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eeUl rHrl tbe City nl Conntr.
JUI1N H. ONHLY Mltor m l'ubllibor,
'nam Wtm daily bulletin
0ywtr tft ftdTsnc 10 00
Oh yt toy oarriw .It sot pu iu
i.s... 3 w
r sr.
Om M.i.v.A7Jf..r..-.vr.'..tv. io oo
One Ter.,
Blx Montluf.X. I"...."..... ....
Threw Months
...tl 00
... .75
... no
InvuUWy lndrnc.
mMdlM MMt o,rj pn.
Mains will .not auollih capital pnnlli
rnent. Tut 1 ad lei of Spatta, Illinois, havo bu
gun the cmude agalnitthoialoorit.. Ono
of tho whtiVov follort cave way nt tho
fltii aUacV
Frobm:cts for the Southern llll&ott
penitentiary are not bright. Uov. llovor-
Idgo is opposed -to naming the rommli
loners, tailoring tho penitentiary it not
Tird towns of (julmlxtlnn anil Ilnnf
calcca, in Mexico, havo beon indulglnc; In
n llttlo civil war, which has rcaultod In
tho death of about sovontoon- persons.
Tho civilization of Aloxlco is of it very
uncertain and rather uncomfortnble kind.
Tins president and Uutlor stuck to Sim
mons for collector of tho port of llototi,
and carried hltn through to a confirmation,
though the Senate a day or two ngo,
showed n largo majority against him, In
cluding tho two sonatori from llnnuclm
sotts. . Thk notorious Btovo I.owcry,
the North Carolina outlaw, was
shot boforo a camp firo in ' tho woods
whilo playing upon a banjo. Ho
rocelved moro than half n dozen door
shot in his body and dlod almost inslunt-
Tiir United States supremo court will
convono to-morrow In "Washington, after
n month's roceis. A number of opinions,
tho reading of which will occupy n day
or two, will bo read, attor whloh Chief
Justlco "Walto will tako tho oath and
ascend tho bonch.
Thk city of New York has sorcn thou
sand tbroohundrcd and tw'enty-two 1 iijuor
shops, nearly one for every ono hundred
and thirty-six porsons. Tho women will
havo to call In holp from tho neighbor
ing cities if they concludo to attempt to
pray down tho grog shops ol tho great
Nast liMArartnnnin llriior'a'Wcok-
spirits at war." Tho flguro of a woman
holding high abovo horashlold and
cross, with ono foot upon a hrokon Jug,
from tbe mouth of which aro running Its
contents, a sorpont escaping from lis sov
orod body, (n tho dlatanco tho womou sur
rounding tho rum ehopt Is n graphic
picture of tho woman's crusndo against
whiikoy and tbo whlskoy sollurs.
Boss SrKUHKmi glvos tho most costly
and brilliant cntortalnmonts In Washing
ton. Tho;;wines and flowora for each ono
cost maoyhundrod of dollars. All this
porhaps is tho appropriate thing to bo
dono, by tho govornor of tho District of
Columbia, in tho capital of tho country.
But contrasted with tbo fact that tho
school toacbors of tho District havo not
boon paid for twolvo months, and thnt n
resolution has hocnoll'orod in Cougrocs di
recting thocomultteo on tho District of
Columbia to report forthwith n hill to
compol the psymont of their wage, It
loks at though tho "Boss" had been get
ting moro than Ub lion's sharo of tho
money of. the Disjrkt. t , , ,
hie spintualiiti of AYarti-Eta. tit
town In which RiSeny -vi.r buag Vtf
dsy last, wer on;ioud lo thi tn.:clnii
At a puhllc moituij;, huii i 2'iuri.dsy
mgui, ror tbe exprtiCw. fj itvtt ix,t
rnonts on the subject, lbr ww t-idifmii
tJ a, wotnsn-tuffragltl ar.d tpiit JsUit,
a woman, who called on aJlrirfeit.il to'nut
fortlAkeir will-power, to let tho currents of
uiagnetlem combiuo that this would over
powor tbo powsrs thtt bo,'' and JJaOorty
would bo saved, and "the borriblo gibbot
never again would dligroco thoir bcautUuI
Waukcgan." Uor hearers woro not uc
coitful In putting forth their will-powor
at all oventi, tho currents of magnetism
wouldn't combine, tho powers that bo
wcro not overpowered and on Triday
mornlng.the ssntenco agslmt Ilatlorty was
duly carried out.
JTitr. l'reis atscclation of New Hsmp
shire has asked congress to restore to
nowtpapers tho privilege of froo clrcula
tion through tbo malls, coupling thl wlth
rewlut.on declaring against tho revival
or the franking privilege. Tbo "cheek"
or theso' New Hampshire publishers is
only .qualed by ,b,,r tclDlhneM( Tfa
2?ln f,WCMd'0B tb' yw-MeWo-wo.
,, .", 1 ;l ckU-you principle. They want
give nope., There are no mnJ. . , .. . .
