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JUHM H. OHJUtLY. KJItor and I'uhllsaer
Oh WMk, by carrier V
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Invariably in advance,
matter on every page.
Jannarj Special Term.
January 23d, 1874.
Fment Honorable F. ltrosi. Judge;
Jmm K. McOrite and 8. Mwchlldon,
AuooiklM. J. U. Lynch, Olerk, una A
B. lrtla, Snerlfl.
Court opened by proclamation.
Ia conilderfttlon of the absence of As
oeteto Jiutice Sever Aiarehlldon, court
adjourned to nln o clock a.m., januujr
Utk, A. D. 1874.
Saturday morning, nlno o'clock,
January Hth, A. D. 1874. (
Oourt net pursuant to adjournment.
Prnt am officer of court.
It U ordered that In oomtdoratlon of the
continued abince of Associate Justice
Setoro Marcbildon, and the court not
ag rating upon the matter concerning tbo
payment of the interest 'upon tho bonds
sued to the Cairo and St. Louis mil road
company, Iff thereupon ordored that no
action will be taken or order in ado there
in at this term of court.
It is ordered that the several person be
allowed the everl amount placed, oppo
site their respective names, and orders
drawn upon the county treasury accord
ingly, viz:
Jama B. McCrite, for attendance two
day an mileage at associate
Jaitloa of the peace $
Jacob Q. Lynch, for attendanco
two day as county clerk and
la probate oourt to data Inclu-
Whereas the court adjourned
0 00
27 (JO
court in course.
T. Bbosh, County Judge.
Jamis B. ilcCKiTr, Associate J. P.
Jacob O. Lthch, County Work.
Fobruary 23, 1874,
Present, James I. Sanders, Thomas
Wilson and Goorfje Fisher, commiasion
ert; Jacob O. Lynch, clork, and A. II.
Irria, sheriff.
On motion of Gooreo Fisher, Esq.,
ernrt 'jmm opened iby proclamotion, by
Kcaak niagenld,'' deputy sheriff-.
Jacob G. Lynch, the olerk of this court
having prepared throe ballot upon which
waa marked respectively, "one yoar,"
"two yean" and "three yean," the paid
coaamtloners proceeded to ballot with
the following result, viz:
Taenia Wilson drew tho ballot upon
which was marked "ono year.,T
George Fisher drew the ballot upon
which wa marked "two years," and
Jama L. Sanders drew the ballot upon
which ww marked "Throe Yean."
Whereupon, on motion Thomas Wilson
was declared duly elected for "ono yoar,"
George Fisher for "two years," and J nines
L. Bander for three yoar," according
to their several ballots.
Thomas Wilson, litq., thon niovod to
elect James L. Sandou chairman of tho
board by acclamation, and the motion be
ing seconded by George Fisbor, lisq., and
put te a voto, resulted in tho unanimous
election of .said rJandors as chairman of
the board.
On motion of George Fishor, Esq,,court
adjourned until Court in Courso. j
Jams L. Sanbbkj, Chalrmnn,
Gioaar Fisuir,
Thomas WtLBOH,
County Corumlssiener.
.TacoH G. Ltnuh, County Cleric,
March Turin.
Monday, March lid, 1874.
Present, James L. Sanders, Chairman.
Thomas Wilson and George Fisher, Com
missioner; J. G. Lynch,Clerk, and A. II.
Irvln. Sheriff.
It is considered and ordered by the
Court that tho following named porsons
be. and thv are hereby allowed tho Bums
set ODDotlt their respective names, at per
bill filed, and that order be drawn on tbo
county treasury accordingly, vie
J E Cunnlrniin, for caffina anil buryinj B
piAptn...... ,............ ......I
llllnoU butt hospital for laiaue, for clollmig
? 8! W
to. tj&uocri. etc
42 CO
VT G Cany, lot burvUt conty viuptu ,0'
to 00
14 IW
Michael Coyno, lor clothing for inupen
William Wo4, for one euartera meJlcal tr-
vlct a4 rnediclnet at hoapltal....
William Wood for cath uul aervlcea to Febru
7S W
ary S, in,Maperan...
J W Uesfrow, lor medical ricei anil inedi.
clM bom lcomUr 1, HT3 to January 1,
1S11 .......
Cycfll A Marciiildoa, for lunJry cooJa for
pafiprl . by order of oveneer of the poor,..
Uctnrvt, Oith A O., for Itove and p.p lor
85 W
12 02
B McManui, for gooda for paupcrt
U U MarkhauKn, (or medical aertlcet at
count Urtm tram Julr 1.1873 10 February '21,
int.... -. - S S3
A Cain, fce aulauag r Brota relative to pau
am from lXctmbcr , 1873 10 Fcbruan- SI.
187..... 300
C M Johnaoa, far bauling one note from
Cairo to poor farm .., 2 WJ
Henry rlaaert, far laainuining paupen from
IXctmbcr 1. to December 31, Dlt, in full
of bill for M IS at poor farm VI C'J
That A llrowa. for maintalnlnc tiauoeri at
per tarm for 2 months S12 SO
Si. Mary's Iaflrmary, for malnulnlng pautien
at hserpiul la full of bill fr Soil 40 1H 10
The H Brw, for burylaf pauper, liaulii.jj
ccatas, eu.-.- o 00
r lkou, Ury at county Judge lor one ijuar
tcr. . ...... (.... ..... 220 (O
Whereupon court adjournod until nine
o'clock a.tn., to-morrow.
Tdutjat Moesino, 0 o'clock,
March 3d, 1871.
Court met pursuant to adjournment.
Present, same a on yesterday.
