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Takes great plrasnrsln announcing that
Is tr are now prepared H supply evf rjlxxly
vUh lake lea of the very bct quality, cltlirr
at Uitlr houiss or at tlic More. Order?
boold be lea at the office, No. 00 Ohio
Notice U hereby given that all charges
t.ht.f nl VnllfB Ml'Ita C for llt'l'ltl-
ftttion, must bn placed In ttic handi of the
chairman nf the committee ttllhtho nainei
the wltnesirs, before Tursday evening,
liar Mtb. 1874. at M o'dook. TVe tame
l. iniilo 111 wrlllllL' nnd ML'tlCll lit'
the complainant. Any charges made allrr
th i tlmo will not be connuercu.
VT. II. Mount,
Chairman ol Commltleo
Manufacturers anJ Dcslers In
r awn ('imotiwoou, hUU
,3-OOlce at. w iill ' of Twrn'
tyTcoud atrett and Ohio svee.
lie aiitiro-
fUor of the da, nillbe
Oinercuilnent piihlicmen will he present and
Tbe Ladles who Intend to bo iirrspni, nrc
rcjueited to taWe gailandH ami liou
iUCt ol flowers unarrangcil.
Tho following committees Imvo been
appointed :
4Jeo Mertz, Sr, W I. Uamhletoii.
Daniel Hogan,
(ieo Stult.
u i ieyor.
Ihhuc lteod,
!eo W lllluu.
B L Uleo,
K II M'atklnH,
Fred Corson.
' W,Sart.r' H v ''"iter,
fi V,"' r. I-ooaby, Vlrnna,
UHSptucfr, .lume.llioivner.
H W Dyer, i, 0 lLrrK
hd Ilsye.
, . C.,TT", " TK-li" OUTATION.
-lohu W Carter, lir. Oa..y.
on rniNTiNa.
11 V Potter, F W Corwni.
Ixiunhery, V V V,l v,
IneUtortn, N It Cu.ey,
oMeru.Jr, I.OIUriK.
J Uougherty, C W Feller,
u Uotun, .loun l.lueKar.
H U O'Ntll.
Khhiripen, chainuan KS Chewier.
KAidred, Duke Crur,
Dan lloitan. i! w
A on.
Judfje llrotvn,
. Ii C'rtO.
lMiih A .lan'jnl,
)1 W (,-oode,
.lames liartlokon,
It J (iraddy,
Dr llrown,
M C IJlen,
W Alllght,
Huyli MeOee,
S .1 Kel.oy, '
1" II Kelley,
1 M ltviuic
c uipew,
Dr llalhaway.
L Westpbal,
A Huluitr,
JoUn AVtattr,
lnrvl SajidermJli,
M W Finn.
Jsmti llell,
Jud lictfuer,
David I'ortor,
leo W Bllnii,
Kraidc llorn,
ItSYtoiaw IVJialllijiy"
WHIUin WoUfl
J F McCartney, ,i n Wnu.
BeiiOJone.,5 ffi
CKIrkpatrlck, Ceo Douglcr.
"rdeoBrallon, UM UlansforiJ.
Major C'onover, capt Sloan.
le amde for scv-people
glu gttlhttin.
mil iim.
c. .., ).,! in i.ln (ram n a tlioil:ind hill
hc'aiN, gu.il paper "J H'li'ly printed, lor
NtnteiiiHi I .
One thoilnnd lUtrincntJ printed at Tin:
llt'l.l.KTlX olllce lor en..).
Hole Html.
imn ilwiiusnd note head nrin'eilat Tim
1Iui.li.iin olllco lor (? 1.00 ; twothutismid lor
One tliniiaantl buMncM cnrd'.llno Hrlttol
board, urluted nt TllK ItULLHTlN .ollleo lr
from 2..Vj to ? 1 00, nrrordlng to size.
rUESDAY, MAY I'O, 1874,
Co to Wilcox's fur ntnwborriet.
Call and examine
tho now satb-lock
at D. Arlor A C'o'i.
11-5-10-1 m
Momuno lrorccn cloth nt lUlloy'i
nVinumtr lit sin ilm i!lionnott. tO 1-17-lm
ri.v-Vrt...l. nllhu St. Oharlcl Hotel
is i .
ono hundred day boardurs nt thu ruduco'i
iH S-l'J-tf
Call nnd exninno lljmioMr rnrliluol
at I. Artor it Co t. . 41-6-IO-Im
llKNUY Kiciliun r is now prepared to
repair, Varnish nnd polish furnlluro nnd
pianos In tho very best manner.
71 0.17.3m
Tiik largest and het-solectod stock
of FUItNITHKK for salo at wI.o1omIo
and retail by 1IKN II Y K1CIIIIOKF, No
115, Commorelal avnnue,oplto Sovonlh
,trcul "I 5-17-3m
I'ol.ICK CoUM'. HiifiniM In pollro
court yestorday was us dry as dry could
ffiy Wnntcil, ut tho tt. Charles Hnlul,
a stout, lioalthy woman to wsh and iron
in tho laundry. 7H-5-10.at
Fivo thousand fruit barrels
Kaquir of llallijny llro'i", Hu.
for sal
70, Ohio
lovco, Ciiro j or
(Ino. IIuiini), Agent,
'Jl-S-22.80t Mound City, III.
