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AS Ails,
, .1. K, I.syc.
Successor 1o H. Lev
ImIob Merchants.
ami dealer In
ins, rum, PXATMKES,
WAX. KAUS. e i u.
Orders Conlgiinint Solicited.
Me. l Ohio Levcc, CAIRO, ILL.
Somebody to Uke from ui a thousand Mil
heads, goad paper and finely printed, lor
t3.35. -
One thousand statements printed at Til k
Bulletin omcc for t-i.r.0.
t Head.
One thousand note heads printed nt Till
Bulletin office lor 1.00; tvvothuaiid tor
Ofniral Insurance
Ohio Lere, over Matbus k Unl's
MTJione lut jirtt-rhtu Compunict
-KsTABLlSHEll 1858.
SaffMd, Morris k Camlee,
73 Ohio Levee, City National Bank
Building, Cairo, Ii.t.s.
rinr thousand loudness card, line llrlstol
board, printed at Tim llt'Lt.rn.v ofllee lor
from 4.W) to 8I.W, aecortling io sue.
(SATURDAY. MAY 2, 1874.
The oldest established Agency In Sontlirrn
jiunoss, representing over
of the beat luwaace Capital ol the U.
Go to tlie Boston Storo to-day lor bar
First-class board at socond-:lass rates
at the St. CharlM Hotel. 92-4-2U tf
Ice. Huse, Lootnls Js Co.. will com
mane delivering Ice to-day.
Tub fioeat line of prinU in the city at
tho Ration Star. Onen to-dar. C-tW'i
A rtrr more day loarderi will be
taken at tbe St. Charlei at the reduced
rates. 92 4.W-tf
Ice Crbaw. To-night at Phil Ssup'f,
corner of Washington avenuo'and Eight
Ihvuc. Sheriff Irvln went up tlio road
by the afternoon train yesterday. He is
after somebody.
New House. Mr. Hill is putting up a
nsw house; on the corner of Kleventh
and Walnut itreets.
Axother. Somebody li going to do
torn building on one of the vacant lota
opposite The Bulletin oQloe.
Court. The May terra of the Alex
ander county circuit court will convene
two weeks from next Monday.
Cairo Box and Basket Co.
Ectp constantly on baud
Mill tad Yard
Conner ,14th Street
and Ohio Levee.
O. lXaXj.
Flour. Flour. Good and choico fam
ily flour In 981b tacks, convenient tor fm
11 use, for salt In quant I tie to ault pur
chasm. Peter Cuiil,
80, Ohio Levee.
Tbe Monitor. For the Monitor, tbe
bast coal Cook Stovo ever made or the
Fashion, the champion wood Cook of the
Wart, go to A. Ilalley's, 1G8 Waibingto
avenue, near Tenth street
68 4-17-lm
City Treasurer. JJ. F. Blake, city
treasurer lect,entered upon tho diicbargo
of bis dutios as treasurer yeitorday.
City Olebk. City Clerk Hawkins
took possession of tbu clerk's oflloa yos
terday morning, Mr. Howley retiring.
Treasurers OmcE. The city troa
urer's ofllce bss baen removod to Bross'
building, corner of Eloventu stroet and
Commercial avenue.
tern, gale springs, gate binge, tilde and
pocket ctillcry, fluting Irons. Aln ur
routing, gutters and spouting, go t" A.
Halley', 108 Washington avenue, near
Tenth stroet. f.rt-1-1 7-li.
Not OAi-rUntl). The murderer, Je.
rnme Davis, who killed Joseph Bend, at
Fulasiri on Wednciday evening, had not
been captured up to dark last night. It
I said that ho spent Thursday night with
friends In this ctty, hut got out ovr'.y ye
lerday morning.
Attention, Nkmo. All members of
tho Nomo halo bull club nre requested to
bo present at the regular succttnif of lliu
club Wednesday evening, May nth at 7
o'clock at the oUloc of l'hll Howard, Ohio
Levee. By oiler of tho 1'reridonl.
35-2.21 M. V. J U lion, Sec y.
LtUEKAL Uklioious Ai-ooiatios.
Mrs. Follows will lecture In tho Liberal
Religious Association Hall,corner Twolfth
street and aehinclon avenue, on Sun
day evening, May 3d. S.idjoct of lecture:
"Union, Cod find Liberty." This lecture
cannot fall to interest thoso who may nt
tond. r,.-r.'.M!t
Kaip. and Fkstival. Remember tho
fair and festival at'tho Atiib ctiglno houio
on Tuesday and Wodnesday evenings
next. The ladle of tbe (Jcrinsn Lutlic
ran church have taken tho ntlnlr in band',
and will leuvo nothing that will tend to
make It a success undono. Those who
attend may anticipate a good lime.
UiUMiiKii or Commcrcb. Wbnt has
become of the Cairo chauibor of com-
morco is a question frequently anki'd now-
days. "Wo are unablo to answer the
question, but supposo it has suspended
operations for tho tituo being. I bo cham
ber of commsreo It a neccislty, and Cn'ro
merchants should not allow it to die a
natural death.
The KKOw-NoTinxa. Alderman Nul-
lls says be is opposed to continuing Mc
Hale In tho oOlco of marshal bocauso ho
Is tired of being "run down"by foreigners
-that Mac is au Irishman and should
thorcforo bo put out of ollic. Mr, Ncllis
should not bavo mado this Issue, llodoes
not know how soon ho may bu a foreigner
himself. At any momont ho may tako to
sour krout or the ahulidah.