It is considered and ordered by tho Court
that the following named porsons bo 1.
lowed the turns set opposite their names,
aa per bill filed, and that orders bo drawn
on the county treasury accordingly, tI.
denn jiums, amnefs ices eaic oi reopie vt,
jjuy tutese, jonuoa county...... .,
Joha Ualn, da do .....
Tbemta Lancoce, Jo Jo
Jaaaea rc, Jo Jo ..... .
btdawy Ctapp, d Jo
l Yates. Jo ao
J K roaum, da Jo ,
Tbodsr Baiib, J Jo ,
J H Kmallint, Jo Jo
Harsh Brtma, do ilo .
WPamith, do, do, ....-
W J Walker, da do . ..
J oka Walker, do do
We IlatHac, do do
ISTHarfli, do do
GUaMa Ba, do do
Xmri MckU, do do
do do
A VT Allans, do do
J O Hsals. far books tor county clerk's elSeu
lafisll os-fciu lor J0 Ul
W II IUckU Co., tor stationery lor
akaaifs osos.....mm....m. .....................
S (0
C It)
ti 60
ft M
13 10
r. )
vi to
Vi (0
13 3D
7 00
12 VI
e un
it Ul
6 U)
7 )
7 C)
V 40
Phutie A TayUr; for strrlccs as countyiuf
tiusaackt ot tenwu
101 CO
Phovb A Taylor,. for ostee rent sutloncry,
btht aad feel for a BHvatAi...... ti ii
ICHulM, for hooVl, etc., for circuit tltk'
Cairo llallclin Co., fof pilnllng for shulrt's
74 f
3 Hi
Cairo lluUstln 0., ilo Jo ."."..m 'J
Cairo tlullMio iWo., ior priming mr circuit .
icif cincr.? ;; 4 as
Cairo Bulletin Oo., ilo. .lo . It W
II K llUt, lor organ uumtr, naur, tic , ior
r1rr,itlH.lk'lbKcC....MU - H O
; tame, for carptnttr work in circuit clvik'a
oiiice . i w
O liimt, for can"11" wo''1 county clcik i
i.llice '
II K Talker, for cl.uing In conit hoiin J ss
Iltois. lar ttiiKiiy wrvicf ior iiiupcn -
11 Cunningham, for hauling II iJixrs lo
(J IK)
i m
3 M
to W
II ("I
11 mi
17 to
S7 fU
40 liU
II to
46 Ml
hi. Mary a innrmary ......
.1 U IIuIm. for prlfttlrg for ahenlT In full o' l"
W U KockweVl,ai'ciV,''ioViuUoiVciy for circuit
clerk'a office "V V
V U Kockwtll 0 for atallsnery for cir
cuit clik oKice......... .
C A Spim, for wittwng jju iioncrs
John n'GoMilian.fot 7 Jays criicei j bail
iff In circuit coun
Henry Stout, Jo Jo
Uyrm Iiovrle, uo uo .....m..
K liuiingtiy, uo no
Wm IloUcn, 1), C, for !SI JaJ erviie oi
bailiit in circuit conn
It VltrgeratJ, Jo J'i
i;iia spires, uo uo
ramcK uins, uo w ,
SI J lluckhy, Jo Jo
O A W Kltkinlrlck, for Hone jar fur jail.
Wall .1 lint, for Imnber per older oi U 1 Itf
Dr. II WarJner, for one vHlt to man In Jail. .
1, O Taller, for pa4 lock for Jail
46 IK)
li W
31 ft
i (HI
1 111
Ixuu II Jlyer,ior uianceu, niaiui, iwt,
:it no
IS ll
H 10
.lahn H (joatmar, coroner, for burying the
IwOy of Henry Theil .VT"
John It Gouman, coroner, for hulJing J In
inieitt and burying
It la nnlorcd that tho Coronot's
nf innuoiti hold on tho bodlus of Ohurlod
L. Griffin, l'oter Hcott nnd J. 11. lionnult
be approvod nnu uiou.
it IB OraOrOU VJ lUO lUUtl Hint "
nirli nf .1. W. I.flnirow nnd ll. u. iinrK-
hauien bo sovorally npprovod nnd fllo.1.
Whereupon Uourt nojourncu uniii nino
o'clock a.m., to-morrow.
; ' Wedkssday Monxiso, 0 o'clock.
Court mot pursuant to adjournmont.
lretent samo as on yesterday.
On this day comes "William Martin,
County Troasuror, nnd makes report oi
tho funds or tbo county, showing llio
amount of dobit to bo $10,097 70, ntid
crodits to tho amount of $7,778 77, leaving
a balance in his hands of $2,818 00, miU
tho Court bavins oxnnilnod said report,
and boing fully udviiod in tho promises,
it 13 ordered that tbo samo bo approvod
nnd filed.
It is ordorol that tho report of Wil
liam Wood, County riiyslcian, for servi
ces for ono quarter to February 2Slh,1874,
bo approvod ana moa.
It is considered and ordered by tho
court that the following named porsons
be and thoy are hereby allowed tho sums
sot opposito tholr respoctlvo names, and
that ordor bo drawn on tho county treas
ury accordingly.
n l P.lili. far ren.ilr4 on cat Dine, etc .In
court hoiKC....- 12 1U
IV II Whltaker, for hauling a uaupcr to poor
farm from Calra! II 00
M J llIcGauley. forJrugl lorrriionen in Jail li M
H TIliTtralJ. ianltor ofcourt house. 3 nmnikt
K FltrgernlJ, for money paid 1. C It. K. Co.,
for sundries
Cairo Utv Gas Co.. for s comumcJ in com I
l court nouse. o mnmui w iv
house and jail for 3 months H 0u
It i conaiderod and ordored by the
court that the bond of Jesao Jackson a
justice of tho poco for Gooso Island pro
duct, elected at, tho last November uloc
tion, bo and the samo is hereby npproved.
