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Otarlal rapernf tlseCllt- aad (.'only.
JOHN li. OtIKKLY, KJItor and l'ublliher
On week, by oarrttr $ 31
Oae yearby carrltr, In advance 10 00
On year by carrier 11 not paid lu
- ninici it oo
Maaesla, by snail , ioo
nmaMt ; too
MzBovftf ft
on yr , io oo
Oct ar (1 oo
Six Month) , 7Q
Three Months no
Invariably in advance.
UtmMmt matte r en evrrr pate.
The Cincinnati 'Uazetto' publishes an
exceedingly interesting chapter of tho te
cret hlttory of tho war, and tho publlca
tlon will bring to llht otlior chapters ro
uting to the eame subject which cannot
Jail to producoasoniAtion. Tho partloi
are all Ohloani.but tomo ol thorn havo a
national toputallon. Tha following are
tbt fact :
la October, 1801, V. W. llurtt, was
commissioned assistant quarter master of
volunteer, lie almoit Immediately bo
can to ipoculato in forage and luppliex for
Camp Chate, havlnjr t6r liii associates pur
oni connected with tho 'Ohio Hutu .Jour
nal', publithed at Columbut. Kubse
quently . ho win transferred to
Cincinnati, where, in tho spring ol 18tJ3,
ho began tho buslnett of which a partial
hiitoryli now rovoalod. Henry D. Oooko,
who had boon of the 'Journal,' win thon in
"Washington, the head of that branch ol
the houso of Jay Cook ink Co., tho (,ov
ernmont bankjri and agenti. llurtt
opened a correspondence with him iu
January, 1B63, stating that he wrb tho
purchasing and dittributluir, ijuatluriuas
ter at Cincinnati; that his superior ot
fleer, Capt.J. II.Dickerton. was an ob
stacle in hu way; that ho was alio,
from hll ttotition. tn nnrudi titmaalf nnd
any friend who might aid blm.both In tho
-purcMieM.auppUM and in tho purchaio
in nuc,Touoners,-, no wanted Dlckorson
rarawed and ,hmielf appointed, and thon
Me aouljl dojbettor business. 11. 1). Cooke
. n ono Qeorgo.S. Scott, with whom ho
..XMiiiUumint can deal froely, and prom
isos ,to sona out also Lit brother l'itt
Oooae, if he can. Cooke also promises
1 1 U- .1 I . . 1 .
uo uwi uu io nave uurti, promoted, in
time Goorge 8. Scott roached Cincinnati
wun mi credentials from 11. 1). Cooko,
states in ono of his
lettiers that Secretary Chase
would do all ho cjiild, and
that John Sherman bad personally asked
Mtanton far Hurll's promotion. Scott rep
. xetentod tho hornet of Jay Oooko & CV,
W. D. Cott & Co., bankors, and W. Hun
ter cc uo, oanKert, or 1'hiladelphla. Scott
. at once niadusaUa to llurtt far ihann...n.
?, 'jnjSB;?ne. also made purchases of vouch
ers. The money as furnlshod by the
banks namod, Hurtt sharing with Scott
the profits. The vouchers wero purchased
by Scott at a largo discount. Tbo pur-
chases .were of corn, oaU, hay, et cotera.
'Pitt Cooke alto went Into the businois,
iii 1 purebuing corn in Chlcseo and telling it
to Hurtt at Cincinnati, llurtt kept them
advised of the government r.mi4itioa,
and tbut they could buy acd tall at ad
vantage. The proramm includes tha
removal of Dioktrton atd tlw wsociatioa
of,Opt.0. .W. Moaltoa, brother-in-Uw
FT ' - - . " ...... .v l .. , , u-
oi oenaior anarman, with Hurtt, la order
io laortase nurtt's opportunities. This
business was progressing (wimrnincly
nui. liuiu.mn wi put in conimari'J
ui tun ucjurimont oi uhlo. lie loon su-
ptciea Uat Hurtt was acting dishonestly,
and, July S3, 18C3, ordered Major McLean
to seize Hurtt's books and papers, and
investigate tno lUiiues of his otllce. On
September 2C, 18C3, Malor McLean
iinatie tils report, detailing the whole af-
iiir, ana inciosine wun it six letters from
..Hurtt to Henry I). Cooko; two letters
. frnm f"Vmlra in ITn. . I I... e
llurtt to AllAn ..lli r n.. , ...
w . w . . w j uuiii in luunri i.ntn
--..w. u, iu, VUIUIIIUU9
Joufnli one letter from Hurtt to Sena
'. tor.Sherman. and various lottori between
Scott and Hurtt. Tho conspiracy wi
hampered by the failure to got Dickorson
"moved and Hurtt proaioted to bis place.
fo show how earnest and wlde-sprcail the
effott was to have Dickcrton romovod, wo
, give the following letter from l'itt Oooko
to Scott:
iTintADKLrm, April " 1803.
Otorp! S. Scott, A'sy.
vY. Q. Morchoad and I havo writton
, strong loiters to-day to Oon. J. K. M. (M.
- O.J.PiUtbure, and botom friend and most
innusntial advisor of Sec. S., and urired
blm to write for Capt. 11, and Insist on
- bis promotion and appointment. Uo will
ao it, ana will succeed. Hovor fear. Toll
captain mis, ana wo luvo other strings
, w pun, iu are uuuuu iu sucooea. Wo
. made it clear that tho houso ol M. cc Co.,
.Tittsburg, would bo no loior by tliu ar--'Tatigement.