Kqulro Thomas Martin, who woro in
the city for stfvcral tlajx, started for
homo last nlglil by stentnor. '
Til r. Ilostnti Store is nt Cunningham'
old stand, 1(U ConiiiiHrcial avemui 6 T.-o.'Jt
MohILK ani OHIO It. It. Tho follow
ing ! n complete list of tho now nfilccrs
of tho J.'oblloand Oblo railroad, vlticted
linn' ton Mii:in mattrrs voislti uo initrli bonii account.
cimiisieu ioi ii c iieiiei . i inSi,,. ....n... i-. ...
t n....ii.... . r v. .... .. .. i i it r,.,.ii.....uK,. ... i.. ..i. t. .;..:". ...'"''..r"''-
I lvtii nn v mi v, iiiu iuw iiMHli'lI.eiilli'U 1 vi ipvi im ii ruiinnj .,in i- i,y anisuni icaccmrti by ircasurer VMl,W
ny uie. Mayor mr tmrioc of nrirnnl.- n oi me poucj mice oi me mv so io Daunce ouisMnmnc April i,
Ingmullor Apiirovalot JluiuKl lonjj a ho will do hit duty and obey order. ''" 47T,M,16
. Let him do the vers ho't ho poslhlf can do 1 "'...,
,,i ., Council CitaxinEn.l and still there will b some person who will 7,f.s
lAiiio, Ills , April no, 1871, 7J p in. f iiiaWn complaint. The olhVcr, In my opln- -srr ; , 1 , , -t-
PfrLiit. .Li. i.a... ii.. xt.. ..i it. ion, ni will plense all parties cannot lie a .. iif.cai'ITUI.ation,
1 .....ul Atllm. T. ...... i-l... 1.1. .1..... I Ilr.
dermcn llallidft, Mathus, McKwen, fearlessly mid without faor le n mre to Amount of tctlp oiuiimaing
McOauley, Morris, Mollis, fmip, This- o eneinlc a the sparkt to lly upward.
' ' - I II tltlV tin rl olid nlilniillA ... m l. t....... I. a
a. rvmuM t,Sf II 1 S II flj I SI I It I V 1 S
at the me.tlng of tho stock holdurs hold uowoins, waiuor ami Wright 1U. ngalnt any of the present poll. e lorce" by
t fniilln nn it.n ",l Itnf I'fciil- un '0"on oi Aiuomi'iH ziotti mo I , . k0"11! iw aiiiuiiin riiicnf i am
al .Mniille on tho l inn,, i resi wllllnirtn hearthem. and In that end uItp
dent, John .1. Duncan, of """- """ uiU..u..K them due time to liirnlati them. Hut If the
. ... n... t,- i. ni'Luuvtii ,ivnuub ii-nuiiii:. i uijibl-iiiiii cuiug man y iniiu inuxc wun pnn-
iow lorn vicn-prcsiaoni, i . i, .i,f., n.,.i.. ..i i
tl IVnb is tf I'Uhlntf --iiib iiviuiviia i i t,uitii I'litiiivuiiivv
Walker, of Moblloj Director! t W. I . maiiirs mimaiik. h:io lint been n'loweil Ihelr own wav, I
Halllday, Cairo; W. D Dunn, .1. .1. o '"V'ir ro 'Utd tho jlj pay no attention to any st.eh, and Hind
Walker, W. H. l'ralt, M. Waring and II. '"' ' With rclerencc to hou-V, or nro-lltutlon.
on", gaming, etc., in v remnrKs or n year
will ho siilllclunl. To enforce the si).
cilldl xTill
Antil I. 1S71 3J.3J.l'i
Amount of bonitt culianJini
Afiil 1, 174 7. t77,.M.I5
Hall, Alabama: A. ..I.
Clllntntn ai.d A IIKSIUIMEX Of TIIK MTV fOl'NCII. Miloon.
i K T In pit 1 (lm rlii nr tlui i.l I V nt I lllrn Hr.lVlllliN I mrii
By Lilli tticlvaUt, note Kami
Ilu!. Co
V.y Llllitnclril.lt, note Hough
anil Itradv ITri I'n
Ilv Lilli reiciraUt, note Alab
f I. .1. ,... .. .. II I . . . - ... .1 .1 -'o
-uuruui K, .uii-inii(Mj )( , ii. iMiui.1111, i i tin- inaynr shun tmin (line io tunc gm1 tiuuco in these mutters any mot
IJanlel Utloy r. K. Daw, W. II. Jlay ' ,,1L ' vm,,u" """'" " " retiuire orae nimit'ei to tile proetit exlt-
' ' tliKktaio "ftlio city ilmimliilly mid other- n ordinance". .Mv aim linn been to keep a
and Clms. uard, of iew l ork. u un- vIo. It 1 not my purpose, however, to en- quiet and orderly city on all da of Un
derstand Capt. llallldav was tendored tho J' r Into any cNtemled reiiHrkiit this tliiio,a w. , !; a well in on Huiiday; ami ulilm ml
, 1 , , , ,,,, tin; policy 1 bine putmcd In he pu-t )enr tskc baMMicen niadt-1 think no permui h;i
ptesldnncy oi tho roaJ, but deelttioil to will ncvct:irlly liuvo to he followed In t)i- been dl.liirlicil. It It h the. wish ol' the
allow his name to he i.sed in colinertion "no we arc now i-uienmr. ii imi oeen t-ai i prcent eotincil to no more strict thl c:ir
.., .. , m t int Ilu-hut, or, h I'nr a I am concerned, than latt, they have oulv f make what
Willi l.nl cilice. the present elly gnvt-rnnieiit U.n done nolll- rhanges are ncce.irv to lh.it end and twill
.. lug during tin-year thatUpnM.und by doing do the be-t 1 know bow Io enforce them.
