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SUNDAY, MAY 24, 1871.
OAll Irr0f the City Connly
IOUN U. OURULY. Kdltor n.l Publisher
Ona vrttk, hy oirrtar $ or,
Om Trby oarrior, In advance 10 00
One year by carrier 11 oot pild In
drue iS 00
MM0Bth,b7Bftl 100
ffcm Boathi 3 00
MxwMM. A
Ob tmt 10 00
renin or wkkklt iiullktik.
One Year fl 00
Six Month , 7ft
Thrco Month M)
Invariably In advance.
llmdlssB inttrr on every pagr,
Proclamation by the Qovornor.
Statu ok Illinois. 1
UxKcimvi: Dwaiumknt.
In accordance with national ami depart
mental orders of thei-rand army of tho re
public, in ub-vivuiu'v l u cuMom already
iiomircu, aim In harmonv with llio cnll
incnls of affection and palrlotlnii -
American people,
1. Joint L. IIkvmiiiiiok, Governor of the
state or Illlnolsdo berohy appoint .Saturday,
the tOth lnt, a "Memorial Day," In rcmcni
berancc of our patriotic drad.
Atid 1 carnotty reuuest that all tho good
people of tho Mate ol Illinois, on that day
cease from their u-ual avocation, aud Join
lc commemorating tho Miffernlgi and valor,
tho Mcriflce and death ol our fallen hcroen,
by strewing their grave with aprlug How
en and decorating their tombs with frc-ti
And I do iurthor request, that on the Sab
bath lollowlnx,tn all our churelic, approprl.
ate wrdec lie hold In memory ol tho loved
onei and In sympathy with tho-e who oHl
mourn Inculcating public ami private ilrtuo,
obcdlincc to law, and love ol country, and
expressing gratitude to AlmtgUy Qod lor
his continued bk'Siin-suiKm as a nation;
In tcitimony whereof I have hereunto set
my ham), and cauicd the yreat seal
ot ttnto to bo ntllxed. Done at
ISEAiJ.SprJngllcId, Ihls Pth day of Mar, in
thcyc.irot our Lord ous thousand
eight hundred aud scventy-four.
John L. Hkvj:iuik;k,
11 the Ooreruor : (lorcrnor.
Secretary of the state.
Ben Butxeb continues seriously
ill and his friends are uneasy about
A niM, to admit tho territory of
New MexicD into tho Union as a slate
has passed tho house of representatives
by a vote of one hundred and sixty
yeas to fifty-four nays. The territory
contains a population of one hundred
and thirty-fivo thousand souls.
The No York 'Herald calls tho
floods in tho south n "punishment"
upon the people of that nern'on, and
tho late breaking of the reservoir in
Massachusetts a "calamity" to tho pco
plo it nfllicted. Hut as the
'Harald' calls upon tho charitable cv
crywhoro to help the sufTcrors in
Louisiana and in .Massachusetts, vthy
should wo quarrel with ittt'diMiuction
of terms ?
Apteii reading a description of tho
gorgeous wedding of Miss Orant.i..' ho
costly presents and extensive prepara
tions made for the sea voyage that il
pair may enjoy a luxurious aasago
ucross tho Atlantic, it i mio little
Batbfactlon to common folks to know
that "Mr. and Mrs. Carton's will dine
with the other passengers on the
steamer Baltic," which carries them
The Jonesboro 'Gazette' calls upon
O. II. McL'ormick,chairman of thodem
ocratic state committee, and upon the
members to call a state convention at
an early day. The 'Gazette' docs not
make the suggestion in an uncomprom
ising spirit ; it says :
Let the party, through their repre
sentatives, assemble in convention, and
they will huve authority to act. If the
convention thinks it advisable to in
dorse other nominations, or if the plat
form presented by another organiza
tion is sufficiently broad to stand upon,
they are tho ones to determine, and
their constituents will be satisfied.