Ever yours truly,
SIgnod. l'rrr.
Major JIcLean made his ropy.'t Sept-'-'6.
On the 26th the papers were put into
t the hands of Judge-Advocate liurnott.who
in time prepared charges and spectfica
'tiops covering the cntiro mast of tottl
' .jovny, and showing tho connection of
, all the parties who in any way had bo.
, come mixed up with Ibo businott. Tho
20th of Novombor was fixod for tho trUI
" T.s1 CMe- n ISth ot Octobor,
. .Judge-Advccvte Uurnott wrote to the War
Dspartment that the case was Important
,aad would bo contested "with a groat deal
)! pettinasity and with all tho force thai
money and influence could bring to baur."
lhero wat an intense excitement at NYatli
tngton, and on October 28th an order was
Utued from the war department that
.Major McLoan should proceed without
ilelay to Fort Vancouver, Oregon, and re-
tpott lot duty. Hy tome a-cldont this or
r, though made public, wat not sent to
IcLean.- Oonoral Uurntldo, who wat at
KpoXville, heard of it, and appoalod to
Blanton to recall it. Uurntlde also or
dared him to remain at Cincinnati till fur
Iter orders. In the meantime tie court
' m'lL-M -d,1,,0V63- In December it
wudrverei in Wttshington that Mc
"ill explanation was demandod.
U.l.1lti?1n.c"11f.od. 10 ,CV6 ''"Dler,
which be did. All tho p.pors in the case
were tben seat to Wathlngton. A yr
later llurtt wat tried on onlv a few iieuu
oi tnaoriginercaso, and conyjeted. All
tbt paper in tho original case, with all
, Burtta correiDondenco. are on tlm m in
tae war department, subject to the call of
vwki. a tew only ol thorn, and a por
tion of tho testimony, aro now mado pub-
, ,.w .truii, ma uonett man in
the cato, booame insano, and died in the
-We gtvo additional lattora that catt
bme Ugat Upon the aubluct, only adding
Jbt ttJooka l a brother of Jay Coake.
UitiflarvtbiJetUri :
, ' "O'lKOiMiiATl, )., March iM, 1C3.
Jhar Scot:
The U M. at Ixuisville hat advertised
for 60ajrjt battels' bVrn, Od.uoO bushels
lb'iia(elfbrn, 0d,uo0 bushel
0.000 tona hav. 1 saw a lttn
oaU. and .10,000 tone bay. 1 saw a letter
from blmHavIoir be would noed'for Hash
vIJleRaftOoe kbjbelt corn, .60,000 bush;
ltais6d-C5W9to(it hay nnd I wat
advhud to buy as largo as 1 could without
exciting the market. 1 have done io; 1
bought about 30,900 bushels oat, and
bout 100,090 liuheli corn. Oats bore
now art 83c In sack, Wc at cash; com 8Sc.
For thto reasons ;1 telegraphed you to
day to buy as much raoro corn as yon
hayo oa Joint account, and bold on for a
few days.
You can easily too tho effect of tucb
very heavy purchases, and all between
this and July 1. Oats bald by partlei
here in storo at Chicago, yesterday wero
held at 02 and G3 cents. Tboy will yut
be worth B cents probably, but whon
you ran et LD cents margin, soil abo on
tho corn, and if you can't do that there,
if you will put 'it In good hands 1 will
manage it to that you can got it out of tho
government. Corn wits bought bcro at
49 and CO cunt Saturday li will spring
G. I). oV Co. did not chwruo mo any
thing for that draft. "Wrlto toon.
i ours truly,
SignoJ Hurit.
It. I). COOKS TO IlL'llTT.
Wasiiimiton, D C, March 1J, 1803.
My Dkak HtmTTS I havo a few mo
ments to drop you n h'nt of what is going
ou. I did not lot your matter drop, but
went to work at onco. Gov. Chaso will
say all you cohW ask him to iy to Stan
ton. Ho is warmly your friend. Sher
man took bold of tho mattor with zeal, llo
went to Ed. Stanton tho next day nfter
you loft, dwelt upon your admirablo busi
nets faculties, integrity, etc , and urged
jou upon S'.anton for promotion and as
signment to duty at Cincinnati in placo
of Dickorsou.
- -
Tho following iiotiliiiii to tho botitu of
representatives ot tho United Stntt't, 1ms
been presented through Mr. Farwell ol
"Your potllionor. two voars auo. nro-
sontod t-o your bonorublo body n memori
al, ectling forth cortalu. facts guiug to
show that dlschnrgo of nrtillory , in heavy
oaiiorier, continuod lor a low hours, will
bring rain In large U untitles. ; and atking
that an uxporimuut might bo po'rformed
wun powuur anu cannon ol tno L'niloJ
Statit, todelermino if droughts cannot in
tuts way be proveniuu. uu now ronews
his puliticii tor such oxporiment, nnd begs
leave to present somo tacts ol n dlllerent
kind from those before stated, which tend
to add to tbo credibility of hit tneory.
"Your potlthner, therefore, retpeclful
It represents that theto ft"t lmvo reason
to believe thai thoro aro, at nil times, vust
quantities ol aquoous vapor passing over
tit from tbo l'acltlc ocean : that tho oxitt-
enco of an extromely cold current iihovo
tho vapor-bearing current gives reason to
boliovu Hint tho condition nocnsstiry to
produce rain In tho manner In which wo
aro taught by tho Huttonian theory it is
usuany produced, nro always present; Mid
tht tho occurrence of heavy rains attor
battles civet roason to believe, not onlv
that such conditions always xit,but that
tno process hv wincu clouds and rain aro
lormod rrum tin) iuvidblo vapur, enu at
any time, be set in motion.
