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APBH- '-'Mil AMD 20lli.
AT 3 O'clock '. M.
Dm Morris 4 Howorth's
Irish Comwly C'liarctrr Company,
IriVl Soiim ami Djiicci, Wit ntul Humor.
;. f-'M-M. General Agent.
The "Modal for Progress."
it Vicuna, 1S73.
The Highest Order ol "Medal" Awarded
at tlio Imposition.
1. A New Intention thoroughly tcsteil
and wcurcd by Letter Falent.
it. Malt 0 as PMivr.cT hook Btttcb, nllke
on both tides, on aUkUidol goods.
3. Hum Light, Smooth, Noiseless, nml
llapld ot coinhlnatlou ol qualities.
4. Durable Kuns tor years without re
pair. ft. Will ilo all varities of Work and Fancy
Stitching in a Suponor manner.
0 Is moit calsly managed by the opera
tor. Length of stitch inaj be nltorcd while
running, and machine can bo threaded with
out nasslnz thread through holer.
. OeilL'it simple. Imreulout. F.locaut,
foimlng the stitch without the iso or Cog
Wheel Gears. Ilotarr Cains or Lover Arm-.
lias the Automatic Drop Feed, which in-
Niret unuunu lengm 01 much at any upeoii
Has our new 'thread Controller, which a I
Iowa easy movement of needle-bar ami
prevents injury to thread.
B. Construction most careful nml I'll!
Hied. It is manuractttrcd bv tbo most skill
ful anl experienced machunics. at tho cele
Chtaairn nfllii. Stain Slrovl.
I'D a Hatch il, toot,
omciixs :
A. B. BAFFOUD, resident;
B. B.TAYLOB, Vtco-Frcsldent:
H.HY8LOF, Beoretary and Treasurer
M. iUaoui,
B. Htooitutu,
H. Ocuanaais,
Oiin. atuamiit,
11. 1'. IUuicA,
J. 11. fuuxin
lllltl of an Aiuuaat Bawilvml Irum
rim vata vpwaiu.
IStTKKKBT paid on dtpoitts at the tU ot in
, pereemt. per annum, Maroh Jttand Hptm
1 Uu laUrMtnot nlthdrawa Is added iitma
dlatalx toth pnnolpal of th dspoalti, tbotet?
gtvtajrthem 00m pound Intaroat.
Open (vary bnilaeiM dy from a.m. to S p.m
ejcr.au for HA VINO DKPUdlYt
saly, (roan ( 10 S o dock
W. HYHI.OJ'. Tromurer.
1 1
Wl P. ltiLLlllAV. 1'rMldenl)
HBKRY I.. RA1.I.1DAT, Vloo-l'tt.Ufnl
. U. BAFFOK1), Owbier ;
WALTER HIHLOl', Aatliltn CuMtf
Btiltt TiTlOfc, ltollHTH. OvKMSJIUM,
IllIMT Ij. lliLUUlT, W. P. IlilUUiV,
Sao, 1). WiLLUMMt, btvnmn II in 11
A. 11. HitiouD.
Kzctiaii;, tiula huh Unttwl Nlutra
MouiU UunBUt t.ud Sold.
DKPOU1TU tMtWad, acd
btuloMii doan.
a KDrtl t'Rnhtnti
H. W. MnxKit, Fresldent.
J. M. Fun lips, Vlco-Frunldcnt.
CBAS. Uohninoium, Catliter.
EXOHANOR, colt, bank eoUt aad l(olle
BUU acarttl bought ud J sold.
IS ataatAUawau u TIiiik l)rll
Boot and shoe maker, Twentieth strict ho
tween Washington avcuue and Foplar
ifoei,u prepareu 10 make noou unci iijots
In the latest and most lashlonuble tylet.
He will make them to order, old or new
stylet to suit customerx, out of the hit .aud
freshest stock, of which he always has a
Ifoo4 supply on band from which to make
selections. All nttint; of boots and shoes
made by Mr. Khlers is done iu bis own shop
o forelirn flttlmc belnu used by him,
Oust Mm aeall, and lie will give you satis
Happy relief lor young men from the et
feeta ol error and abuses in early life. Man
koad restored. Impediment to marriage
removed. Mew method of treatment. New
and remarkable remedies. Hooks and cir
culars seat free, lu sealed envelopes. Ad
slrets, Howard Association, No, 'i South
Minsk street, Philadelphia, Fa. an Instltu.
Hon having a btglirepiitutloii for honorable
j omluct und profeloiial skill. JD- iA w'Jw
" Viiif iVTiiTt.", "
Somebody lo tike from tin a thousand lilll
hcad, good paper mitl Hudy printed, lur
Nfntpium l.
Una tliotK.mil statement printed at Tin:
Hl'I.I.KTIN otllcc tor SJJUiO.
Hole IleniU,
One thousand note heads printed nt 'I'll
Ht't.LkliN office lor $4.00) two thousand tor
One t tinti nml business rnuK lino Hrlslol
bonrd, printed nt Tin: Uui.i.iitin oillco lor
from f'.'.OO to $1.00, ucconlliig o
TUKSDAY, A Fill I, 28, 1874.
Fallino Tho Ohio rivor Is declining.
TI10 full yesterday wns about one Incti.
It will bn Homo timo beforo tho suwots
can ho opened.
On. Taiiku's lircTiiia1. -Dr. Tabor luc
lurcil boforottio Libera' Koligious insol
ation on Sunday ovouing. Thorn was h
very Inrgo nudionco, ntid tbo lccturo Is
highly commanded by those who hoard it.
No hucTtrnt:. Owing to a fnllurn of
trains on tho Mississippi Central railroad
to tiinko propor contico'.ion.
Mr. Thnyur wa unable to roach tho city
in tlmo to till hU ongngomont to locturo
tit tho high school last night. Ho will do
I liver his lecture, howovcr, but just whon
wo nro not udviiod.