Mibb Nei.uk uow Miss Nellie no
longer, but Mrs. Algernon (aud half a
dozen other names) Sartoris starts
out on her married lifc.the hapnv
possessor of about sixty dresses, uo less
than Jwenty of which ire silk, aud
twtnt whito, aud of an innumerable
quantity of gloves, laces, flowers, jew
c!ry,k'.f etc. Tho wedftug dress is
uatin and "such satin as uly a royal
iiyureBH can auoru io wear. The two
point lace flouuecs that cocr tho bkirt
wero sclecUd from tho loom of Urus
-.1 . 1 - .1 n .
sew nnu are me unesi ana uost costly
!,. ..1.1 V - .. 1 ii iv '
uii uuuiu w yivuuik'u. vue room
of tho Whito Houso did not noro thau
hnldthoboautiful things compisiug the
trosscau. If Mrs. bartons Uu) happy
H won t because tho has not I'clo'cs'
The temperance wsr In t'tminnati
is aMuming u sertoua uspeet. A bitter
fooling baa been excited Lctwea the
Gdrmin-spcaking populaiion and
tbe Americans. Tho (Jormano, villi
Mino exceptions of courso, have ranged
th.mselves with the saloon elciaout
the Americans, also with some t-xcep.
(ionp, against it. It has becomo danger
ous for a group of women, whether
"crusaders" or not, to appear, in ccr
tain sections of the city. When they
do, they arc greeted with "stones,
oigar-atunips and filthy epithets n tho
Teutonic nntMcmpcraiico arguments."
These demonstrations h.-uo aroused a
know-notliing feeling among tho tcm
pcrancc people, a feeling which thcro
is every prospect will grow in hitter
ncs.'. Tho nnli'tcnipcrancc clement is
angry nnd excited, the Icmpcranco
party zealous and determined. Al
ready the condition of the city is de
scribed as one of great peril, "tho peo
ple virtually in the hands of n roitous
clement." Tho temperance party call
upon tho authorities to enforce nil laws,
stato and municipal, in regard to
liquor selling, and have held largo
mass meetings to give weight to their
Thomas L. ltidnoway, Ksii., of
Shawncctowu, is the probablo republi
can candidate for state treasurer. His
friends nro urgmg his claims with
great onergy, and wo hopo they may
Buiiwu in .-CL'urjur io i.im iiiu ropni
licau nomination. If n republican is
to be elected stato treasurer thcro is
no member of that party Tin: Hri.
lktin would select in preference to
him. Ho has always been, it is true,
a Drin advocate of republican prin
pics and tho republican organization,
aud is thcrcforo distasteful to us as u
partisan, but he has so many good
qualities of head and heart that wo arc
inclined to overlook his political tdiort
comings'. Ho is one of tho most
honest, upright and intelligent men of
Southern Illinois energetic, public
spirited, and in every tenso of the
word, a gentleman. We hopo he may
secure tho nomination of his party ;
and, if he should bo elected, wo shall
have no regret in fact will be pleased
with tho result.
It was lately discovered that tho
grave of Edgar Allon Poo is lying
neglected a lid aud uueared for in n
cemetery in llaltimore. Somebody,
who rovores the memory and admires
(ho writings of the gifted and unfur-
tunato poet, has called attention to the
fact of his desolate crave,
"whore grows
Not even one lotely ro.e."
and proposes that a fuud bo raised to
rescue it from its neglected condition.
Subscriptions for the purpose will he
rccoived at the oflice of the 2s"ow l'ork
Evening 'Post.' Poc has been dead
for thirty-five years, but tho light of
his genius has never grown dim, and
after the lapse of time a tribute will be
paid to it by an affectionato caro for
his last resting place. No stone has
marked it and no flowers havo given
forth their fragrance around it. Hut
soon, as Poo himself wrote of the lilies
and the violets that adorned a name
less grave, the winds of heaven will
rustlo through the flowers over his
"Over the violet" there that lie
In inv"(l types of the human eye
(j.xTtlie lilies there that wave
Aud creep abotc a nsmcloM grave!
They vac: Irom out their fragrant lop"
Ktcrnal dews com down In drop-.
They weep from oif their ueiieaie ncms
I'ercimtat ti-ara ilcwiid in gems."
Tho discussion of tho subject of Mr.
Lincoln's Christianity is becoming
monotonous. Mr. Lincoln was assas
inatcd in 18G. Shortly afterward
somebody said ho was or was not a
christian. Up started a legion of edit
ors, lecturers, magazine writers nnd
newspaper correspondents, each with
his convincing proof that ono side
or tho other was right. The discus
sion has been kept up with a great
deal of vigor for years, but the ques
tion ia no nearer being definitely set
tled now than it was in tho beginning.
I hose who believed Mr. Lincoln a dis
believer, still behevo him to have been
one. Thoso who are ccrUiu ho was
orthodox, are firmly couviuced that
they were right in tho beginning and
are right now. Only a few days ago,
a writer In tho Illinois 'State Journal"
devoted a large amount of space to tho
purpose or proving that Mr. Lincoln
was a christian. Such articles have
becomo tedious aud prove nothing.
