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n 3U)Vbrtisbm:ents
Takes great pleasure In announcing that
tay aw mw prepared to supply everybody
wit Mm Ice of the very best quality, either
at lkir koiissa or at the Hon . Orders
tfentVl Ve left at ttie office, No. 09 Ohio
Jf m. W-5.ia-ltn
1 00
ft 00
, . ..-,r"w"gV lnadvautiif...... .
Os yaar'by carrier iJ ' not 'uilli In
Om War:
Icar ft!
io no
HIjc Months
Taree,,MoU. , , i . . v.
Invariably In advance.
Hnaallwa; ssasitfstv mn ercry pntrr.'
The farmers do notfagrco on r.
financial SjucfcS, w' . -k.
GovSRNoTixjB,Novr York, han
igncd tib compulsory education 1)111
latoly passed Iv tlio legislature of that
8Th JJallfiitt.
IIIII Hindu.
Somebody to ttle from tut a thousand hill
heads, gojd jiajicr and finely printed, tor
NlKlrmn It,
One tlioinand ftateroenU printed at Thk
IJULt.SCTlX ofllce lor $3.fo.
Hate llrntl.
One thousand note head prln'ed at The
IIullitin oinco for fi.CO; twothus.ind lor
One thousand huslnoM card', Una Ilristol
ini.iiu, I'liuii'imi mis jiubLKiiii oinco ior
from $'J.W to f 1.00, according to Mzo.
WEDNESDAY, MaY 10, 1674.
The Decatur 'Magnet, and Uio Tri
, 1 hvo bcon consolidated under
.lh?'f t t'o Magnet-Tribunc.' A
now building ia bomg creeled and slo'nnt
aro to bo introduced.
Cam, and rxamino
at I). Artor A Co'.
tho now sash-lock
&ST Wanted, at iho St. Ohsrloi Holnl,
one hundred day boarders nl tho roduocd
1 ratci. 78 S-10-ir
, Call and examine tho now sash-look
at I). Artor & Go's.
Mn. Henbv Watteiison, editor of
tho Louisvillo 'Courier Journal,', is
aura President Grant desires and Will
wek a third term. In conscVjuonc pf.
this belief Mr. y'altorson, himself
calm, wishes the country to leedtno
alarmed, and therefore na persistently
exhibiting to his readers tho bugaboo
of Cajsarism. Everything is posslblo
to Grant and Henry may bo a true
The railroad war in Wisconsin Jliaa
becomo decidedly intcrqstinK. MTlio
railroad companies havo refuscdl .to
regard tho railroad law of that slatcjdo-clartog-it
to bo unconstitutional ; the
governor has proclaimed thnt'thoy Just
oboy it; and now tho nf.tornoy gonial
has prayed tho supremo court of tho
statu for leave to bring an notion in tho
nsturo of a quo,.warranto. in the namb of
tho stale against tho Chicago, Milwau
kee, & St. Paul Bailr'oad company, jfor
mo purpose ol vacating tho charter and
annulling the cxistanco of said corpor
ation." The monopolist organs arofin
dignant over this proceeding, and faro
beginning to shut tho warning cry of
all opponents of "mounded wealth'
communism, f
I, llKxnr Eicniioir is now prepared to
jropair, varnuh and polish furnlturo and
. pianoa in tho very bcit inannor.
JiiniUEii. At tb St. Uharlen hole)
,Tuoflay uvoninK, Jlay 10th, 1674, by
itov. U. U. Thayor, Mr. Jlufh Craln
1 to ilr. Olivia KumoII.
1 "C iiUMiis ot coratort' at V. Artor V
J.Co'e. 43-5.l0.lm
rout'K Court. l'otor Nattla wa bo
foro Juitijo ilird yoiterday on a charpo of
being drunk and dUordorly. Tho que
lion a to wholher l'otor had noted In a
dlaordorly manner wai ooniidorcd doubt
ful, and hn wa flood ono dollar and coiti
for bolng drunk. Hi had no money and
"wont ovor" for four dy.
, Tiir largoit and bcit-icloctod ilock
,of FUItHITUKK for aulo at whulwalo
and retail by 1IKNUY KICHilOKK, No
11C, Commercial avcnuc,oppoiito Buvontb
, fiST Wanted, at tho Mt. Charles Jlotol,
aatout, hoalthy woman to wash and iron
In tho laundry. 78 0-10-31
jusr recoivcd, a Ono lot ot extension
ladduri, garden hooi, rakoa, ote., otc, at
AUalloy'i. 60 1-17-lm
"Cbuuhs ofcomrort"
J Co'a.
0i Notick OAino Oaji.vo. Thl evonlng
j vv odncaday JUay 20, regular mnolioc and
nomination (jfiilllcnri. Ilr nriUr nt .v..
, prosiaent.
nt V. Artor
'It. V. Ui.L7.neh, Hecrotary.
Sun oat Sciioor. Mubti.vo. Tho ccl.ol
ara of all tho Sunday achool aro requeu
ed to meet at tho l'yrosbylerian church
on Thuraday ovcnlng at olght o'clock to
praciico mo rcccpuon pioco to ho ang on
tho arrival of tho oxcurslonlitaon Friday.
