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tTme"card." '
Wood Rittenhoow ft Bntkm
IllAINL3AVi: C!i
Mall at S:JW .m., Dally.
Express! MX) p.m., "
Freight a 4:00 a.m., . ..except Sunday
Freight at U:Ki a.m...... "
Freight at t :00 p.m.,... " "
Mall at '2:1ft a.m . ..Dally
Express at '2:05 p.tu.,....cxcept .Sunday
Freight at ii:K a.m.,. ...except Monday
Freight at .7:10 p.m., except Sunday
Freight at 10:05 p.m " "
lo8 'MT'lf. .1 amkh .loiiNgoN, Agent.
:n ANar. or ruin.
On and alter Sunday, lVbninry 22, 1871,
trains will run at follows:
riomo Noirrn.
l'a'pngrr, Freight.
Cairo, leave .V00 A.M. fi:0." A.M.
Mound Olty, leave f:2i ' r,X "
Vienna, leave CM " 8:27 "
Harrlsburg, leave 8:10 " 11:11 "
Norrli City, leme H:ir " Ml p.m.
Cannl, urrlvc thW) " ':T "
Cannl, leave 10:00 4:l"i aim.
Clrayvlllc, leave 10:10 " t,-.;:, "
Mountannel,leave... .11122 " '. "
Vlm i'lin-, l avc. 12:'A'i P.M. 0 JO '
0,.:M..Iunctloii, mrhi-.l'iAi "
iut.NO 5oui ir.
l'nkujiir. Krclght.
0. tfcM.. Junction, leave.. 7:1ft A.M.
liiccnuei, leave 7rr. " 7:00 p.m.
Mount Cnriiul,leave.t.. :3.'l " ;00 "
UrayUlle, leave :1S " 10:17 "
Cannl, arrive 10: " 1130 "
C'unnl. leave 10:10 " !:lftA.M.
NorrUCIty, Ii-aip 10:l 7:1s
llarrlabtirgh, kale 11:1.1 " H:l'i "
Irlllia, leaw; 1:17 P.M. 1'.':lft l-.M.
MfiuudCltv. hiw 2:12 ;i:l
Cairo, ardu 3:n! " il:IO "
Leave Cairo at ll'-TO a.m. and p.tn
Leave Mound City at 12&'j p.m. and 010 p.m.
Freight tralni stop out nlchl ut Cannl:
nut from there ai mixed tr.ifu, lent log til
t:Xi a.m.; leaving Vlncciinc- ui 7 p.m. the
nine evening for retuni trip.
At Cairo with the Ml-l.-lppl mitral.
Mobile nnp Ohio, for all point. mit; ( jlro,
Arkanvai and Texa, Tor all polnti lu Arkan-
1. n and Texa.
At Vlnccnnes: Indlauapoltiand Vlnccnnes
railway forlndlanspoll" and all point norili,
nt and went; with Evaimvlllo and Oraw
(ordsvllle rallwayJorKvansvlllc.Tcrra Haute,
Danylllc, Chicago anil all points north, taut
ud went; with Ohio ami Mtailppl rail
way for Ut. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati and
all points cast and west.
At Norrlt City croMlng the Fiirluj.'lleld
and Illinois Soutfieatcrti railway.
U W. Palukh, Gen'l Sup't.
K. P. "Wilson, Oen'l Poiaongor, At.
' 37-18-tf
The fchorlest and only direct route from
Cairo to Jacksouport, Utile Rock, Hot
8 firings, Fulton, and all point in Arkauias
and the Southwest, and Oaltcston, Houston,
Dalian, Austin and all polnu In Tex.n
Through ticket, through Milt of lading,
anil Information ai to freight rate, pas
senger fare, connections, etc., can he ob
tained at ttio company' olllco In Winter's
Mock, corner of Seventh street and Com
mercial avenue.
Hack will call at private residences and
hotels for passengers', when orders are left
In time.
Klevant Pullman palato lcepln cars on
all night tralm.
Tralni run dally, (Sundays excepted) from
the Cairo OlUco follow:
l,vvi Cairo, :t:00 p. m.
Leaven (Ircenfield-, 1:0ft p. in.
Arrives at (ireenlieldi, U:S0 a. m.
I.t-.ivci Cairo, 12:00 m.
I.e:ive- (ircenlleld, 1:05 p. m.
Arrives at Qreetitlcld, '2:1ft i. m.
Lear Cairo, 0:00 a. m.
I.eiM- OrceuOeld. 1U:U0 u. in.
Arnu at UreenUeld, l'2::tft i. m.
1). Axtki.i.. Chief Enclnoer.
O.Uiaovdr Klrt National hank. 2-ViZm
Offlce ovjr Flrnt National hank.
John ll.Mullccy.
Wlllain C. MulLoy
& SON,
Oitlce: KiKhth atrcot, botwoou Commer
clal and Washington avenues.
6-14 tf.
Willitni H.Orecu.
