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TtkMiMt pleasure in announcing n
tkn.nMWpr.pmd "P,'Jri:,r;,?l
wtsAsae'! hw very ljWt qn",r ,Ulr
at Mr feotu" or it U store. Order
(MM l toft at the No. 88 Ohio
Whole! Mil Retail Dealer in
Oalro, Illinois, and Columbu, Konlucky.
Cairo offlce at Hulen Wilson', comer
Twelfth, street and Ohio levee.
We wW m an Tee wm throughout the
nason, doHverlafr pure lake lea In any pirt
of tb ettr M tM lwtt Btrket price, Mid
will akso furnish Bar friends outside the city
with loe bv ibo caka or car load, packed In
aw Jn for stopBaont to any mslanco
Notloe la hereby given tint all charge b
agatast Ohlor of PoMce McIUlo for Invcrtl
gatloa, must be placed In tho hands of the
chairman of the committee with the naraei
el tht witness, before .Taesday evening,
May SStb, 1874, at I o'clook. Tac nine
suit be made la wrlUru? anil fffnfir oy
tba sosopUlnant,. Any charge mado alter
tills tun will not be considered.
W. 11. Monnis,
Chairman ol Committco.
In order that Memorial Day mar be appro-
ettiyotuerYJ,uio ciuzeus oiaiouuu
City have arranged for its
proptr celebration on
Saturday, May 30, 1874
The accommodations will be ample for lev
era! thousand people.
Th orator of the day will be
Other eminent public men will he present and
The Ladles who intend to bo present, arc
cjucicu iu mo gananas auu ooil
quota ol flower unarranged.
The following committees havo boon
appointed :
GeoMerU,8r, W L lUmttleton,
Daniel Uogen, GeoSWllz,
UF Meyer. Isaac Roeii,
' Geo W Bllnn.
BLUlcn, KBWatUn.,
Fred Corson.
John W Carter, U F Potter,
JouuAWaogu, JCSChentor,
AlUi Dr. Loooey, Vicuna,
II II Spencer, James Browner,
HWPyer, LO Harris.
Ed Hayes.
John W Carter, Dr. Oasey.
UF Potter, FW Corson.
OH ucinion,
Lronsbery, WFPrlcr,
usUortn, SB. Casey,
MerU.Jr, lOUarrln,
Doughtrty, o W Fclter,
n atocan, John Unegur,
H 11 O'Nall.
K Shlppen, chairman K S Chestitr.
f Eldred, Duke Carter,
Dan Hogan, O ft Fuller,
A Mason,
S Depew,
Ik. Ui.1. ,r,
1 Weetphal,
A Huhner,
Oao Mlnnleh,
John Weaver,
leraal Buderson,
Junes lie If.
Judf a Htffner,
David Porter,
Frank Bore,
3 )
Judk-e Urown.
Lu A JltCCtTA,
m rf uoouo,
James llartleeon,
U J Qredily,
Or Brown, ,
H O Uleu,
W A Hlght,
HJKelsey, '
.T M Duvl(fc,
Mayor John Wood, O ItnVoodwird,
Paul Bchuh, ColMcKcL'
Yft,n1fM?U' Jn Antrtm,
John Oberly, Davis, of tba 'Hun'
KB Yeoman, iu Mr BaWay,
WUhamWetxcU "
f " McCartney, JOWUUs,
UtoO Jones, W Brown,
William Ward.
CKIrkpabrlck, Geo Douherty,
M J Inscore,
MwmISK"' ftJAWen,
DrOMtkallM, BMQUsstord.
Major Cottorer, capt Sloan.
D. J. BTALKKR, M, b.
Bill !.
Somctiodr to take from in a thousand hill
head, good paper and tlncly printed, for
One thousand statements printed at Tqk
Bulletin ofllco for $3.60.
BfoSe Hnd.
Ono thousand note hoads printed at Till
Bulletin oQlco for $4.00; two thousand lor
Ono thousand business card, fine llrlslol
board, printed at THE BULLETIN ollleo lor
from 2.60 to ( 1.00, according to size.
FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1874.
(lo to Wilcox's for sttawborrlcs.
Oall and examine
at D. Artor A Co's.
tho new tash-lock
)BWanlod, at tho St. Oharlc Hotel,
soventy-fivo day boerdor at tho roducod
rates. "8 B-lO-tf
Our pooplo who have occasion to visit
Chicago, should tnako tholr home wbllo
there at the nw-Tniont livuta
Rkturxkd. Mr, Davis, of tho 'Sun,
returned from Chicago yeslorday, wbithor
ha want to attend tho meeting of tho Illi
nois press association.