Tiir. UtitKr tji'EsitoN .tir. mollis, lintiiiiiif nan tiiitciiy not in-un n uaiigcrnua Compulsion, In my Judgment, "is not alwnv
the iilderman continues to bo Irate Ves nduilnUratloii. In reply 1 have to ay that the bet remedy l.ir a prevailing evil,
mo nmerinan, coniinuts w nt iravo i rs n a,t, npl,r0Ilri t on ,, , hy ,,.,., y In eonclusiou, gentliiilcn. I Tan onlv s.iv
tefday bo was ongsgod in throwing his Coiuull wai uncxpcnikd, allor the city olh- that I will endeavor to tll-eltirgc the diillo
neculiar tbur.der bolls at Mayor Wood, clali had enough to do. And In proofofthj. Incumbent upon mc to the be-t of my ability,
peculiar uiur.uer nous av aj r . point I merely ak reference to the record and If I -Iioukl err, a err I innt. It will be
and. for the nurnon of c.ruahliiir tnat gon- ol'tlic Couuell III I he Mrs I Ilu- or tlx moiitha no i.rn.r ,.f ihn I, i,i, n.,.i .,..t ,.rii. will.
tloman.chargol him with tho authorship Jo Mmw the expenditures in that time. It should I at any time In our dellheration
,', , , ... ,,, , ,)CI'M alul U "?w '"' ,u'1t,'r1,lllnc,'1 I" r- how any biased rulllng.. I vvMi ami .h-lre
of the remarks mado by lllb UUI.I.liin jio.e,. whenever the npproprlutlnno lor the tobo Inlormcd of Ir. It I nivcarnctl dclre
1'olice Court. Thero was not much
business done in tho police courts yestor
dav. Times are dull, and ordinanea
breakers few and far between.
Sixr and Jtxtenslon .Ladders, Sand
Scraeci, Riddles, Slaves, Shovels, Spades,
rotkif'Eot, Rakes, Water Closet Urinals,
KitchMand Cas Pool Sinks, Clothes
Riagttf, tjlotbee Hories, Clothes Linesn
and, ia fact, a tail assortment of kitchen
and Souse furnishiag geodi at A. Hal
ley's, 1S8 Washington avenue, near Tenth
street. 60 4-17-lm.
Assignee's None.. Notice Is hereby
gives to all concerned that I have paid
off aad discharged all just claims pre
sented to me against R. A. Cunningham,
and If no other claiaas are presented be
fore the 30th day of Hay, 1874,1 shall on
that day terminate my connection with
his business as assignee, and return to him
all assets in my bands belonging to him.
'A. D. Matbusi,
Assignee or U. A. Cunningham.
April 23, 1874. 75-4-24-tit
MlLLlKXET. Mrs. Hogarth & Co. de
sire to call the attention of tbe ladies of
Cairo aad vlolnlty to their display of mil
llnary aad fancy goods. Having secured
the services of one of tbe best trimmers
in tbe West, they fuel confident that they
can suit the most exacting taste. Dress
making done In the latest styles on short
notice. Prices reasonable. A call Is re
spectlully sellelted, No. 141 Commercial
avenue, one door south of tbe zonular
ary goods store ot J.Hmgsr. 74.4.24-tf,
Bttoo Fly. Warm weather will soon
be Jaere. Now Is the time to guard against
lies, gasAs and mosquitoes. I will say to
the public that I am making a specialty
of free wire cloth Ibis season and will
duplicate Chicago, and St Louis
rritw. x muo step constsBiiy on
hasA a large varletyof t Bird
Cages, Moss Baskots, Flour Stands,
Toilet Sets, Bath Tubs, and a gen
ral stock of Japaned, plain and stamp
ytd tinware, RefrigeratorsWater Coolers
aUOeecVsIXL lea Cream Freezers.
Also the Odell Improved Step Ladders,
which will be sold at bottom figures. '
C. W. Henderson, 190 Commercial av-
esiue, lairo, uis. 77 4-24-lm
Mat aTtoweb, For the best coal cook
etova buy the celebrated Uty Flower.
VeeUebe oa ceek a(0.a i,u. lha uId
rettthU Otsasier Oak; fame for giving
ssmistaesioa everywnere aad being eepecl
aU adapted to the wants or every house
hold. I keep a large variety of other
oeohlBg etevee, which are bought for cash
aad will htaoJAAhjaiwr than the cheap.
est. If yUjKt p of good coffee
far Break fsaVt-eBMse Planished Coffee
'Wggia m VmoTlMree pot. full sup
ply of Brteaaia eeffee aad tea pots always
K mmm. Dea't ferget Ue place.
',4,,tu. . .-'. V, w. BSTDEaseir,
fSJ.Ui.ln tui I.- , - n i
in uussnaetuwi ve..
Scb!-enibi. The free lunch system
has about '-played out" In this city
and many of tho regular visitors at such
places have had to go to work.
Nones. Gold and silver trimmings,
gold and silver slurs, lace, liair cloth.mass,
tow, chair caln, etc. W. O. Gary,
98-4 30-2w No. 12, Sixth streot,Cairo,llls.
Wanted. Hoard in a private family,
or in a boarding house whore thoro are
but few boarder. Address "C. F. Hiri.
letin OrncE. 102 l-"0-3t.
Several pleasant family rooms at the
St. Charles Hotel, fronting on the Otiio,
can be obtained with board nt rodueed
rates during tbe summer months.
91 4 .iili.tf
VCIir liri (iVIICIItlpil. Ill lllllllPlllute toll all I III Wrtl-L- In li-it-iim.it' .ltli tt... .Iff ....int. .11
1., ..r.,.,..i' i .!, l..,.liil.,U. nn... I ...I. .. ... .1 ... ... .... .. ...
, t. ... ,t l IU.JIHIUIUIIII. i.n 'i ,nv-v .wji.. ... i .iiiii pii i,ti in mi t:, ui t titiiiir ui lov iiiiwit lit
may contribute something to tbe nldor- ,.,:,ry for. the prolecllon mid safety of tin- tirlhcr tin-bet Interests ol the 'cJtv. Till
In reforenco to tho chief of police. It
mnn'a nAttpn of mind to amiru him that ''itl.eii.. Tor tlic nake of bariiiony, We wilt I mn itl.ilc.l I your aim, and being mi wp
man s peaco ot nuna to assuro mm mat l(lml ,. ,lc adinliiMrMtloii baa not ion have nothing to do but to perform Jin . lulv
the editor of Til K IlULLKTlW wrote the much.aud thereby ImioI dangoroti. I Ihilik knowlugno one In tin-dimhargo of ll. All
Iinni In miojllnn and that tho mavor was can safely say, It would bavo been much ,r which I lnot rcpeemi"ly aiibuiltteil,
llom in question aim mat tuo mayor ((jr uf Jf t)o t mM i(h(j .
