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waclal l-a-perot Ilia City sunt t'oiiiily,
IOiLVILOHIMLY. KJItor and IMblliber
Obtwetk, bjromr.,...
Ok XM by earrir, lu adsauue 10 00
Ob year by curler W not paid lu
advance ... 0
'imfBmtsj,byi-.ail 1 W
lkisu)ntbi 8
3UaotO '
.uli mr ; woo
tir-is or wciKtr hvm.ctik.
Ub Yar t 00
tlx Months , 71
Ilia Month , Tsl
.-.variably lu advance.
... i ir mi's rii i "ii-i-i "i r- r-rirr -
sjusx4la uittrr on avcrjr ni-a.
The Supreme Judicial Court of Mailt
chutattes Lai decided that women are ulU
gill for school comrniisloners Id that
An i':han)() IndulgiH In the atalo
cbtrga that Waiblngton U a dtn of
. tLiTM. "Kobber rooil U the uamo
given toth national capital by an lndig
nnt Orni;or.
Tut Kadlcal rntmber of Congros have
at tail bcn'tUcl;ej by the praylnj; apl
duilc, and now tbe burlcn of all tliofr
uttrnce It rellgioui. "J-at ill ,"
tby ay to each other, and thoy proy.
"W Mtnrn thanks to our fellow-townsman,
Mr. 0. Y. 1'arroni, for a copy of tho
KraBiville '.Tournal,' not bocaioo wo
wr'parUcularly delightod torr-coivo tho
'Jouraal,' but a the only return wo enn
mak for tho courtesy of tho act.
- -
Juikie CRlwroni) ralloJupon the Hen
ton Standard' last weok,- and Has re
warded for Ills thoughtful courtoy by be
ine cjtlll "act onlv an ablo jurut. but a
vry aUablo" gentleman, who U xcvi-
iDgly popuhr wlti iti people.
' l i
PtEsisxar Gax'n: m tin riiil.ws
ay Ijnnlt iiiliur mill liumi-i; ipm-uliiKim.f.
ttii lliil Hint i wnr i;-i in !iiH imul llinul,
ad Tfinn lln fink umiii -in ipipirtuinty linn
plueint hiiMiinniiy -v'tiuvr it: 'vnulll' lli ln
&:: 'j'linti
Uahrett ii sn;4 l&t liu. w d.ni.i. ;it
says ao through th ..larnni of .'s -Sin.
-We aro glad to learn this important i!a
jut nwi. Tha devil is our avertioc, as
aduliilou that may furnish the '.sun with
au opportunity to bj facottoui. It was
our aversion to thu duvil that mada ut a
great religious organ.
Gth" assuros us that tho Kepublican
party retain its only principal of con
tiaunce an appaiant adaptlbility which
really springs from iti want of original
purpoic. "Oath" ii often too deep for tho
common apprehentlnn, but our reader
Di-inrr or uncommon apprehension no
deubt undantand hi meaning.
Tn: Slomphli pujiof4 imum tno jm L
hc that "Pipt" i. a great ri'idor, and a
charmlog woman. rhu in a good looking
woman, or ourjeyes bvo dooolvel u-.
Whether ahu U t lit) reader tha ii roportod
to be tha peopto of Cairo will havo tin
opportunity to detcrmiue this week,
"Pips" will read at tha Athetiaum Friday
and Saturday eveniugt.
The oditor of tho 'nhi' (ayt : "Wo
haven't the noblo brow, tho llwhing.cye,
the intellectual viige,the tllver tongue or
the Hyperion lock of llro.Oberly." "Wo
raadlly admit all tni, but ltro. Davit can't
deny that generally he hai a visage un-
laminar with soap, au uyo to tho main
chance, and looki, Hyperion "or other
iie," to en o j u habitntion iu which a
loute would awim tho Miislt'ippi river.
. m -
Jui'Oic JJki'UMO.vh has again declared
the doctrine that whenever there Ii a stat
ute authorising a uiunicipality to liauu
bondi and it does isms them, inch bonds
cannot be impeached lu tha handt of n
tona fJt purcbaier, eren if oourtt thoul I
doclde that the requirement! of tha ttat
ute had not bean complied with either by
the municipal officers or tba pnr'.i re
living the bonds.
A MILD form of epl.outy tints appeared
In the atables Of the ttreet car llnet or
New Vorkclty. Hincethfjanlmal which be
ing crotted with the horta produces a mule
it liable to be attacked ,by thu uplr.oot),
our friend of the 'Hun' will pprcclato our
ilndnwi when we call hie attention to the
tact that tho diteati It aproading from
New York In the direction of Calm, md
that he is conteuently In danger of being
attacked by It. He ahould mix carbolic
acid with hit oatt, and nal nothing but
ditlnfected hay.
NrNAToa Conici.ino la catting brad
upon the pieildeutlal watert, hoping it
may return to him after not many da.
A vulgar prejudice againit Mr. (Vmkling
xUU In the public mind, and the boll.l
leeusto be unlvcrial in the West that he
la net a mau of parU that he would
not till the pretldi-ntial chair with abil
Ity. Thit it a mittake, lie It au average
Kepublican ttatesman, and we have no
hesitation in laying ho would perform the
dutlet of the preiddential ollico' ably that
Logan would not tnakt. a butter pre,i-
,j nt 1
Uhs.ki.ih Dickens, who has gone to
bit rest, separated from his wife, after liv
Ing with her a quarter of a century and
after tha had borne ten children, became
ha waa tired of her. Uer pretence
became lrkaome to him, her society tire
tome, and at latthe drove her away una
ble longer to endure her at hit cum
panloH In life' journey, tho tharer of hit
bad ani board. The world will not ex
cuse tba groat writer for this sulflih act,
It will remain a blot upon bit reputation.