8. D. Hat, a spiritual dovoloping me
dium, may be found at Mr. Llinbort's, at
the Railroad House, on Uommorcial ave
nue, for one week.
Tobacco Sam. Thore will bo a largo
quantity of the better grades of tabacco
placed on the breaks at the salo at the
Plan tare' warehouse this morning.
Tut Monitor. For tho Monitor, the
best coal Cook Stove over mado or the
Fashion, the champion wood Cook of tho
Wost, go to A. Ilalley'i, 108 Washington
avenue, .near Tonth street
-ou i cm
Notice. Owing to tho many orders
now In Mr. Wlnter'i bands tor paintings
he will onlv dovote three days in each
week to photography. Thursday, In
day and Saturday will bo the days, unless
a (Dedal ensraeeiaent is mado. 98.6-23-tf
TnnKK. Three large, elegant and very
desirable family rooms, fronting on tho
Ohio rlvor, can bo obtained with board
at the St. Charles, during tho summer
months, at reduced ratos. 93 5-22-tf.
of comfort'
at D. Arter A:
A BnoOTtKO AirAiB A shooting affal
occurred at tko ferry landing on the Mis
aourl side of the Mississippi on Wednesday
vonlng, but wo have been unable to loarn
anything reliable about St, further
than that nobody was hurt.
n.. rk.I2rltoopalchurkU
parlor concert last night at the roildonc
of Judgo ttakor was well attended, and
proved a very enjoyable affair. Tho mu
sic and roadlng was excellent, and highly
approclatod by thoso who heard It.
Hovbb ror. Ubkt. A nice cottsgo
containing six rooms, without houses and
good cistern, on Twolfth slreot, betwoon
Commercial and Washington avenues.
Apply to undersigned.
J. 11. Phillis.
Cairo, May 28th, 1874.
10 5-29-tf
Tub Cnors. Farmers aro calling for
rain, and say that unloss it comes soon
the corn and oat orops will nrovo a
failure in this part of tbo country. The
ground Is vory dry and hard and burning
up the sood. Tho wheat crop looks well,
but gooa rain would improvo it.
HriOAL Tbaiub. It should be romem-
bered that a special train will run between
Cairo and Mound City to-morrow, (Dec-
ration Day,) as follows: Leaving Cairo
at .9:10 a. m. and 1:30 and 4 o'clock p. m.
Iteturnlng will leave Mound Oily at 10:20
a. :n and Vlx'ib and 0:10 p. m.
KK-orKNkn Mr. Carl Poters, tbo black
smith, cornor of Blovonth and Poplar
stroeiH, has re-openod his shop and Is now
ready to do any and all kinds ol work in
his lino, llowibhoshls old friends and
all others who may have work to do to
give him a call. 1G B-2C!iw.
Mockino Uibd Wajjtbd. 1 want a
good alngor, for which will bo glvon
Liuht Ubaiiua fowls of puru blood,
weighing 10 to 18 pounds to tho pair.
Address J. J. Kearney, 472 West Taylor
street, uuioago ; or J. O. Llnklotter, at
uarclay liro'i. Druitalsts. t)lrn. liu
11 G-'-'S-lt
twenty persons were either sent to the
penitentiary, or discharged during the
last tan days, the county Jail is still un
oomroriauiy lull, there bolng yet some
twenty-five prisoners csa&ned in It,
Alexander county standi in greater
need of a new jail than any other coun
ty In the state.
Ok Saturday May, 80, traini on Cairo
and Vincennoa Kallroad will run between
Cairo and Mound City as follows:
Leaving Cairoat9:30 a. m, 1:30 p,
and 4 p. m.
leaving Mound City at 10:30
a. m.,
12:25 p. m., and U.10 p. ui.
M. 11. Uooinuf'ii
Goneral Tickot Agunt.
