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Ob irar by carrier If not paid In
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Six Months , 75
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Invariably in advance.
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MtaMttrn every .
JQotlkr's man Simmons, has assumed
his duties at the Boston ouitom houco.
.Tn election af new United States
enator for Messachusott will tako placo
OB tb Iwonly-eixth Inst.
1 -
SiSATon "WAnr. wrlUt a loiter to tho
lOMtboro 'Gaxelto' denying a statement
which appeared in that paper that he had
votodfor too compulsory education bill
Tint Iowa senate have voted to give to
woraen the right of suffrage. Tho vote
v stood twenty-seven yeas to one nay. The
" resolution bad passed previously In the
hods 6f representatives.
, ,Jj 1.,.
8A.LOox-KEirr.ua who aro roally tirod
of the calling, will And no bolter time to
quit the business then now. They can soli
out to the temperance people, and gain a
reputation without pecuniary loss
k Tnit "Wisconsin logltlature will adjourn
vi slits die to-day and-tuo Iowa law. makers
eaIudey, neit, the nineteenth lost.
Bat there's no sign of the Illinois body
a cuioiviDf . To its members, no word is
atdlugrteable as adjournment. Oonstlt
uenU pleased or dlspleased,they will keep
on drawing their five dollars a day as long
. as they have tb.o shadow of an aicuio tor
i- -reeailutnfe Vn Springfield.
'Bi"irrtB, it seems, runs the Con
grtational 'Reord' as well as a good
many other things, lie concluded that
bis defense of Sanborn, Javne, etc., deliv
ered in the houso a few days ago, and tho
- rniad(j tohim by 11 r. Foster of Ohio,
.would .oot look well la the 'Keoord' and
therefor took the liberty' of having both
omitted. Io might havo savod himself
the troublo. Tho whole country knows
; tbfcgi'sTjO Sifei&LVf corruption and '
that In Mr. Foster be met a footnan
' mot than'worthy of his steel.
Thi press of the country Is calling upon
Ocgnaj.-wlfli powerful volco to cease
lUiaaUvKynOn the .flnanclsl question.
The voice of the press is but the -echo of
the needs of the jpejpll. If they are to
have .inaatfon, Jet them have it; if re
.uideJi,J4tli.coun try know when it is
to U.Khiijc li 'to be dono, lot Con
gress so SeiljEr.; Tin business interests
of the whole country are in a state of sus
pension, with no bopo of a change for the
better, up Jil a do&nllo intention ot dolnc
something oYn'othlng'ls "determined upon
by Congress.
Tax dsth,oCCbarles Sumner has pre
cIpitaM the "election, of a United.1 $iatc
oaMrirou, iiassactiusetu by a year,
Speculation is already rlfo as to who
UTiilJeciMor. ''Among those menti
i mentioned
who weald nat be-averse to tho position,
stand promln'ontly Honry L. Dawes, Gen
eral.p) -Banks, and Benjamin V. Hut
ler -Ifie litfor has alroady taken pains
to circulate tile fact that he Is not an as
pirant for the seat loft vacant by Sumner.
Mr. Dawes, who has made a good record
in the lower, house of Congress during
tbe present' sosiion by his active services
in thojutusejOf, retrenchment, stands per
hpe.aeore favorable chance for tbe pro
motion than any of his rivals.
Kdmukd Yatm, tho Knelish novelist,
who was. the near friend or Charles Dick
ens fwifteeh rears, writes a long letter
to the'New"York 'Herald' upon tbe sub
joct ot Forster'i Life of Dickens. The
tie deeply interesting, subject in his .life
is that of bis separation from his wife,
and upon this Mr. Yates gives no inform
ation not already mado public in the
biography of Torster. Like him. .Mr.
Yates .touches upon the nutter with a
reserve which almost prompts the inquiry
why he mentioned it at all. It is perhaps
a touching evidence of the faithfulness of
the friandahlp fait for him by Dickens' bl
ographerand friend,tbat they thus refrain
from sayrng anything which might appoar
like condemnation of his treatment of his
wife. T5ut that Le separated from her
. ... -
titer n marrieu ma oi a quarter ot a cen
"tury, with only the flimsy excuse for the
baseness of the step, of incompatibility
or temper ana uncongenial tastus. will
forever oatr'aol "wofully from the nobility
of nature of tbe idea Dickens as he ex-
litei In" the minds of uUliuus of roadors
who knew bliu only as tbe creator of
many of tbe most lovely characters of
fiction t.'be character ol Mrs. Dickens
forbids the belief that any mitigating cir
cumitanc'bi ttended her husband's repu
diation of ner. a possibility not unsuecest-
bu uy ur.aates wnen he says " tho death
oi mi nero was ot too recent a data ir. n
able his llograper to tell the whole trnth
concerning tbe last years of that strange.
troubled UfeT MrrPorster's biography Is
the booWorour generation ; perhaps to
tbe next some future writer will give a
work which, based upon It, wij t,j, tll
tale as il is now impossible to be told."