Ha wMtbe palntor of domuttlc bapplnett,
and had taught to tho world letione of
iinholflth iscriflco to duty; but he wan-
dared from hit own precptt with the pro -
Yoking deliberation of a man who hat
taught himself to do a mean art without
a bluth, and lu defiance of public opln-
"s 1 -
The wave of fauiale prjer U rolling
on cngnlpblng nhu taloon kuuper alter
another. Prom every direction comes
tho sound nl women's volrot tinging
trllllnjili We arj tempt I 'In any smoo
thing In this connection about Miriam
dancing on tlie tbires of the F.ed sea,
bunting timbrels Mid rejoicing over tho
drowned enemies of thu I.Old, Mill to da
maud that our ladles shall-
Miund tin- loud pniyer -Vr l..i-i' iv.t
o tli.it leinp'r.iiiee i i ,i t rin mi li .and hWh
ui down,
but, upon reflection, va will not. if wo
should do to we would insult our friends,
the saloon kuepert, and would not arouse
into activity our liquur-ile.teitlng ci'.i.ens.
Our advocate id temperance are lny
h.dle. They can talk, but labor in the
Cnlllo i as distasteful t j Uiein ? a drink
of b.id whltky.
Dkir Davis, of the '.Sun,' doling hit
cart to our nppiial, refuse! to load ft band
of tho Amion of the Lord ami prnyur
fully raid tho saloons of thority. Ilo In-
alsts Unit wo aro thu proper mm for tho
work, houauio w havo n uoblo brow, u
silver toniiuo uud Hyperion looks. Wo
aro compelled to ugrco with our neli'libor.
Wo arr tho Win; iirid, II DavIi will fur
n li!i thu woman Hod necomimiiy in to do
our priyinj;, wo will ut onoo ifo-eem nt
I lid head of tbo baud and onplurn uvury
saloon keeper In Cairo. Whilo D.ivis
and tbo womun tiro praying and singing,
wo will piny " pedro" with tho koeper,
(Sossmnn unit Dice. In this way wo will
bu cnablud to ndd nmutumerit to labor
nnil onjoy nil cnrthly plenturo whilu gnth
arlng Into lli'J army of fold watur the
prioiU who nilnlttur. in tho dlguhu crt
laloon koupor.', nt the altar of KaccliuH
. n, ,
Tiik toclnl iivil regulntinu ordinano of
St. Louli It now under discussion in tho
leglllaturtf of Mitsouri. It U probsblo n
law will U enacted iroliibitlnp citioi from
adopting tuch ordluancos. In di
tbli vtioa th-s wri:r or pea'
pvi':r must
ii'i Tr :i co'jtrvtr:! g:ooc- with a
I fr . .
iC 'vim.' I Ilo ua viB'i .. la-i frvtiil r-r-1
ii.uunn Ci Sirvirfr ai..- h-oftiy i.
tiliu chum. X) jin i u 1ft siaic'i. oi j; lfiti
3n-v usiMUiiiif in. luitmtr rT-iili, iii '..jog-iln.r-nl
ij isi.H ilio v iht vhiUi of sti.
fXu)t Wy ifi'c t & i -il Tii
i th.i liiPiri ps- ippliit a: ,,-ag
j 1.1 -v ir!it:t ijpclck)-.-i and hypoo
j riiy ii (juowi ibov par tha ref-rm-r
who approacbei tto iscUt vil prob.m
along the path marked cut bv the
Louit ordinance will ba criti down and
execrated. Tbo Jowi did not throw iton
at tho Magdalen when Christ took her by
thu bund, but over tlnco that day Hit ful
lowert havo been hurling mliilos nt tho
erring among women, crushing thnm into
h-jpoloJS degradation, curling them and
denying to them tbo heaven that hut neeii
promlied to tho vlloit of mankind who
repent, believe at'd aro baptiu I.
- - -
.MoiiKiTt.r blusniiiK, im'hfully. ""n
great feir of otfemling tho gentleman
who unoigetically e lit the ' iweet live
and Hyo" of tho levc, wo yivo plat.o to
tho following complimentary notice of
"our member." Wo asturo our friend of
tho 'Sun' that mr objct in thui allow
ing thu Mount Vernon M'roe 1'resj'
to sound the trumpet of '-our member's"
praito ii not to manufacture him into a
congressional candidate, but simply to let
our readert know with what kind of
straws hi friends tickle him, and to a.'tiiro
thorn thnt hu like to be tickled as much
aa a Iterllnur likes woi' )bver or a Kadl
cal otl'tco holder perquisites and swag -fl'roiii
the Mount inon -l'rc- l'r.
Uno of the nt-atcit, beU-Umr-J and most
etlectivu speecucs over mauo In tho Ucn
itu I Aeiublv wat that of tbo Konroient-
atlvo from Alexandor, Hon. ,1. II. Oberly,
in (xinall oi tlie appropriation asked Init
wowk lor tho Normal I'nivortitv at Car-
bondnle. wa wore fortunato enough looc
cujiy a teat in close proximity to tho ecu
lleman, and wo greatly enoyc-d the fcll'ort.
It was in Mr. Oborly't happiest vein and
went "itraight home ' to thy member of
tne llouie. I lio appropriation was
While mentioning tho dobtof gratitudo
duo to Mr. Oberly in tbo matter of the
Normal University, we would exprutt our
own ncknowlodgoineiit for tho btiittanra
rendered in taring to uh our division of
tho supreme court. In Mr. Oberly the in
toretW of Houthorn Illinolt have a truo
and valuable friend.
Ofiidoar friend of tho '.Sun' wishes in
to publish Mr. Cloments ipeech on trans
portatiun. Tbo 'Sun' nsuios us thu pub
lication of the tpeech will not ilmiiitgo our
prospoctt for congrtst. W believe our
neighbor; for, although Iriond lsaac't
speech it really mo-t excellont in iU way,
containing, Including thu dog story, anoth
or new idea, it could injure nobody's
proipeeW fur anything; and mrely could
not Injure our chancel to obtain Iko't
chair in tho homo of rcpretuntativo. A
mueU better speech, one with matter In
it and not modeled after & good little
school boy't little uisay, could not do vin
lenco to our uxpoctatlont ol occupying
that chair; became, in good tooth, we
havo no tuch expectation. Wo aro not
tho "coming man " of tha opposition, and
wu aro nwaro of tha fact, Vo are lint
in the "ring, ' and do not know
?bo the man i. At thu proper time.
wo liopuuud bulinve, the muu who rim tha
V ... V ""J''1
machino will tell ut the name of the .tatci-
i man wo must vnln fnr t... ,
n.,. , ' J"" l"-''i
blethefarmoM of 'the dlttrltt will taka
tke matter nito thuir own l,ndt ami
name Mr. ('lemuutt' tunu.tur. Wo hope
they may. If they nomiimto a good man
TlIK JtUI.I.KTIN Will IIHke "l.lttld Jt.,,'
sing ptaluitand howl prayert fur vo'.hh on
every itump iu Urn dittrlct-wlll make
him manufiicturu all tbo dog of hit
friends Into buacon lights to guide him in
a tecuro channel back to tho comfnrt'iblH
chair In which be now rest, tho embodi
merit of the itatetmanthlp of Kgypt.
