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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, March 31, 1874, Image 3

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MRiIVXK'HOFI'ICK, CAtltO, lilt., J
.Mnrcll mill li.ni.,'icii.j 14
l,rncter,2JiS72 Iiulns
momoter, 19 decrees.
I K. Velocity l'l miles per Inur.
!'"lir,r. rlml.lV'. . Iki I i
limum Utnperalure lor hit 21 houri,
rees: . ,
lotim tetupcrntura lorihchnl21 h6ur
ailing win J Tor Inst 21 hours. U.
ll number of inllcs traveled by wind
'last 21 hours, 27(1,
Kdwin liooTil,
Observer Hicjnal Herilre, U. ijSA.
HIA1.NM LK.lVB CilllO.
it 2:20 a.m.f,
?snit :i.(H) n.tu.
lit ut.. .. i: a. in.,,,, except .Sunday
lit at ....II:.',.". a.lii,,'.; "
lit at . t.oo p.m.7... ' "
.'Jl'fl u.tii.l
ess nt .,
,.2.05 p.in;,.... except rjtindny
.!: I r a.lii:,...,ox'ccpt Monday
.7.10 p.iii.,.,...c'('pt fuinluy
10:05 p.in " "
.lAMJM .lOIINHON, Agent.
!lit ut .
:iil ni...,
lit at...,
ciianok oc rim:.
i ami alter Mniday, February 22,
will mil as tollowa:
sigl.NO NOtiTIl. .
j1 . tiif r. l'i olirlit.
o, luavo,, d:lA.M. 6:05 A.M.
nil city, leave -, ;,sk "
ilia. It-ale 0:13 " S:27 '
rlsbun.', Irtif 8:11) 11:1.1 '
U CitV. li-aVo :15 " lUi I'M.
atrhc ,..11:50 " 2-T
ni. leave W.-oti ' :t:, a:m.
VUle. le.1o 1: l'l " .'i:.Vi "
nit( ',irriii'l.lvc....ll:---i " 7:n "
ceiincs, Irhtlii.",,. I'.M. !i:20 "
M..iuiictlou, nrrivu.rJAi "
l'nssciiccr. Urol
..M..ltiiiftliui, leave.. 7:ui a.m.
ci'iiiift. Ienc "rJr " 7:00 r.M.
ml ( armcl.lt-asc.... fe:33 " !':il "
tjlllle, Ictu- :H " M:I7 "
nil, nrriso H:00 " Uiti "
ml, haw 10:10 " (i:ir.A.M.
-rl ( Itv. leaw Hell " 7-IS '
rri.liiir-'li. lease 11:1.1 " IcIU "
( una. ilusu ....
1:17 H.V. 131 1. I'.M.
2:12 ' .":10 "
?..ntuJ to "
Ullll K M), Jtac..
ro, arrive
ave Cairo at U0 a.tn. anil 5; I p.m.
ave Mound City atl2:85 ji.m. nml ii:10 p.m.
rclht train stop overnight at Car ml:
ii fruin tln-re am mUnl train, luailn nt
' ii.ni ; l"nrinp Vlnrcnm." at 7 p.in. tlit
it cicmii?,'inrri,iurii inp.
At (alro with Hip MiUippl l inlnil.
ilillo nnii Ohio, ftr all i.olnio -nit: Cairo.
rkaica-i ati'l 1Vx:i, for all point in Arkan-
' ani tc".i.
At Vtnccnnc: lnilhtispolland VlnceiincH
nway tor incmnipu" ami an poim nortn,
t ami wpht: "with Kranl(ln rih! Crnn
ril'Mllc'ranwavrnrm-anTrille.Tcrrn llmitc.
aiivllln, Clilcaga and all point? north, cii
iuci; wnn uniu ann jiiiippi ru
ay for St. Loult. I.onhvlllc, Cmcini.atl ami
I pomtx cn't anil wet.
At "orri t'ltr rfiins the ."pMnHlielil
ml llllioh .S'oiiUiatcrn railway.
Ii. W. I'ALMKrt, Gon'l Ktip't.
E. 1'. WiLSoy: Gcn'l rMicncor. Act.
J 07-12-tf
The ehorlest and only direct routo from
alro to .tackonport, I.lttlo ItocV, Hot
rfprlnyi', Kullou, and all points in Arkantat
nd the Houthw'Cft, find (ialru'ton, llonMon,
Dallao, Austin and alt point' In Tc.xat
l'liroiih ticket, throiiKh bllln of lading.
and Information a to freUlu ratc, pas-
ciiysr tare, connection'', etu., can l;c ob
tained at tho company'it oillco In Winter's
hlock, corner of Seventh street nnd Coin
tncrclul arcnuc.
Hack will call at private ri'fclileiico.i and
hotclf for paiciiKert, when order are lelt
'ii time.
Klegant L'ulluian paliKO sleeping cuti on
all hlf-'lit trains.
TraJuii run dally, (Sundays excepted) from
;tio Cairo Otlico sis follows :
J.cavo (trecnlleld'H . . ,0:H1 n in and -laYi p.m.
Aralvuat(JiecnlIeldV..'J:17 a in aiid:J:M p.m.
Leaves Urei'MiuM'ti 200:p. in,
Arrive at areenileld's 1:10 p.m.