Strawberry festival Tuosday night.
IS IllUIV. MuiqUltotS.
Circuit court Is grinding.
1 County court is in sessinn.
Tho streets nro dreadfully dufty.
Tho Ohio river is eottltig down to
low wator.
Tho St. Obarlos hotel it dulng n big
hueinois. Travel is good.
Tbroo cases wero tried in Bird's
polico court yesterday. Two for ditor
dorlv conduct, and ono for hoing diunk.
Tho usual flnos worn iinpoloJ.
It Is aaid circuit court will udjourn
noxl .Monday Mr uno woak, in ordur to
jljive the lawyors nn opportnnlty to nt'
io..j iiu tession ni mo eupromo court
wuicu most) nt Jit. Verrinn nn .limn
i.u.a. ii. lo night Jluslnoes of itn-
imnco to be transacted, lly ordor of
tho Grand Q. 3. "W, 4. 11. II.
Mil. UiiKRLY'a IiUCTUitE Thoro was a
argo nuoniianco at tho high school last
voning te hoar Mr. Oborlv's locturo on
lo "Two -V'( , or "Wlno and Woman."
ilio locturo was, so to speak, good, but
mre oloqticnt then uoop.
jooa. ior n glass of good soda
wtorgotoTom Sulluvan's, Commorelal
anuo, botwoon Ninth and Tenth stroots.
uttor soda wator cannot bo hod In the
iiiiki:. Tbroo largo, olcgant ana verv
uoiirabla rmuttjr munis, fronting on the
Ohio riv-r, can bo obtained with hoard
ni tho St. Oharlu, during tho summer
iwnths, at reduced ratus. 03 5-22 tf.
Uxuti an School I'io.n ic Tho Oormun
suool picnic at bchflol's Washinglon gar-
u.n yesterday was Erand success, both
il point oi alloiiJanco and llnauciallv.
Jvorybody enjoyed tbor.nolves nnd folt
i.4 i. it i . . '
that it was "good to b thoro."
fV.vvi.i i.-... ti i .
o.MLiiOMt ihn clrcolt COUrl did a
wlinlndaln 1 . .. .1 n .... .. ... .1 .
nuviviKiu i.urn.vrB iu lliu waj of con ViO.
tlon. last week. Thirteen prlso.ers wore
, -u""ary io terms
rallying from ono to flfteen voars. nd
tureo convlctbd of petty lareony nud uin-
wncod to tlio county j all.
AvroiuiKii. Ur. II. Wurdnor l.a. rn.
coivod tho nppoiniment ofexirninlng siir.
or pensions at Cairo, vlco Dr.
vans, rosigncd. Dr. Wardnor Is ono of
our most successful practitioners, nnd id.
appolntmont tn this Important position
K'vu gouorai sallkluctlou.
r.oAwriiENT notice. Tboro will ,
sspocial mootlnt: of Alexander oncami
(nsnt at Odd Fellow's hall, Tuesday eve-
log, .nay aotti, fur work in all tho dc-
All l'atriarchs in good standing
aeicquestud to bo presont and assist in
eiiuu to 00 nreinnt u.,,1 ...i.. ,..
wo work, uy ordor of tbo 0. I'.
i ia. eh. colloctor Jrvin had his hands
UU ol business yostorduy. Hit olllco
wii crowuod throughout lUa day wltb
jartios wiining to pMy iaxv,, and thus
,vo thamsolvus tho extra cost of redomp.
u3. a low parce s of Inni worn ,m
i .i .v. ...i tu '
(i tu mivB win comrnonco In earnest this
Fektivai.. -ltev.Mr. llradloy's con,.ro
ptlon commenced n festival for tho bono.
it of tho church last night, which will bo
ontinuud to-night ond ovory othur night
uring tho week. Tho church, tho Ann.
ch Ilaptist Mlisionary church-is locatej
n Flftoonth street, betwoon Cedar und
Vftlnut. Everybody Is Invltod.
loiiwH.v i in: County Jail
-I etwten tun and clvon o'clock k,t
night some of tb prisoners In tho counts
I set lire to their bedding. Homo ol ,!,
ither prlsonnrs Kkvo tlm .n,i.i...
1lro was soon put out Hhorlll' Irvlr. wM.
on baud, and together with Jailor liW"
gornld nnd tovoral othor gontlomen pro-
vented any of tho prisoners nscaplng.
ALotokNkw Uuuuim. Wm. Etch.
boll, wholosalo nnd retail dealor In furni
ture, factory Ht tho cornor of Seventeenth
itreut Hiid Washington nvonuo. wislics to
Inform tlm peoplo of Cairo that Ho has
utt received it lot of children'! buggies
and carriages, which ho oilers to acll in
aitonlshlngly low prlco'. Parents In want
of such urllc'os nru respectfully roquoJlcd
to call and examiuo his stock beforo pur
chasing elsewhere. 1-G-U -tr
Dtl.Mo.Nloo HoTKl. -J K It Longncek
Ml Oarmel; D M l.ovolan, Mllburni A O
l.nehuai). lHriilIlu!llm; dot hncpnoru,
.nd 1) V Hanks, Ituih IilJtfo; WiitSchor-
morhorn, Whoolitig; .ol" bpruat, Uilum
bur; Miss O'Connor, Fulton; .lohn Heck,
St Louie. 11 I) Haiiman, Clinton; H 11
Urogory; Androw D. Dull" and daughter,
Carbondalo; II II Shotlund, Louisville.