Doast Owners ol dogs which they de
sire to shield from the wrath to come
should loose no time in paying the tax
on them and tejutlng the tab, without
which every dog found running at largo
iter tae Drst day of June will certainly
be shot. The marshal means business, and
thoia who noglect to pay their dog tax
must not grumble lf,on somo llnu morning
tkey Wake up to llnd tholr favorlto purp
cold in death,
AsstawBB'a Notice Having disposed
of all food, asslenod to me by U. A
Itannon, and turned tho samo Into cash,
horoby notify all porsons having claims
against said Uannon to proient tho samo
to me within flvo days; and all porsons
indebted to sati liannon will
pleaso call ai ray ollleo in
Urois' Illock and esltlo within flvo uay
days (rum date'. All bills unsettled on or
beforo J line , 2nd, will , bo placed in tho
hands of a lawyer for collodion;
I). F. BI.AKB,
Assignee of H. A. Hannok,
Cairo, 111., May 28, 1874. 18-6-29.31
CoitrTBOLLKR'n Notick. Nollco Is
hereby glvon that tho city has omployod
John Qladnoy to romovo from tho front
of all houRO In tho city, all regulable
and dry kitchen offal of all and overy do
ecrlptlon,provldod tho samo Is placed in
boxos or barrols and placed In convonlont
locations in front of said houso, by six
and a-half o'clock a. m,, each wook-day
morning from Juno 1, 1871 to Soptombor
1, 1874, Citizens aro requcstod to notify
tho city marshal of any neglect on tho
part of Mr. Uladney in fulinillng his duty.
M. S. Cox,
tO-S-27-Ct City Comptrollor.
HoTRL AnntVALB, Tho following
woro tho arrivals at tho Dolmonlco hotel
vosterdav : A W Ransor. M. C. It. It.
I) Morgan M. O. 11 11. John Sprout,
Oolumbii), Ivy; Wm Uontrell, Dallls,
Texan; It It Cantor and wife, I.yndevllle;
Dr J W Futtro) and wifo, Laflln, Mo;
W Lengfeld, St Louli; II U Illankston,
Charloiton; J C riolghbours, Kr.llno coun
ty, Illinois: C M Hunt, C A &TK11;
II A Honshaw, Hallald county, N Yj
Thos J Connor, St Louis; U Lundgrlit,
St Loult, J V Parker, First Station, Tenn;
It J Gardon, First Station, Tonn; August
Kroipo, Uolconda, Illinois.
Kobulbr & Duo. MoJirs. Fred. Koeh
ler & liro., trholesalo and retail dealers in
fresh and smoked meats, havo ono of the
flnoit retail meat markots in tho city,
Tboir shop Is on Eighth street, near
Washington avenue, whero will always
bo found a supply of the choicest fresh
beof, pork, veal, mutton, otc Thoy pro
pose to sell meat ohoaper than any other
establishment in the city, and In order to
do tht,Jwlll sell for cash only. Thtx) will
not do a credit bwxintis, and hope no ono
will ask far credit, as it will positively
bo refused. If customers do not see what
they want, they should ask for it, as all
kinds of moats will be kept constantly on
hand. 17-G-29.lt
Fine Ciqars. retor Baup, manutac
turer of cigars and dealor In all kinds of
tobacco and smokrr'i articles. Ko. 102
Commercial avenue, has on hand a stock
of his celebrated brands of cigars, to which
he invites the attention of dealors in such
goods. Theso cigars havo a wide-spread
reputatian as being as good as any over
oQorod in this market, and tho figures at
which thoy are sold aro euro to attract
attention. Ho invites an examination of
his goods and prices, and warrants what
he sells to bo just what ho ropresonts
them to bo or raoooy refunded.
70 G-l&-12t
In obodlenco to tbo call published In
The Bulletin yesterday morning for
moeting of eoldiors and citizens at tho
court house last night to give expression
to their sentiments with reforenco to the
notion of tho Grand Army of the Repub
lic, In ordering that none but the graves
of Union soldiers, buriod in our national
cemeteries shall bo decorated, a large
numbor of ex-soldiers and citizens were
present, and took part in the proceedings,
On motion of Hon. D. W. Munn
Mayor Wood was callod to chair, an
Mr. Z. D. Mathuss was appnintedsocre
On taking thoohair Mayor Wood statoJ
tho object of tho moeting. Ho said, in
substanee, that the Grand Army of tho
Kepublle having ordorod that only
the graves of Union soldior
buriod in our national cemotcrioi should
bo docorated on momorlal day, this moot
ing had beon called that, wo as citizens of
Cairo, many of whom had served as Union
soldiers in the lato war, might ontor our
solomn protost against tho orders of th
Grand Army of tho Republic, boliov
that the time has come whon theammosl
ties and blttor footings which hod grow
out of tho war should ba forgotten; that
the north and tho south wero ono pooplo,
llvlnir unilip lm anu
that a more frlondly feeling toward one
anothor should bo encouraged. Ho was
In favor of docorating the gravos of all
soldiers buried In tho national comota
rios. Hon, D. W. Munu stated that ho had
slgnod the paper presented to him on Wed
nosday evening without roadlng It, sup.
posing thst it was simply a protost
against tho action of the Grand Army of
tho Republio for discriminating in tholr
ordor for deoorating soldiers irrnvos
in tho national cemeterios : and aftor de
claiming any Intontion to consuro tho
govornor of tho stato for his proclamation,
movod tbo following as tbo sonio of tho
meeting, which was unanimously adopted:
WiiiBKAB, Very gonoral amnesty
has beeu granted to thoso activoly
engaged in the rebellion, and
Wiixbeas, Many ot tho oillcers who
participated in the rebellion havo boon
appointed to positions of bouor and trust
aad returnod to the national balls of leg!