Willum II. Ullliort,
Milo r.Ullliert,
M-tJpuaiftl ftttuation Kl'a to AJmtnltr nd
itumtmat MmlneoB.
fFIOB oniOI.JlVBB,U00U6 7 XMti nVB
lITTTinilll. wiww
HKSIDENCK Snvi-nlll Mlvd, between
tViislilngton Av. ami Walnut Htreet.
uc-j :i-jt-tr
!Juders Jilrck (upelairs) corrnr 6th Btro
ana Wasningion avouuu.
(Successor to l'litlllps nnd llriggn.)
CoinraeBcIal Ave., Iict., OtU mid lOthJSts.
7-4.2-lm. UAIRO, ILLI.
Reporled Expressly for tho Bulletin, j
Merchants and Utuikers
Wnntilio Scwilo VI
imiKjellill Vetoed,
The President Asked to J)i;i
approvo tlio Bill.
Tho President Maken
Speech But Promises
f!lliIl!o4in4 flillo rutrikif!-
a ii 7 ii oil Jul Jiiii jiivi.dii
How Money Was Used
Obtain Contracts.
nit nxAsin ur.-i io.v.
Wasiunoto:;, Ap. il 17. Tlio cornini!-
ivs appointed to pro on. 10 l'reiident
Urant n petition, tlfjnil by hh .iit 2,.1l 0
banketi, copitf.li.ls nnd murchtnts of
New Yrlt, uiiklng h'rn to veto tho fenato
llnnnco bill or iiny other bill tendini; to
ntlitu tlio currency, dlicliargcd their mil
lion to-dv, I!tliltH thocommittku there
was preient Sunntora Capontor, Logan
Ferry of Michigan. Cyrus M. Fields
preiutitod Ihu petition. A. A. I. wo, in
hli addr(s, raid llioy wantel him, tho
pretUont, lu veto tho bill to uvcrl what
they Guarded m a mcit dlfaslrous blow
to tlio croditof tho country, and was fol
lowed by S. S. Chlttundun Iho pretidont
In reply, ald ho had watched tho progresj
of tho bill through congren with moro in
torvil ilian liu had any other mcaturn be
fore that body tincohi. had beer, president.
IIo had ut all timts been entiroly freo in
cxprrj('n(j his viuws, and was always op
posed to expansion without redemption,
and in favor jf froo banking Hccompanicd
with such legislation as would carry out
tho pledgee of Cor.groM and tho republi
can party in tho direction of poi:i pay
ment. Hut ho had to look at this matter
a littlo differently from the views of this
committee. Thuy show very well what
tbey want, and may imagine, r.s h m If; lit,
wore ho a citizen of Now York, that tho
whole country want what they do.
Tho president continued : The chair
man of n similar committee from Boston
called on him yeitcrday and if ho over
could bo fn favor of inltatlon it elwuM bo
from the ctl'ects of such nruments r.s that
gontlcman advasiud gatntt it. Hut Iho
posltion'wai unlllJe iinij-nT'lTtli ,iiiniUJ
from Ncv York. Tho gcnllimnn from
Iloston in behalf of thoso whom ho ropro
sontoJ started out with condemnation of
what he, tho prosident, had hi
ways believo-1 to bo right.
They oppoted tho pur haio ol L'nitod
States bonds with tho eurplus from tho
United States Treasury, r.nd if ho had
acted as tho Iloston comiiuttco wantod
him to do, ho would liavo l:'pt uch sur
plus in tho treaury until thoro not a
ijrcenbick in circulation. Theso bonds
wcro purchased at his own direction. An
other argument in the Iloston memorial is
that tlio issuo was ot uouuliul lejamy
and was to bo deplored, nnd had boon
sustained by n baro majority in tho Su
premo Court as a war mea'tiro. In con
clusion tho President repeated that his
views on this question woro alroady
known us nu'aint inll,itirn nnd npposed
to breaking away from the redemption ot
Tin: iriTntT nin isvestki . . io.v.
In tho Diftrict of Columbia investiga
tion this morning Oeo. It. CM"eiidon of
('lilcrtgn was sworn, and givor. ttatemcnt
with refereuco tn his coiinc.ioii with
tho contracts ot DflGolyer & McClcllan,
for laying ono hundred thousand squaro
y .irds of wood pnvoment in this city. In it
ho aonlcl that any mouoy whs used ny mm
fnr rnrrnn'. nurnoics. ilo wna cues-
tioncd sharply in rolation to tho distribu
tion of tho SO'", 000 paid Mm by Dndolyer
A: McClollnn.
Ho said ho gave Slfi.OOOto K. (!. Far-
sons, SlO.oou to coi, iirown, anu inai ono
1. Klrtland purchased notes amounting
10 57.200. Ho said ho did not know of
nnv Influences Drown or Klrtland used j
tbSt ho paid them money whether they
used nny infliionca at iill,'on their own un
corroborated Ftaiomont, anu iiili iuis in
lluoneo had secured tlio contrsct.
A Full Ticket tor Stale
OIHcers oiniuntcu.