Shall Wk. Indepondeneo day Is
comitii: and will loon bu hero. Wo soo
that othur towns and cilios in nil ptrts ol
tho country urn prepnring to observe it
In it becoming nuntior, unl why can't wj
of Ch.i 'V do likowiso'f" What
tV IlUr lioolilo' UullV wo gut lip r.l,
conulne. old-fanhioiiud Fourth of July
colobratlon ' Wo bollovd wo can, and so
i... it In our powur airrmj to do nil wo
enn to inako it n ciiccets. Who will make
tho llrsl movo in tho matter 7
garden fctstivivl Tuesday
Notiim: to lluit.iiKit'. Having itnrtod
up our saw mill again, wo uro now pro-
pared to furnish nil kinds of building
niitii lal nt lower pricc, dnlivorod, than
It can bu bought from country mills
Wo have also on hand two hundred
thousand foot of axioiitkd LUMiiEii that
wis color, d bv slpo water that wo will
eu I at itom $7 to $10 por 1000 foot.
Wall A: Kxr.
ioi r.-'Jt-tf
"' uumim ol comtort'
nt D Artor
Finb (Jhiaik. I'eter haup, inanufnc
turor of cigars and denlor in nil kinds of
tobacco nnd smokrr's nrticlcs, No. 10
Commercial nvonue, has on hand n stock
of his culvbrated brands of cigars, to which
ho invites tho attention of dealors in such
goods. Thefo cigars lmvo n wide-sprcnd
reputatlan rs leitig as good many over
ottered in this market, nnd tho figures nt
which thov nro sold nro euro to attract
attention. Ho invites an examination ol
hl goods and prices, nnd warrants what
ho sells to bo j'Ht what ho roproionts
them to bo or money refunded.
ot comfort'
nt 1). Artor &
Wk cat! attention this morning to tho
card of Messrs. Thomas Sproat A- Sons,
wholosalo and retail ico dealers, cornor u(
Tenth strcot and Ohio levec. Tl.eso gon
tlomen have also a branch ofllco in Col
umbus, Ky , which point, until tho coin
plotion of tho Miaisiippi :ettral exten
sion, had boon tlioir headquarters. Tliey
havo como to Cairo to 6tay, having bought
four lots nenr tho inclined piano on which
they propoio to orect their immonso ico
housos. from which ico will bo shipped to
all points on tho railroads south, accom
panlod by thoir regular moisungors, who
will distribute it by tho cako or thousand
pounds trom tho cars.
auk ijecture uoukss. At tho con.
elusion of Mr. Oberly's lecturo last oven.
Ing, Mr. II. II. Csndeo prciontod tho fol
lowing resolutions which on motion wero
adopts! by a unanimous voto of the au
Uckolvcd. 'I'll, it wu. Ilie rlllcnwil ( ilin
who liare had the uleaiuru of nltendliiir ilm
ruiuu ni ueu irtciurui". giten under tlie mis
pices oi tun kciiooi lio.i-u, tinltu In exprc-
iu uui iki'iiiikm ui lrrniiiiido lo i roi. iiiord.
Mr. Kllier and the eiitlru n'hool hn:ir,l r,.r
iiie M'aenn oi ciitertaliiuicnlK and irolll tbc
llemlveil. '1 hat tu tlio i.ihmI li'riiir..rj
tcilaliied and InMrueted u. we extcr.il our
wm unn iiniiii; iniuill, WHO IHVU Ml alilt
M 'i "JX.!
nnd ilio v,.rliii. k,..i Sii..Xf.
huvo J' 'l'"Ili.,l ao iiiulo lor llic
I Hot eral evenings,
Il..l...l nil... .. ..... . .
ii 'ir iMrnci uemre
..m. ..iiiiiiuii ri,iiL'rn)ij IIIUl U UIIIUr
feries ot lectures liOLMlennnxl .iM.ninmll..p
I ill.. UHllH. II .n ....I 1... .
I . -..v .....Mavuii .u mm u luu fenilie l.ll
Mr. Alford also oDur.d a reiolution ro-
questing that Mr. Oborly's lecture bo nub
i.,,i ' ' pU
rsitsoNAi.. Col. it. n. Townts U in
ino city, no is interested as attorney in
i uu impuriaui caso to bo tried at lliu pres.
out lerm oi trio circuit court.
-Judgo Crawford in in tho city.
tr. K. Albright ol Muniovsboru U In
mo city. Hols uttHtiding court.
Mr. Houtonof thuJonesboro 'Oszotto'
wa. in town last night. l(u was hero on
important Iiumiicis.
Mr. John Carton, postrnnstor at 'nr.
conditio was In town yosturdtv. IIo
P0il "verything qulot nt that pU.
vunuucior jiio Uormlfl.- wns i. t...u
on Saturday, llu is looking well, und ru
ports everything nnd ovurtbody O.K. in
und about Cuntmlln.