innoeoni .01 any Knowtougo oi u cou- l0 ali ol -onte ol the pat iiclmliUlratloii. C airo, April .".0, 1071.
tents.- Wo wrote moro in sorrow than in I II some orthe pat city gov eruuiciiisiiaii not On motion of Aldorman Ilalliday ll.o
gor, and did not Intond to rulllo tho ,.vill.iidltiire-'. the nietent Adm nlatratloii foregoing addross was received and or
temper of tho nldernmn from tho Fourth could probably have been "bio to procure joroJ ,pro&d u,,on the records and pule
nroveinent-so much reuiilred for the ben- lished with tho proceedings of tho coun-
mirothatgeutlcui.in. ueisagranu sue- etit oi me cur. in oincr wonis, it tncio nan cjj
in k too,l batur. anil ' ' i""" i--"i-
hesitates at nothing to
. . . I I......I.. . nl....i.ra.l t..i -..rli. .it tin. rnlii nI'lLll
to his malice, unis pleases us, anu oi- r...... '.. JT.iV..,.!,. V. ..i V .V.r..,,,,i fondlllon of Iho citv. bv M. S. Cox. cltv OITICIAL BOMBS
I in 11 l mil iv ii'iinx ssiisi is mi riiiiiiv n ! - - t ai
plains why ho has been giving curroncy tilat th! adinlnMintioii In- done nothing. COmptrollor, was read by lho"hlork and on Tho onlclal bonds of the following
to tho outrageously raise report ma; mc uo 0 ... ..... u.m . -yt""."" moton of Aldorman Morris, received and named olllcers were presented and on mo
. . .... .it.i ...u.. i.. .1... .ii. i. .. . .. . ... i .... i . . .... . . .
lion oi Aiuerman .ticuauioy, approved,
viz: Uf llyron F. Jilake, city treasursr
All mombors of Cairo Com
mandury, No. 13, aro hereby
.tll.l. . . .1.. A.
tk VJJ noiiuou io appear at mo iiaj
Vilum this (Saturday) evening
xa at 7 o'clock, for tho purposo of
drill and to porfect arrangements for the
trip to l'aducah For order ol tho E. C
-t-5-"J-l t Jkvvett Wilcox, Recorder
All kinds ol goods nro cheaper at Ih
Boston Store than any other plaro In tho
city. .V5.2.i!t
.OVIl-TROLLKIt'a niiroHT.
('. l.bOO.OM
lly Ulance uncollected UJfi S';,s;n.37
iy liabmee In (entral fund "VJA
lly balance in Cairo and lit,
Loult II. It. fund 3,l'28.r.T
lly balance ln(,'a.ru aiulVln.
cennn It l( fund . S'l.OO
lly balance In Inintii tuml 2,706 (.
lly Lalance In hmplial tund 3J II
Dy lalance in bui.'l redetnp.
lion account 7l,j
lly account of Cairo and Si,
1n.lt bonds In bands ol tiu-
tee ei.OO.Oi
llalat.ee :mv;u41
llespertfullv Submitted,
l. S. Cox,
City Uoiuitrnllsr.
Tho mayor announced the standing
commlttots for the ensuing municipal
year as follows:
Wright, Waldor, Nellls, Morris and
Nellia, Thtstlewood and Saup.
11 at bins, McKwen and Ssup.
Uallldsy, Wright and Mathuss.
Morris, McUauley and Halllday.
Tho Mayor and VV alder, Thlstlewood,
givo vent cr the Ohio levee In their u.c.aml lower Th0 foilowlnc report ol tho financial McKwon, McOauloy and Moms.
Halo has acted dishonestly in tho dis- ,e collected to pay the Interest on our Indeht- ordered tiled, viz.:
chareo of his duties why, having voted educ-, ami to keep up the iieee-arv repair
. -' i j, h ot sidewalks, .Veil will be mci at a glnlico CUMITKULLLU'S
to roccivo certain moneys th marahnl that no Improveinents however neees-ary can .sutcn.ent of receipts and esiw
I...I ..nn.l..l lallm i.nt;tiptl. tin bad thn bp llla.lp. Till' Ipl'N latllrp of till" Mate liro- I fn!mfrnni March 1
..i t! ,l..ntmil, trur.li.l bn.l nttt hll)lt HI IV cltv from lov.vlng, and collecllllg a htjljnce In the Ireaiutr Marti,
nudacity to declaro lha marslial hail put ,.IX realr,r ,f1!in ;! ,,cr ri.m, ,, tota as- in, i73 . s a.n.
tho mor.oy into his pocket and Irid mauo 1 ceil valiiatlun l hurcloni I i.eiievc, tnai
rnnrt ,,f it i.n una In ilutv boind I If the mayor and tho city council of the city
no report of it as he was In uutj hound f . , ' ' , , ,.lV0r
3 - tl..t-..-.l...tM.tt,.i M. V..I1tla. S. . 1 I S ..,..11.1..
IO QOi 1MU rtuiuimuuu ui iui. .i wino MltMHipptVCIIU'llIP, uiev COUIM nut- liutin
Is teinpere.1 by disgust. A good hater, lci-iito , ,or,S"
who wisncs to injure nn enemy, suouiu eUnes.s ol" the city bv ItMilng new l.on.ls
not bn rxilllv of slanderlnt? his onumv in other than to pay existing indebtedness.