Tho .Springlleld 'Journal it dunoun-.-im-
tho housu committee on public printing,
, becauio, in obedience to ir.itructioni nud
under the tolomuitiei of thu oath taken
' by every member of the funeral michi
bly, It II receiung etldeueuto explain tba
mariner In which tba work Is eleeuU'l,
the charges made, arid the ConSt'rili'ti 'ii
that hu been put upon tha bid and nir
for thu printing now being done for thu
date. Ottonsibly aiming Hi nriout at
Judge Ilradwnll the 'Journal' is tv'tu
ally aiiailing with eii.jiu tho other mm
bert of the committed. It is snl.l, Judge
llradwetl has allowed lilt Ual to run
nway with bit .oii!u of justice, and tins us
turned the tone of '.he lnqulitor whun lii
shoul I haMi spoken with thd voice ol a
sieker aflor tbo truth, but tho Ctiminitleu
on tuch occasions has as-ertl its dignity
and thu rhairiuau h:is always ieldud to
th.i wishes of his colleguat in the invft
llgntion. Tho '.lournnl' however would
hate tbo people believe that
Judge llradwell ll leading bit coin,
milteo by thu nose, that his will has be.
come the will of each member of thit
committee, and that bo dominates in ail
the deliberations of tho Committee. Tbi
is untrue, nnd tho purpose of the falsehood
Is to rruatu in the public mind sympathy
for th) printer. Wo do not fuel at lib
arty to publish our belief on the subject
of the invuUigation, bu.Muse, being a
member of that committee, wo l.ohi wo
have no right to coma to a Html conclu
sion until all the evidence lint b'en hearJ,
but wo do not hesitate to my that the in
vestigation has li own thu prosunt print
ing law to be very defective, to boanio.HUi
by which legitimate printers may bo rob
bed by blackmailing rascals who know
nothing about tho printing buiiuo!.', and
thu .Statu lilchod irom by contractors in
collusion with the ttato ollicors. Il'the in
vestigation thai), ns wu di nut doubt ll
will, result in the amoudmout of tho law
iu lhi rufpuct, or tlu enaotihont of :i
proper new printing lav, the Stito will
hnv received tenfold svhat the inve-tiga-lion
may cost, and all honest printers who
Jn-iro to become competitors for the
printing will have ru-iton to tliauk the
(Wiihsinston Corrc'iioudencc'l ho (irupbicl
After Ash 'Wednesday thu muli- of u
ciety abandon thu ladio., uud dine nt
Weclkr's or the club, and the drawn po
ker is a fearfal sight to sec that it rVur
iihtd is thote c'.oisteri. Hen. Holliday
wtio i now t-r living in widowod quar
tert ani lovking after his railroads, is
iiid U have raised the large-', hand' at
por kncn among gaming cnpitalitt.
-IU - n dfty ttuutand dollars from
u, tai-i William Aharon, "but 1 wai
tick that day, and had to let him take it.
He cn': beat tne when 1 am feeling weit.'
It it very asy to corrupt public'men at
the poker table," for a largo percetage of
them play near'.v as inanv, I should
judge, as in the old days of slavery.
I'oict has rlien with tho Northwestern
domination, and the enio with which it it
learned, tno recilcti chancer 11 invites,
and the rapid popularity it Attains in
every circle, makes it an (xpccial gam
for large operators who Iviter on
tho threshold of politics. Mak a pubii
man poor nnd replace the mjsey as a
gift, or permit him to win and suppoie I:
hat wronged you, and he will try to -rork
oil' the obligation with a mtgbt'.laka h-s
alinnit Impute righloou. These grat
brawny operators know such things, and
honor in the chief plac i no barrier to
ti..i. ti. i.v.: tha nne
and rapid women, worldly, talk with
brilliancy In Its del Jii vents' .ii- confi
dence that follow tho wino cup,
and the tool stuly t-t & nun over
five cards when ho bets lyond hit
measure these cro tha f'.eps by which
hard men capture belter oner. Bribery
is seldom direct, wounding the feelings or
pride of tho recipient. It i extendnl
like the love wbW h prrcc-ds ruin : It
"My friend, I admiro you. To lee you
poor with your ta'.cnti is a reproach" to
our country that you illustrate. 1 nevor
yet met a man I could get to clo'a to. If
you evor Jcol tho wolf too cloto to the
door, 1 hop') yen will no, wrong your
menu oy tuence.
And it it done.
THK ltlfJllEVT OI' A I.I. ori. im'.i:s-
W'aslilatou Corropondeni-e Titij Tiuic-.
rretident (irant has juit bought a largo
lot in the northwettern part of tho city
for hit futuro town rosider.co. Ho payt
'.'2,000 for loOci foot, and tha house U to
cott with tho lot ner V100.000. It is un
derstood that tho president, when hoia re
loaied Irom ofllclal dutlet, will
divide bis timo between his
throij retidences on tho .St.
l.ouil farm, ut tho tea eliore at Iong
liranch, ami In Washington. Hu will re
tire from public life in very comfortablu
circurmtunoe?. Ho hat been, sinco ho on
tcred the army in 1ISC1, ouo of the luckiest
of mon. 1 am told by lho;e who knuv;
tho facts and aro competent to judge iu
such matter, that (ion. i runt's invest
iiionts havo all been tuado with great wli.
dem, with tho folo oxcoption of tho
tmall venture in tho ".Seneca Jitono com
pany," and oven that concern ia looking
up of late. His Invoitmonts hero, at
Long liranch, and especially ncRr .St
Louis' havo turnoil out well. St. I.ouls
pcoplo say that his furm in thnt vicinity
willulono iiiako him a laigu fortune, to
rapid is tho incrcaio in Its value. Tha
pooplu will lo glad to learn that thit it
so, for thoro can bo no doubt, cpltoof tome
irtiiiVH, mm ..moral (irant is a lavnritn.