- Air. and .Mrs. Chas Oallgher started
on an oxtondod westorn tour this morning
iliey will visit Topuka, Donvor. and see
orai inner lar wuitern c t ha linf.irn
I .i
Mr. Huofnor, of tho l'lantor.' llouso
Is Just rooovorlng from a sovoro attack of
i.nlmM r,. ttr i.. i .
.u KU1 lo hI10W
that hols recovering, und will Boon bo
completely I tutored to health.
Mr. J. E. Flomln- n ...i ,.
oporator und nowspnper reporter, son of
.m. " . '""'""
. . .J I
""" iuiiihik, Jil'l.. oi our C. IV who
lias boon Yisltlng his paronts for.tho last
lour weeks, louyos this
ftornoon for other
"Wo regrot Mr. Fleming's dHimrt-
urn, for bn was un iillahlo ciintlomun.
and mado many friends whilo In tho ellt'
Whilo hero ho chronicled all nows of in
torest, und wo hopa Iim may visit ui soon,
a dull day in cinouir count.
cinouiT counT-
MAY TEIllt, 1871.
Jtldiio I). .1. linker
rihontl' A. II. Irvln,
(llork, U.S. Yocum, and 1
County Attornay.
II. Pope;
Tho circuit totltt aiictnblod at nlno
cl -ok yesterday ni irnini; whon tho crim
inal docket was roinnil,
.lotcph Ilowmar.Vt young man halting
from llallard cctinty, Kontucky, was
brought up boforo'.tho Judgo's bonch and
plond guilty to theVcharga of potty lar-
cony. iiowinar isior good lamuy, nun
tho circumstances 0
ider which ho com-
mlttod tho crime
if which ho stands
charged woro of su
h ti character n to
rendur It doubtful thotlier ho could have
boon convicted if h
had boqti brotignt to
trial on n chargo of
hruLd lareony. Henco
tlio ploa of poltv latcenr. Ha was son
irjnccd lo ilia county iii for tho term of
Hftoon dayi ntidtopiy a lino of $J0 to
gothor with tho oott'.ind to stand commit
tnd until tho lino ntd colV nro paid, Mr.
Llnegar appetrod fcr tin) 4ofondnnt.
Kveryboly romir.ibtrs tho circutn-
stancos of William Kitoum shooting and
aftorwards rohbln' ht r'nrtnor," ono
lohn llo'k. whili travjlii' nluii. the
load between Capo ntul Mound City;
that Slmriir A. II. Iivln fillowud I'.tloum
and llti'.lly tuccoedid in ci)iturlng him nt
I-arroll's landing oi tho Snluckv sldo
of tho Ohio :ivor, Burnotmilm nbovo
Mound City. Itilntm waskrraignud nnd
plead not guilty to tio ohar&i. Mr. Lin
ger Is dof.nJini; bin nnd U4 triiil will
como oil' during tho rount t uU. This
ondod thi criminal btfinuss f vustardnv.
hr D'Cici:t. I
C;o 717 l:iw il)Jkot uJbluro vs.
Ja'por N. Hunter, action of Uobt, wai
thon taken up. (jl, H. U Tywno of
Jonosbjro and S.l. Whoolar of Cair.-,
appearing for th j liifon.lnnt, ail Julgu
Mulkoy ami Son br the plnlntill'. Thi
caso waiciliul nt uri o'cl.iok, a in., nnd
had not boon conc'jloi at tho adjourn
ment of c iurt las evening.
Complimentary notices nro cjmrnnn
and cheap, but w, tho undersigned ex
cursionist;, takopeci'il pleasuro In ox
pressing! ir thniu to tlio (Ulcers of tho
Mnbilu nn 1 Ohio railroad company, for
thoir liberality ntl oornfortibla tranpor
tatlon to bring usto Columbus.lveniucky,
nnd to Conductorf.. II. Smith and his
subordinates, for loliti nttontion shown
and wntchfulncei to provent accident.
Wo feel particulaly grateful to tho cap
tain nnd other jllkcr of tbo transit
elonmcr "Frai.ki'. Oracfly," for tho care
ful ana amploprep.irotlcns male to insuro
comfort, lecuro and selety.
Wocxpetved n rocoj)tion, bet falling
into tho orcn arms of inch a hctpltality
m tho fro)-hei.rtod Cairoites oxtendod to
uscnno. In forpotton whilo momory
lasts. I
M Whltten, llLlherford
.1 O Holwei, I
.1 N MrOaniel,' Dyer
W .1 OavidjonJ "
J B Uiggs, Trelton
J II W Jono-, 'Union Cit;
F 11 Fisher, I lltor Croikott county
(Tenn) Sentinel
It W Jarre.ll, Xonton
W F Collins, I "
W A ThompsoriM
O AV Day, '
J O McClcsky
C H Ferroll,
N O Atkins,
Ely W Ing,
S W Sharp,
O W Johnion,
and many otheU,
I), Humboldt
To all, partlctlarly invalids, spring is
a trying season, ndieatlcns of sickness
snonid ut onco Is attcn lod to. Fatal
Uikoasoa mny bo cusod by allowing tho
I hnwnl i,. i...r.n.r.n ..nna.i..n.i .