Uno thing is certain : Mr. Lincoln
never made any public profession of
christian faith ; ho never united with
any church; if ho believed in tho
rcligon of Jesus, ho hid his light un
der a bushel and never acknowledged
Uhu before men. If ho believed,
his faith may havo been sufficient for
his own salvation, but his example as
a believer cannot bo held up for others
to follow, for ho left none. Tho elm's
tian ministers and others who insist on
claiiniug Mr. Lincoln as one of them
selves, do harm to tho eauso which
they wish to servo ; if ho lived a chris
tian, life, and died a boliover's death
why may not all men and all women
live and die the mine way, nnd where
is the necessity for creeds and
A Full Description of tho No-
tablo Evont.
lpccial telegram to the Chicago Tlinc.l
WASHINGTON, -May 1!1 -l'lio innrrlniio
of tho prcilduiila only diiuglilgr, Klleii
Wuntlirnll Grunt, to Algernon fcmrturia,
ot Knglnnd, look plaou tit 11 A. M., to
day, in tho grand urfiwing-rooiii of
exucutlvo mnneion, in tlm prooucu oi a
ealoct company ol 150, nnd iimid n scene
cinllllant with n thousand gas-joU from
crystal chandellorf, that brought out mo
wulto nnd gold colors in wnicn mu vniv
room Is lluithod, tnttdo rosplondont tho
laces with which tbu many windows
wore draped; tlntod tho warm liuoi of
tho AxiuinUter in glowing colors, nnd re
fined tho wealth of oxotkl which lined
tho mantels and tho wolli, and wafted
their fragraucu through thu air. No
acuno of tbo kind could Imvobvon grntidor
no wedding moro beautiful. Tho rod
room, tho groen room, nnd tho blue room
woro en ui(c, Mid vied with tho grand
drawing or uait room, from which thoy
fire onturod. In tho oxnuUilo display of
In tho cutitrnl hH luutmiilo baud woro
i.ilnnnj. .uoitnl ulasa door., t.itit tho
atraina ot Mondeliauliii nnd Autiur might
bo mollowod Into softer awuelticn, m thoy
tlo'itod into thu aJjoinlng pnrlort.
In tho can room, tbo columns woro
trimmod with wroaths of llowers ns woro
tho chandeliers. Hack of tho dais cn
which tho ceremony took placo, wa a
bronzo statue, which hold u beautiful
floral design. Abovo wm a horizontal
bar, reaching from ono pillar to tho other,
which wa ontiroly conipoicd of tlowcri.
Krom tho end of this bar hung wicaths,
with tho brldo's initial, "X. V. O." In
tho centro of ono and tho groom's In tho
other, "A. O. F. S."
T11K MAIlllIAOn 11KI.L,
composed of choico whito (lowers, hung
Just over tho centur of tho dlaj. Tho tab
leaux upon tho dint wni like n picture.
Tho cnt window, whici is double tho
tizo of thoso at olthcr ond of tbo room,
was converted into n bower of exquitito
dower. Tho diss was just in tront of this
window, and was covorod with Turkey
preient woro in groups at both ends of
tho room, whito ribbons being stretched
across tho room from each sldu tho dias,
Ioaving the space open from thu wide
double doors to tho dias apposite
was spread in tho stato dining room,
which looked as It usually does lor stato
dinners. Tho tables woro burdened with
flowers. In tho center was a threo-itory
bride-cake, which looWod like a casllu in
the air. A bod of flowers radiatoJ from
this central ornamont. Small flags wore
stuck horo and thero among tbo ihwors.
tho mottoui on the flags woro respectively
"Success to tho President," "Ssccess to
tho Supremo Court," "Succcsi to tho
Army," ''Success to the Navy,". Hut
thoro was no "Success to Concress. I.iko
Sunderland, who torgotthovicl-prosUent
in his prayor at Sumner's funeral, tho en
torer forgot both tho brldo nudgroom.tho
queen and a fow other unimportant per
sonages. Tho decorations of tho breakfast ta
blo completed thoso on the irat floor. In
tho respective chambers assigned tho
groom and bride, thoro wor' baskets and
bouquets of Jn'.