U a-misc.t , l-'ohruHrv 2.1. for
Thurtilay in Now England easterly
wiudt, lulling haroiaotnr, with clouds and
mow. . ,
I'or Miildle Ktatos an'd I.'nwor l.kknu.
northoHit windi busking to noithwont,
w ith cloudy weathor and occiuional lb'ht
mow J
for Mbldlu Atlantln anil ..pi Ii AC...
tin Stn)on, rlting baroinoter, nnrthoant
erly winds, cloudy and clearing weather.
i or uuii niaie nuriiiorly wind?, risii g
ImroMPtyr, nnd partly clouilv nnd clear
I'or Ohio Valley diminishing ,u,rth.
wostcrly wind and rising barometer, fol
lowed by fulling biiroinctor, Southerly
wind' hlirlmr tummiriitur
partly cloudy weather. I
The Lower Ohio and Mltiiinpi tivo s
will coiitlnuo slowly rising.
Cl.nx ki.asi., l-'ubruary 25.Tho tpecial
meeting of the Itrothorhoo I of l.ocomo.
tivo Engineer!, atsomblud thit morning.
Tho mooting wa very full, a largupropnr
Hon of the divisions being represented.
The ineotlng was culled lo order by (Jlias.
ytiikou, grand chief miginoer. Aflor au
, examination of thu credentials thu meet.
ing wont Into private fciFlon. A resolii
I ti'.n asking Mr. Wilton to reiign was
; adopted l,y ,v Urgtt majority, thureiip&n hu
tendered hit resignation which wa uc
I ceptud, and he rutlrod from tha couveu
tlon. A retoliitlon win idtu udoptod to
keep nil procoedingt of the convention
I Irom the pre i
UIMjLET'JS', Tl sTK.il -AY, FEBKUAKY '20, 1874.
HeporteJ Expressl.y for the Bullotin.'
Urii biintrs co.(ii:i:!L.si(n u. ui:
in i: ii;ii'i.i!.v.ci: mom:ii:nt
Til: CIIK A(i(i' WO.MCN tilH.Nfi TO
I'ltVY Tllltl.'i: Tiiors.tMi s.v
i i.ooxs to iir.nii.
IIAMAIIKS It V Till'. 1 1.01)1) 10 ill i:
MlSsmsiPl'l CEN'l'UAij 1 1 A 1 1 . -1MIAH,
MHrn.i.AM:iit's n:i,i:o: iruic
l'l.l.l.tiitll,lllf..MAnKI.I,AM tt I V I Ii
Wasuin(itn, l'obruary '.'r..-Siiatir
Wright s bill rtfernug to thu locution of
military land wurratitt dire.-ts the secre
tary of the interior to a-corli.iri tbo
amoillil of public Ian 1 entered by location
of military m rip, and land warrant in
tbo statu of lown aii 1 other states whoe
unahling auls of .vln.iision Into tbo union
contain a stipulation for the payment of
live per cent, on th-- saleii i.f pnhlic binds
therein. Tic.' bill thou mnl.es it the duty
of tho s'.oreturv of the treasury to pay nil
tuch late live yur cont. on acnunl ol
.aid ligation, estimating them at one dol
lar and twenty cent!' per ncrc, provided
said Minn 'hall bo pnid In live, animal in
stalment and that allowance, shall bo
made on land' on which taid live percent,
hat been mudu.
W.isiiiNuTov, l'obruary 2"i. Thu turn
peranco bill being u-ider consideration,
.Mr. Schur. taid bu thought the pas.'iiga
of tho bill won Id establish n precedent
of Congrctsjlutureforing in matter be.
longinc oxcluivaly to thu t tatot. There
were mini other evils ell'ectir.g toiiety
which need to ! inquire 1 into for in
stance, gamblir g was wortu than intern
peranco ; another subject, tho extrava
cance of the forualo sex in mutter of
drcts was n great evil and hud ruinod
many faniilm. How manv clerk had
been induced t rob their employer
or bank oflkor", to become "do
faulteri in order to latiify tbii lovu for
drei. Indigestion maJo a man tour and
unsociable, and Congress might inquire
into the cauto of tms; or go on with in
cuiriei until it tbuild be found out what
1 atfecu tho cosiu i.p'.ion of hot tcia had
j upon io;iety, ard establish a bureau of
health and pub.se moral! He did notde-
aire to It) under.-'.'-, i a- triisg with tern
) rverance principi-ss. To a certain
i extent h wj a ten-jwranca man,
and nothing si more disgusting to
i sUau iTiuukan man, unlutt it be a
I drunken wornanj nolbtr g couM bo more
', loatbi'me thin a human bing degraling
, hitni4.it lo the 1- vt-1 of the
beast. Ha tho'Jirht the move
ment of which this bill formed n part
wts misdirected zal, and tho gentlemen
favoring it was taking hold of tho wrong
end of tho subject. Human nature was
to conttituted that it needed
rearon. and could not put
down. The turest remedy was not
tho forcible suppression of any indul
gence ,not morally wrong when uiod
moderately, but tubstitution of better
pleasures for bad onct. Ho believed if so
cial enjoyments be Introduced among the
pcoplo a wholeiomo social reform would
be achieved nud a lasting benefit bo con
ferred upon society. He doubted the pro
priety of tbo " legislation proposed
by mis bin tnu would thcreforo
voto againt it.
Mr. liuckingham favored tho passage of
tbo bill.