OiiitAQO, April 17. Tho Tribur.u has a
roport from Salom, Oregon, glvinj; an ac
count of tho proceeding of tho iarmors'
stato convontlon of that state. It euys :
Tho convention met this morning. All
thu nominations woro unanimous. T. A.
Davcnnort, a fatmor, tVlco u member o
tho leirinUluro. was noiulimted for Con
gross. For Uovotnor, Thos. F. Cmnpboll,
nrosldont of .Monmouth colloca and oditor
of tho Christian Messenger. Secretary of
stato..). 11. DoiiKholl, ft farmer una ox-
president of tho statu agricultural society.
For treasurer, D. lloaeh, iv mill owner,
For stato prlntor, Win, W. Hurd, pub'
lishor of thu Mountalnoor, Wasco county.
For suparintoudent of public instruction,
M. M. Oglosby, of Douglim county. Thu
platfurm lets forth that tlioru Is no bono
but in tho peoplo to correct tho
extravagances nnd corruption provalont
in-tho stato and national ndinluistratioii.
OUlclnla paid by tho govornment nhould
dovoto tholr wholo tlmo to tho govorn
ment. It oaks for tlio building of tho
l'ortlnnd, Dallas and Malt Lako road, tho
Improvement of rivers nnd harbors, tho
completion of roads already begun, fnvors
tho proper oncouragomcnt of transporta
tion companlos, corporations and persons
engaged in logitlmnto busluoss, nil undor
ml.Jcctlon to law; ihat frelfjlits and fiircs 1
should bo fixed by tho Leylilalnro, a rc-1
turn (it tho salaries of titnlo olUcori to '
cuniuiutionM lttnlU: tlio reduction (
ilork t Mid i iMlll . fees to fulr compen- ,
.i.or,.i .,. r .chooi' XK, eon. t
rZ mor '"'7 " o 'ioorfcUool
... r ., , . ' -"""'"
. i . ,'cK',uro fnnbllnB
iPCPUlAlIons to yet Uii'o tracti '
of Innd to
tllO dltttltnent tlf
stilus. It considers rprsonsl rlinr
acter tho '.Tlterian for fltniis f,.r olllfe;and
that tho general nvcrmuent ibould pay
tho loin. and damages of nottlcrs by tho
M.kIoo war. It favors tho loci.1 option
nnd civil damage laws and indorses tlm
grangers efforts nguinst extortions and
monopolies. Tho Orogon Htnlesmnn nnd
Villlamotto Knrmor or tills dato holl tho
iiidopondont ticket nnd IhoOrcgonlan fol
low suit to.morrow. Ono half of tho
preis will iudorso tlio ticket. Tho meet
ing was onthtislastln and e, .,- .nan avow
ed an lionost purpose to adopt u declara
tion of principles and present n et of can
didates that would comm.ind tho rospect
nnd voto. Thefo was in lo rolling, wire
pulling or cross lifting ; but earnest detor
miriHl men, consulting tlm best Interests
of Orogon by salaries and unwarrantable
taxalii: In this young statn which must
be fctopped Mr. Timothy W. Davenport,
thn cii didalo for Conprn. is a nalivo of
(.Vhiml.U rcunty, N.Y.
Ad'iiii'S Assuming a Threaten
ing Attitude.
The City of Little Rock
Under Martial Law.
usixi:ss mi:.
or tiii: city
1 hi) U m 1 IK I ) TIM EATEN E V.
Lim e Itoric, ApP 17. Durirg tho
wnrdiko rnoyement of last night Col.
Itoso, commandant of tho I', ti. uncnal,
brought a company down and ttntlonod
them at tlio coryr of Main and Fourth
streets, and lent word to the east Mdo that
while ho had no ordors to interforo in bo
fcalf of cither party, bo was directed to
provent bloodshed. Tho company re
turned to tho nrsennl at daylight this
morning, there appearing to bo no irnmo
diuto dangor.
cov. iiaxtki:
i -scntrjeloiI l.U linei to tho viqJnlty-W
111 Antnony. lttnlto, and i.' now procticd-
ins as iietore to oxorcise too duties ot tlio
Governor, making tho Anthony IIcuo
tho capital fcr ths tluio being.
'I'. h morning both tho priva'.o Eovrtla-
ri a of Ilrooks and llaxt-jr i.policd at the
poU"lll"o lor tho mail matter addressed
to tho 0')V. rnor of Arkansas. Tlio post-
niastor dei lined to dolivor 10 cither party,
and telegraphed to Washington for in
structions. Gov. lijiitcr lik? issued the
rr.'ci.AMATlox :
LlKCfTlVK Oikick, Litim: 1
Jtoi-K, April H'., 1H7 1, f
To tho perplo of Arkansas :
An meurroclion, orcanixeu in ino in-
torrcsl of certain parties, diiappointed in
an attempt to secure tho inlluuno of tlio
execution lor tnu proposed irauus in mo
iipproachinix oloclion, hi.8 oll'octed thi
oizurn of tno capital and now attoupt?
to usurp luotunctions ot ino government.