Tho policy of consolidation has been
most persoveringly carried on by the
republican party. It has finally sito-H
ceoded in,subatantially abolishing the
ktato government. Tho prosid'ent tan
now determine contested elections in
tho states, and ma'ko'and uiimako gov
ernors. Legislatures aud state coilrts'
havo also been abolished and the fed
eral powcris'supromo. i
Tho aetion of the Chicago and Al
ton railroad company in removing thc
snit brought (against it. by the rail
road and warehouso commissioners: to
tho United States court, gives an U
phasis to our assertion tho people uan-
' no d'8wgard. Opprcssod by 'the ox
tortious of railroad companies, the peo
ple ofllUuois by their rcnrcscntativca
in tho general assembly passed n law
prohibiting such companies fromcharg-,
ing more than a reasonable freight and
passcngor. rates. In doinK this tho
cgiahturo did. nothinK that ovon
changcj tlio copmnn lajmyFoiirth ttreet, 8t I.ouls, ilo.
i iu omwor qu&iiions
KiunKD. iilder Jt'rcd. Morera, of
tho Africon M. E. Church, returned from
Jackionvillo yw lord ay, whoro ho went to
I attend a Sunday achool convention of tho
African Methodist church.
A nKQULAB meeting of the Alxanedor
Chapter 117, (ordor of tho Eastern Star)
will be held this "Wednesday ovening,
May 20lh. All member! aro requested to
attond. Fxxxik K. Lto.v,
88 5-20-lt Secretary.
That 0 no an. Judge Marcbildon. Mr.
I Kowlwlg, and a number of other gentle
men now in tho city, visitod tho Episco
pal church yosterday to so tho now
organ. They woro all surprised to Ilnd
it so fine an instrument.
Circuit Cotntr. Ooo. Johnson and
JTrank William alias Hpnry Saycra,
charged with burglary, woro brought up
for trial. Williams pload guilty and will
probably be scntencoj to-day Johniou
pload not guilty and w trlod by Jury,
hlch aflr honring tho evldonco, and ro
tiring for a fow minutes, brought in n vor
dlct of guilty and flxod tlio punhhrnont
of tho prisoner atsoven years in tho pen
Itcntl&ry. Thoso nro'tho mon who some
fourorflvo weeks aco burclnrlzed Hollo's
saloon at tho corner of Fourth atroet and
Commercial avonun, and woro arrested by
Sberilf irvin.
Drluoxico HoTKr.. Tho fullowine
woro tho nrrivals at tha Dalmonlco hotel
yestorday '; II Oarrott, Hlandvlllo, Ky;
OW loo and wlfo; Mrs H A Hall;
T 0 Marshall: lllandorvlllo. Kv: Wm
Cooyton, Malnlon, Tnnnj K Dodd.'llloom-
flold, Mo; V Hoathon, Chicago; I) F
Halliburton, Kuthorford; Ii Edmundjon,
H Euhorford; I) J Mfownlleld nnd wilo,
Arkansas; T II Mann, Philadelphia, Ph;
0 Miller, Ilodgonvllo, ICyj .John Jtmt,
llodgonvlllc, Ky;AOrr, Columbus, Ivy;
John II Kussoll, Pa; Jacob Daub, Wmt
Hold; O M Halp, "WoslHold; Thomas Halp
Wostfiold; Jamos Clark, I. C. It. It.
Fink Cigars. l'otor Hatip, inanufno-
turor of cigars and doaler In all kinds of
tobacco and smokr's urtielo. No. 102
Commercial avenuo, hr.s on hand a itoc!
r-Sjiocl.il orrcpoaden-c of Tin: Uutt.nis 1
OAr.no.vDALn, May 1, 1S71.
Entron Uuu.eti.s-: S.nca writing to
you last inlurday, I hiva taken eome
pains to nscertnlii tin fcU in rogurd to
the shooting of Jarnts llendorson' Mr.
Honderson was at work In his flold, when
tho pinlos qulutly npprnichxil Mm nnd
simultaneously 'flrod. Tho shots took
otl'jct, lodging sovon buckshot In
tho body of tho vietlm. Throo olhor
shots wuro flrod from guns and one fiom
n pistol, soven in nil. I havo talkod with
parties who lnv.i conversed with tlio
wounJoJ iniin. Itu asserts noeitivolv
that tho aisafsins wuro John and Monroo
llulllcor, nnd ono Jnm'-s Norrli. AU
though badly woundod, It Is now thought
llendorson will recover, llo is a power-ful-
robust miin, over six font in
height, weighing sotno two hundred nnd
thirty pounds, and possessing tho stroncth
and onduraii2 ol a llorculos. Tho
opinion of tho surgoon is that his power
ful constitution will carry him through.
Jason Ditmoro was abut while working
in his flold Inst ,'hturday. Tho vllllans
approached him ns they did llendorson,
firing a load of buckshot nt him. Tho
shot did n. t taka struct. Upon turning
around ho roceived two other shots, tak.
-rt.t. i i , , . . " iiJuunoH vwii uiniir silo:, isk.
of his c-Iol, ated brands of cigars, to which ,ng cn-00t ln bi,rI ht dfl fJf ,,,,
he invltca the attention of dolors in such !.,,. , ,
coeds. Thoso clr.lmv-.-M. 1, house and got bin gun but was not fur
ronutaltan I..tn. i Uior inolostod. Mr. Dittmora is a ouiot.
