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0ft 1
8UK.DAT, MAY 17, 1874.
OSBlal Patter of Um City at ConniT
lyllM U. OBMR1.Y, Xdltor end Publisher
On week, by carrier I So
Oae year br carrier. Is edvaueo 10 00
One rear br carrier 1 Dot paid In
advance lS 00
as sa by mall 1 00
raree Heaths 8 00
Jlxmoasfes. ,tv
Ob res 10 W
One Year 3 v1 00
Six Month 76
Throe Month M
Iaf arlebly In advance.
tMuStsts; asstl im grory pn.
Wo oannot ttll our patrons how many
dlffioulJes we have been laboring undar
daring the put two weeks in the publi
cation of Tni Buu.riv. Unfortunate
ly for ui, the building In wVB su' Pil
ing cEoe Is, tiandf r- the low ground
back of tha .Bulletin building. The
ground fUon wsro abore the level of the
ilp water when we camo Into possession
of the building, but to obtain bait room
we lowered the floor In the proii room
about eighteen or twenty Inrhss, and laid
tho floor of the nowi room on a lovel wltb
it. We bad no doubt both the floor wore
,. above the highest ilpe water wltb which
we could be afflicted, but we wero rali
Ukon. That kind of water drovo oar
workmen out of the newi room, flooded
the proii room lo the depth of thirteen
inches, eut off the draft from our furnaoe,
and deeaoralfxed everything and every
body about the office. Men could not
work, the engino refuted to perform lU
duty, water in the Jplpet prevented the
gai from burning, and ovary trouble a
publUher In a flooded dlitricl could have,
wo endured.
But the wator hai subsided J (only
three lnchei now covor our pross room
floor); and we protent Thm Bul
lxtih again In full form. In a
day or two wo hope to bi onllroly
reoovered from the levere attack of wator
that has boen aflllcling ui, aid bo on
abled to go along a uiual.
"Weare lure our rederi will overlook
the ebortoomingi of the past couple of
weeki, and not hold us roiponilblo for a
xniifortuno that has givon ui much
trouble, and cot ui not a imall mm of
UxDXB the hails of representation as
fet forth in the farmers' call for a statq
convention, Aloxander county Is oulltled
to send to it two delegates.
Ta executlvo oommlttoe of tho grand
army of the republlo havo doolded that
the order shall, on decoration day, throw
flowers only on the graves of Union sol
dlers, and the decision Is approvod by
many radical newspapers.
Conqmmuam Excx. of tho Ashland dls
trlot, Kentucky, has slgnllod his dotor
miaatlon to not be a candldato for ro-oleo-Hon.
Mr. Beok's career in congress has
secured for hlm a national reputation, as a
man of ability and nn honsit ono, and
Ms retirement will be felt as a lots to hli
state and the country at large.
It is bellevod that Bon Butler will be
beaten for oongress in bis district In Mas-
sacbuietU this fall. Just at present his
proipeots are gloomy, but he Is a man of
innnue resources, and It would be not at
all surprising if he were to triumph over
... uj-pwuion ana by lolrlguo, pluck and
cunning, swuri the reward traditionally
vys-twu w crown virtue alone.
0ir. McOook will keep tTp his repute,
tion as one of the "Ightlng MoCooks" by
laving rlolont bands on the 'Times' cor
respondent, to whose published assertions
concerning McC'ook's wf the l.dy's
death i. attributed. The 'Times' oorres
pendent was recently ccuer.d by an
umbrella, and i, r4m.ln, tu u 9n
whether he will suoeumb to the sword.
Tax democretsof Ohio will hold tboir
state convention on tho fifteenth of July.
One of the questions at issue in that state
In the campaign will be the adoption or
rejection of the new constitution. The
institutional convention has accepted It
by a vote of ofghty.flve yeas to thirteen
mays and It will be submitted to the people
on the eighth of August.
Tn- wife of Qan. Edward" JlcCook,
rocontly re-appolnted by Grant to be gov
ernorof Colorado, dioi iu Washington
city a few days ago. Blnce bis appoint,
raont, which was not confirmed by the
senate, Q.n. McOook hu bMn eccu.tl of
dUhonesty in public affairs and of other
crimes pesullar to radical office-holder.
These accusations, It Is now laid, ,lun
ni wile to death. She was a Miis Marv
Wl. - . T .
uuujjjiud,-oi .reoria, Illinois.
Tiic Farmers' 'Advocate' of Marion
Hads fault with The Uvuxtih, among
W" ,or "(Jiving WUHara.on
county credit fo, M the murder, com
mltUd In-Southern Illinois.'' Tax But
W 'I contains about
TyjlUauMs) county.'.from the Williamson
couaty papers. They will have to sup.
press all bad itoriat about borne affairs if
they doB't want them reproduced. 1'or
instance, lb article in which the
'Advocate' oondemni us, begins thus i
The papers art Issuod this week for tho
arrest of about 200 persons, who wero In!
dieted for various offenses. No murder
has been reported to ui Ibis woek but
then, remember that this week has not run
Now the 'Advocate' must not find fault
with us for publishing Ibis, Wo would
not have known that two hundred persons
wera to be arrested in Wlllelmson county
In one week, If tbo 'Advooate' had not In
lormed us.
t j i kstTi u o o lFkndk I).
Tho struggle for the gubernatorial
chair of Arkansas has boon brought to a
conclusion by President Orant. A word
from him has taken from Brooks tho
power ho assumed by virtue of the decls
Ion of a court of a sovorolgn slate and
placid again In power a man who was
never elected to tho ofllce of governor.
