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March II, 10:11 p.m., 174. )
Hromf!ter,SO:'i'W dcgrcea.
Thennomoter, 1 1 degreea.
Wind N. i: Velocity 1 r, mllci per hour,
Wcathor, ilcar.
Muiltmini toinper.ilure (or la.it 21 liotir
M dereei:
Mlnliiiuiii teinpcrntitrn lor the last 21 hour
!ti dogrce.
Prevailing wind for last ill hour, N.
Total number of miles traveled by lnd
during latt 24 hours, '21 J.
KttwiN Hootii,
Obnorvor Sicnsl .Service, U. H. A.
"time card.
Mall at...'. U:M a.m.,
Kxpremat Il.lK) p.m., ,. . .
except .Sunday
IrclL'ht at...
. 4:0 ii. in,
Freight hI,....11:,m a. in,,,
Freight at . . t$o i,in.,,,.
Mall at '2:15 a.m., Dally
Kxprcmat 2:05 p.m.,....excpt .Sunday
I-re glit at IClft a.m.,....cxcept .Monday
I-re k it at...., .7:10 p.m., except .Sunday
Krullitat 10:05 p.m......
m a-17-tft .'amks JOHXBO.V, Agent.
iia.u: or riMi:.
On and alter .Sunday, February !I 1j7,
trains wilt run oh follows :
. , , rakwnjfcr. Freight.
y ro. leave. ,Vii a.m. r.-o-. .
niiiinu vii), leave uvil
V It'll n :t, leitve
larrlKburg, leavn ...... S:l!l
8:27 "
lilt P.M.
'.'iSTi "
1:15 Mil.
r.:.V, "
lorn uuy, li uvu .... "
,'arml, arrive !i:.Vl "
arnil, leave 10:lHI "
iiayvllle, leavo l();i) "
lount (. armi-l, leave... J I:'.".! "
Incrniic, Iravo M.
'..V JI. Junction, nrrlc.l::K "
Pjeii;iT. I.'ii'IkIiI,
. A; .M. Junction, leave.
i lil'l A. 31,
iiieetine, leave 7:'i " 7:l j.m,
own varmci, leave.... ti:Xl " H ikj '
rayvllle, leave y;H )(:I7 "
mill, arrive lii:(n)
mill, leave 10:10 " a.m.
urrlt I Ity. leivii .. ,.10;U " 7.1 ..
nrrllnirli, leave ii.oi n.m
leiilia, leavo 1:17 IM. 12:15 P.M.
oil rid City, leac 'i-.ti " .1:10
ilro, arrive :(H " S-.U) "
ave Cairo at 11:30 a.m. and li:Vt n.m
ae Mound City atl2:3.'ip.m.andJ:10p.m.
Frrltht train nop over night' at (arml;
ii irtmi mere tit ml.veii train, Icaxliij: at
' a. m : leaving Viiieetmct at 7 n.m. the
,iiu evening for return trip.
U (.alro with the .Ml-l-.ippi Central,
ihllc nnp Ohio, for all point- i-out; (aim,
kan-a ami Texas for all polnt.i In Arkau-
and Texan.
t Vlncenne: IndlnuapoINand Vlucennen
Iway lorlndlanapolixandallpoInU north,
t and ct; with Kvannlllo and Oraw
d ille railway forKvaimllle,Tcrra Haute,
nrllle, Chicago ami all point north, east
I went; with Ohio and .MUi.-lppi rail
y for Ht. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati and
point e.it and went,
vt Norrls City rroing the Springfield
I Illinois Poutfic:itcrn railway.
L. W. I'ALMKR, Oou'l Sup't.
. 1'. "Wilson, Oen'l l'aiieniror, Act.
he shorlcst and only direct route Irom
ro to Jaaknonport, l.Ittlo Itock, Hot
Ini, Fulton, and all pulntii In Arkansaa
the Southwest, and (ialvcston, Ilounton,
la, Austin and all polntn In Tox.n
hrows'li ticket, through Mlh or lading,
Information iu to freight rates, pas
cr lure, connections, etc., can bo oh
ed ut tho company's ntllco In Winter's
k, corner of Seventh street and Com
clal avenue.
acks will call at private 'residences am)
lii for paucngerii, when orders aro left
cgant l'ullman palaco sleeping cam on
lht trains.
alnii run dally, (Sundays excepted) from
Cairo OIHco an follows :
.eurecntield ...u:U3 a m and 4:uap.m.
vo ut GrceuCeld'e. ,0:17 a m and:i:CSp.m,
e (ircenlleld's U00:p. in,
vc at UrcentleldV l:40p.ni,
I). Axtkix. Chief KnirlnRor.
. f). V.. Douoi.AH, lielne; ilctermlned It
I lu evurv Oentnl operation, has re
am! lefllinMied his Dental Tailor, No.
rhth street, and N now rrrulvinir from
White .V .lolitiMin. of I'hlladelphla,
weekly, thu lnrj;est and flnei-t aMirl
of Dental (looil ever ntlered In this
ami as koo1 l''ul found in the
t cities.
Dutiful gold fillings
afpeelalily.not any of the solt, niUera-
-puiifrv wol'K ttiat mops mil. leavinj;
cut, 'Hied, dUcolored, and often 0c-
feet liolden Oems put inns mllil and
de as tlio Miiclted metal Itself.
Children's Teeth.
clal attention t'lven to the treatment ol
ren'n Teeth. Parents liy liavlm; tlielr
en's Teeth cxaiiilued oeenslonullv,
d save them mucli Hullerlng ami tie
tv In after years.
