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rn'ionici, Cairo, Ills., I
April 9,10:11 p.m., (on. j
f ssrUr.t)flll Inches-
nntanatcr. fi7 (tcTee.
Wtad 8. W. Velocity 10 miles per tiour,
Waathar. rlrar.
Mittaun temperature lor last 24 tioun,
Al daa-raat:
MUtaHmUmpcrature lor the last24 liour.i,
PpbtiMu wind for last 24 hour. S
Telal Bomber of miles traveled by wind
atuuf hh m noun, aw.
Kdwin Uootii,
Observer Signal Serrlce, U. 8. A.
To arctniE the iN-annnoN ok ax.a.v
KoimcxMKXT i.vjthkIIcli.eintiie runLi.
ofwces fO ? WAnn orncKiis,
We arc authorized to announce Mlclincl
J, llowlcy m a candidate, for re-election to
Jheofllcoof City Clerk, at the approaching
"city election.
EniTOK Hullttin ! Yon will plca-e an
nouncc that I am a randldatc for the oflloe
of cliyclcrk at the enulnf; charter rlecllon.
22!-3-12-Ut W. IC. llAWKtNs
1011 CITY TKKASVnr.lf,
We aro authorized to anuounco It. 1.
Make as a candidate tor the office ot City
Trcasurer.at the enduing municipal election.
Mk. Editoii : Hy rco,ucst of a number of
citizens please announce my name a a can
didate for the offlcc of City Treasurer at the
cmulng chnrtcrclectfon.
Woon ItlTTUMIOl'M.'.
Wc arc authorized to announce that 11
Waf-on Webb Is a candidate for re-election
to the office of city attorney nt the enduing
.charter election.
Mr. Kditor: By request of many
citlzons, please announco mo nt a candi
date for tho effico of City Attorney, at
the cniulcg charter election.
Harmon II. Unci:.
Wo are authorized to announce W. 1'.
Wright as a candidate for Alderman lor the
Third Ward at the ensuing' charter election.
Uu. Kcmdold li prepared to iileacii
and ratss haU and bonnets in tho incut
approvod style, and in & manner to glvo
entire satisfaction. Call at her residence
on Fifteenth itreot between Walnut and
Cedar. 235 0-15-tf
Tux LAnoKST stock of bird cage;, toi
let tett, wator cooler;, bath tubs and a
general stock of tinware stores over of
fered in Cairo may bo found, cheaper than
the cheapest, at O. W. Henderson's, No.
190 Commercial avenuo. 238 3-ll-lm.
DriaHT Puxo. Mr. Robblns has act
np another of thoio beautiful vprighl
pianos at Tabcr lire's lewelrv itoro.
This ipTandld Instrument will bo ottered
at alowprico, for a day or two only,
Call and tee It. 4-4.8-21
Milk "Waoox. 1 will commence run
Bing a milk wagon on Monday morning
Febrnary 23. 1 will continue it all sum
mar, and respectfully solicit your patron
age. Milk will bo dellvcrod to any ono
in the city, dally morning and ovoning.
Orders may bo given to tho driver of tho
wagon or left at my ico stand, No 81 Ohio
Itroe. GroRai: Yocu.v.
Ribbons. Tho greatost rush of the
Reason I Tho finost cbanco evor otforod
to the ladles or Cairo I Ribbons! Ribbons I
Ten thousand yards of gros grain of all '
widths and colors 1 Ton thousand yards
of oil-bollod ditto 1 Tou thouiand yarda
of fanoy ribbons, all oirerod for TWENTY-FIVE
anl take your cholco AT HANXY'H. tf
WoncK pr Removal Col. Henry has
removed hit Hardwaro establishment
from No. 102 Commercial avonuc, to
AMiser't naw brick bulldlnc, corner of
Blghth ttroet, where will bo found tho
largest ttock of stoves, tin ware, etc., In
the city. Tha Colonel wishes us to nay
w nia many friends that ho will always
w.wSuumi'nii iap- anu any
thing else they may want in his lino.
fi 4-2-Ct
Thk barber shop is vu bo cornor ol
Eighth street and Comsaerclal avonuo
where J. George SUenhouso with bis gon.