Justice upon which the me, 7 "t.
congress to restore to it tho privllego of
Until is S" 1,10 mMt-
Until it WM BlolUh d
winter, to. p,MlwJ. 4 th(, ,
one exclusive to.lU.lf, with, no moro rea
on for auch Immunity from ... :
penaes ihs the hpoksaUor mlghV claim
r u.v.DB ois oooks, periodicals, news
ppf Ac., trawported to Mm r,eo 0f
ohMge, or ny butinesi man for havlnK
ltia ware carried ftdsVia iU-onstomori in
different part of tbe country. And yet
U pres ta twuiy InsUnccs has Inveighed
leg. oi UK' right, li'lhtf respect, after
tot nof MHIngoiT tbe frsinking
ytU llorjo uio.1 ndft1usd by Hi mombori;
Nowipnpori which who iucu.u
lmvefoTciH the Mghlhof Inconil.t-
cncl fflg 55 ... C
rcoircM'ondcnco of tho Courlcr-Iouriml.1
L t.. ..Innn. In (Irconvlllo thoto ul
Uosn it Campbell and .Mrs. Ward-holl
out against tho prating, onomy (how
strango that sounds I) anil manifest no dis
position to surrender. Thoy are both bo
..It,,,! from the earlvliouti of mornln,'
until far Into tbo night. Tho old soiikor
cannot got their usunl "oyo-oponor"' nor
mliUdnv tiorn. and nro VurV sorrowful In
conicqiionco, 'Alley ro (orrowiui imnuw
, ,
mow urn unlmr. 11 IS n nuvuuy urn iuu-
ant. II, poreimnre, moy sup raw uou
tho romalnltig grog-shops by tho bncl: way
y . . -n.. ...... .... ..
sneakimr throui'll a 'lyiy oponeu uoor
llko a thiol in tno nigni inoy nro mov at
every bar by tho praying ladlosl Tho
glass is illlod, but no sooner does tho topor
rlavo otiny to rnlto it to his parched lips
and ho tt asked, In it tonu anil with loan
Satan could nut roflit, to pais tho ltuvur
liv. What a Position It Mils for
ioknr of fortv voars' standing I In front
of him. urilliln his vorv Krl.ls tlio Inno
cont-loaklng "old his morbid IiihMi rrvo
will) n craving no man unmu oicopi mu
toperr, and resting on His liall-uplllleu
arm Is a fair woman a hand, and In hor
oyes tears, find from her swoit lips tho
won I, "lion it uon 11 lor uon b sunn uon u
Surely tliu man who can rusitt this and
swallow tho liquor must havo n cist-Iron
stomar.ti, stool nerves, mumcu sonsiuinius,
hard honrt, and fuel that alrcsdy taku
hold on boll.
In Oronnvllto Is allogntiior on tbo sldoof
tho ladles tlio mlnlstors urn for llioui, tho
lawyers uro for tbnm, nnd thn mernhnnts
arofor them. Tho aaloonlKts lmro tried to
get tho lawyers to apply for an Injunction,
hut not nnnot tnom will toucn mo enso,
Wo tromblo for Andy Johnson whon
wo think, what If a crowd of tho fair ono.
rhould run at him with tho pledgo ? As
.1, It a born eonllnninn, nnd would not
ltko to rofino, and still, you, know,
wouldn't ltlio to sign.
mud. wauii'h bai.oii.n
Is at tho end of tho plunk walk, near tbo
donot. Shu hm a cood stand with it Kuod
slock of whisky on hand, and can talk at
llio ralo ol :iuo words iiilnuio. lino
the ladles sing and pray sun stands In thn
front door and Jabbors at though hor
tonguo was hung In tho middle. Taken
altogether it makes n curious rpooliirlo,
and tbo windows of tho passing trains
uro nil thrown open that tho pa'scngors
may contemplate llio proceedings,
Tho high resolve of iirc Watd to keep
open at nil hs.itrds and sell all tho wlilnky
demanded, hai awnkuui'd n thiol of grat
Itudo in thn breasts of tbo Kno.ivlllo doal
crs. rihu is a sort of "breakwater" for
them. If tho holds out manfully it will
break tho forco of thn woman's crutudo,
and porhaps ruvo Kuoxvillo from n visit.
Hut If thn surrenders, tho loglnu of ladles
will swoop down on Knoxvllln and sing
and pray until the taloontxts born will
nolo a terrlbln fulling oil' in custom. Ilav
lnp Ml Uiooo things In view, thoy havo
with many expressions of regard and en
(New Yoik Ilonild.1
Una of tho most shocking 'onjoti of in
temporanco anil death t.ver riivonled has
boon brought under llio olisorvatlon of
Coroner Whitohlll, and will liirnith a for.
cihlo text for tho crutudo ('gainst ICini:
Alcoliol which h now holm; watred
throughout thn country. Tho olllcial
named was lumiuomd tlio other day to
hold an innueut over tlio bodvof.lohn
iioicner, ngcu loiiriuon years, ino soil ol
widow, oi jrisn nativity, who
Hod very suddenly in tho thautv
Number 171 Ilutliir struct ("Dar-
oy araicu-j, lenui n oru. Tliocoronor,
on onterlng tho abode, which wai ono ol
squalor nnd li'lsery, was struck with tho
ttroug, uautoating odor ot bad whltkv
tnatparmealed tlio atmotphoro. llu lound
tlio body ol tlio buy on a broken down
bedstead In tlio rear or tho shautv. Tho
place was devoid of furniture, tavo
broken tnblu and chair, tho lloor beinc
bare, Thn unfortunate toother of tho de
ceased sat In a statu of stupor bojlda the
oouv, anu wuon iiuesuonod lv inn coro
ner iiiieuiii muttorol somothlnc
toci c.t oeini: beaten by n liov nt
ot. time, and having complained of
Lit iiurk'i rer tince. Tho wagon was
twit !r.it ILo JJorgufj v convoy thn body
l ti.U plw fur the purjK-fOof linving a
pt-m' rtm examination made, in order
to i i.ufy tbe coroner as to tho roalrauta of
orktii. TLe inetber bdmittud that .lohuny
took a drop toui.tiui(-, nnd I took a lit-
tie mytelf, and gavo blm tomn.'' i'eoplo
iiTiug in lan vicinny saiu llicy Had soen
tbo boy rfriiik, and at tlmos suU'orinir lrom
delirium tremors. It was only after at
tlitancu bad been obtolned from Ciptaln
Kerry's jiolico olllrert that thn woman
would pormit tho removal of the body.