DollKlas iitsoLdvesTaitleulariittenlloM
eelialileal Dentlsli-y. havlnitseeiiiiiil the
to iiso DU. HYATT'S I'ATKNT (101,1)
Ii has been thoroUKlily tented and up
d by the best DenlUts III the Kast, and
til a iiount, mo nesi ami iirmesi iiniu
date now In use,
'th iivlraeted without pain by tlin in-o
t ..i.i o.. n,l.l,.l. I., .....,.il..unr..
o .1 1 1 1 1 lioiisTv iiilmln slerei I.
11 U. I,. UUUUI.AM.
1IKM.IS, BltO., & CO.,
homi Cotton Mills
no. 80 Okio Levee, ciiro, nuj
to r.NiniATi:s.
To Hixi'isi: tin: ixsKintoN' or an an
Nir.xi:tt:.Nr i.v Tin: l!i'i.u:i.v rni: im.ih.i
cat ion n:i: Airnr iik i-aid wiikn nn:
ax.oi x(. i:mi:.t ii iia.nii:i, ix. Tins ih-i.i:
wti.i. iik Misnrn.v .i!iitiii:n 10. Cuv
orricitu i?:i; waiii, i kn.t.hx,
nut OITV CI.IIUK. " '
We ale niitliorled to aiiliotlliin Ml ii Intel
.1, llowley a :i eamlld.ite, for le-eleelloii to
Hie olllee of Cily Clelk,allhe appio.ielilng
elly eleefioil.
Dlilloit llt'M.KII.V: Ynll Mill pleae all
noillieu that I am a eandlilale for the olllee
of elly elei k at Hie elMlllij; charier eleetloli.
!l-il-l!Ml W. IC. Hawkins.
l oit (;iTv tm:Ahi'in:i!i
.Mil. Km lou: Ily ieciiet of a n.iinber of
cllleiis ple:ie alillolllleu my llama as a Vim-
lidali; for Ihe olllee of City Trea-tirer at Hie
I'11-iiIhk eliarlereleellon.
Wood ItiriUNiiot'si:.
roit ;itv ATIOKNIIV,
We are aiithoried to announce that H
Wat-oil Webb Is a candidate for re-eleclloli
to the olllee or city attorney at Hie rmullix
(barter eleetlon.
l'OIt ItKNT,
Two good Houscj. Inrjulro of
IMG J.'17-3t (Jeonor. KisitKii.
Waktkd A cook
Apply at
Bulletin olllco.
rou Hai.k oh Kxciiamik A Farm
noar Villa KIdejo irood homo and youni;
orchard. Inouiro at tlili offico or nddreis
T. 1J. KAr.p.i.v,
lill-3.17.tf Ullln, Ilk
Tiik auction- iai.k of grocorio, by
Hobort Smytli s Co., will bo continued.
commencing Vedne(day -Morning at 10
o'clock. Tho tock to bo lold otnbracci a
lull lino of fancy (jrocorici, ttarch, toap,
oandiiu and & onoral iiiiortmnt of can
ned fruiti. Alio ono mulo and dray.
(ii:xi:i:AL rn:3is.
Tho "commoHouV bulldine; In tbo
navy yard at Mound City u to bo converted
Into a placo for county otllcci and court
homo. It ii laid it will auivrcr tlio pur
pole to a T.
Woliavoon our tablo ft lengthy ac
count of Urn NVHtlji golJen-wedding
which took plactt at Keliool's hall on Sat
urday evening. Alio a rard from Carl
AVittie;, both of which will appear in to
morrow IScllktis.
Tho corporation receipts of Chariot
ton, Miiiouri, lat year umounted to M,
071 S3, tho expenditure 1 1,005 Hi.
Thoro ii a balanco in thu treaiury of
f 10 1!0. Tho 'Courier' iay tho city "liaj
put In 81! itreet croninga and cauied a
largo amount of tidewalka to be built.
On Thunday lait tho Ohio nvor at
Cairo was 4 1 feet above low water mark,
and came, within soyvn leot of tno high
water mark of 16C7. There ii no fear of
an Inundation ht Cairo, tho loveu aru ro
atrong that this city can now wlllntand
all tho flood. Tim .Miiiinippi wm rifing
rapidly at la't account;, and much dam
ago dono to Invoea and plantationa below
Memphii. Jonoaboro liazotto.
- I! on want a beautiful et of ai tltlrl.il
teeth; If you want a rood solid lilllm;: ir
you want anything in the dental line, go to
the splendid dental rooms of Dr. William
on Comiuvreiiil aenue, over Klllot .V Ila-
tbonie's boot and shoe store, where -atl-f.ie-tion
Will be nlvclt ill all ea-es ; and alter thi
ll lie Ills charge- will be redlleed to tuit the
times. Dr. Williams will relieve you of the
toothache if you call upon liltn. 'Jt
Colonol Taylor, president of the
Cairo and St. Louis railroad company, ii
now in Now York city, whoro ho wai
called to moct tho agent of tho London
and Amsterdam holders of bonda in tho
Cairo and St. Louli road, to consult with
him as to tho lest method of tccuring tho
early completion of that road. And wo
may add good nowa has boon received
from tho Colonol.
II. "Wation "Webb announces in thia
iisuoof Tins llct.LETi.v that ho ia a candi
date for ro-clection to tho ofllco of city at
torney. During tho past year Mr. "Vobb
has 11 Hod thia olllco, and wo boliovo to tho
entire latitfaction of n groat rnnjorlty of
the votora cf Cairo. Ho has boon faithful
to duty, nnd watched with zealous enro
evory matter Intruitcd to ma nttoniion.