Whoroupen court ndiourned until V
o'clock a. in. to-morrow.
Thursday morning, U o'clock. Court
mot pursant to adjournmont. 1'rceont
samo as on yesterday.
On this day comes Suean K. liightnor,
guardian of tho minor heirs of Levi L.
Lightnor, decoaaod, and present to tho
court the following instrument in writ-
i.Vr all.. . .
"Know all nion by" tboso irumm k.
I, Susan K. Lightnor, of Alexander coun
ty Illinois, in my own right, nud ns truttr
dian of the minor heirs of L. It. Lightner,
deceased, for and in consideration of tho
sum of forty dollarn, to mo in hand paid,
Uo heroby grant and raUniuish into iiie
county ol Aloxautlor Illinois, lorovor
tho right of way over and through n cor
tain piece of land uitualod und doscribod
as follows, to wit : Ttho northwest (juar
tor of tho southeast quarlor of ruction
eight, township ilf'aon rango throo wosl
Alozandcr county Illinois, ttdloining tho
addition of Hodges and Ovorby, sixty
foot wido, for n publio road, namou nnu
surveyed M tbo Tliebos and Clear Crook
"Uivon itudor my hand nnd seal this
I Htli day of Docombor, 1R7U.
1 Htttan i'.. liigiunor,
"In Prosonco of Guardian raonor
Wm. M. llrowo, J hnirs of Levi It,
J Lichtner, deceased.
And tho court having now oxatninod eaid
inftruiriuiit, and boing fully advised in tbo
premises, it is considered and oniureu by
the court, that tbo said instrument bo ap
provod and recorded.
xi is oruoroa mat mo report oi it. j' uz-
gorald, jailor of this county, on accouut
uf fees for tho quarter ending February
ZHlb, Ibi4,bo approved ana mat lie no ni
lowod tho sum of twolvo hundred and eov-only-eight
dollar and ilfly cents, in full
of bill Uled for twolvo hundred and
olghty-ono dollars nnd that an order bo
drawn on tho county troamiry accord
ingly. $1,278 CO.
It is ordered by the court that Alexan
der II. Irvln bo allowed the sum of six
dollars and twonty-sovon conts, for sta
tionary lurnisncuior tisooi county clork's
oiuco, anu uiai an oruor uo drawn on coun
ty treasury nccordluglv. $0 2$,
wneroas wosonn mum and Adolnh
Amson (tho firm of Ilium fc Amsoti) wero
attested for the sura of $C1 01, on person
al proporty for the taxos of tho vour 1873.
and hava romovod to tho county of Pu
laski In this stato, without having paid
such taxes or any part tlioreof, it Is con-
siuoroa nnu oruerou oy tno court that tho
clerk of this court Isiuo a warrant under
his hand and seal as diroctcd by tho statuto
in such ciio provided, diro:tcd to tho ebor
iffofsaid Pulaski countvcommnndinr'blm.
said shcriil to, inako tho said amount of
uxas irora tuo personal proporty of said
mum iv Amson, or citnor of tuom, togotli.
or with tbo costs nnd charges that may uc
cruo in executing (aid warrant.
On this day comes Josso Glasgow, horo-
wiuruBiiinimiou uy mo county court sti
porvisorof roads In road district No. 0.
and represents that ho it. on account of
ago, oxempt from road labor, and asks tho
court to roieaso nun inm such appoint
And tho court, boinc now fullv advls.
ed, and it appoaring that tho representa
tion oi tno saiu uiasgow is true; it Is or
dored that ha bo rolcnsod from further
duty or liability as such supervisor.
it is luriuor ordered that .Martin Dor'
ryberry bo and is horobv annointad sunnr,
viior of taid district for tho unoxpircd
term of said (llaigow, and that tho clork
oi tmt court notlly litm accordingly.
On this day comoi John P. lluTey, and
thirty-live other Totors of Aloxandor
county, and pray tho court to looate a new
rood, loading from tho touth lln of na
tion fourteen, in township seventeen south,
In range ono west, to intersect tho old roud
on the west sido of tho Cairo and Ht.
Louis railroad ombankwout,noar the woit
side of lot twenty, in toction Alteon in
said township, and tho court having ex
amined said petition and being fully ad
vised in the premises, it It oriored that
?. ': n,,ey' "VVm Mtln and John
U. ilohlnson bo appointod to ylow and lo
ctl" "ld T"'1 r thought by tbcm advis
able. It it further ordored that the clerk
of this court notify said viowors of their
lion. Thomas "Wilson, cninmlsiionor,
Introduced tho following resolution, viz.!
"llesolvod, Thai In the matter of tho
bonis Issued by the county of Alexander
to the Cairo and fit, l.ouURailroaa Com
pany, it appoaring that thero has beon no
provision ittado to mnet'tha Interost ac
cruing thereon, tho county treasurer s
hereby forbid to pay any of these bonds
or the Interest tboroon, out-of any funds
belonging to tho county, how onjiand or
horeaftur to bo received by hlsn, without
being authorized so to do by an order of
this board or roino constituted leghl au
thority." After tho roading of tho abova resolu
tion Hon. George Fishor, commissioner,
uroso nnd oU'erod tbo following ns a sub-
stituto for Sir. Wilson's resolution, iz:
" Wiikhkah, tho county clerk of Alox
andor county has hnretoforo levied n tax
for tho payment of tho interost on tho
liomM oi mid county nerctoioro itsuru to
tho Cairo nnd St. Louis Uallroad Compa
ny, which tax has boon duly collectod and
placed in tho ttonoral fund In tho county
treasury, nnd paid out for general county
purposes i therefore, It is boroby ordorod
that tho county treasurer pay tho interest
coupons now duo on taid bonds out of any
funds now in Ills hands, or horeaftor to
coino to bin hands, not npproprlatod for
any other tpocilic oujocis."