A post-mortem was hold by i)r. A. W.
Sbopnrd and Haymond. Thoy found tho
most ttrlking ovidenco of death having
been caused liv tho continual anil nxreas.
Ivo drlnkliic of tbo vilett rum. Thu or.
tans of tbo body woro entirely oaten away
by thu horrible compound. Tho llvor
Had tlio appearance of n cato in wbleh
liquor had boon druuk without intermis
sion for lifty years. Tho kidnnvn worn
onlargcd and fattod by tho liquor, nnd thn
uiucuui imimuranej oi ino siomacli woro
covorcd with red blotches produced by al
cobol, Tho mother slated that thn hov
could do nothing hut drink. Death, in
tho opinion of tho doctors, was cauiod
from drinking bad spirits tooxcut.
Tho Albany Arcus has a trcasonobln
artlclo on tho subject of President (irant's
noiorioui doublo salsry plant. Jt hypo
critically pralto8 tho man who can mnku
two blades of i.riiai i.rnw uliA,n
grow before, but wickedly goes on to say
that tlio "talnry plant" or Grant draws Its
sustenance fron an alroady ovortaxud poo-
)Mj, uiiv wnaicarex no do long as II lilos
soma with groen-backs monthly 1 Hard
tlmos may pinch tho groat body of tho poo-
jnr iiivvuhiiici ami lauonug mou; taruiors
and merchants mav submit tnkenml
wages and incomes; hut, "lot ub havo
peaeo," In thu contemplation of thodoublo
uriiig saiary annual,
HI ploy.
"li'LET, February 29. Tbo crutadcra
havo spont tho day at I,ovnn, two miles
., lu, uno saioon there una ono
out tho lllllsboro plko, still hold out. The
j-uvanna diMin i.i...i
with tho ald.of n fow Gorman nolghbora
thoir bouses will be fired if the exutader
.uunnuo xneir work at Levanna.
RGfiorlcd'ExpfCgsly for the Bulletin.
inumiinW Ol" 'l III. l.H UOU w.u
TiiKiuiiousKS wilij ni;i'iHi;
tiii; (jitu.SADi:.
Tin; Indian TKouni.i:s-rnJHT
Miscr.M.ANiioiJs ti:u:jiiaphi(!
Ti:i.i:uitAPiiuj jiakki;tani uivi it
irikimiriM. .Iiiinalea. Kubruarv 2H
I'lold, oftlm linn of I'iuld, lteno A; Co,
bankrupt, Iibs been rearrested and takon
from Aaoluwall to 1'rtiiairm, while bis
houses am giurdod by military.
Mkiii'Iiis, February Tboiuss -Mo
Oarty, arretted a few days allien lor kill
Ing his ton by striking blm with a heavy
win handle, was disciinrged tn-iiny,
post mortom examination showing that tho
boy died of heart dlsoaso. Thorn woro
no marks ot vloletico on ins nouy.
Pakama. Kobruarv !!H. N'ows from
Chill stales that a heavy shock of i arth
duakn was fell nt Capioim on tho l'dli of
of .1 miliary. Thn Chilian volcano hud
ononnd lti crater on thn eastern aidn nnd
tho thormomnlor Had risen as ni:u at -n
degrees centigrndu.
New mi;.
A 1IAIIK 01' HEHl'Cl'l'.
Nkw Voiik, l-'ebruary UK. Tho nail
mamilacturers rosolvoJ to-day to closo
their several plucos of busInuJt on Mou
day at noon, as a mark of rnipect In mom
ory ol uolonol iinrueu, oi ran uivor
Nkw Yoiik, I'ehtuary !JH. l'atrlol: .1
Doahrv. thn dolectlrn who fatally shot
Michael MuNamara last .Saluulay whlln
McNamara wan resitting thu Invntton of
his apartmonU by n number of doteetlves
whom ho mistnoK lor gang ol runians
wa committed to tuu Tombs to-day with
out ball on tho verdict i f thu coronor's.
THK WAtl (IN whisk v.
Ci.svKt.ANii, 1'ebruary 28. Tho torn
porauco war has boon darted al Obcrlln,
Akron, Warren and other towns In
norlhorn Ohio, but as yet has made but
slight progress.
A l l.AT ItnV'UHAI..
in nnutt ll ttii.iti vi rutAVAc, Vi".fntnil
dor case.
Tlio engineers nro still In so'slon, but It
is iinpossllilo to procure their proceedings.