. D. AXTKi.l., Chief KmrlniMir.
Hoot and shoe maker, Twcn hfticet, ho
twecn Wahlnston avenue and l'oplar
trcet, I" prepared to make boott ami c hoe".
In tho latent and most lahhlonablo btyles.
Ho will make them to order, old or now
s-tylcs to Mitt customer?, out of the bi! und
trothciit stock i of which ho alwaa tus ,a
Koodjupply on hund from which to m.ilio
solectloiiH. All tlttmtf of boots and shoe
niado by Jlr. Khlem It dono In his own shop
no foreign llltlus belmr ui-ed bv idm.
UIvo him call, and ho will jrlvo you satis
Wliii says ho will pay if.'Oo lor a oa-ool
arrh Alinlhllatur hat i iircd tho'iiwndt wlm
woulil huvo perUheil without it, an 1 my
aKent will return tlui liioni'V to any puicua
Her whotrlefa bottly mulls not luiH'iltted.
Did vou ever try "WOl.COTTS I'AIN
J'AINTr Hy lit u-o lliirns never blUter;
it stopi lleailnehi', Toothaeho and Xi'iiralgla
within Hvit mluutet, or money ivt'iinik'il.
tl. OOI.llSMI.MII, cor. 12tli ,V l.oiwUt.. Is
my agent. It, I Woj.con-. 20.S MMw,
l. lliurilll liu I'liiJ lu imr, iiiiuuii-- .m-
Notlee Ih hereby given that onTucMlay tho
2Milav of April. A. D., 1871, a (.'cnctiil
electloii will be held In the city of Cairo, Al
exander county, 6tato of lllInolMor tho
election or the lollowin' named municipal
(Hllccr, to-wlt : A city clerk, a city tieitn.
urer, a city attorney, one alderman 1mm
each Ward, for the tnriii ol two yearn, onu
iildcrman from the 1'lrst Ward, to lllltho
vaeancv caused by the removal of Hiram
Hlxby from thu clly, nnd.ono alderiiianlroui
thu Second Ward, to lilt thu vacancy caused
by the. resignation of Wood Klttculmun'.
For thu puipoees of .-.ild election tiollt ulll
tin openedjat tlin following named place', to
wlt: In thu First Wind, nt tho commission
Jioil-oof H. 1''. Dm l,mi tho ninth sldo of
Hislli btrcct lieiween Conimen liilaud Wssh-iii'-liin
ttvcimes; In thoKecond Ward, at tho
Hough ami Iteady nngine Iioiimi; In tho
Third Ward, at thu Ilibernlanaiigluohouii",
In the Fourth Waul, at tlin Court Hoiisoi
und In tho Filth AYiird, at tho liouo of .Mrs.
Huillvan, on tlio norlh-wot corner of Com
nmivlal aviinno and Tweulv-tlllh street.
S;dd election will bo openud at eight
o'clock in tho morning, and couttniia onen
unlll seven o'clock In the ufte rnoon ol that
r: order of tlin City Council.
si. .1. iiowt.i'.v. t itv Clerk.
fm . i .... ..ii ,..r ....a ..A.
""imiii .umuh .Vj i; ii i)v i)-ii-uvi
'Jo fnirt'iti: iiii: iNininioS ur a.vas-
Niu:i:ui:vr in .'I'm: Hi i.i.i:i.S"iin; ruiii.t
cm ion ri:i: ju st nr. i'.m ui;n rin:
wii.i. m: Minr-rr.v aihip.iii.h to. env
o'itioii W.l!l oi ricntis, '.'.
rim ciiv"cli:Tm.
We Hie alltliorlid to iUiiioiiiii'P Mli'hael
.1, IIoHley a it rilliilhlati-, fof rc-clrctlon to
tln ulllcc of Clly I'lciL, at llm npprou. hlnu'
clly election. v
IllillOlt IH'U.iniV : Yoll will picnic tin
II01IIICC that I am a candidate (or thcollhc
of city clerk nt Die ili'illur thallir clcilioii.
22!l-:M2-lil V. If. Hawkins.
I'Oll rlTVIIIIlASL'ltltll; ,
Mil. Km ion :- Hy it'itiel of a uiimlmi' r
cltli'ii plcaif announce my name ns a can
ilMale for til- (illlcc of Clly Trcnmrcr at the
Clisillll'' (ll:irli rrkrtlnll.
Wooii Uirrr.Niroi si:.
Wc ,iie aiithori7ei to aiiuoumc that .
W.il-ou Webb Ii u candidate for re-election
to the ulllcc of city lltlonilV at the ili-Uill'
flmrlcr electliiii.
AIh. KiiiTon: Hy rcono.'t of mutiv
cltlzetie, ploaio announixi mo m candi
date for tho oflico of City Attorney, id
tho dimlne; charter election.
UaJIMi'N ll. JIl.l'K.
(m:.vi:iiai, itkjis.
Justice Iliru'i police court did a pretty
fiilr butlncia yeitordoy.
Wanted A HarLer,' Steady employ-
merit. W(! SM per wcolt. Apply to
tJ up. Holm, .Sixth itroot, Lotwoon Ohio
levee- end Ouinmcrclnl uvonuu.