Illation to aid In making our Uws, there,
Resolved, That we. as soldi rs inil tl4L
zsns of Cairo, enter our protoit airalnst
tho action of the Grand Army of tho
lUpubllo in discriminating in their oroer
for the decoration ol soldiers graves in
our national cemeteries.
Alter the adoption of tho foregoing tho
meeting adjourned,
Tho nrgumorjti In tho caso of the peo
plo vs. tho Illinois Contral railroad,
brought by tho slato railroad commls
lonors for oxtortlonato chargoson frolght
nd for ox;oistve ohargos on passcngor
fairs, occupied tho ontlro tlmoot tbeolr-
cult court yestordav. Uon.W. II. Croon,
ttornoy for tho road, opened tho argu
men! on ilomurer to tho declaration of
tho attorneys for tho people, and, taking
up the counts in tho declaration soparatcly
discussed them at considerable length
and when court adjournod at noon an
nouncod that he would concludo his ar
gument in the aftornoon. Mr. Linegar
followed Judgo Urcon, and when court
adjourned in tho ovoulng, had not con
eluded bis nrgumont. The caio will bo
aonllnxoJ llals morning, ,
Probato court adjournod yostorday af
ter a two wosks session. During tho torm
coniidorahle buiincjs was transacted, and
'ovcral important ostatcs finally gottlod.i
roLiCK counT.
Police court was dull as usual
thsro. boing vory llttlo buslnois
to transact. In tho morning two womon
wore boforo his honor, Judgo Broif, for
being inmates of and csnnected with a
houto of ill-fame. Seroral wltnorsos
wore examined, and 'aftor hoarlng thol
evidenoo his honor nnciied a flno of 11 if-
teen dollars and costs against ono of thorn
and ten dollars and costs against tho
other, which they paid.
A mooting of tho commlttoe lo mak
arrangemonti for the recoptlon of the
Jackson, Tenntuoo, excursionists, to visit
Cairo to-morrow, (Saturday) was bold at
tba City National Rank ycitorday morn
log at ton o'clock. All tho mombers
committee, Csptain W.P. Ilalllday, chair
man, John H. Oborly, Rev. H. B. Thayer,
U. ILCandeo, Wood Rittonhouio nud C. 1
Woodward, woro proient
The objoct of tho mooting of tho aora
m'.tteo was to appoint a rooeptlon com
mittee ; agroo upon somo suitablo place
where tho welcome address should be
made, and to seloct somo person to deliv
er tho oddreii.
On motion Alderman W. IL Morris
was selected to deliver tho wecoino ad
dross, and the following gentlanen ap
pointed as tbo rosoptlon commlitoo:
Tho Mayor and City Councl.
W P Halllday,
John Antrim,
John II Oborly
O 11 Woodward
D L Davis,
F Brosi,
W Hyslop,
M F Cox,
"W fltrattan,
1) W Munn,
J P Gamble,
O Winston,
G D Williamson,
R II Cunningham,
W B Briito), V
P W Barclay,
Wm. Ruder,
J B Reed,
D T Parker,
S D Ayers,
H Wardnur,
O M Howo,
John Ta ber,
Geo Flsber
John Q Harmon,
U B Thajor,
Wood Kitenho'uo.
S S Tayl.r,
U II Cacloe,
O Uaythorn,
E W Oron,
G W McXaoig,
P 11 Pop.,
G M Aldm,
Jas. S Sravnn,
S P Whwlor,
0 Hanniy,
M II Ha-rell,
D J lla':or,
J 11 Milkoy,
1 11 Huhon,
R W Mller,
Jewett Wilcox,
O W Dinning,
E O Pais,
A O Ua-rlson,
Jei Join son,
B F Biste.
J O Lyrch.
A.t ono o'clock tho reception committoo
will meet in front of th. tity national
bank, and beaded by the Ciiro silver cor
not band march to the Greei Lino wharf
boat, whore tho transfor beat, McCombs,
will land tho excureloninti. On arrival of
our visitors, thoy will form In line, and lod
by the band and rtceptien com
rnltteo, march to tho lovtt, thenco down
the loveo to tbo olty natlortl bank, whero
tho welcome addreis and the response
will take placo. At tho conclusion of
this pregrammo tho assembly will bo dis
missed and spend tho balance of the time
they romaln In tho olty as they may see fit.