Tho "i'ony, m statod, took placo in
tbo east room. Kleven o'clock was the
hour designated, and tho atlair was about
as prompt as marriago cormonies usually
having aesembled up stairs, descended by
tho private, stairway, and proceedod down
tho hall in tbo following order: -Mr.
Salons and bis best man, Col. Krod Grant,
amid tho (trains of tho ' Wedding March,'
udvancud to tbo foot of tho dais, where
tho Itov. Dr. Tiffany awaited tho brldo.
Miss Conkllcg nnd Miss Frulingbuyson
worn thu first of tbo bridosoialds to arrive,
Thoy paused just afioi Riming tbo centro
of tbo room. Miss I'orlor and Miss sncr-
man advancod buyond them ; Miss Drex
el and Miss Dent passing tho last two,
and .Miss Karnes nnd Miss Kith passing to
thu foot of tho dais. Then camo tbu brido
with her father. As she approached Mr
Sarturis stepped forward and recolvod her
from her father. Tbo brido and groom
steppod upon tbo dais, tho bridesmaiit
forming a semi-circle, and tho former bo
ing undor tbo marriage bell.
Dr. Titi'any then performed tho simple
service of thu Methodist church, including
the placing of tho ring. When tho cere
mony was completed the minister kissed
tbo brido and tbe president shed tears, be
inr tho onlv ono thus affected, lieartv
congratulations then foliowod all around.
woro whito satin, with a a immeoso train
lluiiaced with round point luce of tbu
most uxqulsito description, coiting 55,000,
and furtuor adorned with wreaths of tbo
accepted bridal flowers, and orange blos
soms. A high bodice, trimmed with
lace and flowers ; a veil of tullu. and u
wreath of orungo bloisomi and handsome
ornaments completed tbo lollot.
OTiiEH toilets.
Tn u bridesmaids dresses looted exceed-
ngly well. 'J hoy worool white siU. with
I'lircvo uj vuiiu ill liuilb, JIUIIJUg hi inu
i ; . ...ii.. . . . ....
bacK, and sashes of whito silk caught to.
gether with sprays of flowors. Knur
bridesmaids wuro bluo aud four nlnli
llowors. High waists of tullo wero ar
ranged over low silk waists.
Tho ladies generally woro deml-lolluts.
Jirs. brant did not wear Uvonder tilk aud
point laco as u ilrst intended, hut black
wiwi uiacK illusion over it. Th..
dress w as vory handsomo and bocomlnc
inu irnnining wero lilacs and a half
' pies across tho cntiru
breadths oxtundlng to thu loft side, whoro
tho sash commenced. Tho bodleo was
nigu nnd trimmed with jet.
Among tho other toilets weru tho fol-lowing-
Ono uf tho most ologantly dress
ud adwsprosont was Mrs. l'otter 1'nlmor
ofUilcauo Who woro n whito silk om
broldored in lilies. Uur diamonds woro
suporb. Lady Thornton laid asido hor
mourning for tho occasion mid woro violet
colored silk, with whito Uu0. 101
Hlr Kdwiird Thornton woro the Ordnr
of tho Dath.
.Mrs, Honutor Conkllng woro gray silk
and nvordrois of black laco,
M rs Honator Uhundlor also dropped her
black nnd woro a UUn B;ik with Jul orna.
menu. Tho ladie. nil lookod vory ulo
gant. the nipTh.
It Is lmpossililo to nnmnorato nil tho
gifts. Iho most conspicuous woro two
largo walnut cases -ono n( wltll rolo.
colorod satin, whhh contained tho silver
presented by tho ;voalihy l'hiladolphiani,
.Mr. (loorgo W. Child nnd nnd Mr A
J.Drexel. Mr. Child's box contained
soron dozen oxiill.ud fc,lvcr and cold
lorks, spoons, knio, and n largo center
pluco for fruit, Mr. JJreiol'a gift was n
tea survlco of shyer consisting often
plccos. Mhs Drexolsoul a falad bowl of
solid silvor, Mr. and Mrs. Cresswoll sent
a solid set of silvor for loo-cronm. inis
consistod of 11 pieces. Judgo Plorrepont
ot New York sent a eao containing tbroo
plocos ofmass.vo silvor. Secretary nnd
Mrs. Ulclmrdson lent n silvor tolo-a-tolo
sol; Mis Klsh sent a silvor punch howl
and Miss Kdlth l is!' a H'iy clock of ox
qulslto wnrt man-hip. ICx-Scnnlor C'nltoll
sont ft costly dlnmonl ring. Mr. and .Mrs.