Mr. wiUon hero claimed tho floor,
wIhiioudou Mr. Fishor movod to ndiotirn
which was Btrrood to bv Mnjrs. Fisher
and Hinders voting in tho nfllrmatlvo and
Jlr. Wilson in tno nogativo.
Oourt ndjournod until 10 o'clork n m
Fiiiuav AloitNiNU, 1) o'clock,
March ti, 1871. j
Court mot pursuant to adjournmont
1'rcsont smiiy otllcors ns on vostorday.
Tho iincstlon on tho adoption of lion.
Thomas Wilson' rosoltitlon to forbid tho
county tronsuror from paying tho Internet
on Cairo nnd St. Louis railroad bonds,
which wns introduced on yesterday and
recorded, nnd tho voto boing taken,
Messrs. Fishor nnd Hnmlorn rotod in tho
necativo nnd Thomas Wilson votinc in
tho allirmatlvo, wbormipon tho motion
was dcclarod loet.
lion. Georgo Fishor ro-lntroduccd bis
resolution of yestorday, which is ontorod
upon this record, on tho preceding page,
which providoj tuat tho county treasurer
shall pay tho Interest on said bonds, ns
stated in said resolution nnd niovod its
ndontion.nnd tho voto boinc taken result
cd in tbo adoption of tho resolution by
tho following voto, viz:
Georgo Fishor nnd James L. Sanders
votinc Avo: Thomas Wilson votinc No
Whereupon tho resolution was deciarod
dulv adopted.
Ilonorablo Thomas' Wilson, cornmls
sionor, introduced tho following rotolu
tion. to-w t:
In tho mntlor of tho bonds issued by tho
countv of Alexander to tho Cairo and St,
Louis railroad company, now said to bo In
the hands, or custody, of iTodolino urors
at trustee, for cortaln purposos, it npponr-
inc that said Fredolino Uross is now an
olilcor or director of said Cairo
nr,.l St. Louis railroad ccrapany
und inlornstod in said company,
and in tho dollvorv of tho nforossid bonds,
it Is ordored that tho aforosaid Fredolino
Urost, b required to return and pay over
said bonds t'jtbis board, or on its ordor,
for tho purpose of placing thorn socurely
in tho custody of gomo rosponslbie and dls
intorottod porson, or parsons, to bo ngrood
unon bv this board, who will act as tri'j-
too, or trustees for tbo purposos which
thoy wero orieinallv placed in tho hand
of tho aforesaid 1 rcdollne Dross." And
movod its adoption, nnd .the nyos and
nova boinc callid, Thomas Wilson nnd
Jatuos L.rjandors voted, nyo ; and Georgo
Fisher boing called to voto, ollorod tho
following as a reason for not votinc. "I
daclino to voto upon tho question for tho
reason that I havonot badtimoto or-
AllltUtl ,!, full . u... H t .f 4,.llj.
sa'tisflod that wo hava authority to enter
up an cxparto order in tins maitor."
Ooorgo Fishor was thoroforo excused.
Tbo resolution of Mr. Wilbou was thon
declared duly adoptod,
Hon. Tlio. Wilton tnon niovon to ap
point Mr. Wm. ilnrtin, trustee in plaoo
of Hon. F. HrotV, and a voto boing taken
Mossrs. Wilson and .Sandora votod aye.
Mr. Fishor declining to voto on tno
subject ollorod tho following as a reason,
to wit :
"I decline to voto upon tlio orilor,
for tho reason that it might
neom to ratiry tno oruer oi uoucs,
removing 1'. Ilross as trunteo," and was
thoroforo oxcusod, whorotipon tho motion
was declared duly adopted.
It is considered and ordorod by tho
court, thnt tho following named porsons
bo allowed thn sums sot opposite their ro
spectivo names, as per bills niod, and tbnt
orders no urawn on tno county iroaniry
accordingly, viz :
Alxam!rr II Irvin, for convejlns peuon"!
from ond to Insane nsvlum. Il'i ftl
Alexander II irtlu, for tenlng load notices... 0
Alecamler II irvin, sundry scrvltes as alicillf "0 10
Alrxander 11 In in, for -1 tla)s attendance on
circuit court Ti '
Clillnn llarlcuood, lor services J lilgliw.iy
i oiiinuaiioncr... n.u
It appearing to this board, that Dy rea
son ot chunges tuudo by tho rocoding and
encroachmont of tho Mississippi and Ohio
rlveru, the patting of town and city lots
r othor cuutcs in township 17 In south
in rungu ono (1) west bo that tho propar
description of cortaln bodies of laud have
bucomo difficult and complicated. It is
ordorod that John P. Holy, county sur
veyor procood so soon as practicable, to
mitko a corroct survey of tho ontiro town
ship as aforesaid; including accretions or
bodies of land that may havo never horn
tofnro beon described, or surveyed, mak
ing a orroct and wnrmanllko,and an intel
ligent and correct description of tho samo,
and report to this hoard nt tho noxt rogu
lar mooting, and that tlio sum of throo
hundred dollars, in full far such turvoy bo
allowed to tho raid John P. Hcloy.
Whoreupon court adjourned until 0
o'clock a.m , to-morrow,
SATUitAr Moiikiku, March 7th,1874.
Court mot pursuant to adjournment.