This result, and the means by which it
was obtained, are bolnp A)udly applauded
by democrats, a far' whlcb, It
not for tho ry frequent Incon
sistent rations taken of late
by th democratic party, would sur
prisons ; but all things nro now posslblo
in politics ; there seems to be no cardinal
principles of government t which either
demoorat or republican .lbroi; he ad
vooatos or opposes whatovor may conduce
to the tomporary advantage of bis party.
There Is in our mind no doubt that
Brooks Is the legal governor of Arkansas.
Thero Is not a domocratlo Journal In the
land that has not charged tho republicans
with "iiufflug" too ballot-box to socure
Bailor's sucoess and tho advantago of
President Orant. Tliero sro fow
republicans who do not now
admit this charge lo bo true. But,
strango as it may bo. there aro few dem
ocrats who do not iympathir.4 with Bax
ter and few republicans wbo are not par
tlsam of Brooks.
This anomalous condition ol affairs Is
explained by the fact, that, since tho
oloction at which Btxter, then a radical,
swindled Brooks, than a liberal, out of
his eloctlon.tho former becauio a democrat
and the latter a radical. Because of this
change In tbo political sentiments of
tho gubernatorial aspirants In
Arkansas tbo democrats havo been shout
ing for Baxter, and Inconsistently do
mandlng federal interference in his bo
half. Tboy groaned in agony of spirit
when tho president said to McEnory, of
Louisiana: "a federal court hss docided
in favor of Kollogg j stand back," but
now tbey are applauding tho presldont for
saying to Brooks: "Tho stato courts
have docided in favor of you, but stato
courts lost their authority to decldo stato
matters when stato rights fell ; you will
therefore allow Baxter to act as governor!
stand usidu I"
This transaction, whlloitprovos tbo do
mocratlc and ropubllcan parties to bo In
consistont and influenced by partisan con
sldoratlons in all tholr actions, also proves
I'rosldont Orant to bo consistont In his
dangorous policy aid fair In his usur
pations of powor. He had reason to de
cide in favor of Brooks and the democrats
had no doubt ho would. By doing so,
he would have eocured a partisan in a
place of groat Influence; by deciding in
favor of Baxter he placed an onemy In
power and lost Arkansas to tho republi
can party ; but ho had said Baxtor was
governor, and he concludod t stand by
that conclusion no matter what thu con-
ejuenees migni be lo bis party or
hlmielf. It Is an alarming fact that tho
proiidont of the United Htalos can, by a
click of tho telegraph, dscide contented
olnitions In a state but wo havo roasun
for congratulation that l'roiident Orant
has not yet learne to always decide for
bis own partisans, ana In oxorcislng a
usurpod power can glvo Judgment for a
political enemy, evon when chargos made
by bis political opponents would furnish
nun complete excuse fur deciding in
favor of his political friends.
Uov. Bevorldgo has been Inspecting
mo insane asylum at Anna,
The river and harbor approprintlon
on, which has pissod the homo of rpp
resuniaiives, appropriate sevontv-flvo
thousand dollars for the Improvoment of
tno Illinois river
Hprlngfleld has set up a new city ef-
ncor, a "corporation counsel," and will
t j " ioonsana aeiiars a year
naif I.I... - . L - .
Tho Jackson county farmers will not
send delogatos to lliu farmers' state con-
Mr. Hteut ol Sangamon countv. re
cently invited a whole congregation home
to dinner with him, and thev went. Mr.
Stout must be stout in hcvt and purse as
won as in name.
Hammond, the revivalist, Is in Quln.
cy, and Is conducting large meetings
ovory day and night.
Tho Hon. Newton llateman will have
rival for tho position of aluto suntrln-
tendent, In the person of Aaron Oore.
odltoruftue Illinois '.Schoolmaster.'
Joseph 11. Moses of Hangamen coun
ty, has buen adjudged Insane. He dwelt
too much on ihu subject of spiritualism.
Mr. David Koro, a wealthy farmer of
Macoupin county, will be a candldute for
stato troasurer before the farmers' con
vontion. LYNCH LAW-
irrr .
viui,r. AUUUSKI) OK
IlAitilu t'ouikr-iourimn
Tho Memphis 'Appeal ol the liih Init
fiivei a looj; account of an oiitraous af.
fair tbat occurred on board tho noauior
Olarksvllle last wook, whoroln a youii..
man named Bamuol Uiorrnan of Louis,
yille, on his way homo from Teiai, aud
whoso parents are of acknowledged ret.
pectabillty hero, sullerod the most cruel
and inhuman torture at tho bands of tho
omcersoftboboat. Whllo tbo Clarks
v ile was on routo from Little ltock to
Memphis dock panongor Informod tho
captain i, ienry 1W,, ,tbort ,,, h
fo o Helena had been reached, that ho
to,tl.ir0l'b,ed0nLV0 hundr(,J dollar,
worth ofjowolry. Buipielon, warranted
It appear, bynoprool'o! g'uill, ru 0 j
upon younc Blerman. who.' on bolnc no-
cused, stoutly doniod nil knowlodgo of or
participation of tbo t tic ft. Nevurtliolcts
tno oincors and employes oi mo noai or
ganised a court, wltli Cnptaln I'owors
as Judge, ntid a trinl whs at
onco Instituted, Tho verdict of tbo Jury
domandod that tho boy bo bung, and tho
capttln ordorod ah itnmodiato oxenution
of tbo lotlor of tha verdict, lliertiinn
still protcstod his Innoconcn, whllo his a:
cusers bocamo correspondingly oxnspor
ated, shouting, "Let's bang tho dmnnol
.Tow I" A block and tacklo woro rlggod
under tho superlntondancn of tho captain,
and a number cf nvor men took charge
of tho strangulation. Biorman was
pulled up so that hi tons toucbod tho
deck, and ho romxlncd suspended until bo
becamo black in tho faco. Ho was tbon
lowerod and again sskoil to confoti. Ho
fusing to do so, ho was onco inoro hung
up. As bo felt tbo tope tightening ho
said "Oood-bye; send my body to 8C
Oroon slroot, Louisville." Homo porion
on board prevailed on the men to let the
prisonor down, Upon doing so ho fell
upon the deck unconscious. Aftor apply
ing tho most powerful rostoratives bu was
revive:!. Tho boat then landod and Binr
man was put ashoro on An island near Hot
oca, with his hands Hod bohlnd him.
