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The Cairo bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1872-1878, April 03, 1874, Image 2

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UUNH.0UUY. Kdltor
C. wee. t.y rrj'i ,ya7, .... 10 00
V-Vc;r ,. not pu m
advance ' j
n mnnth. bTinitilx"
Uno month, by mull
Throe months
On ye'' ' I-."-'
nrnvisor wrVmr-r boli.ktim
Onn Year
Mix .Months ' '
Thrro Months...
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IKo.llnir nintlrr on cecry piiRO.
AX.nTiiv.it iMrr.ATtoS VR'TOKV
IVialllMriTON. MflN'.ll ill. TllO '.ntW-
tionitti fluked with tbolr recent vlcto
nei propoio carrying tlolr lows to tlio
..iriiiot vorc-o of Isif'slathin. Those
who opposed foliation In the innate iw
that ell ell 'ft to provont it woum novum
u they doterminoJ to send out nn nntl
doto with what they conceived to bo pol
r ar.1 to Introduced into tho ponding
finance bill provisions for specie resump
tion, M some future day, mid n gradual
retirement of the greenbacks. Yesterday
tho advocates of more paper currency ad
vanced to tlo aii-ault, and by a voto of 2S
to 1.1 on mcti'in of "dnrk" Jlorton tho
specs resumption clauso vm stricken out,
dcif to tho appeals and wails, of Sonator
Pratt, Morfun i colleague, nnd Sherman,
harn-.s.n f tho ltnanee committee. Tbis
backing down from tbo plcdgo modo by
tlie government somo few yoara since, to
reiuruo ipocie payment at llio earliest
practl able moment, f uita tho gold gam
blersand strange to Bay, tins Woatern
firraorj and buiinols men striko hand
with "Wall tt? jet find ubitato over tho
vi tory gaiiiii in tlio tennto yostorday.
Morton completed hla work by otrorinj;
tn amondmcnt t strike out tho section
t. at pr iTl'les for ma gradual retiromont
of t..e c.reenkacks this will no doubt pan
t iy The rulings of Senator Carpen
ter ycitcrday, in tlio chair, has bsou tbo
uiuverial topic of convolution. Hither
through ignorance or design, hu mado tho
rutit unaccountable disclsioiil in favor of
the inflationists. So extraordinary wore
tboy that that respectable old inutV. Mr.
Hamlin, protected, raying that it would
reverie tho practice of tbo Senate for
thirty yean; lut in if UafpoiAer cured
for the rule) and uiagc) of that or miy
other body when bo bai n point to nln
So bo stuck to his docuioiu much to tlio
h)rror of tbo unclant pumpa who, in part
compose tbo Sonulo.
AVbilo Banborn, ''tbu mysterious man,'
i) being tried in llrooklyn on u rlmrgo of
going "marks ' with Unols y.-ini'i nl'iilis
hi robbing tbo rovomio department, (lie
wnys and inoani coinmlttee have decided
to '0 cu with tiii v.nta and summun ln
partnorn iu giult aocretary JlicliHrdion
J bli nifiitant, H.wyer nto inturnul
revenuo roinmioiuner JJougIa5i and C'faiel
hitly of tfio ecrot lerrico to tuotify in
relation to tlio contract, it ii tulladent
to know that Jiichardion, for toino ronwti.
gave S.tnborn tbo colloction of ta.s nt
OOpsr cent., nftor refining to givo tliem to
a thoroughly renponslblo jurty who of
furol to collect thorn for 15 par cent. It
Ii not to be luppoked that n "den)'' of
thn Tiltindnr run Iia fclinvn nnl.it at.m .......
cinut will attach to tho chief of tliu Irene-
ury uoprtuient ana hUniMitnuttooxpMit ilAUKKT
;na; in uo.erenco to tlio eentiinont of nu
outrage-I poopk-, thoy willcrontu iv couplo
uf Vkcan ifi f r tho iirwidont to fill. It
i thought that tho committee will ei'bur
recommend tho repeal or tho law nl low
ing moieties or to mo Jify it that it will
nut boa logaliMd meann of robbing mar
chann und farming out tho collection of
the taxoi tho political favorite! of corrupt
bf.i lull,
The director) of the proposed contati
niul eihlbitlon hro not only ineominitmit,
but obUinatu and wttlial uro tricky.
Mterlay Vig Iron Kolly In tlio
mureit of thwu liu0 iiniluj foi1: ru.
Jiorted n kul from the way mid menu
cjicwittuo to uJiiutall cood intended lor
the International exhibition In 1670 lraof
luiy ilr UarUelisawtbrouuU thododifo
at on ,o and )ugi-Mtd;that "centonniitl" he
Li.il .a.. r. ...