VHttdlitf(75on-:SIowU-rit ol tlio Chicago
hk" 4 rinie.' b
VtxtMimtxvw, March 11. The history
of Mr. flattPBEf ,ljf fr,om.yesterday morn
ing to Bv gclock to-day, when it went
.out, is u folldtW: He arose yesterday at
this usual BoaTTn juUr looking over bit
mall and svjasMtaf a lew vuiwrs, be took
,lbeT. etracart,whch pass iits house.and
rndalo lha stan ata'ehambar 'and tivV hit
mtV ir(h9Ur,thVuTn
for which soon afterward appeared. B
remarked to yoeir correspondent, who
ar. tkM sum feeling
If mil tMtbrltkt, freely aaorn-
d omt two day befor, aieo re-
the. he Mtardei himself l bet-
Hh kfaan fo naay vears ssd. Uls
rsioat presence seemed to give ev
ery assurance of that.
la naif an Hour auer sae oenaie raoi on
yesterday, Mr. Boulwell arose and (aid :
"I altodetlro to lay before the Senate a
rMolntioa passed by the legislature of
MaasachasetU and ask that it be laid on
IWUbWeai'prlnted." The cblof clerk;
read as roiiows :
"Cmmonweallh of Massachusetts, In
tho year 1874, Kenolve reclnding and
annulling a resolution passed Uecember
18th lh (ho yoar 1873, relating to army
register and national flags:
"lleeolVM, uy me sonaie ana ueuie oi
representatives in general court assem
bled, That' tha resolution passed on De
cember 18, 1173, at the extra session of
that yar, relating to a bill introduced in
tho senate ol in unuoa maioi, concern
ing the army register and national colors
of the United Btates, be and hereby is re-
cinded and annulled."
Mr. Iloulwell said: "l itiiu lo can tne
ttentlon of tho secretary to the fact tliat
there Is a letter from bis excellency, the
governor, which should be read also."
Tno presiueni -ane louer win ue reau.
The chief clerk road a follows !
"ColiMOHWtiLTn ov Makik.hvsetth
KxtcUTtvB DiriMtt INT, Bopton March
3, 1874. Sib Dy vot of the 'J7lh ull
the ceneral court reuuestsd me to for
ward to our senators aud representatives
in congress copies of the resolution pass
ed bv the present legislature, rescinding
and annulling the resolve passed by tbo
legislature ot 18712, concerning tbo army
register and national battle Hags, It
gives me pleasure to comply with this re
quest, and herewith I enclose a copy of
lata reseiuxion. l nave ine uonor to ue
vour obedient servant,
"W. H. Wabiihuhn.
"To Oeo. S. Uoutwell, "Washington,
D. 0."
This publio announcement to congress
that tho MaMaohusatt legislature had re
scinded tho resolution of censure passed
on Mr. Huuiner for introducing the bill
Indicated gave blm great satisfaction, il
an exultant and pleased look could show
It ; but he said nothing to the senate, as
was expected, and only received the con
gratulations of Senators Tontou and
llatulltou. Hut he seemed lo feel as if
this act had added to his exlstonco, and It
was certainly one ot tbe proudest mo
ments of hie life.
A dull flnansial debate then set in, and
Air. Sumner wandered around thu cbam
ber and over to
where ho seldom used to go, and sat down
in a seat by Senator uoidtnwalt, or Uoor
eia. hi old classmate In cellego, and turn
Ing to Sonator Bogy, of Missouri, he said,
"I am glad to meet you in tbe senato, and
I should be pleased to have you call on
mo at my house. I am always at homo
in the evening." To Mr. Ooldthwait be
passed the compliments of the day, and
then went over to Senator Sargent's seat,
witn wnom tie naa never been intimate
but. as they had fought tho centen
nlal bill together, he decided to ask
tho California senator If be bad
ro.elved any anonymous and Insult
Ing letters for his course on that
bill. "I have received several" said Mr
Sumner, "and they annoy me." Mr
Sargent reolled that he had not onlv re
celved iheoe by mall but by oxpress, but
be paid no attention to thom. It struck
Senator Sargent that he was not in his
uiual nealtb. or ha would not have allow
ed himself to becoaae worried over such a
trifling matter. Be said good by to Mr.
Sargent, and a few minutes pait 8 o'clock
iok as aear w. Jerry oi uon
nectlcut, who had an
Arrxctio or th snsr al chord,
somowhat similar to thatol Mr. Sumner.
They had often talked about the malady,
ana, nom being auectea, suggested vari
ous remedies, which etch had found af
forded relief. Ue told Mr. Ferry that the
night provious (Monday) be felt badly,
anu nsussnt for nis pnysicinn to adminis
ter a hypodermic iniectlon of morphia.and
asked bim what he thought of such treat
ment, adding that it generally gave blm
botwoon 4 and C oclock, remarking that
lie was suffering, and rodo home, contra
ry lo nis usual custom, in a carriage, no
then toll better, and took dinner at C
o'clock, to which lio had invited Con
gressman l'ricu and I'orley l'ooro, tbe
correspondent. The dinner passod ploas
antly. Mr. Sumner complained a little,
but seemed othorwlso in excllent spirits.