That ho will bo ro-eloctcd by a handsomo
majority, is boyond doubt.'
ThoShawnoetown 'Oazetto' (Jool O.
Morgan's papor) of last woek says : ''In
a loiter from John V. Ilely, of Cairo, tho
gentleman who cuporlntondod tho con
struction of tho .north and south lovee?.
ho says: 'I noticed your nccount ot tho
auccois of tho luvco. I am glad that it
has proved ruccnsiful.' Tho people of
Shawnoutown boliovo that Mr. Holy did
his duty faithfully in superintending this
work, and now, uftor nmplo tost, fool con-
fldont that tho work was well porformod."
Anna, Union county, has boon taken
with nnothor attack of tho "nuwspspor
lover," and tho merchants of that placo
aro casting about for some mm who is
willing to undortako tho publication of n
papor tlioro. Thougti n number ot tit
tompta to run a nowspapor in that town
bavo eucceisivoly failed, wo know of no
good rcaion why thia should bo tho caso,
If tho right man ono who understands
tho dotaila of tlio printing buiinoss, and
will attend to thorn will start papor in
Anna, ho can ut least mako a respectable,
living, and that la about all any printer
can oxpop.t.
A correipondunt of tho Jonesboro
'Gazette,1 apoaktng of tho prospoeta for. n
good crop of peaches this hoiisoii, eaysi
"A careful Investigation of various
poach orchards has rosultod in fin Improv
od view of tholr condition. It Is found
that on young trees, and oven old ones
that havo rucolved inch caro during last
aoaaon as to atlmulato, their growth, that
tho buds havorocoivod but nominal injury,
vhlle thvso that havo boon negloctod aro
protty aeveroly handled. Acloio examina
tion of tho troea on tho farm of Capt. K. O.
Froaman roaulta at follows; Goorgo tho
Forth, Troth, norgsn'a Yollow, Galbrnlth
seedling nnd Ward'a lain, ono-tonth Itlll
ed. Smock, in JO. Old Mlxon, 1 In 30,
JUriy Crawford, nil lillkd. Indian all
sound. Tho nbovoaro old tree.". It may
bo propor to state that but very fow early
t-rnwronls rotimn in tlio orchard. Youne;
iroes, Duarliif; tholr nrat crop, ol whirl
ilo captain hai a largo orchard,
am no-. eiMonlially ifilurod at all
A fow dead budsnro fimml, but thu troos
aro so full of liyo onos that If nolhinc in
inn iiuuro provent, tho treei will in many
tas overbear. Tlio doul buds aro its
ually on tlio tip of tho oon's growth,
whom tho buds wuro weakest. At tho
laothu bills wfiro sound. 'It may bo
well to mention that this orchard has re-
colvod clean and careful cultivation dur
Iny the past year, which mnv account for
Us comparative immunity from harm.
Aimiiici-Cdlil-HlimdiMl Murder iicnflitU
City 'I lie .Murderer Am-Mcil iniil
11 11IMV III JiUI.
On Hun-Jay morning lat a partv of four
colored mos called at tho roMdcnco of Cor-
oner (Joisman, and Informed tho corono
that on tho night provlous while on hia
way homo, a colorod man named Glllrnan
Jonca had fallen from hia wauoii and re
ceived such Injuria as caumid hi death in
a fow hours. Thev
body was at tho cabin of Jorry M.'Klnny,
a colorod man who lives on tho lino of tho
Cairo and .St. Louis railroad about four
rnllcs from tho city, and wiihod
tho coroner to hold an Inqucit on it.
Coronor Oosiman at onco repaired to
McKinny's cabin, and finding n numbor
of colored mon proiont, forinod n jury and
commencod to hoar ovidenco ns to tho
mannor in which Jones caiiio to his death.
A colored man namod
was tho first witncii called. Laichao sta
ted, In substance, that hlmiolf, Jefl". Till
man and thodeceaioJ had como to town
on Saturday afternoon with a load of cord
wood. Deposing of the wood thnv lmd
ll.Hwl as ll,al. l.i.. I
a short distance nbovo thu roeidence of
Mr.Hmallonburg, .Jonos got his foot on-
tanglod in ono of tho wheels of tho wagon
anj fell oft", tho hind wheol paning over
his head, Inilicling tho injuries which
caused his death. Laschao gavo this ore
dunoiri an open, irank mannor, and Cor
oner (iossman nor anv of tho iurr
suipcctcd that thero had been foul play,
Jiut the roadcr will readily understand
their eurpriio when tho kocond witnoss,
told thorn "tho truth" about how Jonoa
had boon; murdered. Ileing sworn "to
toll tho truth, tho wholo truth, and noth
ing but the truth," Tillman liosltaied a
moment and then said, "Well, I am aworn
to tell tho truth about thia matter and
I'm going to do it " Tillman thon gvo
his ovilenco, which was substantially as
follows: Laschae, Jonoi and himself
(Tillman i had start(4 on their way home,
and when a short distanco from tho court
house met a whlto man named Hunter,
i Hunter la in tho employ of .Mr. Srnallon-
borc, tho gardnor) who wanted to rido.