.Mr. K. W. Ilnlliday and children
loft yoilcrdy;fo.- I5lo O.-ande, Oallian
county, Ohio, whoro thoyuo on a viilt to
the parontt of .Major Hallldny. Hho will
remain there torcrul wcol'S.
Tom Winter, deputy county clerk, re-
turnod frctn Cincinnati on Sunday oven
me;, and remand hit pluco in tho clork'i
oillco yeiterday. TLo clerk' oillco with
out Ton doci' not oem natural.
A ipeJul concliivoof Cairo Cornman-
Icry No. l;i v.-i.l lo held at tho Afylum
this Ttiwday uveiilns;. Work in tho or
der of tho Temple. VUlt'ng Mir Knighti
cordlaly Invited. Trumpet will l.
loundid at 7 o'clock. Tor order K. U.
.1 kwktt WiLxtx, lUcorder.
The reception and euppsr givri by
Air. Iluofr.or h'. the l'iintur'i Houio M-t
nljjht wai a grand and juyoui KB'alr,butow-
inp to tho Ihttnesj of tho hour nt which vo
write, and in oomequenco of a preii of
other matter, wo f.ro urinblo to do tlu sub
ject juiticu to-ni;ht. lo-tnorrow we thall
fpoak laoro nt length of thU niBgnificent
AVIXTI'.It M AT.S'lN At tha r7i-
donce of (Jan. 1C. . Price, Vdruiidy,
March '.'5, 1S74, at 2 o'clock p.m., Thoju.n
Winter, of Cairo, I Us., to Miia Ktl'u
..Ihtson of Iloono county, hy.
Thcabov Ii from tho CincinnatN'Kn-
luiror' of Thursdaj morntnK last. Mr.
"Winter and bin brido arrived in tho city
on Sunday evening, and took rooms at tho
St. Charlof 111111)1. May thev livo low;
and be hippy U tho vUh of all.
-tcwart tV Gliolvin hivo received their
stock of spring and -iiinmer good', and arc
now ready to mpply their friends and cus
tomer with a good goods and at lower rati"
than any oilier hoiivj in the city. Their
itock of dress good, fancy gooiN, notion?,
etc., ii lull and complete, mid of a superior
pialli). Jlr. .Stcii.irt, who ha- been In New
York for sonic lime, will return in a day or
two. They solicit ,ni examination of their
good', coiilldciit that they can suit till who
all upon them. 2Sj S-2"-St
"Wm. Khlerj wishes to inform the pub
lic that ho has Juit recoived n largo stock
of imported French calf nnd Morocco
I.eathor from Adolph Kickul, of Cincin
nati, direct Importer?, and ho can thcro-
foro warrant all his work to bo of not only
tho bobt manufacture, but of tho very
best material. Any ono who desires fine
Hoot!), Shocd or Gaitors will find It to
their intercut to call on Mr. Killers at his
shop, 'JOth itrout, and oxr.mino hi stock
aud styles beforo ordering; clsowhero.
Fred. vVhitcampnow has chargo of
tho Central moat uurkot, Washington avo
botwoen Tinth f.nd Tenth streets.
Under Fred's, supervision tho Central
will bo ono of tho best establlthments of
thu kind in existence. Tho eniiro ecu
corn linj boon thoroughly renovated, re-
paintod, paporcd, ote , and Is now as noxt
as a parlor. 'Only tho best of rnetils will
bo kept, mid tho patrons of thu Central
will rccoivo tho most courteous attention.
Mr. Whitcauip invite attention, to his
shop, (livo him ncall. 2Q0 2-ai-at.
Tho raco yesterday between Jlr. John
1'. Holy's black roaro, and thobnyhorsu
owned by Mr. Jack llodgo of Unityi was
won bv tho former. Tho diitnnce ,run
was six hundred yards (a fow feouaver
one-third of n mllo) ami nt the outcome
tho black inaro wss about thirty yards
ahead. It mty' now bo woll to sUto tlut
thoro was no money at stake botweon tho
owners of tho horso.i on tho result of tho
raco. Tho s'olo object was to ascertain the
spoed of tho rospectivo horses. .Mr. Iluly
says ho put his ting into tho nice lor tho
purpose of nicortnining whether ehn could
"run worth talking about,"aud Mr. Ilcdgo
says tho Bumo of his horse. Parties who
hot and losttholr monoy cannot, therefore,
blauio cither of tho principals. After th
first racOtho bay horto was matched againtt
Mr. John SacKliergcr'i sorro', l:nown as
"VhiBtlor." At tho outcome, Hodge's
Uorso was a long ways ahosd.
At about ono o clock this morning
Ore was diicovored Issuing from tho second
story of the roar end of tho Mojnlur hotiso
noar tho cornor of Fourth street and Com
morclal nveiuio. Tho alarm waj sounded
but beforo thu engines hrrlvo'd on tho
ground thu Uro had gained considerable
hoadway; and though thoy (tho uro com.
panies) workod hard and did nil thoy
could, nearly tho ontlro building was con-
sumod buforo tho Attn s could bo extln
KuishoJ, In tho hub-hub anil confiploti
at tho scono of tlio '-oiil.-tgratlon.we went
unablo to llnd any ono wliofknewjlio rout
worth of tho homo, or If It waj Insured.