...u.i.kuv -i lor "interiiKtloual," which, of
courie, '.rig 1 1 jn" would not accept, ana
no me mil wa) objacted lo. Tim inutivu
was to cjmuiit Uongre to tho inhibition;
H wa) on n par vitH Uatneroti'a muvo in
the konato-aud was heou through. Con
gre wculJ probably volu m, upjlruprm.
tion t.j a national, but not to an luttrnu.
tleual oxpMitlon but a tun pig-hoaded
diroctori will not to havo it, I opino tboy
will "do i they do jn l'raiica" without
f.uite a remarkable chuu,;u lm couie ovi)r
the republican' drem on thi ijumUoii'
It wui at flnt quite wvoro on tho iiarr w
DM) ortb QuuUer City toll;, ln regard to
the ceiiUnnial, but in touaU very much
changea of lste. If tbo directors (lener.
hIIdIiiio Ootliorne bad not stated In print
that tbo show would kUnd on Its own mer
Hi, I would be incllnod to think that the
centennial emiitary of the Philadelphia
Korth American who holds out at the Ar
lington, bad "seen" tbu republican man
tud "reasoned ' with hi m.
The couimlttcu lnvt-tlgatlng dutrlot
all'airs tJrn up something odorously oIImii
ilvo every day. Ve.terday Charles Hu.
ber tiiitlCed thai while drawing pay un.
der thit parking roiumiialou ho wni di
rected to build atables and carriage houtes
for private ludivldualt, uilng for It lumber
belonging to tbo board of public work).
Hu built stable) for contractor nml put
up faucy iron treo-boxot In front of n
number of person' rcildoucds, for
which tho board made no charge
Ho ulto elated that Frank II. Smith, of-ii
fle1 reporter of tbo bouio and president
of th Voting Sinn's Chrlillnn Aswclatlon
of tbli city, who I now out "WW. its nn
Indian ponco coinni'ustotiur, ban tbu con
tract for reliving tbo publir parks In tlio
nainoof Id forotnan, Cotton, and that bo
ohsrgM Ihroo titni as much a tbo work
Is worth. Thoso are fainplo brloks from
tho odiHo that ii liolng nroclcd by tho
memorialists nn 1 will forvo na n innnti-
mont of infiny to the tnnmory nf thn por
mpt ring that now tuloi Ibis city when
Its day iball bavo piiiied nway.
momorial 11 now uaioro w.
too on tnrrilorio. which ''r "
nbllngnctsotlmt Now Aicxiro maj
i ll.vlnir mom tlihii
COUIO l r'- " ...
roqtlllte population, 150,000,11 Ii prooai-.o
that she may becomo otm of ti 'oou.
This titritory u suffl'iont nuinbor
mnmloil all ulln-
alul tno preaiueiiv -
blingactiu hi- annual tnoilege, mil mo
don't want to lit ii(n i
Ho probably tho dlih are net to her
A ilottlon of Dtkow lorrltory-ionio
1.000 inuart) mlloi-U to koowlod by that
mrfliorv to form what Is 11 l 'Hrtl1
iwhiaft urrltorv. This bill will jwih. If
UiiiiM no on In tbi way, u old follow.
will hnVo to o to work tdylng ooftrn-
,,hy congrrs doe so lunddln thing in
this respect. Hut i's goou lor inu map-
mnker. howovor.
MuDK.Hr. .
Attorney I5nnerl William wnntsfS'O,
dOO to carry tho law cdHco tbrnugb tho
present lUcal jfnr. In view of tlm tocent
davelopmenU of frauds in tbi di'ptitt
mont, mid former cxtravBgnncfi, the cun
mitlco on appropriutions fliould look
closely Into tho why ami whoroforo of so
Hrco ii deficiency. Hero is a cbanru for
Oeu. tliirileld to cavort nround on hi) nng
economy that 1) If he roally mentis b'ni-
nln.lino n denosit bank; tbo Lnncaitflr
v... i.tllou und toveral stores and dwell-
Hip bousii. Tho 11 ru started in Haley
storo and It roon proitrocd i'oyonu non
trol. Tho lo Is cttimalod over 500,000.
mvr.n Nr.ws.
fuel ntid
Ono hundred and twenty nov.papers
r.nd piriodlciils bavo been upptHisial in
.. ' I M uXt .l,nn I. rai.
A swan, momuring eight feet and ten
Inchos from tip to tip of wings, was re
cently shot on tho liittlu Sioux in ilonuim
County, la.
Lectuiing has lieen so tinprotilablo this
leasoti that tho rttc d lecturers are iiku
lvtobo much Jowor next winter from
i to 0 por cent nt loss;.
Tliu ZooWical society of hondon lmvo
ju?t niado un importaiit addition to their
uunui null III i un OIIIIW t .....
erof, which u tlio lir.-t hiiimal ni mo t?pe
iiiu over brought hlivo to l.uropo.
It appoirs from tho last returns that tho
ngnriv;ut! ineomu (ruin Urn r.nglisli mo
insuranc'i olUctm Is moro tuuu s- io.'juu.uuu,
Hint their total uccumumtod tunas nro
over i' 1 1:1,000,000, und that tho Ruiiram.
in fircu represent nearly ,L"ij2,uuu.ou!.