Kok Srovr.s, Tlnwaro, toiletware, steam
cooking vessels, broiler", bird cages, Inn-
turns, gate springs, gate hinges, tnblo mid
pockot cutlery, fluting Irons. Also lor
roofing, gutters nnd spouting, go to A.
Halloy's, 108 Washington nvutitin, noar
Tonlh etroot. 00-- l-lT-lm.
Attention, Auaiu. Tho Member of
tho Arb Tiro Company uro h'jroby notl
Hod to meet nt thoir onglno limlao this
oveniug nt 0' o'clock to try tho "hlttlo
Arab," for tho purpoio of nccoptliij; or re
acting tho repairs roccntly made.
For ordor of tho 1'rcndont.
II. F. Hi.aku, rioe'y.
Cairo, 111., April 28, 1871.
AiiHEHTi:i). Klilliu Monis nnd .lolin
"Williamt, whito moti, woro nrrested by
tihorlll" lrvln on Sunday for robbing an
otnployo of tho Cairo nnd Vlnconnoj rail
road of thirty-odd dollars in tneiil tickets-
Thoy had n preliminary honring boforo
JuJgo Ilroaj yoaturdiiy morning.atid woro
tout to tho county jail in default of llvo
hundrod dollars ball oach.
"1Cno.iou.vks Juaion." This socloly
has issued invitations for n party, to bo
huldnttho rcsldonco of Mr. John An
trim this, Tuesday, evening, April 'J8th.
Tho following young gentlemen com
prlso tho committco of arrangements:
John Homo, Frank Jtodman, Twocd
l'arkor,8am Kcdnuin, John Antrim, Jr.,
Kd McCulIough nnd Will J. "Wilcox.
Tuk Turn KP.b. Tho Cairo Tumor so
cioty will hold n pie-iiic on Sunday noxt,
May 3d, Tbo comtnitleo uppointud to
select tho ground wont across tho river on
Sunday, ntid, after looking iibout, agreed
upon 11 placo noar whoro tho Mississippi
Central railroad crosses WilMw creek.
Tho spot is 11 bountiful ono, and if lhu
wouthor U lair it will be u pluiuunt placo
to spend n fuw hours.
AsaiaNKK's Notice. Notico is hereby
given to nil concorncd that 1 havo paid
oil' and discharged nil just claims pro-
sontod to 1110 against II. A, Cunningham,
nnd if 110 other chiimi nro presented ho
foro tho 20lh day of May, 1874, 1 ahull on
that day term in 11 to my connection with
his business ns itenigneu, nnd return to him
all assets in my hands bolonging to him.
V., D. M.iTiliTM,
Astignco of II. A. Cutinlnghnm.
April 2:1, 1874. 79-1-24-Gt
Soiu Fountain and leu. Crkam Sa
loon. Mr. l'hil Saup'e Ico cream saloon
is now open to tho public, nnd is boyond
all doubt tho linen establishment of tho
kind ever opened in this city. Tho room
has just iiiimergcd from 11 thorough rono
valing, tho walls repapered, and painted,
tho floors covered with un elegant now
carpot, hud furnWhod with tho noatoat and
most convenient and npproprinto furni
ture. Tho tublos aro all marblo top, tho
chnlrs nw nnd noat. Tho room is retired,
away from tho noiso nnd bustlu of tho
streets, nnd just tho plnco for tho purposo
for which it Is tisod. Mr. Saiip now has
his sodti fountain in iiperatiun. u.id is
ready to turply nil who may call upon
MtritiiKit. A young man named V. J.
ICcoh, brother of Martin Kenu who lives
at tho ferry landing on tho Kentucky sido,
was yesterday shot and killed byiiyouni'
mtn named John Hnwr, It seems that on
Tuesday lust young Keen had 11 dtlhulty
with n man niimod Allcock, nu intlinnto
friend of young Haws, Yesterday morn-
lug Keen took his skill'and started up the
rivor to sco anothor brother who lives
near Keen's landing. When ho came
to tho rcudonco or Air. A. Hull bo met
with young Haws, when tho subject ol
tho dllliculty between Allcock mid Keon
was brought up. und Knon romarkod that
ho would "sottlu that troublo with All
rook," and started oil' with his Mil'.
Haws nsked blm If he should to.l Allcock
what ho (Keon) hvl said, nnd was an
swerod that ho should, Youug Hnws
thou told Koen that if hu would couin
back to tho shoro ho, would whip him him
self. Koouttirnod bis skill', nnd when It
struck tho shore, raised up as if to got
out, nt tho same tlmo picking up bis gun
which lay in tho bottom of tho skill'. As
Koon picked up tho gus, Haws drow h
roTolvcrm.d flrod, tho ball, It I salJ, tak
ing effect In Keen's breast, nnd causing
doath In thirty minutes. . Haws wn soon
r.ftcr arrested and takon to Illandvlllo
where ho was lnckod In tho county Jail.
Ho Is only seventeen years ol njjc
At a special session nf tho county com
missioners hold yesterday for thn purposo
of ompnnolllng n grand jury lor tho next
torm of tho circuit court, which com
mences on tho third Monday In May, tho
following persons woro chosen!
South Cairo: M 15 Power, T W Hal
Inlay, .lohn II Fhllllps, Vf V l'itclier,.las
A I'hlllls, II KSpnuldiug.
Xorth Cnirei .Ins S llarclay.F S IConl,
John II Kollny, 11 H Konlilor, Jai A
Kookcn nnd Jai haw.
CUtircrtc?.:3 II Upchunh mid houU
h Willinins.
pjitbtt:.) O Itowlwlng And (loorgo W
Unity:!) J) 0 UargU and William .1
Oooo" ( I ij i h Dlckorjon nml
TIiok Martin.
JlmlcieooJ : Archlbnld West.
Doj 'ot, .Victor Triiu'ill.
.S'iim(i '.; Urcon Aluasoy
Thn llrst of tin) focoiui sorlm of tho
Kplicopitl nliurch parlor concerts, will bo
lulil this ovonlng nt tho rcsldnnco of Dr.