Present tho samo olllcera as on yestor
day. Hon. Thomas Wilson, commissioner,
offered tho following resolution and moved
its adoption, to-wtt:
"WiimiK.A8,Tho non. M. J. Intcoroltas
introduced Into tho Twenty-eighth Gon
oral Ateombly of the (Stato of Illinois, "A
bill for an r to limit tho time for the do
livery of city or county bonds to railroad
companies or corporations in certain casos
horoln nnmod," and commonly known as
homo bill No. 807, a copy of which is
herewith attached ; therefore,
"Kusolvod, That this board boroby np
prove of suoh bill, and respectfully urgo
Us pnfsngo yiti n, viow to tlio relief of
Alexander county, which is now sufforing
heavily from unjust burdons of taxation,
and that a copy of tlieeo roeolutions bo
forwarded to our sunator nnd roprosenta
tivo in tho Twonty-oighth General Assem
bly now convened at .Springtlold, with tlio
roijucit and prayer thut thoy uso all hon
orublo moans to effect tho passage of said
bill," which is in tho words nnd llguros
fa s'- c, to-wit.
"A bill for an act to limit tho time ior
tho dolivury of city or county bonds to
railroad couipanios or corporations In cor
taln casos herein namod.
iSectioh , Ilo it onactod by tho poo
plo of thu itatu of Illinois rcprcsonted in
goneral assembly, that in nil casos whoro
donations havobHin voted to any railroad
company or corporation, or wbcro thero
has been a sub&ctiptW u for stock in aid
of any rallrccd company or
corporation by any city or
county In this stato, by a voto of the cltl
zans tlioreof, at an election bold for that
pm pose, under nr.y gontral or upocial law
of this stato prior to tho 8th day of Au
gust, A. 1). 1870, for the purpoio of socur-
inc tho location or construction of such
railroad, through such city or county,son
dltioned that tbo bonds to bo Istuod to
(ccuro suoh' donation or subscription,
should be delivered to such railroad com
pany, whon thov shall have complied with
tlio condition un which tucb donation or
subscription was voted, by completing
liioir railroad throjgii tucn city or coun
ty, or whon n stated amount of work
shall havo boon dono on such railroad.
If such railroad shall not have boon so
completed, or such amount of work dono
tnoroon m to cnlltlo tucn company or
corporation to tho donation or
subscription ro votod, on or beforo
tho lint day of March A. I). 1874 or dona
tions or subscriptions for tho stocks voted
ns aforesaid shall bo deciarod forfolted
and shall not bo delivered to such compa
ny or corporation without tho consent of
the county or city voting tho tamo to bo
dotormined by a majotlty of tbo votes ol
tucn city or county, at an election to bo
noia ior mat purpose.
Skc. 2. In all cases whore tho bonds to
bo issued for tlio nurnoto aforosaid. havo
boon prepared by tho authorities of tho
city or county, voting tuo samo, nnu
piacca in tlio hands oi mo trusicn or
other person to bo delivered to such railroad-company
or corporation, whon such
corporation shall bavo compliod with the
conditions on which such donation or sub
scription was voted, such truslco or othor
porson Holding tucn bonus sriaii tiouver
the samo to tho city council of tho city, or
to tho board of supervisors or county com
mitslonors of tho county voting the samo,
and such bonds shall then bo hold and re
tained until alter tbo holding of tho elec
tion hereinafter provided for.
tir.u 3. Whon tho bonds shall have
boon delivorcd to tho city council of this
city, or to tho board of tupai visors or
county board of the county in
accordanco with tho provisions of suction
two (S I!) of this net. Tho city council,
board of supervisors or county board,
shall-lmiiicdiatoly ordor an election, to be
hold at tbo ustal voting places in tho city
or county, giving notices in tho samo man
nor nnd for the samo longth of timo as Is
by law required in genornl election for
county officers; inch oloction to bo con
ducted in tho samo man nor in which gon
eral elections are conducted under tho
lnws of this etato provided that no regis
tration ot voters snail bo required at tucn
Hoc. I Tho voto nt tho olection horoln pro-
vidod for shrill bo by ballot. on which ballots
shall bo writton or printed wilu tne worus
thereon, "For tho dolivory of bonds,"
"Against tho dolivory of bonds." And
if n majority of tho legal voters of such
county or city (taking ns tho standard tbo
number of votos cast at tho last general
oloction provious to tho vole had upon tho
quostion of tho dolivory of such bonds,
undor this act, for county officers), shall
voto for tho dolivory of such bonds to
sucn railroad company or corporation,
such bonds shall bo dohvored on tho com
pliance by such railroad company, with
tho conditions on which tho bonds were
originally voted.
.Skc. b. If a majority of tho votes
shall not bo for the delivery of such bonds,
tho city council, board of supervisors or
county board, as tbo caio may bo, shall
publicly destroy such bonds.
Suc.'o. Whorcas tho pooplo of the
stato aro already sufforing under heavy
taxation: nnd whereas it is necessary and
dcsirnblo that they havo as speody relief
as possibio Ironi unjust burdens; mereioro
nn omercencv is horebv deciarod to ex
ist, nud this art shall take ell'oct and bo in
forco from and after it passaco."
Tho avos and noes boinc called, said
resolution was deciarod lost by tho follow
ing vote, Ooorgo F'Iier nd Jiimes u.
Handera votiog no, and Thomaa Wilson
voting aye.
Un motion of Mr. Tkumss Wilson it Is
ordorod that AVilliam Martin, county
troasurar, demand of Froiolino liross the
bonds hold by him as truitoo for this
county, iseuod to tho Culro and H', Louis
railroad company.