Tho morning hour bavin,; expired, tbo
cbalr announced that the bill would bo
laid over,
Mr. Camoron gavo notieo that to-morrow
he would call up the homo bill in ro
lution to the centennial exhibition.
Mr. Sargent taid thut tho centennial
bill might involve largo .ippropriations
boforo the eonato khouM get through with
it, and ho therefore would oppose its
consideration boforo lUo regular appro
priation bill, .Mr. Sumner suggested to
tbo senator from I'enrjsylvanla that ho
let bit centennial bill tuko its chuncu
among other bills, after tbo financial
question Is disposed of. Mr. Camoron
taid bu would not like it to take its r bunco,
not knowing when tho linancial question
would bo ended. Laughter.
Tbo somite rosiimoJ the consideration
of tho bill to equalize the distribution of
rurroncy, tbo pending motion bolng that
of Iluckingham to recommit the bill to
the ilimnco committee with the instruc
tions ngrund upon,directing tbo committee
to report iu favor of lm renlng tbo vol
uwo of nutionul bank currency to t Inn.
.Mr. Morrimnri urged that there wu not
n siitncont volume of currency in tho
couulry to meal the wnnti of the commu
WAi.iilwrro.v, robruary 2.I. Mr.
Orth, from tho cuiumlttco en loreign af
fairs, ronortod ft bill for tho i'lulni; and
recording of thu cmnmisioui to postmas
ters -.ippointiid by tho president. With
tho consent (d' tbo tunatn hu nxplainnd tho
objoct to bo to triiiitfor thut duty from tho
stato department to thu pottolllco depart
ment, ration.
Mr. Small presented n resolution of the
N ow Hftmpsluro I'rett astociatlon for the
restoration of thu law allowing wookly
newspapers froo trlln!llliiunt through
tho malls in tho county whore
thoy aro published; also reto
liitlon declaring hostility to any
action that may rosult directly or huh-
rcctly in tho restoration ui iiiJii-.es oi the
frankiut; privilogo.
Tim House rotumed lb" consideration
of tho blil to provldo for tbo distribution
of public documents. Mr. Cofl of Kansas,
supportod tho bill; rirst, liucnutu It was ilu
mandud by tho pooplu, nnd sec
ondly, bocau8ii it was thu only means
of keeping thu people Informed of tho
acts of their representatives in congrost.
If thoro wita to hu no opportunity for thit
except through reports furuithoil news
papors, thou tho source of power was In
tbn bands of tho u'ontloiiie n ill tbn gallnry
and not lu thu hands of tho mouthers
Mr. Coburn upported thu bill.
Mr. Ltiwroneo declared In favor of tho
third suction of tho bill providing for thu
froo transmission of woolclv nowpapors,
otc, and wat opposed to all its other pro
visions Mr. Hlco advu'f-tod tho bill as an
educational measureand tolciy uu that
ground. j sjw
flintier of iUi., i8Tlrt. the bistury ofi
the postal servlf;" of tbu country, and of
th.i connection with 'it of thu Iranklng
privilege. Tn tho process of timo bo laid
tbo nowtpapei presvtook posessloli nt tho
iiialls. Of t2 tuns tho most matter
which lelt tba Now York post
ollico daily, only eight and a halt
tons consisted of'lullors and coriospon
dunce, whilo 11 J tons consisted in news
papirs nud 21) tons of ttaiiscieril printed
matters. At tho closti of llutler s re
marks I'aclter, who bus charge of the bill,
domanded tho pro v iimi question, refusing
to admit any amendment oxcont tlie sub
stltu'lo olfercd by Halo, of Now York, to
repeal tho law which abollsheK thu frank
ing privilege Tho provlout quesllnri
was seconded by 11'J to 07. Tho voto on
ordering the main question was taken by
yea' nnd nays, and resulted 120 to 117;
the Democrats almost uniformly voting
in tho nrgalivi'. further action on the
bill went over till to-morrow, and the
b.Miio took a reccis.
- . -
Nrvt ii'!,.
TIIK WOMAN'S M'V km I! n't.
Nkw Yoiik, February 2 s. Tho Ful
tou street pmjer meeting has ungaod in
the canto of tetupdranco iu n special man
ner, and yesterday prayers wru ottered
for thc'dMliortiiico of this land from tbo
puv.nr of rum ; that tho lire kindle I by
Women may "Weep fr.m oh thu iartli tbo
crime i f mul.ing driinkit.!'.
A police tpy reports tbo number ol New
York communists at tbrto hundred, anj
ayt that tbo (iormati nnd J rials organiza
tions uro uniting with tho Frenchmen.
At a recent meeting tbo chairman said :
'It it not only work that wo want, It is
alio liberty, "absolution of high salaries
and monopolisation. Wo want tbo
who aro now stealing thu funds of tho
city. Wo want their heads, and Wo shall
h:.i them. Vn want lo fuako them
Hilar what wu nro now tuf
furing. There is t.o lusticu
in New York city. Wu will tn..u justice
in our own IimhIb nud administer with
Kin.KS ,:;t iiAvoKKrs.
Wu h.au arm already, and wn will ban-
petroleum, and uso it wo did in rarlt
Our (iormaii, AmcriCHii, and Irish broth
or will help us, und wo will he'p thoiu.
Nkw Yuri., Fobrunrr. -This after
noon l'oliceiiun John Dole, of thu 1Mb
precln:t, shot and inttMtitlv killed Miss
fowler, No. P.I South .1th avenue, with
whom hu had been in company for tomo
time, it is salu lliu oiucer was iinatiPlv
lealou of tho young lady, and to-ilay af
tr gi'lting vory drunk, ttent lo bor'resi
uenc Mid engaged in a quarrel, during
which ho drow n revolver and shot hor
through tbo bend Thu murderer ua ar
rested and locked up.
a iMin.E,
London, February 2. Thu reMjrl ba
reached bora that a r-reat battle has be on
lought at Coouiii s between tbo Ai-li-mtees
and n forca under linn. Sir (irant Wool
sev. Thu enuoirornt'ii'. Is taid to havo
lasted tho whole day and to havo closed
with no declilod re.ult. Thu lots of '.he
Ilritith troops is given at nearlv thrua
The war ofllcu has rocoiveil a report of
the ( altio said to have occurred between
Sir Ur.rnet Wolsly's army and tbo Ahan-
tees; but an unomrial, thuuirh (ireum-
ttsutial. dipaluli has rach-d here, which
say- that abattlo wai- f.-ughtnt Acromboo,
.i.anuary -I, and not nt CoouA'sia at pre
vioutly reported. Ainoni: tbo killed tre
Major Iiaird and ("apt. Ituckloy. The
Ulobo says that if this news bu true a
great disaster has befallen the llrilish
array, and the only course left to rjir liar
net YVolsly Is to effect a safe retreat to
tho cat.