It has ilnco appoared that Mr. Sumner
had been feeling very ill for two days.
l-'rum the ritMmrg Di-i'aicli.
It was expected Mondav that an Inter
esting case would bo commenced in ihe
common pleas court, when a bill in equity
wouia ue uieu nearing mm -joun A.
Kohrssen, platntifl', vs. Caralluo Richard
son, alias Caroline Ualdwin, alias Caro
line Kobriseu, aud Thomas Richard
son, her husband." The par
ticulars of the case seem somewhat
of a romance, and the developemenls du
ring tne trial win doubtless prove as in
teresting as tbo brief story of tbe re
markable circumstances under which the
action is to bo instituted. Some thirteen
or fourteen years ago, John Knhrstun be
came acquainted with a woman named
Caroline Ualdwin, and a firm friendship
was esiatmsned between Ihera. Tho fair
Caroline represented herself as tho widow
of a departed Baldwin, who. after an
uneventful career in this world, had
gone to another. Neglecting tho advice
or old man Waller, John did not "bovare
of the vidder." In fact, to show his con
Utnpt for old Hamlvel's sago precept, be,
on the 10th of June, 16C1, marrlod Mrs.
Baldwin, the ceremonv being performed
by Squire Starr, or Se'wlckler-lt was a
star engagement. Tbe subsequent season
of matrimonial bliss was not disturbed by
any demestlo troubles, and Kohrseen af.
lotted to his wife twenty acree of land on
tbe boundary of Allegheny and Washing
ton oountiss, and afterwards purchased
and preionted her with
two lots In Allegheny, upon
which. In addition to two houses, be after
ward built throe more, she getting tho en
tire property. Years rolled on and peace
and contentment were tbe lot or Kohrs
sea and bis wlfo, nee Caroline Baldwin.
But a short time ago a change came o're
the spirit of John's dreams. He alleges
that be has ascertained that when Caro
Use married blm she had a husband liv
ing, of which fact she was well aware
and that this husband, In the person of
Thome Richardson, live in the city of
Allegheny to-day. The remainder
of the prologue to this interest
log domestic drama Is brief
Kx-hrssen says that Caroline was married
to Richardson on the Mthday of October,
1BW, by Alderman HarUello Alleghany
Ci v, and during tha long years whin
ailing as Mrs. Kohrssen, ehi has been
upportlng Richardson and ber cblld.of
Which tbe first huahanA ik
Under these circumstances Kohrssen asks
tui nU orto TXoj
l urawa
back to htm the property above named,
which she obtained l - false statements as
to hor tnarkal relations. Thus the case
steads. When It cornea up for trial and
fur Ifcer particulars aro known, no doubt
tbe publla will await tho denounnmeni
with Interest.
Reperted Expressly for the Bulletin,
Til H 1' UN KIlAli SF.KV ICKS.
Wahuinotox, March 1 3 11 y half.
past 11 o'clock the crowd about Mm cup
tal was largor than ovur wltnesie.l buloio.
not oxcepting during the noted liupoacli
ment trial of Kx-l'reMont Jobuson, en
it was cslluiatutu att leuil 0,000 person
could not ovon (gain aJinUslou t
tho corridor, Tbe sumtu aud gullorlts of
tho senato chamber wero crowded bofor
eleven o'clock and bundreJs wer'o utinbl
to obtain standing room.
Tho rbambur was uUlorstnly drajio1
and u largo number of additional chairs
were placed upon the Uoor lor tbo accotn
raodatlon of tbo prcaiJont und cabinut
justices of thoaunrumo court, members of
the bouse of represontlvoi, and other in
vitod guests, aud thu mombors of tho Mas
sachusetts congressional delogatlon who
11 tho papers and books wero ro moved
from tho dusks of tho souators RJid upon
each was placod a printed order of tbe
funeral. Mrs. Socrotary Fish occupied
a ironi seat in ine uipiomauc gallery
Although tha weather was cold and tho
wind keen, an immense crowd was still
coming to the capital and' thronging all
tne approacnos.
At an osrly hour General Sborraan. ac
companied by his staff, General McDowoll
ana otner men oincers or tbo arrav. Ad
miral Lao and others in full uniform. arriv
ed and were assigned soats behlnd.tha bar,
Shortly after twelve o'clock the dido
tuatio corps, In citizens' dress, mado their
upfuun uu n.. ...aa,i tut)
reserved soats on tbo floor of the senato
Immediately behind the seats left vacant
for tno justices or tne supreme court, and
adjoining those reserved for the houso
committee appointed to attend tbo funcr
Among thom wero Sir Edward Thorn
ton, Admiral l'alo and Baron Lodever.