Hon. Georgo Fisbor mkml to be oxrusod
from voting on tho abovo ordor, and was
ills contidorod nnd ordorod by the
court that tho following namod persons
bo allowed tho sums dot opposite their re
spective names, ns per bills illod, and that
order bo drawn on thu county treasury
nccording, viz:
Jacob G. Lynch, for sundry serv
ices nnd costs in criminal casos $191 00
Jacob O. Lynch, for crsh paid
out for sundry articles for
oiiice roos.tnd postage tampt.
etc 7 00
Jacob G. Lynch, for preparing
assessors book for oily and
county asiossmont 0t 80
Hoorwart, Orth & Co., sundry
services and materlalb for court
houeo 10 00
Cairo Bulletin Co., for publishing
court proceedings for first quar-
tor a C6 75
Cairo litillotln Co., for letter
bends, envelops, printing, etc.
for clerk's otfico 18 00
Jacob G. Lynch, for sundry serv
ice! as county clork 49 01
John P. Heloy, for surveying two
davs on contemplated new
road 12 00
Wm. Martin. for torvinc as chain-
man of said road 4 00
Charles Spires, for sorvices ns
chalnman two davs for said
road 4 00
n. Fitzrrerald. for sorvices as
nxemnn ono dav for said road 3 00
Edward Holoy, for sorvlcos as
flagman two day for said road
at I CO 3 00
It is ordored that Hon. Thomas Wilton
bo authorized to purchaso two scraper
lor tho uso of roaa district no. zu, nnu
that he ship tho samo to Dongola, Ills., to
F. A. Short, suporvltor of said district,
and that tho party of whom tho said arti
cles aro purchased prosont his bill to tho
June term of this court.
Whoreupon court adjourned to olovon
o'clock a.m., Monday, Kth of March, A.
Monday Moknihu, March 8tb, 1871.
Court mot pursuant to adjournmont.
Presont samo olllcois of tho court ns on
It is considerod and ordorod by tlio
court that tho following roport bo ap
provod and recordod, via ;
"Uaiko, inn., March Ctli, 187-1.
"To the Ilonorablo County Commission
er's Court of Aloxandor county :
or.nniinmnn- In pursuonco of tho or
dor of tho court inado on tho 7th day of
JUnrch, ol tho aiaroti torin, j. ion,
1 nnnllril fn nnd nroiontcd tho aforosaid
ordor to Hon. l'rcdollno Ilrosi, trustoo of
tlio bonds of tho Cairo ana fit. j.ouis ran
rnnil i-nniiinn v. and demanded of him tho
bonds rtimiinlnc in his hands ns such
trustoo, which ho declined to dollver.
"Kospcctlully submlttod,
"William Makti.v,
" County 'i'reaturor."
And tlio court having examinod said ro
POrt and lininr fullv advised in tho promi
tot. it ia nnlnred bv tho court that tho
said roport be approvod and recorded.
On this iav cornos Trodoline Dross
trustoo of the county of Alexander, to
hold the bond's lsuod1y this county to the
Cairo and St. Loul raiiroau company,
and makes tbo following roport as such
To tho Honorable Hoard of Aloxandor
County, Illinois t
Gkmti.kmkn .-"In answer to there
quest of delivering the bonds ittuod to
the Cairo and St, Loul railroad company,
to William Martin county treasurer, I
will state that wilts pleaturo will I com
ply wltq'taldwderftt'vldod tho county
board will ' furnish Ml mo the content of
taid railroad cOmpaay, to said action, and
i -;i.i.t.. ..ii r...n...
a reiensu, rviuwiug 1110 iiutu mi iuiiuvi
liability, ota, etc., but until such content
and refeatel!furnlhed, 1 cannot comply
with aald order, being' under tho law, ro
uponsiblo for the' amount of tlio bonds and
intorett. Truoly Yours,
F. llttosH, Trustee.
And the court having examined laid
report, it was ordored to bo received and
placod on record.
On this day comes Thomas Wilton,
county commissioner, and oilers tho fol
lowing resolution nnd moved Its adoption,
viz :
ltesolved, That wboreas this board has
ontered an ordtfr nt this torm, directing
tho county treasurer to pay tbo Interest
on certain bonds, Issued to tho Cairo and
St. Louis railroad company, now hold
and owned by H. It. Payton & Co., and
it appearing that tho said II. It. Payson
& Co nro indebted to tlio county of Alex
ander In n largo sum for taxes levied, and
that a warrant forthocollection of tho samo
is now in the hands of tho sherlfl'of Aloau-
lor county, nnd thoro boing groat danger
of lots from his inability to collect tlio
same, It is ordered that tlio county troas
uror bo boroby instructed to withhold tlio
paymont ol such intorett until such aMess
mont and indobtedneis bo paid, nnd that
the sheriff bo authorized and Instructed to
recolvo tho coupons, or other nvldooco of
tho county's indebtedness, for interost
as horotnforo roferred to, in payment for
said indobted ties for taxes.
Tho ayes nnd noes boing callod, tlio res
olution was adoptod by the following voto,
Thomas Wilton, Ayo! James L. .San
dor!, ayo : George Fisher, no.