0. tVf. Dunning, corner of Ninth nnd
Wnlnut stroots. Tho following is tho
1, Holo Fiano S.litiburl
Vocal" Fur nwfty whoro nngaU d A''l
miss. w. r. wr.KittT.
3. Duet (Hover
I. lloiUln'' "Ij'ist Mnn.'' Campbell
J. (1. 1IAUMO.V.
Duot l'inno hnhitr.ky
Mils. wst. ANII 1". U. (III.IIKUT.
Duot Vocal "Soo tho 1'nlo Moon.'
JIIBS. A. t'lTCItr.tt A. MUM. W. 1'. UAM.tllAY
1. Solo -Vocal --"Dnro I Toll."
miw. i.AN.snn.v.
'I, SjIo l'inno Invitation NNult.
Duot Distant Chimes
4. Heading
.1. 11. 011KHI.V.
fi. Duot Vocal UolBhax.or is King
Minus .iosik a jkssii: riuu.is
Arc nulling Ount's half hofn i.t ill cents
per dojeu.
You eim buy (uceiiawnro mid Cuttlory
m ehcip ut D. ltarttunn tV Co's , ns in any
othor part of tho country.
A largo nsiiortmont of I.iJies' Jaconet,
Haiusook hnd Victoria huwns can bo
bought cheap nt D. Hautman V: C'o's.
"Wlminpoa silk pluids ran bn had nt lo
cents per yard at D Hautman & Co'.i.
A largo nssortmont of llrown, Whito
ami Duuieh tublo linen at
D. Hauimun's t!i Co s.
Tho best htock of Hrown Mncnand Cot
tonades enn ho founil nt
. 1). HAurjiAN A: CoV.
'J'wulvo yards blanched Domestic ono
ynrd wide, for 51 nt
D. Hautman li Co's.
A largo stock of huwni1, corded and
plain Alpacas, corded .laconot, and For-
cnls ran bo lound in beautiful styles nt
D Hautman A; Co's.,
C O M M K I C 1 A 1, AVKNUK.
Mn.I.lNr.itY. Mrs. Hogarth A: Co. ile
sir'j to call tho attention of tho Indies of
Cairo nnd vicinity to thoir display of mil
Unary nnd fancy goods. Having secured
thosorvicus of ono of tho host trimmors
in tbo AVost.-tboj foul confident tint thoy
can suit tho most oxnctinp; taste. Dros
making dono In tho latest styles on short
notice Fricos reasotinblo. A rail Is re
spocttully solicltoJ, No. Ill Commercial
nvenue, ono door south of tho popular
dry goods staroof J. Ilurgor. 7-11-2Mf,
Shoo Fly. "Warm woalhor will soon
bo horo. Now is tho tlmo togunrd against
Hies, gnats nnd mosquitoes. ' I will say to
tho public that I nm making n spoclalty
of green wire cloth this soaton and will
duplicato Chicago nnd St. Ijouis
prlcos. I iileo koep constantly on
hand n largo variotyof iltrd
Cagos, Moss llmkets, Flour Stands,
Toilet Sets, Hath Tubs, and n gon
oral stock of Japanod, plain and stamp-
ped linwaro, Hofrlgorators,"Wator Coolers
and (looch's 1X1. Ico Cream J'roc.tirs.
Also tho OJoll improvod Step Lndders,
which will bo sold nt bottom tlgures.
C. W. Henderson, 100 ComiuoreWl nv
011110, Cairo, Ills. 77 1-2). lm
Mav Flowkk. For tho best coil cook
stovo buy tho rolebrntcd .May Flowur.
For tho host wood cook stovo buy tho old
reliable Charter Oak; famous for giving
satisfaction evorywhero nnd boing especi
ally adi.pted to tho wants of ovory house
hold. 1 koep h largo variety of other
cooking stoves, which aro bought for cash
nnd will bo sold choapor than tho cheap
est. If you want 11 cup of good coll'io
fur breakfast buy tbo I'lanishod Cofl'oo
lllggln or Fronch coll'eo pot. A full sup
ply of Hrltatiln cotl'iM and ten pots Always
on bund. Don't forget tho plnco.
"li-t-'JI-lm luo Commercial nvo., CIro.
Win. Khlors wishes to inform tho pub
lic that ho hns ust rocolved 11 Inrgo stock
of importod French calf and Morocco
heather Irom Adolph Nickel, of Cincin
nati, direct importers, mid ho can there
foro wurrunt nil his work to ho of not only
tho best iiianufucturo, hut of tho very
best material. Any ono who doslres lino
Hoots, Shoes, or (lallois wilHlud it lo
their interest to call on Mr, Khlers at his
shop, 20th itroit, ntid oxamlno bis stock
nnd stylos boforo ordotiug eliowhoro.
203-11-1. lm
BtVp nnd JCxtenHon Laddors, finnd
Scrocns, Kiddles, Sloves, Shovels, Spados,
Forks, Hoos, lUkos, "WatorClofot Urlnnls,
Kitchen and Cecs Fool Sinks, Clothes
Ulngers, Clothos Hones, Clothes I.lnesn
nnd, in fact, 11 lull assortment of kitchen
nnd House furnishing goods at A. Hal
loy'n, ICR Washington nvenuo, nenr Tenth
street, CG -1.17-lm.
Alexnndar hi(lg'), No. 211, of tho In
dependent Order of Odd I ullowu, celo-
bt,ttod tho lllty-llfth anniversary ol U10
orgftnliiition of tho ordor In Aniotu-.i
yeterday In n fitting nnd appropriate
According lo provloiiJ nrrangoment nt
ono o'clock tbo members began to sem-
bin nt their hall for tho purpavi of taking
part in tin procimion, which Win to htnrt
from tho hillnl L.'IQ.