Clovrliisiil, 0.
i-irwi.mii. Afitll 'At 0:'H) Hit
f.. ihn l.lmri.rs nt tbo ITnictl depots
struck for an advanco af wagci Irom $ BO
.. ci t,-. ...,r ilv. T in i!U!T tiumiiHrni
near 3(10 iimu nnd all worn promptly paid
'i'jiiirl(-i Dill. ono of tliu oldot unglii-
ecru of llm A. . V. mllroad nunpany,
droppol tt)id at Voungstovn to-day.
.MHMi'tnu. Anrlt 2. Clmrlas 0. .InkiM,
ii woll-kmiwn denier In stnvne mid hollow
tvuni mi Hn.ntul Htrcnt. mid u tiromitielit
dllcor of tho Odd-KolKnv nnd Knight of
I'vlblaj. (llsniiDoariil very inystrioiii
.iviiral ilnva uliico, nnd- fears tiro eiitor.
(nlniMl that lm li4 been inunKircn Mino
f - I,,.
01'. rOlllO toSl. J.OllIfi lor wmru piuuu nu
uriiid. Tn.diiv levcral iitlaclmieiiis
wum swoii. out und lovind on ins property
bj partlo who btlievo nu nni nincoiueu.
Mtl.v.'Ai kM, Ajirll V!. A scricin n. i
,lMt nccorrod on Wednesday nislit at
MliLlUown. WispjlHtif. Kxerclses were
i.in.r Imld in i school-lioufi) when n krro-
lino lamp exploded, sBltliig lire to tho
building. About Sou parsons wore present
,.i,.l Kiev became naiiic ttrlcken. ln thn
r.i.ii fur llm duo many' wore injured. .10
hurt and I sorioiiily. Tho llro lmtod lor
nlont bnlf nn leiurnnd wn cxlint'ulsheil
by two plucky womon who smotlKrca it
with nvorooru linn cnrpoic.
SI. l'aul.
u-r Pift. vin.. Annl 'J. A inan.un
Uiinwn. lo-dav iireciitcd to Murchnnta of
.Natlontl bnnlc oi mu rny, nn i""'
1 in li'i ii cnrtiHed check of . I'
Coilboiiph & Co . on toinn Chicftf.o bniik,
tnilnt' that ho iiroposed cning into hum
nn.9 ill ll.il fllv Hllll 11 ai 116 Wllie I"
... n 1,ul. iiecnlltlt. Ill' HPCOUtll WflS
nccePlea ami ins c.neeiv imhu w
Tui.iiK' til! nutivt Hfte.rward. romy man
J . . . . . r i.n.t ...l.ll.
presented Ills own ciipck ior 9j,wi,
was at onco cashed. Telegraphic, incpnrv
reiiiltod in the informntion that tho corn-
(1,-I l,.,..Vi urn lioi-OS. TllO Illlltl llllS left
fur iinrU un known ana tin merouaaio
national" is out $3,000.
l'iTTMii to, April 2. Ulvor
ri'intti cloudy nnd cool.
M i:irnir?, April 2Wcather ( lear end
plenumt. Hlvor roso '2. Inches. Deputed
Hherlock, Olncinnlitij City of Chester, Nt.
r,Vicusiai.o, April 2 -l'p-City u
VicUsburii nnd l 1', I,oe. " no'"
down lo.diiv. Clear and cool; liver sta
l.n n.r. Itorn, April 2. Heavy wbllo
froit this morning vith u lit'ln ice, but
clear and pleasant to-dny. Hiver station-
arv with i fo"t n inobes bv i?hiii'h. Arriv
ed Mary Iluyd, iMempliis.
NuwtJiii.KANK, April a. Arrived ii
O Vaognr, nnd (lluiicop, Nt. Louts. D
jiartnd .lohn ICilgour, liouisvillc; City of
(iiimcv, HI. I,otiI. Tho Importer did not
get oil' last night. Weather cloudy and
Naii ii.i.u. April 'J. Klverslill rising
with II feet 0 llichc on tliu ihuAtri clear
and root. Arrived lloilman, I'aducab;
Cnmuliii, Cincinnati. Departed--KHh
Hiighns, Upper C(tmborlahl; luuimuii,
Cinoinsiah, April 2. Itiver IHfoet 0
inches and fulling. Arrived Andes,
Whunlinci Hen l'raiiklin. Memphis; Nick
Iiongworth, Now (Jrlean. Departed
Lxchungu, rtttsbliru: Andv liauin, iictu-
Louivii.t.i!. Anril 2. Hlvor rMng
slowly with 0 feet 1 inch in tho channel;
clear r.nd cool; bt'tinosri dull, mwn
Charmer, AVlilto river. Hp Haven and
barges. Tho l'nragon Is duo from below.