A special to tbo Standard lays that the
Asnantees aro entirely surrounded lv
the liritish army, but were evontuxlly
drivon olf with great lot. The princlpa'l
war cnie: of the Alhantees wai killed.
1 ho kiriL' has taken command ! his armv
in portcn, and it was expected ho would
renew thu attack. February 6th was Ihu
dato decided upon for thu storming of
loowa'sio by denural Wolsly force.
I)n Ion, 0.
Dayiov, l obrimry VS. In tho weUcrn
of this city tbi morning, John Heckler
fractured tho skull of (ioo. Oralksfour In
twu plucn, by striking birn twice on the
back of tho bond with a billet of wood
Tho man Is dangorouily hurt. Heckler
who was recently released from tbo luna
tic asylum, is now in Jail.
David Mathows, a skillod machinist,
had ouo leg torn .ft Lulow thci kneo by
tho paper mill machinery at Mlamiiburg,
eleven miles south of Dayton, yiMorduy.
hOMKritlNd IlllEWI.su.
Thero i- nothing new or startling in
thu womon'a crusade, but prellgnrations
aro going on.
A German pnpor horu has Issued
an iuilarnmatory proclamation call
ing on Oormans cajiablu of bearing arms
to organize n rogiment. It sayt tho timo
soniiia to lmvn npprouched with rapid
stridos whon laws, civil liborty, thu liber
ty of commerce and of tho domotlln
heurth needs protoction,-throo thousand
(lorman citir.nns shnubl ovor be ready t
aniwnr tho call of our authorities in do
fonso of tlaw and property. This Is In
terpreted m un attempt to scare thn wo
men. Thoy won't scaro worth a cent.
Cni'AUo, Kubrimry 21. Tbo woman's
temporutico inoveiiiuiit wus InRiigiirntcd
hero In ii smull vny to-day by u i-inglo
old lady, who wunt from ono tiloon to au
othor on two trocta in tho we-t division
iu which saloons aro most iiuinnroio,
and aitor politoly Informing thu proprie
tor and bar-tender that sho was nboiit to
pray for them, knolt down iu onn corner
mid frevently otl'urod up hor supplications.
In thu north (division a number of tho m-loon-koeiiers
hnvo baori fiirnlihed with
printed circulars from tho Inirenu of
teniporanco lodgo No. n, signed, Mrs. L.
A. llallnntino, Socrntury, nnuounclng that
au tissocbitlon of ladies aro bound togatb
or by a snlnrnu covonant to clcso nvnry
saloon and hull-holo In Ohlcngn, nnd will
visit escli saloon with prayer and singing
in tho 1'urthoraneu of tbisobioct.
Albiinj'. Ns Ys
Ai.iunv, Vebruary 25. Thn statu torn
porancu cummlttou to-day prusnnto 1 a res
olutlon, roqiioitlni tlio leglslntur. to pass
a local prohibition law, urging tho friends
of tnmpuraiico In tho statu to tuppcrt nil
legislation lu fvor ol tompurnnco, par
tlculnrly n (onttltiitlotinl umoiidmont,
which shall prohibit tho importation, iiirii
ilffteturo and salu of Intoxicating liquors,
and bidding tho noblo womon of tho West
(lod speod in thoir crusadu against rum,
wolcoming such n tuovomont In this state,
and congratulating tho Grangers who
havo Indoisud thn Pitme.
OnialiH, MtdK
" fr jk4i,ni,ijt 9
il IgJ, KaM''j f ' -SadjWlUirliiiaii,
i!"2ii 01 StU'toii cMinty, Nobraiku
waijrobbeJ of$l,09d Vahand a$TuOd.ft
in u i ncnin in mil city Inttulghl.
Cliii'liiimu. 0
us: wants n ci p
t'li.'fi.-fi-iTl. Vebruary UI -A caia is
pending in tl n Iluilor county (ouit, In
which an Oxford liquo seller pray tUt
tbo tuiiperaticu women be unjoined not t i.
prav in fr..nt of his saloon.
Memphis. '
TIIK M.lJilsstri'I CKMIIltr M. K.
MfMI'llta, Febru:iry This damage
to thu Mississippi Oelilr.il railroad by the
fieibi t win more terlout limn at lint re
iiortcd About four hundred feet of em
baiikmenl at Taltahutchia rivar was swept
Tbo btldk'o alto was damngod. Thu trains
for Now Orleans roma here, leaving tint
road at Grenada. Trains aro kIIII de
tained on the Memphis' ,v Charleston
road. No through trains hao arrived
since Hsturday.
Si hhim, iln ii., February '10 .-Tba la
dies of (Ins town under thu leadership of
Mrs. It. . l'ondlatoti, haw to-day -uc-ccelod
in do. ing uvorv salo..n xnj drink
ing ottablishmc-ut of nil kind. Tho in
loon keepers lmvo tigno I a contract to
horeafif-r ab'.aiu from thu business so
lonn a tliey remain resident hero. TLu
drugt!ista.havn i.l-o riven bonds to sell
only in accordance with tho law. It it
regarded a a great auccots In tho temper
arico can-e, and nil law abiding, order
loving uti.en uro jubtilant.
foliimbii-, 0.