Tho Delta City bind furnbhod tho
miidr, nlul nt tho appointed hour tho pro
cosslon, numbering noarly two hundrod
members of tho order, look up tho lino of
miirth down Commercial lo Sixth street,
lown Sixth to Washington iivoiiu.1, und
thonco up Wellington lo tho court-houo
wheru tho orations woro to tako placo.
Arriving nt thn court-hotuc, tho iiinmboM
Hlod Inlothcj bulljlng and up to tho cir
cuit court renni, whoro thoy found n
largo crowd of ladles nnd gentlemen
n'scmblod for the purpiso of witnessing
tho oxarclaesnml hearing tho spoochos.
When nil hd becaiun iiiot lu tho room
Noblo Oraud John lloblnson called tho
MSiomblngu to order, nnd requested their
attontlmi while tho Chaplin, Mr. C. hnmc,
ofl'orod up a prayer.
At thuVonclusloli of this exorcbo and uiu
sic by tho b:ind,Noblo Grand llobituon in'
troducod Mr.AVin. H. Morris, who mb
dresifld tho ifsetnblago ns follows:
"Whotil sea n groat congiegation of poo
n'.o assembled ns on this occasion, lift', r 11 s
cortulning tho object which brought them
together. I ofton think how wonderful It
is that neither in thoitroat multitude nor
nmong tbo myriad ot beings thit pnoplo
tho earth, liiero nro not two exactly minis
olther in fnce, form, voice, strength of In
tellect or goudness. llichono so dill'erlng
from every othor nnd poiesslngsuch pecu
llaritits of his or her own that n friend
may rocognlzo n friend, though they mcol
In tho most rcmoto portions of tho gbbo
from limit homo. Then ii it strango that
In human life thero should bo
such various conditions. Ihr.t tlioro
should b rich mon nnd poor men,
wl'o mon and fools; that to mo should bo
orator?, somo statesmen, semo plilloso
libers, somo phibuitbtopists and somo
brutes. Is it stratiL'D tlint soma should
llvo lo d ueoil to their follow mon and bo
blessings to thoir race, aid that somo
should llvo aimless lives, dio lilco tho
bruto nnd their nnmcs nnd memories pus
into oblivion ?
Wo rail thH grant nggregntion of Im
munity human society ; mid is it strango
that this grent human socioty should bo
divided Into toeielioa that lovo ponce,
good government mid right, nnd (ociotics
that lovo war nnd wickudness ?
And ngain that tbeso should bo f ubdi
vided Into societies for tho lurthoranro
of somo particular good, and Into societies
to further somo p.irticulnr ovll, nnd thesa
rcnib ilvidci into societies each entertain
ing its own particular iden9 of how best
to nchiovo tho samo object? Is itstrango
that tho Church should bo divided into so
many sects, ench governed by its own idea
of how most iiccoptably to worship tho
great Creator? And that tlioro should bo
ho iimiiy Fooicticn, c.ich carrying out its
own id 011 of how best to hnlp thu sull'erlng
nnd down trodden nnd olovnto hum
anity V
No '-it is not strango. Soeietioi nro
noccssnry to tho accomplishment of tunny
objects which could not bo nttilm d by In
dividual power. In tho business world
without un organisation oi n society of
interests, tho grout whit'J wings of com
mtreo would not bo spread on every sea
intorchnnfrintr thu productions of tho dif
ferent climes j without euch n society of
lniercsis, woutu uo loosuoeu iuui;ruui iron
bands connecting each section of our bn
loved land with every other, over which
whistles tho iron horeo with tho volocity
of tho wind. In tho political world
without such a society of interests wo
would bu without govornmont nnd nil
earth would bu 11 pandemonium. In tho
mornl world, without such 11 socioty of in-
torosts, morality nnd good will from man
toward man would ho supplantod by sus
picion, treachory, jealousy nml hate. In
tho foremost rank of tho great loclotlcs
of tho world for tho promotion of truth,
oharity atid brothorly lovo, stands our
beloved ordor ot Od'd Fellows, whoso
birthday in our land wo now colobrate
whoso uood uooda fall upon tho world in
tho rofreshinc shower to tho'thlrsty earth.
quiotly, unscon or unrcoognizod by tho
outside world, yet felt by all. Its doeds
of charity nnd gur lncss nro not horaldod
to tho world, ns tnnny say thoy (should he,
hut as tho gentlo Inlluonco of n mother's
lovo follows hor beloved son fram tho pa
rontnl roof out into tho world, shields him
from temptation, chonrs nnd oncourngos
him in tho bnttlnof life; just so silently
does tho good Inlluonco and charity of
Odd-fellowship oxtMid to tho poor, tho
suffering and tho needy who havo taken
sholter bonpnth its wings. Around tho
widow and tho futherloss it encircles its
groAt loving f.nii3 amI to thorn oxtonds
its grent hand of charily; to tho brothor
who falters in tho path of duty it spouks
words of comfort, chldoj nnd enrrocts him
and lends nil Its Inlluonco for him to ro
turn to tho right.
It steps out into tho world, and to thoso
who iu political life havo bocomo embit
tered towards each othor In tho religious
world, to tho.io who dlsngroo In thoir tho
oligy in thu buslisoss world, to thoso
who, through jealousy nnd competition,
have bccouia unfriendly, and to tho
wholo world It uxclniins: "Let
us meet on somo brond bniis
of action tor good in which wo can ngreo
nnd forgufing our outsldoditl'oronces inko
oaoh other ly tho hnnd und say, my
Thon do no rcali?.") how boautlful it is
for brothrui to dwell together in miltvf
for brothron wu til nro created from tho
tamo mother earth, and all trnvollng tho
samo rund to that bourno from which 110
traveller ruturus. OJd-lellowship is no
rospoetor of persons1 In hor templo tho
king nnd the poor mnn, tho bnnkor, thn
tnorchant, tho mechanic, tho professional
man, tho (ioriunn, tho lCngllihman, or
from whatoror portion of tho onrth ho
mny come, 1 t down lo 11 common fonst,
nnd ho nmom; thorn is tho host 1111.11 nnd
tho host OJd Follow, wherever mny bo
his home, or whatever his calling in life',
whoso liosrt Is fullest ot chnrity und
brothorly lovo, It Is nn nnnihilnlor of
nil thoso pkurlsaicul notions and ideas
which, in thu outsldo world, makes ono
man say to iinothor " 1 nm boltor than
thou," It tears down tho barriers bo
twoon nriitocrncy nnd commonalty nnd
recognizes only it superiority basod on
the groat platform which is supported by
the strong pillars of Justice. Charity,
friendship nod brotherly lovo, and overy
good dcod performed whether it bo to as
sist 11 dlstresiod worthy brothuri to keep
tho widow nr.d lho fatherless; to watch nt
tho bodsido of tho sick and dying, or to
perform tho last sad rites at thn tomb of.
