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Takes great pleattir In announcing tliat
they are now prepared lo supply everylKxIy
with lake Ice oriho very hot quality, clther
st their bonus oral the store. Order
inould be lcft,at the office, No. 00 Ohio,
Wholesale and Kctall Dcalcti In
Cairo, llllnoli, nd Columbus, Kentucky.
.-...Irn nfllm at HlllCIl Si WIlsOllN, COmt-r
Twelfth street and Ohio It vcc.
u win rim an Ieowaeon throtichcmt tlm
e-aoii, delivering pure lake Ice In any part.
01 tilt) CUV ai mo iofH iiia.ni.-. iiii )
..m .tun mniUli cinr friend outside the City
with Ice bv tho rake or car load, packed In
taw dust, for shipment m any "' r ,r
Sixth Street and Commercial AToiinr,
Special attention given to H' ?',',K'
1NO and general repairing. 31-w-ti. t
(Formerly Ylrs. Swanders,)
announcoi that aho lias just; openod a barg
aatorUuent ol tha
Mlf-nflTT (loods to bo found in tho market
aho WU keep on hand
UATO, BoWNXTB, KwtrtM. JtlimoHH,
Tin.. T.IIILi...... " '
Ladixs Fobnis.ii.v, Goods, Notions,
And all goods found In mlllinci stores all
ol which will bo disposed ol at tho lowest
cash price. Sir. Jackson reopen fullr
asks a continuation of the pataonage Which
ha bton so initially bestowed upon her by
Die ladlea of Cairo and the vicinity.
Buoera Blrck (upstairs) comer Slli Stro
and Washington Avonuo.
KKSIUEKCK-No. 21, Tblrtccnth ureot
batween WnehlnL'ton btciuio unci AValnu
treet. Otllcc I'M comuierciul ncutle, up
tatra. 1
Oo to Wilcox ' for etrnwberrluif.
comfort" nt D. Aribr .V
) -510-1 in
1'OR KlNT-
2S C31.3t
'A line liouio, inquiro of
Oi:o. Fihiikr.
All the day boardon in tho city can
M9 accommodated at tho Ht. Obarlci
bottil, with flnt-clau board at tocond clusi
t ' 70 1.10tf
The Bkjt.-Wm. Ludwiir, lmrnesi
maker, corner of Right loov and Com
moroial e vacuo, baa Ibo bolt supply of
barn mi, laddies, brldlea, otc, in Mouthorn
Illinoia, and aelli them ai choap as tho
cbeapoit. l!.1:C..-l.lf
ron Silk. A Jot of now houiehold
and kitchen furniture, beda, bodding,
elorei, picturea, etc. If takon coon will
lo told at a bargain, Por further infor
mation Inquiro at Tnx Uullkt.i ollico,
Wakikk-AI tho St. Obarloe, thruo
dining-room glrli. Nono.neod apply ex
cept thote who aro thoroughly experi
enced and can bring good roforoneoa. To
ueb. ateady cmploymcut will bo glvon
ad Mitral wages paid. I20-5.J3t
PloWjt. A purely yellow canary bird
ticipad from hit cago a few daya ago.
Any on rocoyerine and returninB him
to the underilgned will confer a favor
and leultally rewarded.
t3-C32t L. W. Stili.weli..
Uai.L and examine
tho new eahlock
4t 5-10-lrn
at D, Arter & Co'i,
Tux. MoiTO!i..r-or tt.e Monitor, tho
btt coal Oook Storo ever mado or the
Kaibion, the champion wood Cook of tho
Weit, go to A. Halley'a, 108 Waibington
avnu, nttr Tenth trcet.
460 1 7-m
KE-opxiiWi-Mr. Carl Petori, tho black
mltb, corner of KldTonth and Poj.Ur
treeta, hat re-opened hit hop and ii now
ready to do any and all klndi ot work In
hlalino. llewWhtmhW old frlnn.1. -r,.!
all othen who may havo work to do to
Bivo mm a call. 16 5ic.'2,
rn ...
jargen ana nuai-teieetod itock
oi ruitaiTUUK lor tale at wholoialo
116, Commercial avonue,oppoilte Seventh
"rP".4. 74-617-3m
uAx.i.BDa xamtne thonow taihlock
at D. Artor&Co'i. 41-f.-10.lm
IIoubk you -Ukxt. A nlco COttngo
containing tlx room, without home rmd
good ciitorn, on Twolrtb street, betwoon
Commercial and Wwlington n van una
Apply to underilgned.
J. U. VmuM.
Cairo, May 26tb, 1874.
105 W-tf
Itlll llfixin.
from H a thousand bill
heads, good paper mid Unci)' printuil, lur
One thotiMtid statements printed at Tin:
1U M.KTIN olllco lor if.'l.M.
Mote Hrnil-j.
flno tbmuand note hoade uriii'id at 'I'll
llct.i.K n.s olllco for 8 1.00: twolhousiiid for
One thousand IhHiicm cant, lino BrMol
board, printed nt'J'lli: Bttt.l.l.TlN olllco Jlitr
from swig to $I.IK, nccoruing to size.
I.O. 0. F. NOTICE.
Brother can procure Invitations' to tho
ociablo and danco of noil Thursday ovo
nine, olthor for thomiolvoi or frlcuds, ot
clthor of tho following committee; n
iil.nl -T 1tiirr-pr. A. Comlnc. 0, R
i.ii.irti, . -' - n i
Woodward, R. S. Utlgkam or 0. K
Wo learn that tho now ortlinnnco rc
latng to danca homos la to bo rigidly ton
inrnon. -" i , ,
will bo punlihcd lo tlm fullest 'extent of
the law. '
Tho connty commlsionori nro'fllll
In sesilon, and dispatclilng tho btuinosi in.
hand with coniiderablo alacrity. Thoy
will undoubtedly llnuh tho buslhofs of
tho term by Saturday.