Sun rruiiclbco.
SaN V rk M CIS CO, Pobruury L'3 Thu
grand Jury thU nlturnoon reported on tho
caso of MiiyorOtis and Treasurer Hubert,
Thov say that after mi oarnust and care
ful oxamiiiatlou thoy havo comu to tho
unanimous conclusion that theru was
nothing In tho conduct of thn parlies
which would entitle llioui oven to cen
sure. Tiioy say tho trcasuror wus guilty
of rv lochnical violation of law, but tbero
was no erliiilual Intent; and further, that
Otis had novor advised, connived at nor
consented to a violation or law, nor nth
erwian nhotled any oll'onsn which untitled
nun to a very pointed ehartio of llio
county judgo to tho grand Jury.
Hi-troll, Midi.
J J i: i i;o i r, l''obruary i!8. Dispatches
received to-night from tipper lake ports
Indicate an unusually early oponing of
navigation. At Marquette and Whilo fish
Points the ico Is from fourteen to twen
ty-four luchot in thickness In tho harbors,
but very llttlo otiUide. In tho -Mardi
river tbo Ico Is about twenty Inchon thick.
llio ice in .Mackinaw Mtrails u lichtor
than for many yean, being only tun to
fourteen Inches thick, Tho warm weather
will probably clear tho straits. Thorn Is
very llttlo ico In l.aka Huron and that Is
quite thin. ,
Tlio worlc on thn south canal Is burnt:
pushed forward with all posslblo energy.
It is oxpected that all thu rock will bo out
in threo weoks, after which thn bottom of
thn canal will ba cleaned und I'jo dam
taken nut.
(ik.v. iiuri.mi.
Wasiiikiitok, February 2fl. (Inn. Dul
ler In company with Collector Simmons
visited tho several departmunta to-day,
and wero congratulated on thu results of
yoilorday. Thoy called at tho oxonutlvo
mansion, nut tno president was nut in his
Tho trestury department states tho
whole amount refunded for dutlei collect
ed on frults.declded to Ihi on tho froo lint,is
$71,000, and tbo wholo itmouut now duo
and unpaid is $117,000,
recelrar of tho Now Orinnns national
bank msociatlon, is boru and states tho
bank a flairs to bo In n :nucli worse condi
tion than thnsa of thu first natlont.1 bank
of 'ow Orlciins.
Omaha, Nj:ii, February 3S. An
olllcial telegram roculvcd hero Uwday form
Tort Iiarmlo saye thn condition of Indian
ntl'mrs aro unsuttlod and unsatisfactory at
tho ngonclet. Thu good Indians sooiu to
havo been corrupted, and ivro leaving for
tho north to Join hostllu bamli. it It re
portod that tho buof contractors havo
itonpod tho supply or beef, hoing afraid
to drivo tho cattlo through tho reservation.
Thors scorns to ho no doubt but
that tbo column of troopa now at Ft. Lar
amie will cntor thoroiiprvutlnii from that
point, and it is thought they will moot
with somo opposition.
it at all probablo south of tbo l'latU in
Vfyotulng Torritory. Nwhruska Is too far
removed to bo thought of in connection
, with tbe Indians. Thors is not one In tho
state but what Is peacoabilc.
Wamiinotom, Kobruary', Iil-Mr.i
- . S , fl' .1...
minning prosonted B petition irom, mu
archbishop of'cinolhnatllovomor oye
and ollmr leading citizens of Ohio, loriuo
rolaata nf I'M ward Condon ot Cincinnati,
tho last American Koman detained In
prison In P.nglaml. l'.oferrel.
j no 1 1 utitu went into eouimiiieo oi hid
whole. Todd In tbo chair, to r.oneider thn
ptotldoiit'j. 'mosage.
. . - -
Clii'l Pirne.
UliKVKS'HK, February !! -Settlers In
IiouIj valloy aro applying to (leu. Ord for
protection against tho Indian, who uro
bocomlni' vorv troublesome. Othorwlto
they will have toloavo their home. Homo
havo alroady loft. Further ndvlcc lrom
nod uiouii agoney snowi nisi nu iiumuer
Is erowinl' lesl day by day. and that tlio
inarch fur bad onns by tronp loavlng I t
l.aratnln early next woqk win nu auoeot?'
W.vsiiiNiiTo.v, February ilH.ior bun
ilnv in Now I'.tit'liuid statoi. riiini: or sta
tlonarv harnmuinr. northwesterly winds
nnd ntrtlv Cluudv or clear weather, fol
lowed by heavy unl cb'Udy weather by
Sunday night.
For Lake region, Ohio Valley and
Northwest, falling barometer, snutbeaitto
southwest wllnlr. cloudy nnd rain or
Vor WeiLnrlv (lulf slate', foutborlv
winds nnd cloudy woathor, I'ollowod by
northw.itt wind and clnarlnt: weather,
For South Atlantic and. .Middle stales
falling buromi'li r, wosterly wlntU, uloudy
weallier and on ationai rain or snoiv,
Oihcinmati, Februiiry Dander
borg, a liquor dealer at Oxford, Ohio, who
has a petition pending to enjoin the women
from praying In fruit of hi saloon, till'
ruhdurod, poured out hi liquor and slngu
d thn uIi'iIlto to-day. Hulls wcro ruiiii
and thorn was grrat rejoicing. .Itidgn
Harlow of Hpringllold, to-day oulered tho
shurlll In close thn saloons of llio l.)gnn
iliM.iitid Mnrrnv hotels in nuisances.