S .r.. ry.VOr -oT,n.l man. Uo I, not ident.flod'with
. .., u lu jrrCS l ,
AiutniihodhoUsoo. 30. Thirteenth
' -"ppiy to airs, lva
t v WII.f'fi-r
St .
A KU, pounds or brown juuar for il
-pound host cofloo 'sugar at Si, 3J pounds
M J 8 . M . JAOKBOjV
(Formerly Mn. Swandcn,)
of cliolco toiler at $1, baking powder 45c announces that aho has ,u.f opened a l,
il of per lb ; Imporlal 16a nt $1 ; .potatoes .10 "sortmcnt ol tho ' 1 eneU 1UR
Ua1..M Lit. I. ...
ww 1'uuiisn n nrior synor
mo incluro dolivared by Dr. O, O. P.,W conls nor nrnb. 5Ln .r- .-i NRWTwn.
' I ,,, 1 ' viphto CI, HI 1ICOX f " "---l
at tho high school building on Monday ,,loc,
loaiuro was ovidently pro-
pared wltlr groat caro, and gavo convlnc
Ing proof that tho doetor has ma.Io tho
subjeat study, and with which ho
was well fitted to grapplp.
Tho principle points dlscusiod by tho
doctor woro that If the comparativo do
volopniont of tho corobrum bo oxa'tnlnoJ,
in ditToroiu species of animals and dinv.
ont races 6t mon u10 ,I0 of lb,, 0
tusll l.n r.,... .l a .
"... ui correspond vory closely
with tho dogreo of liitol1;()co ,.,.,,
by tho IndUidual. That tho cerebral
bsunsphHrei arotim aeat of tho reasoning
powers or tho intollwtu,.! fafultlos proper;
that this faot had be-m domonstraUd not
only by oxporimonlson tho lower animals
out mio l.y tho tiricta of dlsooso
brains of Iiuiimu suljecu.
107 2.4-1 m.
florond.lmnd clothing watcho, Jowtrry,
pistols, ,to, bought and sold. -AlrJonlot
tirunou carpet, Tumlturc, tts., for sale.
uproMio uairo nnd Vinconncs lailroad
opot. fme2-27-tfJ M. Coyhk
new hmno containing three roots
MlllltlOrV (ioOlll tft lie fonilit in thn mlr.l
dho will l.-ep on hand
iiiT, iionnkts, KLowitns, Kinnoxn,
DlvKSS TimilllKfw nv Ai r. Ktur.u
LaDIKH FuilNlBIIINO tloona. Nnrmu.
CoLt.AHS. tlNIIEKMr.XKVpa. 11 ii wo
And all L-00iN found III nillllnnrv .lir.... all
ol which will bo dlsjwod ol at tho lowest
cash prlres, Sn. Jarknon ri-unxrirtillv
arl sido porch, two rrood nt nt..n,n i2n"K?"?H F "l? 5"! wlileli
. -I " " i :'"h" ""'"""J oenmowea unon uor iiir
"i vmrn aim mo vicinity.
i.nd tblo. Tho property Ii situated on
r,'!ily.!rst street l-otwcen Wathut and
owiar straols. For further particular
ii qmrn on tho promlfs. 31-C-7-lm
Taken up by thy subscriber, out or Iho
riv.ir at tlm p-iitit on Iho Illinois, shoro, r,
bla.-k Indian wny. wl.lto spot In foro-
head. Tbw owner can havo It bv nrovinp
ovor, an attempt was ma Jo 16 proceed Property and paying charges. Joii.v Cox.
furfnnr ..t i . . . I -i s 5
v mhos mo mimi or its ' ii-ni Kentu
uciiltioi with tmrtlcular
on tho
Whan, how-
HOD ii um
parts of the
nervous system, lalluro w,n tlu inqvllnblo
result. Tnit Uin tino nnd ' niMlUnn ..r
tho brain was suoh that n,t
inorothan ono.inird of its surfuco oould
bo oxamlnol by laltrrml iiianlnutaiinn
That tho layor of gray m.ittor or gang,
llonle layer covered tho ontiM s-irfa:o of
tho brain, ond that being similar In strue
turo anil composition tbrouiMjoot n.,
ucky Perry Landing
All , At
aii i ii iiiruiM i-i iiiii inin nn in m-rs nr ,.
ami tlii- Sis . or inav nol lie K nni-i r.i" l.m
than an l.snuoi i i-iiisdx that
T 11 Put. . ... .
- "", mo Arlington nouso.
unrai'j nnrroiinoes mat no hal oponod an
uo oraam parlor at tho Arlington house
TffJL " ItoiUa Br
a'.tcnded to. 7l-5.17.tf ai V v1l'rV. ,""',,u" ao vi mi, Bowing
"J"'u of death with every iiul.alion.
HOUSE FOltltENT. . In, tJlCnllon of thing somcthim: l
Tho lw.7 storv tt. , K. . ' l' cxknbi: Tiise III.OOI.
wnicn tnoy aro sold nro suro to attract
nttunlion. Ho iitvltos an exHminatloii of
his goods and prices, and warrants what
ho soil to bo just what ho roprescnts
them to bo or monoy rofunded.