An cll'ort is being mado to linvo tho cbutu
at Head Kails widened to 100 feet. It U
now only W feet. Tho government ha
loon appealed to t.. no tno won;.
r:t. Louis, Apnl " Arrived Harry
liihnsnii. Andv .lohnfoii and Colossal,
lvnukuk. Kock'ltland and Duliunue; Kuto
ICiinicy,.Mtssouri river; f.ndy I.ee, hhruvo
poit; Iiiko .Superior, Dubuque; Ames, New
Orloiins; Hollo Memphis. Momplii. De
parted I'iasa. Illinois river; uoi wmk.
Lnko I'epin; .K.hnon, iveoKui;; v l.ewn,
Missouri river; ( itv of Alton, Now Or-
leiin'j (Irnfton, Cairo ltivur rising. C'leur
and pleasant weather.
KvANHVii.i.r. I:n.. April 2. cnther
allernatoly clear and cloudy, light sprink
ling ruin this evinnir, sinco ciearcu. .Mer
cury I'.O to Co. Itiver about ttationary
with 21 feet on marlt. 1'ort list up
I'anigon 12-J0: Hawkeyo nnd bnrires und
(iuo. Huberts nnd barges and rut Kodgors
nt 8 p.m. Down - Mary Anient 0 a.m.
Kd. Uobbs H nin. Jlary iiousion i p.m.
Morning. Stnr 8. Mlewlld A. Miniieola, 6-00
liminosd light 8 Indiana roehipping on
Mary Houitoii.
Planter's House 0
SO Ohio a:5fr,rec GAIRO, ILLS,
ED1OTND iroE'FX.EB, Pvopviotor.
Tliu I'lniitnr's Uotifo is located (in Oli.in fiio Plrcut in
0LOHE I.M.10XI AI ITV r.P0 11 A ILiiOA 1) .DJ
Nollee I hcieliy glvuii tlml mi Tuid.iy the
at-tibiy or April, A. D., ISH, 11 itenenil
elfellon Will be held In tho ellv ori'alio, AI
(Kinder county, tato or Illinois, for the
clerlloii ol' the Pillowing immed liiunlelpul
otilcerslo-wlt! Acliyeletk.ii city liouv
ilier, n city atlonwy, one nlilnrmaii Irom
......l, u'or,i c.,i. tin. term o( two Yi'.U'-. lir
nldcimaurroiii tliu I'lrst ard, lo III llm
Mie iiicv wiihmI by the removal of Hiram
lllxby i'lom the ellv, and. one aldeiiniiniioin
ll,u Kim ond Win d, lo HU the vacancy ean-cd
by Hie n -I'.'lialion of Wood Ullonliome.
l-'or the plllposc) of:ild clecllnn tiolli Wld
I p. ned at tin- I'lllowlng iifiincd places to-
wit: In the HiM Ward, at the ci.iiim bedo i
h..ii..or U.K. D.iM'.oii llm K.utl eld. I
ui.ii. .......i i.,.i,l...... 'i.miiiii..' HI n ul W .isli
lnlon ai.-niioH! In the second .ml. at
lloimh mid Itciwlv citalnn lioii'i!; in tin'
I iili'd Wind, atlb'u lllboi nlaiKiiiKliiuholix ,
ill the Pollllll Wind, III the I'ollll ll,,'('
mid Initio Hllll WiiiiI, al tho Initio o Mr
Sullivan, on Ihc noilli-wcM coiner ol one.
iiieiehil aelill ami 'I welity-llllli Mienl.
S.ild chctli.il will he opened at elwht
o'clock In llm iiiornliitf. mid eotillnue opni
until xoveii u'eloi U In the alt niooiiolth.it
Anil in tlie Cciilor'oC tlio limine I'ntlii.u n
nuil coinplutu in ull its iippuiiituiaiils.
buing elegantly riirni'lioil ami curpiilml
incut unit tliu bf!t ol' :icuuuiii)oilntiotii,
tlie Cilv. 'J lie House i nev.
Tlio iooiii, ore Ir i'l :i liesiilm
I noils will rrceiu' cuiirlt m. tioat-
rti order orihn city Coilinll.
M. .1 Howi.i'.Y, City Cb ik
C tlliu, III.. Mulch 20. IHTI . IW-!I-2K
Trnnsiont (Juents 2 wv Day. )ny Hnardprs J20iov Alotitlt
A Trusty Watch for Trains and Boats Day and Hight
J 374 U-27-aui.
II N 11 st.v i'i:.mi:.ntm.
l I'llKT ' Hie luiiiIiIMIi i-iir "ii'i
i li. ..b ..II .uro. at Cin. in ll iut ol lllinou l
lir. iluw ul bnihr IVIrtliaiytlff, 171.
I. ',jn .ind ilncoiiuu
I I. , i.lratl- ;
U. S. IW lo il ciichh.
tlol ;
U. S. bomir on hl
Oitnr iikK, 1imI nnd moit-
el ;
Un frtwn nlmiii( aixl r-
I M Iron other mrtiomi WsV
Iak hum iji- Unfc o
Haakimi hou
Olhir rll
Cimtnt e
lam iil
Oirckt n4 olht cwh lnr
Hill of oilier mllotuil banks
ractkMul cutimcy, tiiHl.idiiij
lAKt temler twtr.