Tho iiKjmenlarv succoss of this occupa
tion of tho building, tho political tradi
tions of thu American peoplo, give to
legitimate gouorninent in tune of poacc;tlio
armed centres nnd huded ennnon which
for tho moment support tho usurpation
within tho precinct of thu stato Imuso,
has not boon doomed roriuislto to tho main
tenance of organed government.
Thn unoxpocted and forccablo occupation
of tho building could not at tho instant
bo successfully resisted. An nvursimi to
i.nnocessary bloodshed has for n fow hours
withheld tho arm of the stato government
for an Imtiiedlato vindication of its rights
nnd dignity. Forbearance has scorned
only to embolden iho impudenco of tho
handful of insurgents, rorte.irnnco, thore
foro, is nt nn end.
Gor.oral ordor No. 1 issued from tbo
hoadiuartor3 of tho militia of Arkan
sas, of dato corresponding with this pro
clamation, doolarea martial law In tho
county of Pulaski, It Is duo to tho peo
plo of tho etntu thnt tho circumstances
which bnvorondorod nocossary this course
of action bo published. At tho election of
1872 I was returned governor of Arkan
sas. At a Into stage of tho session of
tho logltlaluro elioson nt tho samo
tlmo, my opponent, Joj. Hrookf, sought
hU solo legitimate and constitutional
method of rcdross by an appeal totho rop
resontativosofthopeoplo. Tlioupponl was
.summarily rejected, and application was
then mndo to tho highest judical authority
of tho stato tho eunrotno court for a
writ quo warrento which should detor
mlno my right to tho otllco of govomor.
In that ease, as in tho suit in9titutod for
thn olllco of nudltor of tho etato, tho high,
est Judical tribunal of Arkansas dccldnd
that undor tho supromo organic lav of 111 o
etato tbo question of tho olocticn of ttito
olllcors, is oxoluslvoly visited lu tlio legis
lature. 1'ublla cxcltomont was
allayed, and tbo stato settlo
itsolf to quiet undor nn administration
which I trust hns not boon unfnitbful to
professions or obnoxious to tho
Moantimo n proceeding bad boon insti
tuted boforo tho circuit court of a county
for tho possession of tbo olllco of Oovornor,
1 -Jo not euro at prosnnt or commoni upon
tho question of authority of such court
to fcdjudlcato a matter from tlio decision
of which tlio supraimi court of thn stato
had, 'upon constitutional grounds,' not
moroly shrunk, but nlllriniitivoly doniod
Its own jurisdiction. Tho Pulaski circuit
court did olandcfltinuly aisumo upon a dc
murror Hied in tbo court, but novor sub
mitted to tho court for its a:tlon,tft render
n Judgment of oustor against tho olllcor
who tor llftcon mouths bad oxorciscd tbo
fumttlonjof chief magistrate of the stato.
The judgment was rondarod on the
call of contoitants Atby In violation ot
tho oxprtfk nj;rocriicnt of cotin-ol that tlio
easi tlnuld not bo taken up In tlio nUunru
of tho representatives of oitlior party, and
warn A. .(... 1 lt...r.ttrt ; . ? t . . .
without tl.o knowlodpo or ovon tlio nilpl-
JiJUVf rMtrii. !"
anticipation of tlio doclilon .'.f tho Circuit
"iu umi wrucu outcr nail over ijocn
issued, boiook thctnielvos li thoir room
whro tho Chief .Iuitlr.f the hui d,n ,nln
lllllmnlnr Ipnm ll, ,Ul.lr.,w. I lt,... ..,..
w'juu iii fci.u iiiitviMr, unuubu ineiu uy
proviom nppa rjtirtetit, iind th(n armed
with tho Chief .lustKs nllrH-
lion to Mr. Jlrooks' cath of
ollice, proceodd forcibly to ojet
from thu sluto bouso tbo chief magtstrato
of tlio commonwealth, Appoal lies, of
courso, to tho supremo court of tho stato.
That supremo court has nlroadv, In a cmo
Involving tho point at lisuo, iitormined
thai no court bus auth'ritv to decldo
lh validity of thu eloctl.-n u( any execu
tlvo ofllcor of tbo state. It need bnrdlv
tn remarked tlifcl rwndlnc an bppenl tbo
circt of tho judgment of thVctrluirrurr
oi ruiaKi county is suspended,' nnd that
liio undertaking to sustain tbu enturco.
merit of that lujgmont, pending tho ap
peal, Is without color of law or moral
palliation. Tto forctblo ejectment of tho
eiduf lnagistrale from hi4 premises was
followod by prearranged and prompt
summons to nrni'ed desporndors to bar
all access t- tbo stato houso of
us Ugltimato cccupanlf, Mr. Ilro"ki
ImsiMtied a paper nntltlod n proclamation
in which ho distinctly nnnouncos bis in
tention of bloodshed. Tho executive of
the state has but ono obligation to per
form, that to which ho Is bound aliko bv
liis duty ns a citizen and his official onto"
The authority of tho law will bo Immedi
ately ondiellectivoly nsscrted, peaceably
if It may be, but nuertcd. In nny event
tho government proposes to occupy tbo
capltol ns tlio Oovornor of Arkansas. I
appeal to tbo peoplo of the stato to sup
port tbo gov t of tho state uirainit this
shameless occupation undor tho ft.on.n
obligation of my oath of olllco. 1 renew
my promise to bo truo to them md I ask
from them tho support whlcb thoy owe to
their chief magistrate. Signed,
' Klibiia IUxtkii
Uovcrnor of Arkanca .