After wandering around through tho
forest for Jsomo time, Illorman mot a
negro who roloaiod bis hands and direct-
a4 hltn lo Austin, wkM tto nlttninft tyrn
roiliy Mild money, enabling litm to ivacli
Momphis, Upon his arrival thern ho at
once procneded to tho dopot of tho Mem
pbli and Louisville railroad to tako pas
ago for home. IIo wni, howover, arrested
on Powers' instigation and brought bo
foro a inaglstrHto. There bolng no proofs
brought to bnr Implicating hi n in tho
theft no was dischargnd, and Piwon hold
in tho sum of $2,000 bond to appear bo
foro the timglstratn nnd give an account
for his conduct. Wo havo boon Informed
by members of Ulortnan'a fnmlly in l)ui
villo thnt a suit for damages against tho
boat s company has been Instituted, and
tbat Powers will probably bo prosacutod
In the Criminal Courts. Ablo legal
coansol havo been employed In tbo prose
cution, and it hardly admits of qitottion
but that thn defondants will ho mado to
suffer considerably in tho mattor of hoavy
damago money.
The Independents
Call for
a State
At Snrincfield, on the 10th
of June.
Uio farmer, mocbanics nud other la
boring men, as woll ns ollior citizens of
Illinois, who bulibvu ns declared ty tbo
aiuio u armors' ariociaiion at Decatur, on
tbo 18th of Lojcmbor, 1873, that through
tbo doparturu frpm tbo primary princi
ple of our government us promulgated
vy us louuaors, nna inrougn ir.o impru
dent oxorclso ol tbat liigbust parogative
oi ino ireemnn, trie ngnt ol autiragc:
we, ino larmori oi 11 inoif. as woll lp
other Industrial claisos, havo by our past
Hcuon acquioicou in a system ol does luir
illation winch malm thu croat rniiioritv
slavishly subservient to u small minority;
mm iuis conuuiou is cic&riy tracvablo to
. . i . .i
luaioring proiociion wnicu nas neon ac
corded by lugislativo bndlop, both state
ana national, to Uio llQnnnl&I, tnnnhvu.Hl,
manufacturing and transporting Interests,
enabling tbom to accumulato an unduo
proportion of tho national weultb, nnd
encouraging them in tho oxorclso ol tho
corrupting innuences wuich havo
bocomo nseocinted with our lochia
tivosyistonij that tho preservation of our
national lliu importunaioiy uomanus tunt
nil American votors shnll attend with caro
all primary nominations and oluctlons, so
as lo insuro tno eloctton oi compoionl nnd
holiest men to all olllcvs In tho iift of tho
poopio ; that thu record rocord of tho old
political parties of this country is such as
to forfait tho coutldonco and respect uf
kiiuii iuu euuuuuiau urn 4i;oiJut,t ui
tno p
poopio, and that we nro thuroforo
d lrom all allei;inn(:o to tbom, and
should act no lotitror witli then, Coun
iid act no lontror with thon. uoun-
iu ru (iuroiy iiiviiuu m onu uuiuijihuu
r.f.0il0fl0L0,r,."?.doi:I? ".y
l.. i I .. i.r..i.. .l i .1.1 ... I
live thousand inhabitants and fraction ox-
ceodlug halt that number, under tho cun
(us ot 1H7U, to a couvontion to bo held at
tho stato bouse in rjprlnultold.on Wednes
day, tbo 10th of Juno, at 10 a.m., for Uio
purpose ot nominnllni; cundldatos Tor
itato troniuror And tuporiutuudontof pub
lie Instruction, and tho transaction ol
such othor businois as may lo brought
boforo tho convention.
In each county whero a county farmers'
association exieis, tlie president ol sucu
anociatinn is roquustod to immediately
can a countv convontion or uoiecatcs
from tho various townships, or precincts,
on such other bails, as after consultation
u ""u inu.1 u(iuunuk, w tno inrnf
ors, mechanics, lahorinc men nnd othor
zons of said county in sympathy
the opinions nxprossed in this call, and
such convention is roouestod to appoint
deleiratos to tho stato convontion to tako
such other action as may be nocoisary to
porieoi ino organization and nominate
and oloct thoir candidates. In oach
county whore n County Farmers' Anoci.
atlon does not exiit, tho viro-proiidont
mr inai uisirici oi tno tato r armors- As-
soclation is requested in conjunction and
consuuauon wun tneinmcers oi;tiin , inuuj-
trial organization of that county to call
conventions in liko manner for liko pur
pose as aforesaid. Countios, will bo en
titled to representation in tho stato con
vention hs nbovo ilutud on tho conaus of
"HeiAnMir. &5-b
ecu oi errors and uliusi's in eurly life. Man
removed. winet iodTO
uuuu ICIlorCCl. 1II11IOI IllPllta In lin.rr n,.n
snd romarkiit.lg rctue.llcs. ilooks and elr. 1
(man sent tree, in tcaiuii cuvolopes. Ad-
Ninth' . net iM,uh h r ,3, ?K
tion having a hlKhropiiiatlon lor honorable
conduct and profoMlonal ..Mil, lll)il.twain
. w , j A ill. 1 lllilll
T'lio naya ho will pay i;,oo iur u ,.,.. ,,f i ...