A,l 00
I 1TI 01
XI et
1t,0ii Ul
4,1 IT M
.1.MIV 14
nY,i uu
l.'l tJ
1m.M I'l
1 o II")
4,-ti iu
lMj,.de '6
W,l U VI
!".' I.'
i iu r
I .it.it tock paid IB
j.irptir liinU i
tt - -
InUieil - ,5t2i ii
I'tofcl and lo- "
ir.olli.m mmtaadinf
Dliirml IHIfWid
In.l.yi.liial iliulH.
Dm Vi tUle ImbV ail tiilirr.
l-l Hi en
int. r) m
Vllfl i
til ', t i
I,' -
4l II - I
. -. I ,,I...HII-f U.
11,1 '"I... T " I .
-AllOllli. caabirr ol lk ', I'
thai it..
.tl.VIMilVr ItLI'OUT.
1 viii Air i-ni.iH. Anril 2. A convention
of general freight agents wa bold in this
c Itv to-uav. l no loiiowun; nnniui .
J J . . . i . i ..i.. r...l.li
rates was nuopiou: rourm ciro-n nu.K..
frr,,,, f I CHI I tO HOSlOll 4J. TlOW 1 OIK I'l,
....... ..... n - , ...i!. I iiuu iioeiiuoii, uqum w
I'll la.lolpl.lf. ami - ' " 7 7of.3 75 Coil, llrm,
to llo.tou 6B, Now )ork fA l'laidBlpI ila ,, ,,;,,,
vul llnitimorn-IS, Kiokuk to 1 loiton r.o, - u
Now York 60. Philadelphia and llaltimoro ' ' U .'.7 ,?..
Reported Expressly for tlio Bulletin.
rin: wmiiskv citnsADi-:
ALL'S Wi;iiL A ( i A I N ON
lr. Indianapolis to lloston hi, now ion.
sr.. Phlladnlti i in ana i;altimoro ..u, noma-
vlllrt to Mnsloii d7. No v i oik 42, I'lnU-
dolphbi and U ili.iiiioro .".7. Cincinnati lo
IJmtnn 40, w I 'uK .in, i-iiiiaueipiiiiiiiiio
Iia timoro :t0. Third class IIVo cenis, sue
ond cln4 ten cents, and llrtt cl; Ulteon
cents innro than fourth clhfi.
W ahiusoton, Di'., April '.!. Un I'rb
day for New Knitlaiid, I'eiiernlly cloudy
wuathor und possibly rain or snow, winds
gradually varrying to tlio west ami norm
west during tho morning, iu tho overling
ftith c eariiu: of weather.
J'Njr .South Atlantic und iniddlu .State
and Jako region, elear or partly cloudy
weather, frosh wet nnd norlh woit winds
iiinroasini oe'i.vii'inallv to brisk.
Kor (iuir .State, weather gnnerally
clu.ir and light to froh winds, luostiy
from north and north wut.
I'or nppur l.iko rccion and southward
over Ohio valley, geimrlly cio.-.r weatlicr
anil west In north west winds diuiininh
ilif; In force.
I'or Iowa and .Missouri, generally i lear
weather. Ohio river vill rise', especially
ttppar pnrtiou.
k i ;m Knouts nu: AiN'd
an'd m':i
Otta-IVa, April 2. Tho intensu nxcito-
lnent of yesterday respecting, Hiel riib-
slded. U In said that Kiel Is III Oldens-
I burg.
l'ltn.Alir.l.rillA, April U. Tho city
council tc- lay passed by aoelimulion, a
onn million" centennial appropriation
Chat k'Mo;i, S ('
CiiAiti.r.ii-ios, April 2. Tho countv
treisurer of Fairlleld and Or.inj'eburir
havubeen urrostul on a churgu of oiubo.
zlemmit of public fund.
.Ncvi Yin!,.
c o.svielK.n.
Nr.w YoltK, April L'. Tho trial ol I'a
toll and Stallatil, chari:od with thn mur
der of Michael Hurald, lormiuatttd in the
oonviotiun of Htatlanl ol murder in tho reo
"lid dexreo, and tbu dlsohargo of l'atoll.
MHig nra.ly seiLlenced Stutlanl to statu
prison for lifu.
(,'iiulliil's-, N. V.
Cuoiior.s,April 2. Tho Trivoli knitting
mills, owned by ,1. U. Host A; Hon, was
dostroyod by llro this afternoon. Lots
$t!li',Oou, inmrauee llso,U(ilJ. Tim knit-tin-;
mill of Ori'gory und Ililler was par
tmlly ImriiHil also. Loss unknown, lully
Insurod. Oau thousand workmen aronov
out ot omploymunl.