It Is hopod that as many ot tho mem
bers of the rocentloi oommltteo ns can
will be in attendance.
Tho Financo committoo aro commanded
to moot at my otilco on Frldsy ovoning,
20th inst. at 8 o'clock sharp, The secre
tary and treasurer aro also commanded to
bo tbon and thorn with all tbo arclielvos
appertaining to tholr rospoctivo ofilcos.
By order of cotnmandento.
Chairman Cotimlttoo.
Attest: K. W. O.
May 28th, 1874.
On and after thla dato, until further no
tico, a regular train will ruu botweon
Cairo and Chicago, loaving Cairs dally,
oxcopt Saturiay,t 8 a.m.tirrlvlngin Chi
cago at 6:40 tbo noxt morning,
Jxkks Johnson, A:ont.
Cairo, May 27, 1874.
Hocond-hand clothlng.Jwatchos, Jowolry,
pistole, iic, bought and sold, Als n lot
BrutioU' carpet, furniture, tie., for salo.
Oppoilto Cairo nnd Vlnconnoa railroad
depot. 188 2.27-tf M. doTjB
A rurnlshod house, No. 30, Thlrlosnth
Btroot. Apply to Mrs. Kato Sundusky.
Cairo, Illinois,
lhursday Evn'g., May 28, 1874.
general remarks.
Tho market Is quiet and Inollned to be
a llttlo dull All round. A change for the
better in white oorn yesterday in other
markots, stiffened prices a llttlo here, and
It may go a shado higher than our quota
tions of to-day. tub dutnand In oorn is
confined nlmost exclusively lo white, very
llttlo doing in mixed; stocks of both aro
vory largo. Oats are plenty, dull and
lower, soiling to-day at 03c in sacks. We
havo but little change to noto in moal as
yet. Sales md to-day woro at lower
pricos, and should tho present condition
of tbo coin market hold long, a declino
may be looked for.
Flour Is moJeratoly actlvo In grades
below XXX with vory light stocks.
Choice grades aro in large supply and
Tho murkot Is well suppllod with hay
and pricos have a downward tondoncy
uor is a neavy stock or miller on
hand, sales aro slow and dealors will find
somo dlflloulty to work it oQ' without
groat sscriflco ns fresh receipts aro sufii-
cient to meet tho wanlsof tho trado.
Receipts of eggs aro light and tho dc
mand fair, pricos hold firm at He, ship
pers count to-day.
Poultry, particularly mixod chickens,
are plonty and vory dull. A few small
spring chloken r Mining In and find
roady tale At 2 GO per dozen.
In provisions wo havo vory llttlo to ro
port, as transactions havo all boon of I
small Jobbing nature, for the local trade
1 rices re-naln ilrm and unchanged, and
stocks moderato.
The woathor has been, vory hot for
several days past until to-day a 11 co breeze
from tho southwest prevailed keoplng tho
air cool and plcaiant in tbo forenoon and
bringing up a vory rofrosbiog and wol
come rain in the afternoon, and tho day
closed with a prospect of hoavy showors
through the night.
Cffl Our Irionds should boar in mind
that tho prices hero given are usually fo
sales from first hands in round lots. In
filling ordors and for brokon lots it I
necessary 10 cnargo an advance ove
thoso figures, "a
Tho demand Is generally confinod to
low and modlum grados, and in theso It I
moderately active with supplies almost
exhausted; choice grados aro plenty and
neglocted. Wo nolo sales of 300 bbls va
rlous grados, 3 2G to 8 GO; 200 bbls varl
eus grides on orders, 0 00 to 8 76; 100
bbls XXXX, 7 00; 100 bbls XXX, 25
400 bb?s various grades on orders, G 00 to
1 00; 300 bbls various grados, G 00 to
7 60;100 bbls various grados, 6 SO to 8 00,
Silos io-day by .city m ills wero 80 bbl
whito wheat family 8 60; GO bbls XXXX
8 00; 125 bbls XXXX 7 76; 7G bbls XXX
7 00; 70 btis XX 5 75.