Uemasly assistants can be found at any
hour of the day or night, roady to soot'no
yonr feeling! with a smooth shavo, or cool
your temper and head with a good sham
poo. It is a first-class shop, and you aro
sure' of rooeiying first-class treatment.
lAdlct' and children's hair cut or curlud
after the most approved styles. 8-16-tf
JoNxg, B. Jones, tho woll-known
hoe maker, has just received from Now
York a fine stock of imported loathors,
and hat put down his prices to suit tho
trjngency of tho financial times. Ho
askt the public to call upon lilm, at hit
shop on Commtrcial avonuo, botwoon
Tenth and Eleventh streets, and guaraa
teet to all hit customers cntlro satikfac
tlon. Mrs. M. Swander has Just filled
her store room wltn a flno stock of
tprlng millinery and all kinds of fncy
goodaand notlont. ller roady-trimi.iigd
haU and bonnets turpatt anything oVor
brought to Cairo the young and tho old
lady, the bride and tho widow will find
among thorn just what she want, in tho
way of a hat or bonnet. Mr. Swn,ir
bat also brought a beautiful assortment of
lowers an trimmings, sash ribbons, col
art, undertleeves, etc., eto. The ladi
ire especially fnTjtad to call and examine
;ooda and prices. All goods marked in
'; 17-4.6-lm
sond.hand clothing, watches, jewelry,
ltol, &c, aought and sold. Also a lot
i P01, 18S-2-27.tr M.Cutmk
All persons Indebted to Bamui.1 M iw.
, I requoitod to make speedy navm.nt ...
? undersigned, and thus savo expeniot
the collection of his assets uutt be
pt and will admit of no aelay. in
2 P,yaAnt once. will be
"i n.JTS1 M- " inkrupt.
, -j ---awM loll,
0 2re-8.27.tf.
Hill Hrnin.
Somebody to take from us n thousand bill
hcad, l'oou pupcr and finely printed, (or
Onothoii.ind statements printed ntl m:
llfM.KTiX oltlce lor yi.W.
Hole IIAt,
One lhotiand note heads printed at Tll
lli'LLBTi.v oltlce for 91.00 two thousand (or
One thousand 1niliie caul', Hue llrlstol
board, printed at Tin: 1IH.m:tix i.lllce tor
from r-'.r0 to according to size.
FRIDAY, APRIL. 10, 1874.
Grand Benefit G'oncort
The Cairo Concordia
Friday Evening, April 10th
1. The J-ierrfrbund hv llarliler ( oncor.lla
i. Wandtrlled tv Schumann I. .stfilnfnurr
I. Piano Sulo by Kettertr Mr. Ixmii A. Ilcrgcr.
I. SwlnSonr l,v Kekrrt .Mn 1-int.lVn
1. Tlie Korcit by Matter I'oncorJu.
I. "How Itae I 1ncd Th"-by
Moehrlnj CVr.L.riiii
Stmpre piut'amo by Carafa Dikiic,
...... Mr. and Mr. ehlIn-.r.
3, Sonatlnc for (four hands) Mn. LuudcnanJ
. - - ..nr. lltt;tr.
I. WaHlnj-by It. Milllard-Saprano
. Mr Srl,llnsr.
5. Schlnitr)icd..by .1. Olio -..-(.'cncotilji.
1'IckoM forsalft at Schuh's dru? htoro. and
at the door ni the hall. Admiliiii,7.i cent-.
Ketcrved teat-, one dollar, to be hail at
Hart man.
Athknkuii. To-night. Oo.
To-Nioiit. Do not forgot tl.o ricblcs-
ingcr concert to-night at tho Atheneum.
Sick. Mr. John 11. l'hlllis is coiifinoJ
to his bod by sickness. "Vo hope toon to
see liim again restored to health.
Ohio Aitles. .1. It. Phillis Son
havo 160 barrols of choice Ohio apples
coming, and aro to nrrlvo in a day or two.
Look out for thorn. .'114-10-21.
"With Valise ix Hank. Mr. Uck
onborgor has resignod hid position of assist
ant wharf master nnd has loft tbo city,
lie has been eucceodod by Mr. Al. Hurd,
lately clork on tho ferry boat "Three
"Sl'ooxs." A car load of household
furniture from Now Orloans consignod
to U. F. Uutlor, Washington, D.O., passed
through this city Wednesday. Tho fur
nituro is tho remains of the war swag of
tho doughty hero ot the Crescont City.