tho dopAttod, nro each nn additional link
in thai goldon chain which binds us to
gether In n common brothorhood.
And shall n society with such hcavon
boin .pilnclplcs ns Its very llfo blood
languish or conco to llvo? No, notilntll
virtue shall bo vico nnd to to good an ovll,
will It 1IJ0. To-day, 'Its birth
day in our land, tin. is it greatly
Increased in strength und when wo
Mid our chlldron mid our children's
chlldron chull havo pnssed nwny
nations yol unborn will receive It ns 11
glorious legacy nnd add millions to thn
nrmy bonunth Us bnnnor. Its liuio will
not b) throoBcoro vonrs mid ton but tho
no ef tho world itself. How Appropriate
then that on this anniversary wo relloct
on mo pssi Dinco our lirolhrcn cnllo 1 u
iiu an united voico to Join their ranks
mi.l sbarnd with us tho boncllts nndprivil
ego which thoy passed, as woll us upon
tlicilulios incumbont upon us as Odd-Fol
lows ami mnko new nnd linn roio'.utlons
to press 011 mid not bo wenry In woll doini
hot us romumber th.it olinrltv moiiiis soini
thing moro than Iooontiig our pur 0
stringj. It inentia respoct for olbor imm s
views, no matlor how conflictlm? with aur
own, whothor In toliglon, u.lilios, 1 11 lies
or whutovor iiibjoct upon which men may
uiiiur. J l menus still inorn ihnn this. It
mentis n sympiilhy for men who rommit
lAiiits iiiui otiortto point out, con vlnco and
reform tholn or thoir errors rather shan n
condemnation of them, which would
hasten if.nut comptulo tho'r ruin.
It means n holping hand Instead of n
kick. It means a kind word in olni'e of n
bitter onn. It means n soft nnnwer In
plaeo of n harsh ono. It moans a remfort
nnd 11 help b raise up thoso who full.
w lien wo looic upon tho grent universo
of croiitlon nnd think upon tho worlds.
upon worlds countless in uumburs nnd ro-J
nlf.o that ours Is less as c.inipnrd with lho
wnoic limn a drop of wator to tho mighty
ocontr, and tin. t when I point wi'.h my
flngtir to lho ens, wcU north or south it
is 111 11 unction to which thoro ts no limn
that there is no end to ipae.o,
mil that won Individuals nro morospocks
on tho surfneo of tho onrth which is n m.iro
spockitiolf ns compared to all tho works
01 croaiion ; when wo nro not cortnin ot
living nnolhor day, nay not even nn hour,
and that boforo nnothor atiivorsnry shall
roll around, somo who now boar by voice,
and maybo him whoso voico you hear,
shall bo silent In tho grave, how Insigni
ficant should It mnkous fool nnd how lit
tle thu diflicronco bntwoon ono mnn nnd
another, except upon tho groat principles
upon which is bmcd our noblo ordor of
Odl Fellows.
Wo ndmiro a man whoso honest oxer
tlons nnd enterprise havo mndo him rl.h,
nud yet tho tomb demands 11 surrender of
his wealth, ho gives It up nnu is as poor us
whon ho cmiio into tho world. Wo ad
mlro a philosopher and yet not ono enn
explain 11 blndo of gras. Wo ndmiro u
giltcd orator or n sweet singer, but lu n
moment their voicos mny bo hushed for
Ci'or. Wo ndmiro n painter nnd n sculp
tor, but In a moment their hat.ds may ho
palslt i nnd thu brush and chitol hi) 'laid
awn) In somo museum to remind the
carious of their masters.
Wo ndmiro n mini in lino health i.nd
sticn!;th, und yot in nn hour lm may to
cut down in tho prido of manhood liku thu
grass, nnd bis body bo food for thu worms.
V, 0 ndmiro n man ot le.irnlni:, and yot
tho irrcnt Nowton, with ml his wisdom,
d. dared that ho was as n littlu child
gathering pebbles on tho sen shore, while
iho groat ocenn of truth mid knowledgo
lav unexplored boforo him. Hut tt'iith,
charily, jusllco r.nd lovo nre ns great nnd
enduring as nil Uiu unuuiomanin mys
teries of creation. It is tho ombodimunt
ofthe3o in tho great Hulor ofull things, bv
which tho rofroshing showers doiccnj,
and tho bonovnlont sun sheds on us his
warm nnd light giving rnyf, by which wo
havo our food, raiment, kind friends
nud tho numberless blessings which nro so
continually ours, that wootlon forget nnd
fail to recognize in thorn nnything moro
than our just ilctorts. Yo, tlifio nro tho
great principle on which rosts our ordor,
und ns
Little drop i.f w.iler. Utile ;'r;iin- uf .ni,l
Make the luL'hly oee.ui nml the IhmiiIi-1111-
land, '
juatso docs tho dignity, uscfulnct nud
greatness of our order depend upon tho
individual chnrity nnd goodnoss of each
of its members. As tho rain drops in thu
fur oil' country finds its way to lho
rivulet, nnd thenco to mid forms thn
mighty river, und on, on to swell tho
boundloss ocean, so unch littlu net of
kindness, curb littlo deod of lovo Hows into
and forms a grunt ocean of good, nnd
ovory good that is aide 1 to lt,liko a drop on
tho surfnco'of it calm, smooth sen makes n
ripple that oxtonJs perhaps to tho far otr
1 nm but n tyro in tho lessons of
Odd Fellowship, but I havu soon nud
know enough of it to warrant mo In wh.at
I havo said, nnd with thcfo viuivsofits
importation and my duty as an Odd Fol
low, I liopo to study, follow und profit by
its teachings, boliovlngthatyou and I and
all of uso by thkooping of such n resolution
will bo mndo happier r.nd bettor oursolvos
and tho world at largo honellltcd.