tarrh which ho lalln to euro, Wolt-oit'a (.
tarrh Aimihll.itor liak eun-d thousands who
would have perMied without It, and mv
apnt will return thu money to any pur
chaw who tries a botlln und Is not hnicnt-
I.,.1,1.1, "Ju ihirns nover blister; It
ii it... ,.1... " "' """- rciimiici ,
iu)iij,(iii. it, i(, oi,c()i r 'jos !U".jiw
""ii ami Hhoo maker, Twcui n. k,..Tl
tjuen WahinKto ''avenuo' und'ri'pi?
lii ihu' i !,ru.l,a"l,1l mate hoots", u', SS
Ilowllroako them to onlur. Xl o?nnw
tylj), to suit customers, out ot iZ ) l, ?Z
-no forelm. llltlnK bolnu ismi ,IV' '
Ulvo hlu. a call, and l,o Will Ktvo you"
It. . B.
m mi or TUOLUMNE.
m-miK m ante.
It va.s nearly two o'clock in the
morning. Tho light wero out in ltob
inson'n Hall, whero llmro had been
dancitii' and rovclrv, ml tho moon,
Uiiling high, painted tho black win
fflowH with Bilvcr. 'J'he eavalcado that
an hour ago had shoeked tho eedato
jiinCH with fong nnd laughter, wero nil
dispersed; ono enamored xwnin had rid
den ea?t, another west, another north,
another nottth, and thu object of
their adoration, left within her bower
at Chemical Hidgc, w.ih calmly going
to bed,
I regret that I am not ablo to indi
cate the exact itage of that proccg.
Two chairs wdo already filled with
dolicato enwrapping!) and white con
fuMon, nnd tho young lady herself was
half hidden lu tho tdlky threads of her
yellow hair, had at one timo borne a
faint resemblance to a partly-husked
enrol Indian corn, ltut nlio xfaif now
clothed in that ono long, formless gar
ment which make.1! all women cijual,
and tho round shoiildcrs and neat waist
that an hour ago had been so fatul to
tho peaco of mind of 1'our Forks had
utterly disappeared. The face abovo
it was very pretty; tho foot below,
albeit shapely, was not small. "Tho
ilowcrs, as a general thing, don't raiEc
their head much to look after me,"
she had said to one of her lovers with
puperb frankness.
The expression of ''The Hose" to
night was contentedly placid. She
walked slowly to tho window, and, mak
ing the smallest possible peep-hole
through the curtuiu, looked out. Thu
motionless figure of a horseman Mill
lingered on tho road, with an excess of
uovotiou that only a coquette or u wo.
man very much in love could tolerate.
"Tho Hose" at that time was neither,
and after a reasonable pause turned
away, saying, quite audibly, that it was
'too ridiculous for anything.' As she
camo back to her dressing-table it was
noticeable that she walked steadily and
erect, without that blight nfTectioii of
lameness common to pooplc with whom
baro feet arc only uu episode. Indeed,
it was ouly four ycais ago thntj with
out shoes or stockings, n loug-liinbcd,
colty girl, in a waistlcss calico gown,
sho had leaped from tho tail-board of
her father' emigrant wagon when it
first drew up at Uhcmisal Jiidgo. Car
tain wild habits of tho Hose had out
lived transplanting and cultivation.
A knock at tho door surprised her.
In another moment she had leaped into
bed, and, from darkly frowning eyes,
from its fcecuro recesses demanded
'Who's there?'
An apologetic murmur ou.thc other
sido of tho door was tho response.
'Why father is that you?'
iticro wero lurther murmurs, aihriii
Wait,' said tlio Jlose. hlio iot up.
unlocked tho dour, leaped nimbly into
n;:aiti, ami saw 'lyOine.
J iio door opened timidly. The
broad, stooping shoulders and crizzly
licau ol a man past tlie mulille
pcarcd; alter a moment h
pair of Iareo diffident feet
canvas slippers, concluded to follow
When tho apparition was complete it
closed tno door soltly, anil stood there
a very shy ghost indeed, with ntinar-
,. -, " ,. . ..
e,ltO' U10r Ul3n 11,0 usual indisposition
to begin n conversation. The Jtose ro-
sented this impatient v. thomrh I Four
. f ... .t : a- -
not altOKCtlier HltClli'Mhl V.
'Do, father, I declare!'
'lou was abed, Jinny,' said Mr. Me
Closky, slowly, glancing with ti singu
lar mixture of masculine awo and natcr-
nal piido upon tho two chairs and their
contents. 'lou was abed and on.
'I was.'
'Surely,' said -Mr. Mct'lo.ikv. scatiiiir
himself on tlio extreme cdsro of the
. . rfi- n
bed, and painfully tuckiii'' his feet
umiy unuiir it. curoiv. A nr n
pause ho rubbed a short, thick, stumpy
. . ' - "I
beard that boro a general resemblance
to a utiuiv-worn ackinc im i w t i
(i. ...i..' r .: . i , , '.
'You had a good time, Jinny.'
.,. -- ..
lcs, father.
'They was all there?'
'Yes, llanee uud York and Uvdor
and Jack.'