L. 1. Morton of Nnv York sun'. ring
with n largo omoisl J with two diamonds.
Honator nnd Mrs. Carpenter presented
opal car.rlogs. V msgolflcont ltomnn
brscolot c.nno fr " a Now Yothor. Mr
A. T. Stewart sent n flno p-dnt laco hand
kerchief. Ocn. Hid 'Vi sent n fun from
London, with smolod pearl fllokf nnd
white jiolnt laco cover with monogram in
eold. From Duiiver c uno n pcrln timn.
nlo of homo manufneturo nnd na'.tvn sil
vor oro, Thero was nlso a boautifiil sholl
fan. Mitt Ilarnqs: presented n bluo on
nmelol loekot: Miss l'ortcr, a cold nock-
laco; Miss Conkllng n ncckUco; , Mist
Frellnchuyson, oxldlzod silver nnd gold
vases of great beauty; .Mrs. Koboson pre
sented a Venotlan mirror In nnliquo, cov
orod harp framo with candlesticks to
match, nnd wax candles painted, Ihoro
worn salt cellars, lined with gold, and at
loasl 10 puneh bowls with ladles. In
short, It llin young coupio wuu to go into
tho silverware tradti thoy havo a good
stock on hand
line VKVAST,
Tho bridal party, sfler the congratula
tions worn over, pane J out to tho break,
nut whom tho brido cut tho cake.
Mil, AKI Milt. SATOlilS
rom.iuiid hut n few momonts at the tnbl
nnd when thn qitesls ruturnud to tho pa
lors, tho brido wm found tbcro In hor
travoling dross.
At .'M tho bridal prty lett tho houso
A tho cortcgo pssse 1 down tho avenue,
Mr. Widows performed tho followin
pieces on tho cMmdt of tho Mothodis
church whoro tho presidont nnd fntnily
worship, "Wcddlnr renrl," .Men
dol'sohns "Weddint .March," "Ha
Columbia," ''(loii invn tho IJuctn
"Grand March," fromJTunnhnmor.
the talck i .vn
wnicn noro awnj ttni brido nnd groom
whs furnished then by (ion. Horucu For
tor. It w hand'otnely decorated with
national nags sireichod from end to end
and caucht in th( center of tho car. an
hold bv tho "union jack" and "gridiron.
Small i'.ics wero at each ventilator. Fpon
tho cnntcr-tables voro largo boouots of
exqulsi'" llowors.
inus royanr docs tho pros
Idonts daughter pass Irom our midst
to msko hor homo In n strnngo land.
the uappv i aik.
Tho br.do and croom aro decidedly a,
young .uplo. .r. bartons Is not 24 an
ebo n. 1 10 years f age. Thoy will retid
on the Sarturis ortato, KngUnd butoxfoct
to man irequont visits to tbo brides par
onts in this country.
Mr. Algernon Chirles Frederick Sirt-?
oris is h .r to quite a handsomo property,
nis lair .r navtnc ft good estate noarfcoutb
a raptor. Knglnnd, and a largo income.
Tho irjusscau provided and JJprcsonts
passed .:i this Cvuntry, with dry goods'
onoucn to last tfn 3 ears, and silver ana
jowelry "lough to st"ck a first class jew
ulry crtibllshinent. Uf silks and lacoi
thoro in.0 end, all o. tbo coitliost kinds
1 wo s-ts of luca floutcos aro said to hav
cost tl",000 Thir.y Saratoga trunk
will f. arcely contab tho truus-cau, an
tho presonts will rcquiro moro than
double tr.o number ci packing casus whem
ecnt.to England.
Tbo 'Stur, in its account of tho mar'
ringo, sav "Thu iiiarriaKO has tke
placo sooner than waa intended nt flrstj
Tho prcpiratlons for tho wedding hav
been on tuo most magnitlccnt scale. Th
trousseau was mostly JolcctoJ in Nnf
York city, as tho time would not permit
oi a iuii orur oing mni io j-aris : nut
tho laces wero holcctfd abrosd and ex
cced in bcautv anything ever soon horci
Thoro nro two corrpleto scti ono of
while, and the other black. Tuis is tlie
munitlcent gift of tbe rresider.t to hii
daughter. Tbo bridal dross is Of the
richest whito sst.n, with a train throe
yards long. Around tbo bottom of the
dress Is a flounce ! satin about tbreft
inches deep, with plissci of tullo on the
odgo. 'ibis nouneo j Jiid on In bn
pleat, with loops and crds of the satia
between each pieit. Atvo this flounco-.
and roaehing to wiist, nro two o.
qulsito point laco fbmc'S,- -which aro flat
across tbo Iroot bratb.