At lho concluslou of Mr. Morris re
marks, tho bund playod n lively tuno, af
tor which Dr. It. Si Hrighnm was intro
duced to tho audience, and proceeded with
his address.
Tho doctor introduced bis remarks by
repeating u pcorn by F. O. Taylor. Ilo
then claimod that thu Institution of Odd
fellowship wna called Into boing for
tho gron: purpoio of teaching by oxumplo
on a grand scalo, lho brotherhood of mnn;
nlso for illustrating tho prosperity tho
world might onjoy if nil humanity woro
lmkod together by friendship, lovo nnd
truth. Tlicso throo charmed words woro
tho soul of our ordor, an imlepondont or
ganization, Yv'hcn ono wishes to ontor
tho sacred procinc's of this order ho is
not questioned as to his peculiar loligious
opinion? of tho creeds of tho day, nnd
tho applicant may bo Christian, Jow, Mo
hammedan, etc., no mnt'or only that ho
doiires to bo:oiho n gonulnu Odd Follow
by living nn honest nnd charitablo lifo,
n lifo in harmony with friendship, loyo
nnd truth.
Tho snonkor cnid that though our ordor
has attained n grand poitiou,ynt its mem
bers must continue lo work earnestly for
tho diffusions of benovolonco nnd charity,
and that it was very important Hint overy
Odd Follow bo 11 living oxnonent
of nn olovntod tucra'i'.ij nnd In or
der to bi this It wns nbsolUidy nr.
cosinry for nil to work for tho hotter edu
cation of inun and most ospoclnlly of Odd
Tho niombors of this ordor should pur
sue glory by enrnest manly ctl'ort to do
good to our follow mnn, by laboring to
mnko the world wisor, hotter und huppior
for our having UvolIn il; lor this kind of
glory would wenvo a chnplet of beauty
that would novor fndo but would contlnuo
to grow brighter throughout nil olorulty.
Tho doctor thon gave statistics showing
tho rosulls thnt havo crownod tho works
of Odd-lollowshlp In tho 1'nlWd States,
nml Hinted Hint tho wholo number of
lodges wns 0,010, nnd tho total member
ship over half n million, nnd that tbo or
dor nnd o.vpondcd In Uiu past yonr for ho
novolout purposes tho grand sum of Si,
!ll'.',8t)0, nnd bad reeolvod Into its trensury
?:!, S28, u00, tberotoro It hud umplo means
of (iontluuiiiK Us good work.
Tho speaker said ho had not tho com
ploto statistics of foreign countries und
thoroforo would not attempt to glvo any
but would say that tho ordor wi.s doing
good work nnd flourishing nil ovor thu
Tho spenkor thought u,m )t vng
n very yood promise for tho futuro
thnt nn otdor that had grown so
picspnrously, nnJ only lift y years old,
nnd thcroloro thought wu rould very rea
sonably expect, m hundred fold more
within Iho next fifty years. Hut that wo
mny do this wo must pmctico lhu virtues
wo so solmtily touch In our ceremony
of initiation. And thnt in'oiii) omnce.
Jiisticonud chnrity becomn tho iinlvorsnl
prnctlco of Odd-Fellows tho moral tonn of
humniihy will bo much elovnted nnd tho
conditions of mankind will bu much Im
provod nnd this would show lhu path
way of llfo with thu flowers of joy and
ghulness whon now is sull'uring nnd woo.
The speaker inld to ench Odd. Follow;
"Ilo thy little, do It well,
Do what right mid iea?oii tell,
Do thv Utile (lod h.itli made
Mlllloiis'of lentes lor fore't shade,
Minllet tais tln lr jrlnry brill;:,
(lod employeth cvi'iythlnjf.
Do thy little nml when thou
IV, 'lest on th Jpahld brow,
Kie h:i flei'l the vllnl hli-ilh
eolil nnd tl imp theswc.it ofilcnth,
Tliee shall crown the pillowed hc:id
iio 11x111 upon nice shell,
'I hfr .'lie clcdlH that slnill rise
'l .i th cm ill! beyond the sl.ief.
lln very mitii'i of O.'d Fiill.w nv si
bo iiu-lo iynotiym.,is with an ebivnteil
mid noblo momllty. All gocul thing
mint succeed, (and) ns O Id-fullowahip has
undertaken tonlevatu und tnnkn hotter tho
conditions nnd characters of men, und
this being n good work must succeed, tin
less Odd l ellows nro very recreant to
their duty. Whnn justlcu roigns honor
will not bo itlvon for morn mild Catherine:.
hill for trim moral worth in faithfulness of
man to his follow men.
'lho speaker urgod tho Itnportanno of
promoting odilcatlon, nnd said thero should
hi nn ojucated olais. and that this chits
should consist of nil Odd Follow, nnd
tho Odd I oliows should ineludo nil hu
inanity. This education should so dsvob
opn tbo mind m to give us Hint religion
ol tho heart which makes us over rondy
nnd dotormincd to do our duty. Tho
chief corner stono of Odd-fellowship being
tho brotherhood of man, honco il behooves
us ns mombors of this order to do all wo
cull for right duvolopomont of all that i
foe tho benefit of man. .Mnn nt birth it
nearly equal, but education muks the
ditlerenco hotweon god and bad, botween
(nvngo nnd civilized nations
Thoroforo much depends upon our cdu
cation, and by education Odd l ellow
will bo much nldud in becoming living
expononts of the puro mid noblo morality
thoy teach.