, ' i, .,.n !.. W'c r- i.rolilblteil from l-uliig any
uui.i..iin 1111..111.J. ..o , )norn cl.j,( over nn.l aiiove vvnai
nort ci.niiRror. anil wn rvi-rov io sav mo will nc taken un iu me e.u-
aldorman.. a bungler nt tho business. lZl 'io olhorvVl.tw.mhule
Tho wcanon ho throw nt tho mursbal has olatlon ol'lhc cltv charter, and our oitlH of
returned upon himself, and ha, injured ""Ift
him moro than tho person ho wished to g to do.
wn..n,j We luve colli-ctc.l tills J ear llione in pay Total in the treasury during 1:1 monilis ri,7!.l
1 .11. ill IIIU IIICI inn- wimiii.'i .li . r
I ..... i,. ..1......I. .I.i.n. mi. I Clin Ininilri.il ilnllnr I i i.i'viirTr?ftVM
LUal iiun r I , IhMii.IIii Intereiit. nart of which habcen re- , ,.i frm ,,. ..,.,t t
tleelllCd ; the bal.ineu will be US soon as It l lerewfund 11,1.11
.nd espemllturea of the eiiy of elect in the sum rd" soventy-flvo thousand
si, mil, to April ist,is7i. dollors, having as lecuritles John 11. Phil-
Ist atnouni loaned to S'oi. How
am .V lo. luno by inc 1 ins
urer H
llet;cit fro.ntafetcotleciel. ..
" Ikeaoes ;.
' " Kllre tnaclilralrs
" " xcial a.dcuraU
Keceived from dog tax. Ac, per
Itrreised frul.l lolt tax, Jer
ttianes little HH
Keceircd from ceneral warrant,
Iteieived Irom Lo-fltsl funJ -
Ilu lo
lis, C. Hanny, Samuel Wslt.rs, F. Kois-
moyer, II. II. Candee, Leo K.leb, Andrew
Lohr, C. R. Woodward and Dr. W
Wood. Of 11. Watson Webb, city treas
urer elect, in tho sum of two thousand
dollars, having as securities John Mc
Nulty, F.IJross and II. F. Parker. Ol Win.
K. Hawkins, city clerk elect, In the sum
of two thousand dollars, having ae socurl
ttes I.ouls Herbert and ClaiborneWInston.
On motion of Alderman Morris
Total receipt...
lot jt colinc" adjourned,
M. J. Howi.tr,
City Clerk
Bawds. A dozen or two of tho bawds
of tbe city were before Judge Bross on
Wednesday. The usual line of ten and
costs was charged to each of them.
Railroad Commikdionkks. Tho stato
board of railroad commissioners will
meet in Cairo on next Wodnesday, May
6tb, to inquire into railroad matters gon.
X. M. C. A. There was a meeting of
the Young Men's Christian association
held at tho Presbyterian church last
night. Rusiness of importance was transacted.
Si' MP DuBTitovf i). Messrs. Wright,
Mathuss and Halllday, tbe flnanco
committco of tho new council, met yes
terday, and destroyed $0,400 in city scrip,
and several thousand dollars In bonds.
Dklmo.vico. Arrivals nt tho Delmon
Ico yostorday wero D J .MoKeiilay, Jack
sonport, Tonn; H J Fesscnden, Union
City; Cbas M Mekoo, Chicago; It N Orcg.
ory, M O It R; W R Donlor, Milan
M Barlow, Uolona; V F Martin, Riddle,
Mo; William Xoland, Roso Clare; John
McGeoan.l Henry Zeltor, Memphis; Oeo
Roof, Baltimore; James Lodbott.tr, Cale
donia. Tim C. aki V. Roaii. The rocolvors
of tho Cairo and Ylnoennes railroad aro
expectod to arrive- in tho city within a
day or two and assuiuo control of the
road. Mr. Morrull, onu of iho recolvors,
wasWinslow and Wilson's superinten
dent of construction on the Cairo and
Vinconnes whan being built. Ho Is said
to bo thoroughly experienced In railroad
ill I'llimi . in' iiui.wn ,.- ., in - ittta.iuim . ,,
Lost yeitorday evening on tho lovoe,Sith, ;ollected. "We have reduced tho amount of Inteiest paid on r, Howard
,r Washington avenue betweon tbe tele- tV" lfTTu "f
.rophofl-co and tho Uuli.ktix otllco, a live cents, making a total leduetloii of the 'ffi loWiul ' '
package containing a check for S10, a
Silo bill und some smaller money. Tho
finder will pleaso return It to mo at my
store on Ohio I.eyeo.
.S-.';.l!-lt P. J. Tuisti Kvroon.
liulebtne of the cltv nineteen tlioii'aml six
liuudre.l anil Mxty three iloiiar nun tiiiriy.
tivi; cent. And -lioilld we reduce the nlil-
cennes railroad bonds ..
Itomtt paid and canceled from
I'edempllon fund
l'aldon account of gravel ruad...
City scrip jiild and caucelrj,
including intcreit
liankrupt stock ot Boots and Shoes at
Ml Commercial avenue, botweon Bighth
nud Ninsth stroats. Commencing Katur
day Morning May iind, at 0J o'clock.
Among this doslrablo stock will be
found ladies and gouts boots and shoes, a
large assortment of chtldrons hoes, and
noarly everything that is kopt in a first
class sliou store.
Sale positive and without resorve.
103 o-l-'Jt. IjOUIH II. Mykrs.
R. Smttu sV Co. Oiler for sato 50,000
old cigars, which they will sellcheap and
guarantee to bo good tobacco and smoko
well. Wholesalo from $1:. to $30 per
1,000; retail, two to lira cents each. One
thousand pounds lino smoking tobacco in
ono nnd ono and a half pound packages,
They also havo 10 barrels good vinegar; :i
platform counter acales, and ono patent
coal oil can, which they will sell at a bar'
The Tuhkkks. The Turners have
about completed arrangoments for their
pic-nio to-morrow. The ferry-boat Throe
states has been chartered for the occasion,
and those who attond may expect a good
Piamo For Hale. First-class seyou
and a quarter octave piano cheap for cash,
or can be traded for, past cash and bal
ance In dress goods; or open to any other
trails, by addressing XXX,
1'ost-oOlce, Cairo.