Hunter had n bottlo of mediclnn in hie
pocket, and boforo thu wagon had pro
ceeded far Laschao succecdod in stealing
it from him, doubtlcis believing tho bottlo
contained whisky. A tho wagon parsed
Mr. Siiiallenborg's Iluntor got oil' and
went into tho houio. Tho thrco colored
men continued on their way, and when
out of hearing of the houc, .lone J said to
Lachao that ho "did not think ho 1 1. a-
schae) would steal." Without anything
further being said, Lascb&o
out of tho wagon framo nnd struck Jonos
a hoavy blow on tho head. Jones foil off
tho wagon and beggod Laschao not t hit
bim again. Hut tho wretch paid no at
tontlon to his pleading!, and del', bim n
second terrible blow, which knocked him
insensible. Tillman and Leichao put
Jones on tho wagon nnd took him to Jorry
McKinny's cabin, whoro thoy left him.
Jones lingered until twolvo o'chek Sat
urday night, when ho died.
When Laschao found that his victim
was doad, ho prevailed en Tillman to say
that Jones had been killed by being run
over by tho wagon; but whon niked to
nvear to a li' ho backod out.
Coroner Gorman at onco arrc3ted La-
achae, brought him to tho city nnd turned
him over to Jailer Dick Fitr.gorald, who
lockod him up In tho county jail. Ilo ad
mits tho killing of Jonos, nnd Eayslbat
ho waa neither drunk nor angry whon ho
did it.
Jones was about 20 years oId,and leavoa
a wife ami ono child. Laschao is sup-
poied to be between thirty-llvo and forty
yoars old, and is a single man.
On Wodnoiday (to-morrow) morning,
a preliminary hearing of thu caso will bo
heard beforo Judgo IJrosf.
Owing to tho tinrd times and thu in
ability of many of tho sutlering to vial
tho National HunrucAi. Institutk nt
Indianapolis, Indiana, three of thu .Sur
geons of tho Instltuto havo yloldod .to
urgent solicitations, and will visit Cairo,
a'.opplng at tho St, Charloa hotol, Tuosday
and Wednesday, March 24tli and 25th,
187-1, with nil kinds of surgical appara
tus and appliances, nnd fully proparod to
treat such cases ns may call upon thorn
for roller, thus paving the patient n long
Journoy to tho Homo Institution, Thoy
will como especially proparod to troat all
Surgical cases; Paralysis ; nil kinds of
deformities of tho Face, Kpino, and limbs;
Dlsoasod Joints; Diseased Kycs; Catarrh;
Frlvato Disoasoa; FHop; Fistula, &c. No
cnies will bo undortukon without n fair
hopo sf rollof. Prices will bn modorado.
It lu noodlesa to say that tills Institution
Is ontlroly rospon6iblo,iind tholargost and
most popular or tho kind lu America,
citrine thousands of catos annually. Como.
tho first day, If possible, as a groat crowd
will bo thoro. Kkmemukh Tin: time and
J-I.ACK. Bond to tho Instltuto for a circu
lar. i!i!0-3-12-woa-rit W-lt
Mcollntr cf tlio Colored (Jlllzcns Lnst
Mfflil Hcsoliiltons ofUnspccl In Urn
.tieiniiry ir tlio Laic Sciintnr Sumner
-Sprrrlipj, Snti-jH, pic.
Thn colorod cltl.-.oni of ('mrn, to tho
number ol several hundred, assembled
at School' hall Inst night for the purpose)
of giving appropri ito oxpreon of their
feolitigi In relation to tho
dkatii ok (M'.WATnn n-Mjrr.n.
Hev. CharlfS Caldwell, of tho Four
teenth atrott llaptlit Church, waa called
to preside; and Mmiw. Taylor, llrltton
nnd G,-con woro appointed vlcopresidentf,
and 1!. II. O'llryan, secretary.
woromadoby W, T. .Scott, .1. W.Wil
liams, J. Oladnoy and J. J. lllrd. After
thu speeches tho touchers or tho colorod
school provided tho asiomblago with aonga
approprlato for tho occasion.
.Messrs. J. J. JJird, J. V. Williams and
W. T. Scott woro appointed a
Tho commlttoo rotlred and after nn nb-
senco of a fow mlnutos reported tho fol
lowing, which woro unanimouily adopt
ol :
WlISUKAS. Jlv nn act of Divlnn I'fnvl.
denco Honorablo Charles Sumner, late
Unltod States Senator, has boon summon
ed from a llfo or eminent ntiblln ilntv.
thorororo ' ' '
Heiolved, That, In common with thn
pooplo or tlio Common wealth of .Mui,.
chtisetts, whoso honorod representative ho
was, wo deeply deplore tho lots ol him
whoio life, character, and public services
Woro for a quarter of a conturv Inlnr.
woven with tho peaco, progress and per
petuity of our "Free American Institu
tions." Itesolved, That his untirinirdu vntlon to.
and unoxnmplod advocacy of "libertv and
justice" for tho "colored Americau," for
which ho was inhumanly troated, and
brutally awultod In tho Sonato chamber,)
havo won for him tho unfoinod regard
and laiting gratudu of tho truo lovers of
liberty, ovory whoro.
Hcsolvcd, That hi almost expiring
words, "take caro of my Civil Itlchta
11111," are unimpea:hablo evidonco of thn
purity of. rao.Uj,.M'lo,liWrb'ula,;,'?.V.rpoio
vocato tho paisaco of that, to tti. intran-
aio mensuro.