TiikStoum. Speaking of tbo storm of
yestorday tho 'Sun' says : "Wo learn that
tho big snow storrn now prevailing, Is be
llovod to bo caused by tho 'impinging of
undulations in the various fluids surround
ing us.' This may bo ncuror to tho truth
than many may suppose."
Time Ojianoku. A chango has como
over the timo-tablo of tbo Cairo, Arkansas
and lexas railroad. Trains loave Oreen
cam's landing nt 10 a.m., 1:0j p.m. and
4:02 p.m. Jlusscs leave tho ollico in this
city at 9 a.m., 3 p.m. nnd 12 in. .Jim
lllggs is tbo agent.
Tin: N kit. Mr. Win. M. Morris will
locturo boforo tho high school noxt Mon
day ovoning. llo will not, wo prcsumo,
impinge undulations or indulgeln wavo
lengths, but laugh. Morris takes to hu
mor not to scienco, and wo uro thoroforo
Inclinod to say to him : "Blois you, my
Come to Uc This is tho day of invl-
tatlons, and wo shall indulge. If our
business mon with cheap and finely
printed Job work thoy will come to us.
If they wish to ndvnrtiso u want they will
como to ui. Thoy oucht to como to us.
VVn havodono this city some sorvlco and
tnoy know il. Therefore let them
to us.
Mkam Ike. lko Clements It sondlnr
spoochos and public documents to other
editors in this district and thoy aro thank-
ing nun lor lilt kindnes. "Why has
Isaac forgotten us'' Wo aro not mad if
ho is, and wo think and declaro that ho Is
treating us meanly. If ho persists in hli
conduct wo won't voto for him next No.
Vitoxo. The Mound City 'Patriot'
says: "Iho Cairo Uulletih has u now
head, adding greatly to Its appearanco."
Tho Patriot' is wrong. Tho troublo with
hie IIulletin is, that It has got Us old
head back again. This Item win written
by Schuckon. The "old head" U too
modest to bo guilty of tho Immodesty of
writing It himself.
PnoTodiuriiio Viewh. Mr. Leonard
"W. Gradt is now taking photographic
views or tho public buildings and rufi
dencos In this cltv. Ho Ui iKi.n n.
Custom House hnd many olhor buildings
and will remain one, week longer. Citi
zons wishing store fronts, rostdoncci or
any buildings taken should apply to Mr
Oradt,at Mr. Hchleslngor's gallery on
Eighth street. '
ii..... .. "..
..mnu. raruos having comploto
volumes ol books, such as BUakspearo,
Uyron, Jlooro, HUtory of tho AVorld, en
cyclop.-o.lms, lllbloi, porlodlcali music,
etc., which thoy doslro to havo robound,
will do well to consult J, 0. lluols at tho
Cairo City Illndory, IIulletix building,
beforo giving them to egenta of foroign
oalabllshmonU. Mr. lluols invites an in
spection of his work and price?.
32 1-10-2W
Ax K.vi'LAXATiox. In yeslorJay'a
IIulletin wo published 3tr. U. V. Ulako'e
announcement m a candldnto for city
trcaturor, but did not call attonllon to it
ni wo bad Intendod to do. "Wo aro awaro
that no explanation can explain such neg
llgcnco, but wo fool constrained to say that
Schuckers Is to blame. Ho is to blame
for ovorytblng wo neglect to do and for
bis own omissions nlso.
Hi.atck rou TnKAbt iiEn. Mr. il. F.
illnko Iim concluded to enter into a con
test with Mr. Wood r.lttnhouo for tho
olllco of city treasurer, and wo aro glad
of it. Opposition is tho spico of n politi
cal canvass, nnd tbW contest will add n
little Interest to the now dragging munici
pal race for olllco. Mr. Illnko is well
known In tho city. Ho is a popular gen
tlonmn in ovory way rpiRllliod for tho of
Ikohols souklng, and will, if elected
fnithtully dbchargo all iu ilutlo.'.