Ice Ckbah. Phil Baup's ice cream
saloon Is now open.to thu public, and a
pleasant'.r place to go for a dish of "cold
Stuff" was never opened in Cairo. Mr,
Saup invite bis friends to call and see
film. 0 o-ii-lt
Mat. Fellows, This lady will lecturo
to-morrow evening before the Free Re
ligious Association, at its ball above
Kane's grocery store next door to Tub
Bulletin. Mrs. Fellows is said to be an
eloquent speaker.
XvBW urriCE. Col. Hudson has re.
moved the ticket offlco ol the Mobllaand
Ohio railroad to the First National bank
building, directly in tbe roar of the bank
Tbe colonel now has ono or the moat
ceinfortable offices in the city.
Williams. Dr. Williams has gone
away from tbe city, and common report
has It that be Intends to bring back with
him a wife, to the person of Miss Caul
Lrsmen.-jf we don't know whero. W
wist .tbrdoctor an his bride a happy
TtMtorougu i lie.
' WilTovii, Tlnware.tollatware, steam
caeUrtg vesssls, broilers, bird cages, Ian
Lecture ox Monday Niuiit. -Itev.
U. B Thayer, who was posted for a lec
turo at the high school building last Mon-
ay night, was prevontod Irom filling his
engagement by being detained away
from tbo ci y by a mlssod connection, will
positively lecture next Monday night.
Thesubjoct of his locturo will be : "The
Advantages and Bcautios of tho Classics,''
Wo bavo no doubt trie reverend gentle
man will lmndlo tho subject in an able
and eloquent nianuor.
of the
Cairo Turner Society
Willow Creek Lauding, lvontucky.
Sunday, May Bd.
The ferry-boat Throo States will convey
parties to and from tho ground.
I'.ound trip 60 cts.
Ice Cream, Fine Fiiuit, etc. Capt.
Kelly will to-day open up a now fruit
confectionary and Ico cream saloon In tho
new brick building on Commercial avenue
between Tenth and Kleventh streets. If
tho weather I pleasant, bu will to-day
have a supply of the most delicious ice-
oream ready, and invites his t'rlonds to
call and see him. His place is lilted up
In a manner as pleasant to the eye as tbo
fruits, confections and ice rroani sold by
him are pleasant to thu lastu. Hu solicits
his frlsnds and acquaintances to call at.d
see him.
1 1-you want gilt ur jut Jowolry go to
tbo Boston Store. 6 ,r,.i!.i!t
Personal. Mr. K. P. Wilson yostor
dsy resigned the position of general
freight and passenger agent of the Cairo
and Vinconnes railroad, and will leavo
on Monday.to accept a Itka position on
tho Louisville, hll.ubelbtown and Padu
cab railroad. Mr. Wilson has mado many
warm trlende slnco his counuctlon with
the Cairo and Vluconaes road, and thoy
wlll one and all regret bis departure.
County Coiumlialousr S.oJers and
landing ludcbledncss a like amount each
vear It will take fullv ten years to I educe the
indebtedness of Ilic cltv wit i Ii It cou-tltu
iionai limn, w line i am 1. l men in lavor oi . ...... i . i
......... .. . ui.,1 amimii. ii.iii . ..................
piibllo Improvement a any citizen can lie, naiance ( o,c general
i neiiovii ii inic ooiy ruineiiv u i...u n-n . mmi, April i,i7t.
....... ....... n I ... I......... .... ..... I.I'.IIIIV.N . ?
Vt-nt 1. l7i ......1.02...
Ilalance In the Cairo and
Vlncennes K. H, fund
Aprlll, l7t 4...I. I
Ilalance In the interest
fund April I, 17I !,7'M
I'alance in the hoipltal
fund, April 1, 171 I.H
Ilalance in the ledcrnp
ttun fund April I, Ii7l 71.&J
SC.sW 71
M. Tis ;e
Mr. Rosonwater, of tbo vvoll-known
lirm of Goldstlno st Rasonwatcr, received
tho following letter yesterday from bis
partnor, wiio is now in Now York buy-
ng goods. It shows a docllno in prices,
and tho publlu may ba interested in tho
fael that Messrs. G. A: It. havo markod
down thoir goods and aro now soiling nt
astonishingly lo w figures. 'Iho letter is as
follows :
New York, April 27, 1S71.
Mr. ,S'. Uo.iemfater
Dkar Fhibnd: Owing to tho di-a-
groeablo weathor wo aro having hero for
tbo past few day, busluoJ is somewhat
dull, especially in the dry goods trade.
Thoro aro but very few buyers hero at
present. It ia somewhat discouraging to
bo buying summor good, seeing snow on
tho ground. Nevertheless, I am buying
verv freely, as 1 find tho market very
favorablo 'for doing so. Nearly all goods
aro from 16 to 20 per cent, lower in price
than they woro In the first part of tho
season, especially such as dress goods and
ranoy goods, anu siyios aro lar nouer. iu
hope that you are having good weathor
there, 1 am yours truly,
.1. .1. uui.n'Mi.-. r..
P. S. Take notice of doclineas statod
abovo and govern 'yoursolf accordingly.
In consignunco. of tbo above, this lirm
beg to call ipualal attention and 'examin
ation of their stock on hand, w hich thoy
will otfer at comparatively low prices.
Aro Belling Gent's half hoso at C5 cents
per doion.
You can buy (Jueonswaro and Cuttlory
as choap at 1). Hartman & Co's., as In any
other part of tho country.
A large assortment of Ladies' Jaoonet,
Nuinsook and Victoria Lawns can be
bought cheap at D. Haut.MAN & Co a.
Wlmmnoa illk plaids can bo had at 15
cents per yard at 1) Haktma.v v Co m.
A large nssnrtinont of Drown, Whito
nnd Duuish table llnoii at
D. HAurMAN'sit; Co's.
Thn best htuek of Brown l.lnuuand Cot
tonade can bu found at
I). Hahtman Co's.