" -..iDMiuiiijimra, nnu mo
tvslntn (n m.,,i i, .. ,i... .i i
,, . .
Until tho disorder ias llrnn In rlnonlnn (
. . hmiiuioviuuivu '.UUUUIUU
i sou,
An ounco olprovontlon is worth
pouud of cure, is mold and truthful tuv
l.. rpi . . .... .. .
. uuiuiuru, to nuvieo uu wiio uro
troubled wltb thocomplalnts now vory
provaiom fioadiche, mdicestion. dis
uiuu.vu nvur, want ol nppo
ip.i..i i ...
ino, tiujioa, or fuvorish ekin
to take, without deity, Schenck's Mun
draKO Pills. AVokcowof iiu rnmniH- en
Harmless arid tiecieio in its action. It t
... . J
oncu strikes at tho root of tho disoaso and
produces a healtliT tono to tho system
I'eoplo tiueu novcr sulfur from any discaso
arising iron n d.icrdorod condition of tho
livur il thiy w.iu.d tako this oxcellont
modlcino vhon they feol the llrst indlca.
lions nf iho iiiiilady. Families leavlni?
homo fur iho summer months should tako
threo or four boxes of thoso piibi wti.
inuiii. juuyiiHvonn almost Instuntano
oii eU'eo.. Tliny will rnliovo tlm IIMt l..n I
of hniidtcho in itioortwo hours, und win
miuuiy cii iiiiii) mo nver oi surrounding
Idle, al.d will illottuallyiirovoritu nilin.i.
uuuck. iimv nro sold ny H I drui'f.liii
..... -i. nil . . 1 ...
n. an tin .v wo. uiiwr i.,r salo 50.000
old cigars, winch they will soil cheap and
guarantco in do good tobacco nnd smokn
woll. Wholesulu from il5 tn :m
1 lAA. -nt..ll 4 A
..' ' , . . " uno
i.uuu: rutiui. iw in iwn nnn s i.
UinlllRml pounas line smoking tobacco in
ono nnd ono nd a Imif ' ..
I I"uiwii;uii,
Thnv ntso hnvii in l,n...i. i ...
j " '".i Kou vinegar; !)
nUtforin counlnr
.... . . I"""'t
vua " ""' "' "icy will (oil ,,t a bar-
Health ami i'UHl: ATK1, ,.
wanting cisterns rupaired or now ones
built can bo uccommodatoi In a eutlsfac.
tory manuor by calilrur on tbn .,n,in,.
Blgned on Cross street, or by uddrossing
box 570, 1. (),, or by loavlne- word hi i.
dork's olllco. j u ii, ..,,,
V 1 V K 1 1 U N I) It E I) HT 110 NO.
ADDitKS i.
Wo aro In have another Tonnossco ux-
cumion party visit us to-day. Thoro was
a mooting of tho rucoption committed Inst
night, and It was to moot tho oxcurslonhn
at Flllmoro City Hftor crossing tho river on
tho transfer U. H. McCombs. to escort
thorn to Winlor's bloctt. whoro tho
wclcoino nddross will bo dollverol
by U. Wntton Wobb. Aftor tlm uddresi
and tho responses, our guoHs will disperse,
nnd spond llu btliuiojof the tlm in
scoing tho sights.
It Is thoir doslro to bocome acquainted
with our peoplo, and our eitl.)tis sluuld
do nil In their powor to mako their visit us
pleasant us possible.
ino ro:option commlltoo appointed to
rooolvo tho Mllanltos, aro riquostod to
moat this morning nt 10 o'clock at tho
storo of O. M. Aldcn on Ohio lovco. Tho
commltluo is compoiod of tho following
persons, who will pIos.i tako nolico:
l'nibileriin C'iuiW, Uav II II Thnyor,
uon u v .Munn nnd Myor Wool.
jijjiuu Ciumt lliv T It Tavlor nnd
John 1 (Jamhlo.
liltopnl CViMrci-Uov O A Oilbirt,
II H Candoo and W II Ollbort.
Christian Chuveh3 M Aldon.ll J Cun
dill' nml Captain K O Weirlck.
MclhodiU Vhnrch-3 S Swnyno, H A
Thorns and L W Stillwoll.
Lutheran Chvreh Hov O Duorschner,
A I.ohr and U IIuols.
at tho Aiii.i.s'tiToN Oaudk.v, corner of
Seventh stroet nnd Commorelal, to bo
givon by tho ladies of tho
'Tis tho first of tho season, nnd thoir
friends nro all inviteii. 2-5-27-lt
A furnished house, No. 30, Thirteenth
street. Apply to Mrs. Kato Sundusky
M-6.ll.0t 3
Second-hand elothlng, watches, jewelry
pistols, Ac, bought and sold. Also tt lot
Ilruficls' curpot, furniture, t!., for salo,
Upposito Cairo nnd Incunnos railroad
depot. 188 2-27-tf M. CoYNK
Tr.N pounds of brown sugar for tl ;
pounds best colloo sugar nt SI, 3 pounds
of choico butter nt $1; baking powder -15c
por lb; Imperial tea nt $ 1 ; potatoes .10
cents por peck; 3J lbs coffco tl.at Wilcox
"lock. 107 2-1-1 m.