O'l.i' Mill's February 2.1. A temper
ante mnk mcuting. thl.i uvaniug, In tho
Town street Methoditt church, prelimin
ary to beginning an actual campaign, v. in
very largely atleiiIud. Iio l.v.ii j snro
tb'at wit' out a uo-ru united ellort .lei nut
door campaign cannot begin hero for two
Week All thu 1 1 ) 1 1 1 1 t u r . of thu English
congregations express theion-lvut in fa
vor of tbo movement. A meeting wai
held at throe o'clock tits iittrnoon, to
bear thu rep..rt from thu committou to inter-,
iew the leglslnturo. They were told
thut tha loitialaturu was too busy to nt
tend any praur meeting to-day. Soma of
the mrii nctii'o- temper unci workiir ex
pros th'-un'ivn -n muili discouraged
over thu event of to-day and fear tnat if
prohibition insist nu nttompling to force
pollth into thu campaign, no real good
will bo neuoinpllthud.
(illbool ObfClMiluil', ."-iunal .-'eriiie I .
id my. DjII) Kpoilol the-rune ol Waler.
wllli tho changcii fnr the 21 hours ending
ii o'cloek p. xi i .'. I'cbruarv '.'I, 1!71.
low -vnter.1'
-nl "
Itlsc. fall.
T- , . lii.
r I r.
Ha !l
.11 10
11 f)
' - I
ir I
i "
M. l.oilli.
Mcinpblii .
.1 (I
21 7 1 ll)
:m i on
hiiiec.ort,., ti t-ji, . ii. i)
NiOiMllo .!.i.L..i.(r 3d bin:' nt I.
Now itik-Aiih fi f. ll li ii
Little Itoek II
l.l.oiH lliu.. .,....-) s- o
"lielow itijli waUir uijrk.
Edw i.v llno'i n,
oiocnijr acr. ll. n. .
I'lTIMiLHn, Fubruary 'J. -I'.iverfall
ing, 1 2 feet Cilichu..
CisciNNATl, February Jl -Itivur II
fet and rising. " Depsrted Charmer,
ickkiiuiui, February '.1. Up -Katie
Down Shannon, Sushi Silver, Ahlaud
eathor clear, .and inol. Hirer falling.
kw ui'.i.KAN., i-g'oruary . ;so ar
rivals Departed Louisville, Ciriciu
nail! Glencoe, St. Limit. Weather clear
und cool.
Mk.mi-iii, Vebruarv 2r.. Weather clear
and pleaiant. Ilivor ri-irii- rapidlv. )e
parted--Kiltie Hiu'ler, Clarl.-villo, Little
Itookj ShurlocW, future City, Now Or
leans; Imperils), St. Louis.
NAf.ilvil.l.i;, February ti.l - liivor fall
ing slowly, "1 foct on tho hboalt. Weatb
er clearing up and pleasant. Arrived
Cook, Fadueah, and EJdyvillc, Upper
Evansvii.lk, Fnhruury 21, .Weather
cloudy and cold; several inchu-nov fell
last night; mercurv ;1Q lo 'M. Hivor risou
2 fent; 28 fee, by gautre. Fort list up
T W .Means, s'ilvertborn, l-'nvuttu nnd
J)ickson. Down Grny Eaglo, Arkansas
Hollo, Silvorthorn, Itud Cloud and Mary
Amont, generally with good trip..
Sr. Lorn-, Fobriiury 2o. Arrived - St
Johns, Peoria; Julia, Vicktburg; Daven.
port, Keokuk. Departed Cltv of Alton
and Yaegcr, New Orleans; 0 V KounU,
l'ittsbuig; lirand lownr, .Memphis. 'I hu
river is stntionary, with uino to ten feet
to Cuiro. weather clear and cold but
Lon.aviM.K, February '.'&.- The largu
it'jrri whoul steamer llellast, belonging to
the llolfutt Trautportatlon com puny, be
cumo unmanagouble whilu ascending tbo
falls Into last night, dritt wood inlor
lerlnt' with tliu working ol her rudder.
Sho ttruck u hidden obstruction, breaking
insido thu hull, lust forward of thu boil
urt. Shu wua run on n neighboring bar
and rapidly settled, rliding oil ol tho bar
juit boforo going down. This uftemooii
tho cabin, at the stern, teperated
nnd tho boat will prohublu go to
pieces boforo tbo river begins to fall
Sho now lies iu -10 fuel of water nt thu
ttrn, nnd 2.1 feet at thn bow. Thu olli-
rors nnd crow escapon, onu roustabout
belngllnjurod bv a fulling spar. All thu
book", papers and money wern tuivul. The
liolfnst had f.OO tons pig iron, 200 lorn
ship fltuir, ami 100 tuns niiscnlUriuniis
freight on board. Tho bout Is insured in
Cincinnati ami Wbruling olllce for S'J'.,
000, valued at 111,000 Hur freight list In-
cured for i'J,f0(J. Itiver bus riuu ono
foot In tlm last twcnty-foiir hours and
continues with twenty. thrno fectsU Indict
in cnnal, nnd twonty-nno foot six inches in
tbo tines down Indian cbiitn. Wonlher
cloar nnd cold with prospects of. more
snow. Aarivnd I'nl nogors, i-incinnatl;
Marv Houston, Now Orlonnt; John Ml-
irour, Now Orlonnt; Ed Hobbs and barge
I' ittibtirtr: l'nytonla and liarge, Now Or-
leant; Arlington, Mnmphls. Depaiiod
Coal Hill and tow, St Louit; Null City
and tow.YVhoolIng; Vnt Kogurs, .MeiiTJibii;
John Kllgour, Cincinnati.
Nkw Yoiik. Fobruarv 21. Treasury
dlsbursomnnts, US.B00O: custom receipts,
?o,00,1. Monoy olosod easy at 2 on Gov
crnnunt llonds and -I on Stocks. Sterling
haavv nt l 8lr ) HI for 00 days : ! 80.'.
Cul 87 tight. Gold rnngod 12j12; ,
closed fit 12 !, carrying rvtos 2o7il Hat for
Uorrowln. LiioannK i.,uuw,wvni. ihiu
ls.M.ln lunmiitftrn nctii'rt Limn imifil Mia.