Tin Gbowino Crops Within tho
last day or two wo havo conversed with
many farmors of tho county who aro now
n tho city Attending court, an 1 they aro
various pariio-i who aro con
stantly qua;roling, lighting, cutting nnd
snooting, ani his attempted assassination
is only Bce-mnted for in tho belief that ho
had seen the parties as they wero firing
on Henderson tho day previous. His
wounds aro sevore, but not considered
Thero is a perfect rolgn of terror in
that neighborhood, I havo It from pret
ty good authority that a paper was found
mw arwswn
5:5?4 J?.eyery. .DenUl oi.eration. has re-
-.. I -l"-r .wii,
ZT?. " reiunuwicl His Dental Par or.. Kn.
it JW? U M0W n---elvlng IVom
WMUy, Utq largest and nncsta.H:
Sif 21. i w H001 ver offered In tl M
itrored ' ul,ico,orcd, and oflei, dc
U&bl. -lid and
. , Children's Teeth.
Ckllrta'. J'ci u tlandn.7 ,mvl"' ''
iwraiiT in arur ycara, "uu ut-"
A Dr. DoukUh rUo Kivesl'artinii,.
12380 kaIm Collector Fisher, who
wont to "Washington a week or ten davs
..ago on official business, roturned yester-
4 Mf. C: P. Parsons has returned from
,( Now York, wblthor ho wont on business
' for tho llrm of Parsons, Davis A- Co.
OOLOBAHO BUUMKlt Excviuio.vs. Tho
Missouri Pttcilio Through Lino Is now
'soiling oxcursion tickets from St. Lou!
to Denvor and roturn at ?7.' each. Fo
full particulars, addross E. A. Ford, gon
nial l'asont:er Aiont. No. IT, oiiil.
No troublo
CI 5-l'J.2t
IIkaimi A.vn Puiik Watkk. Porson
"""""t liiiiunn ruii4ircu or now ones
built can bo aooommodotoi in a eatlsfac
tory mannor hy calling on tho under
signed on Uross stroot, or by addressing
box 579, P. O., or by leaving word at city
cior a oiuco. j. a. Hawkins.
almost unanimous as to tho prospects for containing tho names of ninelcsn persons
ou nvuuouiik wueai crop, wnicn ttoy sav
novor looked better at this season of the
yoor than it does now. Though the
pring has been an unusually wot ono it
s tho gonoral opinion that thero is vet
time to put in a good corn crop, nnd with
favorablo woathor an average crop can bo
produced. Other crops aro lookinc woll
nd If nothing occurs to give them a stt-
ack thoro will be an abundant harvest
of all kinds of grain.
To me Investigated. At the meeting
of the city council lait night a communi
cation from Chief of Police Jdcll&lo was
read, requesting the council to anroiat a
comralttco to investigate tho phr,-n.
f corruption In offlco that havo teen
mads against him. Alderrasn Morris in-
roduced a resolution authorizing Mavor
ooa to appoint a commlttco to Investi
gate tho charges, and making tho mayor
a member of tbo committee and also
giving tho commlttoo authority to
compell the attendanco of witnesses.
Tho rosolution was adoptod by tho
council, und tho Mayor appointed as the c' ' advice. Wear licht clolhas
committse, Aldermen Morris, Ilailiday, ln the,q tirae ofa K-arcity of the "where-
caup anu Warner. This is as It should Wltn 10 the thing gentoel. " it Is anues
to bo killal ia rovoage for tho murder of
tho Ilulliners. Among thoso nro tlx of
tho llendtrssns, throo or four of tho
Ilmsels, asi four of tho Sisneys.
Henderson says positively, that ho
knows his woufd-bo murderers, and savs
ho will never dio until ho has killed the
Vast ono of them. He statr-s that after he
received the six sbotr, oae of tho villans
approached within fiva steps of him and
flrod tho pislM shot. Ho says he throw up
his hand just in time to catch the ball ia
the fleshy part of his hand, and thus
saved his life. He threw himself oa the
ground, when the ma left him, believing
him to bo dead.
And thus matters stand it this writing.
iioj nelp tbo povr ptoplo of that neigh
borhood. Yours, jj
In this wuatber, when tho mercury In
tho thermometer has ascended ia a bal
loon and nothing short of a Florid co
tumo is endurable, It is not wondered at
teat peopio-aro picked up in spots. Koep
was no reason why ono portion should not 1 Wonl'","Jd foplar struots, is for rent grjoviPs Tilnoil T ivm
boofequnllmporlanoo with another. t low prioo. The houro is now, with OLU11? iilUOllslUd Jj1 CI
That tho surface of thojiraln was overy B'"' M"ro r,wnn on floor and dwoll- Syriip
airs, hnquiro at tho Accommo- will poitlel- oircct lh!a iletldeMluiii ex-
use, No. bd Ohio lovoo. i'eHlmc oery traca of ulrasc Iroiiitho blood
,1-, t. . . ' and ostein, and leaving llwaklii
whoro irregularly convoluted and that
tho convoiutl n penetrated to varying
dopth, so that tho amount of gny mattor
coutainod in any given spaco could not bo
determined by any oxlernal examination.
Thai thoslaill varied in thickness; that
tho intornal and oxt?rnal tablos ol
that bono did not correspond in tholr o!o
Ing up slain.
dation hou
O. 0. ilodon, Diroetor of Conservatory
:. anu soncner or Vocal, Orcati
moo .uusic. instruction glvon in
nu riringou ami wind Instruments. Elc-
...tin... .1 . .... I . . . .