Twelve vnrds bleached Domestic ono
yard wide, for at
D. Hartman & Co' a.
A large stock of Lawns, cordod and
plain AlpacaH, corded Jaconot, and For
call cau bu lound In beautiful sly lea at
D Hahtman & CoV.,
Total balance
o Keep ledlleins the Illdebtcdtle and at Ilu: I llalnnct In the Cairo and
,:.mp iitne to tin as ipnit-ni on iue laA-i.uYern i . .'.uw- ."
as it Is possible to be, If more work were
preformed more taxes would bo required ;
nnu llial neing necesiarny me ease i Know
of no tav-piycr hut what thinks he pays
enough iiircaiiv.
I have extended theso rcnurks to i-hovv
that it Is not the fault of the present admin
istration that ther do not launch out Into
extensive Improvement1. It Is the want of
mouy ; and being In want or that, ills nee-le-s
to croak about nubile improvements.
A stated before II wo had some of the mon
ev in thn treasurr that has been expended.
aiid no permanent improvement mado by
tuo expenuitiire, vvn migiii uo ame io nn
prove our street-, till up our low place, nnd
at somo time or other we could possibly
look forward Io tho tlmo when wo con it
have filled our city above periodical mon
for u iniinnd complete statomenlof tlnan
ees or the cltv. on the tir.t day of April,
A. D. 1874, I rcpcetlully refer jou to the
ity coinpiniiiera report iierevviiusuomiitcu
Amount loaned to
ttravelroad HO
Amount overissued
10 llileicll fuud....'7J 77
l.'OI 57
Toul amount la treasury,
April I.1K71 4,J74 I t
lattment of scrip Iued and oi.Kta.idinx and f.u
Bock Beer.
Tbo season lor Bock Beer has come
around again, and Mr. llonfner at tbe
l'lanters house is tbu first to announce
that be has a supply on hand. Tbe I'lan-
tnr's Is thu place to secure tho b.st of
liquors, wines, olc, and as for a good squsru
meal of vltuals, or a geod hotel to stop at
it cannot bu surpsssed. Call around aul
try the Itock Beer. ii l-l-iit.
In Wilcox block, Washington avenue,
at Un lowest figures. 10 4-S-tf.
A very ploasant and neatly fornlsteJ
sleeping room, suitablo for one or two
gentlemen. Corner 'Walnut and Fourth
w.:n ts streets, west side. 100 4-30-Ot.
Second-hand clothing, watches, Jewelry,
pistols, Ac, bought and sold, Also a lot
Brussels' carpet, furniture, its., for sale.
Opposite Cairo and VIcconnos railroad
I . r n rs . nw . i I sT
i wt t t rnr
. I what ntiruoie atitirotirlAlcd for tin mouth ol Mirth. I l44JAt
of March 1374. ami alo n full statement of jrjiicou.,.ding,Ma,chl,lS73 40,074 ss TrK I,l,BlU of br0Wn ,URr 11 ' 8
the fiscal year ending April 1-t.lSi I Salaries, officers and policemen... 1,13.1 si pounds best colloe sugar at 91 1 3 pounds
"While vvc h.ivo exceeded iu tbo aggregate (xuncil chn.Ler m -.'h , . . . i. .i,i asp .
nlno iiuiulicu and fifty-two dollar and Jail and jailer imsu of choice butter at SI; baking powder 45c
elghty-sev en cnt the amount appropriated, iMming and adveuhine m so per Ih; Iraporial tea at $1 ; potatoes 30
Jlo K cofldr Me! gaS5Z-Z g cent, per peck ; 3 lb, coffee f l.at Wilcox's
waikH.voti will tlnd that vvc arc vvllhln the iwV.U".",th-- ,h, .,, Block. 107 2-4-lm.
'.I on .
2l'J .'HI
pproprlnlion liom JJ.0U0 to $3,000,
r.pnllcmen. bolore h'aviiiir (Ills uni t of niv
reinai Ks there Is one matter I vvlh to bring
spccisljy bcl'oie the council and which wa
strongly reeoinmended by mo to itvo la-t
couuell. My recommendation was to find
all of the ouMumlliig cltv ctlp and make it
Myablo in one, two ami unco year, coiioci
ng cacli v car the amount tiei:cary In be
'olleeted'to nuv lii'ltlcllial and ilitcl'C!. One
objection In tho vvuv tit that time was t lie ten
per cent. Interest bearing crip. Now-that
that lias lieell uoni away vvmi ami no more
imprest .illoived nil new nerli) (.sued. I t 111 uk
it would be Hiiind iiollev to find what I otit-i-tandliig.and
thou keep within tho appropri
ations anu l-suc no moro eacn year man ci.n
he taken up with laxcn, lleenu, etc. Noth
ing In my judgmctit would be mow subser
vient to the best interests of the cltv. I trust
tin committee on flnanco will glvo this mat
ter their earliest attention, ami at tho same
llmo glvo it that due consideration that tbl
question demands.
It Iiu9 been suggested to me by soino mem
bers of tho city council to dipono with thu
services ottho street superintendent and
elty comptroller. While 1 am iu favor of re
ducing tho expenses or tho city, I fall to seo
where the city can ho much bcnelltcd by
dispensing w ith theso olllclals. The mem-
ucra ol tuo coiiimiuuo on miuoi imm oca.