UtllltlB "Win in"- - - - - "
tourl slxos ndvnncod-, Govornmebt qulot
nnd stonily. Stocks worn weak all day,
with a doclinn of !'1 1 Thu b wot jiri
ccs of tho ibiy worn at tho elos
Ali it Kill' ltKPORT,
AltMiHii, Fubruary 26, Flour quiet
5 iSfi 7 lu. Com ineal firmer, 3 5tV
Corn "ienrou and firm 78(2B0. Oats quiet
and i.nobttnce.l f.'Jfi.OO. Hay and bran
nominal. Fork 10 UO. ilulk rnesjts quiot
htul unchanged, shouldori C; sides 83
llucon (pilot and uncliaU('od, shouldori iy
J sides '.fD;i.
Nkw Oiu.ic.n., February 2o. Flour
pood, iu us pert demand; shipping brands
wai.ted; SXXO 77 US, family 8 00
0 0). Corn fair supply and demand,
wblto 7Gf,i)77 bolow mliod 77("i)7rl; yollow
:). Oats llriii C2 Hran dull at fi&. Hay
dull, choice 21 "0. Fork dull, held at
Ir. 00. Dry salt inuatt dull, bold at 64
f7BJ; hams l2fTy!2j Lard dull, tiorca '.'
(5.9 j. Sue'iir dull, jirlcos unehanged. Mo
lasses dull, centrifugal 470rlO; prime to
choice 7oCo7.'l. AVhlsky in fair supply
LouislnriH '.)'' rinneinunt! I 02. Colleo
nneliAngod. Corn meal dull at tl 40.
Cincinnati, Fubruary 21. Flour dull
nnd uuvbangod, Wheat dull and doA'er,
1 'isfuil III. Corn ttuady,' oSffiHi. O.ti
tleady, -tSPnfr., Kyo tt-ady, No 2, 1 01
Hurley linn, fall 1 frOQl an. Oils un
changed. Eggs (toady, HMlb. Huttor
cholcu )7(;i3H, CI, ecu llrm, Forkitoady,
1 1 fjfjfinl 1 71 Lard qiilet and stoadv,
steam HiCt, kettle bfa'j. Ilulk meats
dull and drooping; shoulders lj spot,
buyer 0 mouths, C buyer May; clear rib
7 j tpol, h bii or .May, 9 buyer C mohthi,
clear 7; bacon dull, small tales, CJ clear
rib n'i. Whisky opened at 01, doled arm
at !M.
On Ii aiio, February 25. Flour quiet
and unchanged. Extra 6 bo
Wheal dull and iintettlnd. Not prini1'
1 IN; new 1 I'.fiel 19 -j No 2, 1 IfilfTj!
1 C cash; 1 17j March; 1 l April
No 3. 1 12 J (a, I Corn fair damnnd and
at lowur rate No 'J mlxeij Itlj cash; 1.
March; fH April; new No 2 mixed 12J(
.73. Oats steady. No 2, -J2 cash, a
March. Hyo tesreo and firm, No 2, a3
f2,s3J; frh S.'.fiS'iJ. Ilarlei quiet and
weak. No 2, 1 C,H; No ! "l I bo
Fork dull and declliiud to II cash and
March; 11 30 April; 11 CO May. Lard
quiet and weak at S4 cash, b. April
Hulk meats quiet weak; shoulders bj S 1.
"l"si 8 O a" loosu stKit. Ilacon
steady and unchanged. Whisky dull
and prices drooping. Sales 04.
St. Lore, February 25. Hemp quiet
and fair, iindreed at 75fa.OO. Flour dull
and weak; tiipdro 00(o;l 6"; extra 4 l0(u.
0 00, A'.V 0 OOfJC. 50; A XX e. &07 0M
fAsnlly 7 25f7y7 71 Wheat dull and
lower; No 2 prlng, 1 10f"?,f 20; No l
rod fall, 1 43,.1 V.l; No I oHfojl Co,
Corn llrm; No 2 mixed oOfOI. Oatt lu
demsnd nud n fracllnu higher; No 1
2 mixed AVfj)H. IlarKy unsettled, prime
nnd choice being from IfTijlOo lower; No 2
1 70f 1 HO; choice 1 01. Kjoblghor; Nu
2, tiOficJl. 1'oiU mora active at 14 TSCr
ij (i. Dry salt meat In good demand
lootocity clear sides 7) ; packed shouldcit
6"&fsj; 'dear rib 7; (dear 7iluy8. llucon
dull, ahoulders, 0; cl-Hr rib, h'rijij.i; cle.r
"i(JS;. packed. Lard dull at 8 Wine
key lower; no reliable quotation.
W 1 L MAM T. aTTjk N ,
OlUccover Kind .National bank. b-lil-Sai
om. e nvs-r Klr-t National bunk. b-l.Vui
John 11. jllllkey. WillauH Uulk.
Ottlce: KJiilith street, between foinuisr
jlal and Wa-hlngton avenues.
(MUCKN A UlLlilCtt'l"
Willi i.i li. Uracil, 1
Willi. ui ii oiihnri, ualrio. u i.in.iia
MiloH r illln,rl, J
avd-iM kttb-iliou lu lu aJiuii.lis .J
stSUHK.at bll-iberiS,
trrioH oinOLBvaa, hoowi 1 ou n ,v.
L'. WINS'i'Os A CO.,
AUui'lON KEKa,
7t (-liquid, ri.o.iu) ouio luvita
OtllU), IL1J3,,
llUV AtlU til LI. K A I. EoT-iTl,
KIIIINISH AlitlTltAlM'M OK Ti l l.f;
ll'.ljs,'!' N't'tskSM!.
M A M W 1 Is M O N ,
a u odiums
f M U V I H I p H U MTU
No. 1 1 li
Ohio Lkkvk Caiko, Itt.r.sois
li. F. PARKER '
(illcieesiii' o faikur AUUke,)
Viiiiilktiln, llltlklsea,
i wwow ca-jj A-fi-Ri
W I Kill) IV HUAUKi,
Sail tbo OdloliralaU llluiuluatlD
UtlOrtM' I.IMI.1MND OOH i ITU til'. DOU
MBROUf. tV.,

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