The cstafalquo was brought into tho
senate chamber a few minutes bofore, 112
o'clock and placod Immediately in front
oi mo vice presiaonis ucbk. Tno
mourners, consisting of tho Massachusetts
delegation in congress, accompanied by a
numoor oi tauies, JHnjor lien l'erloy
l'ooro and a few otbor intimate friends of
the deceased.enterod at 12 o'clock from tho
vlco-prosldont's room, and wore asslgnod
seats on tbo left of the vico-prcsldcnt'e
Sonator warpontor, president protom of
iue oonaio.mon cauca mo senate toorder,
ana jiov. nyron sunaoriana. ciiaplin, ad
ureieou iuo turono oi a v ne craco as
ioiiows ;
.11 . n - -
"O Lord, our God I We come toirothor
this day to engage in tho solemn coroino-
nies or tho occasion which Tbou hast made
for us amidst tho engagements, tho excito
monts, and tbe tumults or this prosent
iue. wo uesoecu rnoe. now llial wo nra
aiseuimeu in tnis cnamber oi tbo repre
eentatives of tbo peoplo, to bear our voice
u L,oru our uoui Liooic down upon ui
with Thy favor, and bless us. Sanctify
to us all tho ceromonies and services of
this solomn day, through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen "
l'resldent prutem. Carpenter dlnmtod
that all oflicers of tho senate, vaires and
others not nocded upon the floor should
reure 10 iue cioaK room lo make room
for the houso ol representatives.
Tne journal oi yesterday's proceedings
was then read by tbe secretary.
Senator Buckingham said tbe burial of
aenator Sumner would tako place on
Monday noxt: and movod when thu sen
ato adjournod, to say It mset Tuesday.
Agreed to. Md'horson, clerk of tbe
bouse or representatives, appeared at tho
bar of tbe senato and announced that tbo
house would attend the funeral of tho
late senator at twonty mlnutos past one.
The house ol representatives was then
announced and that body ontored tbo sen
ate chamber headed by Speaker Blaine and
the clerk, aud thu committee on tho part
of tho homo to accompany
tho remains to Boston. The
members of thu house wore assigned seat
on tbo right of tho vlce-presluont's table,
tho senators und others on tho rloor stand
ing as tbo house marcbod In.
The supreme court of the United States
was uext announced and tbo justices bead
ed by Marshall NicoU aud clerk Mid
dUtoneuterod the obambor.lho justices at
tired In Judical robes. They were astlgu
ed front seats on tho right of tbo chair,
Chief Justice Walto occupying the ex
treiue right.
At 12:1!0 tno prenueiu or Ue United
States and cabinet woro announced and
entered the chamber. They wero assign
'1 soats in tbo front row to tho right of
Iho chair and next to the members of tbe
supreme court. Tbo couuulttou or ar
rangements and pall bearers wore an
nouncod Immediately aftorwards. Ihey
entered, preceded by Rev. Dr.Huuderland
and followed by the corpse, homo by six
policemen whito and colored. As the
remains were borne to the catafalquo and
tbe solemn procession marchod'Iri.Dr.Hun-
j!?dr,.'?! aw U8 roisurrectlon
and the life," etc.
Tbe coflln was then closed, and the
uowers having boen roplared It was re.
moved from tbe chamber, followed by the
committees appolntod by tho senate and
nouse to accompany the remains to Bos
wn, every one standing as the coffin was
rnoved from the chamber.
The members of tho houso of repre
sentatives and of tho supremo court, tbo
president and cabinet, and other gnosis
then retlrod.ln tho ordor named as callod
by tbe presldaat pro tempore. vv
nd tho chairman announced, as a mem
ber to All thlva:ancy In tho Joint select
commltteo to Investigate tho management
of affairs in the District of Columbia, Mr.
Stewart of Novads, to bo chairman of tho
comnuiieo in place ol liouiwen, excuse,!
on account of 111 health. Tbe senatolhen,
on motion of Mr. Buckingham, adjourn
ed till Tuesday next. As soon ns the sen
ato adjourned a rush was made by somo
men and a large number of women to tho
vacant seat of Sonator Sumner, to gain
possession of Doworj which lied bon
piacod upou liis dosk ; and imilar at
tempt) woro mado to carry oil floral
decorations thnt had boon removed from
Iho catafalquo and coffin. Tho crowd
managed to selzo manv flowers beforo tho
ofllcors of tho senate could Interfere
Tho cotlln havlnc boon carried out to
the ontranco of tho fonato wing of tho
capitol, it was doposilod ill a henrso drawn
uy lour wime uortos, ami auonuoo ny
mounted policemen, was followel to tho
itaillinoio and I'otomac railroad by
a procession of tho mombors of tho Civil
Rights League, a colored'organlzation of
this city, numbering about 160 men, head
ed by Vrod Douglns and Kx-LIeutonant
Governor l'inchbauk. N oxt to this organ
izatlon followed carrlagos In' charge of
borgoaiil-nt-Arms French, containing the
commuioos or tbe Menato and Ilouso, ap
pointed lo accompany the remains to Itos
ton on a spocial train which loft AVaslilng
ton at & o'clock this afternoon.