Mr, Brown, tho now health olllcor
will ontor upon tho dlichnrgo of his du
ties as such officer to-day Ho intonda to
clofo out his hotel and dovoto his cntlro
tlmo and altonlion to his ollico.
At tho mooting of tho city council
mi TueiJar ovonini; normlsiion was
grantod tho colored masons of tho Ity to
use St. -Mary's park on tho occasion of
their parada and colebration on the "llh
Inst. '
Tho spiritual seanco' at Liberal l'c
UrIous hall last evening by Mr. nnd Mrs.
Mlllor was attondod by a 7air audlenco.
Mrs. Millor performs somo very strango
and astonishing fouls. Slio will ronihln
sovoral nights' longor, giving sosnces each
evening nVftlio samo placo.
At a mooting of tho Bough nnd
Itcady Oro company held on .Monday ov-
nlng, It was resolved to hold it picnio
and ball at School's Waibington gardon,
on July 4th. A commit. do appointed for
tho purposo aro making tho necona'ry'ar
It looms to bo a tottled fact tbtt 'tin)
namo "Cairo" is td nppoar no Rhero in
connection with tho St. Louis, Iron
Mountain and Southern railway, lato ths
Oalro, Arkansas and Texas road. We
aro Inlonnou .ua. luuumukiiu iiuiukuturo
known as tho "Cairo" has been changoJ
to somothing olae. And so ii goes.
T. lv. Sullivan, nt his now drug store
on Commercial avonuo, botwooon Ninth
and Tenth etroots, is doing a thriving
business, nnd building up a profitable
tralo. Prescriptions carefully com
pounded at any and all honrs, day or
night. Ills stock of drugs is completo
and cannot bo stirpMsoi in tho city. Call
and see for yoursolf.
A "young whllu man," well-known
in tho community, has for thu last six or
olght months, cohabited witli n negro
wonch, who lives it tho vicinity ol Fourth
stroot and Washington avonuo. Tho
"young man" lias repec.tabli) relatives In
tho city, but whether thoy are awAro of
lili "way wardnoss" is not known
At n mooting of tho Dolta City Firo
Co., held last ovoning, it was roiolvcd
that wo colebratn tho Fourth of.tulyut
St. Mary's patv, ftnd tlm fnllooilng com
mitteo was nppointod to mako lull nr
rangomonts: Smith, Ilolmos, Kyle,
Lincastor and Martin.
M. J. McQaulcv, Soc'y.
Cairo, May 3, 1874. :IS C-l lt.
Tho mombors of Aloxandor loJgo No.
'JW, I, 0. O, r ., aro roquoited to assemble
on thn Uroon Lino wharf boat nt half-past
four o'clock this afternoon, to rocoivo tho
mombfrs of tbo Charleston lodgo. On
arrival of tho Charleston folks tho parly
will proccod to Odd-Follows hali, whero
they will listen to an address by Mr..
A "vrhito wan" wended lili devious
way, on Tuoiday ovenlng lint, to tho abodo
of his lUek paramour, in a looiJolntod
state of drunkennois. Ho was vorv
"much drunk," and, therefore, vury ccr-
dla.il. His sooty paramour, touched by a
little solf-respoct, kicked tho gentleman
from her domicil, giving him in the euf-
ilo u rnsdoratoly black oyo. IIu's to m
Mrs. Sallio Wright, alias Mr?. Cel,
was triad baforo Judgo Jlrots yoitorday
on a charge of Insanity. Mrs, Wright'
mind has boon deranged for Bomo tlmo,'
but until latuly ho was not considered
dangerous, The trial yoitorday resulted
in a vcrdIM of ininnity, and it was or
dered that she bo takon to tho a-vlurn at
Anna for treatment.
'I he following pupils hrtvo thtlr
namui upon tho roll of honor in room
nutnbor three, Thirteenth stroot tchoo, for
the weok ending, Friday, May 20th, 1870:
LIUlo Martin, Minnlu Killlo, Y.Un Tot
ronco, Minnie Hilrd, Clara llobUni
Tonio Woodward, Julio. O'Hhca, SUud
lllttenhousc, Funny Hunter, Klla Cary
Mary Frasor, Alice Frasor, Llr.io Kun
cll, AVllllo Clarke, August Young, KJJU
Taylor, Willio 'Tcuitr.
A'o havo a contract with tbo counlv
to pilot tho proceedings of tho board of
county commissioner. It has boon
signed, sealed and delivoroL Bocauso wo
desire tho completion of tho Cairo and
Ht, "Louis railroad and tbernibro "do 'not
wish Capt. llallid&y to bo successful in
his application for an injunction to ro
straluthocouctyand city from placing
tho Cairo and Ht. Louis bind with a
trustcoout of tho state, Mr. Tom Wllion
U nttomptlng InilhtiboarJ of county coin
mlsslondralto iiiiiliry tl)6 contract tho
county "has with Tim BuIi.ktin.,
lUtliorthanalloWjTni: ill i.lkti.v io pun--Hlh
tho procqodlngH ho has conclude! U
not publish thorn ntall. owi prlvato In-
dlvldtiftli may. punish tn bocauso wo do-
siro t.110 rotnpio'.ioi oi mo j. . m. mh
road front" Cafro lo ill. Carbon ami wo
can endure tllolntoloranco In Mlonco, but
prtvato Individuals havo no riuht toiil
templ to IndUco tin) bounty to Voak1 a
conlracl with us ntul wltiulraw its palron-
aio from this paper. Wo aro anxious to
bollovo that Mr. Wilson U, In this matter,
acting on his own suggostloiinnd.liai' "Ot
been Ibid to bjicomo Tin potty? .iidlator
to n.inlih The IJoi.i.i:rix ooauso It por-
slsts In .wishing tuo 'apco.ty compionTJ
. . i .r
tho C & St. L. B. U.