Scarce and firm, quoted at 2l25 00 to
day, sacked and del. We noto sales of
GOO sacks del 24 00; 290 do do 2 J 00,
Plonty and dull. Pricos aro lowor U
day. We noto salos of 2 cars common
mixod del 21 00; 2 cars choice mixed dul
23 00; 1 car choice timothy dol 20 00,
Thero is a llttlo better fooling In whito
to-day, and under tbo influenco of favor
ablo advices from' other markots, prioos
advanced two or tbroo cents. Mixed i
vory dull nnd q-lot. ;Tho market I
largoly overstookod. Our roport of sales
to-day compriios 2 cars whito sacked and
dol 80c; G cars yollow In bulk on track
COc; 4 cars white In bulk on track 75c;
car mixou in bulk on track cue; 3 cars
mixed In sacks dol 74c; 2 cars mixod In
saoks del 75c.
Dull and lower. Tho markot is woli
supplied and domand small. Pricos ar
quoted at a decline of, 2Q3o to-day. Wo
note sales of 2 cars mixed, sold oarly, in
sacks del, G8c; 4 cars mixed In saoks dol
GCu; 3 cars mixod In bulk on track 60VJ
Steady and active. Receipts aro light
and supply small. Try) tondoncy I
pricos I downward, in sympathy with
corn. Wo note saloi of one car load S D
dol. 0 30; 100 bbls. B D. del. 4 35; 100
bbls.S D- 4 30; 200 bbls. S D, 4 35.
Tho old stock on hand is very largo
and is to somo oxtont damagod by the hot
woathor. Rocopts of froth are suificlen
for the domand. Twenty conts Is tho
ruling flguro to-day Salos wero 400 lbs
good southern Illinois, 20c; 10 pkgs. good
southern Illinois, 20c; G pkgs. choia
northern 23c; 6 pkgs. oholco southorn II II -noise
20c; 6 pkgs. cboioe eoutborn XIII
nolio, 1820c; G tubs clwice southorn
Illinoise 20o.
Tho supply Is llmltod and tbo domand
fair. Wo noto sales of 400 dozon, in
casos, 11c, 600 dozen, 11c; 8 pkgs, He; 6
boxes, 11c.
Plonty and dull. We noto sales of 1
ooop young chickens 2 SO; 26 dozon old
hons 3 2G; 3 coops old bons 3 00; 10 coops
old hens 3 00; 1 coop young chickens
2 CO; 8 coops choice hons 3 00.
Sales wore II half bbls 12c; 10 kogs
300 bbls now potatoes sold at 6 76,
10 boxes oranges sold at G 09; 6 boxos
lemons 7 00; 3001bi drlod apples 12c.
CHEESE Western Dairy 17J18c
Now York factory 18Jl0o.
LIMK 1 251 GO "flbbl.
CEMENT 2 003 60 V bbl.
COAL 01L-lPl'.a V gal.
GUNNIES Ro-sowod 2J bushels 18c ;
bushols 20c.
SYRUPS Oholeo C0c$l por gallon
Now Orloans 76ffi80c.
bushol. ... ,
BURLAPS 2J bushol corn, 9J oz
15Jo ; do 10 oz 16o ; 4 bushol oats 20c ; 6
bushols 21c, 0 bushols 22c.
BKESWAA-'C ft) sue
SOAP Shaotfor's Gorman mottled, 7jo
Palm No 1, OJc, Gorman 7o.
SUGAR Crushed 12JQ; A. 10jllo
oxtrn 0. 10j10io.
Call and examine tho new sash-lock I
at D. Artor & Co's. 44-5-10-1 m
Mosquito wire screen cloth at Halley's
hoapor than tho cheapest. 60 4-17-lm
ot comfort" at D. Arter &
Five thousand fruit barrels
for sale.
Enquire of Halllday Bro's, No.
levoo, Cairo; or
70, Ohio
Geo. Burns, Agent,
Jl.5-22.30t Mound City, 111.
Piano For Sale. Irst-class sovon
and a quarter octave piano cheap for cash,
or can bo traded for, part cash and bal
ance In dress goodi; or opon to any other
trade, by addrosslng XXX,
l'ost-oiiico, Cairo.
The largost and bost-iolectod stock
of FURNITURE for sale at wholesalo
and rotall by HENRY EIC1IUOFF, No.
116, Commercial avonue,oiiposlto Seyonth
siroei. 74 0-17-3U)
Health and Purb Water. Persons
wanting clstorns ropalrod or now ones
built can be accoinmodatol In a eatlsfac-
lory manner by calling on tho undor- I
slgnod on Cross street, or by addrosslng
box 679, P. O., or by loavlng word at olty
clork's ofllco J. S. Hawkins.
Step and JCxlonsion ladder, Hand
Soroons, Riddles, Siovos, Sbovols, Spade,
Forks, Hoes, Rakos, Wator Closet Urinals,
Kttchonand Coss Pool Sinks, Clothes
Rlngors, Clothos Uorios, Clolhos Linesn
and, iu fact, a lull assortment of kitchen
and Houso furnishing goods at A. Hal-
loy's, 108 Washington avonue, near Tonth
slrout. do 4-ii-im.