A druggist 'in Ciillicothe, to-day, tho
nt or tlio Inilloi mnvemont, sicneu mu
At Lebanon, ai tlio ladlm from .Morrow
Ulod into tho court house to llio liearini
of tbo liiluiR'liou ngalnsl Hum. all tlio
bells In town worn rung.
Uol.I.IMCI Ml i.l.
(Inventor l.esliu of IContueliy telo
irrauh Hint Swift's l'.olline. .MilH.nl New
port, call on tho mnyr to protect the
men front violence. Thn mills !n tho
Ohio valley, of which about Ion nro
closed, will try to Hart next weok.
- -
invnt ni'.ws.
oilleool Oln-ctvattoii. Hlsiml Sunlce V
until-. Ii.illv n nnil ol !lii!8t:iL'0 ol water
with tho rliuujri'H lor (lie 'i hours ending
I! o'clock p. m I eliiuoiy US, IHil.
lAhuvoij Changes,
waler. lllxo.: Fall,
St. I.otlii
niu f Linn it,,,
New Oileiin.
Little Hock....
Mlclow liieli water nuii li.
i:nviN IIooth,
iiii.-cncr Mg. her. u. h.
YluKsliuuti, February L'S. Up: Olen
coo, Louisville; Frank l'argotid, Capitol
juy, Jvano, fteirna.
Cincinnati, February 'JM. lliver -10
feet and fulling. Deii'irted: .Mollln Kliort
PiltNburg; Arlington, Jlemphir; Charles
llodumn, Xiuw Urleniis,
Nkw Or.i.CAN!", ICobrimry Ar
rived Sherlock, Cincinnati; Howard, St.
Louie. Departed Slianou and l'-Nporteu
uiuciiiuall; Mti io culver, M. JjouIi; Ash
land, Arkinaas rlvor. Wcuthor clearnnd
Nai.iivim.i:. February 2i, Ktvor fall
Ing with 21 foot "J incites on thn shoals
Weallier cloudy nnd ralnv. Arrlvoil
Laura DavK St. Loult; Silverthorn,
F.vaiisville. Dopartod llratiiford and
Lith.i: Hock, February 23. It has
been ruiniug hero for tho pint twontv
four hours. Thu small streams nro all
full. Itiver still declining, but another
rlso is lookod for; it now stands fourteen
and n half feet by gusge.
Kvaxi.vh.le, 1'obruary 28. Cloudy
raining lightly, lliver rlson ii iiiehei; 3'J
feet 2 Inches by mark; mercury .'15 to 40.
Up: Arkansas Hollo, Fayntto und Hub
erts, Charmer, Jlinnoolu, .Mary Amont,
Down. Wild Duals and barges, U H
Church and l'arkor, Grey 1'Ugle. Hull
ne.j aclivo,
Louisvii.li:, February 2T. -Thu rlvor
has fallon three feet In tho lait 'Jt hourd,
with 111 feet In tho canal and 17 foot in
Indian Pas at (! p in. Arrivod Thomas
and barges, St, Louis ; Anna, Cincinnati.
Uepartod ltobert -Mlleholl, Nov Orleans;
Jbnns and barge, I ronton : Anna, Ton
ncssco rlvor. AVcuthor clour und cool.
St. Louis, February 28. Arrived
Hoo and barges and lllsmarck, Now Or
leans; Lady Lee, Shroveport; Fearlms,
I'iUtliurti, John V Garrett, Ohio rlvor.
Departed Davenport and Cxloisal, ICoo
kuk; Hco and barges and .lolm Ivy lo,
New Orleani; John Sloans, Pittsburg;
Fearless", Cairo; Colorado, Vicksburg.
Hlver lulling with ulna foot of water to
Cairo. Hali'ied all diy and continues.
jioni;v mahkkt.
Nkw Yoiik, February 28. .Money
olo'od nt i!l por cent. Storllng dull at
ISaA fer CO days, -lh" ,m domand. All tho
saled of gold to-vny woro at 112lHi),
eloking nt thn latter Hgtire. Thu ratos
for carrying t.'(To5 per cent. Clearances,
$30,000,001). Government bauds steady,
with couildorablo doing. Stato bonds
quiet nnd nominal. Stock oponod woak
nnd lower at slojer prices, but showed
morn steadiness and slight rocovory tow
ard tho closo.
.mahkut uhpoht.
Mkmpiiis, Fobruarv lit). Flour dull.
Corn meal lower at C5. Corn steady nt
77, Oats quiet Hay dull. IJrnn 13 'J5.
Lard quiet. Pork dull. Hulk moats
quiet end unchanged.
Fi:w Oiii.ean, Vobrusry 28. Sugar
dull nt 0CJc; fair to fully fair C371c;
prlmu to flillv prima t!8lo. AVhltkey
dull; Lr.07; Olu $1 01. Corn meal dull
at S3 CO. Otbors unchnugod.
OiNuiNNATi. February 1!8. Cotton
dull at 1CJ. Flour qulot aud unchangod.