Maiuukii. In this city at tho rosl
ilcnco of tbo brlJo'e 'atbor, on Wedncs
lav ovcnlnc. Juno :idi,16i 1, by I.ov. U
It. Thavor. Mr. Martin M. Mooro, of
Madison. Wis., nnd Mlsa Kllzaboth A
McEwon, of Cairo. Tho nowly marriai
couplo havo tho kindest wUlica pt their
tiiauy friomls for thotr, nuuro imppincu
and prospirity.
Makmkj). At tho rcsltlenco of tho
brides parents, on Tburdny evening, Juno
2d,-1871, by Frnncls II. Zibel,.l. lh -Mr,
Matt V. -Walsh, Jr., to JlLiUfyivia .toun
ii, ..ii ur una city.
We, In common with all tho friends of
Mr, and Mr. yfnUh riso o wish tliem n
lonir and proiporous married llfo. May
their days bo many abd thejr marMeJ
ilo ono of unllsturbed ploasuro nnd
l'OLKK CcUiiT. Ono ovenlng
two wcoks nco John Arnat, a
wardor, came down town, imil wlulo in
company with n party of frlonds. got
himiolf around tho oittsido of more
liquid llghtinlog than ho was nb.o to
am and maintain his equilibrium. .l'oi
wards morning Amdt awblco and found,
hlmsoll on tho stops of-tho city clorl:'(
olllco; bU pockets luruod Insido out,
bis monov and Ms walch having tle-i
parted, John knsw riot whoro. In tho
morning Arndt rolatod ,lii9 miifortuuo-1
to .Shareff Irwin, who set him
coif about tho dillieult task of recovering
tho stolos proporty. A dy or two or ago
tho shorii) found that tho watch stolon
from Arndt had been sold to Miko Coyno
In who'o.posscMlon it wa) found. '11)14
was a clue, and tho eboritl took tho trail
nnd ft day or two ago arrcstoi ono Obnr
lo Harrii. a colorod mvn, as th) thief
Ilarrlatrai ycjtorday ta'ian bjfuro Judgo
lsrols,Wno, aitor noanng mo oviuenco
soni uarns io jnu in ao nun oi lour ii-in
dred dollars bail.
Thomas Wllsbn, soloroU, tilled him
aolf full of tanglo foot, which mdoliim
very drunk. Officer Lslluo captured
Thomas and Jude Cross Unod him two
dollars nnd coats. Ho was. givontitno In
which to pay.
rat (Jlva-un, on n slmlllar obargo
was eont up for fourdajv.
Ollloor Lilius Hoard William Weber
and Michael Sohot? discussing tho torn
porajco question, aid tho Indication! be
ing that tho "talk'wKuld result In a rough
and tumble light, arrested both of thorn.
The'usual Ono ws.i iropomJ, and baing
unablo to pay they wore sent Ij tho cali
bcao. Ilouh, IIoiikcs ani Mui.ks Notico U
horeby K'en that afior to-morrow (Thurs
day) .luno 1th, 1871, 1 will Impound evory
hog, horse, raulu or other milmal
lound' running ut largo vltbln tho city
limit! contrary to the ordinanco of
tho city. Wn. MuIIalb,
City Marthhl.
Having sold out my o.Hoo and practico
to Dr. J. Jqnncjle; pf IJutuqin, -whu
willtnko poiKiuioa of tliu office tlio I'JlU
ot June, 1 bojopoak for Dr. Jonnello a
literal sbaro of public patronage. I am
well acquaintod with him nnd ..now hlT.
to bo atlr.t-cUss dentist, and would most
ohoorfully rocommond him to all of my
frlonds and pitrona.
(I. K. DorntAg.
nurii t.
Ail thou inilobtoil to me and all those
having a counts against monro roquosted
to call and Mttle as I hava sold out and
intend going tway tho 12th of Juno.
3'i-C-l.Ct J. K. Douoi..v.
It. J. Cb'.NDii-r has opened n general
stock of grocoriej at Ills stnnd on Eighth,
Elrcot, and invites all his old frlondi to
call and too him. 'Ho proposes to keep a
genera! assortment of flno family grocor-
lo always on bund which ho will sol, at
vary cloio tlgures. Mr. Cundiirij t.
well known ns a builnoss man in Coiro,
to require any further notlco at our hands
than to cull attcntlnu' to his stock nnd
placo of business, No. 17 Eighth itroel.
i' '.,., .82 i;-3-H ,
Fou hTovKH, Tinwhro,toiiuuaro, stcanr
eooking voiijels, brollors, bird cages, Ian
srns, g.l.) spring, gato hlogoa, tablo'and
pockot cutlery, fluting Irona. Alio for
roofing, gultors and spouting, go to A.
llulloy's, 1C8 Washington avonue, near
Tonth stroot. Wi-l-17-lm.
IIk.ai.tii ami rune Watkii. I'orsons
wanting ciiturns repaired or now onos
built ran bo uocotmnodatol in a eatlsfac
lory mannor by calling on tho under
slguod on Crois stroot, or by addrossing
box 570,. 1. O., or by leaving wgnl at city
clork'a ofllcu J, 8. IUwki.vb.
Tiaso' For Ha lb.' 'Irst'-o ass' fovon
and a quarter octavo piano cheap for cash,
or can ho traded for, part cash and 1ml
iim u In drou goodir qt opo 0l flny othor
trade, by hddronlng XXX
Fo-t-ofllcii, Cairo.
Willi .Miss Anna, whoro did you go
that nlco hat? At Mm. lluu' Mil
Imery ktoro, corner of Washington nv
enitu and Elovonth street. Sho has tho
latest faihions, and tho nicoit and cheap,
oil hath that ovor eatno to Cairo.
1-5 ij.tf
Mi. vii no wiro ncreon i Mil ut iiailey k
c-hwiper t h mi tho rhuapc-t. r,o l l" in,
E Juno 3, 'IfTI'lU I'.1M.W
llis Honor M.udV.lUnd
: I'rOfjiiT
lalliday, J.utfuis.', McLwcn,
McOanlpy, MorrhNo. 1, 'lanp, Thistle-
iTOCiJf ami Wf'Kht V : i t
On motion Aldorman Morris, ilio min
utos of llit provlous -iif"tinr wero np-
rovcil without rjadiifg.