KUM.VKIl'a lU.VKIlAt..
HoaroM, March 13, At tbo requestor
Hummu s rriomis, tlin lunorul will bo beld
at 3:1)0 p.m., on Monday, in tbo Doric ball
of tbo State-house. Tho Icintlatlva and
city com nltu.'i will go to the stato lino to
meet tne romains, mid will roturn Satur
day nl'temoon, taking thuin directly to
wiu niato-nouso, wnnro luey will lm guard
ed until Die funeral. Tho
will l short aud tlmplu. Tb&ro Is alioadv
an active discussion of Iho claims of prom
inont num to succeed
and an nUrtion must tako plnci on tho
suioiiil Tuesday alter imtlcu of the vu.mi
cy lias bue.1 receivol. It is probablo tba
tlin cuoice win ije inadn on tho 24th.
Tbo Oovornnr has ordered the state po
lice to receive tbo body of Senator Sum
nor to-morrow afternoon and escort it to
tbe state housu, whero Maior Lewis Oreo!
with adetschmentof Shaw's guards, will
net as a holy guard until the hour of the
funoral. Tbo Immediate friends of tbo
deceased at Urst objected to any
as In opposition to thu senator's wull
known iiea:o viows, nut as a t'uard was
nece.siarv in the hall, it was deemed prop
er that col' red troops who tl ret offorud
tlioir services should bo selected. An an
topsy of thu liody is to bo muds Monday.
Ml I Id Rnck.
Little I!ock, March 13.- fatties who
left Clarkivllle at 10 o'clock this morning
'.ate that Sid Wallace, the .loTuiinti coun
ty desperado, was
at 'i o'clock to-day. .Every preparation
was made. A 'Gazette' reporter was with
the condomned man up to 11 o'clock last
night, and throughout tho conversation he
woro tbe samo confident air which has
characterized blm throughout his long Im
prisonment, lie wroto a letter to tbe
'Gazette, last nignt which will
be published in to-morrow's issue,
In which ho statee that it It hit last letter;
that ho Is murdered by his enemies
through tbe forms of law without giving
him the least show.
was erected In tho court-homo yard, just
in front of tbe Jail whero Wallaco was
confined. Looking at it ho asked tbe
reporter if ho didn't think that wat a
"mighty shabby affair" upon
which to hang him. Ho oxpronsed no fear
ol doath whatever, and statod his confi
dence of being borne away to heaven
If turned loose now, bo said, with a couple
of good six-shooters, ho thought he could
get away with a good many
of his onemles; but bo stated
that they wero nfraid to meet
him and that thoy woro
X l'ACK OF cowxnDs,
who had sworn away hit life because thoy
wero alrald of blm. The crowd In attend
ance at the execution it described by tho
parties down from there to-night, as tho
largest ever assembled in Johnson county.
Wallace was rolatnd to one of the oldest
and best families In tho county. Ills fa
ther, prior to the war, was a mombor of
tho legislation and a prominent Metho
dist divino. He was killed by jay-hawk-or
about tho closo of the war. Sid had
the reputation of killing several men be
sides the one for which he was hung. He
had olio a sentence of four years in the
penitontiary hanging ovor him for an at
tempt at the assassination of Another
London, March 'IX Advicos from
Buenos Ayres up to tho ninth ultimo aro
received. Tbe presidential election was
attended with much turbuleuuo and dis
order. There woro
It I ol
in the capitol in which four persona wero
killod and wounded. Disturbances in tho
provinces wero still worse. Tho result of
tbe election is not known.
and yellow foyer bad dlssappoared
Viscount London was to-day re.elnctnd
iu parliament irom liivurpooi.
Tho liberal Journals piiblUh biuhlv en.
logistic notices of tho late Obarlu limi
ne r.
Tho 'Tiniii' this inorulnir in n luadlnif
arllclo says- "So long as'Olmistyno re
mains In thu house of common, ho Is tbo
only posslbln leader of tho liberals, livery
truu liberal will accept bis leadership on
his own terini "
Tho 'Dally Newt' buys that Gladstone's
name Is a tower of stroni'tb.aud thu whole
body of liberals regard him as tbolr natu
ral head, and that any other notion would
only betbu leader of a section.
Miinsfleld, 0.
Mansfiei.ii, March .13. Thi moruini?
switch engine of tho 11. tfc O. railroad,
run by i'.uglneor Wm. Armstrong, col
llded with a locomotive ot an uatt-bound
freight train on tbo Atlantic and Great
Western railroad as the lattor was enter
ing tbe bridge near Main street, throwing
the latter cuulno into tbo creek, totally
demolishing (bo brldgo and tbe locomo
tive's tender, aud killing tho engineer.
James Meyer, of .Gallon, the Hroman,
avod nimioir bv lumpint:. Armstrong
hat boen arrested. He lays bo wan trying
the guage rocks and did not seo tho train.
Louisville, March 13 A dispatch
was received by iwecuvo jiugn io-uay
saying that Ross Saulsbury alias R. M.