Co IlilllllllK.
c 'i.i-Mill's, ),, April a Thn rnoit no.
te. liable tMituro of llm crinadii to-duj was
thn rni-ua ,if i;berlv, proprietor of a
wholomlu grueery, toillow Uih ImiIIm V,
pray in front ol hi nlnci, Ila ,,r,l.ir.l
thom rtidoly away and upon tiioir rof.isal
to lnhVH, bo i.nloiiM his u.mi to carry out
a pilu i.r gooU ami )n doing so mm i, tlm
'""" was run over the itress of
the ladlea.
ono ul
.Saiit)i'iaiin.i Depot, Ha.
j:iiii; Kiit.iiOAii,
yuawtiEiUMNA Dki'uI', April 2. Kvory
thing is now quiet along tlio lino o tho
Hrlu railroad, and nrruugomunW lor run
mng made. Nearly fi.OOO ears passml
hetu uliico noon, Monday, Tho troop uit
yesterday, and no futthor troublu Ii antic
Iptted. All tbu men riipilrud by the com
pany ar at work in tho i-hope, and tho
duabM oopiims have again been placed
in running order.
Lot n i if, Kr , April t! Tho Courier-Journal
has rupoitoda distraction by
lire in Lamcastor, llarrard Co., Ivy yce
terduy, V(hleh de.troyeil Jl buildin) In-
Wiiski.imi, April'2. Tho ladio? vis
itod somo saloons in tliu southern portion
of the city to-day and also tho workmen
in tbu maehino"8liop, but met witli no tlie
cess whatever.
In lioliiir to-day ovor 00 ladies started
to visit tlm talooiiH. At tbreo place they
wuru admitted and truatod kindly but at
all others doors Were locked and admit
tance refused them.
At St. Clairsvillo tho only two remain
ing saloons, Doverling's und .loslu Klng'H,
woro vialted. but tho doors worn lockoa.
(iuards were placed at thososalooiis totako
down the name of all visitors'.
Tbo friends of Carry nnd CInory, who
"uirdereil (.ottlinb Powell u tew monliis
slnco In W'ost Whoollng wbllo under tho
Influence of lifpior, lmvu obtiinnd tbo
tin m oh of tho saloon-keeper who furnish
ed them llipior, Intending lo pro-oculo
thom under a statute of this statu which
makes ealoon.keopers liable for all dam
au'fs done by porioii' while intoxlcatod.
Thla case will bo watched with great in
terred, as it is tlm llrht evor instituted un
der said Etfitutn
V.'AmiiNOTON, April Mr. Conger,
from tho committee on i ommorco reported
by authori.ing tho appointment of a com
potent parson to obtain and repord au
thentic Information regarding the seal
llsheriict nnd fur trhdo of AIii-I.h, the
condition of tho natives, etc., with a sal-
I ary of 38 per day and actual travelling
I . . r... .. i. .i i ..... .i... .
expciitur, 4iimr a l"ii; onoiiin 100 11011111
retusetl to order tbu main unstion.
Yea lo'J; nay 111 and tho bill went
HIKi t'lumxi'Y nil l..
Tho bouso then resumed considera
tion of tho currency bill.
Mr. Nile argued agalmt tho bill, as
having a lendunoy to duriigaril the pludgus
of tlie govnriiiiiiint.
.Mr. Harris, of Yiiirin a, made a SiAoeh
upon the limine, ami predicted that con
gress would do nothing eitial to the emor
gt'iicy, but would tall, and resofve, and ro
solvo and lull, until tho end of the session
without patting any law that would j;ive
Fiibst'ititial, boa nlldo roller. I'mnii palia
lion might li oilnrod to un outiaged peo
ple, but nothing more.
Mr. Hurchard said lie was he-irliiy in
favor of some features of the bill, but did
no I think it would allord to tho Mouth and
West what was expected, it would not in
'rnitmului amount of loanable capital in
o,t; that hu was In favor of removing
the moncpoly fiom tbo banking system ol"
tho counlrj; thit ho w also in fiver of
rraliicing the reserve of hank from 25 to
ti per cent ; tlml by regarded that provi'
ion as security fur depositors.
Mr. Wilson, of Indiana, i;.ve tiollco
of a substitute wliich he jiroponed to ell'er
for the pending bill, which in part, who
mb-taullully the fame, but In some ru
spuet win dillercnt A featuie coiiiinon
to lioth was "In.e l.nnkinir, ' which hu
thought would remove tbo leading defect
In the currency system. The limitation
ol currency by luw, he laid down ns an
unanswerable proportion. Ho said that
the amciint of ciirren' V ihoul 1 hu pov
orned list l y law but by tho demand of
Nr.iv OKhKAN", April 2. I'lour dull
and docltnod, treblo C i(5,7 fiO; family
mixeii IOC; wniiu
Outs weaker 0.1
received sold al
I IU. buitar in Ian" demand, common 0);
fair to fully fair 7oV,T.j; prime tlgeije'.
Whisky dull, Ml Linn re'ctltiud 110; Louis
iani 'J'Jdi 00u. Cmn meal llrm i 4t(e,3 CO.
Olhor liuuhaliged.