A now houso containing thrco room,
and sido pore , two good lots, clstorn
and stublo. Tho property Is situated on
lwonty-lirst street botweon Wulnul' and
Cedar streets. For further particular,
inqutro on tho promises. 31.6-7.lm
1. II. hills, at tbo Arlington home,
ucroby nnnounco that ho has aponod nn
Ico cream parlor nt tho Arlington houso
ror tho accommodation of tho pub'ic,
U ! ...
r aminos euppneu. All ordors promptly
utionuod lo. 71.5-17.tf
Tho two story brick houso corner
Twontletb nnd 1'oplar etroots, Is for ront
at low price Tho houto is now, with
good storo room on first floor and dwoll
ing up stairs. Enquiro at tho Accommo.
dution homo, No. B8 Ohio lovoc.
55.5-13-12t . It. K. AVlllTK.
tor tbe noxt ton days 1 will oUor for
salo tho itock of goods in storo, No. l'JO
Commorelal avouuo, ut lyis than cost, and
ull tlioso wishing books, stationery, brack
ots, pioturo finmes, mouldings, wrapping
paper, etc., should call early us everything
must bo sold Immediately.
Uyuon Hi.ake,
Assignoo of II. A. llannon
doos FdoosT"
Notice Is horoby given that on ani
uiiorouno 1st, all dogs and sluts found
running ut largo will bo killod by mo, or
unuor my diroction, unless tho required
tux is puid on tuo Bamo.
i win rocoivo dog tax on and ufter
May 2'2nd ul tho city clerks ofllco.
Wm. McUale, City Marshal.
ST 1 1 A W I J E K R YK EST I V A L.
i bo ladies of tho Methodist church
will givo a strawbojry nnd icu cream fes
tivul ut Arlington garden on Tuesday
ovoning noxt, L'5th inst. Thoro will bo a
beautiful supply of borrles, crnam und
flowers und everything will bo dono to
rondor tho occasion onjoyablo and In
overy way pleasant. All frionds of tho
congregation are invited to attend.
Hornco A. Hanntn, having this day
mauo un awignmont to tbo undesigned
lor tuo equal bonollt of ;hlj croJItors, nil
persons having claims against him. uro
nerooy noiiHod to iiresont tho sarno for
adjustment, and nil persons Indobtod to
said Itarirum nro notilled to call nnd mnko
sottlomiint, or 1 shall prococd totolloot by
Ult. IlYIlON F. llr.Ak-K
Asslgnco of Horaco A. Hannoti.
Cairo, Ills., .May 20, 00 6.21-IJt
(5. U. lloden, Director nf Conservatory
of Music, and Touohor of Vocnl, Orcan
nnd 1'inno Music. Instruction givon In
nil stringod and wind Instruments. jJIo.
mentary prlnclplos, thorough bass, har.
mony nnd countor point. Unprecodontod
inducomouts oll'ored. Thoso wishing to
socuro his servicos will pleaso apply at
tho Conservatory of Music cornor of I
Twelfth stroot nnd "Wnshlngton nvonuo.
l'ianoH tuned and ropairod.
Caiko, Illinois,
Monday livn'p;., May '-'5, 1871.
Tho corn mnrkot took a sudden tuin on
last Saturday nnd prices tumbled 6 lo 10
cents on tlio buahul; tho conaoquonco is
that ovoryboJy has como to soil to-day
and no buyors, nn in tho unsottled condi
tion of things buyors aro holdlnu otf.
Tho market Is flooded with corn and to-
d.iy, 08c tu bulk nnd 75c In sacks, for
mixed, was thn rt'llng llguros. Whilo
quotod 0310a higher. Dcnlors aro hope
ful thnt a reaction will tako pluco und
prlcos stiffen up, but wo saw no ono to
day who oxpeett loom again lo roach last
wook's tlgurcs.
Outs aro qulot, plenty and lower; quoted
(my to-Jay at 68c sacked mid delivered,
The supply of os in murkut Is small,
but the woaihcr it vory hot and very fow
aro wanted.
Duller Is plenty and dull, telling slow,
only gilt edged will brinjs 23c; white
choico Southern Ills. Is turd to suit at
anything above 'JOu.
Corn meal It Arm nt 3 35 3 10 for
choico steam dnod country. City moil Is
quotod at 5 0 10c higher. Poultry it
plenty nnd dull, und provision!) II r 111 and
Hlrnwberrie nro inoro plonty and will
soon belli roaoh ol all. Thyyaro ruUll-
Ing to-day at tbu ratoof a djillor por gal
Tho rivers continuo to f!l, tho city is
frco from mjc wator, and morcury ratigos
somn whero in tho nlnotius.