.Norton alias unapman, iuu nuinrious con
fidence man who swindled banks in this
city In September last, and who was in
Jail in uoyieaton, rensyivania, on similar
charges, .escaped ttit?mnrnlng. The
Bank In this city'ofTorIC00 reward for
his delivery hsrejj&i
toew York.
fai , AnitSTtD.
Niw YoRitMarch 13 Robort V.
Laird of Jarsey City, a justice of the
peace, wa arrested to-day ror selling liq
uor without a license.
Rome. :
THE rOl'E.
tlnW f .1. 1 1 Tk. .,.. k..
,,vn . 4unui. lui lull jiiio una .....w
ton to inn Austrian billions inciting them
to use an moir innuenco to proveiil tne
passago of tho proposed cccleslaillcal
0 in aim.
On ah A, March 13. A largo meeting of
citizens Win hold to-night in honor of tho
memory of Senator Sumner and paned
appnpriato resolutions.
ClIli Ado, March 13. Howard. White
and Cromwell's dally bulletin publlshod
to-day a full and carefully compiled re
port of tho
of Chicago for tho past season. From it
It appears tliat the total number or hogs
packed In the regular season was 1,0'2U,
024; tho averago net wolgbt 210 47-100;
overage ylold of lsrd 37 44-1000; hogs
packod during October CI.G30, Tbo pro
duct manufactured was as follows: Clear
16103 Wi; mess pork 170,307; primo mois
pork M 651 1 Kxtra primo mesa pork 461 1
Rump pork 800; total of all kinds l!),-
091 bbls, :iC,654 tierces. S. II. hams 'J7,-
;rjy,45H pounds; green bams H,977,000;
croon and dry salt shoulders y.3B I tierces;
sweet pickled (boulders -and slib-i of va
rious cuts 101!,C33,2C2 poumls, including
l .,r.',uou or tno ditiurout Kngliiii cuts.
Total number of cattle packed 111,712.
Mr.Mi'itix, March 111. About lOo'clock
IhH morning, wlillotwo lialnters were at
work on Hie front of tbo 4th ilory of B J
Hlmmes & Co.'a store on Malustrout, tb
rope broke and thu ladder turuod,and one
ol them named Cal. Hon!, or Mound City,
lllmoii, lull to llio pavement, striking oi
his head and dashing out lilt brains. Tho
other man clung to tho Udder, lo)kiug
down upon the maugled remains of bis
partnnr until somo parllei run up stairs
and pulled blm In tbo window, when bo
almost fainted, having hung ttiero lor flvu
Memphis, March 13. Tbo northern
boimd train on tho Alumnbls and Louis
villa railroad ran ovor a cow near Stanton
last ovening ditching thn train. James
Chamberlain, the engineer, was seriously
cruised, joun uonners, nreman, badly
soamea; oniy one paisongor, a lady, wat
slightly injured by Jumping from the
'I' K M PE R A N C E 0 R US A I) K.
Kvai.'m ville, March 13. The ladiei
have issued a call ror a tempuranco meet'
ing at tho Walnut stroet i-uurcb to-mnr-
row afternoon, to consider tbe question of
organizing a crusade. Tlio ladies beading
me movement include some or Evans
villa's best society.
Cincinnati, March 13 A hundred and
nity loading saloon-keepers held a meet
Ing to-night and appointed a committee
of two In each ward to make a list of tho
men favoring tho upholding ol tbe tem
perance movement and report the tame
They furthor roioived to withdraw their
patronage from all persons on this list.
mass meeting was dotormlned upon for
next week but tho timo and place are uot
Dattok, O., March 13. Four praying
and singing divisions of about twenty
women each visited tbo usual number of
saloons to-day, Inspltoof tho cold weath
cr. They enjoyed
and were hardly oflendod by tho rudest of
uppiort at mo oars wbich they visited.
Saloon keopcrt genorally took paint to
protect tnom ironi iue cold, and urged
mem 10 occupy ine oar rooms. This is a
but it does not indlcato anv relaxation in
the determination of tbo saloonltts to per-
.1.1 I . t , v m. . .
iii in moir uuiinosa. more nave been
no conquosts, and tbero are no prospects
oi uy. Aooiner great mass mooting is
goiig on this evening.
Latayette, March 13. Tho tomper
ance excitement continues. The cunnti-
commissioners io-day rejeoud eight moro
applicants for licenio, making tevonteon
In all rejected, being tho wbolo number
of applicants. Tbe ladlos aro circulating
tho plodges and doing good work. Bax
ter spoko at tho Opera House to-night to
. i. u baiuuu men
aro vory much exasperated, and swoar all
kinds of vengenco at tho next election.
an accident.
A men named Smith, a brakeman on L.
A. N. C. railroad, had an arm taken off
this evoning while coupling cart at Kill
otttville. The man employed in hit placo
bad hit band smashed beforo tbo trip to
this city was endod.