.....i,.., u.iu u,,re..eiun, anu that for this 'e"ary principles, thorough bass, bar
rowon ido contour ol tho brain, was from ratm' ntl'1 countor point. Unprecedented
without indotormlnato. That tho con vo- .,n!lusmonls ofTorod. Thoso whlflg to
lutlonsof tho brain which often ntlonuato ,ccurohu rvlcos will ploaso apply at
tho skull in places until It Is so thin as to tho "'"fvatory of Music corner of
no transparant, without elevating it ex- weiitn street and Washington avenuo.
ternallr. arn oftn l,r.n,t. ...i .1 I Pianos tuned and rnnalrn.1
- - uuu ninaa I
;.: . ,. ' rK. w.m?a ,h0 Co-Offer for sale 50.000
w ----- snut ik n a
HumlrmJi of rertitltiitis allr.t It value
Pri'-e ?l per bolt e.
JOHN F. lli:.NUY, U IlltAN A CO.,
x and 9 Co)leg- Plnco, Now Yor'''10'''
Hall's Dalsam for tho Lungs, Carbolic
i3n-B, r.uuy 1 uaroolic irocncj, Uxy
genated Hitters for Dispepsia, Dr.
Mott's Llrar Pills. Dr.
Eogcr's Vegotablo Worm
Syruj), Dr. JJonnett's Suro Death
to Kali, Mico. and Vermin, ItaasU
Hair Dy'n, Kla, Etc.
FO K S A LE U Y A L L 1)K C GO If-Ti.
evident that an orgin likd sU-, weight,
or color, if it di-i project beyond tho sur
rounding brain, would only render tho
suptrincutnbsnt bono thinner without
causing It to rise.
That many of tho smallest phlenolon-
cal organs bad teen located ovor tho
frontal sinuea-two ctMtt or virlablo
and from uHIhksI wholly Inapretiablo
extent exiting hstween Iho tables of
tee Irontbl boii
guarantor to bo good tobacco and smoke IT IS
won. Wholesalo from 15 to $30 per
i.uoo; retail, two to five cents carl.. M
thousand pounds lino smoking tobacco In
ono and onMnnd a half posnd paokogos
They nlso havo 10 barrels good vinegar; C
ptauorm counter scales, and ono patont
.! u n, wnicn tuoy will sell at a har-
5h,n- l-ft-Mf
13 DEAD.
inn JioxiTon. I'or tho Monitor, tho
boat coal C)k SIoto over made or tho
. fcfld tllAl nfi flaSai asMAHs-t
the real auDt of dvlopmi.t of the 'h,oni lh champion wood OoV tsT tbo
brain In tbi region couW not, bv oxtcrnal V''0it go t0 A IIalIy'. 1Q8 Wmhlrzlcn
.t.U..il... ... . ' RV.nt'n T ..L .
"i'l-imuuii no uoiortjiined. .-..--v, ..Un. A.iiku esrqei.
Tbo cerebellum hv Iti r,f-nnn-ni j- I M 1-1
j J - -v . . ... n 1 l
be; and wo hopo tho commlttoo will make
a thorough nnd lmpartl.il Investigation of
ovory chargo brought against Mr. Me
Hale, and wo aro coufldont bo will bo able
to ahow that he has dono nothing either
in his olilclal capacity or us a citizen that
n not strictly honest and hcnoroble.
w. (jicak jmjiuf-.&u-.-ij "wnere 1 can
buy tbo cheapest. Ei.-ho answsirs at
Farnbaker's. Furabaker, tho peonlo
favorito clothior, has just r&celvod the
largest slock of summer clotbinc over
orougni 10 Cairo. j,ine;i suits, z ,',0
Coats $1. Underwear in croat varintv.
ritlnnm.nl -. Jin .
. .u,rorti ages was shown to
no. tbr, puberal organ a claimed
ky phrenology, but We, the functions of
which aro of a very dirorentsort; that its
chlof function, according to tho evidence
of modern physiology, was cnofco-or.
dlaatlon, oxerclsing a control over tbo
voluntary movements.
It was the lecturors opinion that tho
phrenological functions hd beon first
cogitated o pri,ri and then conneotod
with tho several organs ; in fct that:
phrenology was not dlscovurod but in
ventod. And that although a Iilghor de
gree 01 inioiiigonco wai usually associ
iitv Jliss Anna, where dldvou i'.t
... . . . - "
iui nieo Lat7 At Mm. JIult.' Mil
lionri f.i mab..... ... ..
j ,., vr ()l insniiicion nv.
onuo and Eleventh strcot. Sho has -iho
iaic rashloos, and tbo nicost and cheap
est hats that ovor camo to Cairo.
Ills ofllco and dlptnaary at
llct. commcrcfal anrt tvanungton avenuea
It is true, tho dautAr la nnn nf llm .!.!... t
physlclaua of tho place, and his diploma,
that hancs lu hU o:Uce, ahow that he has
Ocen ;ii vcars In thn nrofri.li.n. Hn 1. ,i,inu
a larger olllro praiitlco than any other phy
Mcluu, treating all klnda of ehrtnlr ilea.-
31 the human VtIll. mrh i t.n lI-.n ...,i
all ilif ease of tlio akin, hurHOn and 1,'lood
all dlsuaxts
IMjlioni; ali diseases or tho throat: bImi
a 1 uuuaMis ol tho uyes of years i-tnudlng;
:dw) nrtiidal cyca inserted; rlstiils cured
without tho lino of u Knllo; cinern rurnl
fc .tho nppll.uiilon of medlclnen ; pimples 011
iiiu 1 ace removed ; au urinary dlsea
10 Jteeuameai icntbitry, havlnstT . .. n
rlfht to uso Dlt. H YATI-'h v a tfraTrioV'
SSSSSJ. V'f.'fc'bly tested an
. Umaoi.iiTifw
mvsmoT A. T. nad J?T. kano, , 1. Tin., f?1
Wl htmaaaa, la this oaydwivc lbv , ,.";
VMmSFxR tuulnets wm ba"ont !u?adUh J
A. TKmsbs, who will pay i dchtJ n, i ,1
4 switeet sdl debt lie the tnat
Monienuui.An. Trains on tlm mi...