Cfcair Our friends should boar In mind
that tho pricos h6ro giv.m aro usually fur
kins from first hinds in round lots. In
tilling ordors and fur hrokon luti It is
ncceoary 10 canrgo an ndvanco ovnr
theso llguros. -Qia
Tho domand for law grades continues
stoady und nctlvo, and In advanco of tho
supp y. Choico grades movo slowly and
tho market Is woll supplied. Wo note
sale of 300 bbls various grados 6 'J5
8 60; 100 bbls various grades) l 76
7 bu; 2(15 bbls choico grades 7 CO; 200 bbls
nt tho mills C 95; 100 bbls hi tho mills
C tO; 200 bbls del i 10; 100 bbll spring
C 25; 200 bbls wlntor C 60; 300 bbls va
rious grndos 6 60 (7j 7 00; 300 bbls various
grndos 5 00 to II CO
Sales to-day by city mills woro 100 bbls
whlto wheat family 8 60; 75 bbls rod X
XX 7 76; 60 bbls rod XXX 7 00.
uoiauons to-uny by city mills nro
choico whit'), I 40; choloo red, 1 25; No,
2 ri d, 1 00.
Tbo supply Is small, but is considorel
equal to tho demand. Wo nolo sales of 2
cars choico mixod dollvorod, 23 00, 1 car
choico timothy delivered, 20 00.
Tho sudden turn of tho corn markotat
Louis and tho hoavy doclir.o in prices
nt that point couplod with tho continued
liberal arrivals, demoralized tho market
horo, loAving it in n vory unsatisfactory
unsottlod und uncertain condition
to-day. Prices aro quoted nominally, OSic
In bulk and 76c in sacks fur mixod nnd
present. 0 noto sales of 6 cars ulxod
in sacks delivorod, 76c; 35 cars mixed in
bulk on track, 682,CD; 3 cars mixod in
bulk on trsik, G8c.
Tbo market Is qulot, dull and lower.
The supply Is in advanco of tho demand.
Transactions havo bn ssnll. Tho only
salosto na'.o wero C cars In incki dollvorcd,
69; 2 cars in sacks dellvored, 6750; 1
car in sacks dollvorod, 60; 2 cars in bulk
on trask, 52(353, fQ$Q
Iho market continuos (lrm and uctivo
and tho supply light. I'rlcos hold tho
uamo m nt trio closo of lait wook. Wo
note sales of 100 bbls S S dol I 10; -100
bbls K S del t 3SI -10; 200 obis S I)
dol 1 306T,I 10.
Tho market Is ovorstockoi and dull and
prices aro lower. Wo note sales as fol
lows: 15 palls good southorn Illinois 20c;
5 palls choico northern 2lc; 8 nail
cnoico southern Illinois i'Oc; 6 packages
cuuico uc; i pkgu good southorn Illinois
17Jc; 600 lbj strictly choico 25c: 376 lbs
choico Southorn Illinois 20c; 10 pkgs
cnoico southorn Illinois 20u.
ltplpts aro small but onouifli for tho
domand. Sales wero 000 doznm iniin
- - J v..
l'Jonty and hard to lull. 3 2S for choico
bens Is tho outsldo prlco. Halot woro 2
coops spring chickens 2 50; 20 dozou
mixed nnd hunt 2 603 25; 3 coops choice
nuns .1 26: 10 do.on choico hnnn a c(r..
.... . ; " -
-j, j coops cnoico nons 3 O0fo)3 25
FltUlT. a
tt. ... . 1 . . . .
Muiiuni iinias ui: iu poxes orangos
55 60, 10 do do on ordors, 7 40:
boxos lomons, 8.
rirm nnd unchanged, Wo noto sales
3,000 lbs bacon shouldore, 73: 20holf
bbls lard, 11c; 2,000 lbs cleur sides. 101e-
i,ouo lbs shoulders, 8c; l.OCOlls plain
1 mm 11. ; . .. ' . '
uams, uc.
x, .
aiiLi.i.NKitY. .iirs, Hogarth it Co. dc-
siro to call tho attontion of tho ladles of
Cairo nnd vicinity to thoir dlsplav of mil
llnnry and fancy goods. Having socurcd
tho servicos of ono of tho best trlmmors
In thn West, thoy fool confldont tint thoy
can suit tho most oxnotlng tnste. Dross
making dono in tho latost styles on short
notice, l'rlcoj reasonablo. A call is ro-
poctlully sollcltod, No. 114 Commorcla
nvonuo, cno door south of tho popular
dry goods Btoroof J, Hurgnr.
Foil Stoves, 'i'lnwaro.tou'otwaro, stonm
cooking vossols, brollors, bird cages, Ian
orns, guto springe, gato hlngos, tablo nnd
pocket cutlory, fluting irons. Also for
rooting, guttors and spouting, go to A.
Hulloy's, 168 Washington avonuo, 11 oar
Tenth strcot. 60 1-1 7-1 m.
"Unu.Mi'ri ot comfort" nt D. Artor &
Co's. 43.6-10.ltn
On and after tbit dato until further
nolico, fruit car will bo run between
Cairo nnd Chicago, loavlng Oalro dally
oicopt Snlurd&y at 4 r. m.
J-5-20-Ct Jaukb Johnson, Agont.
'Sun' cepy.
The Mormon. For tho Monitor, the
best coal Cook Stovo ovor mado 6t ths
Fashion, tho champion wood Cook of tho
West, go to A. Halloy'slCa Washington
iwenuo, near Tenth ttroot.