Itesolved, That languago Is inadoriuato
toexprcis even an approximato catimato
of hia matchless worth; wj thoroforo
commit mat tmpoiing duty to tho ruturo
historian, and romoto posterity, who, per
chance, after having roaped tho benefit or
his legal attainments, scholarly ability
and unbounded knowledge, may rise in
mo majouy oi unseiuiti patriotism,
and call him 'treat. and
Whereas, It hai boon rocommondod
by tho Civil Itights League that atops bo
immodlatoly taken to rauo lunda to erect
a monumont in honor to Ohas. Sumner,
Koiolved. That wo haartllv concur in
laid recornmendationa, and will uio
every endeavor by means and moasurca
to consummate that noblo purpose; nnd bo
u mriDor
Kosolved. That In order to fhnw a still
furthor appreciation or his public services,
wo recommond that tho nrivato residence
of families and our housos of worship be
draped in mourning for a porlod of thirty
Aftor tho adoption ot thonbovo resolu
tions tho meeting adjourned.
I'rnl". Alvord's Ledure I.nst Nislit A
Largo Aitdlcni'C A Good Kntertaiu
meiil. Tho High school room was comfort
ably wctl-flllod last night with our boit
citizens tohoarl'rof. Alvord's Iccture,nnJ
tho accompanying exorcises.
Mr. Georgo Fiibor called tho audionco
to order, nnd announced that tho ovening's
entertainment would bo inaugurated by
a song by tho Concordia singing fociety.
The society then i-ung a picco enlitlod
"Sabbath Day," nnd though wo wore not
quite Dutch enough to uadorstand tho
wording of tho song, wo do not heiitnto
to say that tho nunte was oxcollont, and it
rccoivod the hoarty applauso of the audi
onco. Second in ordor wis u doclamation by
Geo. Hondrlcks. To say that Goorge did
himsolf credit and tho author or tho dco
lamation justice, Is only to givo him his
just ruward.
After nnothor aong by tho "Concordia,"
cntltlod "Tho Hunter's Song," and a fow
introductory remarks by Mr. Flihor, Pro
fessor Alvord took tho stand, and pro
ceeded to dolivor hia lucturo on "Music."
I'rof. Alvord said ho thought music ihotild
bo universal, nnd should not bo rogarded
as nn nmuaomont ulone; but ehould bo
made a study and cultivated In ovory homo
and family, nnd In fact, ovorywherc. Ilo
considorod it an art, a sclenco, and bo
lioved it possessed a cortaln langcago, and
Is tho cauio of many lnudltory ell'octs.
Ho thought tho teaching of music as a
sclenco had a tendency to cultivate tho af
fections nnd purify and olevato tho mind.
Ilo was an nd vocato ot toachlng it in ovory
school. Tho cultivation of music gavo
power to express fooling, and ho thought
music, lileo woman (God's greatest bless
ing to man), was given to choor
us In advorslty and to enliven
our prosperity. Prof. Alvord closed
bis locturo with a fow poetical thoughts,
sumo of which ho said were not original.
Tho lecturoand locturor woro highly com
pllmentod by thoso in attendance.
Alter unothor song by tho Concordia(
Mr. Flshor announced that tho noxt lee
turo -nill bo delivered by Dr. 'Wardnor
two weeks from dale (Monday ovoning,
.March 30). Tho subject of I)r. Wnidnor'i
lecturu will bo "Tho Sonsoi."
Tun harbor shop is on kho cornor ol
Kighth stroot and Commercial nvonuo
whero J. Goorgo Htionhouio with his gen
tlemanly assistants can bo found ut uny
hour of tho day or night, roadv to soothe
your feolings with a smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with n good sham
poo. It is n first-class shop, and you aro
euro of rocoivlng first-class treatment.
Ladies' and chlldron'B hulr cut or curlod
aftor tho most approved etylen. 8-lG-tf
The LAitaKaT btock of bird cages, tol
let sot, water coolorH, bath tubs and a
genoral stock ol tlnwaro stores ovor of
ferod In Cairo may bo found, choapcr than
tho cheapest, at C. "W. Houdoreon'i, No.
100 Corumorciiil aventto, 'J38 3-ll-lm.
MA ROIL 17, 1874.
Prick Ourbksjt Orrtce,
Monday Eva, March 10, 1871.
Wo havo to noto au unclmngod market
so far as Hour nnd hay it ooncornod
firm and actlvo market for Oats, and a
firm Tooling In Corn wlth.'vory littlojniovo
mnnt. Oat woro quoted stlfl' to-adpat an
advanco to 51c. rorcholco rnlxod with not
enough ottering to supply tho market,
Thudomand ii confined nlmoit ontlroly to
tlu ordor trade, prices below not warrant
ing shipments on speculation
Tho causo or advanco In prices Is not
so much an extraordinary demand, as tho
extromoly light receipts of tho past Tew
days. Itocolpts of Corn aro nlio lightbut
tho domand la small nnd tho market quiet,
lluttor ii rnoro plenty and quolod at 0 to
33c. Kggs aro plenty at 13a nnd tho sup
ply of poultry Is about equal to tho do
mand. Tho wcalhor is damp and gloomy, nnd
to-day cloiod with ovory Indication of a
rainy night.
Cay Correspondents should bear In
mind that our quotations rcprosont prices
for round lota rrom first hands, union
othorwiso statod, and that in filling small
ordor, higher priccj must bo paid.-Vjan
FLO UK Heavy and quiot, with very
llttlo doing. Thoro Is some dornand for
medium grades to fill ordure, but tho mar
ket Is generally dull and unchangod. AVo
noto aaloa aluco our last royiow of tho
market : liOO bbls cholco XXX 7 7o; W0
bbla various grados 0 O07 7o ; 400 bbls
various grades A 759 00 in lots : 300 )
bbls various grados 5 008 00; 300 bbls
various grades in lots, 5 000 00.