Tho speaker also spoko of tho impor
tance of educating our children si that
thoy tuny properly continuo o'ir tinod
work. And if wo havo ilono our llfo
work woll it will bo a sourco of joy un
speaknblu when wo approach tho mystic
And thus ihould Odd-fellowship mirch
on to noblo and enduring victory
llrne.-ith the trl'llnked banner
Who-ul'uld- nre lloatliig lie.
Triumphant on the laud,
Yii torlniis o'i r the sea.
When Dr. lirtgham hid hulshe 1, lho
band played nnothor pleco, nt tho eonclit
slou of which loud calls woro uihId for
Mr. Oberly, who responds! in n few ox
tcmpornnoom romarks, which woro woll
roceivod by lho nudlnuce.
Noblo Grand ltobinson thnn announced
that lho oxercitcs were over, and request
ed the montbjrs of tho ordor to rum tin in
thoir scats whilo thoir visltivs rotirod.
"Whon ovorybody olseliad withdrawn, tho
OJd-Follows ngain took up tho lino of
inarch, t.p Twentieth ttroit to Commercial
avenue, and down tho nvvtiuo to their hail,
whoro lho procomion dhpirsod.
In tho ovoning n Urgu number of the
mombors wont to -Mound City to attond
tho ball to bo given by tho Old-Fellows at
thnt pin -o, lho ferry bolt Thrco States
having been chartered for lho occasion.
J l-t received, n linn lot of extension
Inddnrs, garden hoes, rhkes, etc., etc., nt
A llnlloy's.' 1C--1-17-1 m.
A l'I'llAh FoTt aTi.
Fellow-Citizuns of C.ur.o: Hy n
proclamation issund by lho mnyor of Now
Orluans, dated April lr, 1871, tutting forth
tho wants of tho iiiifoitunntu cilir.ons of
Louisiana, and calling upon lho mayors
of lho (lltl'orcnt cities of tho United SUtes
tor assistance In their timo of need. 1
horoby call upon the cltians to moot iu
tho rooms of tho chamber of commerce,
In Feter Cuhl's building, on Ohio leveo,
on Wednesday, Anrll 23d, ul 10 a. 111 , to
tako into consideration tho spoodioat nnd
best method ol rendering such aid and ns
slslanco as thu citizons of Cairo can glvo
to an unfortunate slstor statu. It is hopod
all will turn out nnd glvo their aid to this
most worthy object.
Vary Ites-poetfully,
John Wooi, Mayer.
kooms to i:i:nt.
In Wilcox block, "Washington r.vcnuo,
nt tho lowest llgurcs. 10 1-2-tf,
Second-hand clothing.-watebe?, jewelry,
pistole, Ac, bought and sold, Also a lot
Urussels' carpot, furniture, ets., for snle.
Opposito Cairo nnd Vinconnos railroad
depot. 188-2-27-lfl M. Covnk
Ten pounds of brown tugnr for H ; b
pounds best colloo sugar nt SI, :i pounds
of cholco butter nt $1; baking powdor 15c
per lb; Imporinl tea nt 11; potntooa !10
conts por pock ; .1 lbs coll'eo Sl.ut Wilcox's
Hlock. 107 2-1-1 m.
Louis A. Iloogor desiros to inform tho
public Hint ho il now prepnrod to glvo In
structions on tho piano. A ny ono w Uhmg
to securohls sorvlces will ploaBo apply at
Schleslngor's gallery, on Kighth strcot, or
tit F. (I. Schuh's drug storo, 80-1-2 t-Gt.
' FOH 8 A LB.
Two Jintlorlos of two Hollors, oneh 21
feet long, 42 inch Drum, 2 1 1 inch Fluee
with flro fronts. Mud and Stuam. drums
Bafoty nud Mud valves, Chimney and
Urltchiii, all comploto and in firet-clusa
ardor,'; boon mod only throo mouths. F07
prico, etc., inquire o( J. T. Kknnib,
0-23-tf. Vulcnn Iron Works,
Frank Krntky doslres that tho public
should kimw Hint ho is proparcd to dellvor
bread of good quality and quiuitlty, for
littlo inonoy, lu nny part of tho city,
(iivo him your orders, and thon look out
for lho
by which ho will dolivor tovoutho stnll
of lifo. J71-:i.Vil.lni
Mits, IIumiiold Is jireparod to iii.kacii
and l'UKss hats and bonnets in tho most
approved stylo, and In n manner togivo
ontlra satisfaction. Call nt hor residence
on Fifteenth stroot hotv.Lon "Walnut and
Codar 23r,3.Mf
Finer. Cii'.i.knt Oirn k,
Monday cvonlng, AptU 17, 1874,
ii;im:hal iirMAt.KP,
w . 1 . .1 . .. ..
1 u .irivu 1111 uiiuiiirn 111 I HI U 1I1U UI
dltlon of tho general market. Frlccs 0
country prodiuo, giain, hay, etc., renal
about (11 quotod Inst wook, with vory lltti
nnlmnlioii in nnything uxcupt corn. 1
this nrticlo thn II lit receipts with tho m
tivo order demand londs to koep lb
market I. nro and prices linn and hli:l
Oils nro qui"l and plunty with quotatioi
uncnungcu ir jiii mo uuros 01 last woe
-...-. . ..