Smith &UMxrcin:YKK, Tho reader'
attcntun it directed to tho advcrlijement
of Messrs. Smith & Urinkmeyor, mer
chant tailor, to bo found in another col
umn in this morning's Uui.i.r.Tix. Thoso
gontlomon aro proparcJ to do work in
tholr lino in tho latoit and most fashiona
ble styles, and nt prices that dofy compe
tition. Thoy invito an examination of
their goods and prices, ni they are confi
dent of thoir ability to successfully com
pote with nny morcbant tailoring estab
lishment in this part of tbocountryy.
Music Do not forgot to go to tho
Athcneum to-night. Schleslnger ben
efit. A Wise KiiITou. Wo havo always
iusxcted that Dougherty of tho Joncsboro
'Advertiser' wns wiso boyond his years
and now wo know bo his. In the last Is
suo of his papor ho says : "Tho Cairo
Bulletin comes to us In a cbangod 'make
up.' The dispatches and local nro on the
first and fourth pages. This it a decided
change for tho better. Tho Bulletin now
promises to bo a firat-class daily. If John
puts his head to anything ho will mako a
Coxcor.iiA. Evory lover of good music
thould go to tho Atheneum to-night.
The concert of tho Concordia society, for
tho tsnefit of Mr. Sctfrtiingor, tho leader,
will bo a musical treat.
Dowx. Butter has been a luxury in
this city for some time past. To eat but
ter was to cat your head otT. All tho
groceries In tho city ordered largo sup
plies of It, and tho scarcity became noised
abroad. The result has boon the commis
sion merchants have received large sup
plies and prices havo tumbled from fifty
conts to from thirty to thlrty-fivo ccntt
por pound. To-day wo propoio to use a
little ou a small piece of broad. Kconom
icul as wo are we shall venture to impinge
tho undulations of n small quantity of
butter as tho doctor would say.
Please Read Tins. "Wo havo an
nounced that no announcement would bo
published in The Hulletix unless pay
tnont should bo maJo in advance, but a
number of oar friends havo boon sending
in word to announce tbo in and assuring
us they would make It all right. In tho
languago of Clork llowlcy, "this Is too
thin." Tho boys must como down with
tho money. Dan't ask us for credit. Wo
would rather dio than glvo credit for an
announcement. The most honest man
goes back on tho printer who trusts him
if tho most honest man don't get elected.
Wo havo several of su:h huneet mon in
our mind's oyo, Horatio.
A BoLii RonnEKY. II. W. S. Anton
arrived at this city on tho 4th Inst., for
tho purposo of teaching the colored bran
baud. Ho was met on tho lovoo, just after
he loft tho boat, by a colored man, a run
ner of ono of our hotels of whom ho
Inquired tho location of Scott's saloon.
Tho runner voluutoered his servient to
conduct him to tho saloon, but instead of
doing to took hltn to Miller' saloon on
Commercial avenue, and introduced tho
bar-koepor ns Scott. Tho bar-koepor de
nied tho soft impoachmont, but said he
was working for Scott, "which was all tho
same. Anton tnen asked tor u bed, and
paid for it. In tho moantimo he
drank a low drams, and beforo his room
was ready fell nsluop on a billiard tablo.
Whilo ho wai slooplng somo person rob-
bod him of flfty-sovon dollars. Anton
claims thut ho woko up whllo tho thiof's
hand was in his pocket nnd rccognl.-.od
tho bar-kcepor. In tho mornlnc
when be spoko of his loss ho was assaulted
by coveral darkios who throatenod to kill
film. Frightonod, Anton run away, nnd,
afior hesitation, procurod tho sorvicos of
Mullalu who arrested tho bar-kcoper.
Yestorday llross bound him ovor in tho
eum of ? 1,000.
Ax iMror.TAvr Fact. Slnco yeast
powders cumo into voguo housekeepers
havo boon sorely tried Kxporlenco has
taught us that it takes a barrol of tho
powders to every barrel of Hour used.