UIK mtuatioH to-day. ,
This a. :n Judire Wnytocl; tent a note
to tho clerk of tho circuit court, rtatlng
that ho had been advised by tbo sherilV
that It would l,o uniafo for him tj iomo
to the circuit court room on Mnrkhatn
street and requesting tbo clerk to bring
thu records up to thu stato bouso. Gov,
Uaxtor's nttornoys woro nlso notillcd, but
those gcntlamcn declined to pnes through
Crook's guard into the etato boueo whero
tbo county clerk's oflico is located, to at
tond tho court. The judge then moved to
tbo criminal court room opposite, but tbo
counsol did not attend nt that place.
Judgo "Whytock thon ovorruled tho mo
tion to set asido judgment in the Hrooks
llaxter case, and euslnlncd a motion to
correct thn record eo as to show that tho
demurrer v,ai submitted without tho
knowledge of iisxtor or his uttorneys.
mlcti.no ui tub jiak.
Tho bar held a meeting to-day nnd
paei sevfo rniolutlons against Whip
ple, Ilrooks' attorney, for bis non-profes-elom
1 conduct, and ulso against tho court
for its action in tbo nbscn' O i f Iho gov
ernor's counsol.
mi Utah v onvensor. ArroiNTKb.
During tho morning Gonoral T. P. Dock
cry was appointed military governor of tbo
citv, when ho Issued tho following order :
Ilr.AUnCARTnns Militauy Oov't, ")
City Littlk Kock,
April 17tb, lbTl. J
General Ordor No. 1.
Tho Commandor-in-Chief of tho militia
of tho .State of Arkansas has appointed
mo military Governor of tbo city of Lit
tlo Hock. All male citizons bol ween tbo
ages of cightien nnd fortv-livo aro hereby
ordered immediately to roport for duty at
theso headquarters, southeast corner of
Mnrkham and Scott stroets. Failure of
prompt complianco with tho require
ments of this order is not expected from
patriotic cltUons, nnd tho consequoncos or
surli failuro must rest with tboi'o who
omit to comply.
(Signed)" Tom. P. DocKr.r.v,
Drigadler Gonoral nnd Military Governor
of tho city ol Littlo l'ock.
riiroj;w.-n to Tin: cam..
Hinco tho Issuanco of this ordor tho poo
plo have boon rapidly enrolling.
tiik roi.Lowi:;n AMinxH,
signed by nearly ail tho leading citizens
of Littlo Kook was Usuod to-day i
Totho people of tlio Stato of Arkan
sas Tho rtcont occurrom hero in tho at
tempt to displace llaxter and install
Ilrooks as governor of this state, U a mat
tor of so forious motnont as to require, in
our tplnion,n low words from us.
From tho disposition heretofore made
of tho contest botween llmoks and Haxtor
for tho otllco or governor by the court of
last resort, wo bsd supposed that tlio ques
tion was sottlod unlosslho noxt legislature
should undertake to act uncn it, and Hes
ter, tbo legal governor of tho stato and
acting as such govomor in a time of poaca
when tho country was quiot. lly a move
ment wholly in violation of law and or a
revolutionary character Gov Haxtor was
ejectod from and Mr- Ilrooks was forcibly
put into possession of such olllco and is
now attempting to oxorciso tho functions
and dutios nf tho same. Gov. llaxter h
dolorminod to put blmsolf in possession of
such olllco and to bold the samo and has
proclaimed to you. m
wo fullv endorse Oov-
ornor llaxter, ami wo can upon
whoso interest aro our Intorosts, to come
totho aid of Governor llaxter. InthU
movement our all Is Involved. K Oov
I'rnor llaxter is kept out or olllco in tliiij
innnnor, then thoro is an end of p'iM'n and
prosperity in thi3 stato, nnd lu their stead
wo aro to have disordor, blo. diliod and
ruin, and after a most doliboratu rovl.iw
nf il, ivl,nl situation, wn Beo no alterna
tive but to sustain Governor llaxter in
this trial, cost what it may. Wo urge you
Inrnllv nlnnco to t 10 CUDilnl iinil ni I '
tbn innlnlananco of Clovernor UUXtcr III
powor ami autliority."