Whoat dull 1 331 -10. Corn dull nt
fiB&oi. Oats dull and drooping 46S'.'.
llyo steady at 1 01f)l O'J. Harley scarce
ami Arm. Kggs 17. Huttor scurco, firm
nnd hlghor; choice -10012. Choose llrm.
Pork steady nt 11 60. Lard steady,
aim Hi; keg UlCisV'. Hulk meals steady.
Shoulders f.l(J,tJ'"t. Bacon better de-
mstid. T'
('UICAU3, February lH".Fur dull nnd
nchanged. Whuat steady and hlghor,
No J spring ,1 10 cash.l Wl .Maroii,
Hi! April; No y 1 12. Com llrm, No a
mixed r,!. Oals firm, No 'J, 4 2 IOC 12;
cash cash, 43lf7;;)32 April. Jtyo senrco
and llrm, No li froh C-Sfn . Hurley dull
and drooping, no V, 1 oyQi)i i. iaru
steady, H 35 cah or .March, 8J April.
rorK stoauy, i:t 0fi 1U Kl cau or r.nri-u,
I t 10 April, nun; moan lair uemnnu nnu
advanced, J hlghor; shoulders 6!;H I'. ij;
S 0 "i lose spot; taeon toidy and un-
nangeii. n iiukv uon
St. Loins, February 28. Hemp dull
and unchanged. Vlotir dull and weak,
buyers contending for concession, w uuai
dull and nominal ; jno " spring ouereu
for cash Incur lots at 1 10tol 10 bid;
1 55 bid for No U red full aollora' -March.
Corn drill, lower nnd unsettled; No !i mix
ed f!i J. Oats dull, woak and lower to
sell ; mixed AimU. llatloy dull ! No J
iirini: 1 TTrirl HO. live llSCf.US. l'ork In
good Jobbing nnd order demand at 11 "li
CMC Ot). Dry salt monls dull: looto thlds
5S spol; follors' March, (Jillncy, 6 J; rlcar
side, sellers' April, i j ; clear rin, joooiug
and order lols. 71. In ear 71 i shoulders
freo in cars 6J. lliicon quiet and eay for
huyort; shids lij; eloar siues BJtc.Bj. i.aru
pilot. Wbimy dun at ua.
i io at rcro HPN.
I A I, I H I 9
inio.A.'r a'.r:oi?,nDS3
o u u o mi i m
I' U U V 1 H I ( K H K T 0.
No. 1 1 o
Ohio Lrkvk.
Caiho, Ii.msoih
Hwy nu 8si.i. Hsal Kstath,
Prospect us for 187l-Si:Vi:.NTH VKAIt
An Illustrated Monthly Journal; universal!)
admitted to lie the liamiHoniett pariou
leal in tho Woild. Arepi'e?cnlittle
and eliamiilon of American tat'
Hit rou Sat., l.v ilooic ox: xii'.ws Stouk,
tihirity, Iiiih iiouu of thn tempoiuiy or tluiii,
IviutercKt i'h:ir:ictcrUtlu oi orilliint v ruri,
odlcaN. Itlian elegant miicollany ol pure
light and gnicolul llleraluro; und a colleo
Hon ol iilettiren, tho rarest Mioclmon of ar-
nsiio i-kin, in liliicK and whlta. Altlinuli
each succeeding numher allonls a fresh
pleasure to It.i lriends, tho real vitluo mid
licailiy or l lie Aldlno will lie most npproel
aicii niter u uas noun iioiiim up nt llio iln-ci
ol Hie vcar. Whilo ot ter nub llealloim i:iv
claim superior 'hc:tpnean, as compared with
rivain oi i Minu.ir cuivs, ino Annuo n tin utt
blllo and nrieluul eolieentton iilono and mi
iipprouclicd absolutely without conception
in i'iii;u ur uiiarueicr.
AilT DI'U'AKT.MKNT, 1871.
The illllslralloiHof tlio Aldilto Imvn won
a woild-wido reputation, and in the art con-
lies oi i.ttiopo it is an auuuituu la?l Hint
ItH wood cuti aro examples of tho highost
lieriecliou over attnliieu, llio eouiuioi
jirejtidli'o lu fiuorol "steel pl.iteH," in rap.
Idly yielding to a morn oducalutl nnd dis
crimitiatim: tasto which rccognizoH thu ad
v.intiL't'i) tlio advautauus of eunorior urtlitle
quality with greater facility of production.
Tho quartciiy tinted pl.ttesfor 1S71 willbu
by Thus. Morau and ,1. i). Woodward,
Tho Chrlxtmae liuo lor 1S7I will ennl.iln
sneelal del"iiM niMironrlato to tho se.iion.
by din' best arli-t-, and will mirpitM In :it-
traciious any oi n predecessor.
Kvcry Biiljscnbcr to tho Aidino lor tli
year ls71 will reecho a pair of chromes.
Tho original pictures were painted lu oil to
tho publishers of tlio Aldlne. by Thoma
Moran, who.-o great olorado pluiurch und
pureliasud by congros for ten thoiiiind
dollarH. Tho subjects were chosen to rep
resent tcu thousand dollars. Thu subjects:
wero chosen lo represent "Tlio Cast" and
"The West." One H in lew In tho White
.Mntiulaius, New Hampshire; tho other
gives tlio Cllir.s ofUroen ilu'r, Wyoming
territory. Tlio ehromns are each Worked
lrom thirty distinct plates, and me in size
(12x10) and iippuinaiice exact lae-slmiics ut
the originals.