The expense is nothing, but tho annoy-
unco resulting from the fact that tho pow-
dora sro put up In small packages Is trying
to tho bouI. Tho head of tho famllv.
when ho arlios Iu tho mornlni;, is nskod if
ho has it littlo change; tho yoatt powders
aro "out." At noon, wlion ho goes homo
or umnor, lie Is greotel with a roquet
to supply u littlo money to buy yeast pow
dorcj and In tho ovoning when he walks
homo tlrod for tea, ho Is startlod by tho
information that It is necosaary to tbo
peaco and lupplncss of the family tint ho
should "shollout" it few dluias with which
to buy yoast powders. Although
yeast powders cost mora than tho
flour, tho exponto is, as wu said before,
nothing, to to spoak, Tho annoyanco is in
tbo fact that yenst powderH urn told Iu dosm
j altogether to small. Hit would bo a
philnntroplst who would toll yeast pow-
I... it.. I All .1 1 I..
uu.o I'jr mo onrroi. jiu ucmuis iu
flour should keap thorn on hand nnd sell a
barrel ofthom whenever thoy toll a barrel
of flour.
Sly. Thoro is a sly canvass going on
In tho city. Tho saloon-koejJors wore
takon by surprlso a low mouths ago and
the city Itconso run upon them by tho
council from 100 to 5200, nnd now thoy
propofo to tnktt tho city by surprise. Three
alderman hold ovor and sovon nro to lo
olectod, two in tho first, two In tho second,
ono in tho third, ono )n tho fourth nnd
ono in tho fifth ward. Tbo saloon mon
expect to securo a majority of tho council
on Tuosdny wool; and again roduco tbo
llconso to $100, If not wlpo It out nltogoth
or. If they can do so thov havo a rlcbt
to do so, and no porson can blamo them.
Thoy feel tho oppression of tho tlmos.
Monpy with them is not ns nlentiful as It
usod to bo. Not so ninny mon drink as of
old, nnd those who do drink do nut take
the bowl as ofton ns they did when money
was plonty. Tho snloon-kcopor must
thoroforo ococomir.c1, and If ho can savo a
hundred dollars ho Is now conipolled to
givototho cltv ho will bo that much
rlchor. Hut it may bo n question to bo
asked by tho voters: "Is f200 too great
a liquor llconso?" In Memphis tho
license is $1,000. wo boliovo: in Charles
ton, Missouri, $1,000 ; In Paducah ?300.
Tho llconss in Cairo is lower than in any
city arouud-about us; but, for all that, it
may bo too high. That Is a question tho
voters must uecido Tuesday wool:.
Yevtemjay. Generally nnd particular-
1l- VAfltft-iInt Wtlt fllft mitA.inc, .Tn tt it... I
, ju.iviui.j ...... ..v ... ,!. aUUJ V .
soason. In our lifo wo havo cxperluncod
dlsagrooable days boforo. Wo navo en
countered cull dnyj, havo run up against
hot days, havo seen very wot days, nnd
heard of days combining boat, cold, rain,
dust, musqiiitoo", fleas, bedbugs, bad
whisky, candidates who did'nt pay for
their announcements in advance, and all
that sort of thing, but yostcrdav was
absolutely, without equivocation
or evasion. tho confoundodosl
meanest day wo over oxporlonced. Snow
began to fall in tho morning and con
tinued to fall all day nnd slopplness was
the ordor of tho hour. "Wo went down
town and met Phil. Hownrd. Ho took
us aildo nnd whispered in our oar : "If
you won't pay anything about it to your
preacher I'll tell you something." "Wo
romarkod: "Wo won't." "Thon," said
ho, soiomnly, "this is a d d mean day!"
He then walked away and left us in tho
snow pondering. When wo mot our minis
ter ho looked nt us what Mr. How
ard had said to u nnd wo believed him.
At tho corner of Commercial avenue and
Eighth street Dr. llrigbam met ui. Ho
shook us by tho hand, llo lookod pleased.
"We asked him what ho thought of tho
weather. Ho cast upon us a pity
ing -lanco, and said mournfully:
"Considering your lack of early mental
culture, I msy not bo ablo to mako you
understand me ; but if I were talking to
a seienUsi Huxley, for instan:o I would
say to him : 'Hux., this i strango
woathor, and I havo no doubt it results
from tho impinging of tho undulations in
tho various fluids surrounding us, occa
sioning that ttonsatlou resulting from tho
different wavo lengths in tho ethnria sea,
which tho unscientific call bUf .' And
Hux would say to mo: 'Doc, you bet,
you'ro always right ; this j dovilsh blue
weather!'" "Wo looked at tho doctor in
a paroxysm of admiration ; and still we
ga.eJ and still our wonder grow that his
small hoad could carry all he know! Ho
thon wlthdrow himself from our eye, and
in a short time wo woro conscious of tho
sensations resulting from tho impinging
of cuituiu fluids which wo were surround
ing. For thu bcnotlt of tfioso whose
early culture ha been ncglocted, and In
explanation, It may bo netcsuury to ro
mark that wo took a drink-just because
tho weather was so outrageously shock.