HA l Cholco timothy is scarce and in
iomo request. Thoro Is nlso a llttlo de
mand for cholco mixod. Low grades of
mixed or timothy aro not wantod. Wo
note sales of 1 car prairie dol nt 11 00; 1
car cholco timothy dol 1G 00; 3 cars cholco
timothy dol 17 00; I car commen mixed
del 13 00; 3 cars good mixod dol 14 00
10 00.
COltN Tho market is quiot nnd firm.
Iticeipts aro small nnd traniactlona
are ramuiw u .... . a
ombrnco 1 car aott now mixed, sacked nnl?
dol 65c; 1 car cholco whlto in bulk, on
track C3e; 1 car whlto in heavy sacks dol
oc, J cars choice mixed In sacks dol C8c:
600 sacks cholco old ralxeJ, In loti 70c;
i,&uu sacks choico mixod dol C8c: 1,00.1
sacka choico whlto dol 70c.
OATS Kocolpta havo fallen short or
tho domand, and undor tho Infiucnco or
tho scarcity occasioned by It, prices havo
advancod to 51c for choice In sacks and
48c in bulk. Thoro Is very littlo dolnc
outsido of tho ordor trado. Salos woro C
wra cholco mixod del in sacks C3c; '1 cara
choico Northorn in sacks dul 55c in lots;
&ou sacks choice mixed dol 53; 1C00 Backs
cholco mixod dol C4c; 0 cara choico mix
od, sacked and dol 51c; 2 car choico mix
ol In bulk on track 4718e.
COIIN MEAL Firm with n oJy
mitrkot for nil recolpU ftt unchanged
I.:.. t, ...in) ui iini DtM
3 35; 1C0 bbls K. 1). 3 30; 250 bbls S. 0.
3 30; 1 car load steam dried sold on pri
vate terms.
HltAIC 2ono ollering oxcept at tho
mills. Corn bran ia quoted at 12 00 and
"vrirmt bran 16 to f8 00. Wo noto sales
of 500 Backs dol 17 0018 00.
UUTTKlt Kocolpts aro fair and tho
market firm at 3035c, according to qual
ity. "Wo noto anloa of 1,000 lbs choico
Southern Illinois r.03c; 800 lbs choico
northern 333f)e; 400 lbs cholco northorn
31 30c.
EGGS Tho market la well supplied
and tho domand moderately actlvo at 13c,
shippor's count. Sales worn 1,000 dozen
13c; COO dozon 13Ao.
CHICKENS Tho domand nnd sup
ply Is about equal, both fair. Pricos rango
all tho way from 12 50 for mixed to n CO
for cholco lions. Sales wcro CO do.on livo
mixod and cholco hona !( CO to ii CO ; 2
coops mixod 1! 50 to 3 00; 3 coopa choico
bons 3 CO.
TUltKEYS-Ueeolptj aro light and
domand small. "Wo noto inks of 10 dozon
livo nt 1) 00 to 13 00.
APl'hES Snlos woro 30 bbls southern
Illinois 4 O05 00; 10 bbla northern,
modliim, 5 005 75.
POTATOES Snlea wcro CO bbls mixed
in lots 3 00 ; 100 bbls ltiusots, round lot,
2 7C2 80 ; 100 bbla Sweet potatoes 3 50.
OA1JHAGE Now Orloana cnbbago
sold to. day at 14 00 por hundred head,
POTATOES "Wo noto saloa of 40 bbls
llusict, 3 10; 30 bbla Early Itoso, 1 50.
COTTON Nothing doing.
OHKESE Now York factory 18
LIME 1 251 GO flbbl.
OE.MENT 2 002 60 fl bbl.
COAL OIL iel'Je V gal.
GUNNlES-llo-sowod 1!J bushols 18c ;
g Dili 11019 ZUC,
SYKUPS-Choico C0c?l per gallon
Now Orleans 76(3)800.
ruaoiiiHi.iu UA1U 33c per
tllTlir 4 ll.l n. ...
iiuuuivm-ousnoii corn, iij oz
16io; do 10 oz 10c ; 4 bushol)) onta L'Oc; 5
bushels 21c; ti btiBhuls 2L'c,
HEESWAX V lb 30c.
riOA" filiHoflor'a Geriiiari mottled, 7Jc.
Chcmpdlgn aoap, 7Jc.
UUGAK-Orushod l'JJc; A. lllllc
oxtra O. lo;llo.
COFFEK-Jiivti 404'.'; prlmo 3,'.
31c; cholco 3IJ3C.
FHE1GHT Cotton, compressed to
Now York, 86c! to Hoeton, $1. Uiicom
prctaod, to Now York, 91 11; to lloaton
To Now Orleans and Vickaburg:
Potatoes, applex, eto, 30o; pound
freights 15a uwt; hay $ft per ton; Pork
4Bo por bbl; tob&cco J t; cotton $1. To
Mumphii, Hour, etc. SiCo por bbl; pourui
frolghts 12jc owt; hay ii por ton.
Mini. KuMiioLD Is prepared to nr.KAOit
and I'HEfH Imt9 nnd bonnets in tho most
npprovod stylo, nd in n manner to glvo
ontiro sntisfiiction. Cull at hor nisldonco
on Fifteenth street between "Waliintatid
Cdur. ii30-3-I5.tf
Fon n Aft nndkteam fitting go to ltea
nle's Vulcan iron works, Commercial
ATonue, foot of Ninth street 0-10-tf
Fon SAr.E-J,00() In city iprlp. For
anlo In quintltlcn to null tho purchasor
APP'y i0 U. T. Oerould.
do To Elliott & Haythorn'a and sou tho
protection too shoo for chlldron. Ono
pair wilt last as long as thrco pairs made
in tho old way. 22l.3-12-(lt
IIurokr, tho dry goods morchant, Is
now In Now York purchasing hi stock
or goods ror thn spring trade. Dorcr
your purchases until ho roturns, 2-20 tf.