-hilraaTa Hrlvtvv irnunAt..
.AfcCarlhy, Ally JMlkr. aud if PolTco Con
tables, .Martin, Shoelmn, (.'uin, .Mohnor,
and Woollen, nil for May.
sTiir.nT committbi; mrnnr,
Tho stroot conmilttoo reporlol lack l' o
polltion of Mrs.McOoo .with tho r:om
tnondationhavth6 samo In 'not granted
ns thby had found on an examination that
tuo siuiiwauc iiioroin mon;ionon nan ueon
roconslruotod. 'Oa motion of Alderman
Hnlliday-'iho rocommcnJstlon of tho com
mitloo'was cpneurred in.
Tho conimltto'ofun BtrCots icpoitcd ihi.
Ibry had rtjaelod all bids or Cairo city
gas company,, npd that thoy had proposed
to sai l company lo pay S por your f-
each post, which proposal Ua company
rejected, niulfthat. tbo ptvfont fonlfiiel has
boi'u eM.H.V On mptiori of Aldortnai
llalllday r.Pllon' on sitd report was do
forred until the ntxt reeular meeting
Tho commltteo on llro dephrtment to
whom Was roiem d tbo politloi of Arab
llro company for hoso, ropprtcd Jiidsrom
tho following iib-n d eantleinan : Henry
Savors. Jo. B. ltel. ntd CV'lt Wood
ward. 'Aldi(rr. .n N ;lils .mbrod tn'rofor
. in,
aid bids to iiiy cniptp)llr,' with in
tructloua to 1 ut'-.lir.u stid huso at tbo
lowe3t pr.co O'''.HlnabIeln sctlp. Ctrrisd.
riNAVt i jmmittib ittt'ont. i
Tho finani cimmiltoo reported that
during the inci th if May city scrip to tho
amount c.f f:n bo.ning 5IJ15 intorct,
and coapons iu luiraMJUtit of f.;:, 120.00-
wero dostroyed by "b-.irrtieg- On motion
of Alderman McUaiuey sad rotort was
rdi'pivod and r .orou lllcd.'- '
ottniKAN c .o.MMn itf!. ncr.r.i.
An ordinanam t tod trwl an 1 r on
struot certain -. i walk- In tho city of
lio it ordain, oy the city council t f
the city of 'Cm
Sci iiox 1. luattti followlnr named
sidewalks bo r -onstructed of wood In
tho manner ln'tfitiaftftr tfrprcnid, viz.:
Un tlio soutn sn-' "I I'.n stroit bc-twton
Washlngttn nr ! Oomrrercial arcnucj; cn
tho west side of Washington .(venuo bo
tweon 1th and :in street;- on tbo north
side ot ttb ttret tietwoon THhington
and Comm-Tcsl avenues i on tho cast
fido of Wa?' ir.jtra avenue botweon 5th
nnd Cth ttrcuu on tho south eido of 7th
i'.reot, commor Inj at tho east ildo of
Walnut sir-ot and extendir: cait feot:
on tbo north aid. il 7th street, cotnuionc-
lii-foawcit tmo at walnut stroit' and
oxlcn'i.'ng wett to the now walk fronting
tbo pr perty or J. i. lurnar, on the
'norta" sldo of Eleventh itroot between
Washington avenuo and Walnut street.
On the oast sldo of 1'oplir street from
a pcint opposite tii nortlorly
siJa of Divlsi'-n strct lo u
point II fty feot nnrth of thn northerly
ido of Twenty-lirst utroct '3 tho outh
sldo ol Twcnty-firit street between 1 'op. a r
ana r-ycamoro sir-ci-i,
SEt.2. Said walks shall !jo rcconttruct'nl
as follows: Tm-y shall lo i.x fi-et wido
on t-jj-'oxeopt on -aid avon-jr wharc they
shall bu v suvon leit w.du;
tho t"-Td " cr1 ton ; covorn.g
to i.n cf whito . i-,i, .. "
tit inches thick MUiot-i.-.V Yl.
to) Inches wme, u "-ur
foot uiitant, from tho f- nt I re of tho
lots, except "V n; tvenuea,
whoro It -hall l .- tlv) t.-et
distant said boards; t plunks to
bo laid eroswi- with tb ildowalk, nnd
llrmly sot and well spiK l o i -with at
least six twor.ty penny .ails In each
board or plank to throo ''.ringers of not
Um than three inchos tbi jj six ineho-i
wide, firmly -ot on edge, 1 well spiked
on to sills or ' ross tios n '. '. jstl.an three
in'-hci v,'ide by six icchu. .hick ,placcd
crciswiio tosai 1 sidewalk at intervals of
six feot. Thoe sidowali ut street cross
ings to bo ex.onded int t ,o stroot till
thaymeot tho croii wni WInro tho
sidowalks uro elevated nl" o t io nftlurl
ground tho p -ts of tho tr 1 1 - work shall
bo four Inches s, .aro and '. si U or -ro,'f-tios
shall bo placed on od , -.n-1 jolnci or
morticed into thu" I pans ami ' well
spiked ;n. anl t o strint-ori
shall be not hud tightly '. -aid fill, or
crosi-ties, and in all caici 1 lo ks of wood
not loss than .no foot . i nnd three
inches thick by six incl -yido slsll bu
placed under thoonds'of- i fill orcross
tio whoro tho walk Is laid -r the natural
ground, nnd under tho or. f oi'h pust
whero tho walk II oloviv. ! by troUlo
work. If the treitlc-work ., oier thro.,
feet high, tho lamoaball U. -mly braced
and Iho posts extended tw nd a half
feet abovo tbp sidowalk lo y,w h a hand
railing or strip of hllo oak Itnlt one
inch thick by lour n.ohoa wido Lill lm
roenrety nailed; M ftrfngorj, sll! cios-
tios, pons anu gr-r.j l,loqKs sli ul ho of
whito or burr il , rod codar, locust, or
Hix. R. That t! - following walks bo ro
constructed of ur mjj On tho south sido
of fth stroot, l - n Washington , and
Qominortlaliuvcn onftho north alio pf
8th stroot botwe. i ashlngtou nvnuo
and WjJP'ilru'it. -n.d un tho oatt sia0 of
Washington aven betwoon T'lghtli nnd
Ninth etroots.