PitK.K CuniiENT OrnrE,l
Monday Kvo., April :, l71.
When wo wroto tho last reviow of tbo
market, wo thought and oxpressod our be
lief that tho woathor had adeproasing ef
fect upon business. At this writing, wo
fool that tho condition cf tho weather is
absolutely indlscribablo. Tho most dis
agreeable and uncomfortable of winter
days could not oxcel lo-dny in either of
tliofio qualities.
Tho mnrkot is quiet.. Orders como in
slowly and transactions aro fow and light.
rricos of grain;and produce differ very
littlo from previous reports.
FhOUR. Quiet. Tho supply in tho
market is small, but li amply sufllclont to
satisfy tho demand. "Wo note ealoa as
follown: 000 bbls of various grndos, 5
'J 00; 225 bbls of various grados, o G08 CO;
100 bbls various grades, 0 7C8 CO; 200
bbls, cholco XXX wintor wheat, 7 20;
200 bbls XX wintor wheat, 0 00; 100 bbls
XXX wintor wheat 0 40; 200 bbls cholco
7 f)0j 100 bbls cholco 7 CO; 300 bbls XXX
wintor wheat to arrivo, 7 73; 100 bbls
of various grades, 4S; 100 bbls various
grados Of.tS CO,
HAY. Tho market is dull, with very
littlo Inquiry for nny kind. Salos woro ns
follows: 1 car mixed on ordors IB; 1 car
mixed 11;.') cars red top 10; 1 car cholco
mixed, 1C; 2 cars prairie, 11.
CORN Rates aro steady nnd prices
modorate, Thoro is a good dontand for
dry; u considerable quantity of Boft corn
is In tho market, for which thuro is no
sslo. Sales roportod woroi 7 cars mixed
and white, 70(i7.'!c; 1 car whlto, 72c; COO
ticks, cholco on ordors, 7l72c,
OATS Aro in good demand and firm.
Receipts aro light nnd searcoly equal to
thodomand. "Wo nolo siles ns follows : 5
cars, mixed oats, 65c; V, cars Southorn Il
linois, sacked and dol., 55q 3 cars mixed
Cr,c; 1 car Northern Illinois, CSc; 1 car
Southorn Illinois, C4c.
MEAL Tho market is moderatoly
well supplied and salos fair. Wo quoto :
200 bbls 3 25; 100 bbls 3 25; 200 bbls 3 20;
COO bbls kiln drlod 3 22J; 200 bbls city
meal, guaranteed, 3 :iOi 35.
BRAN Ssarco and In good demand.
Prices tend upward. GOO i"iokj told
early in tho weok brought 20 00.
11UTTKR AVo note a decline in pricos.
Cholco Northorn is now soiling for 30fn;
35c. Tho market is overstocked and dull.
KGG! Aro plonty and sales slow at
lOJc. "Wo quote: 20 boxes lOJc; COO dozen
101: 1,050 dozon 10fi)10Jc; 500 dozen 10
OHIClvKNS Pricos continuo un
changed, and tbn supply is suflicient for
all demands. SaIos reported wero 2 coops
good hens, 3 r,0; 1 coop: hens 3 25; 10
dozen cholco 3 CO; I dozen mixod 3 25
; 00.
POTATOES-Thorels littlo doing in
this market. 25 sacks choice nweot pota
toes told for 2 0.; 2") bushols sweet pota
toes 1 CC1 75.
APPIiKfs Nvno in the lnarkct and
pricos nominal.
ORANOE3 and LEMONS Tho sup
ply is small and salt!1 slow.
OABDAGK Scarroand salos small.
PROVISIONS Sales reported : 1
casks dry salt clear side?, 8300c; C caks
bacon tiles 010c;2 casks country bacon
hams, 11 Jc; 1 cask sldo meat 0c; 1 cask
shouldors 7 Jc.
OHEESK "Westorn Dairy HJia-.
New York factory llSc.