''The southeast trad.i wind of Iho I'a
citic, which beenmos thus a grettt vapor
bearing current ovur tho United Status,
oxtenda from tho surfitcu r t'oo oooan to
thn bight, it is supposed, of about ttiroo
miles. Tt muvos over tho ocean for iibout
2,000 miles, and.wlth slight Interruptions,
it blows perpetually. Tho amount of
vapor which it takes up U inconceivably
(jreat, for It is calculated that us much
wato: it evaporated from tho ocean Io ono
year as would depross Its wholo surface
eight or ten Icot. It is true that much of
tbu vapor which rises from the ocean falls
uacK into it again aiturwanl as rain, but
luu amount wnlcli u carried over tbo run
tiuent it immonso, and vast ijUHntities til'
ii, irnDipsreui nnu luviiibic, must vns
over the united btates, to fall afterward
at ram or snow uu tho tho Atlantld ocean
in Northern Europe, itnd tho l'oltr ro
ow, tlio dulucthmt of ilnurv iu re
lation to winds and currents, uiadu frou
tboutand'i of observationi, takou in all
purlt ol tbo world, seem to bo conlirmud
so far as tho nxi'stonco of a rain-buaritig
current over nut coritiiiont It concerned
by the observations of the ii:riHl euros of
tuo united Mains army ; lor it Is loend
that nearly all our principal storms conu
from tho westward and southwettward;
anuttiis, at .Maury uliows, will nnturally
be tho courto taken by tho air of tho
southeast trado wind, when it becomos an
atmospheric current in tho northern hem
isphere Tbo observations of aeronauts
also add continuation to his llioorv. fjr
inoy ueciaro mat inoy uavo :ounu an eaot
warn curront, which they bollovo to bo
"In a work of that distlnuuishod inves
tigator of natural phonomouu, iho Into M.
. iiaury, on the physical geography of
too sea, ii is em'mou mat mo principnl
portion of tbo auueous vapor that forms
the rain that falls within tho United
Statos is brought by atiuo'plieriu currents
from tho Pacific ocean. It is contondod
thai tho gr t eoutlioist trade-wind of tho
l'acillc, wli'ch meet thn nortlioatt trado
wind noar tlio equator, after rising there,
Hows over that trade-wind to tho bolt ot
calms nesr the Tropic of Cancer, -whoro it
dc.en.is and becomoi a great southwest
rain-b.aring curront across our continent,
and tbat abovo 1'iis curront Is a groal po
lar current flowing in nearly an opposite
"And your petitioner further represents
that, while tho observations of thn signal
corps show that on an average hs many
as nino storms trayono our coun
try from west to oast in a single month,
these storms aro yut so unequally dig.
tribulod '.hatsjmo portions of tho country
sull'er at tlmos from "lurrlblu droimhts,
while others aro drenched with excetsivo
rains, and that, If it should bo found that
there is in tho oll'eclt of heavy concussions
a power such as to cause storm-eonlorH to
davlato from their natural courses, a sys
tem for distributing the rain-fall can bo
worked out, which by leading to the pre
vention of forest llros, and bv adding to
our agricultural ri'sourcos, wlfl be of Inis
timable valuu to the country.
"EllWAIltJ l'oT.'BKIj."
ok'luno"''' "L',,1N,:t', 1N TI1K h1ATK
Skction J. o U enacted by the poo.
plo of the State ol" Illinois, represented n
m,'e.';eArM ttrn'- Tlml lU on
titled "An act to incorporate and guvorii
flro, murliio and inland navlgallun insur-
anco rompanios doing business in tho
state of Illinois," bo amended by adding
tho following soctiont thereto:
Hrc 33. That whonever any insurance
company, whether Incorporated under
the laws of tbli state, or any state or tho
United States, or any foreign government,
shall hereafter Insure any property against
loss or damage bv Ilro, or tho risk of lake,
river, canal and inland navigation and
transportation, nnd tho policy or con-
tract of suoh Intiiranco thall tpeclfy H
valuation ol the property so lntured,
then tuch valualiou aball be conclu!
tive, and It shall not be competent
for eltbor party to any suit upon any such
policy or contract of Insurance to Intro-
due evidence to prove the value of tho
property so Insured to be other thau the
valuation thereof specilled In such policy
or contract of insurance, or tbo valuv of
juch property to be loss than the sum at
whlcb thesamo may bu Insured, anything
in subcontract or policy of Insurance
contained to tho contrary notwithstand
ing! Provided, tho assured may recover
the full amount of any partial loss or
dauiago if such partial los or damage
does not exceed theamnunt Insurod by the
po'loy or contract of insurance.
Sio. 34. Ha Ilro or marine Insurance
company shall by any contract, condition,
restriction or stipulation In its by-laws or
policies limit the term within which any
suit shall be brought Againtt such insur
ance company tn a lets period than five
years from the time when tho right to
bring such suit shall accruo."
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.'
Til UN V.
ryiox i'acifio itAiMtoAi)
lilli KOTO
-M 1 SC Eli LA X KO US X K U' .