nnce, cbning lo-dsy at .". -10 for ehob
Tho wonthor has, wo trust, sot In fi
prlng or summer, In earnest now, and
much bettor fooling, wu bollovo, will pr
van in 1110 gunerni inarKot tinder Its inlli
ouch, Thu fear of high wator and Inui
dnlioll, if any ono 111 Cairo hns felt mi
fear, 1ms pufiol awy. Tho rivor can
to 11 sUnd 101 Suturdiiy--sovorol feet I
low high water mark, nnd Is fulling tiow
to-day. Thu suwers will soon bo open at
what tilth) sipo nnd rain water tlioro is 1
tho city will mako noilely in ruuiilt
("Corroipomlents should bonr
mind that our quotations represent pri
fitrrntltlil til. lp,n fl-.f linints ilttli,
othorwiso sln'.oil, nml lint In II 1 1 1 11 1; sma
order, higher tirlcui must bo pnld..,
This stiplu is unchanged. Tho muvi
moiit is slow nnd trantaellons are sum
t . .1 . 1 1 - . e 1
retail and Jobbing trade. Frlccs nil roui
aro as proviously quotod. Wu nolo ml
of .100 bblt 6C08 CO, 100 bbls X.
pring 0 .'11; K,o bbls 1'J 0 200 bli
7 20; IO bbls ii 75; 200 bbls 7 ('.- 1
bbls S 7.(VS CO.
I Ml 1,1,11 U'hitn ivhi.i' Into v St r.O- 21
bbls XXXX 7 75; 10,1 bbls" XXX 7 U
The city mills quoto whoat us fullnvs
cholco whito 1 50; No 1 1 II); No 2 1 8
red, c'ioieo, 1 ij; lowor grndoi 1 -W" I n
(iuu.1 demand and ll''ht suntilv. l'rl
- - - n .. .
nro firm nnd unchnnged, quoted 2JCi l i
por ton, siukal and delivered
Thoro Is a muJflrV.oly activo inquli
Tor cholco L'rndus ot mixed and tlmolli
and tinno (itl'oriug. Ilccuipts fall short
thiidumaml. Tmnsactl jns i.re small oi
ing to lnek of supplies. -'lc woro !
baloi prnirio, dol 10 00; 100 biles tuixe
del; GO balui strictly (hdcu limnth
dol 17 0i; f,0 biloschoica mlxoJ.dtl 110
Steady, nn'.ivo nnd firm. Tho ilumi.ii
exceeds tho supply. Sales mndo on tit
unlay nnd tn.Jay woro at 77f.ii78c, rout
lots. o nolo sales of n cars mixed an
whito, sftokod and dol 7Gfi.77c; 1 enr v,hi
i n .Itr- 1 curs chnlrn wliiti. iln . I en
whito do 771e; 10 cars cholco whilu l
burlaps, del 78j; 10 cars mlxod do 77c;
cars mixed, in bulk on track C i".
l'lontv nnd nulut. Thoro is nn shlnnin
demand nnd orders como In slow. Fnce
aro Qrin nnd unchanged. Wo nolo rule
cholco Oiileiia, snckod nnd dol Coc; U cai
cholco Southern Ills, racked and del 'lc
2 cars do do Sic; 2 oars In bulk on trc'
Firm And nctiva. All receipts of cl.oicl
brands nro readily iliposod of mid price
aro still' at nn advnncu as will bo soen b
our reports. Sales worn 300 bbls cholc
steam dried dol 3 -to ; 100 bbls kiln drier
dol 3 40; 200 bbls steam dried dol 3 40.
Stocks aro largo und prices veil Tin
warm woather will bo likely lo send prin
down; as yot tlioro. is no change. Vii
nolo sales of 10 pails choice Southern Ills
nois ."0c : lf nails cholco Northorn 3Uo"i.
ilc; 20 pkgs rboico Southorn lllim isr
22Q23o; lu pkgs common buttor 20e.
Tho ilomind is still in eicots of tho
supply nnd prices nro tlrm mid high can-
siuoring uio warm woalhor. ftahis wfl
l'J h.irnj strt'l .l-r.n i)'l. H.
" ' - , www '1U,.. t-JV, .WW
doz"en 12c.
T 7 !...- ., . t
u iicunnKPu, iit'i supply nnu tiomnn.i
continuo about equal. Sales woro llvo
coops, .1 25; 2 coops cholco hens, 1 50, 20
dozen mixed, 2 00 to .') 00.
Very quiet; 1 coop young onc3 sold at
10 00.
Firm nnd unchnngod. "Wo note enles of
10,000 lb i plain hums, lljc; 0,000 P
bacon shoulders, 7J(U)7; 0,000 Hu bnrot
cloar slloi, lOQIOlc; 1,000 Hit clonr ri
sldos, 0l(ij)10c; sugar cured hams art
quotod at 12l3c:
(ulct; 10 boxos lomons cold nt 0 00.
Now potatoes aro soiling in round li
at 0 GO and now onions nt 7 fiO per bhl.
Mrs. M. Swnndor hns Just llllod
her store room with a lino stock of
spring millinery und nil kinds of fancy
goods nnd notions. Her roady-trlmnud
hats and bonnets Kiirpnss any.thing oXi
brought to Cairo ; lho young and tho or:
lady, tho hrldo and tho widow will find
nmong thorn Just what she wants iu thu
way of abator bonnet. Mrs, Swandoi
hns also brought a bountiful ussoitmont'Ci
llowors nnd trlnimiiigs, sash ribbons, col
lars, undorsloovos, otc, etc. Thu Initios
nro especially invited to call nml oxnmfnn
goods nnd prlcos. All goods markod Iu
jilulu figures. 17 1-5. 1 in.
Tuk burber shop is on who corner of
Kighth street nnd Commercial nvonuo'
whoro J. (ioorgo Hlionhouso with his gon.
tlomanly assistants can ho found ut any
hour of tho day or night, ready to eoottui
your foolings with a smooth shave, or cool
your louipur nud head with n good sham
poo. It U n first-class shop, nnd you aro
sine of roeoiving first-class troAtmonl.
I.ndliis' aud chlldron' hair cut or curled
after tho most upproved styles. O-lO-tf
Oooii. Tho St. Louis 'Domocrat' spoakt
inuj -iion t visit tho Ihbornlce, if yoii
thinu it boneatli your dignity to laugl

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