On this day comes Hon. Thos. Wilson,
county commissioner, and offers tho fol
lowing resolution, and move its adoption,
"Kosolvod. Whereas in pursuonco of
nn ordor of this board nt this torm, Wil
liam Mnrtln was appointed custodian or
trusteo, for cortaln bonds issued by tho
county of Aloxandor, in favor of tho Cairo
and St. Louis railroad company, and
placod In tho hands of F. ilrots, and that
by authority of thit board, said William
Martin was requirod to demand and ro
coivo said bond from said Brosi, nnd it
appoaring from tho roport of said Martin,
now plarod on 11 lo, that said Broil refutes
to oboy tho ordor of this board to dolivor
taid bonds to said Martin, thereforo order
ed that thlSboard do now appoint and em
ploy eminent and trustworthy counsel, to
tako tho proper legal steps, to saour tho
postostion of tho taid bondt, in tho in
torett of the county of Aloxandor, nnd
against Frodollne Brots, or tho Cairo nnd
St. Louis railroad company, or othor par
tio.4, against whom It may be naccssary to
tako action, and this board employ such
counsol, which shall be of high lagal rep
utation, for ability and intogiity.and who
will, in their opinion, faithfully
forvo tho best Intorcsts of the
county, as against said Brois.
the Cairo and St, Louis railroad company,
or any or all othor parties in tbo matter.
Tho ayes and noos boing called, tho roio
lution wa lot by the following vote, to
wit: Thomas Wilson ayo; and Jamct L.
danders nnd Goorge Fishor, no.
It is ordorod that the following sums be
allowed the partiot hereafter mentioned,
for their per diom, and orders drawn on
the county treatury accordingly, viz ;
James L. Sanders, county com
missioner per diom, 8 days and
mileagoat $3, $ni 00
Thomas Wilson, county commis
sioner por diom, 8 days at $3... '.'100
Goorge Fishor, couuty commis-
sionor per diom, 8 days at ') -I 00
J. G. Lynch, county clork, per
diom 8 daysnt 93 '.'( 00
A. U. Irvln,--county thorlff, per
diom to ditto in full .'IJ days 105 00
Whereupon court adjourned until court
in courso.
James L. Saniiki-.h, Chairman,
(Jeouuk Fibiikr,
Thomas Wiwosf,
Jacoii. (1. LYrii,Cotinty Olerk.
Reported Expressly for the Bulletin.
Wahiiinoton, March 1H. Thu low
barometer in Illinois will probably move
towards T.ako Huron.
Tho tomporaturo will probably riso in
lower lako region, in tho Middle Status,
and in Now England.
For tho Northwest and uppor lako ro
gion, and thonco to tho lower Jlissouri
valloy falling temperature, riling barom
oter, northwoitorly winds, cloudy weather
and occasional rain or snow, clearing by
Thursday morning.
For Ohio valloy southwesterly to west
erly windi, falling barom oter, cloudy
weather and occasional rain, clearing on
For Gulf States southwesterly winds,
and falling temperature, followed by ris
ing barometor and probably cloudy
For lower lako rogion falling barometor,
southeasterly and southwesterly winds,
high tomporaturo, cloudy weathor and
For Middle State and Now England
rising tomporaturo, falling barometer,
cloudy weathor and boavy fogs on tho
coatt, with occntionnl rain In tho formor
Office of Observation, Signal Service I). S.
army. Dally report ol tho atago ol water,
with tho change for tho 21 hours ending
a o'clocK p. in,, .Murcu 10, ion.
Itlso.l Fall.
St. I.ouls
Vicksburg ...
Shrovoport ....
Now Orloaiis.
Little Hock....
.'ill 4!
K 8
(! (I
1(1 11,
8 2
.11 1
12 II
8 b
2 1
! 0
0i 0
llclow lilgh water nmric.
Observer Sl.
Her. U.S.A.
Viciihiiuno. March 18. No boats up or
down. Weather warm nnd rainy.
Nkw Oiilka:;h, .March 18. Arrived
Hollo Loo, Memphis. Departed John
A Scudder, St. Louis and Cairo. Weath
or warm.
Litti.11 Iloru, March 18. Ilivor rising
elowly with 14 foot 4 inclios. Weathor
cloudy and raining. Arrived Uattle,
from above.
Cincinnati, March 18 Ilivor C feot 0
Inches, and falling. Arrivod Indiana,
Now Orleans; Andy Daunt, Memphis.
Dopartod Lawrouco, NaBhvHlc; Export
er, Now Orloans.
Evabvii.i.b, March 18. Woathor
cloudy with rain this morning nnd tlgnt
of moro to-night. Morcury Oil to 01,
lllvor has fallen 2 foot, leaving 23 feet by
mark. Port litt Up Ktporanza, Mary
Davage,' Camlllo, Uoberts, Fayette, llod
man, Sam Orr, Bormuda. Down Grey
Uaglo, Ked Cloud, Pat. Clobomo, Mory
Atnont ffunorallv with cwod trlns 1 But-
Inest light. '
St. Loitij Mafch 18Ar,rlvod-iNorth.
wetternrDavenporl; WJ Lev.' It, Mlttourl
fiver) 'JoWii Kyi, Now Orleni,'Dven-
tlftft' KnAkllt Tlanartn.lI'lratiil T.wnr
MoatphlsjMlllnoi, Peorlaf May.Lowrle,
Mtouriitlyt;.Imporlal,Diibuqu; Means
and Don Accord, Obi6 rlvorj'Tlavonport,
Keokuk; Great llepubllc, Now Otleant.
Itlver falling slowly and all upper tribu
taries aro also doclining. Weather hat
been Very warm dtirlnc thn dav. A
heavy rain storm occurred this evening.
LotSlHVIt.l.K, March 1H. Itlver falling
slowly with B feet 7 Inches in tho canal
and e leat 7 inches in thn chuto. Tho
Hovor,and barges in rounding to at
I'utnpkin 'patch this morning, "sunk a
barge bolonglng lo .lames Mallory & Oo ,
Pittsburg, containing U.U00 .buibols of
coal. Ilarco and coal am n total loss.