AX l It IV 111
WAsllINUTo.v, .March 1 -'. - 1 ho Senate
rommitteu on urranuumeutt have made
tho fullowliig arrangements for thd odte
quiet, tibd tbo reiumnt of tho
deceasod sonator will he conveyed ly the
senate commlttuo to the rotunda of the
capital, between ! and 10 o'clock to-mor
row morning, Hhd will be in (tutu tberu
until n low minutes bsforu 12:30, p.m
when thoy will be carried to tho senato
chntubor, procedud by tho chupluint of
both houses of congress and tbo commit
tee. The senate chamber will be do;kod
and extra chairs will bo placed on the lluor
lor tho accommodation of the
members of tho houso of
representatives and tbo Utilities
of senators. Tho president and members
of his cabinet, and tho justices of tho su
premo court win oa invltuJ to attend, and
will occupy seats in thuteml-circlein front
oi too presiding ollicer s desk. With the
exception of tho diplomatic and other
gallorics, tho totiHto will be open to the
public. Tho scryiccs, which will consist
of brief prayers and roadtogt from the
Scriptures, will be conducted bv Hov.
ilyron Sunderland, chaplain of the sen-
mo, anu no v. j u. uutier, chaplain of the
house of representatives.
lly the special requett of tho Intimate
personal friends of tho dvcuated, no re
marks will bo made on tho occatlon. After
the torvlcos, the remains will bo conveyed
to tho railroad depot and takou to Now
York on-routo to llostnu on a special
train, to leave Washington iiumodlatelv
alter tho regular ono o'clock train. Ho
tides tho t'ommltttct appointed bv tbo
Scnuto and House, thn remains will bo ac
companied to lioston by Major lien l'er
ley iore and other personal frionds of
deceased. Ii is understood that there
will bo no formal stoppaco in Now York
city, and that tbo body will be convoyed
tbonco by special train to Doston, where
it will lio in slato in ynnueil Hall Sunday.
Senator Carpontor this afternoon went
into tho supremo court-room and movod
tbat court adjourn over till to-morrow to
attend the obsonuics: of Sonator Sumner
Tho coutt at onco granted tho motion.
A rumor was wldolv circulated to-dav
that Senator Morton was dangerously ill,
but thoro wat no truth In thn report.
Sonator Morton is confined to bis' room by
sickness, but bis condition is not so bad as
to lead to any apprehension on tho Dart of
ma iciuous. jiu ir, in lact. uouar man no
wan a wook ago.
AVhiii.nuton March 1'.',
Tho chaplain in bis oneninL nnvnr
said : "O Lord, cur Oodl Our Father in
Heaven I "Wo all do fudo as a leal before
'f hoe; ono generation cometh and another
gooth ; and so Thou ttandett this day to
ilead with Thy people. Two honorud
leads lio low, and the slulilnc of iLtor
cities reHpondlng in their grief is heard in
all tho land. Tho grave mutt rocolve-ltt
own. We bow in tilcnco and tubmiitlon
to Thy ttioko. Christ it our onlv
At tho conclutiuii of tho cbaiilaln't
prayer, Mr. Anthony roto and said ;
UK. I'KKblDKNT : 111 tho HblBlien nf
tho senator to whom this saddest duty ap
pertains, und who it detained from t
Sonate by Illness, (tho senator from Mas
sachusetts), 1 biivo beon requottod to
make to you tbo formal announcement of
tho event which my hoart rofutas tn .
ccpt and which my lips hesitate to (lis
close. It is an ovont which neods not t
be announced, for its dark shadow r...i,
L'loomily upon this chamber; and not
oniy upou tno aoniuoand capital.but upon
the whole country, and tho intelligence of
which, borno on tho myttorioui wirot that
undents the toa, bat Already beon can led
to the remotutt lands and hat arroiuod
protoundest tymuathv wberover h
ty weeps for friends and wberover liborty
(lAn (irtH fall sil1tln.n J
deplores an advocate
The oldest momber of this body in con
tiiuout service ho who yosterdav was
ablest! beloved for the .VG. of hU p7r.
tonal character; admired for hit genius and
accomplishments; fjr the lldolity witi
which ho ndborcd to bit convictions;
illuttrout for hi services to the republic
and to 'the world,-ha crosted thu dark
river that divides us from tho undiscov
ered country
Charles Sumner died yesterday.
To-day, In, humblu submission' to tlio
Divine will, wo moot to oxprtus our re
spect for bis character; our vonoratlon for
bis memory. To-morrow, with sorrow
log steps and with sorrowing hearts
we shall bear blm to that ttate
which bo terved to faithfully and which
loved him so well, nnd to her soil precious
with the dnstof patriotism and of valor,
of letter and of art, of statesmanship and
of eloquence we shall commit the body
of ono who I worthy to rest by thesldeof
the noblest and best of those who, In tho
centuries of her history, have made her
the model of a free commonwealth, Uut
tho great duty which illumines hit life
shall not lie with htm and never
shall the earth rover tbo Immortal
principles to which he devoted every en
ergy of his soul tbo consummation and
vindication of which, as his highest ro
waru, a great uod permitted him to wlt
Mr. l'rctidont, thliit not tho time nor is
the office mine to pronounce, the words
that aro duo to the ovent. A futuro and a
moro fitting uttoranco shall interpret to
the American people tho atl'ectionate re
spect cf tbo Senate to our dead associate,
and the homago which It renders his life
and character. I thereloro offer the fol
lowing resolutions :
ltosolved. That a committee, nf mem
ber bo appoincd by tho president pro
tempore, for tho Sonato to take order for
superlntondonlng tho funoral of Charles
Sumner, a monitor of their body, which
will take pUco to-morrow, Friday, at
12:30 p. in., and the Senato will attend the
Hetolvod, At a further mark of retpect
by the Senate for tho memory of Charles
Sumner, and his long and distinguished
tervlcit to hit country, that bit remains
be removod to tho commonwealth of
Matiachusotts, in chargo ol tho tnrgont
at arms and attended by tho president of
tho Senate pro tempore, who shall havo
full power to carry these retolutioMs Into
Ketolved, That as an aditional mark of
rjspect to tbo memory of the deceased,
tho Senato do now adjourn.