I.I ME 1 25(yi cn '"bbl.
CEMENT 2 O0f32 CO -ft bbl.
COAL OIL IP10; V- gal.
OUNNIES-Re-howed 2 buehols 18c ; 1
bushels 20c.
BYRUP.S-Ohoico C0c(2ifl per gallon;
Now Orleans 75(80c.
PLASTKR1NO 1IAIP. .sic per
RURLAI'.S 2j bushels corn, Ji cz
15jc; do 10 oz ICo; t bushel otts 20c; I
bushels 21c; 0 bushels 22c.
REKSWAXV lb 30c.
HOAL' Shaetlor's Oerman mottled. 71c.
Chr.rnf.ain soap, 7 Jc.
iAuLO'xy. lbs.1; jc.
nUOAK-Oruthfcd 12jc; A. 1 lfTil I c
extra C. lOJ011c.
COFFEE Java 4012c; priruo 33
31c; choice 3 iJfTiC.
FREIGHT Cotton, comprosfid to
Now York, 85c! to Huston, SI. UriRom
p'rossed, to New York, )1 11; to Hoston
To Now Orloans and Vickburg:
Potatooi, applos, etc, 30c; pound
froightslCo cwt; bay $5 per .ori; J'ork
45o per bbl; tobacco $t; cotton $1. To
Mornphii, flour, etc. 25o por bbl; pound
freights 12jc cwt; hay $4 por ton.
IIonsES ann IIoub. Notico is boroby
give that on nnd aftor this ditto, all horses
and hogs found running at largo will bo
takon up and placed in tho pound, and
dolt with according to tho provisions of
tho'ordinanccs. wii, McIUle,
City Marshall.
Fon Rent. Tho brick houso situated
cornor Third stroot and Commercial ave
nuo. Tho houso has boon put in good ro-
pair throughout and la well arrangod for
a hotel or boarding houso, also rooms to
ronton Third stroot. Inquiro of AVm.
Mollalo, No.C, "Winter's block.
105 U-3.tr
All porsone having claims against mo
nro roqifested to prosont then) for pay
mout within tho noxt ton days, as I shall
dopart on tho 10th Inst. All persons in
debted to mo nro requested to mako im
modlato payment. I can bo found any
day botwoon tho hours of 1 and 3 o'clock
at tho St. Charles hotel. H . Litvv.
Cairo, April 1, 187-1. 2 -M-ft
"Wm. Khlors wishes to inform tho pub
lic that ho lias Just received a largo stock
of Imported Fronch calf and Morocco
Leathor from Adolph Nlckol, or Cincin
nati, dlrocf importers, and ho can thorn
foro warrant all his work to bo of not only
tho host manufacture, but of tho vory
host umtorlal. Any ono who desires flno
Hoots, Shoes or Oaltots will find it to
tltoir intorost to call on Mr. Khlors at his
shop, 20th stroot, and examine his stuck
aud styles boforo ordoring olsowhnro.
CmkI fcltnji, joy me allentfen,
. And itory I'll itUte,
Tit not of a convention, .
Sot a qut!on)H of tale,
lint a ilaln, unfjrnUhed tlory,
Of a man both good nnJ Mr,
Hliosc ambition wai (rue clory,
And vvlioie cxcrltence wai rare.
AsonnfUMe, tliUyoutliWH he,
Hli lianJi were ioubIi and brown,
Aiulmlrih-andfun Learned In liUf)e
Of Ihlt youth who jiloutlied the ground,
lie lovedciiite well a country lax
A law of beauteotil mrln,
WlMMe beauty wim nweet a new mswngra",
.Mie uawirmtlc queen,
'11m joutli one day, Willi licail e'tr run,
With love as Kire at tntw,
Arrayed In lilt belt bit, and lite
. Unto hU queen did go,
Toher lierpl.lnaccent t-i
Of love and ftture till",
IWttMliUJny would b raffi.letr
I f the would but Ik hh.
, t Oh, .Mm, the laid, I love ymi well,
nd fain would be your dear,
- Ilat.lolm Imt but .lohn, I hate to leB
I cannot now 1 far,
Vmi te, dear .loan your ihH ain't fnsel
Vonr clothetare ovit of stjle,
And to walk with you, I never ewuU
Adown the old church altle.