mvniNQi; ii.wiuu
Is still at tlio Anthony house with a guard
stationed nround thu hotol. Mr. Ilrooks
Is at tlio .Statu houso, surroundod by n
largo nuiiibor of armed men, mostly col
ored. He is fortifying the plnco, nppar
ontlvnronarlni: fur a sleiM. Maxtor to
day mado a domand upon thn poetmnstor (
foi the mall matter addressed to the gov- .
ornor ni ;vrKnnsn, j no posimasiur ou
cllned to deliver It, saying bo bad refused
to give it to .Mr, llrooka nnd had tola
graphod to tho dopartmunt for instruc
tions. tiik niwr AltUKST
wasbytho IJattor troops, who nrreitod
A.3ST3D WjVS33CI3jrC3-'roar J
ono of Ilrooks' lieutenants this forenoon
wbllu passing near tho llaxter headquar
ter, nnd tent him to thn guard hoii'o.
Ilrooks' forces havo not apparently been
augmented by any considerable iinrnborn,
Maxtor's olllcors nro enrolling men rap
idly, and tho public feeling is generally
ill 'bis favor. .Tho United Mtatcs troops
occupied a position at the Cnited States
Court room last night, in tboenntro of tho
city, to preserve tbo pcao. and will occu
py similar station to-night, liaxter's
forcos have taken poisofslon of tbodiller
ent gun stores nnd arm and aiiunnntl n
in them
Meeting of tho Directors of
tho Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company.
Kuw YotiK, April 17. A Iloston dis
patch announces ibo cloclhm of Oovornor
Washburn to tbo United State, senate.
Nr.w Yur.K, Aprsl 17. WLllain K.
Church, ns trustee of Marin II. Mctcalf
and Mary K. Church, obtained nu Injunc
tion against Cbarlci 11. Stone, who claims
to bo tho CM'jutor of the last will hnd
testament nf 'J'hnmn tt. Metcalf, restrain
ing him from receiving, and Durun, Shor
nmn &l Co. from paying or parting with
J'J6,000 l.iiM by them and belonging to
the cstnto of tho lato Mr. Metcalf, of
Georgia, and about to bo paid over by
them to said Charles U. titonu.
At n meeting ot the .directors of tho
Pacific Mali Steamship Company yester
day.! long discussion was held regarding
propositions submitted by tbo Union Pa
cific ami Central Pacific rallroadi look
ing towards frulgbt and passengor com
binations. It is said to bo not likely
that any amicnblo nri'angomeut can bo
mado. Vice Prosidont Hatch says that
all efforts to injure the roputation of thn
Pacific Mall nro tho resulU of diroH
cll'orts on tho iart of stock jobbers who
assumo to control tho market ut tho ex
pense of all truth nnd honesty. "Wo havo
now 33,000 paisongcrs atlbat In our tbir-ty-threo
steamers now in commission nnd
5100,000 worth or frolght, of which ovor
$100,000 it cm tbteo steamers now be
tween Aew York and ABpinwall. AVo
havo $31.0,000 in b.ink in London and
loaned on. call, together with 0,000 shares
of Facllla Mail stock in s.afo, whilo by
economical managomcnt wo havo reduced
tbo running oxpenses of the company
about forty per cent.
2Kv Oi.i.eans, April 1". A dispatch
from Ptton ltoueo reports another crov-
nsso nt ATcCulloinr, and that tho old ono
thoro is not closed as reported last night.
'i'ho steamer Katchcs had hor cliininej-s
carried away by a tornado on Wednesday,
wbilo running near Untchcz Island, nnd
hor upper works badly damaged. Tho of
ficers of the Xiilchcz report k rrovnsso
000 (cot wide and 10 feet dcop at Dan
Hickoy, West Iltaton Kouso. Tho pilot
of tho Scudder reports a crovaisa in Mor
gan sea bond before Grand lovec.
A Ibitton ltuoijo dirpatch to-day ro
ports tho rivor fallen M inche. " Tho
rlvor declined about ono foot which is nt
tributod to the crovassos above. lUinini;
all dnv; rainfall during the past 21 hours
ondinc at G a m., was four nnd a-balf
Delegations ot planters trom tho river
parishes bordering on thu Uuuchita and
Ked rivers, as well as from parishes bor
darinc on tho .Mississippi river, waited on
tho governor yostordny, stating that their
cattle una 6tocli nau all noon urownou
their lands and housoi luundatod, and
tnemsolvoa and thoir laborors reduced to
destitution by unprecedented Hoods. They
ask that tho L'nitod .Statos military au
thorities bo requested to Issue rations Ui
the snll'ercrs.
.Mkmimi, Ajirll 17. The heavy rains
during tho past fow days havo not only
boon disastrous lop'nntatlon'inloroda, but
together with Hoods oLlbu various riviTJ,
lias ilnmagod tho ilill'oront railroads euii
tcrlng bore. (Jn tho .Memphis nod
Charleston railroad, trains run only to
Mlddleton, and portions of tlio Claras
vlilu k'lvisli.n, .Moinpbis and LouIsmIIo
railroads aro Inundated anil tho watuM of
tho Cumberland and Tonncsieo rlveis nro
rising, and travel is temporarily tuipi nd
od on that road, wbilo tlio ill. As L. K.
road Is in dungur If thu Jli'.-i.-.ippi i m
tlnuos to rito.