Mr. Schurzsaid: Mr. 1'rttident, I can
tay nothing, but will oiler the following
amendment to tho resolution :
Uesolved, That tho secretary of tho
senato be instructed t.i communicate these
proceedings to tho houso of representa
tives and invito tbo house of representa
tives to attend tho funeral ceremonies in
tin senate chain tor to-morrow.
Tho resolution as amended was agreed
to. On motion of Senator Anthony the
president pro temporo was directed to till
the blanks in tbo report at to the number
of soimtors to constitute tho committee.
Tho senate then adjourned.
.New York.
Saw Yoiik, March li!. Mayer Havo
mover to-day telegrapbol to Mr. Dawes,
requesting tbat tho committoo having
charge of the funorul arrangements cf
allow time upon their arrival here for tho
remains to lie in stato in the governor'
room, in order to give tbo citizens an op
portunity to view the faro of the dead.
The governor's room has boon draood
In mourning, and Hags havo been tlyiiu;
ut half mast all day from public tind pri
vate buildings, and Iroiu tliu shipping in
tbu harbor.
Tbo chamber of commerce has callod
a special meeting for to morrow Intake
action on tbu death ot this distinguiihd
Lonpon, March l'i.- The Timet to day
published a lauditory obituary article ou
tho late Chariot Sumner. Keferring to
to Iho disputes between England and the
Uuitod Statet tho Timet says : Sumner
was not ublu to Judgo tho United States
dispassionately, and wo possibly have not
understood all the inlluences which made
him apparently unjust. It it better to for.
get those difficulties and remember the
strong Impulse for good, which first draw
him from private lire to oppose that great
national wrong, slavery, and which, in
spite of bis many weaknesses, remained
his guiding principle ovun to tho end.
The Duke and Dutchess of Edinburgh
made tneir entry into the metropolis to
nay. too programme wat strict! v car
ried out although it mowed from begin
tooou. ,
the rnccitiitioK
moved tlorlly after noon from Podding
ton station turougn uxiora ana negen
streets to liuckingham palaco. Notwith'
ttandini: tho unpropitlout weather the!
royal highnesses rodo In nn open carriage.
anu tno street along me routo were
Tho houses on both sides were liborallv
decorated, and on tbo road wero soldiers
and mariner from tho station to the palace,
The enthusiasm was interne at the duke
and bride passed, cboer following cheer
from one end of the routo to tho otbor.
On tboir arrival at liuckingham I'alace,
in irontoi wnicn immense matsot or spec
tatort had catbered, tho royal oartv ap
peared uncovered upon tho balcony and
woro grootnd wun every manifestation of
loyalty anu inection. Tho number ol
people at that point is estimated at fifty
thousand. To-night tbo entire West
End was brilliantly Illuminated and dense
crowd blocked tho streets.
iifc'KrAi.o, aiarcn i.'. The city is in
tho deepest mourning to-day on occasion
of tbo funeral of Ex-l'rcsidunt Fillmoro.
Flags aro at half-mast on all public and
private buildings, and on the shipping in
tuo uoruor, ana tuo principal thorough
fares and stroots through which tho
funeral procession passes are heavily
drapod. At D o'clock to-dav services
woro held at the late residence of tho de
ceased, at tbo closo of which ttie remains
wero borno to tbo bearso and taken to St.
I'auls Cathedral, escorted by a military
guard, where from 10 o'clock until tbo
hour for closing the casket, a continuous
lino ot citizens passed, taxing a last look
at the face of tho doceated.
lioMo.v, March I'.'.Tlie following it a
correct list oi ttie new board of director!
of tbo Union l'acltlc railroad company:
Oliver Ames, North Eastou; John Dull',
lioston; Klitba Atkint, lioston; Sidney
Dillon, New York; Gordon Dexter, lios
ton; llonjamine Catet, Boston; L. 1. Mor
ton, Now York, Olivor Ames, Second
North Batton; James Smith, New York;
Charles J. Otborn, Now York, Gonrge
Soato, New York; Samuel Mills, New
York; Jay Gould, New York; K. H. 11a
ker, lioston anil J. Klchardson, rs'ew
The, city council to-day passod a toiies
of resolutions on the doatb of Sonator
Sumner. Ainuni; tboni wore the follw-
Jtesolved, That his honor, the mayor
bo rtquettod at an oarly day to call a
meeting of tbo cltiztnt in the Fauulel ball,
to tako tuch notlco of this ovent at may
bo appropriate in view of tho irrepar
able lost which tho people of Mttiacbu
setts, and particularly of lioston have sus
tained, ltosolved. That a joint special commit
tee of tho city council be appointed to act
in co-operation with tho mayor, state and
national authorities in making arrange
ments for the funeral ceremonies and such
other token of respect a are due to the
purity of bis character and tho greatness
or lilt public services.
DfH MoIiich, Iowa.
Dkh Moinkm, March 12. The Senate
this' p. m,, alter long debate, Dually
adopted the House jolut resolution for the
constitutional amendment, giving women
the ritfht ot tutferage, by a vote of 2"
to 10.