Mkmi'MH. April 2 I'lour dull and
nominal. Corn iuoji d -If. Corn good
domand Oats lair demand and ml
vancod VjQfi'l. Hay primu ll0j)lli; mixed
and timothy U;2l llran marlet baro.
I'ork demand lair and advanced lei C,
l,ard good ilemnnd t'J(o10A. Ilacori itond
demuiid, thnuldurt " ; U H lf.i -10J.
Ciiicaoo, April '-' Flour Uict. WU;at
steady, No 1 spring 1 -ej regular; 1 "0
strictly fresh cpot; No 'J 1 K'j. Corn in
demand and active No 2 mixed G2c reg
ular, C3J strictly iriwh spot. Oats steady,
riov. 42 o . ilyn ttoMty. o 2 yi)Qi;'J2o.
liarlcy No U 1 f,O0t CO, Pork active and
advanced 10 OOGeiKi 70. i.urd in domand
active and advanced 'J cash or April 0 45
.May. Hulk meat 'pilot and iint'liatiged,
shoulder 5j spot. Whisky steady '.i:ie.
Cincinnati, Ohio, April 2 -lour
quiet; wheat 1.00; Corn dull and
nom'l, mixed 07fi,0Sj Oats dull and un
changed at r,L('Jc; riyo 1 01; Harluy dull
nnd nom'l; O.U unchanged; lOggs kteady
at 12o; lliittor steady; Uheeso scarce and
llrm: Pork ouiot lOOi.ICJ; laird oulot and
llrm, steam yjrO; klttloiij; Hulk Meats
stoady; ybotildorii 50 Clear rib 84
spot and April clean H J(n8'; loose; llacon
steady; .Shoulders Cul(;. clear 'J.ta'JA
packed 40 and oil car nt '.'J; looio clear tij
Whisky in good demand.
St. I.ofis, April Hemp unchanged.
Kloiir dull and woak. Whont spring dull
No i 1 liflj fall quiet and unchanged, No
:i red fall I .'I7(el 40, Noli 1 4S1 CO.
Corn steady; No 2 mixed Ci1Qfi'A .May;
ollVred at C5, C I bid. Oats actlvo and
hlghor, clcing llrm; No 2 mixed 51(.V2.
Harluy dull nnd unchanged. Kyo llrm at
J7fTi'jH. Pork llrm at 10 2S. Dry unit
meats quiet; round lot held llrm ut previ
ous prices, li'icon oulit; shoulder 71;
clear sides Ulfud j; hams 1 1 I. hard in
good demand and llrm; priuiu steam npot
and up country HfTsjlO. Whisky ipiiut at
84b. Strcaf..
'tat .f llliat.lt,
, 11 mA
.' 11. -1. .1 iIa.h .In inlMnnly viar
a' '..' vi.iinncot i iluaiallK luaiol my tu
"'U'"f' A. K 8AITOIIU.I li.
Huh, nbtil am! sworn to Ul hk lhl KMIi l. y e I
tar. h, lT1. u.. , f.,1.1.
11. 11. I.rt.1. lllll., 'ww.j . "
II. I.. IIAI.I.III.W. ' I' " I-
, 1. WII.I.UMMilN, .
vTRTV Slx fll lepoil ol lh eowllOo'. r I'
1 r.iu Ntloal Hank of l)if. IHlnota, 41 l it
A bu.iiMM I rUnary IT7, 1H74.
Tiii" ii tin; only place in tin
lneu'iean ami 1'irueii Camlic-.
our 1 If.
ulicrc llirrc
I a 1. i-' lo
i- a '2i-n';rul Assortment
rail an I x tmiii'' thom for
li;. i2-l-'ni.
t l.atc l'mpriclfr i.f tlie St. Nicholas Hotel 1
Iia- lufotiic : uj uiiif. nJe'iit ' 1 'I. c
Mr. Walker liaviiif taken cliar,"e oftliii i.bl ami well known lioii"', will at
onco fjivo it a tlinruiili re-iiu :it iner, ami put it iu lirat-i'laM oritur for tliu roce-p-tion
l'iientH. Mr. Walker will welcome bin "Id ciislnnieii to the' new linuw, anil
will ulwayii hu glail to -eo them.
I'lrsl-Crlnss Day Hoard $20 por Monlli.
UM1 Z7, lJ1
Im. ami iliMounta
U H. HoiKll.i-.uirtircyiiiMii
II r-. tomli itixl wruiilie on
(Mlier ick, butnlfl ami moft-
4 I '4
I Kir lium
ami !-
w. 10.nl, M
Dim If in crtturr national liaukt ...
liulron IuoIkmmI bantwi....
It-jl etale -.
l utatwra ami fouur
Tkck paid -
Cuini.t ttfmmm -
eaih iUim, inchadioc mesne
1'rewiudlli pjlll..
. 4-ii oa hantl. Currency
. " celn
! 1 '
II . I
Capital HoeV... ;;
I (bae, iMeScet, profit l !
e.oul-iHJ.i ouuiiaaliia;
Ilulividuul ikpmha
. 41' .'