Tho spring racos on the 27lli linli.nt,
bid fair to eurp.i!3 any vcr witin-ied
hero. A large number of Ihtsui mo al
ready born and others aro expected UiU
wook from ew Urluuiu und Nash
P..U.EKHI, N. C, April 17 Prlvato dis
patches rocoived lu this city tins eivning
trom westarn Caroline, roport sovnro and
lieavy rumblings in llald mountaiii und
tiiono mountain on Tuosday last, Tim
trembling of tho earth was loll moro
than 10(1 mlloa from tho iiiouiittiiiH.
Slincks are more rovuru than before mid
Its llrmly bolieved that eruption it im
incnt. 11U11STED.
tfr. Loi'is, April 17 A 1iugi Link tdt
uatid in the upper story of tbo now Lin
doll lintel, containing somo l,h0() gallons
of water, burst between two and three
o'clock tbii f'Teiioon, nnd its content
spread ovor and ran through a large part
ol tbo building, doing groat damage to
nowlv laid nlastiirlnir. stucco an I o'.her
doeorntivo work on walls.
' - - --
Oil .in i, April 17, Thn steamer KounU
passed here, bound for Port llonlon, last
ovnnlnt: tho llrst boat ot thu fleasiin.
A uoneral scatlcrini- of gamblers U
taking placo. The now municipal admln-
Istfatlon la acting Willi great vigor mr mo
eupproislon ot euuli cliaractors.
llohTUX, April 17. A nro in Caiubridgo
port tbH morning destroyed J. .I.U ooru A
tilntnre.friimn t-allorv. Loss on building
S20.000: on srock S10.000: Insurance
- VmT
Eaowestf IPrices in the Oity
Corner of Ninth i.trcet and Commercial avenue, whero may be found ths
1'opUn-, D'nnjiitials, Ca luuen , and Spring Drees Goods, all sold at pricti
Whilo (JooiI.j, riil)rmaw!cT,'3bir'T?cs, Olorw, Cuffs, and Notloni rnaJt
Radios' and Children's Saom.
Hurler keep right tip with tlio timoM, and offers no goods but those which
arc now, oh-nnt and ptylixh, and cordially invite the peoplo of Cairo to giv
him a call ami examine his stock.
Phil H. Saup,
Washington Ave. Cor. 8th StvM. '
'I'iii.i u the only place in the City whero there in a General Auortment ot
merican and French Candies. All I ask is to call and cxamino them for
Minimi, April 17. It U rojiorlod that
Gen. Corcha has declined tho proposition
at conference mado by Jlarsbal Herrano
and Admeral Tepeto, thnt he ho, Corcba,
should lako 8,000 men to .San Sebastian
and nttad: tho CurllstJ ot Itilboa In tho
AV.i-uiNdro.v, April 17. During Sat
urday ovur the New Knland Status tho
wind will ehilt to north and northwest,
witli clearing weather except probably on
the coast.
I'Vr the .Middle sti.tos winds shifting to
nortli nnd west, with clear and cloaring
Kor South Atlantic andKast (!ulf states
in rthwest to uorthocst winds and partly
cloudy weather, with possibly light rains
on the const.
l'or west I'ulf stutes.norlh to east winds,
clear or partly cloudy weather.
For TonncMoo, lower Ohio valluy, Ar
kansas and Mitiouri, generally cloar
weather, rising tempera'.uro and light to
frch winds.
b'or lower lako region, winds shifting
southerly, rising tompornturo anil partly
cloudy weather ami In northern portion
of this socljon paiablo lljjht rein or snow
with falling taiiiperaturn.
Uiippor Ohio and Mississippi fri m
Cairo down will continue rising.
Jiuvr Yoiik, April 17.
Jlonnv. -llTrS. Imriorts ot dry coods for
thu wool: ending April 17, Jt)81G35. Ster
ling linn, 1 85; liu days, 1 hh higui uus
torn recoils, 'J-17,000. (!old closed at I J
after selling at ia:iaj, carrying rales 2
to 3J nnd Iht for borrowing. Assistant
Tri asrrcr dliouricu j'jc,uuu,ciearingiiiin
lions, (iovornment bonds nulet and steady.
Stato bonds dull. Jtailway bonds weak.
Tho depression in stock early in tbo day
was moro decided than at any previous
time since the downward movemont
eommonced and at lowest point prices
showed declino of 1 to a per cent. .Markot
closed firmer with recovery of j'Jl por
I'LOUll tioo.1 demand.
April 17
Y II KAT-Quiet ami wean
Ko. 1 snrliiL'. 1 S'JlfTll 831;
;; for ro;
No. 2.
1 i!7
cash: 1 273(il i' -May; No.