Cincinnati, March I'J- A Gazette
Madison, Indiana apodal says a tire last
night In l.exloyton, Scott county, Indi
ana, destroyed live of the principal ttoret,
one dwelling And a livery stable. Lois
S28.000, Partially insured.
The Gazette hat a despatch denying
tbo report published tblt morning that
live saloons had been started in that place,
Ono squad of ladles reported fourtoen sa
loons viilted, and all but two dealers ci.
prectod their dosiro to quit tbo business,
(ifllvestoii, Triii.
Galveston, March 12 A Newt, lu
dianala special says, about oneo'clcck this
afternoon, two men, ono named Taylor,
tho other unknown, walked aboard the
steamer Clinton, lying at tho wharf here,
and dollborattly shot and killed two men
named Sutton and Staughter, and then
mado their escape Those men woro all
connected with tho bands of dosperadocs
that aro making flings so lively in Do
Witt county of lato. Tho murdered men
woro supposed to bo making an e'l'ort to
got away on the tloamer, having been
wnrnod that thoy wero followed.
WAsiiiNoiosMarch, li During Fri
day for Now England and Middle states
and lower lako region, partly cloudy and
clearing weathor, low tcmperaturo and
brisk to occasionally high north to west
winds will provall, with occasional light
snow in tbo latter section and the north
ern ans) Moutbaru portion of tho two for
mer. In the Southern states oast of tho Mis
sissippi rlvor, very general clear weather
and frcth to occasionally brisk winds
mostly lrom the north and west.
For upper lako regions and xouth ovor
the Ohio vally and Mlsiotiri, doer or part
ly ciouuy weawior; low lemperaturo and
fresh to brisk windt in )stly from tho
north and northwest.
The Ohio and Cumberland rivers will
cotitiriiio falling.
Lum jolly, I ud.
Laka YKrrK, March 12. Tho temper
ance oxcilornunt hero continues unabated.
Tho county commissioners to-dav refused
tix applications for permits, somu ot them
on mero technical point. Pivo or six
more remain to lie actod upon to-morrow,
and will probably be rejected. The ladies
are working
eaknestlv and'iiuii.ti.y.
The city lias been divided into tblrteon
precincts, and a committee of thirty l
dies appointed tocimilalu pledgos ono
of them a 'total abstinence pledge, tho
other asking voters to sign no moro ap
plications for penults, mid tho third a
I'KTino.v to lovonr.r.i.
The ladies hero will make nn raids on the
saloons, thinking thu course tl.ev have
adopted thu bust and I t KhVtive in the
JHIVl'soliWlli', I int.
jEriKhaoNVU.l r, March li. Thn
ttormtng by prayor and hyinus was re
uuwed Hi John .Settle's saloon at M o clock
this morning. The crusader Wkmg
chairs witli tbum and remaining for two
hours and a half in Iront ot tbu saloon,
during the service Mrs. .Settle w ring
lug an auctlou boll violently, and inviting
the' bystanders to come iu and drink, sev
eral responded, while others were content
with hurling epithets upon the women.
This afternoon tho women were betulging
lioder's saloon, accompanied by a largu
crowd of oxritod people. At this placo
one arrest was madu by the police and a
revolver nnd club captured. Legal steps
are to be taken by the saloon keopets to
prevent tbo crusadors from blocking up
the pavtments.
Columbus, Ohio.
O.. i omuls, March li! The crusaders
spent the morning iu visaing private
bouses and obtaining signature to tbo cit-
izont pledge, and tho aftornoon in regular
street work. Tho ouly noticablu feature
of tho day wat at a saloon where the la
dies found the door locked. They pro
ceoded to sing and pray iu front ot tho
place when tbo proprietor mounted
chair on the inside of the saloon and
of tho front door aud drank the health of
a friend across tho way in a glass of beer.
Ono saloon-keopcr declared he was
Anxious to tell out if tbo ladies would
purchace his stock at considerable below
cost and assist him in obtaining another
situation. Tiie question wat referred to
tho gentlemen's committee on consider
In New burg the work is being prose
cuted with satisfactory retulU, ono dealer
naving luccun.oea to-day.
AT, Nl'.W, l'llILAUEI.l'HIA
tbo excitomont it intense. Unon the cur
render of ono Ernott Schmidt, yesterday,
tbo belli wero rung, and anvils wore II red
while men cheered and shouted, and the
women prAyou tt thy liquor wat poured
Into tho ttroots. A special to tbo Cleve
land 'Herald'
states that tho crusado commenced thero
vostorday afternoon. At ojionplace a
brewery wagon iu chargo of tbrco boatt
ly drunkards drove into the' crusadors to
treat tho crowd. Tho othor whitbv drink
ers weroditgutted, and clubbed and stoned
thorn out of tight, threatening to smash
in tno nead oi tno beer casks and beat tno
intruders. Tho mayor ordered the po
lice to arrest any ono who intuited tho
crusaders. There it great excitomont
all over town, and court hat suspended.
Dnylon, 0.
Dayton, March 12. Four battalions
of women moved up Main Stroot aud vis
ited about a dozen Halooni, attacking some
heretofore vittod and creatine a sensation
in the now neighborhood. ' Tho only Inci-
dont of tho day wat tlio intercession
ot A
for ono of his Mock, appoaline to tho cm.
sadors not to pray for hlm,because ho was
ood unrislian ana uau promised mm
o priostl. to null tb trallio. Tho wo
men assented and moved, on. Tho crowds
About tho crusaders were smaller usual In
in conseouence of tha Ucrco March wind,
which tilled the Air with
besides it was very cold. Tho prospects
for the urutAdors are discouraging, but
they Aro resoluto.
are discriminating in their trado againtt
thu merchants who help the crusadors.