Mc -1. alu ll. - sido sidowalks on the
er.iss strooU ivhall . to,, foot wido, and
saiibrick slduwa:. n Washington ftV( .
tinrt ihull Jiq tr'ol- v.-do. 'Thuy shall
bo constructed of - j( W0 burnod brick,
compactly and pr nriy laid in horrlng
boiit) monnor in a J of con'rso sand n t
loss than four ir 8 thick plaicdun a
Urm and ubtant.i: 0('cohl cindors
or (arth, and ; 1,0 p0 laid to
tho grado ostabli- i ny tho provwions or
grdinanc.0 No. aj- ad walks shall 19 laid
with' slope downv;i,tf 'toward tbo curb Of
bnothird of an inc' -0 tho footi n curb
ing of sound whit., or burr oak plank
threo inches thick n.d ,,t ieast fonrteon
inchos Wido,' to be i, on with thlrly
ponny naiU;'.to sou .j whito or burr oak
stakoi two and u I rQi jqn(, nm thrco
Inchos squaro plaf' ; v( thooulslduof said
curbing not moro tum Hvo foot apart.
, fiv.Q, 6. rh I limprovqmonU hqrtirl
providoil for shhi. 1,1 made by spoclal as
sessmnnts nnd In accordance) with the
provisions of secti t, ia to Bl insluslvo of
article 0 of tho n. t gonornl nssum
bly of tbb fitato f HUhqIs, aprovod
April 10th, JfiiS, iinj ontilleil "An act to
provUlo for thu Inc rporation of cltloi and
vIllagoH," and thn eeit and oxpenien of tho
construtllon of sui (UdowulkH shall bo
palil out of funds nr m from nld pnelal
a -enmcriti.
ATonthly reportjSlio f.illowlqc ifabled
opijilriKvMprsonldU' nt.' 6nii.ton!of
AWrnia4-.'. TV'rlfhti ( appWcV '"nnd
ot&0i..l" itliJd viz: lor .1. Kl liirJ
. Tol.cd iifin.-talr ate f a'SjT Haul.
lho ordinaiiLu cy.uiiiiUoei(eivrldu
TWowihgLOrtlininiJO"; whiidtWaljwKirnn
dald.jviijfor a tdcbsd rffading, v
Ski C, , Tho owner of any lot fronting '
ni any of thu .lilntf-Alt! nWn.i.iv, r,,r
tfi6 building or reconstruction ol which
is tiiiulo by Ihlj ordlnanco. shall ln 1
lowed thirty daya aClor thu tlmo M which
thlsordinaucashall lako effoct, In which
toll'ulldor reconstruct .said sidowalk, oa
tho caso may bo,opposito his lot- and
thereby relievo thb anmo Irom riUbssmont,
jirovlded that tho work shall in all ro
spools conform to tho rcquiromonts of Ibis
oruinanco nnu M Uono to tbo satisfaction
and npprovnl ol U16 coiiiuiittco ori strools.
Hki.tion 7. Upon tho oxplratlon of
said thirty days tuo olty clerk shall pub
iuu not;co lor ton daya In tbo noWspiipor
publlshlng-lhij ordluancos ' Of thd city,
MOttltii! forth that soulu.l bids for furnish
Ini: tho malorin' nr ilolin. tho work, nr
.both, for tlio construction and rccon-
sirnct(oriri)r said olJo-walla, dirnctod to
mo ui.y uuuian, .-111 bo rocolved at his
OllICO UP tO thO tlmo (if thn tuhnllnr. nfll.n
city council lor tho oponlng of ld bids
f..'n1t... ... 1 - .1 . .. .. .
........ ...uuhhk cuau noi no earner man
...U..U uui inivi Hum oignioen nays It -tn
mo unio 01 saia notice, which notlco shnll
utato tho tlmo of sad meeting and des
criuu mo worn to WMiono by .olcrring to
Ihis ordinance, giving its numbor and
dato of approval, nnd tbatflald ordlnanco
u subject to examination at any tlmo at
niaoiuco. Said bids shall bo opened Ir
tho clork In tho nreioncoof tho council
and tha contract for delng tho work, or
furnishing tho material, or both, for tho
construction and reconstruction of said
sidowalks ahall bo awarded to thn lowest
rwponslblo biddor, who shall sufficiently
guarantee to tho satisfaction of llm ellv
council, tho furnishing of said material's
Of thtt TlrttlArnifinnA rC ir.t.1 t. .,..!
or both, tifidortlio suporlntendanco of the
ci.iiuuiuioo un Rircow, wunin sucu tlmo
or times as may bo flxod by contract, If
nnu ciiy council snail tlion .cloern it ox
podiont to do so. If said bids are not
sitlifactory 'j tbo city council
they may re,',oct any or all
of them nnd may then or thcroaflor nu
thori.a raid sidowalks to bo constructed
nnd reconstructed. bv such agents as they
may think propor.
l'etltion - f C. O. I'rttior A: Co ,'tiravlnc
the council to allow thorn to construct tho
sidewalk; nlougsldo tboit building to a
lovot with their doors, nnd to ralio tho
sidewalk in front of .their building 'so! as
to conform to Iho grado 6! tho stroot was
road. j1 lerman McKwan tnovol to
grant. Alderman Halliday piovod to
amend by roforring to stroot commitloo.
Amendment carried.
rotuion ot i ilocklor praying tho
council to nil iw him to ronalr his build
ing lately partially burnod, was, on
motion of Aldor-ntn Mprrii, rofcrrod t
commitloo cn lire department.