,Vnd Jack!' Mr. MeCIo.-kv eudeav-
orcd to throw an cxprcion of andi in.
quiry into his small, tremulous eves.
but meeting tho unabashed widely-
o.)en0(l iti ()f li(J anushtcr. he winke'd
rapidly and blushed to tin- roots of his
1 cs, Jack was there', said Jennv
without oltango of color or the least
self-oonseiousnoss in her great gray
eyes, -aim uu eamo IIOI110 Witli mo.
Sho paused a inomont, locking her two
hands under her head, and assumlne
a I,10r0 o'fortablo position on her pil-
'?' ',-10 "f1-"1 ' that, same q,L-
tlon 'K'1"1! ""'"'r, and I said yes. Its
In !, a linn 1 1
B'B " "vo at
oul 1 . ' '".""town House, and next
winter wo ro going to baeramcnto. I
PPOSO its all r.,.it father, el.?' She
emphasized "io question with a slight
kick throilllh thu hod-fdnlho ,,c Vl.
parental McUlo.-ky had fulleti into an
abstract reverie.
'ies, surely, s.ud Mr. Met'loskv. ro.
covering himself with some confusion,
Alter a pau60 no looked down at ilw.
bettor, Jinny. They isn't a L-irl in
luoloinno cz could strike it ez rich P
you hov oven if thoy trot tho eh :iiiin'
Ho paused again and thon said. '.II in..?' lit.
'1 us, father.' I
'Yor'ro in bed aud undressed?'
v" .. ,,
i uu - rum jur. iiicuiosky,
f-taiwe(i -.-i--.wm. i UL 1 M IW i niltllfj
ancuig uopuiessiy at tlio two chairs J
and slowly rubbing his ehin, 'you
could'nt dress yourself ajjaiu could
yor V
'Wliy, father''
'-rKiudor get joursolf into them
things again,' ho added hastily. 'Not
all of 'cm, but some of 'ion. 'ni ir t
helped you? sorter stood by and lent
ii imuu now anil iiieu witli u s ran or h bv
buckle, or a neck tic, or a shoo string,'
ho continued, still looking at tho clinim
and evidently trying to familiarize him
self with their contents
Aro you crazy, father?' demanded
Jenny, tmddonly sitting up with a por
tcntioas switch of her yellow inane.
Mr. MoClosky rubbed ono side of his
heard, which already had tho appear
ance of having been iiito worn away
by that process, and faintly dodged
the ae.tion.
'Jinny, ho eaid, tenderly stroking
tho bed-clothes as ho spoke, This
yer's what's tho matter. Thar is a
stranger down stairs a stranger to you,
lovoy, but a man a I'vo knowed lor
a long time, lie's been bore nbout
an hour, nnd he'll be hero until lower
o'clock, when tho up stage passes.
Xow, 1 want yc, Jinny, dear, to get up
and eomo down ntair and kinder help
mo to pass the time with him. It? no
use, Jinny,' ho went on, gontly raising
his hand to depreeato any interruption,
'its no use ho won't go to bed, ho
won't play kcerds; whisky don't tako
mi alicct on him. liver
since 1 kuowcil mm ho was the mo.'t
ousatisfactory critter to hev round '
What do you havo him round lor
thon?' interrupted ili-s Jenny, sharply.
-Mr McC'loaky's eyes fell. 'JJf he
hadn't eomo out of hit way to do me
a good turn, 1 wouldn't nsk ye Jinny,
I wouldn't ho hcljfc me! Hut I thought
ez I couldn't donnything with him, you
might come down and sorter fetcL him,
ez you did thu others,'
Miss Jenny shrugged her pretty
U ho old or young?'
He's young enough, Jenny, but he
knows a power of thing.'
'What docs ho do?'
'Not mueh, I reckon. lie's got
monoy in the mill at Four l'ntks, lie
travels round a good dual. I've hoard,
Jinny that he's a poet writes them
rhymes, you know.' .Mr. McOlniky
appealed submissively, but directly to
his daughter. IIo lemembercd that
sho had frequently been iu receipt of
printed elcgaie couplets known an 'mot
toes,' containing inclonircs equally
Miss Jenny slightly curled hor pretty
lip. She had that tine contempt fur
thu illusions uf fancy which belongs
to tho perfectly healthy young animal.
'Not,' said .Mr. iMoClosky, rubbing
his head reflectively 'not ez I'd advisi
ye. Jinny, to say anything to him
about poetry It ain't twenty minutos
ago cz I did. I sot tho whisky af'oru
linn in tho parlor. I wound up the
music box and set it a goin' Then I
sez to him, sociable like and free, 'jest
consider yourself iu your own house
and repeat what you allow to bo your
finest production,' and he raged. That
man, Jinny, jest raged. Thar's no
end to the names he called me. You
see, Jinny,' continued -Mr. McClonky
apologetically, 'hcs knowed me u long
Hut the daughter had already din
missed tho question with her usual di
wnuiir. i ii uu iunu in u lit mo
r.. it.,.. ' !...
i ' V .!.. . ' . .1 . 1 ,
.1V i .,,.,, i-
,. .Mi.iiiiu" Juuulir uo,i .
head. Jlut Jenny caught him by the
wrists, and for a moment held him cap-
uvc. Tatner, site said trying to fix
1 . , . , , . 3
h s shy eyes with the clear, steady
g.ance oi nor own, 'nil tlie girls tl.at
..w iuiiu lu-iiiiii nun runiu one Willi
ilamo Jlobinson had her aunt,
liticy Jtnrir-o had her mother, Kate
Picrson had hei sinter all excent mo
had borne other woman. 'I'athur. dnr '
hor lip trembled just a little. '1 wish
mother hadii t died when I was so
small. I wish theic was some othor
woman in the family besides me. 1
am t lonely with you, father, dear, but
it tliero was only some one, vou know
when the timo comos for John and
Jlcr voice hero suddenly
gave out.