Tho teniDurauco poopln promptly carry
their trade to moil who are thus singled
out, und holp their busicens moro than
thoy loso by tbo bad pulley of liquor dual
on. IK TKM mitA.STK
ivmpatlitzert adopt this policy of retails
ion. one-third of the German groce'roet of
the city will broak-down.
three laritu temperance meetings were
ild in dlll'erent part of the city. Ureal
lioiiiavii.Lic, March 12. Leo Milor
Alford wis convicted yesterday of tbu
murder of Dr. Alford and condemned to
death, Mrt. Alford bai been released or.
I all.
AViknwa, March 12. Emperor Francis
Jofopb ha Authorized bis government to
Muratj u strong attitude Against tho
Ultramontane oppotitlon to tho eccloslast
leal laws.
Utile Koch.
Litti.k Hock, March K' - Sid Wallace,
tbo Johnson county detporado will be
hanged. at Clarktvllle to-morrow, the gov
ernor having rofused to commute hi sun
nillioof Obncrviitioti. .Signal fjerlce U.S.
iLri'.",r,.i ,,'ly Port ol the stage ol water.
Willi the change fur tho a I tioum t'lnlliix
J o clock p. in,, .March 12, 1374. s
Ahovei Chaugei),
lllsc. FaU.
! II 2 II
I 7 II
1 2 II
(I il 0
! II (I
1 0 10
I 0 !l 0
I 2 0
0 1 0
St. Louis
Cincinnati ',,
"New Orleans !
Little Hock
40 It
25 7,
111 0
2 li
'liclow nlgu water mara.
KlIH'IV llor.TII
Observer Slg. Scr. U. M.A
l'lTTiini-ni., March l'-'-Ulvcr falling,
ut 0 Inches. h'
Little Hock, March 12
ploasant. Klver now 16 fcot.
Hattio, abovo.
Clear and
Cincinnati, .March l'.'.-ltivor ::0 ft
and falling. Arrived-Andca, Wheeling;
Arlington, Memphis. Departed-.lunl-ata,
l'ittsburg; Jas I), l'arktr, Memphis;
U eatber colder.
.kv ublkanh .March IV Arrived
.nary Houston, Louisville; Common
wealth, St Louis; Utah and Fannio Tatum,
Arkansas river. No departures. Cloudv
Na,iivii.lk, March 12-ltiver lalling.
1 1 feet 8 Indies on shoals. Weather cool
and clear. Arrived Ada Hlulmau l'adu
caI'. Ddpartod Shipper's Own and It II
Cooke, Upper Cumberland, Laura Davis.
Cincinnati. '
r.ouisvii.i.K;Ma-cb l'.'-Hivtr f&llii.L'
tlowly with 11 loot 4 inchot in tho otnal,
-1 louiiii inuian riiuic. Weather coll aud
uiutioring. Wevcral tow boats from l'ilts
burg came In. No other arrivals or de
panuros oxceptlng packets
t Vii Ksnuuo. March 12-l'p-Capitol
. our i j.eu Hlul Huljert .Mitchell
iiowii- ( resoent City and barges, Joe
n ninny. v eatliur clear ami pleasant
Hivcr rising with lOUetll Inrbes above
low waier mark.
JiKMl-llla, .Mann 12. Wuatbor clear
anu pleasant, river stationary No lur
tber damage reported from overflow. De
parted -Alton nud Cheter, St Louis;
uciiu i.eo aaii suomp'oii iMn, .w (r
leans; Andy llaum, Cincinnati; Helen,
bVASMVIf r e, -March 12. --Weather
clear, cold and very windy. .Murcury
to -io degrees, Itivnr ninii 2 or :i incbos
ami vt-ry . rouith. I'ort lUt- I n i.il.
wild, Kajettn Hobeits, Ironsides and Ur
ges, Anient. Down - Put Hogers I'ar-
goud. Ilusiiiess good.
.Mtui'iii-, .March 1'.' - Hour nominal.
Joru meal aclivk., 3 45 lu. (Jorn
BtoaJy, ,tl. OaU quiet, oS&UO. Hay
uuiiuuai. urau scaarre, iomvs in storo.
l.ard quiet and unchanged. Uacoii euiior
slioulders, ifrtij; sides HoT.'M.
uklkanu, Maerh 1.' Corn, yul.
low mixed and whito 70(ai73. vellow SO.
' "' good tupply and lower, prime 18 00.
. .,'Jr'1 ''' demand. Sugar, gool demand,
fair to fuly fair 7KSf, pritnn to choice
8y;5j. .Molasno gooJ donianJ, good
fomenting JVJJfa'W, choice 70(3;72. Others
vjiNCINNAn, March la-- flour tirm
Wheat firm at S 45(31 4U. Corn liSGts,
Oats firm f.Ogus. Hye tcarco and tlrm at
u.cuji uj. uanoy dull. Oils uncbang
ed. liuttor, good demand for best grades,
unuties uuii. uneose urm. 1'ro-
vmons easior. rork' in fair demand at
lower rates 15' l.ard dull and drooping.
atcam S;; Kettlu '.I buyer ten days. Bulk
meats steady, shoulders 5J spot; CJ buyers
for May; C H 7j apot and buyer March.
oacoii aieauy, snoulders ojgtij; (J K Sjilr
"J. nuuj II! IO in y,,.
ivllIcAOo, ilarch 12 Flour quiet.
neat urm; to 1 tpring 1 21, No 2 1 20
casfi, 1 at ApriI,No3 1 l.tpt 171 Corn
lair demand and higher at Ul sot, C2i
April bid; No 2 CO. Oats quiet and stoady;
No 2 43 j, Hegular 44 frosh tpot, 47
March. Hyesteady; No a freth HC. Harloy
fair domand and advancod; No 2 1 CO, No
J l 42. i'ork ttoady at 11 30 cath. 14 40
April, 14 "0 Slay. Lard quiol and tteady
at 8 85 tpot, 8 00 April. Hulk meatt quiet
and tteady; cloar rib packod sold at 8.