3, 1 :
1 , ,
CUHN (Juiot and weak; No. i muod
easier at 0,11; 81''. B(55i i ,wi' J'"10
.No. tlmUod, Cl.
OATt' - -(Juiol and weal;; ISO. J, 10 it)
40 cash; -lO .May. . ,
BAULKY -Stuady; No. 'J, I 0C1 08.
l'OKIC- Daniand active und advaiicedj
1(1 10fTi)IO '13 cash and .May; 10 70 Juno.
LA ill)- Steady at f "0 cash and May,
9 tu . I uno.
IIACON Steady and unchanged.
WHISKY- Stoudji reported sales UI,
generally Vj-
Sr. Louii, April 17.
II KM P Dull and unchanged.
PLOL'K-tJulet and hnchanged.
WIIHAT-Sprlngllrm. .No I and J
higher. No a, 1 88,5,1 'JU; soft 1 M; foil
llrm and higher. No 3 red fall 1 11
1 '12; tioi I CO01 f0.
CIO UN Pirm. No 2 mixod 0"07;
No 2 yollow U7i No 2 whllo mixod
OATS-Stoady und llrm. No U mixed
JIAIiEY Firm a.nd uncbangod,
JlYK Firm nnd unchanged.
P01UC Virm and 2Go higher, SUnd
ard moti hold firm at 17. Dry salt moats
0 f.n nn a i. Commission MmosTamt,
c o 6 ijsr
bouvant. Sales Cumberland mlddlssi at
St.Joo; cloar sides buyari for Hay 9
in clonr round lots; up tbs) county lota
hold firm; sbouldors 7; clear rib 91; altar
sides !5 cash; order lots bold J liis;har;
case country shoulders told at 0); hasns
and sidaj oj.
LAKD Primo stoura saleable at
11008 Activo rRht 4 755 70.
11ACON 5 I0i CO; butchers 6 40.
OATTLK Quiot and unchanged, good
to oxtra native 5 00; cows aod heifer
2 'J5I 'JCoxtraaroa 765.
Cincinnati, April 17
ricOTTON Firm at 17.
WIIKAT Scarcoand llrm at 1 42.
COUN Oood domand at OS
OATS Dull at '1857.
KYK Firm at 1 05J100.
11AKLEY Stoady. Spring I 6Cv
K(I OS Steady at 13.
Oil KHSE Dull and unchanged.
POUIC Dull; nominally offered at
17 00.
LAKD (Julot nnd ilrm, steam 9J9i!
kettlo 03(5)10; country kottle OJ.
HULK MEATS Speculative demand
nnd prices highor; standard held at 61;
clear rib 8j; cloar 9!; no spot aalat.
Sales of shouldors buyers for MyC; clear
rib May 01.
HA HON Steady. Shoulder quiet at
7; cloar rib sold early at 0J9j; held at
01 nt tho close; clear bold 0.
'WllISKP-Stoady at 03.
Memphis, April 1 7.
PLOUK Dull and unchanged.
COKN Fair demand and aJranced to
OATS Easlor at 04.
1 1 A V Mixod 18010.
UKAN Market 18 25.
PIIOVISIONS Quiet and unehabgad.
Nxw Orleans. April 17.
FLOrit Dull; treble, 6 007 00;
choice, 7 2J7 76; family. 8 00(2)9 25.
COKN Advanced; yellow tnixea and
yollow, 82; whlto, 8285.
OATS Quiot and aasier, 50(u)C0.
UK AN Quiot, 1 40.
POKKDull; held 17 SO.
UACON Demand active and price
advancing; 7i0Ql0l10j.
HAMS 12J13.
LAKD Firm; tlerco, OJQi&i keg, 10
SlIU Alt-Dull; good to falrt 7J,:
fullv fair to prlrao, 8.
MOLASSES Nothing doing.
"WHISKY Loulslaaa, 00.
COKN MEAL Scarco and higher at
3 703 33.
New Yoiik, April IT.
FLOUK In fairdemandand advanced.
Supor western 0 106 40; common to
cood 0 OOfijO 80; good to choice 0 85
WHEAT In modorate dmand:and
higher. No 2 Chicago sprlnjr 1 671 00;
No 2 Mllwaukoo I OSJ01 65; uumitd
Iowa nnd Minnesota spring 1 67(1 06;
rod viestorn 1 70.
KYK Firm at 1 10(3)1 16.
COKN Opouod Qrm and closed heavy
nnd lower. Now mixod western a7Wc;
oldooCTtOic. , .
OATS usavy ana iowr.
western G0(i05c; white western 46o,
SIK1AK Quiot.
Mnl.AMV'S Arllvs.
lXtlllv'Vlrmnr. New ni 1 71
17 00 spot; 10 G010 78 May; W i
BEKF Qult. MlddlM.xeiiA ht.1
sloarO U9 87i, oloslng at 0 M,
cloar closlnjr at 10 25.
L ARB-Firmer. 'mT'
lOJe snot and May; iV.
W UISKY-A ibade eaakr ftt Te.

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