her bravo eyes, that wero
still fixed
. . . . i
carncsty UP "is mco. -Mr. McC'Ioky,
aPI"ontly tracing out a pattern nn the
eu-( iuu, essaycu worus oi com ort:
iTi,nM n!.,'f .,r i. i
you vo named, Jinny, ez could do ez
..i i: ' : vp :
you've uono witn a wiiolo rnoah s ark
of relations at their backs! Thar ain't
ono cz would'ut sacrifice her ncarcht ro-
latioti to make tho strike that you hov
M'z 10 mothers, may bo, my dear,
h'ou r0 "0' bettor without one. Ho
roFO suddenly, and walked toward tho
(loor When he readied it ho turned,
uml 1,1 ol,l.
ucnrccatiuc manner.
said: 'Don't bo Ion" Jinny, smiled
and vanished from tho head downward,
ins canvas slippers assertmi' thcmrolvcs
resolutely to tlio lust.
When Mr. MeClosky reached Iub
parlor again Ins troublesome guest was
not there. Iho decanter stood on tho
tabic untouched, three or four books
'' upon tho floor, a number of photo
grapblo views of the Sierras were scat
tered ovor tho sofa; two sofa pillows,
a newspaper, und u Moxiuan blanket
lay on tho carpet, as if tho late ocou-
puui ui iuu ruuin uud iricu io rcau ui a
i r it... i ... , .
recumbent position. A Irene h win
dow, opening upon a vcratid.i, which
novcr ueioro in t no nstorv oi t io muso
, i .... I
had been unfastoucd, now belraycd by
tho wavinir luco curtain tho w.iv tho
fuuitivo had escaped. Mr. McL'loskv
heaved a sigh of despair, hu looked at
tlie somoous carpet pure based in Jaao-
nto at a fabulous price, at tho
ion satin and rosewood furnituie.
unparalleled in tho history of Tuo-
lumno. at tho massively framed pie-
tuns on tho walls, and looked bovond
throuuh tho onon window, to tho
reckless man, who, fleeing thoso Sy-
baritic alluroments, was siuokiii'' a oi-
irar upon tho moonlit road. This room.
K"r upvoi uiu iiiuuiiiinuuu. i iu iuuiu, I
I l- 1 ll. .L...' . I - , I
was nllnrs .n.,,1 ,.!, .71, .. . "i... .1 u V '1, ' . " '.,a ?"' a" 1 " '0KCU "cr Tilling ooKea strange; tbo roses
ne aP- drnnniiT.Vn m .,,. V-. . l i .. , ' 'i auiiicsu nana iccbiy em- stioul.l liavo been withered.fsr tho party
hesitation a T, lt r inV, . r,.i , i 7 " wl UI)0" ,l,M lHatU' wwod so long ago; sho could hardly
, shod with .' ' Hut,' said McCIoskjVlook how .he's remember wlTon she had worn tho
wnicn iiau so oiieu aweu "io youui oi uuivo sliruiilc Iioiii the suggestion of
uolumno into lilial respect, was evi-
Jently u failure
Keen if tho Hose
It romained to bo
hereon bad lost Her
fragranco. '1 reckon .linny win ictc i
i.: i' Mi. Mnfllnskv will.
nun ei, pi. i - - J
parental faith,
lie stopped from tbo window upon
tho voranda. lint ho bad boarccly
dono this before his figure was detected
tlio Mmiujur wno in mira ero. un
the road, When within a fow leet of
Mr. .MeClosky ho stopped. 'You per
sistent old plantigrade,' lie said, iu a
low voice, tmdiblo only to tho per-on
addressed, and a fiicc full of alP'oted
anxiety, 'why don't you go to bed7
Didn't I toll you to go and loaYo me
alone? In tho name ol all that's idi
otic r-l imbicilc, why do
you eo: Untie to shuffle about
hero? Or are you trying to drivo
mo crazy with your presence, as you
have with that wrotehud music box
that I've jut dropped under yonder
tree? It' an hour.atid a half yet bo
fore tho titie ni.wo', do you think. d
you imagine or a single tiKinicnt, that
1 can
. t , . . , i ,
Imuran1 von uniii ilion en.'
U by don't you speak? Aro you asleep?
You don't moan to sny that "you havo
the audacity to add flomnambulisui to
your other woaknossoM; you're not low
eno ijh to repeat yourself under any
such .s'tk pretext im that eh? '
A lit of norvouj ooughing ended this
extraordinary i xordititn, and half-sitting,
half Iran ing against the arntldn,
Mr. iMet.'lokj's tueat turned his f.ieo
and part ol a hltght figure tnwaul his
host. Thu lower pus: ion ol his up
turned faro wore an Iwbittial oxpres
moii of fii'tidium di.--. ntont, with an
occasional lino of phy teal t uttering.
Hut tho brow above was frank and crit
ical, Mini a pair of dark, mirthful eyes
set in phylul judgment over tint super
sensitive mouth and iUsufgetioii.
"I allowod to go to bed, lUdgoway,"
said .Mr. AleClosky, meekly, "but my
girl Jinny's jiAt got back from a little
tear up at ltobineon , and ain't in
clined to turn in yet Yon know
what girls is. So I thought we three
would jist have a social chat together
to pass away the time "
"You mendacious idd hypocnte, she
got back an hour auo," s.ud lfiJaeway,
i "as that savage-looking escort of hers,
wno lies been liauutiujj the hoiue ever
since, can tcstify.My belief ic, that.liko
an cutciprii-cing idiot, as you sro,
you've dngued that girl out of her bed
that vs might mutually bore each
-Mr. MeC'loaky wan too much t tunned
by this evidence of Ridgcwoy's appar
ently RUtrorhumiu peuetration to reply.