Mn. J. IkiidEii i now in 2'ow York
city solcctlng hl Ktock or spring goods.
Ho will shortly open as lino an assort
mcnt or goods ns was over brought to
Cairo. i!-20-tr
Something new kok ciiildiies, In
tho way or ahoea. Tho "protection too"
la tho groatest invention of tho 19th cen
tury. Elllctt i Haythorn, who nro al
waya flrat In tho Hold, keop them.
2110 3-12-Ct
Attention Faumeus. "Wo havo n
amall lot of tho L'rlo movoablo point
stool plows, which wo aro now oll'erlng nt
cost to closo thorn out.
BEEliWAttT, OltTH it Co,
3 ni 130 Commercial avcntio.
ill it. UunoEii, tho entorpri.'tng dry
goods morchant, la now in Now .York for
tho purposo of purchasing his spring
stock of goods. If you want good goods
at low prices wait till hia stock arrives.
2-20 tf
Notice le noroby given that I will pay
no bllla for goods told to any of tho em
ployes of Thu Cairo Uullktin, oithor
or thomeolvcs or for tho uso of tho ofllco
unloso tho enrno nra furnlthod on An order
Ignod by Mr. Durnott or mytolf.
12-J0-ly John H. OnsnLT,
Foil Kent. Tho brick houso situatM
cornor Third etroot and Co'oorciol avu
line. Tho houso hn 'eon put in good ro
pair routt1""" '8 wo" rrangod for
n l.uiol or boarding houso, also rooms to
ronton Third stroot. Inqulro of "Wm.
Mcllale. o.G, AVlntor's block.
105 'J-3.tr
aiilk "W.voo.v. i ntit enmmenco run
ning u milk wagon on .Monday morning
Fobruary 1!3. 1 will continuo it nil aum
mor, and rcspoctfully solicit your patron
ago. Milk will bo dollvorod to any ono
in the city, dally morning and ovenlng.
Orders may bo givon to tho ,drlvor of tho
wagon or loft at my Ico stand, No 81 Ohio
lovco. Gifoitoi: Yocuji.
Wm. Ehlera wishes to inform tho pub
lic that ho has just rccoivod a largo stock
of imported Fronch calf and Morocco
Leather from Adolph Nlckol, of Cincin
nati, direct importers, and ho can thoro
foro warrant nil hia work to bo of not only
tho best manufacture, but or tho vory
Leal material. Any ono who desires flno
Hoots, Shoes or Gaiters will find It to
their inlor -uii uu mi, uuiem at, HIS
shop, UOth street. "d oxamlna nlu .lock
.-. etyioa bororo ordering clsowhoro.
i!03 3-1-1 m
Wk havo something now In tho way of
half-sheet poster, which wo think aro
Just tlio thing Tor tho spri.ig trado. Thoy
coniist or tlx dlfl'orent designs, litho-
ginphcd, with mortises and margins ror
printing. Two of tho cuts nro sultablo
lor any business ; tho other four for boots
and shoes, photographers, druggiata nnd
dry goode. "Wo havo but ono liundrod of
each cut, and will furnish thorn printed at
Cincinnati prices. Wo havo also eomo
fancy cards. Tho "languago of dowers,'
ton dosigus; "lloquot," twolvo designs;
'Oporo," four designs and '."Comic" cards
twonty-four doflgna which wo furnish
printed nt $10 to Jper M, Cincinnati
pricos. Who wants thorn? Don't nil
spoak at onco. 103-2-10-31
PUilLlO SAiiK.
I will sell my ontiro stock of tho best
of Hoof, Pork, Veal, .Mutton, Poultry,
iluttor, Eggs, Lard, Irish Potatoes, Swoot
Potatoos, Apples, Flour, Meal, Spiced
Hoof, nnd tho host of Corned Poof. Tho I
salo will commonco nt 5 o'clock in tho
morning and continuo until mno nt night
each day for iiiuo months, Suuday.s ex
cepted, 1 havo also 180 acres of tho boat
ol cotton land to sell or oxctmngo for Cairo
property. I nlao want sovoral good agonU
to soil fruit trees. All of thu nbovo will
bo uxpSuluod by calling on S. Patterson,
earner of Ninth and Walnut strcots, ns
tlioro la tho placo tho salo of thu moat nnd
vegetables will bo made. OH 1-31-lm.
Cauio, Ills., Jan. 31), 1871.
1 will opon my newly fitted saloon, In
tho Ceutrnl houso on Sixth street, Mon
day, March lCth, with ft grand froo luuch
in tho ovonlng, to which ovorybody is In
vited. Tho tablo will bo spread with
ovorythlng palatablo and in eoason, and
tho boat of wines, liquors, boor and cigars
will bo dealt out to thoso who will honor
mo by aecopting this Invitation. Como
one, como all. Itomember tho tlmo and
placo. Joitrr HtfUEii.
218 3-10-Ot.
Two llattorlos of two Hollars, each
feet Ioiil', -2 Inch Dram, 'J 14 inch Flues
with llro fronts. Mud and Steam drums
Safoty and .Mud valves, Chimney and
liritchlri, nil com pie to and In Uret-clasa
orclorj; been usod only thrco months. Fo
price, ote., inqulro of J. T. Hennik,
'J-23.tr. Vulcan Iron Works,
Lot No. 2 In block 17, first addition,
with n two-story rramo houso fronting on
Commercial avonuo, and throo lota (38,
30 mid 40), Hamo block, fronting on Sov
ontoenth etroot, aru ofierod for salo at a
barcaln. Apply on tho promises, cornor
Sovmiloonth and Commercial avenuo.