Mr. Mocklor'a Inn will probablv not fall
short of $12,030, anil may amount to much
moro than that. Tho furnlturn In the
houio was protly nearly nil saved. The
origin of the (Ire Is unknown.
AimllicT Atlcinpl nt A:is!ii.ilio;i
Vouiig l.ip lliitltni'i' mill .Hi. I). ,
Slniisel (lie Vlclliiif.
Caiiiionhai.k, AlHrch :i0, 173,
Ktiiroi: Hi t.t.Ki in : Avln onin vour
leJc;er of crinij and ontor anolhgr blooJy
page. Another way-laying and shooting
has liken place, tho tloUiU of which are
not leu tnystorious and heart-slckenlng
than thoo which Invo re-entry pn-ccjcl
It. In a former Ioltor giving tho tMrtleu-
lart of the hilling of (loorco W. Ilnlllnor,
i gavo the opinion tint an oil family
fue l and gru Jgo worn at tho bottom ol
it. Oihors thought tint turtles from a
distant suction ot country had committed
tho murder. The critno which I now ro-
cord, and thu dovulojimunls now coming
to light, itrongthsn my. bolltf
that tho mutdnrom belong here
abiutf, und tho end ii not yet.
On last Saturday nlirht servien was
hold In what ii known as tho "1'.iio1
mooling-hoiise,'' on the O.irlotidulo and
.Marion mad, sour, six milei oust of
this plaeo. Among thoo presant woto
tho whole Hulling family an I Mrs. Stan
sell, wife of I). V. Htanill. After tho
services tlo congregation broko tij) mid
worn returning homo. When thu Hulll
ncrs wore parsing a. point whoro a lane
Intersects tho rojd, about one-fourth of n
mllo west of the church, two of the boy,
Div.) and Monroo, who wero a few rods in
tho rear of the rest of thu company wero
tired on by twj men concealed behind tho
fonco. Tho Hjlliner's drow their pistols
and returned the llro. Tho aisailants ulso
drow revolvers, nnd twenty shots in all
wero fired. Tho Hulliccr's exhausted
their pistols and comrnoncel tii run, upon
which two shots took eU'ect upon Dave,
bringing him to tho ground aftor running a
short distance Tho attacking party or
dered thu other one to halt, saying with
an oath that they intended to kill him.
The firing having attracted tho attention
of tho crowd, Mrs. Sfinsell "had turned
back when iho wss struck by a pistol bull.
IJulliner was shot in tho back, one ball an
tering tbo choit, n 1 pissing through tho
body, oumo out near tho region of tho
heart. Tho other ball remaining
in tho body. He was carried
to his homo, and is nt latest
sccountr, still alive, butilh ii'.tle hope of
recovery. .Mrs S'.ftncell, It h hoped, will
recover, but her c.vo ii critical. Tho ball
tool: clloct in tho abdomen, tut it is
thought tho- intcstlnos aro not materialy
Suspicion is directed to two young men,
Thomts Kuuoli and Dave l'loasarits, n
tho porpetraters. If what I loarn proves
true, the ovidonci will bo cjtuto strong
again!', them, not only in this cum but in
tho murder of tho old mun. It would bo
Injudicious to publirh this ovidence.for the
reason that Ilusicll is under arrest and
tho capture of I'leasantt is hourly looked
Tho most wonderful part of tho ati'uir
it that both the milliner boys
wero not killed at tho lirt
fire, m tho murdorors wore
within flflton or twonty yards of
their victims when they opened llro. Tho
JJulliuers declare they recognised tho men,
as the night whs clear and moonlight.
Theso are about tin particulars of tho
affray as 1 have been able to cull tbum
from the thousand rumors in circulation.
II furthor developments aro mode I will
inform you.
I Jeam this morning that .ludo "W. J
Allen, of your city has purebfttod tho
beautiful Sanders proporty hor", and will
soon mako Carlondalo his homo. I hopo
it is true. Wo have plenty of gool
property for snlo heru at low rates, and
as tho Normal University will soon bo in
running ordor, I do not know of any
ploasantor piece to move to than our llttlo
Mr. S. (i. llindmnn has purchased tho
I'lantor s kou..i', and 1 can toll you nnd
evnryboJy it w 111 bothob'st kept coun
try hotel la tho state. II.
Tnx-payers will bear tn'mliid that side
walk HSiesfiuctit nro now ly law intended
upon tho general tax-books', and judg
ment will be tukun ngniiift lots fur said
iisscmmonts as well m for State, County,
City aud School taxes. Call at tho col
lector'a oillco boloro tho dollnnm-nt list
goes to tlio prtnttr nnd aavo ca.'t.
i!8:'. 3-2'.-ut A M.X. II. InviN,
County Collector.
All petsf ns Indobted lo tnmuol M. Orr
aru rfiiucittd to mhko f)ecdy payuiont to
the undurelgncd, and thus tavo expciui:?,
as thu collection of bis assots must bo
prompt and will admit of no ilolay. In
default of payment at once, suit will lo
Instituted. John IIaiiman,
Asiigneo of Samuel M. Orr, ilankrupt.
O.uno, Ills., March 20, 1871.
'J7fl ..-27-tf.