During a funeral to-day two runaways
occtirod, in oue of which two ladles were
sovorely injured,
Chicaoo, March 13. Tbe women'
temperance tuovoraent wat partly Inaug
urated hero to-day by a grand muss moot-
ing oi ine ladies irom tne various church
os ol tho city, bold at the Clark street
church, not less than 400 ladles wero pros
ont,auil on tho platform wore sovoral well
known ciorgymcn. Airs, Maunard was
called to the chair, and
was cbosuti secretary. After devotional
oxeralses aod several brier speeches by
various ladles, a commltteo of two ladles
was appointed to draft resolutions for the
constitution of tho meeting. During tbe
aluouceof the committee tbero was mora
prayer aud singing, inteisperced with
short sp6chos urging
All favorablo allusions to tbe plan ol
visiting bands of praying women being
received wttn marked expressions or la
vor. -Dr. McChoney by request real a
petition to tho
praying them not to repeal or modify thu
ordinance requiring tho closing of saloons
on Sunday. A deep, earnest fooling char
acterized tbo meeting, which was compos
ed of many of tho first Udles In tho city.
Tbero Is no doubt that it presage active
war against intemperance in this city.
Wahihnuton, D. C, March 13. Kor
Saturday In Mew Kugland and Lower
Lako region, cold, frosh and brisk north
erly to westerly winds and partly cloudy
weather will prevail, with aroas of light
snow In lh Lower Lake region, aud
thonce no'theast and on to the Atlantic
For South Atlantic states northeast and
norlhwost winds, with clear or fair weath-
wm&SZ: SATO,
And WanufWxrcr of
a .
102 Gommtroitl Avit
$C5Onlevs from Aln'ond Promptly Attended to.
er, rising barometer, aud but very slight
changes In tomperaturo.
for null siAlos una tnoncu nnrinward
to the Ohio Valley, northerly winds veer
ing to siiuthurly, with riling temperature,
falling barometer Inrrcaitng cloudlnesi,
and In tho Lowor Mississippi Valley rain
ny Maiuruay night.
Fur Upper J.akn region nnd theiire
southwestnerd to Kansas, oasturlv to
tiiulhorly winds, with rising lompera'.uru
and less atmoipiieric pressure,
Tho Ohio and Cumberland rivers will
continue to fall slowly.
Olllce ol OIim: VHtion, Slgnul S-rlro V.H.
: i my. Dally report ol tbuatayo ol water,
witli tbo i-buugc lor the til bourn ending
!! o'eloek p. In., Mnroli 13, 1874.
Above C'baugta.
HTATIOX.1, watcr.l Itlno. Full.
t r
St. Loui
Vlcksburg ...
Shrevcport ....
New Oilcan-..
I.lttlu Hock...,
4-2 10, 0 7. II
17 1 0 4! 0
ft II fl b. II
, 2H III i & (I
II 'i II 4,11
. . . 3i n , o a;
41 0 1 (I 1 0
'.Ti 1,0 ill 0
13 I II 8 0
U : 0 01 (I
, ! : o i
llclow nle.li wutormuiK.
Knwi.v Hootii,
Observer Slg. Her. II. S. A,
l'msiichu, March 12. River falling
Liiti.c Hock, March 13. Weather
clear and nleaiant, River rising, 11
by gauge.
New Orleans, March 13. No arri
vail. Departed Mary Houston, Cincin
nan. ciear and pleasant.
Vicksuuho, March 13 Up John
tvyio, w;uas iioumin, w it utiurcti, JoUu
bcudder. Weather clear and pleasant
itivcr rising, -ii loot above low wate
Cincinnati, March 13 River 28 feot
and falling. Arrived Mullia Kbert
fittsbur. Doparted Mollle Kbert, St
Louli; Andes, Wheeling: Ann, Tonnes
soe river. Clear wlnly and cold.
Me.miui, March Is. River still sta
tlonary. weather clear and cool. Do
parted City of Vlcksburg. Si Loula; Kit
tlo UIgler, Cincinnati, Indiana, Louis
ville; Longworth and Hello Leo, Now
Nashville, March 13 River falling,
is leot and lu tnenes on tne shoals. Tb
weather Is clear and cold. Arrived Ca
mella, Cincinnati; Sllverthornc, Kvant
vllle. Doparted Sllvorthorno, Kvans
Evansville, March 13 Weathe
clear and cold; mercury 23 to 3.'.',- river
fallen 4 inches with 30 feot H Inches by
marit. up j-.d Wilson no i.ravctto
Roberts, Quiclntep, and Bermuda. Down
unarmor and laraicon. ilulilncn very
Loui-villk, March 13, RIvor falling
ing siowiy witn li leet in ine canal and
0 foot in tbe Indian pan. "Weather cold
and blustering. Tbo following boats from
i'lttsburg arrived in tho last two days
uiaric, jonn uiuoiu, diamond, Ale Don
aid, Mary Ann, Knterprlic, Qrand Lake
No 1, Smoky City, Walton, Reese, and
I'aintor. Arrived to-day J D Parker,
Cincinnati; Fearless, St. Louis. De
parted 1'arker, Memphis. Tho Fearless
broke hor cylindor heads at the mouth ol
Bluo rivor and is lying at Now Albany
ior repairs.