After enjoying bis host's eoufiwion fur
a moment widt hi eves, llidccwav's
mouth asked grimly
- ' -
'Ami who is that girl anyway?
'Your wife
Yes. ll.it luuk ytr, Hidguwav, said
MeClosky, laying ouc hand imploringly
on Ilidgeway's ideevc, 'not n word
I: 1J1... iV l- 1 .1
about it to Jinny. She thinks her moth
or s dead died in Missouri. Jr.li?
llidgeway nearly rolled from tho
vorandn in un excess of rsgo. '(Jood
!od! J)o you mean to nay that you
nave been concealing from Iter a fact
that any day, any lttoinent.may eomo to
ncr cam.' l hat you vo been letting licr
grow up iu iguorain-e of something
that by this time she might have out-
1 f. .. '1 MM... -. .1
thrown miu luruiiunr inaiyuu navo
been, like n boo'.tel old a-s, all these
j..... .u.g.,, u ......... , u jii hi. 11
VllflU H fiH- t' l...ir,.r Min,..l. !...
""J 0,m "m? crHl, l,er wil,'? , l,at'-
I .,. t,mrn li,l,.. .,,, 1. ,l. ..,,,
, ...,v ..ilv.,.i; vvuhi.
S10I1 of his Void), and ovun nut n mntc.
. , , - -
done ,
ii..h '
sue s neiu ner neait as
as any of 'em. film's
i ;.. .. ,i i .i .
(0 bo
richest man in the county, and,' he
added, cunningly, -Jack Asho ain't the
kind o' ti man to sit by and hoar anv-
wing stiKi oi uis wile or relation, you
I. la.e .
.t i , , ...
not. isut imsh that s tier loot on
thu stairs. Cummin'
She came. I don't think the Trench
window over hold a finer view than
when she put asiuo the curtains and
stopped out. Jibe hud drosod herulf
simply and hurriedly, but with a wo-
man a knowledge ol Iter best points so
tnnt vou uot the oui curva o ir
shapely limbs.thc shorter curves of hor
round waist and shoulders, the long
sweep of her yellow braids, the light of
tier Kiay eyes, and oon the do i
-- C I U J '
cate ro-u of hor complexion
knowing how it was delivered
to vou
'PI...:.. l -pi tr .,,
i iiuiiuroiiuciioiioi iUr..ueL lo,sl;y was
brief. When Hidgoway had got over
the fact that it waa two o'clock in tho
morning, and that tho cheek of this
'P....1 j.i . i
iiuiuiiiiiu uuuuujs iiuarosi mm was as
lewy and fresh at, an iufautV that slo.
looked like Mnrguoiito, without prob-
ably over having heard of (ioethe's her
oine, lie talked, I dare saw verv i-en
mbly. When Miss Jenny, who, tiom
ner childhood, hail been bronchi un
among tho sons of Anak, and wlio was
accustomed to have the supremacy of
,-.., ....i,i.. A.. . , ..i . i
uui uuuu; ru. jiiueiiieu io ner as a
physical lact, found horsolf in tho urcs-
eneo of a now and strango power in the
sngnt anil elegant Ileum liosido lior
slio was at hr.-t frmhteiied aud fold
uui uniiuiL' mat tins power, nun nst
which i no weapons ot her own phy
i ... i .... o .
leui eiuiiiiis Huio oi no avail, was a
kindly one, albeit general, sho fell to
worshiping it, niter the fashion of wo
man, and easting boforo it tho fetiches
ami other idols of youth.
Wiu even
half an
conicHScd io it. iio mat iu
hour Itidgeway was in possession of ull
tho facts connected with her life, aud a
K" - - .u many, i icar, ui ner lanoios ox
. T . ri .
copi ono. u lion 4ir. JleUlosky round
the young people thin amicably dis
posed, no calmly wont to sloop.
ft was a pleasant timo to cacn. To
.Miss Joniio it had Iho charm of nov
elty, and she abandoned hcrsolf to it
lor that reason much mure freely aud
innocently than her companion, who
know soiiiothing more of tho inovitablo
loiiio ot tho position. I do not think.
however, that ho had any iutentiuii of
love-making. I do not Hunk ho was
at all ounsoiDU''. of being in tho atti
tmio. i am quite positive lie would
disloyalty to tho ono woman whom ho
admitted to himt.ulf ho lovod. Hut
ifco most nonU. 1
tniu ,0 un jjeil (iau a fa0 linj having
i .r... . ...i . . P
a very lolty conception ol wonumliood.
with a vory sanguine nature, ho saw in
each now i'aco the possibilities of a re
alization of his ideal. It was, porhaps,
an unfortunate thing for tho woman,
particularly a hu brought to each tn,,l
a surpassing freshness which was very
deceptive, and quite distinct from bo
'blas-e' familiarity of the man of gal
lantry. It was this perennial virginity
of the ulFootioiis that moht oudoared
him to tho best women, who were prone
to exercise toward him a chivalrous
preteetion as of ono likely to go
astray iinlofH looked after nnd in
dulged in tho dangerous combination
of sentiment with tho highest material
instmclfl. It was tiling quality which
catifcd Jenny to rccoguizo in him n
certain boyiehnefs that required her
womanly care, and oven induced her to
offer to accompany him to tho cross
roads when tho timo of his departure
arrived. With hor superior knowledge
of woodcraft and tho lorality,sho would
havo kept him from being lost. I wot
not but that sho would havo proteoled
him from hears or wolves, hutchiefly I
think, from tho feliuo fascinations of
Itobinson and Lucy Hancc, who might
bo lying in wait for this lender young
poet. Nor did sho ceaso to be thank
ful that Providence had, so to speak,
delivered him as a trust iu her hands.