The barbor suop is ou tio corner ot
Eighth street and Commercial avonuo
vrnoro J. Georgo Stionbouso with his gen
tlemanly assistants can be found at any
hour of tho day or night, roady to sootho
your footings with a smooth shave, or cool
your tomper and head with a good sham-
poo. It is a first-class shop, and you aro
sure of receiving first-class treatment.
Ladles' and chlldron's hair cut or curled
aftor tho most approved stylos. 8-16-tf
R. Smytii & Co. Oflar for salo 60,000
old cigars, which they will sell cheap and
guarantee to bo good tobacco and smoke
well. Wholosalo from $16 to $30 per
1,000; rotall, two to firo conts oaeh. One
thousand pounds flno smoking tobacco in
ono nnd ono nnd a half pound paokagos,
Thoy also have 10 barrols good vinegar; 3
platform counter xcales, and one patont
coal oil can, which they will sell at a bar
gain. 1-5-1-tf
A LoTor New Buouies. Wm. Eton-
liotf, wholesalo and retail doalor in furni
ture, lactory at tho corner of Seventeenth
itroot and SVashington Avenue, wlsboa to
inform tho pooplo of Cairo that he has
Just recolvod a lot of children's buggies
and carriages, whioh bo" odors to sell at
astonishingly low pricos. Paronts In want
of such artlclos aro respectfully requested
to call and oxamlno his stock before pur
chasing elsowbero. 4-6-27-tf
Notice to Builders. Having started
up our raw mill again, wo aro now pre
pared to furnish all kinds of building
material at lowor prices, dolivorod, than
It can lio bought from country mills,
Wo have also on hand two hundred
thousand foot of assorted i.uimieu thot
was colorod by slrio wator that wo will
soli at irom S7 to 210 nor 1000 foot.
Wall Se Ent,
Millinery. Mrs. Jackson, forrnorly
Mrs. Swander. is now on band with the
cheapost stock of Millinery in Cairo
Sho has loworod her houso evon with the
sidewalk to glvo tho ladle an easy on-
tranco and has loworod hor price to glvo
thorn all a chanco to buy a beautiful spring
hat or bonnot nnd anything olso in hor
lino that they may want. Hor store is
now ono of tho moit attractive, as it has
long been ono of the cheapest places In
town to buy. Call and soo hor and bo con
vinced. 18 6-3-lw
biioo Fly. Warm weathor will soon
bo boro. Now Is the timo to guard against
files, gnats and mosquitoes, I will say to
tbo public that I am making a specialty
of green wiro cloth this soason and will
duplicate Chicago and St. Louis
prices. I also koep constantly on
hand a largo varlotyof Bird
Cagos, Moss Baskots, Flour Stands,
Toilot Sots, Bath Tubs, and a gen
oral stock of Japanod, plain and stamp
ped tlnwaro, Rofrigorators,Wator Coolors
and Goeoh's IXL loo Croam Froezors.
Also tho Odoll improved Step Ladders,
which will be sold at bottom llguros.
C. W. Henderson, 190 Commorcial ov
enuo, Cairo, Ills. 77 4-24. lm
May Flower. For tho best coal cook
stovo buy tbo celebrated May Flower,
For tho best wood cook stove buy tbo old
rollablo Charter Oak; famous for giving
satisfaction ovorywhsro and bolng especi
ally adaptod to tho wants of ovory house
hold. I koep a largo variety of other
cooking stoves, whloh aro bought for cash
and will bo sold choapor than tho cheap
est. If you want a cup of good coffee
for bronkfast buy tho Planished Coffee
Biggin or French coffeo pot. A full sup
ply of Brltanla ceffoo and toa pots always
on hand. Don't forgot the placo.
O. W. IIendebhon,
7C1-2 1-1 m 100 Commercial avo., Cairo
Oaiho, May 10, 1874.
Not.ck. The firm of D. Hartman &
Co, has boon dlssolvod this day by mutual
Dan'l Uautman,
Auoubt W. Ostkbloii,
Wltnossod by
S. A. Silver,
R. II. Cunningham. 83 20-tf
Cairo, May 10, 1874.
I have this day sold out all my interest
in the Arm of D. Hartman Ss Co., to D.
Hartman, and.all debts due the firm will
bo sottlod by D. Hartman.
A uuust W. OsTsntoit.