Iu mind that Iho most of tho work perform-
ml l.e I I.n klreet Nininrinlenilailt lllUHt liecc-
sarily bo performed by them it he Is dispensed
with. And ui the city comptroller is tho
purchasing agent of the elty, under tho
010.C1H Ol IIIU IllllelOlll collllllllli'Uff, in ii mini
performed by lilm must be pci iormcu ny
snn.n imp p iri.n Is itlnncnsed vv th. Thu
question naturally follows: ho will do 1?
i'ho city tieiiurcr'i and city clerk's duties
are prescribed by ordinance; and If" you re-
quiro uicmioiio more woikuiuj i.ii.nuu.i
ly require pay to correspond with tho aditlou
id labor performed. Tbo propriety or the dis
missal of tho citv comptroller Is lti-my Judg
ment not neat, no private lirm in mis city
or clsewhero doing the amount or business
done by thu cltv, could or would ilUpeuso
with such an otllccr or clerk. However If
the coiinc I desires to chango the ordinance
orthe city so as to dispense with the services
or thoso olllccr, I vvll'l be as willing to give
It :i trial ns they nro. Gentlemen, thn health
of tbo city has been good during tho last
veur, Wuhuvo not bcon visited by any
iiisease in an epidemic form as some of our
sister cities have. Wo havo certainly been
mercifully dealt vvllh ami for which we
owo tho deepest gratltudu to lists ruler oTall
things lor 111 care over us. In times or trial,
and or death. Tbu expenditures of lint
board of health havo been Mimll coiiiiinic.l
with tho previous year, and 1 am w illing to
concede a dun fcluirn of thu credit ol tho
anui to thu precaution taken i by the board
of health of ltfl- I bcllov. e lists means uol
bv them had iniicli to do with tlio ivdiicllon
oi' small-pox cases, and the general vacelis.
atlon In 187-J-3. together v ills the i rigid en
I'orcemont or tho ordinance prohibiting the
lauding of any cases or contagion dlcaes
haH had a very salutary ell'eot.
Tho police iorco of tlio cltv havo done all
lltev po.slbly could do to keep a quiet and
or.fuilv elly, and while there may In; just
cm in isf complaint I cisiiiol .it the pu-ieiit
Klnc Department
baa in street lamps-..,
r.anli A. Ka.r-nr doalroe to Inform ths'7-
uublic that ho is now prepared to give in-
l!,l?o -I .truptioni on tho niano. Anvone wishlOK
to socuro his services will please apply at
balance outstanTiiis AplVi'iIirtJ iv',wo iJ ic.U'jsi I Scbleslnger's gallery, on Eighth street, or
at P. 0. Schub's drug store. 80-4-24-Ct.
Total Issued in the month
of Match 173
Total Imi'il and oiititandin;...
Amount paid and canceled from
.March 1, 1S73, to Aprlll, ls7:i,
Statement of scrip u.ued nnd outstanding and f,.r
whit purpose appropriated for twelve months, Irom
April 1, 1S73, to April 1, 1ST 1 1
Ilalance out landing April 1, 17.1 4i,isi 111
Issued on account uf salaries and
policemen l'i,,'d ".1
Issued on account of Illinois
I entral ltailro.nl 3,000 Ol
Issued o. accouat of Jail aud
jailer l.ii.l II
Issued on account of streets, ma
terial and labor i!,(j-1n 01
Issued on account of ejections,,. I'.f Ui
Issued on account of Hoard of
Health 2,181 31
Issued on account of Kire depart
ment ,SV y,
Issued on account of Council
Chamber i70 7.'
Issued ,ott account of (ias In
street lamps :i,MD II
Issued nn account of iriiitlinj
and advertising Me, "it
Issued on account of sideualLs.. C,7S0 07
Issued tin account ol contingent
expenses ;2Sii 1 1
Issued on account of dounage I I," 7V
Oillcu 'of the 1
CsiRb St. avi Railroad Coui-any
Cairo, Illisoih, April 2t, 1874. J
A meeting of tbo directors ol this com
pany will bo bold on Monday, tne 4tb day
of May next, 1874, at tbe station house on
the dopot grounds of-the company in the
city of Murpbysboro, Illinois, at ten
o'clock in tho morning of that day,
S, St a at Taylor, President,
Picnic and excursion steamer T. R.
Selmes. The line, staunch stoamsr T. U. ,
Selmes, especially adapted for Excursions
'Zt,VH dl can bo chartered lor short trips to any of
77,400 on tho beautiful grovos near tbo city. Fie
ri ftV.i rt n' Psrtios.socsotioJ, Sunday Schools, etc,
balance outstanding April i.mi ai.aj.i ai 77,400 ui ahould hpply nt once. Special care taken
TitKASui,.:.,'.s account. to prevont acclde.it., and tho vessel is fit.
5tatementof the City Treasurer's account as shon itA UP w,lU bU '"odorn appliances for tba-
Ttl'Am aM.ot protection ot passengers. For further
Less amount loaned 10 Kox, How. particulars apply to Capt. Tbos. Maguire,
ard A (Jo, fund by Treasurer,.. 111.02 ' . . f . i, ... ,, Vss I
' ' L. St, James botohcornor Eighth street, Ohio
awl w leveo,ortoJ. B. Oroinfleld, Oreonlteld's
Landing, Mo. - 01-4 '9-Bt
Total Issue
Totsl issued and otjtslandiiii:,..
Amount iald and canceled with
Amount receiied from various
sources from March 1st, 1S7:,
to April 1st, 1x74
Amount esiiended for Interest
paid and ihr scrip canceled,.,
Amount pah! uut oil account uf
Rravil mad
Amount overissued to.i.tirest
Total lulince In treasury, April
1, ISiI,,,,
t, 020,27
To balance of general uariaul
uncollected March I, Wi .'.I,2I..",1
lly cash iald Into (He treasury.... S.',T0.4 I
lly cash abatements, delinquent
taxes, Ae 2,X'..04
lly rash pvld m'o the tretsury
'lo Lalaiis. uncolltiled Uses,.,
SO, 47.37
Mrs. M. Hwaudor bos Just illled
her store room with a line stock or
spring millinery nnd all kinds or fancy
goodr) and notions. Her ready-trimmed
bats and bonnets surpass anything ever
brought to Cairo; the young and tho old
lady, the bride and tho widow will kind
among them just what she wants In the
way of a bat or bonnot. Mrs, Bwaoder
has also brought a boautlful assortment of
flowers and trimmings,- sub ribbons, col
lars, undorsleoves, etc, eta, Tbe ladlej
aro especially invited to call and examine
goods and prlcoi. All goods marked Ui
plain flguros. 17 4-6-lm.
Just roceived, a Una lot of extension
ladders, garden huss, rakes, eo., etc, at
A Halley's. 60 4-17-lm.

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