isslppl contral railroad aro trraduallv
getting back lo (heir old time, and In a
row days will bo all right again, tho hlgl
water Doing no longor an obstruction.
We undorstand n chanco of tlmo will ne
cur on noany all tho roads running Into
A 1 t . . "
uo cuy on iuo 20m luit.
ii .
husihinu auain, Tho Cairo and
Mound City accommodation troia on tho
Cairo and Vlnconnes railroad will rosunio
regular trips between tho two stations to
day. Tho train will mak'o two trijis dally
"""S ouii3us, in. und 6:16 p.
m.;and roturnlng leave Mound City ut
12:85 p. m., and 0:10 p.m.
Tho Mound City accommodation train
on tho Cairo and Vlnconnos railroad will
commence running again on Wodt.ns.
day, aoth Inst., leaving Cairo 1 1,30 a..,,.
DlBi). ln Cairo, Illinois, May lath
18T4,of typhoid fever, Jnmcs M.Straughn
oldsst son of Green U. and Malinda
Straughn. Tho decsod was born In
9m!"ArfUniy' KtiMy Novimbor
m 1 ,V Wo dcJ''y yinpat'hir.o will,
Alr.aod Mr..Btiaughn w, thu thulr sa..
dost bereavement.
Memphis 'Appoa, and Alamo 'Patriot'
please copy.
It- , , , 1 " r " " ) uiuniiy BSiOCI-
nUrJ : ," "I dovolopmoht of t.10 brain.
K.KIILKH & Ilno.-Thls firm having' piece. It was nevortholois qulto as much. do.
take,, charge of their Eighth Street Meat To all, particularly Invalid,, sprinK Is
Mar ot, have inaugurated a new system a trying season. ldfron. of So,,
or doing busli.os-a systom that will be should at enco be atter.dod to. Fatal
suro 10 give satisfaction to their patrons, diseases may bo caUIl by allowin.' tho Z V I
Helng wholesale doaler. In tho mi .,,.1. 1, u . .. V? " . no :hnK whtovor.
! pendent on quality as quantity.
mat although tbo mind would increase
In strength by exorciso and education vet
external form of tho cranium under went
var josi received and for rrJo by
Alatbuss .V Uhl, CI Ohio lovoe. ir, 000 lr,
bacon side, hams nnd shoulders ; twontv-
uvo bbls now potatoes; .& boxes lemons.
Piaho For Oai.k. First-class sovon
and h quarter octavo piano cheap for cash,
or can bo traded for, port cash and bal-
anrn In r!rA . .
iraue, oy HUilrcssing XXX
Post-ollico, Cairo.
irv .llfci'M.r.j
CUT J : all fanni nf 'i.nitn.1 aii.!
dUoasoeured In tho Miorte.t tlniit ; semis
wel.ni-i and i-clf-abuso run I lu a hlm
It i rcll-evldcnt that .1 MinMrUn
Mf " tweuty-two years acijuiren gnat
Ml consultatlonj confl.lcntlcnl. 1
medicines lurnlshmi at olllcn In
Ifl-2-ltf.l Dlt. DAVIIilll I.T..
Assignees Sale
.ov eoaoieuio sn better moat f0r system to remain In a disordered condition
Inn rnrini.v flian ..11 , .. .1 . .... ..v..,
. iuvr imaoiisiimont until 1110 uisoruor Has lirno to develop It-
n tho city. They will do a strictly cash self. An ounco of prevention is worth n
business, crediting nobody, and hopo that pound of euro, is an -ld and truthrul say
no person will apply for credit, as it will Ing. Therotoro, we alviso r.ll who nro
cortalnly horefusod. This system will tm troubled with thn c.,ni,!,.!.. ..
adhesrod to In ordor that they may not bo provaloht headache, indigestion dis.
, vuiBu uubii cusiomors oruereu nrer.
fanoo Fly. AVorm wcathor Mill tnn
bo horo. Now Is tho timn to guard against
"io, gnaia ana mosqultoef. I will soy to
tno public that I nm maklni' n sneeinltv
.( . ... . . "
01 green wiro cioin inn soason nnd will
dupllcUo Chicago and St. Louis
price?, i also fcooii constantly on
largo vurlotyof Jlird
I take pleasure in eallincr I
Oupcnstvan-, Cliinil, (I'laivnrc, Kiick.
fiilium and Yellow Waro, Stononnrr,
Clilnn Oriinmentsaiid Toys, Fanny
CooiN, Plnteiltvnic, Tallin ami
Pocket Cutlery, Lnmiw, jMnv
Clilmiieyri, LnmpTrliiiiuIiig,
looking (HanseK, etc.