Arrlvdd Bon Franklin, Memphis;
Mlnnool, Cincinnati; Nail City and
ciiuinu , .11 nniuuiit, muni iiiib , aiHitiuy
and largos, I St Louis; Mes.engor, Nash
ville; Itovor and barges, Ht Louis; Hlglcr,
Cincinnati lUinlng nearly all day,
ail... 1.. at .1.1.. nr..n i....
Cllli'Atio, March 18. Flour iiiiot and
weak. Whoat ipiint rind weak; ilo 1
Chicago spring 121; No U 1 L8 cash,
1 181 April; No Ii 1 ltflyl 1C. Corn
sternly; No 1! mixed 01 cash, 01 Cl J lor
April; now No 2 mixed f7j(!iuH. Oats
dull nnd n ihadn lower; No 2 42 j regular,
-13 (rcsb spot, nnd -13 April. Ityo steady;
No 2 fresh HCCuJSl, Jlarloy dull and un
stotllotl; No"2 spring I COoVil 67; No 2 fall
1 -16)1 '10. Whisky dull nnd unsetllod
nt'J'JJ. Pork In fair domand and ad
vanced, 11 60 cash, 14 6C)U CO April,
and 11 87J Mav. Lard steady at H H71f2i
8 9& April. Hulk moats and bacon ijuiet
and uncbangod.
NkwOiu.kanm, March 18. Flour good
local domand, talr 4 Uo. tingle 4 X & SO;
XX C; XXX C 2507 25;family 'J J6.
Corn 11 nn, v,hlto 70; yellow B0. Oats
(ulot at 00(5)0-! Bran uono on tho land
ing. Hay dull, prlmo 18. Pork fair do
mand and firmer et 10 2010 CO. Dry
salt moats scarco and Armor at e JS8P J.
Ilacon good demand and llrtnor at 'J 1(,0 ;
hams dull at 113()12J. Lard dull, tierco
li(u,92; keg 0J10. Sugar dull.fair 737J.
Molasses fair demand, inferior 25; tor
menting 30. "Whisky dull, Louisiana 91;
Cincinnati 100. Coffco 2227J. Corn
m:ivl dull nt 3 CO.
Sr. Lou 15, March 18, Flour, buyors
scarco and tho market Hat, tupor Sr3 20;
X 6 &0CJ5 70; XP j2,0 20; XXX 6 00
7; family 7 207 70; fancy 8'J. Whoat
dull, No 2 spring 1 10J1 20; No 3 rod
fall 1 37J1 40; No 2: V 60 I 63. Coin,
Inactlvo, closing dull, No 2 mix ml Olji
C2. Oats Inactive and uncbangod, No 2
mixed 47if7)48. Barloy dull and un
changed, No 2 spring I Col 76; choice
1 tilKuji uo. Jtyo quiet, No U0. fork
stiff IS 26010 00. Dry salt meats active
and higbor; shoulders C; clear rib and
clear tldos up country buyers for march
Tj(7i8. Land rjulot, prlmo steam fij. Oof-
loo dull, llio 2BlQi):i. Louisiana sugar
firm nt prautatiou molaMfs tenrce
and firm nt 7080. Whisky very dull
at 92.
74 (iiBOorfii ri.'ifiai onto i.uvna,
0llll, ll.ll,,
Hut ank Hbu H.i. Khtati,
ltfiM riraaMta,.
llrT N I'AKR.
8 AM W 1 L O N ,
Still I
No. 110
Dnio Lkkvb Oaiiio, Ii.uxoi
13. P. PARKE K,
(Successor to Parker A'Uiakc,)
paints and: oils
Vui-iitHlir, llraylirN,
wall; PAPKlt,
44 the oolebrated UlamlnatlD
Cairo . . . Illibois
MILLS Vf PAIlh'Eil, Proprietor.
Tenth Street, between Walnut and Wash
ington. Having mirchuncd tlio entire stock, Stable,
HorseH, CurriagoH, lliigglen, etc., ol Dr.
Held, und added boveral now "turuouts,"
Mr. Parker now Invito all Ids friends, old
and now, in wautol Satldlo Horace, Double
or Single Carriage, or anything eiso In hi
ino, to givo him a cull. 141 TMlil
CAlHll, ILlalHUia.
(J u m m i h h i m Merchants
I ; , ; DEAl.Kltil 1M , , ,
3TXiOXr3X: ca-HA-XtK":
W. Stratum. T.lilfd.
Agents American Powder I ompanv
No. G7 Olitu l.TCP,
N. JJ. 'ibUtlewood. P. J.Tblstewoo.l
Commissi oh Msuohantb
n-2 tr
And dealer In
Liui, CauiHT, Pladtbu, Uaih, Btu.
Mo wklo vt-fi,
tOTl will sell In car load lot at tnanuia
tu rem' price, ailillm; Irtltiht. J
J. M. PlilLLlPrJ,
Forwardine and Corauiiaaionl
prepared lo forvrard all kind of fraiLt
to all iolnta.
llimlnaai attrnded to cromptlv.
(Succesvor to D. UurilA boo )
Commission Mfivcliants,
No fl.T Ohio Iyoo, (lAlftO, ll.li).
And Dealer In
o. 7 Ohio Lever, CAIRO, ILL'!
tSTSprrlitl attention given to codhIki
sni-utx and ailing order. 11-2 ti
(Huoesucr to Job H. Ftillits,)
Flour, Moal, Bran, Ac.,
Cob. Tbnth Htkekt ad Ohio Lkvk
1'K T K R 0 U II L,
3-'0 tf. CAIRO, ILLINOIS ii
Gonoral fJommisBioa Morchant.
lJUAUAnD in JBlJllllll I1JLM
Oats, Hay, oto.,
Ohio htm, CAlttO, ILLINOIS.

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