a.m., .Daily.
K.xpressat UI.-00 p.m
r re grit at 4:00 a.m., ...exeM mdy
Vrefefatat lhVi am...... i"
Freight at 4:00 p.m.,.,.
Mall at 2:15 a.ra JHUr
hxpress at .-'.06 p.ra., xcsjf SwMtay
freight at 0:15 a.m except Monday
J ro letit at 7:10 p.m., except Stttday
freight at 10:05 p.m
1M-2.17.tf. .lAMEB JOllWSOW. ASJW.
Ross has on band, and lor aalaaUswa
quantity of 01k and hickory wood, out artd
Iht, and ready for tho atove. Ata al
kinds ol coal which will be delivered la mt
part of the city on short notice. Laavaer-
tieri at coal yam, on Commercial
opposite Eleventh street. Dee. I
Hoot and shoe maker, Twen k street, be
tween Washington avenna aad PapUr
street, is prepared to make boots aad akoa
In the latest and most fashionable atylaa,
Ue will make them to order, old or mw
styles to milt customers, out of the TaatMaad
froMicst stock, of which he always 'has "a
good supply on hand from which to awTta
selections. All fitting of boots aad shoe
made by Mr. Ehlers Is dona la his own shop
no foreign fitting being used by his.
Give 1dm a call, and he will give you aatls
j pi'7 rnoi ior young mrarroaa, tne ei-
focts ol errors anil ahuwa In rlviita
uuuu mnwiBii, AlupouimrDU to KSjItIMFv
and remarkable remedies. Books aad clr-
lumnscnt irr.c, in seaiea envelopes. Ad-
Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. an institu
tion having a high reputation for aoaerable
nndiir.t and prMo!onal skill. 119-4 riAwftm
2-1 -A. I H3, DEBSSa K.
Eighth Street, between Washlagtoa and
I '.inn....!.! A -
Siairni Bthbit, fimrm WAaniaoroa
Atro OoKuaaoiAL ATsrauae,
AiUolratwsT Ball sua WUmmW
Km tht bMt or SW, rork, KsUm -faal
Umb. ewws-e. .. c4 are artfatea to asa-M
lii-aa la tbe mass aeeeatakl-. saaa r.
(Sueoassor to Jarrua Kyaaatea,)
fluTouaa avd Dbaltm tu axl Xnrsa or
Tmmb Xtuts.
ouys and alaugBters' onry'&e keet eaUie,
logs and sheep, and la prepared to all any
Ionised for fresh meats from one ponad to
ten thousand pounds.
Comer 10th street aad OemsasrcUl aTeau
next door to the Uylaad saloon.
11-10 tf. CAIRO, ILLS.
Sr nor. Twesstleth Htveel stsssl Ce
merelstl Averasse,
Buys and slaughters only the best Cattle,
HogH and Shoep. and Is proparad to fin or
lers for Freah MeaU trota one to tea Uow
nd pnunit. 7.t
rHKNii rAi.i. sttevks.
Mil H. M . JA0K8ON,
(Formerly Mrs. Bwandtrs,)
announces that she has Just opened a large
assortment ot the
MIllfnuiT Goods to be round in tbeasarket
slio will keen on hand
Hat-, Bonnets, Flowers, Ribbow,
Dress Taiuhinos or All Kibm,
Laiiikh FuKNiaumo GooDe, Notiohs,
Collars, Undeulbetbs, Hurra,
Ami all goods found In millinery stores, all
ot which will bo disposed ol at the lowest
cash prlcos. Mrs. Jaeksoa respeelfUUv
asks n continuation of the pataosage which
uas ueen so iiDuiauy oesuowea upon ner ny
tho ladies of Cairo and tbe vicinity.
Manufacturen and Dealers la
Also Agenta fort, the
No, 711, North Maine swe(,

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