Frank Uriitkv dosiro that tho publlo
should know Hint hots prepared to deliver
bread of good quality and quantity, for
llttlo money, in any part of tho city,
(live him your orJer, and then look out
for tho
by which ho will dollvor tojou thotull'
of llfo. 271-H-Vd-lm
Wo havo n l'arkor Hrothora lircech
Loadtiu; Ottn, gun and outfit valued at
onu hundred dollars, which wo oiler for
salo for eighty dollars. Tho above Is ono
of their bosl decarbonised guns with front
iictlon rebounding locki, and fully war
ranted. F.nquiro for ono week at Thk
Hum.ktin On ici:. tt
AVantcd A cook.
llur.LKTitt olfico.
Apply at Tin:
l'nti k CtittiKNT Orru rt, i
1 'Monday Kvo., Miirch .W.Jll,
Or.NF.ttAI, nEMAtlsTri.
Tho woithnr for the past two days has
boon cool but ploaant. To-day eljo
oloudy with prospects of more rain.
Tho freezo of Friday night through
Southern Illinois, nipped in tho bud our
h"pe nnd tho prospective fruit harvost,
if reports aro all trim and wo havo no
reaion to doubt thorn. Tho frost was
verysnvoro nnd following as it dld,t hoovy
rain that left tho blossoms of Iho early
varieties of I'.iaehoJ, vblcU waro Just be
ginning to open, flllod with vator that by
tho frner.ij was turned Into Icu leavtn llttlo
room to doubt that tho early peaches nro
nearly all killed as woll tho largest
part of tho strnwherrlot.
Wo nolo en IncrosiI activity In tlin
corn and oats markot sin ' our lat re
view, whilo Hour tind incal is slow
s ile.
A great deal of corn received nt this
market Is ol agraduthat would tlgtirn as
rrjrctdn other morketi but which Is
cliiM'xl as nofi wilh w. This is a kind
Ilia', cinnot bo usrd hero and wo advise
shippers to ssrul it somewhere else. II
worked oil' at all it Is nt very low figures
nnd gives no satisfaction to buyer, cclltr
or shipper.
Tho poultry mnrkot rules a llttlo woal:
to-day, with prices lower. Kggs nro weak
and lower, and ohoieo bulW is scarce and
llrrni uliiust anything that can boclacsed
as buttt-r will soil, unlll receipts become
luo.-o liberal, at f.Oc, while clioico rolt but
ter finds ready sale at Jloc, and cholco
norlhorn paeko.1 at 38 10c.
lilies of freights south are steady am!
b&' Corrospondonts should boar in
mind that our quotations represent prices
for round lots from tint hands, unless
otherwise stated, and that In filling small
orders, higher prices must bo paid.-Yjyj
Ff.OUll Heavy and dull. Thoro Is fco
life in tho market. A few orders aro
received and filled at nbout tho snmu fig
ures as havo ruled for tho past month.
Sales were, 200 bbls various grades 6 I'O
ti CO; 200 bbls do 4 00&8 00; 100 bbls
do 1 oD7 00 j 200 bbls 0 7SQ,8 CO ; 300
bbls do, on ordor, 7 009 00; 100 bbls X
winter ! 75; 100 bbls XXX wintor 0 70;
200 bblt various grades o LtQ,H 00; 2 cars
do, in lots, o fiOQi'J 00.
HAY Thoro is u light demand lor
choice grades to lid orders. Low gradoa
aro unsaloable. Sales weru 3 cars choico
mixed d;l 14 0iU CO; 1 car cholco
mixed del lo 00; 1 car primo mixed del
13 00; 2 cars good tuixod dl 11 00; 2 cars
choice timothy del 10 00.
COIl N Soft corn is not wanted and wu
advise correspondents to scrd it to some
other market". There is a moderately uc
tivo domund for choice whito arid-mixed
which Is scarce, receipts falling short. "Wo
note sales of 2 cirs choice white in bulk
on track C3c, 10 cars do do Mr; 100 saaks
soft mixed del J5c; -1 cars choice mixed iu
sacks del 70c; 2 cars cholco whito on or
dar, sacked 72c; 2 cars yellow sucked and
del 70t; 1 car cholco whito del In sacks
OATS Tbcro is a small supply oll'ar
ing and receipts aro on the light ordor.
Tho deiand is ncl'.vo at nn advatico to 6 Is
sackoil and del for cholco mixed. Y'e
mixed notes-lies of 3 cars in bulk on track
1 8c; lOcars cholco Southern Illinois lnixol
sacked nnd do Mc; G car; choico mixed
sacked r.nd del G5e; 7 cars choico Oalona
sacked and dol C5c.
COit.N ML'AL Tho market is dull at
3 2j fur choico steam dried, and a full
stock on hand Sales reported waro 200
bbls city moul in lott 3 303 3J; 200 bbls
steam dried dul 3 25; l cur loads do 3 ':'.
lll'kXit Seirco and in good demand.
Sales wern 2 car del 1(! C0Q1U QO. :
HUTTEll Tho markot contlnuus still'
and receipts of i-.II kinds too small to incut
tho demand. All that arrivus finds sale,
choKo roll 30(ii,3je,'and choico solid pack
ed northern 30 to 40j. Sales wero 20
packages choico Southorn Illinois 3oe; 5
packages choiou norlhorn &0c; 000 Its
choice northorn roll Clg,3Gc, fi00 lbs
northern solid paukod 38IOc; 400 lbs
Southern Illinois 3:(y).5Sc.