60 4-17-m
Bay J ait received ana lor tale by
Mathuti t; Uhl, 04 Ohio leree, 26,000 lbs
I .1.1 1 I . -. . .
uuuuu eiuui, iibiiii aim luoumeri ; utiiuij
flvo bbls now polatoot ; 26 boics lotnont).
Notice. Owing to tbo many onion
now In Mr. Winter's hands ior paintings
he will only devote threo days In oach
week to photography. Thursday. Frl
day and Saturday will bo tlio days, unless
a special engagement Is mado. 08.6-23. tf
Why Miss Anna, whoro did you get
that nico hat? At Mm. Hultr.' Mil
llnory storo, cornor of Wathlofcton av-
enuo and Eleventh strcot. Sbo his the
latost fashions, and the nicest and cheap
est halt thnt over camo to Cairo.
30-5 Ctf ,
MiLi.iNEtiY. Mrs. Jackson, formorly
Mr. Swnuder, Is now on hand with tho
choapoit stock of Millinery In Cairo
Sho bns lowered her bouso ovon with the
sidewalk to glvo tho Indies an easy en
tranco and has luworod hor prlco lo glto
tbern all acbnnco to buy a beautiful spring
hat or bonnet nnd anything olio In her
una mat moy may want. Her aloro Is
now ono of tbo most attractivo, as It has
long been ono of tbo cheapest places In
town to buy. Call and too hor and bo con
vinced. l(t 6-3. lw
Oaiiio, Mny 1C, 1871.
Not.ce. Tho Unit of D. Hartman fc
Co, has been dissolved this day by mutual
Dan'l Uaktman,
Auout W. Oitkbi.oii.
Witnessed by
S. A. SlLVEIl,
It. II. Cunninuiiam. 83 20-tf
Cairo, May 10, 1874.
I have this day sold out all my Interest
In the Arm of D. Hartman A Co , to D.
Hartman, and all debts duo tbo Arm will
bo settled by D. llartmnn.
Auqust W. Obteh oil.
WitnoMrd by
It. II. Cunningham, 8T-3.20.tf
Wbolcalo and Itttall Dcalcis In
Cairo, Illinois, and Columbus, Kontucky.
Cairo olllco at Union .t Wilton', comer
Twelfth street nnd Ohio levec.
Wo will run nu lee wagon throughout the
MMftOli, delivering nun; Uku lea In nnv ti.rl
of I lie. city at the lotvunt market price, und
..... - .... ,r. .i, mcuim Ull I PI Ut' I 111 fllj
with Ire bv tlio eake or eir load, packed lu
saw dilid, for shipment lo any dl-tanre
B 5.2Ctf
(Formerly Mrs. Swanders,)
announce that she has lust' onenod a lam
assortment ol the
Mllllnorv Ooods totia loiimt in tt.. m..i,.
iho will keep on bund
Hath, Uonnetb, Flowehs, Ridiionb,
Duehh TimiMiNOH or All Kistm,
COLLAIIH. UNDKliMr ltvx' 11it.
And ull pods lound In millinery stores', all
ol which will bo Ulsposod of at the lowest
cam prices. Sin.
ask a continuation of tho paUonage which
has boen so liberally besbtowed upon hor by
the ladles of Culro and tho vicinity.
13 DEAD.
Ills olllco and dispensary at
Hot. Commercial ana Yaiington avonuo
It IS tmo. tlin ituplnr ! nnn nf l. .1.1..
physician of tho place, and hi diploma,
that hang In hi ofllco, allows that he has
bocn 32 year In tbo profession, lie It dolmr
a larecr olllco nrautlen tlinn inv nth.. .1..?
dlclau, treating all kind of chronic disease
ol the human nystcm, mich a old Hlcew, and
all dlseasu of the kln, liuraor and blood
poison ; also dUcaso of the throat; albo
llll lIUnANflU nt Ilm A.'n. .....Vlt.
also artll Icial eye Inserted; rlstula cured
hy.tho application of medlclno: Dlmnloion
'iiiiivuhuu uau uk it KllliO I
"ll. s.co,,rill,lovei1! aU '"-'nary, disease
i"i,ii jonns 01 venereal and nrivato
dlHoasonlcurcd In tho Hhortost time : gomla
weakness aud uelf-abuso cured lu a hor
ins seu-eviuoni mat a piiysiclan troatintr
cases for tweuty.two year acquire great
It is 1 self-evldont that a phyilclan treating
All consultations rnn1lilnntl.l In niu
orbylettea. ' r
mouicine rurnlabod at office In
10-23 tf.l uk. davio UULTi.
Hoot and shoo maker. Twentieth sir..,., 1...
two on Washington avenue and i..i.-
street.l nrenared to make bootn
In tho latest and most lashtonable.Hvli n
Hn will niHkn llinm n n... .u ly'1'
jtyia. . to jtmoijm
good supply on hand from which to make
election. All nttimr nr imi. .n. ."'1.
made by Mr. Khler I done in hit own shop
-no fore urn llttlntr belnv nun,i m-
Olvo him a oall, and ho will give you aatnu
O.yr, DUNNING, M. D.
HEH1DKNCB corner Nlnm and Wi
Vii 1 uu,uu con" oixiq atroed
""". vuiuu uuuk iromu u,

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