. 4 J I
it.ie.if llliiV).,AleBiifcrcci;y,s.
I, LliMSn ietiilii, casWW of the I ' r.J
. .mil II 111k o Cairo, 4o i4emly 'wear ilwi ' -
utrraeui i true 10 the lM ef my ln''J " 1 '
'"' CIlAS.lb'NNlNrillAil. ' -r
Hulirnbed al " In Ulete me tin I
""Ch' Til CAHI.Illl.N.l.r, I'. 1
, ,,,.i-A....:M I,lluxlI.i
ItUlr r. . Sill. 1.1. II, r 1
II. 1. II AI.I.1HAV, 1
h a m v n-ao ti ,
r i L u la
hoa'X' a'l'ox;
:i33f3 j
3toi:v -iiAitK i:r.
Kkw York, April 2 Treasury dis
bursomnnts . '10,000; ctistoui receipts 4 18,
000; mnnoy easy at 11(7)1 por colli.; stor
linitdtill at 4 M for 00 days; I 88 ctglit;
gold ranged 1.11 and clood ut the
latter price; carrying rntes UuSi, closed at
o; eloatlng riS,ouu,uuo, Htato iionus ipiiei
and nominal; govorniiients cloned llrm;
stock early in tho day wuro .uiut, but
becamo actlvo aud fctroni; towarils the
cho when tbo liighuet prices of the
day were puid.
WhedVulo and l!i tail ih ulci -in I'.uo
1 AL
0 g", KQ ft
10 N W A DV1D 11TI S'EAl 10NTS
.M1111uf.11 nirer of
Mineral Spring Water,
imi l'l.u.rit in
(Hllll LI'.VI'.i:, belneeii 'Jiliiud I lb Sis.,
1 i-u-tr.
MRS. L. T.
I -Here -or lo I'ln I 1
1 and llri; i'- 1
'oliililclci.il Ale
7 -l-2-lin.
nil and lllth .'t'
( A I HO, ILIiL.
""l""rrri-ititDiil 1 itsHi iH. n
R. BMYTil & (JO.,
wiiin.i m.i:
L I Q XT O 33j
DI:ai.i its.
2 to co otti.o Xi'tu-viain
li.tl no. 1 M. li a it i .
Anil Uverytliinp; IVrlauiiiiK to ('onfccli.uici's Ornainuiilal (ioods,
Oiilers from Ahroad
(between 10th anil II Hints.)
will rreoivii 1'ionipt Attention.
Inrni'lieil at Iteiluceil Prices.
KctivaU ami Pic nics
Wholflsalo anil Rotail Doalor in
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods
LAiiaK sTooir. or
Garpbis, Matim&s, Oil Cloths
UpliulHory J(hm1, Window K.i:nl DumiwK, ('ornislit'
P II O V f (1 1 I'll H K T 0.
:io. 1 1 0
J ma JiKkvv: Cairo, lr.11.1 i
ui:ai. vmta'u: auekdv.
7t (amiOHii ri.ooni onio iysymb,
iHini), ii,ij;
H WAl.Trill'l, I'lot.rlelor,
(iATH, .'HtlNUliUH, OKDAlt POaTU
3 T A H H O A T L U M It K U,
hilrnlHlieil on fltortimt i,(illtsi.
JimmarLial uvonuo, liotwnon Tenth and
Jilovonlh street
at r?.o. TTiT, rwnTfl
lit'4 Ihn litlblli! lo be lulonned that lie li:i on naild a Kloc Uot radii
niiv In tlio-SouthouHt, and that he I dctpriniiied 11 noil every ai tn.-tr nt pri' r
lowest. e.all on him and oxauiinc I'ocus ami priees. Hu will Karl sly you
und cost.
i' x tensive u
'Ii to quality
Notice is licicliv given lo all peisons inter
cstcd Dial tho ellv lOllliell of the clll ol
I'jiio, 1 1:1 V 1 1 IV oiilei'ed thai Hie Impiovc
moot ul' llm "lilo levee 011 Levee
lieol, linm the soulheil) Mile ol Fonith
illlii Ml cit to the urulheily Klilo ol
Poiirlceiilh (lllhl si 1 eel (by glavelling and
"iMdiiiK the - aine) have applle'd to tho county
mint of Alexander county for uiiai"-eiinent
ol llic 10-4 ol S lid linproieiuellt, accoi'iliui;
to lienelil', and an u'.'-onient thereof liavliiu
1 ti mado mid relumed to suld court, the
I1n.1l licaili:': llieieon will be IihiI al the
A mil t 1 in id Mild coilit,cnniiiicm'lug 011 tin:
2u Ii day ol' April, A. H. 1871. All porous
ilfirini' ni:iv then mid iliere appcii' an 1
innl.e their ((ilense.
John P. Ilr.i.v )
John H. iios1 man Coiiiiniiiioncri,
1 1:0. W. Hi:niiii km j
iwm lllln.,1 MmicIi ''.'I. P'7I. "'r".al

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