It was a lovely night. Tho moon
swung low and languished iioftly on the
snowy ridge beyond. There weio
qu iiut odors in tho still air, and n
strange incenso from tho woods per.
fumed their young bloods and scorned
to swoon in their pulses. .Small won
der that they lingered on the white
road, that their feet climbed unwillingly
tho little hill where they were lo part,
and that when tboy at last reached it,
even thu saving graco of speech teemed
to have forsaken them.
For thero they stood alone. There
was no sound nor motion in earth, or
heaven. They might havo been tho
ono man and woman for whom this
godly earth that lay at their feet, rim
mod with the deepest azuro, was crea
ted. And seeing this, they turned to
ward each other with a sudden instinct,
and their hands mot and then their lips
in one long kiss.
And then out of tho mysterious dis
tatieo camo tho und of voices nnd thu
sharp clatter of hoofs and wheels, nud
Jenny slid away h white moonbeam
from the lull. Tor a moment alio
glimmered through tho trees, nud then,
reaching tho hou?c, passed her slooping
father on the veranda. nnd.dariiin into
I. .. ' i -n
her bed-room, locked the door, threw
open tho window, and, falling on her
kneo beside it, leaned her hot cheeks
upon her bauds and listened. In a fow
moments sho was rewarded by the t harp
lauer oi uoois on tlio stony road, but
it was only a horseman whose dark fiir-
1.. . ..... ..... .
tire was swiftly lost in tho shadow of
tho loner road. At another timo sho
might have iceognized the man, but
her eyes and cars were now all intent
on something else. It came presently,
with dancing lights, a musical rattle of
harness, a cadence of hoof-beats that
tet her heart to beating in unison and
was gone. A sudden sense of loncli-
nes came over her, and tears irathercd
I I '
in ner sweet eyes.
Sho arose aud looked around her.
I Tl.n- .1... Kilt. I...1 1. - .1 ? .
i i .iviiu ;in iuu iiiuu uuu, iuu urcssi uir
tuble' ,,le roses that ehe bad worn last
.,: r I. i it . ..
uijiui, sun ufjii uou uiuoming in tno
littln win l-!i-irilnt... ...
i - ...... miviv. uu
dress that lay upon the chair. Ho sho
came baek to tho window aud sank
down boiido it, with her check, a trifle
paler, leaning on her hand, aud her
long braids leachiug to tho floor. Tho
stars paled slowly, liko her check; yet
with eye- tint saw not, alio still looked
from Iter wiudow for the coming dawn.
It came, with violet dceponing into
puiplo, with jmrplo flushing iuto rose,
witli roso shining iuto silver and blow
ing into gold. Tho straggling line of
block-picket fenco
below, that had
stars, camo back
away with tho
"'in tlio sun. What was that object
movintr by tno leucef .Jonnv raised inr
bead, and looked intently. It was a
ma" endeavoring to climb tho pickets,
and lallliiL' backward with mmli .
tempt, yuddenly sho started to hor
feet, as if tho roiy fluihos of tho dawn
had crimsoned her from forehead to
shoulders, then she stood white as tho
wu" with hor hands clasped upon her
boom. Then, with a bindo bound.
"llc reached tho door, nnd, with flyiim
I,..:.!., ...i : i . ' "
uuuunuj; sniri, sprang
down tho stairs and out into tho i-ardnn
Wi,Ik' When within a fow feot of the
lonco slio uttered a orv tho timf ,
had given tho cry of n mollu.r nvnr
her stricken babe, of a tigress over hor
mangled cub, and in unothor
she had leaped tho fence and knelt be
s;Jo Hidgeway, with his fainting head
upon her breant.
'My boy my poor, noor hov! wlm
haii done this?'
Who indeed? His clothes worn pnv.
crcd with dust, his waistcoat was torn
open, and his handkerchief; wot with
the blood it could not stanch, foil frnm
a cruel stab beneath his shoulder.
TiidKcwnvl mv poor hov (nil t.,..
what has happened. '
Hid'foway slowly ononcd his hoaw
bluo veined lids, and gazed upon her.
I'rcsently a gloam of mischiof came
into his dark eves, a smile Htnln mo
llis lips as ho whispered slowly:
'It was your kiss did it ri...
dear! I hadforgotton how high-priced
tbo article was horo. Never mind
Jenny,' ho feebly raised hia .....! t.l
his white lips 'it was worth it n,i
fainted away.
.lonny started lo hur foot mid I
wildly around her. Thon. with a and.
den resolution, the stooped over the in.
.seusiblo man, and with ono strong of
fort, lifted him in her arms as if ho
had heon a child. When her fathor. a
moment lator rubbed his eyes und
awoko from his sleep upon tho veranda
it was to see a goddoss erect aud tri-'
IJ,1,t- "riding toward his house,
with tbo helpless body of mn lying
across that breast whoro man had novo?
Iain boforo a L'oddess at whom Jr,,m..
nous mandate ho aroso and cast opon
tho doors boforo her. And then whon
she had laid her unoonoious burden on
the sofu, tho goddess flod, a woman
holploss nud trembling, stood boforo
him. A woman that cried out that
IvJiitlmiedonthlnipuKi. j
i - -

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