Jiacon quiet and steady. Whltkoy steady
ST. Louis, March 12. Flour dull aud
weak-, buyers contending of concessions.
1 1 M . . j. .ii . . . . -. .
m iiwi uuii ann lower to toll, iMo spring
.ioo rcu lau i io(ji 4w; jno i I
CO. Corn ilrm and closed hlghor, No 2
iiuiuu oj(i(oj3c. jait urm xio 2 mixed
I3(rt,50o. Harloy inactive and uncbani;cj
Hyo Urm 'J3!l3Jc. I'ork dull and easy
for buyers 15lo 50 ; dry salt moats dull
oacon quiei. suouldors 07; clear rib 8J;
oloar 7o jobbing and order lots. Lard
quiet anu unchanged. Whisky im ateady
NKW 1 okk, March 12. Klour tteady,
moderate and inouirinir suncrtlna ilrm at
o iuin,'i jo; common to good 0 40000 bl
good to chofco ti 70(3J0 I'O ; whito wheat
exira o uu(,i)7 40. Whisky steady at 07,
W heat quiet and unchanged. Hye and
barley unchanged. Corn ilrmer and
scarcos new mixed western 8CW90 ni,i
s0J2; whito woslorn BSQSO. "Oats are
scarcely so urm ; mixod westorn C3641 ;
white 04C(i. Colluo dull. Sugur quiet.
Molasses dull, I'ork steadier at Iti oo
tpot, 15 76 March, and 15 80 April. Hoof
nrucui meais uncnangou; middles heavy;
Inn.. . . . . 1 . . 1 ,. . . "
ouu .orv ciear o ij, i.ara urmer;
prnuo noam v n spot and April. J 00
. .
K1 V- ...... .A
i.w nun., .uarcn is. .Money esy
l per cent. Sterling 4 BSi(ii, 81 for
UU days; 4 biljj B7J at sight. Sub
treasury closed to-dpy on account of tho
funoral of Kx-President Fillmoro. Gold
closed at 12 aftur tolling at llJCcol'-'J pre
mium. Carrying rates S p0r cent, to
iiuat. soaring fii.iiuu.oou, Govern
ment bonds Ilrm; slalo quiet and nominal.
.ItUUHB uuiiuuai
luder lllcck (upstairs) corner 8th
and Washington Avenue.
paintsS and: oils
VuriitatiM, straati,
W I WD O W til-T A. H B
in! in iMabratti llluinlaalla
Lnu.niKo ooi
Dealer In
Teulh Street, between Washington
Commercial avenues,
A large supply of l'lttablirg and Bit;
Muddy coal constantly on hand. Stove
Arood sawed in order. Order for . tal or
wood should bo left at the offlet, ou Tentti
tsreet. '1'enin, cah on delivery.
Caiho Box and Basket Co.
Dealers In
II AMIS Aftl fsoa-r.
ICeep toitiutly ou hauil
Strilera NulUlfrd.
.MILLS IV I'.lltk'HR, I'lopilitor
Triitli Mlr.'.t. between Walnut and U -iili-
II itiif plirrhaH-ilthe tntlio stork, .'liable,
Horse-, Carriages, Uugclen, etc., ol Dr
n-d, and added tHVeraTnew "turnouts,'
.Mr. I'aiker now liultt a all bit Irlti.di", old
uod lie IV. In wantol Saddle llurnct. Double
or Single CmiiIvc, or anything elto In his
lie. in i;nr nun .lean. in ix.im
J iliu Hariusii.
ciiss, Ttirupp
H OU rf.lil JK o-iDjra?3
OUtl V tt A IlOKKH,
ti OTA IS us rum.
And Land Atfoiitsof thu ill! cole out
and rJurliavton anil MUsourlltillroad com
tn; iur. oiesu at. sml u l,mi
!0aiao. lLl.tXoli'.
AoiNTd Houi Cotton Mii.ui
NO. HI Ohio Uvo, Cairo, Ills
Corner Twelfth streot and Waahiugton Ave
(Late of tit. Louts,)
Ill.ANK !l(l()8 of uvervileuiTii.fi, .n.i...
with neatness and dlsnati'h. Ail ki,,.i.
ruling done at nhort notice, lllble, ,Mulc.
iao:ainuN anu l'eriodicals bound neat And
t the lowei-t possible rate.
County work, kiiuhua Hccords, Docket
I e Hooka, lllankN, etc.. made a apeclalty.
Muxes, I'ocket Uooks.KnveloUB. eta.. m,L
io nrilor. 11...1.
IIUTH'm m.
ttsi I
No. I 1 0
JllIO Lkkvic It 111 tll Caiho, Ii.mnoi
H. SMYTH ft CO.,
wo. eo OH
CAA0. IlslslHtJII.

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