IJOOS l'lur.ty und wal;. Tim stock
is largo nnd demand small. YVonoto sales
of 1,500 dozon 12Jc. 5,000 down lOJ
12Jc; COO dozen 11c; o hexes 12c.
ClUClvKXS Vlenty, quiet and lower.
AYo nolo sales of 25 dor.cn mixed 2 71f;
3 25; 10 dor-.jii lions M 25; 1" coopt mixud
and hens 2 Ml:! 25.
TUKICKYS Dull. A few desen sold
at 11 00t2 50 par doziiii.
FOTATOIW Salua waro 125 fills rus-'
sets 3 00; 25 bids southorn swoot pota
toes 5 00.
J'ltUlT Oranges nnd lemons nro
plenty and dull. Apples aro scarce and
iu demand. Wo uoto v.ilcs of SO Mils
houlhurn Illinois' apples -I 005 00; 25
bbls northorn apples 5 bOQC 00; 65 bo,':es
oranges I C05 00; 25 boxes lemons at
0 00.
OAUIIAGIW 1'ind roady tales nt If'Oi)
10 00 per hundred.
Hotiok Is noroby given that I will pay
no bills for gooJs sold to any of the em
ployes of Tin: Caiuo Hullktin, oithor
or themselves or lor tho ueo of tbo oillco
unleso thu camo are fumlshed on tin order
Igncd by Mr. Hurriolt or mysolf.
'l2.20-ly .TmiN II. Ohkhlv,
Foil Hi:nt. Tho brick house f Hunted
cornor Third streot and Coiiiinorrhil ave
nuu. Tho hotiiio has beon put in good ro.
pair throughout nnd Is well' arranged for
ii hotel or bonrdtng house, nlsn rooms to
ronton Third street. Inquire of Win.
Mollalo, Ho. 6, Winter's block.
105 2-3.tf
Uo to C. W. Hi'.NKi.-itsoN's, 100 Com
mercial Avmiuo, for tho celebrated "Char
ter Oak," "May Flower," or othor cooking
stovos, tin nnd hollow ware, wator coolers,
bath tubt, etc., otc. If you want tho best
wood stovos, buy tho "Charter Oak" , the
hostconl stove, buy tho "May Flower."
23 7-3 . 1 1 .dim
Foil Salk 2,00O In city scrip. For
sale in quantities to suit the purchaser
Apply to II, T. Ukkoim.p.
''''' ' " '
'tV i
- 'V
- AVli.COX
Tkn pounds of brown sugar for $1; b
pounds best coffeo sugar at SI; 2J pounds
of choice butter at Slj baking powder ICc
per lb, Imperial tea at $1; potatoes 30
cents per pock; 3 lbs cotrco Sl.at "Wilcox's
"lock. 107 2-1-1 m
Second-hand clothing, watches, jewelry,
pistols, ic., bought and sold, Also a lot
Urussels' carput, furniture, its., for sale.
Oppotlto Cairo and Vincenncs railroad
depot. 188 2-27-tf M. Cov.vr.
All kinds of applo nnd pear trocs ol
tho finest vnt lotics, all grafted, four yosrs
old r.nd will boar fruit next year, nro for
snlo nt tho court louso saloon. They will
be delivered to ordor. Call early and
mko your selections. LuitMr.it & Uakkr
2(03-20 Ct
l-'Oit SALK.
Two Hattorioa of two Hollers, each 24
feet long, -2 inch Drum, 2 I t Inch Flues
with fire fronts. Mud nnd Steam drums
Safoty nnd Alud valves, Chimney and
Uritchin, all completo and in first-class
orJer"; bocn usod only throo months. Fo:
price, otc, inquire of .1. T. Kknnik,
O-23-tf. Vulcan Iron Works.
J'CfJlilO SAiifi.
1 will sell my entire stock of tho bebt
of Ueof, l'ork, Veal, Mutton, Vou'ilry,
Ilulter, i'-ggs, Lard, Irish l'otatoes, Sweet
I'otutoes, Apples, Flour, Meal, Spiced
Hoof, and tho best-of Cornod Hoof. Tho
sale will coiiimunce nt 5 o'clock tn the
morning and continue until nine at night
each day for nlno months, Sundays ox
enptod. I hnvu also 180 acres of tho host
ol cotton land to soil or exchango for Cairo
property. I also want sovoral good agents
to sull fruit trocs. All of tho nbovo will
bu explained by calling on S. l'attorson,
earner of Ninth and Walnut streets, as
tiieru is tho plm-n tho snlo of the meat nnd
vcgetnblus will bu mndu. 92 1-31-lm.
Caiuo, Ills., Jan. 30, 1871.