Witnosied by
It, 11. Ovnnihqham. 87-G.20.tf
A new house containing three rooms
and sldo porch, two good lots, cistern
and stable. Tho property, is situated on
Twenty-tint street botween "Walnut and
Cedar strools. For further particulars
inquiro on tho premises. 81-6-7-lm
Ten pounds of brown sugar for II ;
pounds best coffee sugar at SI, 3) pounds
ot oholco butter at $1; baking powder 46c
per lb; Imperial tea at $1; potatoes 30
cents per peek; 3j lbs coffee l,at Wilcox's
Blook. 107 2-4-1 m.
T. B. Ellis, at the Arlington house,
hereby announoos that ho bos opened an
Ice croam parlor at the Arlington house
for tho acoommodation of the public.
Families supplied. All orders promptly
attendod ta 71-6-17-tf
For lh noxt ten days I will ofler for
sale the stock of goods in store, Ko. 13d
Commercial avenue, at loss than cost, and
all those wishing books, stationery, brack-
ets, ploturo frames, mouldings, wrapping
paper, eta., should call early as everything
must bo sold Immediately.
Byron Blakb,
Asugneo of H. A. Uannon.
Nollco Is horeby glvon that on and
after Jnne 1st, all dogs and sluts found
running at large wilt bo klllod by me, or
under my direction, unless tbo required
tax is paid on the same.
1 will roceive dog tax on and after
May 22nd at tho city clerks office.
Wu. McUale, Olty Marshal.
Horace A. Uannon, having this day
made an assignment to the undersigned
for tho oqual benefit of hls creditors, all
persons having claims against him, ar
hereby notified to present tbo same for
adjustment, and all persons indebted to
said Uannon are notified to call and make
settlement, or I shall proceed U collect by
suit. Btbob F. Blakb,
Assignee of Uorace A. Uannon.
Cairo, Ills., May 20. 906-21-81
G. C. Bodon, Direotor of Conservatory
of Music, and Teacher of Vocal, Organ
and Piano Music. Instruction given in
all stringed and wind Instruments, stle-
mentary principles, thorough bass, har
mony and counter point. Unprecedented
inducements offorod. Those wishing to
securo his servicos will please apply at
tho Conservatory of Music corner of
Twolfth stroet and Washington avenue.
Pianos tuned and repaired.
To all, particularly invalids, spring is
a trying season. Indications of sickness
should atonoe be attendod to: Fatal
diseases may be caused by allowing the
bowels to become constipated, and the
systom to remain in a disordered condition,
until the disorder has time to develop it
self. An ounce of preyentlon is worth a
pound of cure, Is an old and truthfal say
ing. Theretoro, wo advise all who are
troublod with the complaints now very
provaloht headache, indigestion, dis
ordered llvor, want of appe-
tlto, nausea, or feverish skin,
to take, without dol ay, Scbenck's Man
drake Pill. Wo know of no remedy so
harmless and docislve in it action. It at
onco strikes at the root of the disease and
produces a healthy tone to the system.
People need never sutler from any disease
arising from a disordered condition of tho
liver if tbey would take thla excellent
medloino when thoy feel the first Indica
tions of tho malady. Families leaving
homo for tho summer months should take
tbreo or four boxes of these pills with
them. Tbov havo an almost Instantane
ous offoct. They will relieve the patient
of headache Intmoortwo hoars, and will
rapidly eloanse the liver wf surrounding
bile, and will effectually prevent a bllwu
attack. Tbey are sold by all druggists.
U6 4-80-lm-eod
Why Miss Anna, whero did yon get
that nlco hat? At Mrs. Uultz' Mil
linery itoro, cornor of Washington av
onuo and Klevonth stroet. Bbe bu the
latost fashions, and the nicest and cheap
est hats that ever camo to Cairo.
For Stoves, Tlnwaro.toifotware, steam
cooking vossels, broilers, bird cages, Ian
erns, gato springs, gate hinges, table and
pooket cutlory, fluting irons. Also for
roofing, guttors and spouting, go to A.
Halley's, 168 Washington avenue, near
Tenth street. 66 4-17-lm.
Uenby Eiciiuoi-r is now prepared to
repair, varnish and polish furniture and
pianos in the very best manner.
74 6-1748.
"Cruura ot comfort" atU. Arter dfci
John Q, lhirman
Chu.Th.tr v
& CO.
And Land AgcnUot tho Illinois Central and
Burlington and Missouri It. It, Cos.
North Cor. Sixth nnd Ohio Lovoo,
Real Estate Ajgents,
74 Ohio Levee, (Second Floor,)
Furnishes Abstracts or '1 file.
KSTLand Commissioner.

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