Petition of J, 11. Cunningham, ropre-
sonting ttint b bud bcon lined on throe.
different occasions for running a hack In
mo ci.) mom, apu naving at tuo samo
unio a iicausi) iro-11 mo proper city au
thorities, bo theref-ir.. prays that said lines
bo refunded to hlrrt, Alderman Hallidsy
movoJ to table. Alirman Morria moved
as an amendmont tht it bo referred ta
tho coramitteo on polite nnd Jail. Amend
ment carried.
Petition of W. II. Stosr nnd others,
praying that a sidowalk he onstructed on
north side ot Hightoanth ittot bt-tweon
Walnut and Coder stroits, wai on motion
of Aldortnan MtGnuloy referred to com
mittee on stroets.
I'otition of Lincoln Lodge No. C, F.
A. M. (colored), : for ujo of ."3t, Mary'd
Park on 2 lth .uno, was road' and on
motion of Alderman Morrl", granted.
'lhc following bill for falnrits woro
presented nnd 011 motion of Aldorcian
Motlauloy allowod by tho following vote:
Aye, Halliday, Mathuu, McEwun, Mc
Gauley, Morris, Nollii,Saup,ThltlBwno-l
and AVright, 9.
J"ha Wood. Mayor's salary for
M!,; SIOO 00
W ill K. Hawkins, dork 100 00
I). J . OalYlgan Vtip f'Sf.'iL'-l.- 1 00 00
II. F. Itlako, :ity treasurer 6 (W
M. 9. Cox, city comptroller 60 00
J. J. Bird, P. .11 M 00
F. Broil, J'. M 2; 00
A. Cain, Jno. Hhoelwn, II. T.
Murtin. J, 0. Labile, W. W.
AVoo.on and Chas. Maimer,
polico coRsublos, each 7o 00
Tho following bills woro jlroionlod nnd
read, and on motion of Alderman Morrl,
roforred to tho committoo on claims, viz:
Cairo City Oas company for gas
iiomumod .in stroot lamps in
May il8 CO
Cuiro City (Jos company for gas
consumed in council chambor
from March 1st to .lunu 1st... M 70
Cairo City Oss company gas
consumod nt city jil lrom
March 1st to Juno 1st (i 30
Cuiro City Cascompauy fur gas
consumed at Ar.b ougiuu
houso from March 1st to June
lt 9 io
Cairo City Oas company for gas
consumod nt Dolta City en
glno homo from .March to
Juno Ut 21 00
Cairo City Oas company for gas
r.onsumud at Hibernian en
gine houso from March 1st to
Juuq 1st c 26
Wm. I'ainn 2(1 days work ou
drainngo 00
Fetor Coulan 12 days work on
sidewalks 21 00
Peter Conlun 1 1 days work on
dralnago .11 60
Thomas Fit.gorald 10 j days
work on sidowalks 21 00
'lhomas Fitzgdraltl ' ll days
w irjf on drainago .'!! CO
M. K. Powors 3J days work witli
curt spreading limo 12 26
M. E. Powors IJ doyn cleaning
streets, iVc, and hauling sido
walk lumber H lis
Jas. Konncdy hauling 0 louda
luml ir 3 00
ti. ii. Ilartlett 1 days work on
drainago 1 00
B. Scott days work on drain
ngo 1 OD
Jno. Marnoll 10 days work on
drainago 20 00
Dan'l. Foley 11 days work on
drainago 22 00
Jfio- paaoyllj days work on
drainage "..".". 23 00
Jno. O Donnoli j days woric on
itrulnugo 1 CO
Dan I. McCarthy 21 days in
chargoof chain gang 42 00
M. Dridcoll 3 days work with
cart 12 26
Thomas Mohan hauling 2 loads
sidowalk lumber 1 00
Cairo City Ous company for gas
consumod nt Hough and
ltondy engine, housu from
Mnrch 1st to Juno 1st 11 00
Jno. tl. Oberly for publishing
ordinances council prouoid
lugs, ota 15 (15
K, II. Cunningham rentofcoun
cil chambor lor May 20 60
Ward A; lloborts fur ten window
shades In couv'ril chamber 1 ' Ml
l.nnn M (,'iiTlhy ilutlng prison
crs In Jail 116, daya(... f
DalijLlMcOathy.irjOttr mu'iilsfl
rtititishod prlijnfrs.:
C. W. Whcelor & Co. .1 dajs
work on streets with cart...... I
i 00
3 us
1 BU
1 26
3 00
titration & . BIrd,,.ybitq-wab
brushes and brooms
Halliday Bros,, 9 selected codar
posts lor park IHMItl tttlt tit
B, F. Blako ii'slgnoo 600 Llivo-
lopoa ttttt(ttt4tjT'ttl(lttt(lititi)tt
M. Sholdou and nsslsiaiit, scrub-
bl 11 l' council chambor
J. P. Holy, survey and plat of
extension of Washington av
enue.,.,, ' 'ld.Ou
f llilif-in fnf rtfinvf fir ilnnrl
Cow outsldo hveo, cC 3 (It)
O. W. Whltlbck and Son. two
wocdon buckets , fiO
J. 11. Cunningham, luuilog six
pafsonuors to Court hoUso and '
back in, Park's 6n6 C 00
Tim SulHvitn, hauling doad
shooii outsidu livoo '. 60
J, 11, Cundlnuham, lifilillni .n
druiikon fimn to jail . CO
M, E. Powors, hauling a drunk
en man to Uil CO
Thos. L'carv. iiuuliiiu a drlinkou
tiianiolail CO
P. WaTdor. hauiliii: 11 drunken
man to bll CO
T. Waldor. baulini' u drunken
man to all 60
Tlio committoo appointod to invcatlgato
cortaln ehareei against chief 'f polico
McIIalo, reportol that thoy Lad hold two,
meetings and that they had published in
the two daily pajiors tho tlmo nt.il jilacu
at which they wore hold, and that n
charges had Icon presontod. Tho commit
teo thoruforo utkod to bo discharged,
On motion of Aldorman .McKworr tho
ropjrt was rocolvod aid Iho commtltco
uituhargcil. ,
Th) following rosolutioa b Aldor;nan
Morris, was on motion of Alducmun Hal
llday, adopted by tho following voto
Aye Halliday, McUaiiioy, Morris, Nol
lis, Siiip, Mathusl, 0. Nay McEwln
Thiltlowood, Wright, 3. ,
oeoivcu, iuai tno cuinmittoo on
streets bo requested to oxaudrto thu
condition of ttiu reals within tho city of
Uairo, connouiing witli tuo county
road as surveyed nnd mapped bv
John P. Hely and to obtain utimntes
of Ui-,ot. to nut-tiio sumn in cood con
dition and submit a report on tbo sumo.