IfiO-a-aO-lm F. M. WAHU.
Saloon-keopora and all othors aro horc
by notified to noil no moro liipior ot any
kind to my huaband, Joo Sutor, or they
will bo proiocutod to tho full jxtent of
tho liquor law, Adilia Hutu.
Port mn
and departure! ror the 24 noun n4lnr at 8
p. m. last eveninc :
Stoimor F V Oracey, Oolumbot
Jim Flak, Paduch
J D Parker, Cincinnati
Grand Towr, Memphli
Hon Franklin, Hamphli
Pat Uloburne, MamphU
Molllo tfbert, PItUbnrg
Itobt. Mitcholl, Nw OrlMM
Stoamor F PQrcoy, Columbui
" Ja Flak, Paduch
" J D Parker, MamphU
". Grand Tower, St. Lonli
" Pat Cloburne, KvamtIIU
" Molllo Bbart, Bt. Iioult
" llobt. Mltchel, Louiivlllc.
The doclino In tho Ohio rlvar In the 24
hours onding at six o'clock last Bight wm
lo Inches. Tho Mliilisippl ii falling at St.
Louis. Uuaineia dull. 'Weather plaaa-
Tho Mary Davago had two barge of
Iron oro and ono barge of surplus Iron for
tho St. Louli brldgo, St. Loula The
Paragon addod about 300 ton here, end
has a monster freight trip for New Or
leans ThoSto. GeneWre wee wall
ladon and mado light additloni here
Tho (uickitop mot tho Arkansas Dalle at
Paducah and canto back with her trip.
Tho Hollo roturnod to Evaiavllla and
will como out on tho Quickstep' old day,
whllo tho Pat Cleburno will take the day
lato occupied by the Belle in the Eveni
villo trado. Tho Cleburne left hare last
night on hor up trip The Qalckitep
is bofng loaded for Memphia by her new
owners Tho Eaperanza hat
600 tons ore, etc., etc., and U
lull or pooplo for Pittsburg The
JCittio Hfgler haa 800 bales cotton and
good paiaongor Hat for Cincinnati
Thn J as. U. Parker put oil about 20 ton
horo, nnd has a good trip for Memphis.
Tho Molllo Ebert i well ladea for
Bt. Louis The Robert Mitchell haa
about 200 ton for tho Ohio rlrer
Tho Jim Fisk haa resumed hor place in
tho Cairo and Paducah trade, and brought
out a fair trip yosterday.
A noat cottage, surroundod by tree and
shrubbories. Lot Allied up to grade.
Torms vory easy. Apply to
233-3-1 5 R. V. BlLZMlB.
Socond-hand clothing, watcbos, jewelry,
pistols, &c, bought and told. Also a lot
UruasoU' carpet, furniture, its., for tale.
Opposito Cairo and Vlncennei railroad
depot. 188 2-27-tf M. Ootmb
Tk.v pounda of brown lugar for $1; 8
pounda best cotVoo augur at 1; 2 pound
of cholco buttor nt 51; 10 cnnl i
imperial tea at $i; potatoe 30 cent per
rwctr) 3 lbs vuiruu 51, applu 40 cent, at
Wilcox's Block. 107 2-4-1
Go to O. W. Uemdibsoh's, 190 Com
mercial Avenue, for tho colebratod "Char -tor
Oak," "May Flower," or other cooking
stoves, tin and hollow waro, water cooler,
bath tubs, etc., etc. If you want the bett
wood stoves, buy the "Charter Oak" ; the
beat coal atovo, buy tho "May Flower."
Fou Salk at tub Nkw York Stobb
Early roao, poorless, London lady and
russet sood potatoos, also iweet potato
flood, clover, timothy and other field seed,
a froth lino of garden teed. Also just
roccived a cholca lino of augara. "Wo will
soil to tho trado at tho lowoat price.
-'10-3-14-31 Patibb A Co.
Hoot and nhoo maker, T wen h (treat, be
tween Washington avonuo and Poplar
Hrect, la prepared to make boots anu (hoe
In tho latest and most lashlonable style.
Ho will make thorn to ordor, old or new
style to milt customer, out of the bee Land
trcdicst stock, of which he always ibis a
good hUpply on hand from which to make
selections. All fitting or boot and inoee
mado by Mr. Elilcm ia done in hi own shop
no forolgn fitting bolm? used by htm.
Givo him call, and ho will gtve you eatlc
lluppy rouor tor young men rrom tne et
fectHot errors and abuxes in early life. Man
hood restored. Impedimenta to msniace
removed. New method of treatment. New
and romarkablti rcmedloo. Books and clr.
iiilun fiuit free, In sealed envelope. Ad
ilrens, Howard Association, Ho. 3 South
Ninth street, Philadelphia, la. an Institu
tion havlm; u hleh reputation for honorable
nmlur.t and prinlonuliktU. 1106 dAwta
. O. N. HUGHiE:8,
Ohio Lcveo, over Mathuu
ttijSone but
Fint-Llat) CvmpanU
HAFFOltl), MOlOtlH ft CAN DIM,
7S Okie averee.
t 9
Th oldoit established Agenoy la BoBtaei
lUutou, npraeeauag ever
!65.00000O m
ef Ue best IaHraaeZ10nJie mm
UBltid 8Ute.

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