In fai-t every kind of gooda belonging lo a .
r lrt v-lai-i '
want nf
nrtniir.ii tn f t ... i ... I I . .
ni . . , l-aoy 1110, nujsoa, ,., fverh 6kl Cages, Moss IUskot,, Flour Stand,, U1U lUIUlOll 01 tllO public to For tho next MX.y ,iav., I will ofler ..,
will open their shop on Friday or Hatur- to take, without delay, Sehonck's Man- Toilet Sets, Hath Tubs, and a gen- HIV ibsll mill full stOfl" nf ttbo,c l "' '''v co-t.fo ea"ho,
day morning, when will bo offered to tho draUo Pills. Wo know of no remedy so oral afjiok of Japanod, plain nnd stamp- ni ,lml n , .f0'4 01 The good u,M bo sold to close tiuncor,,.
public, ut unusually low prices, the harmless nnd dcclsi;,-in its action. It at PoJ Unwnro, Kefrlgnrators, Water Cooloru Jlu" lntl ClCgailt J. UrilltlirG, at Cloi-e Mivrr nro e-jie.-lally Imlle.l, illher to
choicest fresh moats of all klnds-iuch as nco strikes at tho root of th0 dlsoaso and and Oooch's IXL lco Cream Froczors ,ny Furniture ailtl 'MatraSS cf,mo al"' M!' for ""'"'"e'vea or M-iid their
bcor, voal, mutton, pork, otc. Thoy will produces a hoalthy tune to tho system. Alto tho Odoll Improved Step Ladders' FncLnrv fnvnnv '4 n "ltr''' "' elU'or''" I guarantee atl.racilnn
nlso havo fresh sausage ror salo overy 1'ooplo need novor uirer from any dlscaso w'Ich will bo sold at bottom llguroi. ' "lJ uinci ClllCClltll J. T. tiiojias.
momlnK. Thov lollnitn n l.n r ....1.11. arlslnc. rrom a disordored on,llil r.i. C. W. Hnmlnrmn Inn ri 1.', ... Stl'COt ailfl WnIlinryfrm A Afslgnco ofPumou, DaW-t.v, cc.
'iiuiiuroiiii rv- 1 - t.iiiuu l.i:-i , ..!.. iii 1.
T. , . , 1 w i4i, in., iioru 16,1.
Caiiio, May lt1871.
Not ok. Tim firm of D. ii.nm.. x-
Co. has boon dissolved this day by mutual
Wlltiesaod by
S. A. Silvbu,
K. 11. Ounnihuuaji, b:i 20-tf
livor if thoy would ttko this oxcellent cnue' Ca,r"'
raedlclno when thoy fool tho first indlcn- May laowrii. rot tlio'bost coal cook
lions nf tho malady. Families loavlnr? tovo buy tho celebrated Mv i,'i..
homo for tho summer months should tako For tho best wood cook s tovo buy tho old
nuo. My stock embraces
jJcdstcads, Wadrobcs, J3ip
l'OailS. Silolmowlo T'l.
throo or four boxes of theso pills with Tollable Charter Oak; famous for givinc sf'indc, Tnl.ln Ml ' V,
thorn. 1 Lev hhvonn almost lli.tuntano- .atl.r.aiin., ?. H SUncls InblCS. Cliail'S, JJtlT-
ScKISSai -pt,atoho v,rf Zry 2Z Z trasses and, in a word,
rninuiv ukuiiiso mn nyor or (urroundlni' L ' ' A KUUP ' ",rG" variety or other
l.lla nnrlwlll ... 11.. . .. o A.I.I . .
'ir 'i'i v",K;lu" ' I'.uvenm ntlious uKng siovcn, wuion aro bought forcasli
tulu j ,, uruggmj, anu will l
90 1-30-1 m-ood
or orna-
Oaiiio, May 10, 1874.
I havo this day sold out all , i
In tho llrm of D. Hartinun & Co, to I).
Hartmsn, and all debts duo tho firm will'
bo sottlod by D. Hartman.
AuouaT W. Ostku on.
Witnessed by
Btki' Knd Extension
iiauor, Hand
Horcons, KiddloH, Hlovos, Shovols, Sj.ade,,
Forks, Hoes, Kakos, Water Closot Urinals!
A tchunand Cess Pool Sinks, Clothes
nmg r othos , lor.es, UIollte Ut;
and, I . fact, a lull ..mlmenl of ,illcl)on
rvV rwr,n,U,',n,;EO0l4nt A. Hal
y 08 Washington avenue, nearTo nth
MlLLiNKiiv. Mrs. Jackson, rormorly
Mrs. Swacdor, is now on hand with the
choapost stock of Millinery in Cairo
Sho has loivorod hor liouso ovon wilh the
siaowBlK to glvo tho ladles un oa.sy on-
ipnnnn nnil Im. ln....M.l t. .
-w - "muruu uur juieo 10 give
thorn oil ft chanco to buy n beautiful spring
hat or bonnet and anything olio in hor
lino that they may want. Hor Mora Is
now ono oi tlio most uttraetivo, as It has
long ooon ono of tho ehoapost places In
town to buy. Call and boo hor and l.o con
vlnced. 1B-Ca.lw
I'ou HroVKH.
TlUWrirn tnil-l .
-,LI . .. -"naiQ.
--....- YvBauis, oroiiers. blni
rn.. i.nln irt.L... .... . .