.ril.n'n,..! -..,l,1.....'..,ll r .1... . -
nii.uu UUM iUHiuitiiitv.luU Ul IUU COUU
cii. l s 1 ' 'i ri ' 1
j;v.uutiiinii i.i.iii,uiu i-ii''i;uu lilt 101
lowing resolution:.
AVitKiiKAs, It hai b como neccsiary to
to tho futur proiptrlty of our, city, that
inuro sncnnu ua a Doner arm more auo
quale syitcm ofdralnage than cur proiont
mor-- up. cuiliy as reirards tho Insuf-
tlcioncv ot tuo dischargo Irom our present
outio'.s 0: tlio accumulation ofslpo water,
witn wnicn we navo lor wo pait month
txen troutiit'U, it uoicg not only a seuro
or great Injury t our own citizens an
pr. port? holders, but it alio works to th
detrimont of tho city with slrangors and
tucso sooaing to invest capital wno may
visit uj, in this that, it maki our city s
not vory enviable placo of location and
investment. Miiororoto ixj it
i.eioivuj, inat tno u ruin ago com
mlttetj bo hereby instructed to inquire In
to tho present syi!otnof sowcragu, and
moro ojprclally the suiriclenct of tbo out.
lots to tbo samn, and that tbey report to
the council, at Its next regular mooting,
their opinion ns to t'io practicability of
omargiug tno outlets oiiuor uy increasing
-tho si r.o of tlio present oner, or by en
larging tho number of tho rame; also that
limy Ijo instractoii to oxamind Into th
conuuion anu vniuatius 01 nu pumpi,
pump nouses, cnginei, etc., which now
belong to tho city. Also that tbv nro
ruro tbo ndvico nnd opinion of our city
attornoy in regaru to 1110 ownership o
tuo two engines, etc , lor'norly utiJ I
tho Tenth street pump hedio and th
mq'.hiKl of their recovery it possible; also,
that tno rommiltco ho empowered to em
ploy or Bdvis.0 with such competent for
ion or pnrsons as thoy may deem nocoa
sary for tho purpo-vs herein sot forth, and
tbat tbo committgo recommend such
plans ai thoy may doom moit efficient for
andTHB'lCcJy diibbargo of lipo water
mcnt. Alio that (Ofitl- "r ut-h improve,
bo ompowored to disposo or.0,nmittc
machinery, otc, to tho best advanF,,1'
and that all monoys accruing from said
salo bo set nsulo ns a special fund for
such Improvement r.s thuy may doom ne
Aldorman Saup movod to rofor to com
mittoo en streets nnd drainago. Alder
man Halliday moved as an amendment
that it bo published with the proceedings
of tbo council and bo-lald ovor until noxt
regular me-sting. Armindinont carried.
Aldorman Nolils ollorod tha following
resolution :
Koiolvod, That tho city comptroller bo
and is hereby authori.od nnd Instructed
to procure counsel for tho purposo of
collecting tho tax which may bo
duo from foreign imuranco
companies or their ngonts doing business
in this city, as nuthorii.od by nrtlclo 7,
soctlon 30 of tha gonoral incorporation
act. , ! ;
AJdorrnan Wriglit "moved to adopt
Halliday moved ns nn amondmont Hint
tho foo of tho counsol bo not moro than
$j0, Aiaoadmant carrlod.
rniNTisu mi).
Printing bid or John II. Oborly and
I). J j. Davis was preiontod nnd road.
The chair docidod that tho bid was out of
order and that thoro should bo separata
bids. Aldormnn Morris tboroupon moved
that tbo bid bo rcforrod to committoo on
printing; with instructions to rocoivo sop
erato bids.
A communication from Mossri. WU
& Ent, in relation to contract for lumber
was rend, Tlio committoo on stroots ro
portod that they had examined carefully
all bids rocolvod and rocommondod that
tho contract bu awarded to tha Oilro
box baskot company, tholr bid boing tbo
lowest. Aldormnn Halliday movod to
concur In rooonunondation of committoo
nnd to Instruct city comptroller lo closo
contract with tho Cairn .Box
and basket company. Carrlod by the
following voto: Ayos, Halliday, Morris,
Nolllr, Thistlowood and AVright, 5. Nays
McKwon, MeOauleyMathusi, Saup, 1
Alderman jMorrls movod Hint tho city
comptroller lo Instructod to purchaso n
clock not to cost ovor 510,00, for tho
city clork's, ollico and council room.
orKit'iAi, no.sns.'
Tbo official bonds of spooirl polico con
stables, O. P. Mlllor, Mlohaol lluggabon
James Law, J. II. Johnson and Patrick
Callahan, wnro prosontcd and on motion
of Aldorman Wright, npprovnd and or
dorcd 11 ltd.
Tlio mayor nominated Win. McIIalo
tor tup allien of city mar' I m and chief of
polico. O6nflfmod by tho following vote :
Ayes HalllJay, McEwen, McOauloy,
Morris, Thftttpwood, Wright, rC. tit?
Matluus, Nollls, Saup, 11.
Tlio mayor nqmlnatod Wm. Brown for
tho position of bo a! th olllcor. Conlirmod,
Ayes, 11 j nays; 0,
Oh motldn of Alderman Wright tho
council adjburaod.