New Orleans, March 13. Flour ilrm
stocK small single X 6 70, triblo extra
C 7C7 60, family 7 000 00. Corn fair
supply and demabd, yellow mixed 76,
white 7578, yellow 78(370. Oale good
supply and fair demand G'.'. Bran dull
'JO. Hay dull, prime 10 00. Pork good
demand and firmer, lCkilCJ. Dry salt
meats quiet 6(8L Bacou dull, held at
"10J. Hams 11J1S1. Lard dull,
tierces 00j. Sugar dull, fair to fully
iair 1(11)1. prime it. juoiasset. good
grades in demand, nrlmo 70. Whiikv
quiet, Louisiana &G, Cincinnati 1 001 00.
Coffee quiet 23027J. Corn meal scarce
ana nigucr, u u.
Cincinnati. March 12. Flour uulet
anu woav. uotn caller at &J(ioi. uati
quiet and steady at o0&7. Rye quiet unit
tteauy at i ui'taji vj, jiariey dull nnd
npminel. Kkk fair demand at 14 But-
toritoady. Clioeio ilrm. Uork dull un
changed at 16 10. Lard quiet, steam 8'
kettle Ug,'JJ. Bulk meats steady;
ibnulilxra ii, nluar rib Tj spot and buyera
March; cloar 88L Bacon dull; should
ers C$, clear rib 8, cloar BKg'J. Whisky
steady at 03.
St. Looia, .March 12 Hump unchang
ed. Flour dull and weak; round lott low
er. Wheat dull and lewor; No 1! tprlug
1 1!81 ill, No a rod fall 1 431 44, No
ii 1 6&I&B. Corn inactive unchanged;
No2 mixed C2jca- Oats quiet and un
changed. Rye steady and tlrm; No 2 mix
ed 93. fork In bettor demand at 10 00
1 oO. Dry salt meats upon quiet, cloaot)
tinner; looso shoulders OJ, clear rib 7,
country sboulders iloltrored at 6 J, closr
rib 7j, hams 7J. Baoon qulot, shoulders
Cg7, clear rib (f-j, clear sides H'.i. Lard
quiet and Ilrm; ileum 8j. Whiskey uu
ohangod at 03.
Mksii-iiis, March 13. Flour dull and
nominal, Corn meal dull and unsettled
3 4'.'Ja 40. Corn quiet 08Q60. Hay,
prairie and mixed 12(3) 18 60. Bran
scarce and Ilrm 24 in itoro. Fork dull
and drooping 10 '.'! in storo. Lard dull
aud declined 9 10. Bacon fair demand
and lowor; shoulders 771; sides 0(2.
Chicaoo, March 13. Flour quiet.
Wheat fair demand and lower closing
steady; No 1 spring 1 i!3Js No li i 19.
Corn fair demand and lowor closing
steady; No 2, CI; regular 01) fresh spot;
Gl bid April. Rye tteady.No ii fresh 80.
ilariey iair uemanu anu auvanceu; no i
1 C8: No 3, 1 4ll 40. Fork dull 14 80
cash; 14 70 May, Lard fair demand and
advanced 8J cash; 9 April, Bulk meat
dull and unchanged- Bacon quiet and un
changed. Whisky 89.
ami llelail
t R O V 1 H I ll H ti MTU.
No. I 1 0
lino l.r.icvt.
.Cairo, Irtn
74 (aisoouu vloob) ohio invaav
oauu, iua
But and Hill Rial JBtati,
(Snccesior to l'arksr A'.Ulake,)
paints and: oils
Vara lali t. IsreMkM,
wall; papkb,
1I tbe eelebratM iltuiulaatta
Dealer in
Tenth Street, between Washington
Commercial avenues.
, A largo supply of Pittsburg aud Hi
Muddy coal constantly on band. Stove
wood tawed to order. Orders for ceal or
wood should be left at tha oflica on Tenth
toreet. Terms, cash on delivery.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Dealers la
iiAMi anu Horr. 1
Keep constantly on baud
Floomho and aiDimi, ALao Lath.
.Ortlara Nullell4.
Ull. I.
MILLS I'ARKKH, Pioprlftnr.
I'entti dtfftt, between Walnut aud
llavlnif nun-based tbe entire mm-l- Mt.i.u
Horses, rarrlagoi, UugKlet, etc., ot Uu
Held, and added several nnw iiinnimiti I
Mr. l'aikornow Iniltes all bit friends, old
nnd new, iu wantot Saddle Horses, Double
nrSlngle Carriages, oi- anything eft in hit
Iue, to Klve lilin a rail. 41 12dm
John q, Harmau.
cuat, Tnrupp
And Laud Agents of tb ini-lCttt
and Biitllucton and MIsiourlH"01" oom
urtli tior. of em Mvt
JOAIJi'i iLUV9If.'i

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