Tho waist Ii high. and
trimmed with Vo ind flowers to
match tho tirt. Tho slcoves
reach bolow tho .w,md aro flniihod
with laco. 'J ho v.-i, is ( tullo, and fusU
cited with orange tloWmsj ornaments,
pourfj end dlatcotai. bbo carried this
morning a bouqvt of iholco whito flow
ers, and a P-'arl Itn, with laco cover.
The trouuetu is 'nipniacont and almost
beyond dscrljthyn. There aro silks of
every hueandcol- r. hach gas light silk
uron iBiiiauo wua ;wo vaists ono Uceoi
lette, tbn other Jhigh. Thoro are shawls
irom inuiu: laus . reel irom the manu
factory at Iirustls parwols with superb
Ivory handles; r-.m, n droisss, with
French workeda-joLcei; others with pulfs
and laco Insenit. Thero aro gauzes,
grunadines, anq cats 'or ov-ry costurr.o
slippors for cad. a:. 1 every dress ; and the
lingerie Ii so flm ar. J diiity that the sight
of ft brings dilign to every feminine
heart that rejoces m lolicato embroidery,
soft laco and fno ri -dlework. Ji'othlng
has been ovcsgoki i or forgotten, thitt
will contributdo tbe omfort and happh
noss of this hlrbly fa. -jred girl.
Tho biido's travelir.jj dress is of rich
brownliilk, with utiles on tho skirt and
polnnalsoof 'irnels bain loth, richly om
broidertd J Jut end gloves match tbe
A J,r..YF
Old Mf. C
.Ismur, ono of tho inombers
, is e.xtrurnoiy deaf. I.mt
of our elan .
Sunday tin
dress, bid .
Isrgyman, during his ad
t-ion to introduce a (iiintii
Hon, und, ii
tho volutu'
came te p.
road II. V,
it was quite lung, ho brought
Min mm, nnu wnou the timo
d up tbo book and began to
u always sing inn Uld Jluu
drcdtl dox
w nt our cnurcii alter eer-
nioii, rid Mr Collumer, seeing tho pastor
with tho b . thought tbo timo had como,
so winio v minister wus reading, lio
opened his i.ynm book at tbo place. Just
as tho ciurcj ,ur, ihd tuo voiumo down
tho man n.t.cg noxt to Mr. Collamcr be
gan to ynun and Mr. uouamor, tniiiking
liowasab. . , atnL., immcdlntoly broke
out Into (i. i Hundredth nt the top of hU
voice, as Hi., , iurgvman was just begin
ning "scci ! y, 'nnd as, of courso, thoro
was porieci . .onco n the house, tho or-
fyct of Mr L.jllarnor'a vociferation was
vorv sturt Hut tho cood old man
didn't sod i nt anything was wrong, so ho
Kopi nuiii ' i and saurf tuo oniiru vcrsu
through. V bin In concluded ho ob-
turvod tlmt nvervbodv elso soomcd to bn
quiet, oxi pting t fuw who wuru laugh.
Ing; son. !:iiei. over und said out loud
to tho man wn ynwnod, " What's thu
matter wnti tho congrogatbn nnyhow?
Why d"i t timv in homo''1 Tho miin
turned scut . t, Rmi tho presplratlon broliu
out all oivr bun. for ho folt that the oyes
of tho toiigrfi'Htlnn wero upon him, and
ho. know tb,,t ho would havo to yell to
mako M- (' llamar hoar. Bo ho toueliod
his Hps with his tlncor na a sign for thu
old nun to keep qulut. lint Mr. Colin
mar misunderstood tbo motion "doing
to sing nnothor hymn, hoy? All right I
and ho bgan to fumblo his hymn-book
ncain. Thou tho sexton sailed tip tho
nlslr, and oxplalnod nisttors out loud to
Mr. uoilamor, nnd tho gantluman sub
sided, while tho minister proceeded with
his discourse. Tho oldnrs hnvo wrlttnn
Mr, Collumer n nolo rcmtPSting hint in
the futiiro not to Join In tho sncrod har
mony. Tho nllect Is too apparent Upon
tho ribald boys In tho gallery. Max
CaIiiui.nhai.k .IiicI.-oii County, I
Mayl.'i, l"7l. )
On (ondilioii thai a ullleleiitmnnlii'i' nl
jimtg pnixun ilcln, 'ninl nu- billing in
coliltlbulc n mtj niiiili;,.uiii lowiiiil delray-
tn expenses ay two hiiiulreit ni four
iIoIIiitm i-acll a .Nornul liivlltuli' ilt be held
In the nc at building, commencing Inly 1. the
d.iv dedicating the liullilln.-i,.Toili'iiiil!mii
till July 111. The l'rlnclpal of tho Hulvcmlly
will luno chargi',:ind llio tovcral meinlii'rs of
the fiieillty will glu the main part of the In
slriictlon. Atle.ikt ten lect lues will be gUcii
and, Iftho eah contributed Is sulllclcnl, the
licit men of this slate und Missouri nnd 1ml!-
uii:i, will liu brought lu for lluc lecture.'.