WHX K. nAWKiKi1, City Clork.
By ylrtuo of the power and authority
conforred upon mo by law. 1. John
Wood, mayor of tho city of Cairo, do
horoby direct that all dogs going at largo
within tlio corporate) limits of Cairo, shall
for. tlm period of ninety days aftor tbo
dato horoof, 'woar a good and substantia1
wiro.gauzo or hathern mugzlo, securely
put on, so as to provent them from biting.
And any dog or slut found running at
largo within tho limits of said city within
tho pel rod aioraald without mioli muzr.la
shall be killed. And I hereby ordor and
direct tbo mombors of tho polico, force of
tbo city to see lo it that this proclamation
Is rigidly rnforcod.
Joii.v Wood, Mayor,
Cairo, Ills., Juno 3d, 187L
A furnished houso, No. 30, Thlrtosnth
stroot. Apply lo Mrs. Kato Sundusky.
Hocond.hantl clothingwatches, JeWolf y,
pistols, Ac, bought and. sold, Alio a lot
Brunols' carpet, furniture, tta., for salo.
Opposlto Cairo and Vinconnos railroad
dopot. 183 2-27-tf M. Onrxx
' Ori nnd after this date, untlLfurthor no
tlco, a regular fruit train will run betwoen
Cairo and Chicago, loavlng Cairo dally,
oxcoptSaturday,at8 .fn.arrlving in Obi
cago at 6:40 tho next piornlng.
Jamks Johnson, Agont.
Cairo, May 37, 1874.
Tb.v pounds of brown sugar for SI ;
poundu lest colfoo tugar at SI, 3J pouniii
of cholco butter at If baking powdor 45c
per lb Imperial tea at $1,; potatoes 30
conts por peek; .)' lbs cotTc-o f l,t Wllcox'i
IBOCk. 107 2-4-lm.
T.B. Jiilli, at tho Arlington homo,
horeby announce that to has opened an
ico cream parlor at tho Arlington houso
fbr thd accommodation of the pub'ic.
Fmlios supplied. Al orders promptly
attondbl to. 715-17.tf
(5.0. llodoo.Jllrector of Conservatory
of Music, and iWbcr of Vocal, OrgaL
and Piano Mosie. Instruction given in
all s.tjlngrjd and wind iDitruments. Klo
mentary principles, thorough bass, har
mony and counter poir.t. Unprecedented
inducements ollorod. Thoso wishing to
soeurohis servicos w)ll please apply at
tho Conservatory of Music cornor of
Twelfth street and Washington avenuo.
Pianos tuned and repaired.
A now Lome containing thrco rooms
and sido froh, two good lots, cistern
and stable. Tho proporty Ii litualod on
Twonly-Hritslrcet Ixitwoon Walnut and
Cedar rtroots. For further partleiiUrs
inquira on tbo promiao. 31-6-7-lm
"Cnuvim of comfort nt I) Arlor A
Co" 4i!6-10-lm
Tub Euvit-um nAVr, ju, 1. .
only profe-ilop-.! hf 'nlUgDanif Iff
Southbrn Illinois, and it is now ready and
proparod to furnlih muilc in any numbers
for pic.nlcs.ce.ebratlons and parties of all
kinds. All .communications should bo
addressed to tbo socrotary, or to Kd
O, K. Boun,
r..;j.t( 'Secretary,
ALotofNkw UitnoiK. Wm Eioh
lioll, wholosalo and rotall dealer' In furnl
turo, factory at tho corner of Sovenlccnlh
stroot and Washington uvonue, wishes to
inform tho pooplo of Cairo that ho ban
just received a lot or children's bugijios
and carriagor, which ho oilers to sell at
astonishingly low pricos. Parents in want
of such articles aro rospoctfully roquosted
to call and oxamlno his stock boforo pur
chasing olsowhoro. -1-6-27-tf
Mili.inkry. .Mrs, Jaokion, formorly
Mrs. Swandor, is now on band with tho
choapost stock of Millinery in Cairo
Sho has lowered hor houso ovun with the
sidewalk to glvo tho ladies an casv an-
' 1
tranco and has lowered hor prico lo glvo
thorn all a cbanco to buy a beautiful spring
lint or bonnet nnd anything olio In hor
lino that they may want. Hor utoro Is
now ono of thu most attractive, m.lt has
long boon ono of tbo choapost places .In
town to buy. Call andog'bor.and bo con
vinced. ; j.al 5-8-1 w' j
Notjck to Buildkkh. Having. started
up our saw mill again, wo aro now pre
pared to furnish all kinds of building
material ut lower prices, dellvorod, than
it can bo bought from country mills,
Wo havo also on hand two hundrod
thousand foot of ahioutkd .i.vmiieh that
was colorod by sipo watar that wo will
soil nt from 7 to $10 por 1000 root. .
Wail & Ent.
Tub barber euop is un uo cornor ot
Eighth struot and Commercial avonuo
whoro J. Goorgo Stionhottso,wlth.hs",gen
tlomunly asslstnnts can bu found at any
hour of tho tlayj or night, roodv to sootbo
your'fobllngs jvlih a smooth ahave, or cool
your tompor nnd head with a good sham
poo. It Is n flrst'dais shop, and you am
sum of rocoivlngw llrst-olass troatmont.
Ladlos' and ohlldron's hair cut'or curled
after tho most opprpvod stylos. 8-lfi-tf
Bt1' nnd Kxtonsion Laadors, Sand
Scropps, Biddlos, Blovos, fjliovols, flpados,
Fnrics, Hoos, liakos, Walor Olosei "Urinals,
Kltclion and Cess Pool Sinks, Clothos
Itingors, Clothos llorjos, Cfothos Linesn
and, In fact, u lull assortmont of kitchen
nnd Houso furnishing goods at A. Hal-ley's,-108
Washington avonuo, near Tonth
stroot. ou 4i7-lm. ,
"Chumiis pt comtort" nt Jh Arter &
Co's. . -13.B-10.lm

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