..,cutcut,ory,flut,K 7;-
roofing, gutters and ,pomin(. ,n '"r
HalloyV ICS Washlm.inn B' K l A'
Tenth, t'reet. uUn -vantij, no
"u i-l 7-1 m.
MlLLiNKiiv. ;,irli nogiirth .V Co. do-
siro to can mo attention or tho ladles or
Cairo anu vicinity to tholr display or mil-
nnury buu iancy goods. Having socured
tho services or OHO Of tho boot trlmmnra
stoam In tbo West, tbov fool coufldont that thov
ci;e, lun. ORn suit tho mon oxaotini: taste. Dross
muklng done In thn latest styles on short
notice. Prices roasonublo, A call Is ro-
sptclfully solicited, No. Ill Commercial
avonuo, ono door south or tho popular
dry goods taroir J. Ilurger. 7-1-1.2 1 tf,
bo sold nhoaiwir thrin tho ohtinn.
.a i
un. ii you want a cun or r-onl ,.m:.
for breiikrast buy tlm PjHtihhod ColTco
iiiggin or J-ronch coifeo pot. A ftill eun,
nl.. f II-....-! . .. . . .
l-ijr ui iriuinm coiioo ami ton pots nlway
uanu. Jontiorgei tno pinco.
C. ". IlE.SI)KaON.
7fM.lll.lm 100 Commorclol nvn.. c?i.lrn
jiir oiiruur nuoji m 0(l kU0 cornor ol
Eighth mrcot and Commercial avonuo
wlmro J. (ioorgo Stionhouso with hi con
tlomanly assistants can bo round at anv
hour of tbo day or night, roady to oootho
your feollngs with ft smooth ehavo, or cool
your tomper and head with ai-ood sham
poo. It Is i. flmt-cliisa sEop, and you aro
mn in ruvoiving iir.i-ciass treatmonl.
i.aiuo- oiiu oniiiiron'a Haircut or ourlud
uttor thn most npprovinl styles. 8-16.tr
CfjTFor tho accommodation or per
sons desiring to attend tho Toxna staio
fair, thu Cairo, Arkansas and Texii rail
road havo placed round trip llckrts on
salo tit tholr ofllco In this city nt Jill) 00
No ticket will bo sold at this prlco after
tho 18th Inst. 67 6-lO.Ut.
"Cumins i i romrort nt D. Artor iV
LVs, -i :.5.ln.l, ,
all that is nsnfnl
mental in my line.
This being tho only manu
iaciory oi furniture in this
city, I propose oH'oring better
goods at lovvor prices, and
linvo made a largo rcdwtwn
in tho price? 0 r.ll my goods.
OjJ1 c;,d oxamino my stock
Und securoan outfit of choice
ljurniluro. To-tho wholesnlo
trade 1 oiler special induce
ments. Noto tho pliico
Lorncr Soventeentli
wasnmgton Avenuo, Cairo. Ills,
Wholosala and Ilctail Dealer in Fur.
iiitttro ami Alutrastsoa.
103 .7..-j,n.
Lboaliijsd UT flTATB AtJTHOniTr awii
Dbawn ik PuiiLio ih St. Louih.
Grand Single dumber Sohomo.
50,000 NDMDiaa
Class 0, to hk Dn awn March 31. ih7.i
6,880 Prizes, Amounting to $300,000.
son rrlxsor.
1 PrUo of.........tJO,orj
OI o,iou
1 " of. 10.MM
I " of,.,...,.. T.SOO
oi... ...... r..mnj
" 0 a.fio
"0 fjf...... 1.000
so " of Mo
10 Of...... ftW
.. s ira
... l.oiui
...MM 3101
...... Vf3y
....... sou
10; Half Tlokots, $6
, - - - .t.t totuu ii y visa nia, ir
flwaje drnnu al tho lime Dm.d, and all draw
Huh ro under tho aiiperilmon of worntoin.
'Iho nfficl.il ilrauinjt Mill U puUMictt ImiIic.si
Louli naiKrtnndu cuiy ef drjwlnir tent in nnr.t. ..I.J
" f a similar scheme the last ifjy of eixrv
inonil, CurlriK year ' '
lfcmlt ill our rUk hv natl nffir-A t.m... n..t . .
i . . r - "7 rt-i: s
Pi. .l I nun, urouir cxres. Ncnd tur circuLr
otroet and Address . . hukkaY, miu,kiiVco '
III-, w.wixziiu. .- SU Loul.. .Mo.
Who wys ho will pay $.',00 for a enso of Ca
tanh which ho falls to cure. IVoIcoIPh Ch
tarrh Aniilhllutorhas cured fhoiu-unds w ho
would havo perished without It. mid mv
'll-OI-iq luiisuomv oit 01 JOOll ixou
.v iuimoo ui ouopn4 puv o.ido
a -ir 'ufrjnvjiS d -ii
ukuiu win roiiiru tho monoy to nv mn-.
on awr vi- to ineH a liottlo mid is not beliefl .
l AlM MlyllH iiko liiirns never blMiTt t ,
Hops Headaeho, Toolli.iehn mill Noiii'iiIlMu
WIIIiIii llyo mlmileii, or monoy reloiiiliul
(I. (Kii.iis.Mrrn, e.or. l'jiii ,v i,o(ikii
my i -".corr. "iis-ISIyji'"

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