Wi: have something new In the way of
half-rheet poitors, whieli wo think nro
just the thine; for thu sprlo,; trado. Thoy
cotisiet of six dlU'orunt designs, litho
gtaphed, with mortises and margins for
priming. Two ot thu cuts nro suitable
lor any buslnos ; thu other four for boots
and shoes, photographers, druggists and
dry poods. Wo havo but ono hundred of
each cut, und will furnish them printed nt
Cincinnati pricos. Wo havo nlso porno
fancy curds. Tho "languagu of flowers,'
ten designs; "Hoquut," twulvo designs;
'Opera," four designs and "Comic" cards
twenty-four derlgiu which wo furnish
printed at $10 to 12 per M, Cincinnati
prices. Who wunts them? Don't nil
spunk at onoo. 103-2-10.31
Tin: barber shop is on klio corner ol
Eighth streut nnd Commercial avonuo
whoro J. (loorgo Htienhouio with his gen
tlemanly assistants can bu found tit any
hour of the day or night, rondv to eootho
your fuolings with n smooth shave, or cool
your temper and head with a good sham
poo, ltisn first-class shop, and you aro
sum of recoivlug first-class treatment.
Ladies' aud childi en's hair cut or curled
aflnr thu most upproved styles, 8-15-tf
Mtr.i: Waoon. I will eoinmuncii run
ning a milk wagon on Monday morning
February 23. 1 will continue it all sum
mer, and respectfully solicit your patron
age. Milk will lui duliverod to any onu
in tho city, dally--morning and ovoning.
Orders tuny lu givontolho driver of tho
wagon or left at my Ice stand, tin HI Ohio
levee. (Jkoikii: Yucum.
lG!)-2 21-tf
Foil SAiiK on KxuiiAfUK A Farm
near Villa Ittdgo good houio and young
orchard. Inquire at this oillco or address
T, H, FAiuiltf,
211-3. 17-tf Ullin, Ills.
"' . i'n,i4'i;'iM!.i;A') !
ft .,rtfi;
: 1 '4-'f
f: ,'.A
- i 1
rV"f i I Jl.OTI!W'o
ut ;
- 'It it)
. A--r-(
I' ... -tt.- 'f
4 t.'tftriS
"' , x'43 si
U O JZ. "l
m, 1..;
mvn: xuiv.s.
l'orl f.lhli
and departures lor tlio 24 hours etulln;
: atO
ti. m. lait evening:
Grucey, Columbus
" Fisk, l'arlucnh
" Thompton Dean, Cincinnati j
'' Nijk l.ongworth, New Orlcaus
" J.D. l'arkor, Cincinnati
" Orand Tower, Memphis
" City Helena, St. Louis
" Hen Frsnklin, Memphis
Steamer F. 1'. (Jrncoy, Columbus
" James Fisk, i'aducah
" Thompson Dean, Now Orleans
" Kick Longrt-orth, Cincinnati
" J. I), l'arkor, Momphls
(irand Tower, St, Louis
" City HolcnB, Vicksburg
Hon Franklin, Cincinnati
Tho Ohio is decllng, having roceeded
ono half inch during yesterday.
Tho Mississippi Is rising slowly, in fact so
slowly as not to affect tho conditon of
wator in tho lower river so far ns hoorcd
from. Planters below may now rest easy,
for beyond all doubt tbo March rlso has
spent its force, and tho high wator will
soon pass away. Wo hopo this may l o
tlio cine, for thoy havo already sufi'ered
considerable damago. Huslness as usual
Mondays, was dull. Thu weather, though
cloudy through the day was pleasant.
However, nfter dark a rain sot in, and up
to 2 o'clock continued almost unceasingly.
Tho Thompson J)oan got .'100 hhds. to
bacco at I'aducah and has K00 tons fur tho
south Tho Nick Lsngworth had
only nil ongino injured by the Into acci
dent nnd niado repairs sutllclet to lako
her home. She has 77 bales of moss, 25
boxos oranges, 39 hhds sugar,
Oil barrels rice and n lot of
sundries for tho Ohio river
Tho (Irand Tuwur brought tho body of
Cluronco A'.lslt to this city, nnd is taking
tho rumuins of Hilly Muuday and Mrs
Oitramlor to St. Louis. Tho Tower has
S50 bales cotton, 18,000 hoop poles, 10
cords staves, vud 181 bbls polatoos lor St.
Louis Tho dim Fisk brought 1 10,-
000 staves, ond 160 bid headings yester
day Tho Charles llrowu took two
targes coal for St. Louis.
Just received nt Houpts' an invoice il
Una spectacles and oyo-glasiul.
Tub t.AU'juar bioci; of bird cages, toi
let sets, wator coolers, bath tubs und a
general stock ol tinware stores over of
fered In Cairo may bo found, cheaper than
tho cJieapesl, at O. W. Ilondnrson's, No.
190 Coinnuirciitl nvoiiue. 2383-1 l-lm.
Mus. ItUMiioui Is prepared to iilkach
and i-RKS.s lints nnd bonnets In the most
approved stylo, nnd In u manner to givo
ontlro satisfaction. Call at her residoneo
on Fifteonth street between W alnnt and
2311 3-lo.tf
N k VA D Y ER Tl oEMEN l'S
.Notice Is heieby given to n'l pofons intor
cited that thu clly council of tlio city ol
Cairo, having ordered that the Impiou--iiiint
of the Ohio levee 011 l.miM-Mi-out.
from the soulheily side ni l-mirth
(llli) stli-el to lb" nolthclly Mllo o
I'oilltcelitlnllthlstivet (by giavolliiifc' aud
itl adliig the same) ha e applied to Hie count)
loutt of Alevaiiilci-i tity forsui a--- nil-Ill
of Iho co-t of said iiiiproieineiil, accolil ng
in beneilts, ami tin nuniieiil ilicrcuthiii ng
been niado nnd icluriiod to wild court, I he
final he.illcg Iheleon will Im hud t Iho
Am-ll term ot ahl ciiurr.eommeiii'lugoiitho
"11 h day of April, A. D. 1871. All persons
deMiing niav tlu u and thcru tippe.il- and
make their defense.