If not moro than one hundred and fifty al
tend, the perMin.il contact with llio Ihstrm-
tor will bu greater nnd Hie prollt moro ; ami
as the rxpetise of the lnxtllutc will lie the
tame, the fee should bo live dollar.-. If llnoc
hundred al'end, thefee could be reduced I
three dollar-.
A the slate leu'll.ituro nukes no proNln
loin for pajlnir the oxtieincs of Mich un In
xtllllti', mi ilo-lrablc nnd valn.'ilitu to publl
K'liooh. will not ill the newspaper ol
Southern lllltioln, add unotlier favor Io thu
ininy lliey lime already done the commit
nlly, nnd give this nnnouiiceliient tcteral
gratultou-iiiH'ltfoif in n good place, ami
call the ntti'iillon ol te.ichcri to It t
I, i t nil ulic wl.-h to otleiid, send I he
names at once and not later than June 'JO,
prox to Dr. llnlrn, scrrctsry oftriii-teos.nf
Soiillicrn Illltioli NoiiiiqI t'lilvcr-lly.C'arlion
(.ood board can te had in C.irhondale
rei-onabli rate-i.
S. it. The Ill-til, It. cannot bo hcUl Mill
Icm than one hundred and lift) who will pay
five dollars i.n-li. llouuiiT AM.VN,
l'rlnrlpal of I'apiitty.
I take pleasure in calling
the attention of the public to
my Icsh and lull stock ol
new and elegant Furniture, at
my Furniture and Matrass
Factory, corner Seventeenth
Street and "Washington Ave
nue. My stock embraces
IJedsteads, "Wadrobes, .Bu
reaus, Sideboards, "Wash
stands, Tables, Chairs, J Jug'
mnu 1 if rnccne mill in ...
.W.J .UtlklllCO lllll,ll l DUIIlj
all that is useful or orna
mental in my line.
This being the only manu
factory of Furniture in this
city, J propose offering better
goods at lower prices, and
have made a large red xtJoa
in the price? of rdl my goods.
Oxy cr.d examine mv stock
.ud secure an outfit of choice
Furniture. To the wholesale
trade I oiler special induce
ments. Xotc the place
Corner Seventeenth Street and
Washington Avenue, Cairo, Ills,
Wholesale anil Itctail Dealer in I'ur.
niturc and .Matraeses.
unxi. KsiTAre ameauv.
Jvl.n Jlarman. Llm.'i liurli
,nd IiihI Au'initol the Illlnol (Vnlral aud
Huilln'ton und linKOiirl II. II. lot.
North ('or. .Sixth and Uliio Loveo,
Real Estate Agents,
71 Ohio Lkvkk, (Second Floor,)
liny urn! Si ll IIKAI- USTATJJ, I'ay T.l
i iiliiiBiiei .Muirauii oi i me.
ljiTi..nid ;itiiinH"iloiier.
M 11 H . M . JAOKBOi),
(Kormtrly Mrn. SwamlerH,)
inminenH that clio hiix met. opened a laru
aa.Mrtment ol tho
Mllllnnrv (looiU to lio louiul in tho ni'irkct
Hho will keep m hand
Hath, IIonnktu, ih.owkhn, iuiin:ic,
t'OLLAlia, UNIimtal.KKVRH, ilUKl'H,
ml nil looiU found In mmiiicry noreK. all
ot which will ho dlp'nd ol nl thu lowiod
ennh price. .Mra. .lackcon rcpectlllilly
ankan Contluliatlun of tho patoiiao which
haa liomi i-o llheially heMowod Upon urr hy
tho ladies of Culm and tho vlelintv.
n nu
Jobbers and
-i i
Toilet t
p.iintit Arn.i:..t-
, juiviiu jiiuiiuiica.