1 f you'll a tult at KamUaWtt
The Mamouth Clothing Home
I'll ioyfutly accept yon John
And to your beautiful "sout "
Anil .lohn, llko a good pcnsihlo fellow straight away
went and purchased a suit of clothes of l'AltMUKKit, and
is now tho happn-tt man alivo. Yes, that's to.
I. I'AhKitAKEii .V Hon, Ot Ohio Levoo. "
Stuart &
A All
tt.nnoun.ee unusual ALiracuns xor meir apnng uaae.
Wc maku a speciality of this ilcpartincnt. It is our atcatly, and wo liave
no lit'fiitancy in nyiiif; that wo oiler the most comploto, varied nud stylish atock
of Dress (iooda ovor cliown in this city,nt thu unusually low and uniform range
of prices thnt have rendered our houso co popular.
Cruinet Black Silks.
Well-known and established brands in
Black goods, Dress cloths and Suit
3E3C O S X 3E5 3E1. ST.
Wo offer nn elegant line of Lailio'H anil CI cnt's hose, and Misses' and Cliil
reu's Plain ami Fancy Striped ho.-e, which will he sold at uniformly low
Wo propose inakiii; a speciality, of Ribbons, and having bought largely a
very low-prices, we are enabled to pell cheap. Milliners and Dress Maker will
bo .supplied at New York wholesale prices.
Wo continue, as heretofore, to tell exclusively for cash, at our uniform
j prices. e Holicifjn personal examination ot our dock ana prices, ami Mian
tako pleasure in showing our goods to all who may favor us with :t call.
j We thank our friends and customers for their kind favors in the past. Wo
Milioit a continuance of tho name, assuring nil that wo shall endeavor to make it
( mutually advantageous. STUA ItT k GHOLSON.
Oo to O. W. Hkiidkkso.v.h, 11)0 Com
mercial Avenue, fur tho colobratod "Char
ter Oak," "May Flower," or other cooking
stoves, tin and hollow ware, wator coolers,
bath tubs, etc., ntc. If you want tho best
wood stoves, buy the "Chartur Oak"; tho
tost coal stove, buy tho "May Flower."
I 1
Aro prepared to Mipply customcrn
wiiu ino uum
jaTIIallltlay llm.'s ulllcp, No. 70
Olilii l.evoe; I
OrJrilulllclityltio.V Wlmffboat: A
CrTr'AtKirypthm Mills or I
f VM tho foal dilinp, fuul oil
Thlity-elghth bticct. j
Special Inducements to Large Consumers.
Happy rciicr ror young men from tno or
fectsot errors ami abuses In early life. Man
l,ood restored. Impediments to marrlago
removed. Newinotliodoftrcatuioiit. -Now
and remarkable remedies, llonks and clr
eulnrssent froo, In rcalod onvelopof. Ad
tlress, Howard AsocUtloii, Mo. U South
Ninth Mreot, I'hlladelphla, l'a. an Inetltu
Ion having a high ropiitatlon lor hououblo
mtiict anil prclnsslonalfklll. Il'J b tli!tw.lnj
l n - tm l
(Formerly Irn. Swanders,)
announceH that alio has just; openod a large
assortment ot the
11 1!W K.'JT,
Mllllnory (looils to bo round in tno market
Sho will keep on hand
Hats, Uonnsth, Flowkrs, Kiniions,
Diikss Tiiimmikos or Ai.l Kikds,
I.AiHKs Fuiinisiu.no Ooods, Notions,
Collars, Unokkslkkvks, Iturrs,
Anil all Koods toimd In millinery stores, all
of which will bo disposed ot at tho lowest
cash prices. Mrs. Jackson respectfully
aiksa continuation of tho pataonage which
hm been so llbelally bestsowed upon her by
tho ladles of Cairn and tho vlclmtv.
Boot & Shoe
Commercial Avenue.
Ilctwecn Tenth and llleventh .Street-,
U prciiai'ctl to 1111 ordors without delay.
He has n line stock of Imported leather on
hand. Just received from New York, and has
put down his prlees lo tho lowest notch
.Manufacturer of
Mineral Spring Water,
OHIO l,KVi:i:, liettveon LMnnil 41hSts.,
., (0)1. CAIRO, IL-ia.

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