NW'AltlC. N. J Sent. 2). 1ST I.
Messrs. .T.imes bin con iz io. .
(iRNTi.r.MKX t am dalightcd wltli tho
proofs lu color ol your chromes, q'hoy uro
wondcrlully successlul representations by
mechanical pneoss of tlio oilginaliiaiutiiigs.
Very respectfully. Thos. Mohan.
Theso chiomos ino In every nemo Ameri
can. They :tru by an orlual American pio-uess-,
with malerl.ll nt American manufac
ture, from dcslcns of American scenery by
an American pakder, and prcsontcd (o subJ
si'iliiers io ute nr.-i successiui iineiiciui
Art .lourual. If no heller Localise ol all
this, they will certainly possess an Interest
no foreign production can Inspire, and nei
ther aro they any tho worso ft" by reason ol
peculiar facilities of production they cost
tho publishers only a trllle, whilo equal lu
uory respect toother ehromns that nro sold
Miiuly lor doubla thu subscription prlco ol
If any subscriber should Indicate n pre
forenco for a llgtiro subject, tho publisher
will send "Thought ol Homo" a new ana
bcutlful ehromo, ll.2l) Inches, representing
a llttlo Italian exlla whoso speaking eyes
betray tho lonalngs ol Ids heart.
$ 5 por annum, In advnnco, with Oil Chro-
H1U3 ireu.
For SSO UI'.NTH KXTIIA. tlio cliromos,
mounted, vamlihed. and prepaid by mail.
Tho Aldlno will, hcrcaltcr, bo obtainable
only by subscription. There will no bo re
duced or xluh rato; cash for subscriptions
mutt bo tent io mu puuiisncrs oireci, or
handed to tho local canvasser, without re
sponsibility to tho publishers, oxcept In
cases where tho cortllloato Is given, bearing
tho fuclmllo slsnattiro of dames Sutton A Co.
Any person wishing to net permanently
un n Ideal canvasser will rcrelvo lull mid
prompt Information by applying to
James Sutton it Co., Publishers.
CH Alaldnn Lano isnw firir
Iludors Illcck (upitalrs) cornor 8t!i rJlrcol
nnd Washington Avenue.
Buy Hie World-Renowned
The Highest Premium
was awarded to it at
Ohio State Fair ;
Northern 'Ohio Fair;
Amer. Institute, N.Y.;
Cincinnati Exposition ;
Indianapolis Exposition;
St. Louis Fair ;
Louisiana State Fair;
Mississippi State Fair ;
Georgia State Fair ;
The Doal Cowing Machines
and doing the largest
and best range of work.
All other Machines in the
Market were in direct
For Humming, Fell
ing Stitching, Cording,
Binding, Braiding, Embroid
ering, Quilling, & Stitching
fine or Iwaug Goods, it is
Where vc have no Agents,
we will deliver a Machine for
the price named above, at the
nearest Rail Road Station of
Needles for all Sowing
Machines for Salo.
Old Machines taken in Exchange.
Send for Circulars, Price
List, &c, and Copy of the
Wilson Reflector, one of the
best Periodicals of the day,
devoted to Sewing Machines,
Fashions, General News and
Agents W anted.
Wilson Sewinii Machine Co.,
0. W. WlIKKliKK,
Dealer In
"WO OX) A. 3:7 XD COAL
omen a si) yakd:
I'cntli Slroot, lictwccti WAHlitnyton nml
sjomiiiuiriiii nvcnui'K.
A lariro sutiulv of l'ltl.sliini' nml llli'
Jtliulilv coal uomtnutlv un limnl. Ktovo
wooil hawed to cinlcr. Onlors lor oeal ur
wnoii ninuid iiq jot nt tlio (linen un Tcntli
uri'nt. 'l orui.i, cuku un delivery.
Tin-: NEW
llclwceu Sixth nml Sovrnlli Streets CjIm
T. IS ULIiIS. 1'ioiulelor.
Tho Now Arllnstou Ilouso In now open
for llio rcccntlon of Rticktu, 'llio houso Is
ioMtoil In tho heart ol tbo lmslncs portion
ot tho city, ami convenient to ktpamboat
lftmlliiti Mini rallroaU ilopoH. (looil eainple
rooms for commorclal asnt. AVatch ;kopt
day ami nlKlitfor bonti nml trains.
SWIb Sewiim Machino
d." NrTuj'a ii Ji s ,
OKFIOKs Ohio Levee, over Jlathum
ro?Aoiif In Firt-Clas Ccwpanic
UHfAllLIHUEn lint,
7.1 Otilo I.OTPe,
1'liO nlilnst cstaliltslicd Aifcncy In tiouthorn
lllliioiH, riipreeuutlui: over
$05,000,000 00 I
I llio bent Iimurmio.o Unpltal nl tbo
llnlli,.! StntiiH.
.MILLS W I'AKKlin, rropilclor.
'I'clilli . Street, bctwocu Walnut ami Wash
ington, Ilavln?imu'li:ieilthc entire stock, Stable,
lloru, Carrlnsefi ItugulcH, clc, ol Dr.