.loiix I'. Hr.i.v )
.ititi.v II. (liu)N.'sMAN' Coiimilssloiurs.
(li:o. W. llt.NKH'Krt j
Cairo, Illinois March 23, 1871. 2)j7 iWIWt
j , I
- ltn 4jlM.
1 -riV,
EEI'OKT of the condition of tlicCfty'&rioiMl
llanlc of Cairo, .11 Cairo, In tho stale of Illinois at
Die close of busmen I'cl,niar! 27, ls'l.
Ioani and disccints
erdrafti ;
U. S. bontlt tj secure circula
tion U. S. bonds on hand
Other stock, bonds and n:ort
Ees Due from redcciiiln umt re
serve agents
t'uo from other national banVs
Due fiom slate banVs and
it CM is r.t
1.-JJ6 eu
HK)PI 00
IV) It)
1.571 rd
tio.ate 36
-.'7,11') ut
12,377 SI
a.ooo oo
f..K) 110 30,0i.) 00
ltanWln liouse
Other leal estate
tiirrent ctnics
1'axes paid
l.liecks and other ca.h Iilitii
ltT.M SO
1,171 HI
3,101 S7
Hills of other national banks 12,015 00
fractional cuaency, (Including
nickels) 4,1 17 .V,
Pcc'-s 3.S35 li
i.egal tender notes 3i,'lco It)
Stil IjT
6J,32J 31
1st, til ui
Capital stock paid In
Surplus fund
imi.oiio 00
2j,eou eu
1. -.iio 31
2. NV2 Hi
ls.iisj IS 22.SCS 71
01) O") Ol
M I")
219,072 '."J
2l,l',23 CI
l'rotit and loss
I irculation outstandini;
Dividends unpaid-
Iudivh!uil deposits
Duo to state banks and bankers
Isl.Cll 10
State of Illinois, county of Alexander, ss.
1. A. II. .-AITOnl). Cashier of the City Na
tional ll.ink ol Cairn, do solemnly swear that ths
above statement Is true to tho best of my knowledge
and belief.
A. ll.SAl-I'OIH), ("ashler.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this "JCth day of
.March, Is74.
II. II. CANDi:!-:, .Votary Public.
II. 1.. IIAI.I.IDAV. Directors.
yOlll'Y.SIX'I'll rciwrt of the condition of the
I1 hirst National Hank uf Cairo, Illinois, at tho close
of Imlnui I'el.ruary 47, IS7I.
Ixians and ill.counts $52,121 Ol
tlvcrdrafls 2nl ill
U. S. Itonds lo secure circulation lisi.ni.i (10
U. Si, boudi and sccutitlcs 011
hand 3,'.iiil at
Other stocks, bonds and mort-
liaiies 10,100 (1
line fioni redeeming and re
serve agents 1 1,271 !ri
Due from olher national banks... -J",-.US Sil
Hue from banks and baukirs.... tt?) 3t
Ileal estate ll.li'J lis
I'limltiire and fixtures 3,sr,il M
Taxes paid Sill M
Current expenses 3s7 es
Cash Items, including revenue
sMiii 27 M
l'irmiiiiiis paid V.fSI b7
.uli on hand, Ciiircucy 22,8 111 52
" " coin t',1'1 u7 23,10.1 l'l
27i!,7C2 S )
..StflO.um oil
.. I'.tC.l I t
.. SS.VX) no
.. sl.TWI 7-1
Cap'lal stock
ICscli.iiiKe, interest, profit aud loss...,
Circulation must iudin ,.
Individual deposits
-70,70 J f)J
Stale of llllunls, Alexander county, ss.
J, (Thnrle OimnluKhain, caducr of the I'irst N'.i
; anal It ink of Cairo, do solemnly swear that the above
statement U true 10 the be.t of my knowledge and be
lief. C1IAS. t DNNINT.IIAM, Cashier,
t-ubscribed and sworn to before me this 2i'th
Jay of Jlaich, IS7I.
II. II. CANDKi:, Nonry Public.
corri-ct .sliest ;
.1 M Pllir.I.II'S, ")
KOII'T. W. .M1I.I.KH,V Iiircctors.
Oaioo )fer hirst National bank. 3-lB-atu
Otlico over First National bank. 8-I5Sm
John H.MulKey. Wtllani C. Mulkoy
OiUce: Kh;hth street, between Commer
clal and Washington (.venues.
r-n tf.
William U. (Illbsrl, CAIRO, IU.INOW.
mum r.auwr, J
SSTSpMUl ittsmtioa ttrn lo AdmUMIr .!
Blmbot business.

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