Artii'lcs, Jh'iiL'L'isL's
Jiead and (Jther 0 ratios.
I . '
u niimv i .nice v iv I, i.,n
" j nniyi .uiiii.iiii a iiuo -AlWl, i
CJI..HV. I.,l.. I.'i.. I.'i- ' Ji
ouui.-', r.it;., I'jti'., J'jIC,
W'v Solicit enrropondeneo and ordcru from Druggist, l'hys
In want ol ilooilaiii iiiir l.liio. Steamboat, limitation nnd Kum
lhed or KclUloil with llellahlo Drugs at Kcaxoiuhle itatea.
i vn i u iju i l i s
O -A.
a. i i im im m
i. (Laic 1'rojirictir of the St. Nicholas lintel;
Has become Superintendent ol the
.Mr. Walker having taken charge nl'thia old and well-known Iioum1, will at
once h'ivu it a lhoriiuli runovalinj.', mid put it in firnt-clacs order for tho rcccp
tion guustH. Mr. Walker will welcome 11? old customers to the new house, and
will always ho glad to ceo them.
First-class Day ilionrd $20 per Month.
SO Ohio Lcvcc -
Tho I'lantcr'H Houso is located mi Ohio Lotco Street in
And in tho Center of tho llufiinehs Portion of the City. Tho Uou.o is now
and complete in all itn iipiioiiitmcnl.H. Thu rooms, nro laru and airy, besides
hein ulej;aiitly f'uriiiMhed and carpelod. (!uentn will rcceivo courteous) treat
incut aud the bcHt ol' aeeoininoilatiuiiH.
Transient Guests 2 per Day. Day Donrdors $20 per Month.
A Trusty Watch for Trains and Boats Day and Night.
271 3.i27.3m.
w a
Hr.SlDKK(3K-No. Ul, 'I lilrteentli aireet.
iutVt(ll Washllll-'ioii mnm i nm n niiiiii.
trcilt. OUlOU 1-f) uoiuiuuruiai niri.iiK,
and kktail
nivi u m
Retailers of
ii c t i
J viiiiiiiury, otKllir. JsrllSilt'
F.-mcv (Jootls. Coll ifr "Wlii
Faints. Colors. Oils.
I . - .....
- .. M I ii'..i... ii.
iiiriann anil iirnrrui xwi.
ruinlly .Medlelliu casca lui;
it ii umittMntt n n. tty I'irviti is w
I JRj O .
mm mm w m m
Balsam for the Lungs
Consumption U NOT iiuliiciirahh-illsoaKo.
I'liyrl ilaim hsmiiu uh tliU (act. It in onl)Y'
uecu Mii'V to havo Iho Ulnlit Heuivily, and
thu toriiliiu malady can hoeoiupierud.
Hall's Balsam Is this Bemcdy.
It lircakH un tho illicit sweatfl. relieves tho
nppruMlvo tlhtnexH hctohh tbo Iiihhh. ami
hunN thu laruiiratuil and oxeorlated mrl'iieuD
which thotcuom ol tho dlNoano produces.
wiuiii: i.ii'i: r,ASTSTHEKK is jiopi:
it may not he ton late tn e licet a euro even
alter tho doctora havo kIvoii you up
lliiU'n llalmim Is nold everywhere, and
may he had nt wholesale ol the I'roprintora,
.liiliu V. Ilunry C'urraii iV. Co., at their
(liuiit AledleinB Wareholido, 8 umlil CoIIcku
I'I'ice, New York. 1'rlco ?1 per lioltlo.
Jlall'i Jliils'tm la uImi a aiire roim ily lor
CoiikIii, Collie, J'hoiimona. Uron;bJt tl-,
Abthinii, .Spilllnir ol' lllood, Croup. Whoop,
in inili, und nil other dlfcciilca ol tho reb.
plrstory orjjann.
AImi 1'iopi lclorH of Kcnvlll'H Hlood and
l.lvt't- Kyrup.Carliollc .Salvc,KUey'H 'I'roche.i,
)xeiiateii llitterN, .Mott'x J.lverl'llln. Ac r
H nnd it CoIIck 1 lace, New r
:ir i.irxwit,

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