I'lchl, anil mliloil M-vcr.il nuiv "turnout","
Mr. I'.irker imiv luxltos all lilt IrlciuN, old
anil new, In wioitnt Suibllo Unr-os. Dnillilo
nr.Slnlo C.irriasc, or miytliliiH ulao In lilt
Ine, lo (ilvu tii in acall. 1 11 12.tiu
Ci'iituiir l.tiiuucii .
The t;rcatilicovcry of tbo
ai;o. There lano pain wnioli
tbo Centaur l.tnimcnUvlll licit
rellivo, no BWollliiK which It
Tlllni)t Biibiluc, anil no laino
iiesi whk'li It will not euro
This In btronj: langnarc. but
"ituirmi. It In no liiimbllL' :
JjiTfH; tlio rcclpo Is prlnteil around
cachbnltle. A circular contalnlnt; ccrtlli.
ate of wondcrlul cures ol rhoumatlmi
nurnlsla, lnck-.nw, ppralm, swulllnjrK.
burns. ttcald, cake J-brta-itn, polhonous
'jitcs, frezou loot, u'uut. Haltrheuin.ear.acho
.v. .. nnu tlio ioMio ol the Liniment will bo
u nt Kr.itN to anyone. It U tho most won
dcrlul hvalluK and pain ie)lolni: a'ent the
woild has overproduced. It ccIN at no ar
tlclu ovcrlicforu did itcll,aiid it noils becamii
It does just what It protcu.Is to do. Onubol
tlu of tho Centaur Lluimont for animal
(yellow wrapper) 1h worth a hundred tlol.
iais for bpavinod, strained or nailed liorpon
and iiiuIom, and for n'row-wnnn in xherp.
No family or htock-ownor can ntTord to lie
without Centaur Liniment. l'rico.M) cents
io;;r bottloK. 41. .1. II. Uo.o .t Co., fi'J
ilroadway, Now Vork-
CASTOUI.v n moro man a NUnstltuin lor
Castor Oil. It N tho only hapk artlclo In
oxMcnco which Is suro to rcgulato thu bow
vU, euro wlndcolio und produco natural
Meep. It Isploavanttotukc. Children noed
not cry und mothers may i.locp. 10-7 wly
Or. Cox's Illvo (Croup) Syrup has been
KIIOWII llllll llMll III- llin ...... i .... i . .
V jii ui vni"liill
0nr Hill vn.-iru fiml iu ...l.. .......
,.,,,,,--', ," Vi...V..J mi UllI
...... vy..i.Kn mi- mi uiuur iiiiii ooiicr rcp'Jta.
tlnn than any other Couuli medicine- ever
ollcrcd to tho public. It Is known as tho
Compound Syrup oi i-itillls, and a formula
may bn found lu every medical dlponsatorv.
r. lUnsoniMlivo Syrup auilTolu, In ad
dition to tho Incredlents lor Cox's lllvo
.M-rup, contains lUUani ol l'ulu, decoction
ol hknnk Cabbaan Hoot nnd Lobelia, a com.
blualton that mint commend it toocry ono
as a Hiiperior remody lor Croup, Wliounliur
CohlMi, AMhma, llronchltis. Coughs and
Colds. Indeed lor all aU'eetlons or tho Throat
and Lungs whon a cough mcUieluo is
This Syrup Is carclully prcpired under
the personal direction ol a regular I'hysl
clan ol over twenty yeaiV practice, wlioso
ElKiiatiire is attached to thu dlroetlous on
llio buttle.
Its tai-to Is vory ploasint and children
like It.
Kvcry family should keep It as a ready
remedy fur Croups and Colds, etc., uinoni
the children.
I. Ka,no.u, So.v .V Co., l'ropr's, Hudalo,
DR. .1. It. MlLLElt'
This medlelno may with propriety bo
called an "tliilvcrwil Itomeily," us it Is fast
(.iipoiodluf!ill others at. ii trnneral family
'.'L'.':!1.0!1.'0-, 'tcuicMis if by MAHMCTIO
I M'LIJi:.NCL, NDiiraMa and all pain, and Is
Ihereloro very properly termed 'Ma(ntIo
Itihn." It Is purely u c?etablo propiirallin.
Ithast'o ciiuiil as a remedy for cholera,
Chulcr.i Morbus, Dlarrhun, Dyi-eutary.Collo
und all ISowcl Complaints.
Its timely uo will euro Colds, Croup,
Olphtlierla, (Quinsy, and all Throat allce-
When properly used, l-'ovor and Airue.and
othor complaints Incldont lo our wi'fcteru
and southern cllmatcs,are eaully broken up.
Nervous J'aln, rilck-lleadachc, and Kheii
matUm aro cured by this medlelno when all
others havo failed. Toothaclio, L'araeho.
Hums, Chilblains and llruiscs are relieved
at once by Its ue.
Tho Kciiuino has 1). Kaniom &, Co.'s prl
valo llovcnuo Stamp on tho outMdo.and Dr.
.1. U. Mlllei's ilaj,'iiotlu Halm blown In thu
Kxumlno closely ami buy none but the
Sold by all Drugali'ts. l'rleo 2.1 cents per
J). ltANso.M,8oN ACo., l'ropr's, Itullalo,
N. Y. Jan. ys-w-ot.
1JKMIS, BRO., & CO.,
Agents IIohi Cotton Mills
NO. 00 Ohio L0Y, Oalro, Illf.'

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